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Build Credit & Savings - Self App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Build Credit & Savings - Self app received 11 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Build Credit & Savings - Self? Can you share your negative thoughts about build credit & savings - self?

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Build Credit & Savings - Self for Negative User Reviews

A Da** ScamSelf has a beautiful proposal, a savings account that will also build your credit (for a small fee of course) they kept trying to incite me into a credit card account but I’m always skeptic of those. I finished my self loan earlier than scheduled because I need the funds from my account to go towards a car down payment, but I didn’t want to close the account with a balance. Self gives two payout options, immediate direct deposit and a check in the mail. I selected the direct deposit and waited 3 days just for them to tell me I needed to (confirm my identification) send them a picture of my if and bank statements. They said the process would take another 3 days to complete. What got me was the bold letters at the bottom stating if the process was not completed in 15 days they’d keep my money. I was outraged because not only did they decide to verify my as I’m closing my account, we were 7 business days deep in the interaction because they weren’t responding in a timely matter. It’s now been 13 business days and I’m yet to get a response on my identity conformation. As far as helping clean my credit score up, that was done. But don’t download this app expecting your money back after doing research there’s a Reddit community of people just waiting for their money back. Uber-disappointed.Version: 2.17.0

Don’t do itI opened an account in November 2022 and closed it on February 2023 my credit went down by opening my self account then payment are crazy. For evey transaction they charge 5 dollar, lets say you have to make a payment of 150 dollars but you made a payment of 149 by accident and now you have to pay 1 dollar, they still charge you 5 dollars for any transaction. Just know every moth you’ll be given them free money ($5) or more. And when i close my account everything got even worst, my credit went down even more, just know when an account is being closed that will impact a lot on your credit. the points they gave me on my credit wasn’t more than what i had when i started. If i could I would ask for my money back. Ahhh and the payout is crazy they ask for your ID-picture you holding ID - social security card bank statement with your most recent payment of self, too much, it’s so easy for the money to come out of my bank account but so hard for them to give me my own money back. I’m still waiting for the money and i close the account feb21, today is march7 and payout supposed to be the feb6th and is not even processed yet..Version: 4.1.1

Way Different but has a lot more Con than ProsFor the Credit Card as an example rather than pay out of your own pocket of a deposit for the card if you have a self credit builder they take from that instead your own money. Two is anytime you make a payment to the card they charge you interest or their tax on top of it. Other Credit Cards don’t do that! That should be taken out completely. It’s not a loan it’s a credit card. It’s more their way to get money out of you. Especially if trying to pay anything off. Plus you can set a date to pay anything it has to be On that day you trying to make a payment when you want to set up a payment for whether 3 days from now or two weeks from now but they want you to do it on that day. I have not seen Self do anything for my credit score but raise 2 points after paying off the loan which was a joke and didn’t do anything when I made on time payments. This is more for someone that does not have any credit and like to establish some credit but don’t expect Self to bring you to 700 or 800 quickly they may just give you two points and all money back..Version: 2.15.0

Be careful and I would not recommend it!This been a nightmare! Four Months ago I decided to work on my credit because I do not have tons of loans to build my credit score... I decided to contact them. Wanting to be a good customer... I paid them the full amount in advance. Provided them with a picture of CA ID, SSI, Email, name, phone number and used my debit card for the full payment in advance. Two month later they asked for my debit card picture, which I found suspicious and uncomfortable to do... so I refused. They emailed me saying that my account been closed, I said fine... as longer as I get my money back. Four months later I still never received the service nor my money. I am so disappointed! I do not like writing a bad reviews, but I need help and please give me my money back! This is highway theft! Someone please help and stop this! It is not professional! Stop reopening my account without my permission... after you emailed me saying that, “you have closed it”. It’s or should be illegal (if it’s not yet!). I really do not have time for this, please stop!. The agreement was... your service and I pay you. You can’t deny me your service and keep my money!!!!!!! I do not ever want to work with you and I will NOT send you a picture of my debit..Version: 2.17.0

Starting to feel trapped by the ‘Self’ app…Don’t know where to start other than by saying what I’ve went thru has been a great experience up to where they randomly close to 50 credits for 5 different reasons out of nowhere? When I’ve been making payment on the dot and never had a problem…. After finding out many people have this problem I wanted to close my account only to find that they make it extremely weird for you to by saying it’ll only be by check to the adress on file instead of my listed bank account… then go on to say that if I close my account it’ll be bad on my end because I still “owe someone” when in reality I signed up because it said you can get to pay yourself (save money while paying for credit increase).... as in you can pay for yourself to get credit after months of owing yourself… but no it’s so much more complex and hard to even talk to someone about closing an account but what I’m seeing is now… They’ve in essence trapped me in an “agreement” to myself to pay money I’ve never received in the first place to myself.. and if I don’t pay and leave the agreement, not only will they take massive amount out my credit account but they’ll also say I still owe them money for the loan I’ve never gotten! WHEN I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THAT!!!!.Version: 2.18.0

WowSo instead of getting back the loan you paid off (which you already paid interest for), you are given a “Self Credit Card”. This credit card also has interest. You’re paying for interest on a “loan” and interest on your “credit card”, which you already paid for on the loan. This is a scheme for people who don’t understand how interest works. You are under the impression that you are given back your $ in the form of a loan, however it’s not that at all. I decided to take out a second credit builder loan to see if it would impact my impact on score whatsoever and all it does is raise the spending limit on your self credit card (increasing interest and risk) every payment you make. Not to mention you could make a payment of $200 on your loan and the credit card limit on your credit card will only go up $100. So you stole $100 from me and decided I should pay interest on that $200 payment?! Do this if you absolutely have no other method of obtaining credit, but after first loan is matured just close the account or DO NOT start a second loan. There’s a reason they are doing well and it’s a shame..Version: 2.8.0

Tbh it’s a scamLong story short I didn’t have my credit builder account for long. I ended up coming across hard times and couldn’t make any payments. So my account got closed. I was told when my account was closed there any fees would be calculated and then I would be sent back whatever I owed. Over a month went by and nobody said anything. So I contacted them myself and then they told me my account was to be held until maturity date. So I called back again because that was incorrect and my account should’ve been closed. I had been calling them for over a month and when I finally got in contact with them they told me not only was I not getting any money back but that I owed them money. So pretty much I just wasted money doing business with these people and wasted time because I kept getting lied to and they kept putting things off. And then had the nerve to ask me if I would like to re-open another loan with them? Absolutely not!I’m beyond livid at the lack of communication that they provide. If I had been told at the time of closing my account that I wasn’t gonna get anything back then I would’ve been OK with that. But over a month went by with them telling me that they would send me whatever I was old and they never sent it to me. I had to be the one to call to find out that I wasn’t getting any money back. Not to mention my credit score didn’t go up much to begin with so it wasn’t really worth it.Version: 3.5.0

StressfulAuto-pay doesn’t work properly. I have my account set to be charged on the first of the month. I received an email saying that payment WAS received that day. Today, the sixth, I get an email that they attempted to charge my account again and that the payment didn’t go through. I look through my Self and bank history and they never charged me on the first. So I had received a false email. I now have delinquent charges due to a faulty auto-pay and emailing system. I liked this app until I referred my husband, that’s when I started having issues. My credit score did go up 40 points, but ultimately I know that it doesn’t matter because the same app is going to drop my credit score back down due to the faulty system. We live paycheck to paycheck and I specifically budget for this app. So the fact that the autopay doesn’t work really screws me over. I will not be using this app again once the loan is paid off. And I pray that I don’t get scammed out of my return like other people. I will be taking up dog-sitting jobs to try to pay off this loan faster because I don’t want to lose sleep over something that should be helping me. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SELF! DO NOT REFER PEOPLE. It will end up hurting you if you don’t notice the auto-pay not going through! Don’t rely on the email, you’ll have to constantly be checking the app! The 5 star reviews are also fake, they literally have an employee do 3 fake ones a day..Version: 3.9.1

Bad experienceI started my Self account to help built my credit, with only 25$ a month I was building credit. I set my account to Auto pay and let it work, since it was on auto pay I never had to remember to make my payments. A couple years later I received an alert from one of my credit monitoring apps telling me my score dropped 134 points. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Self had thrown me into collections. At this time my Self account was already 90% paid off. I then realized I had my wallet stolen 2 months prior and never gave Self my new debit card number for my Autopay. I have many bills that come out in a month and since I hadn’t thought about Self in 2 years it slipped through the cracks. I looked through my emails to see how I missed it and I had been sent alerts but unfortunately they were all going to junk mail. I searched through the Self website and Google to find a number I could call and they don’t have one. I wish I would have received a call or even a text alerting me I was going into collections. I would have paid 25$ easy or even paid the rest in full!! I have found other ways to build Credit and It’s higher than ever but every time I apply for credit somewhere, this shows in collections as a negative unsecured collateral debt. I don’t think I should be in collections since I don’t owe them anything. I paid them 25$ for 2 years if anyone lost anything it was me..Version: 3.9.1

Do not waste your timeI went through all the steps to get approved for a secured credit card I had to make deposits into an account several months before giving me a credit card then I went on vacation with my family got down the Florida going through the parks paying for dinner then I got an email blue to verify my identity requested a picture of my drivers license a picture of my Social Security card Picture of the account information where the deposits are going A picture of my debit card I thought this was crazy after several months of them already having my information they requested and again so I told them to close the account don’t waste your time this could be a scamCouldn’t believe that after giving me the card I get an email because I use the card so much to buy dinner and different things but I was in my limit they requested more information and after reading the email it was like I woke up in Russia I thought I was dealing with an interrogation they wanted a copy of my Social Security card a copy of my drivers license also a picture of me holding my drivers license a picture of my debit card talk about trying to steal somebody’s identity if you use them be careful you could go through the same thing.Version: 4.1.0

Scam At It’s FinestSCAM! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Self gave me a credit card, one of which I had to pay a security deposit to use. So basically if you got a credit line of $325, before you can use a single cent, I must pay that amount. Essentially, it’s your money, at no time did Self give me credit on their behalf that I had to pay back, the money is my own. So in theory, if I load up $325 and spend it all, I owe myself? Correct; so I had a credit builder account as well as the credit card, my credit builder got up to $539. They sent me about $214, and the rest was to be used for my credit card for the security deposit, or so I thought. They never put the money in my credit card, as a matter of fact, they wanted me to pay another $325 for the security deposit, which basically means they wanted $650 from me, half they hold hostage while the other I use as credit. Displeased, I requested that they closed my account, with them saying they’ll use the $325 to clear my debt, a debt I have to myself, which means I’m owed $325, but no, Self is keeping that money, even though I took not one cent from them, they’re keeping $325 from me that I was saving. This is fraud at it’s highest level. DO NOT USE THIS APP..Version: 2.15.0

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