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Very happyLike so many others, I’m working on rebuilding my credit. I was looking for a small personal loan with a half decent interest rate and just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I didn’t need the money for anything I just wanted to establish a new good standing credit line with short terms and affordable payments. Then I stumbled across this company and I was sold. You can pick from several options for how much you want the “loan” to be for, how long you want it for and how much you can pay monthly toward it. This is not a standard loan mind you. It is a self funded loan, meaning you pay into it the loaned amount you picked, the company takes the amount agreed on and places it in a CD account. When you finish paying the amount off, they release the funds agreed on and keep the interest that was earned as their cut of the loan instead of traditional loan interest changes that pile onto your payment monthly. For someone like me that doesn’t need the money up front for something and can afford a payment each month just for the purpose of establishing a new good standing mark on their credit, this is it. Hope this helps explain what this is and who it could benefit!.Version: 2.13.0

This app will help you!This app has helped me build my credit and it made it easy as pie! They provide a clear overview of where your credit score is at and what you can do to make it better. It’s a great app for a person like me who isn’t exactly privy to how credit is established and all of the ins and outs of the whole process. The app is also so much better than other similar apps I have pertaining to credit and finance (Experian, etc..) because they make it so easy to understand what it is you are looking at and what steps you can take to improve your credit score. Once you are able to get the Self credit card and you are making your payments on time they will increase your credit limit rather quickly and continue to do so for as long as you are able to maintain good practices. If you are someone out there who is looking to take those 1st steps towards getting your credit score up, I highly recommend this app for you. Wishing you the best of financial luck & God bless -Seth.Version: 3.8.0

SuccessI may be one of the biggest success stories for self. My score was under 600. Maybe 550 to 575. My score is now 775. I’ve used self for about 3 years and I have mastered the system and I can tell you how also. Only choose the $48 a month option, it makes the most sence with fees. Do the year get the credit card as soon as possible, use the full amount you have available to make the credit limit higher. On your second year what you need to do is pay the 48 as soon as possible. Itl say after it’s processed that you can increase your credit limit. Increased it as many times and as soon as possible. So every 30-60 days, your credit will show a balance decrease on the loan and a credit limit increase. The algarythym will love this. Repeat cycle till credit limit is about 1700. But don’t let the money sit there, you must increase the limit as many times as possible. It’s not about the amount of the increase, it’s about how many times you had a credit limit increase. Follow these steps for 2-3 years and I garuntee you you’ll see a way better score! My wife is also doing this and it’s working for her. Self changed my credit for life and now it’s off to the races !!.Version: 3.8.1

This App Has Changed My LifeI started using Self about two years ago. My credit score was around 500 and my options for financing anything were non existent. Nobody would approve me for anything. Worse part was that I had a Bankruptcy on my credit report and no credit history for 10 years. I started using the Self Card with $250 prepaid funds and have slowly built my credit to almost 700. I could have never done this without Self Credit Builder. Best part is I check my score constantly and every time it goes up so does my self esteem and general mental health. Self has also started giving me credit that is unsecured…and that means a lot that somebody believed in me when nobody else would give me the time of day. It’s not easy and it’s not magic…but if you are truly willing to be more disciplined with timely payments…Self will be there with you. Best part is now people are showering me with offers and I realize this Self card is really all I will ever need..Version: 3.3.0

🥰Jackie’s Got Her Lyfe Back👌🏾Hi My Name Is Jackie ..And I Have To Say That I Am Truly Honored ..To Be A Part Of ..SELF ..Self has really honestly and truly given me my life back ..Not Having Any Credit To Do All The Things That We Need To Do In Life ..As Far As Buying A Home 🏠 ..Or A Car🚘 ..Etc ..This Was A Blessing For Me ..All I Had To Do After Going Thru All The Steps About How SELF Works Towards Helping You Fixing Your Credit ..WAS TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP ..And That I Did ..And Nowwwww ..I REALLY CANNOT BELIEVE THE ANAZING RESULTS ..THAT I AM WITNESSING RIGHT NOWWW ..!!! Don’t Be Afraid People ..Take The Next Steps Towards Repairing👩🏽‍🔧 Your Credit ..I Did With ..SELF ..And I’m Very Very Satisfied With My Results ..Self Really helps Repair Damaged Credit ..No Credit ..Etc. Self Is Also Less Expensive ..ITS AFFORDABLE ..Then When Your Done Paying ..You Get Baaack ..At The End ..!!! Thanks SELF ..!!! I’m Very Satisfied Of The Progress ..I Also Have 2 Of My Daughters Doing The Same ..And We Have Joyous Conversations About ..HOW HIGH OUR POINTS ARE GETTING ..AMAZING ..!!! Keep Up The Good Wrk ..SELF ..!!!👌🏾🙌🏾.Version: 2.8.0

The service is legitThis app is relatively simple and actually does provide results. I was initially skeptical about both the intention behind, as well as how truly effective that a credit builder loan could be. This was amazing. My credit soared tremendously even before the halfway point of my loan term. The payout process at the end of your term is simple you literally get all of your money back with the option of direct deposit which is quickest or paper check. A pro tío though is to continue to use the credit builder credit card; which essentially lets you continue to use the money saved in the credit builder loan while you’re still showing the credit agencies that you can manage your finances wisely. You’re able to boost your credit score, pay off your credit builder loan, and still have full access to use your money as you see fit via the self credit card. This app is amazing and yes it really does work..Version: 2.15.0

WowLet me start off by saying this is a CO oletely unsolicited review, self has not imposed any need to review their app in order to use it. I downloaded self about a month and a half ago. My credit was thrashed due to a personal issue three years ago and I am now in a position where I am able to start doing something about it. I saw their ad on Facebook and decided to give it a try. Just last week my credit score jumped by 77 points due to my participation in their credit building program and it onky took an on time payment of $25!! I am now able to apply for a credit card in order to further build my credit and this would NOT have been possible had I not taken a chance on Self. Now this may not be the case for everyone, but the reason my credit score was so low was because I didn't have any accounts that I was paying on that reported to agencies. As soon as Self showed up my credit score soared! If this is the case for you and you need a boost in your score; Self is a simple, low cost way to rebuilding or starting to build your credit..Version: 2.0.0

Really good for young peopleSo I made the mistake of trying to buy vehicles without any credit. One company only did one hard inquiry and another really messed up. The did 7 hard inquiries. 7. My credit was looking low. I had a credit card but only for about 3 or 4 months and it was always paid off on time but it was just so slow building my credit. I started looking up ways to build it and self popped up. I was skeptical about it at first because you know, I don’t like giving out personal info to an app. And I wasn’t really sure if it even worked. After research and reading hundreds of reviews I decided to go ahead and download the app. I make decent money for being 18(well 19 now) so I went with the most expensive one they had. Yes. The interest is high but it’s not that noticeable. Your credit will go down because you opened a new line but give it 2-3 months. My credit has shot up probably 30-40 points. Do not do this if you aren’t sure if you can afford to make payments. I knew I could. If you make your payments on time (I have mine on autopay) then you will see the results happen so quickly. 10/10 will recommend this app for new credit builders..Version: 2.5.0

Raise Your Credit ScoresThis is a good app. While having my automatic monthly payment sent to Self for the Credit Builder, after my first 4 months, my credit score has risen by 3 points on Self, but I noticed that while having a Credit Builder account with this Self app, my credit scores have risen by 30 points with Credit Karma. And If I log in more often to Self, it has an even greater chance of raising my credit score with Self and other credit score sites. At the end of your Credit Builder contract which is two years, you can either renew it building even higher credit scores, or stop it and withdraw the total amount you used to build your credit with to use the money however you like. If you withdraw too soon before your two years is over with, then you will have to pay a very low penalty fee. You can start your Credit Builder account with Self for the minimum of $25 per month..Version: 3.8.1

Helped me twiceSelf lender is an innovative way to help one save money, invest money, and build credit. The first time I had an account it help my credit score a lot after taking a hit from medical bills and buying a car lowered my score for a while. I also was able to get the money I invested easily due to an emergency and close the account. I’m now on a second account and will follow through as I am better financially and not in debt as much anymore. Self Lender has revived my credit score once again from the dead and now my credit score is higher than it EVER was!!! I love Self Lender not only because of my credit score raising but also it forces me to save money because you can’t just withdrawn from it like a bank card can. It’s an investment in you, your credit and a forced savings. I recommend it all the time to people but they don’t believe me that this exist! Oh well their loss! Paired this with acorns to force myself to save money and invest as I am 30 now. Will always continue using self lender!!.Version: 1.6.0

It’s worth it if you’re patientI started self with a credit builder loan of $150/month. In the beginning, self lender did not really help my credit, it would go up here and there by just a few points. However, after a certain amount of time of being with self and making my payments on time they offered me a cc, I put $525 of my amount that I had saved so far towards it which would be my limit. Using the cc gave me credit that I didn’t have which made my score go up. I continued to use my cc which came in handy for a lot of things and pay it back on time every month or pay the full balance if I had it. I finally paid my self loan off ahead of time and they once again, offered me the option to up my cc which I did and now have a limit of $1,675. I started in may of 2019 with a score of 482 my new score as of March 2020 is 622. Now, I do also have a car payment that gets reported too so that may have also helped. Also, the loan portion is fully paid off and closed but I can still keep the cc if I want to or I can close it too. BEST OF LUCK!.Version: 2.2.0

Self Worked for MeI discovered this service in January of ‘22, and decided to try a $48/month for 12 months plan. I paid every month on time and at about the 6 month mark they offered me the secured credit card, which I accepted. I used it only for emergency purposes, continued to pay for my credit builder, and paid the card off in full every month. They even offered me an increase (although I would have had to put more of my savings down). I didn’t accept the increase, but continued to use the card. Well, my loan term was over in January of this year and I received the unused portion of my savings deposited into my bank account. Then I realized that my credit score had increased pretty dramatically, and I was able to get approved for a few unsecured credit cards. I’ve just closed out my credit card account with them, should be receiving my unused portion of the deposit, and I may even start another credit builder. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get serious about improving their credit!!! Great service.Version: 4.1.1

Highly recommend this app and I’m usually a skepticI couldn’t say enough good thing about this app/program whatever you want to call it. Yes on my $600 total paid I got out $514 or something like that. However way I looked at the whole time was I was saving. And with saving interest rates being essentially 0, which is ridiculous but true, having an app that saved money while building my credit was a godsend for me and helped me drastically with my credit. I paid my account off after only like 4-5 months because I could. My only suggestion and it’s not a huge deal but was definitely an inconvenience and a bit misleading was that it gives you the option to either pay out after the term that was acceptable at the beginning is over or to pay it out once it’s completely paid in full, and it states they would be immediately once it’s paid in full. So once I paid mine in full I had assumed it would be a day maybe 3 at most before money was in my account. It’s been 10 days already and it says it’ll be on 8/13 so Thursday. But that will make it 12 or 13 days. But other than that minor inconvenience the app is amazing and I’d highly recommend it..Version: 2.5.0

Good stepping stone!!I’ve been meaning to write a review to the developers of this project. It’s really changed the game in the credit world because all creditors and loan sharks want to do is trap you in a high interest, buy in, unsecured credit card where you’re getting messed over and your credit score barely even moves. I did the $50 a month for a whole year after hearing all the nightmares people go through with credit growing up. My parents were never good with credit and always in debt and told me to avoid credit at all costs. So I had no one to learn from or any record of credit till I was 21. I decided to do this because it seemed like the safest route for a beginner and ended up being the best decision I made. I’ve suggested this to all of my friends and family and they’ve had the same awesome experience with it. I went from 0 to 660 in a year and was able to get approved for a decent credit card. Nobody believes me when I tell them how my credit score is so good now as such a young age but whatever figure it out for yourself. I’m winning in life cus of you people at self. Y’all know what you’re doing keep up the good work!🫡.Version: 4.1.1

Great for building creditAt the time of writing i’m 23 and had gotten a $500 card my sophomore year of college (O was 19). As you’d guess, I, like an idiot, maxed it out and walked away. Fast forward 3 years and I rent a house from my dad with some buddies (so no positive credit built there), my truck is in his name even though I pay for it, and i’ve been graduated out with my degree and working a “big boy job” for 6 months now. In 3 (2 payments so far) months, Self + a $200 secured credit card have boosted my score from a 560 to a 670. Worth it ALL. DANG. DAY. I’m very happy I stumbled upon their app through social media or something kind of random. After my 3rd successful payment ($100 or more total) I can get a regular non-secured $500 card through Self (not to mention wherever else now that my credit’s improved!) and i’m very excited to be moving up. I chose to pay ~$40 /mo to get $500 paid to me in a year. Self’s fees are like $40 or $50 and for the boost i’ve received so far it’s been incredibly worth it. I don’t usually write these kinds of reviews but I hope it’s helpful to anyone out there trying to build their credit. It is worth noting I didn’t have a ton of bad credit marks against me, just that $500 card I walked away from in college. I would also expect some sort of plateau soon, but so far the jump has been huge. I’m 100% planning on buying a new truck in 9 months and i’m betting the only reason i’d have been approved was because of Self 😂 Best of luck, y’all.Version: 2.5.0

Works as intended.I’ve had a great experience with SELF, they even give me like a reminder text when my CC is soon to be due and the app is quite easy to look at. Since the latest update it looks better than years ago and it’s just easy to use. Your balances show up quite nicely, being new to this it took some getting used to before I got a handle of when the new period would start and when the balance would be paid by etc.. but once I got it it was history. I can’t prove they report to all 3 credit offices I just take them at their word. What they reflect my credit is isn’t as close as what I’d like it to be when you look at Experian or transunion sometimes off by 40 points but it’s close enough I guess. They up my credit every 3 months after the first 6 months by $75 bucks because I haven’t missed a payment and always been on time for the past like year and I’ve had my credit builder account in the same standing for the past like 14 -16 months so that helps..Version: 3.1.0

Credit score went up almost 100 pointsOpened my self account in August 2020. The pandemic made me think differently about finances and saving. Decided to build my credit to work towards buying a house so one of many steps I took was opening a self account to improve my chances at landing a decent mortgage loan. I have two bank accounts. 1 I use to pay all my bills on autopay, the 2nd is for household items and a little spending money. Once I started this self account, I adjusted my bills account to be able to make the self payments on time every month and then I literally forgot about it. Checking it once a month or so. I didn’t even miss the money I was using to make payments each month. The best part is now 1 year later I’ll get all that money back to invest, or take my family on a small weekend trip somewhere. I’ll be starting another one closer to the holidays to strategically complete and get a nice extra Christmas bonus next year..Version: 2.14.0

I LOVE SELF!I downloaded, and starting using Self, on March 24th, 2021. In less than two months, my score went up almost 100 points. It is now July 3rd, 2021, and my score has gone up a total of 105 points. I just reached the 3 month mark, at which point I was able to order the credit card. It arrived 9 days later (today), and I just activated it. I have no other open balances; until I signed up for Self, the only things showing up on my credit report were collections (4 or 5), most of which were closed, and I’ve paid off the ones that were still open, since. No active loans, credit cards, etc., so having a second open account (the Self credit card), and paying the balance in full every month to avoid interest fees, will hopefully help build my credit even more. Would be nice to see another substantial jump, but I can’t complain. This app has been everything I wanted it to be, and then some. I went from being totally pessimistic, and thinking I’d never fix my credit, to now regularly getting excited about how quickly it’s raising back up, with not much effort. I cannot recommend Self highly enough!.Version: 2.13.0

86 Points in Two Months!My score has been raised 86 points in two months with SELF. Obviously I am making payments on other things but your investing in your own financial future. You borrow money that turns into your own money at the end of your loan term. Like why would you not invest in yourself. It looks great for payment history. I believe once you make 3 monthly payments and pay back a certain amount... you qualify for their Credit Card as well. (I’m sure pending some type of credit history with the lender) don’t miss any payments set up auto pay!!! The payment amount each month are low which makes this manageable for just about anyone! I haven’t had any issues and when I did speak to customer service with a question the reps are amazingly friendly. I recommend this service to anyone working on establishing their credit again. It’s worked wonders for me. Easy to mess up your credit and twice as hard to build it back up!.Version: 2.4.0

Changed my lifeI don’t typically write reviews, but I thought this would help someone on the fence about this app! This has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a 26yo rebuilding my credit! Not being responsible in my 20s, I looked up my score and had an embarrassing score of 467. I looked up what to do because I felt so discouraged. I decided to give SELF a try not having anything to lose, and I’m so glad I did! I started out with a score of 467 to now my score is 684 after just 8 months!!!! I’m almost to the 700s and I’m so thankful and happy!!!🙏🏼 I’ll be able to get a great car payment, house and self has defiantly helped me on my journey!!! I felt so hopeless 8 months ago. *just a tip on building credit* I also looked at my credit report and handled collections and got them removed! Got stuff settled! I suggest in also building your credit to look at your credit report and sort through all the bad stuff that’s weighing it down! But this app has helped me build a great credit history these past 8 months & I can only imagine a year! I also got approved for the credit card and made small purchases on it and immediately payed it off to just show I’m responsible! Just a tip that helps so much!!! This app makes it so easy to pay off what you’ve spent on your credit card. My score jumps up all the time now! Can’t wait to make it to the 700s!!! Download this app to help you on your credit journey it’s the best app to do so! Hope this helps, and good luck! ❤️.Version: 2.9.0

DO NOT DO IT!!!Don’t do it I signed up for the 725 loan took me a year to pay it off once I paid it off they only sent me a $50 check and told me that the rest will be applied to my credit card with a $625 limit. So as I’m waiting for the money to be added to my credit still nothing!! So I had to call and they told me now I have to pay the $675 credit card in full in order for them to reimburse me the rest of my loan. Or close The credit card and with the loan that they owe me they will close my account and my credit card will be paid off but that doesn’t benefit me at all so now I have to wait until my credit card is paid off in full in order for them to resend me the rest of my money !!! Ridiculous I do not recommend!!!!! If you do wanna apply go right ahead just don’t get the credit card or always keep your credit card paid in full so you can get your full reimbursement of your loan!!!!.Version: 3.1.0

Helpful ToolIf you use this correctly it will help you. But you have to put in the minimal amount of work it’s asking you to do. Set a reminder and make sure you pay your monthly amount if you don’t set up an automatic payment plan (that’s the easiest). The first time I used self I didn’t realize there was a set amount that you have to pay off, and paying it off slowly and with the same amount is the most helpful for your credit. I got it in my head that I would use the app to save money and started making payments to myself all the time but it did nothing but pay myself off earlier and ended the what’s supposed to be a year long contract early. I had to wait over a month to finally get my check which sucked because I wanted to make sure they actually paid me. I spent time making calls to them finding out where the check was. Pros. You’re essentially paying yourself to improve your credit score. Cons. Takes a while for check to come. You really screw yourself over if you miss a payment (I would imagine, so don’t miss a payment). I am about halfway through my second term and making the automatic payments. When you end the contract your credit drops a Little bit so I started a new one and am making all on time payments to help it even more. It’s a pretty cool system. Just don’t pay it off early..Version: 4.1.0

Listen... I’ve been searching all year for the best credit solutions...... and SELF takes the cake. Not only is the lack of a hard pull VERY appreciated... but without a hard pull you are getting yourself a loan to pay off, AND (in three months if you pay on time) a secured credit card to use and build upon your credit even more. That’s two things for 0 hard pulls. Sorry... but that’s amazing. Especially given other places will do a hard pull and then deny and you have one hard pull and nothing to show for it. I have always paid on time, but I have heard they are also really understanding when it comes to trouble paying.. and they will work with you rather than against you. That’s reassuring to know... given the whole company’s model revolves around credit building... you’d like to think they wouldn’t want to hurt your credit! Haha. So I feel very safe with them. I have had only a positive experience thus far..Version: 2.14.0

Fontana ** NEW IMPROVED CREDIT**Self is a great card to help your credit as I was trying to purchase a house I have went up 86 points from this alone there’s also another account called the gold card from Open Sky and I went up another 50 points on that as well without the Self card having a Self CD for myself and my husband I don’t know where I would be right now it only took three payments for my points to go up 86 points which is a lot I love this company and would recommend it to anybody looking to improve their credit and I thought there was no hope for me I honestly did good luck.. all I can recommend is please make sure your payments are on time and you should have the same results because if anybody in the world thought differently it was me so it’s real I would just check it once a week as what I normally do make sure the payment and everything went through and everything was good but I never had an issue wonderful company.Version: 2.5.0

An amazing opportunityThe Self Credit Builder personal loan(CD) has been an incredible journey to rebuilding my credit score after personal reasons not only took my credit score from a 780 to a 355, but I was unable to even get any type of Fico score to see what and how I could improve and recover from my credit devastation. After I signed up for one of their account options not only did my credit score continue to improve to over 111 points in a very short time(much shorter than “unnamed” companies promising promise’s they did not deliver and/or do nothing but take money with no results. I also was granted a secured Self VISA-an actual Visa card as well as with all on time payments you can be rewarded with additional unsecured amounts added for keeping up the good work! I also started to receive PRE-APPROVED offers from other credit cards ect. That helped build my credit up and am looking to build a home WOW Self also has a plethora of knowledge that u can access. Their customer service is excellent. Truly, they have changed my life and I continue to build up my credit score. I can not thank Self enough! Enroll, make on time payments, and watch opportunities open to you that you thought you might never get to! Thank you Self!!! With Sincerity & Gratitude, Your Loyal customer for over a year who gave me hope again.Version: 3.3.0

Nothing has helped my credit score but SELFI have to say I started off my 20s by something so stupid as signing up for a credit card just for a bag of peanut M&M and let me tell you that was the worst mistake of my life because that was when everything just went downhill for my credit I was young dumb and using my card on everything and paying the minimum‘s sometimes even skipping months which later on affected me in my 30s and now here in my early 40s… I have done numerous things such as debt consolidation and legal things to try and fix my credit but nothing is helped me as quickly showing me results immediately like the app “self“ it honestly has taken away the frustration of paying bills on time and doing it for me… And building my credit a significant amount all within just a few months! I would highly recommend everyone who is looking to fix your credit or get perfect credit use itself… I look forward to my future now because of this life-changing app!.Version: 3.5.0

An actual miracleI was super intrigued when I first heard about Self and I waited a few months before pulling the trigger. Well I wish I would’ve done it sooner!! Within a month my score went from 487 to 581. After that I applied for a totally separate secured card through a different bank and got approved. Mind you, my credit was so bad with derogatory marks that I couldn’t even get approved for a SECURED card before all this. (Don’t judge me lol) Anyway since I opened the secured card my score went up another 46 points!! So altogether, in just over a month, my credit score went from a 487 to 627 and it all started with Self. I am so grateful for the opportunity to rebuild after the mistakes I made in the past. I truly thought I was screwed for life and now for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful that I can get back on track if I keep working at it. All that said, I realize everyone’s results will vary and that for some people it may take more time to see that big of a jump. I still think it’d be worth it, worst case you see a small increase in your score and then get a nice savings coming back to you at the end! So my advice: if you’re on the fence just go for it, you’ll wish you had done it sooner!.Version: 2.5.0

FAST RESULTS!After reading the reviews prior to decide on going with this company over others that are very similar, I decided to leap with faith and take my chances, especially after seeing such great reviews. So I leave this review for the future people whom may walk in similar foot steps who decide to invest in themselves and repair their credit without breaking the bank…The biggest game changer for me was adding my rent, phone and light bill to report to the bureaus. FINALLY! I can reap benefits for those expenses vs. just watching the money disappear out my account. I was very surprised to see how fast a trade-line was added to my score for even just 1 bill and how it boosted my score by 41 points only a few days after signing up, connecting my bank and selecting the bills that qualified for reporting. I am still waiting for the remainder bills to all report however, just wanted to share my experience. I’m very pleased with the results thus far and excited to see where the future of my score goes. If you’re feeling iffy, just do it! Thank me later..Version: 4.1.0

Happy customerAt one point in time i had a 388 credit score. Did a lot of research over the years and made some great credit decisions to bring me back over 640. One of those decisions was using Self. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a bill to be paid, but the opportunity it brings is entirely worth it in my opinion depending on your circumstances. With auto pay set up it’s basically a waiting game, and once you’re able to get a credit card then the real fun begins. Sticking to the advice delivered by the app while applying my own personal advice which is to use 30% of the credit card for gas and other things i was already paying for helped me get where I needed to be. Just remember, this is a tool not a house. If you’re trying to climb out from the horrors of bad credit, you need a plan not some random app you think will help, you need to do research and follow a path. From there, i definitely recommend making self a part of the plan. So far it has been 10 months with self and i can say Self is responsible for at least 100 points of my credit score growth. To anyone joining the journey, and those still going through it, I pray you find a way..Version: 2.17.0

So happy to build my creditA couple of years ago I got injured. Lost my job without getting fired and I’m still technically on CVS’ payroll system because they send me checks whenever there is a lawsuit against them. I have alerted their team as well as my old store manager of this several times. I’m still on it, whatever I don’t care. I’m just happy that after I had to max out all of my credit cards until I got another steady job a year later. I am now back up to 534 (which isn’t great but) after the pandemic hit it made it harder. Self has been helping tremendously, that 534 is coming back up from 289... I was disgusted seeing that after getting my score up to 702 at 20 years old. 289 at 23 and now 534 at 25. Thank you self, thank you for reading this if you did. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. I can’t wait to get the loan at the end of the term. It’s honestly kind of like getting a tax return when you think about it while boosting your credit. There’s no drawback. Even if you think about it in a negative way, your paying into boosting your credit and getting 95% of your money back? What’s negative again? By the way. It also has APR/APY. So at the end of the term you get more money than what you put in. I just noticed this. It started out at $1663 it now has more in it..Version: 2.9.0

Pay Your SELF hood for building creditSelf is good for credit building. Basically you are paying yourself monthly $$25/$48 into an account for 1yr. You also are able to get the self credit card after you have at least deposited $50/$100 into your builder account that money will be used for your credit card amount. Use less 30% of the amount on credit card each month. Still pay $25 into your credit builder account monthly as well as the self credit card amount due on the date it’s due. Reported to 3 credit reporting agencies to help improve/build credit.(look like a loan your paying off) to credit agencies. Only issue when paying on your account for credit card it takes 6/7 days seems to show on your available balance.. credit builder account shows a little faster (can’t use it) until loan up or cashing/closing it out whenever you want.(have it sent too a debit card to get your money faster. Takes about a week or so. Helps save money as well. No interest from your money sitting either. You’ll get back what you’ve put in. Reason it’s called SELF I’d imagine however I do like the Self Card. Using them for over 1yr now. Cashed out credit builder paid up credit card and started again. Best of Luck it helps those starting out..(read/understand) how it works.Version: 3.10.0

Best thing I ever didWithout question, SELF was the best decision I ever made. In less than two years I went from living in my 98 Chevy Astro van with a 420 credit score(I couldn’t even get a basic checking account), to today, the maturity date of my SELF CD, I have a 695!! Just bought a brand new car, 4% interest!, I have 5 bank accounts, 4 open lines of credit, a beautiful 1 bd home, I’m legal in every way and I couldn’t be happier. All thanks to the SELF app. It doesn’t just work. It shows you and tells you exactly how to manage your finances. I am a bartender and I talk to hundreds of people every day. So many people trying futilely to improve their credit, trying to use credit counseling, bankruptcy, even fraud to get through the plastic world we are all stuck in. I even have a coworker who tried that credit karma thing. NOTHING COMES CLOSE to the efficacy of SELF. 420 to 695 in 18 months!!!! Does it get any better than that?.Version: 2.15.0

Below 500’s to above 600’s!!!!!I was very skeptical about signing up at first, but my credit was so destroyed already, I figured what the heck. Before I signed up, I had a large chunk of 6-7year old collections drop off of my reports, bumping my scores to the high 400’s to low 500’s across all 3 bureaus. So I started looking for some ways to begin rebuilding my credit right away. I ended up choosing SELF, and I have only paid 2 months on my account so far, and my score is around 600 across all 3 credit bureaus already. I am literally counting the days until I can pay off my 3rd month and qualify for the secured credit card through them as well. That’ll be yet ANOTHER positive line of credit on my reports, and I seriously can’t wait to see how it helps my score. I will update my review as things continue to move along. I am beyond satisfied with this service, and I plan on continuing to use SELF even after I finish paying on this first account. What a great way to keep a positive line of credit open and watch your score climb!!!!.Version: 2.6.0

Impressed!I don’t typically write reviews but so far I’m thoroughly impressed with Self.! I started using it back in December and as of rn (May 2021) my score has increased by over 100 points! My credit is still FAR from where I want it to be due to being young & making stupid mistakes early on. But Self has made it extremely easy for me to save while also building my credit. I have the secured credit card and the only thing I would say to keep in mind is that when you get the card you are automatically charged a $25 annual fee. Meaning that if your card starts out with a $100 credit they’ll take $25 of that to where you actually start out with $75. It’s good though bc you can then report that not only do you have a credit card open but you’re keeping it under 30% utilization. They send notifications whenever you go over 30% as well! I highly recommend it to someone who’s looking to make big purchases within the next year and need help building your credit..Version: 2.11.0

I could t believe it! It’s definitely gave me hope!I wish I would have started much sooner ! I heard about self probably a year ago and I was hesitate because I felt like nothing would work! After going back and forth and feeling like there wasn’t really much to lose I started my journey may 29th 2021. My credit score starting was at a 546 and just by signing up my credit score jumped 29 points! It went to 575 and I hadn’t even made my first payment. I was incredibly impressed and it honestly gave me hope to a hopeless situation! I went ahead and made a early payment about 9 days ahead of time. My first payment is set to be due June 29th and honestly I cannot wait to see what the score will be even then once it’s officially reported to the credit bureau. I’m very hopeful in the months ahead this is a amazing opportunity and I’m so thankful that I’m given a second chance , this is great for anyone who needs to improve their credit. The goal for me is to purchase a house in the next two years and the way things are looking it might be sooner. Thank you SELF! My advice is don’t wait start now!.Version: 2.13.0

Definitely helping my creditI spent most of my life not really understanding credit, how it was calculated, and how valuable it is. I made some poor choices over the years and it caused me to have terrible credit simply because I was too ignorant to care of the effects of poor credit. As I got older I started to see these effects on my life and decided to make a change. But there were fewer opportunities for me because of my history. This lead me to searching fir secured credit cards in order to try to build credit over time. I was introduced to Self by my wife who already had started a credit builder account. It seemed like an easy way to save money and build credit so I started one of my own. I’m happy to say that my credit score is slowly building and is looking more positive every month. I was just approved for a unsecured credit card from another lender - the balance is low - but it’s an improvement on the rejections I got from before. I’m gonna keep doing Self because it’s easy and it actually help. Just pay on time and things will start looking up for you. It just takes time..Version: 2.11.0

0-100 real quick lolI started off with nothing no credit never owned a credit card but somehow I guess bc of that I started with a 527. I was just like “dude I’m not doing this it’s gonna take too long” my fiancé who has passed away but he was the one who forced me to download SELF. So he was showing me the ropes and within 3 months of paying ON TIME and I have it set up to automatic payments so I don’t forget but I was so excited I saw 590. But I wanted that 6. Sure enough about 3 months later of continual making my payments without doing it bc I have it set to take $25 out automatically every month and I had a 647!!!! When he passed away in September I wanted to throw it away but why? He helped me build my credit and I am in debt to him forever. After 6 months of not looking I check it today just to see what would happen after getting increases and paying them off. I have a 704!!!!! I wish I could post pictures on here but I wouldn’t recommend anything but SELF if you are a beginner. I have capital ones sending me cards now saying I’m approved for car loans like every other freaking day, mastercards, everything. But I just want to say thank you Matt!!!! 😇 up above and a thank you to SELF for helping my credit score grow so much 🖤 thank you guys. All they want to see is CONSISTENCY!!!.Version: 2.11.0

A happy customer :-)This app does exactly what they say it does: it builds credit and boosts credit scores. In order to make that happen sign up for any account that you can manage and pay on time and keep transferring the money to a secured credit card. These guys really report timely and to all three credit bureaus. This is the fastest and easiest way to build credit history and secure a credit card while raising your own credit limit using your own money. If you guys are out there having a tough time building credit or opening a non secure credit card I encourage a Self credit builder account, you can easily keep opening credit builder accounts and keep transferring the money saved to a secured card and raise your credit limit. With a self-raised credit limit your credit, debt to credit ratio and utilization will start looking improving and looking great. You can either keep the account open or once you get your credit limit to $3000 find a secured card somewhere else and get your refund..Version: 2.15.0

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