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Should see release dateGreat app but the occasional problem like it crashes or it doesn’t load I think it would also be very helpful if on the app instead of saying coming soon to actually have a release date because we have to go and search it up ourselves and it’s not always trust worthy great app other than that.Version: 68.0

Great app for Quest ownersI e seen many 1 star reviews that make no sense. They are rating the app based on their experience with their headsets. If I were to review the Oculus Quest it would definitely get 4.5 stars. The app however gets a full five stars as it does so much cool stuff. My favorite thing is being able to check my battery while charging my headset. Also being able to see if I need new batteries for my controllers is awesome. I know those data points are on the Quest Menu Bar but when your charging you may not have the Quest available to check so you can use the app. I love that I can buy and install games directly to my headsets from the app too. There are just so many cool things this app allows you to do. I’ve seen lots of tech and I’m not easily impressed by tech nowadays however the Oculus Quest and this companion app have highly impressed me. I haven’t been wowed like this by tech since I first wrote a program in basic back on a TRS-80 (Trash 80 for those who remember them) in the mid 80’s(I’m old I know). Thanks for an exciting and joyous experience both in the app and on the console..Version: 32.0

It’s great!Great app from what I’ve seen and used. Essential if you own the Oculus Go and handy if you own the Oculus Rift..Version: 15.0

Lovely, but landscape mode? Please?As a new VR adopter, but not new to tech, I really enjoy the app experience in how it lets me manage almost everything about my Quest 2 from my phone or iPad. *especially* my iPad. The bigger screen makes it easy to navigate in a pinch even with the headset on in pass through mode. That said, I really wish the app supported landscape mode on iPad! That’s literally my only gripe right now. As part of a desktop setup, my iPad is always in landscape and usually controlled with a mouse and keyboard, so its really annoying (in the scheme of things) to either tilt my head or pick up the device from its dock/place in order to manage the Oculus App. Thanks babes, I hope you can add this!.Version: 77.2

Love it but!...I love the app it’s so easy to download things and chat with friends buttttt you should make it so you can access photos and videos from your oculus so you can post them on different websites :P this is only my opinion but I really hope you can bring that to the app.Version: 77.2

What are you doingWhy are you complaining about the silence of the adverts a) u don’t really need the sound for oculus adverts b) when your phone is on silent it’s silent your ads aren’t broken... duh and this is coming from a 12yr old so you might wanna get your act together dude Overall this app for me has no issues I don’t think that they’ll see this but I think if you want to be alone then you should be able to put some sort of ghost mode on where it says that your offline or a status that says do not disturb that would be a good addition to the oculus quest. Thank you for reading all of this, have a gift 🎁.Version: 64.0

GoodGood good.Version: 137.0

Can’t mute audioCan’t mute audio when casting to iPhone or iPad.Version: 102.0

Amazing, but..I love this! But there’s something that bothers me, you need to pay extra for a cable. I wanted to play Minecraft..roblox..but you need to pay extra for a cable. Can you somehow put down the price for the cable, or ask roblox or Minecraft to be an official oculus game? Giving them more opportunities, anyways other then that great. Also I use the Oculus Quest 2. I really love all the games you play, rec room is the best though. Help wanted was not scary at first, but then it got scary after I got to the next game modes. I hope make the games official by asking or making the cable cheaper thanks! Sorry if this is too much to ask for, I just don’t want to waste extra money/cash..Version: 105.0

Freezing during video recordingI understand that recently us oculus users have been having problems opening the app until the recent update.. but unfortunately there’s still bugs. I’ve tried recording videos but it has been freezing a few times in the middle of ALL the videos I’ve been recording..Version: 148.1

Won’t connect to GoUpdate: all of a sudden it worked ok. I have no idea what changed. Excited to have my headset kit arrive only to have wasted hours trying to connect without any success. Following this apps instructions to a T and it will not connect! I’ve tried multiple WiFi networks and phones to get devices talking to each other, but they won’t pair! I cannot progress..Version: 26.0

EKinda pog ngl.Version: 77.0

It crashesHi oculus! My app crashes every 30 seconds I am on it! And can you make more oculus rift games on the oculus go? Thanks and I love you be so Much!.Version: 20.0

EmailOk so,Because I now have a pc,I wanted to connected my steam account to my headset but whenever I login with my CORRECT email and password,It says it’s wrong,Then I try to send a thing to my email to change my password yet I don’t receive anything to do that with.Version: 125.0

GoodI have had quite a good time using the app, and personally have not experienced any bugs. However I know that they are out there and can be improved. A cool feature that I think they should add is that when you put away your oculus quest, and you don’t charge it, you could go onto the app and see the last percentage that the headset was at. I’m not sure if this is currently possible, but I would like to see in future gens. Overall five stars..Version: 98.0

Does what you expectSilent means silent, I would have been surprised if there had been sound on a trailer when your phone is on silent as this would have meant your phone was broken. We are speaking about trailers here and to reduce a score by two stars, trivial and picky. This app does what you require to do..Version: 24.1

...Do I have to explain.Version: 105.0

Corrected my issuesPrevious issues I had are corrected the the app, I am happy. Works flawlessly for me, and I love that I can start a download from work and come home and the downloaded apps, games and videos are ready to go! Great job. Only one hope in the future. Would love to play game videos in wide screen. The small sized video on a phone would be made better by being full screen. But such a minor concern. Thank you for the fixes you perform. Hope quest gets more games soon!.Version: 27.0

Good but would like to see more game optionsRight now I only see like 100 when it says 200 could you please add more options like games on the rift.Version: 152.0

Increasingly helpfulThis app surprises me with the abundance of negative reviews, most just confused users that haven’t gotten to know Oculus yet. This app completely fulfills its purpose and more. A common question asked that used to be one I asked was about the screen casting error even when your devices are connected to the same network. I have discovered that if you restart your headset the casting immediately starts working afterwards. I learned this the hard way after factory resetting my oculus(that works too but takes much longer and overall isn’t a great idea). The new update has also been useful. This app is a must have for all oculus users and without it the virtual experience is a lot less immersive and seamless..Version: 98.0

2 bugs that should be a top priorityWatching video trailers of apps makes the screen go black as a lot of more recent reviews are describing. iPhone 12 mini layout puts the top and bottom menus at very top and bottom of screen nearly overlaying the top status icons like time and battery and the home button. This makes it difficult to navigate as the touch points sometimes register for actions that aren’t intentionally being touched. Lastly when you “favorite” (heart icon) an app: it’s not a favorite, it gets added to a wishlist, just my opinion the icon shouldn’t be a heart, maybe a checklist instead. You should be able to access the wishlist from your account, profile or library (maybe all?). Either way it’s not clear when you add them to your wishlist where to go to view your wishlist. Other than the small fixes a great companion app. I’m sure these are on the backlog but they need to get prioritized higher..Version: 85.0

Issue with Payment ResolvedThanks to the response of the developers I was able to put my payment trough. It would be nice if accessing my Wishlist was easier but other than that it’s a solid app..Version: 28.0

You broke itSince the last update yesterday, it is now impossible to cast with IOS, come on guys !.Version: 93.0

Best app everI’ve had the oculus quest 2 for 3 days, and I love it! It’s so much fun and it looks like it’s real! When I was playing plank walk I couldn’t walk off the plank lol. It’s soo good and the app even lets you see what the other family or friend is doing. Get the app and the oculus! Bye xx.Version: 141.0

Best VR App everI love this app, the oculus quest 2 was released so recently and we got one on the 24th of October 2020, I love this app and what games have to offer, but I think it’s missing one game that I really want to play on VR, and that is Island 359, yeah sure it’s on the app but only on the Oculus Rift and Rift S, and that’s a Headset that you need a pc for. I very much wish Island 359 was available for purchase on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, other than that it was amazing, I remember downloading the app way before and found out you need a Facebook account to get into the app, then I uninstalled the app and when my sister got the headset, she had installed the app and I forgot about the matter. After some time, I decided to download the Oculus app once again and at that time I didn’t realize that I had installed the app before so it was reinstallable at the time. I love the app and funnily enough I also found out that one of the games known as “Rec Room” was on VR, PS4, PC, and Mobile, I laughed a lot at the time..Version: 77.2

Great, but needs landscape modeSometimes when browsing the store on it the right side of the screen is cut off and portrait mode can get annoying. Please add a landscape option..Version: 76.0

Almost Perfect!I love the easy access to the oculus store. I really appreciate that I do not have to put my headset on every time I want to buy a game my friend tells me about. I love that I can start a game in the headset before I’m ready to play it to warm the headset up and reduce loading times. One thing is missing though: Often, I will find an amazing game in the Oculus AppStore, and I will want to share it with a friend. Unfortunately, either there is not a “share app” button, or it is just really hard to find. Please add a “Share App” button in the Oculus Store! I would love to be able to send my friends a direct link to the cool new game I want them to try!.Version: 52.0

Are commenters trolling? Easy setupI was reading the comments, and most of the 1 stars are bizarre. I can’t tell if they are trolling or completely confused to be nice. (Anyone read the comment about watching Netflix in VR from the app🤔) The app is extremely easy to use. It’s more of a convenience. Once you’re Go is setup which is a minor process, the app really isn’t needed. I use the app for notifications on events and apps that go on sale. One doesn't even need the app after setup currently, but it’s nice to have for those two features that I mentioned..Version: 4.1

RefundsI bought the game onward then played it for a bit but it gave me very bad headaches and dizzy ness so I submitted a refund. Then 6 days later I go on to oculus and I saw that my refund was declined and they gave no reason. 1 star.Version: 89.0

Good app that’s getting better all the timeI been using the app since it showed up on App Store.... LoL sort of need it for the quest. And it was a rough start but they have been working on improving it and it’s gotten sooooooo much better. We use the casting all the time so we can help our special needs kiddo play....would love to see some sort of accessibility feature that helps with sight like a zoom for the casting where tapping the screen puts a zoomed bubble next to the finger to help with reading things... thanks for all the hard work.Version: 42.0

Recommendations to the devsI love my quest 2, i’ve saved up for quite some time and it was worth it. I want to give some recommendations to the devs to help with the app. Maybe you could make communication easier? I would like to be able to have an oculus party with my friend even if he isn’t on his quest at the moment. I’m only 13 and i’m not allowed to have a facebook account to of course, i use my dads with his permission. but i wish that it didn’t display my fathers name. I wish that we could have the option to hide our real name and just use our online ones. Maybe you could make it easier to set achievements for you and your friends. I would want to maybe invite my friends to my achievements rather than have to manually tell them. All in all, it’s a great headset and i’m in love with it. Thank you for reaching..Version: 88.0

Nice but can be betterThe app is ok. Like the website, you have to scroll down and wait for other categories to show up. This could be much better if the categories “browse all games” is at top of the page. The filter by descending price is absent or i didn’t understood how it work. It’s really a pain to begin with the one dollars app and scroll down all the list. This can be much better than this if they remove the scroll down and wait thing. EDIT: The descending filter work again! One more star!.Version: 97.0

Amazing system, great and easy to use appSo, if you’re reading this, your either a possible customer or someone who works for Oculus. For the customer, here’s what I have to say: It’s a great app, I have an Oculus Quest and it works wonderfully. Definitely worth it. Now, for the Employee/Representative: I love this app, as well as the system I bought (the quest) but, I have one thing I’d suggest. I don’t have a credit card, so I buy Apple Giftcards for the App Store and use those to pay for things. I did this and attempted to buy AriZona Sunshine from the app using that idea, but it prompted me with a screen asking for either a credit card or PayPal (I have none) so my suggestion is to make it so you can pay for games through the Apple-Appstore and it be a separate thing that you can do, but also completely optional. That’s my suggestion, love the Quest, keep up the great work 👌🏻.Version: 76.0

ThanksThis is app is really helpful and has great functionality I have had it for about 1 year now and is great I would definitely recommend this app to any other oculus users because you can check out the new games or chat to friends it just brilliant!.Version: 137.0

Pretty good but also sorta weird.It’s a good app and it’s cool how you’re able to cast things from the VR headset, but the app itself is just unconditionally laggy, and I’m not the only one with this problem because it’s not my phone. When I move to different locations, such as settings to home or whatever, it buffs and consistently pops up the “enable Bluetooth” screen over and over again each time I attempt to do something. For some reason there’s a bug that causes the app to always display 9 notifications, and I’ve searched the entire application, it’s settings, marked news as read, double checked the news, delete and reinstall the app, but they wouldn’t go away. I’ve been stuck with these problems since I’ve had it, which was when it first came onto the AppStore I believe, and there’s been plenty of updates, yet none of the major bugs for me have been updated..Version: 97.0

A Must-Have AppI am writing this review regarding the Oculus app, not the VR experience (which is also amazing). I can say with confidence that this is the most comfortable, functional, and easy-to-use app I’ve seen in a while. I am currently using an iPhone 5s, which struggles with delivering smooth experience, but this app is a breeze. It’s got everything I need, allowing me to easily access my Store, Events, Friends, Game Library, and Settings. I actually find this more comfortable than the desktop, in browser experience. OCULUS, THANK YOU FOR THE APP!.Version: 17.0

My review on the oculus quest.So the oculus quest is AMAZING. So far I’ve loved it. Though a couple problems I’ve had with it are, not being able to capture what happened in the last couple minutes, the heavy lack of games, and the expensive games. Apart from that I have not had much problems with it. I highly recommend the quest and hope you have a good time with it..Version: 68.0

EpicGreat app 10/10 no problems But please add five nights at Freddy’s ver to the quest And minecraft vr to the quest.Version: 30.0

Great app!I got a quest and was worried that it would not connect because of the bad reviews on the app and such. However, I was very impressed when I got it! Setup took only ten minutes and got up and running quickly! When I did not like a game, I asked to refund it and got a refund that same day! Also you can check the battery life from your phone so I knew when I needed to charge. Casting is great. I played a game while my brother watched and we both had fun! Overall, very impressive with no cons!.Version: 38.0

Important problem with batterySo, recently my phone has been draining its battery, and I went to check Battery in settings. As the title may imply, it said the Oculus app was eating up /50% of my battery/ It had been running in the background apparently. I hadn’t had it open for more than 3 minutes in the past few days, and despite my small knowledge of technology I know it shouldn’t be doing that. Have you heard similar reports, or is it just me? Besides that, a wonderful app that makes finding and downloading new things easy and convenient :).Version: 19.0

Where is Live Overlay???! Iphone 12 Pro MaxThe app is good however they advertised that on V28 update we’ll have this option but now I’m on V31 already, tried Beat Saber but there is no option to activate the Live Overlay. Am I missing something? I have all the latest and greatest updates. Thats why I rate this app 4 stars..Version: 122.0

PlsCould you pls add vtol vr because I’ve been digging to play it but. It’s not on the quest Thanks.Version: 72.0

Landscape ViewPlease add for the iPad..Version: 70.0

Make it so you can look will people are playingCan you make it like can you make a mode where you can see what the person is doing on iPad or anything else.Version: 95.0

Good but not enough gamesIt has a lot of games but it doesn’t have the ones I was looking for they’re all on side quest and it’s really annoying because I don’t know how to use Side quest and I would much rather have it all in one place.Version: 152.0

Great app ButI have a problem with casting Nothing is really wrong with it it’s just that it could be easier for your friends to hear what’s going on in the headset It would also be really good for YouTubers trying to record sound in their headset..Version: 60.0

AmazingThe only thing I don’t like is that you can’t view captures on the mobile app, the only way you can view them is by watching them on VR or plugging it into a pc. It would be so much better if you could stream videos onto the phone rather than go through the hassle of plugging it in and mailing the video.Version: 73.0

Good but casting is badThe app is good but casting to an oculus lags and cuts out..Version: 38.0

Soooooo good for when I get my questNo quest on the app.Version: 24.0

Great but pricyI downloaded this because I have an Oculus Quest and I bought some games... but they are way too expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and it works so smoothly, but the major issue is that the games are way over priced. Other than that, I enjoy playing with it and have had some great fun with my friends. So overall, it’s pretty good!.Version: 40.0

Great app, couple of bugs for you.1) Text is overspilling the tiles on the home page. 2) The games trailers fail to load first time you try and view them. Going back and re- entering the page makes them run..Version: 77.0

Why doesn’t the App support Apple Pay!I like the VR experience, but I don’t understand why you have to enter payment information in the app. Usually all Apps use the payment feature from your iTunes account. Is it because of the privacy terms or how facebook gives information to third-parties? Or why not Apple Pay it’s more secure... Please some of the games offered on Oculus say they will collect email & phone numbers and information from files... now please tell me what files are third parties looking at on your phone....Version: 9.0

Ok...This thing is amazing! I have been playing on my oculus for hours and I haven’t gotten sick of it at all! The games that you can download seem to be limitless! There are two main problems for me though. First one being that my pin I need to buy games, I never got what it was. I never got headset pin to buy games so rec room is the only game I can really get that can satisfy me. And second, the app is not letting me switch to a different Facebook account and it won’t let me use a different one. I was hoping the creators of oculus could make an option to change what Facebook account that is used and not have a single account since I have a second account that actually works..Version: 77.2

Fantastic, just one more feature can make this betterWhen I used it, it was easy to use. I use this for telling my friends that my oculus is out of charge (because I play on it until it shuts down) and getting apps while my quest is charging. Although, I think I know how to make this app perfect. I have recently lost my left controller and since you can use it in different locations, it is hard to find. If you can have a find my controller (like how apple has it’s find my iPhone/iPad), you could add that feature. It can work since when I turn on my quest, it can see the battery life of the controller..Version: 60.0

Great but needs better recordingAbsolutely great app, would really like a way of recording gameplay with sound in sync, and then being able to download it onto a phone’s native photos. Atm I’m having to post to Facebook and then screen record, which has out of sync audio for things like BeatSaber..Version: 55.0

Great but few design issuesI used this app as a way to see what is currently on the quest before buying it. As I went through i found many apps i would enjoy and decided to buy the quest. Now that it comes to buying them, i dont know how to access my wishlist? There is a thing saying your wishlist that displays as you scroll but it only shows five games? i have atleast 12 on there. Any help? Also please add fullscreen to game video trailers. half the time i cant see on my small iphone SE. Thankyou for any advice given in advance!.Version: 25.0

Updated review and Fix for pairing oculus questOkay, I finally got past the pairing issue I had where the oculus quest refused to pair. It turns out it was an issue where the iPhone required an iOS update and once I did that, it paired no problem. Developers should please add this to the help with setting up an oculus quest. After that, smooth sailing. App is great, quest works really well. While the battery life will last about 4 hours, it’s still good enough because you don’t want to be in it too long. All the apps and games are great. I hope more become available soon and that more become cross play as I have an oculus rift also and would enjoy some of those games on the quest as well. Beat saber is crazy good! Also, the oculus app has no lag or issues and you can find the games easy. I would like to see a complete browse all feature so you can scroll through every game available - not sure if I missed it. App is same on phone as it is within headset. Flawless integration. I would like to see a power off feature inside the headset instead of pressing and holding the button to shut down. Keep up the great work!.Version: 24.0

Needs optimising iPhone 12 ProGreat app, full of games and apps to download however the app needs optimising for the iPhone 12 Pro as the commands conflict with the hardware of the phone other than that great app and keep up the good work. Don’t know if this is also causing an issue with the casting too as so far I have been unable to cast to my phone it says it needs to be on the same WiFi network which it is 🤷‍♂️.Version: 89.0

Weird bugI can’t watch the game trailers because when I try I get a full black screen and can’t exit out of it.Version: 85.0

Fantastic connectivity but having issuesI’m going to keep it brief.... I love the availability and accessibility of the app and it’s connectivity to the device and how easy it is to navigate, it truly is the best technology has to offer now. However I am struggling to cast with my device, I seemed to do it extremely easily yesterday but today, nothing. Not much help as in troubleshooting, only an explanation on what to do, but that’s not the problem. Overall great and would definitely recommend but need better help as to any problems people, like myself, are having with it.Version: 110.0

BruhOculus, I know this is a big struggle but I have been waiting on Minecraft for the quest for quite some time, it’s on the rift S... the controls aren’t that different so why would I take so long? I get that you have to manage data and storage so it’s not laggy but you just have to tone down the textures and maybe revamp the controls and then you got it... I don’t even know if your the ones who would make Minecraft for the quest but just keep that in notes please.Version: 97.0

4 starsThis app has a nice style and is simple to use and find games. the search feature is really useful for finding specific games and it also recommend games to you based of your activity. super simple to install games to your headset this app also allows you to stream the headset view wirelessly to the device or to another device. only reason i give 4 stars is because the screen lags whenever the headset moves reasonably fast. the streaming still works but is better on a TV etc. this app also allows you to request refunds for purchases you’ve not meant to make or didn’t get the most out of the app/game. This is great, especially for people like me who are quite new to vr and may find some experiences disorientating. overall, really good app and would definitely recommend :)).Version: 77.2

FineThe quest is amazing and so is this app. My only problem is that as of now I am having a strange glitch where when I open the app everything is blank. I don’t think this is happening with other people and it is just a strange one-off occurrence, but I would like this error to be fixed..Version: 147.0

Amazing appThis app is easy to get your head around and is very useful the only thing I have a seriously tiny problem with is that there is no minecraft for the quest 2 but that does not take away anything from this app.Version: 97.0

Almost a good app!Everything you need to be able to search the Oculus store, I think the only issue I have is that I cannot watch the trailers for any of the games as when my phone tries to make the video full screen automatically it just gives me a black screen and plays nothing. Only resolution is to manually quit the app..Version: 85.0

Great gameLook dude I’m 8 and I don’t like adverts and your complaining about them having no noise and a tiny screen it’s just stupid I love this app and don’t see and problems at all I got the VR head set yesterday and have already played it ALOT, after my work of course. So no complaints from me great game and still don’t know why you would complain about adds.🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 98.0

GreatEasy to use and a nice layout. Steam should take notes..Version: 22.0

Easy to buy games, configure devices and setup headsets!Application works flawlessly *if* you own a Facebook account. I sped straight through the easy tutorial on my Quest and immediately bought a couple games I had tried at a friends place (Rift). However the UI could definitely use an update (like the teased images in the App Store) to suit the brand new UI on the Quest and support for adding friends cross-platform (Quest, Rift S, Rift CV1) with or without a Facebook account is a must as I have friends who can’t have Facebook accounts. Overall TL;DR Easy to use , amazing support, frequent updates and patches keep the application and headset feeling new monthly..Version: 50.0

The reason why I did not put 5 starsWell I did not put 5 stars is because when you put a lock you need a password from the starting page to disable the password and you need to find a tutorial to factory reset so I was thinking maybe put the starting password into the settings on my headset. If it happens I will change my review to 5 stars.Version: 150.0

Need oculus app for ipadPhone screen isn’t enough to cast and share with friends. I wish there’s app for ipad..Version: 25.0

Nearly greatNicely designed app and easy way to check out and buy new games for the rift. Would be 5 star if not for a couple of issues. 1. The game trailers have no sound if your phone is on silent. Maybe not a huge problem but I think most people pretty much keep their phones on silent these days so seems like a strange choice to have the app work this way. 2. We can’t full screen the game trailers so have to watch them in the little box provided on the games page. Another weird choice by the designers and hopefully both these issues are being worked on for an update :).Version: 32.0

Great!😍Easy set up.Version: 85.0

The app is easier than the oculus headset storeI don’t often look through the in headset store because I don’t really like arm ache just from buying. The app makes it 100% easier to look at all the games and trailers with out moving a muscle. Also read a comment about someone had no sound on there app Mine is working fine must be your device..Version: 38.0

Great app, landscape mode would be appreciated :)The way I can control my quest 2 headset is truly incredible. I’m happy to know that I can buy games, check the battery and even reset the headset completely without having to actually put on the headset is really helpful. It saves battery, time and me from motion sickness. The only problem I have run into is that I cannot use the app in the landscape view, which is a problem for me, as I am using an IPad Pro with a keyboard connected to it, so I struggle to use it when it is just about balanced sideways. I still recommend this app to anyone with an Oculus headset, as it’s really helpful and saves a lot of time..Version: 89.0

Great but screen sharing a bit lowIt’s, simple and easy to use. Only problem is that the screen sharing quality isn’t that great, only if u have one of more recent phones and computers.Version: 89.0

👍🏼👍🏼The app is great and easy to connect with friends it’s just that it is very laggy and when I press on the casting button for example it might not load or take a long time to load and the casting is very glitchy.Version: 77.0

VideosI have a YouTube channel and want to upload vr videos but it’s hard since I don’t have a pc and ya. But can u developers try to update the app so we can record gameplay from inside the headset as usual and then send that footage from our phones to YouTube ! Basically I want u guys to make us access our footage from inside our headsets to our phone!.Version: 89.0

Best VR headset ever!I've played a few VR headsets in my life and none really had the wow factor. Tried this at a friend's and I'm blown away. The fact that it's a standalone headset made things even better! Graphics are awesome and crystal clear. I usually get a bit of motion sickness but with the OQ2, it barely affected me. Being a huge Star Wars nerd, it's a dream come true to be this close to Vader in Vader Immortal, plus I get to train like a real Jedi in the lightsaber dojo. The headset looks way much better than OQ1, very modern and clean. Having to link my Facebook account made things much more easier, since I linked all my app games to Facebook for easier upkeep. Have little to no issues to use and the fact you have the option to buy games either from this app or while playing VR is a bonus. Best $299 investment yet!.Version: 95.0

Very usefulThis really helps me download games and apps and chat to my friends, however i have had a small bit of trouble. When i go onto the social tab on the app it doesn’t work. Could you please try and fix this , other then that its a really great app..Version: 75.0

Set up utility for Oculus Go worked OkWorked fine and used it to get oculus go set up. This app has the store and setup screens for the stand alone headset, and recently added WiFi streaming, which was really helpful when showing relatives what VR is like because I could put their view on the phone and help talk them through how to play better and they could give each other advice. They really enjoyed the Keep Talking and Virtual Virtual Reality ones. The app can also be used to pair other Bluetooth devices to the headset besides the little controller, and some games can also work with a game controller. I really enjoyed Defense Grid 2, it was a nice tower defense style science fiction adventure..Version: 22.0

Great app, easy to use.All I use it for is for 1. Setting up my Quest 2. Browsing and looking at games and apps. I wish there was more uses for this app like being able to see their most recent tweets or Instagram posts. Along with stuff like watching events from Oculus Venues in app instead having to be in VR. Not big changes but the app is pretty useless after the set up of your VR..Version: 76.0

Plz plz plzOculus can you please add gorn to the oculus quest plzzzz.Version: 73.0

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