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Bad North: Jotunn Edition App User Positive Comments 2023

Bad North: Jotunn Edition app received 103 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bad north: jotunn edition?

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Bad North: Jotunn Edition for Positive User Reviews

I don’t know......It has a glitch were u can’t go into the game It will be stuck at the start screen Other then that ten of ten.Version: 2.00.16

Doesn’t loadGreat game works on my iPhone and Xbox but it can’t get past my starting loading screen on my gen 5 iPad, pls fix..Version: 2.00.12

PerfectThis game is magnificent, I would say everything is perfect. If the people may say it’s bad they might not have the device requirements that it says in the description. Overall a great game I would recommend you buying it.Version: 2.00.18

Bro make the game stop crashingLater in the game you can even open your save and it crashes like did you guys even made the end of the game.Version: 2.00.18

The (Probably) Best Mobile RTSNormally I do not write reviews, but this game just shattered me. First of all, the game has impactful and beautiful visuals. From the cartoony portraits of various generals to the soldiers you command on the field. Furthermore, the sound design is also amazing. The bone chilling, spine tingling blow of the horn sets you into the 790s, as an Anglo-Saxon awaiting his impeding Nordic doom. If you are a fan of mini strategy games, or have some spare time on your hands, I would recommend picking this up. Furthermore, if you are a fan of casual games, I would recommend this too. The game does a good job of keeping its “games” short, rather focusing on the bigger aspect, the long game..Version: 1.0

Great tower defence/rts gameExactly what I was looking for. Short rounds, good mechanics and fun graphics. The unique commander names and faces get you attached and make you want to keep them alive..Version: 2.00.18

Good funPrevious game save issue now fixed and luckily I'm able to resume from that save file!.Version: 2.00.6

Fun strategy gamePlease fix the invisible parts of the game due to the camera notch on iPhone 12 etc. Some buttons are impossible to use when deploying troops. Otherwise would’ve given 5 stars..Version: 2.00.16

Awesome gameGreat for when you have a lot of time on your hands. Despite people talking about crashing I’ve had no problems on my iPhone 7plus. The $8 is definitely worth it. Very replayable..Version: 2.00.8

Strategy masterpiece on the goI own the original version on my ps4, i was exited to see there was a sequel on the store. The original game was really good, the graphics although minimalistic make the game feel real and alive. The strategy aspect of troop positioning and countering maneuvers is unmatched by other games of its kind. however the base game lacked more depth. By adding traits and more items it makes each run more unique and gives each commander its own implied background story with more added portraits . This makes the game better at storytelling. As soon as I saw the game I knew I had to purchase it. I look forward to any updates to the game or even new version building on what’s already in game. Kudos to the devs for an awesome game and keep updating the game w/ new traits/items..Version: 2.00.8

I love itI’ve played this game for a while and I have loved it all of that time it has lots of strategy and is super fun.Version: 2.00.18

Still a bit buggyThis is a great game. Even with the patches there are still times when the app crashes or won’t load my saved file. Other than that I love the game. It’s like a real-time tactical command your troops type of game set on 3D islands that are each unique. I think the game is pretty flawless as is but there are a few things that could be improved. First I think that the special ability of the infantry units is terrible and should be replaced with something like temporary invulnerability. Second I think that there should be a reward for finishing the campaign or even the possibility of keeping your troops for other campaigns. Finally I think that the troops should be more customizable and unique. For example we should be able to name them. If you like strategy games and are thinking about buying this one do it! It’s so good!.Version: 2.00.8

Needs more contentI truly do love thins game and have played it for about 17 hours, though it does get a bit repetitive. I think that maybe it would be nice to play as the attackers for once, and also to add more classes such as siege equipment. or make it so that the battles are more extensive with bigger islands and the ability to have an army to defend or attack hordes of enemies, but at the same time maintaining the the strategic feel to the game. I hope that the developers take note of this review and possibly do something like this..Version: 2.00.9

Amazing!This is an amazing game but it crashes a lot):.Version: 2.00.18

Love the game when I can playHaven’t had too many issues thus far, the game s fun. Only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is there seems to be a bug, if I leave my game for more than a few hours and have to load, it just says “failed to load data”. So I’ve got two saved games now, with a few hours gameplay that I won’t be able to touch, I made the second one after accepting maybe the first didn’t load due to corrupted data or something, but seems to be an issue with the loading in general. Please fix, or tell me how to, I’d love to invest more time into this game..Version: 1.1

Why are people saying it’s runs bad?So as far as I have been playing the game has ran completely fine. No crashes no freezing during gameplay. I am on an iPhone7 so take from that what you will. But the game has been everything that I wanted! It’s addictive, very addictive. If you like strategy games you can find yourself in this game hours at a time! Definitely worth it. But make sure you have a iPhone7 (or a relatively new iPhone6plus) or up to play this game. It does take a little bit to play..Version: 2.00.8

Does not work offlineIt's criminal for a premium single player game to require an internet connection to launch the game. Bought it before a long flight, but was stuck on the loading screen as there was no WiFi on the flight. Worked fine when I tried it with an internet connection after reaching my destination. Update: The game worked fine the next time I used it in flight mode. Completed one play through and absolutely loved it! The visual style and background score is amazing! As someone who loves RTS games, this is the best one I've played on iOS..Version: 1.1

Lovely Game But...It often crashes, I don’t know if it’s just because bad formatting or what...awesome game. One of my favs as I’m into the strategy genre. I got it on my pc and it runs amazing, I travel a lot so I thought to get it on my iPad...little disappointing but great game nonetheless.Version: 2.00.12

Fun and carnageI only got the so today and love it already..Version: 1.0

Great Game, But it CrashesThis game is easily one of my favorite strategy games. Before long, I was Addicted and constantly thinking up a plan to take down my enemies. But one thing I constantly encounter is game crashes. This is quite annoying when you are nearly victorious in your efforts to take out the Vikings but get instantly kicked out of the game. This game is a masterpiece, but the crashes make it hard to enjoy. If these crashes are fixed, then this game would be flawless. Side note: new troop types, commander types (such as swordsmen commander, archer commander, etc.) and passive abilities would be cool if awesome if they are added to the game. These would add so much more depth to this already great strategy game..Version: 2.00.8

BeautifulThis is a timeless game, the simple and raw use of tactics, the beautiful graphics and the stark terrain generation all add to become this amazing game, though I was hesitant to get this game at first I have loved it..Version: 2.00.8

Cant loadTrying to load the main screen but it wont let me but i already played the game on pc and its amazing !.Version: 2.00.8

One of my favoritesThis game is very fun and a unique take on rouge-like tower defense where your towers are mobile units and you defend procedurally generated islands. My only real complaint is that it crashes sometimes when loading islands or if too many things happen at once, but I suspect it’s because they don’t support iPhone SE, but the game is auto saved between islands so it doesn’t feel like the end of the world when it happens. The other thing is on some islands there’s some sort of dark patches that cover the ground and they never look right, like the texture is messed up or something. Everythingelse is super polished though, I really can’t stop playing this game..Version: 2.00.6

4/5Great game overall but when I try to load into an old save it crashes after a minute of loading.Version: 2.00.6

New modesI think this is a really good game but if you add sandbox like you get to test units and maybe other modes etc that would be great.Version: 2.00.8

Super game but crashes a lotHi, I really love this game. Such fun to play and the Island designs provide great challenges. The aesthetics are beautiful and the sound design creates a sense of foreboding and anticipation. Unfortunately I am one of those that has frequent crashes. Issue is when an Island is loading. The Island doesn't load and the game exits. I have an ipad pro with IOS 14.2..Version: 2.00.16

Great game but crashes :(I absolutely love this game but unfortunately on the third turn of playing it crashed, and has been crashing on the loading screen ever since 😖i’ve i restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled but that hasn’t seemed to help unfortunately. I currently play on an iphone 11 with ios 14.0.1 installed and i’m super devastated as i was enjoying playing it so much, but hopefully this problem can be solved!.Version: 2.00.12

Great game, want moreThis game is amazing, I play it all the time but it would be so much better if it had some extra content like a new game + where you could bring your troops from a completed save to a new save but with a much harder difficulty. You could even add an endless mode you unlock at the end where you can bring a larger number of troops on a big island to see how many waves of Vikings you can survive. Just ideas but I feel there is so much more you can do with this game..Version: 2.00.18

A Game That Pulls You InAt first I didn’t know what to expect. I went in with low expectations but quickly found myself loving this game. It has three classes of units. You have infantry, pikemen, and archers. All of the units have their benefits and weakness. Each island is different and has choke points, buildings, and landing areas to be aware of. The game does seem to crash on a regular basis. However I was able to complete the game in normal mode and I’m now halfway through hard mode without to many issues..Version: 2.00.18

Amazing game but could use more diversityThis game is great but I think it could be much more with the given mechanics for example what if there was a mode were you played as the Vikings and deployed ships to attack islands. I would also love a sandbox mode with infinite amounts of units on both sides. Finally I ask for a greater variety of units such as cavalry which could only attack while moving or musketeers that could shoot through shields but take a long time to reload.Version: 2.00.8

So GoodI’ve heard a ton about crashes in this game. I have a beat up iPhone 7 and it still runs very well. I’ve played for maybe 10 hours and had about 3-4 crashes which haven’t impeded the fun and strategic appeals of this game. I was on the edge about buying it because so many people said it would barely run, but I ended up getting it and have loved it since. It’s totally worth the money. If you have an iPhone 7 or above and you’re interested, you should totally get this game. Also I’ve had it on 60 FPS instead of 30 and it makes it look way better and still runs great. Edit: I would love to see some new type of unit, it would really spice things up for the people playing it through more than once. Maybe a catapult that you can only get later in the campaign or even a ship of your own with archers or guys with crossbows on it. Crossbows itself could be a good idea. As long as it’s not too similar to any other troops..Version: 2.00.8

I really enjoyed this gamesMany hours of entertainment. I ran into no bugs whatsoever on my iPad Pro..Version: 2.00.18

Could be great but has poor balancing?Everything about this game is amazing except the balance. Every level was really easy until the final one which was impossible. Maybe it’s just the build I went with but idk... seems weird that I didn’t struggle at all for the whole game, but then got absolutely crushed in the last level. Couldn’t get even close after many attempts. I didn’t rush to the final island either. I recruited the maximum number of units which allowed me to visit many extra islands for more gold and loot. So you would think I would be well-prepared... but nope. I don’t mind high difficulty but the problem is it doesn’t scale well. I don’t feel like playing through all the easy islands just to get to the impossible challenge at the end. tl:dr The game should get harder much earlier instead of just jumping up in difficulty at the last island..Version: 2.00.15

Obviously greatI have always been looking for a strategy game that meets my standards, this is just perfect..Version: 2.00.8

Love the game, but...The game is seriously amazing. Simple and fun. Yet I agree with some reviewers. The game seriously needs a tutorial. There’s so much I still don’t understand..Version: 2.00.8

Great game, But needs more units.Dear devs don’t get me wrong this is an amazing game in which I have over 150+ on but your game needs more units I think. Like have you seen fan art for this game it’s amazing like you should consider scouts enemy war dogs, axmen for your team enemy warlords, and friendly arbalests (shielded crossbow men). But I just think this could be like a DLC and it could spice up the game a bit but I have to say this is my favorite game that I deeply love it’s lore, gameplay and battle and really that’s all devs please consider this it could make you some money and I would buy it so that’s all by!.Version: 2.00.18

SuperbEvery detail is thoughtfully crafted and executed. Best game I’ve played on iOS this year..Version: 2.00.6

Pleasantly surprisedWas slightly sceptical about this game prior to buying. It is quite a simple game but have been enjoying it a lot so far. I have had no issues in regards to saved game data. I always press exit to main menu prior to closing the app which may help..Version: 1.1

Fantastic yet simple and stylish strategyThis is one of the view payed mobile games that are worth far more than what you pay for. The actual strategy isn’t over complicated, yet is still complex, and I love how the game makes you adapt your troops to each and every unique island. The fact you have to make quick decisions to both keep your commanders alive and your houses protected also adds a stressful aspect which is counterbalanced by the wonderful and innocent looking art style. My one critique would be the somewhat short campaign, but with multiple difficulties, randomly unique islands, and achievements to unlock, it has pretty decent replay value as well..Version: 2.00.8

Pretty cool!I generally don’t like “fighting” games, but have enjoyed tower defense games sometimes. I prefer not to have to do a bunch of fast-paced tapping. I like to puzzle things out and make decisions more than go by reflexes. I’m really enjoying Bad North. The game is working perfectly on my iPadPro. I haven’t had any freezes, errors. Not only that, but it is not making my device hot and doesn’t seem to drain the battery as badly as some games. It was totally worth paying for!.Version: 2.00.8

Almost perfect!The game works great on the iPad Pro 2021, except for some audio stuttering over headphones. If they could fix that then this would be an easy five stars..Version: 2.00.18

Great Game... If you play it all in one sitting...First of all I love this game! I preordered it when it first came out and was featured and I have really enjoyed it. A repeating issue is that once you get far into your campaign you are not allowed to get on it for more than a few seconds. This was very disappointing and the few times I have been able to complete the game or even come close was when it was played all in one sitting... please fix this, so the game can continue to be fun once more! Also, it would be sick if you made an opposite version where you invade the island from certain points or can play multiplayer battles... Great Game... just had some issues....Version: 2.00.12

Save overrides with two devices sometimesGreat game no complaints other than using it on two devices at different times can over ride the save to a lower level.Version: 2.00.18

Few BugsI love the game, I really do, when it works that is... The game runs smoothly when it works but sometimes (especially later game past 50%) it crashes when you try to load your save or go onto an island. I really don’t know if this is a bug or if my IPhone 8 just doesn’t have the right hardware to play the game properly..Version: 2.00.15

The North is not BadProbably one of the best in the class games. Build with care for details and historical accuracy. Enjoyable to all levels played multiple times and still addicted. The engine is challenging you chess abilities and more….Version: 2.00.18

Ok, THIS GAMES LIT!I think it’s really cool how you guys made this game! The design is really beautiful especially the sounds when you are in a quite room. You definitely have to be a patient gamer if you play this game. You also have to hold your tolerance a lot, because there are some times where you will lose and have to start over again (depending on the difficulty you chose). I wasn’t even mad about the ending! It was really beautiful how you guys made the sun come up! I just want to say for all the people that have not bought this game, that it’s worth the $5!!! I challenge you to try a harder difficulty each time you start over!.Version: 2.00.8

Read thisHonestly its a Amazing game it has beautifull graphics but when you finish a campain and you want to keep playing you just go back to the last checkpoint. The reason i send this review is because i think it would be alot better if there was an infinite mode 11 out of 10 then Good game.Version: 2.00.18

I’ve been looking for this for a long timeI’ve had Bad North for a very long time. Because of that I have quite a bit to say. First of all, this game is a masterpiece. It is a perfectly made strategy game and is super immersive. I would recommend playing it with volume because this make the experience so much better. I would like to see some updates because I think that would make the game even better. Overall, great job.Version: 2.00.18

Great fun little game!Plays very well on my old (2017) iPad. Controls very simple. Finished game in standard, trying hard now!.Version: 2.00.18

Works greatI don’t understand the bad reviews, this works perfect on my iPhone 11. Great game!.Version: 2.00.8

Lots of fun!I’ve been playing Bad North on my iPad Mini and it runs great and it’s lots of fun :).Version: 2.00.18

Hidden RTS GemIf you are a fan of RTS style gameplay and enjoy skirmish infantry battles, then you will most certainly appreciate Bad North. It is the best example of a deep and dynamic strategy system, while being easy to pick up and play for short (or long) sessions I have been able to find on the App Store. I am confused why the reviews are mixed for this game, because I have not seen it’s equal on mobile. It does crash from time to time in varying frequency, but the rest of the game is near flawless..Version: 2.00.8

Perfect Mobile GameGraphics are beautiful in a cartoonish way and they’re minimalistic, so they don’t overload a small screen. The touch interface is perfect for mobile and individual battles are quite short, so you can easily play for a few minutes at a time if that’s all you have. Plus the game play is very good - it requires tactical thinking and the roguelike element adds some suspense. I’ve had no crashes or issues on an iPhone X. This is a well balanced game that’s just right for IOS. Recommended..Version: 2.00.8

Great but glitchyI love this game but I found my self at about 70% on a run and then the app would close I tried loading the game back up that works but I went on the same tun and the same thing keeps on happening no matter how much I try. But it works very well without any bugs on console..Version: 2.00.18

Looks and plays great.Really like this game. I was recommended it based on the visual design which I loved. The game play is really good too. It has a reasonable learning curve with levels later taking sometimes many attempts and different tactics to complete. It’s great to just pick up and play whenever, whether for 15 minutes or an hour or so. I played it on iPad which seems like the best way to play it. While you can play on iPhone I’d recommend iPad as I would imagine the iPhone should be a little too small for this. So if you have an iPad, stick to that. Recommended..Version: 2.00.8

A really fun gameI’m a big fan of small, well made games you can play while on the London Underground, and Bad North is a fine example. Each island battle takes just long enough for a couple of stops, and it is fun and frustrating in equal measures to position your troops an hope the Viking invaders don’t make it through your lines. The difficulty level is quit challenging, I’ve only just finished it on easy, and that was challenging enough. Also, no in-game purchases, which is a truly excellent thing. I definitely recommend his game..Version: 2.00.8

Epic but crashes constantlyEpic games, love it. Once you get 60% in the games constantly crashes and is unplayable.Version: 2.00.12

A beautifully designed gameA beautifully designed strategy game that combines depth and simplicity effortlessly. Thank you for creating such an enjoyable work of art!.Version: 1.0

Easy to learn, hard to masterBad North has a ton of depth, I’ve had it for a couple years and I keep coming back. Each run throws different combinations of terrain, items, commander traits and enemies at you, without you ever needing to look at stats. Upgraded units are genuinely better fighters, and you can see that in real time. There always seems to be room to improve: my goal was to beat it on Hard, then Very Hard, and now I’m trying to win on Very Hard with a 10:1 KD. Great game..Version: 2.00.18

Great gameI don’t usually make reviews but I really enjoy this game and all it has had to offer so far I’m not sure if you guys have stopped updating the game but I would love to see a harder mode made for this wonderful game I do have some issues those being that it sometimes closes the app by itself and I have to redo everything I did for the past 20 minutes. It is a great game regardless of its flaw where half the unit glitches into the sides of the cliff I love the art work and the design of the island as I go from island to island..Version: 2.00.18

ReviewI’ll start with saying how great of a game it is - so simplistic and yet so amazingly done, It’s so smooth, they haven’t done masses but what they have done is beautifully done. However, I play on an iPhone 7, and when I load it up, at first it is smooth, then it starts to stutter on the loading screen, before the screen goes very slightly dimmer and I can’t press the start button..Version: 2.00.8

Atmospheric game of blood stained battleA genuinely enjoyable game with many tactical, resource and strategic challenges combined with a gentle learning curve and the option of increased difficulty. The combination of unit types, skills and items gives the game a lot more nuance than others are giving it credit for. You can turn on the option to redo a failed battle, or go full rogue and accept defeat. Strongly recommend..Version: 2.00.18

GREATThis is one of my favourite mobile games of all time . It’s amazing when your in a LONG. Car journey or plane flight and keeps me easily entertained 9/10.Version: 2.00.18

Epic game would reccommendIf you like strategy this game is the one for you it is very well made and has amazing graphics I would definitely reccommend this to people and worth your money.Version: 2.00.8

Amazing game with great bug fix(I have played this game on pc (loved it) and wanted to try it on mobile. It worked very well but after a couple days I had the same problem as many others where it would not let me start the game. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling it still didn’t work out.) edit the newest patch is great and the devs have fixed the glitch seen above. Game works perfectly and looks great. :).Version: 2.00.12

Good game but...When I try to play again the worlds don’t work anymore and the it just keeps loading due to some error it’s not a bad game other than that one glitch.Version: 1.1

Amazing GameI have been looking for a game with this type of strategy for a very long time. This game offers a beatable game that won’t take ten minutes but hours while being able to hold you attention. Things I want to see in the future- I would like to see if possible that resources could be collected to build a castle at “your home”, and have that castle get tested by the Vikings. I would also like to see bigger island and more squads to control. Four is a good number but there were times I craved an all out war between the Vikings and 5-6 squads of my guys. Another thing I think would be awesome is there was another goal to meet in the game that continues the in game growth. Once I get to the last level I don’t want to start over I want to continue on and maybe in the future build castles, collect resources and have a castle defense to it that is permanent. And last I wish that we could play from the opposite perspective. Let us play as Vikings and coordinate our own attacks on islands and explore the world, pillaging and building bigger and better boats and weapons Overall this Game is beautiful, but I see so much more in it! Can’t wait for an update!.Version: 2.00.8

Fantastic RTS with great tacticsThere is something so incredibly fun about the tactical defense of these islands. Everything matters: chokepoints, elevation, flanking, and more. Upgrades and items are fun and critical aspects of the game. The only suggestion I have is a sequel! Expand the game and maybe introduce new playable unit types. Unlock playing as the vikes, even? Very fun game, I beat it on normal and now I’m going for hard. So much replayability for this. There was definitely a learning curve once those last enemy types were introduced, but the strategy of the game remains excellent..Version: 2.00.18

Great game. crashing blocking my progress though.I love the game and it is really fun, but about 75% (I think) into the campaign, it just randomly crashes. It keeps crashing before I can select a level to play. It doesn’t crash during a level, for some reason. Please fix so I can play..Version: 2.00.18

Spiritual successor to Myth by BungieGame reminds me of the original Myth game by Bungie two decades ago. Has a similar feel, but is unique in its own original and quirky way. I am not a fan of simplistic casual gaming but this one is very good and tactically it is a real challenge. Love the art work, music and general old world feel of this offering. Certain to be a classic. Fantastic. PLEASE, PLEASE THE DEVELOPER: Could we have a version where we play as the enemy in either defence or attack. That would be so cool!.Version: 2.00.18

Such a great little game!The game is really good! It’s really addictive and it hasn’t crashed once. My friend recommended it to me and I wasn’t so sure about it... but I played it and it’s so fun!.Version: 2.00.18

Very very goodIf you like strategy, this is the game to play. A bit of an FTL on a different setting. Hope they launch 2.0.Version: 2.00.18

AmazingThis game is amazing..Version: 2.00.18

Great gameReally great game would recommend just wish their were more classes.Version: 2.00.18

This one bugI love this game a lot I also have bad north on my phone and tablet but one bug isn’t letting me play on my phone and not on my tablet so the goes like this I get on the game I click on the campaign now I’m on the map to fight vikings I click on a island it loads for 3 seconds and it crashes so could you please check this out because it’s not fun if you have a game that cost $7.99 and you can’t play it for me though it will work until I get to around 70%-79% so please fix this bug because it’s running the game....Version: 2.00.15

A nice little gameI was worried about choosing to download this game, since so many had complained or crashes. So far, I’ve not had any crashes on my iPhone 7s. So it’s all good for me in that respect. I love the simple but enchanting islands of this game. I just wish there was a bit more, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of visuals. Being minimalist in design doesn’t mean it has to be minimalist in content and variation as well. However, it’s still a good game and is what I expected it to be. I gave it 4 stars for being good but not great. If it had been buggy, I would have rated it lower. For me, it was worth the purchase. But the main reason for my review is simply to say that I personally have had no crashes, which is the more important thing given other reviews..Version: 2.00.8

I have a problem on iPad...Went I first got this amazing game I was astonished by how amazing it was. But when I got quite far in to the game it glitches. when I load on to my save and press on a mission it crashes and then I have to start a new save which is really annoying because I did work kinda hard on that one save. So Please fix this then it will be my favourite game on my iPad and will get 5 star. Thanks 🖐.Version: 2.00.12

Best app in a while0 microtransactions which is rare these days... Beautifully designed and plays very well, quite challenging but that’s refreshing tbh. Well done!.Version: 2.00.8

Crashes a lotBad North is a great game and is really fun but it crashes at least every 30min and I am up to the island before the final island and it keeps on crashing when I try to load into the island please fix this so I can finish the game otherwise 4 hours of gameplay would go to waste. Thx.Version: 2.00.6

Enjoyable with a reasonable learning curveI play it on my 1st generation iPad Pro with newest IOS and it runs very smoothly. I miss the RTS type deeply after playing Dragon age on PC and here I am, found this great tiny but immersive RTS game. The graphic is lovely and the little noises the generals made really funny. The challenge is just right for me and I enjoy learning about all my little guys. What I hope to see in the next version is more rounded storyline and deeper skill set. Also a little note on the enemies would be nice but I don’t mind the tried and true current situation here. Thank you for making this wonderful game!.Version: 1.1

Bad NorthI really like that game on ps4 so I was hoping to have a mobile version, however roughly halfway through the campaign the game will not allow you to load your saved game as will crash as soon as it's finished loading. I would appreciate it if the devs fixed this, thanks a lot!.Version: 2.00.18

Absolutely Great GameI usually hate arcade games where they get repetitive and boring, but this is a exception. The design is absolutely beautiful, and game requires a bit of skill. Don’t listen to the reviews saying they can’t load the game, all you need to do is update your game center account in settings, by changing your profile picture. The only problem is once you complete the game, you lose the desire to play it. So I recommend this game to people who like hopping on and out of a game every now and then..Version: 2.00.8

Found BugHey I really like the game and it’s fun. I found a bug ever since I got the item which gives you extra gold coins and upgraded it when I equipped it (idk if this is related to the bug though) after I complete the level, it’s stuck after counting the coins from the houses and making the center counted coin shiny. Like if I got 6 coins from the level it will say “6” on the screen but it is sort of faded out. At that point i can spin the screen and there’s no continue button ever pops up..Version: 2.00.18

Great gameThis is a great game. I love the gameplay and it’s so fun. I have had a few crashes like people have said but it hasn’t been so bad that I can’t play..Version: 2.00.18

AwesomeA few bugs make the app close while I try to load next island. Would be epic if users could design their own banner after conquering 5 islands. Can’t wait for the sequel !!.Version: 2.00.8

Ok nowHade some teething problems, but having fun with it now. Quite addictive and never the same twice..Version: 2.00.6

Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant.Don’t know what the negatives are on about. This game is so well done, from the art and sound design to the balance of play. It’s a joy. Those who think it repetitive must hate chess, whose armies and map never vary. Can’t recommend this highly enough. A recent download for me and already in my pantheon of great and fulfilling games :) One very minor aesthetic suggestion for the powers that be: Could the Vikings not be supplied with a rowing animation? Some spars, maybe a sail or two, already furled so as not to block our view upon beaching?.Version: 2.00.8

Great game with great gameplayImpressive little game starts quite simple like most games but soon builds with you knowing how to split your force to deal with a over-welling attack. Displays is clean with crisp graphics I would not say amazing it’s the game play that makes this game with the leaning and adding of skills to defend your island.Version: 2.00.8

Great game to spend free time onAs someone who doesn’t have much free time, being able to pick it up and play is great. Especially since levels don’t take that long (<5 mins). One thing I wish is to be able to zoom straight onto those cute little guys and see them close up..Version: 2.00.8

No crashesThis is a terrific game and on my iPad 8 there has been no crashes and I’m half way through I definitely recommend it if you like strategy games..Version: 2.00.18

2nd reviewLatest update seems to have sorted the crash to iOS bug - seriously great game when it works.Version: 2.00.12

Needs more variety and cleaner controlsOnly 3 playable classes while you face around 7 different enemy types. The commander variety is ok but some seem completely useless. I wish this game had more depth as I was really into it at first and then I realized I had experienced most of the game pretty early on. I do hope they release another version of this game because I can definitely see it being a lot more fun with some additions. Some things get cut off by the iPhone notch so you have to flip your phone to see them. There should be a way to select your units rather than tapping on them such as listing then on the side. Many times I mis tapped on the wrong unit. It’s difficult to see which ones are selected..Version: 2.00.18

Love this gameI’ve played this game from beginning to end three times and it continues to entertain and challenge. Interesting characters, a massive variety of levels with their own sets of challenges, great mechanics, and cute cartoonish gore. I have had the occasional crash on an iPad Pro first generation, but for the most part, the game works flawlessly on my device..Version: 2.00.18

Slight issue with a great gameThis game is quite challenging and has great mechanics. It is quite rewarding to finish a challenging level with minimal losses! The issue that I am having is when I leave the game and exit out of the game for a period of time, when I come back to play and load my save file it errors out and will not load it. Please fix this issue!!.Version: 1.1

Make it more interestingThis game is too good and graphic is amazing. i hope you have plans for this game. maybe you could do about defend the castle, tower, bridge instead of going to island after island after island. or have army on boat rescue the island and get their island back. everything is all good but the plot and location and set could do some changes..Version: 2.00.18

Great Strategy GameThe concept, design & execution of this game is excellent. The game feels smooth with a reasonable difficulty level, there really is a lot to love. The only thing that lets it down so far is the crashing, thankfully I haven’t experienced any loss of saved data but I am currently unable to launch the game without it crashing. This wouldn’t stop me recommending the game as I’m sure it will be fixed and it has only recently been released..Version: 1.1

Love it! Just fix the crashes please!This game is awesome if you like a puzzling challenge. Each island you have to defend is like trying to solve a new problem. The way the game seems to randomize the enemy quantity and where they land on the island makes it so that no island is ever the same. Its awesome. I would give it 5 stars, but it has had problems on my iphone 7. It will here and there crash on me. Have yet to lose progress on any crashes though so thats cool. But after the last update i just keeps crashing... please fix so i can keep slaying vikings..Version: 2.00.6

Great game but crashesOverall a really fun game and a nice port to mobile. However, there are occasional crashes which, while not often enough to ruin the experience, have caused some inconveniences, maybe once every 30 mins or so, especially when deploying to an island and the troops spawn..Version: 1.0

Amazing gameI found this game through baronvongames(I think it was him) and it looked like a game I would love. The game play is amazing, although I sometimes run into the issue of the game crashing at the loading screen.Version: 2.00.12

Amazing On Mobile!I first found Bad North on the PS4 a while ago and I have to say that the mobile port beats out the console version, especially since it has controller support. I see a lot of reviews on permanence being bad. I have an IPhone 7+ and have never experienced a game related crash even with close to 50 hours of playtime just on my phone alone. I’m excited to see what the developer does next. I hope for a sequel to this game, maybe in the napoleonic era or so, the rock, paper, scissors balance placed on muskets and the like. There is so much potential and the game is already amazing. My number 1 game for the AppStore by far..Version: 2.00.18

Great Game! A must have for strategy lovers!I’ve had my eye on the pc version of this game for some time now, and when I saw it on the App Store for $5 I had to pick it up! After multiple hours of gameplay, I must say that this game has exceeded all of my expectations. It masterfully combines rogue-like elements with just enough permanent progression, along with a sizable campaign, satisfying difficulty curve, gorgeous procedurally generated islands, and crisp real time strategy gameplay. If any of those things that I listed interest you, I suggest you give this game a try!.Version: 1.1

I wouldn’t know what the game is likeBecause it never loads. Once a left it overnight and it still was loading. Pls help.Version: 2.00.12

Loads of fun and strategyAlthough the game is somewhat unstable and you will experience a few crashes I find that it’s not so bad that it impacts the playability of the game to much that really is the only negative about the game all the other aspects like the graphics to the strategy to the over all feel and aesthetics of the game are all really incredible definitely worth 8 bucks 👏.Version: 2.00.8

😕 Bad North: Jotunn Edition Negative Reviews
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