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Does what it saysI always figured the spam people create companies to block their own calls so they can get free money but this actually eliminated 90% of the spam and scams I got. Sadly with my work I had to stop using this since I work at a call center, and I noticed a HUGE difference. I used to get at least 5-10 spam calls a day and it only became one or two. However once I had to stop using this app the calls came piling in again. Definitely works!.Version: 2.6

Pretty good at blocking callsIn my experience, T Mobile seems to be better at blocking unwanted phone calls than Verizon or AT&T. They are also better at blocking calls than the NoMoRobo service. I would give T-Mobile and the app 5 stars if they could add one key feature: the ability to block calls that display as “Unknown” or “Unavailable”. The explanation they give for not including this is that a doctors office might be trying to reach me. My doctors do not block their numbers. Why can’t I decide who to block?.Version: 1.1

Works well; Spotty caller IDI used to use iOS’s feature to reject calls from numbers not in my contact list. That kept the daily spam calls away, but it meant I had to check my voicemail for legitimate calls from non-contacts. This app changes that. It blocks the spam calls while letting legitimate calls through. I tried it by disabling iOS’s feature to reject unknown numbers. In the last week I’ve gotten no spam calls. I’ve strongly urged my family to install this app. Why did I dock a star? The caller ID is iffy. A call from my mortgage lender came through as “Big Daddy Enesi.” Another call erroneously was tagged from “College Prk Lck.” Perhaps T-mobile isn’t responsible; it might rely on other companies’ directories. Overall, I’m impressed with T-mo’s commitment to reducing spam. They do a better job than Verizon in my experience (I have VZW for my work phone.) Keeps me a happy customer..Version: 2.2

Improvements neededGreat start for giving consumers control over there phone calls however i think you can do even more. I would like to have this expanded to text messages as well. Also I would like to have it where the system can identify where the call originated from or where the call is regastered to like where the person lives. Also add a report option to report that the a call was categorized incorrectly or the caller id info is wrong. This way theses issues are fixed and new calls made by that phone number would show up correctly to other users. Also add a option to record phone calls for calls that come in that are not on my contacts list. This way if a call is spam legal authorities would have something to use agenst thesss people to put a stop to unwanted calls. Needs to be expanded to include text messages as well.Version: 2.2

Must Have for T-Mobile CustomersVery good app to have for T-Mobile customers. Blocks most scams and let’s you report any that sneak through, while whitelisting numbers you need to always get through. My big issue with this app is that it’s not smart for dual-number users (one number on your SIM card, one number on eSIM). It only works for the number on your SIM card. If you want to use the app for your eSIM number, you have to turn off your SIM line first and relaunch the app..Version: 2.6

What a Relief!Since I downloaded the app, I don’t have to worry about pesky calls. Even if a call does make it through the shield, you can report it and it gets added onto the list. With our numbers being accessible and hacked everywhere nowadays, this app sure comes in handy to where you’re phone becomes personal again and you’re getting the calls you want..Version: 2.6

Excellent!!!The app fails at first... but, after several months of reporting scam calls... the app blocks most scams. I’m now increasing my rating to 5 Stars because the Tmobile now works on text scams. If you’re getting text scams, just FORWARD the text scam to Tmobile at “7726” (not in the Tmobile app) and Tmobile will send you a confirmation that they are researching the scam. Tmobile keeps improving the app (and scam blocking services) ... and they work with customer reports to make it better and better..Version: 2.6

Really good at Call BlockingI’m coming from AT&T whose call blocking app really didn’t do much. This app has been amazing so far and has blocked so many calls. The only thing is that I wish they put descriptions for the call block types because sometimes I miss calls that shouldn’t be blocked. For example my pharmacy called and it blocked them. I’m really enjoying the app and it works well. I just need to figure out how to get it to stop blocking certain calls..Version: 1.7

Finally I have peaceAbout a year ago my number got sold to some companies that would call me 3-6 times a day. I just put up with sending them to voicemail because I didn’t want to have to change my number. I switched to T-mobile, got premium Scam Blocker and this was one of the first things I set up. It took 2 days for it to learn which calls to block and it’s been wonderful. The peace of not getting woken up at 7 am on my day off due to a scam call, and not having random numbers blowing up my phone is worth a lot more than I thought..Version: 2.5

Great App & Great ServicesServices aside since I’m rating the app here, great functionality, appearance, and is very convenient for those that don’t have a desktop to make changes on the site or for those that don’t want to/don't have the time to change settings in-store. If you have T-Mobile as a service provider, I would also highly recommend trying out the other associated apps. Edit: Have only been with T-Mobile for about 4-5 months, using the app since I signed up with them, and I have come across no problems whatsoever..Version: 2.7

AMAZING.If you take a few moments to learn about and use the features available with this app, they work extremely well. Because of the features available in the premium version of this app, the number of scam and telemarking calls to my phone number are down 100% and that makes me very happy because I had been receiving approximately 10-15 of these unwanted calls every single day. Great job T-Mobile. Please keep it up..Version: 2.6

Excellent app and service finally scam blocking done right40 scam calls blocked in the last 30 days. Yes please and thank you. My time is valuable to me and getting distracted by random phone calls is the worst. It’s one thing if it’s a political survey as I do not mind those. Makes my phone usable and easy to live with. So far I have not had an issue with people that need to get ahold of me can always get through without issue. Thank you T-Mobile and the company behind this software technology. Keep it up and keep improving!.Version: 2.5

Mostly GoodI downloaded this app on both my wife’s iPhone and mine. I’ve noticed a receiving significantly decreased number of scam/unwanted calls on both iPhones. One recent call identified a person who is not in out contact list. There is one disturbing problem: It has as a favorite a phone number I have reported on: phone calls from what calls itself Microsoft Verify. Microsoft does not make cold calls. As such, this should be treated like a scam. I’ve just done a second report. I hope this takes effect..Version: 2.5

This is a scamUnable to use features and no response from T-Mobile. Toggle greyed out for option to send categories to voicemail, also cannot manually add a number to be blocked. Numbers already marked as spam still ring through. They do not verify a number is legitimate, I still get at least a dozen calls a week from numbers “not in service “. The number of spam calls claimed to have been blocked doesn’t change. The procedure to report a call is cumbersome, and still let’s call ring through. I am also getting spam calls on my “proxy “ line, and calls that seem to be forwarded from my voice line. CORRECTION: I did get a response from T-Mobile, which said they were marking it “resolved”, although nothing was done. Manager was supposed to callback March 19, luckily I am not holding my breath.Version: 2.7

When it works, it works good.Lots of talk about being able to block calls but the BLOCK feature seems to not work occasionally. You can select BLOCK on a number and the block button will light up; however, when you return to the number in the ACTIVITY list, the number you just blocked is unblocked again. Therefore, the 4-star rating I am giving applies to the app when it is working properly. This situation has happened several times over the period year-long period I’ve used the app so the failure is temporary. When the failure situation is happening - like it is at the time of this writing - this app deserves maybe 2 stars. The reason I’ll give it two stars is because it still blocks known or suspected scammer numbers that are preemptively blocked by the app. If the app already knows them, they get blocked...but those only amount to about 20 percent of the scammer calls I receive..Version: 2.6

It Actually WorksRecently I have been annoyed by the Spam/Scam calls about my “Vehicle Warranty Expiring” and I need to respond we to the message to keep it active. Whenever I block the number, I would get the same call from a different number. I tried Apps that were supposed to handle this but they didn’t work that well. Since I installed the T-Mobile “Scam Shield” I haven’t received ANY of those calls and no problems with the calls that I do want to receive..Version: 2.7

VERY effective. Needs tweaking/enhancementsThe overall “Scam Block” is generally all-or-nothing. I’d prefer to choose what to do with ALL “blocked” calls I.E. “send to voicemail” - like the separate category manager. With Scam Block ON, all you get is “Activity “ and the phone # that was blocked. Ok, but it’s too heavy-handed for me ATM. (TMI, I’m job hunting & 1 known caller showed up as likely scam/telemarketing in another like app - I can’t risk such a call being outright *blocked*, at a minimum need to send to voicemail). Looking up callerID: no way to even copy/paste the number. A single button would be better. The few I’ve manually looked up had no information). One I just called back: it was Theresa, obviously a private number & should likely have a callerID. Ability to “Favorites”, “Block”, and “ Send to VM” is good but a little tedious to implement if not in your contacts or recents. Texts do not appear to choose from. If you START that process with any contact or recent open, it immediately adds it to the action you choose- a bit unexpected but I can see how they’re trying to make that easy..Version: 2.2

I can finally answer my phone again!Somehow or another, my phone number ended up in the hands of a bunch of scam callers. Not the worst thing in the world, but pretty annoying. I ended up having to just block all calls from unknown numbers (10+ a day at times). With this app turned on, however, I haven't received a single scam call yet. Although it's UI leaves a bit to be desired, it's the most effective I've seen. This gets a rare 5 stars from me, and keep up the good work TMobile!.Version: 2.0

Spam blockerUnlike the other spam blocker we had on our phones that was supplied from T-Mobile we still had it hear the phone ring and she’s a scam like me. This new one just sends you a little message afterwards to let you know that you had a spam likely call and it just doesn’t let it go through. You have options you can go back and call them or you can find out Who it is in a reverse directory.Version: 2.0

Works great for advertised purpose.The number of times I have to check my phone for another scam call is down by probably 90% or more. That said the app still feels like it’s missing functionality. The favorite/ unfavorite button doesn’t react as expected and I still haven’t been able to unfavorite a “contact” that I mistakenly marked when I really wanted to block them. The block feature doesn’t work. But the blocking for scam likely calls is great!.Version: 2.0

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