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VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app received 56 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy? Can you share your negative thoughts about vpn - super unlimited proxy?

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NoDoesn't work in China.Version: 1.3

Sells your data or logs itThis VPN will sell your data!! When you’re using this VPN, you are basically not using one since it logs your information and sells it for money!!! If you are looking for a free VPN that doesn’t log or sell your data I recommend ProtonVPN. Don’t get this VPN unless if you want your info to be sold or to be logged!!.Version: 1.5.2

It’s not that badI started watching YT in China then I played roblox within it but then it started to lag and glitch my device and now it’s just rlly laggy and my rlly laggy I mean rlly laggy.Version: 1.5.1

No serviceNo service.Version: 1.4.2

10/10I can finally watch the Florida project and I don’t gotta pay 5-6 dollars to rent it on prime anymoreee let’s goo but someone said it gives u viruses 😭😭 never mind it stops working at the quarter of my movie and it’s glitching and saying ‘’remind me’’ for when the movie comes out..I didn’t know the app time traveled me to 2016.Version: 1.9.36

Well it comes up that it is workingBut does that mean it is? Don’t have a clue about these things. I have had windows and iOS phones computers and now laptops since home computers began, yes I am that old! I have never been hacked, had a virus or had the police knocking at my door in all these years. Yes I know something will happen next week now but this thing is free, not sure I need to buy the full version as if this was hackable/traceable then people would not buy the full version. I think there is a molecule of sense in my theory lol.Version: 1.9.14

My reviewThis app is really really useful and fun but if you guys can fix the only issue which is it takes up so much time for the vpn to connect and when it’s connected I use it after I turn off my device then it turns off but sometimes it doesn’t turn off so please fix the connection speed also so it doesn’t turn off when you close the device. Love this app 🥰.Version: 1.9.1

Worked until .. thisI used the vpn for so long and it worked for quite some time. No problems other than sometimes it would disconnect and I would have to go in manually to reconnect but that didn’t bother me since I wasn’t needing it for more than 3/4 hrs at a time. Then one day I started getting many spam emails (on my personal email that I use for nothing only for Apple ID) and small weird occurrences happening to my phone. I’ve been told that you can viruses from vpn apps, I only used this vpn to connect to school Wi-Fi so it wasn’t anything I had done since I’ve always been careful of what i do and what happens to my phone. And it hadn’t happened to me only after I used the app. The only thing that I can think of is that the app did something to my phone…I have the iPhone 11 btw so I’m kinda mad and confused on what happened.Version: 1.8.9

No longer good to useToo many ads and badly connection in China, please fix the server thanks.Version: 1.9.4

Uses Google servers therefore logs aplentyHello. I've just now started using this app in hopes for a free vpn that actually worked. Seeing that it was only a proxy service I figured I'd still give it a try. Well the proxy service appears to be Google servers. Which everyone knows collects more data about users then any single entity on this planet. I'm sure this developer and company doesn't save anyone's information or whatever they have said about privacy standards. Well no offense but your privacy policy don't mean didly if you don't own the servers that the traffic is being directed thru. Maybe you should make that more transparent to people. I doubt if people knew you would have half the users you do if you told people your servers were owned by Google. Or router thru Google servers. Anyways. I'd use the app if google wasn't involved. But they have enough information about my life as it is. Don't need them seeing all my internet activity..Version: 1.9.21

Good app but minor fixesWhen I first got this app I went to Netflix and tried to watch something but in the middle of everything it kept on reloading the episode I don’t know if it’s just my internet or this vpn but it only happens when I turn on the vpn so it’s probably the vpn.Version: 1.8.1

Pls fixWhen I press Chicago it keeps changing to Singapore and I never pressed that, please fix it I’m sad bc I can’t watch the shows I want now :(.Version: 1.7.6

Pretty goodOne of the best free VPNs ever was super happy with it. Only thing is for when using Netflix it works sometimes and others it doesn’t. A little frustrating but hey it’s free..Version: 1.6.8

ReviewHope this free vpn will stay long and forever. Really help many people.,but I think it is impossible..Version: 1.4.7

Worked for a whileRight so for the first year or two of me using this app it worked fine but for some reason this year its not working at all. I’ll try to connect to a server so i can listen to music on my phone while in school but instead it will pop up the purchase menu and when i exit out of the purchase menu it will disconnect me from the server. Now ive tried just leaving the purchase menu open and hoping it would connect but it never does i dont know if this is happening to anyone else or what but I would just like to listen to music in class so my ptsd and anxiety doesnt flair up and for anyone thinking im listen to music without my teachers permission they know im listening to music its not like i have ear buds in hiding behind my hair. No i have actually headphones on that visual constantly so ya dont come at me saying I shouldn’t be listening to music in class because ive done it for years and when a teacher asks me to take them off i do most of the time also keep in mind i have a ear out at all times so i can hear the teacher and i have my music low maybe on 3-5 volume. Anyways enough rambling. I’d just love to get this app fixed to where people that dont pay or cant pay can still use that app thats all im asking just let us connect to your servers still without pushing it in our faces to purchase or disconnecting us if we dont purchase. Thanks for reading. -Axyl.Version: 1.7.1

I don’t knowI cant reset back to my original Netflix and I’m just 10.Version: 1.6.3

ReviewIt was working well for the first 3 days of use but after that the app started to work worse. It always takes me over 3 mins to connect and almost always results in a fail. It rarely connects instantly and I’m on the latest version. I’m not sure if the app has had a quality drop or if the Firewall in China is too strong.Version: 1.9.24

Shuts down my phoneMaybe this version of the VPN isnt compatible with the latest version of iOS- when I use it, it freezes my phone and I have to wait quite some time to restart it. Last time this happened I though my phone had died. It stayed this way for over 10 minutes, unresponsive . Fortunately this was not the case. When I don’t use the app, everything is fine This bug needs fixing , & I need a refund.Version: 1.9.1

LoadingIt connects to Netflixs and my shows/movies come up but the posters will slowly appear, and once I start watching a movie for example, twilight, it would load for the longest time and seems like it wouldn’t work. I would like if the app had better connection with mobile phone devices. At first, it would say it didn’t connect and once you try again, it would connect which I’m positive about that but I believe it needs have better compatibility with Netflix when it comes to watching your shows/movies. I do recommend this app but it’s needs to be going faster on mobile phone device and IOS devices as well. Mainly iPhone and Androids. Thank you P.S. Once it connects with Netflix, it interferes with my social media apps as well, sending messages and refreshing the page, causing them to load very slow as well, that’s another part that needs to be fixed as well..Version: 1.4.7

Unpolished, choppy connectivity, and abrupt adsI use this daily for school because the wifi blocks most apps. The process of using this app goes as follows. Open the app and wait for it to load for between 5-20 seconds, watch a ad that will most likely pause your music if you are listening to any (this may not be in the control of the developers), hit the power button for the vpn, have a pop up asking if you want to pay for a subscription, close it, hit the power button again, watch another ad. All the transitions from page to page and the ads are abrupt and poorly executed. The connection lasts for as little as 5 minutes and an average of 20-30 minutes, in my experience. In order to reconnect you have to watch another 2-3 ads. The use of this app is inefficient and time consuming. If there was another option I would use it but sadly I’m stuck with this app. To sum up this VPN, it’s like using a wooden pencil that is so short it can’t be sharpened and has a 20 year old eraser..Version: 1.8.1

Awful appOkay, it’s not awful. It’s actually the best VPN I’ve ever used. The only reason I’m giving this a one-star review is to keep demand low so you don’t get tempted to charge money for it. Please keep this amazing app free..Version: 1.9.21

Absolutely garbageAbsolutely garbage..Version: 1.9.14

Expensive and leaksThe vpn ain’t free, it gave me viruses and gave my information to hackers.Version: 1.6.3

Right away, connect slow and choppy, vpn looses connection regularlyI saw other reviews saying after a while things slowed down, but I figured with regular fixes to bugs and things like that maybe it won’t be that bad. Right away, trouble with my own WiFi connection. Same day as download, I had irregular connection issues. Normally my home WiFi connection has great speed, fast and reliable. Especially in specific areas(closest to router). Only like if I don’t restart my phone after a long period of time I’ll have issues, or there’s issues within the company in general. I saw all this because same day I downloaded, crashes, takes forever to connect to vpn, have had for a week and have deleted it. It’s not worth it. And it’s free. But it messes up your internet connection on your phone, and it’s always shutting off the vpn without me knowing. I’m like who knows how long it was off! I just checked cause my internet speed was better😅 and it was disconnected! A negative star if I could cause really it’s bad on internet and doesn’t work properly, so it’s useless. I’ve had to restart my phone like everyday which I never did before. Couldn’t even get to the App Store to write this review! Three bar connection, close range to router, restarted router, restart my phone and delete this app. Don’t do it, look into another vpn, I am💁‍♀️.Version: 1.4.8


Too slowWon’t work with mobile data. Only works with wifi but not all places got wifi. Tried 20 times to connect with mobile data never worked but it takes seconds when it’s with wifi but it’s extremely slow even with the fastest connection. Not worth the money to pay that much just to be left ghosted when needed..Version: 1.9.33

ExcellentHas worked flawlessly. 8 Jan - now causing problems 6 June : am able to use it again. No indication of any changes so i don’t have an explanation..Version: 1.6.2

Head ache2021: I tried to wait until I heard back from them but no answer back so this is my final take on this vpn....Looking for a good vpn which this vpn is ok compared to others wanting you to watch videos to gain credits in order to have a vpn active, BUT this vpn doesn’t stay on on your phone goes into rest mode it turns off and then you have to turn it back on. Which I have to question the integrity of the company that makes this vpn. I contacted the company no reply waited about 2 to 3 weeks nothing. Also the so called super unlimited keeps tethering which doesn’t connect at all on wifi or cellular service it just tethers in the background stating connecting ...which that will kill your battery quick because it stays running to gain a connection it already happened to me and I had to delete it. Don’t even bother it may have a high download count but I strongly believe it was deleted as quick as it was downloaded. Also I strongly believe not many people know that this vpn turns off when your phone is resting . Update 2022: I had deleted this vpn for over a year and no change problems with email and website loading and taking a long time to load. Also this thing still drains my battery also several media website does not even load. Nothing new I strongly believe those who are leaving good reviews are those working for or hired by the app..Version: 1.9.4

Not badIt was good at first, I could watch anything on Netflix without any restrictions for a couple of good days. But then it stopped working suddenly and now I cant watch the shows I had started because it isn’t available in my country. Please fix this and keep up the great work..Version: 1.4.5

Works great but after a while not reallyThis is a great app which I used a couple months ago when went to china the connection took a while but worked great once connected. However after a couple comes I’ve come back and opening the app up again it doesn’t let me connect even after waiting up to 10 mins! Could someone please help and answer why this is happening?.Version: 1.9.30

I am certain none of these reviews are genuine.This VPN is horrible. For some reason this is the first search result for VPN in the App Store, despite not working. This app chooses when it wants to work. This app also has an insanely high price for a year long subscription so NEVER use their free trial. They mention you have to turn off auto renew within the first 24 hours of purchasing subscription, but I wonder what happens if you didn’t turn it off before the 24 hours?? Are you stuck paying for life?? What an awful app. Needs major work. When this app was working for me it for some reason is locked to Japan only. Will not connect to any other servers despite being updated, deleted and reinstalled, and all the rest. All of the ads on the videos I watch are in another language. Most of the apps on my phone do not work because Japan doesn’t have them. Horrible horrible app design..Version: 1.7.6

Please don’t get this,,So i got this app because i wanted to go on instagram (basically social media) since they had it blocked with the schools wifi, and i tried it at school and it never even worked anyway, it always said failed to connect so i just thought it was my schools wifi, and sure enough it was, at home it connected perfectly fine, although it also tracked my location and i just thought well almost all apps track your location nowadays no? so i shut off my phone for a bit and took a nap cause highschool is tiring lol, but when i went back on my phone to check instagram a notification popped up on my account saying that someone tried to hack my account, hear me say this: my accounts have been hacked before, but the location has always been somewhere in a foreign country, but instagram showed that someone tried to log in my account right in my city. i have location off and i’d advise you to be careful, if you are fine with risking your location and possibility of getting hacked, go ahead and get the app. but please remember no one has any of my passwords, no one in my family even knows about my account, neither friends, and i always make sure i’m on secured websites, so i deleted the app and changed my password. please stay safe and if you can just get data for your phone or pay for a vpn :) - hannah.Version: 1.4.5

Not changing locationStill shows same location.Version: 1.9.12

Worse Than Safari in Data Sharing!I don’t like that this app collects all your data - including I.P. address, location, personal account information, device information and the list goes on etc etc AND then proceeds to share it all with interested third parties! What’s ‘secure’ or ‘protective’ about that?? Better to stick with Safari where only Apple keeps your information and then shares it with a limited number of companies. Apps like these defeat their purpose - only really set up to let you get around video licensing laws. It’s not worth all my data being used and collected just to watch a few crappy vids..Version: 1.5.1

It Can’t Bypass Netflix’s Wall AnymoreWhen I first got this app, it worked marvelously. I’d connect to a country’s VPN, go on Netflix, and be satisfied. The ads, how it stops working after some time, it was all worth it for a free app that in the end, did exactly what it said it did (after all, having to connect and re-connect from time-to-time isn’t a very big con to the pro of a completely free, WORKING VPN app). However, after a few months of using this app, it can no longer get past Netflix’s wall. I’ll go on Netflix, and Netflix will detect the VPN. I truly don’t have the resources to pay for a VPN app, so I guess you can infer that I don’t have the resources aka MONEY to buy all the movies and shows I want to watch on Netflix from other countries (personally, I’d really like to watch the Ghibli movies because they’re not available on the U.S.’s version of Netflix). Please get this fixed, it breaks my heart that I can’t use this app for Netflix anymore! Thank you if you read this far :).Version: 1.4.7

3/5I rate a 3/5 because a lot of the time it doesnt work. but when it does it works very well..Version: 1.9.1

Will make you go over data 100%I used this app 1 time and when I my data was at 1 gb and when I checked later that day I saw it took up 2 more gb out of my plan of 4. It did this with no ask, and almost made me go over. Do not use this app. They also collect data and sell it to companies that try to hack your accounts you have been warned.Version: 1.9.4

DO NOT DOWNLOAD GIVES U VIRUSESI had this app for about three weeks and the first week it worked pretty well the second week it sometimes worked but it would disconnect regularly almost every 10 minutes it also doesn’t work at all outside which are you suppose to sit in one spot all day for it to actually work that’s not how life works third week comes by the app GIVES ME A VIRUS apps on my phone such as snapchat, tiktok, messages, facetime stopped working i went to setting to my wi-fi and it was glitching like my phone had been hacked i knew it hadn’t been hacked because i had contacted the apple store and there were no green or yellow dots at the top right side of my screen however i have not had any internet no matter where i go now even at home because of this app i have to pay to get my phone fixed now because of this app a ton of people on my school also got viruses hacking there instagram because of this listen to me and DONT DOWNLOAD IT.Version: 1.9.2

Not great, to be honestThe VPN itself is ok, it’s not as powerful as other tools I’ve used, however. Without failure, this app will stop working after a certain amount of time left on; furthermore, part of the time when this happens, the VPN configurations stay on messing with my phone’s ability to use WiFi. I don’t know exactly how a VPN works but there is definitely a connection between leaving it on for long periods and a slow, if working, connection. Also, clicking on skip ads always brings me to safari to buy something but I’m fairly certain that’s my phone, not the app. Over all I think the app is fine totally works in general just giving information that’s usable, however to the devs, I don’t recommend wasting time and resources fixing anything I talk about because you’re already making the money. If you read all the way down here just download the app it’s free and you took too long on the first VPN don’t start scrolling..Version: 1.4.2

Super slowTakes ages to load and most of the times it doesn’t even work.Version: 1.9.19

Very Poorly MadeFirst things first this VPN shuts down for no reason, you can’t have it running in the background without supervising it and making sure it doesn’t turn off, what’s the point of having a VPN if you have to constantly babysit it and make sure it doesn’t just stop? The ads are horrendous, they make it as inconvenient as possible, every 2-3 “moves” you make an ad pops up in your face, a solution to this should be by running the ad in the bottom right corner instead of shoving it in your face. The amount of shortcuts they made when making this app are astounding, for example turning on the VPN and then going back into it (without sliding the app up) will just stop the timer, this happens very commonly to me and they haven’t approved upon it in the slightest. The app doesn’t feel well made compared to NordVPN, or ExpressVPN, or any other VPN. I do not feel protected when using this app, don’t count on it to protect you or get a private server because it doesn’t work..Version: 1.4.8

Works well, doesn’t anymoreThis free VPN worked pretty well for the last 2 days, only having minor issues such as quality drops when streaming tv shows, but up until today it’s worked fine. But today I tried using it to view a show in another region (America) and it just does not work. No matter which American server I connect to on the app, Netflix does not see the VPN and it is unusable, please fix soon..Version: 1.9.15

Paid for VIP but it loads the slower free versionIt’s kind of deceptive. Multiple members of our household have paid individually for the VIP version of this app but we’re finding it disappointing in a few key ways. This app automatically loads the free crappier & slower VPN option instead of the VIP options UNLESS I waste time clicking around in the app to select VIP…wait for it to load…then pick a location….wait for it to load & then click to connect it…& wait for it to load. Often times it has said it’s connected and starts counting the seconds it’s been connected but is in fact not connected or automatically disconnects when I open another app to answer my text messages or check emails. VIP experience = It’s a total pain in the azzz to get what you pay for. Doesn’t stay connected & must be babysat. Not really worth it the babysitting job it requires & time wasted for it to be in VIP mode..Version: 1.9.29

Always disconnectingCan you tell me why it always disconnects itself within several mins my device connects to the internet? I have tried different internets and settings and I changed my phone last month, still disconnects? I pay 30 dollars a month for this?.Version: 1.8.2

No Auto-Connect; Ads; Sketchy Privacy Policy; Blocked by YTDisconnects the majority of time when goes to sleep, dealbreaker for me (isn’t the first VPN that says this is their norm and don’t understand how they expect anyone to manually connect dozens of times per day) and they said in email no way to fix. A LOT of ads in free version. I view the privacy policy of the majority of sites I visit on the web and their privacy policy, unlike practically every other VPN, is indistinguishable from any corporate website. In email they said they don’t sell data or keep logs but they obviously collect data and use it for some purpose with this policy, which is another dealbreaker for a VPN. Some YT vids work but other channels blocked and only work when this VPN disconnected. On plus side, speeds not great or even good (in busy times have to usually connect overseas and is slow) but there are worse VPNs out there in terms of speed, you can at least choose individual nodes in each city unlike most VPNs, and their email from customer service was detailed and comprehensive. But unusable for issues stated above..Version: 1.9.23

It seems doesnt work on MacIt is good on my iphone, but not on Macbook Air. Info section said it is compatiable on MacOS. How can I make it compitable on Mac ?.Version: 1.7.2

Pretty Good But...I’ve been looking for a free VPN service for sometime and I think it’s amazing to finally find one that works relatively well. The only issue for me is that the Netflix servers, the ones where I supposed to be able to watch tv shows/movies from other countries doesn’t work. Can this be fixed??.Version: 1.4.7

Not goodTakes about 7 minutes to get the vpn 1-2 to actually get into the site and 5 minutes for the vpn to connect. Not good.Version: 1.9.3

Connection issuesLike a review I’ve seen before, the connection is so bad in certain countries. Like china. I’ve been trying to connect all day and couldn’t connect to a single server. My wifi is stable, switched servers many times and the other way the app told me to do but no use. Please make the vpn connection stable worldwide. Thank you..Version: 1.9.30

Worst app there is and a waste of timeThis app is here to waste your time especially if you are wanting to use the free VPN. It will automatically direct you to a vpn and if you want to change the vpn to a different country it will just get stuck on the loading and not actually let you change the country however if you scroll to the vip that will load instantly rather i think its a trick for you to opt into the subscriptions also read reviews saying that it does not protect your data so would not trust it wish i further read before installing this crap!.Version: 1.6.4

Was a good app.At first when downloading this app and using it, it worked well, connections were easy, and internet speed. was decent upon connection. But now? It is significantly harder to connect, and when one connection fails, the next ten connection attempts fail too, and when I DO connect, the vpn would disconnect shortly after connecting. Some even disconnecting 2 minutes after connection. Please fix this issue as soon as possible..Version: 1.9.30

It works well but ..It disconnects quickly and you don’t even know it’s off.. no way to know unless you check to see if it is running i.e the time is counting up.. -this is the free version I’m reviewing - I haven’t paid so not really complaining..it does slow down the phone a lot and use battery power quickly and heats up the battery too. At least on an iPhone. After an hour you need to check on it and see the seconds moving, as it will appear to be on and show the vpn icon but actually has long since disconnected. I think if I could see better stability and lower connection speeds, I would upgrade to a subscription but how it functions as a free version after watching multiple ads , should then give me a smooth connection for my time watching those ads. So regardless I feel like the stability of the connection would still be an issue. It also sometimes freezes completely and you have to close the app completely and reconnect and sometimes it freezes the phone in general. That is very annoying. Happens quite regularly. Anyway, it has worked so far for short, under 1 hour sessions, when I need it..Version: 1.9.33

Very nice app! But a few weeks later I think there’s something wrongI find this app very helpful! I think this Is an amazing app! Especially for people who don’t want to pay! The ads are easy to watch and the vpn is very healthy! I’m very pleased to find this app! I can connect easily also, I think this app should be noticed more! Because of its easy connection and access! It doesn’t take long to connect so I find this app very nice once again! :) but something I want to state is that this company is very generous with their vpn but. The thing is I get what I paid and I paid nothing. But imagine if I paid for no ads and still got poor vpn. You can tell me if I’m wrong or not but if I got poor vpn after paying it would just be a waste of money. I’ve been using this because my router is doing a sad job. And it kinda works. But when I read one bad review talking about their wi fi it kinda worries me that this is the reason why my wi fi has been so poor. I believe I had this app since what.. July 🤔 maybe. But I would generally think this vpn that is free would work better. Maybe I should just switch to express vpn. It cost money but it has so many good reviews and sponsors that I’m not even worried anymore. I’m sorry but this app is just not doing it for me Happy to use it but it’s just a not so good for me….Version: 1.9.26

EhEverything was going really good but then it started disconnecting itself and then just completely stopped working. I really liked the show I was watching and I haven’t found any vpns that work. Please help..Version: 1.8.3

PicklesHaven’t tried it yet hope it’s good so far confusing.Version: 1.6.3

Good appGood app do recommended free can bye better versions of the app once you download. Have had no problems at all well using this well created app😀.Version: 1.9.18

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