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RAID: Shadow Legends App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

RAID: Shadow Legends app received 151 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using RAID: Shadow Legends? Can you share your negative thoughts about raid: shadow legends?

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RAID: Shadow Legends for Negative User Reviews

Save yourself some money and don’t play this game. It cheats, no matter how good your team is.I have been playing this game for about 1.5 years and have invested a lot of money into this game toward promotions and building your team. I can say through my experience, this will not be happening anymore. The game is a rip off. No matter how strong you build your team, it is rigged to cheat you out of money. For example a player with 4 strongly built legendary champions on 1 battle team, will lose to a much weaker team with weaker champions. Another is if set in Auto battle mode the game cheats most in this mode. But most of all the game is rigged to take your money with very little reward. Yesterday I had 10 legendary shards on a 2 x boosted summons. (I had been saving these shards for a while for this reason). When I used these shards during the summons, I did not even receive 1 legendary champion during a double boosted promotion. This is definitely rigged and set up to exploit more money out of players. As a result I will no longer be investing any more money into this game anymore. Please do yourselves a favour and invest in games that will play fair by the rules, as this this game is NOT one that plays by the rules and integrity of fairness. Happy to discus my review, should you have any queries..Version: 6.30.5

Awful stay awayAvoid at all cost !!!! Pay to win at its finest . Go play epic seven instead.Version: 2.00.0

The prices!?!?I’ve played a lot of these type of games over the years and don’t get me wrong this game is fun I will give it that. That is why I am giving it a 3 star rating. The one thing I can’t stand is they make it very hard for lower players to obtain the resources to level up characters! Even the events that come out that have decent rewards seem unobtainable for newer players. Only for those who have huffed a bunch of cash into this game. Which brings me to my main point, they shouldn’t make the main point of the game to gear people to spend cash on there packs. Example: Like oh we are doing this great event for summoning champions here’s all these great packs! Well is there an alternative way to get shards other than spending money. Oh you have to get to the end of the event to get A SHARD. Wow can’t get to the end of the event with out spending money. Not to mention the amount of the packs. Horrible if more people don’t feel like they are being ripped off just looking at the offers! The new update: I was honestly excited about this update. But with that being said I feel I have some decent units built and I can’t hardly clear stage 20 on normal mode. Once again putting out content aimed at higher money paying players only. I would expect levels to be that difficult on hard mode but not normal. I think if they are gonna expect people to pay the kinda prices they have on their packs, we should be seeing way more new content and constant updates..Version: 3.00.1

Greedy, lack of contentLong time player. Pay to play and they price things way too high, I’ve spent tons and you never feel like you get your money’s worth. Company could have an amazing game but too little focus on actual content and game play..Version: 2.00.0

Golden HancuffsBeautiful graphics, okay game play, poor integration with login accounts and dubious development talent. Clearly this game aims to capitalise on people creating additional unnecessary accounts when they’ve already created an account. The frustration of having to go through the entire beginning sequence 3 times when I accidentally clicked on touch screen rather that login is extremely frustrating with no way to escape. What a waste of time. Clearly someone wants to increase “new accounts created” stats!!!! I was going to let my kids have access but instead I will delete the app for wasting my time. Btw, I had an awesome team which is inaccessible now because I tried to associate an email with the team I created only to go through to login pain and frustration I mentioned above. A clear sign the devs don’t care about users, they just want your money. Well not me. I will no longer waste my time and you won’t get a dime from me. These sort of games should be made illegal.Version: 1.13.2

F2P decisions restrict an otherwise reasonably well made game.One of the better looking idle games but a bit too many strategic creative decisions on players from the F2P model cause friction for me. Upgrade materials are on a daily rotation, so if you just got a nice hero and need “red” potions to upgrade you better hope it’s Friday or else you’re going to have to wait. Getting 4+ star champions is very difficult and getting a non common loot box could take you upwards of a week just for 1 if you don’t pay. The void and legendary versions can be near nonexistent for non paying players (from my experiences) and they are subjective to standard RNG rolling. Every log in is plagued by pop ups to buy things and I spend the first 10 seconds tapping outside the box to try to close them asap. Upgrading gear is also RNG and I have spent hundreds of thousands of in game currency and failed. You only get 15 “auto play” missions per day, so a game like this usually built on having the ability to play idle restricts that so you can’t progress your heroes as quickly unless you buy a pass to double the amount. I understand decisions like this help the F2P model survive and keep companies afloat, but that doesn’t make them enjoyable nor make me want to recommend the game to others, despite the serviceable and otherwise enjoyable game..Version: 1.12.8

Not badI’m subscribed to a number of YouTubers who are sponsored by Raid but I was never really keen on downloading it up until a few days ago where I left compelled to download the game to support my favorite YouTuber. This game is surprisingly enjoyable. My only complaints are: it feels like a pay-to-win type of game but I’ve only been playing for a few days whi maybe I’m wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️ and something I cannot comprehend is why I need to pay to unequip gear. I’ve never came across a game that asks me to use gold/silver to unequip gear, further more proving it’s a pay-to-win type of game. If this feature is removed then I would feel confident that I would spend more time (and money) on the game. I wish to see this feature removed in future..Version: 6.10.1

It’s pretty good.Good game. But it crashes constantly. Atleast twice a day it’ll just freeze up completely. Quite frustrating when you’re at the last battle of the round and it happens. Then you logout and forget to put champions into the sparring arena..Version: 1.12.8

Lake of gameplay story and to many micro transactions.I downloaded the game expecting a fleshed out story ontop of good gameplay and interesting characters but raid has no character backstory the so called story is a few poorly done cutscenes at the end of etch stage and the gameplay is boring repetitive and crashes costly losing energy and losing rewards. The game is unplayable unless you spend money and that to me is inexcusable for a game sorry but if you ask me raid is a waste of time and money and the company's actions online shadow there cear and morality for this game..Version: 1.14.1

Pay to winWell to update my quest for the RelicKeeper, or fuse champion , I finally farmed a warmaiden, was on Brutal and took over 2000 stamina but she finally dropped. That was the worst one, the rest were pretty quick, so overall drop rate average, work in progress. Nice graphics and details and effects, but, but, but, Drop rates are pathetic, no legendary, crystal still drops epic, pathetic why would you pay. As for levelling gear, success rates are pathetic, designed to waste your money, so you buy more. Losing interest as it is definitely seems rigged to lose, As for warmaiden, able to farmed from the deadlands, yeah right! got six berserkers, no warmaiden, as I said drop rate are pathetic.Version: 1.7.1

It’s okay but not greatSo I started playing a few months ago and got really into the game. I still play it everyday in an effort to do my daily missions and try to work up to shards. I’ve even spent a little bit of money on the game. And while I like the grindy gameplay in some aspects, parts of the game are broken. Firstly, the game is designed to give you very, very small progress if you don’t open up the bank. It’s possible to be F2P but it’s a chore. Second, the shards just seem impossible at times. I have four copies of Kaiden, three of which have been pulled at multiplier events. To me, that’s crap. The game should never give you four of anything epic or above, especially if you are spending money in an effort to get shards to pull more champions. And thirdly, the arena is absolutely broken. The developers swear there’s nothing wrong with it, but I can’t even get to Bronze III just so I can get past my current mission. It’s not a bad a game, but it feels like the developers only care about squeezing pennies out of every last player and not an actual nice playing experience where there is a good sense of progression. It’s not a bad a game. It’s pay to win quickly, but over time you probably can grind out a descent team. But for the F2P people, it will probably take over a year of dedication to get anything close to a descent team and gear..Version: 4.10.0

Fun but major flawsOkay first I love this game but there are some serious setbacks which make me consider deleting it all together. One is the constant bombardment to spend money to play the game and not a few dollars here and there I’m talking dropping $30 every few days just go up keep your process. That is ridiculous! Also I’m going to spend money I will go spend the money I don’t need to be advertised to every few minutes. An other majorly huge problem is the games use of “energy” and silver coins. You run out of both quickly simply trying to complete the missions and challenges they give you. Upgrading an artifact (an essential aspect to game play)can cost you millions in coins which are not exactly easy to come by. To get coins you need energy but once you run out of it your stuck unless you spend real life money or can complete some quest with energy as the prize. So despite the facts that I like the graphics and “collect them all” style game play, I’m afraid I will soon have to quit this game because my progress will be at a standstill with out spending hundreds of real dollars I don’t have. So sad that this is what games are like now. I would much rather pay a lot one time for a good game then get it free and now have to pay all the time to play. Please ease up on the difficulty of advancement so players without the wads of cash can still enjoy your game. Thank you -Rachael.Version: 1.13.0

Not even PlayableI own a iPhone XS Max and the game constantly freezes, I can’t even get past the main tutorial..Version: 1.11.3

Horrible experience playing this gameThis game is rigged, unethical and exploitative and you should be very cautious if you decide to play it. Just check out the discussions on gaming forums and You Tube sites. I have never invested so much time and money in a game . Hundreds of pounds and months and months of daily grind and detailed strategic play. I was progressing well and got to the 2nd last tear of the arena after acquiring some of the top champions in the game through hours of play. They then chained the algorithm and I was endlessly matched against teams I simply couldn’t beat meaning I’ve have now dropped 4 levels and I’m back were I was last year with no hope of progression unless I spend more money. No matter what I do I can’t move up. I’ve never known a RPG game were you DROP in level the more money and time you invest in the game. If this was a gambling app the gaming commission would be on it like a rash. I am only still playing it because of the money I have spent on it but it’s a grim experience. Games like this need to be regulated..Version: 4.20.0

Great game with a few minor issuesThe game is great and a ton of fun definetly recommend however... you definitely need to spend real money. Purple shards to summon the good heroes are extremely rare. I have poured around 10 hours into the game and have received one purple hero. The bigger issue is that the lower level heroes (blues) are level capped so they hit 30 and that’s it unless you sacrifice other heroes to level them up but even blues are so rare that at this point I can’t level them up. So you get a point in the campaign where your party is capped out at their max level and you can’t get passed the mission because you can’t level up any further and get stronger. This is ridiculous in my mind and forces you to buy stuff with real money. Additionally the game punishes you by making you spend your silver when experimenting with different gear combos which is RIDICULOUS. If I want to remove gear from a hero I have equipped you need to spend silver which take some of the fun out of seeing how some gear teams up with other and really figuring out how to maximize your party’s efficiency. To summarize, great game but unless you spend real money you will reach a point where you cannot level up your heroes any further and your progression willl be SIGNIFICANTLY slowed. Lastly please get rid of the system where you have to spend silver to move gear around and let me have fun experimenting!!.Version: 1.12.8

Greedy CompanyThe thing that frustrates me the most about this game is how much potential it has to be great. I love the art style and much of the mechanics, but the problem lies in the greedy way in which the company is run. From watching content creators from this game, who have been in contact with Plarium employees, we have come to understand how the company only releases new content if their income has a dip. This frustrates the players who have been in the game for a while waiting for new content (much of which was promised last year but never materialized). Instead, Plarium just hold onto content until sales fall and in the meantime they do everything they can to get new players in. The shop items are WAY overpriced and these are just the tip of the iceberg. The ongoing problems with arena that they refuse to fix are unbelievable. The responses I’ve seen to comments here are worthless too because it’s just lip services, but if you have played the game for a while you know that Plarium just doesn’t care about its player base, it only cares about money..Version: 2.00.0

ShallowI really wanted to like this game but there are some fundamental flaws that prevented me from really enjoying the game. First and probably the biggest issue is the amount of energy required to accomplish anything is extremely high. In the beginning that may not seem like too big of an issue but later it starts to really hinder the progress. The way that artifacts are distributed in dungeons combined with low drop rates and high energy requirements make it virtually impossible to get decent artifacts. Unless you are willing to spend gems for energy refills. However, there is no efficient way of replenishing gems except for buying them. The same issues is with every event and tournament in the game. Unless you pay there is no chance of completing events which prevents you from getting rewards that actually matter. Then there is the absence of new content in the game. The only new thing that is being added is more champions. The only thing that is accomplished by that is that it successfully lowers your chance of ever getting a good legendary champion. Every issue that the game has can be fixed by paying money but isn’t that the issue in its own? The game has a great potential but, sadly, it seems that the developers are only interested in what’s in our pockets. All in all a good pay to win game. However, with little content there is nothing to win either. Shallow..Version: 1.13.0

Plarium is a terrible company and constantly lieGame is very much play to win. They keep promising new content and it never comes. “New” content is exactly the same as old content ie the new “tag team arena” is the same as classic arena just with 3 different team battles and if your not a big spender you have 0 chance. They are terrible at rolling out any content that doesn’t constantly cause the game to crash and have had massive problems with people getting locked out of accounts. They have terrible opinion of current player base and only want to attract new players with gambling addictions to bring in more revenue. Within 6 months max you will be bored and progression is slow unless you spend $$. But hey 1 star for the artwork it’s decent at least. Plarium you have earned this review now claim it. Yours truly : Whale pod.Version: 2.00.0

It’s a trap and trashNice graphics and that is it. It’s pay to win. It lacks a stupid amount of content other games have on launch. The only people left playing are whales that can’t leave because they are invested for thousands of dollars and have separation anxiety. This game is trash..Version: 2.00.0

Can’t turn offIf you like being stuck in the game until you get a notification On iPhone XR+ so you can finally turn it off. Garbage developers.Version: 1.11.3

A frustrating sandwichRaid is like a sandwich dealer. When you first start the game they hand you a substantial sandwich. A bit plain, but you are hungry so it tastes pretty good. The you see everyone else’s sandwiches and they look stuffed to the brim with wonderful deli delights, so you keep playing, hoping for some such sandwich. But after months of daily endless playing, the game has given you just enough crumbs to smudge together together a dough ball that just seems to keep getting smashed by everyone else’s massive juicy subs. You can pay for a proper sandwich, but they charge you $80 for the pleasure… and you’ll probably still end up with a piece of stale bread with some margarine on it. But for some reason, you keep holding on for that triple decker with all the trimmings. Another fitting analogy would be Meth..Version: 4.60.2

Decent but some pay to winIts a nice game, been playing it for just over a couple weeks now. First off the graphics are quite nice, i like it. And the variety of characters in it is pretty impressive so far. It does seem a fair bit like a pay to win game though, since every time i log it i get am offer for a daily offer. And now that said the game is rather expensive. I and i imagjne most people cant afford to spend 69.99 or 49.99 on the offers that pop up. But other then the slight pay to win aspect the game is pretty decent. Ill rate it higher when there are cheaper daily offers then 49.99..Version: 0.13.1

Lack of opportunismThis game could be so much more if you listened to your player base. Your CM team is stuck dealing with displeased fans while your creative direction is making horrible judgment calls purely based on your KPIs. As a game dev and clan leader it is both frustrating to see this lack of transparency and hard to keep a chin up when people are leaving in mass due to frustration or lack of long-term interest. In truth this game could easily be a 5* and is most definitely not a 1* but if this is the only way to make Plarium listen to constructive feedback, it sucks to feel forced to rate it low..Version: 2.00.0

It’s really good. But the pay to win curve is epic!The game is great. So many hero’s to collect. Great depth in artifacts (armour, gloves, etc). Awesome hero dynamics with skills, buffs, debuffs, factions, strengths, weaknesses and a great reliance on team mates. Awesome. And then comes the pop up ads. The pay to win mechanics. The UNREWARDING grind. It is $30 to $50 for a potentially decent set of armour for 1 character. But there are 500 odd hero’s in this game. Say you need 6 S tier heroes to progress (legendary, epic or rare) if you want them in good gear, you can buy that gear for $30. That’s $30 x 6 characters. To enhance 1 set of decent armour to level 16, it will take around 30 days. 30 days for 1 set x 6 characters is 6 months of grinding for your core team only. Unless you want to pay more money to increase the stats of your armour faster... Free to play - expect an unrewarding hard grind. 1 legendary hero every 2 to 3 months. The game is great. The prices are unrealistic and the grind is unrewarding..Version: 2.00.0

What are these rewards and price? No BP?I am willing to pay lol, but come on make better events, your offers are to god damn expensive (34.99 CAD for your pack this weekend lol). At least give me incentive to pay..Version: 2.00.0

You earned this 1* review, now claim it!!!The gameplay is very addictive. Visuals are great, especially for a mobile game. Getting to gear your champs how you want is really cool. TONS of champs to choose from. However... Plarium obviously cares much more about money than their player base. Their hasn’t been any new content since October/ November. The updates they push out as “content” are really just patches for bugs with the occasional character balance. There hasn’t been anything new to do in the game since October/ November. Updates are too far apart and too little for how far apart they are. Many of the champions in the game are in desperate need of buffs... only a handful of champs in the game are really great. Some good, niche champs here and there, but many, many useless ones. In game purchases are WAY too overpriced. Summon chance percentages are also way too low, forcing you to stockpile summon shards in hopes of a 2x event if you want a good champion. However, doing this is boring. People play this game because they want to use new, fun champs... not hold on to shards for two months. They recently released version 2.0, which for most games means a vast overhaul of many of the games’ features. For this game? Taking the current features of arena mode and having you do it 3 times... they call this tag team arena. It’s nothing new. What a joke. Overall, fun for a little while. Don’t sink too much time/ money into it or you’ll wind up regretting it..Version: 2.00.0

Crashes all the timeSaid it was compatible with my device, guess not...too bad, great graphics, too many micro transactions.Version: 2.00.0

AnnoyingI downloaded the game just to write a review that your ads are plastered everywhere on the internet and I haven’t gone a single day without hearing “Rage shadow legends play now” at least 5 times a day. If I keep the app on my phone will the ads finally screw off? I’ve read some of your responses and I understand I can skip the ad but damn you guys are literally the ad for 90% of the videos I watch.Version: 1.13.8

To be honest ...So let’s get this straight every time you log in 5 buy this and buy that tabs come up so yeah that’s one star down then next if you go to the shop you’ll see there’s stuff for like up to 100 pounds in so if your a gambler try not to spend it all on this game so again another star down and now the negatives are passed lets try to go positive the display is outstanding but every time you turn up display it kinda gets a bit laggy but not like annoying just for a second it lags so yeah good display next the story in the game has a very good plot and if you like reading about vikings and stuff like dat this is a game for you next the linking on social media I know I know what am I talking about that so here’s what I’m gonna say about it try to make sure that when linking make sure you have got very good internet otherwise all of the things you bought on the game with real money could go away other than that great app a lot of features.😐.Version: 2.12.0

A fancy way to take your moneyGreat game ruined by micro transactions. After you play for 2 hours you will hit a difficulty wall that cannot be climbed without your credit card. I wouldn’t mind paying once, but I am sure if I do it once, I will get stuck again in 2 more hours. It’s a real shame what’s happening to our gaming industry. Wish I could pay $20 to actually play a game based on skill... Oh the good ol days when gaming was about playing not paying..Version: 1.7.0

AnnoyingAfter the dozens upon dozens of sponsors and ads that keep getting shoved up my face I regrettably enough got the game. After a couple hours or so of constant hack and slashing and analysing some of the games core mechanics while testing some of its features for fun I’ve come to my personal conclusion that this game is distasteful. Constant ads appearing all over the place, pay to win champions and loot boxes that consist of cardboard print outs of stale and unremarkable champions. Of the very few times you actually get an actual decent champion is incredibly rare and is definitely not worth the gamble. Of course the game will have to post tons of marketing tactics into its game since it’s free but it’s just sketchy and made to be addictive to exploit children or other less fortunate people. I’d just say this game should actually cost money if the rest of it was quality content. Sadly that’s not the case. Basically everything it says in the advertisements are a complete lie. Really the only impressive thing about this game is just how much content you can pack into a mobile game, and just how cruelly mediocre it is.Version: 1.12.8

I wish Plarium cared about the community.Besides any minuscule quality of life changes, Plarium has proven time and time again that they only care about squeezing that last little bit of money even during a pandemic. You are not a person to them, you are a statistic. This is a gambling game, through in and throughout. There is very little skill needed, besides gearing your champions for what you need. I really love the character art and how much the community can agree on how awful Plarium is run. I don’t mean to hurt any of the devs feelings, you have to do whatever it takes to put food on the table but at what cost? How much money is enough to get y’all to actually care about how your fans view the game? How long is it going to take before y’all hire people that actually play the game? I have seen countless responses from Plarium employees that are clueless about our problems with the game. I am not worried about the amount of time in between patches but if you are going to come out with one around every month, each update should be a significant one. It isn’t like the community isn’t giving y’all enough ideas for new content, or do y’all want to keep ignoring the community more? The pressure is on now. I do have positive things to say about the game but when the issues with Raid and Plarium are as big as they are, the positives aren’t even warranted..Version: 1.15.1

Art is great but prepare yourselfThe art in this game is amazing. It really is. I’ve played this game for quite some time, spent some money on it and have enjoyed it at points, but if I could go back in time and not get into the game I would. If you don’t like repeating the same process over and over day in and day out, this game isn’t for you. If you don’t like spending money (because the in game transaction costs are outrageous) to finish events/fusions/get new champs regularly then this game isn’t for you. If you don’t like the feeling of disappointment when you pull your 3rd duplicate legendary hero that is worse than some epics and even rares and can’t do anything with it other than put in the vault then this game isn’t for you. If you’re not blessed by RNG and have really bad luck, this game isn’t for you. And finally if you still want to give this game a try, then just be ready to hit a point where you feel like there is nothing new to do but you’ve already wasted so much time on this game that you don’t want to give it up, all because the art is good then to you I say, good luck. Come join the rest of us poor souls stuck in this apps snare and may the RNG be in your favor..Version: 2.00.0

Grinding for weeks for on end for every part of the game!No new worthwhile content in this game. Takes forever to level anything up from great hall to potions for champions to masteries for champions to levelling up gear for champions only to do it all over again for 1 star gear all the way up to 6 star. This will cost you all your free time and energy in the game. There is no way to farm books in order to improve your champions which will cost you between 8 and as much as 18 books for only one champion. You want quicker results then spend your money on all sorts of packs spammed to you every time you log into the game. Up to 8 pack previews which you will need to close in succession EVERY TIME YOU LOG INTO THE GAME! These are but a few things wrong with the game...all this takes the fun out of gaming in my honest opinion. Choice is yours, you are well informed with this snippet of truth about Raid Shadow Legends..Version: 2.00.0

Only cash matterThis game is really nice to play. Characters looks quite nice for FIRST look ( if u check details u can see problems with their mesh ). Gameplay is ok ,but nothing amazing what other similars game not have. Good point is a lot of different artefacts, so u have many options to build characters. Biggest problem is totally unbalanced champions. If u don't get specific champions, u don't stand a chance in late-game content. Most important part ( arena ) will show u how is impossible to kill ppl who got legendary heroes when u got only rare or epic. If u not pay regularly big amount of cash then u cant even finish fully in-game events or have much less chances to get decent heroes. If that evens would be doable without donating ££££ then game would keep more players. Actually only the richest or luckiest stay till last levels, rest of ppl simple leave because of this overwhelming greed for cash what u see in game. PS: After i read a support answer for my review i have to clear it. Free to play can do max half of event be fore time run out and getting only trash rewards that can get practically everyday, when if u pay a cash then u have a chance to reach last rewards what are necessary to progress in late game and whats more that items like legendary tomes for upgrade skills for legendary heroes are very limited for free to play players. So basically there is hard paywall in game!!!.Version: 1.10.0

Great game ruined by greedy monetisationThe game itself is fun, a plethora of champions and activities, along with great graphics and mechanics, however it has been ruined by possibly the most greedy monetisation tactics I’ve ever seen. The RNG for getting reasonable champs is awful, as well as the chance system for upgrading equipment. It says there is a high chance of an upgrade but it seems to be less than 50% successful, with medium chance being around 30% success rate. Buying new shards and packs are constantly shoved in your face, and are ridiculously expensive for what you get. An ancient shard is $15 normally, which gives you a 95% chance of getting an average champion. Another ridiculous aspect is the fact that it costs silver to remove equipment! You can’t try out new gear combinations without having to pay?!? How is this helping players to enjoy the game! Because of the monetisation tactics plarius has used you end up spending most of your time grinding and farming to get lower level champs up to upgrade better champs rather than enjoying the game. This could be an absolutely stellar game but plarius has simply made it average at best thanks to their strategy to grab cash through micro transactions..Version: 1.7.2

Super slow and pay to winYou can’t quick battle in this game so enjoy watching your characters run through dungeons hundreds of times . Don’t waste your time.Version: 1.7.1

Great game but bewareI felt compelled to review this game after 18 months of playing. I have some of the most valued characters in Valkyrie, ManEater, Ma’Shalled and clearing ultimate nightmare clan boss in two keys, the rest in 1 key. So at the highest point of the game, but with many areas yet to complete or be a sustained winner in. Thus I need other characters that have particular skills to help improve in the unfinished areas, to get these I need Sacred shards, you can buy these or win them from Clan Boss chest rewards. The chances of getting a top champion when opening a sacred shard are tiny, so you need lots of them, hence the need to get to the highest reward chest in Clan Boss. The only trouble is that I am now on week 5 without receiving a sacred shard from CB rewards - that is 70 chests - or chances - to get a sacred shard without getting one. Then add in the odds of getting a Legendary character it becomes a joke. It’s very difficult to remain competitive in this game without having new champs to help build points in clan challenges or help in different areas of the game. The only reliable way to get around this is to spend a great deal of your money for odds that you would not take at the horse racing if you really understood them. Initially great but long term it’s shamelessly built for people willing to spend only. I am told that the rewards are random but I seem to get the same randomness every day - funny that. Think I need a new game..Version: 4.40.3

Stop the ads pleaseWhy do I have to see you’re super annoying ads all the time when I’m playing other games. The most ambitious rpg...👎.Version: 1.12.8

Honest ReviewThe game is clearly well developed and polished. It knows exactly what it is. Yes it’s free to play but not free to enjoy. But that’s fine because you can’t expect a developer to not make money. People who complain that you have to spend money clearly don’t know how business works. However, that being said, how much money you need to spend on this game to properly progress is eye watering. Hundreds of pounds. Literally hundreds. Expect to pay anywhere from £50-£200 per month to progress in the way the game wants you to. You can hardly escape it either. When you log in, you will be hit with 5-6 ads straight away, one after another. And then continuously throughout the game. It completely spoils the experience. The gameplay however is good, plays well and as I said, is clearly well developed. they should consider reducing the ads and lowering the pricing. Queue generic response here:.Version: 4.20.1

My stuff not thereI got me the $50 thing that I got offered at the start of me playing and I got none of it kinda wouldn’t mind a refund or my stuff cheers, I do want to keep play the game cause it looks sick so please help me out.Version: 1.6.0

Love the game BUT.....Love the game, have been a constant player since I downloaded it. However, sometimes it would cut out and the app would just shut off. No big deal, would just restart the game. I’ve jumped on today however and it keeps stuffing out. No matter what I do, it keeps cutting out completely. I can’t open the event page, it wont even let me battle. I can’t even upgrade an artifact without it cutting out. Please fix it cause it’s getting annoying and I can’t play 2 mins straight without it happening, otherwise I’ll have to go back to playing COD 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️.Version: 1.13.0

Quality of GameGreat graphics and game concept, but the constant adds popping up gets really annoying. The lack of minor addons into the game always being delayed is a disappointment. I think this game has so much potential, hoping it will improve to compete more with summonerwars. Until then I can only rate this game as a 2 star.Version: 2.00.0

I really don’t know what to say about itFirstly the story graphic are great, but the in game system is not player friendly. 1 farming, mobile game should not be something you dump a lot of hours into it to farm things, this is not a pc or playstation game, battery life of mobile devices really no good for this kinda games, playing game while charging will hurt the battery more. 2 gotcha chances is low, very very very low even you pay. Also you can only auto play farm 30 times a day if you are free to play, so once you used that up, good luck with farming when you already need to spend hours to level up, farming heros and materials on auto, Unless you can make this game like a full time job. A free to play game will need free to play player base as well as pay to play player to support the game, that is a balance of that, if a game not free to play friendly, the game’s future is very limited. And there are a lot more free to play friendly games out there..Version: 5.00.0

Let’s ‘not’ play Raid:Shadow LegendsI’m sick of your adds, every single day I hear the same annoying add. I know adds that are annoying are typically annoying because they’re catchy. And if it’s catchy it means more income because it’s stuck in people’s head! But all I see is you paying huge amounts of money for an aggressive add campaign (your add is on far too many things and far too much money has been spent to be considered anything other than aggressive marketing) that’s trying to force your pay to play game down people’s throats. Truly good games don’t need much advertising because word of mouth alone sells it for you, this is the most advertised game I’ve ever come across which by the same logic implies it needs it because it’s got nothing innovative about it. I’ve never heard anyone suggest it to me as anything but a joke when they repeat the beginning of your add. The whole model of ‘free to play’ is vile. This is the pinochle of that. I hope the money is worth what you're doing to the industry. Make a good mobile game, charge me £5 for it and if it’s a good as you’re advertising this game as being, you’ll make more money and won’t need to spend millions on ads..Version: 1.13.8

Spend a lot of money or a lot of timeI have been playing this game for a good few weeks now and have overall enjoyed the experience, the game itself, graphics etc is really good. The first week of the game was good fun and draws you in a lot due to how easy the first load of challenges giving you rewards, joining bonus’s, etc, however as a lot of the other comments say, once this initial period goes, you have to grind all day every day to be able to get anywhere atall, or buy all of your champions etc with micro transactions. I spent about £20 on shards because I was enjoying the game a lot and wanted to give myself a boost and was pretty disappointed with how little I got from it. When you open shards, even the rarer ones, 90% of the time you get the lowest rarity possible from said shard, which is pretty annoying specially when you pay a lot for some of the shards. The game blocks off certain parts of the game (dungeons, which you need to play regularly to be able for to ascend champions) for the majority of the week unless you buy gems and unlock them for the week, which I feel is pretty unfair on those who don’t want to spend money over and over again. So yea, I’m the end, it’s a good game but cant see myself playing it for a massively long time longer due to these things.Version: 1.10.0

No future potentialBeen playing Raid for 9 months now and realize now that the game doenst care about adding new content or benefiting players. If u dont spend some money in the early game, ur gonna have a bad time and they spam u with limited offers in the game. Dont play this gacha game, there are better, more fun and less Pay to Win ones out there that still add new fun content to the game..Version: 2.00.0

Good game hamstrung by greedThis is a decent gacha game however the developers hold back promised features because their sales analytics show they make more money selling upgrades via IAP instead of providing a consistent way to obtain them in game. Requires significant spending to progress..Version: 2.00.0

Great game, but.......!This is a great game, with loads of characters you can get. The animations are fluid and the gameplay is great. However there are big flaws and unfairness in the game. Firstly the shards. Mostly you get green shards which give you the possibility of common, uncommon and rare characters. Blue shards which give you possibilities of rare, epic and legendary characters. Purple shards, possibilities of epic and legendary characters the same for orange shards which are the hardest to get. I’ve had a few orange shards and have only received epic characters which I was really miffed about. Secondly you have to pay money to get any chance of getting through the missions. I’ve had to restart this game loads of times to see if I can get past one mission and I just can’t do it. It involves upgrading a skill in the great hall to level 4 which requires 400 silver medals, which you can only get by fighting other players. As there are thousands or millions of players you’re only going to face players that are more powerful than you. Thirdly don’t be tempted by the special offers. This game tempts you by giving you special offers which really entice you, but after you’ve brought them you are dissatisfied with the end result. I have contacted the makers of this game regarding some of the above, but they don’t seem to care. I would’ve given this game a five star if it wasn’t for the above issues. Good game but extremely frustrating at points..Version: 2.00.0

Don’t playGames an absolute rip off, you can pay £500 and not even get a single legendary champion. stupidly overpriced money Packs are flaunted in your face over and over everytime you log on or return to the main game area leaving you having to manually click off them all one by one as a new one pops up. asif you don’t know where the shop area is to begin with. Green shards are given freely in stupid amounts but after the first week they are completely useless. There’s a mercy system in place for summoning but that’s also trash. You’d have to spend rediculous amounts of money into shards to use on there for it to even take affect then it resets. Same events and tournaments over and over and you can’t even get decent rewards from them yep you guessed it unless you spend stupid amounts of money or time on there. Wanna upgrade all your champions skills? Money. want more multi battles? Money. want better champions? Money. Want some of the fragment champions? Money. Clans are pointless, a little clan war which is the same every time lasts for 2 days. Rewards are trash. A little clan boss to attack daily. You can type messages in clan chat but be lucky if anyone replies messages get deleted after a short time. A clan shop which takes dumb amount of time to get items required to buy anything. Clans seem rather pointless all in all. Nothing there to even count as teamwork you’d get in a clan. A complete and utter rip off guys especially money wise. Don’t download.Version: 4.60.0

Owned by a casino companySuper pay to win so great if you love throwing money away otherwise just stear clear of this game..Version: 2.00.0

Greedy, brokenDo not download. This is a game with great graphics and flash, but underneath that layer of attractiveness is a wicked system of micro transactions which only allow you to really enjoy the game by spending money. In fact, spending money to try to get heroes is a very broken system as there are hundreds of heroes and the chances of you actually getting a legendary hero is only less than 1%. Even then, there is a 95% chance that legendary hero is rubbish. The energy system means that once you’ve reached mid point in the game you would only really be able to play for 5-10 minutes every 6 hours unless you pay money to keep playing. Don’t waste your time and hard earned money. Plenty of better subscription or pay to own game where you can actually enjoy without the frustration. Oh also, unresponsive support team..Version: 2.00.0

Sort of disappointingThis game seems to have potential. There is a fair amount to do with lots of back stories and characters. The biggest disappointment is that you need to level up characters which takes time and resources only to sacrifice them later in order to upgrade another character. Now that I’ve played this for awhile it needs work. Good luck figuring out multi battle. It seems simple, you pick one to four characters and the characters you pick should be the ones to fight. Not in this game, you can pick four people and one might show up to fight in multi battle. I bet the developers could make this more complicated. I’m sure I could dig through the forums to try and find answers but I have a job. Also don’t bother buying shards because you will need to buy dozens of shards to get maybe one good character. But if you like spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and endlessly farm it has more developed characters then most other mobile games. At the end of the day we, as consumers, can complain all day long but unless the developers of the game aren’t losing money nothing will change. If people stop spending money on the game then the developers might stop responding with robot answers and actually take note of people’s feedback. Plus you can tell they don’t care about the players just look at the last “servers down” gift we all got. What the hell was that about? BOTTOM LINE STOP SPENDING MONEY IF YOU WANT THE GAME TO IMPROVE!.Version: 1.11.3

Giving freebees to big whalesOh yeah. They actually gave a big Legendary champion to a Youtuber because he was whinning. Oh and they stole money from me and if I do a charge back, they will ban me..Version: 1.12.8

Great Art, poor developmentThis game sits in a tricky spot in my heart. The artwork and concepts are fantastic and that’s what draws people in (also some great marketing). I’m maxed level and have been a part of the growing community since the games release and so have a good insight into updates etc. There have been some very notable issues which the community has longed for since release. Unusable legendary champions, clan boss issues, lack of daily content. They seem to be pretty simple fixes and the community managers always say that they’re on top of these thing. Then the next patch is release and generally it’s more new champions. Palarium are addressing issues but at such a slow rate and often the changes to legendary champions still won’t make them viable so they go back and have to change it again. There just seems a bit of a disconnect with palarium and the actual game itself. I think the games been growing by marketing and new members, as opposed to satisfying and holding on to the existing members. This is reflected in the stats, which are easy to find on content creators videos; 9 out of 10 people will quit before maxed level. All this said, when you start the game you will have a fantastic time levelling up and pushing content so I highly suggest giving it a go. My advice is just to pace yourself don’t be the typical ‘join, spend loads of money, play for 3 months, quit, wish you hadn’t spent so much’. I think 3 stars out of 5 is fair..Version: 1.13.0

I tried to love this gameI tried I really did it’s a great base game for six months but until Plarium sells to a company that actually cares about its players PLEASE do not play this game and support a horribly ran company..Version: 2.00.0

I don’t get why people like this so muchVery boring.Version: 1.12.2

Great game but a design and business model based on hopeThe game itself is great. Fantastic designs and a lot to do and focus on. But throughout the game most missions feel like playing on hope: ‘I just gotta get this next mission then maybe I’ll summon that Valkyrie that will advance my game’. This continues to the endgame where your main pulls are for 10x events and these end up being a spit in the face because the only legendaries summoned are dupes (and this isn’t out of a lot. Around 25. 13 of which are fusions etc so out of the 10 or so legend pulls I have 4 dupes. And that’s out of - what - 70 legendaries? That’s crazy. Luck isn’t actually luck if what determines it is how much you spend. And after alllll that, there’s still no dupe system. Finally pulling that legendary - it’s a great moment - and then it’s a dupe or one of the worst legos and your heart plummets. Not good enough..Version: 4.10.1

“The game is currently experiencing some issues”Was really loving the game but it randomly crashed on me this morning and now it says “The game is currently experiencing some issues. If you continue to see this error, please contact the support team”. I’ve contacted the support team 3 times today by email with no response. This message is stuck on repeat. It has now been a whole day and I’m still unable to login and still no response from Plarium..Version: 1.15.1

I like the game so far...but there is a problemI like the game I just downloaded it and so far it seems fun but the thing is my game keeps on cutting me off which is really annoying so Please fix this now thank you for reading.Version: 1.13.2

Tons of potentialLove the look and game, but ZERO real new content for almost a year, highly predatory to new players, lacking many features that many other gotcha games have, ignores community feedback..Version: 2.00.0

ScamThe game is terrible and you have to pay lots of money to get good. The company that owns the game (playrium) lies about everything and doesn’t add anything new. There is also like a million pop ups when you enter the game that try to get you to buy packs..Version: 2.00.0

If your broke or easily tempted, not a game for you.You will have to close out of 5 windows of purchasable ingame content EACH time you pull it up on your phone.. you will quickly understand what I mean if you try. The content is silly expensive. I know this because I do enjoy the game and can afford it... just sad that to get any real enjoyment or MILD results $$$.$$ must be spent. However, you could spend 1000 dollars and still be the worst in your clan as a measurement. Everything costs silver(earned or purchasable of course) such as moving one set of quality gear from one champ to another to test is equivalent to 15 dollars if you purchased the silver..ikr.. or you can spend the “energy”that it cost to play Anything in order to get enough silver to transfer gear... however you only have enough daily energy to do that once...unless you buy$ more energy to play the game of course. All of this just to test different gear you already have bought/earned on champs you have earned/bought. If the champ your moving it to already has gear... got to use silver to do that too. They give free bundles that they hide within the expensive stuff and even name it the same so you might stumble. In short, it is a cash grab with the most aggressive shove it down your throat ads. The game is fun if you are wealthy... and bored..Version: 3.21.0

PredatoryIt looks good but that’s about it. It’s one of the worst pay to win games invest seen. Move onto better games. This is for Darth Microtransaction.Version: 2.00.0

Horrible companyThe problem with this game is the horrific mentality behind it. The developers refuse to release content or listen to the player base at all. They treat the players like money bags, seeing no value in improving their game at all, and instead only bombarding you with cash shop offers to make a quick buck..Version: 2.00.0

Please be careful playing this game!!!The game is designed well and is a lot of fun to play. However, it is designed so at the start you are given lots of free gifts and your playing experience is free but as you progress and once you have invested ALOT of time into the game the free gifts stop coming and the only way you can keep playing at the same pace is to invest real money. It’s all about farming, there is even a automatic option to allow your characters to farm without your interaction. So eventually I felt like I was playing a slot machine. Hoping to unlock good characters after hours of playing only to realise to continue I would have to spend real money. AND ITS REALLY EXPENSIVE! SNo joke some packages are around $150 usd I understand you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to but I assure you the progress you can make is absolutely minimal if you don’t pay and in my opinion these type of games are just setting people up to have gambling issues when they grow older. Really sad to see as the game has so much potential. I’m embarrassed to say but I actually got sucked into to spending over 300 dollars in the first week and I promise you I am not a fool. Game is now deleted..Version: 1.15.4

Pay to win1- buying pack spam screen 2- fighting always stronger players in arena and progression drop fast 3- trying 25 time the same stage and not getting the mission item 4- spending 300k money to lv up a single level on a low weapon 5- always low on money and power except if you spend money. Great idea but as every game in phone is 100% pay to win&play.Version: 1.9.0

Exceptionally grindy if you are not willing to payWell marketed and produced but very aggressive cash shop model. Be prepared for lots of popups offering stuff, sometimes at substantial prices. If you don’t plan to fork out, be aware that drop rates for a lot of the stuff you will want is extremely low. Also, after the new player buffs wear out, your exp gains drop by half - and other than cash shop items, there are very limited ways of getting back the lost 50%. The developers’ line that everything is available in game for free is something of a mirage at these drop and progression rates. My issue with a game like this is that there is really no comfortable minimum expenditure. The monthly card gives only a 20% exp and silver boost - hardly worthwhile, and once you start spending more, there is really no limit. I can understand how people get to the end of the month and find they have spent $100’s or even $1,000’s..Version: 1.12.8

Justified rantHats off to the developers, but way too much of a financial investment to stay competitive. Even if you spend some, they literally try to force you to spend more. What do I mean by that? Say you’re watching the Avengers movie in theater for the first time- you’re loving it. But 20 minutes in, they say that was just a teaser- you can watch more for $20. I’d grumble, but probably do it. Then 20 minutes later, they have a long series of commercial interruptions, which you sit through, cause you were really into the movie. Then they charge you more to continue. Then they say, “for the last hour, we’re switching to 3D. You can buy a brown bag that may have 3D glasses in them, or maybe just some popcorn. If you buy ten bags, we”ll give you five more for free!! Or feel free to watch the last hour of a 3D movie you’ve now paid $75 for, without 3D glasses- cause we’re free to watch friendly. This recent Dwarf summoning event is far worse then my analogy. Your greed is off the charts. I hope you feel good about the players you sucker in, who keep spending. Make money promoting mental illness, while creating and enforcing it at the same time!!! But you got me. Huge waste of time and money, with less than zero return for the investment. Business analytics probably want former customers like me to drop off- makes room for fresh blood and fresh wallets. You game looks good, and it’s entertaining, but no where near the slowly revealed asking price..Version: 4.10.1

Hard Truth about RSLThis game is fun in the beginning stages. You will most likely get hooked on to the game due to so many resources and so much to do and cheap offer packs. However, as the game goes on, the offers start getting ridiculous and the game becomes more pay-to-win. It will be extremely tough to progress without spending money into the game..Version: 2.00.0

Pay or dieWhat infuriates me the most is the fact that this game had potential, the art work was solid (a bit lazy at times when they just changed the cromas of champions and called something else I.e apophacary and magister) but then after playing for a week (and I mean trading hard, I ended 2nd place in the new player challenge without paying but only grinding) you do realise that is just impossible to be remotely competitive with the rest of the ppl that are paying to win. Take my example, 2 weeks in 3-4 hrs per day on the game, following youtubers advices to get better, clear all the daily challenges, then you step into the arena and you are the only one with one (one!!) epic champion and all other players are parading their 3 legendaries and epics. I did realise that it would have taken years, and I mean it, years before I would get somewhere. For example at my spead, looked like it would have taken a few (5-6) months to get to my first Legendary. The game doesn’t advertise much those packs that for the economic price of 50£ would give you a few legendary, because they don’t have too, if you know how to count, soon enough you will realise that is impossible to enjoy this game without opening your wallet. I this they should learn from Riot which is thriving and Blizzard which is losing players every day, that in-game purchases should be cornered to cromas and hestetics and stay far from impacting the game experience to success. I removed the app :(.Version: 3.21.0

Money grabbing don’t downloadIt’s a really great game, I have now played for close to 6 months. The graphics are good but they are totally unrealistic with pack pricing, if you want to advance it will probably cost you 100 bucks a week. Guys get your pricing right, seriously.... $100 for a chance at a new champ and some energy to play.. I am over it.Version: 2.00.0

Really not worth playing.Makes you feel like being a free-to-play player is impossible. You have to wait so long to get energy to actually play the game it’s impossible to progress, it will take you a year to get your first legendary character (the only kind of character that’s useful or well designed in any way). Completely worthless game. Can think of a thousand other games I’d rather play at literally any point..Version: 2.00.0

Good game but....I have been playing this game religiously for a good 2-3 months now and although I do enjoy it I feel that to get decent characters you need to spend thousands of dollars. I have probably spent a good $200+ to only have 1 legendary character (which I received from a 99 cent shard). They do have shard summoning boost events but again the odds are still rubbish. Don’t waste your money on sacred shards, yes it does “increase” your chances at getting a legendary character but for how much they cost it should guarantee a legendary character. Also to level your characters up past level 4 you either spend real money or grind to level them up. I will probably keep signing in for the 90 day reward but don’t really see much point of playing after that point..Version: 2.00.0

StopIf you’re going to have hundreds of manipulative, scripted advertisements it’s going to make you look disingenuous and only in it for the money. Really saddening to see. Edit, changed from 1 to 2. I appreciate the comment. I’m all for advertisements, and your game looks good, but let the people who do the advertisements for you have a bit more freedom for the ads or else people who see it’s scripted can pick up that the game may not be as great as it might be. Let your great product speak for itself, with a bit of loose prompts? Anyways, best of luck. I believe you have a chance at making a huge game without falling to the scummy tactics some mobile games do..Version: 1.7.2

MaliciousDeveloper continually lies to their content creators and player base about upcoming features and content. Also withhold player positive features like log in rewards and battle passes in favour of low effort "content" that supports their malicious in game micro transactions. Threatens their content creators when they don’t speak positively about the game. Do not download this game..Version: 2.00.0

Overpriced shardsThe title should explain it all.. for a gacha game where its RNG based.. its no different than online casino but different packaging. Gold shard should only give legendary champions if u want people to spend money and make this game alot better. Also chance information should be shown.. eg. blue shard (90% rare, 8% epic, 2% legendary champion), purple shard (90% epic, 5% legendary), gold shard (100% legendary). Now u may think that “whos this guy.. i/we (developer) develop this game, which makes it our (developer) game.. what we (developer) do is up to us” thats fine.. think that way.. put up that attitude.. in the end its us (player) that gives revenue/ profit.. keep us happy and we be loyal.. make us unhappy and its your loss. Many great game out there did not think of revenue/profit as their top 10 list.. but because the developer put players as number 1 in their list.. which makes us loyal, royal dan keeps on coming back..Version: 1.5.5

Fun but a severe time sinkI have been playing for a few months and have had fun with it. I have spent some money here and there on it, but not tons. They have a lot of events that rotate through, where you can earn a lot of the harder to come by items, summoning shards and even Legendary Champions. The problem that I have is, it takes too much time to complete your daily objectives and even more time if you want to complete events. It takes me about 4-5 hours each day to complete my regular and advanced dailies and to use all of my clan boss attacks. More time is spent if I am trying to push through some of the harder content. Add even more time if you want to participate in events. The problem is that you spend so much time watching battles that you have already completed before. Even if you have said battle on automatic, you still can’t do anything else until it is done. Battles that you have completed with 3 stars should have the option of an instant auto complete, that would save a ton of time. Clan boss fights can drag out for a long time and should have an option to speed up the combat animations more than just 2 times speed. It can be a fun game and the artwork/animations are really well done, but I work 12 hour days and just cannot sink this much time into a mobile game..Version: 4.30.2

Such a HUGE money grabCould be one of the all time top mmo mobile games. The graphics are first rate and the story is good. Awesome amount of character and armour choose better then a lot of similar games. Character upgrade system is interesting and makes you think about if it’s worth the time for each. The dungeons are fun but get a little grindy which they always do. Over all as I said this COULD be the top game for a long time BUT the cost of just about everything is beyond crazy like $76 Australian for a 6 month subscription What are you thinking lol and the price of summoning gems is just as bad, you would think $80 for a handful of gems and only one of them a legendary would guarantee that it IS a legendary but sorry no it will most likely be a epic XD. It’s such a shame because if items were just a little cheaper I could see the point in spending but not as it stands..Version: 2.35.0

Pay to winJust want to bring new players to spend money on that game..Version: 2.00.0

The game has potential, the company is terribleDon’t waste your time and definitely don’t waste your money. This game is all about legendary champions. While you can grind and grind and grind to complete challenges and fusions to get a couple good legendaries, most are ridiculously out of reach. Champions can be summoned from shards. You have a 0.5% chance of getting a legendary champ from two types of shard and a 6% chance from sacred shards. There a few sacred shards from challenges and one per month if you complete 30 daily challenges. You can spend hundreds of dollars on sacred shards and still not get a legendary. Also upgrades to weapons and armor is like rolling dice trying to get a Yahtzee. It costs tons of silver per chance of an upgrade at higher levels and you can watch days worth of grinding to collect silver disappear in a minute without even getting another level. The developers are lazy, with very little new content being released. They had a feature called battle pass which was awesome and worth the money but was scrapped because I guess it was a good deal for the players. The character design is cool, and the designers should get a raise. Everybody else should be sent packing. There are many games out there that are fun, competitive and offer good value for in-game purchases. This company wants to drain your bank account and give you little in return, don’t be suckered..Version: 2.00.0

Fix your issues before pushing new contentYou need to focus on fixing content in the game instead of continuously pushing new, buggy content that come with a plethora of new problems that makes people appreciate the game less and less. Numerous bugs in arena (suspended animation, champions reviving “block revived” champions, champions like Foli/Dark Elhain getting frozen while freeze-immune etc), arena boosting exploits, constant server issues, terrible champion balance (Legendaries with worse skills than epics, Rotos and Siphi are still broken 4 months after their release while you tuned Tormin in 1 month) - the list goes on. Before releasing 3v3 arena you should have considered things like players exploiting defeats that gives them an overall net point gain, or victories that give a point reduction (an issue which you have acknowledged is present in testing phase yet continues after release). Same goes for FW when it was first released. Stop putting square pegs into round holes and concentrate on improving the QoL for your players before churning out more content which gets you yet more bad reviews..Version: 2.00.0

Bankroll req’dEntertaining and addictive but hugely expensive to get the best characters..... The developers say 0.5-6% chance of getting a legendary depending on the shard. After 130 days and plenty of real money, I can say it feels like a lot less than that. Read the replies to reviews and it’s obvious they are not too worried about it as they placate you with a politicians response..Version: 2.21.1

BuggyYesterday i spent all day grinding dragon so i could upgrade my legendary immortal weapon. I upgrade it to 16, then a message pops up about maintenance in 15 mins, i close the pop up, go back to find my weapon and it is gone. I open a ticket but no response. Clearly the developers dont care, when i have spent a lot of time and money on this game..Version: 1.12.8

Player beware...Picked this up after seeing the advertisements and thought that looks like a bit of fun. The game itself is fun but unless your going to drop serious money into it like your life depends on it I’d say be prepared for a serious grind and to not even think about getting any good characters until you start emptying a small banks vault into the shop/deals. Half the issue is the Ludicrously low drop rates for any good characters that will help you in game achieve higher levels of play( Unless your a whale buying gold shards), the PvP system is tied to progression and is a broken element in game the development team seems to be ignoring having you face players with gold tier teams that have dropped down to beginner levels because they log in every once in a blue moon to keep from being kicked. Another issue is the disgusting amounts of silver you need to even swap your own gear limiting you trying different styles of play. The game itself is gorgeous with the champions being some of the best in game models I’ve ever seen, unfortunately most while looking awesome they are about as useful as a piece of wet toilet paper. Be prepared for a massive grind if your going free to play like I have as $50 upwards for a 6% chance at one legendary is actually criminal and people should get what they paid for. Sad sad sad this has got the makings of a great game otherwise :(.Version: 4.10.0

255 days so farRaid shadow Legends visuals are exceptional. The visuals are what kept me playing for so long. First few months of playing the game was 5 stars but the longer you play the game starts to become overwhelming mind numbing. The creators seem to be driving the game with newer content over quality of life fixes that are clearly needing to be fixed. The deals they offer are not actually deals. Especially when an event comes up to get a certain champion or double legendary champion the prices for packs go up yet they call them deals. For example you can buy 1 ancient shard for 0.99 at one per day. An event comes up and it’s suddenly more then $30 with a tiny amount of silver and gems to grab your attention. If you play this game only buy the daily gem pack which comes once a month. It’s really the only actual deal on the table. Do not buy shards and they are bringing out so many bad champions (way to many) that it actually devalues the shards. In the last few months the creators seem to be driving the game more to pay to win styles with content like hydra. When the game brings in the new PVP content that part will pay to win. I have spent about $400 in 250 days and regret it so be careful on being sucked in. I’m now purely FTP until I get board and find something else to play. Overall 3.5 stars for the game after 255 days.Version: 5.10.1

CrooksJust a bunch of money-hungry crooks that like to profit off of people with gambling addictions . They don’t care about their fan base, so why should they care about them? They also never deliver on in-game promises on content etc..Version: 2.00.0

Some disrespectful designs + tricky systemI found multiple designs were offensive and disrespectful to Christianity especially one of the character has multiple upside down crosses with bishop hat and multiple christian symbols in disrespected way, what made me quitting it after multiple days and after multiple purchases. About the purchases and the system, I found one of the founders of the game was a company for researching and applying gambling, from that you can know they use psychology ads to make you buy the offer appear especially to you and they are a lot. The only beneficial purchases is the 2000 gems in a month period by around 10$, please don’t buy shards they are very tricky wait till get them for free or by progression + the drop rates is super low. About experience will take so long and need to repeat the same mission around to reach high level unless you pay + withevery upper rank you return to level 1, which mean star 3 need 180 level to reach max + 12 high stars characters need to upgrade fully..Version: 4.60.1

Stole my money - didn’t even open appWish I could rate this in the negatives! Looked into purchase history on my Apple ID because I saw a lot of payments going out of my bank account. Turns out these guys have stolen about $85 without me even opening the app. My boyfriend checked his purchase history on his Apple ID since he plays the game and they have taken around $100-$200 out of his account without him buying any extras on the game. Would love our money back..Version: 6.40.1

Nice Job!5 stars for the cancer level of this game. This game is a cancer on YouTube with everyone being sponsored by this game..Version: 1.10.0

Pushes premium too hardFree to play or not is no excuse for me having to close 5-10+ different ads at once in game constantly over one session. This game just constantly throws premium pop ups at you when changing screens and from what I’ve read buying anything only encourages it to give you more ads with higher costs and there is no way to disable these other than manually hitting the x on 10 ad pop ups in a row..Version: 1.12.8

Pay to PlayBasically, the first 10 days are really enjoyable and it does not feel like there is a paywall at all. Then next few weeks slow down a bit but you can still make progress. After about 2 months, you will really notice how difficult it is to progress. After 3 months (which btw is when you stop getting daily login rewards) progress is almost non-existent unless you plan on spending thousands (and I mean thousands) and you will still need to rely on a good bit of RNG to help you. Thousands is not an exaggeration as the best shard (thing that gives you the characters) has a 6% chance of giving you a legendary (and most legendaries aren’t useful - so basically you have a 0.5% of getting something good). These shards cost approx £30 but the price does fluctuate. All in all, if you want a fun time kill for a week or a few, this is great. After that time period ... The game is stale and there is a massive wall that cannot be climbed by F2P unless you spend 20 years or £20, 000. I personally quit approx day 100 of playing after getting fed up with no progress/good champions and impossible arena missions (due to my bad champions).Version: 1.12.0

Ok and enjoyable overall but-I could do without the promotional offers being shoved in my face every time I log in. This game could offer more easy win challenges to help with the grind like the extra challenge game modes in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. The dungeon game modes are decent and fun and the campaign is a good showcase of the different player and faction and character types where the creativity of the developers really shows. The multi-battle option and the dungeon types are very helpful for the grind and the logins which just rewarded me with a 4 star character gives me a decent imperative to keep playing. To improve the game, I would include more quicker ways to level up and promote your chosen party members without always having to gut your own ranks to do so. The option to sacrifice characters you don’t need is a wise choice but there are walls and obstacles in levelling up your characters that could be done without, abs there should be less of an obvious push by the game to get you to throw money at it just to level up one character. I would also like to see the lore that comes with each character, and is that Mark Hamill narrating the storyboard cutscenes between games. Additionally, more fully voiced and fully animated cutscenes like the one at the start would also go a long way..Version: 3.00.2

Game is awesome “ poor Support though”Ok guys this game is basically pay to win although you can enjoy it by playing slowly and lvling in game with daily rewards. I found the game to be very well made and highly enjoyable. There is one thing though and I have to make you aware if contact the game support team about a in game issue In my case I got a auto response and the answer to my problem had nothing what so ever to do with my issue. I then reconnected with them and got this answer. Their response was to tell me that I had received the items and that I was mistaken “ which was 100% not correct I tried to explain to them the actual facts and got the stone wall treatment. I can’t not knock the game for enjoyable content I have many lvl epic 50s and a couple of Legondarys one being lvl 60 and the other lvl 50 “ I have put many hours of time and effort into this account and I am sad to say I am moving on to another game although similar in style is not Raid that is Shadow Legends. I would even with my issues which I need to point out has happened more than just once to me while playing for the last 6 months. It’s a great game just with poor support. Let’s see if they reply to this review ! Once again if you have not tried the game give it ago as I am sure you will have loads off fun. Happy gaming guys 😀.Version: 1.15.7

Crashes constantlyGame crashes constantly on iOS. The only response I got from support was to go to the discord channel where it says they are aware and working on a fix, that message was posted in January. When the game crashes mid dungeon battle you lose the energy it cost to run the dungeon, you don’t get any exp, silver or completion. I guess they have no incentive to fix the issue because energy = money..Version: 2.00.0

The Great Paywall of Plarium.I wouldn’t bother unless you intended to spend heavily, the developers will say you can FTP but in reality this is only at the start, just look at any content creator for proof on this not to mention all the negative reviews. There are massive paywalls even in mission progression, there is a player limit in each rank in the arena so it becomes a battle of wallets to contend. New content is few and far between, the new content they are advertising is just a mash up of existing content. Any revenue they invest back into the game goes into advertising rather than fixing the issues. Ex employees also have said part of their job was to make fake 5 star reviews all day. What the company needs to do is take a lesson from numerous other games on how to maximise profits without ruining the experience. Edit: The issue is you intentionally bottleneck the arena so FTP player are forced to battle against hyper whales to even progress through the missions, it’s not about being competitive with people who want to spend heavily, it’s just about being able to simply progress, you have capped how many people can be in each arena tier, either remove the cap or remove the requirements from missions! Such a simple change to fix such a game ruining issue..Version: 2.10.0

Hello playersLet’s make the Hydra less impossible. We’ve made it less impossible, it might even be considered cute and friendly, but you still need premium characters and levelled up beyond 60 with max stats. Enjoy everyone :).Version: 5.51.0

So much potential, but ...I’ve been playing over a year. Fun game but definitely pay to win and terrible updates. The new Tag Team Arena is maybe the most pay to win thing they have released yet. Graphics are amazing and the content creators are amazing. But honestly apart from the look of the game there is much better out there. All they need to do is add some new content and listen to the player base and it could be the best of its genre. Sadly though, I don’t see either of these things happening. Best to steer clear of this game. Such a shame to see this much potential being wasted by a group that seems to care only about new downloads and money..Version: 2.00.0

Just delete arena and fix twinsThe PVE stuff can offer a decent challenge although still at the mercy of RNG for worthwhile champions and you want to be playing daily to keep progressing… Minotaur should reward all champions involved with the points for masteries.. not just 1 The pseudo-PVP mode of Arena is just trash., the’re no effort to balance teams or filter teams so that you only face teams that you have the champions built up to deal with.. and you’re soon facing legendary only teams that are armed to the teeth and all your strongest champions can only tickle.. - this is just wasting players time.. and much progression is locked behind getting through arena as there’s a stat boost to be had at different tiers and the only way to build up your Town Hall for even more stat boosts.. neglect these and be half(?) the strength you should be… arena 3 isn’t as important and is just worse as you now need 3 teams.. The new content in Iron Twins is just an energy sap and so RNG heavy that your team that can beat floor 13 can still lose at the noticeably weaker floor 10.. what “should” cost 20 energy per key(!) - so 120 energy for your daily 6(!!!) could end up costing several hundred which really saps away at energy that you should be using to progress your account...Version: 6.00.0

Unfair to free to play playersI’ve been playing this game for over 3 months now and I was really enjoying it. However, you can only get good characters (epics and legendaries) from spending thousands of dollars on this game, I’ve spend approximately $100 on this game over the time. Furthermore with the recent summoning event going on I brought extra ancient shards (around 50) and void shards (around 5 or 6) and I have 1 legendary shard and 120 mystery shards. I summoned all these shards and got only 3 epics and the rest were all rares I had already or were food. I don’t understand how this happened as I should have at least got 1 legendary and 5 epics (at least a good one not bad ones like the ones I got) from the ancient or void shards as it is 10x chance of getting all the top tier legendaries/epic champions. I have officially been turned off this game as of this as my partner who also plays this game summoned more than me and he also got no good champions no legendaries or epics he got mostly all rares. Therefore we both will be playing less or deleting the game. For future players, I recommend not getting this game if you want to play free to play unless you enjoy putting all your time and effort into a game and getting nothing out of it..Version: 2.00.0

Great game ButI love the game but it’s way to hard to get legos. I have been playing since the very start and have only got on Lego saying that I did get one of the best legos. It’s unfortunate that is so hard to get LEGO’s because the game is fun and addicting the animations are great and the champions detail are amazing I wish plarium would make a bit easy to legos. After a just under year playing it i still hadn’t got a single LEGO so I stopped for about 2 months then I notice the 180 day log in rewards so I started it again after coming back to the game i got my first LEGO I really happy with that so I kept playing I recently got some sacred shards and didn’t pull a single LEGO I was very disappointed and it’s very frustrating..Version: 1.15.2

WHY NEW PLAYERS ARE SCARED OFFI enjoyed this game despite not buying anything and even kept going through the grind which was enjoyable. The one thing I have the biggest beef with is the arena. There are so many strong high level players sitting in the bronze arena which means it’s impossible for me to progress. To have an indication of how bad that is, the progress missions suggest that one goal is to get a single champion to level 50 and the very next goal is to get to the Silver I tier. I’m stuck in Bronze II despite having 3 champions at level 50 because the only players I can fight have multiple maxed out legendary champions! IN THE BRONZE TIER! In leaving this issue unchecked you’ve scared off tens of thousands of new players and caused many more to quit. Honestly, there’s plenty free-to-play grinding I could put up with but this single handedly made me decide to quit this game..Version: 3.21.0

Royal Stuff UpHey guys, so until yesterday. My account and my raid experience had been a 4/5 star rating. Just last night, my account got logged out mid game because of the latest patch. But guess what? They severed my email from my account which btw is over 14months old. Therefore I can’t get into my account or send a password reset to myself. I have sent Plarium 4 separate emails to get their urgent assistance. Thus far, no response from them at all. Now, this isn’t that bad as I’ve only sunk between AUD $100 and $200. But imagine if I’d spent like a whale??? Therefore, take note that spending money and time on this game, though it might be a fun endeavour, could ultimately lead to you losing money and in my case probably over 3000hours play time. Plarium, you have failed me and as I see this isn’t isolated to just me, you have failed your players in such an inconceivable way. I bet you don’t even let this review get put up on the AppStore because you are scared of letting the truth be exposed! Shame on you!.Version: 4.40.1

Play this game only if you have moneyUpdate 2.10 came out and I was so happy, this is because my only Lego who is Mortu Maccab was so bad for a Lego and needed a buff so I thought it will happen in this update, I am begging you please just make his chances of peril to be 50% so that he can be good enough, this update didn’t do anything surprising to him at all, he looks tuff but can’t even do that much dmg even though i build him to have 2k att, over 50k hp And he only does 10k on his a1, epics let alone rares can do more dmg on their a1, so plz, I am f2p, I haven’t pulled a single Lego for the past 7months and I have been stuck with this Lego for so long, btw I only see only people who spend money on the game to be enjoying it. I might aswell just quit if this next update is not good enough to make me play or be happy to spend on this game. Btw removing those packs which give shards will make the game more f2p, only give shard packs only when there is a special event or a festival such as Christmas, u give away shards so easily which makes bankrupted whales have a higher chance to get a Lego. Just remove shards packs completely, don’t allow people to buy shards with gems as whales would buy gems and then buy shards..Version: 2.10.0

Plarium is a bunch of crooks and liarsI can’t tell you how excited I was to play this game. The graphics were great, the storyline was eh, but the characters and abilities were well balanced. All that aside, when it comes down to it the game developers are a bunch of crooks. I’m level 51 and I’ve never summoned a legendary champion. If this doesn’t sound like much it’s taken me 7 months to get to 51. And I play every. Single. Day. For no less than 15 hours. So they recently ran an event where they claimed to have doubled your chances of summoning epic and legendary champions from sacred shards. So I bought a ridiculous amount of them, plus some void and legendary shards. 27 in all..... they’re not cheap. This was real USD. And I used them all during this event. And you guessed it.... nothing. So after this, I’m done playing this game. It doesn’t have any real play value. You can beat the entire story in a day. And once you get to the highest tier in the arena there’s really nothing left. I had high hopes for this game but like many other they have succumbed to their greed and have resigned to get as much money as they can while they can. I know this rant seems like I’m bitter, but if people are paying you real money then you should produce the product. Had I summoned at least one legendary champion I probably wouldn’t be so angry about dropping $100. But nope! they took my money, and gave me trash and they’re laughing all the way to the bank..Version: 1.10.0

Not for F2PGood game but the whole system is based on money and gamble, it surprises you how much money a mobile game these days wants to get out of you, not 40, 50 bucks but hundreds. The strategy is very much similar to its Australian casino owner, to make as much money as they can from you..Version: 1.13.0

Best mobile phone game ever BUT...The game is absolutely phenomenal, so much freedom in development of your characters and a good amount of content until you exhaust it, even then very playable and always room to improve, however the game is unstable after updates, nothing ever works first time and as soon as it settles, something else changes and it breaks again, still doesn’t really detract from a very well thought out game, what does however is the utter disrespect the people who run this game have for their player base, given that you can literally spend a mortgageable amount on this game in the blink of an eye, the support is non-existent and no responsibility is ever taken for anything, a bug in the game meant that in the space of a day the game are 27gb of data whilst running in the background and “support” as good as said it wasn’t their problem, wouldn’t even offer “fictional in game currency” to replace the £40 I had to pay to replace the data, shame as it really makes it hard to say nice things about a wonderful game.Version: 2.10.0

Play something elseExtremely pay to win. No new content in almost a year (3x3 arena total reskin of normal arena). Prices of in game packs are absurd. You will regret playing this. Play something else..Version: 2.00.0

Pathetic CompanyBeen playing for 8 months. Nothing new in the game. Always being told lies on new content. Can’t provide anything to the community. Unfortunate to be run be a greedy casino..Version: 2.00.0

A bit disappointingSo basically it has all the makings of a fun mobile game. The concept is quite good, and would make for an interesting game, sadly they’ve gone for the two biggest things that ruin mobile games. 1. An energy system that means you can’t actually play as much or as often as you’d like to 2. A horrendous amount of pay to win options that flash up in your face often making you close 4 tabs of ads before you can even start playing. It’s also a little disappointing that the summoning gems you use to get hero’s are all loot rolls with a tiny percentage of actually getting the higher tiers of champions which of course just encourages more p2w than actually playing the game. Even the loot upgrades are purely based around luck rolls. If those two issues were fixed I would rate it 5 star how ever, with this much reliance on micro transactions sadly it’s just “yet another barely okay mobile game” nothing like the “console level experience” they get all their sponsored streamers/youtubers to claim. Hope this helps someone make an informed decision about what they’re downloading 🙂.Version: 4.20.0

Not very interactiveFeels more like a solo game. You kill stuff when you are the only one on the screen with the mob. Other people can help if it is a group kill like clan boss, but they help by being alone with the mob just like you and the damage you both deal will count towards the mob. Pvp is essentially the same thing. You are alone on the screen with the other player. Actually, the other player doesn’t get to control his team. It is AI controlled sonce he is the one defending from combat initiated by you. Combat is sort of like final fantasy where you are the only one in combat and your champions just stand there until it is there turn to make a move. Hope this helps. Also, nor world to interactive with because this isn’t a rpg. You just sit in your base the entire time doing stuff e.g. arena, clan boss, dungeons..Version: 4.40.3

Too pay to with and luck based for meOn the whole the game is good, you can happily play in your own bubble for a while but you quickly discover that unless you get lucky with shard pulls (or throw lots of money at the game) you can’t compete with people who are. Arena will be a no go it’s much more about the toons you pull than your gaming ability and all the events and tournaments will be won by those spending money so there will be no rewards there. You get stuck in the PvE content as well as most areas require a subset of specific toons which you are highly unlikely to have. After playing for 6 months I managed to pull 1 legendary and he was mediocre and not able to help me progress. One of the most annoying ares of the game is probably upgrading gear, you’ve no idea how much in game currency it will cost as it’s random whether you item will upgrade after you fork out the silver. I play other similar mobile games where players can choose which characters to go after, thus makes for a much more level playing field.Version: 5.20.0

👎🏽 YOU GUYS ROBBED ME!!🤬Acct name: M!kę¥ …this happened a month ago mid July 2021. I was relentless asking Plarium support for my account back and following as instructed what to do to retrieve back the account where i believe i spent over 1k in just a month🤷🏻‍♂️ i ALWAYS pay to play and would of spent ten folds IF ONLY i was given back my account that got kicked off somehow, NOT BY ME and none of my password works as well smh. Then they ask u to identify yourself in several ways (i also had all screen shots of my account) I truly had so much fun playing Raid, and its the perfect pocket draining type where u always felt like u cant pass up on such deals. But you guys flat out robbed me and made it too difficult w deleted previous convos for some reason and i again have to explain myself, send screen shots so on n so forth🥱 I can only imagine how many others got screwed by this process, what a shame becuz its def a cool game i would easily 5star review, playing atleast 6-7 hrs/day and was not slowing down at all. Games like this are obviously most successful w pay to play, the least you guys can do is improve your tech support and not leaving us remembering how badly robbed we were from Raid😞 PLEASE ATTEMPT TO GIVE BACK MY ACCOUNT , somehow compensate for the past few months of progress lost ….or just GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK that i’ll gladly donate to the next mobile game i fall for. How upsetting.Version: 4.50.0

Bad gameIt’s aids shadow legends, been TLOS 2 is better.Version: 2.00.0

Awesome GameThe game has been great but now so frustrated playing because it crashes to often ........ I hope this will be fixed soon otherwise will need to find something else to spend my $$$.Version: 1.15.2

Poor support, devs only interested in cashing in!!This is a great game, highly addictive and looks great. Unfortunately the potential is not being realised due to several issues. To progress you need to put the hours in however the game isn’t anywhere near stable enough. Having to log out and back in dozens of times a day has left me feeling frustrated. Then there’s the cost to run this game. If you want to progress quickly and get top characters you gotta spend. This isn’t an issue if you’re guaranteed something decent for a substantial outlay. That’s not the case I’m afraid. You could easily spend hundreds and get nothing more than disappointment. Plus, in some cases, when you do make the odd purchase you could be charged several times for the 1 item. When raised with the money hungry devs, no response. Ended up raising with Apple for a refund. Regular events are great but the rewards are absolutely rubbish. Again it’s another way to make you pay to play. Again, tons of potential if the game was stable and the developers actually gave something back!.Version: 2.00.0

What a rubbish game! Nothing more but gambling and definitely NOT for childrenAt the beginning of the game was cool when I first played this game but after finished the first round of the campaign I realised this is nothing more but gambling. Upgrading artifacts/gears is a joke and all about chances. You can failed multiple times in a row even when it said the success rates are high and not to mention about low chances. In other words, the upgrade system pretty much random except for first 4 levels. To sum up, you literally go bankrupt from in game credits all the time unless you pay real money to top up of course but you most likely go bankrupt for real if you are doing so. Please DON’T let any children play this game..Version: 2.00.0

Great until it isn’tThis game has a lot going for it in graphics and diversity of characters. The challenge has been upgraded over time and there are enough game modes to keep things interesting. Where this game falters for me is in the end game play style. Simply put it’s not for me, which is why I can’t give the game max stars nor 1 star. Once you reach the end game, it purely a game of grinding for better gear and upgrading, there’s nothing interesting left to do. The getting of better gear is extremely rng based so it can take awhile as well. What drags this process down is that all you’re actually doing is trying to make a stronger team in order to complete a higher stage (or boss, or arena match) more quickly. Which is all is done on auto. Every time you log on you go to each mode, click auto, collect rewards (hope you get what you want/need) then do it again once you’ve got the energy or arena coins. Theres really no point it playing on manual either in most cases because it’s slower and repetitive, each stage replayed is going to play out similarly every time you re-play it. But some people enjoy it, and that’s cool. After a long while it’s gotten too boring for me however, and the grind to get stronger isn’t rewarding its just a cycle. To each their own, hope this helps either way..Version: 2.00.0

Pay to winPretty and kinda fun to start with , has the makings of a great great game. But they ruin it - too many simultaneous events at once overloads the player, and unless you are logged in all day every day, you have to buy if you want to finish any of the big fusions. Addition of clan vs clan is basically a spend off, or lower spend players can compete , but only by not playing for 2 weeks to save fuel/resources for a 24 hr sprint to burn it up.. not even on a weekend...Version: 5.30.0

Great game, could use some changesThe campaign is captivating, the visuals are great, the diverse heroes are amazing. BUT (big but here), if you want to play this game for its multiplayer, you’re going to have to spend money. I’ve played through 4 of the campaign quests and got I think 1 rare hero. Good luck trying to win battles with common and uncommon heroes with only 1-3 moves. AND the matchmaking system is terrible. You can have level 2 heroes in the arena and face people with all maxed out heroes. And in order to find someone that’s closer to your level, you have to refresh the list of opponents you have choices of to face. How do you do that? Oh, you have to spend gems which you can only get from doing difficult quests or paying money :) To make this game better, 1) fix the high level players being in low level ranks because of inactivity or whatever reason. 2) add more ways to get heroes other than spending money. I realize I just got into the game, but after opening all of the shards from campaigns, rewards, etc. I have like 10 out of the hundreds of heroes and they’re all common, uncommon, or duplicate heroes. Why am I getting duplicates when I just started the game? Needless to say I’m uninstalling after beating the campaign. Again, very well voiced campaign :) but otherwise there’s big glaring issues that from what I’ve read in the reviews have been going on for months.Version: 2.11.0

ExpensiveWhy shard are so expensive 1 void shard and 5k gold plus tax $40 dollars. Rip off ..Version: 0.9.4

Lovely but prepare yourself to payI love all the graphics and the game play, and there is always something to do as long you have energy. Starting with that, you definitely don’t go through this game without spending a penny. You must spend big amount of money just to get it started, otherwise you will be stuck forever and end up quitting playing. That wasn’t my case, but having started exactly a week ago, there’s not much luck on the heroes, the odds are the most terrible I have ever seen. Don’t think you will get legendary heroes with the orange crystals (which just for one is about 29 pounds!) and the odds only 6%! that is defo what makes people quit, at least if you would pay that amount of money you should be almost guaranteed a legendary heroe; another thing is the game play is very addictive as you don’t do much development through it which makes you try and pay a little bit for it; I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friends because of its cost, but I liked the gameplay just wished a little bit less expensive with better odds, otherwise it gets frustrating.Version: 1.12.8

Has potential but many fault’s !Been playing for about a year now . And the constant pop up to persuade you to purchase something gets irritating after a while . I find a lot of the store items well over priced for what you receive . Some bundles are reasonably priced where others just seem like a joke . Another issue is the shards , legendary shards are very difficult to acquire and when you finally collect enough you have a very very slight chance of acquiring a legendary hero . I’ve had 40+ legendary shards and acquired 4 legendary heroes so far . From legendary shards . The grind is good as well as gameplay there’s plenty to do . Another issue is the events and tournaments it’s impossible to focus on all you have to limit yourself to one or two in order to do well on them . The shards could have been done better like guaranteed legendary when using 10 shards etc . This game is pay to win you can advance quite far in campaign but eventually to keep up with the higher tiers in arena , tower , dungeons, factions etc you’ll need 6 star heroes , and earning chicken to rank up heroes without waisting other heroes which you’ll need for factions is a pain to . Unless you’re in a high level guild and buy them from guild store but takes a very long time . And legendary tomes to rank up skills are hard to acquire to . Still it’s worth playing for the short period till you get bored and can’t progress without spending £££ ..Version: 5.80.0

Too hyped upI have seen soo many ads since the game came out about it and I didn’t care for it at first. Then when I heard they were giving a free epic hero pack for starting players I thought I would give it a go. When I first downloaded it I barely made through the tutorial when the game closed off for ‘maintenance’ it said, then I tried to redeem the hero after the game finished updating and I couldn’t find the free hero offered in the inbox. The game is very slow paced, lacks that ‘oomph’ to make it shine and the graphics are choppy compared to the ones shown in the ads. Overall if you like it than that’s your choice but I was bored waiting for my turn to come around in the campaign. The only upside was that dragon at the beginning which I liked..Version: 2.00.0

2 starsEnjoying the game so far, it’s a little bit repetitive and I can already tell it’s going to be super a huge grind. I feel that silver could have a little bit of a buff, so low levels could potentially expand there characters a little faster. Would also keep new players a little more interested. Micro transactions are pretty in your face, I also feel that for money spent the rewards are generally underwhelming. I don’t mind games offering purchases. But to design a game around bottle necks to encourage players to make purchases is getting really old now. Having energy is frustrating. Could do with a potential buff with 1 energy per minute. A lot of attention has gone into the detail of the game. But it’s a shame to have it ruined by slowed gameplay due to be bottle necking it to get players to make purchases..... hopefully you guys could come up with a solution ? Doubt things will change..Version: 1.15.6

Could be good if developer wasn’t greedySimply put, this is a cash grab. The gameplay is fun and the grind is doable however you HAVE to pay for packs in order to really get anywhere. In other games, in game events would help the F2P player earn rewards that would otherwise have to be purchased. This is not the case here. The in game events are so incredibly outlandish in terms of points to complete that the only way to complete them is to pay money for the resources you need to complete it hence defeating the point. Recent fusion event has proved this. 20k points in a levelling event to “earn” an integral part of the limited fusion, I was prepared and made two 6 star champs and only got around 3k points. It was at that point I realised it isn’t feasibly doable as a F2P. Then after the levelling event comes a summon rush event which is again impossible without buying shards to summon with, which again gives an integral final piece to the limited fusion as a reward. Impossible to complete, BUT they will bombard you with several packs offering shards upon logging in to ensure you can complete the event.. for hundreds of ££££..Version: 1.9.0

I’ve been playing for a while and nothing good...I’ve been playing a while and nothing worth while has been done. And Darth Micro is completely right about you guys so more power to Darth..Version: 2.00.0

Great game but pricing is too steep.The game is fun but some may find the game way too Much if a grind, my biggest issue is the pricing on your in game packs, the starter pack right when you finish the tutorial is $50, REALLY!! this is seriously too much to ask of your new players, might as well make is clear as day and say we don’t care about you, all we want is your money, reduce your packs to a more reasonable price point and people might be willingly to open there wallets a little More. I was considering spending money on a few packs but when your packs literally start at $50 and go up from there you’ve already made me lock my wallet and throw away the key. A starter pack should be a little boost to just get us started in the game, $5, hell I’d even drop $10, but $50. You’re out of your mind considering I just started playing, want a 7 day goodie package, that’s another $50. Reconsider your pricing and in the long run players will be more inclined to spend some cash which will benefit the game as a whole rather then hoping the occasional Whale ( person who drops thousands on the game ) comes buy, because at that stage you’re just making it pay to win in the pvp. Rethink your business strategy devs..Version: 0.11.0

Pay to playYou literally can’t even participate in the events (let alone the tournaments) without putting money into the game. It’s extremely disappointing when you can’t play without spending minimum $100 a month on the game. They are slow to release new content and when they do, they cater everything to the whales and krakens. You have to spend thousands of dollars to even be able to do anything..Version: 2.00.0

1 star bombing until they release content or fix arenaI really liked this game. Great graphics. The story line part is great and then the game begins. Don’t expect to compete in arena, tournaments or events unless you BUY energy. Do you want to level up JUST THE SKILLS of your one character? Well you can buy 4 levels of skill upgrade for $75! ONE CHARACTER... to upgrade ONE skill 4 levels... let that sink in. Or play the game and hope you get a “book” to upgrade that one skill up one level. Never mind the ridiculous amount of silver to change out gear... there is no mix and matching gear... you equip it and BAM! Now you pay to move it or try another piece. Even though you can’t see set bonuses until 2 or 4 pieces are equipped. This game is designed by a gambling company... there is your first clue. No real content released except the 3 vs 3 arena which isn’t even 3 vs 3 arena... it’s 3 teams of 4 vs their 3 teams of 4. Oh! The amount of points you need to go to the next level in arena MOVES UP... so you’ll have enough right now... but in an hour... it moved up by 10-200 points so you better buy more energy! Don’t expect to get to platinum arena level (where you win over powered gear) as its full of players bumping each other higher and higher (moving targets remember?) and they are all geared in the platinum only gear!!! Haha! Omg I could go on and on..Version: 2.00.0

The base idea is really cool, but I’m not a fan of some of the charactersThe age rating said 12 Plus, as I had a closer look at the different champions, I saw women in revealing garments, demons, and moves called things like, hell raiser, I may sound like an old person, when I say this but, I thing it needs to either increase the age rating to 18 plus, or have a major purification update. To put it simply, stop the inappropriate junk. ( no intended offence to this ( at its base features, a very cool looking) game)..Version: 1.12.8

So many ads/pop ups!!! Why?!?!I recon 99.9% of these 5-star reviews are paid for. After all I only found out about this game because of a paid youtuber promo. The game itself is fun. Albeit a little repetitive. You select heroes, play stages on auto so you basically sit there and watch the screen doing nothing. But when you go back to the Bastion aka main page there are SO MANY ADS! I counted 7 in a row just now. They’re all internal ads to buy packs and gems and top ups but guys... get rid of this. It’s terribly desperate. We know we can pay to win. We know. I’ve been playing about 7 hours and I have 11 heroes. I’ve finished about 6-7 areas. I don’t like the crystal drop rate. It’s very low. I also don’t like that you cannot just buy the heroes you want. I love magical classes but the only mage I have is the starting character I chose. Everyone else I have summoned randomly are warriors and archers. Hmmmmmmmm..Version: 1.12.8

Great Game but Poor Business Model and CompanyOverall I like Raid the GAME, however not the company they are not here for you. Game has great graphics and so much potential. The biggest downside is the lack of content compared to the other games. They indirectly admitted they withhold content to starve the player base and try to maximize profit because of the scarcity. They only care about the bottom line and only see the player base as money bags. They treat you less than a human being. While I understand and have no issues with them making a profit. The way they go about it in poor taste compared to other games..Version: 2.00.0

Love the game but needs some changesI downloaded this and started playing, almost instantly got drawn in. Two issues have me close to quitting though. My biggest issue is there is no obvious way, if any way at all, to skip the tutorial on mobile devices (I don’t know about PC). Going through the tutorial takes 10-15 minutes, or something like that. I have had to play through it 3 times now, i just closed the game when it popped up for the 4th. The tutorial is great the first time, it was a real help, but it also is no fun after the first time because it is pretty straight forward. All I want to do is open the game, sign in and pick up where I left off when I got off my iPad. I don’t know what triggers the tutorial, I am guessing it has something to do with the fact I play on multiple devices, but you need to fix whatever is causing it to start when trying to hust play the game. Second, do something with the popups trying to sell me stuff almost every time I navigate back to the main area. I have no issue with seeing them, once a day that is, because I know the game needs to make money, and I do spend, but seeing them the third, fourth time is just annoying. Add a “don’t show again today” button or something..Version: 5.10.1

What a waste of timeUnlike Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel Stirke Force or even Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, this game offers no means of earning the character your are most interested in. There’s like 300 characters, you get at random... and to level them up is a grind, and they limit how many times you can automatically attempt a level even if you 3 starred it... and the gear system is a mess with useless tools to sort/filter what you have....Version: 2.00.0

Predatory game designGame is basically designed to draw every cent possible out of its player base. Dev company who runs it bases nearly every decision made on how much money they can make. I know there are other games out there similar and people will say well it’s a business after all but there is list really no event in game with meaningful rewards that can be completed without spending, when you get brand new champions/heroes which is the main draw in games like these it’s virtually impossible to max them all without spending more money to acquire books which are basically non existent for the average player. Servers are terrible. Had a battle pass which represented the best value of any deal in the games history that has disappeared either because the dev team can’t fix a bug it’s known about for 4 months or it realised that it actually contained too much value. Closest thing the games had to new content in the last 4-5 months is 3x3 arena mode which is just 3 different classic arena battles instead of one. RSL is basically everything that’s wrong with modern mobile gaming, a heartless, soulless money making gambling enterprise dressed up as shiny free 2 play game peddled by paid you tubers. Don not play this, I implore you..Version: 2.00.0

Addictivley good game, cleverly run by gambling company!Don't get me wrong, the game was amazing when I first started. Lots of activities for free-to-play players (like myself) at the time. They even threw in some very good deals on in-game currencies/character unlock shards/battle passes etc. However, in recent times, given the current situation the world has found itself in. The game developers have seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet. They have recently provided "new content" which is... the same content we already had... Just in a different way... This pattern of behavior towards their player Base and constant favouritism towards the players that spend thousands and thousands on this game per month, is becoming more and more apparent. They could quite easily make deals for low spenders (which could entice F2P players to spend a small amount). But they don't, I don't know who is running this company, but if they're reading this message. You could make more money selling reasonably priced packs which 3/4/5x, hell even maybe 10/20x the amount of people who already buy them. They need to learn how to keep the masses of people happy who play this game. These are the F2P players and the region of 10-50£$€ per month players. I think the developers need to take a little walk over to the RSL reddit page to find out what their CUSTOMERS think of how they are being treated..Version: 2.00.0

Raid ripoff!!Gorgeous game ! Only problem is like in all these games for you phone , if you don’t spend real money you will not be competitive at all in the arena. It’s hard to enjoy a game that you have to spend money on micro transactions. I have seen where the devs are spouting off something about resource management is a big part of the game and is a major part of the challenge. I call bull -hit on that statement when you can purchase all of the resources you need in - again the micro transactions! Not much of a challenge when you can buy everything you need. Why can you just make a game where the micro transactions are for cosmetic stuff only why have a pay to win game ? If it’s pay to win then stop saying things are a challenge. The only challenge here is the challenge of affording things to buy. Sounds like Real life to me and not a game to enjoy. The devs will say there is no paywall but that’s a lie sure you can get what you need for free but it is going to take you months to be able to really do anything. That is just not enjoyable Drudgery is not fun. I know this because I have spent money after a month of not getting the champions or the coins to upgrade them properly. I’m sure they won’t respond to this review but if they do I am sure they will say I am wrong and can get all I need for free. That is not a lie I guess per say but it will take you forever. You will get bored way before you will enjoy the grind..Version: 1.7.2

Pretty gamePretty game with good graphics. That’s about it. Drains the batteries, if you don’t want to spend money, be ready for lots and lots of grinding. Long and boring grinding because there’s no skip for the stages that you’ve beaten even with three stars. Too many heroes, not enough space to collect them and you need to have the heroes because there’s an option to fuse heroes and get an epic or even legendary. Heroes are summoned random. You never know who you gonna get. Getting epic heroes not that hard, but legendary drop rate is at best 12% on double chance events. Regularly only 6% and that’s with gold shards of which you may get 6 or 7 in the game unless you’re willing to spend money on packs. Yes there are some events where you can get the shards as rewards, but you need to collect a whole lot of points which means hours and hours of grinding. A 5 star rare armor that you can buy at the market for let’s say 300,000 silver you may get from a certain stage and if you decide to sell that armor, you’ll get only 15,000 in silver maybe. Upgrading armor costs silver. Upgrading is by chance. The higher the armor level, the lower the chance and higher the cost. It could cost anywhere from 5-10 million per armor to get it to max 16 level. You can finish the storyline in 2-3 weeks depending on the time you put into it. After that it’s just about arena and getting stronger to beat some stages that drop artifacts to make you stronger(lol) Like I said. A pretty game..Version: 1.10.0

P2W Events IncreasingThe events are further and further out of reach for f2p. You won’t get any of the epic or legendary skill books from the events unless you pay!.Version: 2.00.0

Missions/challenges need serious reworkThis is a fun game and a good time waster. Lots of content and they are very generous with rewards and energy in the beginning. The graphics are fantastic, there are quests/missions/challenges to keep you busy and give direction. HOWEVER, whoever designed the progression for the missions/challenges needs do a serious analysis and revision based on how a player progresses. You can literally spend hours and a thousand energy trying to find a piece of 3* armor with a specific primary stat from the normal version of the 2nd campaign. Normally this might be fine, but by the time this mission is available you have already cleared all 12 campaigns on normal and can easily do hard where there is a much better drop chance for 3* gear. So you end up mindlessly running the same mission over and over and over and over and over just got get a piece of gear that you will immediately sell, and get rewarded with 50 energy for your efforts. All so you can unlock the next set of challenges. Don’t get me wrong, I think the game is great, but with missions/challenges providing direction and rewarding for your efforts, there needs to be some serious thoughts on tweaking some of them to better reflect where the player is at in the game and how useful the achievement actually is....Version: 1.5.6

Reluctantly giving 1 starThis is my second review with the same title with the same score. This is, at its core, an excellent game, having got past early bug problems which every game has. The developers are adding new features, modifying current ones and expanding character classes quite nicely. That’s the good parts. PVP balance needs a rethink. Take the legendary character Warlord. If you put decent gear on him and pair him with another character with resurrection he becomes unbeatable. If you kill him first he gets resurrected. If you try to kill him second his cool downs activate too quickly, disabling all but the base skill on your characters permanently. Although I couldn’t kill him, he couldn’t kill me, leaving a stalemate. I left the match running hoping a draw would be declared at 10min. The timer went past 10 and I had no option but to surrender, even though my 4 characters were in full health to his one. This isn’t the first time a match has reached a stalemate, usually with one of my characters left battling one of my opponents. If both have sufficient self healing the the match can’t be won. 3 times I’ve let the timer go past 10 min, only to reluctantly concede the match. In these circumstances a draw should be declared and both players given half the rewards, instead of loosing points for a match you neither won nor lost..Version: 1.11.2

Poor Loyalty to CustomersIt’s time to drop some content and start treating the average player like an asset. It appears Plarium is only catering to short term financial gains instead of laying the foundation for long term success..Version: 2.00.0

Crash after crash with OSYes the game has great graphics and characters but you will find yourself constantly reloading the app as you can’t freely go from 1 area to another.(Crash/reload)can’t upgrade characters then continue fitting in any battle ground(Crash/reload).Faction wars is particularly bad when attempting to beat the main boss(Crash/reload). Game sometimes loads and you find your characters have lost their equipment(reload). When running multi battle of which you get 30/day game craps out usually after about 6 games (Crash/reload) After every reload you get a message requesting you to hit yes or no to send to the developer so you can help fix the game. I have easily sent 100 plus of these over the months I have been playing and still nothing. The game is to big for an app. Wonder how users with tablets get on. Come on guys fix your game. This is like Bill Gates with windows 98 (Crash/reload).Version: 3.30.0

Too many ads.I doubt the company will read this message but here goes.. I’ve been playing the game for a few weeks now and really like the gameplay. The graphics are great and the fights really bring you into the game itself. However, I am constantly bombarded with advertisements to buy in-game items to the point where I forget I am even playing the game and i lose that submersible playing experience where I could have one day spent money without these extra ads. Every time I log in, I am spammed with full-screen in-game item purchases and even after fighting in the dungeons or in campaigns, I come back to the main lobby and more ads will appear. Yes, you have a great game but rather than making people want to spend money on their own, it feels like I am being dictated to empty my wallet every time I go to the lobby. This is why I a lower rating and not something higher. Thank you..Version: 2.20.0

Been playing since betaLack of content after playing for 2 years. Started in September 2018. Devs are money hungry and unresponsive. Updates are constantly delayed. A great product to lure you in like a drug dealer but like any hard drug it just gets worse the longer you play. Stay far far away! Spend your time elsewhere. Viva la revolution. You earned the bad review now CLAIM IT!.Version: 2.00.0

Was great. Devs got greedyGame started out amazing. It was new and different. Similar style to other game with differences that made it unique. Tons of free content and devs that gave out free stuff which made you think they cared. Lately however, the devs have fallen into the corrupted state of greed. They no longer care about the player base and make all of they content decisions based on analytics. They are alienating the content creators on YouTube for speaking out and ignoring what both they and the player base ask for. They have made promises about content releases which keeping being either cancelled or delayed. Every time there is an update there are at least three days of bugs to follow..Version: 2.00.0

Bad customer servicePlayed for a few months. Paywalls everywhere. Once bought a 6 month raid pass and it kept deactivating for no reason each month. Had to open tickets each time to have them reactivate it. Complained on the forum and my comment disappeared shortly after. Each game update, they have to implement patches to fix the original updates cuz it bugs all the time. Worst immature dev crew. Finally, new content almost never shows up, which makes the game boring af..Version: 2.00.0

Money Sink. Absolute garbage.Please do not make the same mistake I did and make purchases in this game. Of course you’ll be hounded with in game ads every time you log in, so it will be difficult. I thought the purchases I made would help my game experiences. They didn’t. I got new units, but they were all weak. Plarium makes PVE and PVP dependent on a unit’s combat power. Units with greater rarity, legendary being the highest, have greater power. You can get a legendary unit with sacred shards at approximately 0.05% chance. Never mind that it take a ridiculous amount of time and resources just to get one for free. Once a month if you’re consistent. That means even after playing the game for 10 years, after earning 120 sacred shards, you probably won’t get a legendary unit. PVE scaling is ridiculously unbalanced. You get the same low end rewards for beating a campaign stage on Normal compared to Brutal. Really? Wow. Never mind that all the units are just different skins of each other with different abilities. If you are rich and easily amused, then by all means play this over hyped game. Join the thousands of others like you willing to spend $$$ just to win a tournament that rewards you with the relentless gear set which is also garbage. I wish Plarium would refund me all the money I spent on this terrible game. That probably won’t happen. If you’re a free to play enthusiast, avoid this game like you would SARS-Cov-2. Otherwise, have at it..Version: 3.21.0

One of the worst games i’ve ever playedAt first, this game seemed ok. but as you play, you see that everything that was supposed to make the game great, is just completely false. the “graphics that rival console games” was 100% true, it could give the ps2 a good fight. The “spectacular story” is just completely false, I didn’t understand what was going on at any point in time and the emotional scenes are dry and pointless (just like the rest of the game) simply because I do not know or care about any characters in the game. The “thrilling gameplay” was less gameplay and more tap a character and watch them get hit and loose a bit of health. I would seriously prefer doing anything rather than sitting and watching the boring gameplay the game has to offer. But the cherry on top is the whole “400 unique characters” thing. They basically give you one to start with and the rest is up to you: but the entire thing is just to get your money. you give them way to much money, and then you have a small chance to get something half decent; The technical term for it would be gambling, but they have to mask it as otherwise to keep the title “kids game”. Not to Mention that every character is either white or not a human, but you can take that how you want it. Undoubtedly one of the worst, most disappointing, dry, boring game i’ve ever played. 0/10, would not recommend playing..Version: 3.30.0

Massive update, still no upgraded space for new things.This game is constantly pushing new stuff without expanding the space we have to contain these new items and champions. It doesn’t make sense and punishes players who are genuinely enjoying playing the game. We are willing to PAY to expand things, you don’t want our money to make the game more enjoyable for ourselves? K. But I’m writing a bad review until you finally turn on the features you told us on Discord a month ago that were implemented. Oh yeah, for those who don’t know they told us on Discord that they would have game downtime while they implemented the new hardware for the upgraded spaces (and there was a lot of downtime then for it) but now we’re constantly being told “later” or “soon”, only to find out we’re getting a massive update soon (2.30 with doom tower and many new champs and gear sets) but they said there’s no talk about when they will turn on the upgraded artifact/champion inventory space. What an absolute shame for players who actually enjoy playing the game, which there can’t be many of left at this point... I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and have watched so many mass hordes of players leave this game is disgusting and could be avoided if the dev team/community managers were realistic about when they would release stuff and were more transparent with us instead of lying constantly to our faces and stringing us along..Version: 2.35.0

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