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BitLife app received 26 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bitlife?

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Too many addsI love to game but it feels like every 10 seconds you get a add for premium and it is very hard to play please stop putting so many adds in the game.Version: 1.37.1

Things to be addedI’ve only recently downloaded the game. My boyfriend introduced it to me a few days ago. Since then I’ve been slightly addicted. There are a few things I would love to be added to make it seem more realistic. I would love it if we were able to know about our siblings. It would also be really cool if we actually knew what our children get up to once they go to University. Like if we’re grandparents or what job they get or if they get married. Stuff like that. It would also be fun if once we died we were given our stats for our life. How many times we were married, how many grandkids, vacations, hook ups, anything significant that happened in our lives. We should also be able to get a part time job and have our first relationships well before 18. Don’t get me wrong, just because I’m sending in a review saying what I would like to be added to the game, it most certainly does not mean I dislike the game by any means..Version: 1.0

Ads ads adsWay to much adds.Version: 1.37.1

UnfairI feel it is unfair that we have to pay money just to choose our hairstyle..Version: 1.35.1

RACISTWhere’s the country Palestine in the game???? It’s MY Country THAT IM from and it’s not even there. I would’ve even payed for the membership but I automatically deleted it. Palestine IS REAL. 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 get it or I’m never recommending this game to anyone.Version: 1.38.3

It’s great but I have a questionSo,BitLife is great. But why can’t you have twins or triplets etc? It’s supposed to be a life simulator and it happens almost every day. And also why do we have to share BitLife in order to join social media? I like the idea and all , but on normal messaging it doesn’t work for me. So different types of social media that you can share BitLife on need to be used because most people can’t be bothered to use normal messaging or they don’t have the money to send the darn message😑 Also- couldn’t you have a bigamist option?( if u don’t know what it means it basically where you are married to more than one person) maybe when they propose you could do an engagement party option too??? And I would also like if you can actually customise your character in it because most people might agree when I say this , but they really don’t feel comfortable with either the skin colour that they are receiving on their person or the hairstyle blah blah blah. And there also should be an option where you could DM a celebrity from either real life or a made up celeb if you have joined social media and see if they can respond? More jobs should be available as well and possibly more ribbons..Version: 1.31.1

Minor bugs/Errors that may need fixingOverall, I absolutely love BitLife. Literally play it daily. I’ve bought all their is to be bought on this game but I realised, sometimes with friendship scenarios, there would be a dilemma where a friends spouse would make a move onto our character. It gives you the option to either advance in their motives, or tell your friend that their spouse is cheating on them. Either way, whatever is chosen I noticed when you go to look on that friends profile, it says “marital status: Single” Furthermore onto this review, I noticed when characters are sometimes divorced their marital statuses say divorced or widowed. Now on this same friend of my characters, I had the invite from her to celebrate her divorce years later. I accepted the invite and I looked onto said friends profile and it still said “single” which doesn’t really add up and seems like a minor bug. Overall I love the game but there’s also an issue with family generations , why whenever one of our character have nieces and nephews their next generation doesn’t have cousins etc ?.Version: 1.46.2

PROMOTING SUICIDEI have been using BitLife for a while now and I only just realised something very disturbing about the game. THERE IS AN OPTION TO END YOUR LIFE. Instead of having an option to start a new game there is litterally an option to commit suicide. This is teaching the many young impressionable kids that suicide is an option!!!!!! It is wrong and disturbing on so many levels and also triggering. It is telling young kids that if they don’t earn a lot of money or don’t have a good family that they can just kill themselves and do it again. Except in real life you can’t go back. This needs to be changed immediately or I will have to take this further..Version: 1.12

TerribleThis game can have up to 6 adverts on per life excluding three bit life special edition adverts that last about 2 minutes each but you have to pay for. Whenever you do lots of things in one year trying to win a badge you will die at about 25 and receive mediocre after spending time with everyone at least 15 times and to be honest trying to do that is so boring. Whenever you try to be friends with someone their green doesn’t even go up. Escaping jail is ridiculous and when your on the run shouldn’t someone catch you? Shouldn’t you have to leave work or pay for a baby sitter when you have a baby? When your robbing a house why would the drug dealer call the cops? That’s a bit risky isn’t it? You should have to buy a house or end up homeless or get a car to go to work. I love the idea of this but you don’t just randomly die after a massive heart attack when you’ve kept your character in perfect health at the doctors , gym and on a diet. Way way to many ads leaving me frustrated and therefore I have decided to delete the game. If I have a spare 5 minutes I want to spend it playing the game not watching adverts. Terrible service, not impressed..Version: 1.34.1

Tapping my phoneHearing a static when I go on the app it starts then stops as if it’s beeping but it’s just static makes me feel as if my phones being tapped by you guys because BitLife is the only app that static’s fix this asap very concerning.Version: 1.39.1

Not so sure about this appI think it’s recording what u say cuz everytime I go on the app i hear static noises on the mic and it creeps me out!.Version: 1.38.3

😔The fact that god mode is a one time purchase just pisses me of!.Version: 1.33

Scam artistsI’ve been playing daily for two years, I’ve paid for both bitcitizenship and god mode, I’ve told plenty of people about this app - but when something randomly goes wrong, I can’t get any type of response. This is so depressing, seeing the app constantly post on their social media, but I’ve constantly commented and emailed and even messaged on Instagram - I’ve heard nothing back. This is absolutely so heart breaking. Don’t waste your money on this, they don’t bother helping when you need it! Complete scam artists..Version: 1.45.1

WTHWhy do I have to pay for god mode if I’m already a bitzen?!!?.Version: 1.33

Refund please :’(Thought the game was great, then I paid $7 for an “all access one time purchase” only to realize that I still don’t have access to everything in the game. Very disappointed to be jibbed out of my $7. Apple doesn’t judge my reason to be worthy of a refund. Please give me a refund..Version: 1.35.1

Too many advertisements scaring me away from gameThis is such a great app and i’ve been playing bitlife for years now (I still do.) But nowdays I don’t really play bitlife anymore, the main reason for that is because there are WAY TO MANY ads. I understand hey are there to promote and profit but I am not joking, I literally have an ad every 5 or so actions I take. It drives me nuts. In the end I always rage quit thte game and probably don’t play again for a solid month. I really love all the new feautres bitlife has and it makes me want to play even more, but with a 30-60 second ad every minute of gameplay, I just lose interest in the game and get put off. It would be great if bitlife could have less advertisments or add skip buttons to the ads at least, because with there are already so many games and apps out there with advertisements and frustratingly, bitlife has the most ads Ive ever seen. By far the most. Please have a read of this and really consider my words because I pretty much don’t play the game anymore, I might not if it continues like this. It would really be great to have less ads because then I can spend more time playing bitlife and may invest in it. Thank you!.Version: 1.37.1

Pretty great game!I’m loving the game so far... all the updates bring awesome new things! I have a few suggestions, like maybe in the crime section you can add street gangs, that maybe approach you or you meet through friends and you can have an option to join, or maybe it’s even your family line to be in a gang! And maybe for the job section you can make being a pro sport player an option? Like getting scholarships in university and being able to get famous from it? And maybe if you’re famous your kids might inherit some fame? And also in the crime section, maybe add dealing drugs as an illegal job? And maybe becoming a hitman? Just some suggestions that I think would make the game super fun, great game so far!! (Update: I am not enjoying the game as much because I bought the time machine use twice, and it sent me a receipt saying I bought it, but it doesn’t work and I want my money back. So if you guys could fix that or give me a refund that would be great.).Version: 1.35.1

MilitaryPlease change the missions for the military. Minesweeper gets old very fast and is annoying to do please fix this.Version: 1.46.2

40 second adds every 30 secondsIt’s super annoying the amount of adds.Version: 1.37.1

Paywall here paywall there.I now have to pay to do things in the game that I could do for free in the past. Takes away from the experience and makes me less tolerant of ads. That doesn’t mean I’m going to pay to take away the ads, that means I’m uninstalling the app because it’s not worth my time..Version: 1.35.1

Pay to play not even winShouldn't be listed as a free game. You can't play more than 30 seconds without a 30 second ad, even with data off. I get they wanna make money but come on now. Don't advertise as a free game if people can't even actually play without paying.Version: 1.32.1

Way to many adds! :(Bite life was my fav game I use to play it with out wifi for no adds! But the new update added way to many adds there’s adds for everything u wanna do now! There not even 3 Seconds they are 30 seconds I hate bite life now I’m going to Delete it ! If there’s gonna be no more adds I’ll redownload 🥺🦶🏽.Version: 1.26

Too much adsMaybe turn it down a notch’s with the ads.Version: 1.38

An achievement is 10 abortions?Really? Having goals, achievements etc is great but seeing 10 abortions listed as an achievement was really offensive! (Minus 2 stars!) Also when you do adopt a child they’re forever known as your adopted son or daughter. I wish there was a better way to list that in game. That part is upsetting to some people too. While I know the game isn’t meant to be completely PC or uptight because it’s just a game but PLEASE remove the “10 abortion achievement” or anything like that. No one lives like that no matter their views (pro life or pro abortion). Beyond that, the game has been really fun and at the same time can be frustrating as there’s no stopping the things that will pop up. Eg in one game no matter what you do you’ll get thrown out of med school and no one ever listens to your reviews. Yet another game it got boring as all I could do was one job. But hey... that really is life... to a point. I still can’t work out how to add scenarios I created into my own game. Oh well. I’d like to see the spouses annual income get added to the net worth too. If they’re going to get half of everything when they leave (divorce), they should put something in to start with at least, not just when they die..Version: 1.19.1

Animation sucksBring back the old version the new animation sucks.Version: 1.35.1

Slightly horrifyingStarted making weird static-y spyware type sounds from the speaker whenever I opened it. Relatively new problem, as I had been playing since around mid 2019. Can’t play anymore, not only bc of the ads, but also the creepy noises. Freaks me out too much..Version: 1.37.1

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of BitLife to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a BitLife customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using BitLife.

Is BitLife not working?

BitLife works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact BitLife.

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