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Love this game but it needs more updates.First off I love this game and it’s so addicting to play. I would have to say I love all the updates but there needs to be more. There needs to be child abductions as scary as it is but it happens but with that needs to be ways to keep kids safe. There needs to be an option where there can be custody battles in divorces and if the child’s old enough they can pick with who they want to live with. There needs to be an option we’re kids can get taken by the state but also given back, or where parents can give their children up to a family member or friend or take a family members child if taken or an accident happens to them. There needs to be online dating and possibilities to run into famous people. There needs to be where people can stay in contact with family or grow old and the parent not have to die to move on to the next generation. That way parents can take their children to see grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins. There needs to be holidays and birthdays. There needs to be more abilities to have affairs with co workers, bosses or teachers. Why not be able to choose who to play if a women and man split up. Real life stuff that happens easier drug addictions and prostitution, because unfortunately that stuff happens and maybe someone can see how bad it is from playing the game and choose not to go down that path in real life. Once again I love the game and can’t wait and want to see more as soon as possible..Version: 1.23.1

Well presented, enjoyable game.I downloaded this on a whim & was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had playing it. Improvements for me would include more options for activities, such as spending time with friends. Adding more ways to improve your appearance such as getting a new haircut, dental work or buying new clothes. Also seemed a little off when I suddenly struggled to get a college spot when I was Mexican, despite being 100% across the board for stats & finding it super easy on a previous play through despite lower stats. Also found it a little odd I couldn’t pick my sexuality. I know it’s not a choice in real life, being gay myself, but found it a struggle to play a character who happily had a girlfriend one minute, & then suddenly took her to a gay movie & wanted a boyfriend a moment later. Lastly, I think you should have more choices in relationships, such as where to go on dates, whether to use protection & fool around etc. Didn’t annoy me to start with, but when I’m 14 & at elementary school, I don’t think I should be getting my girlfriend pregnant without having a choice in the matter. All in all though, it’s a fun game..Version: 1.6

Love the gameI love this game it is so addicting and fun! It would be great if you could see some more stats like your craziness or stuff like that and maybe make it that there are more sexuality’s like pansexual and queer and maybe before you confirm your sexuality it just says unknown, also add more gender things like non binary and gender queer as well. I still love the game and I think that you guys are doing amazing with the new updates.Version: 1.24

Amazing game, but some ideasI freaking love this game and can’t stop playing it but... I have some ideas on what you can possibly strive to put into your game in the future. I would like to see the addition of electronics and technology as feature in the game some ideas being: Devises such as (Computers, Phones, Tablets and Consoles), Video Games (Being able to boost happiness), a Online Stock Market, a Online Bank Account (Where you can put money in and be granted interest), New Jobs possibly being (Hackers, Online Business’s and things like Youtubers or even expand on the idea of Social Media) I know it is impossible for you to add everyone’s suggestions but thanks you taking time out of your day to read this..Version: 1.23.1

More Features Please :)BitLife is my current favourite game. I love the interactions in game and how realistic it is. Yet, i manage to come up it’s some features that could be added for more realistic effects. More crime options! We already have murdering someone but it would be cool to have more like, stealing, sexual assault and things like that. More relationships! I’d love to have the ability to make friends, see who your friends are or even backstab your friends. Jobs! I think there should be the ability as a teenager to go to school and have a part time job on the side, like a barista, fast food worker, ect. It’ll awesome if we could become a celebrity by doing major or minor things to the community. Like, becoming an influencer, singer/dancer, or a movie/tv show director. If movie director or creator becomes a job, we should be able to name the TV show/Movie and explain what it’s about and gather the cast. Imagine if your movie/TV show gets so popular you can earn a truckload if money, gain fame, have cast meetups and merchandise for the show! Speaking of merchandise I recommend making a YouTuber an occupation, where you can have meetups and merchandise if your big enough. I’ve recommended BitLife to my best friend and she is a huge fan of it. We love to play it offline and online and we love sharing what happens in our BitLifes. Thank you for taking the ideas into consideration..Version: 1.8.1

The best game ever but can you add…Hi i absolutely love bitlife I am literally addicted but the game would be even better with the following - when you are a teenager you are able to get a job so paying for university is easier if you have to pay a student loan - you are able to buy pets!! wether it be a dog, cat or fish, it’d be super cool to have a pet in the game. it would be an extra expense to pay as well - when you are a teenager there should be an option to ‘move out of home’ or when you finish school you can chose to move out or stay living with your parents - it would be super cool if sometimes in the game while you are a kid, it says ‘your parents are deciding to move, which city should they move to…’ and you get to pick which city - there needs to be more options to do when you are a kid. It could be going to the park, going to a friends house, going to the pool, getting invited to a friends house, getting invited to a party. those options would be really cool. - I want there to be more options to make your person smarter. Yes u can go to the library and study harder but there should be an option like, do extra homework or study sessions thank u and if you consider these options to the game it would make it even better!!’.Version: 1.12

Ehh..... Here’s what I think.....The game is solid, before all the updates I LOVED this game, and played it everyday, but just some turn offs in bitlife for me, a lot of the time you never ACTUALLY find your hidden talent, I feel like in the beginning of your life your parents should say “what do you want to be when you grow up” then you have options to chose what you want to be like a singer, or businessman, stuff like that, then depending on there personalities if they’re mean or nice, poor, or rich, you can ask them for lessons to do that thing you want to do, it’s very laggy too only when your trying to rob or escape prison and it’s kinda hard trying to steal a crystal from a boomer while 5 cops are in the house and it’s lagging, I feel like not so much you should have to buy, maybe if you could chose how you look, because not everyone wants to depend on the “random generator” to get EXACTLY what they want, and if you have a criminal record you should be able to ask your parents or girlfriend or someone you know to clear your record so you can get a job, and go to collage, and flip your life around, In all the game is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ because I don’t like how it turned out, maybe if some of the updates weren’t to happen I’d be okay, but it’s kinda a downdate, The game is good though so that’s why 3 and not 2 or 1 hope the developers use my ideas, make the game better, and fix the patches,.Version: 1.45.1

Jobs, money... and petsFirst of all, I have to say that I am a obsessed with this game! I really love playing it. However, I’m finding problems with earning money and buying a house. I always end up buying my first house at around age 50 because my character is busy in school, college and university. Therefore, I think it would be really great if you could start working at 16 years old and start saving up money to buy a house or a car etc. Your character should be able to work whilst going through school, college or university at a coffee shop or something. This way you can save money and have work experience. And the pets, I don’t want to pay actual real life money (£2.99) for a dog now and then, nor do I want to watch a video. The fact you have to pay to buy a puppy, kitten, or exotic pet is ridiculous. Not joking, I wanted to delete the game. There should me no VIP bits in the game depending on wether you have paid the £2.99 or not. This game is for all of us to enjoy, not all of us to spend our money on..Version: 1.13.1

I like the new update, I just want a few more features.Ok it is a awesome game don't get me wrong and I know you just updated but when I go to the salon and I color my hair, it doesn't change my bitlife character. I think if you go to the salon you should be able to pick your hair color and pick what style, and then your bitlife character should change, I think it would be more fun. I love the idea of the school thing, but there needs to be more cause whenever I finish school I just start a new character because you can't really do anything at your job or university, but work harder and study more. so I think you should make university and your job more fun too. You should also add more mini games like when you're doing a sport in school or an after school activity. can you please get rid of the feature where you have to send a message to yourself when you do social media, Whenever I do social media, I have to text myself a bunch of stuff so I don't want that feature anymore, cause I just have a bunch of bitlife text messages to myself. And there should be more stuff to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend like go to the club or ask them to give money to people instead of wasting all your money have them waste their money. I'm not saying you have to do this now just maybe for the future, if not, I'm not gonna be mad, because I love this game it's ok if you don't add my features just maybe, something to look into in the future..Version: 1.23.1

I lobe BitLife Just a few ideas✔️I Love Bitlife!,Me and my friends Play it all the time But we have some ideas.( 1 ) To Be able it you have a divorce with your partner you can go to court of who keeps the kids/kid. ( 2 ) More crimes...( 3 ) be able to customise your character and maybe control your looks and smarts (Because I hate having to restart the life until I get good stats ( 4 ) Be Able to have kids at 10 and over ( and be able to get kicked out by your family like if you have kids to early ( 5 ) be able for your partner to leave you if they don’t want kids ( 6 ) if you get in a car crash be able to get heart, Kidney,Brain Transplant if the hospital declines your request you can buy one on the black market. ( 7 ) be able to marry a famous person and all ( 8 ) Your parents able to Divorce for like two years then Re-Marry Kill eachother ( 9 ) be able to abuse or be abused by parents or yourself (10 ) be able to interact with your friends. Thanks if you read my review! 😄.Version: 1.25

Love this game just some suggestionsI love this game and the fact that there are more options to interact in school/university and I was thinking it would be nice to interact with your colleagues the same way at work. Things like making interacting with your colleagues and boss, trips for work, work place affairs, and the ability to make friends at work. There should also be more options to interact with friends and maintain them outside of school. It would also be cool to be able to have more texting options not just with ex’s but also with spouses, friends, family, boy/girlfriends, and acquaintances at work or school. Another idea is job options that involve social media like being an influencer or Instagram model where you can make money without technically having a job or still being in school and athletic jobs such as professional athletes, gymnasts, or dancers would be a good way to take into account the athletic skills of your character. There could also be options like opening up businesses or having your family have their own business and it being passed down to you or getting a better shot at a job because your parents worked there. Internships would also be a good way to have a better chance at getting a job and could be offered to high school and college students. Those are just some ideas but keep up the good work this game just keeps getting better and better!.Version: 1.24

Amazing game!! Suggestions..I’ve been playing this game since it’s early stages and have really enjoyed the regular updates and enjoyable additions that have been added throughout the year. I have a couple of suggestions of things i would love to see in the game..! The ability to make friends and have them in your relationship bar. I think that it would be interesting to make friends through school and work and be able to hold those friendships through the life. Another addition would be hair colour. I would love to be able to change the colour of my characters hair in the salon and maybe even piercings and tattoos? Also i think a spy career and illegal career paths would be an interesting addition. I think you should be able to see your own popularity bar in school like you can see other people’s, you could change your own popularity through scenarios and things you do. Thanks for the game it’s really fun and i would love to see some of my suggestions added into the game :) ! ❤️.Version: 1.22.1

Great game but could be improvedI love this game so much and really enjoy playing. I like how every character is different and the chance to do all kinds of different things. I also don’t feel too pressured to pay money to play and so don’t dislike the game makers (I have deleted games which made me feel forced to pay money). I just think that it could be improved just a little bit as the gameplay can get a little repetitive after a while. First, I wish that if I was adopted as a baby I could find my birth parents and have a friendly relationship. I also think it would be cool if in the game you could have child stardom and become famous by joining an agency or something when you are just a child (kid dancers, actors/actresses, musicians etc). I would also love for there to be more parent/kid interactions (toxic relationships, pushy parents etc) just to make things a bit more entertaining. Overall, a really good and fun game which would just be slightly edited to improve.Version: 1.32.1

Really good game! Also some suggestions!😁❤️I really really love this game! It’s quite addicting sometimes, I love the situations and jobs and.. everything! Also some suggestions that would be really cool! 1. Be able to buy phones 2. To have uncles, Aunties, etc! 3. When you emigrate to another country, you would be able to pick what city to live in. (You don’t have to do them, but literally it would be really cool if you added them!) Thank you for making this game! From Ariki..Version: 1.29

Add more!I love the game but after a while with the same options it can get boring, so I think it would be cool to... -have cousins -have activities out of school -need groceries (it would be more of a challenge to have a successful life being worried about having food etc) -have consequences if you haven’t bought a home (typically people move out of their parents houses when they’re 18 or going to college and university) -be born into fame -have more options when you’re in an orphanage -go to private schools if your parents are rich -have outfits -be able to have a baby at a younger age than 16 -have more than one boyfriend (be able to cheat) -have a phone and be able to text your friends -add an option where you can press a month button (like the age button so basically you can do more in a year) -able to have a group of have friends (create a “squad”).Version: 1.38.3

UpdatesYou should mate it so you can take bank loans but you pay with Interest, Also building businesses for example, taking a loan from a bank to buy a business or build one but take the loan at your own risk, if failed to pay with such a high rate, your flash cars,houses,boats,planes get taken away and you go to fail for not paying the bills. That’ll be my dream also when owning a house u can rent it out and start your own realestate business and become one of the richest people in BitLife.Version: 1.47.4

Future updateGood stuff for a new upgrade: -Add Olympics Games or world competition for people in sports jobs. -Make a couple more new proffessionnal sports jobs such as : Boxer, MMA fighter (could be linked to the Martial Arts training in mind & body), golfer, tennis player, driving championship (F1, Nascar), etc. -Maybe also include some new stuff that can make you create your own business and be your own boss. Hire staff, manage your finance, invest, etc. -Purse market could also be a great add...Version: 1.47.3

Entertaining & AddictiveI love this game and all the updates make it better and better, but we NEED a prison update! such as, more things to do in prison, more activities/situations with other prisoners, gang activities, etc. I also think when parents separate and they have kids, you can choose or go to court for who gets custody of said kids. And when you start off as a kid, your parents house/house you live in should show up in “assets” and you should be able to select activities to do at your home like, chores for money from your parents, play outside, etc. I think it would also be cool to be able to start off as an orphan in an orphanage and be able to do activities and engage with other orphans as a child, and we should have kindergarten for toddlers too! but other than all that, its a very fun, addicting, funny game that has heaps of potential. Big ups to the devs..Version: 1.42.1

CAR UPDATEOur bit people can commit crimes but it would be cool if someone could break into our houses or steal our cars or like crazy exes might try to murder us or our new spouses just to add a little spice (also opens the door for witness protection which could be cool you can change your name and are randomly generated new hair and get moved to a random country). I also think it would be cooler if cars and houses were more important. Like at the moment sometimes you can’t get a job cause you don’t have a car or your spouse will bug you about buying one but I feel like it should be more necessary like if you don’t have a car you have to buy a bus pass or if you don’t have a house you can ask to stay with a family member or live in a homeless shelter or something. I also think there should be three different car shops one that is all new nice cars, one is average income family kind of some new some used just cars, and one that’s like all used all cheap cars because the two car shops are like all used cars and like 4 new Subaru’s that are yellow. So I think if you did that and also added a feature where you can change the color of the car which I know cars are not that deep but like I hate when the only new cars I have to pick between are yellow or purple and then I just have that car we should be able to change the color at like a body shop for like 5,000 or something..Version: 1.30.1

What the hedgeI honestly love this game, like the amount of effort the creators put into this game is amazing, they really do seem to want to make it great. Not going to lie, you can only play it for like a few days before getting bored. But that’s not a problem because they keep on rolling in new updates that add so much to the game, like with most games I’d expect an update like that every year or two max. But BitLife they update every few months, also you don’t need wifi to run the game, anddddd the bitzenship(membership kinda thing) is like cheap. Compared to other games which you buy like 100coins that last you a few days for the same price. It’s like the producers aren’t out for the money which I find really Rare in video games. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND- thank you BitLife for making my car rides interesting.Version: 1.30

Bitlife just keeps getting better and better, but here’s some ideasI love the new update, and the new martial arts addition gave me an idea for a future update possibility; to have hobbies. I think this would be a great idea as you could do things like take dance and singing lessons or sport lessons which determines what you are likely to study for university, so you can only study dance at uni if you have taken dance lessons and the same for the other hobbies. I also think you should introduce best and worst subject too which will determine what you do at uni as it makes the process more realistic, and for worst subjects you should get a tutor. Hobbies like writing and art you should be able to practice over time also which would impact uni also. Drama aswell. Going to certain clubs at middle and high school could help develop those skills. I just think it would be an interesting idea and give the game more depth. Thank you so much for making such a great game..Version: 1.30

Maybe in the future.I absolutely love this game ... heres a few ideas... 1) getting to choose how our life starts ie. choosing your parents and siblings names, age and professions and how many sibling u have and Could also choose if u were born a twin , triplet etc. I would love to see this so i could play out my perfect life with my real family. (I am a triplet and would love to incorporate my life into BITLIFE.) also if u have children later on in life could choose if u want to have multiple births ie. have twins triplets etc 2) more scenarios for becoming famous ie. appearances, gigs signing autorgraphs. 3) build ur own dream house ie. choosing how many beds and bathrooms in ur house. (The more beds and baths the dearer the house) 4) choosing to rent houses instead of buying them I would really love to see these incorporated into the game , especially number 1. Thatd be a dream come true, will be the perfect game..Version: 1.27

❤️❤️I love the game so much I play it daily at least! But I would love to see extended family like your husbands in siblings or your wife’s parents and cousins and aunts and uncles would be really awesome !!.Version: 1.46.1

Love the game! Have a few ideasI love the game! It’s so fun but I have a few ideas that I would really like to be incorporated in the game. First, I would really like if your parents could have a divorce and you could choose where you could stay. Then maybe your parents could get into a new relationship and they could have their own kids. And they could get married and now they are your half sibling and your new step parent. Secondly I would also love the idea of actually have a best friend you can talk to. Overall I love the game and keep up the good work!.Version: 1.23.1

Fantastic game but I have an ideaYou should add an option to create a business. For example restaurant, company, events, etc. if you add this you give more options for players to do..Version: 1.38.2

Professional CheerleadingHey I don’t want to bother but I really love the new update about the sports. But I would really love it if you could add cheerleading. As a cheerleader in real life it would be my dream. I honestly love this game and from the moment I had my first life I was hooked. I also wish you could do more evil stuff when you were younger. Like kill someone when you are like 10 and be able to say it was an accident. I would also like if you could let me see what my parents house is so I could experience paranormal things when I’m young. I would also like if you could add weight. So like it could be a bar at the bottom or somewhere else. Like you could work out to be less fat or go on a diet. I would also wish that you could choose to lose your virginity at 14 because you can get pregnant then. I would also like grandparents because I switch lives a lot because I paid to and I want to see grandparents on there. I would also like if you could add more crushes. Like if you were 10 then you could have your first crush. Then you could ask your bff to ask them out or you do it or don’t do it at all. Also I wish you could befriend your cell mates because I like to get in jail a lot and I want to make friends. I would overall love to add more stuff in the love area in general. Thank you so much for listening and you are my fav game of all time. I hope you consider my ideas thank you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.42.1

Amazing - a few suggestionsReally good game - very addictive . a few suggestions for updates ; if your parents dont stay together then they can get remarried and have other children which you can have relationships with should be on this app . also if you divorce and emigrate to another country the wife gets the children , maybe the dad should or there should be a courtcase? . a last one is that when your dating someone you should see their parents names and their siblings and past children if they have had any . you could create scenes like visiting your gf parents house or going out on a date and splitting the bill , asking her to pay or paying yourself etc . in total amazing game tho. i also think you should involve shopping at a mall and choosing shops to go into for example a tattoo and peircing parlour so you could get a tattoo and piercings when your like 14 which could lead to angry parents - and pay for them yourself when ur older . I think also with the mafia update you should be able to, as a child , automatically be part of the mafia if your parents die . I also think that there should be more interactions with your girlfriends family as well ..Version: 1.46.1

Hello bitlife godsSo bitlife gods I really love this game but please add a more of a chance for twins and that. Also can you add TikTok a thing like a career or a social media type of thing. And I would really love Businesses please please please. I know this is a lot I’m asking for and since the troubles we’ve been having in the world it’s highly likely for one of these would be in the game but I know how hard you guys’d have been working because well you bring a new update every 2nd week and I just would like to say Thank you and keep working hard and please try to put one of my suggestions in game..Version: 1.35.1

XxYou guys should add that when your adopted there’s an option to meet your birth mom later in life.Version: 1.37.1

Great appBitLife is a great app because first of all you can play it without wifi. That may be a small thing to some but it is really great for me. All in all it is a fun app because you have so much to do. And don’t worry it’s not an app that just isn’t fun without paying. There is a ‘bitizenship’ which adds a lot of things and it is a one time £5 payment. I don’t have that and I still have the app after a year so it’s fine if you are not a ‘bitizen’. Also one more amazing things which personally I think makes it stand out for a lot of apps is that it updates every month, and it’s not just bug fixes it is always adding something to the game. Sometimes the updates are a bit smaller then others but there is always something to enjoy. For example this month they added social media which they had before but it was a very small thing. To sum up everything I just said BitLife is an fun app and I recommend it to you. Oh also adds aren’t to bad. You do how them but you can normally skip them. Katya 👍🏻.Version: 1.37.1

Please put this in the game!!Hiii I love this game so much and love being a bitizen but an update I’d love to see is if say I move from America to New Zealand, I’d love for my family in America to come visit me or I have the option to go visit them? Instead of just being able to skype or call them. Also for instance if someone in my family passes away overseas, I could have the option to attend the funeral? I’d have to pay for my plane ticket over there or something along those lines? That’s just something I’d like to see! But other than that I love this game so much and love seeing a new update all the time 😍.Version: 1.25

Oh Lilac...Ahh... I remember my first play through on this game. Of course, I played as myself, Desire Bacon.. and I had just turned 80 when guess what I encountered, terrorising people on the streets? A coyote. It was love at first sight and I took my coyote home, naming her Lilac. Oh the fun we had! We would hunt birds together in the backyard, even just watch TV together. I would feed her squirrels and puppies wherever I could find them and we would always go through the bad part of town for our daily walks... Sometimes Lilac fell sick with parvovirus, but the vet always got her feeling alright again. But seventeen years later, disaster struck. I found Lilac dead on my bedroom floor, after she’d passed away in her sleep. Being a widow with three dead children, I was heartbroken without my Lilac. So a year later, I passed away, not having the strength to live on without my dear Lilac... R.I.P. my gorgeous coyote..Version: 1.36.1

BitLifeLove this game so so much can’t stop playing!! A few things I would like to be able to do in the game : Choose if ur children are twins and the gender, for there to be groups of all the careers ( sometimes there isn’t an option of what I want to be) ,when you finish a life be able to carry on as you sibling or partner, one of the crimes to be take drugs and drug dealing , be able to report your parents and run away from home , to have multiple relationships at once , be able to text and call family and friends , be able to fill your weekly schedular with after school clubs , be able to work in orphanages , rent a room and have roommates , ask your partner to move in with you or your friends, if your parents separate choose which one to go with , be able to choose hair style colour and the colour of your eyes , be able to join gangs of criminals , be able to go on family weekends etc-swimming - ice skating - picnics , be able to plan your first date perfectly , the ability to be kidnapped the reunited with your parents , have the choice to live with different relatives ..AWSOME GAME !.Version: 1.31.1

I LOVE THIS GAMEBit life is a great game to play in your free time. I like how you get to choose the things to do, for example have a job, go to the movies with your bf/gf or even just a friend or your parents. I also like how you can earn money. Also how you can propose to your bf/gf and you can plan a wedding and a honeymoon. Also how you can get your drivers license and you actually have to answer a question related to driving. Something that would be good to add is being able to ask to become best friends. Also more regularly will be accept your wish to become friends with them..Version: 1.31.1

Great app - some ideasAs far as I can tell this is a really good game that’s not after your money and is an excellent pastime. I love the consistency of new updates, it keeps the game interesting. Some updates I would absolutely love to see are A. In-laws (siblings and kids significant others) B. Being able to move to different cities would be nice - I find that if I want to move to a country that my family kind has lived in before I always end up in the same city. C. Just an idea of mine but if in the game you could like become a spy or join the mob that would be really cool..Version: 1.38.2

An amazing game!!!I love this game so much I play it every day and I don’t know why anybody couldn’t like it. I bought bitizen and the God Mode. Even thought the game is so fun already, it make the game a whole lot better and more fun to play. I don’t think there’s anything that I have to complain about this game. I hope that if you’re looking for a game to play, pick this one because I guarantee you that you will have a lot fun playing this and you’ll have a lot of laughs because there are little funny things in this game. I love how you can create your own character (that you play as) and you can add custom characters and custom cities. My whole family loves to play this game. There are a lot of adult things but sometimes that’s what makes it funny! I don’t know why this game only has 4.7 ratings I think it should have 5! If you have installed it you will probably get really addicted to it and never stop playing. Have fun! PS if you like this game or even love it then make sure you give it a five star rating! 😊.Version: 1.36.2

Great game!This game is amazing! I’ve been playing for a little over six months! Although, after awhile it does seem to get a bit bland; thus the reason why I’d love to see more updates! Such as more sexuality options/ custom sexualities, and more gender identity options/ custom gender identities. Along with that, I’d love for your gender to be in the closet, or for you to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria in some cases! Being able for your friends, parents, siblings, children, etc to react to you after you come out would make the game more realistic, and furthermore, more interesting/fun. As well as what I listed above, I would love to see more game options, such as being born famous, becoming a singer and being able to manage your fame in other ways including releasing singles, albums, EPs, going on tours, and performing at shows if you’re a singer, being able to perform in plays/musicals if you’re an actor or actress, being able to write fiction, non fiction, etc. if you’re a writer, and being able to paint, draw, etc. if you’re a famous painter. As well as more game options, it would be fun if you could be born into fame. Finally, I would love seeing bills, being able to see what house you live in as a kid in your assets, having parents kick you out of your house and make you live in your own, being homeless, etc. These are obviously just suggestions, but nevertheless, I believe they would be great additions to the game. Thank you for all you do!.Version: 1.28.1

Amazing gameI love this game and have been playing since it can out. It’s so fun and I even bought a bitizenship and god mode to play to the full capacity. However, one update I would absolutely love is different years/decades/eras. Currently all characters are set in present day, but being a bit of a history geek, I would love it if you had a random chance of being born in different years, such as the 50s or 1800s. I don’t know if anyone else would like this, but I think it would be pretty cool! Alongside that, I also have another suggestion of social classes. Right now, the main character’s family always starts off with genera class and funds, but I think it would be cool if you sometimes were upper class or lower class. I know the royalty update was similar to this but I just think it would add some depth to the game! So thank you for reading my very long review and I hope you take my suggestions into consideration.Version: 1.45.1

Here are some ideas !I think this game is really good but I think it would be really cool if you could customize your character before they are born, for example you can choose certain diseases to be born with, or you can choose your ethnicity, orientation and more! You could also choose how smart you are, how good your looks are, health, etc. you are born with. Another ideas is choosing what time period you are born in, it could give variety to the game and the characters could have features from that time period for example if you have a character from the fifties you could have a fifties hairstyle. Also it could cause scandal if you do something out of the norm of the time period “unconservative” just for example u wear a bikini to the beach and people find out, your parents could get upset at you. Or you could see something and decide wether to gossip or mind your own business. If you gossip the person could find out and then they start a rumor/fight/ unfriend you in return! You could also have bit stories where you play as certain famous people or celebrities for example you could play as Beyoncé or George Washington and it could be fun and educational! Also it would be cool if you could go to private schools if you are super smart, skip grades, go to college as a kid etc. you can also add music lessons to mind and body so that we could have child prodigies!! Anyways this game is super good, these are just some ideas of mine that would be fun to see!.Version: 1.30.1

Good but badI think you need to lower the price of bitisizen it’s to much and also god mode maybe 2.99 would be better and I also thought of a challenge called the 6 challenge first you need 6 babies live in 6 countries and 6 husbands or wives and have six properties and finally go to prison six times that’s it oh and there’s one more challenge called the don’t plan challenge first never make love or adopt only have a baby if you or your wife get pregnant and also dont study or join any clubs in school only see what comes up don’t plan any job just if an offer comes up then you take it and don’t try and get together with anybody only if someone asks you out you do it and it’s really hard but possible but you only see if you complete it at the end when you don’t do any of that actually it’s easy but there’s only one chest top right corner is the one with a prize in and the prize is the extra activity called kill you can automatically kill someone and nobody finds out lol please do it otherwise I’ll be sad.Version: 1.40.1

BitLife reviewI love it it’s the best game ever every time a new thing comes up you want to see the next I’ve introduced it to my other friends and they’ve loved it and introduced it to another I was a little bit like am I going to push install or cancel but I decided to push install because I thought I can always delete it if I want to but I’m really happy I pushed install Thank you for putting it out there I really enjoy it.Version: 1.14.1

Love it but needs more pleaseSo I’m addicted to this game but I can think of 200 ways to change it I’m second first I wish you could see the full body of your character because you do stuff like you get plastic surgery and different sections of your body other than your head and when you change the color of your hair I mean you could pick a different colors in the hair could actually change colors and if you got glasses in the game you could you’re actually glass any characters in that would be fun and whenever you like go to the emergency room and never tells you why you’re there you could be in the Mergen see room for months even years if you like but not in the game maybe you could do that like if you have cancer in the game that something that happens and you don’t go to the emergency room you go to the doctor you should ask Weber to go to the emergency room in there and stay there for a few months that would actually happened in real life so yeah I hope I get a reply because this is what I really think stop in again hope to see you update soon. Also we never get grandparents or aunts cousin uncles holidays and you could section in to months if adding holidays were added also we could play as pets after we die also cat we have twin sisters/brother or triplets as siblings please update a BitLife I have noticed that you tubers I watch have a time travel thing on there that life but I don’t how do I get it thanks that’s all.Version: 1.15.1

Add ons-Add the ability to choose an engagement ring and/or price of it. Weddings events. - Add the ability to go in foster care when both parents die under the age of 18. -add the ability to be given to grandparents when parents die while under the age of 18 -Add the ability to choose appearance for yourself -Add the ability to have scandals in work places such as stealing money from work. -Add the ability to have friends in the relationship column -Add the ability to win lottery more often.Version: 1.27

I’m ImpressedThe game has come a long way, and I’d have to say that with each update the game just keeps getting better and better! We can tell how much effort you put into making the app as amazing as possible, and I’ll tell you right now, we absolutely appreciate. I’m glad to leave a positive review and to anyone who see this, I would absolutely recommend this as a fun game, and it doesn’t hurt that you can play it without internet. I appreciate that like life, everything you do affects you, and you have the ability to drastically change statistics! Ideas: This isn’t part of the review itself so feel feel free to stop reading, but I have an idea that could progress throughout the game. I think it would be interesting that from a young age you could join organized/competitive sports (football, American football, swimming, etc.) and with that can come injuries, like concussions and sprains or twists. I think you could make it so that it branches into, if you get good enough at the sport, it could be a possible way to get a free way into colleges, giving more ways to help you bitizen succeed. This final part is ambitious but maybe you can add in professional sports careers, and maybe even a BitLife styled Olympics (or just things like triathlons and marathons) which could include a new badge like, sports fan, and a new achievement, like win a game in blank, or get gold in the bitlympics! Ok I’m sorry this was long, but that would be something interesting to see I think..Version: 1.18.1

Professional Sports CareersI really love bitlife and every update is all very different and the game overall is just fantastic! I’ve been addicted to this game and I got my friends addicted as well, but I have a few suggestions for the careers. I would like to suggest sports careers like you could be professional athlete, for example, if you had joined the basketball team in middle school and high school, and you work hard enough you could get a scholarship to college and get drafted in a professional sport. You could verse different schools and get into tournaments and maybe get in the olympics! There are pros and cons about it though because athletes usually retire around in their 30s and then that’s it but maybe you could become a coach? Maybe even keep on promoting the sport you play? Idk just some career suggestions to spice it up..Version: 1.32.1

Something to add to the gameI LOVE this game it’s really enjoyable but there are a few things that would make it better, first you should be able to choose who you want in your will instead of everybody or one person being in it, being able to befriend celebrities or date them, and also being able to use god mode during the game for your character as well as everyone else. :)).Version: 1.41.2

You should make an investor update 🏡🏘💵📊📈📉Ok so I LOVE this game like I play it like 24/7 like I love it! But I would like there to be more investment options like you can own homes to rent out or buy land to start a neighborhood where you can sell houses or rent them out or build houses to rent them out or to sell them and make a profit! Or instead of buying like a studio buy a apartment build in to rent out the rooms or buy a hotel! And Beach houses! With the vacation and stuff we could have a option to buy a vacation home in your favorite hit spot! And I know that this is not an investment option but like kids can interact with there Grandparents well like when your person is a Grandparent you can but when your a kid you can’t do like taking your grandkids on vacation or if their given you for adoption they can take custody of them. Now with parents when you get a divorce there should be more yay one to two buttons you should have to go to court to fight for custody or more. Now another thing is I would love for married couples to have a joint account that the partners can put into so that a home or a family car or a vacation or really a lot of stuff. isn’t not all on ONE PARTNER. Now about schools for the kids! You should be able to pick between private or public school and when you buy your house you should see how good the schools are in the neighborhood where you buy a house! That’s all thank you!.Version: 1.38.3

Needs a more complex identity systemI’ve enjoyed this game for a while now and i’m glad that a transgender option has been added (especially that there are non binary options). However, i think it’s a bit unrealistic. The fact that you have to wait until you’re 14 or so to explore your gender is unrealistic. Of course some people take a while to fully understand their gender, and that’s fine, but there are plenty of out transgender 6-year olds and even younger. I understand that it would be difficult to list every gender and sexuality, because there are so many, and the list is constantly expanding, but i would appreciate a gender fluid option (gender that is constantly changing) and some more sexuality options like pansexuality and asexuality. My biggest issue is the fact that after identifying as trans, the icon continues to remain as the person’s birth gender. I imagine that it’s just a bug or whatever, but it’s really distracting..Version: 1.38.2

SOME SUGGESTIONSI love this game and I can play it for like two hours at a time you get so caught into it just some suggestions are like for the identity category there should be options for polyamorous and to see you like if your partner is it her like a polyamorous relationship and I think that when having a disagreement on something or two characters are having interactions the choice is a default I wish we could have like more range of choices and like they could be different answers like my wife doesn’t want me to buy this new house but we need the bedroom so we can adopt a child and I just wish you could like explain that to them as in that’s the reason you want to Byatt instead of just like by behind their back or don’t Byatt at all I also wish they would tell us how we could achieve challenges easy and like demonstrate what we could do to achieve the challenges and receive the like Korea points also when you’re famous you should be able to attend charity events or get invited to exclusive parties there also should just be a charity option where you can donate to your favourite charity and they can update you on what they put your money to use for.Version: 1.45.1

ImproveSome improvements could be made overall the game is quite a good idea I feel there should be more to during such as being able to continue your family such as choosing to live as one of your children if you want that way you can keep the family tree going and it’s not just the end of what you have played this way one game can effect the rest of the games you play unless you reset.Version: 1.7.1

A bit addictedI love this game and everything that is part of it. I have some features I’d love to see that would make the game better. -First and foremost, when adding custom people and cities, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to add a new one. It is rather inefficient, since I’ve made a lot of use out of the custom people feature. (It’s probably my favorite, that and breaking out of jail.) A simple way to fix this, would be just to simply moving the “Add new custom person/import contacts” button to the top of the banner rather then having it at the end of the list of people. It would also be nice to have it with the custom cities as well. -Secondly, I think a map might be cool. So that you can see where you are in the world instead of a list and just guessing where in the world you are, it would help teach geography! This would be a feature players could toggle in settings. The map would be accessed when you click on your profile and see where you are born and what towns/custom towns maybe even are nearby. -my third and final thought is a custom people customization. So, its like the Like, if you were to put Elon Musk into your game as a custom character, and you would customize him to look like Elon Musk, it would remember that. So then everytime he spawns in the bitlife world, he looks the same. This could only be available to those who purchased GodMode Thanks for listening!.Version: 1.42.1

Love it, have more ideas.I'm obsessed with this game, but I have more suggestions. You know how we got the update with grandkids, can we have great grandkids? I had like 7 grandkids and none of them had kids! Also when you break up with someone it doesn't mean you don't know them anymore, so the should still be in your relationships, and you should be able to be just friends with them or you could rekindle the love. Also friends should be in relationships and you should be able to hangout or flirt/ go on date with them. Daughter/ son in laws! You should be able to meet your kids (and grand kids) partner. Teens could have part time jobs/after school activities and be able to make money for their own collage fees. More place to go,pool/beach, church, cafes, party, shopping...ect. I love this game highly suggest you get it, and bye!.Version: 1.5

Mixed OpinionsThis game is great. Like this game is just utterly amazing! I’m not going to lie and say it hasn’t changed my perspective on life because it has. I mean I could keep on going about how this game is so good but it would take the whole day. My only problem with this is the fact that after a new update your previous character dies. I had a character who was living a good life, 5 kids and 3 grandchildren, net worth of 83mil and was about 102. I was 100 with everything and only went as low as 90. Then I got back from being outside today and was updating my apps and I got so excited when I updated this. Little did I know, poor Gabrielle Davis, who had 3 husbands die and got cancer from her mum, but lived to 102 died because of an update. I didn’t even get a ribbon because of her age or net worth. Now I’m not complaining, because it’s a very good game but can we at least get a gravestone after the update or get the ribbon. I mean I’d prefer to keep playing that life but maybe it’s reasons unbeknownst to me. That’s all really! If you did or anyone else read this, this is a very good game and the developers actually listen to the community and don’t fill their game to the brim. The only ad you get is when you go to the cinema or your character dies. Good time consuming game to play when your bored on on the go!.Version: 1.7

Lovin’ it!This game is great! However, I think it could be better by adding more options of being born. I mean, I know it’s a random life where you could change your name, country and gender but wouldn’t it be even better to have a third option of a custom life where you could do all the things from before but choose your parents like their name, age, etc and maybe add a biography on them like where they came from, etc. Also, you could choose some life events in your custom life. E.g. how you were born, school, abusive parents, how many friends you have in school, etc. I think that this would be cool and fun to add into the game. Oh, and why don’t you guys add a feature in where you could design your characters looks? I mean, all the character icons look the same and it gets boring looking at them for a while. I believe that adding in a feature of character designing would be fun because you could design what they look like and share them with other people. E.g. hairstyles,skin, eyes, breasts, etc. one more thing too. Maybe you guys can add in traits? Like bravery, evil, polite, etc. Bye and keep up the good work!.Version: 1.18.1

I Love this game but we need more Jobs like...I love this game so much but we need more jobs like sports player (leading on to professional sports player. For example, Football, cricket, soccer, rugby, ect) and we also need more jobs in music. So we have singer, but we need guitarist, drummer, bassist, ect. Those 2 jobs leading on to professionalism and then fame. If you could make these this game would be amazing!.Version: 1.34.1

Fun but could still use work.Such a fun game and I have been playing it a lot to find all the fun different ways life can go. Few things I personally would like to see is: being able to have friends to upkeep or at least when you die, people you worked with most of your life should be attending your funeral not just family. More detail on the final grave stone. Seems sad but I’m finding I’m getting real disappointed with spending over an hour shaping someone’s life just to have a crappy blurb written that has no relation to how that person was living. So many aspects get left out. Should say more about life choices, where worked most, Maybe favourite child, friends and work colleagues etc.. game still needs more information to make it more random. After a while you start figuring everything out and know what to do or not to do. Take the fun out after a while of repeating the same lines of text. over all great game and I could go on and on as to the small things that I think could make this game more rewarding..Version: 1.5

IdeasI totally love playing bitlife but there are some things that could make the game better. for example i feel like grandparents should be more involved, like grandparents should have custody, or being able to spend time with your grandparent. Also cousins should be involved and aunts/uncles. It would also be awesome if you could change your characters clothing, just like how you can give them a hat. Also i feel like cars and house should be more involved. Like i know it’s a lot but maybe you can design your room or get an actual view of the inside of the house. car wise i think it would be cool if you could go on a road trip or take a drive. also maybe more scenarios with your friends like, “your significant other cheated on you with your friend” and then you could get the option to beat them😭 or you could have a sleepover and plan out what to do, like ask your friend to come over and you get the options on doing something like watching a movie, pranking someone etc. Also it would be really cool if you could date a celebrity. or it would be super cool if there was a corona update and in your lifetime there’s a pandemic and you’re in lockdown and you can’t go on vacation and there’s online school etc. that would be cool. oh last thing there should be more background on the orphanage thing like getting sent to a foster home, getting adopted, spending time with other people in the orphanage, or communicating with workers. i totally love playing this game tho❤️.Version: 1.46.2

Beautiful game but.…This is absolutely one of my favorite games to just past time while on my iPhone. I absolutely love everything concerning professional sports and earning money like that. It makes you believe that even you can do it. If you can’t do it in real life then you can in this game and that’s the main goal of it in my opinion. But you have an achievement that’s accrue 1 billion dollars and I absolutely do not believe that’s possible without giving you opportunities to invest. I’m a professional basketball/football/soccer player and making literal millions but I can’t invest that into the community to make more. With that amount fame should be some type of way to make more money because eventually you still have millions but no more fame. Please have an update that allows you to buy properties and rent it out. That’ll make sure you and your children will have an increased flux of income without working again after 20 years at any establishment. If being able to rent out all of these houses and even possibly buy beat up properties to rent it out and maybe turn it into luxury properties while still in this professional field then that’ll be even more amazing. And maybe add some more ways to be bad/evil. I can possibly be a drug lord and own some much product and take over a specific part of the city you live in. And be able to move within a specific country and not necessarily out the country..Version: 1.44.1

Love love love this gameLove playing this so much in my spare time and love the new pet feature. However I do think you should be able to get horses or farm animals e.g to set up a farm. I also think it would be nice if you could breed the animals to get babies. I also think it would be nice to have more ways to interact with the pet. This would make the game more fun from that perspective. Love the range of family scenarios but wish there could a few more e.g them being adopted. I also think it works be nice to be able to choose the general appearance of your character and to have more variation in appearance e.g hairstyles. Adore the new update as said previously and hope that the fans will keep on getting better and better. I think it’s so nice to have a game that allows you to explore how culture in various countries effects the way of life of people living there e.g housing prices, jobs, laws. Love love love this amazing game and would honestly rescinded it though I wish it could be a little more pg..Version: 1.13.1

Great game!I think this is the kind of game we’ve all been waiting for. A game with multiple answers and funny side jokes. This game is very addictive and has an incredible amount of things to do with such a simple idea. The ribbons was a great idea and they’re all so fun to complete. Watching YouTubers playing this is exciting too. Inside the app, you almost feel like you’re inside the life, just by reading a few words. I’d like to see some more options that are a bit scandalous and maybe some new events to go to, like the horse race though. I’d like to see less repetitive ads as they get irritating and I end up closing the app and opening it again as an alternative way to get out of the ads. I’d also find it nice to earn talents with practice such as painting, singing, etc. This game has it all. The custom people, cities, everything you can imagine! (I think that was a very funny thing to add)All I ask of you is that you add different ads. On the whole, great game. I hope to see lots more from you. It’s like the thing I didn’t know I 𝘯𝘦𝘦𝘥𝘦𝘥..Version: 1.21

Great game could use more additions!I love this game but there are a few changes i would like to see i think that when you file restraining order that after the 3 years if they come back that you should be able to sue them (lawsuit). I also think the hospital should have a bigger purpose (overnight stays, bills, questions about visit), choices on which hospital you choose and the rating of each hospital. Also when you get an heirloom, if you search for it while you were in a previous life that passed away you don’t get it when you start a new life so i think that when you search for an heirloom it should be passed down to the new person. Additionally when enlisting in the military and when you get sent off to war or whatever the game with the bomb is way to over complicated and in most scenarios ends badly. I think shopping should be added like cars and maybe scratch off tickets so you can physically scratch them (more exciting aspect) another job could be esports (present day career) you could be a famous esports player! i think when you have a kid that they should be more involved with you and additionally when you are married there needs to be more conversations from the husband/wife to you the player. Overall i have been playing this game for awhile and when you are a bored college student that wants the time to pass this game keeps me very very entertained! So thank you for keeping me entertained with all of the updates!.Version: 1.22.1

FantasticI love this game so much it helps know what could happen in my life if I choose these decisions. I did it on myself and the choices I made in my life and what I want to do in my life later on and it turns out I will be a very successful person ............ ............I hope.(lol) I would recommend this to everyone because it was very fun and very addicting and I think you would enjoy it can you get to make important decisions and see how your life would be if you chose this decision. I think that there is only a couple things I would like to change and those things are being able to pick exotic pets or different kind of pets rather than just adopting them, I mean it is cool that you can adopt but I would also like if we could pick other animals that you can buy like at the age of zero. Another thing that I would like to change is that you could see your options of the kids you want to adopt like if you want to adopt twins or triplets you might be able to find them if you were able to see your choices. I hope that you look at this developer and change those things or at least try to change them. Other than that I love your game and I think everyone should try this so if you read this tell your friends and hope that they get this to because I really think that you and your friends and family will enjoy this game. #LoveThisGame. #MakeMyLifeBetter #GetIt.Version: 1.23

Bitlife!!!!I am addicted to this game, it’s so interesting! I just think that there could be a few things that’ll make it even better: having in laws. And grandparents. Because when you marry someone they don’t have any family so I think that would be cool if they did. And for grandparents, why show ur grandchildren and not ur grandparents??? I also think that with school, it’s the same everywhere. But in real life lots of girls in certain countries can’t go to school, so I think they should change that to be more realistic. But something really annoying is that: you die of a heart attack WAY too much. It’s ridiculous. Like every 3rd life I die in my twenties of a heart attack. Apart from that I think this game is really good and highly recommend it!.Version: 1.44

Update ideasI love this game but there should be great grandchildren and you should be able to change your name or when you get married to a male you should be able to chose to have your partners last name or keep your own and you should be able to play as your offspring when you die, also with the pets I would like to have the option to breed pets. still love the game though.Version: 1.13.1

A great thrilling game that as so much potential for updatesFirst off great game love it so addictive also I believe this game has so much potential but here are a few feedback suggestions from me I’m especially a fan of the military aspect of this game but I believe that especially for combat roles such as Army,Marines and airforce that there should alternative situations or ways too die other than just clearing minefields and being blown up also I believe there needs to be some more in depth roles added such as airborne forces special forces and some sort of armoured role for the military aspect as well as you should be awarded a Purple Heart for being wounded as I know this game is so vast and big and so much can be improved on so I get it if expansions for this aren’t priority but another note would be I see you have inserted lots of things that you have to become a bitzen for I can understand why this is but maybe a little less for fundamental things such as being able to interact with your teacher I feel I shouldn’t have to pay to interact with someone in a virtual free simulator anyway I’ve rambled on too long great game love that it’s free and that’s all from me P.S Keep up the good work👍.Version: 1.23

Really enjoy this gameI really do enjoy this game so much however I would like to see careers in sports for example being an famous athlete because there doesn’t seem to be be a full time sports career in this game which is really disappointing if you person is really good at sports I just want sport and new methods of sport with kids I would also enjoy a more interactive vacation rather than just going pressing a button and then that it I want it to come up with option for travel also I would like the option to chose weather to emigrate with you whole family not just your partner and kids I want the option to emigrate with parents and siblings Last but not least I would really like since the new update of the characters emojis if when you go to the salon and say get a colour you can chose what colour and your icon will change with this I would also like the option for you to take your child to the salon aswell and get hair cuts to change it up abit since now we’ve got new icons.Version: 1.30.1

AwesomeI don’t usually write reviews but I had to for this game. I saw a bunch of friends playing it so I took a look at it and read the reviews, they were really great reviews! And it seems like they actually listen to the people who says ‘Hey you should add this or why not add that’ Overall it’s a good game. One thing that annoys me a bit, is having to create a character over and over until you get good stats. I think a good idea would to be able to choose what your stats were, but not be able to make it all 100. So you should have it so you start with like 300 points and you add one point on to the thing you want increased, eg smarts. You keep adding until one hundred or how ever many smarts you want. And when you run out of points you have to press start and it will start your life with the points you chose! But it’s still an amazing game and i love it! 5 stars.Version: 1.30

Ideas for a future update. This game is frickin amazingThis game is by far the best life simulation game I’ve played on my phone. I downloaded it at like 8pm and didn’t put it down till like 5am not even being dramatic. (I had a lot of time on my hands that day) I do think you should be able to play sports professionally though. Like maybe add in there like hobbies you could do that could lead to something big. Like maybe Practice Boxing and then after 2-3 years of that be able to do sparring sessions and then after doing that for a couple years be able to go professional. And when it comes to the crime tab I think you should be able to join a gang and be able to play off of that more. Like have the cops looking for you more often if you are a gang member. I got so many ideas for this game and it’s so frickin good already. I highly highly highly recommend this game. Update: I think there should be more options when you get deployed as well. Like not just clearing out minefields. Maybe another maze game or something? Like when you start a prison riot, and when you’re in the military there should be options to train in more advanced combat techniques. Maybe small arms manipulation. And for the Marines maybe MCMAP. There’s so much you could do with the military aspect. You can even implement getting NJPd if you are married and have cheat. There’s so much you could do with this I’m so excited to see what you guys do..Version: 1.30.1

It’s greatI love it soo much I dunno why but you should add more to the police and military like add like police task forces like k9 and gang task force etc and for the military add divisions and jobs within the military like engineers special forces pilots etc and add scenarios like your squad was patrolling a village and one of you men step on an ied and three of your guys died and you had many injuries and add like bases that you can choose to be posted at and where you get deployed. And add fedrel departments like cia FBI etc aswell as adding a swat and detectives and add caravans :).Version: 1.20.1

Love this game but...I would like to have the ability to continue my family tree, when the first character dies maybe we could switch to the child or grandchild and inherit the money from the person who just died. I think it would be super cool to also have a stock market or something. Game is super addicting! Love it!.Version: 1.4

Love it but some ideasI play on this game at least 5 times a day I love it as you don’t need WiFi and it’s just so entertaining and easy to play I would definitely 100% recommend this game! Some ideas : You can pick your parents name and your brother/ sisters and how many you have When you get to collage and your picking what you want a degree in you would be able to scroll down and see all of them rather then a random selection of like 5 When you get a boyfriend / girlfriend there’s an option to kiss them and just hook up with them(rather then having kids ) You can have more then one wife/husband like maybe you could have ten You could be royal/ famous by having a lot of money , for example:say if I had 23 mil I would have much chance of someone saying yes to me, trying to get with me and people asking for pictures etc The custom scenarios you make can actually work in the game You can make love to yours Bfs and Gfs but you can also try for a baby as well You can have gangs out side of prison and can make your own and in your gang you can go around killing people and jumping people , stealing things/houses and kidnapping people together and can get Into Rivalry’s with other gangs You can do rituals or be bitten to become a vampire of a werewolf and as a vampire or werewolf you can turn people and do spells I would Also like an option to open your own business and choose what business it is.Version: 1.24

I have some ideasLet’s start off with how much I love this game! There is something I found though. I continued with my previous person’s triplet son and when I looked at the other sons from their view it said twin brother for both of them even though they are triplets! Also when you do have triplets or twins I think they can be of different genders. Like two girls and a boy instead of three girls. Also at the In-Vitro place you should have an option for how many eggs you implant so you can hope for having twins or triplets more. Also even if the grandparents are still alive it does not show them as a relationship for the grandchildren. Also it does not show their cousins or aunts or uncles. I think in the family tab you should have a separate arrow going to extended family. My biggest hope for this game is an update to the adoption side of the game. I love how you can be adopted but that is always at birth. I think if both parents die you should have to go to the orphanage or have one of your extended family members take care of you. If you were taken in by family you could add in the run away feature. Plus if you start a life as an orphan I think that you should be able to communicate with other orphans there and attend interviews to get adopted. Or even you could have a chance of not getting adopted and that would be interesting too. Please take into consideration all these things because I hope to see them in future updates! Keep being great👍🏼.Version: 1.29

I love this game!I love this game, it makes me see what life could be like because I am quite young and I really love to look at lots of the jobs and activities I can do in my “life”. Though, I do have some ideas to make the game better; - the collage education degrees, I think you should be able to choose from all of the the different majors and I also think you should be able to choose what kind of degree (e.g. bachelors or p.HD) - more jobs, I had an idea where you could become an astronaut and move to Huston and when you are in space (after training) the bar (where you make decisions) changes for activities in space. What I’m getting at is there should be more jobs. I also feel like there should be more activities to do. For example going to the mall with your friends etc. I also think there should be a chance that your parents divorce. Either you can chose which parent to go with or split up your time with both parents. With divorcing, the parents could get married again and you get a step mum or dad and possibly get a step sister or brother. Or you could be abandoned at a young age or be up for adoption. Possibly your parents come back I get you back. One more thing 😂 When you are a teen mum, I think the dad should be able to leave right when you decide to keep it. Or even be able to tell them, and they either stay or leave..Version: 1.22.1

More ThingsUpdates I would like to see . Born a twin, Triplet, etc . Be born in a royal family . Mary in to a royal family . Domestic violence . Be child abused . Run away from home . Be killed, kidnapped, etc . Be able to have triplets, etc . Have a baby younger than 18 . Natural disasters . Be born with a disability and/or disease . Have a child be born With a and/or disease . Have a eating disorder.Version: 1.37.1

Awesome gameI am in absolute love with this game, I have been addicted especially since I can’t really go anywhere. I think that there could be a few changes though, just to make the game even better. I think it would be cool if you could be born in an orphanage! Like your parents could give you up and you are realised by nuns and they could either be mean or nice. I also think it would be cool if when you “x number of years” or at some stage while you are young your parents or mum or dad could put you up for adoption! I think it will add so much more to the game. I also feel like when you are a parent there aren’t a lot of things you can do with your kids. Like you can’t take them to church or go on road trips or beg them to have children or disapprove of their job or significant other. I just feel that your parents in the game can do so much with you but you can’t do much with your kids. Anyway it is an amazing game and if you are reading this wondering whether or not to get it you totally should!!!!.Version: 1.35.1

Fun gameInstead of just being able to skip through the years you should have to mark things off that you have to do through each year. Different uni degrees to pick from too. The option to rent a house or rent your home out so you can make a profit. If you’re playing as a parent you should be able to buy your child their first car. The option to celebrate holidays, Easter, Christmas, Orthodox Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Halloween, birthdays, Ramadan, Day of The Dead. Seasons changing, depending on where you live you’ll have a white Christmas if you live in America/Europe or a summer Christmas if you live in Australia eg. I wish there was an option to make friends at school(having falling out, going to sleep overs, house parties and going to prom. Planning holidays with friends and spending the summer time in Europe(back packing) having to put effort into keeping your friendships. Dating - be able to go on dates with people instead of just becoming your boyfriend/gf straight away. Being able to be ghosted or ghost another person if it’s not working. Not everybody wants to have children or get married so those should be options to if you’re looking for a potential partner. Overall I love this game and I love that you listen to your fans and keep updating the app.Version: 1.21

Some ideas GREAT GAMEI wish you could breed dogs 🐕 some I can make new breeds and wait for your dog to give birth o the puppies 🐶 and you can name the puppies and either keep all of them or keep some or not keep any puppies . If you want to have the puppies adopted you can have interviews to find the right owner for the puppy. It would be really interesting if you could have a kid with you’re siblings or parents just for an idea 😂🤣 And if you have kids or anything you could pick what school 🏫 they go to when there old enough and you can change there schools or hey could be homeschooled. And if it was dinner or breakfast or even lunch you can pick the stuff they eat or you cook or even get fast food or go o a restaurant. And if you could see what your house looks like before you by it and when you buy a house you can decorate your house. And if you have enuf things to do in the game and you can’t find the thing you want to do in the game you could add a search bar. And you should be able to choose if you want to switch with a person in you generation like your brother or sister you can and not stay the same person for there rest of you’re life in the game. And you should be able to see what friends you have in school and out of school and you best friends I you read this thank you for you’re time and please think about some of these ideas 🐶😋😁😊.Version: 1.22.1

Choosing Character to Continue GameI absolutely love this game and find myself playing it all the time however, there are a couple of things that I think would make the game even better. When your character dies, if you choose to continue playing as one of their children you have to do this at their current age and you can’t skip to a grandchild instead. For instance, my character dies at 100 years old and I must choose to play as one of their children who are around 70 years old at this point. Sometimes it can take a few generations before being able to play a life from a young age again and sometimes your character may not have any grandchildren meaning that the game would come to an end as the 70 year old cannot have children (unless they are male). I feel that this could be helped by allowing you to select a grandchild (or even great grandchild) to continue playing the game with. The other thing I would like to see more of is story progression in the rest of the family members. My character’s parents, siblings and children rarely seem to have any family progression, I think it would be great to see a lot more of this and would also go hand in hand with being able to select a grandchild to continue the legacy with. All in all, a brilliant game which I have been addicted to since the second I first played it..Version: 1.36.1

It’s great and most immersive game on a phoneThe game is the best and most immersive game on a phone. It definitely is the greatest life simulator game and provides so many options and routes to take in “your life,” the game rarely gets old. I do have some ideas to add to the game but the game will always be great no matter. First, I wish there was more ways to die or be unhealthy, for example you should have an option to choose what kind of food you eat whether it be healthy or a lot of fast food which will lead to high cholesterol and other potential health hazards. Also feel there should be more ways to get alcohol or do drugs. Instead of going to the club which you can’t go to after a certain age unless you’re famous, there should be the ability to go to a bar and drink and possibly drink so much you blackout and do something you regret or get alcohol poisoning. It would also be cool if you could buy alcohol and store it at home and drink it whenever or possibly try to get it when you are underage and maybe get caught. Further, it would be nice if high school was more in depth including relationships with students and teachers, what classes you take and etc. Lastly, friends should be given more attention in the game with the option of hanging out and actually doing something with them. The game is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the next update from the great developers..Version: 1.20.1

Amazing but...It’s is an amazing game with plenty of fun activities to do and many updates to keep me entertained but I would like if there was more things to do for professions like when you do basketball, soccer etc in school that ends up leading to nothing because there is no job for being a professional athlete. And I wish that there was some instruments that you can learn and get somewhere doing it. You can already learn an instrument but you only do one lesson and never do it again. So there are the only 2 things that I would wish that would happen..Version: 1.36.2

EntrepreneurIt would be cool if you could start your own business and choose what you sell, pick who you hire and choose who take over the company after you..Version: 1.47.3

Possible glitch?I really love this game. This is probably the best stimulator game I’ve ever come across and has many humorous moments. However the reason I’m not giving it five stars is because when I later came back to play the game, my previous data had been deleted in which I was living a very great life, which I can’t even mourn over as if I had never lived this life in the first. Not sure if it’s a glitch, but if so please fix this.Version: 1.13.1

Great game just some suggestionsSo basically the game is really fun and addicting but i have a few suggestions to make it even better. Starting off to be able to have a slot for friends, best friends, and even crushes! That would make it more interesting and exciting. Plus you should be able to gossip about certain people and have more options for family members. I also see a lot of people saying there should be more variety of jobs and i agree with that. You should also be able to change up your style of clothing, hair, and body tattoos or piercing instead of just showing the face. There should also be more mini games and for some jobs there would be a mini game to complete each once and a while. When you get into the older life there isn’t really anything left to do so i think there should be a little something when you are old. You should be able to run away from home because that would be thrilling! Also more things for social media. It would also be interesting to have several relationships at once. And there should also be a spot for how fit or obese you are so the gym would have more of a purpose. I know this sounds like a lot but I hope to see at least some of these in the future updates! Keep up the great work! And if you wanna add a little spice into it you could have the option to elope with someone 😏.Version: 1.27

Great GameThis is the funnest most amazing game I’ve ever played. However; I believe to make the game better you should add a business update. This is where you can create your business and grow it or you can buy a business and invest. Creating your business you should be able to select what genre your business is going to be in and also you should be able to add to your business by employing people to grow your business. Obviously, as the business gets bigger you should earn more money. In addition, a thing you could add to make even better is you have chairmans, presidents ect and being able to choose who they are with their stats. You could also make it that you can fire people. This update would truly add a bit of spice to the game. Thanks a lot for this amazing game and reading this review. Thanks a lot, The BitLife community:).Version: 1.45.1

Great content, but...Don’t get me wrong, the content is wonderful, the game is extremely interactive and often times hilarious, however, would it be possible to add more pets? Such as foxes, chinchillas, (dragons), donkeys, kangaroos, lizards, goats, sheep, or chickens. Also, a store where you can buy birds or reptiles, because sometimes you have to wait a few years to find a bird or snake in the pet store. Additionally, perhaps a meter in order to see how well an animal is trained and options to train them? Perhaps the more we’ll trained an animal is, the more it is worth? That way you could buy a puppy, train it to fill up the meter, and sell it for much more. (Fully trained Cattle dogs can go for upwards of $20,000). Overall great game, these are just some improvements I, and probably many others, would love to see..Version: 1.26

HiyaaaaThis is a very good interactive game where you can have different lives but I think there are things that can be added to make it even better. - born with superpowers - born with no parents - get adopted in the middle of your life - be able to choose which kid you want to take home from an orphanage - your fiancée can plan the marriage - born or married into the royal family - born with famous parents - be a famous kid - parents can put you up for adoption - have other family members (grandparents, uncles, aunts, kids-in-law, parents-in-law etc.) - choose to spay or neuter your pets - pets have children - shop for clothes and accessories you can actually wear - see the whole body instead of only the head of the character - get allowance - choose what you get to talk to people about - when making love with your s/o, get to choose to use protection or not - even when using protection, sometimes be able to get pregnant - be able to be a parent younger than 18 - get kidnapped - get murdered - child marriage - choose dates to go on with s/o - be able to interact with neighbours Thanks..Version: 1.32.1

What I think the game needsFor the game I suggest that we get to be able to play sports professionally and also I like what u did with instagram so I think we should expand that idea and create a Snapchat a Facebook stuff like that and there should also be a setting for when u click the add button instead of a year going by it could be like a day or a week a month even several months and when u click month or day u should get to decide the number of days weeks months or years that have passed plus I also think that there should be a phone so we can text our classmates about the homework or hit up our friends to hang out and even text our crushes to ask them out and also I think that their should be more jobs and instead of having them all in one place we should have them into different fields like sports,medical,political, scientific, or even mechanical I also think that there should be places that u should be able to hang out with your friends and go on dates with your crushes I also think that u should be able to get ur ears pierced and instead of only being able to see the head of the character u should be able to see the whole body and u should also be able to buy clothes for ur self and once u buy them u can customize them on your character and there should be a little tab where u can see ur character and customize him/her But over all this game is very fun and I can’t wait to see the updates that u guys have In store for us😁.Version: 1.23.1

Amazing simulation game, needs more stuffThis is an amazing game, but after playing it for a while it gets boring because I already know all the career paths and the jail patterns. I have some interesting ideas that would expand the game: More crime options. Living the craziest life you can in this game is definitely the most fun, and this would be a nice way to spice up the game. Selling drugs, making drugs, robbing banks, embezzling money from your job, and maybe you could even start or join a mafia and become a kingpin. Rumbling. I should be able to rumble with anyone at any age even if I will get clocked and die. Also I should be able to kill someone by rumbling, they can kill me but I can’t kill them which is odd. Friends, You should be able to manage your friends and interact with them. I know that you get random events where you can interact with them and you can throw a house party, but you should be able to interact with them via the relationships button. STDs. I should get arrested for spreading them but you can just 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗼𝗳𝗳 scot-free. Threesomes. Every relationship I have ever been in they have said no, maybe you can raise the percentage of them saying yes? College. All the choices for college should be available and not just a few that are randomly generated, it’s annoying to wait a year or two so you can pick the option you want. I hope the BitLife devs see this because I really enjoy this game and I am a Bitizen!.Version: 1.20

Great game but...Hi BitLife team, Thanks for an amazing updating in the new year with the recent crime addition. My sister and I love playing this game, but we had some suggestions for future updates. Firstly, why can’t I hook up with classmates (both in high school and university) without dating them or being their friend? Feels limiting when it’s an easy addition to spruce up school life. If we can in the work place, I think we should be able to in school. Additionally, in the work place, could dynamics be more influenced by the profession? I.E. If I’m a famous actor, why don’t I have an agent? Publicist? I know that might be asking too much, but if each profession could have unique situations, that would offer more creativity and complexity to the game. Thirdly, I feel like I don’t have much to do with my kids (or friends for that matter) and have little inclination to invest in their lives. Unsure how to resolve that. My fourth point, I’d like to be able to sleep with prison mates if possible and form deeper relationships in prison, either with cellmates or guards. Wouldn’t mind staying in Prison then. Lastly (for now), when will we be able to date multiple people at the same time? Having a side piece would add something new to the relationships area. Thank you so much again, in times of stagnation and boredom, BitLife is reliable and fun, offering chaos with a simple touch....Version: 1.29

My thoughtsHey! I love this game. It’s simple and has some aspects of building a dynasty. However, I sometimes feel like I need to kill off my character because all my children are about to die. Is it possible to somehow play on as my grandchildren? Also I love the changes to schooling, however, it feels like the things like clubs don’t really have any significance at all. In real life, you expect that there could be scouts for things like sports etc. On that note, could you add something like clubs in the game in general? Like people don’t just work and watch movies. It’d be more interesting to see my character become more interesting by adding more things that he/she does on a normal basis other than work, and how these things could affect his/her work opportunities. Perhaps something like representing the country in sports or as a UN ambassador. Sorry if that’s a lot! It’s rare for me to find a game like this so I’m a bit excited..Version: 1.23.1

More involvement in parentingWould love to see more involvement as a parent! Things such as choosing what school your kids go to, gifting them a car when they get their license, prom etc. Just more involvement in their life overall. Also the ability to remove change the order of friends and family in the relationships so you can prioritise. Also less ads!.Version: 1.43

Really good simulator!It is a good simulator! I recommend it if you like life games. I do have ideas though. Maybe there can be a ribbon called Botched/Plastic and to get it, you need to have so many plastic surgery (either botched or successful). Or there can be a ribbon named Foodie. To get it, you need to try so many foods (like the pop ups saying “your friends are eating _____”) One more ribbon called Anti Vaxx and it’s the same way to get Fertile but you have to not vaccinate all your kids. Maybe make it more realistic because one day, my life person got pregnant at 50. Maybe there should be a job called Youtuber (Bituber?) and it is self explanatory. I wish there can be ‘news’ on what’s happening in the world of Bitlife. For example, if like a political thing happened instead of being in the journal, maybe pop ups? It would be cool to have a job like a psychic or something like that. Maybe you can talk to the deceased with those types of jobs. If you can, make Broadway play references like ‘Your _______ wants to take you to Jefferson (or Hamilton)’ To me, references make the game have spice. I would like a minigame where there are rats/bugs in the kitchen or whatever room and you have to hit them at the right time or your house will be a little messy. It didn’t make sense how a 70 year old can’t retire from his/her job but instead quit it. Anyways it is a really addictive game and I think this game is pretty creative. Sorry the review was a little messy..Version: 1.19.1

HELL YESThis is one of my favourite games! I love all the new updates but I’d LOVE for you to be able to reconnect with past relatives. If your parents disown you when you’re born or out you up for adoption, I’d love the option to catch up with them in the future and for them to be able to reach out to you. Maybe you could give the option to look up ancestry and through that discover who your parents are!.Version: 1.30

SuggestionsSuch a fun game, but can we have something like where we could meet the sibling’s lovers? Also stuff like we could build our own company/business.Version: 1.46.1

Love this gameI love it but u should make it so you can do more stuff like a child/teen, like party or run away or join sports. Also you should add in the start new life section u should add what kind of person you are, bad, good or whatever-therefore giving you different selection of thing to do in your life.Version: 1.9.1

Great game! I have suggestionsI love this game. I love being able simulate different lifestyles and the constant updates are really nice because they keep the game exciting. I love the whole Mafia update especially since I’m really into true crime. I have many things I wish would be added to the game though, for example: able to be born a twin, being able to be kidnapped or held for ransom as well as being able to do it to other people (I think it would be cool since that can already happen to a family member), taking test to graduate high school and college, being able to see your kids even after you give them up for adoption or running into them after abandoning them would be cool, maybe adding a foster system so that when your playing and your parents die you could be in that instead of an orphanage, being able to run away from your family or unexpectedly leave your spouse (as well as your spouse being able to leave you and your kids running away), also the ability to see and interact with extended family would be cool, being able to nag your family about things such as buying a home, car, getting married, or having kids, lastly having your spouse plan out the wedding and make you sign a prenup instead of having to do it yourself. But overall I think this is an amazing game! If you’ve read through this thank you so much, I know it was a bit long..Version: 1.46.1

This game is AWESOME!!!This game is awesome! I play it almost every day and have had so much joy playing it. I do have a few ideas for a future update... -to be an assassin and kill for money, being able to raise your reputation and skill, choosing which jobs to take and to decide the price for the job. -being apart of gangs/mafia and being able to raise your rank and reputation around the other gangs and cities. -having the option to have a gun licence and guns. -when your in the military, instead of just clearing land mines, you get sent to different countries and stay there for a few years. Having different options to choose from like when in prison. These are my ideas for a future update of the game and I hope you take them into consideration. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks..Version: 1.28.1

Definitely should getThis game is super good and addicting and funny. If your looking for something like a life simulator then this is the game for you. Their are a few things that I would add so if anyone’s reading this that can help please take my ideas into consideration. Or don’t- either is fine 😂. Anyway maybe you could let us pick how long we want the time to be that we add. Like instead of only doing a year we could pick a day, a week, a month or a year. then maybe we could also click on the face of what our person looks like and see the whole body and go shopping for them or something so we can change their clothes. also I notice that a lot of the time people will ask us to come over and do something and maybe we could do that too instead of just having the option to “spend time with”. Like when we press “spend time with” their could be a few different options of what we wanna do with that person. Also, and i’m kinda just stretching it here but, maybe our parents could like “give us a phone” or we could buy one and then we could click on it and do stuff on it. Like play a random game or text or call a person to do something. I added these ideas to just make the game feel a little bit more real. But don’t get me wrong the game is already amazing. Tell me if you see this and like my ideas... or don’t it’s ok 😂👍. They might be dumb anyway. But yeah, thanks! ☺️.Version: 1.36.2

I love the game but...You should be able to have the choice to choose your religion. You could be like Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or a Buddhist..Version: 1.36.1

🤩🤩🤩I’ve been playing bitlife for a while now, and I’m still finding it so fun and fresh! The creators have done an amazing job of adding such thrilling new updates and other extensions. I’m so glad that we can FINALLY customise our character and their hair. Things I would LOVE to see from bitlife would be maybe if you’re famous but die, their children would also be famous because of who their parents are! Also, it would be more fun if other people were famous, not just your player. So you could date someone famous and then become famous after becoming their spouse. Lastly, I would love if there was more diversity in which you were born into. Like, someone could be born into a country’s royalty, and that would be their job, and they would get this palace already in their estate. Overall, just a really great game and I hope that maybe the bitlife creators might read this 🤞🏻.Version: 1.35.1

More options!Hi I love this game so much so worth buying and for the people who say don’t download it because you have to play for a bit membership the membership is only $8.99 I think. And it makes the game worthwhile but back to my topic. More options: Since so many people are purchasing you bitzen membership you could at least update the content monthly, or at least add a bunch of stuff every 1-2 months. Not just when there’s a holiday like, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanks giving etc. As a bitzen I think we should get a little more options because we did pay for the membership I’m stuck doing the pretty much same jobs every life and I’m trying to start a over 1000 year family legacy. All I’m trying to say is maybe add a little more mini games some recent updates as you May only add 1-5 new options in. But the constant updates in games. Make them really good to play and we won’t get bored after 10 mins on the game. On and off. For the ones without the membership: I agree with the most critical you feed too many ads. Every 10 years of a life really you force a ad. I think it should mainly be when just when you carry on as your child or start a new life. So that’s my rant other then the few simple complaints I really enjoy playing this game. It’s one of my favourite games to play on my iPhone..Version: 1.28.1

Great gameBitLife is such an addicting game! I would totally recommend getting it. BitLife members if you read this, I know you guys just released an amazing update, but I was thinking for the next update: 1. Be a parent at ages 14+ (since you can only make love at age 16) 2. Have friends throughout your life. I have noticed a lot of Bitizens have been requesting this, including myself. In more detail, having a ‘make a friend’ icon would be awesome, we could make friends and socialise with them. I think it would be awesome if this happened anytime soon. I know it is hard work to make updates and I appreciate that you guys put lots of effort into making this game fun for us, and you have succeeded. Please read this comment and think about what I said ❤️ you guys are awesome! My favourite game 😊.Version: 1.24

Things I would like to be addedI’m ngl I really enjoy the game but there is a few things I would add like if a parent dies and the child is in the next generation i feel as if their grandparent is still alive they should still be apart of their lives. Also I feel like you should add more countries as it would be more equal and even more fun. I also feel like more crime should be added like kidnapping and stuff like that and I feel like you should be able to take all your children on holiday because I had this father who had 20 children but couldn’t take them on holiday but he would of been able to as he was rich. And my last point is that for the inheritance I feel like we should be able to choose how much we want to give our children. Actually one mort thing i feel like we should start making love at 15 and of you have a child I feel like we should have the parents maybe kicking them out or something like that..Version: 1.25

BITLIFE PLZ READ THIS 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏I think this game is brilliant!! It’s such a great idea and I definitely recommend! For BitLife: Please read these BitLife I have told most of my friends my ideas and we all agree they are great ideas!!!! Number 1 SCHOOL Can we have a tab called “school” For when you are in school. Then when you tap the school tab more tabs pop up for example: In Subjects, Friends, teachers and extras. Subjects: When you open the subjects tab all the subjects come up and you can study for particular subjects or drop some subjects. In Friends: When you tap the friends tab all these “cliques” would pop up. There might more tabs like popular kids, nerds, jocks and so on. When you click on one of the tabs a couple of kids pop up and when you click on one their might be an option to like assault or make friends ect. In Teachers: Next when you click on teachers I think a bunch of teachers/adults should pop up and u can have a bunch of options with them. In Extras: For extras basically you can do things like sign up for dance or netball or drama ect. Number 2 STYLE, I think you should have a tab called style and you can pick you style. Number 3 SHOPPING, A tab called shopping and when you click on it there are a bunch of shops that pop up and a bunch of random things pop up that you can buy. Number 4 BIRTH You should be able to be born a twin/triplet or whatever. Thanks for listening!!! 💖 Please add these things BitLife I think it’s a great idea..Version: 1.15.1

ADDICTIVEI really hope some of the developers reply to this :D bitlife was the best game i ever got when i fist had it, it just keeps getting better and better and better with new additions such as pets and being able to live as your children. i love the fact that you can get ribbons as it gives you something to try and achieve in each life. i would like to see some new additions here a couple: -being able to have grandparents when you are born -when you are born your custom people may end up as your parents/siblings -you could be adopted when you start a new life -you can get disowned/abandoned then re-adopted -your parents can get divorced/re-married -the ability to bully other children while at school new career ideas: -blogger -vlogger -youtuber -foster career -more kinds of scientists : microbiologist,volcanologist,psychologists etc -nursery/kid teacher -working in a children’s home : if you take a liking to them then you can adopt them -old folks home - be able to attend their funerals new ribbon ideas: -salty : argue back to people and be really mean to them -zombie : on low health your whole life - ugly : just what it says on the tin - baby momma : attached to children - magic : escaping from prison, getting out of bad situations -bully : bullying children at school all the time and arguing/assaulting others again, i really really love this game and have so many new ideas that could possibly be incorporated into the the game..Version: 1.14.1

New Feature Please!This game is one of the best games i've played ever in my life. There is only one thing I wish you guys could add to the game and I reckon a lot of people also want this feature and it is... Sports Star! It would be cool to see this feature and you could maybe add a new ribbon due to this feature and also maybe achievements and challenges. Thank you for reading and I hope you take this in to consideration!.Version: 1.32

Ideas for the next update!This is a great game and the creators have put so much effort in, getting updates out almost weekly is probably tough, so props to that! For the next big update there’s a few things that would be cool to add! - Part time jobs. (Starting at 14-15, we should be able to get a part time job at grocery stores or restaurants ect. and continue doing part time jobs until finishing university.) - More crimes. (Sometimes we just want to shoplift or spray paint a wall, we don’t always want to murder our parents.) - Criminal careers. (Such as drug dealer, assassin, bank robber, maybe even mafia related like a mafioso) - Family events. (Possibly every 2 or so years we could have a family event, like an aunty getting married or attending a funeral or more simple events like thanksgiving dinners. We could choose to attend and if we do attend we can get into family arguments or choose our behaviour for the event.) - Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents. ( In a seperate category in the relationships we should have our aunties, uncles and cousins like our nieces and nephews. We could also have our grandparents if they’re alive when our characters are born.) - PETS! ( Having a childhood dog, cat, fish or something different like a hamster, mouse, ferret, maybe even bunnies, teaching them pet tricks and taking them to the vet, if you choose a vet career you could take care of your own pets for free!).Version: 1.8

Addicted!!!!My life is being ruined by this game. Its awesome! Reminds me a lot of “Alter Ego” but with way more replay value and way more interesting twists and turns. Been looking for a game like this all my life! I love how quickly things can change in the citizens life and how much one thing can mess stuff up. I also LOVE the lgbt+ content, that you can choose how to respond to your family member coming out, and that citizens sexualities aren’t determined by you. That said, one thing that irks me is that whenever my citizen adopts a child with their partner, once the citizen dies the partner doesn’t come up as the parent so the kid can’t interact with their mama or papa. I think this only happens with lgbt parents, but I could be wrong. Speaking of nitpicks, I wish there were more obstacles to overcome. Like, in one life your born to a poor family with bad living conditions, or your discriminated against for your race, gender, etc, or maybe you have to decide what sort of lifestyle your household lives. Of course, that might lead to the game being heavier than it needs to be and I don’t blame the developers at all if they don’t want to go that route. With that said, I’m very glad to see that they continuously update the game and am looking forward to whatever new content they may provide. I can’t afford not to look forward to it, since I’ve now paid money to be an official bitizen and support them. Please don’t make this an impulse buy I regret! I’m begging you!.Version: 1.21.1

Helpful PartnerBitLife Is such a good game, I think something that could be added is when you get married you can share money, partners can purchase houses and cars instead off asking you, in the future it would be an option to make your own business, be able to buy a car for your child. Being able to make friends. I don’t know those are just some things that pop into my head while I play the game. 😊.Version: 1.24

Love it... have a few suggestionsI absolutely adore this game. All my friends and I play it and all of us have so much fun. I love all the different options, but I have just a few suggestions for the next update. Each update makes the game so much better and I think that this would make the game absolutely amazing: 1. When you are making a custom person, being able to choose the name of their parents, and their jobs. Also being able to choose looks, health, smarts and happiness, so that the custom person looks just like how they would in real life. Also I think that you should be able to choose hair colours and eye colours and if they have glasses etc. Also if they have older siblings. 2. Being able to have relationships with people who are friends or co-workers, not just with family or ex’s or boyfriends/girlfriends, like being able to get a good relationship with your boss could help you get a pay rise. 3. As teenagers, you could get into fights or as teachers you could have to break up a fight etc..Version: 1.23.1

Stuff to addIt’s a real good game but I think that if you made it so that we have siblings and we can also interact with them like they ask you for money or something I think that would be super cool..Version: 1.4

PLEASEIn french too please!!! (I am a french)..Version: 1.4

More?Love the app, eventually ran out of things to do. Perhaps more negative things could be added such as murder. Or some positive things, like you are born to famous people..Version: 1.4

Great game but need more country specsSuper fun game, but a push to have a more unique experience per country would be nice! Canada = free healt care. Poor country = lower life expectancy. Sweden = higher life cost...etc.Version: 1.4

ReadThe way this game is constructed and coded is incredible. You would have to be stupid to not enjoy playing it. You never get bored because there is always a different outcome to your decisions, hence how you live different lives when you play. Bitlife is one of the best games anyone has made. please make every education option available in the universities instead of putting a few. Another thing I would like you to add is the opportunity to get other people in jail. Like stage them for murder. OR, if you were to pair up with someone to be a delinquent, they would go to the same jail as you. If it was a gf or bf, maybe they could cheat on you with a guard or inmate. Maybe YOU can hook up with someone in jail. Can you make there an option to ask someone to date in prison, and make a staff of guards that u can interact with, not just the prisoners. Also can you make it where you have a “partner in crime” and can rob houses with someone, plan to kill someone together etc instead of just being delinquents together. Also can you not make your ex file a restraining order if I compliment them?? I just wanted to chit chat and I complimented them and they filed a restraining order. Thanks and this game is amazing!.Version: 1.36.1

Different University’s!Hey! Can you guys include different University’s to pick? Like Yale, Oxford, Harvard, Browns, Juliard, or make your own custom ones for your city that you guys don’t know about? And the same with elementary/intermediate school and high school and primary school? And can we be able to pick where to immigrate and can we choose it even as a baby but it’ll actually be our parents choice? Thanks! It’s one of my favourite games but just add these and I’ll love it even more!!!.Version: 1.23.1

BitLife devs Please Read!!!❤️❤️❤️I am absolutely obsessed with this game to the point where I’m playing it for hours at a time. It’s a really cool game and the creator of it did an amazing job. With that being said I think the game can only get better. One thing is that you can take your animal to the vet but you can’t take your children to the doctor. Also, many times it will day that my character suspects a family member or friend of being addicted to something or abusing a substance but you can’t ever then talk to them about it. Also, I think the jobs you can apply for should have a wider range and you should be able to pick your dream career or something so that you can then go to school for it and be qualified when you want to go to school for it. Another suggestion is that you should be able to choose what you talk to people about so it’s not just having a random conversation. I also think you should have a choice to choose a religion. Like not be required but to just have the option. Finally, you should be able to decide when you want to have sex so you don’t get pregnant the second you start dating someone and you can have more control over your sex life. You should also be able to have friends and interact with them. Also there should be a way to start your own business and edit the look of your character and have like your own avatar each time..Version: 1.19.1

An idea for the new updateI had an idea for the new update. So that when you break up with someone they are still in your relationship area so that you can date them again or become friends. Also when men have a love child can they please have a relationship with their hookup?? So that they can potentially date ????? I think if you guys add this idea it would make the gameplay even better:).Version: 1.10

HiY’all should put the getting pregnant age back to 12-13 16 isn’t realistic now 😂 There should be more real life situations like trauma and mental illness, living in a hospital? Being abandoned as a child? Having to raise yourself things like that. There should also be more baby interactions and more sexual interactions.Version: 1.27

Sports careersThe entire game is perfect. I wouldn’t choose to change a thing if I had the choice, god mode is mind blowing, everything is just amazing. But there are a few things I think would be cool. 1. sporting careers. Since you can join sporting activities in school I think sporting careers would be a great addition. There are lots of sports, so it would be difficult to add all of them into the game, but at least the ones which we can do while in school 2. School preferences depending on strictness of parents. If you’re parents are quite strict, it is understandable that they choose which school you go into, but if you have less strict parents, you get the option whether you want to go to a co-ed school, or a boys/ girls only school depending on your gender. If your parents have allot of money you can have the option between private school as well. 3. Orphanage activities/ choices. Basically I just think it would be great if orphanage had similar options to school, in that you can interact and befriend kids in your orphanage. Maybe options like running away, sneaking out, if you are younger staying up late and playing during the night? Things like that anyway, and also interacting with the workers to get the ‘love’ stats higher or lower.Version: 1.33

Can u plz do thisI love this game but I think it will be cool if you could click up in the corner and see your hole character and if I have surgery you can see the changes and is u get your hair don’t you can see the changes. Also it would be cool if there was more things to buy just a then houses and car other stuff could be like phone and pets abd all that Jazz..Version: 1.12

Great but here are some suggestionsI just want to say I really love this game and I think there are things that can make it better. There should be grandparents, uncles, ants, great grandparents, great grandchildren. When you are famous you should be able to do more things like sign autographs, speeches, Instagram or facebooks posts, and movies. You should be able to become an actor our actress and star in movies and become famous that way, I know that you want to make money but becoming president or prime minister should be free or have special events when you can become president during a certain time, going to the hospital in the doctors section should actually be useful for something. Adding to the pro sports you should have tennis and golf and have the olympics. You should be able to choose what college or university you want to go to instead of only just picking a major(like Harvard, duke, ucf). There should be natural disasters and pandemics in the game. There should be an astronaut job and you can able to go in space and have a space crew. You should become the boss of your job and manage your employees around, give raises, lower costs, even fire people. Also you should be able to start your own business and get investors to invest and build your empire and have competition and possibly go bankrupt. There should also be an employee of the month reward if you do a great job. These are some suggestion but thankyou for making a great game..Version: 1.43

So many ideasOK so I have some suggestions. Number one you can interact with your grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many more family members. Number two, have the ability to date more than one person a.k.a. open relationships. Number three have more than five pets it gets a little annoying just being able to have five pets. Number four, Be able to date famous people. Number five have secret siblings that you never knew about. Number six be put up for adoption in the middle of your life because you know that happens number seven, this does have a little bit to do with number six but have both of your parents die and go to adoption I mean like it happens. Number eight have one of your siblings go up for adoption and you not. Number nine, can you please make it so that you can haveMore of a chance to be a twin or even a triplet I have only been a twin twice and never a triplet and please make it more likely to get twins triplets or quadruplets I mean like there’s a chance in life that you could have quadruplets or even more like octuplets that’s it sorry if I A little I’m unique I’m really tired and I have a bad cough have a good night please or just some suggestions and I would really like the game to have some of these now that I’ve actually type this up I’m so excited to play by I would really like you to respond back.Version: 1.39.1

I don't usually write reviews but....I truly think this is one of the best games in the AppStore. There's not many other games that aren't poorly designed and made for taking your money. The devs of this game listen to feedback and it's obvious that they actually care and like their own game. Most people with critical reviews complain about the amount of ads. This game is free to download which means they have to make money some way. This game isn't completely riddled with ads but ads on things like purchasing gifts can take away from the experience. I paid to have ads removed because I support these devs and what they're doing. It's very hard to find devs like this so these guys seem awesome. It's a very small price to remove ads I don't at all think this game only wants your money. The only real problem I have with BitLife is the things that don't add up. For example I've played as a character who owns a house and is well into their adult years and also has siblings. I got into a fight with my sibling over "leaving the toilet seat up" and having situations where "tell mother" is an option even tho my character doesn't live at home and is an adult. I think fixing that can only improve the game. I often like to adopt but when my character dies and I play on as my child my characters partner is not in the relationships tab. I think there should be a way of making your partner the mother/father of your adopted kid. Regardless this game is dope and I love these devs 💗💗.Version: 1.27

Ideas?Date Other Celebrities!!.Version: 1.46.1

Things to addThis game is great, but i feel it could be so much better with the ideas listed below: more sexualities/genders more job/schooling options more pets become homeless at any age interact with people at orphanage get adopted add tests/quizzes for school add exams for university/community college add supervisor as a job option for every job add tattoos/piercings add more jobs that lead to fame add self employment add more crimes add option to edit self and pets in god mode add more random scenarios apply to become a surrogate go on vacation with anyone (friends/family) add sugar babies/daddies add the option to vote add to immigration (choose city, choose from every country, show pros and cons of moving to different countries) add hints for completing ribbons/achievements.Version: 1.38.3

Am I being recordedSounds like I’m being recorded so therefore iam deleting.Version: 1.39.1

Royalty?? OptionIt would be super cool if we could be born into a royal family and become a princess or prince, or date royalty and then when your parents pass away you would become the king/queen..Version: 1.28.1

Great way to waste time that feels rewardingBit life is life simulator that strives by letting players choose their own path & create family names that last hundreds of years. PROS: - no pay walls for actual content (there is a paid god mode that just lets you cheat more, it’s worth the money) - an absolutely absurd amount of content - family progression means that you won’t lose progress by your character dying (provided you have children) - hundreds of in-game career paths & many ways to get rich - interesting characters - devs that actually listen to their community & love their game -decent mini games -pro LGBTQ+ CONS: -Ads in the free version (it’s free, obviously there’s ads) -Can be a little repetitive if you play for extended periods of time - no easy way to just cheat even with the GOD mode -the paid GOD MODE won’t let you kill people, escape prisons or cheat money. It also still costs money to use the time machine - the eye tests are (in my opinion) too difficult, I don’t even wear glasses in real life and but usually can’t find the letter within the like 3 seconds you’re given & thus all my characters need glasses since parents can force your child character to take the test All the cons are rather minor in my opinion & the game is constantly being worked on with regular free updates. The support is also very friendly & listen to the community so bugs are patched pretty quickly. We need more devs like this in the gaming industry.Version: 1.46.1

Not a review but and idea for the gameI LOVE bitlife. It’s my favourite app and game but there are a couple of things that I’d like to be included. 1. Surrogates, if you can’t get pregnant have a surrogate. I think that a surrogate option will make gameplay better and more people will play it. 2. Youtuber job. If being a youtuber was included into bitlife, I would never leave my phone. A Youtuber option will make so much easier to get famous and to actually get money without properly working. If youtuber is ever included into bitlife it would be fun to have categories (like vlogs, challenges, gaming and all that stuff) for what video. Also another idea if youtuber is included being able to look back into the video and see all the likes, comments and the title of the video. Another idea if youtuber was included lol. Being able to choose your own youtuber name. Instead of it being like a scroll thingy (like when you choose gifts) it can be where you put your own name (like when you name a child). Oke thats the end. I rate bitlife 5 stars because it’s the best.Version: 1.28.1

Amazing! but why the ads when I’m not connected to WiFi?This game is so good I’ve only had it for around a year and a half but it feels like forever it’s sooo good with all the options you get to choose from there have been so many updates since I first started and I can tell that the developers want this game to be good so they update it very well and often, but with the next update could I PLEASE not have ads when I’m not connected to any WiFi? It’s also like the same 3 unskippable ads on repeat and it’s getting pretty annoying. If I’m on a bus or something, I really don’t want my good quality playing time interrupted by unskippable 30 second ads. It’s fine having ads when I’m connected to WiFi because you need the money to keep running the game, but I would at least like some diversity in my ads, and none when I’m not connected to WiFi. Apart from that though, it really is an amazing game that you should definitely install because it’s so addictive and fun. This was just a message to the developers about the next update 👌🏼😋👌🏼 (well I mean isn’t every review haha).Version: 1.22.1

Great but could definitely add things!I am loving all of the updates that you guys are coming out with, amazing work keep it up! I do think you could add more family relationships such as Grandparents, uncles aunts cousins etc. I also think there should be a way that you can stay in contact with friends and be able to arrange going out with friends etc. I also think that you should add becoming a supervisor of a work when you are at the top of that career so you can select who to fire, and they come to you with all of the problems etc. That would be great , there should also definitely be more ways for you to post on social media such as posting a selfie etc and having people message you from it maybe? Not to mention, I don’t understand why when you start a workplace or school not everybody likes you, it makes it hard for you to have a good work life cause at work they are constantly playing pranks but they won’t have a conversation with you, other people will dislike you if you report them but you can’t always afford to buy them gifts Keep up the good work that you guys are already doing! Love the game x.Version: 1.27

LOVE itI was initially skeptical about this game as I have been a long-time Sims player... but this. I have never written a review or rated an app, which is proof of how hooked I am on this game and it seems as though the creators do listen and implement suggestions, which is great! I absolutely love the humour in the names, texts, and the gravestones! The recent updates are nice - I’ve been so addicted to the gambling update (yes I squandered my fortune), but it would be better if more types are available like slots, roulette, and poker! Part-time jobs should also be an option, especially for teenagers. I was once too poor to go to the doctor and died. More immersive and relatable improvements such as having friends, coworkers, and ex-lovers available under relationships (not just family) and being able to interact with them would be lovely. More job-related actions would be nice too, like if there’s a war and I’m in the military, will I be deployed or give commands? If I’m an actor, perhaps fans could come up to me for photos/autographs? Natural disasters and political unrest could also happen that could displace me? That aside, I feel like this game is going to be in my life for quite a while... especially if the updates keep coming to improve and change up my game experience. What you’re doing is great, keep going! I absolutely LOVE it..Version: 1.5

Some ideas ❤️I absolutely LOVE this game, it’s so funny! I have some ideas though, could oh please add foster parent or some other jobs like and artist, singer, maybe you could even add (when you add other characters) an option for their relation to you from stranger to best friends. Things like natural routines you could add, for example... pay bills, buy food and I was also hoping if you could add, adopt a pet (dogs, cats, hamsters, etc...) then you could pay for them as in, when they need food, supplies, still to do with pets, you could have a limit if it lags the game, if your girlfriend/wife gets pregnant in the game then pets could too. also I feel like the relationships part, down at the bottom, if you have a baby, all you can do is looks at their profile, you can’t interact with them, please add choices like, play (okay could also be for other children not just for babies), change nappy/diaper, feed, take to doctor (if they get sick or hurt) other stuff like that. Moving on to creating your own character, can you please add to change your appearance, some of my friends live in Scotland and the are not white (I’m not trying to be racist) if they chose Scotland it would make them white and hair colour is completely different. Family relations- when creating your own person, I would like to change my parents names, also if I have any siblings and how many! Please see to these ideas, thank you! Yours sincerely, Krystal xx.Version: 1.12

Suggestions!!!For a suggestion I think that if you have a boy and a girl dog or cat or turtle or whatever they should be able to have babies and you can sell them or keep them! Another suggestion is that if you have been put in an orphanage or your parents died and you’re in an orphanage the orphanage should have like things that you can do so like you can escape make friends you could be adopted you can start food fights or make friends with the people who are in the orphanage or get adopted! One more suggestion is that you can design what your house looks like so you can buy furniture you can like put a bed or a desk in your room you can build your house you should be able to design a house and you can customise a car or a house! I really hope you read this bit life thank you and by the way this is an awesome game it’s my favourite I played every single day bye!.Version: 1.39.1

The bestThis game is the best it is fun and creative the details are amazing you can do so many things. It love it. But here are a few thing that I think would be fun it add. You could have interactions with your Aunty’s, Uncle’s and cousins that would be so much fun. Could there also be easier way to delete you past lives that you have saved too? Because every time I want to delete one I have it one it and then off it and then press the button which is annoying. Maybe you could also put renting houses because not everyone owns a house some people just rent so that would be a cool feature. One more thing could you maybe put in more shopping for like phones, clothes and for furniture. Thank you so much for everything. But before I go I just want to ask one thing in the bitzen offer I saw once that it says that you get all future content is that still on or do you have do pay for other things. I also think that God mode should be in the bitzen package as it is a good feature that I think would make more people purchase it. Thank you bye bitlife creators. Please if you can get back to me too..Version: 1.35.1

ADDICTING APP! AMAZINGI’m actually addicted... Well done BitLife, You’ve done your job. XD Anyways, I really like this game! You can do many things, start a life, Become a famous singer, Actress, Actor. pornstar, Celebrity, Famous sports player, Busniess leader, CEO of a company... Have kids, Start a family, Become king or queen, Get born in a royal family, And I’ll just say, The prices are cheap! And I’ve enjoyed BitLife even more with the updates! Thank you so much for the constant updates! A few suggestions: The next thing you could add for a new update, For a Christmas update. Is to make an option to become Santa, And Elf (For jobs) Because I really wanna become Santa and deliver presents to children in my choice. sooo yeah, You don’t have to do this but it’s just a suggestions. everyone should download BitLife! It’s the best game ever! It has a very low chance of bugs occurring, (Depends) Soo download it!.Version: 1.44

A few ideasI love this game, but I have a few ideas that I think would be cool. Firstly if you could add Somalia, Cyprus, Malta, Maldives, Rwanda, Bahrain, Palestine ect. Being able to have relationships with grandparents or more varied family. You could move to different areas in your current country, and also pick what place you want to live in a new country when immigrating so it isn’t random. Also if your character had a hijab before immigrating I wish it didn’t remove it, or at least gave a choice to wear it or not. I also really like the idea of gangs not being just restricted to only jail. More interactions with loved ones would be great too, like some way to profess love to someone. It would be good to have less legal jobs like drug dealers or hitmen (with the possibility of being arrested), and a different way to get drugs rather than going to clubs. Lastly, jobs being a bit more interactive and mid-life crisis’ would be sick. I know it’s a lot but it would be so cool to have some of this in the game. :).Version: 1.40.1

Bitlife :)- I think their should be an option to spend your spouses money. - Own houses in different countries without having to emigrate there. - Have apprenticeships as well as jobs, also do a benefit system for when they dont get a job (UK) - Have the option to send the children to private school (if you have the money) but also what school, like do rating s for the school and you get to choose where. - Have the option to buy people things, like phones, laptops, cars but you have to pay monthly for them. - Be able to take out loans for holidays. - Instead of buying a house all the time, you could do an option to sell land and build their own (depends how much detail you want to go into, but you could choose what the house looks like) - When emigrating you should be able to pick a country by typing in it’s name (custom) not just choose from the list - Have to pay monthly for food bills ect and you choose where to shop based off of how much money you have. - Show full figure Bitmoji’s not just face and make them customisable (eg. If you eat a lot you could develop diabetes, pay for the treatment or they could die from it ect) - Make an option to progress through on months instead of every time you click the + button you progress a whole year (but make it an option in the settings so its not compulsory as people may not want it to take 12 months to progress) Great app love it though!.Version: 1.40.1

Game suggestionI think that there should be an option where you can start your own business. You can select the business type and name it however you’d like and when you have enough money to start it you should be able to select advertising (I.e. say I just start my business and I only have $300, I can select magazine advertising instead of television because it’s within my budget). If you fail to run your business well and you aren’t making much, you can either shut your business down or you will get shut down. Also, another job suggestion, it’s would be great if you were able to have a small job like barista or something like that while in college, just to get some type of small income. Because it’s hard to get your parents to give you enough money to get by at that stage, especially when you’re family is poor and you get $2 when you ask. All I’m saying is we should be able to have a side job while in college, you could even limit us to small jobs with low income to make it realistic and then change it when we get out of college like, part-time jobs only. Also, I think that you should add more crimes to the game, like rob the bank or even have a crime skill meter, you start out stealing things, then robbing stores, then eventually working your way up to robbing banks and crazy heists and stuff like that. I hope to see this implemented in the future! Love this game btw, I got all my friends playing it..Version: 1.16

Really good gameThis is a really good game. There are always updates and they are all really good though I have a few ideas. - When you get your first period sometimes it doesn’t come up in your life, also if your parents had a reaction to your first period that would be so cool and if there were moments through your life where something happens with your period eg. you leak or you get bad cramps or mood swings. - If something bad happens to you when going somewhere eg. someone drives through a puddle and soaks you or you have a stalker. - If you did have a stalker then they could either stop or keep stalking you for years..Version: 1.30.1

Adore this game, just some suggestions ☺️I love love this game i just have a couple of suggestions; 1) i think once you become famous you should be able to date other famous people. 2) i think you should be able to buy houses in other places without having to emigrate over there and then emigrate back. 3) dying characters hairs when they get a dye job done. 4) being able to change your name/ your kids name. 5) i think there should be more university choices/higher education choices. 6) i think that you should allow for step-parents if your parents divorce or one of your parents die then the other should be allowed to get married again. 7) i think that when you turn 16 you should be able to set up a savings account and the kids could put money in there if they inherited it or maybe their parents put money in there for them. 8) if parents treat the kids badly i think that kids could get emancipated and in that case live by themselves. 9) i think that even when you’re in prison you should be able to contact your family/make prison friends/join gangs/get tattoos etc; That’s all ☺️ thank you if you read this.Version: 1.21

Some SuggestionsThis game is my all time favourite but I have some things that I would like to possibly see in the future. Like more things happening when your young like getting sent to a boarding school, getting born with a deformity or living in an adoption centre until you get adopted or not, and then a bit later like first loves and your parents having to get you into not as good schools that are cheaper, and later like living in dorms or getting into military school, even later with some jobs you have to move countries for them and more options with the army and militaries, then finally when your older your children can send you to a retirement home. And maybe overall more options with family and in-laws, more facial features and more things to do with your wealth. Thanks for all your hard work with such a great game..Version: 1.46.2

Some ideas for a really ADDICTIVE game.So I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks now and I’ve become really addicted to it (too addictive I had to but the Bitizenship) So I had a few ideas that you could implement into the game to make it feel much more realistic. My first idea is that in the relationship tab there should be a friends part to it. You recently added a classmates and teachers interactive menu but when you grow out from school how do you contact them? So I thought that anyone you meet should be in your friends or acquaintances part of the relationship tab. A second idea is more to the characters development. So if I were to create a character it doesn’t let you choose the hair colour or the skin and stuff so I thought that maybe that could be implemented into the game as well making it feel much better if you could make it look like you so when you look at the top of that screen you can see you as well as the put your friends in the game thing I think you should also make that more customisable similar to the one I mentioned above. Thanks for a really great and addictive game 🤗💛.Version: 1.23.1

BitLife Addict here....I really love this game. I decided to spend the $3.50 to get rid of ads and become a bitizen. Unfortunately I’m really disappointed that I can no longer use the movie theatres to watch documentaries to get my smarts up. I think the app needs to be updated so that the people that pay to remove ads etc. can still use the same features - just without ads. I thought it was a super cool feature when it was new and I hadn’t paid to remove the ads. But that was the first thing I missed. The ability to get “smart” up at a quick rate..Version: 1.11

So goodI downloaded your game yesterday as some people I knew where playing it and straight away i ot addicted to it I’ve been playing it for hours already it’s an amazing game however I’d like to suggest a new mode like online mode where you can make lives with your friends or random people online this would be really interesting to see as it will make the game a ton more addictive but like a say add a mode etc multiplayer or solo (solo being the version it is today) and in the game mode add an ability to change the amount of time skipped the default is 1 Y but on multiplayer before entering add a option to change time skipped to like 1 Month or 3 Moths etc instead of just 1 Y a time this will open up the game to a whole new variety of features also if you choose on option to get married online then the over person has to except within 24 Hours or if you choose to skip then add a system where you both have to agree hope this idea comes in to play although I know it would be very difficult 😃.Version: 1.21.1

Great Game, more variety would be nice though.I love the game, I’m pretty much addicted. I think adding some features like dating someone who already has children would be a cool feature. Or getting to interact with a child you’ve given up for adoption/interacting with your biological family if you’re adopted. I think also you should change the feature that after five kids you can’t adopt anymore. Also letting the man emigrate with their children, only women can at this point. :).Version: 1.17

I love this game!Ok so this game is just a normal life simulator, right? Wrong! This game has so many options to choose from, from getting a pet to buying a Ferrari! You can even throw house parties! So if you like to pass time and want a life simulator to see what life is like in different places, in the eyes of new people, and even be new people, I recommend this game for sure! Things I think would make the game better: I honestly believe that you should add more customization options, like being able to choose if your parents names, or change hair and skin color, and even a scripted life option. Obviously if you added this to the game, you wouldn't get ribbons or achievements in that life, but it would be fun! You could also add the event of someone telling you you're adopted, and even get a legal name change! Maybe you could even add a "Dark Web" feature, that gives you more criminal activities, like assassinations, or even kidnappings! Of course, doing dark web activities would have a higher risk, higher reward. Maybe the minigame for kid napping could be avoiding patrolman in alone of sight with you, whilst you are trying to sneakily get behind them while in on foot/car. You could also add a minigame for grand theft auto like lock picking. But this is all my opinion. If the developers read this, thank you for taking some of the time away from your day to read this! Have a nice day!.Version: 1.19

IVY LEAGUE OPTIONS!- Have Ivy League schools - Make University entrance more competitive and interesting - Allow parents to choose their child’s school - Have tuition fees for private schools - Make schools generally more interesting.Version: 1.44.1

Fame UpdateI remember on my old free phone there used to be an option for musicians/artists to choose what music genre they wanted to try, how many fans they gained, decide if they wanted to be in a band or not, and how many sales an album received after publishing it. I don’t know if this was only available for free phones or not but I now have an iPhone 11 and I really miss that option. It would also be great if an actor/actress was able to choose what movie they wanted to star in, how much money they earned from starring in that show/movie, the budget of the movie, and whether they were going to be working alongside other famous actors or not. Musicians should also be able to hold concerts and choose where they want to perform (such as venue, arena, stadium, etc.) and how many people showed up since that’s how musicians gain most of their money, as well as selling their own merch and being able to see how much they earned from selling merch. The option to date other celebrities or at least flirt with them through social media should also be available. And if you’re famous, your child should be famous as well so that when you die, your child can inherit some fame, or you can be born into fame if your parents are famous figures. This game so far is really good and I spent $7 or $5 on it which I don’t regret so I’d love to see if this update would be possible to make. Thank you..Version: 1.44

Some ideasAbsolutely love the game! Can we have options that parents can divorce and remarry and we can have a relationship with our step parent? Another fun addition would be having the option of dating someone who already has kids! I’d also like to see being able to buy your kids a car/house etc. Can we have the option to have a part time job while in school or studying at uni?.Version: 1.14.1

Please add-getting stolen as a child -find biological parents if adopted at birth -more cars -more jobs -able to actually change your character -month than year choice -aunt and uncle -reconnect With your adoptive child’s biological parents -custody only divorce -two lovers at a time.Version: 1.27

This game is great but...Hey I love this game it is really great and I love the new school update. Its a fun game with real life experiences and you can have the best life ever or nearly the worst, you can get married have pets children and it is suitable for audiences that looking for fun and role play. But there is a few things which I think needs to happen...again dont get me wrong its a great game but I think its needs more improvement when having kids. On my version (this one...) when I have kids I cant exactly do anything with them accept abandon or put up for adoption, to me this is a little sad because there is a lot of potential in this criteria, like for example: baby talk them, feed them, take them to park, etc. this will encourage more people into the game and will make it a lot more interesting. It will encourage the player to have a lot more responsibility in the game and make it harder. This is just an idea that i think will be good to add. This game is really good and fun to play as I look foward to more updates I send you my kindest regards..Version: 1.23.1

My favourite game!!PLEASE ADD MORE TO THE FAME UPDATE! Say if you become a movie star, add options to star in movies or turn some down, how much you’d make from the movie and if it was successful or didn’t do very well. Also starring in a tv show. Attending award shows and winning Emmys/Oscars or not receiving any at all. Going to places like comic con and meet and greets. Being on the cover of a magazine and billboards. Crazy fans who attack, stalk or kidnap you. Add dating other celebrities or being friends with other celebrities! If it was a pop singer, please add things like making an album, selling merchandise such as perfume or t-shirts, going on a global tour or just one country, winning a Grammy, meeting fans in the streets who mob you, collaborating/working with other celebrity singers, releasing singles, concert fails ( clothing error, tripping or breaking down/crying on stage ), meeting your favourite singer/actor for the first time, meeting other celebrities, deciding wether to keep your personal life private or public, such as announcing your pregnancy in an interview or online, the same with marriage, divorce, death, etc. Just one more request, if there is ever a chance your character has twins or triplets, please change it to different genders! It’s always the same gender, when in reality, there are boy/girl twins and triplets that exist..Version: 1.23.1

I love the app, but...I would really like it if you could sign in to an "account" we made on another device because I made the Bitizen and God Mode purchase. please add this ASAP!!!!.Version: 1.44.1

Pretty good. Missing a couple things thoughBitlife is really fun and good. I love playing it although a couple things are missing. There’s a lot of things I would love to be in Bitlife but I have 3 favourites. My 1st favourite is Friends. You could meet people on the street or in school and become their friend. You could choose to be people’s Best friend. Some things you could do with a friend would be: study together, go shopping together, have a sleepover together. My 2nd favourite thing is parent seperation. When your a kid your parents could seperate and you have to choose which parent to go with. It could be an option to see the other parent. My 3rd favourite thing is having chores as a kid. Your parent could offer you to do a job for a certain amount of money and you could choose to take the deal, ask for a higher pay, do it for free, or not do the job. I also think that being able to own a business would be really cool. So overall Bitlife is really could but needs a couple improvements. 😀.Version: 1.19.1

Activities Tab/Bug Problem?If I’m being honest I usually don’t ever write reviews for any app, but I do enjoy this game very much. It’s a wonderful game to pass time with or just enjoy in general as everything that pops up is pretty random and different than the last. I get excited every time you guys update BitLife. So much so that I find myself constantly refreshing my app store updates from time to time. Yet, I seem to have one complaint. With this recent update my screen literally seems to pause when I click on the activity tab, but yet if I tap on any of the other tabs before touching the activities tab they’ll work perfectly with no problem. I recently installed the new update not even an hour ago, and I had been playing it for a while before it started to act up. I do hope you all see this, and if you do I’d appreciate you being able to take some time to give me a response. I love the game and I love the little changes, they make the biggest differences!! I myself have a million little ideas of my own for the game, but I’ll spare you all of that nonsense, after all I have no idea the work it takes to make such a wonderful game. I hope you see this soon whoever you are and I hope you have an amazing day/night, best of love🙃💙 (I also have an iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.2. I have no idea if this is of any significance, but I figured “ah what the heck why not add that in there”.).Version: 1.15

Love this game !!I love BitLife - it’s such a fun and original game. For the next update maybe you could add more features for school, for example the choice between public and private school which could affect your smarts, extra curricular activities such as sport or music which your parents could force you to do or you could do on your own free will (the amount of extra curriculars you do will affect your stress level), and joining clubs as well as having friends/enemies and having a relationship with them. Maybe what extra curricular/clubs you did could impact what degree you do - also universities could have requirements for certain degrees such as to do an art degree you must have done a music based extra curricular or been part of a drama, music or art club. I love this game so much and I hope you like my suggestions :).Version: 1.22.1

BitLife suggestionsI love the app already but there’s always room for improvement! I would like to offer a few suggestions. It would be really cool if there was a family tree feature available so that you could neatly see which of your siblings have which kids and which of your baby mamas birthed which kids. It would be great to see how all of your family is related. Another feature is I would like to have more opportunities open for members of your family. For example, your sister can come out as gay, but she can’t come out as transgender and have a sex change surgery. It would be great to have more options expanded for family members to make family life a little more interesting. It would be cool if family had the same opportunities your bitizen had to improve upon their own life. It would also be cool if the family line extended even further with the addition of great-grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. That is the way life naturally works. It doesn’t make sense to have a baby at 20, become a grandmother at 40, and then live until you’re 120 and not have any great grandkids. I think the family should keep extending infinitely as long as you are alive. You should also be able to pick playing immediately after you die as the youngest in your family (grandkids) rather than one of your kids, who are like 70 years old themselves and don’t have much life left to live. Thanks if you have read this and have taken these suggestions down !.Version: 1.20.1

Great! also a few suggestions.Ok this is a bit long but i would appreciate if you read this and took it into consideration. can you make more crimes and frequenter updates? and also for you to run away from your parents and abusive parents/spouses/stepparents and an orphanage? also there should be an option for bitizens to automatically turn dark mode on/off with the system. and also you should have the death penalty vary by state because in BitLife you can get sentenced to death in cities in states that have abolished capital punishment. and there should be a luck variable in god mode and also you should be able to edit your parents fertility in god mode and set them up on dates and nag your kids to get a job/education/spouse/have kids. and also there should be a 0.001% chance you or your relationships could be the victim of a crime. also there should be a chance your relationships can be transgender or go to prison and you should be able to send them mail, send them care packages, etc if they go to prison. also add back the ability to assault people who are coming out of the closet. also you should be able to attack people with weapons. and if a murder backfires you should be able to reopen the app and it never happens. and god mode people should be able to have infinite time machine uses. also you should be able to put non letter characters as names and specify the case and more spaces. if you read this thank you so much. i love this game..Version: 1.44

CharactersThis is a really good app but if you added appearance (create your own appearance) it would be even better!.Version: 1.4

ChurchI think u should be able to go to Church..Version: 1.36.1

Fun game, updates keep making it betterAs an avid player of Real Lives 10-15 years ago, this is definitely an appealing game. Each update adds more of what I felt was missing from the first version I played, making it feel more varied and fresh. It still lacks many features and after a few lives it can feel a little repetitive (which is improving with each update) and doesn’t feel as rich as Real Lives did. That game was also lacking a lot, so I think by including more life events and more control/lack of control over what happens to your person, particularly adding more random events as well as more ‘third world’ countries (I really liked this aspect in Real Lives, having characters in random and difficult countries where you could die at age 5 or get a serious illness which stunts your growth etc and affects the rest of your life, or not getting certain opportunities such as being unable to attend grade school). Overall though, this game is very fun and a great time killer, and the constant updates improve the game and show the developers really care about making this into an even greater game..Version: 1.7.1

Maybe more...?So, I LOVE this game, it’s amazing! But, first of all, I kinda wish that you could have like...ahem...affairs with your family. Also, I wish you could do more with your spouse. Also, what about better paying music positions? Or getting famous from being a musician?And what about getting famous for a certain career? Like, an artist, sports announcer/player? I also wish that you could be born into a famous and rich family, and grow up with the cameras. I also think that it would be really cool if you could gamble on sports! And I think you should be able to do more your child. Like help them with your homework (Maybe the kids could get mad at you if you don’t do it right!), or help them gain smarts or looks, get them to be happier if they are depressed. Also in general I think you should be more involved in your child’s life. Like knowing when they have diseases and taking your child to treat them. And your child should tell you secrets. Like when your a mom, if you have a daughter, knowing (if she chooses to tell you!), when she gets her period. Sorry for the long review, I’ll probably be writing another one in the future, but I just want to thank you guys for working so hard on this game. I really appreciate it and I’m sure that many others do too. I would LOVE to see some of these implemented into the game. I hope you will reply to this (it took me FOREVER to write this!), it would mean a lot. Thanks!.Version: 1.22.1

Really detailed!To start off my review, I want to say that yes improvements could be added, but they do updates every week, and add challenges every Saturday. Also, this game was started a while back and they have added so much since then to make this game the best it can be for players. These updates include;Royal update(be in the royal family) step sisters and step brothers etc(more family interactions) and a sports update(become a famous sports player), and lots of other really good updates. This game has lots of choices and it’s completely up to you, you can also get bitezinship, which makes you able to do more like get exotic pets and GOD mode, where other cool features are added to your game play. I really recommend this, also, if you don’t have any internet you can still play it, it doesn’t need any connection so you can play on it any day at any time. You age up every year and more choices will come and you can also interact your self. Of course, you will get a example when you download it. I think overall it’s a really good game, may not be suitable for some players though! :) but yes, download this game now!.Version: 1.47.1

SportsI have to say first, that as a 15 year old, I absolutely love this game. I play it almost every night before I go to sleep, and I’ve already recommended Bitlife to dozens of my friends. I love all of the scenarios and the implementation of challenges and achievements, and all the wonderful different ways you can live your life in the game. There is only one thing left that I’d love to see added into the production of the game. Sports. After you leave college, there is no other way that you can continue any sport until you start your next life. And I feel that you wouldn’t have to make any brand deals with national sports teams either, considering that names and such can be made randomized as well, you(the developer) could create an arsenal of random names for the sport team of the certain city that you’re in. What would be cool is if you could be able to tryout for professional sports teams, where maybe your athleticism has to be even higher than it can be when in school, and perhaps make one of the requirements for a professional team be having to be a captain of a highschool or college team. Like take that your character is living in Miami, and you wanted to play professional football, maybe the professional team name could be something other than the Dolphins. I feel like this review has been quite repetitive and I apologize for that except I feel like if this was implimented into the game, then it would be whole..Version: 1.35.1

What A Fantastic GameI've had BitLife on my phone since the very beginning and decided not to write a review too early on, to give the developers time to develop the application. Even in early development, the application was flawless, the gameplay was enjoyable and now even more so. All the updates are really bringing the game together and I couldn't be without it. I love simulator games, and there is no mobile simulator game better than this one. I'm particularly fond of the recent "Surprise me!" update, as it does make tricky decisions all the more fun. The only issue I have with this implementation (bearing in mind it's only just been released) is that some dialogue boxes don't have the option, and it seems completely random too. For example, some opportunities like dates have this option, whilst seemingly at random other dates don't. If you could roll out the "Surprise me!" feature to every single dialogue box (yes, even the driving test one), this game would be absolutely perfect. I'm so grateful to all of those who developed this incredible game for not only entertaining me all this time, but for putting so much time and effort into bringing this game to the very best it can be, I'm always excited for more updates and can't wait to see what's next for this remarkable little game..Version: 1.30.1

Great GameI personally love this game! It’s so much fun and a great pass time. My little sister (she’s 9) always begs to play it and says it’s better than the sims or any other life simulation game (which I don’t agree with AT ALL but that’s her opinion) Ermm, two problems though: One, why the hell is it a 17+? There are no physical images, it’s just words on a screen. They don’t describe it when you do... dirty stuff, the only REALLY inappropriate thing is the txxt option, get rid of that and it should be a 12. Of course, there’s a bit of swearing, but if you know them, you know them, and they ain’t doing no harm. Also, THERE IS NO VIOLENCE! Literally when you assault someone, it just comes up on the screen, “I bit his skull” or whatever move you choose. It’s not a very inappropriate game, this is just telling you to let your kids play it, not having a go at the bitlife devs, it’s not their fault. Two, why is so much of the game bitizen? Like, you’re earning your money off of ads, you don’t need like half the game to require bitizenship. But anyway, there is so much in this game without it, all I want is prison gangs and hitmen, which you made free for a week or so and then made it cost money again.... Overall, great game, relatively child friendly, not as good as sims, but well worth the download, get it NOW!!!!.Version: 1.36.2

Good game.I love this game and when I have no internet as in iraq the internet goes off I find myself very addicted to this game. However whenever I get a car and house And I have a job my money goes down. And most of the time I end up have - or i have no job. Or im in jail and sentenced to death. I think also there should be a addition to the game. That when your sentenced to the death penalty your health MUST be 100% to survive it. However you get realsed from prison. And also should be a world record book. Because the longest prison served is atleast 80 years in prison. And if you serve a life sentence your known as the word record holder for the worlds longest prison time served. And maybe also the oldest? (I think its will smith currently. (95 years old) Hope you can get back to me and maybe atleast add some off the things i've requested to be added in the game. By the way keep up the good work maybe make another game but better then bitlife if so that would be awsome. -Arios.Version: 1.21.1

Extraordinary But not perfectBit life is an extraordinary game but nothing is perfect. You could add to the game so that it borders on perfection some new features like: 1- Purchase of sports team: (BitLife players could buy sports teams (Hockey, Football, Soccer, cycling team at the Tour de France, motor sports stables (NASCAR, F1, 24 hours of Le Mans, amateur karting team) They will also need to find a sponsor for the costs related to the functioning of their team (team travel (hotels, plane, food and etc.)). 2-An astronaut career: Our characters can applying into spacial agency like NASA(USA), CSA(Canada), and more. Our characters can make a space flight into the old Soyoux or in the new Crew Dragon, they will have to make experience into the International Space Station and they can got the chance to do a spacewalk or to be the commander of the International Space Station. 3- When we enrolled in military, make that we can decide what speciality we want( Fighter pilot, Air traffic control, field officer, etc).Version: 1.47.3

Really good but could always improve as per usualYou could try to implement things such as trades and trade school, just incase you have a character who doesn’t really have the best stats, you could also possibly look at joining special forces if you stay in the military for a certain period of time and maybe that type of work experience can get you a job for the CIA or the FBI, not only that but it would be very awesome (when starting a new life) if you were able to edit a characters hair texture and skin colour so incase people want to make themselves in the game then they don’t have to worry about that character looking completely different to themselves, also the possibility of being born to royalty at random or being born to a celebrity at random wouldn’t be such a far fetched idea at all..Version: 1.18

Added suggestions1- if a child is put up for adoption is should be able to find it’s biological parents or if the parents of the adopted child reach out to the child and they get to choose if they want to reconnect with the parent/child , 2- pets should be able to have litters and you can keep or sell them on to worthy owners, 3- more jobs for Children/teens , 4- be able to choose what the person looks like who we are playing and there age, 5- make religiousness more common and be able to go to church and have the option to believe in the faith or not, 6- more adult jobs to choose from and to have more education options eg. Politics, science, arts, but advance them more, 7- when going on holidays you stay there for a few days (get the choice of how many days) and can have Romances in other countries, 8- be able to secretly have relationships and children with out the partners knowing, 9- be able to be in gangs out side of prisons and be able to create your own gang, 10- secret organisations eg government and more, I hope you are able to add some of these And continue to proceed with this amazing game ! ❤️.Version: 1.28

I LOVE BITLIFE!!!BitLife is such an amazing game! When I got BitLife a few months ago, I was just looking for a game to play for a little while and then I got hooked. I play everyday. And I love how there’s endless possibilities of stuff to do. I loved the crime update where you could do stuff in jail, same with the school update. I am so excited for any updates in the future, thank you BitLife creators for making such an amazing game!!!!.Version: 1.26

A few little extrasI absolutely love this game I spend houses a day playing it. I try my best to complete all the challenges but on one of the first challenges the alphabet one you had to have a baby named with every letter of the alphabet I did not realise it had to be in one life therefore I spent hours trying to do it but failed, also in the gold digger challenge it was hard to get money from spouses after we got devorced before that you would get a decent pay out but since the challenge it was extremely rare to get near £5000 also when I did get money from spouses it never told me how Much more money I needed to complete it so I had to use my calculator and do a lot of math if you could put in how much money left until or marriages until that would be great. I absolutely love god mode and I am very exited because I’m getting a b,ship soon and I can’t wait to do teacher interactions I love making my friends in game and overall this game is absolutely amazing and unlike no other ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.33

Minor additionsI love bitlife, I have introduced it to all my friends and we are kind of addicted. However I would like to see more minor things added. Like teenagers being able to have jobs, having the option to do more as a child or toddler/infant. In the latest update you have been able to have conversations, it would be nice to have options on what you say in the conversation. I would also like relationships to consist of more than just family, it could involve ex-lovers, friends, coworkers. I would also like to see the main characters having siblings, so you can have nieces and nephews. I would also like there to be more options in the careers, because quite recently I have been fired from multiple different career paths due to performance. I live this game so I would like to se some of these things incorporated💘.Version: 1.7.1

FunFun app, here are some cool ideas I think you could add - mistress/secret wife/girlfriend - when putting ur kid up for adoption still being able to interact with them and their adoptive parents afterwards - livin that striper/hooker life - living as a beggar - 911 prank calls - prison wife -.Version: 1.46.2

A few ideasGreat game, here are a few ideas though. Legacy - Continue as your children’s life, and continue as their children’s life and so on and so on. I’ve noticed a lot of people asking for this as well. Sports - You could give your person the option to get involved in sports such as: Football, Rugby, Hockey, and more! Crime - I know you guys have already put the “Murder” option in, but how about a little more options? You could rob a bank, shoplift a store, that kind of thing. Books - You could give your person an opportunity to become an Author. The high school CV could be Writing maybe? Also you could get your person to casually read a book. There! I really do like this game, but here are a few ideas that I think could really improve the game!.Version: 1.7.1

Great Game, needs moreDon’t think this game is a bad game because i don’t think it has enough, there are probably about 2000 different things that could happen to you in this game, and its very addicting and immersive since you can get sucked into hours of playing it out of boredom... the frequent updates are very pleasing and I appreciate the time the developers spent putting into this game and making it realistic. However, the only problem I've is ever experienced, is that it gets repetitive at times, I think there should be more options in college and ways to get into college, and there should be more job selections like a social media star, a rock/pop star(i just want to be famous), a professional athlete(hopefully specified, if applied), and also whenever i study arts in college, i never see any acting jobs every year, so the jobs should drastically change each year you progress. Ive bought the $2 bitizenship in the game and its very helpful when youre impatient like me. Also, i think there should be an addition of making best friends and running with that idea until you are older and you can do things with them until death. Also going back to University after attending once should be applicable, and refreshing the choices for the second time around. And for emigration, the countries should refresh every 5 years. I hope I receive a reply from Bitlife and their superior customer service. Ive heard great things about this game and i hope it only gets better..Version: 1.10

New features(please read as i believe these would be amazing additions)I think this game is extremely well made but i think there should be some more extreme features to really have unique lives. For instance you should have an option to fake your death for a large amount of money(this would be a crime obviously and could be used to get out of paying off debts and such) i think this would make the game very unique, even more so than it already is. I think a more simple option aswell would be to have illegal jobs such as selling drugs or being a hitman yourself etc. youre very creative game designers im sure you can come up with a lot more. Finally i think there should be an option to create your own business or something like that. Whether it be a legal business or an illegal one where instead of working for someone selling drugs for example you could do it as a lone wolf or as a legal business it would cost money but be more profitable than a normal job if done correctly. These are a few ideas i think everyone would love to see come to this game so if you can please take them into consideration and see what can be done :) overall my favourite game either way.Version: 1.41.2

Fun game but I don’t understand God ModeThe overall game is very fun, lots of possibilities. It’s updated often and constantly adds new things which I like, because the game never comes to a standstill when things are almost constantly being added. I became a Bitizen a while ago, played it a lot and absolutely loved it, but I stopped playing for a while. I came back on the game to a new thing called ‘God Mode’ which costs £2.99, meaning to get full access to the game I have to pay more money after already paying £4.59 to become a Bitizen. I also don’t think that God Mode should be £3 because it only includes three features, which sounds relatively understandable until you look at the Bitizen and realise that it gives you 10 features. I understand that the developers need to make money and stuff but it seems like a bit of a ripoff, it would make more sense for god mode to just be a part of the Bitizenship seen as Bitizens have already paid to get extra features..Version: 1.36.1

Love it! Please read :)Hey BitLife team, I love this game and it’s pretty much the only game that I play on my phone. I have a few suggestions though that I hope you’ll find interesting. I think it would be super cool and interesting if you could add an interactive stock market and maybe a cryptocurrency market too. I also think that if all of the careers had as much detail as the actor and sport’s careers then that would be very very cool. For business careers, you could start your own business and have different types of business’s and expand them and grow them. For doctors, you could pick what kind of surgeries you want to perform and you could have little mini games and the harder surgeries earn more of a bonus. You could be a race car driver and there could be race mini games. But overall, the concept of applying detail to each career path sounds like a worthwhile investment and I think it would expand the overall player base. Maybe it would be cool if you could upgrade certain aspects of your cars to make them faster for getaways and for little street race pop ups. An underground street race tab under the crime menu where you could win cars and money and rank up notoriety would also be super cool. I also think some way to become a better criminal would be good as well so it’s harder to get caught. I have more ideas so let me know with a reply with an email address if you’d like to touch bases! Thank you guys!.Version: 1.47.3

Update IdeasCan you update Bitlife to where you can breed your pets please? Also I would like it if you could make an online button to be able to connect with you friends, for example, let's say your friend wants to play as your mom but all you can do is have the same name, so you can't actually interact with your friend but if you were to make an online button you could actually interact with them and they would be able to respond to what you did instead of an NPC reacting to what you did, I would REALLY like this, A LOT, so plz, plz do this. Also can you add more options to the pets? It would be really cool! I would really like there to be more options and I would REALLY like it if you made it to where you could put a school button that when you press it, it shows the students in you're grade so you can make friends, enemies, crushes, etc. Also if you do make the school option, you should add the enemies, friends, etc. In your relationships and be able to have options to fight or bully people so you can choose what kind of person you would like to be in school, also relationships with teachers as in, love if you want lol or having a favorite teacher or a teacher you hate. You should also add the option to buy drugs yourself. It would also be really cool if you could customize you character and your characters parents or other family members and pets. Otherwise, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!❤️.Version: 1.16

Great game, but gets boring after a day or twoI’ve been playing this game before it became so popular. I enjoy the game still to this day but believe that there isn’t much that interests me in a personal fashion which leads me to taking extended breaks and coming back every so often to see updates and try out new things. Sure, it’s a new story every time round but it’s so limited and with in game payments being an almost needed thing to break the border of gameplay it ruins the experience of what could be such an amazing game. Personally for me, I’d remove the boundary of gameplay allowing you to do majority of the stuff for free. You shouldn’t have to play money to dye your hair or get a pet etc. For ads, I understand. People have to make money somehow and it’s done to the perfect level and doesn’t throw you too much off the game. I’d also like to recommend the path of an athlete, preferably a boxing career or a career in MMA; as well as basketball and many others. I’d like the chance to do more with robberies and make it more of a career. Lastly, I’d like to recommend this game to everyone that wants a story based game which you get to choose everything for. Whether that be how much time you want to spend on the game, how you want to play the game and what you will do to make your experience better. I’d rate it a 5 star as well as a 10/10 for the great development and the complementary story to go with a mobile game. Thank you..Version: 1.37.1

Great game!Honestly, this text based game paired with simple art and unique events is a great time killer and all around good game. With every update things get better and better. There are a few things I can think of adding and I’ll list them Incase you would like to know. 1. It’s been said again and again but, more options as a child. I find myself skipping through those early years without a single thought. Maybe you could add play dates or imaginary friends? I’m not a game developer but those are a few ideas. 2. Ways to form relationships with people you hook up with. Now, this event won’t occur with all hookups but some may be clingy and try to force themselves into a relationship with you. Or, you may both decide you want to be in a relationship if you had a baby perhaps. 3. Ways to make your ex jealous, maybe if you break up with someone they could try to make you date them again, asking, pleading or even threatening you to do so. 4. Branches of from the last idea. “Crazy exes” maybe if an ex had a high enough crazy level there’s a chance that if you break up and start dating someone else, the ex could attempt to kill your new lover. 5.the option to join a gang, a lot of events could branch of from this but as children play this game, I’d understand if you want to keep away from such things. All in all, I shall continue to play this game especially after having recently bought bitzen. Thank you for your time if you read this..Version: 1.17

Love the game…some suggestionsYo! Love BitLife so much, remember when I first started playing it and was like “nah I don’t need to be a bitizen” but a few weeks into it I took the plunge and I love the extra access that come with it! Also, the time travel option is 10/10! Was reading a review that suggested the ability to change physical traits to our characters, new jobs and positions like royalty and staring your own business, and then making fame easier and honestly I fully and 100% agree with those. I think that would be totally awesome to add to the game. Another thing I was thinking about was maybe adding more sexual preferences and even letting us choose our gender pronouns? And also even marriage/couples counseling, I know that’s a career but I feel it would be a great addition for an activity with our spouses/significant other. (Maybe even having the ability to choose your own religion but idk if that’s a stretch) Also the limit of how many kids and animals you can adopt maybe should depend on where you’re living rather than just a set amount for everyone?? OH ALSO a possible banking system, like with a checking and savings account and even credit cards, and maybe even the ability to build a dream house?? Idk these are just some ideas I’ve been having over the week. But keep up the good work!! The game is great and I love playing it and checking for the new features with each update!.Version: 1.21.1

AMAZING ♥️♥️♥️BitLife is such an amazing game, and I love it so much, it is a great game that you can experiment with and you can create all cool, different types of people, situations and lifestyles! I love the new Royalty update, but, I would love if you could possibly add and update that lets you be a child of a celebrity. I thought that could be really awesome. I also thought it would be amazing if your pets could have baby’s! That could open up a lot of things such as adoption days were you try to get the puppy’s, kittens or even baby rodents adopted. It would also mean you could have the option to desex your pets. I think that the way that your pets can have baby’s is basically adopting a male and female pet and have an action that you can do with you pet like: ‘Convince to conceive’ of some thing along those lines. It could also happen by accident like an accidental pregnancy. I find that the ‘make love’ to your partner is like telling your pet to conceive. I just thought that these would add a bit more realism to your game. Thank you so much to the BitLife creators! I love your game soooooo much. ♥️♥️♥️.Version: 1.41.2

Great gameBitLife overall is a great game that can and does hook both me and others for hours on end. One major suggestion: Implement an organised crime update where you can be associated with or join various mafias such as the La Cosa Nostra (In America) or the Russian Mafia obviously depending on where your living at that time. You could obviously be elevated to higher positions and you could choose your own rackets that you run. Continuing with that they could use a risk reward ratio with certain rackets you run. There could be different random events say your the boss of a Crime Family in America, you could be savagely Murdered for unknown reasons at a random time. And when your locked up it would be interesting if you got the option to rat on your fellow associates and receive lighter sentences. Also while your in prison if you bribe the guards a specific amount of money they may treat you better e.g Henry Hill in Goodfellas..Version: 1.42

One little bugLet’s cut to the chase... when I adopted a little one year old her name was daisy I changed her last name to mine. I still had enough money to adopt another child. I see who to adopt and I see a one year old with her name daisy and her last name the same as mine. I adopt and change her name in god mode to rose. I go back in to see if I liked it. And daisy’s name was rose both of there names were rose. So I kept one of there names daisy and other rose. So I choose which one is going to be named daisy. In god mode I change her name but when I come back to see if I spelled it right both little girls names were daisy. So I do it again I changed one to rose but the other changed to rose also. And I do it again and again and both changed names when I go into god mode and change one of there names to any name. And I love the game. I play it all the time it AMAZING! 💕 Thank you for your time and effort to read this. It might not make much sense but that’s ok I hope you can fix it as you as possible no rush have a nice day 😊.Version: 1.33

Great game, few suggestionsThis game is amazing, hilarious and fun. I want to keep this review short so I’m going right to the chase. First of all, can you rent an apartment so in college or university we don’t have to be living with our parents? Next, can you add when we can be alive like if I was born in 1803 so we can live off electronics or we could be in world wars or events like the holocaust. Speaking of which, if we choose that and are in the country there, there can be a little mini game to escape from Hitler. Can we also add wars and diarys? It would be really fun if we enlist in the military and have a mini game because it’s easy sorry only if we are an officer. For jobs, can there be categories for what you majored in, what jobs you need for high school and what you need nothing for? Also, can there be an option for PhDs and doctorates? Teachers get paid very little. I know that your lover can be held for ransom but can you? There could also be a mini game for that. Can you be born in an orphanage of foster home? That would be cool. In conclusion, this app is amazing and addicting and I recommend it very much. Great job developers!.Version: 1.19.1

Some ideas...I really love the game but I do have some suggestions on how it could be improved. Number one is that you should be able to choose what school your child goes to (private school, all-girls/ all-boys school, etc.) Number two is that your parents should be able to kick you out if you have a child at a young age or something like that. Number three is that there should be something happening in countries sometimes, like elections or wars. Number four is that there should be more LGBTQ+ stuff. For example, there are only 3 options for sexuality and I think that you should have more because there are so many others. Number five is that I think there should be sports careers such as being a swimmer or a footballer and the clubs you did in school should affect your chances of getting the job. Number six is that I think you should be able to go to drama school or dance school during school time which should affect your chances of becoming an actor or dancer. You should also be able to be homeschooled. Finally, I think that if you were put up for adoption as a child, you should be able to find your birth parents. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you will think about some of my suggestions..Version: 1.27

Amazing, but could add some stuffI love the game I have played it since release pretty much and just wow how much it’s improved! Some things you could add though. -horses and with that riding lessons -sports for kids and then careers involving sport. -heaven and hell on gravestones would be cool. -abuse in relationship or by family. -surprise pets for birthdays or something? -disabilities? -guide/mental health dogs? For people with ptsd or severe depression and anxiety, plus obviously blind people and stuff. -instead of starting as your kid as how old they are currently maybe start as a baby with generations because I find it difficult to continue as my kid when they are like 50 and have no kids? It’s just frustrating. -to be offered business opportunities in different countries? -some more jobs like vets and even singers like taking a course after university to become better at it and make it a career like you have to with doctors, dentist and so on. -if you are famous and start the next generation as your kid they should also be famous or easier to become famous since that’s what happens in real life. -last but not least, to be able to jobs around the pets you have Eg, (dog trainers, horse trainers, Olympic horse competition, animal breeders) Just some suggestions that would be cool to add to the actual game and I think others would agree..Version: 1.16

Really good, but needs a bit moreI’ve been playing this game since it became popular, and don’t get me wrong, it’s really entertaining, but it just needs some more. I get extremely excited when it’s updated, though. For example, it’d be cool if when you go to college, you had a list of colleges you could attend based on your major, and then experiment with your top choice not accepting you. It’d also be cool if you could pause a life you didn’t feel like playing as at that moment and start a new one, without having to lose the current one. Also, this is sort of unrealistic, but I get kind of OCD when a family member’s relationship bar isn’t full and it’s sort of irritating to have to do something or two with them every year, especially when you have a large family. Maybe the bars could go down every 3-4 years? And what if you could play a sport in high school and be on a team? It’s also a bit biased when it chooses how you look for you, so it’d be nice if you could choose the way you look. Also, what if you could get braces as a kid, or even as an adult if you need them. It’d also be interesting if you could interact with like yore friends, not just family members. What if whenever you went on vacation, there was like some kind of mini game based on where you’re going for a few of the places. I love the game, but it would be amazing with features like these added..Version: 1.16

I would like more in the gameIt’s the best ever but I would like to see more real life options and scenarios I would like to actually buy more like have more shops for food and everything you gotta eat to survive right what about clothes car assesories tv so on aswell as choices and places maybe we can customise our character go to concerts / buy boats /buses / planes and so much more I would like to be able to interact more with the game and other characters like mother and father boyfriend and children more choices can we go to church or maccas what about Kmart or Coles but maybe we can change the names of these super stores an name it a bit store buy makeup to make us pretty go to the pool go hikeing get eaten by a bear can we climb mountains store a collection of rocks or expensive china tea set I would love more interactions with the game to make the game experience more amazing then already is let’s also add more decisions on our children in game like medical wise and school wise aswell as shopping for baby formula and clothes plz thanks Awsome.Version: 1.19.1

Really good but needs improvements!This is honestly one of my favourite games and I've had it for months now. As much as I live the game, I think you should look at adding more detail to it. First off, the characters: there are 5 races which come with 5 set hairstyles and colours, I think you should vary it or maybe even let the player pick. Secondly, the activities: as a child on the game the only activities you can do are the library and meditation which come at early teens, you could include things like swimming, dancing, karate, skateboarding, church, bowling, and other things (you could even have new ribbons to go along with these new activities like: sporty/active, religious, outgoing, etc.). And last of all, school: I think there should be an option as a young child (2-4 year old) to go to a preschool or something like that, and also for children a bit older you should have the choice to send your kids to boarding school, private school, or a normal public school..Version: 1.8.1

Love it!! Also suggestionsI love this game! And I like it how it’s updated often. I just have a few suggestions. You can adopt a kid, but can you get adopted? I notice when your parents die when you are still a kid, you don’t have a family, dose that mean your homeless? I think when your still a kid and your parents die you should be put in orphanage then adopted!! That would be cool. Another idea is that you could get kidnapped and have to pick who to call out of your family and see if they will pay the kidnappers. An idea, could being a YouTuber be a career?? in BitLife you can become unlucky and born with cancer, but what if there were disabilities, like being blind or deaf, maybe even have to be in a wheelchair after an accident. Car accidents should be more often. I also think that you should have more options when your old. Like go to retiring Home. Ok ok one more suggestion, I know you can join a gang in prison but what about outside of prison, maybe even organise a bank Heist!! Hi sorry I love the new update!!but I hate the new design of the people...they just look a little odd. But I love the idea of a lot more hair choices...Version: 1.30.1

Its good butPlease read this. You probably wont see this. But I love the Pop Star update. And I just had a few things I think you could add. Such as child singers and actors. I feel like it could add such a dimension. And u could recreate iconic movies like harry potter or parent trap. Have everything run through parents and agents. Also instead of having to go under a record label you should be able to create your own. And get your own tv shows like Ellen degrees or late nights or kuwtk. Also adding DJ’s to the musician set. Not only that but being able to buy more fame and cause scandals and beef with other famous people. And maybe if you made specifically a famous dating app so that if we ever get divorced people don't take half of your money even after signing a prenuptial agreement. Being able to switch music genres during your career. Or being able to give 2 genres out of all of them on what you think someone would be best at and let them pick what road they wanna take. And having other record labels talk to you in secret and being able to quit your contract and go to a new place. And maybe if you added producers and fashion designers to the fame list. and have us be able to make movies and clothes just like how we make music. Im sorry this is so out of order I just have a lot of ideas that I think would be really cool to me for this game. If you could maybe add music awards and nominations please read this.Version: 1.45.1

SuggestionsReally great game. Was much better than I was expecting. However I think some different things could be added. More interactions with family would be great. Being able to pick what you do with family members might be a nice option. Having friends would be cool and having similar options to interact with them and honestly “swinger parties” could be a funny addition. Religion is also talked about and I believe that you should be able to chose a religion and attend church. I think something like a “double life” should be available. This means that you can have a “second family” or a mistresses. You should, depending on your parents either go into private or public school. And you should be able to apply to private school if your grades are good. The study harder feature should come into play with yearly report cards that effect you relation ships or “presents”. Your career should have more effect of random events. Actor = fans coming up to you. Fire fighter = injuries. Basically I think here should be more events and more interactions. I love this game and would love to see it continue to upgrade and develop 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.6

Hi love this game.Hey I love this game but do you think you guys could make it easier to have twins and triplets and I’d love if you guys could do something like when you put your kids up for adoption or in the top when you start a new life and it says your adopted I’d love if you guys could add a thing we’re you could go find and look for your birth parents I think that would be a cool addition to the game..Version: 1.41.2

Really great game loving the updatesI had an idea for a new update. Pets, you could add a pet option so we can buy them (German Shepard’s, huskys, bulldogs etc) and be able to feed, play and walk them. Another idea is being able to buy people things. When you click on your daughter/wife/husband etc there could be an option “buy person car/house/pet” and choose what kind of car/house/pet. And then their appreciation comes up. Please consider these :) Thanks for your time..Version: 1.10

Amazing gameBut can you add professional athaletes so you and your family can be sports stars??🤩.Version: 1.36.1

10/10% fun! But I have suggestions, so please read!Look, I like this game, but I wish sometimes it would be and option to runaway, like when your parents don’t treat you right! And the BITIZEN thing is kinda unfair, just my opinion! I also wish that you would add a future where yours parents can put you up for adoption. I understand needing to make money, so I think that some things should be paying for. For example, say you wanted to but an exotic pet, I think Bitizen would be good. But the pet shop, I think we should be allowed to use free. And with the teachers and supervisors, the flirting and all that stuff should be Bitizen. I also hope that we will start being able to be in a gang in and out of jail, in jail would be money(Bitizen), but out would be free. I also want to be able to choose my parent’s age, name, and how I was born if I could, just a suggestion. This game is super fun, but my mom probably won’t let me buy the Bitizen and I really want to be able to do cool things. One other thing; I think that if you go to business school you should have an option to start a business. I also think that there should be an option to turn on a thing where you get asked the questions and can grades shown on your screen, I think it would make this game slightly better bc it educates people while they have fun! I hope these dreams will becomes reality, or even just a few, but please think about it!🥺.Version: 1.29

Great game…… Only one problemThis game is great! But I think it could be better: When the player’s character dies, it’s just a grave, nothing else. I think there should be some library or museum that records the characters before. Or add a small reward system in, the player earn some money outside of a life (not money during the life), and use the money to upgrade their starter, or to get some collection maybe. Great game though! Keep on improving!.Version: 1.4

Please add this stuff and thank you guys for making an amazing gameI would like you to add sports careers like the NBA or WWE or Soccer And since I’m Australian maybe chuck in The NRL And I like this sport a little the NFL. Other Australians would agree on this we would like to do some burnouts and add a big supercharger in whatever car they would like. Ad a YouTuber Feature so we can get famous another way. Can you add the ability to modify your vehicle. Make the ability to go shopping for like clothes toys technology and other stuff like food. Make the ability so you can pick what you where and the Way you would like your room to look like. Can you add the ability to go to more fun places like a trampoline park or the beach or maybe go fishing with your dad or if you have kids go fishing with them or take them to some fun places like a water park or an amusement park. Can you add the ability to make the appearance of a bit life character and can we have tattoos and put them any where we can and same with piercings. This is one I would love can you make the ability t work for nasa and be like an astronaut or make the rockets and speaking of this type of thing add more ways to be a scientist. Final thing make the ability to search other people Ike say your sister has a different dad search him so you can find out more about more about him and more stuff like that. If you guys add all these things I will be super happy and I wouldn’t be able to get off the game..Version: 1.23.1

Thank you bit Gods🙏🏾The bit gods are truly real I prayed for more customizations and hairstyles changing the clolrs I’ve gotten what I asked for I love this game I have soooo much I asked for more things to buy my billionaire save is now sadly a millionaire ❤️great work I will forever recommend this game. Still I’m waiting on the clothes different types of designer maybe fake cars I see u already have lous Vuitton handbags why not belts backpacks like I start to make money young in most of my play styles so itll be cool to get a chance to blow it all and honestly I love how the game is set up to where the money can stay in the family let’s see uhh oh more random events off of your actions like Because I gave a bum 20 bucks when I was 16 he gave me 10 grand because he bought lottery tickets and won or like I said before random events like maybe because I bought everything in the Gucci store a random event of a gold digger tryna get my number maybe I can buy a farm (again with a business update u can live off the land u know buying a farm is just one of the ways that the business could work maybe u make enough money to buy the corporate office u slaved at for so long and get to be a jerk to all the employees who pranked u and laughed at u)and aliens abduct my cows or as a child I’m kidnapped and have a choice to escape my nappers while there napping maybe😭 that one was a joke but seriously guys I really do appreciate this app #Bitgodsarereal🙏🏾.Version: 1.32.1

I love BitLife ❤️❤️ but a few ideasI honestly love BitLife because it has endless possibilities and it’s so addictive. I just find myself constantly playing this game. I love this sooo much!!But is it possible to add more of a religion? It only shows Religious for your parents as a bar and to become a nun or monk. To be honest religion takes up most of our lives so maybe our Bit-People could have the same. Could add some like options for like going to holy place of worship or if you aren’t religious at all?Also could they are able to take part in religious practises for example, people of the Islamic faith go to Mecca? Also is it possible to make like an abusive parent or overprotective parents. Though it is a kind of weird thing to ask for but it would would add more realism to the game. Lets say your parents are abusive and to the point that you run away. Will you survive in big world yourself? And more importantly will your parent find you?.Version: 1.42.1

Additions:Some things I think should be added to the game: -extra curricular activities outside of school -be able to run away from home -be able to become a famous professional athlete -be able to befriend people from prison and help them escape -be able to explore the afterlife as a ghost and haunt people or chose to be friendly -be able to befriend exes without getting back together -COUSINS AUNTS UNCLES GRANDPARENTS -have famous children or relatives -be born into a famous family -get kicked out of your parents house -be able to have multiple partners at once so you can cheat 😚 -have a phone to text your friends -be able to create friend “squads” to arrange group hangouts or group chats, maybe even gossip -you can customize who you bring on vacation to include friends -add “cliques” at work like “fun, strict, lazy” -have tests at school to pass the grade Awesome game! P.S. some of the things are from other reviews.Version: 1.38.3

Great game, few ideas thoughMe and my sister are big fans of your game, we’ve played it since the early stages and we love the creative ideas you’ve inputted and how you continuously strive to make the game better in any way possible. However, me and my sister have been brain storming some ideas we think are interesting, our first idea is the ability to become homeless and this could affect the ability to become addicted. We think this would be a good addition because before you purchase a home it never clarifies if you are living with your parents or on the streets- so there could be options to live at your parents, be kicked out by your parents and live on the streets or choose to live on the streets via running away from home before buying a house. Secondly, we also think that the avatar for the characters should change if they get glasses or dye their hair and have the ability to pick the hair colour as well. This is because it adds another element to show the characters development in their life. Lastly, we think that you should have the opportunity to become a drug dealer as an occupation and have the chance to receive repercussions from having that job. Thank you for reading our ideas and we hope that you see the potential to add any of these suggestions in future updates..Version: 1.17

I love the Game🥳🥳You should make some lives be born into a orphanage and get adopted you could also talk to some kids at the orphanage to and if you have an older family member who is and adult they should be able to look after you Another thing about pets if you have a female and a male pet they could have babies and you could make the option if you want to keep the babies or not and maybe some of the babies can you know pass away so there would be only one baby left Thirdly this is about prison maybe you can flirt with the guards and maybe that will get you out of prison and if you are sick in prison you should have a hospital just in case if your old you should maybe be put in a nursing home Last thing I’m not sure about this but maybe if your lucky you can be born into royalty without blitzen/ I know it’s not how you spell it, also you get some boy stuff that is expensive like a watch or something Ok I know I said last thing but maybe there would be an option to go to the North Pole because it is very close to Christmas and you could include the grinch like wake up to him in your room taking your Christmas present the night of Christmas These were all suggestions but I love BitLife it’s so cool and maybe you can do some of the suggestions it would be way more fun i like the idea about baby pets from your pets thank and I love bitlife And if you have a child can you do middle names there can also be an option for no middles names.Version: 1.47.5

Love this gameI love this game it is so fun but it would be great for the next update if we could see and interact and perhaps hook up or cheat with our children’s or siblings or nieces and nephews partners as well and if we could see and interact with our partners ex-partners especially if they have children together and meet and get to know the kids before we marry their mum or dad and if our parents get married to someone but die the same year if we could still meet the stepmom and stepdad kids because it’s a bit annoying to be able to interact with the stepparents and see that they have kids but not be be able to meet and interact with them and also if the pets could have babies but apart from that the game is great and keep up the good work.Version: 1.35.1

Suggestions and ReviewI’m Hooked on this game and I never write reviews so that’s saying I really love this game and what you’ve done with it!! I also like the new small update! I love it!! I have a few suggestions if you wanted Maybe add a few more interactions with family and when you divorce maybe the partner could fight for custody? That’d be interesting to see also maybe have double lovers and have another secret family? I have a lot more suggestions but they’re mainly like the others that wrote a review (you guys are doing a great job with the game!!) Edit: I also have another idea for you maybe add some travelling and if the parents are criminals you could choose to follow on their legacy or something like that and maybe add more crime things like sell drugs get in a gang street fight street race maybe?.Version: 1.7.1

Fun game! Needs some updates, though.I have been playing BitLife for around a year now. its incredibly fun, and there are so many different options and ways to live. However, i just have some update ideas. I think that maybe instead of living year by year, we should live month by month (or make it an option). it could become more realistic if it were month by month. For instance, we could go to the gym more than once a year, or the library, etc. I also think there should be more college options, and also more jobs or fame opportunities. For the entire time i’ve been playing, i have never became famous. i could be doing something wrong but i just think it should be easier to become famous, such as through a sport. Or, if you go to college through arts , dancing, or music, it should be easier to try and land acting or professional dancing opportunities. Or even become a famous athlete. Another idea is with the relationships. We should be able to have best friends. I see that they’re in the murder menu (like you have the option to murder your best friend), but they aren’t in the relationship tab and you can’t hang out with them and things like that. i think it would make the game far more interesting. I have a few more ideas, such as more crimes, possibly being homeless, royalties, drugs, step-relationships, being abandoned, and so many more! These are just ideas, and don’t get me wrong, i LOVE this game!! Five stars.Version: 1.20.1

Review and somethings addingMy friend at school showed me this game and its amazing, I play everyday and am thinking of being a bitizen but I can tell you that the reviews saying, the game copies my friends and family's names are not true there is an option put names in and they randomly come into the game but that's it. Devs I love how you added generations but I do the social media option in it and when I sent the message to my friend it said 'my grandma crushed my eyebrow because I called her a bozo' got me thinking because when you are born, you don't have cousins or grandpas or uncles or stuff like that so could you add that and have an family option in activities and it could be like 'ask parents to organise family gathering' for kids and 'organise family gathering 200$' it will cost money but you get a boost from everyone in the family and an option in the pause menu to a thanks to the people that came up with ideas so I can have some credit 😂.Version: 1.14.1

Great game but I have a few suggestionsAlright I’m sure me and all my fellow bitiznes agree that the updates this year have been amazing but i have a few suggestions that I’ve seen a lot of people suggest over the last year, the ability to become a athlete as a career would be amazing possibly if you have max athleticism and done football as your college/high school pass time you can continue chasing that career, more military options instead of only clearing mines such as negotiating and tactical attacks, the ability to join or create a gang outside of prison that you can perform bank robberies with and maybe have a chance of getting a undercover cop in your gang with a mini game to figure out who it is you could also hold recruitments and have rival / ally gangs, and ofcourse something simple but immersive the ability to choose what kind of music you make when you get the lead singer job. I’m aware that it’s not simple to do but I think we need one of these in a update soon ! Keep it up.Version: 1.39.1

A few changesI’ve had this game on my phone for probably a year now. I love how it’s never the same and how much you can customise your life. There are some things that I think could be added/changed in BitLife: I think it would be cool if when you had twins or triplets they could be different genders also I think the blonde hair colour should be changed so it’s more of a blonde than a yellow like before the people were changed. Thanks for providing entertainment 🙂.Version: 1.36.1

A few ideasI love your game and I have been addicted to it through the many months I have had it! But a few ideas to add to your brilliant ideas: Firstly, sometimes in a BitLife life both of your parents die at a young age like 9 or 6 for example. So maybe you could add some type of adoption, somebody adopting the player instead of the player adopting a kid. It might sound confusing but personally I think it’s a great idea? And also about being homeless: some people don’t buy houses until they are nagged to get one by their partners or forget to, maybe you can add a choice to live with your parents or live in they streets which will then lead to other things like addiction, people being kind, mean etc. And maybe the parents can decline them to live with their child sometimes? Also, I have big families a lot and there is a way to spend time with everyone but maybe you could do the same with conversations or compliments because it gets tedious complimenting and having conversations with everyone one by one. I love BitLife but these are only three ideas that you might add? This app is definitely 5 star rating!.Version: 1.46.1

SuggestionsThe game is superb, however I think it’d be great if you added more hands on mini games, an arcade for example. Also when you steal a car, the player should have to drive it somewhere in order to successfully steal it and the police chase after them as well. I think the app would be even more fun if when the player did their hair it was noticeable (or is there was at least options). For example, going from blond to black and vice versa. Additionally, I think it’d be neat to be able to find your kids after you’ve given them away for adoption, or if the player was adopted, being able to find your biological parents, and maybe having a scammer pretending to be your long lost kid after being put up for adoption so many years ago (Or even your real kid, saying you owe them). The player’s parents wanting to come back into your life after the parents finding out you’re rich or famous is something I think would make the game more realistic. I also think it’d be interesting if the kids could run away and the player search for them, or if the player ran away from their parents or an orphanage and living out on the streets while still be going to school, or having moved to a different school, or not attending at all. Lastly, I think there should be a dating function, where the player goes on a date with their significant other..Version: 1.30.1

Why BitLife is the bestI always get entertained when playing BitLife because of all the Amazing, and crazy stuff you can do. For me, it's like living a life you always wanted or just playing for fun. I enjoy playing this so I hope there'll be more updates to keep me entertained. Although it says it's for 17+ (I'm below 17), I still play it anyways. This app teaches you reality while have fun (I guess?) I hope we could access things that bitizen users could access.Version: 1.23.1

BsjdnsnanzzmzmBitLife is amazing one of my favourite games, some new things that would be awesome to include to make bitlife more realistic is grandparents! And aunts and uncles also cousins! That would make the game even more better than it already is, also your parents may get a divorce or they adopt you out abandon you or you are adopted from birth just little things like that would make the game even better. Also things like when the person is younger your parents could ask if you want to take up swimming lessons, dance etc also maybe add more country’s as well Europeon ones etc yeah but apart from that bitlife is a very fun and exiting game!!.Version: 1.22.1

Love itI do love this game I think it would be interesting if you could date relatives just as an illegal thing or have multiple partners at the same time like sister wives and also to see your niece and nephews kids and their partners same with your kids like I’d like to see their boyfriends and husbands ect Also could you be able to date celebrities.Version: 1.45.1

I’m starting to love this game even moreI love this game soo much and I get excited every time there’s a new update because there’s so much that can be added to this already wonderful game. Like for example wouldn’t it be cut if you could go on dates with your partners and maybe be able to buy assets for you house to improve happiness (even if we can’t see it- it could be added to the tab with the house) There could also be more interactions with the children like when they’re toddlers teaching them to walk and talk to improve their smartness and helping them with homework and part time jobs for kids and teens And through the child and teenage stages there can be more scenarios that can determine things that happen in the future and more interactions at school. Maybe they can even try to become popular because of their looks or be put into cliques because they’re really smart or the way that they dress when the scenario comes up and these friendships can grow as they get older like the family ones or turn into rivalry and a being able to ask richer friends for money aswell. This game has soo much potential so that’s just a few of the many things that could be added.Version: 1.14

Why I love the game and suggestionsHow this game keeps getting better and better each week/month blows my mind and to see devs so dedicated to making a game where you can enjoy so much and can take your mind of all the stress going on in your life we really have to give credits to you guys. However i have been waiting for a long to see a sports career be added to the game. With the forest gump challenge added it got me thinking all the fame money and scandals of hookups that go on in athletes lives is destined for bitlife and i think it would be a great addition to the best game in the appstore. As probably the biggest diehard sports fan i would love to see this and maybe sports scholarships to get into college too would be really good as it would be amazing to continue playing sports after college and highschool as a profession. Thankyou bitlife devs for continuously updating the game and giving up your time to makes us happy we love you!!.Version: 1.40.1

I agree with Lily is awesome, PLEASE DO THIS!!!I honestly agree Lily is awesome, I think we should be able to see like the whole character and if you get surgery you can actually see the changes instead of the same general "avatar" for basically all of the people, and if you make a custom person you can like choose sort of what they look like. I just think it would be really cool!!! ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣✔️✔️✔️✔️❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣.Version: 1.13.1

BitLife, please read this!I have been playing BitLife since about 4 months ago. I love the new pets update, so good job 👍🏽. I would like there to be a prison hospital because I died from cancer in jail after contracting it from another inmate. I would also like to have contact with family, eg. have visitors. I gave birth to a little girl and I was in jail for 80 years and I had nothing to do, no money, no contact with the outside world or family, so I just surrendered. Another thing about jail, can you please have the Crime options available at age 10 or something so you can go to juvie and stuff at a younger age. Part time jobs would be nice, too, as well as tutoring if you aren’t very smart. Maybe it’s just rare and I haven’t seen it yet or it isn’t there, could you please add allergies like peanuts and lactose intolerance. One last thing, maybe an option to randomise your family’s names or write your own. Okay I swear this is the last thing! It has to do with the juvie, could you PLEASE make a mental health facility? Thank you for reading and I love the game!.Version: 1.13.1

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