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Xbox Game Pass App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Xbox Game Pass app received 51 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Xbox Game Pass? Can you share your negative thoughts about xbox game pass?

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Xbox Game Pass for Negative User Reviews

Games expire too soonI was enthusiastic to begin with and subbed for 6months upfront, however 4 times now I have got into a game only for it to leave the service and no longer be playable, it doesn’t say when downloading how long it will be available for! I think as long as my sub is paid I should be able to continue playing the downloaded game. Another huge issue I had was gamepass on pc, even after uninstalling games they would occupy 100s of gb on my hdd. With no way to manually delete even uninstalling Xbox app didn’t clear the hidden data and folder access is denied. I had to format the drive and reinstall the so to purge it of all this. Very bad I feel 2 stars is all it deserves. And I’m cancelling my sub at end of the 6 months cos guess what the won’t refund the unused months!!.Version: 2109.23.916

Useful but unresponsive and buggyApp has many useful features such as remote install. However it’s very slow compared to similar apps and I have encountered this strange bug where I receive random gamepass app notifications on my iPhone in Arabic, even though my location is set to Australia and language English. App needs work..Version: 2212.44.1101

Semi-Superfluous…I enjoy that I can mindlessly look through games when I’m out and about when I get bored. It seems insane that Xbox and Game Pass are different apps. They seemingly share a majority of their content. Also the game pass app doesn’t seem to actually sync with my console. I can remotely download games to the console(which I can already do with Xbox app), but it never can show progress or anything more. And whenever I’m in My Games it’s never correct. It’ll show three. The sad thing is I have 17 games and only five physical copies, in other words game pass installed 12 games on my system and is and isn’t aware of most. Microsoft apps are getting overwhelming. Bing & Edge? Bing on Edge? Xbox app & Game Pass app? It’s like your competing with yourselves. Regardless, smart tech that doesn’t properly communicate with other products from you guys. Better syncing is a must..Version: 2108.37.805

Doesn’t recognise pre/installed gamesBug: The app says I need to ‘install’ games that I already have installed on the Xbox. Then, pressing the Install button in app doesn’t work either with an error message flagged raised in the App. When I do press install in the app, on my Xbox console a queue item appears for a few seconds but disappears and then the app raises the error. Not sure what other options there are? Seems broken at this stage to me. Great concept, keen to see it work once developers resolve the bugs..Version: 2008.338.906

Good app but very slowThis is a great way to install games on Xbox and pc without having to turn them on but it is very slow to load games when I click on them 40 - 50 seconds. My internet is fine and has no issues so I don’t understand why this is so slow. If anything could it please be fixed?.Version: 1912.0039.1213

Cannot Download or find my perks for ultimate game passSo this issue about downloading games off your mobile device has been going for a while now and my experience about it is the same I tried downloading rocket league and it just queued and I was hoping it would’ve downloaded by tomorrow morning but it said the same thing. Now my perks I literally cannot find them anywhere on my iPhone I’ve looking everywhere I even looked up online and it said it should be on the menu page but it isn’t I only accessed it once and I never could even see them again. So If any devs see this please hook me up and I’ll screen record about the issue Thank you.Version: 2007.0095.0720

Better than the main Xbox appStill slow and clunky but less broken and weird than the older app..Version: 2001.0018.0414

1 star because you’re forcing me to rate itI don’t like the fact that you have to leave an app every time you rate it..Version: 1909.123.918

ThereReview submitted so hopefully the app stops asking every time I open it..Version: 2304.16.327

Doesn’t work waste of timeThis app keeps telling me to do something that I can’t because it has been done already it keeps telling me to enable remote downloads which has been on I never turned it off It’s telling me to enable instant on I keep this on to update my console and games now it’s telling me to select my home Xbox but there’s nothing to select I’ve reset my console and signed out of the app and back in again and nothing happens it just keeps telling me the same thing over and over again it will add them to play later but never download anything I went to the app on my console and it said it was in the play later but won’t download this app is just a waste of space on my phone and I will be deleting it until they fix it which will probably be never.Version: 2001.0018.0414

App Crashing and crashes onlyHi Guys, There is seriously something wrong with this update as the app is crashing so frequently that it is not allowing me to browse through games. Could you please fix it?.Version: 2011.104.1207

I love Xbox but…..I have always loved Xbox ever since the 360 but with this app I am really annoyed. Me and friends have been play on xcloud and having fun with each other, but every time I play it whether it be on my phone or my laptop I lag so I decided to try it on the Xbox game pass so due to request from my friend, but I longed on to see the button for ‘cloud’ wasn’t there. I tried redownloading the app, restarting my phone and I am still really confused. Can someone help me?.Version: 2207.38.615

Great app but poorly executedThis app looks great and works very well the big issue I have is installing games with it as I always get this annoying opps message, the message is as follows Oops, we weren’t able to retrieve install status for this game. Rest assured the game is queued to your Xbox for installation. I go check my Xbox ready to installed but nothing is there. Please fix this issue so I can get my two rewards for using the app as well as installing a game while using it..Version: 1906.245.711

Got Rid of Perks, and the entire reason I really enjoyed this…I wish they’d not get rid of the perks, as many people including myself have gotten the benefits of having them; that added a lot of incentive to pay the money to play new games using Game Pass Ultimate. Now it is hard to justify, especially for those who pay monthly, since they took a core aspect away. Nobody wants Paramount+ Trials that lock you in and force monthly payments, which isn’t something explicitly said. That also goes for most of the “freemium” (pay to win) games, that constitute the rest of the perks. Hoping they bring back the reason many people use the Game Pass app, and use the same thing as myself and others, really saw as a major part of having Game Pass, and then Game Pass Ultimate. XBOX BRING BACK THE PERKS!.Version: 2204.39.324

Good app but...The loading screen when you open the app has a major bug that is making the app unusable. Every time I load up the app I get asked to give my password because I’m accessing sensitive data. I give my password and 2 seconds later it asks me for it again. This is a constant cycle that doesn’t disappear. I can’t get anywhere on the app because I’m constantly having to give it my password.Version: 2011.104.1207

Would have been 5 starsI love this app, its a great tool to use in tandem with my xbox but the recent update has ruined on of the most used parts for me I like the new style and the crashes i used to get are gone but you took away the day counter on gamepass quests. Now i have no clue how long i have to complete a quest and its driving me mad, i have no clue if ill be able to get them all and I don’t know how to find out how long is left. Why would you do this? It makes no sense to me and seems like a terrible decision Lesser problem is that you used to be able to see every quest you have by clicking show all and the expanding the daily, weekly and monthly headers this was cool and i miss it but not a major issue Please put the day counter back so i can see how many days i have to complete my quests 😔.Version: 2007.0089.0708

Has potentialWon’t allow me to set my default Xbox. This stops me from implementing any sort of tangible benefit from having the app. I’ve gone through all troubleshooting methods and it just doesn’t seem to register when I’m logged in on my Xbox 3 meters away. It’s a shame and if it happens to be fixed in a few months when I try again I’ll happily give 5 stars..Version: 1906.245.711

Pretty much unusable with 2FAThe app keeps sending me on an infinite login loop when I try to use it. It keeps asking for me to confirm my Microsoft account login.Version: 2011.104.1207

Download issueAm unable to remote download any game through game pass. All settings are correct however the game gets stuck in queue. There are many reports online of people experiencing the same issue. Frustrating when trying to download a large game (yes there is enough room) to play that night only to discover it never started downloading. It has been this way for a few months now and no troubleshooting advice has helped.Version: 2001.0009.0317

Good but the downloads have stopped workingGood little app, showing all the games currently in the games pass. Maybe a section for games leaving soon and a section for games coming soon would be good. Biggest issue is when I select a game to download through the app, it shows as “added to que” but it doesn’t actually start the game downloading on my Xbox. There is enough space on it, just doesn’t seem to communicate with the Xbox console..Version: 1810.1108.1943

UI layout improvements neededGreat App from a Great Service. However, to hit the magic 5 stars. The UI layout needs improving for iPad. Firstly, the rotation needs to be allowed. At present it’s looked to only allow portrait mode. Secondly, the side panel (with user & home tabs) needs to be set to. Either pop-out or auto-hide. Allowing for more screen space to view content with greater ease. This would also help, with viewing screenshots. As presently, this is only viewable in a squished side of the screen & not very clear. Maybe in future, this complete service can be absorbed into the existing Xbox App, for that “one” experience. Where’s the ultimate version, this one keeps losing connection?.Version: 1906.244.628

Game Pass ReviewI don’t really write reviews unless it feel it’s necessary. Today is that day, I was extremely excited to hear the news about cloud gaming for the last few months only to find out that apple will not be allowing it due to its “checks”. Reality is, everyone knows it’s for the money. Whether you like it or not, game based subscriptions will be coming to iOS. It’s a clever scheme to grab some cash out of competitors. All my devices have been iOS since iPhone 3G, I am very likely to move simply for the greed you have. No loss to you, but once all the people realise, you’ll have an issue. Please sort it out..Version: 2009.0229.0920

I DO NOT WANT TO SEE LGBT ON MY XBOXI think it’s very rude of Microsoft to force its users to look at a ridiculous flag that represents genitalia!!!! Very inappropriate of a professional company to be flying that flag at all. YOURE A WORKPLACE NOT A FU**ING CLOWN HOUSE.Version: 2206.36.518

Everything works wellish but sorting is garbageWhy oh why do the sortings shift? Why do they change? Even worse why do they change while the app is open so you see something that catches your eye and it disappears and cannot be found again. Seriously, when I go in the app I want to see three selections: 1) Recently added, 2) Coming soon, 3) Leaving soon. Put those three at the top, and have them always available. Sometimes you go in to see coming soon for half a second then the screen refreshes and the section is removed. Then after those three put whatever fluff ones you want. Remote install is totally hit or miss for the console but works on my PC. Whatever..Version: 2106.21.619

Needs a Games Leaving Soon NotificationReally good app for this, easy to use if a bit slow. Easy to set up a playlist, see rewards and just browse and download from. Easier than using he console. What it’s really missing IMO though is a notification option to give you a heads up when a game is leaving the service within a month. This would be very very useful! I’ve missed a few games which I didn’t realise were leaving the service which I would have prioritised if I knew and would have probably bought at the reduced price. Add that option and it’s a 5 star app..Version: 1904.182.514

TrashIt constantly tells me I need to verify my password. I can't do anything on the app. I put my password in, then it just keeps bringing me back to the same screen telling me to verify my password..Version: 2010.0239.1103

Needs work, bit buggyCould be ok once working well.Version: 1811.1304.1432

The games you get is not worth the moneyI got a years worth of this and it’s been a complete waste of money most of the games are pointless out of the lot I think I only played 5 of them and maybe 2 of them Was good enough to complete. Others I just can not be grasped enough to play them as much so they sit in my hard drive doing nothing. I would delete them but I don’t even know I will ever go back and I hate downloading all the time. Who knows maybe I will try two point hospital again. It seems like the only game I want too these days..Version: 2001.0018.0414

Unstable on iPhone 11 / iOS 14Crashes all the time. Unusable, as I can’t select a game without the app crashing.Version: 2101.127.121

Exceptional but severely flawedIn my experiences with about the past year of owning game pass on my Xbox, I have concluded that it really just isn’t worth it. The idea is there, and it’s a great one too, but the quality games just aren’t there. I don’t think that these cheap indie games are worth the money that I pay monthly as I just don’t work enough hours to have all that cash just lying around with school and everything. There just aren’t enough hot titles on here to make me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Sure there are some good games, but those only last a little while. Ngl I feel like I’m getting kinda screwed on the deal. But I gave two stars instead of one because I think the idea is there and I do really like State of Decay 2..Version: 2001.0009.0317

It really could be betterThe app itself its not bad, but is it really the point of the app just to show the games available and an option to download to your console when available? Why not just add this feature to the xbox app instead of creating a whole app just to show the games? I have 3 xbox apps (Xbox, Xbox game pass and Xbox cloud) on my phone and none of them show or it makes easier to see the price and purchase a game from my phone. Why don’t let it available to purchase the game? They could really improve sales if it shows all the games that I’m able to download through game pass and an option of purchase right next to download. They have to make the buying option easier and not create a whole app just to show available games.Version: 2207.38.615

Stopped workingUsed to be a great app! Now whenever I go into a game’s details page on iPad the app locks up after turning the screen all white. Support link here takes me to the general Xbox support site which is fairly useless for iOS app support, because searching returns lots of errors about black (not the search colour I used) Xbox console (not the device I searched for) errors. On iPhone I get a little farther - some games but not all will display (iPhone 11). When it locks up it just crashes (no white screen). I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I suspect it needs a patch - maybe wait for the next version. The Xbox app works like a charm so maybe spend time with that instead 😉.Version: 2101.127.121

It loads too longSo I was playing the app when I try to play I have to wait two hours for me to get in the game I try to play something else but I have to buy the game pass i was only allowed to play one game. Then I have to buy the game pass to play other games I was tired of this app because I am tired of waiting waiting for one single game to load in for me to play and only take two hours hours I don’t know why it says a lot of people is playing the game but when I play on Xbox it don’t do that but it’s probably just because it’s different but I’m just want you to know if you want to play a game you gotta wait some hours or some minutes.Version: 2308.33.631

Great concept, poor execution.When I saw there was a game pass app for iPhone, I was instantly curious. What would such an app look like? I decided to give it a try, and liked what I saw. You can search the games library, browse by genre, view a list of games coming to and leaving Game Pass. You can even queue an install straight from the app, so it’s ready to play when you’re ready. The reason I can only give it 3 stars? You cannot view “all games.” The option to browse the full library is there, and you’re able to click it. But I found that as I was scrolling, the app started to freak out. It kept listing dirt over and over again. I scrolled and scrolled until my screen went blank. I closed the app, reopened it. It did the same exact thing. I scrolled all the way to Z and started working my way up. At around S, it starting loading in the listing for Dirt, pushing everything down until I was back in D, looking at a full screen of Dirt. If the app worked as advertised I would probably give it a 5/5. But, since “Browse all Games” is broken, it gets a 3..Version: 2106.21.619

My Rewards is brokenDecent app, I like being able to browse games and start installs from my phone. I was enjoying the My Rewards tab and completing quests but that part of the app has stopped working completely. Hope it gets fixed..Version: 1904.182.514

CrashesApp constantly crashes wheb trying to install games has been an issue for a few months now.Version: 2101.127.121

Nice idea but it don’t work...App is nice and slick, clean layout, puts the games front and centre. Everything’s good apart from the fact that it doesn’t work. When I try to install a game the app directs me to select a default xbox, problem is when I go to do just that my xbox doesn’t appear on the list. I’ve followed the apps instructions about ‘power modes’ and ‘remote installation’ being on. I’ve followed online advice about resetting my xbox and signing out then back in. Nothing. If I can’t select a default xbox I can’t remote install games so the app is useless 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 1904.182.514

Oh come on Microsoft, iPad version is dreadfulDear Microsoft, most of us iPad users like to work and play in landscape mode and indeed many of us have cases with integrated keyboards (iPad Pro here) so where is the landscape mode? It’s quite a fundamental thing you know but Microsoft being Microsoft just have to make things difficult. Come on, give us landscape mode, nobody wants to hold their tablet in portrait mode and this type of app is so much better on a big screen rather than an iPhone. Pretty please?.Version: 1903.148.320

Can’t subscribe via App Store!Apple needs to remove these types of apps or cut the commission payable to these companies. It is a plaque not being able to subscribe via Apple Pay on the App. Absolutely useless!.Version: 2306.36.531

Decent features, bad quality.Overall I think I’ve had quite a good time using this app. Although I’ve not been able to save clips for the past 3 months or so, which I find a big let down. Besides that, the app works fine. I can text my Xbox friends from my phone, check out new games, watch clips, community posts/clubs work fine. I would honestly rate this 5 star if they fixed the sometimes buggy UI and my clip problem. Hope some people find this useful!.Version: 2007.0095.0720

Its impossible to cancelHave a feature is great when you can control it. I’ve sat three hours and I couldn’t navigate the Xbox website to cancel my subscription. Not that I didn’t like the app . I just felt like spending my money on other things. After three hours my only result was knowing that if the payment was missed the subscription would be canceled. The payment was a week about and because I couldn’t manually cancel it I withdrew my money of my card. A WEEK LATER and I wake up to find the subscription fee on my transactions. I want it canceled and it’s more like a financial virus. 1 stars because I’m pretty tech savvy and I’m having way to much trouble just trying to cancel a payment. Very unsatisfied!.Version: 2007.0095.0720

Same as the other guy, no cloud gaming on iOS :(Somehow cloud gaming doesn’t work, it only works on my Samsung now.Version: 2308.33.631

It’s okApps ok for the most part. Is clunky more often then not. You can queue up games to download but it will never show the status and MS seems to refuse to fix it. Then when you do remote download it will re download all your remote downloads again for the past two weeks… so dumb..Version: 2106.21.619

Useless pointless appI have both the Game Pass app and the Xbox app and neither will remotely download a game. Every time I’ve checked to see if it’s fixed….it’s not. Have I reinstalled the app? Have I enabled remote features? Have I reset the Xbox? Do I have all of the latest updates? Have I followed every single generic IT support question? Yes. Does it work? No! Is the app useful at all? No!! The Xbox app is useful for chatting to friends when not playing but the game pass app literally has no use whatsoever. Why is it even here? No, seriously, why?.Version: 2105.31.517

BuggyApp is so broken every time I open it it tells me to sign in nonstop even if I enter my password.Version: 2010.0239.1103

Won’t let me install while i have game pass ultimateI have game pass ultimate on my xbox but it won’t let me install any games..Version: 2011.104.1207

Insectes ???C’est quoi ça insectes? Très mauvaise « traduction » le la langue états-uniene. Correction d’anomalies??? En passant, l’application est encore peu stable..Version: 2304.16.327

Not worth it ANYMOREWith all the day one games coming out on gamepass. How many of those games actually boot up no problem? Well so far it’s been none for me. I pay for ultimate game pass as I play on PC and NONE OF THE DAY ONE GAMES LAUNCH or even start up. Always gives me an error and then I spend like 5 days to trouble shoot it works for a day and then an update happens and it stops working again…. I’ve put reviews and suggestions trying to address the issue with day one games. No response nor do they address any of the issues… their trouble shooting tips are literally copied from trouble shooting my pc (non game related trouble shooting). The fact that you guys wanna raise the price and not fix these issues gives me no option but to cancel my gamepass subscription. It was good, but now it’s crap. Unless you are rocking an 13th gen cpu and maybe a 4080, I believe the day one games just don’t work. Definitely NOT going to recommend friends to get this. I HAVE AN XBOX AND IM SURE THE GAMES WILL WORK ON THERE…. But why would I do that when I play on PC these days… PEOPLE… DO NOT GET GAMEPASS HNLESS YOU HAVE A EXPENSIVE RIG already….Version: 2307.25.630

Constantly crashesSo many bugs in this version of the app. Keeps crashing and bugging out on iPhone and iPad..Version: 2011.104.1207

Cloud GamingIt’s basically the Xbox app without Cloud Gaming available to use the Game Pass which is a disappointment. There’s only so much we can install on a console which is the purpose of Cloud Gaming where we don’t need to install unnecessary data rather just progress..Version: 2306.36.531

Convenient (sometimes)Very convenient when it works like it’s supposed to. I’ve noticed the app itself can be very slow even on fast internet. The remote installation can be buggy to say the least and the scrolling can be jittery. Overall though this and the original Xbox app are very convenient and share roughly the same issues. As an avid xbox fan and user of both apps I’d love to see improvements on reliability and stability of these apps, with a lot less bugging out and crashing. (This was made on a iPhone XS Max, so not exactly a lack of hardware power on my end) I know you can make this app a lot better and streamlined and I can’t wait to see it happen..Version: 2305.31.428

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