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DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino App User Positive Comments 2024

DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino app received 37 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about draftkings sportsbook & casino?

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DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino for Positive User Reviews

RocketLove it!! Super fun games!!.Version: 4.29.0

Please Read - Tech IssuesHello - I love the way you’ve designed the app and love the SportsBook progress but I think there needs to be some more spend or focus on the engineering and functionality aspects of the app. It took me 4 times to deposit money for the first time because the app froze and I had to re-load and re sign-in. There may be customers that don’t have the patience to wait for that and you may lose those customers. App functionality is going to be so so important for establishing customer loyalty moving forward, especially in states that are just newly adopting legal gambling because this is where the majority of millennials will bet, on their iPhones. Also this is just personal opinion, but I’d consider changing the design of the App Logo. The word DraftKings is too small and the light green is not a color that stands out, especially against the backdrop of a photo or different phone background. I’d use a bolder and darker Green with white lettering and black outlining. You want the consumer to be thinking about clicking your app every time they open their iPhone..Version: 2.38.0

DraftKingsGreat sportsbook. Plenty of options. Great boosts! They care about their customers too as opposed to some of their rival sportsbook..Version: 4.29.0

Betters paradiseGreat site for all of your gambling needs..Version: 4.29.0

Best Sportsbook appAbsolutely amazing online Sportsbook and casino app with unlimited sports and games to bet on!!.Version: 4.28.1

ExperienceExperience has been amazing !! Great betting options.Version: 4.29.0

Great AppGood Casino Games and easy to use platform.Version: 4.29.0

I get really frustrated!!!I think the app could be greater than it is now. I do have the updated app and the highest speed internet Wi-Fi but this app lags a lot. Also there is a form of deception when betting on tennis. I bet on point by point basis mostly and there are several discrepancies I have like at the beginning of a match there is no option to bet on the the first point. Also if you don’t watch carefully it will do that or put the game that’s being played below the next game. You think you are betting on game 5 but it’s actually game 6. What’s messed up is you are trying to get your bet on so fast because it’s so slow processing the bets that you don’t want to have your bet rejected. I’ve probably had 85% of my winning bets rejected due to how slow this thing works. Sometimes I can log out and log back in to get it to function better. I like being able to bet on the tennis like this because other apps are not fully like this but I just don’t like the deception look and the lagging in bet processing!!! I’ve screenshot a lot of these things and hopefully people will avoid not being deceived….Version: 3.22.1

The best of them allSlick interface, exceptional customer support..Version: 3.29.0

No really into bettingI really enjoy DraftKings website and how easy it is to place a bet. I am not a big better so it fun not spreading to much and having more fun watching the games when you have a few bucks on them..Version: 4.29.0

Great app , Easy to use , Great OddsOnly thing I have a problem with is you can’t add certain nba combo stats to same game parleys like Rebound + Assist. And lastly I love the progressive parley feature but sometimes it doesn’t have a players over or under for something just one option the worse option too, and please add more options like combos on progressive parleys like pts + ast etc for all players not just 3 from a team.Version: 4.30.0

Great Betting AppPretty much everything to bet on and great bonuses pretty much daily.Version: 4.29.0

Casino games are rigged and tons of technical issuesI used to love this app until I won a few bucks. Then all of a sudden I’m playing blackjack with the same cards for 3 days. It was like the cards were never shuffled and I was on an endless loop of the same card combinations and results after cashing out half of my winnings. It was so bad I could predict what total the dealer had, when I would bust or when I could/needed to hit on 17 and not bust. I guess this feature is great if you’re Rainman but I’m just trying to have some fun. Im sure closer inspection would find this practice illegal. In addition to this, everytime I was on a streak all of a sudden my game would be disconnected. That never happens when I lost. No technical issues at all. Needless to say I cashed out my account and deleted the app. I’ll use Betmgm or Fanduel. Sports books are very common and there’s no need to continue to use this app.Version: 3.16.0

Best betting app.I have tried many betting apps through the years and the sport / betting selection DF offers is like no else. best betting app on the market by far. 10/10..Version: 4.29.0

Don’t put a bunch a parlays they’ll delete some and still take the moneyAlso don’t trust they’ll keep your bets for you I’ve had bets disappear after winning a parlay so always take screenshots even then shady app.Version: 4.29.0

Great App!Draft kings is a great app for betting and I love the amount of promos that they do!!.Version: 4.28.1

Slots keep disappearing with updates!!It seems like every update causes more and more slots in PA to disappear. I think we were up to 143 or 144 and now it’s down to 111. The casino app still had all of them a subtle until I updated today by mistake and sadly it’s down to 111 there to. I love DraftKings casino over FanDuel and I believe it’s miles ahead in the user interface and menus, but you can’t keep cutting away the slots that I love to play. Hopefully all available slots return in a future update and I’ll gladly rate 5 stars. The other day I couldn’t even do the multi-hand blackjack promo on my phone because that game is no where to be found on the app. There are so many more games/slots on the PC that used to be on the app, but have disappeared. I don’t want to continue to spend my money here if I’m just going to keep losing the ability to play the games I enjoy!!.Version: 3.1.1

DraftKings is best online sports book hands downI’ve been a gold member since 2022 and currently live in Massachusetts. I have online sports book accounts, but do most of my plays on DraftKings because nobody else comes close with the promos, missions and bonuses offered here. An example: last year for Xmas/new years they sent me a $250 watch and a tablet at no cost to me (I got to pick from many gifts which was cool too). I have never had anyone i bet sports with give me anything like that. Not to mention the tons of free bets, profit boosts, missions, etc, I get weekly (more like Dailey). I love how easy the app is to use and that it’s not outdated - as other are. Lastly, they have more betting options than almost any other site. As long as they continue to provide all those benefits to me, I will continue to be a loyal member. Love it and recommend to anyone who bets sports..Version: 4.19.1

Super quick withdrawalsI just withdrew 20k and they sent me the money in 2 hours. They’re so fast.Version: 4.30.0

CrazyThey let me place a no sweat bet than when it loses they tell me I didn’t place the bet right. You guys have literally removed the options for promos before if there not eligible but this is an exception. I promise if you guys don’t want to get robbed go elsewhere or else your going to lose your money for no good reason. Honest to god thiefs..Version: 4.30.0

DK is where it’s at!Hands down, if no sweat bets and boosts are your thing it’s here. They are the fastest at withdrawals. It usually takes a minute after the confirmation. They are not the best at parlays when it comes to what you can parlay together. DK is on par with odds. You can shop around but I don’t really bother most of the time unless the juice is considerably lower somewhere else. They don’t hand out any free bets after the initial sign up bonus. Other sites do. Sometimes they have gimmie bets/promotions but there’s nothing better than opening up your sports book and seeing a free bet. I don’t care how much it is. Also they usually void bad bets like if a player is out or gets hurt within the first few plays of the game. Other apps like FD do not and just make you pay. DK is definitely better geared towards customer service. If you have questions or email an inquiry they get back with you in my experience within an hour. Shop your odds but I do truly recommend DK and can’t deny they are still #1 and my go to sports betting app..Version: 4.23.2

Favourite bookFavourite sports book to play on. Love the social component..Version: 4.10.1

The bestRecommend to all my friends!.Version: 4.31.1

A Seamless Bet on ExcellenceI've been using the DraftKings Sportsbook app for a while now, and honestly, it's hard to find anything that matches up to the experience it offers. The user interface is clean and intuitive, making it super easy to navigate through the myriad of sports betting options. What really sets it apart for me is the variety of bets available; whether it's live betting, futures, or prop bets, there's something for everyone. The odds are competitive, which makes a big difference in the long run. I also appreciate the promotional offers they roll out; they're not just generous but also frequent, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. The app's performance is smooth, with minimal glitches or lag, which is crucial during live betting. Plus, the customer service team is responsive and helpful, which adds to the overall positive experience. DraftKings has managed to create a sports betting app that feels both professional and fun, making it easy to see why they're leading the pack in the industry..Version: 4.31.1

Missing cash out feature screwed me over big time.Before you say I have a degenerate gambling problem I accidentally placed an incorrect bet hours before the event while distracted by something else. (Did not realize I had a small parlay and a seperate 100+dollar bet in the same betslip both in effect) Immediately after, I tried to correct this by cashing out as it was hours before the event even started, only to find that cash out was immediately suspended. Frantically looking everywhere for help there was no live chat or customer support to be found, and my fate was sealed. Lost thousands to this sports book and I’ve gotten 10 dk dollars in return, while Fanduel gives occasional random bonus bets to help you get back on your feet after a tough amount of losses. Until customer satisfaction and support features are worked on, fanduel is a better option. Be safe guys and read every part of that betslip because your money will get snatched the very second you hit place bet, regardless of how long away the legs are..Version: 4.22.2

Functional and funFunctions as expected with little to no errors..Version: 4.30.0

Best betting appBest app IMo.Version: 4.28.1

GambleGood.Version: 4.30.0

Careful. Very addicting.It’s nice it’s fun I love how they gave me a free $200 in bet credits. My original goal was to just take all the Bet credits from these companies and ONLY use them to bet. Well that was working for a little bit and then I was down and then I noticed myself using some real money. Nothing much but still it’s concerning for me because I told myself I wasn’t going to do it, but the possibility of having 50-50 odds on winning a game is pretty powerful. The thing is those you never know what’s gonna happen in a game and you can lose all that money I mean I don’t have to tell you guys this. But yeah, so I with Drew, my PayPal money it took them like less than a day to process it, and I think I had it in my PayPal account the next day. So the withdrawals are fast. Overall, I honestly like the look and feel of DK over all the other apps I’ve used.Version: 4.6.1

Great siteMy friend invited me over for playing with this great game.Version: 4.29.0

All Around Great CasinoI’ve played on just about every casino app in Jersey and Draftkings is without a doubt one of the best. There is a great selection of games to play, Always some kind of promotion going on; Differene kinds of bonuses daily; fast payouts; and if you have a host, Than you always have support at your fingertips. My host, Nathaniel, is one the of the better host that I have had over these past years, and I’ve had a lot of different host. He’s always a text away and he actually tries to help out; regardless of the problem at hand. Ontop of that, he’s fair and that’s an important characteristic in my eyes. If he can help out with a bonus or something along those Lines, he will without a doubt and when he can’t, he always explains “why”; so as a player, I always know the reasons and if I didn’t know, I learned it because he makes sure that you understand what he is saying. Either way, this is absolutely one of the best apps out there!!!.Version: 3.29.0

Awesome appDrafts kind is an awesome app. It has great casino games, and great perks and offers when betting on sports. They also ya have have got missions to earn points you can redeem and play with or use them to buy merchandise from their store. They have also got great contest every week and they get you your winnings fast and accurate. Excellent app!.Version: 4.29.0

Top tierTop tier betting app.Version: 4.28.1

ReviewSo far enjoying the app keep the new games coming lots of fun. Especially social where you can talk to friends and family.Version: 4.8.0

Depositing fundsHaving problems depositing funds . Can you tell me why?.Version: 4.30.0

Draft kingsAll good just waiting for my first deposit free bet bonuses.Version: 4.29.0

Love the new formatGreat new format. Love all the changes..Version: 4.29.0

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