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Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense app received 90 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about age of z origins:tower defense?

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Good startGreat game. Starts really good but then resources become really hard to get. When a person gets hit, have to start from scratch. No troops, no resources. Makes it hard to level up and get ahead. When they continually get to hit you there is no time to rebuild before they hit you again. Peace shields are hard to obtain unless you can put a lot of money into game. If you could improve on this...I can continue playing game.Version: 1.2.36

Too much building not enough gamesI like the in-games but the constant building and requirements are boring. Same with state if survival Update: Thank you for the response. My tip - add more in-games early on to keep people hocked. :).Version: 1.2.64

Starts well and deteriorates fastIn theory this is a great fun game, but in reality the developers are too interested in making money to make this a good player experience. Key issues include: Very slow to build troops and expensive to get teleports and fleet speed ups. This discourages fighting for all but pay-to-play players. Game gets unbelievably laggy at key events. This is a disaster when attacks and defences are timed in matter of seconds. Many players have lost whole armies and just get a “sorry” from Camel, if that. Sadly, Camel’s focus is on developing ever more mini-games that players can spend money on, and that only make the glitches and lag worse. The in-game translation is slow and poor for many languages. The censorship blanks out totally innocent and much used words like “test” and “server”. There is a consistent reduction in rewards and the value of the purchase packs, making it ever more difficult for non-spending players and more expensive for spenders. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I would strongly recommend finding a different game to play. I will never play a Camel game again..Version: 1.2.49

Getting boringGame is getting boring... among others less people are engaging in war because almost evryone is with alliances... its getting harder and longer to to get resources... mobility is very restricted that you can not move anymore after 10 moves and younhave to wait again for hours to replenish and cycle begins... also upgrades takes too long and too costly ... its either you spend more money or wait too long to move up....Version: 1.2.58

Do better Devs + AppleDownloaded only to comment. . Reprehensible over-sexualized portrayal of women. Marketing campaign leading with a shot of the mostly nude woman’s rear end and gets a 12+ rating by Apple? Do better both of you. Developers are certainly skilled, the published product is solid and the premise is well executed. Recode and market on your merits not visual assets distorted some 12 year olds view of ‘normal’.Version: 1.2.38

Playground for bullyingWaste of money, players are incentivised to leave good reviews as I did below. However unlike other games this is set up for bullying. Unless you spend hundreds of pounds/dollars you will get nowhere. Players in big alliances will destroy you. They can attack any level, for instance a level 30+ player with millions of troops can wipe out a level 10 with thousands of troops. Bullying is rife and you speak up you will just attacked more and have your resources taken. The game is set up as a bullies playground! Avoid if you value your money and don’t wish to be part of an unfair breeding ground for bullying! Below what I was promised gifts to write, sound familiar to other reviews?? Always something to to, either in construction of your city, improving defences, building up resources, attacking other cities, defending from attacks or killing zombies. You will have endless hours of fun. There are also a couple of extra games within the game. A good old fashioned tower game and a new arcade style shoot em up with zombies at your gates. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. Lomas. Nation #113.Version: 1.1.68

Crashes constantly.The game is fun. It is a strategy game. Unfortunately to fully experience the game you must be willing to make occasional purchases. Recently, the game has become unplayable for me. It lags really bad and constantly crashes. I have spent a lot of money on in game purchases. Due to lag, I will not be able to play this game anymore, and I doubt the developers will fix the issues. I have sent several complaints. All have been ignored. I hope that it will not be too difficult to have the value of my purchases reimbursed. As this game is unplayable now due to poor server maintenance..Version: 1.2.60

Knight89Love it easygoing.Version: 1.1.6

Do not waste your time on this gameIf you are a spender do not play this game there is many purchase issues and customer service is poor and they do not care.Version: 1.2.68

Love the game but I don’t like the greedy mindset of the developersWhy ask when you can’t even jump servers. This is so disappointing since new players have to succumb to the high level players who kill and loot smaller players just because they started to play the game before. And if you tell me that you can use shields then let me tell you that even shields are not free. So bottom line is you either pay to play or you just get bullied until you finally decide to quit. Been playing this game for more than a year and yes I have spent my cash on the game but now I’m almost at the brink of quitting the game because of the fact that I can’t jump servers and the server I’m in is filled with Chinese and Japanese players who spend tons of cash and keep bullying new player resulting in not letting the newbies grow. Not everyone is rich. People from developing countries like me don’t have a lot of cash to spend but still would like to play and enjoy the game. And Yet, all that the developers care is money. I didn’t get to choose the server I was born into but I should have the option to choose a server i call home. In the past 1 and half years that I have played the game I have seen many of my friends quit the game just because they can’t spend and grow like the other big spenders. I would rate the game 1 star..Version: 1.2.46

Starting to get buggy.Was great when I first started playing a few months ago. With the last 5 or so updates (since the officer overhaul) the game hangs and crashes more and more. When ever receiving mail the game freezes and in large wars many (expensive) troops can be lost when the game crashes at vital moments. People spend a lot of money in game, this should run flawlessly..Version: 1.2.33

Waste of timeDevelopers have forgotten that people want to play to relax not get caught in an endless cycle of trying to build up and follow the story only to have some pay to win clan take it all away again and again. It’s just not fun - uninstalled and would not recommend.Version: 1.2.76

Gameplay and AdvancementI’ve done a few reviews on other games and it sounds like a lot of complaining on my end. But the truth is, players download and take part in these games as a way to enjoy themselves and for the fun of it. Developers such as “Camel Games” has done what other developers are doing, receiving funds for made-up items, in other words, providing small packs for and unfair price. The packs are small, the speed-ups aren’t enough to accomplish any type of advancement and the timers on upgrades are extremely long, this entail, leaves us the purchaser having to spend more “real” money. I’ve been playing GOW for years and they have finally listened to the players and responded, they increased the number of items in their packs to even out what you spend for them. Camel games could do the same, but the fact still remains, they’re going to bleed you before they act. Now, why continue to play you ask, bc of the alliance and the friends I’ve made, but buying packs has come to a crawl. You pay 4.99 for a very small pack and then if you scroll down to their $49-99 packs, well let’s just say, you’d be a fool to hit the “buy” button. Compared to GOW, we’ll there’s no comparison, the developers at Camel games are going to control this to their benefit and the players will be forced to spend large sums to advance. Great game but steer clear of purchasing packs!.Version: 1.1.27

Like all the othersWhere’s the bits from the ads, like most games looks good on the add but when you play it it’s not like that at all :( I would really like to do bits like on the ads full screen build turrets like a movie clip, things like on the add running from the zombie save the girl or not. Stranded on the island to build?.Version: 1.1.78

The game crashes frequently一個靠配合作戰的遊戲,經常崩潰閃退,衹要人多時,一小時內可以有近10次閃退,太讓人氣憤了!.Version: 1.2.54

Nerfing game rewards and lying about improvementSo after today’s update brought in new 3D troops, which is completely pointless, they introduced a new level 25 super zombie for alliances to fight and gain better rewards that were promised in the update notes. after seeing what they changed this was a complete lie, not only did they decrease the amount of rewards depending on what rank you get after killing the zombie. they also greatly decreased the amount of damage everyone does to it, so now it takes a lot longer to defeat the zombie making the rate of getting the rewards much longer. this has made it harder for a lot of people to development as the rewards from this mode is heavily needed, doing this is obviously a way to force its players to buy more game packs to be able to continue development. until this is fixed i do not recommend downloading this game..Version: 1.2.42

Doesn’t workCan’t open It on iPhone 7+.Version: 1.2.52

ImprovementsIt is somehow unfair, low level players are always being attacked by high levels. not balance. There is supposed to be a selector where team can do wars with the same level.(TEam Wars).and prices will be resources..Version: 1.1.58

Developers don’t support their playersI paid and played for several months, then could not access my account. I contacted the developers. “Today, we received lots of feedback from players in GC issue. We have not found the reason yet. We are sincerely sorry for resulting any bad game experience. Thank you for your support!” They didn’t shield all affected players like they did when players with Facebook bound accounts had the same issue and my progress was wiped out as a result of being unable to log in as needed over 3 days and being attacked. I asked for fair compensation. “Sorry, we can not provide the rewards. This is not our wrong. Thank you for your support!” Save your money and support developers who support their players..Version: 1.1.54

LaggyGame is always lagging during crunch/big battles. Once you get used to this game and invested some money in your account then Camel will start decreasing your rewards. Can you believe it they actually reduced the amount of things you get in the packages you buy whereas initially it wasn’t this case. Basically you’re investing money in the wrong game.Version: 1.2.49

Could be betterCan u guys update the graphics? Games like warpath look much better and the game is getting stale a bit after 2 years... need some graphic changes better looking 3D troops and better looking terrain and buildings..Version: 1.2.75

Why is Apple approving this?I downloaded just to comment. The game clearly took a lot of time and skill to create. The fact that the female characters start off in bikinis only to receive additional clothing after they "level up" is reprehensible. To the developers and financier, be better than this. Time to delete now..Version: 1.2.23

Bear Cub EventAge of Z has a decent track record of short term events where players can earn rewards through achieving daily targets in the process of the original game play. This helps players of all levels engage more and also drives some players to buy from the store. The current beer cub event is a similar event with an attempt to introduce humour in what is otherwise a dour apocalyptic setting (zombies etc.). We have a beer cub that bottle feeds on “Vodka” and grows every time you feed it. Maybe funny for a 4 year old but that’s not the profile of your average AoZ player. Also the focus on getting players to buy is blatant and presented pretty much in a snake oil sales person polish. And finally the beer cub is neither here nor there - not too cuddly - not too fierce and ends up looking a bad animation character. The direction and idea was right but the nuances of the execution not at the best. In summary, I don’t mind it, I do play it but I’m used to better from AoZ. :-) In Game Name: AGNEE.Version: 1.1.98

Crashes oftenDo not bother. Crashes every few clicks, horrible loading. Not worth your time..Version: 1.2.51

ReviewTRK, Commander Lord Devil, #244, I am known as SmallMountain & SmallMountain2. I have been playing less than 3 months, I’m on almost every day. I like the farming and leveling up, but there never seems to be enough elite mines to level up without long waits. The larger your alliance the less opportunity you have to level up b/c you are always waiting for your turn to gather from the elite mines before someone else does since it is limited to max of 5 gathering and only max of 3 million oil or farm and less for gold, steel, or minerals. Would suggest larger amounts to be extracted and more to gather. Also, when you get there with your load amount you can carry in order of gathering you should be guaranteed that amount. Often I get to gather oil first and can carry 1 million for example but other members come and I only get say 300k. Another issue is with leadership not opening events to lower level members like doom arena or elite wars. I think elite or cabinet rank should have access to this feature too. We all have issues with how long it takes to upgrade buildings lol. It’s a fun game otherwise! One last thing, I think you should change the allowable number of farm accounts allowed, I binded my Apple ID and Facebook but can only have my main account and 1 farm account. There should be a way to have multiple farm accounts but when I tried to add another it says unable to bind..Version: 1.2.22

Generally a good game if you like this typeThis game follows in the line of so many others. Generally it is a fun version of this well known genre of game. The introduction of zombies is done well and Lucy has a lot of potential, but her storyline becomes too repetitive. More should be added there. Alliance functions are good and make a big difference in enjoying the game. Combat is just ok. No innovation here. A breaking point for many and one that dropped the stars for me was there is no protection once you have been invaded. A big spender can come in and wipe out your defenders then continually attack sucking all your resources while you’re powerless to stop it. Days or weeks of resources gone in an instant. An 8-hr protection for defeated cities would help. Or minimize the resources the invade can steal. Over all game is a good effort, but there isn’t much innovation in the genre here. One other idea: consider allowing alliances to build defense towers within their territory. If an attacker comes near a tower during an attack, the tower will attack the attacker..Version: 1.2.10

Poorly designed pay to win cloneWhy? If you’re going to ask me to pay ANYTHING for a game it’s a one time payment, and then, maybe for an expoansion pack. nothing else. YOU DONT NEED TALENT, YOU NEED MONEY! People that don’t spend are just cannon fodder for paying players. So boring after 30 minutes. This should be regulated by apple.Version: 1.2.82

Not quite as advertisedThe advertisement I saw was taking a boat to an island and building a fort to defend against zombies. If that happens it’s not until later in the game, way later. The game is a pretty complex strategy game. Took me a month to understand all the buildings, stores, upgrades, weapons and general play. It takes forever to build up to anything fun. I spent most of time trying to learn all the details and icons. I had to utilize the internet to understand the majority of the game from others because the game doesn’t explain everything and if you need help it’s just available. The graphics are cool, but I am already immersed in a strategy game. I don’t have the time to play this game and it’s pretty frustrating how long it takes to build up and move on to another level. I give 2 stars for graphics. The rest is overly complicated, especially if you’re just starting. You’ll spend more time trying to learn than actually having fun in the first few weeks. My suggestion to the creators would be to allow new users to gradually learn the game through smaller, less complicated, levels. Maybe start out with a home instead of a whole city. Learn to build walls, weapons, supplies, etc. in a smaller territory , then build up to a block, then several blocks, then recruiting soldiers, then the whole city, etc. I also suggest better help files that explains all the graphics, icons and displays..Version: 1.2.40

Are you rich? Then this is the game for you!Downloaded it, played for a while, then the players with very deep pockets full of money, come along and wipe you out. This is another PAY to WIN game, a game that could have been amazing, but is instead spoilt by greedy devs, who don’t see the long term, but just the short one that means they can make buckets of cash. This will end up being another game that could have been great, that will end up with very few players and servers being left for the rich to battle it out. Save yourself the wasted hours, don’t download, unless you have a few hundred £ or $ to spend (and that’s just for a start). Shame really, hopefully one day we will get a game that’s balanced out and fair to all, but that won’t happen until we get a set of devs who aren’t greedy to the core..Version: 1.1.85

Please fix things that matterI will start this review off with the statement that I have played the game from the very beginning. Over this time, I have seen the game transition completely to ppw. Events that used to have money incentives but not required have become completely money incentivized to do anything. The most concerning is the lack of care on behalf of camel to upgrade things that really matter. The game lags so much during attacks of any more than 10 people that it is impossible to attack in larger groups. Instead of fixing issues such as this, they will add some flashy animation that has absolutely zero benefit to the game. As for the initial look of the game, it has great initial gameplay and is strategic. However, as the game has become more geared towards money driven, the game has transitioned away from any strategy, as long as you spend massive amounts of money. I still play this game, but plea with the directors to look back at the game you had and realize that many of your large spenders are sick of the money grabs and not fixing issues that really matter, instead adding flash to illustrations. We don’t care about how flashy the game is, but want a game that works the way it should. Shame on camel for ruining what used to be a great game with strategy..Version: 1.2.54

Just don’t start playing it...The game itself is ok. It’s the players that are the problem. There are a few alliances who set the rules including pearls like, “You can’t attack our alliance but we can farm yours at our pleasure “, for example. The strong alliances are established and control everybody else so it is impossible to grow unless you spend a lot of money. They actually run it like a dictatorship from their mummies basements. If that’s your thing then go for it. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money just trying to exist in this game then stay away..Version: 1.2.60

Pay to playIn order to get anything you have to pay. You will get beat day in and day out by larger groups. Can get frustrating.Version: 1.2.14

You’re just food for big spendersThis game could be great. It has various fun elements and plenty activities to keep you busy. You also don’t have to be on all the time, you can come and go as you please. Where this game utterly fails though is the complete imbalance between the top players and everyone else. You need to work hard to gather resources but you can’t protect them. As your city level increases you need more and more resources to upgrade your buildings but before you can reach the amount required for your next upgrade, someone far more powerful just comes and takes it all away. You spend the next week trying to regather and train more defensive units and just as you are starting to recover from being wiped out, you are wiped out again. New players can’t become big. You are just there as farming fodder for existing players..Version: 1.1.68

BogLe jeu ne fait que ce fermer tout seul.Version: 1.2.58

GarbageFor the love of god do not download this trash.Version: 1.2.67

Charge delaysI spend a stupid amount of money in this game! Why is it you have a difficult time taking the money when I purchase? Why is it I get charged for my purchases 5-6 days after I purchase things? I get ghost charges and emails days after!! If I purchased something today, I want to get charged for it today... Not next week! Looks fishy, adding extra because of the confusion? Maybe it's time to stop playing!!!.Version: 1.2.16

Waste of TimeBeen playing around a month and about to delete it. Good game but the problem, which is a very big problem is that the stronger players who have been playing a long time just come along and smash your base so you can’t save your resources and there is nothing you can do to protect yourself. They also destroy your armies which take days to rebuild. This has happened to so many players in our alliance who have just not logged in for ages so guessing they quit too. The game has very little to do with zombies and is more about players attacking each other’s cities. Most of the reviews here are from players who have played for a couple of weeks so have never experienced this at the time of their review. Until this issue is sorted my advice would be not to waste a single second or any money on this game. They also give prizes for the best review so be aware that some of the best reviews are incentivised and essentially paid for and against the spirit of the whole review system. I notice their response is also a copy and paste from all their other responses. No idea what a power gape is? I have now reluctantly deleted the app as I did enjoy the game but it was so unbalanced it was a joke..Version: 1.1.71

TomGame is very glitchy and regularly freezes up on kicks me out. When it does work though it’s great. Currently locked out altogether, game won’t even launch. I’ve spent some money to speed up the progress a bit. You need to be part of a strong alliance or else you’ll never get anywhere. Alliance politics can be a bit precious too but not the fault of the game creators..Version: 1.2.52

Value for moneyI feel like the rewards in the events do not add up to the total amount of money spend, this is why I am not participating in multiple events, the events need lots of rewards with high value for money. Things that I believe should be in event rewards -city skin 7days -fleet skin 7 days - resources oil and food 1 mil, steel 500k, minerals 300k -vip 7 days - large amount of gold 5-10k - fleet speed 50% (5) 25% (10) -vip points 1k (3) -Advanced hp, attack, army expansion, aswell as regular Elite teleports 2-3 Building, recruitment and research speed ups (8hrs) (5) World 197 commander name SonOfDestruction ID 16524302.Version: 1.1.98

Latest update (April 23)Update January 15 : Still playing... you guys are still adding useless things. Stupid things, even. WHY is there a thinly veiled necrophilia dating game love story?? It’s a war game. IDGAF about love lines! I dunno why you guys keep adding more and more useless stuff to the game that does not add to it but lags it up. From the newly moving officer avatars, to the useless mapping sequence that pops up when you send Lucy out to explore and now the “city management” tab... I hate it. The new management tab is annoying since what it wants you to do pops up and blocks part of the screen. Not to mention that it is useless anyway. Stop! The game was fine how it was. Please get rid of the new management pop up tab!.Version: 1.2.51

Pretty good game. Starting to get addictiveLots to do and work out. Avoid spending real money and be patient. Build and grow your army and city..Version: 1.1.39

Gameplay Not Like AdvertismentsI have been playing for 3 weeks now and so far the game play is nothing like what you see in the advertisements. The wave battles (as depicted in all the ads), are few and far between, and look nothing like the ads. The city layout, the world map, the characters, the zombies, all look nothing like the ads. This game is more like SIM City meets Clash of Clans. You’ll find you really just battle other real people, similar to how the show The Walking Dead ended up, lol. Anyway, just one person’s opinion, but I felt people should know..Version: 1.2.56

Pay to playIt’s an alright game if you have an extreme amount of money to play this game, if you want to get anywhere otherwise just waste your time and watch your base burn always and I mean non stop. You need to pay your way to the top of the game in order to have any fun at all..Version: 1.2.58

Rigged gameGame allows other countries to pay less for stuff and in the end it causes them to have more stuff I wish I could get a refund I don’t like playing games with huge disadvantage.Version: 1.1.90

Money, money, moneyI started this game a year ago and it was good fun, but now not so much due to the attitude of the developer. They have developed the game around those who are prepared to spend big bucks so the rewards in game have diminished so much so that they really are meaningless. Even if you do buy the monthly card at £20 per month, it still doesn’t get you anywhere close to the top in both city or competition rankings. Of course the option to pay is down to the individual, but if you don’t, you’ll struggle to get beyond a certain point. If you can get into a good alliance it is fun. But therein lies the problem, you have to grow your city quite quickly to stop yourself being fodder for the big guys and to be allowed to join. It is all about power of the troops, power = money. The customer service is amongst the worst I’ve ever experienced. Don’t ever expect to get a half decent reply and they don’t fix issues with the game such as lag or timing problems which can have a big impact on your performance. This game is good, but month by month the developer is changing the game to make more profit. Lots of dedicated people who have spent a lot of money have left and that should tell you everything you need to know!.Version: 1.2.50

AVOID!!!You couldn’t pay me enough to play this rubbish. Yet again, another Dev who uses misleading adverts for games that don’t actually exist - aren’t you required by law to state that the advert it not representative of actual gameplay? Or is lying by omission suddenly legal now, where you just don’t state “Actual Gameplay” thereby inferring it’s NOT actual gameplay? And why do all the main splash-screen characters have cerebral palsy? They can’t stand still, it looks like they’re stood on a waterbed, it’s nauseating - but not as bad as your company mission-goals. Same old plot, new scenery - Command and Conquer came out on the PC in 1995, it was essentially this type of game except way ahead of its time in every way - so much so in fact, they’ve tweaked it to take advantage of current technology and re-released it to compete with all those that plagiarised it, from 25 years ago!! That’s a quarter of a century in reality, not virtuality. Your marketing a retro-gaming antiquity, and not even matching it on any level. Money for old rope the saying goes, but it’s being abused at the expense of the parents who’s kids get bullied if they’re not eyeball-deep in these RTS rip-offs’. The cycle of life, every few generations everything comes around again, from clothes, to games, and even cooking recipes..... c’est la vie, utter merde..Version: 1.2.36

You’ll spend a lot of money.It’s an interesting game and they are constantly trying to keep it interesting. One of its problems is with the alliances. The larger ones constantly farm the smaller alliances to the extent that even though you have no troops left, they still hit you to up their stats. You’ll spend a lot of time trying to get resources back so you can rebuild your numbers only to get hit again. In the end you’ll only rebuild yourself so you can give your resources to them. You’ll find a lot give up by level 6. Some gamers respond to emails asking to stop farming. But most don’t. In the end I gave up at level 21, but this game as are most of them, about extracting your money. It’s a great game, could be better..Version: 1.1.79

China ruledSo sad but sry to tell you all if u don’t live in China and ur not racist this games not for you. North America gamers will pay near double what others pay for packs so no point trying to be #1.Version: 1.1.95

TrashYou can spend 3 weeks playing get maybe 1 8hour shield but once a month minimum your army get wrecked by pay to play player and then you you spend 3 week recouping that army for it to happen again..Version: 1.2.64

Can’t load gameCan’t play.Version: 1.2.60

Bias from Developers, favour those who pay moreMoney was spent for in game services, and these services were given to a high-spending player for free, completely invalidating our purchases. Gameplay was completely strategic, diplomatic, and fair, but intervention on behalf of the developers to favour someone who has been spending massive amounts of money, has completely invalidated years worth of effort and money. If you play, do not spend a single cent in this game. The developers are not on your side..Version: 1.2.53

Great game, terrible performanceWhile this has easily been the best app game I’ve played for the premise of the game itself, the performance of the game is negligible. You spend months building your army for an item to fail and you lose your whole army because of an item failing, trust me, if you’ve played the game you will understand how frustrating this is. The in game purchases are extortionate and the game, quite frankly, is not worth playing without spending. When these in game issues happen, the customer service is awful and recently the free in game rewards for completing certain tasks or missions have been hugely reduced while the developers are still raking in the money that players spend. I know full well that there are players who spend obscene amounts of money on this game and it is quite simply a cash cow for the developers who have consistently reduced free rewards while continuing to profit even more so due to these diminished rewards. Camel Games, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror..Version: 1.2.49

Completely copiedThis game looked so fun in the ad but the ad was actually stolen from state of survival. The game was sooooo boring. If you’re looking for a zombie game don’t get this scummy peace of garbage. Plus you can barely do anything in the game without paying..Version: 1.2.56

Fun gameThe game is really fun for people who enjoy these types of war games. I’ve made great relationships with players, the game has lots for you to do, whether that’s farming, participating in wars, and many events to do. I’ve enjoyed the game and see no issues except that the game does appear to crash every now and then which can be annoying but it doesn’t happen often which is good, the game usually always works and runs fine for me. The other issue is there is not enough stuff for free for a free player to keep up with others, there should be free elite teleports every month for example, something to keep people fighting and the game fresh. A MASSIVE ISSUE Is that to progress you need resources, you can only bind two cities per account so it’s hard to have multiple farms, which is required to get far in the game, this is stupid and makes it so it’s hard to progress even for players who don’t spend?! It’s an anti-gamer move, make it so we can bind 10 cities per account..Version: 1.2.23

DissatisfiedI hoped that I could play the zombie-killing part, but roadblocks are made to frustrate the player to pay with real money to advance. Delete! Next..Version: 1.2.67

Not a war gameThis is not a game but a social application. It belongs with fb. As soon as you join, 3 alliances rule and they are friends with each other. Wars are planned, if any, and rewards given if you log on every day. No strategy at all. Pure boring..Version: 1.2.12

Ripped offLatest update is unavailable in my country so game has locked me out. Losses all my money and wasted my time..Version: 1.2.38

Battery drainingAfter the latest update, the app drains my 1yo iPhone 11 Pro’s battery in mins, with no other apps open. Despite emailing support I’ve hear nothing, pretty disappointing for a great game..Version: 1.2.68

GamerReason why I give it a two star is because the game is censoring words that shouldn’t be censored for example the word have, contested and many more you need to fix this this is starting to get annoying trying to send someone a message and they can’t figure out what it said but the game is great love being able to have zombies in my army. Ps they actually fix the censored problem so I gave it the stars it deserves again the game is great just know if you do get attacked just kill the monster and let it build up. It is the best way to save your supplies when you need them to upgrade your base and only use the 8 hour shield when you have a lot plus collect a lot of gold in the mines it is the best way to develop quickly of course you can also make more bases in that world by making more accounts but I have only one and I am doing fine ps censored words that shouldn’t be censored are not fix go into your game and see for yourself start typing random word for example is, hour, have, that are censored fix this this is really annoying censor only cuss words this is ridiculous.Version: 1.1.97

Crashes all the timeWould be decent but crashes so often it sucks the fun right out of it..Version: 1.2.56

Bwaa-Haa-Haa!Is that ever dumb! Great story line, guys! And the wiggling babes, is that what passes as sexy to a bunch of programmer nerds? And that dialogue! Nice that you let a bunch of twelve year olds write your script! Trash... delete...!.Version: 1.2.10

TrashJust plain old trash 🗑 🤬.Version: 1.2.56

OkNeeds some improvements like realistic daily goals.Version: 1.1.6

After the Latest UpdateI am hoping this helps out those who experienced the App not opening at all recently. My IPad mini was on IOS 12.5.1 and the game worked for a good while. But, I constantly had issue of the App always closing out on me. It wasn’t too bad, but I could only experience some aspects of the game. It was not until the day after this latest update I could not open the game at all. After reading some Facebook posts I realize why not try on a newer phone with IOS 14..... Fortunately, I had this option and it is messed up for those who don’t. It would have been nice to have gotten some type of pre-warning head of time. After downloading the App I was able to open the game. Fortunately, I bonded my account so I didn’t lose my City’s Progress. I don’t know what IOS it still works with other than the newest one, so this maybe a temporary glitch. Hope this information help a little, but I am sure the frustration will still remain until something is fix in the interim. All the Best!.Version: 1.2.52

Just a money grabberI saw the (and keep seeing) the video ads and thought that this game looked cool. How wrong I was! Downloaded and played for 5 weeks and all you do is build, upgrade and collect. Occasionally you get to send your army to attack zombies but, it’s not a real battle, the computer just generates the fight. All the time you are bombarded by ads (by the company) to spend money, either for upgrades or to speed up your ability to build your, never-ending, better buildings. You think you’re doing well then *bang* someone who has a bigger army or resources just comes along and attacks you, wiping you out. Farm Heroes Saga is probably better! Don’t waste your time or money on it. The worst game I have ever downloaded....Version: 1.1.34

Pay to playThis game could be fun, but there is no avenue for people to compete unless they want to pay a lot of cash (think thousands of dollars). The game is structured in a way that the big spenders are exponentially stronger and better than even the medium spenders. And if you want a truly free game, well good luck. If you grind it out and put in the time you will then find when you are close the developers will just add another layer on top for the big spenders to keep spending. We saw this with the recent additions of the 6th star for officers and the Titan. It is super hard and takes a long time trading to even get 5 stars, now the big spenders can just buy that 6th star and you will not be able to compete. Everything in the game is just a way for the developers to get more money, and if you want to not get wiped to zero you will have to pay lots of money. One guy boasts of spending tens of thousands of dollars a month, and when you look at his city you can believe it. But how are you going to compete against that? How do the makers of this game expect to have a playing field where a free player or even a player spending a few bucks a day is to compete with someone spending almost a thousand on some days? It’s sad, because this really could be a fun game. But the fact it is a war game and you just get crushed by the big spenders takes the joy out of it..Version: 1.2.54

TerribleEllie from the last of us was in an add and it’s a rip off of another bad game state of survival.Version: 1.2.33

Over all the game is a mehIf you create an alliance then that alliance is yours right? Wrong! If you make an alliance someone will steal it from you for 200 gold it is not worth it if someone can take your alliance which is what happened to me.Version: 1.2.27

Pay to winWhile on the whole it’s generally good game if you have the patience, there’s a whole lot to do. However, it’s pay to win if you have the money you can become the tyrant, moderators are unwilling to resolve this issue since the bullies put more than average money in, this many leave who may only put £10 in per month against those who put in £100 per month surely 15 who only pay £10 per month is better than 1 who puts in £100 per month these bullies are causing you loss of income. Time you stepped up and listened to your players as your losing your player base and this will be another game dead in the water.Version: 1.1.98

Not a fan of social mediaThis game has no wars. Highest alliances are out of reach and friends with each other. Boring. I will go back to my candy crush where it is more exciting.Version: 1.2.12

This game can valence itself outI read a lot of comments about how this game is a pay to get ahead and that’s partly true while you can get ahead and stronger faster throwing money at it it does however defeat the challenge of palying also I DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY INTO THIS GAMES and I’m a strong player regardless you take advantage of the gifts and save for later then spend on what you might need, join a clan so you don’t get targeted a strong clan like RGA get stronger play as a team and have fun it is just a game after all would like to see a way to report suspected cheaters who abuse the game..Version: 1.2.82

Work in ProgressI’ve been participating in this game for a couple of weeks now. I’ve previously been playing Game of War but tired of the gameplay after it became abundantly clear that the richer you were in the real world, the easier the game was to win. So I had to abandon my city because I couldn’t keep up with the factions from Dubai or Saudi Arabia. My fear is, that this game will go the same way. I know it’s a business, but surely it’s better to keep a steady income instead of sporadic, unpredictable donations? The gameplay is fine. Build, strengthen, gather, attack. Etc etc. But I do find it can be overly complicated. With gold, oil, food, minerals, coins and various other items to collect, with no obvious aim. Unless to go digging. Even then, once you’ve found where you can spend the various bounty’s, come back the next day and find you’ve completely forgot where it was you could spend them. It was three levels into a directory. This side could be clearer. It would make it infinitely better to play. I love the game within a game element. The one where you fortify a FOB from marauding zombie attack by defending your base. This could be exploited mor by offering more bonuses in the general game. Collecting coins or gold for instance. On the whole, I’d have to say I’m enjoying playing but how long before our rich Arab friends take over? Commander: Winniepoo1971 Nation Number: 237.Version: 1.2.10

Biased gameThis game plants developers and publishers into each server in order to force people to compete and spend money. It’s a big money scam..Version: 1.2.23

Don’t get the game!!!New update is full of bugs for such a small update ruined the game. loads very slow 3D models glitch out everyone in my alliance are having issues as well for such a small update you would thinking issues like this shouldn’t happen and should be fixed by now...Version: 1.2.42

Games good, customer care horrendousThe games good, if your prepared to spend money, otherwise it’s hard to compete. Customer care is ridiculous, when the game glitches and it’s happening more frequently, and a players is out of pocket, you can only talk to Bots. They don’t try and make amends for the game glitching, but quick enough to take your money. Better spend your money elsewhere, as it’s all about the dollars you spend here.Version: 1.1.83

PacksThe game is well constructed although I’d suggest it needs some work especially with officers and their boosts, so far thei boost pretty much doesn’t matter at all, all what matters is the number of the troops you have, I’d say the game should put more attention towards research and officers as they’re permanent. With troops you lose you rebuild and so on. So it will be nice to have some actual progress been done by the research so rather than researching something for 1 day long and 1M resources and getting 0.5% i think the boost should be bumped at around 5% so players have something permanent to work on. The other thing would be packs, they’re ridiculously expensive for the items they give you. You spend 5$ and all you get is a few hours approximately 10 hours of speed up which is obviously not worth it, i agree that the game shouldn’t make it play to win, but items such as teleports, shields, troop speed ups, attack and rally increases should either be cheaper, or the game should rade the amounts of gold they give out, and shouldn’t have gold so scarce, as i think being able to teleport around or making blitz attacks will make the game way more interesting, that works for shields too, players that do not wish to participate in attacks can chose to keep up a shield. Thats the only problem i have with this game, the packs aren’t worth the price,gold and other items are wayy too expensive and scarce for the purpose they play..Version: 1.1.27

Same problem as all of these “city” gamesGood idea, bad execution. First off, the game force closes every time I tried to switch between my city and the map, or vice versa - really annoying. But the big problem is that it falls into the same trap as all of these city building type games - at some point all of those morons who do nothing but play this game will repeatedly attack your city and kill your progress (and all of your enjoyment). It boggles my mind why you can’t choose an independent option for these games. Let me fight zombies and build my city. I don’t care about other players; I don’t want to join an alliance and I don’t want to invade/be invaded. For the love of god just let me play! Thought I could stave off the nonsense by just not joining an alliance, but you can’t continue on the zombie fighting without it and you still get invaded. Yet another deleted app added to the long list. Seriously, will someone start designing some interesting games that (A) aren’t dependent on other players and (B) don’t require an Internet connection? Once you get beyond puzzle games, there is nothing enjoyable like that. How can that be?.Version: 1.1.55

Game developers need to get busyLimited chance to set goals apart from upgrading your city, the levels of zombies are too low so is no longer exciting, can achieve maximum waves in the ruins rally with 2 people where it used to need 10 so more levels are required, worms and dinosaurs levels are to low also so again once you are a moderately strong city the challenge becomes boring, 70% of the cities can kill the highest zombie without trying, higher levels across the board required to increase the challenge and entertainment of this game!.Version: 1.2.22

Fake reviewsThis game bribes players to give a five star review in exchange for rewards. It’s an average pay to win game. Non paying players are easy targets. Customer service is virtually non existent..Version: 1.2.36

Not worth your timeI have played AoZ for 2 years now. In the beginning, it was an incredibly fun and addicting game. But overtime, it becomes quite the opposite. Rewards, updates, and new events are the main problem in this game. Rewards: To build a strong city and army in this game, rewards and bonuses are paramount. But the developers in this game continue to cut them, sometimes removing them completely. Because of this, it takes an insane amount of time and effort to grow. It takes real money investments very important to become even slightly competitive. Updates: the developers of this game continue to update graphics of non active game related troops and officers. Why? It does nothing for the game. Events: The new events they added might be fun, but their server can’t support them. You’ll find your game freeze for several minutes at a time. Any effort and time you spend to organize your world for one of these mass events will simply become a waste. AoZ makers need to start investing back into the game, for the player. Not just strictly for profit. It’s literally all they care about. “How can we make more money? O yeah, let’s cut rewards and invest in crappy events that make people spend more money. We will add some useless graphics on the side to Kee everyone happy”! What a joke. I’m sick of the game but 2 years invested in it. Praying they fix themselves. Waiting..Version: 1.2.42

Nothing like the graphics advertisedDownloaded and played for a couple of hours ... the graphics of it being a tower defence type game is false and misleading.. it’s just a build farms and build oil rigs and train troops game... battles are boring and automated and you can’t chose anything to do but watch the outcome. Also seemed overly complicated with way too many choices and very confusing ... couldn’t do a battle in the global world cause I wasn’t a “VIP” .. I think they are trying to force people to spend real money to get any other than basic building functionality out of the game. Worst game I have played in a long time..Version: 1.1.22

Nothing like picturesThe actual game play is nothing like the pictures they show or the videos in any of the ads. The rampant racism that goes on in nation chat is disgusting, report it all you want they don’t do anything about it as that’s the person that spends a fortune on the game and has over 30 cities. Game should be removed from the store..Version: 1.2.50

Current updateJust updated the game and now it keeps crashing. Please fix this problem. But the game is great, i am enjoying the game..Version: 1.1.92

Online bullying is unavoidableThis game gives an easy forum for major online bullying. The nation chat option is misleading ansas much as it does its job in allowing you to all send out messaging in a public forum ( for every player from you’re nation ) it also is a place I have seen people be abused and hacked. You have to be online more than several times a day to keep you’re spot in an alliance to which a lot of people become addictive to the control and authority- I’m sure some people live they’re lives through this game. I enjoy it for a few months , then found myself being constantly pressured by other players online to log on and participate. I still know of players who play the game and daren’t leave - an odd one. Very deceptive . To progress you need money. Unless you have no life and play the game 22 hours a day..Version: 1.2.53

Don’t download!Do not download this game unless you want to loose your money, like any other pay to win game you have to spend some money to get stronger, not only this game makes it hard for your to lvl up but it doesn’t feel rewarding at all, after you put a lot of effort and your personal time you do not feel that satisfaction that you have accomplished something in the game, after all a game is a game right? You’re supposed to have fun, well not with this game. So with all this being said this is the most horrendous part of the game, there is no rules in this game you’re like a lvl 40 alliance and a number one alliance attacks you and takes all your resources the one you tried so hard to get, the one you paid for with real money, they just attack you until they juice you out, kills all your troops for fun, you might have no more for them to take, but they just keep attacking you until there’s nothing left, resources, troops, city health etc. so if you had read this far i suggest you download other game like State Of Survival, waaay more rewarding and entertaining..Version: 1.2.34

False advertisingThe game is not played from the perspective of the advertisement. It looks so much better than it actually is with the adverts showing the rush to the desert island and in addition the advertisement of the zombies chasing the lorry along the mountain pass. These ads are not actual gameplay footage and the people constructing these ads should disclose that these clips are not gameplay footage like many other games do. When you see that this game has been downloaded a lot, how many of these downloads are still being played or have been deleted after realising they were “sold a lemon” ? The only part of the advertising that is as the game is played on the screen is the image of the game on the device right at the end. If there are any people reading this that have a legal background, maybe you can look into if there is a case for you to argue on the false advertising and lack of disclosure based on footage not being disclosed as “not actual gameplay footage” which is boosting the false statistics on this games credible downloads. As an example, I would be annoyed if I was sold a guitar advertised as being in great condition and then being delivered one that had been broken in half, yes they have sold me a guitar but it is not advertised and the advert would have been misleading.Version: 1.1.97

TrashTrash.Version: 1.2.43

Poor experienceEvery single time when play this game, it closes automatically. Anyone has same issue? Today it can’t load. ???.Version: 1.2.52

骗子游戏公司充值会乱算账,胡乱扣钱,账单混乱混水摸鱼多扣你的钱,千万别玩!.Version: 1.2.47

Good game but money grabbingIt’s a good game, however I bought in game currency to create my own clan/alliance. I had my clan open, it filled up to max amount. I made other players into officers and higher ranks that contributed to the clan/alliance. So that I’m the event I was away from the game the clan could still operate until my return. I went away for 3-4 days. On my return found the game had demoted me to just a clan member. I have lost leadership. It turns out that because I was away for 72hours that’s what the game does. Asked this to be reversed or for the company to return my in game purchases. To which the responded they will do neither. That’s like purchasing a character in a game and not using the game for 72 hours to have the character revoked. No other game does this. Because of this I would now suggest avoid the game or avoid buying and making your own clan. I suggested that they should remove that 72 hr rule as it is not made clear and that they should also re assign my leadership of something I bought. But they won’t. Creates the question of what else they will remove from you that you purchase in game. Hence why it’s money grabbing. Avoid game or avoid purchases at least!!!.Version: 1.1.94

Why should I report an issue with Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense.

Is Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense not working?

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