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5 stars!Woah! This game is so fun! I am so Addicted to this game! It’s so fun!!! At first I didn’t know you could hold it down so I just tapped and got annoyed with it. Then, a few minutes later found out you can hold it down and roll the little thing around! Now It’s all I play! I’ll hurry up to do my school work just to go to my phone and play it! I’m trying to buy a new phone soon because this is my moms old phone, and this app will be the first I download on it! I’m so excited to level up, and keep collecting new cannons and backgrounds! It’s so fun! If your reading this before downloading the game, GET IT!! but you should know that at first it goes slow, then it is so fun and addictive! It’s Saturday, so I can play all day tomorrow!! I can’t wait to go to bed and wake up and play it! I hope you guys have fun with this game! It’s 1am so I have to go to bed but I hope you found my review helpful! Bye thanks for listening!😊.Version: 1.50

To everyone who is saying too much ads.Not to be rude or anything just turn the wifi of just for u and when your done turn it back on so turn off wifi on your iPad or iPhone and you will get no ads simple so don’t rate this bad..Version: 1.11

5 STAR!!You don’t need WiFi to use this game so when you go out on long journeys you can play all the time I find this game absolutely AMAZING I love it,, the only thing I would say is that there is a lot of adverts but they always let you click out so it really good I would SOOOO recommend like get it!!.Version: 1.4

:/I love this app, it might even be my favourite game but the new update is so frustrating. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to stop playing but the new power ups are just so annoying and get in the way, first world problem I know but I miss the game before the power ups :/ is there a way they can change the game so having power ups is optional? Just a suggestion....Version: 1.9

GangGang gang GANGstr gang gang gang.Version: 1.56

Turn off wifiJust turn off wifi while playing. No ads.Version: 1.10

SUGGESTIONS!!!Please add a feature where you can upgrade your power ups Such as: Ghost lasts longer You do more damage while freeze is active Extra Cannon has more power You earn more cash from the $ Split shot has more directions Also please make the money upgrade more effective it costs up to 500k to upgrade my abilities and the money I get during the game is no where near enough to make any progress. I have to live on the cash power up you rarely get which still only gives you 15k..Version: 1.13

Please NO ADDS!❤️but I love this game if...there was read the front :)Please no adds I love this game but I can’t handle the same adds constantly I will still play this but with no wifi so I get 0 adds I love the game and it’s very fun though 4 stars :) 🌟.Version: 1.18

Great game, but needs a few bugs fixedReally like the design and playability of this game. Reminds me of one I played on the computer when I was younger! Would definitely recommend. However I’ve had the same problem a couple times now. After exciting the game and trying to reopen it. The black screen that follows the game developer logos won’t go away and you’ll just be stuck on it. I’ve tried minimising the app and restarting my phone but neither have worked. Great game, but at the moment I can’t play it :/.Version: 1.86

I’ve been playing this game from the very startHi, I’ve been playing this game from the very first upload from this AppleStore. It’s was really lovely to see how you guys bring the sound effects in, special Item ball and lots of other updates and developments so the users can enjoy more. However, these days I’m noticing some bug issues, which is,,, when we get a bonus coins and free update with “fire speed” and extra, for watching ads, after ads plays and watched it till the end, i ends up with no bonus coins or free update with extra abilities. It was working all good till these days but somehow it randomly started having these bugs. Would you guys be able to fix it?.Version: 1.23

A really good gameIt’s a really fun game that I look foreword to playing every time I get iPad time. But I have some issues. 1. There are wayyyy to many ads, and even if you only finish ten percent of the game you still get an ad. This is my main reason why that game has only four stars. Some of them, I have seen way more times than others, and I wish that I can just say, I am not going to buy this! Like, homer. I am ten years old and obviously know how to read. I am not going to get it, ok? Others ore not even for people my age, like a drug for seniors. Who do they think I am? 2. The balls fall toward you. That is a really big variable that makes the game a lot harder. 3. I don’t like how the cannon does not make a difference to your fire, it’s just for looks. This is really lame when one cannon costs 50 gems more than another, and it’s just for show. FIX SOON!!!!.Version: 1.27

Ads!Look at the reviews all ads ads ads ads just plz less ads at least lower the price of the no ads please..Version: 1.5

Good but a few problemsOk so I have been playing this game a while now I got it during quarantine and I enjoyed it but now for some reason the daily chest won’t open I left the game for 4 days it only went down one hour. Other than that it’s a good game just ads so turn off your WiFi easy fix hope you put this into concideration..Version: 1.46

Don’t bother.So many ads. SO MANY ADS. And if you pay for them to go away, they’re still there. 10/10 don’t waste your time..Version: 1.80

RespectLook I don’t care much for games but there’s nothing more annoying than an ad that try’s to give you a demo then goes “ DOWNLOAD TO CONTINUE BAHAHA” when you click it and you’re ad did that once but then it was a true demo like I give y’all some respect even let us retry when we fail like that is hardcore respect for you guys.Version: 1.80

Nearly perfectI really enjoy the game, and though the ads are a little much you can actually skip after 5 seconds, but I usually just play in airplane mode. I would love to see an in-game leaderboard, and the occasional glitches/lags to disappear..Version: 1.5

SuggestionThis game is fun though I usually have to turn of wifi whenever I play it because of the ads. Anyway here’s an idea. More expensive cannons should be stronger and you should be able to use gems to buy power-up upgrades. Gems become completely useless once you have all the cars so this would be a nice solution..Version: 1.48

Fun gameThe game itself is simple to understand and very entertaining when you want to pass a few minutes. The only issues I have with the game are the power-ups, half of which are just useless, and one of them (split shot) is actually more of a disadvantage than anything in later rounds. Completing a round awards the user a cannon (max of 3), which shoots uncontrollably as you play. The cannon can be great, but can also be terrible. There’s no method to which ball the cannon(s) choose to attack, and can result in creating 8+ smaller red balls on the screen at once, which is extremely difficult to navigate. It would be nice if the developers would let you customize the cannon, by way of points or whatever, to attack a specific type of ball (I.e. the smallest size ball on the screen, the lowest strength ball on the screen, etc.) rather than just randomly blowing stuff up and causing trouble. Otherwise, highly recommend for a way to waste time here and there..Version: 1.46

ReviewIt’s fun and addictive however I think there are just too many adds it throws an add on you every time you fail and your cannon gets destroyed. Now I know you can pay to get rid of ads but that is five dollars and I know for a fact no one is paying five dollars to get rid of ads.Version: 1.17

Coins issueI like this game it’s very addictive, but with my addiction comes my frustration because (I’m at level 232) so I have progressed a lot. Sometimes the entropy of the game makes it too hard and I’ll end up having to watch an advert to skip the level. Like it’ll be impossible to succeed for anyone, not just difficult for me Also I feel like the coins reward system is not proportional for someone of my level. Feels like I have to play for days in order to earn the money to upgrade fire speed or fire power by 1 because I’m at the point now where it costs almost 1 million coins to improve the cannon my fire power is currently 1590% and the game makes me wait for ages before I can earn the coins to improve it further. Earning that many coins takes ages. And it’s usually on a level I can’t progress on because it’s too difficult but I can’t upgrade because I don’t have the coins (no option to purchase or watch an advert for the coins) I think the game needs to have a review of the coin reward system so that it doesn’t become unreasonably difficult to progress when getting to a higher level. (If there was an option to purchase coins - I would. Little income idea for you there) A feedback response or explanation on my review would be really interesting.Version: 1.23

Really addictiveThe problem with most mobile games is their too easy and get boring so quickly but this is actually really hard and challenging which makes the game really fun and challenging.Version: 1.59

Good but adsThis is a great game I have lots of bullets I have like ten of them and is so addictive my little sister who is one keeps trying to distract me and keeps touching the screen and I’m like STOP PENNY but she keeps on doing it ADS ADS ADS we all have a game that loves ads and shows them after every round if you have this game then you definitely have a game with ads all the time this game has too many ads! And is covered by ads every time I start a new round an ad comes up and I am like NOOOOO stop giving me ads so yeah just be aware of all of the ads Your sincerely DAISY.Version: 1.10

In App Purchase - Remove AddsWe purchased your in app to remove adds while playing your game. This app does not work as there are still adds appearing..Version: 1.17

Not a hate comment but annoyingThis game is so annoying could you remove ads and make it NO ADS PLEASE I would pay for no ads I’m so annoyed 😡💥🔥⚡️☄️could you also make a secret diamond cannon? If I could if I could I would rate this no stars it’s so annoying actually it probably is a hate comment but I’m fine with that get rid of the ads now ! 😡.Version: 1.4

You can cheat?!!!Hold on to the setting wrench thing for 20 seconds and u can add money and diamonds and disable adds?! If u think it’s fake try it for ur self it works yes joke!!!!.Version: 1.31

I don’t normally review apps but..This game is simply brilliant. I even bought the removal of adds for £2 simply because I play it enough! Great pick up and put down game maybe if you’re bored in a lecture or just have 2 mins on the toilet.. Only down side is there’s no sound in the game. Most of the time I wouldn’t want sound anyway but hey, lots of fun :).Version: 1.10

DecentDecent.Version: 1.87

5 Star game without a doubt.I have never once spent money on a game to remove ads but for this game I did. I had read so many reviews and I decided to give the game a shot and told myself if I played it for a few weeks I’d remove the adds for 2.99. Best decision I’ve mad, very simple, binge worthy, smooth game play, and the subtle humor I notice if cute and fun. I have no problem giving a 5 star review however if the developers notice this review I would like for them not to give up on the player and create more to the game. More cannons to unlock, more background to unlock, and explain what each upgrade does. Yes it’s fairly obvious but a little direction makes you(the developer) seem more interested in collecting our money. Perhaps a new game mode, give your customers more goals so we are always blasting forwards something!! :D Thankyou for a great game.Version: 1.8

Good but SO MANY ADSThe game is addicting but the amount of ads is absurd!! Whenever I fail, even if I die immediately, watch an ad (not to mention the ads are very inappropriate for a game rated 12+ and yes, they are that inappropriate) I try to play on airplane mode but you need wifi to play and the amount of ads, as I mentioned previously is absolutely ridiculous.Version: 1.87

Such an fun game but...This game is so fun i love it so much and it’s so satisfying. It’s very addictive and it’s definitely a good thing to play when your bored. Although... it is fun and everything but I haven’t seen any app with so many ads, there are literally adverts after every round and I’m always by mistake pressing them and everything and it can be really annoying sometimes Other than that though it’s so much fun.Version: 1.6

IDEAS IDEAS PLEASE READOh how this game kept me entertained on countless lights hours of long road trip vacations and nights when I’m just up I don’t know what I would do without this game it is very useful to entertain yourself to pass time it’s so fun you always eager to try to beat your own high score I so adore his game thank you guys for creating this game I do have one or maybe a few requests as new power ups PLEASE THINK ON THIS (I ENJOY UPGRADING MY POWERS EVEN WILLING TO SOEND MORE 🤐 LIGHTNING BULLETS = The bullets will cause a static shock in mid air causing the ball to slow down as well as extra damage Lighting blast (Power up) same as what I explained before but it takes affect in all the balls in mid air or main location for 15secs damage would be X2 and we can upgrade the upgrades lol Shield 🛡 Same affect as ghost but if the ball drops on you it takes damage causing the ball weaken 5 hits total 15 secs lasting Flaming bullets 🔥 Once ball is hit with this affect it would immediately catch fire but unlike the lightning bullets Every ball that it passes and touches catches fire and counts down rapidly for 5 secs each bullet adds 2secs these power up should last for 20 secs Robotic cannon (power up) 20secs or more last or buy for 9.99 robotic cannon would do its own thing attacking the balls dodging them trying now to get touched if it does it gets weakened 3 hits total and it put out damage When it blows up it does take damage around other balls.Version: 1.16

Needs more but it’s goodNeeds music but otherwise great game, super fun and addicting. Can’t wait for more games like this but plz add some music or sound effects so it’s not dead silent.Version: 1.8

So addictive!I love playing ball blast and have managed to play so much that i’m on level 232. The game is totally addictive and I have found it great as a pass time. My only imperfection with the game is the coin rewards system. The offline earnings seems to cap at 7k regardless of how long I leave, which is an insignificant amount considering are costing 600k. As a result of this, I have totally given up on upgrading my offline earnings as it doesn’t seem worth while. But despite any small imperfections, I would highly recommend this app as it’s been my favourite game on my phone for a few weeks now :D.Version: 1.42

AWESOME!(some ideas to update the game)I LOVE THIS GAME!!! the fact that you start really low compared to the adverts makes it challenging. I like the game style and when I got my brother into the game, he started to upgrade his stats and in between a day, his stats were higher than mine! I’m currently higher than him now. Anyways, I love the background music, but I thought it would be a cool idea to have different music styles for the same music. I also found out that there are certain cannons for certain levels. I play on the moon level ALOT, I think the music fits it perfectly (if you are going to the different music idea). If this was a rating out of 10 stars, I’d give it TEN. But it’s five so I’ve given it five ✨✨✨✨✨.Version: 1.12

My favouriteThis game is my favourite, it’s very addictive and is very easy to play once you get the hang of it. When u complete the levels u automatically go on the new one and the levels get harder and harder but it’s easier if you buy the boosts ( with the coins you earn) strongly recommend this game however there is a few glitches and a lot of adverts but I turn my WiFi to play it 🤘🏼.Version: 1.4

LevelsI’m addicted to this game. Love playing it and the levels seem to get more difficult. Couple things I would like to see are some challenges. Challenges that can be played and win prizes. Would also like to actually have a list of all the levels so that, if I want to, I can go back to a previous level and try to get a better score. That’s if scoring was actually a thing. Would also like to see that when I get hit, I have the option to use a heart, or watch a video to continue. If I watch the video and I get hit again, I should still be allowed to use a heart to continue again. Great game, just needs a few added things to it. Would also like to add that I have diamonds saved up, but I have nothing to use them on. I have all of the cannons except those that I have to buy (which I’m not). There is nothing different with each of the cannons other than their appearance. There are no power ups such as using the diamonds or money to buy an extra cannon to start with at the beginning of the level. Or buying a one game increase to power or speed. As of 9 December 2019, when I get hit and watch a video to continue, it ends the game right after the video is done. 28 July 2020- Still have a bunch of diamonds saved up and keep getting them in the daily prize box, but I have nothing I can spend them on. Is there any plan on making something available that I can buy with diamonds?.Version: 1.41

Best game everBeen playing for a few years—fantastic game!.Version: 1.89

Just some ideas.I would play this game every day! The game is really good, I thought you could just make some changes. These are my ideas for the game. You can get to a point in the game were the upgrades get really expensive and the level is to hard. Maybe make the upgrades a little cheaper, or make the level shorter, or a little easier. The boss fights should be harder, because I think the boss fights are the easiest levels in the game. Also, make more boss fights and make them appear more often, and make them have more health. You should make multiplayer mode so I can play with my cousin. A lot of the cannon skins are really expensive and they’re just skins. Make the cannon skins act different like one could shoot homing shots but does less damage. I don’t like that when I upgrade my cannon’s bullets per second or damage the level gets harder. make all of the levels in there own way. I know this is a lot to ask for, but it would be really fun if you updated this game with some of my ideas and some of your ideas..Version: 1.21

AwesomeAddicted to this game! One thing I wish was better- I feel like the hit box of the cannon is slightly too big. Sometimes I die when the ball is clearly not touching the cannon, so frustrating! Hopefully since I paid for ad removal this can be improved ;).Version: 1.1

I LOVE this game!!It is one of the best games I have ever downloaded and played It is so fun and strangely addicting but also quite challenging I highly recommend this game to anyone looking to kill a bit of time The power ups and boss battles are a fun little inclusion which makes it a bit more entertaining The only thing I would change is make more achievements and canons since I have completed them all but seriously I love this game 10/10.Version: 1.9

Simple But FunBall blast is a really fun game, there’s not much to it but it is really fun to play. You have this cannon that you move around, and you have to destroy all of the balls without one of them falling on your cannon. You have to make sure you dodge everything, while also shooting it to destroy it. As you level up you get coins and you can upgrade your cannon. What makes this game so addicting is that it gets more fun as it goes. At first your cannon shoots really slow, but as you level it up everything gets much more faster paced and it gets really fun. There are also power ups that you can get that help you, and every five levels there is a boss that you have to destroy. This is a good game to just play when you have some spare time because it isn't a long game that you need a bunch of time to be able to play..Version: 1.55

HiHi.Version: 1.6

Very fun!This game is very fun and addicting, I like to upgrade my cannon, go into a game, and then fire at the oncoming bouncy balls, I also enjoy that the balls bounce so it’s harder to hit, and a result of a fun game..Version: 1.88

Game sound and less adsI know that ads have worked their way into everything but if there was a way to minimise ads slightly that’d be great Also, i love playing his game but I hate playing it with no background sound so adding some sound to the game would be great, like a background track, shooting sounds and popping sounds.Version: 1.4

EXTREMELY ADDICTING!!! Won’t disappointThis game is super addicting, as well as other Voodoo games like Dune and Helix Jump. This game is one of my all time favs, and there is nothing bad about it. It’s fun and challenging, but not too challenging. Me and my friends are always racing each other to see how many levels we can beat. I’m in lead right now, but only with 52 levels. However, I plan on playing this game throughout the rest of spring break at the time of writing this review. I also have this on my iPad where I’m also level 50, but last time I played it there were no mystery balls, or sound effects. Even back then I remember saying this may be the most addicting game I’ve played. Now there are power ups and sound effects (which I knew would come eventually), and the game is even better. PLEASE KEEP UPDATING THIS GAME IT IS AMAZING. Suggestions include *bomb launcher power up, double speed, fire bullets, time warp (slows down balls), or other things like maps*.Version: 1.12

THE BEST GAME ON MY IPAD!This game is great! Wait no, AMAZING! It’s free to play, and you might think, “isn’t there gonna be a lot of adds?” NO! There is very little ads, so like you get 1 add after like 5 levels, so times less, but I get it. It’s a free game! After completing levels you can upgrade your cannon so your more powerful, and you can defeat bigger balls, and after every five levels you have to defeat a boss! How much better can it get? Well, you can also unlock new maps to play with from completing achievements, and after play some time you get gem from a chest! Also you can get a chest from defeating bosses and your like “what do you do with gems?” Well, with gets you can decorate you cannon with different skins! The skins and kinda expensive, but I don’t complain. I am ADDICTED TO PLAYING THIS GAME. And you might be thinking “how addictive?” Well, addictive enough I downloaded the game on every electronic in my house. LITERALLY. I really love this game on how it’s free to play, and it’s really fun. I hope you download it too! Bye! Have a balltastic day..Version: 1.89

Really fun!This game is really fun to play, there is power ups you get bonus coins if you pick them up when your playing. I give this a 5 star because it is super fun to play and even if after a while it doesn’t power you up I don’t care because it’s fun. It’s challenging and you have to definitely multi task but that’s the game. You can get a really big amount of coins and it’s so hard to put it down. If I fail I don’t get mad I just watch an ad and do it again the ads are how people make money. Anyways I do recommend this game because I play it every day it’s so addicting yeah so fun and they don’t make you buy stuff except for the fee to stop the ads. I always get tricked into getting the silly games but this one was worth it. Download Ball Blast today trust me you won’t regret it!! 😄.Version: 1.48

A little problem with 1.8 update.I dont have Any complain about game... is so fun and interesting.... but I have one little problem with update 1.8... i am level 102 and the new 3 skins are completed but I can’t get them... I am sure then I am not the only one with this problem...:.Version: 1.8

To all the stupid reviews about the adsGo to general - find ball blast - turn off cellular data Then play the game with your carrier internet not WiFi, there won’t be any ads(they require internet to pop up). I seriously doubt the intelligence of all those people complain about the ads, kinda sad..Version: 1.16

So fun but needs improvementIMPORTANT NOTICE TO VOODOO!!! MAKE A VOODOO ACCOUNT CREATOR SO GAME PROGRESS SAVES THROUGH NEW DEVICES AND IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS TO A DEVICE!!!I absolutely love this game. It’s so addicting and I play it non-stop. I think they should add more skins and maps and more power ups. The extra canon should be the same canon as the one you have and be limited time rather than some small weak one that lacks speed and gets destroyed rather easier. I love ghost mode however that one should stay. Same with freeze mode that one is spot on. One of the challenges for a map is insanely hard to get as you need to destroy 100,000 balls and I’ve had it for a month and only have 90,000 still. As well as the extra canon, the split shot boost isn’t that good and needs improvement if not removal. The coin upgrade is good however and is very beneficial. One last thing is that the farther you get the harder and longer the levels get which can take a longer to time to progress through the game as the cost for upgrades is so much, there should be more value in coins or an upgrade option of the value of the coins so that you are able to upgrade more efficiently and progress farther into the game..Version: 1.9.1

BugggggggObviously this app makes u watch a lot of ads against ur willing but if it offers me a free upgrade if I watch an add or if I get 30-60k I’m obviously watching those ads by choice. What annoys me tho is if I click on a free upgrade and wanna watch an ad but then all the sutton no ad is popping up and just when I was about to finish my Modul or level the ad pops up and totally destroys my run and the worst thing about this is even tho the app gave me the upgrade they still subtracted the coins of my account and I now have -105 k which is totally absurd since it told me if I watch this stupid ad I would not be charged. So now I’m expecting the creators of this game to give me the coins I lost back. Overall the game is fun but this is just making me absolutely mad. Also I will take this comment down if my account gets fixed obviously I wouldn’t mind getting some extra coins 😚🤫.Version: 1.10

So much fun!I absolutely love this game. so addicting. i have never spent a dime on this game either, which says a lot considering how many ads there are. you can turn off your data playing it and the ads won’t come up BUT you can’t watch a video to continue the level, but to me it’s worth it i do have some suggestions though! freeze mode - lasts longer and when you pause the game you should be able to go back into freeze mode rather than have it run out extra cannon - they need to remove the cannon itself, and just add the firepower. the extra cannon moves slower than the main cannon and gets destroyed easier split shot - it needs improvement or needs to be removed. improvements like, having the shots it makes me broadened. extra coins - love it. should come more often! ghost - DO NOT ALLOW GHOST MODE AND FREEZE MODE COME AT THE SAME TIME!!! it is a waste of both power ups!!! at the end of ghost, sure a freeze is helpful, but right as i get it? then, it’s wasted. it’s actually an extremely helpful power up besides that small problem!! have an option to buy power ups for the games make the higher levels longer than the lower levels i love the game as it is, but these improvements would make it so much better!!!.Version: 1.13

I LOVEI love ball blast because it is amazing and some lots the times it is hard but it is still a five star rating because I just bought it before and the game was amazing and I’ve bought it before so I didn’t have to ask my dad.Version: 1.23

Additions and updatesI’ve been playing this game for a long time. It would be great to see some more development in the leveling and upgrading department. I still enjoy the grind 🙂.Version: 1.31

Addictive and fun, but...Love the gameplay and the concept. It’s lots of fun and easy to play and get better. However... this game has the most frustrating ad experiences, which may be intentional, in an effort to drive me to madness and eventually get my money...: - ads are served at the bottom, which isn’t very logical because they’re blocked by the user’s hand - but more importantly, they reduce the only part of the screen used for the game. I’d prefer they be moved to the top. - another result of this placement is that these ads are clickable and actually get in the way of gameplay because the cannon doesn’t move if the ad is touched - they load very slowly, so the first seconds of a new game always have a lag which is annoying - some of the ads don’t respect the phone’s mute switch and start blaring their music regardless. Super frustrating when trying to play a game while my kid sleeps, etc..Version: 1.5

I will say this game is awesome!!I love this game so much and I have been playing this for a LONG time. The only problem is there are SO many ads. This stops my gameplay and irritates me sometimes. Plz do something about this because I am not a money spender. Get this game!.Version: 1.44

Favourite gameOne of my favourites, and love that there aren’t in app purchases for coins etc. and only to remove ads. And ill happily pay that ammount for this game. The new update adds even more fun and has kept this game very interesting to me. Please keep adding more features!!!.Version: 1.9

First time playing gameYour game is so good they make for me want to blast all the balls in your game Your game also wants me to make you laugh because it is good 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😁😂😀😍😇😝 and I am from double United states of America🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 it is so good that it wants me to cheer up and be rich and let nobody have any money And a miracle in Mexico and Japan in Chinese amazing are my favorite are my favorite languages because I could speak whatever I want whatever I want because it is the best day today and I could speak I can speak I can speak I can speak I can speak I can speak I can speak I can speak I could speak to it it is that that the did the did the did the did the did the did the did the did the did the dead dead dead dead dead and my brother is always mean to me and my parents.Version: 1.13

Great gameGood.Version: 1.88

Good BUT….I would really like it if you could add a reset button, so that if you get bored of the high numbers then you could make start again from the beginning….. Currently, I’m deleting the game to download it again, just to restart from scratch 🤪.Version: 1.63

Crashing and age inappropriate ads!Game play is simple enough for a child to play yet advertisements are for gay dating sites and fantasy sex games with simulated sex scene and animated half naked women. It’s one thing if they were shown at 3am, not during the day when my kids are playing!! After watching the same game ads for the 8,000 time app crashes so I don’t receive either the coin reward of the extra life. FUNNY HOW IT DOES CRASH BEFORE THE LANDSCAPING GAME FINISHES?!?? Ps- all you should do a study on how people who see the same stupid add of someone making the obvious wrg decision in a game for the millionth time doesn’t incentivize them to play the game; it actually has the opposite effect in that you will never download that game because the ad insults our intelligence to think it takes 3 days to figure out how the four puzzle pieces fit together..Version: 1.25

Love it/ fix the glitchTo the developers. I first want to say I’ve been playing this game now probably for over a year or maybe even two are longer I love it. However I am needing somebody to go in and adjust when you purchase the hearts with the jewels, it says that when you are purchasing the jewels it cost you 50 Jules when in actuality it’s taking 500 J per purchase. Now of course I love it if it’s taking 50 jewels, so I’m not suggesting that you change the parameters with that however I am asking that you change the parameters of it taking 500 jewels per purchase. So just to review I love the game it is addictive as was posted by someone a year ago. Can you fix this to stay at 50 jewels if possible. To all others that read this, have fun it is truly addictive..Version: 1.50

Ads!Theres nothing you can do to get rid of the ads. Thats the only thing I absolutely hate. Say what you want but i’m not one of those people who spends money on mobile games. After you try the level and maybe fail, it offers you bonus gold, I thought that it was the only option. So i clicked it and it took me to an ad, I was like ok, its “bonus” gold so i didn't really care. The next time i failed at a level, I waited for the continue button to appear, sure enough, it did. I tapped it and it still gave me an ad. That was fine. What wasn't fine was that it gave me an ad every time after a try even though I tapped continue and not bonus gold. If you click on “Bonus Gold” thinking: “Its going to give me an ad either way so why not claim the gold.” It gives you two ads. My only problem is the ads. This game is brilliant, I love everything about it (except the ads obv). So please, at don’t give an ad after every try. Maybe try doing it after 4 or 5 tries. It will make the game that much more enjoyable. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.59

AdvertsVery good game i like this a lot and am always playing it, however, recently i have found that i need connection to play the game meaning i have to sit through meaningless adverts in between playing. Apart from this the game is excellent and i have very good fun playing it..Version: 1.89

LOVE this game!I have played so many games that are in this genre of gaming, the quick, one point of play, time killer games. Some have been alright, but I’ve never enjoyed a game like this as much as I’ve enjoyed this one. This one is so addicting once you get the hang of it! I’m playing it whenever I get a free moment. I even paid to get rid of the ads, and I NEVER do that! It would be five stars, but I do have one issue, and if the developer can help me fix it somehow then I’ll change to a full five. Whenever I return to the game and the “inactive collected coins” box pops up, whenever I try to double the rewards by watching an ad it refuses to work. I press the double rewards button and it just starts up the game like it normally would. I don’t have this issue in between consistent games, if I die I can watch that add to double, and then play again. It’s only when I open the app to start the game that the double rewards button doesn’t work. Please help me, I need those coins to get further!.Version: 1.6

Great game but annoyingThe game is great don’t get me wrong, really addictive and kills a ton of time however the ads bring it down soooo much. I have came up with a solution for people who like me are getting annoyed. Play the game with the internet and mobile data off. It’s stops from playing adverts Thank me later 👌🏾.Version: 1.9

An amazing fun and addictive gameFor me this game has been a great and addictive game to play as well as amazing maps with different unique textures you get after destroying a what I’m thinking is a kind of rock type ball that rains from the sky like meteorites also having the ability to upgrade and improve your cannon type object that you move across the ground to fire and continue until you can destroy objects as big as 1000 points it becomes more addictive as valleys of projectiles shoot out your cannon defending it from the meteorites that strike from above and for me 5 star for the developers keep improving and thanks for the great game.Version: 1.4

Coins are decreasing?The game is brilliant, been playing it for a long time and ive just realized half way during a level, that my coins are decreasing instead of increasing. Also when i log on to the game the offline earnings decrease my coin amount. I was on like 490k(coins)when i got my highscore over a 1m i saw my coin amount, it was 360k. Can you please sort this bug out thank you..Version: 1.12

Awesome but too may ads . Because of ads i almost delete once 😅Very cool otherwise.Version: 1.46

Lose everything if you break or upgrade phoneI can’t give it any lower than 4 stars because it’s awesome enough to stay in 4 and up stars. It’s addictive. You do not win real money or rewards but it’s fun challenging game and I truly enjoy it. I only download and keep all apps that pays me. We gotta pay bills right? But I tried this one and.....haven’t deleted yet. Love it I’m giving 4 stars.....because first, you will lose all your points, not to mention money you paid for remove ads.....if you reset, upgrade or break your phone. The journey I’m going through caused triple Apple visit. One of them is on Apple tho. Over time I had to reset and never can restore my points with Ball Blast.....I had to go over to App Store to find contact info, because platform of the game is very limited. There’s no sign up accounts, nothing more than sound, vibration, language and volume. That’s it. Nothing else. I emailed the app developer found via App Store, asked if I can get my levels and coins back, not one peep from the developers. It’s awesome game but not good for anyone who will not keep one device for a year at least..Version: 1.19

Great game and well builtI like this game because unlike other apps this one is really hard but that makes it a lot more fun.Version: 1.27

Awesome and fun game!!!This game is so awesome and I am so addicted to it. I also got my brother obsessed with it. It is very fun and has the right amount of challenging. People have complained about all the ads, and yes, you can buy the no ads version, but personally, unless you need your service on, I think it is much much easier to just turn your phone on airplane mode while playing this game. Of course, if you don’t mind the ads, they will always come back for you. 😉 I also have a couple of suggestions for the creators that might make the game a whole lot more fun. First off, it would be fun to have a multiplayer version where you can play with or against your friends to shoot all the balls together, or see who can shoot so many first. Second, it would be nice if there could be a lot more blasters to pick from, and if they could do different things rather than just looks. Just a couple things I think could make the game more interesting. Other than those though, I love the game so much, and it is one of my favorite games I have ever gotten..Version: 1.12

Potential to be excellentA great game with simple addictive gameplay, however it is held back greatly by bugs in the coding. Adverts are very prominent and often crashes the game at important moments, eg when collecting coins after loss of life requires an advert to be watched, which is fine if the adverts wouldn't constantly crash the chase forcing a restart. Am eagerly awaiting updates to fix as this game is fun, addictive and a possible great!.Version: 1.7.1

This works!!!!If you turn off your wifi your will not have ad anymore try it out!!!!!!.Version: 1.59

A fun combo of keep it up & breakout, but ads are unavoidableIt’s had a lot of staying power for me. All the little details - how high balls of different sizes bounce, how the strength of each ball is communicated through colors and numbers, and the forgiving transitions from paused to unpaused or invulnerable to vulnerable - are executed very well. I was annoyed by the ads at first, but then I thought, heck, I can spend $3. Now I’m annoyed that, even with cash upgraded to 1500%, nothing I earn will ever come close to the $50M from a cash powerup. And those cash powerups don’t count for anything unless you watch a 30 second ad. So whether you pay for no ads or not, you’re not going to advance without watching ads. You earned my in-app purchase; now don’t be greedy on top of that..Version: 1.59

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