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Popeyes® app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Popeyes®? Can you share your negative thoughts about popeyes®?

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App Rarely WorksI love Popeyes Chicken, but I have avoided going there for a while now because the app rarely works correctly. It crashes constantly. One manager saw that the app wouldn’t let me pay and honored the app price. The last time it happened the manager was rude and said he didn’t handle IT. He then told me If I wanted to order in store then order, otherwise there was nothing that he could do. I took his hint and left and haven’t been back. I’ve contacted support and their answer was to delete the app and d/l it again. I have done that and it did work; however, why would anyone do this every time they want to use the app. It’s easier to just order from an app that works at one of the many other fast food places around. Plus, I can run into Publix and buy pretty good chicken faster and for less than dealing with the Popeyes app. Hopefully they get the app working correctly like EVERY other fast food place and people can actually use it..Version: 3.17.2

They don’t actually deliver, it’s just door dashI wouldn’t have ordered from this app if I knew that they were making my food then trying to get someone from DoorDash to deliver it. When I ordered it told me it would be an hour before my food arrived, OK, that’s fine because I’m at at least 20 minutes from the restaurant. It actually took an hour and a half & this app and door dash showed two different statuses so until the guy was almost here it was impossible to tell if he even picked my food up. I almost went to bed because at that point I am tired of waiting. I should’ve suspected it was DoorDash because the prices seemed ridiculous, I paid a delivery fee, a delivery surcharge, and a tip in the app (18% plus I had cash in hand to give for a good delivery-I didn’t because it took FOREVER) so I don’t think the extra long weight was because of me. This app is just a scam..Version: 7.4.7

Love convenience but there are some issuesThis app is super convenient as you can order online and just go in and pick up your order. However it’s counterproductive if the store is busy and I have to ask other customers if I can go in front of them to retrieve my mobile order, and then they are upset and wondering why I am getting my food before they are; and sometimes I have to cancel my order if it’s too busy because it just takes too long to fulfill the order. There needs to be more organization in store for mobile order pick up. Also, I am never able to use my points because for some reason when I go to checkout even though it shows my points being applied I am still charged for items that are supposed to be free. Defeats the whole purpose of the app if you can’t use your points..Version: 7.4.9

Not even prepared the order after two hour waitOrdered at 5pm, it says the order will be ready in 27 minutes. At 6:30 pm, the tracking still says the order will be ready in 25 minutes. And order was not even picked up by the driver yet. Tried to refresh the page, then ETA became 27 minutes again. Called the courier, not one picked. Called the store, no one answered. At 6:45 pm, refreshed again. ETA become 29 minutes. Called again, no one answered. So my boyfriend took a Uber to their store, explained the situation. And, finally, they start to prepare our order. Sometimes things take time,and we are in a difficult time, I understand. But, 1. The app interface gives people the illusion that the order is being prepared when it’s not 2. The absolute lack of response from courier and the store 3. The lack of effective I n+app customer service 4. The fact that they only start to prepare our order after we confronted them in person, after patiently waiting for almost two hours. Putting these together, it is very obvious that this company created this app to INTENTIONALLY steal money from customers who give them their trust. And I was so stupid to tip the nonexistent driver for 5 bucks, which the store doesn’t even feel the need to refund. As a remedy of my stupidity in giving them business, I will never buy any meal from Popeyes again and, with all sincerity, I wish this business fail miserably..Version: 2.9.0

Good chicken sandwich. Poorly done app.I really wanted this after work. Paying online for food and getting rewards points in like a good idea. Works well with many other restaurants. However Popeyes has failed in maintaining digital support for the app. The first issue that I had reported to them was when I had a problem with one location but could not find a way to report it on the app. They list every city in Colorado regardless of if they have a Popeyes location. However a couple cities turns out are missing so they list those all under even if they’re not in Denver. Kind of makes reporting a problem a bit difficult. But now the newest thing is they are promoting their new hot chicken sandwich, and say it’s not available at my location. However when I get there it is advertised and the staff says we have had it since the promotion started. You would think the app would be fixed to solve the simple question and allow people to purchase the item. But I have contacted them a few times and have heard nothing back and the app is unchanged. This is too bad. When I first got the app when the location nearest me was first opened I used it to report issues I had with orders and received quick and extremely fair resolutions. Now the pendulum has swung the other way..Version: 2.13.0

Worst appI ordered a spicy chicken sandwich with a side of fries and tender and they only sent me the sides and no sandwich. There was no way I could contact the store through the app, so I googled up the store and tried calling them but in vain, they didn’t pick up the phone once! I then emailed them (Popeyes, generic customer service) through the email Id on the app but again, it’s been so many days and I still haven’t heard from them. I couldn’t get my refund or my food. I called doordash because they are the ones who eventually deliver you the food when you use the Popeyes app, and they told me they’ll contact the store and let them know, but no luck. I mean, I get it that mistakes happen while packing food, but at least have a platform where a customer can contact you and these mistakes can be rectified. You can’t just make an app and then not put a number or a customer service link on it where we can talk about the orders delivered to us. It’s stupid and I was disappointed with this experience and I’m deleting the app. Guess it’s constructive criticism at my own cost. Whatever.Version: 2.1.3

Terrible customer serviceThe app it self hasn’t been an issue as much as the restaurant fulfilling the orders. I usually order family meals for my family usually between $30-$50 when we order. I have had issues with items missing or being substituted. Which wasn’t an issue when it was an occasional apple pie. However the last time I ordered over $50 worth of food and received one chicken sandwich and a drink, which was not apart of my order. I went to the store they advised to contact support which I did over 10 days ago. I received a response one hour after my initial request and have not heard anything since. I have sent three follow up emails and still no response. They did not correct my order and I was not refunded. I have called the 800 number which seems to never work. So it’s really no point in putting it out there for people to call..Version: 2.11.4

The worst!I downloaded this app to place a mobile order and the app will not let you place a mobile order without logging in. BUT when you try to login, it takes you to the screen to make you create a whole new account. That’s it! No login screen just a create an account screen. Like do the idiots that design this app even use it?!?!? I mean it doesn’t even work the way it’s intended!!! Had to abandon my order and delete the app becouse no matter what email I used, it said I already had an account and to contact customer service and when you contact customer service it takes you right back to the broken links in the app to creat an account. For christ sake this process made me so mad that I won’t eat a Popeyes for a while after this! News flash! Computers can’t handle all in app problems especially if they are not programmed properly in the 1st place!!!! You missed out on good money today and will for a while from me and I will be sure to take my complaints to my social media as well. Y’all are terrible!.Version: 7.2.7

Terrible Customer ServiceDon’t try and order on the app and get what you ordered. Waited in long drive-thru line only to be told they had run out of chicken sandwiches 20 minutes prior (we had ordered 45 minutes earlier). None of our food was ready. Then they had no lemonade. Then no apple pies. Drove away in despair to get home and realize they had not put in our 2-piece chicken meal at all. Won’t be repeating the same mistake of using this app again. Manager said “I can’t control when I run out of product...”. Well maybe don’t let people order stuff on your app. But that is not even what happened. They ran out of the chicken sandwich after our order, which means they did not get it or did ignored it when it came in. But I don’t even care about that, I care about the lack of any response to our disappointment that our food was not ready to go and forgetting huge parts of our order on top of that. Terrible customer service.Version: 2.7.0

Love Popeyes, But NOT the app.Downloaded it yesterday, order went through, got assigned a dasher, and 15mins later get a call from driver saying the Popeyes is closed. Why would they allow you to order if they are closed? Whatever , stuff happens , tried to see if they had a way to report the issue (there isn’t) fortunately dasher canceled the order, there was no way for me to do anything... despite this... I really want a spicy chicken sandwich .. they got me hooked! (They really are good!) so tried next day when I know they are open, now when I try to submit an order it just errors out , says they are aware of the problem and to “click here” if it keeps happening which just brings you to a FAQ page that is NO HELP, so way to contact about problems with orders, I hope they fix the app, and have a way for people to report problems to their developers, so developers have some idea of what needs to be addressed. And they certainly Can’t address problems that no one is able to report. I hope they fix it , but for now the app is worthless and gets low marks..Version: 2.1.3

Help on Orders is AwfulMost of my orders made to the Popeyes closest to me end up incorrect. I wonder if it seems like I’m complaining to complain, but there is literally almost always something wrong. Whether it’s missing food, something not included, comes after waiting two hours, I’m often disappointed. Popeyes is lucky I like their food and the app is cheaper than Ubereats or Doordash. The app used to be quick with at least assisting me to get my money back when my order was incorrect, but with the latest automated chat update, it is absolutely awful. Actual trash. I can’t communicate what I need to, it doesn’t take my concerns directly to a customer service agent, a text box never shows up for me to add the “additional information” it request to progress the chat forward. Technically, it’s a disaster. PLEASE get someone to correct these algorithms, I’m very disappointed and frustrated. Makes me want to stop eating Popeyes lowkey..Version: 6.6.2

Rate the App— WARNING: they Don’t refund/cancel.All Mobile food apps allow you to change the location if you ordered at the wrong location. POPEYES does not. My $30 is gone and I never got my food. I sent in a support ticket and the support tech was unhelpful. I called the corporate Popeye’s number and they couldn’t do anything. I called the small store itself and nobody picked up. Don’t advertise convenience if your app fails to do something basic as allowing one to change the location for a pickup order. The support aspect of the app was horrendous. It was not user friendly. The shape of the window was not conformed to my iPhone. I couldn’t really type my concern… I had to communicate by clicking buttons about what my issue was related to— please beware about this company’s lack of customer service in making things right. Money gone, just like that. And about the restaurants? Twice… I’ve tried to get chicken sandwiches at two different locations and twice they said they had no more chicken sandwiches. Dude, that is a hot item that is advertised, how do these restaurants not have any more of them???? Ridiculous service..Version: 6.0.14

Could be MUCH betterMy issue isn’t really with the app itself. For the most part, it’s pretty easy to use, so I generally don’t have issues adding items and ordering. However, I do wish that there was a separate option for adding sauces to orders. As far as I’m aware, the only way to get sauces is to get the tenders. Anyway, my biggest issue arises once the order has been placed. I’ve ordered at numerous Popeyes locations now, and every single time, the ETA has been EXTREMELY off. Each order takes at least an hour to get to me, and sometimes, it never shows up at all! I’m usually able to get those resolved, but it is still a major inconvenience to have to order twice and wait days for a refund. You’re better off going to pick up the order than wait for delivery. I’ve watched whole movies while waiting for my Popeyes orders to get to me. The tracking is okay but could be better. The best part is knowing that someone is actually delivering my food to me..Version: 2.10.0

Not worth usingI only wanted chicken strips, no sides. I couldn’t order it in the app, because it wasn’t an option. So I order with a side, and used the app to order ahead. I wait 5 mins before I drive to the restaurant to pick up my order. I had to wait in a very long drive thru line of cars that went into the street for 10 mins, only to get to the window to be parked and told I had to wait 5 more mins. The app says your order will be placed in the queue with current orders, but Don’t waste your time ordering ahead, you’ll only end up frustrated that you went through the effort to download and set up this app for nothing. It would make the app better if there was an option to park and check in so that an employee can bring your order to your car since the lobbies are closed. That way people don’t have to wait in a long drive thru line and only to be parked to wait again..Version: 2.8.0

Issues,issues,issues!!I eat at popeyes at least once a week. I always want to use the app when ordering but vast majority of the time, there is an issue. Many times It says my store is closed (when it's clearly open), or the menu item is "not available at my store" or it just spins and spins! This is THE most frustrating experience and the app is seriously lacking!! Yesterday I ordered on the app using reward points for pick-up at the drive thru. I get there to pick up and the guy at the window says that I didn't pay for the order and I tell them I used rewards points.....I had to park and go into the store to show them I used reward points. I spend a large percentage of my lunch hour fixing another problem with the app, which means I had to gobble down my meal and get back to work. You ONLY get rewards when you order thru the app but the hassle is not worth it! So many other fast food apps function so much better! I'm on a budget and earnings free meals for being a loyal customer helps me save money.... But THIS APP IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!.Version: 7.1.66

You maybe scammed!!! I am missing food and my money!!! Horrible / No customer serviceI placed an order using one of the trending offers on the app. I bulked up my order to meet the offer requirements. When my order arrived it was beat up and in poor condition. Looking in the bag I quickly realized that my order wasn’t complete. Only half of the items paid for was in the bag. I tried to contact the driver.. no response. I tried to contact customer service no direct number or chat... I tired to contact the actual store and had to call 6 times before someone answered. I was told Popeyes didn’t deliver my order DoorDash did; I was also told someone would be contacting me again with an update. I have yet to receive an up from the store.. I contacted DoorDash and was told because I order was placed directly from this app I cannot be reimbursed for the items I did not receive. So at this point I am still missing the other half of my order as well as my money. Save yourself the trouble and eat somewhere else! You run the risk of loosing your money and being scammed..Version: 2.5.0

Their online ordering is as bad as their in-store customer serviceI love Popeyes food, I would go there every week if it wasn’t for the atrocious customer service that is offered in the stores. I have never actually encountered a Popeyes store with friendly, competent help. That said, I know that this is about the app. The app itself seems to be designed fine, and offers great discounts and offers. But it ends there. The online ordering system is horrible. Several times I’ve gone to place orders, and was not able to process the order. On three occasions, I did online mobile ordering before going to the store. On each occasion, I was forced to wait at least as long as I would have if I had not ordered in advance. Learning from my mistakes, I timed the order a half an hour before I arrived at the store. Even so, they were just receiving my order. The last occasion was the last time I will be ordering online, after waiting 30 minutes to go to the store, I arrived and my primary item was not available. I was not contacted in advance, and offered no discount for my inconvenience. I canceled the order and went to KFC. I alerted the customer service department about my issues, and was given a three dollar credit towards a future order, that cannot be combined with other offers. Complete waste of time. The customer service for the app and mobile ordering is as atrocious as it is for the stores.Version: 2.10.0

Every Order I’ve Made Through the App Was STOLENI get confirmation that it’s been delivered when it’s never been delivered. Thought it might be easier ordering through the direct app, especially because I enjoyed the idea of their points system as a regular customer, than other delivery service apps but alas. The first order I had delivered the driver drove directly past my apartment, and then when and sat at a different location for twenty minutes, never answered the phone. My second order through the app not three days later was marked delivered and never showed up. I don’t typically leave reviews unless I really enjoy something, but was particularly peeved by this one. I know they go through DoorDash which is another app I now choose to avoid (just cancelled my DashPass because of this), Uber Eats or anything other than DoorDash seems to work just fine. Extremely disappointed as a southern gal who prefers Canes or Bojangles to be let down by a Popeyes of all places, it’s just absolutely unacceptable..Version: 2.13.0

Cold Cold All The TimeYour Popeyes franchise located in Huntington Beach California on beach Boulevard is the worst I’ve ever seen. You go in at 8:30 and they want me to stop cooking chicken, everything is packed in boxes not under a heat lamp in boxes. When you ask for fresh chicken at 8:30 PM and they close at 10 o’clock they said that’s it for tonight. She came from 830 Cerner to 10 o’clock and hour and a half later it’s not fresh chicken. And the worst thing they argue with you. If I’m spending my money I should have fresh food, they tell me this is a fresh as I can get cooked at 8:30 certain 915. Someone from the franchise should go in in fishers problem. I bought chicken tonight and is horrible and I want my money back. An old gentleman came in and asked for fries they said the froze down for the night and 915 that is so sad. Sorry for the miss spelling but I was so angry. There’s no motivation there. The manager walks around and when he finally starts helping, he’s not wearing gloves. I ask him if someone else can help me. This site needs supervision. They leave the new employees up front and my order has been wrong so many times. I ask for 2 thighs, I get a thigh and a breast, I ask for spicy, I get original. It’s a hit and miss. You ask for the freshest, and you get in the car it’s barely warm and you can tell by the color it’s not fresh. I’m so disappointed with Popeyes. I hope this helps.Version: 2.10.0

Beware! You might buy something restaurant doesn’t haveI ordered 24 nuggets while sitting in the drive thru. I go to pick up the order, they’re out of nuggets. Nothing offered in exchange and no one knew how to cancel it. I talked with the bot in the app, canceled the order and should expect a refund in 5-7 business days. You have got to be kidding me! Account deleted, app removed, all in time to enjoy some nuggets from Chick-fil-A but without the hassle. Suggestions: The app shouldn’t let you purchase something that’s out - it’s 2023, post-COVID. Restaurants should have a functioning mobile order system. Employees who work for a restaurant with a inefficient ordering system should offer a refund, a gift card, or other food item in return. I left with no food and less money. It’s not difficult, really? No one’s food is that good. A spicy chicken sandwich is only as good as the service. The only good part was the AI in the app, ironic..Version: 7.1.55

No stars if possibleI ordered twice using this app, first time was Ordered for pick up and the restaurant took a while in finding my order, the line was long and I was flashing my phone to the counter and the restaurant personnel was taking too long to take care of my order but eventually was able to fix it. Second time was ordered online for a drive thru thinking it would be quicker using this app but then I received an error, order did not go through, ended up ordering in person at the restaurant. Next day received an email for the receipt of the app order and was charged for it, I Called the popeyes restaurant and gave my info about the order and asked if they received any such order, staff was very nice to help me and informed me no such order came thru. Called customer service gave me an ID complaint number and told me someone will call me. 2 days later no call received. I was inconvenienced and charged for using this App. I am discouraging anyone on using this app. Do not even try..Version: 2.1.0

What a Cheating ScamThis app offers deals like a Shrimp Box for $5 and combo for $7 so if you buy both, Total is $12 plus tax. Yet the app ignores this and charges for each item in the offers separately for a total of over $18. That not cool. Also I have asked why can’t the Tuesday special of 2 pieces be included for $2.79. You have to enter the store and order this which I take offense to as it subjects me to higher risk rather that go to the mobile pickup at the back of the store. I guess they want me and others to go to KFC who don’t do this to us. Even when you place a mobile order there is a phone number to call which they do not answer. Let the buyer beware, this app cheats you so don’t use it. I my opinion the app is poorly written as it forces you to pick dipping sauce that do not exist and if you don’t pick it will not proceed. Other app (like McDs) ask do you want to customize which makes it much easier, this one forces you to and makes the experience unenjoyable. The app cheated me the first time out of $5 the second time I complained and got my money back and used it for the tip as the employees deserve it and are not responsible to really bad programmers. How hard is to to do the Math?.Version: 2.5.0

Too many issuesWhen you order your food, you aren’t given anywhere to write what sauces you want/any extra instruction. Or at least there isn’t a place where the Popeyes restaurant actually reads it. I’ve written plenty of times I want extra hot sauce. I get no sauce, not 1 not 2, but 0. There’s an option to “contact your delivery driver”. When you call the number it says that the number is out of service and no longer available. There’s no way to reach the driver at any point during the delivery. I know this before the first time, the Popeyes delivery guy just left with my food when I saw him try to get in the building. I couldn’t leave but I kept trying to call him; the number didn’t work. The next time this happened, I called before the order was finished, after the order was en route, and when I saw the driver. It’s the same message. This time the driver was smart and went to the correct door and I was able to get my food..Version: 2.11.1

RudeI made a $9 purchase on the Popeyes app to be picked up at the drive thru. My friend waited 30 minutes just to be told they didn’t have my food after I had already been charged and given points for my purchase along with being given 2 online receipts for my purchase. I called the store once that happened and while waiting for a manager I heard her telling the young man who originally answered that she didn’t want to talk to me, she didn’t care, and there was nothing they were going to do. I understand online mistakes but she was very unprofessional about the situation. I reported this to the app and was emailed right away about a refund. Popeyes has good online customer service but I’m extremely disappointed in the stores and how they handle things and treat people especially if this is a common occurrence like the manager said it was, for the app to not work and just charge you..Version: 2.18.2

Worst app experience everI never had such a complicated horrible experience with any fast food online service or delivery company. I downloaded the Popeyes app and placed an order which I waited over an hour half to not receive my order the person who was suppose to deliver my order through the “Popeyes app” took my order took my food didn’t even attempt to deliver pretended and stole my food. Which you the way I ordered for my kids and I. What type of person no what type of (human being would take from out of child’s mouth) after I told her it was for kids she refused to bring my order . This is stealing I contacted guest support for the app the rep: Brian was very unpleasant didn’t voice no concern nor saw nothing wrong with what this person has done. They are very unaware they don’t even know who or what delivery service was suppose to deliver my food. They didn’t offer me anything for this terrible inconvenience I encountered. Horrible I wouldn’t give any stars but it’s not an option their app is horrible I will never use it again and don’t recommend to anyone..Version: 2.1.1

Not capable of refunding a purchaseI downloaded this app so that I can order, pay, and pick up my food in the drive thru. Much like I do all the time with the Chick-fil-A app. I wait in a ridiculously long drive thru line, just to be told that because of COVID-19 all mobile orders need to be picked up inside, but they would make an exception this one time. Makes no sense. However, the reason I give this app 2 stars is because when I reached the pickup window, the people packing the food were not wearing gloves, and one person had their nose hanging out of their mask. I refused the order and asked for a refund. The store can’t give you a refund and there’s no way to request a refund within the app. You have to call customer service and give them all of the information you already put in the app, the reason you want a refund, and then wait 24 hours to get a response from “management”. Very poor customer experience..Version: 2.8.0

Scam AppIf I could give them 0 stars I would. How do you have an app, that was not tested. There is no way, this app had legitimate testers. I bought a family meal for $20 + and an hour later I am arguing about this meal. I get to Popeyes after ordering for pick up, I get there at 4:20 and was told that they are out of chicken, fries and biscuits. Just go ahead and shut the whole business down. This is seriously counter productive to the goals of the business. How do you have a 3rd party run your app that is not connected to the actual franchised business place. They are not able to cancel orders knowing Popeyes have several underlining issues- namely bad customer service. I had high hopes for the app because that would mean I do not get the opportunity to interact with the very rude people you hire in every state. So now with $20 to my name, I have to call customer service so she can then submit a ticket to the support team so they can get back to me in 48 hrs while I stay over here and die of hunger. App is trash. I will be reporting this to my bank, and filing a grievance with better business bureau. This is a scam, fraud and should be locked down immediately. Ridiculous .....Version: 2.10.0

No way to contact customer supportI ordered for the first time on the app today and it will be my last. I called the driver to let him know something was missing and he said I would have to let DoorDash know but since I ordered through the Popeyes app there is no order history of it. Every time I tried the customer support it always said error I took photos to prove I tried reaching out after I received my food and looked through everything. I then called the restaurant and the manager said he could not refund me because he does not have access to the online ordering which kind of makes no since to me, either way I have to go up there just to get something solved I don’t want to even be troubled by it because now a days I seem to have so many problems with Popeyes makes me not want to get anything from you guys anymore. Even picking it up a order took a 45 minute wait time after we had already put in a order 30 minutes ahead even after all that time we left with nothing because they only prioritized drive threw..Version: 6.0.15

Worst app EVER!There’s usually some kind of benefit to having these apps. I love Popeyes chicken!! BUT The app is crap! I ordered on the app but still have to go through the drive through?? Why?? I know because of CoviD right. So that means all of the other restaurants would do the same. NOPE! This is the case with Popeyes. Why even have this app you can get the Doordash or Grubhub apps. At least they give you some kind of reward system. Now my local Popeyes is by far the worst one I’ve been to as well. Customer service is non existent! They all hate their jobs. “What can I get ya!” That’s how to ask us? Next time I’ll have my kid record this and post it. It’s frustrating to order 29 mins before hand the lobby is lock and 14 cars are in line. So I have to wait another 20 mins. Then hear “what can I get ya.” What ever happened to good service? You can get this app...but be warned! Oh and one more thing... don’t even try to get a refund. You have to jump through SO many hoops. One’s I’m still jumping through after 4 days of paying and no getting the food. They have no intentions of giving you your money back. You’ve been warned!.Version: 2.8.0

APP IS UNUSABLEEDIT #1: First of all, I LOVE POPEYE’S CHICKEN! However, I see lots of users on here that didn’t receive food for one reason or another and the charge still went through. IF YOU’RE CHARGED FOR NOTHING, GO TO YOUR CARD’S APP OR WEBSITE AND DISPUTE THE CHARGE. THE LAST THING ANY BUSINESS WANTS IS A PLETHORA OF DISPUTES, AS THIS CAN JEOPARDIZE THEIR ABILITY TO ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS. I hate to advise this, but good grief! This many improper charges means something is wrong with Popeye’s treasury dept. ORIGINAL POST: I just now updated the Popeye’s app on my iPhone X. When I opened the app, there was a modal screen asking if I’d like a text every day about Popeye’s specials. I touched the ‘Skip’ hyperlink, and then a modal pops up asking if I’d like to join a points thing, or words to that effect. The ‘Join’ and ‘No thanks’ buttons are below the screen horizon. Try as I did, there is no possible way to hold the buttons above the bottom horizon long enough to click either one. Heck, I was willing to join membership points just to proceed to where I could order. Impossible. So, long story short, I’m now eating KFC Original Recipe..Version: 7.5.2

Total scamIf I could give it zero stars I would!! I use mobile apps to order at restaurant ahead of time all the time so I was super excited to used this app as well. I made an order for pick up and everything was going smoothly or so I thought. When I got there the employees, who were beyond rude said they had run out of my items and that my order was going to be canceled. I know that up until I got there they didn’t even bother to look at my order cause it took them a while to get back to me and tell me they ran out. I live right by my restaurant so it took me 10mins max to get there so if they had run out of the items why didn’t they say that on the app before I paid! Lastly I have been trying to contact customer support to get my 40 dollars back for my order I never received and it is nearly impossible! Everytime I go here they do me wrong. Never again. I just want my money back and I will never mess with Popeyes.Version: 2.1.1

!WASTE! Stores don’t get the orders!!App is corporate and on THREE different occasions at 2 different stores they did not get the order in their system. Store cannot go into system a s search or refresh to find it either?!?!? Store will NOT make the order even with a copy of your PAID receipt cause money goes to corporate. 2nd issue - NO way in app to CANCEL your order and get your money back?!?!?? You have to go through a “contact us” issue portal and wait 24-48 hours for a reply. I’ve used several other fast food apps and have had 0 issues with placing any other order and the store getting it. This app is getting deleted - use them for convenience but this one is nothing but a nuisance! And no, app developer, I won’t go to the support link to tell you more, I just told you everything - you app doesn’t work with the stores, but quickly takes my money! Shut the app down until it works!!.Version: 2.11.4

Clunky - App Needs WorkThe check out process and the way offers can be added or not needs a lot of work. I had to find ways around the app in order to get an offer to apply even though I wasn’t doing anything wrong. On checking out, inputting the payment method was difficult. The keyboard to type in to fill out the form goes right over it and makes it hard to see what you’re typing in. Then you’re also not able to scroll down to see where the submit button is. I had to hit “return” on my keyboard while it was still up and then learned it would automatically submit the order. It was a little premature for me. I also would appreciate the ability to choose when I want my food for a later time in the day. I didn’t realize it would immediately submit and order for me for ASAP. Please reference pizza ordering apps like Domino’s for good user interface. The tracking system is also highly inaccurate! I initially was told 40 minutes and then it jumps to 1 minute away while the driver icon is no where near me..Version: 2.5.0

Wow! Unorganized…Hello, I went to the new location in Mountain Industrial Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA I was in line 10 minutes and only moved up once. I got out of line and parked to go inside to see if it was faster. The cashier was getting the food for the person that ordered before me and then she stopped and kept repeating ‘Shut it down, shut it down’. She stopped what she was doing and went to the back of the kitchen. She never said anything to us, she just disappeared. After 9 minutes she came back and completed the order ahead of me. I finally placed my order and when I got home which was 4 miles away and took the food out it was cold and the coleslaw was not cold and it didn’t fill the bottom of the cup it was in. The grease/oil on the chicken was really dark as if it had been used for several days. I removed the skin. I also asked for mild but some of the chicken was spicy. I have photos of the food. VG.Version: 2.11.4

New store in Fairfield CaHello, I was very worried to go to your new place since I imagined there was still kinks that needed to be worked on... I was pleasantly shocked when everything was perfect! My daughters sometimes go to you Oliver rd Fairfield Ca location and the order is almost always wrong, the wait is insane. On my first order last week I was gives the large size red beans and rice. My son in law ate it so I didn't see what was in the bag. My daughter went today and ordered the same deal. We were surprised when the two regulars were so small? Plus I ordered coke slaw and something is missing, flavor isn't right? So now I need to head back and buy the large size and ask them to fix the coke slaw. Normally I just wouldn't go there anymore but the staff is amazing and super quick so on my way now.🍗.Version: 7.1.55

What’s the point?You might think that if you order food to pickup through a restaurant app that the restaurant will have the food you order. Maybe, but maybe not. I ordered food, went to pick it up, and was told when I got to the restaurant that they didn’t have MOST of the food I ordered. Not that it wasn’t ready, that they didn’t have it. The restaurant was supposed to be open for another hour +, they just weren’t making any more food, which would’ve been nice to know when I was ordering. Plus there wasn’t a manager around. I don’t know if they had some kind of emergency, but it’s not a good idea to leave a bunch of kids in charge of the store without a supervisor, especially if they don’t know the restaurant’s own policy. I mean, I guess the app works fine, but what good is ordering in advance if they’re not going to have any of the food you ordered and don’t find out until you get there. Also, the payment shouldn’t be processed until the food is picked up. Why should anyone be paying for food they don’t have? You’re better off going to the restaurant just to make sure you’re not being charged for the food they’re not making..Version: 3.17.2

Still broken app support, no way to contact customer service or developerThe developer responded back to my negative review, requesting me to contact their app support. They DID NOT read my review that the Popeyes app support is BROKEN. Here is what the chat bot sends back to me: Hey Connie! I'm the Popeyes digital assistant, here to help resolve any order issues and answer your questions. One moment while we pull up your order history. Because my responses are automated, please let me know if you would like to talk to a human. Our conversation will be recorded and stored for quality assurance purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy(opens in a new tab) for additional information. Thank you! I am forwarding your request to a support agent. Please share any additional information. Thank you for providing this information! Again, we’re sorry for any inconvenience you experienced and look forward to preparing your next Popeyes meal — come back and order again soon..Version: 7.3.1

Needs major improvementsMany, many issues with login. Initially couldn’t get an email confirmation even after requesting multiple times. Then when the email did come thru to confirm my email address, the links were all duds and I couldn’t login to place an order. Finally after multiple tries to restart the app/confirm my email address, finally got thru and then ran into many more issues thereafter. Find a location doesn’t work for me, had to use the desktop website to find the closest location. Ordering my meal was fine. But then submitting the order did not go as planned. I added a credit card thinking that I would have a chance to review my order before actually placing it and I also wasn’t even ready to be on my way out the door and place the order, but by adding a credit card my order submitted prematurely.. so now I’m on my way to pick up probably a cold chicken 😒.Version: 2.8.0

Reward points are not available in all locations in OC CaliforniaI have accumulated 2119 reward points on the app and cannot redeem them. When I first loaded the app in 2022 I did redeem points for some spicy chicken sandwiches. Now I cannot use them. I have selected every restaurant in OC and I am sure some in LA and cannot. Says not available at this restaurant. I have been in touch with Tech Support about the issue. And has not been resolved. I have sent multiple messages and all they say is. Restaurant participate at their discretion. My issue is why not tell me which ones are participating so I can redeem my points and get rid of this app! If I can't redeem my points in the state that I live in why have it. I will call my order in next time I feel like a spicy chicken sandwich. I'm deleting this app cause it is useless to my state. I even suggested the tech support to send me a gift card in the value of my points before my points expire and they don't even acknowledge the question. Same answer participating restaurants. I swear to God I selected every restaurant in my county and some in LA county and they don't participate. I'm done with this issue. Deleting the app and the tech support is probably all AI. Not even real people cause they don't know how to solve a problem only move it down the line! Bye!.Version: 7.4.9

App is so/soI like that I can earn points but I can’t have them scan my app for points if I chose to purchase in store. I also have no way to use a local coupon mailed to me on the app if I want one of those deals. Many items that I would normally order in the store or drive through is not available through the app. Such as a side of popcorn shrimp by itself, or an individual piece of chicken or even an extra biscuit. I can’t even request butter or their sparkle seasoning in the app or extra ice for my drink. When I wanted to bring these issues up to Popeyes in the support, the contact us was very difficult to use. I couldn’t type what I wanted to say as it prevents the keyboard from popping up. There are a lot of issues that can and should be fixed to make this app so much better. I hope the developers do..Version: 6.3.1

No food and still charged!Using this app I ordered and tipped for delivery service that was later cancelled with no explanation. When I was finally able to reach the restaurant they informed me that they didn’t have what I ordered and they were unable to fill it. I said ok, please cancel the order. They informed me that even though they can’t fill the order they don’t have the ability to cancel it hence I’m still being charged. They suggested I contact customer support. When I reach out, without even asking why I needed to cancel, they tell me right off that they can’t cancel, and that even though the delivery was canceled I am still able to pick up the order. That’s when I explain that the restaurant doesn’t have what I ordered. They then inform me that they don’t have the ability to cancel the transaction either. Here I am two days later with the charge cleared in my account and still no response after the last we don’t have the ability to cancel. I’ve had to go through my bank for resolution. Moral of the story don’t order through this useless app unless you want a headache..Version: 7.4.9

Horrible customer serviceI went threw drive threw and my food wasn't fresh. I was told to pull up ten minutes went by no one came to bring my food. I went into store no one ever got me fresh food and then told me it would take 30 minutes for tenders when I know it don't take that long! Then they gave me mild saying it was fresh when I ask for spicy tenders so when I took it back they told me to leave and I couldn't get fresh Fries as they promised for waiting for fresh food that I originally ordered with my meal! I had to sit in the store and refuse to leave just to get fries I was supposed to get with my meal in the first place. They was mad at me because they kept messing my food up and couldn't take it back which I have nothing to do with and didn't even want to keep the food. I was very disappointed especially with the young man who runs the store who told me leave and don't come back all because I wanted fresh food and Popeyes is already expensive to be getting cold stuff!.Version: 2.5.0

App doesn’t workI’ve tried twice to use the app to order. The first time I added the special to my cart and tried to order more food. The special disappeared. The store did not want to honor the special. They said they don’t have anything to do with the app (really??) the second time I kept getting an error message when I was checking out to contact my card issuer. I had two pending charges from Popeyes in my account so it wasn’t my card it is the app. Thankfully when I showed my phone to the store they honored the special. Same store different employees. Also compared to other apps for ordering this one is not set up very well. What is the difference between mobile and restaurant order? We can’t go in the restaurant so do they have curbside pick up? Is drive thru the only way to get your order, if so why order ahead if you still have to wait in line? Both times I would have just gone somewhere else but I was getting food for other people. What good is having a great chicken sandwich if you can’t use the app to order?.Version: 2.6.0

Some stores don’t accept mobile ordersSome stores don’t accept offers made through the mobile order, such as t mobile’s deal. Those stores also have no signage or notice in the app or in store to make people aware of this. I placed an order with t mobiles offer, waited 30 minutes in store. There was a lot of people so I thought it was busy and I should wait. However 30 minutes is a good time to check up on an order and when I went to ask how much longer my order would take. They said their “system doesn’t work so we’re not doing that right now”. I asked if they can still honor it, considering I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes and they said no. Apparently other people have faced this same issue at the Popeyes North Hill location and there is absolutely no signage or proper customer service to correct this issue. I don’t know if the app or the restaurant is at fault but the system for online ordering is definitely flawed and needs to be addressed..Version: 2.8.0

Offers and promotions not clear and clunky appSo me and my girlfriend were heading home from the airport and she wanted a chicken sandwich so I told her to install the Popeyes app they have an offer for a free chicken sandwich with a purchase. So it’s about a 20 minute ride to the Popeyes, she manages to install the app and find the location in that 20 minutes so we park at Popeyes and she tries to figure out how to get the free sandwich. We order a two piece meal and a chicken sandwich meal, then add a solo chicken sandwich (the “free” one) and the app still wants to charge us for everything. She goes into the store for help which they could not help at all so she gets frustrated uninstalls the app and has us go through the drive through, I order her a chicken sandwich but I order nothing as a matter of principle. So in the end we got screwed I went to bed hungry and I will never go to Popeyes again, great work guys, my only problem now is I cannot give you 0 stars..Version: 2.10.0

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