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Very useful app!This is a great app. It is very easy to order pick up and delivery, view the menu and prices at different Popeyes, and using rewards and offers is great. The only thing that can make this app better is if when you are trying to get something delivered, that you have an option of which Popeyes it is delivered from. I have three Popeyes near me, all in a very close distance and sometimes it will make the order from the Popeyes that I don’t like cause the quality is not as good as the others and they mess up orders sometimes. So if they gave the option to chose which Popeyes restaurant of the ones that are close to you that you would like the delivery to come from, that would be a great improvement..Version: 7.5.13

Good App, but lots of room for improvementsThe “Full Menu” list is misleading. The App still have items compartmentalized instead of truly have a full list. Need to allow customers to choose which way their preference of compartmentalized selections or truly a “Full Menu” list. Family meals are good, but need to allow minor modifications to suit the client’s needs. For instance, I chose the 8 pcs chicken meal with large side, and 4 biscuits. I only wanted one biscuit, not four and would prefer a credit back on the remaining three biscuits that I’m not going to eat, so will subsequently become food waste, instead it could satisfy another customer’s appetite. Remember, “the customer is ALWAYS right!” So listen to the feedbacks of customers to tailor your business model. Thank you..Version: 2.8.0

App seems fineApp seems fine. Didn’t have any issues using it. My only issue is with some of the underlying system. First, the app has no way of knowing if the store is out of something. McD’s and Starbucks can tell you that. Second, the store has no authority to refund money if they don’t have something, only substitute. My experience was ordering two banana puddings. Store was out and threw two fried pies in the bag without asking or telling me. When confronted the associate said ‘that’s what we got, have a nice day.’ Manager said they couldn’t refund online orders. Said there was a number in app to call. Couldn’t find that, so getting help was a challenge. Turned out the chicken part of the order was wrong too. Did finally get it all resolved. Note, the issue was not really with the app or Popeye’s, just one particular store, which is consistently disappointing. It’s just so darn close. Guess I will go to the next closest one from now on..Version: 2.8.0

Great app supportA mark for a business is how well it addresses a problem. This may sound negative but in a busy world ignoring a problem I’d the easiest thing to do. I put in a large order this morning and paid via Apple Pay. The order was processed and off to the shop I went. On arrival there was no record of the purchase. A great store general manager did everything she could to find the order. It’s good to know that the store must have the order on their register. The emailed receipt is a reference only. So 45 minutes later I gave up. I submitted an ‘issue’ in the app and headed my family’s house empty handed. While chatting I noticed that I received an email on my ‘issue’ asking if I received the order. Nope! On the way home I stopped at the store again. They checked the register system and the order never made it from my phone to the store register even though it was paid ($105). I checked my emails and there were multiple follow ups by Popeyes. I sent A quick message requesting a refund and 15 minutes later I received a full refund to my card. Easy does it. The order may have been botched by the flood of orders during the Coronavirus pandemic at lunchtime but the quick resolution earned a committed customer that will return..Version: 2.4.0

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