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Dead Cells App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Dead Cells app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dead Cells? Can you share your negative thoughts about dead cells?

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Dead Cells for Negative User Reviews

Too little storage i have 2gbI have 2gb and it says i dont have enough storage i just got this phone too.Version: 1.07

Dead Cells is an incredible game. However...Normally, I would rate this very highly, however, the game is currently lacking 1 vital feature. Custom mode. On other versions of dead cells this allows you to select what kinds of items and other things you want to get, which means you can unlock all the items without fear. Now, this isn't too important for the first 3 difficulty modes, but on the highest one? Without custom mode you are punished for experimenting and unlocking new items, and that is crippling late game. This is a shame as unlocking and trying out all of the weapons is one of the best parts of the game. Please fix this, the game is wonderful otherwise..Version: 1.06

-This is NOT the PS4 version-This game does not have Custom mode, which is the only reason I bought it on Mobile. I’ll keep playing it on my PS4 until the game is updated here. Otherwise it’s a fun game..Version: 1.6.2

Absolutely garbageThe mechanics of the game are horrible you can spam the dodge button 100 times and it still won’t work, fix your controls dumbasses.Version: 1.07

UNACCEPTABLE BUGDude... This game needs to go back yo testing. Stuck in the ossuary after a fabulous run. It turns out there’s a known bug (see Reddit) that makes it so that a random wall blocks any progression if you don’t have a triple jump or something like that. I mean that bug is known since January 2019, almost a year ago!!! This is kiddie stuff, amateur bugs and for this, that game deserves 1/5. What else is there ahead to further aggravate the player???.Version: 1.04

Excellent game let down by sound glitchesThe extra content is welcome, but the sound problems still haven’t been fixed yet (intermittent white noise and/or repeating sounds, especially on AS, CP and IC levels). Update: and now the game freezes sometimes mid-level. Very frustrating..Version: 1.6.2

Needs better control optionsNeeds options for a fixed directional pad you can resize, resizing buttons in general is needed since the attack buttons are tiny, also getting the dlc the console and pc versions have is also needed Its just much much harder to play on a mobile device because of the wonky controls, other apps have much more customizable controls that help deal with having to to do complicated combat on a touch screen.Version: 1.06

Latest update messed up Game CenterThis game is amazing, but the lates updated messed up Gane Center. Specifically, the Game Center notifications appear without text (only the rectangle shape of the notification appears with the Game Center icon). This happens both on my iPhone and iPad after update. Therefore, if get an achievement in the game I cannot see it, and I’m not sure if doesn’t even appear in the achievements section of Game Center. Please fix 😕. (iOS 13 and iOS 14).Version: 1.07

Great on consoleGreat with a controller, on console, but it feels impossible to play anything close to decent on touch screen. Would be 5 stars if they supported Bluetooth controller inputs, but sadly they just don’t. Shame..Version: 1.7.1

Fun but stuck at the same spotIt is a good game but once I'm activate to the hard level, everything just changed. Couldn't get pass and continue to play the game as there isn't a way to go forward , I've been restarted the game many times, but still not working. Just hope the developer can fixed the problem therefore I can keep finishing the rest of the game..Version: 1.04

LanguageAll versions in different platforms have Chinese language why iOS never have it? Thanks.Version: 1.7.1

Apple TV version so old, saves don’t workSeriously?! I bought this to be able to play on Apple TV and it says the saves are incompatible in game because it hasn’t been updated in over a year! Super disappointed..Version: 2.7.2

No cross save AppleTVI bought this to play on my new Apple TV 4K, as well on my iPhone when out and about. Unfortunately, the Apple TV version is out of date. This means no cross save to AppleTV. This is very unfortunate, as I think it would benefit from the big screen. Otherwise, great game, challenging, but better with a controller. Would also be better on Apple TV..Version: 1.6.2

Do not buy mobile one!Mobile Update is waaaaaay slower than pc. Get this on pc!.Version: 1.6.2

Need help or needs to be fixedDoes anyone have a fix for being able to play music while using this app? I can’t seem to make it happen so at the moment it’s a waste of 13 dollars if I can’t do two things at once.Version: 1.02

辣鸡骗子 Garbage Cheating Game之前还显示支持中文,买了之后中文被你吃了? It has shown that will support Chinese language, but when I purchased that, you deleted that! Did you just eat that? Was that delicious? That was totally a cheating! I would give 0.1 star if I can do so:(.Version: 1.04

Great game. One small problemI have been hooked on this game since getting it. I had been looking forward to playing it on my Apple TV. Only problem is that it doesn’t seem to have been updated in a year. It cannot read game saves for the current iPad version. I don’t know what other changes are also missing. I don’t want to start from the beginning on the TV or lose my progress on the iPad. Please fix this and I’ll gladly change my review.Version: 1.6.2

Good game but saving issuesThe game is great, really well made, slick production with satisfying progression. Sadly I have had issues with saving, twice now I have opened the app and not had the ability to continue my game, instead only having the option to start a new game, losing all of my progress, which is very frustrating. Please fix this. Otherwise it’s definitely a 5 star game!.Version: 1.06

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