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Wall Kickers App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Wall Kickers app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wall Kickers? Can you share your negative thoughts about wall kickers?

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Wall Kickers for Negative User Reviews

GoodI love this game.Version: 2.2

Deceptive Aggressive MarketingThis game is designed to be fun at first when it seems to be really free but the course you jump over is designed to give you an unexpected surprise or some obstacle which lack description and impossible to guess. When you reach these points you inevitably fall only to see an offer of a continue that is either watch a long video or spend coins. The thing is the coins are extremely rare to come by to have 50 coins, so you’re coerced into buying it. I mean, if you want to waste your time on a rigged challenge only to lose, go ahead. But I don’t think even a cool concept and presentation like Wall Kickers can make up for the core of the game which is to manipulate you to pay..Version: 2.2

BadStupid game don’t buy.Version: 2.2

Needs more contentThe game is honestly really fun and enjoyable, however it lacks variety after you score over 100. Another thing this game could benefit from is more characters and levels and I definitely believe they could work new mechanics into the game such as Missions and even some sort of portal mechanic that teleports players once they wall jump into it, I believe it would switch up gameplay. Also make every level/stage unique for instance add a vine to the Jungle stage and Throwing stars as a hazard on the Ninja Village stage. Other than the fact that the game lacks some content it’s really fun and enjoyable. I hope they could work a story or something to make me feel like playing more often..Version: 1.2

RespondingI used to play this game all the time and I got everything you could unlock but since I’ve done that I’ve deleted it and re-download it to try it out again but it’s not responding like it used to.Version: 2.2

Pay to progress onlyOnly way to get a next level is to pay, avoid.Version: 2.1

Fun game butGame is fun and good for the most part but there’s always a bug on the bouncing walls and I can’t stand it. It doesn’t register you trying to tap quick to avoid the spikes. Lol annnoyingggg.Version: 2.2

Too hardThe levels are too hard and my high score is only 110+ please make an easy mode and very easy mode and hard mode and very hard mode please but cool game.Version: 2.2

More Rewards plsThis game is super fun but having to pay for new skins and maps is a bit sad. I wish that you could buy a crate contains part of a skin/map for 100 coins or something like that. And if you get 5 of the same skin/map you unlock it!.Version: 2.2

SucksThis game sucks.Version: 2.2

Big steamy pooPoo..Version: 2.2

Fun, but too many purchasesBy the way, most of the reviews you already read about this game before this one are undoubtedly computer generated. The game is pretty fun when you first get it. But every single character and every single map costs like, 1$ for every individual character and map. So if you’re not the kind of person who spend money on games, this app is not recommended.Version: 2.2


2. BUT HEAR ME OUTDon’t get me wrong... this is a good game to play while bored. It has made my commute more tolerable. BUT, I have to give a low rating because there is no real reason to play. What I mean is if I want a new skin or a new map I have to BUY it. Why can’t I use my accumulated coins to purchase new skins or maps? Or even unlock them when I do exceptionally well? I would be much more inclined to play if unlocked a cool skin at level 500, or had other challenges. Challenges would add a competitive element to the game that this is lacking. After I die I just turn the game off. I’m giving a two because I think it’s poor game development to make the game this bland and boring. If you’re going to take the time to make a game, make it a little more addictive. I don’t think you deserve the rating this gets. I think the only reason this games rating is so high is because of the lack of advertisements..Version: 1.1

Fun, but…This app is really fun. The levels are interesting the characters are silly and cute, and the progression of difficulty is smooth and fun. But there is one major drawback. This game is boring!!! You unlock all the characters and levels super fast and then you’re stuck with nothing to work towards. It’s fun and I highly suggest it it just needs more challenges and rewards to work towards earning. Also, I can’t figure out how to unlock the creator characters...Version: 2.2

Kinda fun, but very “pay to enjoy”I really wish there was a way to use the in-game currency to purchase character skins or level changes. The fact that they are all locked behind individual pay walls is very off putting. Though the game is enjoyable, I could easily find ten others that actually reward cosmetics for playing instead of paying. A rework of this would probably make me keep it, but I’ll probably delete it in a week. No developer responses which means no constructive criticism..Version: 1.1

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