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Hello! An awesome game. 10/10 recommendedHey! I’ve written many reviews before, but could you maybe try to do a weekly update? I’m not a game designer so I don’t know if it’s hard or not but I think me and many other players would enjoy this. When the new skins came out, I was able to get them all immediately because I had all the maps and skins unlocked. Maybe add just running levels, multiplayer, racing, etc. Thank you for your time and taking my recommendations. Have a nice day!.Version: 3.0

My suicidal urgesEvery time I play this game I keep on having a urge of beating my dog with baton the monkey keeps on pointing the middle finger at me every time I die and every time I die my dog has seizures and my pet shark has autism becus mi dug et mi hermana amd dug at mi siter im thre am an I libe im uragay becus mi fanly sai et to muck Pombaba an anmal ferm it viry bij bok an Ane drake et mi jew dug an thre am fertilasain dug bred et uragay gut#lana rhoades#englis bud#eating my dead dog 🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🦬🐌🐌🐿️ 🙇🏿‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🐶👨🏿‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏾🌫️🌫️🌫️🌫️🌫️💧💧💧💦💦💦💦🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🔥🔥💥🌏🌏🌍🌎🌮🌮🌮🌮🚭🚭🚭🚭🛜🛜🛜♾️🔜🔚🔙🔛🔝🇩🇿🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇨🇦🇹🇭🇯🇲.Version: 3.0

Wall kickersReally good game but you have to pay for new places be better if you didn’t for a better experience.Version: 2.2

Simple and addictiveGreat game. Not too many bugs aside from when you backflip and the timing feels off but other than that the game is great. It’s very rewarding to get a high score but past 200 the level design feels only slightly more challenging than the previous setup before 200. I don’t know if I’m in “high tier” yet where the levels become insane but it becomes a little boring to try to reach high numbers since I’m not thinking or reacting any differently than I was at a score of 50. Overall, great game with very, very minor bugs and somewhat lacking high tier gameplay but I think this game is still one of the best free games of this iOS generation..Version: 2.1

Needs a map and character updateThis game is amazing but only a week in and I have already unlocked all characters and maps this needs an update please.Version: 2.2

Stole my moneyThis game is so good I can’t stop buying new characters to play with gotta get em all.Version: 3.0

I would recommend this gameI absolutely love this game! It's not like most mobile game were you have to watch ads every 5 seconds. I currently have like 8 skins from getting coins. The only thing I don't understand is if you can get skins for free but why not level backgrounds? I understand it's for earning money from transactions, which is reasonable. I think that you should be able to buy the backgrounds for 1k coins. I think that is a reasonable amount. But apart from that this game is amazing. Would 100% recommend.Version: 2.3

Update PleaseCould their be and update with new skins and maps.Version: 2.2

OmgBro this game i so addictive I love it so much but there is just one thing. Could you add more maps? I got all of them and I got pretty bored so I just left the game but when I came back and played it it was fun again but the only thing this game needs is more maps😁.Version: 2.2

I love the slothThe sloth is literally a god like I wanted so long to unlock him that I nearly payed 50p but I played for like 3 hours and unlocked him and now every aspect of my life has improved..Version: 2.2

Love it!!!!One of the best games to play offline and when your bored. Almost no ads and doesn’t cheat you out of watching a ad to get coins. Overall one of the best games on my phone.Version: 3.0

GameThis game is addicting tbh lmao. I really like it when I’m loading into games on my pc or ps4 so thanks.Version: 2.2

One of the best games since the golden era of mobile gaming.This is one of those games that are actually simple, but fun nonetheless. There are barely any ads in this game (unless you want to get a boost) and none of them are required for you to watch. There are small micro transactions, but they are only for skins, so the game isn’t P2W. The coin system in this game is for skins for maps and the playable character, making you not get bored 10 minutes in. The game has a nice touch of those retro games that people would play all the time back in the early days of gaming, and has a fun art style. Honestly, this is one of the best games I’ve played on my phone since the golden era of mobile gaming. If you’re reading this, I definitely recommend you to play it. This game is a definite five stars. Good job, developers..Version: 3.0

Simple funPlayed this a lot during the first few weeks of school and unlocked everything that i could get by playing it the level design is really creative and addicting, but after a few weeks it got really boring (no offense) maybe this is too much to ask for but it would be cool to see a jump king kinda thing. for example it starts as grass then it goes to ice; where everything is slippery. it then goes to somewhere windy where you have to perfectly time jumps and such, i wouldn't mind if it was paid for it too. also i also wish the dlc skins you could get were actually exclusive (besides a few) and not ones you could easily get by just being patient the games a ton of fun though, very simple and I'm surprised i haven't seen this type of gameplay in a mobile game already. nice job!.Version: 2.3

Best game everFam this game is never EVER boring and I’ve been playing with it with my friend for hours and it’s so fun! Love how it has different skins and things u can buy . Amazing game I would totaly recommend :).Version: 2.2

Wall kickersThis game is really fun, you should get it. The fame will try to trick you and deceive you and challenge you in really simple ways. It’s very hard, and trust me, I played a lot of king of thieves. The only problem really is the fact that when you try to swipe up on your Home Screen to get rid of the App Store on your multitasking after an app forces you to go to the install page, it thinks that you want to jump and jumps. It killed me at my high score on which I almost made it to 100!.Version: 2.2

I love it!This is so good and I very I started playing this for 12 years and I’m a pro at this thank you for making this game it so so so fun!.Version: 2.3

Game goes hardHonestly this game is actually so fun, if I’m ever bored I’ll just whip it out and start tapping, actually so great..Version: 4.0

The app store totally needs more games like this!This game, is very fun and simple, it has many things that will help you keep on moving forward until you die, so here are some suggestions: 1- Give the gravel a time limit, it shouldn’t break when you jump off. 2-Add an option to pick your prize for a certain amount of coins. 3-Similar to 2, you should add an option to win a random world or skin, but you can pick whether or not you get a skin or a world. 4-Add more skins like James and Ivan, where you have to do something to get them, not just paying coins. Now for some pros! 1-Variety of skins and worlds to choose from. 2-As I mentioned in the early part of the review, it as so many ways to keep you moving, like the block that shocks you. 3-The game and controls are very simple. 4-I like how the free gifts always give a different amount of coins, not just 100. 5-The game has many different blocks that make it harder and more fun to play..Version: 3.0

Perfect platformerThis is just a perfect game, its addicting, has no ads, amazing physics and just the perfect game on the go or at home..Version: 2.2

Developers please see this (TWO IDEAS)The game is fun but would like to add some ideas of making it more entertaining (then it is now) with the ideas I have is two... starting of with one is to add letters to make a word (kinda like wordle) adding letters while climbing to an endless jumping and getting new high scores, when finishing a letter you get rewards (or just coins) and this has many cons to the people, such as not waiting for the prize every six’s hours just get some skins or maps (which makes the game more valuable of playing it again) They other idea I have in mind is making the pace more “faster” adding lava chasing towards you so you’ll have to go even quicker to gain your high score. (This can be another section instead of changing the game) Hopefully the developers are still in touch of making updates on this game (THANK YOU <3).Version: 2.2

Sensitive qualityAlthough I love this game and it is a great way to pass time, there are a few bugs that can be annoying. For instance, let’s say I’m on a block and I want to move to the next one when I click it’s like the game doesn’t recognize it and I fall, leading to death. Which is annoying especially if I’m on a very high level. Another bug that I find is often time when’s ads come up (which they rarely do) there is a delay when I hit the skip button which makes me watch the ad over and over again it gets pretty tiresome I’m not sure if this is because of the game or my own phone/wifi. Other than that this game is fantastic! I definitely recommend it if your a fellow mobile game lover. ❤️.Version: 3.0

Wall kickers is a really good game!First there is no ads except for if you want coins and there is lots of variety in the maps and characters but it could use a daily challenge program and more obstacles but overall it is a great game and keep up the good work!.Version: 3.0

The sloth is a godThe sloth skin is slow but the game claims to speed it up how come on certain maps butterflies are regular and quick timed platforms are regular so does this mean he is way faster than all other sloths now you may think it ends heat but no showing he can slow certain parts of reality while speeding up others this is unknown by any god ever the Greeks Egyptians current day medieval all we should bow down to the sloth as he is the highest life form in existence and is not to be trifled with thank you for you’re time oh yeah nice game btw.Version: 2.2

I’ve been playing it for 30 minutesSo good.Version: 2.3

W gameLots of fun takes practice but once you get it it’s so fun.Version: 3.0

WallKickers Is mY childhoodI played since 5 yrs old.Version: 3.1

Fantastic gameFun game, customisable and best of all, no annoying ads that pop up every time you die. makes me feel like i’m in 2013 again.Version: 2.2

An original and simple pleasure, but could use some updatesThis game is just good. There’s not much to explain about what makes it good, because I am just a guy with a phone, not a video game psychologist. It’s very easy and fun to collect all of the unique characters, my personal favorite being the vampire. The cape’s flow-y motion is well animated and the double jump turns him briefly into a bat, which I think is a nice detail. It’s easy once you get the hang of it, though I do feel the game needs something fresh. Maybe an update that adds more than just skins?.Version: 3.0

Great game should add a race featureThis is such a good game and I think another cool feature would be to do a time race with a campaign of levels..Version: 2.2

Yeah boiThis game do be bussin.Version: 4.0

What games on the App Store should beThis is a week made, fun, challenging but not hard game that nails exactly what I love about mobile apps. No ads, no pop-ups to rate it 5 stars for a prize and TASTEFUL micro purchases that don’t stop a player from core gameplay. This is what the standard should be..Version: 2.2

Won’t let my buyThe game is extremely fun but when you only need to buy 3 more Characters it won’t let me buy but I don’t care the game is hard but gets easier.Version: 4.0

I love thé game cheek it outFun for long car ride and it’s no wifi so yea it’s perfect and u can have a lot of different personne on lands I love the random everything u can have a fish in a castle check it out it’s very fun to play 🤠👁️👅👁️.Version: 3.0

A game that never gets boringThe game wall-kickers is a game where jump from wall to wall simply trying to get to the top. At first when I downloaded the game I thought it was a game with a funny title and a funny monkey. Then I actually started to play and even got my friends to play the game. Soon I discovered skins but they costed a dollar each. However my friend taught me you can get free coins then earn a reward. which was a new skin. Soon I collected all the maps and skins. I often find myself on random skin and map or on my favorite skin and map (time surfer) and (ricochet relics) and now I like to go for high score. That is why wallkickers is a great game.Version: 4.0

Suggestions for the game.Wall kickers is a very fun game. However, I think there could be some new game modes added. Some things that I think could be cool inside the game are one, a time trial mode. In this mode, players each go on the same course that will be the same every single time. When the first jump is made, a timer starts and counts up until you reach a score of 100. Players can compete on global game center leaderboards or just with their game center friends. Second, a backwards mode where players start at the top and infinitely work their way down rather than up. Lastly, I would like an easier way to view the wall kickers leaderboard. As of right now, the only way I’m aware to get the leaderboard displayed is by scoring over twenty and then selecting the leaderboard. I think adding a trophy icon similar to the head start icon, skin selection, and record gameplay buttons on the games start screen. Doing things like this would make the game more playable and generally boost the experience while playing the game. Wall kickers is one of my favorite mobile games and it is incredibly fun..Version: 4.0

This game is great for pooping!Its quick to load its easy to start playing and it’s entertaining too even when your multitasking.Version: 4.0

This game is spectacularWall Kickers has everything you want in a mobile game: Satisfaction, enjoyment, and it never gets boring! This game is perfection, 5 stars..Version: 2.2

Not half badA great little time waster with cute textures and collectables and minimal ads, eager to see what further updates could bring with more characters, backgrounds and game modes/further level generation :)).Version: 1.2

JumpI like the game a very good platforming game to just play when your bored on the go or when you have no WiFi it has tons of cool and unique skins and levels. I like the challenge of it and how you have to work hard to get a new high score. I would definitely recommend :D.Version: 3.1

AmazingA great pastime. Easily one of my favourite mobile games to play anytime. Would recommend..Version: 2.0

The game is so goodThis game is my favourite game in the whole wide world and I like it. The game is really fun I saw it on tik tok and I really really really love it.Version: 3.0

Pretty fun and somewhat skill gameSaw this game and looked like something to play In my spare time and it’s pretty fun having to time jumps making the game require some sort of skill however this game is micro transaction heavy, what I mean by this is that every other character or setting you have to pay real money for every single character and setting/background now I understand companies need to make money somehow but here’s where the issue is , what is the purpose of coins? There are coins that you can collect from playing the game but all can do with those coins is buy a 30 point headstart THATS IT and the thing is you don’t even need to buy that you can get that exact same headstart if you watch a video instead of spending coins, so my point is that coins are useless you can’t spend them on characters or new places in the game because that requires actual money for all of them but you can spend them on headstart that you could also get for free with a 30 second video to watch, I don’t have a problem with a company making a money of in game purchases but give your coins a purpose in the game allow me to spend the coins I earn on characters Or places instead of a 30 point headstart that I’ll never use of course keep some characters on irl currency but elevate the characters as well give people a reason to buy them instead of just normal animals.Version: 2.2

Wall kickersIts so fun i stopped playing on my ps because of how fun this is its very addicting.Version: 3.0

GoodHow did i get the creators of this game please tell me how.Version: 3.0

Game greatIt us all perfect but the recording status it should save all games so you can go back to a recording if you did good and forgot to record.Version: 2.2

It goodIt really good.Version: 2.2

Great game but repetetiveAmazing game overall but it gets a little repetitive after a few hours. I would love to see more levels with different levels of difficulty. Overall great game definitely deserves 5 stars.Version: 1.2

Wall kickers is yeaThis game made me hate monkeys even more.Version: 4.0

Love it!Me and my flat mates can not stop playing this game. We really enjoyed the time spent playing as it allowed to express any anger we were holding in. Can you send us the bundle pack please..Version: 2.1

4.5 starsIt seems like the levels are either pay to get or are locked behind excessive coins, unsure. The game itself is fun, strategic, and addictive..Version: 2.1

The Most Addicting Game EverIt’s so fun I play everyday for 3 hours I highly recommend this game cause it has no adds and works without wifi. BEST GAME EVER..Version: 3.0

DecentPretty good game you don’t need wifi for, but gets repetitive, and you can unlock the paid characters..Version: 2.1

Wall Kickers is great!I love playing wall kickers. I usually play it when I’m bored or a long car drive because you don’t need internet either!!! Best of all, there are NO ads unless you press something that needs an ad of course. Good game to play on your bed or anywhere you want! I recommend. Have fun playing!.Version: 3.0

5 star however…This game is really fun and evenly balanced however i have 1 issue with it and that is that the pile hit boxes are to big because when your running on top of a wall with the spikes on the side theres a chance that you will just randomly die for no reason. Other than that this game is really fun.Version: 2.2

Amazing game, a couple suggestionsI love this game, but there are a couple things that I think would make it better. I unlocked all of the characters and level skins fairly quickly, and now I'm getting more and more coins that do nothing. If there could be more skins added once in a while, or other uses for the coins, that would be great. The game gets harder as you go on, but I usually can't get that far. Most of the time, I get to around 150. I'd love it if say, after you get to 200 for the first time, all of the timed obstacles, moving platforms, and the accelerator things before 50 speed up. And then once you get to 300, everything before 100 speeds up, and so on. That way, the beginning is interesting even for the advanced players, while also making it less frustrating and time consuming to get to the more difficult areas. Also, I can't figure out if different characters have different stats and/or if different level skins have different obstacles..Version: 1.2

BEST GAME IN APP STOREThis is by far the BEST GAME EVER if you don’t want any ads you don’t need ads if you want ads you get ads! It’s fun and challenging you can unlock new skins and backgrounds and I believe (I don’t know because I never succeeded) that there is no top! This is one of the games that you can play for hours and you don’t get bored of it! You will get annoyed sometimes but it just push’s you to keep playing and try harder! And back to the skins there are so many it could take a YEAR of nonstop playing to get all of them! And they are all different! And the same with the background. Each skin has a description to to describe the character you got! And each skin has a background to match it! And this game needs no internet! In conclusion I really think you should get it it’s a free no internet fun game. And I really hope that this helps more people to get it. And this last part is for developers… I don’t think you should change a thing about this game I mean updates would be cool but I like the game just how it is..Version: 2.2

Map makingOverall a brilliant game to kill time and there are a bunch of characters to unlock but I’ve been playing this for a few days now and have a ton of characters but still the basic map. Pls add a shop where you spend coins to unlock different maps like you do to get other characters. This game could be a five star if they added a map shop as the original map is funny but does get a little boring after a while as the normal map has not got much variation to it..Version: 2.2

Creator Please readThis game is great but I would really love to see a level creator and level browser (Think geometry dash and Mario maker) where people can make levels and challenges maybe even with different game modes like races to make it more competitive. This game is great on its own but with multiplayer I could see it turning into a cult classic.Version: 4.0

Mint gameMint game wish it had more skins.Version: 2.2

AwesomeAny game that doesn’t force an ad which take 4 buttons to skip is already respectable in my books ( the only ads are when you intentionally want to see one for some incentive which is how it should be) Besides that, the game is super fun that doesn’t waste time with flashy hubs and lets you directly go into the gameplay. One unique thing I like is that when you respawn it automatically puts in the original structure at the start of the game and let’s you get a good run up form that to tackle the part where you messed up the previous attempt ( more games should use that imo) The only feedback I have is to prob add more features/structures that can help or threaten the player since it kinda gets repetitive after a while. Over all, thank you for making this fun game and shout out to everyone who contributed to Wall Kickers 👏.Version: 3.1

MonkeyPeak is monkey and game is 👍.Version: 2.2

Good gameSo I been playing for only a day but I’m addicted. It’s not like the other mobile games which are easy this gives me a challenge..Version: 2.2

Map making?!I love this game, the art is great and gameplay is fun however after awhile the gameplay does begin to become a bit bland. Which is why map making would be awesome! Also a challenge section that would give you special characters with a trail or something cool like that!.Version: 2.2

Perfectly balanced as all things should be!It’s great no ads great gameplay and I love the 16 bit retro art style and its super addicting so it’s an easy 5 star from me but I do have 1 problem it is that I don’t know if you can get characters from the prize machine other than that it is perfect and if I could I would give it a 1,000,000,000,000 star rating but alas I can’t the end..Version: 2.2

WallkickersStupid frustrating but stupid rewarding would recommend but it will make u scream slurs at the top of ur lungs.Version: 2.2

Need more updatesReally fun game but it needs more updates I have almost 2000 in game currency and I barely open the game new maps new skins and add some other stuff.Version: 3.0

One of the best games in the App StoreThis is truly one of the best games in the App Store and I’m not going crazy. Literally almost all of the reviews are saying that it’s one of the best and I agree with them there’s no ads about it. Yes there is ads in the game but when you’re playing a different game and you get an add, it’s not gonna be about this game which makes it less annoying and also this game is really fun to try to get a new high score o I play this if I’m waiting for something and I’m bored and I have my phone around.Version: 3.0

Theres no involuntary ads and the game ks actually very fun and simple.Version: 2.2

Dear creators of wall kickerI love this game if I could I would rate this 100 😀 I just love it I can play for hours one end thank you for making this app!!!😺😺😺.Version: 2.3

OnlineIts a great game, but I suggest that you can maybe add a online multiplayer mode where you can race your friends or somthing..Version: 2.2

The best game everThis game is so good and it challenges you with is really good and the characters are so cooooooool.Version: 2.2

Very addictive, no constant adsI think I must have spent about 10 hours on this game in the last 5 days, it’s quite sad having now unlocked all the skins I realise how well I spend my time 🙂, great game though, no constant forced ads like 99% of other mobile games which is nice, would definitely recommend.Version: 2.2

€=8€=8.Version: 2.2

Game is funThe game is fun and hard. there also isn’t tones of ads and any ad that you watch you have to choose to watch. overall the game is pretty good.Version: 2.2

FunVery fun but only in endless.Version: 2.1

Great gameI love this game because it has no ads.Version: 2.2

This game is so trashI was playing and for first time I got to 12 and now that I have had this game for a solid 5 minutes it has only gotten harder. In my life I have only see two people play it and have fun. I have played lots of fortnite and as soon as I saw a feature to where you can buy skins I immediately wanted to buy one. I blame this on the game and it needs to be updated. I’m not sure what company made this game but please listen to this review. I hate wall kickers. A kid named dylan just told me that the game is good he is now blocked from my life and I don’t wanna here a word from him ever again..Version: 2.2

Great game but needs improvementI love the game, I like how it forces you to learn how to complete a section by starting you on it when you die. I also appreciate the variety of the different sections each time so even though it has the same mechanics, it is a new experience each time. However, the enjoyment only lasts so long as when you have unlocked all the skins and themes, the game has little to no sense of purpose. After I unlocked all skins and themes except for the paid one (Golden Pig), I did not find the game as fun and it was before. Overall a fun game, but could be improved by an increase in characters/themes..Version: 1.2

Great! But…This game is honestly so addicting and fun, I would definitely recommend it. Although, it does have a lot of wasted potential like possibly having different types of game modes or more things to collect. Though it is a fun game, it’s all I’ve ever been playing. Definitely recommend, just has a lot of wasted potential is all..Version: 3.0

Only 5 star gameThey got everything right the cosmetics the controls and the exaction.Version: 3.0

GreatAmazing. Could do with some more game modes. Multiplayer speed run or maybe a coin-like triple jump collectable..Version: 2.2

ACTUALLY GOOD WTFThis game is so fun and I keep going back to it, plus no ads actually new fav mobile game. GET THIS GAME.Version: 2.2

понигра топ,НО ДОБАВЬТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ЧЕБУРАШКУ Я БУДУ ЗА НЕЕ ИГРАТЬ, когда добавите поставлю 5 звезд и кста Капибара топ.Version: 3.0

Game breaking bug needs to be fixedFirst off I want to start this review by saying this game is amazing. It’s not over-run with adds like some other free to play games. However, the reason why this review is not 5 stars is because there’s a game breaking bug that occurs 20% of the time you open the app. It seems to recognize short presses as long presses which creates a huge inconvenience of having to close out the app and refreshing. Since you can’t play without the short jump function you’ll end up over jumping platforms and dying. Developers please fix this as it’s annoying when trying to get a quick game in and you have to constantly refresh the app..Version: 2.2

So slayThis game go jumpy jump and there are no forced ads.Version: 3.0

It’s a good gameThe critical reviews are just straight up lying or trolling. you can get the characters FOR FREE when you collect enough coins in the game (not to mention it’s fairly easy to get the coins). The game doesn’t have any ads, it gives you an option to screen record to post it for content (often seen on TikTok), and the backgrounds are absolutely beautiful. It’s a fun game full of cute characters. The levels changes per game which shouldn’t make it repetitive. Really, good job to the makers of this game. You did absolutely amazing..Version: 2.2

Very good gameVery good game and very addictive I highly recommend and have nothing to complain apart from it wasting all my time for me finding it so fun and challenging.Version: 2.2

Give it a chance!The seemingly basic mechanic may seem like an oversimplification of the controls but the challenging level design really put in work and create quiet a unique experience for every run. Also the way the different “types” of levels are mixed in as the difficulty increases keeps you from grinding out the same path over and over, and makes for a differing experience during every run. I definitely recommend for casual to experienced platform players and cannot wait for future updates! Pros: challenging, different experiences on each run Cons: no additional goals that drive you to achieve aside from increasing the max platform set you reach, but not the biggest drawback. I imagine more will be added which will circumvent this.Version: 1.1

.Great game I play it all the time I wish there were abit more settings and characters because I have all of them 😂.Version: 2.2

SUPER GOOD!Super challenging and fun! I’m so addicted!.Version: 1.1

It is really good!Good fun and challenging!.Version: 3.0

Wall kickers is amazing!This game is fabulous I love it a lot and play it all the time! I have the gorilla skin and love that u get new presents and new places to jump around x thank whoever made this amazing game! 5 stars gladly 😀😀.Version: 2.2

AchievementsI got to 150 and if you get 150 you get a achievement but I didn’t get one.Version: 2.2

Good game but...There should be more maps or skins and also how do you get the ivan and james theme? also i js bought the gold pig but i alreayd have all of the themes and maps so now i have 1000 coins for nothing.Version: 3.0

This is the best game ever createdHello, this is your biggest fan writing you a review to tell you that this is the most fun entertaining game I have ever had the pleasure of playing, I have played many games and spent many money on those games but it does not matter, this game is better, wall kickers is better than all of them, I have a tattoo of my favorite video game but I love this game so much I will cut my own arm off along with the tattoo just so that I can prove this is my favorite game, I don’t care if it’s a mobile game, or if it’s simply a figment of the most wonderful daydream I’ve ever had, I will talk about this game to everyone I meet, I will shout it from windows, at strangers on the street, not for any purpose other than I feel bad for the people who don’t have the luxury to play this game. this game changed the trajectory of my life and I have never been more happy to love something more than this. have a wonderful day. I am in love with the creator of this game and the game itself thanks..Version: 2.2

This is what mobile apps should beThis is perfect. Every other game wants you to either pay loads of money or watch loads of ads, but this game has no ads, and no subscriptions. the only costs is if you want to buy extra characters/scenes which are only .99¢, and you can still get plenty of characters and scenes just from playing the game!! The app is so fun to pass the time with and it’s not too difficult and not too easy either. More mobile games should be more like this :) I would recommend this game to absolutely everyone. No complaints at all.Version: 3.0

LegendaryI love this game, i love how you can gain the creator skins by looking at the credits and how this game is about skill. I remember during my first day of playing this game i was so happy when i got to 20 but after a month of playing my average is now 50 on each game. Thanks for making my life better Creators!.Version: 2.2

Good gameplayReally good game one of the best ones I’ve ever played.Version: 4.0

It’s the bestI love this game I love it you need to play it now!.Version: 3.0

So addicting!>>This game was recommended by my best friend, and she said it was really good! so we started playing together. at first, I didn’t really think it was THAT good as she said. but, as I started playing it more often, it was making me addicted! so, I’m new to this game I’ve only been playing it for a day but it is so good! I’ve even shown it to my parents and they said I’m already getting into it. my fave game rn!.Version: 3.0

SO FUNIts so fun i play it ever single day and its good for a long car ride.Version: 3.0

MasterpieceThere are no ads at all unless you choose to watch them for rewards, allowing you to wall kick without interruption..Version: 2.2

So fun!I love thé little characters! And I love love love the ocean set up! But I hate the human characters.. I like the animals 🩷.Version: 4.0

This game is amazingFun and addictive gameplay, and NO ADS.Version: 3.0

Great fun for agesIt’s fun with lots of characters and themes to unlock that will keep you coming back. There are little to no ads and it’s very addictive.Version: 2.2

YesYes.Version: 2.2

Great gameThis game is great for people with great reflex's and reaction time, but if you like me and dont have that good of reflexes its still just as much as enjoyable trying to beat your own score.Version: 2.2

BEST GAME EVER 💗Queen i was younger i thought this game was “too hard” but now that i gotten older it makes sense yk ? i been playing this game for like 3 months i haven’t gotten any ads. I only gotten ads when i wanna earn coins and to be honest when you get coins they give you like 80 coins, the gumball machine is 100 coins and all the characters are 0.99 but you can earn them from the gumball machine, and you get more characters then maps from it but it’s pretty fun . AND IT WORKS WITHOUT WIFI TOO WHATTT . i play this game at school and yk school wifi is booty. and i’m surprised it works. the game is pretty easy all you gotta do it tap like how hard is that ?? the game is fun and i can play it anywhere without ads and that’s the best part ‼️‼️.Version: 3.0

Love this game, would just love updates...Great game visually and to play, love the concept and style. But I’ve been waiting for new maps and characters for so long. I’ve got thousands saved up but I can’t buy anything with it ahaha. But yeah, just thought I’d say. :).Version: 2.2

Confirm button for continue lifeGreat game but being able to continue your life without confirming the 50 coin payment is annoying.Version: 2.2

Really good pick up game!!!! (Just wish it was more difficult)I love this game with all my heart, I’ve played it for so long!!! It’s very easy to just pick up and play at anytime, without needing to think about it. I just wish it posed a more challenging game mode of some sort where maybe there’s more types of walls and obstacles, and I guess more variety. Or maybe add like some sort of lava that forces you to keep moving up quick, and the lava gets faster as you keep playing. Idk I love this game, but I just wish it posed more of a challenge sometimes..Version: 3.1

Fun game!I really like this game. It’s unique gameplay is simple, but it mixes things up enough to not get too repetitive. Reminds me somewhat of Doodle Jump but with a different gameplay dynamic. Cute retro-style graphics with good attention to detail! There’s no pressure to make in-app purchases to make the game playable. You can buy different characters and backgrounds for $.99 each, if you want a specific one, but you unlock random ones pretty quickly and easily without spending real money. Personally, I’m much more likely to actually make the in-app purchases to support the developers when they make a game that feels complete on its own, and doesn’t try to trick me into spending money. This game fits that bill! Overall a great find that I will continue to enjoy! 😀.Version: 2.1

The bestI love this game, it’s make me so calm! So underrated 🔛🔝.Version: 3.0

It is a very good gameIts a very good game and all but the leaderboards itself don’t show up on the iphone 12 but shows up on the iphone X? also theres some bugs and exploits for free coins to get all of the characters and the game was last updated 2 years ago. Where is the developer at?!?!.Version: 2.2

Great gameI thought this would be those bad mobile games but it was way better than that and the prices are so low! Anyone could afford At least one thing in the game shop.Version: 2.2

Fire gameIt’s amazing.Version: 3.0

Awesome gameVery fun to play and doesn’t get old.Version: 2.2

Sigma wall kicksThis app is craaazy.Version: 3.0

😀So simple and fun! So cool!.Version: 2.2

This game is a hidden gem!!!Nowadays, most games on the App Store are all about getting your attention through deceptive ads or a gimmick in order for you to download the app. After you download it however, they proceed to pump you with as many ads as possible in order to make money. Wall Kickers is the COMPLETE opposite of this, and it is the first game I’ve seen in a while where the ads are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. There aren’t any pop up ads, there are only ads for when you want to keep going, or when you want to receive a reward. Not to mention, the game is GREAT! There is definitely a small skillcap at first, but once you get used to the controls, the game is an absolute blast. Overall, this game reminds me very much of the early days of mobile gaming, where quality and fun were the priority, not making money. 10/10 🙌..Version: 2.2

AmazingI love how the characters move and jump and the sounds they make gives the game more affect. I love all the different characters you can get (especially the animal ones). The different maps are really cool too. Overall the game is challenging but in a fun way and I love trying to beat my high score..Version: 3.0

Very addictiveEver since I’ve got the game I can’t stop playing, I love the fact that you can collect rewards but watching ads and the fact that ads are optional all together. The only thing that I think would make it better it to add more enemies/obstacles and it would be really cool if there was a boss battle using a different mechanic than the main game. With the boss only being unlocked once you reach a certain level for example 3 boss phases, 1 at level 100 another at level 250 and the final at level 350. This would be nice cuz it offers more challenge and feels rewarding, you could even give players a reward for beating the boss.Version: 2.2

Can you make more characters plsI have exactly 3684 coins and I dunno what to do with em, pls make more characters so it feels like I’m actually playing for something lol. Good game tho.Version: 2.2

Please fix thisIt’s an okay game but after a while it gets boring. I have all the skins and backgrounds, I also have over a thousand coins. One thing that bothers me is when you play as the character Jennifer it says her high score is 528. I made it my goal to beat that and got 576 with her. When I went to check what it said her high score was, it still said it was 528. It would be nice to change this so people can have goals to beat, it would make the game much more interesting. I would make this a three star but I made it five so it shows to others..Version: 2.2

Chur asActually a really fun game perfect for car rides or just if you are bored none of them annoying adds like the others new games would definitely recommend 10/10.Version: 2.2

Wall kickersIt’s good.Version: 3.0

This game is so addictive!This is such a cool game you really get into it and learn quickly how to play I’ve gone from barely reaching the 10 mark to having a high score of 191 in a few weeks!!!! Whenever I am bored I play this game it makes time pass so quickly get this game if you’re bored!.Version: 2.2

Good offline gameIt is a great game for road trips.Version: 3.1

Everything a mobile game should be, DOESNT HARASS YOU WITH ADSFun, unique, customizable characters and designs, addictive, and doesn’t have more ads than gameplay like a lot of mobile games do. There’s still options to support the developers by paying for certain upgrades or character accessories, which is how it should be, but there’s not even so much as a pop up ad at the bottom of your screen. I really appreciate that they put the gameplay first and I wish the creators all the success..Version: 3.0

I love it🙏🏻I genuinely enjoy this fantastic, simple game with barely any pop-up ads..Version: 2.2

Lack of game modes.It’s a great single player game but it would definitely be a five star if they added multiplayer and or new and different game modes..Version: 3.0

GoodWould be 5 if there was a confirmation before buying a head start because I get angry and I click to get the screen out of the way and I end up spending 50 coins to save my run where I’ve climbed 2 floors high????? Give me my coins back you cuck developers.Version: 2.2

Very goodI have just started 1 week ago and I am addicted 11/10 it is not like those ruining games with tons of adds.Version: 2.2

I’m satisfied :)I love this game! It’s so addicting to me and my friends :) my favourite skin is the axolotl, I hope you add a few more skins or maps in the future. Nice game.Version: 2.2

Great gameLove the game, easy controls, barely any ads. Great time waster as well 5/5.Version: 2.1

Really fun and no adsThis is a really fun arcade stile game and is strangely addictive really good for when you have no WiFi I highly recommend.Version: 2.2

GoodYou should add multiplayer racing, would be fun as.Version: 2.2

Important If you want to improve gameHi developers! I’m a big fan of this game. I’ve been playing it for a while now. Y’all have done a great job with this game but there is definitely room for improvement. Some of the taps don’t register as jumps which gets annoying if you’re very high in score and you randomly die and it’s not your fault. Doesn’t happen all the time but it definitely happens. That’s probably the biggest flaw I see. I would also say adding new maps. Maybe even adding more cool detailed maps and skins that you unlock by buying them after unlocking all the pervious ones since you can’t do much with the coins after unlocking all of them. That’s about it over all a good game.Version: 2.2

A fun game without intrusive adsThey said it was impossible these days, but there’s finally a modern mobile game without constant pop up ads or energy systems. This game is so fun and rewards you for coming back to play again without forcing you to buy something. This is an amazing example of micro transactions done right. I never felt like I was missing out or I would never get something without paying for it and that is a true marvel in today’s phone app experience. I will buy something anyway because this is a game that truly deserves my money without extorting it from me. Bravo!.Version: 1.1

This game is so addictingIt’s super challenging and also fun and I like how u can get new backgrounds and new characters. And it’s a fun game for all your friends play or challenge each other to see who gets the best high score..Version: 4.0

Amazing 😋⛄️I used to be blind until I played this game. I can finally see clear. Thank you to creators of this game, if you are blind I recommend you to give it a try ⛄️⛄️.Version: 3.0

Second to NoneThis monkey is going places! Not only is the game astoundingly fun, but it has been served to us in a most aesthetically pleasing 8bit style! Drawing from the games of our youth, but still pulling off its own originality. The game begins fun, even humorous, but then starts to challenge your concept of what you thought a monkey could do! Once you think you’ve finally mastered all the gameplay elements they could bounce at you, you finally see the clear beauty of the Wall Kicker Universe. That by climbing the tree higher and higher you literally ascend into a new plain of existence, and your mind is opened as it never was before..Version: 1.1

10/10This is my new favourite game, it’s so relaxing and fun but what I think would be a good improvement is to add more stuff to buy with coins like power ups or something because I have got everything and I don’t know what to do now lol. Best game ever.Version: 2.2

Amazing game!!I love Wall Kickers - it’s such a relaxing way to de stress. I downloaded this around March and I’ve already collected all the characters and maps. It would be great if you could add a few more, but if not then that’s also fine! Love the game..Version: 3.0

Wall kickersThis game is amazing and I am well addicted.Version: 3.0

Best gameThis game is brilliant, it feels like a sister to its counterpart, high riders and is so fun, the gameplay is different in between one another. This game lets you control your character and allows you to navigate through a series of really enjoyable courses, I’ve had great fun trying to get high scores and it really feels like I can achieve something, and that’s not to mention the minuscule amount of ads and next to no p2w. The 2nd best mobile game I’ve ever played, behind high risers. Would recommend..Version: 2.2

YuuuuuhhhhhWhat’s good in the hood ya bottom feeders it’s ya boi joe rizzler 🫡 this game is most definitely what is up 💯more addicting than black tar heroin 🥶game so white it should be asking me where’s ronald 🫵 graphics straight out of an ice spice video 🤨this game is what shot tupac 🦆 rip my ninja fr 🤓 game will turn your pacemaker off 🛑 got kicks and flips so you know the action to gameplay ratio is freakin swag, ninja 🫥instant w rizz make u the literal rizzly bear 🐻 immediate 1 million account power in rise of kingdoms 🥴graphics got me so stunned they trippier than the time i smoked windex 😮‍💨certified gains and anabolic pump 🤙 literally the norwegian flag 🇳🇴scientifically researched and approved to cure photosynthesis 🥵 got you trippin off that sus pack 🗿game makes me want to hawaii luau bungalow with some asian penguins in the subtropic hemisphere of freakin SWAG🔥 game got me bedazzled like a turnt up armadillo 🦶game so sick it got covid putting a mask on 🐒 this got your grandma crankin 90s in the hair salon for her friends ☎️ game made me commit metamorphosis ☠️.Version: 3.0

This game is amazingThis game payed my bills, cleared my skin, and cured my depression.Version: 4.0

Wall kickers? more like waiting simulator 😹Overall a fun game but too much of the game is dependent on 4 second timers and moving platforms. i want to play a platformer that i can progress in without having to wait constantly because playing more than 5 runs of this game becomes monotonous as hell. other modes would be fun too, or skins and maps that change elements of the game rather than just being cosmetic please.Version: 3.1

The gameIt is so good that I’m at level 231 rn it is such a fun game and everyone should download this game.Version: 3.1

A Good GameOverall, this is a genuinely fun and enjoyable take on the classic side scrolling genre. It incorporates enough original elements to not feel like a re-hash of older games. I think there are slight things holding it back from being an extremely good 'side-scroller'. 1) I believe there should be more of a reward program incorporated for achieving higher scores, for instance, reward characters or something. 2) A leaderboard would be appreciated to match up against others. 3) I understand this is a new game, but other game modes would be a great addition, for instance, time trials would work perfectly with rewards and stuff. Like I said though, overall a really enjoyable game to pass the time. 4/5.Version: 1.2

Nice gameI like it how you can get a speed up after having a free chance to carry on and when I’m bored with low charge on my tablet i can play this game that doesent take charge that much. I like it how you can get different characters and you can still play with no internet I love this game.😀😀😀😃😃😃😄😃😃😃.Version: 2.2

RecentlyYou guys should add new characters or maps; the game is fun but all the cosmetics are old and the whole game need an update, Im just collecting coins for nothing.Version: 2.1

Very goodIt’s a very good game but you can finish it fast not unlock EVERY skin some maps are plain also not as many maps as there are skins but I would recommend this to anyone I could.Version: 2.2

Monkey jumping or whateverReally fun and can’t get if of it.Version: 2.2

Wall kickerFun game would recommend.Version: 2.2

AmazingI found most games really boring but when I saw my friend playing this is I immediately wanted to try it. You don’t have to pay any money to be able to play. I do think that when you reach a certain level like 60 something you unlock another place instead of having to pay for different terrain..Version: 2.2

Please add kiryu kazuma into the gamePleas.Version: 3.0

Good and badWhen I made it to 100 I died i‘m still sad about it.Version: 4.0

Really fun and dont need wifiIts challenging and extremely fun, its perfect for car rides and other times you dont have wifi since you dont need it to play you can inlock new maps and characters. I love this game!!!.Version: 3.1

Update the game please.The game is amazing and fun, but once you’ve got all the characters and maps it gets a bit boring because you’ve unlocked everything, if this game gets a update lots of people will come back to this game, the update doesn’t have to be a really big update, you could just add like a new map or a skin so that people will have something to grind for.Version: 2.2

AmazingGreat game.Version: 3.0

5 starsVery good game for long car rides, it doesn’t get boring for quite awhile.Version: 2.2

Love itSo much fun it always good because you can play off and online, Love the skins and maps No glitches at all 100% recommend love it.Version: 3.0

Great GameThe game design of this game is great. The way if one dies they are respawned to start from the beginning but the first obstacle they will face is the obstacle the player just previously died on. This allows the player to retry/understand the obstacle more, instead of waiting to re-encounter it later. To add to that, I enjoy that if you don’t make it to the height 20, the game doesn’t restart, it respawns you on the same course instead of going through a loading screen. A very good addition. Also, I have been playing this game for a couple days and most games like this one will eventually have a set limit to the amount of obstacles the player will run into. However, in this game I feel like I keep running into new challenges even though I have been playing it for an extended amount of time. It’s nice and refreshing, and Im expecting/hoping the new obstacles pop up and they do every time. I am personally just impressed with the thought put into this game. Great game..Version: 1.2

Fun!Fun and hard even tho it gets me mad it also makes me happy playing it.it’s a fun game for all people and a recommend it!!.Version: 3.1

Super fun! I recommend this!This game is extremely fun. It’s a addictive, highscore based game where you climb up an infinite tower. Extremely fun way to kill time when you’re bored. The best part is that no ads will come your way unless you want some sort of bonus, such as coins to buy new cosmetics. The art is very clean and nice looking pixel art, I’m a huge fan of pixel art, so I might be a bit biased. But anyway, great game! Only reason it’s not 5 stars is that I can see some people might get bored after a while. A good way to keep your players coming back is adding something to keep the game fresh. My idea is a multiplayer versus mode, where you climb up until you die. Whoever gets higher wins. This could also come with a ranking system, so players of around the same skill level are matched up, not a noob vs a pro. The skill level can rank up during offline play too, as they are still gaining skill. Thanks for making this great game..Version: 2.2

Literally a super good game.This game has a very diverse album of characters and maps, including some familiar faces that thousands will recognize. It also is very cheap, but doesn’t rip you off or scam you in any way. It does have ads, but you can choose to view them or not. Besides, they only give you continues and head starts, wich sounds like a good deal to me. It also is very challenging, and is a quick game that you can play in any situation. For example, say your riding on an airplane. Your bored, and the plane will land in 30 minutes so you only have a little time with your games. You want a game to play quickly, and that game is Wall Kickers. Thank you to all the developers, coders, managers, and other people who put their hard work into this game and making it shine. It’s really cool and I hope people will still play it after the little caption on this comment will say “10 yrs ago”..Version: 3.0

Found the new “Flappy Bird”!Cheap In-app purchases are all cosmetics! Ads give half of a character’s price anyway (which you can mute most of the ads). You can acquire the characters and themes through tapping the “Win A Prize” button at the endgame screen. No pressure to spend any money on this beautifully designed game. Money aside, this game is the definition of “skill”. Something so seemingly simple yet requires the utmost degrees of precision from just several taps. You can feel yourself getting better every time you open the app. Not to mention this game is flippin F.U.N! Haha! Huge critic of app games here! Most resort to abusing the power of number progression i.e higher numbers = better player, while also deceiving and hiding the number algorithms on how players obtain the higher numbers so the developers can brainwash their player base into supporting their game with cash. A.k.a p2p! Why did I go into this?! Well! This game right here! Is sooooo perfect! No number manipulation! No P2P! Just pure AWESOMENESS, SKILL, and FUN! Let’s talk about perfection really quick. Do you guys know Taylor Swift? Well! I haven’t enjoyed another app game as much as this one right here. Totally worth your time. Two enthusiastic thumbs-up from me! 👍👍.Version: 2.1

Great game but found some bugsThis games is great and I play it all the time when I have nothing else to do although I found a couple of bugs like, if you hold down to do a long jump on the first jump you do at the start then all jumps afterwards will be long jumps and when you die you can’t click any buttons. Beside that it is a great game and would recommend.Version: 4.0

Fun offline gameI love this game because anytime i don’t have wifi and I don’t want to use data I can always rely on this game, it has no ads, super addicting/fun and feels rewarding when you get a new high score.Version: 2.2

Great gameThis is one of maybe the best games to play when you’re board me and my friend were doing a all nighter and we were on this game for like 3 hours. Really recommend.Version: 2.2

Brilliant gameThe game is really fun with no ads and no Wi-Fi needed all the skins you can use in game money for which is mostly obtained through free gifts every few hours the game is insanely fun and enjoyable for me but I do find a few levels that are almost impossible but it’s only two and they’re almost impossible at the same obstacle but it’s super fun to try new high scores the game mechanics are simple and nice..Version: 3.0

Pinnacle of Mobile GamingI never thought that a mobile game could peak at perfection, but “Wall Kickers” proved me wrong. The perfect combination of satisfaction and silly fun produced this marvel of creation. If I could rate higher than five stars I would because this beautiful application has changed my life and deserves all the stars in the sky..Version: 2.2

It was greatAs soon as you got a hundred coins witch was easy you can collect worlds and characters.Version: 3.0

Love this game but i wish there was moreThis game is beilliant it entertains me for hours and doesnt need much concentration but i wish it had more characters and maps and maybe a special round where u could jump multiple times in mid air it would be so cool!!.Version: 2.2

Love the gameYour game is sooooo good and I love it but, can u guys add more characters or backgrounds cus I have +5000 coins and nothing to spend it on.Version: 4.0

Amazing funVery simple controls, the levels sometimes feel like cheap deaths but that’s just my skill. The game is responsive and the best part it’s not littered with ads. Great time waster for a waiting room or something else..Version: 1.2

Dedicated fanI have spent hours playing this game, to the point that i have unlocked every character that is gettable without inn app purchases. I rly enjoyed this game but, i think it would be better if we had some characters that are unlockable by having certain highscore and each character be buyable with 250coins, cause i personally wanted the goblin one and i had to open 10+ packs. Also i hope there are gonna be some updates and new characters otherwise keep it up.Version: 2.2

HairlessThe amount of times I pulled my hair while playing this game.Version: 2.2

Wait a mobile game thats good?This may be kinda hard to believe, but this game is everything all mobile games want to be. With little to no microtransactions this game manages to be enjoyable, and gives off a homemade vibe. Its one of those games you put on during a road trip, kinda like flappy bird. Not to mention, that theres no unnecessary ads, unlike most mobile games, that cram an ad in front of your face every other second, this game only puts on ads for extra coins, and revives, instead of putting on every time you die, so you end up having to turn off your phone’s internet instead, and even then it would come up with some excuse like “you need wifi to play” when you dont but they want to get money off of ads. And if the creators are reading this, youve made a incredible game, with actual love, a hidden gem within a medium normally filled with greed and scum, and keep working at it, because this game is an immediate classic and im not taking it off my phone any time soon, so thank you guys, genuinely..Version: 3.0

Addictive!This is a game to play when your bored and need something to make the time pass. It would be great if they added more characters and maps in though. But in overall, very fun game!.Version: 2.1

Good GameNo end to game and is very fun. Always a challenge when im bored..Version: 2.2

Keep goingThe game is fun cause it makes u keep going.Version: 3.0

This game changed my lifeI’m 46 years old, recently divorced, after I got divorced I fell into depression and didn’t wanna eat, walk, get out of bed, etc. the only thing I was doing was watching tv and using my phone, I was thinking about ending it all until I found this game. As soon as I played this game for the first time my eyes glowed with joy, I felt like I could do stuff again. Today I ate a full meal and took a walk down my street. I hadn’t been outside in 9 days. I have been playing this game for the past 4 hours and I’m still not bored. Thank you so much for changing my life. ❤️.Version: 2.3

AMAZING!The game is amazing but it would be better if you could buy a specific character or map..Version: 2.2

Basic fun game, gets boring after a while. But after “a while”Basic fun game, gets boring after a while. But after “a while” it’s pretty fun tryna get a high score, then beating it. Getting new characters, and maps. You can only get a certain amount to then where it’s just all money afterwards. Not a money game, like a game that drives you nuts with ads and basically makes you download smt for money to make it even playable or at that point just delete it 😂 love playing with friends and going against them very fun game. I give it a 5/5 because out of this game and this subject of game, there’s nothing really to beat. I mean it’s a simple game what else would you add to it? It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s 5/5….Version: 4.0

Game is great, only a few issuesThis game is really fun, there’s a lot of maps, skins, and more and the game play loop while repetitive, is very fun and easy to get the hang of! There are a few issues though. Firstly, there’s a bug where you’re stuck only preforming a long jump that has yet to have been patched. The next issue is the lack of content and updates. It takes between 10 months to a year to get a new major update but these updates only add about five skins each time and nothing else! I think there should be some new modes added and more consistent updates, that way the game feels more fresh. However I understand the dev team is small so I don’t have too big expectations for them. Otherwise the games great you should definitely pick it up!.Version: 4.0

Listen me outThis game is a great game, but I have all the skins. It gets kinda boring from there. Once you get every single skin, there is no point of the game anymore. I would love for the developers to add more skins to unlock. Maybe about 10 skins is fine. Also please add a new mode. All there is to play is a normal mode. Let’s say you add a new mode where you have to kick your way up before you go off-screen. If you go off-screen, you lose and have to restart. The screen will also have to move, making this game mode possible. Other than that, this game is the best mobile game on the App Store. Thanks!.Version: 3.0

The game changed meI would normally spend my time bored and lonely and would lock myself away from people but instead of coming home and locking myself away from the world I would come home and play this game so when I have a bad day or I’m not feeling to good I would play this game and it would take all my nerves away and it’s fun to play during spare time.Version: 3.0

Good gameThis is a god game but the only problem is that they don’t add new skins I know they added new skins but I have so many coins over 10 k but I hope they add more skins but I love this game.Version: 3.0

Fantastic GameI downloaded this game after seeing an advert on your usual game and my first thoughts were “oh lemme guess an adverts going to come up now” but no, this game has absolutely no adverts and i was honestly suprised. one thing i will bring up though is that i think it needs more updates..Version: 2.3

What do the coins doWhat do the coins do.Version: 4.0

Life changingLiterally saved my life.Version: 2.2

Casual, Entertaining GameThe neat game design, coupled with quite a few interesting characters makes this game such a great experience. It is a simple game that I can play anywhere, whether I’m in the car or at home! I highly recommend this game if you love casual games that you can play whenever you’d like. The only reason I didn’t rate Wall Kickers as a 5-star game is due to the fact that I was able to complete the game by unlocking all of the characters and backgrounds in such a short period of time (under 2 weeks). Also, the low frequency of updates slightly downgrades this game. Although I’ve had the game downloaded for quite awhile, when I started playing it regularly it didn’t take much time to unlock everything. But at the same time, I didn’t mind watching ads which shortened the process of coin collected by quite a bit (the free gifts are helpful too, lol). In the end, this game might not be for hardcore gamers, but casual gamers would love to play Wall Kickers in their free time, or if they’re just bored on a road trip..Version: 3.0

Awesome Game :)Just Overall One Of The Best Mobile Games.Version: 2.2

Nice game “Wall kickers”Wall kickers is very good and I like to play it when I’m bored.It’s a fun off the side mini game to play when your bored. I recommend it. For All ages! The skins and worlds are very fun.I’m addicted to it. My brother introduced me to it with my cousin. Thank you for your time. -L ❤️.Version: 3.1

Definitely recommend, but one problemIve been playing for a week or so now, managed to unlock every skin and map and steadily working on increasing my high score (332 currently). However, one bug that I run into from time to time is related to when you start a new game. Sometimes, the very bottom of the tower has 2 platforms, and if I just over them and clip the edge in a certain way my character gets stuck in a permanent ‘floaty’ mode for the reason of the run (it’s like holding the jump down fully, x1.5). It’s a bit of a pain if I ever run into this accidentally, since the game is impossible without being able to alter the intensity of my leaps. Aside from this, great little game to play from time to time. Definitely recommend you give it a shot.Version: 2.2

The game is great!This game is perfect! It’s just one thing though, it’s because the characters cost money to buy even though you can just get them from playing the game or waiting, even the worlds cost money and you can just unlock them! So it’s kind of annoying because if I want a world or character, I have to buy them! So yeah, I know you need to make money but I just don’t recommend buying anything in this game Cheers!.Version: 2.2

FunReally fun and hard at times really simple and doesn’t shove ads in your face constantly.Version: 4.0

😴Kinda fun mad addictive tho.Version: 3.0

WallWall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall.Version: 3.0

The Best FREE App!Ever since I noticed this game was available to be preordered, I’ve been waiting for the amazing release! The gameplay is amazing, and there is zero repetitiveness. When I downloaded it, I expected to have an ad every 3 attempts or so. But guess what, the ads are optional. You can watch the ads for coins and boosts, which is absolutely amazing for a free app! You can also pay a dollar for packs of skins or singular skins, but it is not necessary. You can earn them by playing normally, and that is not bad for having an app with optional ads. Truly this app is amazing, and deserves much more attention! The only thing I would like to see added is a level editor, where you can also publish levels and see other levels along with filters for popular ones, or maybe developer levels? Truly this game is awesome, and it most definitely worth a download..Version: 1.1

Wish there was more content but still greatI definitely recommend this app. It’s a very basic app with very fun mechanics. The movement is very satisfying and never feels clunky. There’s a lot of nice touches to this game making it seem polished. Also amazingly THERE ARE NO FORCED ADS! Props to you guys, there’s so many apps out there with forced ads I uninstall them instantly. There’s an option to watch an ad for a headstart for 30min and it’s not a bad deal at all. The checkpoint system in a randomly generated endless runner is a bit weird. I wish there were different modes you can play like levels, time attacks, puzzles, keep endless mode, etc..Version: 1.1

Great game :)I have pretty bad anxiety so I fidget a lot. This game helps me calm down and just keep distracted. Also there’s cute little characters and themes that have their own little personalities :p Thank you to the creators!<3.Version: 2.2

Good gameIt’s good but add more obstacles pls.Version: 3.0

HelpJesus Christ this game will leave your thumb sore it will take the joy of life away and only leave you with pain… but It’s actually really fun and something to do when you have some time to yourself it’s also super repayable.Version: 2.2

😕 Wall Kickers Negative Reviews
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