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Zutobi: DMV Practice Test App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Zutobi: DMV Practice Test app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Zutobi: DMV Practice Test? Can you share your negative thoughts about zutobi: dmv practice test?

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Great for learners but there’s one thing…So I’m hurrying to study for my permit test cause I don’t want to fail again and I got this app and it’s very helpful. They’ll either let you pay for plus or just watch an ad to view course. However, you only get access to 3 ads before you have to wait ONE whole day before you can do another 3. I don’t have the money for premium and to me, 24 hours seems like a long time so I would either recommend lowering the amount of time to like 2 or maybe 5 hours or just give us more ads so we can access more lessons cause i’ve got to get my permit now. I don’t have time to read the whole manual in a short amount of time and this is the perfect app because everything is shortened..Version: 3.5.2

Amazing app, needs workAs said in the title this is an amazing app, yet it needs some work. The biggest thing i and many others looking at previous reviews is the fact i get to the, in my case, 3rd course and i try and use the add option to move on. But it tells me that there are no adds. Long story short - great app, not worth the £7.99 a month, especially only after trying a tiny tiny amount of the app..Version: 1.0.11

Good at first but.......When I first started it was a 5/5 with exceptional questions and extremely easy to get around, but as I progressed through the levels I hit a point where I couldn’t go any further without paying. I stopped and exited the app and then when back into it the night after for the app to have logged me out, not accept any emails and now the app won’t even open properly. Would have paid the money to keep going so I could practice before my L’s but not anymore..Version: 1.0.6

I don't recommend it.😏The app is paid!!!☹️ And after I paid for it, I realized it's not worth doing. I don't recommend it.🤬.Version: 3.8.1

Why $$ and varietyWhy should i have to pay a monthly fee just to get a good education on driving when unlike other places my school doesn’t offer drivers ed. also they don’t have ANY of the Canadian version testing..Version: 1.0.24

ExpensiveIt’s a bit disappointing that the only lesson you can do without having to pay is the one where all you need to do is say wether your looking forward to driving. This app is useless unless you want to pay £12 a month just to answer theory questions. I think that there should be at least 10 good questions that you can answer for free because otherwise you might as well just answer a Buzz Feed quiz.Version: 1.0.23

Simple (in a good way)Very pleased about how well presented the app is, it makes it easy to follow and learn from. But I was slightly disappointed by having to pay £2.99 weekly, which doesn’t seem much, but in the long run the total that I’ve spent will have probably been more expensive than buying a book.Version: 1.0.8

A tale of betrayal.I kept getting this as an ad on Instagram, as a teenager who's late in learning to drive, so I figured: why not? This should be a fun way to finally learn how to drive! It looks colorful and legit! I complete the introductory chapter, I'm excited as ever to finally prepare myself for driving school and catch up with all my peers. I select Chapter 2, and my heart shatters on the realization that I, a simple teenager without a job or bank account, am being extorted and cheated. I want to learn to drive? Too bad, unless I fork over the money I'll be stuck with books and standardized tests for eternity. I wouldn't have been so heartbroken if they told me firsthand, but they somehow saw my weaknesses and used it to their advantages, hurting both my trust and my iPhone storage. On the plus side, I've taken this as a learning experience to never trust Instagram ads ever again..Version: 1.0.23

Omg just had the worst experienceOK I was sitting there stressing out over my permit test which I have to take in a few weeks. So I was like might as well start studying right except for I am not a very strong reader. I’m a very visual learner, and everywhere I was looking online was recommending this app. So I was like might as well download it right. And I was on the first level and I was doing really well and I was like wow I’m really getting this. I might just pass my test! Then as soon as I got? Five it wouldn’t let me go forward, so I had to keep taking the first level over and over again. And it still would not let me continue without paying. and so what does that basically does is it gets all your hopes up and it’s it’s a very good app but it literally makes you pay five dollars for three days..Version: 3.9.5

Makes you pay for everything.I downloaded this to learn for my Theory test thinking it was a free app which would be helpful. It offers you a series of practice questions (around 700). However after completing the introduction question I couldn't do any other questions unless I agreed to pay £3.99 a month or watch an ad every time I want to do a question. Very pointless to download there are many other apps which would be better and are also completely free - not worth it..Version: 2.1.19

Paying.A developer did respond to me, and told me that you do have to pay for DMV genie, and I fully understand why you make us pay for the app, but from my understanding, or my POV. I can’t pay for an app myself because I am a minor, and I’m not old enough to get a job where I live. It takes me longer to learn in 3 days with a 3 day trial. . I do so much better learning with pictures, and visuals, I am sure that this app is an amazing app. I haven’t had to pay for DMV genie, and it’s been helping me a lot, but with that being said, keep on the good work on this app. I’m sure it’s great. I wasn’t trying to bring down your app, I was simply saying that I shouldn’t have to pay to learn, but I didn’t think about the time and effort it takes to make this app perfect..Version: 1.0.34

Disappointed. .This app is so awesome. It really is. The only reason I gave it so low of a rating it because of the ONLY option it gives you to use the app. You can use it for a free THREE days yes, (not even a week ?) but there is no free way to use the app after that. . For people like me this is unfortunate. . I know it’s not even $5 but you would be surprised how much that $5 matters to some people budgets. . All I’m saying is there should be a free option. Like get 100% on the quiz and do this extra thing ? I dunno. You guys come up with it. It’s your app. I understand you need to make money. . But if you have helped thousands so far, why not help millions by having a free option for your customers that makes them strive for better. That’s the ENTIRE point of this app any way. And trust me there are SOOOO many drivers that do not know everything that is in here !.Version: 1.0.21

Amazing app but not all information are provided in lecturesI am a first time learner and I found this app to be a quite entertaining way to learn the rules of the road. There are cool graphics and fun scenario problems. However, answers of 1/4 of the test problems given aren’t explained in lectures. For example, it would ask you a question regarding where to check the oil level, but the tutorial mentioned nothing about checking oil levels, or even different parts of the car. I think this is a great app for someone who already has a some experience with driving or understands the different parts/function of the car, it would serve as a perfect refresher. But it might be challenging for someone like me who has little knowledge of how vehicles functions at all. (I have to search up a lot of the different vehicle parts myself in order to proceed with the questions sometimes). It would be great if the app can offer different levels of explanation based on the user’s level of knowledge. (Amateur/learning for the first time, prepping/reviewing for a test, expert/just reviewing the rules).Version: 1.0.32

Great but TOO ExpensiveThis app is probably the best app for theory. However, the main issue is to get access to the majority of things you have to pay £3.99 a week that’s almost £12 a month. I would’ve rated this 5 star if the subscription was lower maybe £5 a MONTH but I am not paying £3.99 a week for this. The layout is aesthetically pleasing. I really hope Zutobi can lower their subscription by lowering it more people will subscribe to it and as a result Zutobi would make more money..Version: 1.0.23

Not the best fit for everyoneDon’t get me wrong, I like how the app is structured and the lessons are actually helpful but the fact is it really isn’t for everyone. I used the app for about 2 weeks on the free version which only allows you to do 2 lessons a day. I actually learned a good amount from it and the lessons were well written and helpful but the time it takes to complete the entirety of the lessons to be ready for a permit test just simply isn’t necessary for everyone. After the about two weeks I wanted to find a quicker way to learn and found my state’s practice tests on the official site and just practices those until I got good scores on all three of them. This process took me about three days max and I was ready for my permit test compared to the 2-3 months it would have taken me to complete the whole Zutobi course. Again it is a fantastic option for people who are okay with taking the whole course and taking about 3 months to do so but there may be better options for others..Version: 3.3.2

App runs very smooth but giving us ads and forcing a membership?I have to admit I find this app to be extremely well built as well as helpful for a student like me, but I find it tough on a tight schedule. I don’t have the money to complete this in a week, I am also in no rush, but I find it upsetting that the little time I find myself doing this, I can’t do more than 3 chapters. I understand this a very expensive app to develop, but I have lost patience with back to back ads and still not being able to continue. Again I’m a freshman in high school, I have got a lot to do, much less than others, but still how do you expect people with full-time jobs or school to have the patience as well as time to complete this. And according to my math, at this rate, it will take 2 and a half weeks not including special recaps- and while you may want the special help (which is very good) I just feel like I can do so much more. So before going premium do double check yourself that you are prepared, other wise I love the innovation and the professionalism in this app. It’s very smooth and even somewhat relaxing. The atmosphere is one I would like to learn in and I believe developers have outdone themselves. But I would recommend specialized classes such as motorcycles, semi trucks, manual-drive. And while I haven’t looked completely into those details I am satisfied with the app.Version: 1.0.21

Nothing is free so if you plan on using the free stuff just don’t botherI cant really spend money on things like this because of family, but i downloaded this trying to learn as much as i can with the “free version” but all there is for free is a lesson that asks you “are you exited to get your learners” and you answer and then it asks you to get the premium version... Waste of time if you are in my situation. for the owners of the app, i’d recommend adding more free stuff for people who can’t pay and still want to learn..Version: 1.0.34

I like the app….butThe price for the plus subscription is expensive and “prices are subject to change without notification” is blatant robbery. I like this app, it’s a good amount of interactive and the length of the individual lessons make it so learners don’t get discouraged. Seeing as there is a daily ad limit, I'm still going to have to find a different service. I downloaded this app so I could learn everything I need to know quickly and efficiently (when studying textbooks, the information doesn’t stick) but with the limitations that come with the free version it will take me months to get through the course. I would come back to the app if and when the price changes and for if the price changes consumers get a notification..Version: 3.7.5

Hii….THIS APP IS WONDERFUL but… it does have a lot of stuff to work on, such as the timing and Glitches. I have an iPhone 11 that is up to date but everytime I open the app it either takes 5-10 minutes to load or just glitches out of the ap completely. Secondly, when I’m actually in the test, for the timer, it’s weird, cause some days I can do it when my timer isn’t up, but on other days I can’t do it at all when my timer is going ( like the timer is being used correctly) so, I would like to see if you could work on that. And also when I go into a test and try to take it, the screen where it makes me buy the membership comes up automatically. It doesn’t even show my timer but on other days it does show my timer so that’s a little glitchy too..Version: 3.3.2

Ehh its okayI like this app but so many of the questions are worded ambiguously, and most of the questions they ask in the evaluations aren't even taught to you in the lesson. Its a lot of self taught work. Would be helpful hand in hand with driving school. P.s I have the plus version and study it everyday. Also they have a feedback option for any of the lessons but guess what? You click on it and it directs you nowhere. Ive read other reviews where they state they were able to change their plan from 4.99/ weekly to 9.99/monthly but I can not find the option to do that via settings on my phone, on the app, or the AppStore so idk. I wouldn't argue with someone if they said its a waste of money.Version: 3.7.4

RiggedI was really happy and all, expecting to learn something, and I started the first test. There was literally only one question, and it asked me if I was excited to learn. So I hit yes, and tried to start the next test. Literally as soon as I clicked on it, it took me to this pay wall. I AM 16. I do not have money to pay for something like this. I don’t have the money and I am not going to ask my parents to pay for something like this monthly. My parents bust their butts off for me with the amount of income they get. They have enough bills to pay and I’m not gonna add another bill. If I had a job maybe, but I can’t get to work without a car, and I can’t a car without a permit and I can’t get a permit without passing the test, and I can’t past the test if I don’t know anything. This app is misleading. You download thinking you’re gonna learn something, but you can’t without paying. Remember your audience, most of the people that download this app are teens, and they aren’t making money to pay for something like this. And if you think I’m gonna ask my parents to pay for an app like this when I can google the answers if desperate enough, you’re mistaken..Version: 1.0.18

Dont get unless you want to payI am taking my permit test soon and feeling somewhat confident so i thought i would get this app to reassure myself. so when i created an account and started, i got through 3 short lessons before they said “buy the plus account or wait 24:00” so i was thinking ok thats fine, i can wait 24 minutes, right? wrong. i came back after setting a timer for 25 minutes (so i remembered to check back) and i was shown a similar screen, “buy the plus account or wait 23:45” i realized you have to wait 24 hours! so i was thinking ok, fine. i will wait until tomorrow, maybe this is a studying method, right? wrong again. i came back 24 hours later and all it says on my next lesson is “the the plus account!) like ugh really?! after 2 days i gave up and deleted the app. but if you want to pay for the plus account, there are no ads and i assume you can do all the lessons in the same day (if you wanted to go that fast) and maybe it would be a great app, but for a 15 y/o who doesnt have a credit/debit car and doesnt want to pay, its not it..Version: 2.4.2

Money Money MoneyAt first, when i saw this app i got pretty excited since it looked like a fun way to study the test. Little did I know, the first question asked “Are you excited to get your drivers license?” then you proceed to answer yes or no. Immediately after that it asks if you want to get the premium version (which is 10 dollars a month). The game is then locked behind a pay wall to learn/study the other 99% of the app. 10 dollars to me at only 16 is like 100 dollars, I cant even go and buy a pack of gum from the store, so if I'm gonna get a job to get money how am i gonna get there without a car if i need to know how to drive for the test? Im sure as hell my parents aren't going to drive my every single day because they'd get tired of it. The developers know that many kids need an app like this to help them pass, so they put paywalls to force teens to nag their parents for money which is bs. This would be a great app if 99% of the app wasn't stuck behind a 10 dollar a month pay wall!.Version: 1.0.15

This thing is terribleI’m 18 and have no use for the app really but I saw it on Instagram and in my complete boredom I figured why not see if I still know enough to pass and I downloaded it and did the first part where it asks if I’m excited which I wasn’t but whatever and then it say I have to pay to do the rest now like I said I don’t need it but even if I did I’m not paying for something as dumb as this just read the book if you really wanna study I passed mine and didn’t study for a second it’s really not that hard but if your that worried study the book they give you don’t waist your time or your money on an app that is targeting teens and asking them to pay for something you can get for free and I don’t even know if the information in the game is right but i know it is in the book and I see the people saying that they learned everything in 1 whole day and all is just so great but cramming for something important like this is not a good idea I’m glad they passed more power too you and if you can’t stay awake reading the book you have a lot more to worry about than just passing the test.Version: 1.0.34

Don’t bother if you can’t pay $4.99/weekI was excited to use this app as it was the most up to date dmv app available, but after the first lesson (which was a one question quiz saying “are you excited to get your drivers license?”) I was unable to move on to the second lesson without paying $4.99 as a weekly subscription. The app appears to work as a point system, where you get enough points on one quiz in order to move onto the next. However, after taking that first quiz a dozen times, I was only able to achieve 300 points... it said I needed 582 points to move on to the next lesson. No matter how many times I tried to retake that first lesson I still could not get enough points to move on to the second one. The only other option was to pay for a $4.99/week subscription which allowed access to all of the quizzes regardless of the amount of points you have. The issue with this is I’m 16 without a job or any time to get a job, and my mom doesn’t see the point in paying for an app if the dmv book works just fine. (Personally, I think this app would be way more convenient than the book if there wasn’t this subscription issue) TLDR; App’s point system doesn’t work, so you need to pay in order to move on to the next lesson.Version: 1.0.11

It’s a TrapYou have to pay in order to use this app. They charge 4.99 per week for you to be able to take any quizzes. The only thing you can do is take a one question test which asks you if you’re excited or not to learn. Then in order to continue to do anything on the app you will be charged 5 dollars a week. What 15-18 year old wants to pay that a week? Many kids don’t even have a job yet, so they’re not gonna have the money to pay for it. They’re better off just taking free quizzes on a different app or online. I understand that the app developer wants to make money, but $5 a week is a bit ridiculous. Maybe have a couple free quizzes so that if a kid doesn’t have money, they can at least get something out of the app. Also a few free quizzes would help an app user know just what it is that the app is offering. Once I saw that the app was gonna bill me for $5 a week, I literally didn’t hesitate to delete the app. There was nothing drawing me in. I’m begging the app developer to make some changes..Version: 1.0.23

AWESOME but it’s a no for meOk. Overall the app is AWESOME !! It’s colorful, it gives pictures etc ! But you have to pay $5 a week. Now that doesn’t sound bad at all ... if you have a job . Like most of us, we don’t. And our parents will not pay either. Me personally, I love this type of learning technique where I can actually visualize each scenario, but I don’t think I should have to pay for it. It’s rly sad. Maybe u should start giving exactly 24 hours for free . Meaning the time starts when you start ur first lesson, I feel that is completely fair. There’s literally 50 lessons, why only give 2 free? You wouldn’t believe how EXCITED I was that I found a great app for “free”.... I told my friends, family etc . That is until I got finished with the first 2 lessons . This app was a complete bummer, and ruined my whole mood. I suggest not to download this app, unless you want to pay..Version: 2.2.1

Works but trying to use without subscription is a nightmareDon’t get me wrong this app is incredibly useful but trying to use the watch ad feature is a pain. I did two lessons yesterday morning in it. Went to do one this morning and it told me the daily ad limit had been reached when I hadn’t used it in over 24 hours. It said “please wait 1:49” so I figured it meant a minute and 49 seconds. Two minutes later I realised it’s 1 hours and 49 (now 47) minutes which is frankly rediculous..Version: 2.2.5

Please updateWas a good and helpful app when I first got it but now I can’t even use the app it just keeps coming up ‘error please restart application’ which I’ve done numerous times, I even deleted the app and re logged in but still having the same issue and I go for my L’s test in a few days and would like to be prepared.Version: 1.0.6

Free version is restrictedIt seems really good from what i’ve seen in reviews and ads, but as a less privileged individual struggling to even pay for driving lessons, i can’t commit to the premium version. i thought i’d still get to use at least some of the features, but it seems like i can only answer 5 questions on the first topic before i’m met with an ad for the premium version, and when i close it down, it takes me back to the home menu every time, so i guess i can’t progress. would be awesome to let us free version people do a bit more, as i liked the layout and format of the app and its questions..Version: 3.9.2

“An error occurred”I logged in with Facebook and it worked then it said ‘loading’ and after a few seconds it said ‘an error occurred please restart the app’ and I did that. Multiple times. And it never worked and just kept saying error. I even redownloaded the app and it still kept happening. You guys need to fix this. I read another review and it said the same thing so i know it’s not just me..Version: 1.0.6

Angry TeenagerThis looks like an awesome app and it does look like you can learn from it although I can’t really say that with certainty because I only took one test question that asked me if I was excited to take the test and then after that it told me I had to pay to learn. I’m 16! I can’t even go to 711 and buy myself a bag of chips! You should put in your title somewhere “Oh btw you have to pay for 99% of the app”. That would’ve been helpful! I know you have it in the description but not everyone reads them when they first download an app and paying for it is a vital piece of information that you should put at the very top so people won’t waste their time. Yea sure I can ask my parents but then that would make my head a moving target for anything and everything they can grab and that is including the chihuahua. I can get a job and then pay for it but wait how tf am I gonna get to my job. WITHOUT. A. CAR. My parents aren’t gonna drive me there! They don’t even take me to school I walk there and sometimes in the rain. If you’re in my situation. This app. Not worth it..Version: 1.0.11

ReviewThis app hasn’t been very thought out other wise the government is ran by 8 year old because some of the way these questions are sentenced is just appalling they have 4 answers in questions and two of them are almost exactly the same just written out different but both mean the same thing which technically means they should both be right but for some irrational reason one of them is wrong which means you have to guess which doesn’t really make it a test in the first place does it.Version: 1.0.6

Not the bestApp costs money to even get past he second level and it only gives you a limited amount of options as to where you live. Not the best as I wanted to get a head start for my learners permit.Version: 1.0.11

5 dollars a week?You get access to one question which asks you “If you’re excited to start learning” after this you are asked to pay 5 DOLLARS A WEEK and all you get is a free 3 days, not even a week. Why subscribe to something which will charge weekly when some people don’t even get paid weekly. You would be spending around $20 a month (about as much as I'm paying for my phone alone not including data etc.) just for an app when you can download the DMV app for completely free. Just because something is higher quality doesn’t mean people should pay $5 a week when theres plenty of free courses available. On top of a majority of the people downloading this are teens and often teens don't have jobs and don't want to bother their parent to pay $5 a week. The app looked promising until that..Version: 1.0.19

Not going to pay a centI know apps can take time to create but seriously do you need to make people pay? There are many websites and other apps that help you study for FREE. In the app you said it can be expensive to fail a test and which is why it is a good idea to use the app, but how does this app help? This app just adds to the permit test cost! Overall, just use other apps that are FREE and look around whenever you join in on a car ride and you will pass your test. There should never be a fee when studying for a test. Now I know that 5 dollars is not much but i could of had bought myself an icecream treat for myself after I pass my permit test. Also I did not use this app and I still pass which goes to show that free online permit testers are the same as this app..Version: 1.0.11

Eh...Okay, so I do like this app, and it’s good for helping me study for my permit test, with all of the visuals and the simplicity of each chapter. That being said, and I get that you guys have to earn your money, but please, for the love of God, don’t lock everything behind a paywall! Most people, including me, are teenagers that are going to take their permit tests soon. Most of us don’t have jobs, and I can’t even buy premium because where I live, you have to be 16 to work. I think it’s a little scummy making teenagers pay to use this app. There are so many other ways for you guys to make money. I’d rather you NOT force us to buy premium and just make people watch ads. You COULD offer premium, but that should be optional, not forced upon everyone. Also, the reminder thing doesn’t even work. I set my reminder time to a certain time, and I get reminded 2+ hours after the time that I set. Fix that please. Also, seriously? Those who don’t get premium get a daily limit of TWO LESSONS? Are you kidding me? It’s like you’re punishing those who genuinely can’t buy premium, which that in and of itself is just a horrible thing to do. And also, why would you limit the amount of ads people can watch? Don’t you WANT more money? Limiting ads to two a day won’t make you more money. The least you can do is get rid of the limited amount of lessons those who don’t have premium can do. 2 a day is atrocious and messed up, and again, feels like a punishment..Version: 1.0.34

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