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Amazing!Not the best nor the worst, but I’m going to be very completely honest with this app. When you record a video on the app and post it. It won’t ever post and don’t expect it to post because it won’t post. I waited a whole 2 hours and nothing. So it’s better if you record it on you’re camera app. And then post it and it should post within 5-10 minutes, depending how long the video is..Version: 163.0

Sample of a IGTV video on InstagramThis app is great as I have been waiting to be able to upload videos that are longer than a minute for a while and the quality is much better than that of Facebook. I would like to see a feature that allows you to choose what part of the video is posted to your Instagram page. I like that you can choose your video cover but I would also like to be able to choose what part of that video is uploaded to Instagram. If you could apply this update it would make me and I’m sure many others very happy!.Version: 83.0

Really impressed with this appNot been a user for very long, always went on Instagram and Facebook but started getting bored with friends posts saying they were going to gym or showing what they were having for breakfast and then found this app and basically not been on Facebook for ages. Good range of different things to watch. Will definately stick with it..Version: 168.0

App love itGreat app but some reason can’t post for last week and tried contact customer help with no luck after 10 messages 🙈 please help.Version: 163.0

Works fine so far.Downloaded and started just fine. Took a minute or so to figure how to set up a channel of my own and then all plain sailing. Easy to navigate, easy to add videos and pretty much works like Instagram. A great app for video/content makers..Version: 50.0

What the video world has been waiting for!!Wow Instagram, just wow! Thanks Kevin & the teams that finally brought a real video in the way we consume! We only shoot in portrait now & it’s a pain to export twice for two formats! Thanks to IGTV we can now share longer videos with our Disney audience (@DisneyWorld4Brits)..Version: 50.0

Needs editing options!One feature that would really help a lot of users would be to rotate videos! The ability to rotate a landscape video to fit into the vertical format of IGTV would help a lot of users! Please please please develop this option! Love the concept and potential for growth with IGTV!.Version: 52.0

Review IGTVIGTV is a good app that help people to watch and enjoy from good videos especially when in some places you tube doesn’t run and people maintain tiered from seeing videos then IGTV app come and help students utilize from this innovative creativity app and can use the useful information save in this app I recommend please utilize this useful app and appreciate developers I wish success in world wide.Version: 131.0

Longer videosWe need to be able to go longer than 15 minutes! That would be nice and the uploads always seem to take a long time. Other than that really cool app..Version: 157.0

What they should addI wish they would let you search up the titles of videos instead of only allowing us to search for other channels, like i wanna be able to just binge watch a bunch of marching band videos from multiple people’s accounts but i don’t want to specifically watch them from a marching band instagram account i want to watch them from a variety of normal people’s accounts named like "my marching season" or "my marching band experience 2019" yk? it would just be so much better if we could be able to search up titles too.Version: 147.0

Unbelievable app!Really innovative way to discover and consume content! Very current!.Version: 50.0

Igtv CameraThe button doesn’t pop up sometimes if you want to record a video it could be property annoying if you have something on your mind and want to drop some heat but can’t.Version: 149.0

Some add on !How to get the blue direct message on my instagram.Version: 50.0

Pretty awesomePretty awesome so far. I’m excited to see how this app will develop.Version: 50.0

Do I really need this?It’s a great app but I can access igtv from Instagram as well with same features, so don’t think I really need to install this app..Version: 50.0

IGTVAwesome.Version: 163.0

Works great, could do with some extrasWorks well, would be great if you could add filters to the videos like on IG stories.Version: 160.0

IGTV “ for Intsta”Great easy to upload ..and quality sound with HD picture / video.. 🎼🎧🎼 Love uploading my Music Videos ✨.Version: 161.0

ErrorSometimes file just switch to other video and previous video is lost.Version: 187.0

AmusantBonne application.Version: 184.0.0

Love it👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽I find this amazing. I never thought vertical video will be a thing for me as a pro videographer but this is different..Version: 50.0

Love itWhat a portal to express and be inspired by..Version: 163.0

Old favLove that IGTV not only saves your Lives but gives a long frame than reels - wish Reels had long tome frame.Version: 165.0

I like it but...I like it now that it supports both vertical and horizontal videos but it’s lacking one feature...casting. Facebook gives you the option to cast videos to other devices, shouldn’t this be a standard feature for IGTV too?.Version: 118.0

More features, please!I would give full stars if there were better features such as adding a thumbnail photo in edit mode to create a better and cohesive overall look to posted IGTV videos. Also it would be better if subjects or hashtags could be searched as opposed to just searching for a specific creator..Version: 184.0

SO GREAT! But please let us edit the description and name!!Ok I’m so glad that there’s finally a platform for posting vertical vids! Problem is I had a typo in the title of my video and I couldn’t find any way to fix it. I had to delete the video and repost it, which made me loose all of the views and feedback :/ Would be great if you add a way for us to edit the title and description after posting :).Version: 50.0

Pretty good first few hours?Couldn’t upload the video with a custom thumbnail so that was a tad frustrating. Should have an edit for descriptions at least but that and titles really. And the live function should be in igtv as well. And I️ should be able to choose who I️ follow on igtv I️ don’t like seeing these random things I’ve never cared about before. Also multiple channels for one user. I️ want to run multiple channels from my account.Version: 50.0

Great appIT is a good app i would just like if they included 16:9.Version: 50.0

Really Nice AppCongratulations to Instagram on Surprising us with yet another app! this is a great way for us creators to share even more content out there with the community it’s we have grown on Instagram. would love to see an Apple TV app as well so i can watch the videos on the big screen as well as my phone. but, again, thank you Instagram 💕.Version: 50.0

Fun for longer videos!Great app, no glitches, and I can upload longer videos to my Instagram profile. That IGTV doesn’t cut the video into a square and allows you to turn your phone around into landscape mode is also amazing. It takes some time to upload, but it’s seamless and totally worth it. The quality of the video is the same you get on the phone, no loss of quality..Version: 178.0

We the PeopleCan see, and change the world for good with Instagram, now I need to add Spanish, German alway teaching just one thing of knowledge with good net you gotta know what’s bad to always being knowledgeable and if you don’t understand what I tried to say it because Iam just bipolar and it’s a God thing!!!!.Version: 185.0

It’s noiceFollow Jonmosslol.Version: 162.0

The future is here! At least until something else comesI’m digging this format. As a creator given this opportunity to create for mobile is challenging and exciting. Look forward to building this other side of video.Version: 50.0

YeahExcellent.Version: 170.0

Enjoy this appI have learned so much. Plus I have laugh lines and I don’t care. Great jokes and at this point in time we are under Lockdown for the next month this is my one an only place of fun... Thank You. I’m enjoying to the Max. Excellent and truly love all of what is posted. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟+.Version: 167.1

A little bit noiceFun, a little different, and many of your favourite you tubers are starting up here as well. Give it a go!.Version: 50.0

Good...butI think you should rethink the UI to be honest... I understand the look and how you’re trying to go for a seamless experience when consuming content, but I think it would be even better if you changed the way we could pick videos to watch (like the explore page but different). Other than that I’m excited to see where this goes....Version: 50.0

Much better than TikTokYou get a much better application than TikTok! Love it. Keep up the good work Instagram! 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 114.0

Not sure.I like IGTV but I liked it better when it was on the Instagram app. Put it back on there! Update: I love IG TV but can't post videos unless it is for a minute or more. Put it back to when we can post a video no matter how long it is!.Version: 116.0

Great App- Add it back!Love this app! It’s perfect for long videos.Version: 57.0

Thanks for the new platform.Can you make it so we can brand our tv channel with its own profile pic/banner..Version: 52.0

Almost perfect...This app is a great idea, and I think it’s great that we finally have a good vertical video app. Unlike most others, I actually enjoy vertical video. However, it seems like this is more for people who have a large following. The categories are, “For you”, “Following”, and “Popular”. I would like it for newer people to have a chance on igtv, because as it stands now, it seems to be only for people with a lot of followers..Version: 52.0

Good but lacking some thingsIGTV is good but lacking some features like a filtered search engine, something that you can pick between looking for a specific view or a channel, also lacking a way to see what videos you’ve already watched in one list. And there’s no way to save videos to a watch later list..Version: 57.0

HappySuper grateful for Instagram! And the allowance to post my poetry and hip hop through igtv. Only up from here and couldn’t have done it without instas help. 🤗💚🙏.Version: 167.1

Live workout with KareemAmazing so challenging and always pushing yourself to the limit.Version: 173.0

I LOVE this new app!So I just downloaded IGTV as I’m an extremely passionate Instagram Marketer and I really am so excited to see where the app goes. This app presents a great opportunity for content creators and with video content growing in popularity this was a natural progression for Instagram. I just uploaded my first video on my @mackaylapaul channel but have plenty more video content ideas to create and upload. My only suggestion would be to enable searching for keywords so I can find content I want to watch and not necessarily Instagram users..Version: 50.0

Publishes the IGTVs @ a glance 🥰❤️🥰I really enjoy using it.Version: 184.0.0

IGTVIGTV is just the best idea ever I love and will be watching and making my own videos for sure 100%.Version: 157.0

IgtvI love Instagram tv.Version: 169.0

La mejor forma de disfrutarCon los vídeos de IGTV puedes disfrutar hacer o ver entrevistas, vídeos, noticias y mucho más. Realmente es una excelente herramienta para divertir y divertirse..Version: 184.0

New layoutNew layout is much more appealing and user friendly.Version: 162.0

The app we deserve!I find myself reaching for IGTV more and more as of late. User experience is streamlined and content is clearly the focus of this app. I’m able to truly appreciate videos without the distractions the main IG application has. At first I thought my attention span was short - turns out I just wasn’t using an app that truly facilitated the content creators I adore! Instagram - take notes!.Version: 162.0

New to be able to rotate screen.That would be great..Version: 159.0

IGTV is great!I Love IGTV because it allows videos that are longer than one minute to be uploaded! It’s great to watch process videos!! And be able to have more time to show different techniques!! ⭐️.Version: 157.0

Sams Life @itsjustsamslifeCan’t wait for this to be fully up and running!.Version: 50.0

Love this hidden gemOk so I maybe a little biased as I teach Instagram to budding entrepreneurs but as a one stop video platform igtv pretty much has it wrapped up. Thanks and keep on creating..Version: 184.0

Easy to UseLove this app and how it links to my IG stories and feed..Version: 157.0

Loving the new take from Instagram!Everything that Instagram is doing with this app is amazing! However, it would be great if they added support for the iPhone X to get rid of those black bars at the top and bottom..Version: 50.0

InnovativeKeep up the great work & success IGtv team!! its different but different is awesome! its fast, its fun! its socially cool!.Version: 57.0

IGTVIGTV works GREAT for me because I loose track of time editing & remembering where I left off in IG stories. It takes away from the moment, when you have to look back at where you left off. Don’t get me wrong, I love IG stories. There’s just certain videos for certain moments. So, IGTV is where to go if you want to talk a little more with out distraction..Version: 158.0

Incredible!What a great app.Version: 50.0

Search EngineYou should change the search engine in order to allow users to search for video’s by their title and not by the persons user name.Version: 94.0

It's useless...🤦🏻‍♂️You can access and do all the same thing on Instagram. But overall great app.Version: 57.0

Abstractart followerMassive lover.Version: 158.0

Video uploads have some troubleMany times had happened to me that when my videos are uploaded on Instagram the voice and the video don’t match. They get disrupted at some point of the video and I have to delete and upload again. It would be easier for us if Instagram could fix that problem..Version: 185.0

Love it 😍😍😍Here, I can express myself without limits....Version: 163.0

A sign of the futureAs people look at their vertical phones more than horizontal TV this seems like an obvious choice toward the future of media, super excited for their vision and the media platforms to follow, good job instagram 👌🏼 keep smashing it.Version: 50.0

Love itI love the app and the way it’s going love making content on it and the virtual video is awesome just would love to have more then 10 mins upload maybe up to 20-30 mins 60 mins even? Just would love to be able to have long videos for everyone to make instead of just certain ppl!!!.Version: 57.0

😃I like this concept but it would have been great if same thing you put under the IG profile where you have timeline section, tag section, and save section. Just add “IGTV” section (or add it over there so when we click on that we can jump into IGTV app)..Version: 50.0

It needs some getting used to...I’m liking the layout and style, not to big on watching videos on portrait mode but give it about 15 mins, and you’ll get used to it. This was first suggested to me by a tech related video creator. I can see some IG users getting big on content creation with this app, so there’s definitely potential..Version: 50.0

100% privileges to do your thing. It’s a great channel, I love itIt’s a great channel and it gives people the opportunity to become a vessel of blessing bringing smiles to peoples faces, joy to those who are sad, and information to people about all the great things people are doing..Version: 183.0

Very approachable System for New UsersFirst time using this collaboration platform is simple and excellent, live platform options and inter connectivity would be the only suggestion. Facebook offers as a platform, but instead of interconnectivity - but for marketing it actively, rather than passively - How? Oh they do, it’s the ads we are subject to. How can we change that in a beneficial way? A teaching/marketing program. One with the sponsorship from active individuals in places of influence, governments, it is the whole point of omniscience. Economically? To implement, I guess you could say.. However, most of the ‘work’ is implemented by the teacher, specialists and or mentors. As to the most effective approach? Obviously reaching out through local teachers and specialists, people with information for the greater public. Anyone can volunteer even five minutes worth of wise words or pure and simple education for researchers (obviously a series of tests and background checks for adult directed content - but still purely emphasising education). Search through #hashtags and, hashtags #~ lead to hash-tagged #key words in the blurb. Memory required? We won’t think about that unless numbers are brought before us. A management system? You lot seem to be doing just fine. The point of this review, it’s pretty clear; You’re on the right or the left track..? Or the middle of a wilderness? Oh? I can feel that... 😈 Scared? Good! I hope not! 🤞So, if you got ‘ #goosebumps ’ at all reading this review then you can see how well it works! Get #anticipated and #collaborate with this #platform 👍 🙏 Peace out ✌️ Beau. D.Version: 161.0

I can’t understandI don’t understand why there is no icon on the main pages of the people I follow to tell me they have an igtv. Also I can’t watch all the videos of one user. It’s like really really everything in the same time. And so many things I hate are showed on igtv even when I flag them to be hidden. I hope you will change these things..Version: 83.0

I like it! One suggestion though...There’s no option to save videos so you can find your favourite videos again all in one place..Version: 50.0

Arty videosJust love looking at all the different types of media all together Great app.Version: 167.1

Loving it!Bite size tutorials helping me learn..Version: 167.1

Listen outside of the appI wish you could listen to IG Lives at the same when you’re trying to do other things on your phone.Version: 163.0

I love it but......Please add an option to create drafts, it’s so annoying having to prepare the post in one go when you want to post it..Version: 195.0

Need an iPad versionBoth Instagram and IGTV need an iPad app.Version: 148.0

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