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Voyager: Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB Negative Reviews

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Voyager: Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Voyager: Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Voyager: Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB? Can you share your negative thoughts about voyager: buy btc, eth, shib?

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Voyager: Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB for Negative User Reviews

Don’t do it to yourselfI was naive to a lot of aspects involved with centralized exchanges when I started using the voyager app. Take it from me and save yourself 4 months of just a really bad overall experience and just don’t use it. There are about a dozen instances I endured, but the worst one came today when I realized how they manipulate your transactions (deposits and withdrawals) by choosing the most opportune time for them to process. When the market is up, good luck getting your money. When the market was down, they froze my account due to an issue outside of my control. The market “coincidentally” was in the process of the biggest rebound in years and now they will not release my coins back to me until I make another deposit of equal or greater value to “ensure my account is in good standing order”. Now that the money will equal half of the amount of assets it would have when they froze the account, they are basically making me double pay. Several instances similar to this. Just don’t use it. There are other exchanges that offer more coins, have a better interface, faster transaction times and actually run their platform ethically..Version: 2.9.19

Buggy and slowI like the voyager interface overall, however, it’ll just crash sometimes, deposits and transfers take forever (longer than they say it takes), and there’s no metrics in regards to your portfolio. I’d love to be able to see graphs or even more historic pricing than just 1 year back. There’s a lot the team needs to do to tighten up the interface and have it run smoother, but they’re close. Just FYI. I really believe in voyager, but especially these delays and time it takes to withdraw or send crypto is atrocious. This needs to be worked on immediately. I’m still going to be using the app for now, and I hate even writing a review that will knock down the averages, but I think it’s important to the team at voyager to know that the amount of pending transfers I have from over 5-10 days ago which is around 20,000$ is just sitting somewhere in cyberspace and I’m constantly looking at my phone hoping the transactions go through..Version: 2.9.17

Lame...done with the app..I’ve been using this app for a few months now and it’s been a really horrible experience. If you plan on making money, this might not be the place for you. This app is down only when there’s major sell offs and huge spikes, you can’t even log in... it happens quite often and it’s really set up for you to fail on even swing trades. Just take a look at the rest of the reviews. There are so many flaws here ... everything about the app that should be of convenience for the user is really a huge inconvenience... everything that has to do with the app making money works super well glitches there... Getting this app has been the dumbest choice I’ve made. I’m not even going to use this for holding long positions... something fishy always happens and you can’t even log in to your account often and it even seems to follow a crypto price trend. I’m at a point where I can almost predict when the app won’t let me log in based on some crypto price movement...took all my money out and went to another app... I’m very disappointed... YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE ABLE TO HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY...not only when they chose to let you ....Version: 2.9.18

Good Exchange but Needs Time to ImproveI really like the layout of the app and it has a good selection of coins but the app really isn’t the problem. Voyager is still pretty new compared to other exchanges and therefore not ready for the influx of new users which is a shame because of some of the cool features they offer like interest on certain coins. The fees to withdraw your coins are insane, I had to pay $20 to move my Bitcoin out of voyager and it doesn’t make sense to move my other coins because the fees will eat up a good chunk of what I bought. Customer service has been a now show, I have not received any sort of reply or help from the tickets I submitted. While these problems are understandable because of the small team they have it does not make it any less frustrating to deal with which is why I would recommend looking into other exchanges while they work on growing their team..Version: 2.9.16

Going back to Coinbase unfortunatelyI have been a long time Coinbase user, and grew tired of their exorbitant fees. I wanted an alternative. A popular Youtuber I watch suggested Voyager, so I thought I’d try them out. What I began to notice in short order was that Voyager would slow roll everything. Slow roll when I could deposit funds. Slow roll when I could withdrawal funds. These two I found to be annoying, but manageable. What I can’t handle is when I try and withdraw a crypto and it sits in Voyager’s lovely “pending” status. They say they need to verify KYC and it can take them upwards of 24 hours to allow the withdrawal of funds. There is nothing more annoying in crypto when you have your transfer in limbo and your digital asset between wallets. It’s quite honestly nerve wracking to me. Almost every time I transfer funds this happens. I constantly have to open a support ticket and email them. I must be up to 9 tickets by now. This delay in withdrawals is completely unacceptable. After I transfer the remainder of my crypto out of Voyager, I’m off to another company...but Voyager never again..Version: 2.9.4

Stay Away! Save yourself the headache !! You’ve been warned!!OMG! It’s the absolute worst crypto app ever!! I got suckered in by seeing FREE $10 btc add on Facebook. Don’t fall for it! Yes I signed up and they did credit and I account $10 in bitcoin. Prior to withdrawing the bitcoin you have to wait something like 14 days..🤷🏽‍♂️. Well you cannot transfer crypto out of voyager account because there’s a minimum amount required?! What?! Anywho I sell off the btc attempt to withdraw my now $11 from the account but you cannot just enter banking account numbers, they require you to use some service(PLAID) so yes another hoop! Seeing as I don’t use a conventional banking account this troubles me but oh thank god, PLAID actually supports CHIME so I go thru and link account. Bada Bing Bada Boom, finally 3 months later I’m able to….Wait.. Oh, an error message saying they won’t allow withdraw to that institution!😱🤯 whoa?! Are you kidding me?! Seriously it’s a nightmare and any “crypto” app or wallet should have no problem allowing someone to send btc along the blockchain but not This one?! Crazy! SERIOUSLY! STAY AWAY!.Version: 3.2.0

Easy to use but transfers take too longRead the terms carefully before using. Setup with bank account was fast and easy and funds transferred in are available to trade immediately, but be aware that purchased crypto is not available for withdrawal until deposited funds clear - 5 to 10 days (7 calendar days in my trial). While they claim to get you the best price I did not see a way to place a limit order so your buys and sells are at the mercy of the market. Withdrawing crypto to a wallet uses a familiar interface, but only BTC and ETH are currently supported and requests are subject to a 24 hour review period. Fee for a small BTC withdrawal was 6.28%! Cash withdrawal to your linked bank account is also subject to delay. Finally, the app uses only password authentication so use at your own risk. Some interesting crypto’s are supported that aren’t easily accessible to US residents through the usual outlets, but you’ll have to weigh the convenience of purchasing through this app against the security and withdrawal limitations..Version: 2.2.0

ScamI’ve been testing this app for a couple months with small amount of money. Now they have locked me out asking for my Driver’s License and a Selfie (yes a selfie!) in order to verify my account. I’m not comfortable providing this info to them. How do I know this is secure or they are just building a database with our personal info to sell? I mean they don’t even have a Customer service phone number. So I have open up a ticket asking to close my account and transfer my money back but so far no replies. I also noticed in the reviews bunch of people having the same issue. If I don’t hear back in a week or so or not given my money back I’ll be filing a BBB report. After that a complaint with the NY attorney general. I’ll also prepare a class action lawsuit against the company. But we have to follow proper steps in order to file the lawsuit. But if you are new to this company please stay away as they can change their verification requirements anytime and ask you for whatever they want..Version: 3.1.2

The worst absolutely zero customer serviceWith real time money at play they do nothing but send you a repeated message and do nothing to fix the problem the worst absolutely the worst customer service and unprofessional business that I can ever remember doing business with. The amount that I traded for was different in the price that I'm currently at. When you can clearly go onto your history and see the price that youBought in at. The transactions came back and had a completely different amount. Also when you have a repeted buy at a lower amount than what your price is currently standing at there should be a percentage change either higher or lower very simple. Three different times on two different transactions no percentage change no response from them except an automated text it's been over a week now. they have done nothing to fix the problem and I am still sitting here losing money as we speak because of their incompetence and lack of response time or to even respond at all besides an automated text. On the other hand Robin has been Robin Hood has been nothing but the best no problems whatsoever I would totally recommend Robin Hood to anyone..Version: 2.9.18

Ok, Except Where It Isn’t, Which is What MattersI had a love/hate with Voyager that has run it’s course to just hate over the last 6mo. Where is Voyager the best? On the interest they offer. Where are they meh, their spreads. Where are they the worst? Transfers and customer service. It’s become impossible to move funds to either my bank or my wallet in a timely manner. All transactions sit on pending status waaaaaay longer that the ticket quotes you it will take (24 hours). There is no way to speak to anyone that I know of (I looked up the CEO on Bloomberg but haven’t tried the listed number yet), the only option is to support a ticket. That ticket will sit unanswered while your problem isn’t fixed. Eventually, days and days and days later (I think it took a week for them to process my last cash withdrawal to my bank which I mean on Voyager’s end, my bank posted it the day after the transaction came off pending) your transfer will go through. The interest has held me too long: with DeFi out there and Voyager actively suppressing it, I don’t need Voyager anymore. Thanks for almost being great, making this that much more disappointing..Version: 3.1.1

Liked it at first--Today it got ridiculousI'm mining ETH to my Voyager wallet. Pool deposit went in early this morning, and I sure am glad I sold right away because after that, I've been unable to access the app ALL DAY on 5/22. They sent an email saying a 3rd party SSL was the issue. Doesn't matter. That is entirely unacceptable for the purposes of crypto trading. While I am fortunate to have moved all but a little of my coin to another service a week ago, I thought all day how some must feel who have significant sums they cannot access. If I'd not been able to sell my mining profit as the price moved lower all day and continues to, I would be very angry. Throw out your risk/reward calculations. You cannot know the risk in a trade if you cannot be assured access to the market. This app seemed good for months, but the recent volatility has exposed them as a weak platform, as today was about the 5th significant service outage in the last 2 weeks, though by far the worst. There is no web-based platform to fall back on when this dinky app goes down. Keep searching, because you are literally better off staying out of crypto if this was your only choice..Version: 2.9.19

Consistent maintenance in progressI have been using Voyager for less than a month now. Shortly after I transferred thousands of dollars and made my orders i have been locked out of my account numerous times. They constantly are doing maintenance to their app. They would have various reasons why. For example i would be locked out because there were too much traffic during trading and will notify me when I can access my account again. They actually have a scheduled maintenance day where I would get emails in advance stating that I wouldn’t be able to access my account for a few hours. Which means if I should suddenly need to sell my positions due to market crash i wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Currently while I am writing this review I am locked out because voyager had issue a new iOS in the apple store and is waiting for an approval to update the app. It’s been over six hours now and still locked out of my account. So the market can crash right now and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Crypto trading is 24/7 and I would frequently be locked out. This is my money they are dealing with and It drives me mad knowing that I actually don’t have control over it. I am too deep now to withdraw everything and go elsewhere. These people are really sneaky on how keep you on. Oh well I won’t be increasing my position anymore for sure..Version: 2.9.18

Wanted to like it.... BUT :(First of all, although I am relatively new to the crypto market, I have done a lot of research. I have multiple other apps, with investments in each of them. This app seem like it would be an awesome addition to what I’m already doing, especially with its low fees and interest options, but and that’s a big BUT... unlike the other apps, I could never get my account verified with Voyager I submitted a ticket and over a week and a half later I still haven’t gotten a response!!! Which with everything going on in the market is even more frustrating. Also, throughout this time, the app has had connectivity issues. Ugh. I even tried to create another new account, thinking maybe I did something wrong the first time... to no avail. The response was still, “we have a verification issue”… But I used the exact same information to all my other accounts and never had a single issue. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t like the layout of the app as much as I do. Plus, I really like the way the app updates prices more regularly than the other apps. But, if I can’t get my account even verified… It doesn’t do me much good at all. Didn’t think I would ever use an app to monitor prices for another app. So aggravating. Hope they fix this, but at this time, safely, I can’t recommend this app..Version: 2.9.18

Nearly Impossible to get approved for an accountI have been attempting to sign up for an account with voyager for almost 1 week. Of course I have entered all my correct information into the app. They then tell you your account is pending. They then ask for pictures of your drivers license, recent utility bills, a picture of yourself. I have submitted the personal information they requested and they are still asking me to upload more personal documents and not approving my account. I have been at this for almost 1 week and I am still unable to purchase or trade crypto. Now the on screen message I am getting says they may still be reviewing my application and that it could take 12 weeks. Furthermore reaching out to their customer service has been awful. There is no phone number and therefore you have to submit a “ticket” and wait for someone to email you back. Of course I have been emailing back and forth now with their customer service and they still are unwilling to get my account up and running. Consider using a different platform to purchase crypto and good luck getting a new account with this company..Version: 3.0.3

Limit sells won’t workThey only allow you to do market sells at a lower rate then market value so I believe they can immediately make money on your transaction. If you try to do a limit sale that’s still under the market value but more then what they try to give you for a market sale it won’t process. So if you are trying to actively trade voyager is not a good place to be. It’s for buying and holding so they can either use your funds or they want to be able to immediately bank off your sale. The app is well organized looks good, the fact they pay apr % on certain coins is awesome. But I feel they are trying to unfairly make you do market sales at substantially lower rates then market values to immediately make big gains on your transaction . I’ve yet to have a limit sell even ever process. That part is super sketchy and dishonest to me which is frustrating. But if it weren’t for that voyager could be at the top in my opinion.Version: 2.9.27

Horrible spreads, limit orders and money movement delaysI initially liked the concept and the seemingly low fees but found that they make TONS of money off users by a terrible spread for market orders. The fact that limit orders rarely ever execute or at least, take many many hours to do so, makes it impossible for a trader to make any reasonable profit in the short term. It’s obvious this lag or purposeful annoyance is rigged and will make most people submit a market order instead, which is rigged to get the worst possible price and thereby fill voyagers balance sheet with these hidden and outrageous spread “fees”. Do not use this app if you are wanting to rapidly trade. Only if you are long and rarely want to invest or divest. But … Even then , the fee to transfer Bitcoin is a whopping 28 bucks and takes hours to days. Withdrawals and deposits of fiat USD take days to weeks!! No other exchange is this terrible. The app itself is very buggy where orders don’t show up after you make them, the list of orders and transfers has to be refreshed frequently before they show and s general feeling of “is this app really showing correct prices and balances” tends to irk me. Also, the calculations are almost all completely off. The profit loss is based on “price” which you will NEVER get. The cost average is very wrong. It’s a literal mess. And now in the heat of highest prices ever, their app can’t handle the trades. It’s DOWN. What a JOKE..Version: 2.9.16

Terrible!!! Voyager failed to credit my account.Voyager is terrible - I transferred thousands of dollars worth of ADA from my wallet - the transaction was confirmed on the blockchain over 40,000 times - never credited on my Voyager account. I reached out to customer service by phone five times and left voicemails because nobody ever answers the phone and I have never received a call back from support. I have emailed support at least 15 times and still no resolution to this issue. I actually sent tweets to the CEO and he just indicated that the issue was being looked into yet nothing has happened. It has been eight days since the transfer occurred and I have nothing in my Voyager account. They have failed to give me my money and their customer service is absolutely terrible. Lastly, free exchanges is a scam because the buy spreads are absolutely ridiculous - you will pay sometimes up to 3% more per crypto over the actual market price and when you sell you don’t get that same mark up - I have calculated that you often pay at least $50 - $100 per purchase - for example with ADA - if the market price is 1.15, the price you have to buy ADA through Voyager will be around 1.19 so if you intend to purchase 2000 ADA that will actually cost you an extra $80 - but if you were to sell ADA Voyager will only give you the 1.15 price - might as well just use a legitimate exchange and pay the $7 for each buy - save lots of money - and they probably won’t lose your money..Version: 2.9.14

Withdrawing Money is an issue for them right now.I have been using this app for a while now it was great. Tons of crypto options other exchanges didn’t have. Deposit my mining revenue daily no issues made some trades and withdrawals no issues for months. Until recently I tried to make a withdrawal and it is just stuck in a pending status , reached out to CS they responded that I should look at their blog post. (Which I never looked at their blog posts, silly me I guess) it said due to tremendous growth there have been delays in withdrawing. Ok kinda weird way to tell me that , no in app alerts or anything cool. It has now been about 2 weeks. Looking online i seem to not be the only one, there are tons of people having issues dating back before the blog post. CS no longer responds to emails and the Twitter handle only tweets about the things they have purchased with our money, please do not use this app until they can fix their customer service issues and resume withdrawing funds from accounts..Version: 2.9.16

High Fees! Ratings lie 👎🏿👎🏿Almost gave it 2 stars but because of the many problems, I’m not going to. While there is no commission fee per say, there is a high gap in spread so you will be paying massively in fees to make up the difference. The free commission claim is a trap! Overall, fees are like 3% per trade so don’t fall for this bull crap, a lot of the popular apps charge much less than this. Kraken, the app I switched to, charges around 0.2-0.3% in fees. While I like the simplicity of this app, the fees are way too high and their costumer service is horrible. I switched to Kraken and am paying fraction of the fees compared to this app. And Kraken’s new app has a more beautiful design compared to this app, although I like how you can organize this app’s crypto listing and your portfolio. But what doesn’t happen in Kraken is weekly shut downs of their app; Voyager constantly shuts down! Lastly, there are so many 1 star reviews but the app’s average rating is almost 5/5… that is very suspicious!.Version: 2.9.22

Love the team and App, but missing some crucial functionI’ve been using voyager for the last 6 months or so and have been a huge fan up until my latest attempt to withdraw my funds. I wanted to take out my DOT and of course they don’t offer DOT withdrawals. So in order to access my funds I needed to sell DOT(taxable event) buy ETH and transfer out ETH to my wallet. It’s unfortunate to have to pay taxes now, but the worst part is it took nearly 3 days for my transfer to go through, which in the mean time I did multiple transfers between other exchanges that finished within 30 minutes each. The price of dot and Eth swapped dramatically in that time and I ended up with 20% less dot tokens because of this. I really appreciate the voyager team and the service they have provided me, but until these issues are addressed I feel I need to take my funds elsewhere where I can trust I have access to them when I need them. Hope to come back in the near future when these features are updated and up to par with their competition..Version: 2.9.18

Poor customer serviceSince I started using the app, I have no problem with buying cryptos and checking all the transactions. But recently I keep getting issues regarding relinking of my bank account. I was able to buy but just want to check and try if I will be able to withdraw money but the app is not allowing it because of some relinking issues in my bank account. I tried to relink it and was successful on my bank account side because I can check that it was link successfully but the connection expired note is still showing in the Voyager app. I tried to contact them multiple times but I didn’t get any reply from a real person but mostly through auto reply without answers on how I can solve the issues. This is not good especially if for example you have already invested lots of money and no one can help you with issues regarding withdrawals etc.Version: 3.0.2

Frustrated. Impossible to move assets out.Sorry but I recommend against the app. Don’t use Voyager. I’ve used it for a few months now. I did the verification process: I’m perfectly legal, perfectly fine, I’m 100% certain of that. That was done, set up my bank, bought assets. Fine, no problems. I check my assets every day, bought and sold a few things, fine. Then the app locks me out and I have to do verification all over again. Ok, so I do it again. Now, a few weeks later, it locks me out again. Now my balance reads zero: cash gone, crypto gone- it’s a lot of money. I don’t panic, I relax and then I do verification for a third time. It says it may take up to 12 weeks to verify and if I start a support ticket it will take longer. What? Thankfully, I’m verified about an hour later. Balance: zero. But after a while balance is back to normal so my assets are obviously safe. But now I’m upset and want to take my assets out. Frozen. I can’t send out the crypto and can’t drop the USD back into my bank. Try and get help in the app and all you get is a 100% useless bot. It will not allow me to speak to a human. I’m taking my business somewhere else and I suggest you do as well. Hey Voyager: You can’t freeze my assets because your app doesn’t work! Easy to put the money into Voyager but impossible to get it out..Version: 3.1.1

Worst Crypto AppNever had my money stolen by any crypto app but I believe this is my first time. 4 days ago I requested a BTC withdrawal which was cleared in the Voyager app 4 days ago. Even tho it is cleared in the voyager app I never received my btc and since the address I attempted to withdraw to was over 3 days old is now expired. So i dont know where my BTC is and support has done nothing to help despite multiple support tickets being created about this and multiple other issues. Save your time and money and DO NOT USE THIS APP. I still have a decent amount of coins in the app but can’t even withdraw them because of false pending deposits. Says I can’t withdraw until all deposits are cleared but the app simultaneously shows me that I have no pending deposits. There is too much traffic for their staff to handle as all they do is reply and tell ppl that they are basically overrun with support tickets, and just refer you to the FAQ section that is ultimately helpless. No phone support either. Wonder how many other ppl are going through this that they’re experiencing delays in simple support?.Version: 2.9.18

Warning, shady business!Your cash is not liquid with this app. Recently they requested identity verification. I provided all necessary documents as required. Now I cannot make changes to recurring investments nor sell any assets or withdraw cash. What’s worse is I was trying to update my recurring withdraw account as I am trying to close this bank account. Now I cannot because they keep withdrawing from it. Voyager is literally stealing from me. Even more, I submitted a help ticket only for them to close it immediately as solved. I am currently in search of the proper authority to report this business too. I hope I can find a resolution without doing this, but they do not leave me with any other options. Follow up. After looking through their website and calling all available phone numbers, there is no way to get in touch with customer service expect through the website, which they do not respond too. I do not know if contacting the SEC is an option but I will follow up once I have found a resolution. I would not recommend trusting this company with your money. Update. They sent me an email stating I do not meet their requirements and they have closed my account. No reason provided, no money returned..Version: 3.2.5

Not only worst crypto exchange/broker, worst businessI had an account for a while, didn’t really transfer a lot or trade but because Celsius is just a wallet, I transferred my large balances here. Worst crypto decision ever. First I noticed how insanely huge the spreads are but that was ok since I would transfer out for trades which I tried with USDC. Took 48 hours! They claim it’s a manual process which is unusual to say the least. Then I heard about others problems as well and started transferring out more. My ETH transfer is in Day 7. Support is totally non responsive. They are suddenly claiming they have withdrawal and deposit issues (they take the deposit but don’t credit it to your account necessary) due to growth and technical limitations. From one week? I finally dumped all my BTC into USD and started withdrawing that way. Who knows how long that will take but at least it’s FDIC insured. I am in the legal process regarding all this and I’m sure others are to. Check out their Twitter feed. The CEO only resolves tickets for the chosen ones and even then some don’t get resolved. He was incredibly rude to me where everything critical is about haters hate. He is a man child and has no business being CEO. Stay away. This needs to be shut down..Version: 2.9.14

WARNING!!!!Do NOT get Voyager! They have the worst customer service team on the planet. They will hold your crypto for far longer than stated on screen and when you try to email them they give you automated responses that don’t pertain to your message and then take forever to respond to you if at all. I deposited $100 on their platform and it took literally over three weeks for that money to reflect from pending to complete! I had to email customer support a couple times before they resolve my issue. I have a current ongoing issue where I am trying to withdraw funds and on screen it says it will take up to 24 hours to review the transaction but it’s already been nine days and the transaction is still reflected as pending... i’m not the only one having issues with the Voyager app. Do some looking around you’ll find that this is want to stay away from! I would consider leaving an updated review reflecting a positive experience with Voyager if they ever get back to me or respond to this. Otherwise I’m completely done using Voyager. There are far better, safer exchanges to use..Version: 2.9.16

DO NOT DOWNLOADHello this is an honest review from someone that was loving Voyager at first. You were probably enticed by the high interest rates (those are annual % APR btw so not what you’re getting every month, divide that by 12 to figure out how much you get monthly per coin) First off they are a broker and not an exchange so you are paying anywhere from .03 -.10 MORE per coin than you would on other exchanges and on some of these smaller cap coins that’s a TON. Then when you do want to transfer, it’s more expensive than any other exchange. Now that brings me to the transfer itself. You’ve probably seen reviews about how bad their customer service is and I’m telling you this is 100% accurate. I’ve had pending withdrawals/transfers for over 10 days and in the volatile world of Crypto this is the difference between making money and losing it. They claim 24 hours or less but I’m telling you right now that’s a downright lie and they know it. They had a great User Interface which is what draws people but as far as delivering on what it’s actually supposed to, it can’t get much worse. Really hoping this review saves the headache and lost opportunity it did for me for someone else..Version: 2.9.19

Support is Crap!THIS PLACE HAS TERRIBLE TECH/CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I signed on with Voyager when the Dallas Mavs partnered with them in hopes to get the $100 BTC bonus. I figured the Mavs would only parter with top notch companies but boy was I wrong. I opened an account, linked my bank, deposited and purchased the $100 required to receive the promotional BTC. 3.5 days later, I received a message that my bank account link had been denied by Voyager. It turns out it was because it was a joint account. After uploading some new documentation, the bank account was successfully reapproved by voyager. However, my deposit has not been reinstated. It was hard to figure out how to contact support to get this resolved. The app didn’t give me the contact info. I ended up having to reply to an email they sent me. I have asked them some questions about that initial deposit several times and they never really answer my questions but instead give ambiguous responses. Plus it takes a day or two to get a response. Needless to say I have not received my promotional $100 in BTC. I am disappointed because the app looked to have potential but I cannot take a chance with my money using a company that has HORRIFIC technical/customer support..Version: 3.0.4

Liquidity Issues? Crazy Withdrawal Delays and No CSI downloaded this app to see what all of the hype was about and transferred about $10 in BTC to test the app out before deciding to move over my entire portfolio. Really glad to have tested it first. My BTC transferred within a few hours, was added to my balance and I can even sell it for USD but if I try to transfer the BTC it says “pending” and won’t let me move it. Been 6 days and everything is confirmed on the blockchain but still the same message. I opened a ticket with their support a week ago and it’s been radio silence. My suggestion for anyone lured in by the high interest rates is to dry run this like I did before bringing over any significant funds. Send support a message and test them out. Would you find the same shenanigans acceptable by your bank or brokerage account? I sure wouldn’t. For anyone feeling scammed and in the USA I suggest you file a formal complaint with the CFPB. If withdraws are stated to take 24 hours and take weeks they have a serious liquidity problem and I don’t feel comfortable keeping 10’s of thousands of dollars with them..Version: 2.9.16

Do NOT put your money on this platformI joined voyager during the Mark Cuban Bitcoin promotion. It was awesome, got the $100 in Bitcoin and proceeded to trade for about three weeks before my account was “frozen” for two to three weeks. This was during the height of the bull run we saw in the fall of 2021. I couldn’t make trades and basically lost the $100 I was “given.” Did I learn my lesson? No. I continued to use Voyager because I do like the interface of the exchange. I eventually bought Luna on there given it was one of the few platforms still allowing trades after the coin failed. Should have traded on KuCoin, I know that now because once again, my assets were “frozen.” I am AGAIN losing the opportunity to trade and make money off of LunaC. We are now on day five of LunaC assets being frozen and I am losing so many opportunities. I submitted tickets of inquiry the first time my account was frozen and I have this time as well, to no avail. You get no response, nothing. After all of this, I am never using this platform again. I highly recommend all of you stay away from Voyager..Version: 3.2.7

Find Another Crypto AppFirst off let’s start with Voyager has stolen a lot of money from my account, refused to give back even after providing proof of my money from the bank. I have reported to BBB and made other contacts with certain people in order to retrieve my stolen money. They gave standard generic email responses as then proceeded to lock my account from selling, buying, transferring or placing my thousands back into my bank. Their reasons why are for poor behavior or whatever they needed to say to avoid giving me my money back. This leading to poor customer service and not responding to my emails. They have no customer service. It’s only “support” which means the creator of the app is the only unprofessional running the show. My husband has also transferred from one crypto to another to remove all coins, etc from their app. His thousands are not sitting in limbo, no response to 3 emails and his transactions only shows pending. I blasted this crappy app on Stocktwits and needless to say my messages blew up with tons of people who have experienced the same problem!! This app is a scam! They are thieves and keep stealing people's hard earned money!!!! STAY AWAY. Unless you can afford to just give away your money to people who will steal it anyway!!! Next action is contacting SEC!!.Version: 2.8.1

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Voyager: Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Voyager: Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB.

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