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Necrophonic App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Necrophonic app received 88 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Necrophonic? Can you share your negative thoughts about necrophonic?

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Necrophonic for Negative User Reviews

Do not waste money on thisIt’s garbage. Nothing but a gibberish recording..Version: 1.1

RefundHow can I get a refund now please..Version: 1.1

Im angry cus of thisI love this game i do, but somethings up. I DON’T HAVE A”phone mute switch”??? ITS TELLING ME”my audios off blah blah blah turn on the phone mute switch”AND ITS ANNOYING BECAUSE I HAVE MY VOLUME ALL THE WAY UP MAN...Version: 1.7

Absolute fake rubbish!Save your money, this is an absolute con! The voices & words coming through repeat showing that it’s programmed to be that way. There is absolutely no validation in this app to show that it has given any answers that resonate with questions asked, just mumbles of voices & moans that are clearly repeated, not new voices coming through just the same recorded voices again & again. And you realise it after listening for a while. £10 for this?! Ridiculous. It’s not worth a penny. Don’t waste your time with it!.Version: 1.1

Seems sketchyI’ve done everything I’m meant to, and all I get is what sounds like recorded voices making noise. Not worth the money to be honest. Another scam.Version: 1.1

HelloCannot make anything out at all.Version: 1.1

App Not user friendlyI would not recommend this app. Waste of my money. I re-downloaded to make sure it wasn't me or the phone. The app just doesn't work, but it did respond the very exact non-audible verbiage as the first download. Skeptical at this point.Version: 1.7

???It’s probably everyone recorded by the maker . Makes no sense . No workie save your money!.Version: 1.1

Sound not workingI downloaded this months ago and loved it but now it’s not working and there’s no sound. I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it but it’s still got no sound. You can’t message for support on there or on here.Version: 1.1

I’m not sure how app tbhI have tested it out a lot and tried different languages, I speak some German and Spanish. Each time I start speaking German a lot of voices come through saying “Am I dead?, victim, knife, pain and tbh this could all be bull crap but they told my very weird nickname. Still unsure of the authenticity of this app but it’s fun to try..Version: 1.1

Latest updateNot sure what you have done, but the app has become way to voice noisy since recent update. The voices are running too fast to understand, this never used to be a problem since the update. Please revert back to slower speed voice packs..Version: 1.7

No sound at allI have download and paid $14.99 and there’s no sound at all, looked online and it said to uninstall and re install, still not working. Any tips?.Version: 1.1

How does this workI would love to know how to work this app. As soon as I press start on the app, I get loads of chatter etc. when I ask a question, I don’t get an answer just loads more chatter.Version: 1.7

Don’t waste your money.It just says random things, what a waste of $15..Version: 1.1

Not working for meI live in Spain, in an old house, you’d think that any words that come through would be in Spanish, but no, they’re in English but since I had the house restored last year, no English speaking person has lived here except me. So, not working for me..Version: 1.7

Not a good appI cannot make anything out I also try to speak to my bf who passed away and I’m just getting a bunch of talking but not him just sounds like the same words over and over.Version: 1.1

Sound issues.New mute option. Can’t figure out how to fix that? How to unmute it? Waste of money..Version: 1.7

Just a bunch of static garbageI don’t know what everyone else is hearing but all I hear is short syllables, no words, nothing that makes any sense at all! I’ve been trying every day for weeks now, and I think I just wasted $15.Version: 1.1

SOMETHING HAS CHANGED ???I used to get get some pretty positive results with this App. And i cant see because of evidence on various cases not even kept filed searched within the phone I use. Now I’m having this name of Anne and a Scottish Male accent in so many conversations the same ?? There does need to be changes made I feel just my opinion. Voices are to fast and not always easy to hear what’s being said. I hope we can in 2023 see improvements to the screen adjustments in the application more filters for sound etc. It’s been a great app to use but not convinced now unless changes are made I will continue to use or look at the others from developer of app Hope you read this because it’s helped many people..Version: 1.7

HmmmmmmmSeems like random sounds playing in a long loop to me. If I listen long enough I hear familiar names but it’s bound to happen, just like if you pull a Tarot card every 5 minutes, soon every possible thing will be predicted. Great for making you tube videos if you scream a lot and type in words you say you’ve heard! Most Haunted 5.0(b).Version: 1.7

FakeI’m a upcoming paranormal investigator and heard about this app being real but when I tried it was just giving random words in a algorithm with a semi creepy voice.Version: 1.7

Not worth $11.99I am in Australia, and it seems the spirits speak American???? Seems to say the same thing a lot ummm???.Version: 1.1

No soundWish i could get a refund.Version: 1.1

Don’t, waste, your, money!The app doesn’t do anything except play clips of voices and sounds in the background. It’s nothing but static and sounds! Don’t waste your money. Was hoping for $13 I’d get something cool And fun to play around with. Oh! And the best part even when you’re a talking, the sounds keep coming through. Apple is giving me a refund..Version: 1.1

Not worthI’ve been trying for a bit but it’s just inundation of the sound box words I guess or repeating of what I’ve said like a recording with a lense on..Version: 1.1

Oh Another Toy Or? Age 9 and up?Gotta say, when you get the EXACT SAME RESPONSES AS THE GUYS WHO DO ACTUAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE APP!) and I’m talking multiple investigators getting the same responses in similar order…and a few of these investigators are very good, intelligent and it saddens me to see them take responses seriously. I got the same responses at different locations, fyi, in SCOTLAND at reportedly haunted castles where I had physical reactions but completely unfitting responses. I think someone’s review claimed that within 15 minutes it knew his name and location so since I’m definitely over 9 years old I gave it a chance to tell me my name and location, after failing miserably I said what type of environment do I live in and it told me to get out… I was actually at the time walking around my garden. It couldn’t get anything correct. I’ve unfortunately lived my life sensitive to energy i don’t claim this, but rather several friends have picked up on it when with me, so anyway… when I jokingly said I think this thing is just a bit off base it threatened my offspring, I don’t have any. I don’t think a 9 year old would find it funny either…and again doubt the average 9 years and older crowd should know better as well. I think maybe if it’s acceptable to be used by 4 and older it might be sketchy. Perhaps in an extremely haunted location an energy could legitimately interact with it… I mean no disrespect to investigators who use this app, I think it greatly may be influenced by the surrounding and for the guy who’s name and location it guessed? Perhaps a common name and ? I still think some of these iPhone-ovilus apps are a seemingly convenient alternative to a normally bulky piece of equipment but are they working or getting information by accessing you account info with Apple or other information stored on your phone or using your questions like Siri and guessing a response based on location? And I think I’ve read cell phones cause false positives and interference with equipment What do I know?.Version: 1.7

No soundI am unable to get any sound out of the app, even when it first opens up.Version: 1.1

A PORTAL FOR EVIL SPIRITS AND DEMONS!!! WARNING!Summoned a demon and evil spirits by accident + used a Pendulum and got in contact where the demon hurts me so mentally, so much, I can’t take it anymore. Please do not use this app!!! For your own sake and for the other nearby spirits. Thank you!!.Version: 1.7

À ne pas téléchargerVraiment ridicule comme application. Coût élevé pour du fake. On entend d’emblée des sons random en l’ouvrant et tout ce qu’on entend sont des mots en anglais alors pas crédible du tout pour mon entourage. Je ne recommande pas et je demande à être remboursé voyons dont, c’est rire du monde!.Version: 1.1

NecrophonicDoesn’t work, can’t here anything, there’s no settings or even a menu of some kind.Version: 1.1

I don’t believeI just felt like … once you hit start it just start talking than you can hit stop than add echo reverb such trash smh can I please get my money back really not what I expected.Version: 1.7

I did not purchase this app refund?!!My child snuck onto my phone and bought this app without my permission as they were watching tictoks and watched a stream on tictok that was using it.Version: 1.1

No soundI was at a park with a friend and we were going to see if it was haunted because I’ve been training to become a medium and i felt like someone was with us so we decided to use this app and it has no sound..Version: 1.1

Don’t buy itI live in a french city and I also speak french but all of the “answers” I’m getting are in English. It’s not very credible. The sounds that are coming out of the app are also very fake. Don’t waste your money on this app..Version: 1.1

FunSo how does this thing work, I turn it on and there are already voices. Is this like fake?.Version: 1.1

No sound isn’t workingHey Chris app has suddenly stopped working, can you get this fixed would be great thank you!.Version: 1.1

Still haven’t fixed sound issuesI looked this up to see what I could do to fix it and noticed that people were having issues a year ago. I paid for this app, it’s really messed up that the sound still doesn’t work. Even when my volume is maxed out and I have restarted my phone five times, re-downloaded the app, nothing works. What a waste of money. Do not purchase this app, I only wish I could get my money back..Version: 1.7

Don’t waste your moneyIn Canada this cost $13.99 don’t waste your money, it just try’s to play “creepy” sounds. It’s made with Unity engine, you really think this would be real? No it’s fake don’t buy it. Things like this need to be removed from the App Store, giving people hope that they will talk to loved ones again even though this app in no way talks to spirits..Version: 1.1

Did not work I expect a refundThis was after waiting hours for somthing and you can tell if DONT saying stuff like get out or don’t is complete bull and the radio sweep is too fast even when I turn it down.Version: 1.7

Fake!It’s just on a loop and it never responds to any questions but keeps having people talk and not respond. I want my money back :(.Version: 1.1

App UpdateSo I absolutely loved using the Necrophonic app. Before the update. This update now infact listens to you and repeats everything back. Before the update I had came across alittle girl she gave me her name first and last and believe it or not when I typed it in on google There she was. 8 year old murdered by her mothers boyfriend and his name was what she had said. Before the update it was real. Now it is not and you ruined it Chris.Version: 1.7

NecrophonicsI have given this App hours and hours of chances to prove its worth. Not one single time in many different places has it Ever said anything relavent about the area, place, or names!! It has never answered a question, not even a yes or no. It just gives you random words in a scary voice and sounds. Not worth the price I paid for it! I wouldn’t have even given it 1 star except that it might be a fun prank App for younger teenagers IF the App was FREE! Otherwise it’s Very Worthless!!.Version: 1.7

Give me my money backIt’s just endless noise happening at you.Version: 1.7

Fake!! Do not buy!Paid for the app and it barely did anything. What a rip off. I want to give apps a chance even if they sometimes have bad reviews. But this is totally fake. Please do not download!.Version: 1.7

Not sureI’ve seen others use it and heard they get amazing clear answers but for me however it’s all voices I can’t understand what anyones saying I keep seeing my favourite YouTuber Kelsie Davies use this and she recommended it but to be honest I believe in spirits and everything I’ve had so many signs from them but this app it’s not working for me. It would be good if it subtitled what words were being said..Version: 1.1

An absolute conI’m a believer in spirits BUT this app takes the absolute (you know what!) 100% this is hosted by loads of people picking up several lines and saying random words, as well as a generator that morphs them to sound otherworldly! Please do not purchase. I’ve done several sessions and they’re all very similar sounding voices and a few radsoms screams thrown in to make it sound as though someone’s in distress...the same everytime. I’m a fool for clicking download!!!.Version: 1.1

NecrophonicNot good at all , This app doesn’t work . I requested a refund , I was denied , don’t purchase!.Version: 1.7

DisappointedThe first few weeks the sound worked. Now all of a sudden there is no sound period. Checked for updates but nothing. Mute/vibrate is off..Version: 1.1

I wish I could get a refundIf you want to investigate in other languages than English, you’ll be disappointed. It just won’t work..Version: 1.1

Just trying to get personal informationIt’s saying my name and it’s trying to get person’s information.Version: 1.1

Well…I hate that I paid 10 dollars for this. I have paranormal activity surrounding me. Like most of us. I imagine that those who end up needing to communicate via EVP are those who were wronged or wronged others. I guarantee that whomever developed this sham will be yelling “help me” through a disembodied whisper some day. Really bad energy guys. It goes too fast. The words cut off. It is all smoke and mirrors. Wonder if you will be trapped for stealing folks money like this. This app should be free and you really need to give people their money back. Shame..Version: 1.7

Want my money backHow on earth can this app be useful without audio.....especially an app like this? I read thruother reviews that said the same thing and it’s not an issue with my phone. Where’s the bug fix or how do I get my money refunded?.Version: 1.1

FraudWhere can I get a refund? This was probably the worst 10 dollars I’ve ever spent..Version: 1.7

Automatically making noiseK so no matter where you turn it on it always starts playing the exact same sounding noises. Is this what is supposed to happen? Other then my name coming through a couple times SUPER clear as well as a couple other things it keeps making audio sounds on repeat. I’m just trying to confirm that it’s supposed to do that?.Version: 1.7

Sigil in the OAre you affiliated with that particular entity or did you see it and say cool..Version: 1.7

No soundsWhen I first downloaded it worked, but now I have absolutely no sound,.Version: 1.1

Waste of Money 🤬Don’t waste your $$$$.Version: 1.7

Help with how to use thisI think this should have a help page with instructions on how to use it or telling people what they do with it as I purchased it when I was sleeping over night in a haunted prison and I couldn’t find out anything about it..Version: 1.1

SCAMThis is all fake I asked it a question and it replied with random answers. This is a scam and not worth the money.Version: 1.1

Not working at allJust downloaded and it doesn’t do anything. No white noise nothing.Version: 1.1

No way to turn the sound onI purchased this app but I can’t use it because for some reason it’s on mute and I can’t get it to change over would really like to get in touch with someone that can help I only give it a wine because I spent ten bucks on it I have heard good reviews about it but I can’t use mine because it’s muted but doesn’t have a spot in settings that I can actually change it to unmuted after I get this fixed I would love to give this a 5 star review because I know how awesome it is.Version: 1.7

No soundI wanted to love this app so much as I saw a girl on YouTube who is a medium use it. It doesn’t work for me and has 0 volume unless I have it connected to a Bluetooth speaker. I would like a refund..Version: 1.1

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!Honestly, I was so excited and intrigued to get this app and I could wait to use it especially as I’m a seasoned paranormal investigator and believed this would further help in the communication with spirit. How wrong was I....!!! the app is ABSOLUTELY S**T, it’s beyond FAKE...and absolutely does nothing in assisting with communication with spirit. The sounds you here are distorted and just repeat themselves and even if this app was free I still wouldn’t waste the space on my phone in downloading it...!!! Please DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY..Version: 1.1

Don’t install this garbagePre recorded voices and sounds made to sound a lot like the stuff you hear in movies. Your not communicating with anyone on this. The people who said they did need some psychological help..Version: 1.7

ScamScam, it’s literally just a fancy sound board.Version: 1.7

Audio problemsWhen i first got the app it showed “AUDIO OFF Toggle phones mute switch to turn audio on.” which i have tried to fix but it still keeps showing is there anyway i’m able to fix it i’m on iphone..Version: 1.7

No SoundMy friend downloaded this app and we loved it. However when I downloaded it there was no sound. Especially where I bought the app I expect it to work. My friend mentioned hers would sometimes work and not. Needs an update..Version: 1.1

Don’t botherCannot get it to work at all on iphone xp.Version: 1.1

No sound.I need this fixed. Why am I getting no sound?.Version: 1.1

Not happyDoesn’t work. Waste of money.Version: 1.7

ScamScam.Version: 1.7

WhyDosent work I have tried and tried.Version: 1.1

Mixed EmotionsI am a believer that ghosts are out there, however I’m quite sceptical if this app works or is fake, on one hand it seems to have a lot of activity from apparent “ghosts” wherever you are, on the other hand I am 90% sure I did hear my name after I asked in my house does anyone in the room know my name. I’d say if you have the money spare, give it a try but at the same time if you’re very sceptical about paranormal activity anyway, don’t waste your time/money..Version: 1.1

A ne pas telechargeC’est du fake il ne demande pas l’acces au micros alors pour moi c un gros 16.09$ dans les .....Version: 1.1

No soundHi, I dont understand how to make it work. There is no sound at all but when I press start I can see the image moving sometime. I muted the volume or put it to is highest, nothing work … Help please.Version: 1.7

HumorDon’t waste your money… also can I get a refund!? 🤣 why charge people for a fake app with false results. How many people you guys pay to write good reviews? Can I be one so I can get my money back!? 🤣.Version: 1.7

No soundThere’s never any sound when I start it up, kinda annoying.Version: 1.1

No soundCan’t really review it as it has no sound?? Someone tell me what’s going on?.Version: 1.1

WasteWhat a waste of money don’t buy it..Version: 1.1

Screwed outta $10Stoped working after a week no sound at all. Thanks guys.Version: 1.1

NecrophonicDoesn’t even register in the list of apps on my iPod touch 7thGen under the settings section n no sound as well.Version: 1.1

Confused on how to use itSo I have had this app for a bit now but every time I turn it on to use it, there is a ridiculous amount of voices coming through. So many I can’t make what is being said. Has this happened to anyone else and how do I fix it?.Version: 1.7

CrapI downloaded this app, I can not get rid of it. It is not in my settings, it’s not in my subscriptions, I want to cancel it and there is no way to even do that. Does not work and super disappointed. It’s nothing but white noise..Version: 1.7

Garage.Not to be a dick, but this is garbage. No phone has the right sensors to pick up on spirits. There’s a reason why you don’t see auras with a phone’s camera. Same thing goes with audio for spirit voices. $13.99 down the drain..Version: 1.1

HelpHow do I use the mute toggle on iPhone? Also I’m not getting any sound. If I use my earbuds or not I’m not getting any sound at all. Though I can use others apps and such normally. Can I get some help?.Version: 1.7

Biggest waste of hard earned cashDon’t believe I actually paid almost $15 for this . Daylight robbery ,do yourself a favour and don’t purchase. Out and out rip off..Version: 1.1

CrapJust says the same things over and over again money grabbing!!!! For a fake app that doesn’t even work it’s just all words created and put on the app recorded voices it’s complete fake. It’s American voices and doesn’t even work or answer anything you say just gives you a headache a load of crap !! Don’t wast 9.99 I’ll be getting my money back for this crap.Version: 1.1

Weird thingsDownloaded this app and used it once. I stated what my name was and I heard a voice say it back. Could have been a trick of my ears, but It sounded clear, not sure if this app uses your voice and replays it so it ‘sounds’ like spirits are answering back. Ever since then I’ve seemed to have a lot of bad luck, only involving me, and not sure what is going on. Power cutting at my house randomly while neighbours are fine, a flat tire within a couple hours of using it, machinery breaking, electronic devices not working properly, it’s just weird. Not saying i believe it’s to do with this app, I’m just weirded out. I advise anyone to just be careful when using stuff like this. I’ll keep y’all posted. But a good app nonetheless.Version: 1.1

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Is Necrophonic not working?

Necrophonic works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Necrophonic.

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