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DailyPay On-Demand Pay app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DailyPay On-Demand Pay? Can you share your negative thoughts about dailypay on-demand pay?

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Don’t let this app have control of your money.I have direct deposit set up at work. I used this on my last check for only $50, the next day I got paid the rest, like normal. This week I didn’t get paid at all and was confused, so I checked the app. The app says it sent my full check, to my account on the 27th, but alas it is the 29th and I don’t have my pay check. Which is crazy, because I thought I had direct deposit set up, with my actual job. Don’t waste your time and money on this dumb app. Now I have to dip into savings, just for normal things and figure out my pay check, next week at work, which I don’t have time for with what I do..Version: 4.1.0

Worst appThere are a lot of apps that handle money transfers and I don’t think anybody does it as poorly as daily pay. A 3.49 fee on removing 5 dollars or 500 makes it difficult to reason pulling money out for just a day. Including wages in with tips for tipped employees should be an option. I do not with to dip into my paycheck trying to get the tips I should be paid out daily. If you work a Thursday close you can’t get your money until Monday. It’s not even close to daily. The punch card they show when you first get the app is temporary and only has one use. There is no customer support for the user. Gh food group who hired them is getting emails 5 times a day I can’t even get basic information like why my last check was 2 days late..Version: 4.4.0

Okay App, Awful ServiceWhere do I even begin? Is it the fact that the app still isn’t optimized for modern iPhones? Is it the fact that instant payments are always being worked on? I’d get sometimes 2-3 emails a week telling me instant payments were down for maintenance. The company I worked for had to restrict access to early commission payouts through DailyPay because DailyPay overpaid everybody and had to retract it out of everyone’s next paycheck. How do you overpay an entire company when the whole point of your service is a glorified payroll product? I was laid off from the company I worked for that used DailyPay and I have now been on hold for 17 minutes at 9:30am to talk to someone because my final paycheck still hasn’t hit my bank account. I can’t wait to never use this again..Version: 1.0.3

Lost my moneyI started using this app around 8 months ago and never had a problem until today. I tried to send money to my account but the app froze and cancelled the transfer. That was fine until I sent the same amount again and this time it went through, but it didn’t appear in my checking account. I tried calling my bank to track it and they said nothing got sent to them. Cut to me calling daily pay and finding out I have to wait 3 business days ( it’s the weekend) to see if the money will even go back into my balance on the app. How do you lose over $200…. Look somewhere else for a paycheck advancement app. Very disappointed in this app..Version: 6.3.0

Customer service is non existentI decided to download this app as one of my coworkers uses it. I thought, wow, I can get my paycheck instantly, that’s amazing. Silly me for thinking that was true. I didn’t an “instant” deposit yesterday and it is no where to be found even the next day. Over $400+ completely gone. No longer in my DailyPay account either. After waiting TWO HOURS for customer service they basically said “oops something is wrong with our system and we don’t know where your money is or when you’ll get it” I had bills set up to come out of my account today because I foolishly trusted this company and now I am in the negative with my bank account because DailyPay never gave me my money. I just want this to be over so that I can delete this app and never deal with it again. I’ve lost half of my paycheck. Please learn from my mistake and STAY AWAY from this company..Version: 5.2.0

Beyond frustrated with this appThis app has been helpful from time to time, however when I really needed to access money early this app has fallen flat on its face. It hasn’t updated my earnings in 6 days. Effectively screwing me out of a couple hundred dollars. Customer service is minimal. There are no real solutions when a problem arises all you get for an answer is give it 24 hours 🤬. Well it’s been 120 hours and still not a single earning update. Unfortunately when you use this app even once for the “minimal” 2.99 fee you get sucked in and when your paycheck does manage to get deposited what you have left is not enough to live on. If I could get away from using this app I would. You have no problem taking my money but when I really needed an advance you were nowhere to be found. So disappointed.Version: 3.0.0

Balance isn’t updatingWas working fine. Now for the past 5 days, my balance hasn’t changed. I’m not the only one experiencing this. Incredibly frustrating. Update : changed to 3 stars - an outside party came in and changed my time sheet, removing two days. This maxed my balance and put my account with the daily pay system into the negative - meaning, due to the actions of others, I’m in debt to a company that I shouldn’t ever have a chance to be in debt to. This means my paycheck will be short, to make up the difference. I’m leaving it at 3 stars - this situation shouldn’t have happened, and due to the actions of others, I get the short end of the stick. Not cool and I’m pretty unhappy. I was just there to getting myself out of a hole - but now? It’ll be another month or two. Yay me..Version: 7.0.0

Normally works pretty well, but has its issues. I know nothing’s perfect, but....The app has worked pretty well for me, but I was just trying to withdraw some money since I need to pay rent and it said there was a problem with the card. No explanation as to why, just told me to try again in 24 hours or add a new debit card. I don’t have another debit card, and I’m not waiting another day to try it again. I made a transfer the day before and it worked just fine. Kind of needed the money now. Support said the Visa/MasterCard system was down, but does it really take 24 hours to start working again? I hope that’s an issue that you guys are working on as soon as possible, because I imagine that there are a lot of customers who use Visa/MasterCard to transfer money to..Version: 1.0.3

Aramark via instant payOk this being my second job I don’t care about borrowing at all I would do it everyday but the updates are not daily atleast for me. First day of work on a Tuesday I see my $123 so I cash out $123 first deposit free then I waited 5 days for my Wednesday pay plus now they say only 50 % can be advanced and when asked about my first advance being 100% of my pay “minus taxes of course” they can’t explain how I was able cash out $123 when I should only be allowed $60 some odd dollars because 50% allowed amount. So on Tuesday of next week I get my $58 dollars after the $3 fee. Then I’m thinking ok maybe Wednesday I’ll get another $58 and so on and so forth but no that’s it no more money sent to my daily pay during the middle of pay period. End of story it’s not daily pay and they blame your employer and employer blames them. Change the name from daily pay to whenever it clears. Don’t ever both with this daily pay crap. No matter where you are just go to “People ready” it’s nation wide and they actually pay daily no gimmicks. Just choose the daily pay jobs not weekly if your in a bind for cash. Ps No need to have daily pay personnel comment back because obviously by the amount of bad reviews your failing as a company..Version: 6.2.0

FrustratedI’ve had DailyPay for 10 months now and the last 2 months or so I’ve had nothing but problems!! Everyday I work I have to call them the following morning to ask them if my money is showing up. I usually get paid the next day after working by 11am. It now takes 3-4 days to even get my available balance after I call them 3 or more times just for someone to look into it then 4 days later I finally get my money. Everytime I work I have to go through this and it being Christmas tome they just screwed me. I needed someone money early and still haven’t got my 200$ that I needed 2 days ago! Oh and you guys need to fix your chat option bc it haven’t worked for me in over a month. Something needs done about this!!!’ I swear I will get a lawyer if just one tome I never get my money !.Version: 1.0.3

Staff not educated on company processesIf you have an issue with your account no matter what type of issues, they will simply only tell you that it will take 1-2 pay periods to resolve & if you’ve called more than once that they will escalate it. It’s a slow escalation process, very slow. Your escalation email that you will receive days (almost a week) later is simply scripted, nothing escalated, literally scripted off of a computer. Requested a call back & never received that either. It’s literally people leaving you on hold time after time just to come back with no actual answer besides we will escalate it for you only to receive a cookie cutter scripted email. A actual answer would be great to get from a company handling your money..Version: 6.0.0

Be CarefulFor the most part, I like Daily Pay. Sometimes you need your money early for necessities such as gas and food. That’s a big pro. However, there are many cons. First, you have to pay $3 for every transfer. When you’re making minimum wage ($7 and some change where I live), that’s a lot to give up every time you really need money. Second, this app can incorrectly report how much you’re really earning. This week it said I had a certain balanced earned. I was borrowing money and making sure I didn’t touch a certain amount of my paycheck because I have an insurance bill due this week. My paystub came out yesterday and it turns out I actually EARNED LESS than what Daily Pay stated. After my paystub came out, THEN DailyPay updated theirs. I had already borrowed money this week. As a result, I’ll have LESS money than I expected to have on payday. Now I have to borrow money from my next paycheck to cover the rest of my insurance bill. Just a warning to everyone: keep track of your own hours, don’t rely on this unreliable app, it could screw you over. Even better, don’t use it unless you really have to. Maybe I should stop using it entirely and just try to make it between paychecks, that way I will have all of my money when I actually need it. We all have to be careful when allowing our money to come through a third party. It’s probably better to just have your full paycheck go directly to you then through some app. Just be careful everyone..Version: 3.9.1

Seems Great, very shady in actualityAt first this app seemed like the best thing ever, until I realized how unorganized and unexplained this app is. Secret fees, daily pay not showing the full correct available balance and attributing less hours than I’ve actually worked. They just want you to keep their app so they can keep taking your money. The closest thing to an explanation on Daily pay is the faq, which has very little relevant information. Had the developers created a tutorial or anything to teach you about how daily pay works, it would help the app a ton (people also might just uninstall then too without the confusion). Overall it’s not the worst, but if you do use it be very vigilant to make sure daily pay is not shorting you..Version: 3.0.0

Don’t use this appThis app I thought would be a life saver has turned out to be a complete nightmare. Just the other day I went from 91 dollars to 30 dollars and I never hadn’t touched the daily pay that day. I am definitely going back to using my regular bank account. They can’t even tell you what you make to make sure it’s accurate and they can’t tell you how many hours you’re being paid for to make sure that’s accurate as well. This company I believe is stealing money with the information that WE the consumers are providing them with. My daily pay fluctuations are ridiculous especially whe. I don’t touch the money. Of course it comes in handy within an emergency but then I also have to pay them 3 dollars just to use MY money. If you can make it from paycheck to paycheck then do that. Don’t use this app!!!.Version: 4.1.0

Customer support is a joke.All I’m gonna say is this app is being sold on the premise of being able to access your pay DAILY, when that is a lie. Normally I’m able to access my money within an hour of a shift. Well, it didn’t happen this week. So I reach out to their terrible customer support just to be told “it could be up to 72 business hours” no where in the app, nor the advertising materials sent to employers does it say that. My paychecks come 2 days late because of using this app, and no they expect me to wait 3 days to access not even an entire day worth of pay? I’m done with this joke of an app. I know alternatives that will allow you to actually take out DailyPay..Version: 6.0.0

HORRIBLE!! Steer clear.I helped out at an additional store last pay period. I didn’t get paid for one of my stores. When I called to fix it they pushed over a payment that was really a sort of pay-in-advance payment because the pushed forward money they didn’t have to back up that I DEFINITELY didn’t ask for. I asked for answers and what could be done, NOT borrowed money. Then that put my daily pay account into negative. I called for a week in a half to fix the problem by pay day today so I could get the money I deserve. No one on daily pay reached out to ever. I always called in. Despite them marking my account as urgent numerous times and filling escalation tickets nothing got done and magically for a week and a half while a called a manager was never in? It’s been 2 pay period and I haven’t gotten the money I worked for thanks to daily classifying my check wrong. A fixable problem that’s taken a week and a half just to be heard and hopefully it’ll be solved. And the best part is I can’t leave and get my money bc daily pay states I’ll lose access. This organization is ridiculous..Version: 1.0.3

Terrible appThey have terrible customer service I spent half of my morning just trying to change my phone number so that I may access my money .. I got hung up on three times and when I finally get someone on the phone I still have to wait two days for me to update my phone number and get access to my account I will never be using this service I just want my money so I can be rid of this app forever of anyone is looking at these reviews know that they only put the good ones up first and you have to go digging for the bad ones even tho they are the most recent reviews I WOULD SAY DO NOT PUT YOUR TRUST IN THIS COMPANY THEY LIE ABOUT GETTING YOUR MONEY FAST AND THEY HAVE TERRIBLE CISTOMER SERVICE.Version: 5.2.0

Need to fix bugs/ horrible customer service.So I used Daily Pay earlier this year for another job and it worked really well. However, I had to abruptly quit and now I’m working a new job which also uses Daily Pay. I was actually excited about it, but when I went to log into my account my old employers login pops up. If I log in, it say it’s invalid (which it should be because I quit months ago). I’ve been trying to call and email the company and no one is responding. The amount of phone number and emails I had done is ridiculous and no one is helping me. I got so desperate I got on my old Twitter and tried to get in contact and nothing. The actual issue for me is that the app needed to update my entire account. But on top of that to have customer service that doesn’t answer nor respond is very frustrating especially since I’m on the app for one reason….Version: 5.3.0

Beware!This app is horrible. And doesn’t explain everything that’s going on. Also funds don’t appear to be correct. I earned more in tips than what is shown. Either gig company failed to send the correct amount, or DailyPay is skimming off some of the money. It also mention something about taxes, which isn’t valid as a gig worker, as we are Independent Contractors and responsible for our own tax deductions. The app is also not optimized for iPhone X or newer phones. Some of the buttons are hidden behind the battery icon so you can’t click them. Also you have to enter your login details ever time you open the app, which is super annoying. No Face/Touch ID support..Version: 1.0.4

Nope!I wanted access to my daily pay, not delayed or unavailable pay. Besides having to wait an extra two days for my check now, it’s been unavailable to myself and my team for the last two pay periods, and all we get is a lame message about “updates”. My company has been with them for just a short time now, the experience has been an F- to say the least. My paycheck is supposed to arrive two days early due to the bank account that I have, not I receive it like it’s a normal account, it’s a waste of my time. Make sure you have your stuff together before you advertise to a large business, for an app that is supposed to help, you’re surely causing more headaches and stress. 0 stars!!!.Version: 5.2.0

Worst finance app I have ever used.This app is absolutely trash. I created an account it said it was made. Came back to it later and was unable to sign in with the email I provided. Now how does that work I’m so unhappy with this application that I will delete it ASAP. Don’t download or use this I feel like it’s a way for them to gather your personal data and to the creators of the app if you made a good app that actually worked I wouldn’t have said anything about it. But I have a family to feed and this locking me out doesn’t allow me to change the settings bc I can’t sign in to change it. Only downloaded for work and now it’s a useless waste of space on my phone. Major waste of time aswell..Version: 1.0.2

Poor people beware!I thought I would still get half of my $756 which was like $385… but I thought they still would hold half of the check back for payday! I got to payday and was upset I only got a $180 of that $756 check! They added all types of hidden fees and it made my bank account bounce really hard! So please beware! Add up what all you are taking out! make sure you write it down and subtract it! I will NEVER use this service again! I thought they still kept back half but $180 is NOT half!! I think it is a scam honestly to scam poor people out of their money! Be careful ! You don’t want to be like me and pay all your bills and wake up without a dime! There are hidden fees!.Version: 7.0.0

From encouraged to discouraged!I’ve been using this APP for about 3 months resulting in one slight issue that Daily Pay quickly resolved . Once my Daily Pay recently updated , it deactivated my account prevent early withdrawals from my current reported earnings to Daily Pay. I be never requested cancellation or deactivation. I’ve called, emailed and chatted . The chat responded twice that I’d get an email with an escalated ticket number detailing the issues. I’ve never got an email or a return phone call from a Customer Services Specialist. I even requested a call back, as each time I call the wait time is longer… I never got a phone call. I’m being ignored!!! My account needs fixed. If my account isn’t fixed. I may reach out to my employer in seeking a possibility submitting an internal investigation with Daily Pay..Version: 5.2.0

Beware!!!I love the idea of this service but it’s sketchy and the customer service reps are beyond rude! Let me explain, my bank account information continues to be disabled on the daily pay end. I’ve spoken with my bank and they only see several successful transactions. But on the daily pay side my bank account information gets disabled and I have to go back in and re-enter everything. I called customer service and I was told that the reason for this issue is my fault and I am not putting in the correct information. The women I spoke with refused to think any of this might be issues on their end. I had all of my, correct, bank information in front of me while I was on the phone with her. The lady kept trying to tell me that I didn’t have the correct information because my account number didn’t have enough numbers. My account number only has 6 numbers and she said that account numbers have between 8-10 numbers (because she googled this while on the phone with me) so I am missing something. Daily pay needs to get their crap together, own up to tech issues on their end and stop putting all the blame on their customers! I have since deactivated my account out of pure frustration! If my next paycheck doesn’t get deposited into my account I will be blaming daily pay 1000% due to their lack of ownership to the issues at hand! Moral of the story I wouldn’t recommend daily pay to anyone!!! Stay clear of this service!!!!.Version: 4.2.0

HorribleSo after my company decided to get DailyPay was excited to use it not only could use my money now they said it launched the 4th was yesterday. Still today couldn’t set up a account. Called DailyPay one 800 number to find out I didn’t have a pending account that my name was skipped over in the list of employees so now I have to way up to four more day to see if it goes through. Very disappointed and will be telling the hr office about this and hope they find a better company then DailyPay because it’s definitely a waste of time when your employees need the money and find out they can’t even create a account because DailyPay their self skipped people they just didn’t feel like putting in the system. I give it zero stars if I could.Version: 2.7.1

Don’t use this appThis app is absolutely horrible. Customer service is no help and will quickly try to rush you off the phone so they don’t have to deal with you. I’ve currently been fighting for 5 days trying to get guns that should have been available but mágico y disappeared because my company apparently gave me a bonus that I did not receive (they never gave me a bonus or anything daily pay just took the money and doesn’t know how to fix the issue) this app has left me stranded 2 hours away from home because I was anticipating being able to pull money out for gas. I will be missing a day of work tomorrow because of this and customer support isn’t even trying to help they just keep making excuses and telling me the issue will be resolved tomorrow, it’s been 5 days of constant calling emails and messages. I will never recommend this app to anyone not even my worst enemy because no one deserves to go through this..Version: 6.5.0

The truth about DailyPayBeen using this app for about a month now it has some benefits and some cons to it. Long story short say your balance is $140 on the day and you think "nahh thats not alot i'm going to let it build up a little more before cash it out" they charge $3 PER transfer (where they got me was sending 2 or 3 updated balances a day) & not only that but if you don't decide to transfer your money then you lose it. Period. It doesn't go on your paycheck and the balances don't add together once you get a new updated balance you simply lose your money you didn't transfer that was there before but they'll try to make it look like they added the balances together..for instance i lost the $140 but my updated balance after my next day at work was $193 worked the same 10 hours and everything shouldn't it have been $280 if i didnt transfer the money from the day before?? Watch your money and your hours if you decide to use this app......Version: 4.4.0

Buyer bewareIt does indeed work as advertised however if you happen to work at places that go off of hand written time cards that don’t get updated daily then getting an advance before payday is out of the question. So depending on your job site and how your account manager inputs your time determines if and when you can get an advance. On to your payday it will be a whole day later than normal because they are intercepting your whole paycheck so in example you have a bank account that gives your paycheck 2 days faster than say a brick and mortar bank it just got 1 day faster. But like I said it’s a great idea but it won’t fit most..Version: 7.0.0

Terrible Customer ServiceI’ve been trying to change the phone number saved on DailyPay for about a week, I’ve called and emailed them for hours with nobody picking up the phone (waited an hour once and they hung up the phone) you can do a call back if you call in the morning but they won’t call you back til hours later, you try calling support afternoon you will not get the chance to do a call back. Emailing is worst you won’t get a email back til a few days after as if no one is checking their emails. The whole thing has gotten aggravated I haven’t been able to take out my money and I have bills to pay. If you gonna be using DailyPay make sure you got everything correct cuz if you don’t you will need therapy after you’re done dealing with them. If DailyPay sees this y’all really need to change your customers service cuz it’s beyond trash👎🏾.Version: 5.2.0

Debit card not accepted anymoreIve had this app for a total of maybe a week, i made one transfer(which was yesterday) with my Cashapp debit card. I go into the app today to transfer the money i made from last night and all of a sudden my "card issuer" is no longer accepted, yet the bank account which is through Sutton Bank aka THE CARD ISSUER is still accepted! Extremely frustrated with this app, i've been sitting on hold for 45 minutes now with customer support when i was told i would only need to wait 20 minutes. And i've been hung up on twice already, I highly recommend not using this app until they can get their business together..Version: 5.1.0

Over paying?!I used this app for almost a year with out problems then all of a sudden the over paid everyone in our facility and now we can’t even use it until we pay it back. My main concern is the fact that your only supposed to be able to withdraw money you’ve made with previous hours but some how they over paid us hundreds. Now refusing to let us use the app until we pay it back. How can you over pay when it’s literally called DailyPay.. Change the name if you’re gonna screw people over like this. Most of us live check to check. I really loved this app until now. I’m considering not using it at all if this is how they do things..Version: 6.3.0

Not too happyOnce again DailyPay is not working. I have had daily pay for 2 months and this is the second time my available balance isn’t updating. I worked the 3rd, got paid for the 4th thru my job but not updated on dailypay, and worked the 5th, my available balance hasn’t been updated since the 3rd at 3:30AM, so when it says balance updated every morning at 2:45 that’s a complete lie. Contacted costumer service they said my balance should update in 24hours and that they seen my hours for those days were there, here I am 24 hours later and nothing, so it hadn’t been a day since it’s updated it’s been since the 3rd and today is the 7th! If you are depending on dailypay to help you before payday please don’t!.Version: 1.0.2

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