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Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later? Can you share your negative thoughts about afterpay - buy now pay later?

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Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later for Negative User Reviews

Don’t downloadBullshat app doesn’t even work.Version: 1.59.0

Afterpay no care for customersBe careful they advertise they are flexible and you can move payment dates if need and of course with stipulation yet once they removed phone support and if you need to move a payment and are blocked can sometimes takes days for a response and when not paid because you could not talk to someone they penalize you for their poor customer service. If you want flexibility to move payments for unexpected reason check out sezzle at least they have the option and you are not in a panic with extra fees because customer services sucks..Version: 1.59.1

BadSo frustrating, I paid all of my order and I’m still getting an error message that my account was still frozen for no reason. Hated it..Version: 1.65.0

It sucks!Would like to leave zero stars but it won’t allow that. Anyways.. tried creating an account so many times but it would even send me a code to get my acct started. It doesn’t have any other options to send to code to 🙄 really wanted to try this app but it has poor service & options 👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 1.53.0

I love it but …. MehI love after pay I would give it five stars but I noticed they don’t have as much stores available as Klarna does and you hardly even get any type of discounts at all and if you do you have to spend a crazy amount of money just to get these discounts in one store which I think it’s ridiculous because I’ve purchased many things and I haven’t got one good deal on the other hand Klarna I literally only made one purchase with them and completed it and they gave me $10 off my next purchase for whatever store and I didn’t have spend any amount of money at all or anything just to get that $10 off and I’ve only made three purchase with them so far and I’ve gotten multiple discounts and Cashback I will definitely not be using Afterpay after I Pay off whatever I have left on Afterpay I really wished I would’ve started using Klarna before I got involved with afterpay also on Klarna after so many purchases which I’ve only done five or four you get to choose to do monthly payments also I purchased over 10 things in Afterpay and I have not gotten that type perks like this.Version: 1.54.0

SucksThis app sucks, go to sezzel!.Version: 1.53.0

Where’s my afterpay card??In the info on afterpay it states I should have a virtual card in my app. It’s not there!!.Version: 1.47.1

Do developers even read these reviews?As everyone else is saying. The Canadian version of after pay is horrible. The app does not work! I have been trying all day to make a purchase and after pay sends me through a continuous loop from their app back to the site and back to their app again. My goodness it is frustrating!.Version: 1.58.0

Bad serviceBad service!!! they didn’t refund me the order I cancel.Version: 1.66.0

WowSpend money a lot with Afterpay for over 3 years!! , paid on time , was mint , my job laid me off all of a sudden from 5 days a week to 2 days a week. when I had I think 2 last payment of $48 and the other was like $12 I was late 3 -5 days and they drop me from mint just like that , no customer service # I tried calling ahead to have them move payments around to my payday.. number don’t work. And now they drop my spending to $75 with no earn of rewards till after Jan.. they mark you late the day payment is due if it doesn’t come out your card. Not next day Same day smh. It not that I didn’t have the money. It was just not available when it was due. I had to use extra money to cover bills. With Klarna they generous with moving your due date weeks .. it helped so much. I had things due with them also .. so now I mostly use Klarna and I’m now working full time. But the joy of me shopping now is mostly gone. Thanks after pay it’s all good the more people spend.. but to help understand things happen no working number to call anyone was insane. Lost a good shopper I was supporting small businesses. Never again .. I’ll just use Klarna or I’ll just pay full price from now on .. last time using this service.Version: 1.64.0

Stole money from my bankI paid 2 payments at once so that there would be no money taken from my account at the end of the month. Afterpay took an unauthorized amount from my account this week, even though I don’t owe anything for 2 more weeks. It doesn’t even show up on my Afterpay account. They replied to me after I contacted them online, but didn’t answer any questions. They only stated that the amount taken hasn’t shown up on their app. I sent multiple screenshots of my bank statement clearly showing the amount. This is unacceptable! I now have no money in my bank for the next week as I’m disabled and rely on a very small income paid once a month. I’m sure they would have taken more had I had more because I was alerted that a payment to them failed right before this due to insufficient funds in my account. So now I don’t know if I was hacked or they decided to take what they pleased. They are saying that if anything was taken, it should show up in 5-7 business days. Thanks a lot Afterpay!!.Version: 1.59.1

Annoying issue with appEverytime I go to checkout and pay with afterpay, there is no option to pay with afterpay. I can pay with debit/credit card, paypal, or klarna is always there to select. I am literally on the afterpay app at checkout and afterpay is not an option to select for payment. At the very bottom there is a button that says Buy Now Pay Later and it’s always grey and when you select it it says you can pay with afterpay at checkout, when I am literally at checkout. You can’t go to the next part which is to review your order until you finish at checkout where afterpay should be a payment option when using the app! Like come on these little technical difficulties are ridiculous and make me want to quit using afterpay and switch to klarna since that option is always at checkout. This is supposed to be shopping made easy and it’s a bit of a hassle when your at checkout and their setup to finalize purchase has so many tech issues. Also, afterpay I guess recently started added money to the total to “include tax and shipping” for what? Shipping is free so that’s weird and unnecessary..Version: 1.64.0

HorribleKeeps saying all my emails have been used in Canada Canadian version is terrible.Version: 1.54.0

When is the card coming to CanadaIt really sucks that the card is not available in Canada. Like the app but no card.Version: 1.47.3

Used to LOVE the options here much more!I love being able to purchase items I need for my kids and being able to break it up into 4 payments. I can budget this into my life so much easier than getting hit with massive charges all at once. I gave the system 3 stars because they have started to block my purchases to 3 and their rewards program seems incredibly skewed. I have never been late or bounced a payment. I have consistently earned the option to not make my first payment and I even have that option turned on, while I understand this doesn’t work for all purchases, it currently does not work for me on any. When I first earned this over a year ago, it worked all the time. I reached out to customer service to see if I needed to do something different or if it was just something not eligible to me. Their reaponse was generically answered by a robot and had nothing to do with my question. I make every payment early and I have only ever moved one payment the entire time and ended up making that payment earlier than anticipated as well. I feel like the promises being made are not actually followed through regardless of your spending limit or your payback track record. I have started to move my business to other platforms that continue to function as promised and follow through with their own rewards program. I wish that Afterpay would fix these issues because this used to be my favorite system to use..Version: 1.60.0

There’s no point in this system.My afterpay was approved. I’m thinking great this is perfect especially with back to school shopping coming up, price jumps and gas prices I’ll be able to get some shopping done worry free … WRONG. I’m approved a dollar amount, after my first purchase I try again you know now that I kno I’ve been approved.. purchases are declined. Not an outlandish amount total purchase was under $80 leads to an installment of under $ 20 declined still I reach out to customer support, I’m given a very vague response. Ok w.e I’m thinking I get it the stores are all different. Declined again and now I notice my approved balance has lowered.. i reach back out and was given a response “ it was lowered due to multiple declined purchases “. so I’m being penalized because afterpay isn’t allowing the purchases..How am I supposed to use something that I’m approved for but yet being denied. How am I supposed to know if my purchases will be approved or not without trying?Especially when I just used it? How am I supposed to advantage of this installment service if I’m denied and then given a lower amount that. Ultimately, is going to be denied and just continuously lowered and then, I’m gonna be held accountable and penalized for that, THE CUSTOMER??! HORRIBLE. 0/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND I’ll pay off my current purchase and will not come back..Version: 1.60.0

Love the app however…I love the app however it doesn’t take Visa Debit Prepaid and my bank’s debit cards. I hope in the next update it would take prepaid cards and bank (interac) debit cards as I don’t want to use my credit card too often..Version: 1.62.0

Missing tabs on my afterpay appI don’t see the card tab on my apple pay app… help!!!.Version: 1.51.0

MixedI was a ardent fan of Afterpay, I used afterpay when I was in New Zealand, there was an option to use it in store and almost all the stores in Auckland except afterpay🥰. But in canada the usage is been limited, no store payment option-only limited stores are there🥺😢😢.Version: 1.50.0

Afterpay cardLove shopping on the app.. got super excited about an email I received for the card (I’m in Canada) No option what so ever for me to use the card at my local stores, super disappointed..please fix this!! Sincerely- loyal customer.Version: 1.47.3

Waste of timeAfterpay card is not working in canada smh.Version: 1.47.3

DisappointedNot able to use in-store in Canada..Version: 1.66.0

Needs ApplePay Card in CanadaWhy are you sending emails to Canadians about being able to pay with their phone in stores when that not true, whatsoever? Someone needs to check their marketing emails..Version: 1.47.3

Canadian version sucksCanadian version doesn’t include access to AfterPay card, and can’t use it in store. mostly want it for aritzia since they accept in store but can’t do it without the app. not really a point for the app in that case..Version: 1.45.1

Afterpay cardAfterpay card not working in canada? I get up to the point of creating a pin number and it times out says to try again later.Version: 1.47.3

SUPER SKETCHY COMPANY - PLEASE READI was very excited to use this service but at one point I needed to update the payment information and the app would not accept my card, but it was telling me that payments went through. Yet they were not posting. I called customer service and the rep just wanted to show me how to add a card - which I already tried three different ways - instead of listening to me that the app was not accepting it. So he HUNG UP ON ME. I called back and a new guy let me know that the app doesn’t always accept payment methods and it can be done on a desktop. So the app is crap. Additionally: I tried to update my password and the app would t accept that and told me that the password I was tying to use was TOO SIMILAR TO PASSWORDS ON OTHER ACCOUNTS - which means Afterpay has granted themselves access to all of my passwords!!! I NEVER authorized this. This company is VERY sketchy - they make it sound like they are doing something for you, it they are taking access of your personal information when you install the app - so consider this before doing business with this company. I won’t use them anymore, and will likely stop ordering from the company that roped me into using them (DSW). HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE..Version: 1.10.1

Doesn’t workI’ve had this app for a little over a month and it denies my purchases every time… so I thought maybe I have to do a lower price for the first purchase? Anyway I tried to buy a $18 candle and they even denied that “sorry were unable to approve your order”. Very disappointing and stupid that they advertise you can use it and that you have a $600 spending limit when you can’t use it. Yet other apps like klarna approved it immediately on much higher priced orders. Definitely deleting this app because they are even advertising things that aren’t in Canada (the Afterpay card). What a joke. Would give 0 stars if I could..Version: 1.67.1

Afterpay Card Not Working CanadaThis is really annoying sending people emails about using afterpay in store and looking at the card tab to add it to Applepay when it’s not even there. This is super disappointing launching things and it doesn’t deliver. Fix this!.Version: 1.47.3

Ok AppMy first two purchases went through without a hitch but the next purchase ($45) got declined even though I had what they stated was a possible spending limit. Thier disclaimer is ridiculous. If I'm going to get declined for further purchases then why even put that amount there. All other bnpl apps give you exact dollar amount you are allowed to spend. I had no issues with payments until I had to get a new debit card. I put the card in and I thought I made it my default card but when my payment was due they tried the old card ( it didn't let me take that one out) and the next day I get a text stating my payment didn't go through. I went in and immediately made the payment choosing the correct card. A week later I noticed that my spending limit went down to $16 even though I had only one account with a balance of $33 left. I do not plan on making another purchase ever again with Afterpay. Klarna and Zipit are much more user friendly. You can add and delete cards at anytime, the amount your allowed to spend is clearly displayed without a disclaimer and it is immediately impacted when you make a payment. Klarna allows you to change due dates and the dates can even be out by two weeks. The customer service woth afterpay is terrible as well. It took almost four days for them to respond to my email versus an immediate resolution with Klarna chat..Version: 1.47.3

I liked it in the beginningI started with Afterpay right before Christmas getting items paying before the payment date and even paid the things off early. Then I got one more thing made the first payment when it was due made the second payment when it was due the third payment is due on the 30th of January. I tried to get something else a few days ago and they declined it and said due to my payment history they couldn’t approve me for it ( $59) so I reached out to them and told them they got something mixed up and I guess whoever got the email got mad so they told me I had to find another payment method and that I couldn’t use Afterpay but that they aren’t saying I will never be able to use Afterpay. I wouldn’t recommend Afterpay to nobody I know because I wouldn’t want them to be treated the way they treat me. I don’t want to use Afterpay after all this mess they got with them. I know I paid off my stuff and paid faithfully on time. You learn from your mistakes!!! I truly think that they see that they’ve made a mistake but they haven’t said anything to me. I have my bank app I checked it and I see when and what was paid. So with that being said everyone be careful. I don’t know what Afterpay got going on.Version: 1.47.3

Very FrustratingI first started using Afterpay last month when I made a rather large order. The idea and the concept is really cool but the app is a pain to use. I made the first payment on my order two weeks later as scheduled and it gave me a notification saying that the payment went though and it gave me my new remaining balance. Two days later, me email gets bombarded with emails from Afterpay saying that my payment was declined and they had tried to take the payment over and over again when it didn’t work the first time. When I first authorized the payment on the app, I had the money to cover the payment. When they tried over and over again to make the payment, it overdrafted my checking account and put me in the negatives screwing me over for groceries. Just recently, I had to make a switch to a new debit card through my job and when I tried to add it to my payment methods, it kept saying “Oops! There was an error in your billing information! Please try again!” Even though all of my info was correct. I went to the customer support section and found out that until the first order that you made is completely paid off, you can’t add another payment method! This service is not convenient at all and is a massive headache to try to use. I am going to pay off what I owe and I’m never using Afterpay again. I definitely would NOT recommend them to anyone..Version: 1.11.4

Love it but...I have been using Afterpay for about 2 years now. I have spent thousands of dollars through them. I faced financial hardship due to COVID. I contacted them and they were very nice and said I would have to make my next payments until July. I really only needed a week or so to get my financials in order. I paid it off a few weeks later. I really appreciated them being so cool and I love that about this company (I had to do it once before when my card came up with fraudulent charges). Now that I’m back to work I’ve been trying to use Afterpay like I had before. To my dismay and as another reviewer put it, I am being “punished” for my not being able to pay on time. I completely understand that this is a business and they can’t just go off the promise of the customer that they will pay. I just hate the way they go about it. I have been allowed to make a few small orders which I have been paying off early but I usually get an message telling me I need to pay off some things before I can order anything else (understandable). I paid off 3 payments and still wasn’t allowed to order anything at all. So basically they lied. This app is pretty much useless now..Version: 1.13.9

Afterpay card doesn’t work in CanadaLove that Afterpay is accepted in Aritizia but so disappointed when I got an email for in-store purchases using their card, but turns out it’s not available in Canada!.Version: 1.47.3

Don’t really like itThey barely have any stores. Sezzle is way better!.Version: 1.40.0

Terrible. doesn't work in Canada!Maybe you guys should read the comments and fix the problem many of us has! dont bother people, there are better options available..Version: 1.64.0

No way of contacting themThey’re only way of contacting them is through email and message through the app. They don’t get back to you in a timely fashion nor does the message go through immediately. I’ve been trying to resolve an issue with them, with charging my card for the same order twice and having the same payment go through my account three different times and they still haven’t resolved it because they haven’t been getting back to me in a timely fashion and there is no phone number to call them to get the problem solved immediately so something that normally probably could’ve taken 10 minutes at most has now literally taken over three days and it still not resolved yet. As well it’s not the first time they have charged for the same exact payment multiple in one day. I have been using the app for about a year now and everything was going fine till recently and it’s quit frustrating because now I don’t know if they have done this before with charging my card multiple times without my knowledge so once everything is paid off I will be deleting the app and not recommending it to anyone.Version: 1.54.0

Doesn’t work for CanadaI saw a website that have this, I downloaded on my phone. Almost pay the items… found out it doesn’t have all websites. Most used Sezzle which I find is better and easy to used. Btw Afterpay isn’t popular for Canadian..Version: 1.37.0

Wont let me useSo i got some stuff on Lululemon and I paid it all off in advance because I had the money. But then for some reason when I went to use it for more things on lululemon it wouldn’t let me. The only explanation it gave me was “we’re sorry but we can’t process this order. We don’t guarantee to approve 100% of your orders” like what that’s not in your marketing? And like why not I’ve paid off everything? Anyway it does work but yeah I’m not sure why it’s being like this now. Pretty disappointed. I would understand if in advance it gave me a limit to the orders I can make in a week or something, but since I have paid everything in advance you would think that it would allow me to have the freedom. But I just found their lack of explanation very strange..Version: 1.59.1

It was Great until…Afterpay has been a great help to a single parent like myself having to stretch everything to go a long way and working around my tight budget. I thought everything was very neat with the perks you earn with every payment you make, but beware if you miss a payment, even if it’s outside of your control. I never had to use the change payment date until I realized one of my payments landed on a day before I get paid for the week. I was unable to even use that feature since it was the last payment on it. Apparently, that is the exception to that feature which sounds very dumb in my opinion. Of course, I made the payment as soon as I was paid. Obviously, it did no good since it was late by that time happened. I lost all my hard earned credit with my payments, and it cuts you off of even using the app anymore, just from ONE missed payment after DOZENS of EARLY AND ON TIME PAYMENTS. It’s sad because I really enjoyed this app, but I will be deleting it after I complete my final payments on the orders I’ve already purchased previously..Version: 1.58.0

I wasn’t given Pulse Rewards (even thought I elected to)I’ve made 2 different purchases using Afterpay and I love the concept. All of my payments have been on time because it’s taken directly from my bank account. I should have 40pts for each of these purchases totaling 80pts all together but it says zero. I go to the rewards section to confirm I did register for pulse rewards and I am. I reached out to someone and I felt like they didn’t even read my message because the answer made no sense and it didn’t really relate to my issue/ question. I was told about 6 month cycle and that I have to current orders… which I already knew and is not what I even wrote to them about. He was no hep at all and then might as well have said “have fun figuring it out bc we don’t care, BYYYYEEEEEEEEE.” I asked why my points weren’t accruing. I then asked if they could go into more detail.. I asked do the points reset after 6 months or something ? And I’ve gotten no response. I haven’t even had this for 6 months - but if they’re referring to their own type of 6 month cycle I don’t understand when that starts or ends either. My issue isn’t even anything serious or complicated … just want some help understanding why my points haven’t accrued and if I can get them redeemed… that’s all….Version: 1.51.0

UnfairMy mother can do 4 orders with afterpay I couldn't do it with three orders needed to the full amount.Version: 1.37.0

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Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Afterpay - Buy Now Pay Later.

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