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Countdown App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Countdown app received 47 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Countdown? Can you share your negative thoughts about countdown?

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TrashNOTHING useful is free.. Downloaded to view the widget on my phone but the tile reads something to the effect of, “unlock premium to open widget”. Like ???.Version: 2.7.23

App has potentialIt’s a good app with a nice UI. What I’d like to see - 1. Able to see more detail on the widget rather than just the number of days till/days ago. 2. Able to see how long it’s been since I’ve set a recurring item, e.g ‘A friend’s 30th Birthday is in 4 weeks and 2 days’..Version: 3.7.2

Need option to choose display timeI want to use this to track long term events. Our lives are arranged in weeks. For long term I don't need to see days displayed on the widget or home screen. I need the option to show large targets in weeks not 1000 days. Eg. 1 year sounds like a long time. That is 52 weeks. Now if I know I only get to meet the people once a fortnight, then that is only 26 occurrences. There is huge motivational potential if this app offered to flip the countdown to show how many hours or occurrences are left within a duration. To help us visually see how precious our time is. Eg. Hike once a month is only 12 times a year I will see my hiking buddies..Version: 3.7.4

A bit buggyThe app is a fantastic concept. Especially for those who have ADHD or executive function challenges that cause time blindness. The execution has a couple flaws, the overview of timers reflects an inaccurate time; for instance, if you have a timer set for 1 hr and 4 minutes from now then on the overview with the display of all your timers, that time will say 2 hrs left… a bit of a design flaw for something that is a countdown app to help people gauge time… it would be very beneficial for the developers to make the font for remaining time smaller and then more frequently update at shorter intervals or display and analog count down that reflects time remaining in red or whatever color theme you selected. Would also be nice to have the ability to create an organizational scheme such as: set a timer for 1 hour, break down the hour in various intervals (5, 10, 15), rather than individual intervals—enabling a cleaner UI and ability to create sub tasks is what I would consider a must..Version: 2.7.23

DeletedI deleted this app even though I paid for it, because I couldn’t customize the photo of the widget, nor the fonts—this app lacks in customizability. I will give two stars because of how straightforward it was about having to pay a one time fee. But the one time fee does not make it worth it and I immediately regretted paying for the widget option..Version: 3.0.2

Need to pay for widgetDecent enough app but they make you upgrade to premium to use the widget, which is almost the whole point of the app in the first place..Version: 3.1.14

Yeah nahNever gave it a try as you have to pay to “unlock the widget” option. That’s a basic feature that you shouldn’t be paying for. So went with another countdown app & gave them my money instead after being able to test drive their widget in the free version..Version: 2.7.17

Incredibly basic, even after paying for premiumI gladly paid for premium thinking that it would unlock features for customizing the widget. I was wrong. This is the most basic of countdown widgets. You cannot customize anything. You can’t even choose the background color for the widget, the app picks a color for you. No font or display choices, literally nothing at all. You can name your countdown and pick the date, and that’s the end of it. I regret paying for this. If you are considering buying the premium version, just know that your purchase comes with no additional features whatsoever. I have found a different countdown app that has lots of features, it even allows you to upload a photo for the background, AND it shows in the widget as well. Save your money and keep looking, there are better out there..Version: 3.2.6

BuggyUpdate #2: widget was fixed and functioned normally for about 3 weeks. It is once again dysfunctional, especially on the iPad version. The widget doesn’t update at all on the iPad. On the iPhone it updates but calculates the days incorrectly. THIS IS ABSURD! Update: developer is unresponsive. The same problem with the widget has been reported by multiple reviewers and there is barely a comment in response. I tried emailing them but they don’t respond to that either. After all, if people are paying money for a widget whose only job is to count the number of days and it won’t do that, don’t we deserve a refund? The app is fine and easy to use with a pleasant graphic interface. But the widget needs work. For whatever reason, it randomly quits actually counting down the days to an event. For example, the widget may show 402 days to the event but when I open the app it will say 397 days to the event (397 is accurate). Once I exit the app the widget will reset itself accurately. It then goes on to count down accurately for a few days before quitting again. I paid extra for this widget but with this sort of bug I wonder why I bothered. Using this app on both an iPhone 12 pro and iPad; similar problems with each..Version: 2.7.15

Very limited appYou can’t rotate phone, even after you pay there is no chance to share your app on the second phone (I have two phones, business and private and can’t use “family share” option. Small space for reminder title. You have to be creative to make it short. Also, there is simple no options for any additional description. For example if I set “Her birthday” countdown, there is no option to add useful information for descriptions, address, memo, personalized text. Repeat options are only week, month, year. You can change numbers of each (repeat every 1, 2, 3, 4 ….. weeks / months / years, but you can choose days. You can’t choose to repeat every day, three days … … and many many more limitations ….Version: 3.7.4

App is nice but widget doesn’t updateI downloaded this app because I wanted to get a countdown to certain events fast at a glance. So the best way for me was through the widget. This, I think, is the most common use case for something like this, which is why you had to pay to get the widget. That seems pretty fair. The app itself is also very easy to use and adding events and changing them is pretty straightforward. However, my biggest issue with the app is that the widget, for which I paid for, doesn’t update it self. The event I added shows correctly in the app that it is 16 days away but in the widget shows 19 days when I first added it. Pretty disappointed with that..Version: 2.7.15

Great appLove the one time purchase but I would have hoped it came with the ability to change the font, or make the icon itself a little more interesting with your own photo you can upload? Bit annoying you don’t rly have much control over customisation except countdown name, and colour… great app other than that !.Version: 3.0.2

Shame widgets & complications badJust paid for the premium version as I needed the unit format customisation. Sometimes you need to countdown just weeks, just minutes or weeks, days, hours and minutes but the widgets and complications don’t show the units you select. For example with hours and minutes selected the widget shows for 1hr and 9 minutes ‘2 hours’. This is dysfunctional. Can’t use it like this :-( The layout and interface is nice though..Version: 3.7.2

Good but ..I would suggest, unless I’ve done something wrong some way to push the information. I’m using this as a widget on my home screen for a countdown to pre release event and the timer / countdown only updates if I click in to the event on the app itself and press save. It does not automatically update on my home screen which defeats its purpose for me, I can’t see any option for this in settings either. (I can use timers and alarms on my iPhone just not have the information displayed) Also it would be good if you made a countdown banner style option for the widget to continuously count down live the hrs,weeks,days,hrs,mins and maybe update the small square option to do this too. Paid up and expected a little more..Version: 2.7.0

Okay but...It’s a good app for counting down. Does exactly what it says it does. But you have to pay a one time fee of $5 to have it added to your widgets on your iPhone when other apps are just as great that do if for free. Ended up downloading another app that I can do that with for free and deleting this one. Would absolutely download again if that feature wasn’t something I had to pay for. $5 isn’t a lot of money, but definitely during a pandemic when money is important to be saved, and there are other apps like it that are free to add that widget feature (specifically why I downloaded it), it’s not worth it to me..Version: 2.6.1

I want my money backI got the premium and I don’t find this app good for me anymore so when I tried to delete it I didn’t get my money back. I know it’s only 4 dollars but it’s useless to spend 4 dollars on it and I regret it.Version: 3.7.4

Nope.I removed this from my phone a couple minutes after I downloaded it. You need to pay in order for it to be useful, so the free version is pointless. Cannot be used as widgets unless you pay $5. No thanks..Version: 3.6.3

Pay a subscription just for a widget? Forget itAnother cash grab for a basic app.Version: 3.7.3

Weeks countdownIt’s very helpul. I hope you can add weeks countdown as well as it only has months, days, and time. It would be helpul when it comes to paying rent weekly..Version: 2.7.23

Basically costs $2.99The App Store page is up front about Add Widgets to Home Screen* being a *Premium Feature. It doesn’t specify that you are stuck with this format in the free version: “Pick a format” 0 years, 0 months, 15 days, 23 hours, 36 minufes, 29 seconds . Weeks are also available, but any changes require you to Upgrade for $2.99. Inside the app, the number of Days remaining is shown, so I’m guessing this format applies to the notifications, which can be at One Week and/or One day. This app with extremely basic functionality is ad. supported and wants to Track My Activity Across Apps and Web Pages (to sell my data, most likely) which alone should be worth access to all features. Perhaps in 2022, $2.99 is the new 0.99¢.Version: 2.7.23

Too many advertisementsI like it however every time you get on the app, it tell you to get premium and I’m not paying money for a countdown app!.Version: 2.7.23

Widget doesn’t show countdown!Paid for this app to be able to use the widget on my Home Screen, unfortunately it only shows the number of days, not dd:hh:mm:ss Hopefully this will be updated soon, other wise as a countdown app widget it’s not very useful. The app itself is nice, user friendly and the countdowns in app work great. Just had hoped the widget would work in the same way. Disappointed so far..Version: 2.7.23

Have to pay $5 for widget nowThis app was really good. Used for over a year until you had to pay for the widget..Version: 3.7.2

DisappointedThe layout of the app was super simple and fun to enter all the important dates in your life then assign a color and emoji. But, I have tried to upgrade the app multiple times but have failed. I got this app and it is very useful if you can upgrade, however, I could not even add a card to upgrade it. The widget just says the event then “you must upgrade to unlock this widget”. The app also charges 4 dollars which to me, is a bit absurd for a widget. On top of it all, every single time you open the app it bombards you with an ad for the premium version which was, as I have stated before, frustrating to purchase. I am sadly deleting and downloading a different app after of the numerous failed tries to upgrade..Version: 3.7.4

Je suis incapable de personnaliser l'applicationDécevant.Version: 3.7.4

Widget gets stuck on a dateI got the paid version of this app - and it's great except that when you put a widget on your home screen, it gets stuck on a single date. The only way to update the count down is to delete the widget and add it again. Super annoying as it kind of negates the point of the widget..Version: 2.7.15

So little functionalityI have no idea why I bothered paying for this - sure, you can setup countdowns without ads, but there’s no real functionality, it looks as basic as they come..Version: 3.0.2

Key functionality limits the appI like the layout of this app. And I would like to use it. Especially as I paid to upgrade. My biggest issue and the reason why the app is useless to me is that I have a few recurring monthly time sensitive events. Probably like most people. Why limit the app to only repeating events annually ? Makes no sense. Would be great if the devs would fix this..Version: 2.7.23

Can’t place widget on home screenI subscribed to the premium version so that I can use the feature where I can place countdown widgets on my home screen, as advertised above. really disappointed to find that I cannot do this, the app is visible on my widgets list but there is no button to place this on my home screen. Don’t pay the subscription fee for this feature..Version: 2.7.9

Love this but it’s missing a couple thingsI’ll keep this review concise. I started using this app as a checklist app. It works so well, but I feel like it could use some additional features. For one, it would be an absolutely perfect countdown app if there was a little section for each countdown where you could write notes about that countdown. It’s also would be better if there was a setting where you could delete the countdown once it has been completed. Finally, for repeating events, an option to move the reminder to the next time it comes up would be amazing. Other than that, this app is perfect..Version: 3.6.4

Nice app, not enough repeat optionsWorks very well all in all and I like the clear widget display. However, please increase the repeat option to include monthly at least! Weekly would probably be useful too. Also ‘Last X day of the month’ eg ‘Last Thursday of the month’ and ‘Xrd Y day of the month’ eg ‘Second Wednesday of the month’. And ‘every X number of days’, and ‘Every X number of days excluding Y day/s of the week’. ‘Repeats yearly’ isn’t the only kind of event and the above are key functionality that’s missing. Eg I'm often wondering how many days left to payday which I think for most people is a monthly thing..Version: 3.0.2

The app is nice and cleanI’ve just used the app and the app is nice and clean, very easy to use. There is a lot of options and things you can tweak which is nice. Dev: The only thing that I would like to see if you could actually control what you see in the widget as instead of days countdown, I would like weeks countdown, hope you add an option to tweak the widget too..Version: 2.6.9

Used to be goodI loved it like two years ago but now you can’t even have the widget on your phone without paying. Pretty useless now..Version: 3.6.4

Widget does not syncCurrently the widget does not sync properly, it will be stuck on a certain number of days while within the app the count down is correct, the only way I can rectify this is to remove and reinsert the widget. This is a significant drawback as I got this app and paid for the upgrade to get a countdown on the Home Screen, instead of having to enter the app to see the count..Version: 2.7.14

Good app but does not share premium with FamilyI like this app but each member of my Apple Family needs to but the premium version since it doesn’t share mine..Version: 3.6.4

Weekly repeatHello The apps looks clean and user friendly but all I want is a weekly repeating countdown event.Version: 3.3.0

Could be perfect ….but!!I love this app and the ease of use. So easy to keep track of my events and travels. BUT when I travel to a different time zone the times automatically update changing not just the times but often the dates of my events. There has to be a way the app can keep the time and date set to what I’ve put it rather than change it randomly. Hope the developer gets this sorted..Version: 3.1.14

Costly widget featureNice app but costs $5 to unlock the countdown widget????.Version: 3.7.2

~Dev replied.Version: 3.3.0

Good AppI simply like the app. It's a savior for counting down important events and reminders. Simply focus on your daily job and leave the rest to the app for managing the events. That being said, it would be good if you could add a feature that displays the number of years. For instance, birthdays and anniversaries could be shown as "Turns 31 on Dec 23." Will review back with 5 star. I paid a small premium for the widgets and to support future enhancements. Well deserved..Version: 3.7.2

App is very mid, not worth the money upgradingIf you don’t buy you can’t use the app how you’d like, same if you do buy. I paid thinking it was going to get me a live countdown widget since u can specify the measurement (years months hours seconds etc) when u place the widget tho it just says days. Paid for nothing, idk why I bothered paying way overpriced and bad app. Im desperate for something to be in my face and remind me about deadlines. What a waste of money. I’m sure there’s similarly named apps that are more versatile for free..Version: 3.0.2

Widget will not work and trying to charge twiceI downloaded this app and paid for the $4.50 upgrade to use widgets. I could set up a countdown but could find no instructions in the app itself for creating a widget. Dug through past reviews and located instructions. Why aren’t these in the app itself? Instructions don’t work for me no matter what I try. Deleted from phone and reinstalled. App Store shows I purchased upgrade for widgets but app is asking me for $4.50 again! Does not appear to work as intended and very expensive for an app that does not deliver. Will be requesting a refund..Version: 2.7.23

Very disappointedI bought the plus thing to this app so I could put it on my home screen cause they have the widgets and my god the freaking widget when u put it on ur Home Screen is just black nothing on it ir anything I thought maybe it’s just my phone air you know maybe the app needs to process that I have the plus thing so I deleted it and the reinstalled it three times already and turned off my phone more times then that it’s was only three dollars but I still am very upset about this because it’s still money I had to work for and it was wasted on some app that can’t even get a widget right ugh. Everyone was recommended the app so I figured oh what the heck why not but here I am now. Save ur self the money don’t get it might as well just go buy u a calendar cause this app ain’t gonna help u. 😐.Version: 2.7.2

Everything’s fine but….I feel like we should be able to acces widgets without paying the fee because it will make it more helpful for us! If you are starting a countdown until your birthday (like me) your going to have to write a certain number (depending on how many days it is) every day if you wont unlock the widget… I think that the widget should be free!!! Anyone else??? 😔.Version: 3.7.4

Pointless for me.I downloaded and tried to add just one countdown and it just says “upgrade to add widget” - I only downloaded this as a widget so for me every other feature doesn’t mean much because the only feature I was after is not available..Version: 2.7.4

A few issuesThis is an ok app but needs more functionality to make it great. You should be able to change the front page from days to weeks or months or years. Also would be good to be able to copy a previous entry for quicker creation of multiple events. I’d also like an option for years and months expressed as a decimal. Also I’d like birthdays to add the age of the person. Finally the watch app isn’t great would be better if you could configure the view rather than just have a list..Version: 3.7.4

Useful but lacks some stuffNicely designed, simple to use. Syncing across devices works well. Two improvements I’d like to see: it would be very helpful to be able to set the start time and date of a countdown, not just when it ends; the main display only shows the countdown in days no matter what time format you select — be much better to display the format chosen..Version: 2.7.0

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