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Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino app received 129 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino? Can you share your negative thoughts about cash frenzy™ - slots casino?

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Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino for Negative User Reviews

These games should be policed more by apple.Greed is the overriding issue with this game. The more you spend, the less you win. It’s not like your playing for money, your playing for time, it’s really that simple. Still, you don’t get value for money. I deleted it and I urge others to do so too. These people get away with it because we buy. There is always a reason not to delete because there are so many different things you want to reach the end of, so your aiming then to get that big win. This is almost impossible no matter how much you spend. Remember, it’s not real money your winning, it’s time your playing for. You get a big win, then everything increases making it impossible to complete unless you spend a lot of money. Everything is made to be just out of reach. Winning seems to be detrimental and that’s a shame. Maybe they need to remember what happened to big fish and their slots. Greed got them in the court rooms..Version: 2.23

Slots fun but missions are made too hard to complete for final prizeAug 9, 2019 New problem: Slots keep spinning as if there is no internet connection then asks me to check my internet. I Play a lot of games and no other game has this problem. The problem happens about 70% of the time now when playing. I get frustrated and just get off the app. I have reloaded the app to see if it helps but NOPE!! My internet is fine, my phone is an iPhoneX and brand new. It happens on wifi and my unlimited data plan. This has happened for a few months intermittently mostly late night but now it happens all times of the day. No other game or app I have has issues. **************** I enjoy the slots a lot BUT after HOURS AND HOURS of trying to complete missions I finally get to the final mission which is literally impossible unless I spend money. 5000 lounge points? Are you kidding? At least give details on the best ways to earn lounge points quickly if there are non purchase ways. I cannot come close to figuring out how to gain that many in 9 hours unless I buy up and spend money. So unfair. YOU SHOULD NEVER REQUIRE PEOPLE MAKE PURCHASES TO COMPLETE MISSIONS!!!.Version: 1.31

To the developersWhy is it that every time there is an update to fix bugs the amount of wins ratio to coins bet drops are the bugs you fix to ensure players wins are reduced, bet I don’t get a realistic answer to this question, The best way to play this game is possible to get one of the cheats that are out there as they don’t seem to be able to block them, further more the new depots have now removed the lounge diamonds when reach level four is reached just another change to make it almost impossible to finish any tasks, all they are doing is telling you to bet higher so you lose more coins hoping you purchase something to get more coins then they make it even harder to win so on, i know because I was stupid to make a purchase now I am almost at the time to remove the game and find another one to play that is not affiliated to these developers, rip of merchants that should be removed from all app stores for running a scam..Version: 2.15

Don’t Get Purchase Benefits That are PurchasedIf you are the type that plays a game without making any purchases, you’ll be happy with this game. (I also applaud you.) At first I absolutely loved this game and rated it 5 stars! As time went on, I would periodically purchase additional coins or various bonuses that were offered. I’d look at the “purchase benefits” that were part of the package, which they were providing to entice you to buy. At first, when I didn’t get certain items within those packages, I thought my memory was wrong or I read something wrong (you do need to read very carefully!!!!); however, as time went on, I am now convinced that they are not providing the benefits that are being purchased. I was also trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Today was the defining moment when I clearly paid attention to what I purchased as compared to what I actually received (shame on me for not doing so before). Once again, I didn’t get what I anticipated based on my purchase. This will be the last time I will be purchasing on this game. I tried “contacting” through the game but without any luck. I don’t mind paying for something I enjoy but I won’t be taken advantage of..Version: 1.60

Stop the pop ups !!!Enough with the pop ups between collecting bonuses started off with two now it's up to around six and to much ago only to enjoy the game. Please go back to the way you there. I've been cheated out of Silver hammers and bonuses when the screen freezes and you have to go back to start you miss out on everything I'll spend this money and then I'm logging out of this game it's useless. Getting so ripped off with credits and of hammers with dodgy videos we have to watch to get them that don't work!!!!!!!.Version: 1.68

Great Game But Don’t Touch It.This could be the best slots game going round and it was great at first but now it is, (I will be kind) it’s unfair. I played nights when no matter what slot I choose I can’t win a thing. No free spins, no feature plays, no nothing and that is the norm. The exception is occasionally you might win big. Developers draw you in with words like, Bet more win higher prizes. Well, you don’t. The mission are almost impossible sometimes and if the task involves getting free spins forget it as the don’t happen. And you have to bet big and a bottomless pit of money doesn’t help. And don’t ask the developers for help because they don’t care. They will tell you sometimes you’re unlucky but it will change. Well it doesn’t and the odds are heavily weighed against you. I can play real slot machines and I might lose but other times I win and that’s the way they work. But the great periods of no free spins and big wins drain you in the end with this game and it’s not even for real money. With this game you pay to play basically. AND BEWARE, The game is very addictive..Version: 1.94

Not that great at payoffsHad the free spins a few times and the player is lucky if they win 2 or 3 times their bet. Not that impressed.definitely not impressed with the Mammoth Grand game. In over 100 games did not get any wins on the mammoths themselves. Duh!!!!! Screen freezing when betting max so decided not worth the hassles. Not a great game. To test my theory I decided to Bret the max in one game and just waste the 155,000,000 credits I had. In the next 30 spins I won nothing close to my bet of 5,000,000 so of course am deleting this game as a loser game for the players. Would never recommend this game..Version: 1.59

Support closes conversations with NO responseIs disgraceful how u just close conversations without response cause u don’t like the truth... well here’s another this quest is the worst you have done so far I have spent trillion in coins including a $100 purchase of coins and I can’t get the 45 items. I can barely get items out of hundreds of billions of coins and when I do it’s the ones I already have. I have played the entire time betting max bet on every game and still can’t complete it and appears I’m not going to as I don’t have many coins left and there’s only 1 day left. Is disgusting. It use to be an enjoyable game but it has changed with the last few updates and has gone from a 5star game to a 1 star game.Version: 1.54

Why Bother!This game has gone to s*@t. Have played for a couple of years but in the last 6 months, the pays have dried up and everything costs money. Unable to complete anything… stamps, depots or handbags. Higher level doesn’t mean you want to spend more per bet so this is no longer enjoyable. Let players on level 3500 bet a million and still win and complete challenges. I can’t afford to bet 20 billion a press so what’s the point. Very disappointed as I loved playing this game. Also, stop changing the duration of the mission pass and other reward games. When you think you will get a reward in a couple of days it is incredibly frustrating when the date changes and the reward is another week away. I have only ever got one Grand prize and play everyday. This is not good odds!!.Version: 2.21

They ruined this game with higher bet requirementsI don’t know why they insist on keep on raising the stakes on this game. It cost so much of a bet just to activate the extra features of a game that it’s ridiculous. You can win $1 trillion and still lose it all within minutes. I used to buy coins for this game but no longer, they just don’t go anywhere. I played this game for a long time and have no idea why they have done this to the game I won’t be spending another penny on it..Version: 2.15

Fake GameI’ve played this game for a couple of yrs over multiple accounts, I notice the same pattern every day when I play & get a win that’s multiplied it is always the lowest multiplier & when completing missions I get x5 cash if I watch ad after ad finishes I only get the x1 amount which is so frustrating, Same with slots of cash if i get respin for watching ad after ad it just disappears & I get nothing, The ads that don’t give are a puzzle game & candy crush, The ads to sell this game says if u have to watch ads to play it’s fake slots & with Cash Frenzy it’s all about the ads, The game is run on an algorithm where the win % is very poor I can’t go above min bet as it just depletes my cash then to keep playing u have to watch hundreds of ads or pay their extortionate prices to continue, My main account min bet 3b did 1k spins for a big win to complete mission & didn’t get it had to use gems to buy mission, My advice don’t bother with this game as u will just end up disappointed like many others myself included have found out..Version: 2.23

Too many glitchesI hate the ads. Why did you have to bring those in? So if I don’t agree to watch them for coins it plays them anyway. And on the slot o money, I think it’s called that, it’s the one you play after you do 5 of the red scratch cards, if you hit the spin again and watch the video, it comes back to the slot and just keeps going never stops, so then you have to delete app and then you lose the spin, so I watched video for nothing and this happens every time. Also banners on the left side of your playing field get stuck and you have to go through the delete and reinstall process all over again. Sometimes I have to do this 3 or 4 times a day, irritating. And I have lost many coins doing this. Also I know I don’t play big bets, I do 4 million a bet and the 3 missions which get you to the golden hammer, the first 2 are fairly to attain but the third one for my size bet is almost always unattainable..Version: 1.94

Lost progressI have been playing this game for well over a year and was really enjoying it I joined a club got to level 1120 completed all the mission passes past level 100 was due 707,000,000,000 coins logged in the next day and nothing I am now at level 1 expected to start again I contacted support who asked for my player ID but the game has started as though I am a new player so I don’t have the original player ID to restore my progress. I can’t believe that in this day and age players are expected to either sign in through FB or log in through Apple ID what’s the point of logging in through Apple ID if all progress is lost anyway?? I won’t be starting from Level 1 as it’s taken me a year to get to where I was so it’s totally ruined what was a great game..Version: 1.86

Absolute jokThis game is absolutely ridiculous, I have spent £s upon £s the last few days to win absolutely nothing!!! I would go up slightly, then have it all taken back, and that’s betting at the lowest best possible, which goes up and up !!! This game used to be fun, now it’s depressive to the fact I’m losing REAL money to lose FAKE money!!! You get nothing worth playing for in your rewards, the missions are too difficult to get passed! The only way possible to reach any certain amount of FAKE money is to purchase with REAL money, and even at that the price of in app purchases is extortion!!! I am beyond livid, I am beyond disappointed! If my account doesn’t start going up I will delete the game never to return. I would rate minus stars if it were possible!! Just complete extortion!.Version: 1.75

Changed my bet twice without noticing meTo whom it concerns, I was playing a game , betting 30 millions . All of a sudden, my bet changed to 900 millions without telling me … so I ran out of cash . Is this a way to OBLIGE players to Buy More COINS ??? I lost at least 15 BILLIONS chips… I am very disappointed.Version: 2.15

No refund or communicationI have to admit I do love this game and I do spend quite a bit of money on it because I enjoy it. However, when I made a purchase recently it crashed and when the app reopened I made the purchase again as It opened up where it had crashed so looked like the first one hadn’t gone through. Unfortunately it took both payments off me and didn’t credit my game. I contacted through customer support with picture evidence of my bank transactions and I’ve received no reply from them. Not very impressed as I feel I’ve had money effectively stolen from me and no communication. Poor customer service!! Update. Thanks for your reply on here. Which absolutely nothing. I have done all those things and you still don’t respond!!.Version: 1.82

Fun gameFun other than the sales are always popping up. Bought a pack in the game for a bonus. Game didn’t give me the bonus. Contacted support, they provided no help. Had to contact apple for a refund. Always take screen shots of purchases..Version: 2.15

Not So SureThis game is totally addicting! I have noticed a few things though. They don’t payout what they are supposed to. For instance, one of the games I like has a mini game where you are supposed to collect a certain amount for each pig. My pigs were worth $24 million. I hit 3 pigs and it only paid in the low 60’s. This type of thing has happened several times. Today, I am noticing that they are taking more money away than they should. For example, going from 11,001,000,000 with a bet of 10,000,000 instead of going down into 10 billion it skipped and went down to 9. This happened twice this morning. (These numbers are not exact, just a general example) Sometimes I don’t win unless I buy coins, but sometimes I do, although it’s rare that I leave with more coins than I started with - so the claims that you only win if you purchase something may or may not be true. I wish there was a way to contact someone about missing coins and “fake” payouts. That’s why I gave 3 stars..Version: 1.61

Don’t even download itThey want a review so here it is. This game will rob you blind, they have no interest in you winning anything and if you do like I did last night they will reset your game and you are back where you started. If you buy something here the deadly part, you will have to pay double the next time, and it continues to double up for same amount of coins. These people are very greedy and really should not be allowed on the App Store. Instructions in the game tell you nothing, and there are no perks for players who level up, as your bets are made so high nearly all the games are impossible to play at there full potential. So look by all means, but there are far better games out there and cheaper..Version: 1.50

WowThe amount of real money I received by a real check is amazing.Version: 1.54

Pachin coinHave been ripped off a few times now when go to spin on the pachinko coin it goes blank and freezes and I have to exit and start again. Of course you start again and the pachinko coin spin has magically disappeared..Version: 2.19

HorrendousWell I’m done with this game. Spent billions of coins, watched heaps of videos and nothing. You only get generic responses as you can see below. Of course the winnings are computer generated cause they want you to spend your hard earned cash. Don’t invest in this game. It’s not worth it. Last day of playing today. Just too frustrated with lack of wins and constant repeat stamps so you can’t finish stamp packs. Promised you win big you then you play higher amounts to win bigger and more and it doesn’t happen. Sad sad sad day. Very disappointed! Could be better winnings. Gets a little monotonous at times... hardly ever see major or grand winnings maybe once a month when you play everyday. Money and earnings go missing. Pachin you never get large winnings and it always only lands on x4 or x8 at the most. Those advertisements of huge winnings rarely if ever happens. Disappointing to say the least..Version: 2.02

ShockingSo after putting the below review up I was told by the developer that I would get my coins back for winning the jackpot, was told to go through the app and contact them, which I have and I have had no response what so ever, iam disgusted and will be forwarding all the information onto Apple to have these investigated, they constantly lie, take your money and never payout what u win. I won a Massive Jackpot of 350 trillion playing sun goddess, the app then crashed and I reloaded it and then nothing didn’t even pay me out and I even went bk into the same game after the game crashed, an absolute scam. I’ve been sending them messages and everything and I get the same repeated questions over and over again, a absolute scam this game and robs u off anything it can, this game/app shouldn’t be available and should be taken off, they are quick to take your money but when’s its time to pay h out they scam you😡😡.Version: 1.72

Not worth the effort!Just a money grabber of a game. Nonstop pop ups to buy extra coins. Scammers run this app! All these reviews wth 5 stars! Lol all bots! This is probably my 4th review on this game & I keep getting deleted..Version: 2.15

They’ve ruined the game!If I could give this game 0 stars I would, I was really enjoying playing this game, I thought it was the best slots game ever - then they had to go and ruin it! Both daily mission and blazing mission points are ridiculously low, not much chance of completing anything that requires mission point - unless you are willing to spend £££££ of real money - even then the game just robs you! Blazing missions minimum bets have gone through the roof for most, especially loyal players. You need to get free games for a mission?? Don’t hold your breath, it’ll just take your coins. New stamps for the albums are few and far between - sssooo many duplicates it’s beyond a joke, red and yellow stamps? Good luck! Prices to make purchases - and trust me, the way the game works you won’t get far without doing so - are ludicrous. The missions and blazing missions are for the most part extremely difficult if not impossible some days - unless, yet again you spend real cash - you can go (like I did) from over 8Trillion coins to less than 500Billion in a very short space of time and while 500Billion sounds like a lot it’s a drop in the ocean considering what you have to bet! If things don’t change for the better very soon, I’ll be leaving this what was once a fun but now infuriating “game”..Version: 1.60

Rigged to LoseThe games are really fun, and I agree that I won big in the beginning, but I am around level 250 now and I feel the wins are fair when the games are working correctly. There is currently a Quest in progress where you need to complete certain challenges to move to the next level and ultimately win a gigantic prize. The challenge is not always clear, such as “win $34 million in the mini game”, but nothing is labeled as “ mini game”. I was winning in the mini game but didn’t know since I was not getting any credits on the meter. Support actual did respond and fixed it, but several days later as I approached the end of the Quest there was another glitch. This time I need to win 183M in the free games, but the scatter symbols that give you the free games don’t come up. I have spun over 500 times and lost hundreds of millions of coins and have not seen 1 scatter symbol and now Support is ignoring me. I can’t complete the Quest so now they don’t have to pay out the prize. Glad I only spent $5 buying coins on this game. It’s fun when it works, but don’t waste your money buying anything in this app. Now I can’t even submit my 2 star review which I want to change to a 1 Star because it won’t let me submit it without a nickname and every weird thing I enter is already taken so I am changing it to 5 stars to see if it goes thru, but it is really a 1 Star review.Version: 1.28

It’s okOnce the weekend hits you can’t win on anything that’s in tournament. Be nice if they let you win once in awhile on a weekend..Version: 2.21

Great game but could be fairerI like the extra little sides games however they change so quickly a lot of the time you don’t get a chance to finish them even when betting big. Also I’ve been playing almost daily trying to finish the stamp album and I keep getting the same ones. I have over 600 duplicates. I have everything except the red diamond stamps and a few frenzy stamps. Can’t you make an exchange for stamps needed (without needing to pay money) as currently you can only exchange to spin where all you get is a few coins and more stamps you already have! Is it even possible to get all the stamps??.Version: 1.36

Jackpots...Numerous times I’ve landed on jackpots only for the game to “ give extra push to jackpot wheels” and when I should have stopped on the grand at least 20-30x , it just moves an extra space after coming to a complete stop on grand first 👎.Version: 1.68

Never WinSystem is setup so all we do is lose. Spend money on packages and all gone within minutes. No fun. They say it’s all luck and you will soon win but it’s a lie. I’ve lost every time since I started playing this game. It’s takes all your money and than you can’t do any mission or play side game because you have no money and what they give you for free doesn’t even come close to what you have to bet to get points in mission or side games. You can write them and they say the same thing. It’s all luck but we know that’s not true. Been on a 5 month losing streak. They expect me now to pay $100 for Money Bank and when I do it’s all gone within minutes. They say sorry but that’s not true there happy because they took $100 for you. If you spend real money they put you in a list in there system that’s make sure you lose because they know you will spend real money to get the little stuff they give out. Than they keep rising the price. Games a cheat and that’s how it will always be. They don’t help and they don’t care about there customers..Version: 1.68

Negative reviews are realDon’t bother unless you like spending money on a rigged game and terrible customer service. This is a pay to win game and they 100% weight when and how much you win based on how much you’ve purchased and will be willing to buy next, even if they claim its all based on “luck”. They have a side game “mansion quest”. Durning it, you’re supposed to complete challenges and move on to another slot for new challenges. Well, while spinning at 17BILLION chips a spin I finally hit a bonus round. Mid spin the challenge completes and the game closes out & I'm rewarded with only 561 million chips as the challenge reward. I’m not allowed to collect what had been won during the bonus round nor are you allowed to continue with the rest of the free bonus spins for more. How is this based on the “luck” they talk about?!? This isn’t stated anywhere I could find, at least not in an obvious place. Customer service responds within a day or two but didn’t address what really happened. “Big win from free games are not included, only big win from a single bet counts in the mission.” That’s all they wrote! Be prepared for their canned response on here also. Not sure what I mean then just search out their negative reviews. I’ve played a lot of online slots and this one is like the rest of them. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.86

Takes your money, no response from supportFirstly, it is really difficult to find where the contact us button Mansion quest btw. Bought quest booster, asked for one...charged for two. Queried it, send us your receipt, didn’t because it was only a few $ It happened again, this time sent response Also when you buy quest upgrades you should have a fair chance of progressing....nope, stuck shooting a snowman and lost all the throws I had purchased, or round the game board 16 times without landing on any functional square, or up ladders and down the very next shoot to end up in the same place you were when you purchased the ‘upgrade’. No hope in winning any of the quests, even the free ones are rigged to give you the lowest prize every time..Version: 1.82

AdvertsHi as someone who has been playing this game for over a year it’s a shame to see all the adverts being added, then followed up with pay to remove the adverts…… slightly hypocritical. And now the new add that I have no choice but to watch, you have taken away from the gap filler this game used to be. Time for something new..Version: 2.20

Disappointingly greedy gameLike most digital slot games, this one does not reward you for betting higher amounts. It does its best to bleed you of tour money so you’ll spend more money, which means if you want to enjoy it you will do so best if you purchase just enough chips to get comfortable with your stash and then never, ever raise your bet beyond the lower ranges so you can continue to replenish your chip stash without paying more. I found that many hundreds of pulls while betting a billion dollars a pull paid far, far worse than the same number of pulls betting only forty million dollars a pull. They clearly do not want players building up massive war chests, so won’t reward the higher bets at the same odds that they reward the lower bets. Unlike ordinary gambling, higher risk play here does not mean higher rewards—exactly the opposite. So you will have to shift your own behavior to have fun without spending a fortune to keep on playing the game. Good luck. Maybe some day an honest app broker will create a game where the risk/reward ratio isn’t reduced based on the amount of your bet. This game isn’t that..Version: 1.72

Be Careful Spending MoneyIs a great game, has great games BUT!! I have never come across a game with such unrealistic win to loss ratio even just for a fake money bit of entertainment. Developers contradict what they say. Have fun it’s just for entertainment purposes. Then why so expensive and so little return? Why can your missions come up completed right before the spin has even been pressed. It’s very well programmed to keep you spending and spending. Your win unless they decide to give you a big win or better are never more then what your betting. I have been doing a load of experiments to prove my point and will upload to you tube and edit the review with link. 350 billion coins at 500 mil presses and not once got a bonus let alone scatter. Good on the developer for genius way of making money but what goes around eventually comes around..Version: 1.54

FrenzyLove the whole game😀still loving the game🥰still loving it😍and still loving it🥰still playing it, still loving it🥰still loving it❤️❤️Game won’t load, can’t finish dash or daily missions😢loving it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the game❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰 and the 🥰🥰🥰loving it🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Thank you for interrupting my game not, but I am not on a winning streak, in fact losing coins daily🥲🥲🥲thank you for once again interrupting my losing streak to rate you, in 2 days I’ve lost over 500b trying to get bingo balls🥲🥲🥰🥰why do you keep😀😀 interrupting my losing streaks to rate your game?😢😢😀😀love it when you disturb my losing streak to rate you NOT😡😡Again you disturb my losing streak to rate, huh, 4 trillion coins down in 4 days, club chest filling at a crawl, hardly any stamps coming out when spinning, ever since last update my game has played absolute rubbish😡😡😡.Version: 1.94

MehIt’s a great game. But two stars cause 1. I feel every time I bid low, I win quite a lot. But bet big and I hardly win at all. 2. The amount of ‘bonus package’ pop ups when you open the app or leave a game is just too annoying. 3. The game sometimes freezes after watching an ad before free spins, forcing you to relaunch (although when reentering the game it continues the free spins, it doesn’t give the bonuses and you win nothing).Version: 1.31

Absolute thievesGame continually updating and stealing a lot of the things you pay for. You should also be prepared to spend loadsa money if you want to get anywhere and then you'll end up losing stuff if you stop spending. Customer support? Never heard so much crap in my life. They are never bothered and frequently end chat/conversation without sorting out issues. I believe apple should look into a game that is designed to rip you off And this still happening - over 2T coins, bonus stamps, nearly 6000 emeralds - nothing is ever done to Recife the issues just told it is my own fault - what for them stealing things from my account? Really? My fault!!! 😡j Absolutely total rip off unless you pay for everything (very expensive) and even then, they constantly take things paid for/earned for no reason and when you complain, you are asked for proof/screenshots after the fact so you cannot prove they robbing you unless you take a screenshot after every time you play. This is a game perfect for mugs as they continually mug you. NOW to try get away with it, they've changed terms and conditions. Hope you all enjoy being robbed. Best game for it.Version: 1.89

Do not download this game!Do not I repeat do not download this game. Iv spend hundreds of dollars on this game to only end up with zero coins by the end of the night every time. You can not win. YOU CAN NOT WIN. You can’t complete any missions because they make it so hard. I had over 30 billion coins I had over 105 billion coins guess what 0 and 0 more money..... this is not fair to you and I. I wouldn’t complain if I could make some progress and I would spend money to do so. I will not start over from 0 every single night this should be illegal in ever way. Why do I get to spend real money and get nothing out of it? The game is made so straight to there pocket. I’m out I’m trying to help y’all. I’m not broke actually well off so it doesn’t hurt me to lose it. It’s painful not being able to make progress when you invest time and money into something. That is why I’m so upset. Be smart put your money in the stock market and play with that. At least you have a chance to win real money and if you lose it all it’s the same as this dang game. YOU GET NOTHING OUT OF THIS GAME. 0, squat, nada, nothing, ziltch, no, waste your time on better things please. I’ll give you 1$ to not play this..Version: 1.68

Missing stars from mansion questHi I have a problem that apparently no one wants to sort. I have completed all the missions in the mansion quest but apparently I’m missing stars to complete the room in the library. I cant go to next mission until this is fixed. I have been on the fan page to ask if someone can sort it out but it seems my complaint ain’t showing up on the fan page. Can someone please sort this out..Version: 1.72

Don’t waste your time or money!Beware of this game - I can’t say it strongly enough! Your coins will get drained in no time so you purchase more, then win for a SHORT time, then your bank drains quickly again. You buy more and the same thing happens. I’ve had countless times in which I didn’t get coins credited properly, I’ve been charged twice for a purchase, I finished a house and got over $400 billion and it didn’t get added to my bank, and support is not there for their customers. Their ONLY answer is to ask if you can provide more information or a screenshot showing what happened. They know this isn’t possible because you don’t know when it’s going to happen. With the double-charge, they had the receipts. They see the back end of this game. They know what is going on. Either they don’t know what they’re doing - or they do; it’s terrible either way. I understand these apps are in business to make money. But this is beyond terrible. This morning I had a diamond lounge expire and banked over $1T. I regularly bet $3-4b and it was gone within an hour of playing. No wins, because they want me to make a purchase. That’s the way this game is set up. I’m near level 3900, so I’ve been hanging with this game for a while. I speak from experience here. Don’t waste your money. You will ultimately regret it. Your money is too important - keep it..Version: 1.86

Worst GameTake more loss then gains in this game how do you go from a huge win then takes every 100+ spins for it to give u free games and between those spins you get a couple big wins but nothing that exceeds the amount you bet..Version: 2.21

Just no!People giving this game 5* has obviously not been playing it for long. It will charge you more money for coins and passes if you purchase it more than one time, it will change your daily missions if you have money to take away as much money from you as it can. It will charge you more emeralds if you have more emeralds. It is built to take more the better you do. I would show proof of said scams if I could upload pics. But on average you will win 20% of the time with an average of 30% cash back on your bet. There is no winning this game. Also, if you have a complaint you need to have proof to show what happened before it actually happened so now my phone is full of screenshots in case something happens and they again try to deny you help. Not worth the trouble..Version: 1.92

Poor payoutsPlaying. Magic jackpot vault used 130 spins at 6’000’000 a spin and didn’t even get 1 free spin poor show just used 200 spins at 6,000,000 a spin had Diamond jackpot twice and NO FREE SPINS this slot is getting worse all the time I might just ditch it I can’t believe that I have just played another one of the slots and used 1 billion coins at 12 million a spin and not even see free spin or cash link false adverts don’t seem to be able to get pass 5 Rapid Cash symbols very poor show and no response from the developers playing diamond night if you get free spins it adds more diamonds but only 1 in 6 spins and if you get epic link you be very lucky to get more than 6 diamonds what a load of rubbish playing a slot called crazy lady it seems the higher you bet the less you win very poor payouts.Version: 2.21

Great... if you are buying regularlyEverything is fine if you are constantly buying to up your bets but a couple days of no purchasing and returns from bonus features drop dramatically. I’ve been purchasing coins a lot but slowed because of Covid19 uncertainty and have noticed a massive decrease from Frenzy pays, Super Games and Slot Bonus pays. It is reflecting the lower bet amounts and after 3 full days of decreasing there has been no getting ahead. Will likely delete game as result..Version: 1.59

Don’t do it!Lots of great games but you’ll find over time that it gets harder and harder to win and the frequency of games will get lower and lower. And so you’ll buy a few more coins...and a few more coins...and hang on a minute! This is just meant to be a game. You have no chance at getting your money back!! I have no idea why the developers have made this app so mean..Version: 1.35

Save your money!!Ive been playing for 6months or so and I can’t lie it was pretty good at the start. Recent updates and changes too challenges, purchases and all the rest of it have absolutely ruined this game, but it goes much deeper than that. 5 minutes too writing this review I’ve had roughly 670billion!! Coins disappear from my account! Hense why I’ve wrote this. All Facebook pages forums etc are all saying the same showing screenshots of poor help from cash frenzy themselves, struggling too get refunds for UNAUTHORISED pitches! making group pages too let people know not too join and give them your hard earned money. I think Apple are now putting them under investigation too! THIS GAME WILL NOT BE AROUND MUCH LONGER.... #noneedforgreed. Would like too add today! 30th June. Within the last 2 mins. Cash frenzy has just taken another 28billion coins! For no reason at all! Lol. #shame.Version: 1.61

Customer service is terribleI’ve been dealing with them for over a week and they just keep lying to me to make me think they are working on my problem. Been play for months and was quite far along in the progression of this game and was playing many hours a day- and it is not cheap to progress. One day game would not load at all-so I deleted it and reinstalled it. It did not recognize me me when I reinstalled and started me over at beginning of game. I contacted customer service -They have done nothing to help me except tell me how long it takes to find someone’s old account. This is after I sent them screenshots of my purchases and receipt numbers. You will see if you play this game that it is constantly updating- sometimes every few minutes. You will also see that the only way to do well, is to make purchases- and many of their purchases cost $99 plus tax. They still send me emails every other day explaining how it takes time to find the information needed to reinstall my old account. Best thing that happened to me was there terrible customer service cause I’m no longer wasting money playing this con job game..Version: 1.82

M DaviesSecond time I have rated your app very disappointed as yet again purchased 4.99 coin offer got coins but not the rest no clover no buildings needs sorting as not the first time this has happened Reguards update prices for coins etc way to expensive, too many adds me personally I’m deleting game as big con to buy buy buy 44 trillion coins gone in hours no wins last chest been on 75 % since yesterday no matter what I do no increase needs looking into & having game investigated for legitimately well I’m still playing played frenzy machine for 2 hrs solid trying to collect last card pack for challenge how disappointed was I not 1 card pack during that time resulting in challenge not finished just like most weeks before that, game is so fixed I’m having it investigated myself by a regulator all I do is purchase to finish daily challenges will be deleting game very soon & wont be recommending it to my friends like ever.Version: 2.29

WOW 😮This is was the only GAME.. I was playing.. nonstop until today! This latest update, everything changed! They changed the all the amounts in order to participate in the usual bonuses. (Drastically) The amount you receive in your 15min/hourly might get you a spin or two! Over the weekend.. I used over 136 dice for one part in the their challenge .. to no avail .. kept coming up short! I play A LOT! The one , gave me 90 minutes to complete .. Playing at max bet I still had 17 levels(28 minutes)! There is no way an average player could accomplish the task! Then I contact customer service, for no other reason just to explain how this was mathematically impossible! Customer service told me I needed to adjust my bet 😂😂😂.. obviously 🙄.. I’m an idiot!! I will be deleting my account.. they are not worth my time .. and don’t disrespect me. EXTREMELY disappointed. When you are level 1748 .. you don’t go through levels as quickly as someone at a level 100! Talk to your IT interface members .. they are letting your consumers down boys!.Version: 2.13

Good game if you like to spend moneyThis isn’t a bad game if you have the money to keep spending. I used to enjoy playing this game, this game is making a lot of money of its users. I have spent quite a few dollars on this game purely because I enjoyed it. But after purchasing an item and then the app closing down. To re open it and find out that the credit did not get added to my account, was a little disappointing. Ooo and the fact that I got charged for the same thing twice. After contacting them. I Basically got told I was a liar and they hope I continue to play this game. I haven since contacted them again with a picture of the transaction out of my account twice. But surprisingly they haven’t got back to me. Be wary of this one people.Version: 1.54

Very disappointedThis game starts out fun. I won’t deny that fact one bit. However it doesn’t take long before you will realize that they are after your money, and don’t care one tiny bit about anything else. The customer service is atrocious, as of right now, I’m in the middle of a 5 week (and still going) dispute with them over a bonus that I earned in the game that they are refusing to award. I have proven to them that I earned it and I have gotten literally no assistance in the matter whatsoever. They constantly ignore any and all feedback they receive from their customers, and blatantly rip you off with a smile on their face. I would be absolutely ashamed to work for a company like theirs, and it’s obvious as you play the game that they have it completely rigged against you in order to try to get you to spend money. At the beginning of the game it is a fun casual game, and it’s not hard to accomplish the missions. But the difficulty increases exponentially and you end up having to play for 18 hours a day just to get the same rewards and to achieve the missions that you could originally complete within an hour. It’s depressing what they have done to their game in just the short time that I’ve been playing. There is absolutely no regard given to their customers, and I hope they figure it out the hard way by crashing and burning. There’s no way the current approach will work out for them in the long run..Version: 1.57

Cash frenzy……duplicate stamps of one’s already owned should not be part of spin up purchase to try and earn stamps unfair to have to pay trying and continual deUplicates..sad.Version: 2.21

Good at the start but they gradually get greedyI liked this game at the start I won a grand jackpot and was winning often. The missions they set every day begun to get impossible 100million a spin but you have to get the free games and of course the free games don’t come and you lose your money. I notice when I pay for packages I get good wins. They need to remember when you spend your REAL money on packages they need to now and then give you a a decent jackpot not always Mini jackpot but if you lower your bet you will get the minor . Cash Frenzy Don’t Get Greedy TO THE MAKERS OF THIS GAME ITS THE THRILL OF THE WIN NOT JUST PRESSING THE BUTTON YOUR TAKING THE ENJOYMENT OUT OF THIS GAME. YOUR GETTING BORING. ENTERTAIN US NOT BORE US..Version: 1.80

Need to fix bugs.Several times I’ve played bonus games and then don’t get the win amount..Version: 2.20

Nothing but a money hungry appSupport sent me a log of their app recording Huynh and Beth’s etc. it was basically their cheat sheet which I’m sure they use to input the results into a random number generator, if you’re familiar with RNG in gaming you know they put me on the losers list… I find it very frustrating that the people responding to these reviews say it’s all up to work hope you win soon. I’m pretty sure they just want you to make a little purchase and you win a few times until the computer uses an algorithm to take it back… When I look at the slot box and the style of drops, it appears each individual box is angled essentially by the Pythagorean equation which guarantees the computer makes loss guaranteed results. Even worse is they tease you with a rare coins and when you get bonus games you don’t get more than one and it’s never more than a mini or minor… Take me off the losers list or I will keep posting to my 20s or so friends that play this game all the bad bonus games and how I’ve lost over 25 trillion and win all the time when I bet very low. Greed AND Cheating people to pay and play for fun is not OK.Version: 1.57

ExcellentKeeps u interested all the time but does have support issues and increasing stake so they can make more money changes the goal posts all the time. Only interested in money, don’t care about loyalty. Example of how biased towards making money it has become, in the past 6 months the monthly mission chest has gone from a month long to 20 days and no bonus chest that has to be paid for as an extra, so from earning 70 trillion in one chest now pay double to get 2 chests and only get 33 trillion. Disgusted. Just to add to the above it’s now when you get massive/apoplectic wins in bonuses it doesn’t give it just crashes and when you contact customer services the give u free coins that are 100th of what you won even more disgusted.Version: 2.32

StreakyOn a win streak they interrupt play to note the streak you are on and ask you to rate them. On a big losing streak they ignore you. Of course. Was fun but now it’s constant losing so not fun at all..Version: 2.20

DO NOT GET THIS GAME! (Bs)There was an ad on Facebook promoting this app to download and you will receive a welcome bonus pack of 1 billion coins which attracted my attention and downloaded it only to be disappointed and not rewarded like it stated. Rubbish app, I’ll just stick to playing lightning link, highly recommend that app and you also get more free coins daily by liking their Facebook page and getting your coins 👍🏼.Version: 1.50

Becoming unenjoyableThe last treasure quest was awful. Spent 100’s of billions and only got 9 items in total. So got to search once. This is disgraceful. Also with the latest Quest Frenzy, the fact that the minimum bet is 800,000 and then the next bet is 8,000,000,000 , makes it very unachievable to get very far. The fact that one of the first tasks is to spin up 2 trillion, like what the. Very disappointed in the game play lately, when I went from the quest back to the normal game all the minimum bets of all games were increased to a minimum of 5,000,000,000. After losing 100’s of billions I finally closed the game and went back in later to find they had finally returned to normal. The build your dreams feature is a joke. You would have to spending hundreds of dollars to get the epic and legendary depots to have any chance of reaching the top levels. Making it very unattainable for most. I have spent quite a bit purchasing coin packs and am still only half way through the lots. The rewards just aren’t coming close to outlay required. Pick up your game guys or you won’t have people returning, it is becoming way too expensive and the returns are becoming less and less. Would love to get some feedback and some complimentary coins for all that I have put into the game..Version: 1.30

Cash frenzyI have been playing this slot for a few months and have spent a bit of money buying coins it’s appears to rip you off then somehow my details have been hacked and I was charged four times Usd 99 for purchases I played for one trillion coins and never once received the free games in oriental riches,I played small and large it still as of now not paid me one single free games. How r u expected to enjoy the game if it is not at least fair? I want answers as to why it stops paying out ?one very saddened customer who is scared her bank details have been compromised..Version: 1.92

Rip off!Beware don’t buy anything, it will give great odds after purchase and then after a set period you won’t win a thing enticing you to make another purchase. That’s why the developer has no contacts for complaints. Don’t waste your money, better to donate it to a real casino..Version: 1.35

False AdvertisingI just want to say first and foremost that I’m an honest reviewer. I don’t like casino style games but I made an exception because I was under the impression that there’d be actual money prizes. I saw under the about section of the app to verify and it said nothing about actual money so I decided to go in the app and see for myself. Nope. So you’re advertising to people that this game promotes you to be able to win real money through PayPal, but you’re lying. You wasted a few hours of my time and all in some plot to try and addict me to slots games. What do you have to say for yourself? You should honestly be ashamed. Even if it’s not my cup of tea, there’s nothing wrong with casino games but don’t advertise it as a game that you’re possibly going to win real money and it turns out to be a freemium game. Not only were the ads fake, but so were the “testimonials” in other ads of this game. I’m pretty sure the actual person you’re impersonating could sue for that. I’m also going to report your ads to Apple because they are misleading and not at all what the game is..Version: 1.59

RubbishAt first this game looked and played really well, they have some innovative bonus games and some fairly good background games where you can win chips. This game is definitely rigged none of the dice rolls, spin til you win, pick any 3 until you win or any of the mini games are random. They show the grand jackpot as if you can win it but (after weeks of playing) I have only ever got the mini or minor jackpots which cost you more to win than you actually get, and never get the major, maxi or grand jackpots so don’t be fooled, any winnings are predetermined, they must be because mathematically you cannot possibly pick out 2 grand jackpots, 2 major jackpots, and still end up with the lowest mini jackpot EVERYTIME. The epic link games show the bigger jackpots but when you actually achieve these bonuses they are never in sight. AVOID..Version: 1.93

Extremely bad odds of winingWith all of the games available, plus the never ending onslaught of demands to pay money for credits that basically do not work this game though it is free to run does not follow the rules of a poking machine. You can win on the rare occasion, enough to play for a day but be aware that the machine codes do not follow a standard percentage of pay out. The games show wild and inaccurate potential pays for games and it also sets almost impossible tasks to win paltry numbers, imagine that it takes 5T credits to win 144B in games that border on wire fraud, money laundering and outright theft.. what is the managers respponse to the ultra low payouts for games.. increase the bet, why in any sense would you increase the bet to lose it faster.. there is definite disregard telling us that these people are raking thousands of dollars per day just to play a game that has the least payout of any anywhere else... love the games, am disgusted at the payout algorithm and the complete and utter disteagard the owners have to any customer or the actual game play.. well done, you run theft like a toy and are not giving what you demand pay,ent for..Version: 2.07

THIS GAME SUCKS RIGHT NOWThis game sucks right now. In the last 12 hours it has eaten about 10,000,000,000 credits from bonuses. It does not add the winnings to your total. Instead you loose even more credits off your balance for no reason. PLEASE FIX THIS AND REFUND ME MY CREDITS..Version: 1.71

Read before downloading/BuyingCash frenzy the game itself is good, fun and is one of the better slot games out there. However..... It’s full of bugs, which you will experience at the cost of your own coins/money and support do not compensate for their own errors. Support in app is very slow and often leads to no response, they are not interested in fixing any issue they create and chose to ignore rather than help you through to keep you playing. A recent bug made it so that a quest which everyone was trying to complete was impassable, costing billions, trillions in game coin - 3 days later the bug was fixed but everyone’s losses as a result of bad coding was ignored when requested back. Purchases in game often don’t get awarded which means you lose out, again support not interested in fixing this for you. If you’re going to play the game and I do recommend it, do not under any circumstances become attached or spend real £££/$$$ because the chances are there will be an issue and they would rather just take your money and chose to ignore you, after all they win either way.. There is a good community on Facebook and I would suggest reading the posts there before committing to this app, you won’t regret reading the feedback there rather than the bogus ratings in the store just to bump it up the game charts...Version: 1.28

Rip offIt was fun playing, not that much now, jackpots way to hard to win, they rarely come up. Spent 4 hours straight the other day and not one jackpot off that pig frenzy game, WHAT A JOKE. Then you ask me how did I like that big win, seriously I do 100 times more than the big win you give me. No one to blame but myself purchasing credits but seriously you would expect a jackpot of some kind especially when you are as high as I am on the level I’m on and the amount of money I have spent, it is suppose to be fun playing, I may as well go to a real casino or club at least there is atmosphere there. Once my money has gone will not be purchasing or playing anymore.Version: 1.2

DumbGood until you get up to over 200 level now I’m high rolling I always lose I never can get any wins no jackpots it’s pointless unless you buy coins from credit card, so much for free entertainment 0 stars.Version: 1.93

Missing CoinsHave been playing for a while now and have noticed on a few occasions that I am not receiving the full win coins. I won a minor jackpot and never received any coins. This also happened with a few mini jackpots as well. It seems to happen when a stamp pack is awarded at the same time. Getting pretty frustrated with this app. Also have been playing Big Frenzy slot and am not receiving all free spins when they are awarded after watching the ad. Frustrating!!.Version: 1.82

I loved it before the “change” now I DON’T !!!!I loved this game, but then they went and changed things.... The change I dislike the most is that they have changed the “Wheel of Cash” to the “Slots of Cash” with the initial you would get good payouts more often than not, since the change I get the lowest every time, please bring back the Wheel. Also please fix the (what I believe to be a problem) the chests. When I pick a chest, if it contains the little man (which means we get total value of all chests) it doesn’t multiply what is says it would, it just pays out the single amount and 1 final thing, when you purchase $$$$’s and then choose to spin to x25, it doesn’t give us the initial amount and then the multiple on top of that, because we have to pay for the initial amount and then once we have “supposedly” received it, we pay for the multiplying spin... please please please change it back and don’t be so money hungry. For a while this app was getting my $$$$’s now it’s not..... Soon I won’t even be opening the app......Version: 1.31

Takes to long spinning!Wow I like the games but who wants to sit here and wait and wait and wait as it keeps spinning. I timed one that took 54 seconds in spinning. Doesn’t sound long but when you are playing that time adds up and makes it boring!!! I am tired of it going back to updates in the middle of my spins. The higher I bet the more it updates and I lost the spin but not money. It takes way to long while it spins and spins. I checked troubleshooting done everything so next I need to contact them. Games are fun payouts not so much. I do agree with others as soon as you start buying packages the price goes up. My vault used to be 49 now it’s 89 and 99. If I buy into it then I never win big and it’s gone within the day. Don’t get hooked and scammed for your money. It’s not worth it. On free spins it took me over eighty billion to win just seven hundred million on free spins. The pay out is all wrong. Now to win the bigger amounts I have to bet more or the prizes turned off. Again don’t buy or you get suckered..Version: 2.06

No cashLe jeu promet de recevoir des $$$ mais rien ne se passe malgré a de très nombreuses parties.Version: 1.54

Fun but extremely frustratingI have been playing this last week and find that some slots can be fun but extremely frustrating. Fun is the interactions and different bonuses you get to play. Frustrating is that you can literally spin hundreds of times and not get any bonuses or big wins causing you to lose all your money in a matter of an hour. For example 5 days of playing losing all my coins struggling to complete missions then Saturday finally catching a break winning 7B in coins super excited and stoked that I can actually complete several missions and enjoy betting 1m per spin instead of less. Come Sunday it seemed that every slot that I played was extremely cold and would do nothing but lose even when you hit a winner it was a loser. For example 300 spins in losing 300M to finally catch the bonus spins and you literally barely win more than your 1M bet needless to say that 7B I won on Sat gone on Sunday because the game will take all your coins until you spend money then after you spend money they will take it all again so you will spend more money. My suggestion is find what day is a hot day for slots so far for me is Saturdays and only play that day but just collect your gifts on the other days. Honestly I don’t understand why people play this game it’s to difficult to win and all it does is increase my blood pressure from frustration.Version: 1.60

Read all the CRITICAL comments b4 you buy or downloadThis game is just what it says Cash Frenzy.. Your cash in their pockets. After downloading this game I enjoyed it, briefly. And once I realized that after about 24 hours of playing, I ran into losing everything and unable to do anything else, I spent 100$ and about 2 days later I was back to 0. I was able to continue a few weeks more while not spending any money. But that’s only because I collected some monies from the chutes and ladders side game. But every coin and every dollar I’ve spent, is all for not. I’m not anywhere better off than when I started. You may be a winner for a short period, but they will take everything from you, force you to waste money to continue: this game is not worth the time to download find something else that isn’t by this designer. You’ve been warned. Don’t be a fool and spend cash on this company and this game And luck isn’t an actual thing even tho they say it is.. they set their goals way out of reach for players.. Win 418b on respin and I’ve spun over 500x and haven’t received 1 respin. Lost over 400 billion trying to complete the tasks they set Absolute joke.Version: 1.54

Too many pop up adds to even collect bonusToo many pop up ads and what the heck are the Silver Hammers for?.Version: 1.71

Poor Customer ServiceI played day before yesterday and won the “Grand” on Mayan Miracle. I logged on yesterday to play and upped my bets between 200,000,000 and 400,000,000. I hit the Rapid pay for the “Grand” again with nine rapid suns and three rapid moons and it paid me nothing but the lower winnings. I took a screen shot to have proof. I continued to play and it kept hitting over and over but never paying out the “Grand”. I sent the screen shots to my husband and he began playing to see if he would win anything, of course it was nothing for him. I messaged customer service and sent them screen shots as I told them what was going on. I understand that winning the Grand eight times is probably a glitch. At least pay out for the first one, maybe two that I hit. Customer service wrote me back and all they offered was just over 1 billion in coins when the “Grand” was over 200 billion. These games pay like crazy when you first start out and then after a week or so it slows way down. For the amount of money people pay to play these games, the least that could be done is to pay out more than just a billion..Version: 2.02

Was fun to begin withDeleted after one day, was fun and enjoyable to begin with but after 100mill and not one bonus delete too many ads during spins don’t bother downloading waste of time.Version: 2.29

Grande Games Ltd are SCAMMERS!!DO NOT BUY COINS FROM THIS COMPANY! They advertise something and then give u something way less! When u try and contact them they don’t fix their error and they just close your conversation. Apple can’t help because it’s a third party purchase. Worst company to deal with..Version: 1.71

Never try supportAs a few reviewers have said, if you ever have a problem on the game, just let it go. DO NOT TRY SUPPORT. Pictures and logs to show I didn’t get my purchase but they just ignore you and repeat themselves. As far as I can tell supports job is to as annoying as possible Until you just give up and leave it alone. The game itself is actually amazing, massive range of games and lots of boosts, power ups can be earned free but my experience with support just makes me want to quit and delete. Level 750 with regular purchases and your “help centre” destroys any interest in the game. What’s the point in working to complete missions or spending that bit of cash to help you along if you are not going to get what you have earned/paid for!!!!.Version: 1.54

Good game, lacks fairnessSome really fun games and works good. But the game heavily relies on you purchasing coins and boosters.. every time you purchase something, you start winning, after a while you lose so much that you will be back to how you was before purchase.. having asked customer service, they said it’s just luck. Problem for me right now is that I can’t even get back into the game, as minimum bet is like 1B Billion and The instant and turbo rewards are so small. Only way to get back into the game is purchasing a bank again for £90. I won’t be doing that for sure, as I’ve spent way more then I should have on it to begin with. I would have to collect free coins for 15 days in a row to get enough for a couple of spins. Which brings nothing. Customer service shrugged it off, with little to no reply. Also the customer service, is very backwards with their replies. Seems like they don’t even know their own game. Just their as admins or something..Version: 1.54

LION TREASUREJust played 113* billion and got one hit…….wow……not even a real casino is this bad. Here another day trying this game to get a win or two to keep playing…..odds the same…nada. The rating is still one star…..don’t expect to make a killing but would like to, at least,play a few hours. A OTHER OVER 200 billion and nada….same game,my favourite ..will I keep playing. Pondering at the moment. Game great payout not in the least fair..Version: 2.20

Typical money grab slot.Big wins do not come often. Bonuses are far and few between. You will lose most of your coins then gain a few to keep you playing. If you plan on hitting anything other then a mini or minor jackpot you have got to be kidding yourself. It will take thousands and thousands of spins to win a major or grand jackpot and that’s even if you are lucky. I’m over 600 and haven’t hit one. The pick games are rigged. I’ve played over 100 of them and you always win either a mini or minor, which can be very frustrating. The ads in the game are ridiculous, as soon as you open to app you are bombarded with at least 5 ads then they make you look at the ads again so you can collect a laughable bonus. And then when you click on buy coins the hit you with another 2-3 ads. It’s just a money grab for this company. I thought I was going to like the app I was winning quite often got into the billions (my highest bank was 128 billion) and then within hours I had lost all my coins from better 20–50 million a spin, never hit one bonus and the wins were a joke. There is about 2 days out of the week that they chose and you’ll win and win, then the other 5 you lose more then you thought you could ever lose. I’ve spent around $60 on this game and it’s been an absolute waste. Find another slot game to play. Don’t waste your time with this money grab..Version: 2.14

Pay Outs Low 🙁I would like to see better ‘bonus’ or ‘extras’ pay outs. You can blow through millions of ‘dollars’ and not gain a dollar back. I have yet to ever win a big jackpot and I’ve been playing daily for months..Version: 2.20

Going downhill!They use to be great for all types of players but just like all the others they have started taking from regular player to make exclusive to those who pay! Build your dreams was a fun part of the game and even got me to buy several times but it’s not cool when you need to buy just to play! At level 7905 you would think the rewards would be great but they are just the same as level 100. From having $0 to $2,000,000,000,000. It’s just like any game you are broke one week and trillion-air the next. My only recommendations is make all the events fair for everyone to participate and accept those $5-$10 purchases too, after all it all adds up in your favor. The money bank never resets just keeps asking for the next tier up to buy - give options, $50 and $100 is not reasonable for everyday people. I normally would highly recommend this game but not sure as the path they are going down is like all the others. It’s own greed causing a low amount of players and eventually dying or becoming a second thought app! Good luck all on your spinning experience and remember your already winner’s in some way or another..Version: 1.54

It’s good but mischievousLet me start by saying there is a lot of fun stuff that the game gives you to do. But the problem that I am finding as you level up there is now a much larger minimum bet that it almost forces you to do. Now what I mean by this is that the game was fine at letting me bet at 10million or 20million and would pay out great. This included any props or spins for the other games or even getting frenzy spins, stamps and big wins. But, now that I am high in levels and cash, it stops giving these out without paying 40 or 60million a spin. This may not seem like a huge jump but this will waste your money super quickly. I went from 50billion to almost 20 billion with no big win in sight. Now it seems to be locked in and without betting super high it’s not possible to get big wins that will get you to point where you feel like you not wasting your money. This is super disappointing because now without buying something you put behind a paywall. Even if you do buy something the money is so small that it is gone before you know it. I am losing interest especially because it seemed like the kind of game that would like you spin and have fun doing it. But not it’s turned into hard work and the fun is gone..Version: 1.82

Misleading advertisements when making coin purchaseThe promotion states make a coin purchase and receive the spin up feature plus one of the hard to get stamps. I made a purchase and it immediately asked me to make another. I declined the second purchase and noticed I did not receive the spin up feature. After re-reading the advertisement it said you must make two coin purchases of the same amount so I bought another coin package at the same amount as the first, still no spin up. The stipulations of their advertisements are not made clear or are very misleading. Attempts to talk to customer service are pointless. It is a bit that keeps giving me the same response over and over. If you mention being ripped off you get an angry response about how unfair it is that people claim they are being ripped off because all spins are random (which they are not). But random does not come into play when making a purchase with real money. They then say “you will be receiving gifts very soon!”. Thinking they are going to make the issue right I wait for these “gifts”. After days I ask what exactly these gifts are because I haven’t received them and the response was “the gifts are what you win from spinning slots”. Such a joke and I will say again since this seems to strike a nerve with them, TOTAL RIP OFF..Version: 1.86

StinkFun game at the start but once you level up you need to pay to play, you can’t win. Spun over four hundred spins and won 12 times. This happens quite often. Once you have made a purchase though you seem to free spins and a lot more often for a short period of time. I would suggest you don’t play this game..Version: 1.61

Good butI like the game, I pay to play, small amounts, meh. The game can be a lot of fun, my issue is about connectivity. My spins can take anywhere between 2 and 20 seconds each, the game consistently times out, this makes playing most timed events pointless, I just can’t compete. I hotspot to my phone, iOS, play lots of titles, including pvp, this is the only game I have these issues with. It’s a ride of fun and frustration, I already know which is going to win..Version: 2.12

Good GameAs they all do, they want your money..Version: 2.21

Worst Customer Service Ever!!! This game is a SCAM!!If I could give 0 stars, I would. Don’t play this game or spend a dime with this company. This game has cheated me out of winnings twice now. While I was in a free game bonus and was winning the jackpots, I quickly realized that the game was not adding the jackpot amounts to my winnings, so I started recording. After this happened, I contacted customer service and asked where I could send the video so they could see the proof and issue the jackpot winnings to my account, but no one would ever give me an email address to send the video to. After sending four separate messages to customer service, I finally got a person who issued some coins to my account, but no where near what I won. Imagine you had won 10 billion dollars that you never received and someone gave you 10 dollars to compensate for it. I should have stopped playing that day, but I didn’t. Two days ago it happened again. I won a bonus, and didn’t get receive the coins. I contacted customer service, again, and again they don’t want to honor the fact that their game cheated me again, so I will NEVER play this game again and I advise you not to either. I am posting the video I recorded of the game cheating me out of the jackpots on my social media, so none of my friends or family are scammed by this company. Buyer Beware!!.Version: 1.89

Sure sucks ..You buy coins don’t even win anything It just takes it all without any excitement What a disappointment Unhappy customer.Version: 2.20

Missions too hard to completeIf I had rated this game a week ago, I would have given 5 stars. I used to enjoy completing the missions, but over the last 4 or 5 days, some of the missions have been impossible to complete, unless you have a massive coin balance to be able to bet big. In the Blazing Challenge, to win over 2 billion coins, takes quite some time and for just 600 flames and the missions just keep getting more unreasonable. I used to be able to complete all the 1st missions for 600 flames and most of the 2nd missions for 2000 flames, but now I can barely finish the 1st ones. Mission 3 in today’s daily mission was just ridiculous....over 3 billion coins in one spin, three times. Are you wanting people to stop playing? It certainly seems that way..Version: 1.82

No bonusNot bonus in almost 1 hr.Version: 2.20

Support does not help EVER. Don’t spend your cash hereWhen glitches occur in this game, and they have glitches quite often, your coins and / or frenzy stamps will go missing. When you contact the support people, they will give you a fraction of what you lost and when you question it will just blow you off. If you play this game never pay any money into it as they will rip you off. Not worth the aggravation of fighting for support. I had well over 50 frenzy stamps disappear in their latest glitch. Frenzy stamp cash ins are normally between 2 to 12 billion coins. (I am level 4117) I was given 6 billion in return for over 50 stamps. When questioned, support said this was the best they could do for me. Seriously do NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY with this game, you will get nothing for it but frustration.Version: 1.57

RubbishI’ve been playing this for a few months now and have to say that I’m truly disappointed. I have without realising just how much put about £250 into this game and that’s what it’s all about taking your money and giving you no hope. I built up 6 billion + on here but could not get any sort of win until it had all gone and I paid more money! I was, am, a problem gambler and this was suggested to me to get me off of casino sites and I enjoyed playing but I started this review a few months ago and now I hate to think how much money I’ve wasted playing on here. You used to get coins for various things but that’s stopped now and you just get more days in the “diamond lounge” more days so you whittle down your “trillions” of coins until your broke and the only way to play is to spend real money and boy are they quick and inventive about making you part with it,”Making” is wrong I know as you don’t have to pay to play but when you have a problem and want the next big win you feel you have to buy coins to play. I’m totally disgusted with myself for being sucked in to this awful game and I know the producers will feel no shame in getting me to part with my money, a lot of it!, but perhaps they should do more to find out if you have a sickness for gambling and stop exploiting it. I feel so crap now I could happily go to sleep and never wake up..Version: 2.21

DOES NOT CASH WITHDRAWAL THE ADS ARE FAKEI seen a ad for this app and decided to check it out. I was playing and was having fun but the only reason I checked it out was because the ads big deal was you can cash withdrawal your winnings. So I play for a few hrs and spend abt 10$ on it, at about 600,000,000 coins i wondered how much that’d withdrawal to and turns out YOU CANT, EVEN THO THE ADS MAIN REASON TO DOWNLOAD THIS GARBAGE WAS THAT YOU COULD. Very angry with the false advertising but other then that it’s a very fun game ngl.Version: 2.21

Bad support and rigged gamesDon’t download if you are wanting to play this long term. It’s great for the first few weeks while giving you lots of wins and building your $ up. Sadly, it starts eating away at your money very quickly. Then when you spend your real money that doesn’t last long and the packages get more & more expensive. Also, if you play in the challenges and you get close to getting past them, that game starts freezing up over and over again (but if you play another game that’s not part of the challenge funny enough, no freezing!). Even worse is the support. Not only will they not respond to you except with “it’s your internet, or download latest version (even though it is) and they don’t compensate you for anything. Also on multiple occasions the game froze during spin cycles and you lose your money. No compensation for that either. Play at your own loss. Had spent my real $$ and had over 400 billion, have gone a week now and lost it all, and the game is rigged to just make you keep losing, have won nothing at all. Software rigged to not let you past big challenges that would have given me a lot of $$ It’s outrageous with how much money they make through the App, and yet they make it impossible for you to keep playing on a regular basis.Version: 1.86

Horrible customer supportI have been playing this game for a while now, and I do enjoy it. You very rarely win a jackpot though. If you do happen to win one, it’s only going to be the mini or if you’re really lucky a minor. This game is extremely rigged. I actually one a jackpot the other night and i won over a trillion coins. Imagine how excited I was! It gave me all of my coins and I played a few more spins on the game, then went to the home screen to play a different game, and half of my coins disappeared on me! I contacted customer support and was told the coins were given to me. I explained my issue and even sent a screenshot of my original winnings. They just told me to reboot and kept telling me what my balance was (which didn’t include the full winnings). Now they just ignore me and won’t even respond back. EDIT: After many days of back and forth with customer support, they just told me that I spent it on bets. I told them to show me proof that I spent 500 billion on bets in a matter of a few minutes. They have finally reimbursed all of the coins that I lost. I hope this doesn’t happen again..Version: 1.30

Good games but greed has got too much from developerThe games are good, but the greed has taken a new turn. The minimum bet has almost trebled in a week, which basically means I can’t play it any more. Even if I wanted to purchase coins, £10 equals 2 spins now on the minimum stake which is pointless for a game where you can’t win any real money, yet they behave like it is! You couldn’t make it up. All the daily bonuses and scratch cards are pointless. You have to win several times to just spin the once. You can’t get vip points now unless you purchase the mission pass, which is now impossible to complete without parting with more hard end cash. I enjoyed playing this game over the last few years. Time to delete now as they’re not happy with players who don’t buy daily coins..Version: 2.22

Loading and connection issuesI rather liked this game to begin with, enjoyed the missions, but feel you go so far and doesn’t reward you for the time you put in, you certainly can’t win the level up party as it seems to disconnect quite regularly it says it’s my internet but I highly doubt it and today it won’t even load. I watch the ads and I did pay a small amount to unlock a pass, but there are better games out there that don’t rip you off. It’s a shame it had a lot of potential but if these connection issues continue I may delete the game..Version: 2.15

Just don’t bother!I am not one for reviewing apps and have NEVER done one before now. However, I think this app deserves one. The game is addictive and will have you playing it daily for hours at a time. HOWEVER…… you almost never get a decent win, when you finally do, it will be the last you get forever leaving you with zero in the bank to continue playing frustrating you into buying a pitiful amount of coins for actually quite a lot of money. There is no doubt the game runs beautifully. Never have any issues and looks quality. But if you want to be frustrated by getting 1 half decent win every few months and then losing it all because the game knows it and makes you consistently lose until you have nothing, then get it downloaded.Version: 2.16

Also think this game is riggedI had a 2x multiplier for the slot of cash and the game locked up and I got nothing but now I have to wait another 18 hours for another spin. I have paid a little bit of real money in this game but I stopped because I know that this game is rigged. One person stated that after the game asks you to rate it, you stop winning, they were right after I rated the game my winnings dried up. I don’t play as much as I use to, I don’t spend anymore real $$ on this game. There are games out here that have great winning odds and those games are where I spend my money. I want good game play, truly random winnings and stop all the pop ups. The Arrow pop ups, the Stamps pop ups and the 5 pop ups that you get when you first start the game, when you change slot machines or click on anything, it’s really annoying. This was a good game in the beginning, maybe you should make the little games like the arrow game last longer than 6 days, the campaigns cost way too much real $$ to try and win in 6 days. I bet $500K per spin and in 10 spins I win $50K on a good day usually it’s more like in 10 spins I win nothing..Version: 1.50

DissatisfiedSpending money to win for a day then loosing it all in hours, bonuses last minutes even though you earned them. I will not be spending anymore money on this game because it goes in minutes just like the casino and it isn’t fun anymore Thank you for the years of playing, bye forever.Version: 2.15

Never pays out!!!!!!!Been playing this game on and off for some time now, and there are some really good slot games on here but they hardly every pay out, you will get a couple wins it will let you build your money but then it will take everything and you will go on a massive lose streak!!!! And why so you put real money on because that’s all the developers are interested in is how much money they can make and people they can scam!!!! It’s not about making a game that’s enjoyable for people to play!! I’m level 910 never had any jackpot ever, doesn’t matter if I’m betting a low amount or if I’m doing ridiculous spins!!!! The games run really smooth but you need to make it so it’s more fun and easier to win jackpots etc!!!!!.Version: 1.31

Always problems with this gameI always have technical problems with this game. They never make good on what I lost trying to finish things that aren’t being counted due to technical issues. I have not been able to contact them for several months. The tab to contact them in the game won’t allow me to contact them. The latest issue is with the new game, Golden Apple. I have to collect all the letters in the word TREASURE HUNT. It takes forever because you only randomly get letters in your spins, which is fine. It’s how it works. The problem is, I got ALL the letters, except it kept showing I was missing one of the T’s and one of the U’s in HUNT. Problem is, they had the T in TREASURE showing I had 2 extra T’s and the U in TREASURE showing I had 2 extra U’s. One of each of those extra letters should have been applied to the T and U that was “missing” in the word HUNT. I HAVE to bet 15 Billion a spin just to open the Treasure Hunt feature. I probably lost upwards of 500 Billion coins trying for those last 2 letters, when I had them already, only they were applied as “extras” on the T and U in TREASURE. I wouldn’t have put this review in here IF I COULD ACTUALLY CONTACT THEM IN THE GAME TO TELL THEM..Version: 2.19

Changed star to 2 ratingI had it at 1 , the payouts seem to be a bit better but I’m betting 60 million with 20 billion and I got down to 9 billion without any satisfying ultimate wins. I’ve given so much to this game and if I see they change the payout rate for me I’ll give it 5 stars. The games design is amazing and it is fun to play the only issue is the payouts. People are going to purchase no matter what so give back to the people. Increase their payout chances it makes them happy and feel like they’ve accomplished something. People are loyal to those who help them out. You’ll make money, don’t be greedy. You’ve got one of the best casino games out there. Keep that reputation by letting the people feel like they’re winning. It’s fake money it doesn’t matter we give you real money for just a little distraction and fun. These devs need to read these and listen to the people. I hope you guys mix it up a bit. Great casino games and great side missions and lots to do. Up the pay out rate and downloads will go up like a rocket. Good luck guys! (Also respond to your player base).Version: 2.18

Rip offCustomer service non-responsive to lost credit glitch issues and although you win big (sometimes huge) in early stages, around level 30 it tapers off and you start losing steadily no matter how many credits bet. I have uninstalled and replayed this game as a guest dozens of times, and the pattern is always, always the same: very large wins early with minimal bet plus huge incentives to buy (pop ups come often with a gazillion coins for .99 type thing). Minimum bet increases and around level 30 odds of winning drop huge while package deals become an expensive laugh. Right now my $20 “deal” is the same amount of credits I purchased for $4.99 during lower levels of play. Good games and graphics and great pays if you have the patience (and ability) to create multiple accounts and start at level 1 over and over again. I glitched during play I paid for and lost $360,000,000 credits. 4 days later, still no response to multiple requests for a refund or credits or acknowledgment of a glitch they have to know about aside from the automated someone will get back to you in 24 hours one..Version: 1.1

Pay real money to winThis game has become crappy. once you realise If you don’t spend real money, you don’t win, if you do spend money, you’ll have amazing luck for an hour or so, then back to normal, it gets pretty boring. Spins are interrupted to show you purchase options, every time you start the game, purchase options, one after the other. Run out of credits, purchase options again. This game is designed to take advantage of people with gambling problems, nothing like real machines..Version: 2.14

Nothing ChangesI feel I have been as honest as I can be about this money issues it is spend money spend money spend more money for what the enjoyment has left the game because it has become take take take there is no fun or enjoyment in this I’ve been more than patient for no resolution I’ve said it before you need to give back an I don’t see that greed is the ultimate evil an I feel the need to move on elsewhere there is no resolution here an probably won’t be sorry i have tried to communicate with Cash Frenzy an it seems to me to be the run around an the winning ratio is ridiculous you can’t expect people to spend money an get nothing in return it’s unfair period 🤔🤔🤔I hope 2022 is better than last year an if it improves I will change my rating for the game like I said before 2022 will be different for me no more getting ripped off an this is what is happening here people there is no resolution to ant issues an the win ratio is horrible time to move on elsewhere sorry Cash Frenzy an again your greed is pathetic there are so many other options out here as far as games an I’m sure I can find another one that is not affiliated with Caesars slots this game once was beautiful an has now become dreadful an too costly be careful as well you will always be overcharged without notice an when addressing these issues with them you will get no where 😔🤔😔.Version: 2.15

:)I like the different varieties of slots. I just wish 1 day I could win the grand or even the slots of cash.Version: 2.23

Unbelievably badI’ve been playing this game for over 2 years now, and it’s gone from fun to frustrating, I’d go as far as saying it’s now just a platform for the owners to run their scams. Mission star rewards have lowered Prices go up instead of down after a purchase Players getting charged double when purchasing Stamps magically disappear from players collections Wins are becoming less and less frequent, and much much smaller payouts when you are lucky enough to win anything. Customer service is basically non existent. Usually they just reply with a condescending ‘Hope your luck will change’ type of message, and they show no accountability for their glitches that cost players money and game assets. Very close to uninstalling the game, as are hundreds of my game friends!!!.Version: 1.60

App is a con no customer service should be shut downCustomer service now think it’s suitable to reply with a winky face rather then a reply. Apple this app should be banned Customer service non existent refuse to provide information rude close support requests, apple should close app down snd fraud investigations undertoo Used to be a good game since update though chances of winning for some reason have completely gone, seem to spin and spin with no bonus no big wins. Won’t be playing for much longer Do not buy credits this is gambling with the company failing to provide required information Customer service is non existent even the app developer reply is basically keep spinning and your win! Frauds! AVOID AT ALL COST THIS APP SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM ANY SALES Customer service they ignore you when you question them, not prepared to answer any questions or provide contact details. FRAUD Customer service don’t even reply just close your conversations. Avoid Still refusing to answer specific questions to their service customer services just close the questions. App Store- I have no idea how to report this app but they are FRAUDS and should be closed immediately.Version: 2.07

Cash frenzy not sorting out problemsOn the 5 January 2021 in the evening I couldn’t load my game back up after it kicked me off I tried so many ways to get on there and I couldn’t which revolve me not completing daily missions and the blazing challenge to get the awards of mission pass which I paid to open both so lost so much rewards and emeralds and the game constantly lags and crashes and they haven’t sorted the issue out yet or any compensation from the game apart from them saying can I take a screenshot of the problem which anyone who knows you can’t at the time I’m very disappointed with cash frenzy from Matt.Version: 2.22

Worse Odds Than a CasinoIf you buy chips, spend $$ on “perks” and pay to level up, this game is for you. Otherwise you will be bored and out of chips quickly. There are limited machines and when the App isn’t paying NONE of the machines are paying. Weekends are the worst - the odds of you even seeing a Bonus are slim. The App adds “side games” to make it interesting. Every spin earns you chances to play a Hidden Object game, fill Bingo cards, etc. This week’s game is boring and dull - you earn one chance to reveal a prize (from a field of 40 selections) every few spins. It interrupts your slot play, it pops up at any time (in the middle of Bonus play is the WORST), it takes time to load, it requires you “click” to play, you reveal your choice [surprise - its a loser], it requires you to “click” to exit, and when you get back to your Slot it always seems like you’ve done worse or your Bonus finished without you. You collect Stamps for leveling up and reaching certain benchmarks. The “You’ve Earned a Stamp” notifications are irksome. They too, pop up during play and interrupt your spinning. You can’t opt out or select to redeem everything at once when you leave a Slot machine. If you are betting a lot, the various Pop Ups can interrupt play every 4 or 5 spins. Don’t bother. Drive to a Casino and at least have a chance at playing your favorite machines - where you’re only interruption is a pretty girl asking you if you need a fresh drink..Version: 1.28

Just the same rip off.It freezes up at time and you have to close it down, but was winning until I hit level 1000, then it stopped. When you spin the Frenzy wheel, it has never landed on anything other than coins, which is nice but you need the others to get the stamps. I’ve spun it a lot, and have never landed on anything else, it seems rigged or faulty. Took money for coins when I cancelled the purchase, so no coins and no money, won’t give them any money in the future. Just the same player rip off like all the others, loyalty means nothing, only money and then they take it without giving you anything in return..Version: 1.26

RubbishThis game just grabs any wins you get back. If you spend money you will get a free spin and payout but then the games dry up and take it all back. Every time they upgrade or release a new game the other games stop giving free spins and or decent payouts. I went through 170 bill in credits and didn’t get a free game from any game I played. Save your time and money. Find an alternative game that doesn’t wait for you to purchase before it gives you a decent payout. Another thing that has been happening is when I make a purchase I am actually being charged twice for the purchase. If you make a purchase check the price you are paying. I have been charged at least 3 times for purchases I did not make. Another reason to find another game.Version: 1.36

Greedy GreedyI’ve been on this for about a year but recently they’ve massively increased the cost of in app purchases... pure greed ,they just want money for nothing so I’ve now wiped from my phone and won’t be using again... Shame :( .. Can I just say after reading many others feedback and the reply’s from admin saying it’s just luck,this game is definitely not about luck..It is programmed to take your money,there is 100% a pattern to your wins and losses...This is gambling without any real legislation and you can’t actually win anything,it is addictive and a good game but when it’s completely fixed for them to live there lavish lifestyles it’s should be illegal. I’m at a level where you need to be betting 1.6 billion to qualify to get bonus levels but they want to charge me about 20£ for a enough money to cover a handful of spins. £20 would last me longer in a casino than it does on this site,at least in a casino I could actually win some real cash(unlikely:).Version: 1.82

Constant glitchesGame keeps glitching and freezing. Have done everything from uninstalls to reboots. Keep it up to date. Topping the win amount on mission pass is a rip off. Pay to get it then get capped?! Prizes moving forward get more and more stupid. Waste of a time killer game. Especially being in a lockdown for nearly 15weeks. Game gets impossible as you gain levels. Have to spend real money to advance! Wins don’t get applied and lame excuses from contact centre. Totally rip off and don’t follow through on wins. Don’t waste your time on this game.Version: 2.29

MehSo the games are interesting, quirky compared to normal slot apps, but - this app is wholly designed to make you spend as much of your own money as you can and give you the odd boost of their virtual coins, but mainly wanting you use your own. When you open the app, you have about 17 different things pop up trying to trick you into buying something - ‘Click here for up to 360% more coins’ - clicks button - Apple Pay screen pops up asking you to spend money. Upgraded me to ‘diamond lounge’ - gave me lots of different things to achieve so I spent about 2.7 billions coins achieving them all and then out of nowhere locked it up again because I didn’t have enough in the bank to have access to the lounge anymore even though I completed the tasks 😂 so stupid. Plus, when you go back to the actual real world you live in, 30 seconds after closing the app notification after notification after notification saying ‘claim your free turbo reward’, you click it and it’s actual buy your own reward. It’s a fun app, but bloody annoying and I’d say unless you are glued to your phone, don’t get because you’ll delete within a day believe me..Version: 1.72

Poor customer service*WARNING!!! Do not spend money in this app- they will steal it back!!! ***** I have been playing this app for a while and with the stay at home order have been even making purchases to get more coins and play more. Shortly after I made a rather large purchase and won quite a bit, the app glitched. I watched it take 7B coins from my total. I looked down to see what the bet was and it was still on 5M and it auto spin mode, which is what I ALWAYS bet. I tried to go to the home screen thinking it was just a fluke and would go back. The game was stuck. It kept spinning over and over and would do anything else so I closed the app and re-opened it. Unfortunately, none of my coins returned. I contacted customer service thinking they would so the right thing and give me the coins back. All they did is give me one excuse after another. First they said I bet it, which I didn’t, then they said I must have got out of the game and back in and it changed my bet, wrong again, then they said my bet was so large it caused the game to freeze..... over and over just a bunch of excuses. I’m not the person to complain but I had just spent money getting those coins only for them to be stolen. I also have never wrote a bad review, but all I got was excuses for days when they should have fixed my problem. I am sure this happens all the time. They just take the coins from you and blame it on you. Do NOT spend your money on this app!!!!!!!.Version: 1.57

Game makers got greedyI had been playing this app for about 2 months and found there was a lot to keep you interested, I managed to reach level 666 but that seemed to be the kiss of death for me. After the most recent game update the slots just stopped paying out and every quest or challenge asks you to win free games but the slots just refuse to give free games, you end up losing billions of coins and if you eventually get free games you win less than 100 million coins back. Today I lost 35 billion coins at 10 million per spin trying to complete a daily challenge and yes you guessed it I never got free games once. This trend has been increasing daily since the last update and looks like not only continuing but getting worse day by day. Also I saw the same person win 10 jackpots worth over 1000 trillion within a space of less than 1 minute which by my reckoning was down to the person hacking the game and cheating their way to winning those jackpots. If the game is punishing legit players with massive losses to offset the gigantic wins of hackers then this game will go downhill very quickly. Needless to say I lost all my coins and will not be purchasing more as I am deleting the app after this review. My advice is to play as a free player and don't make ingame purchases or you will end up feeling like you have been raped of your hard earned cash..Version: 1.35

DisappointingCan you explain why I’ve not been receiving my Games Master double payouts It’s cost me my gems and hasn’t delivered , what a rip off. Once again due to not wanting to spend real money this game has taken all my assets and spoilt the whole experience. Do not use the Game master option, coz it will just empty you of your assets Clean fun but payouts could be more frequent Getting better as long as your patient Honest update, I’ve hit a good seam of luck and enjoying it again It’s just won’t let you win one keep your bounty for long Really enjoying it again Enjoying the game again Doing well so feeling good.Version: 2.29

Took money without permissionOn multiple occasions when I have purchased from this game the have took extra on making a complaint they done nothing to rectify the situation.Version: 2.11

DisappointedI was and still enjoy this app. Thou I’m very disappointed that uneven mention that season 4 of build your dreams was coming. No countdown like the others I had 6 legendary depots I could have used if I had been aware of this. Very disappointed with this part of the app only cause spend a lot of time and sometimes money to get these depots and they are wiped or clear off they should aleast be carried over I do think. Whether I will continue playing not sure! I gather I’m one person but I believe many out there have the same view, we are your customers u should be a least pleasing us to continue playing with u. Very upset and angry customer😢🤬.Version: 1.54

Andy GDo not play this game they are robbers. They stole 3.7 trillion coins from me without warning saying they paid them out due to an error and after many messages they refused to refund me. If I could give it zero stars I would, you have more chance of winning the lottery than on this game. There are some good games but the wins get less and less. During the first week or so I won quite often but after that it just gets harder and harder to win and the higher the bet the lower the wins also during the normal play there are loads of high paying jackpot coins but they never appear when you eventually get a feature win. The other thing is the stamps, I don’t think I have received a new stamp after the first week. I do like playing on these slots but when I run out of coins I will be deleting the app..Version: 1.92

Total rip offRecent changes have absolutely ruined this game. Missions are impossible to complete, they obviously want users to spend real cash every day to complete them. After playing this game for 2 years, I’m seriously considering deleting it. Not fun any more..Version: 1.50

Another rip-offThis game started out OK - for the first week. It was labeled as a “starter week” and yes, I won a lot and it was fun. Then the 2nd week I spent $2 to test it out. The next time I went to buy the same package the price was doubled. $4 is cheep on these casino apps, so what the heck, I paid the $4. Eventually I began to notice that every time I’d go to buy something the price had crept up yet again. The worst thing about this site Is you lose BILLIONS of credits, barely get any bonuses, they’re constantly bugging you to buy things, there are “stamps” that you’ve “earned” that pop up all the darned time, the special feature mini-games are a scam and the whole thing begins to grate on your nerves. There’s a limited number of games - maybe 20-25 - and there’s a lot of crap going on with collecting stamps for coins, mini games where the sole purpose is to rip you off when they sell you special items to win the mini games. All-in-all - give it pass. I got ripped off to the turn of $40 one night and I’m done. If I have 75 BILLION credits and I’m only betting 5-10MIL per spin, seems to me like it should be weeks before I need to buy anything again. Instead - the credits were gone in less than 1 day because the games don’t pay crap. As another reviewer noted - the weekends are the worst. You would think the games would be looser on the weekend - not tighter. Overall - burn your money or go throw it in a ditch. EIther idea is better than buy credits in this game..Version: 1.60

AdviceI would strongly advise anyone from investing any money into this game! I had been playing it for months and had invested quite a bit of money at my own risk of course! After achieving so many levels (5000?) give or take they decided to change the format of the game and started you over from the beginning!!! Just wanted to make people aware of the game.. Play and have fun but please don’t invest money!!!!.Version: 1.50

🙂 Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino Positive Reviews
Is Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino not working?

Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino.

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