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Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino app received 123 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cash frenzy™ - slots casino?

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Great gameRecommend to all so easy.Version: 1.57

Awesome gamesBut wish you can win real money.Version: 1.86

Cash FrenzyLove this game.Version: 1.92

Facebook crashDue to Facebook maintenance today, cash frenzy logged me out and I lost all coins, restarted back at level zero and all quest progress was lost. Hopefully once Facebook sorts itself out and I can link my game back to Facebook and everything will be restored. Overall this is a fantastic game compared to other slot games. The coin bonuses received every 15 mins, 3 hours and 24 hours keeps the game going if you run out of coin fast. I like this option as you don’t need to buy the coin packages if you do not wish to compared to other slot game..Version: 1.28

Best slots everWow. What can I say. The graphics & colours are just amazing. Best around. The games are varied and interesting. Prizes great and often. A lot of thought goes into the site’s layout and it shows. Very addictive !!!! Keep up the good work guys..Version: 1.94

RatingLove it.Version: 1.92

Give us a chanceWell thought I would try this site, graphics are good and lots of different machines however, winning anything to be able to play for a while is non existent. Had $345mil which went in less than an hour. Bet small to start with, then was suggested I increased my better for better wins, that was a joke. No wins at all after that. Come on guys give us a chance, doesn’t give me the incentive to buy if you loose all the time..Version: 1.60

FantasticI have to admit I don’t often leave reviews but I thought this game was worthy of a review. I have tried a lot of different slot games but I have to say this has to be the best by far. It’s so much more then just your standard slots with all the mini games and quests going on as well. There is so much to keep you entertained and what I also love is there are so many opportunities to get free coins. I see that some people are complaining because they are buying coins and not winning but that is just the way it is I have purchased coins too and sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t it’s just the luck of the draw no one is forcing you to buy coins. Absolutely great games no negatives all positives from me I would definitely recommend 100%..Version: 1.54

Solid game although it becomes so rigged after a whileAs far as slots for coins games it is one of the better ones. The graphics are good and features within the bonuses are not too samey. You’ll get some decent play out of them most days without needing to purchase coins etc. After a while I’ve noticed a pattern in its play. It seems to have an algorithm where you can only seem to get most features and bonuses up 6million coin stake per spin. It’ll grind your coins down every time and suddenly you’ll get a feature on your last spin or the lowest stake you can do. You then up the stake and no feature, you get your daily coins and free coin rewards and still no feature. It’s like it is set to only low stake features. All in all it’s enjoyable enough and plays smoothly just it won’t let you win on high stakes which I presume it’s trying to get you to pay for coins..Version: 1.88

My experienceI really enjoy this game. I’m clearly addicted to playing. There are so many different money making elements (fake money) To reap the full benefits, I spend a lot of real money. It’s actually a problem for me. I don’t earn enough of an income to support my game play however I do spend 159 bux (real money) on money bank per week and additional money (real money) on unlocking mission passes, and assistance for completing pick frenzy and other events etc. it’s quite expensive to play AND ALSO WIN and after spending this much real money weekly u would expect to have unlimited amounts of cash frenzy dollars, however it’s not the case. I’m often broke. It’s almost a no-win situation.Version: 1.76

Frustrated!,Truly enjoy this slot app, there are a couple of frustrating features I don’t care for...... #1 (purchasing coins/booster pack). I make one purchase it will be one low price. I go to make the same purchase again moments later and the price has gone up a few dollars more. Since I love the slot game so much I go ahead and purchase the (booster pack) at a higher price. I then check to see if the price changed and to my surprise ...YES!!! Only this time instead of a $3.00 price up it was $5.00 price up. #2 (Chutes and Ladders) boosters. OMG the developers ought to be ashamed for tricking slot players into purchasing this booster pack. I have spent so much $$$$$ in purchasing and each time I spin the wheel I already know what number it will land on (the one with the ladder)!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡 Obviously after trying to make it to the top (after multiple purchases) I’ve realized it’s rigged and ridiculous! I still enjoy playing this app but from now on be more cautious with my betting..Version: 1.31

Great Game.I enjoy this game except when the game will freeze up, yes it is the game. It will not give you the winnings for the game you are playing at the time it freezes up. Right now I am playing the bingo game and I have won two bingos. One straight across and one down. It added up the top, across, and I won 306,000. Then the game froze. Now it will not give me my winnings. Once time I shut the game down and when I came back to it, the game was on the home page. If I hadn’t have bought some coins I would just go ahead and delete the game. But since I have paid out over $40. I will keep playing minus my winnings, of course. But I guarantee I will not put one more penny, let alone any dollars, in the owners pocket. So I would actually rate it a one. If you don’t invest any money in the game you will have fun. I just played the game Maya, think that’s the name. Anyways you had to get 799 million for the blast of the day. In free games only. I spent 300 million trying to get the free game. I got it and it gave me no credit for the coins I won in the game. This is one of the reasons I quit playing the game. Also it freezes up and you loose your money. I see they have not been fixed at all. Don’t pay money to play this game..Version: 1.68

Fun to play for freeGood selection of games. The program gives lots of free points but as you go along it gets harder and harder to win. All the features become almost impossible to finish before the deadline and if you collect stamps the machine will stop giving them out. I won a grand jackpot of 10 billion and found huge bets just equalled huge losses - the lower the bet the better the features paid out. All in all, this is a good time waster but never put in any of your own cash.Version: 1.61

Nice gameFinally an easy game to enjoy, but freezes often..Version: 1.71

Timing outLove this game play in my iPhone but it keeps timing out at crucial times every few minutes it’s not my internet as I have unlimited data and highest possible speed etc for our country just pisses me off I can’t keep playing or access all the other options without losing contact.Version: 1.75

Cash frenzyGreat game!!!! Can’t put it down!!! I love this game!!!!.Version: 1.92

Love itGreat games,plenty of wins. Good graphics and lots of fun and variety. Love all the different themes and all the different ways to play and win. Great new look. Great new games. Throughly recommended Cash Frenzy to all my gaming friends. Definitely my favourite game app. So many ways to win! Great new style. Massive rewards,plenty of ways to win!Number one game to play!.Version: 1.92

Best game everI think CFC deserve a 10/10 for this app it is the best pokies app I have played, other people shouldn’t rate this app based on coins won or lost they should rate the app based on its entertainment value, yes I have done well in this game, however my partner is no so lucky she has gone bankrupt many times only to build her account back up again over and over, and the reason she keeps doing this is because CFC is a very entertaining game, it has so many different ways to win money, so many jackpots sub games, puzzle games, stamps, mansion, spin n win, the list goes on, the makers of this app have put in a lot of time, effort, money and countless man hours making a game that is very addictive, and highly entertaining, I spend money in this game not because I need to but because I think the app makers deserve it$$$$$$$..Version: 1.60

New gamesCan you tell me why when new games come on can’t play them, load down , get game on, then it goes of, as with some of the older games, also when you get missions they take you out of the game, love the game, but disappointed in not being able to play, only fun as in lockdown, please can you sort the problems out. Thankyou.Version: 1.92

Fun but priceyGreat games but you need to contribute real funds to play for any length of time. Even though these are for entertainment the odds are slim for winning major or grand jackpots. Still some of the best games. Fun to play!.Version: 1.92

Great gameI have been playing a couple weeks now they have great bonuses! Very fun games lots of extras keeps you entertained for hours .the bad part is when your on a winning streak the review comes up all the time and it seems if you do not rate them your coins just go barley any wins if you do not rate the game !! It is my new favorite game I just hope it will let me win and keep winning now !! It dose seem the higher the level you get the faster you lose it is sad this is my favorite game but when it gives you money it takes it away as fast as you get and then you are waiting again all day to get enough bonus’s to play again 😥 it is sad because I really like this game but I feel it just wants you to buy coin and when you do buy coin it takes that key fast and any time you are having a winning streak it asks you to write a review even if you already have and if you don’t by by coin broke again 😥😥😥it’s a great game but the higher the level you are the more $ they want you to spend.Version: 1.68

Just one more star!Best returns out of all the slots. Only four stars because it keeps kicking me out and won’t let me delete games to reduce the data required to run..Version: 1.92

Great gameReally enjoy this game.. variety of extra in game games.. one thing not so great is the amount of pop-ups .. very annoying. Also pushes way to hard to try and get you to buy everything so you get bigger and better jackpots. It makes it unfair for people who play the game and can’t afford to buy anything. Would be great to have opportunities to win different boosts and coins through mini games or challenges..Version: 1.71

Cash FrenzyExcellent game to play,I would like more bonus in the game.Version: 1.51

Cash frenzyGreat game lots of fun.Version: 1.71

Level upI still wondering why my payouts are still half of what I use to get when I level up..Version: 1.92

Truly amazingTruly amazing I believe.Version: 1.71

500 cabbages500 cabbages.Version: 1.92

This game is very addictiveI love this game !!! and I don’t even go to the casino in my state kudos to the developers for multiple varieties (especially for those who are like me with Adult ADD Lol) but please fix the bugs in the game (The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars) I am one who power cycles her phone very often and it’s so frustrating when you have won free spins and the game just freezes up then when you go back to it you have lost the grand prize jackpot that it showed you had won (yeah that still hurts)oh and another suggestion could there be depots and challenge props added for every 100 spins like around the world challenge does ? or even trade the duplicate stamps for challenge props, or maybe just limit the duplicate stamps to 5 then when you win or make a purchase you may get more stamps of the ones you actually need. and lastly pleaseeeeeezzzz add another bingo game that calls out the numbers!!pleaseeeeeeeee Thanking you in advance!!!.Version: 1.71

This is fun!...and fair. It’s the right balance between fair, fun, and challenging. There are so many different goals to reach for different types of prizes. There are also many different games to play! I get bored quickly if it’s too easy or repetitive...or requires money from your pocket to play. I am currently playing a match 3 games that’s fun as h, but I’ve reached the point where I am having to spend a lot of money to advance without a bunch of tries and ultimately frustration. Unfortunately, I am extremely addicted and have spent a lot of embarrassing amount. This adds up quickly and has impacted my ability to pay my wireless bill this month. So, one of the reasons I love this game is that you can play without having to buy least, I have not yet had to. It’s fun; try it!.Version: 1.61

CASH FRENZY™Wonderful how it takes all coins so fast and not really gives you a play that’s why I rated it 5 stars of how it eats coins. I live on my own and during this pandemic I don’t know how I would of got through the day . But yeah as you get through the the levels it doesn’t give much wins and loves to eat your coins ..Version: 1.60

Love Love Love!!!It wasn’t what I expected when I downloaded this game, but in saying that, I love it so much!!!.Version: 1.50

Be prepared to lose your moneyBought a coin pack as it was on offer at £1.99. It gave me (with a bonus) over 200,000 coins. That was great until the game crashed (it does this a lot) and all my coins were gone. Don’t expect support to respond to your problems either. You will lose a lot of coins through the game crashing after or during any decent win. Have to say they do not care..Version: 1.86

Lots of fun!You don't need to spend money to do well and generate lots of virtual cash!.Version: 1.54

Cool gameGreat game, awesome bonuses and prizes. Always something exciting happening and you are never bored..Version: 1.68

FairSeem pretty fair. Come down to lucky and not force to buy coins.Version: 1.53

Not badThis is a good game with great slots ,the downside is if you win everything is made harder so your not really winning just giving back what you won faster ,it’s a good game for free and if you spend you will get wins more often but on the downside there not true winnings as the cost of doing daily tasks is raised so high makes the big ones impossible to do ,but apart from that it’s a good free game just don’t bet high if you win a lot of chips or you will sink lol.Version: 1.92

InteractiveGood fun whilst your winning... not much fun without coins. Rewards are generally fairly good compared with other similar apps.Version: 1.51

Ain’t received stamp collection coinsI’ve completed a few stamp collections in the 2nd album and I ain’t received any of the coins that are awarded for it also the new wheel of cash is ridiculous I’m yet to get more than £30mil from it that’s less than 1 spin I’m not far from being level 1000 so it goes to show I’ve obviously got to much time on my hands and plus used a bit of my own money on the game but what I’m mainly asking is if I can have the coins from the completed albums please.Version: 1.31

LinnyGreat game with fantastic challenges to make you want to get to next level. Lots of different choices to play with apocalyptic jackpots! Quite a few different additional areas that help you earn more money. Only frustration for me is the lack of new stamps for example I have not had a new stamp in over a month and I play this game a few times a day every day. That said I still have to keep playing!!!.Version: 1.54

Great GameLots of wins.Version: 1.92

Great game!This the the #1 pokies game on the App Store - always guaranteed big wins with the addicting and fun games! Unfortunately with the new “Mammoth Gem” game that has recently been added, I tend to get a ton a free spins but sometimes when I re-trigger I don’t get the extra 5-8 games :( could you please sort this as this has happened a couple of times now. But other than that! Best game on the market..Version: 1.20

Love itTo bad I couldn’t receive all my winnings I up to something like 15 million dollars! I’d give one million away one million to someone needy one million to a charity and I’d give each four of my children one million bucks and I’d open a place for single Fathers there aren’t any resources for single dads but lots for single moms . I’d also open a Galway house or. Friendship house for families displaced and run a clean and sober house . I wish I had It because I sure would give over half almost all if it away then open my business I want & I Definitely would make a difference in today’s day and age Id also give to my churches . I’d love to be a life coach I’ve been through it all and hv nothing to do with myself because my health isn’t the greatest owe yes I’d take care of those also . God speed and blessings to you all ..Version: 1.59

AddictiveI enjoy playing to unwind at night..Version: 1.93

Perfect slots games and features.Love all the different slotts and all of the mini features and quests ect but lacks a decent win ratio vs wager unless betting massive or winning jackpots, Grand ect witch is rarer than infinity stones. Gave a 5 star as regardless of wager the games are for the most part enjoyable. One of the worst features are the pop ups for marketing and purchasing in game products, far too many and too often..Version: 1.59

Cash FrenzyThese are the most fun games I have ever had playing online! Highly recommend trying it out! You’ll never stop...;0).Version: 1.92

EnjoyablePity there are so many pop ups at the beginning every time you start..Version: 1.54

Cash FrenzySo good exciting and relaxing. BOTH!.Version: 1.92

Nice gameI love it. Its entertaining. You have so many games so you don’t get bored playing..Version: 1.93

FunGreat game. Lots of choice.Version: 1.92

WARNINGI was playing the club challenge, got a feature that I needed, it paid 42 billion I did not receive the reward in the club challenge, they said I did not get it, I sent them a screenshot to prove I did and they still did not reward me There are several instances where they blatantly ignored my wins and refused to honour the payment They are extremely quick at taking your money and very reluctant to reimburse you.Version: 1.72

Great GameThis is a great slot game to relax with..Version: 1.93

Fun or so I thoughtSlot pulling fun. Good game.......good game. Good value keeps getting better. Safe gaming. Good range of slots. Scrap what I said. Unfortunately some games are rigged so you don’t finish them to early. Designed to keep you playing and more importantly spending. I like a game of chance but when I have over 40 wheel spins and fall short of the target by one square every time then it’s rigged. Chance is replaced by fiddling the win metrics. Shame. I’m reporting them to Apple as they are taking money under false pretences.....?! Getting better, lovely stuff. Etc,etcetc.Version: 1.72

AwesomeNumber one slot game on the phone.Version: 1.93

Cash Frenzy slotsCash frenzy slots are amazing! to play with the huge wins, best of all I do t need to leave the house to have a dabble, but just tonight I’ve started getting really big wins again yay myb I can build my balance up and play for a few nights Cos it helps me unwind n go to sleep at night x show the love for my review by giving me a grand jackpot instead of 3 or 4 mini pots! I live cash frenzy big pays.Version: 1.61

PigsGreat.Version: 1.93

I actually can not stop playing this gameLove it.Version: 1.61

RiggedI have spent hundreds of real money on this game over the last year and really enjoyed playing until today. After working hard at getting a machine to the super bonus level wagering 300 million a spin I get 10 spin which is fine but I got zero wins in ten spins. Not one coin. I get it takes money players like myself to keep game going but really!!! 10 spins on super bonus and nothing? I spent. Easily 20 billion coins for nothing just so you can force me to buy more. Look at it I know you can see what each player gets. How can you treat your customers like that. I think after that trick you pulled it time to find a new game to play. Don’t tell me you can’t control it either the games are pre set to pay out a certain time. When you stop the machine manually the icons on screen when you hit stop switch with random ones. I recorded it several times and slowed down play back. It obvious. Too bad I enjoyed these slot..Version: 1.31

I love this app, butI earnt a 2020 stamp collection starter pack a few days ago, and went to claim it this afternoon when I was given the option to, but I couldn’t access the 2020 stamp collection on the main menu, nothing popped up either, and now that I can access the stamp collection, it turns out I didn’t actually receive any of the stamps from the starter pack :( Would love if this could be remedied somehow asap.Version: 1.54

Very upset playerThe game upsets me quite a bit constantly kicking me out I think it’s because I won’t spend money I think that your game discriminates against people that does not spend no money or buy none of your stuff I’ve been trying to go into mansion quest all morning to complete my mission and it will not let me in there it kicks me out all the time when I collect big things big items and then don’t give me what I supposed to give me so if you’ve got the game set up that way it’s very wrongBeen trying to get into mansion quick all morning to complete my missions it will not let me. Total different day I still can’t get into Magine quest to complete my mission why??????????? Still not able to get into mansion quest been trying all afternoon in and out he keeps kicking me out of the game every time I try to go into it if you want a better rating then you should make it where I’d be able to do the things I wanna do is complete my missions so I can collect my points and continue to play things have been starting to get a little bit better I still get kicked out a lot.Version: 1.75

Good gameHave played a lot of different slot games but this is my favourite.Version: 1.57

Awesome!I wish that I didn’t get the mini jackpot EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! If I had to guess, I’ve spun wheels, slots, numerous games of chance, picked cards, whatever, you name it I’ve ever payed to on here at least 500x. Probably over 1000. I can remember 1x hitting a minor jackpot. 1x. Everything else has been mini. It’s so rigged. If there’s a a game to make a choice, for instance, picking 2 of 3 cards for a prize, without fail, uncovered is the smallest prize out of the 3. EVERY SINGLE TIME! When spinning a wheel for a prize or multiplier, I can tell you what I will pick or land’s always whatever the lowest prize is in the group or on the wheel. I just look for whatever the lowest prize is and sure enough, BINGO! That’s what I will win. I’m like Harry Houdini when it comes to picking the prizes this game awards!! It’s actually laughable now. Even if I spend money on the shop items, boosters and coins, I’ll still pull the lowest prize in the group! Granted, I seem to play a little longer, hitting the the smaller stuff more often but come on!!!!! Would it hurt you guys to loosen it up a little? Jeez.Version: 1.89

Grandplayer33Enjoying playing this game, will keep on playing and see where it takes me..Version: 1.25

Player 7330👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎playing 200m but never even got a single blackout ??? 👎👎👎. Just played the dice booster and I won “hundreds billion of coins”, where are they ??? Can you please check what happened ??? Tyvm...👎👎👎👎👎👎 it’s not like we’re playing real money here !!! Why you’re making so tight for me to win ? I just lost 2 billion of chips so easy, what more if this is for real money ???👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️ it !!! I am loosing a lot !!! Brilliant Treasure is a fun and addicting game, but I am loosing a lot !!! Dang !!! Bad today, 👎👎👎 just lost 20 B, I thought the more and big bet you do, the more and big chances to win ??? 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎Just LOST all my 600 to 700 Bil of coins ! Will it be more exciting if you change the 6 bonus spin to any three as long as the first one will always be on the first line ??? Tyvm 👎👎👎 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎all your machines are so tight !!!.Version: 1.92

AwesomeAwesome fun easy to access and no glitches with app freezing recommend it highly.Version: 1.60

Cash FrenzyLove these games..Version: 1.92

ExcellentJ’aime bien et je passe Beaucoup de temps à joué durant mes pauses au travaille mais en plus c’est le fun mais commerce avoir de bug parfois il faudrait bien voir certains problèmes.Version: 1.92

Update!! I'm making HUGE bets, it's thrillingI was not expecting much from this game, but I am absolutely loving it. And now another surprise, lots of tricks and turns and secret passages. I am having lots of fun now looking for the hidden extra prizes. Not hidden to the usual player but for those like me who just play without looking around, I encourage you to take time to push on the other buttons! It's huge fun!!! I'm making big bets with spine-tingling big wins!!! Loving this game. I just won OVER 6 BILLION!!!! Now that is a great win! Still buzzing..Version: 1.86

💁🏻🇻🇬 I LOVE IT 💕CASH Is My Frenzy ❣️Frenzy is cash Number 1 Slots 🎰 Amazing Slots 🎰I love you 💁🏻🇻🇬💜Cash Frenzy better than all the rest better than anyone I ever played I am stuck on a Frenzy Love Love it Cash me up any day Frenzy 🌍🍃💕🇻🇬OMG Covid -19 you have made me addicted to Cash Frenzy 💁🏻🇻🇬crash Frenzy addicted too Best slots ever 🎼 I am happy I am happy Cash Frenzy you make me Happy 😃It’s my life Frenzy Cash 💰Fun Fun Frenzy 🍃💕🧚‍♀️🍃💕I love you My Frenzy of boredom 🧚‍♀️🍃💕🧚‍♀️.Version: 1.60

GamesGreAt game.Version: 1.92

Cash FrenzyThe best casino app you can play, best graphics, and hours of fun, highly recommend A+, download today and enjoy the exciting fun..Version: 1.61

Cash Frenzy... is like no others! 😊Well I’ve read many reviews and to my surprise I’m quite shocked & confused but then I’m not. This Game App has many other slot games within, some you really win while others takes a while to win and when you do the next could be very slow by coming. My favorite game is Magic Jackpot Vault altho I occasionally play others like Ganster City, Big Money Frenzy(w/the pigs), Wizards of Fortune, and I have received great wins with some of these but not like w/MJV. It’s fun and entertaining. I read that some has bought coins, well me myself I haven’t purchased any and I have 8, 686, 696, 447 coins and yes that’s correct w/o a single purchase, but to each it’s own no comment there. As the jackpots are concern I’ve won mini & minor. Each time I win I pay attention to make sure they are giving me all my coins.. LoL 😆 yes I’m petty & watch. I’m happy and content with my play time. 😃.Version: 1.36

Cash FrenzyLove these slots the prizes are fabulous and frequent. Thank you so much.Version: 1.82

Great appThe reason I love this app is countless times I have got money down to low thousands from billions/trillions and I can always work my way back up, without a purchase being necessary. Purchases just speed up the rebuild process, but I have done it without them. Good graphics and great variety of games..Version: 1.54

Great time waster.Great fun and always exciting to win! Even if it’s for fake coins that have zero monitory value. I do feel the game has a little pay to play aspect. If you spend really money for fake coins they want you to be happy for a while, and your win ratio will climb. The key to overcoming is to lower your bet significantly if you’re in a slump. They will have some “huge wins” when your betting way lower than you should be based on your total amount of coins. There are a lot of side quest that keep it fun, and this feature is what they do a good job with compared to some others who may not have side quest at all. It can be addictive just don’t raise your bet chasing loses. You will lose and you will want to spend real money for fake coins. Be strong. If you just want to have some time wasting fun, like the feel of winnings don’t have the extra couple of bucks to waste, throw down some cash in the game and feel the feeling of winning. Woooooooooo!!!!!.Version: 1.51

GreatBut too expensive to play.Version: 1.80

Miss pkBest games online, love the graphics and very entertaining. Lots of fun enjoyed for hours, would highly recommend this site to anyone and what’s even better is the free coins 😊.Version: 1.1

Decent slot game.Having fun on this game compared to other slot games. I don’t buy extra coins and I’ve been playing for over 2 months. Yeah some times you lose big and have to build up small wins again till you have billions but that is realistic. I’ve played a slot game that always won and it was sooooooo boring. The daily coins actually give you a chance to make more cash unlike other slots that give you less than one spin as a prize. If you don’t bet stupid and you don’t lose everything!.Version: 1.28

Avoid this game at all cost. They’ve now listened, giving game a secondChanceAvoid this game at any cost. This game froze on me when I was trying to play the mega reward golden egg smash. After many tries and following their instructions, reopening the game on Facebook, they wiped my account. I had been playing, betting 2 billion each press , I started with over 400 billion dollars ( which had dwindled down from 1 thousand billion dollars) and I’m not sure where I was up to but knew if I got near 250 billion I would have stopped playing. So be warned the moment you are about to win BIG they will freeze the game and then blame you when THEY ZERO OUT your account. Perhaps if they restore my account I might be able to write a more positive follow up review. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!! Playing again. Seems to be fairer giving longer game for your money.Version: 1.71

Great gameThis game is enjoyable.Version: 1.93

Get money on extras not slotsYou get your money from extras more so than playing the slots. Great graphics and slots are varied and fun to play. Just wished you won on slots vs having to do all the mini challenges. Minimal adds compared to other games which is nice. Real money value is not good balance though.Version: 1.76

LoveI actually don’t mind this game..but only the win!! I will have to agree with everyone else on the false advertising on the game though..that’s not fair!!.Version: 1.54

Best slots gameI’ve tried a few slots/ poke gaming apps. This is by far the best. The payouts are good—there are in app purchases to top up but so far (2 years) I’ve not had to buy. Plenty of different mini games to win “coins” ie watch video for 30 seconds. There are about 50 (?) different slots and the graphics are spot on. During co-vid this is the one game to which I return time and time again..Version: 1.82

Love it lots ofwinsFew too many commercials to buy coins.Version: 1.92

GameAwesome if it was for real cash.Version: 1.93

SLOTSIt has ups and downs, with BIG wins, and BIG losses. It has in App purchases, but I haven’t spent a penny. It can get extremely frustrating when chasing daily missions. It takes a lot of coins, but gets you no where in the mission. Especially when it asks you to get free games six times, when you’ve only got that maybe once all day. One weekend I lost 20 billion coins chasing missions. Also, when winning a jackpot, or having a free spin, I always get the lowest amount possible. Maybe because I haven’t spent any money. When you get a big win, it is exciting, even though it’s not real money. Great fun until you go bust.......Version: 1.68

Cash....J’adore.Version: 1.71

PredictableThis games based on if you do t spend money you aren’t going to win ..... terrible product.Version: 1.92

GoodI have been playing this game for a long time and it was great a lot of fun Jackpots were frequent. Over time the game has changed they have added a lot of side games and they are annoying some times. Jackpots are hard to get now and I have noticed if you do win something big you don’t get many pays after that win. I still enjoy it but not as much anymore..Version: 1.61

Love my slotsEnjoy all the graphics in your games. Challenges and win remind me of a real casino. Just remember l hate to lose.👍.Version: 1.92

Quest frenzy :(The quest frenzy phases are getting ridiculous, I use to play through most of them in a few days but lately I’ve noticed to achieve some of the quests can take days for just one to spin up enough to complete it. The ratio to spins for free spins in some games goes far beyond just winning enough they barely show up enough to trigger them. I LOVE this game please could you fix it from the last update please..Version: 1.31

Good quality workmanship with fun.This has to be the best game out there...plenty of choices with big pay outs when you’s user friendly and you soon get to understand the effort to make these games. I have tried most of the well known named games from other manufacturers...this one has to be the best. Like all games losing sticks in your mind but if you keep in mind it’s a business you’ll enjoy it more. If there is a negative? It’s probably a personal dislike of your chosen game! Is there a perfect five star game? I haven’t found it as yet!...worth a download...🤪.Version: 1.31

Lots of winsFun game.Version: 1.93

Kiki theUp and down but extras pay.Version: 1.94

Hope it’s REALI’m loving it so far it’s my first time playing something like this heheh but it’s so fun! I thank whoever MADE this gaming app so awesome LOVE FROM NEW ZEALAND!!!.Version: 1.60

Awesome!By far the best slot game out there. The odd pop-up ad now and then but nothing compared to the other apps out there where you get slaughtered by them..Version: 1.60

Great but minor issues.The game is great and I have been playing a long time. But recently I’ve noticed that as I’m on a much higher level now that the daily challenges are becoming increasing more and more difficult to complete meaning the mission pass is becoming impossible to complete. I mean how do you expect me to gain 200billion coins with min bet of 1.8 billion when your daily scratch cards only offer me between 5 and 20 million for example? It’s just gonna be impossible to get that number especially when the win rate in some of the slots are ridiculous. Think you need to be realistic on the challenges. I have bought the mission pass for the last few seasons as I do love the game but seriously debating wether to or not in future..Version: 1.60

Good gameI agree with some of the others this is one of the best games of its kind available, however I have had a few issues with not receiving coins. I just traded 30 diamonds in the infinity wheel and got booted from the app before I got to spin. Signed back in, no coins and it is saying I can’t play again for 24 hours!! Thanks! If anyone knows how I can fix this I’d appreciate it. All in all though this is a wonderful game with lots of “mini” games/challenges to keep you busy as well as the main slot games. Lots of opportunity to get additional coins also..Version: 1.50

MeLove these games and pay outs when they come BUT I am only getting what I pay for anyway. How about giving me some huge jackpots?? I only ever get the smallest available. I am afraid I can't keep paying for nothing. Bet higher you say!!! Then all that happens is you lose all you have!!! I still get nothing. The more you buy the more you make us buy, because the money does not last!! 😥.Version: 1.75

Good game 👍Keep up the good work with new challenges!.Version: 1.92

The bee manTop game when it don’t hammer you, you spend the whole week scraping, strategy etc building all your coins up, then come the weekend challenges, that are set that you can’t beat them, you loose all what you have worked for all week, I’m sick of it, must be games out there that are not all one sided and force you to spend money. What a shame, you have to fleece us 99% of the time.Version: 1.86

GameLike it.Version: 1.92

AddictiveHas anyone had any issues with the game closing randomly? I’m constantly trying to play but most times it won’t load. At first it was fine, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but still having loading problems. Not cool at all. Otherwise it’s a really good game very challenging and addictive. Playing on iPhone.Version: 1.80

SlotsGreat that always getting new games and don’t need to pay .getting low ,watch an add.Version: 1.54

DisappointedWas a great game , went into to play the mansion feature game , game wasn’t loading properly , was unable to spin , had over 3 billion coins , turned my phone off and went back in once I turned my phone back in and all my coins had gone , sent a msg as yet no reply , hard enough to get coins as it is , might give it a break So disappointed.Version: 1.68

Kiwi DisplaymanExcellent game Look around as you will find extras in the stamp book area.Version: 1.57

Cash Frenzy GoldGives great prizes and always different games to play....never boring..Version: 1.54

SlotsI do like your app. very much but am perplexed by your invoicing. I will probably cancel the app. because most of your charges are incorrect. For example I recently took advantage of your special offer for A$7.99 which I received but also was charged A$9.99 for credits which I neither ordered nor received. This has happened multiple times on this app. but never occurs on other apps. It’s a pity. I have complained before about this problem but had no satisfaction although the lady we spoke to was sympathetic and agreeable. Barbara Hoggett.Version: 1.57

Absolutely love it!It’s not your regular slots app. There are so many missions, quests and incentives to win! Always something interesting and fun! Best slots app I’ve played to date! Update: I still love playing this but, I have a few suggestions for the developers. 1. It would be nice to be able to complete Quest Frenzy missions a little faster without having to purchase boosters. These are the only type of missions that seem to take forever. I’ve have never been to able to reach the end. 2. I’ve noticed when I won a very large amount and was able to bet larger amounts, that my missions now are always higher and higher bet amounts. Since I’ve spent most of my winnings now, it’s almost impossible to finish the missions in a timely fashion. 3. I’ve been playing for quite a while and I’ve seen tons of players names flash across the screen when they’ve won a jackpot. They range from 100,000,000 to 100,000,000,000,000,000. I’ve won jackpots before yet, I’ve never seen my name flash across the screen. My husband was sitting next to me playing on his iPad and I saw him win a jackpot and his name never flashed on either of our screens. Also, when it comes to jackpots, I’ve never won anything past the 2nd level (mini - minor). Now, on a better note, I absolutely love all the different extra challenges. Even when you complete something, there is always something else you are trying to achieve. It makes it so much more fun and interesting!!!!!.Version: 1.54

Fun appLots of fun, good graphics, great layout and lots of fun ways to win coins.Version: 1.51

RatingI totally agree with Carolin While you are spending more and more money on this game you win until you get to a point where the game just totally stops paying and cleans you up I personally think it is a total rip-off I won’t be playing again I’ll take my money to the real pokies Games like this should be banned Barry.Version: 1.36

Addictive gameHighly recommend.Version: 1.54

Rate the gameThe wins keep on coming!!! New games, new graphics and fantastic updates. Thank you Ca$h Frenzy❤️❤️.Version: 1.92

Wagga JackLove the game. Great range of slots and progressive challenges every day. Biggest downside is the hourly bonus scratch and win. The returns don’t seem to match the bets you have to make. For example if I play the minimum wager to be eligible for bonus and rewards it could be 25 million. But in the quarterly and 3 hourly bonus you normally only win around 1-3 million every with multiply bonus. Other than that thumbs up.Version: 1.57

Cash frenzyI just bought the matches and cash and can’t get into the game. I press the button on the add thing and it takes me back out but you can’t play while it is there. The 10 mins special is gone. I could see it counting down but couldn’t play the game. I have spent a lot of money on Cash Frenzy but I doubt that I will be spending anymore. I live in Australia so I pay a lot more than advertised price..Version: 1.57

Good gameThe game seems pay to play like most gambling games but if you log in every day and take advantage of the events it has good pay rates and you can be free to play.Version: 1.92

ExcellentExcellent.Version: 1.92

So happy 😁 excited 😆sweetSo happy 😀great games congrats to all staffs!great job 👏super fun 🤩please fix the screen 📺 for coins! I cannot find the x to get my free coins! I love 💕 playing this app and game it is lots of fun..Version: 1.93

Michael I gPretty happy at the moment keep up the good work🇦🇺never can win a jackpot as usual rigged. Hate the max bet being so close to the spin button twice I accidentally touched it and didn’t notice cost me a heap but on the other side it could of won me the same ha ha😂just a load of cra a pity u don’t pay any body some outlay back last time for me when u look like getting something u stop the game so u cannot play🙏🙏🤙what a ror test set upcompany just a rip of u can shove it for mine what about 1star that’s being big hearted u certainly know howeto stuff up agood product cheers if u need lend of a quid let me know I’ll see if ican help out 💢🎗thank u for taking all my money now i can delete this app with pleasure u won’t be stealing from me anymore u pr s.Version: 1.86

Some tweaking needed!Love the different games! But if you don’t spend you don’t win! Chutes & Rockets does my head in with the up/down (more consistently down) & how you can be so near the top & in a few spins you’re right back down the bottom again. The amazing stamps, I’ve never completed & it seems impossible to complete! Also the Home Depots seem impossible to complete. Don’t include these extra games if they are actually unattainable to get..Version: 1.36

Best spins game out there!!I absolutely love this game. I play it all the time. Well, as much as you can with a 4 year old running around. Also, even though the adverts are really annoying, on the other hand, they are brilliant cuz when you run out of money it doesn’t mean you have to wait for your next day bonuses, cuz you can watch another advert and get a few more million so you can carry on playing. Love it. I really do. Xx.Version: 1.31

CarolynI love the games but if you want to win you have to keep spending money to get any big wins and to get the reels to go at the normal speed and the piggy bank goes up an extra $10 dollars every time you want to break it, so I give up playing , if you don't buy it just becomes boring and you lose interest very quickly like I now have . I didn't down load this ap long ago but have spent more money then I have in a short period of time then any other ap I have played over the years ..under no circumstances do you have to spend money but you can notice a big difference if you don't ..Version: 1.1

No internet connectionWell since playing this game now for like over a yr had no issues on my ipad uninstalled it reinstalled and still having the same issue .. wonder if ppl having the same !!! I love this game until then but not be able to log on to the game now for a week !!! If support reads this get this fixed has I do have INTERNET CONNECTION.Version: 1.57

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