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Just ok at bestThis app does little more than tell you if you have friends online and what your KD is. The app says it will have a load out editor coming soon but nothing ever changes with it and that would be a HUGE feature. It takes quite a while for game that are completed to load into the app so it’s hard to track your progress quickly after matches. There is also no support for the heat map for WZ which would be very nice to see. In typical fashion I bet they release the new content well after the new Cold War game is released. Over all not bad but missing key features that were promised and has a few hiccups for sure..Version: 2.9.2

Can’t login with COD account; Can’t connect to Server with XBL accountCan’t login with COD account. Checked login info and it’s correct. Tried to make a new account using my email address and it tells me it’s already in use. Can’t connect to Server with XBL account, effectively rendering the app useless. Worked ok until the game launched, now it’s a dud. Similar issues on the COD website where my friends list doesn’t show up and won’t allow me to search for friends or add people for cross play. Zero stars, if I could, for a useless waste of space on my phone. The only reason I purchased the game was to give me the opportunity to play with a larger friend segment. Otherwise I would have passed on COD as I did long ago! I would like my money back for the XB1 game that I purchased, please! Or get the bugs squashed that should have never been at roll out of such a highly rated and anticipated game!.Version: 2.0

Cant sign in/log inI tried resetting my password but im not receiving the link or smth. Also whenever I leave the app the screen would freeze..Version: 2.18.0

Please fix loadout editorThe load out editor option is stuck on black ops 4 and won’t change to modern warfare, it keeps saying you need to be level 5 to use, great app but it’s this one bug you need to fix for it to be a great app.Version: 2.10.0

HackedI would class myself as a half decent player. I’ve played COD on different platforms over many years. Tonight, I have the impression that like many other COD games, this has been hacked. To shoot an opposing player point blank in the face with a shotgun with a full magazine, in more than one game, and to have nothing happen but the other player wipe you out... It’s quite clearly been hacked. I have a very strong broadband, more than enough to play many various games, but this has nothing to do with this. Please look into this, because it’s spoiling what was a very good game..Version: 2.14.0

Severely lacking featuresMaybe this is only applicable to the new Modern Warfare game, as that’s the only COD I play. However, this app tells me about 10% of what I can view in the game itself, and what it does tell me is inaccurate. It still has me at level 55 in the app while I’m up to 74 in game. On that note, it also completely omits the barracks section with challenge progress and the Rank progression objectives (that you reach after I believe level 55 or so). The loadout editor is also completely broken and doesn’t load. It would be awesome to change loadouts and have full Gunsmith capability in the app but at the very least I should be able to see my available weapons and stats, killstreaks, perks, etc. Alas, there is nothing but a blank loading screen. I also cannot message any other users via the app, and I have no clue what the squad function is other then it automatically placed me in some random squad, but then tells me that squad is inactive? All I get is (inaccurate) summaries of about 10 of my recent games, and that doesn’t include all of the recent ones, just 10 random ones. Complete waste..Version: 2.0.3

BruhNothing will load, as soon as I sign in it’s just a white screen and I don’t know what to do.Version: 2.2.0

Please create a loadout editor for modern warfare!!!!Currently there’s only a loadout editor for black ops 4 on the app. One for modern warfare would be so goooood..Version: 2.6.1

Way too buggy & needs a msging system.Slow and lag filled to the max. It also doesn't load a lot of things, and often the player stats are inaccurate. If it worked properly and wasn't so slow, it would actually be a really good app that helps you keep up with your game play. And since it has a squad section, it would be awesome to have some type of messaging system built in. Obviously you wouldn't need a messaging system if all your team is on the same platform, but since it's crossplay that isn't possible which makes it frustrating. We can have our Activision accts listed and our names in the squad, but have no real way of communicating to each other. - MW on XB1X, iOS 13.2.3 iPhone 11 Pro..Version: 2.1.0

Doesn’t workLoadout editor doesn’t work...Version: 2.0

Can’t loginI am using iPhone 11S - can’t even log on. I can logon when I’m using my phone data, just not WIFI....Version: 2.7

Seems unfinishedThe app has a lot of useful features... it’s to bad you can’t use them because the app takes forever to load and then crashes. It would also be cool to make a squad of you and your friends and participate in the weekly tournaments right!? Well even if u search the clan you want and click join squad, you get out into a random squad. Why release an app that barely works. I hold Activision to a high standard when it comes to development and this just let me down. They don’t even have all the prospects of the games in the apps for leaderboards and tracking. Maybe I’m wrong but the app seems like it needs an update, and a big one..Version: 2.8.2

Bit if a disappointmentI haven’t used the app for a while. I went to use it today and needed to sign in but I keep getting ‘please fill in all fields’ when I try to log in. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but to no prevail. Also clicked on the app support link on the App Store and it takes me to the support page for the games but not for the companion app. So hence the bit of a disappointment title..Version: 2.1.0

App refuses to find my psNThis app is total garbage. It won’t even allow me to connect my psn account (for which I have used the correct email and password) and it gives me this message “Sorry, we weren’t able to find any gameplay data for your account. Check your profile to verify the correct first-party account is linked. Please note that we currently do not have stats for Call of Duty Mobile.” Which is totally a lie because my account very much exists with stats. One star but wish I could give it less. I keep getting put in lobbies that are horribly mismatched. I just want to turn of sbmm because it ruins my ability to enjoy the game as I’m a casual player. I’m giving up on call of duty because it’s mediocre yearly subscription that only changes in negative ways. This is coming from a 11+ year fan. Screw activision and infinity ward for wasting my money once again.Version: 2.14.0

ImprovementGreat app to check search for people and make a squad. I wish you could add people to the squad you created. They have to search it for themselves. Also, you aren’t able to edit your gun load out. Would be cool if you’re away and come up with a new way to change your load out. To do it from your phone. Wish there was a way to find your teammates on your squad and play with them online. Hope future updates bring better rewards Hope this app in future updates give more details on the challenges each week and tracks each player scores better. It’s confusing to know how to get scores and what allocate as 10,20,50,100 points. Good app so far, can and will be better for sure..Version: 2.2.0

Doesn’t track my kills for the weekly tournament.I’ve had this app for 4 weeks now and have lost the weekly tournament by 20-60 kills every week yet I get 300+ kills a week if not way more? I’ll play a game of rebirth for example and get a 10 kill win, I can see in my match history that I got 10 kills and a win but if I go into my squad I’m still at 0 kills for whatever reason.Version: 2.18.0

Companion app to COD are we sure?I downloaded this as a companion to the game, the problem is that the game has three login types, guest, COD and Facebook. Problem is that unless you have a COD login then you cannot use this app. I logged into the game under my Facebook yet there is no Facebook login under this companion app. So I can’t even open the app because I cannot link it to my Facebook login. So I either don’t use this app it’ll lose all my data from my games to use this app, which is to collate all my data, which do you think I’ll do?.Version: 2.6.1

Worthless appI downloaded this app to check the leaderboards since treyarch has done little to nothing to fix the leaderboards in game . Every time I try to see the leaderboards in zombies my game crashes and ultimately crashes my ps4. There is no way around other than unplugging my PlayStation to reset it . I’ve waited over and over for it to load in game and I get nothing. When I try to close app , it loads forever ultimately doing nothing. Cold War is ruining my PlayStation , and when you get this worthless app , you can’t even look at the leaderboards either . What a joke . Make your game and console crash in game , and this worthless app has no leaderboards either . This is why people still play war zone over the stupid bugs Cold War seems to have everyday . At least make your apps usable if the game won’t get fixed ..Version: 2.14.0

TerribleRight now I’m frustrated cause it’s showing some random peoples names in my friends feed list instead of mine and I’m not sure why I’ve tried everything. Ever since the update for the bug fixes came out 4 days ago I’ve been having this problem and it’s annoying. Everything else is normal but my friends list for some reason..Version: 2.18.0

Not crack screen friendly please let move aroundI can’t tilt the screen to press curtain letters making it impossible to use the app to help out the clan been trying to join and help out but your app doesn’t work like better and improved apps do.Version: 2.15.1

App freezesThe app freezes every time i try to have a look at a bundle.Version: 2.14.0

Annoying problem...Half the time this app doesn’t even register your kills and matches, which is super annoying since that is what this app is all about!.Version: 2.17.0

Needs workThe app obviously hasn’t been brought up to the new games specs and is broken. Squad doesn’t work and you can’t make your own anymore. Nothing from it is linked to the latest game Load out Editor doesn’t work Should link you to the forums that would be a real good add on to the app The stats and stuff work which is great but everything else is broken.Version: 2.0

Need improvementsThis app is great to an extent. I would like to see more done with it though. I would like to be able to have a squad chat or messaging option to communicate with the squad within the app. I wish that I could simple search a friends account and add them to our squad or send a request for approval that could be accepted or denied if need be. I’d also like to see the option within the squad to appoint players within the squad the ability to add/deny people from joining the group. This would make it much easier to communicate with squad members on how we could progress within the game to get accomplishments through the app. It truly is a great idea for an app just needs more and needs improving to be better!.Version: 2.0.3

It’s buggy afI’ve been try to log into the app for weeks now only to say that I can’t because of my network mind you I’ve been connected to a steady wifi connection every time I try. The app doesn’t even work for desktop either I’ve been trying to see my account but I get error codes instead. Overall poor job don’t recommend this..Version: 1.1

Needs Bug Fixed ASAPThis app is fantastic however their is an extremely important issue which some people including myself are receiving where we try to progress our squad in weekly challenges however it always shows us at 0 when others and myself have done many. Other than that an amazing app.Version: 2.0.3

Amazing companion app but has a few problemsTLDR: Great app, fix clan/squad customization, fix heat maps and load out editor, simplify categories better. I’m not dissing this companion app but there are a few issues I have been recently having, 1) There is now way to edit or fix my clan/squad page so I can update the personal message or even promote other players. 2) The heat maps and load out editor constantly are giving me “Ethernet token error connect to network again” or just “error no data available” and so forth. 3) And the navigation through the app isn’t all that flawless, every different category should have its own tab and grouped accordingly, I have “news” on three of 4 tabs. They should just clump all of that in one place. I want to see stats first not news first. Other than that this app is the closest thing to the perfect companion app for BO4 or MW. Once I see an effort in change for this app I will change me star rating..Version: 2.1.0

“Connecting to online service...”This rating isn’t for the app itself, simply because the app won’t even work to begin with.. Whenever I try to log in using my Microsoft account, it just gets stuck on “Connecting to online services” When I try to create an account, it tells me that I did not fill in my info, which I have correctly and accurately filled in the boxes numerous times. I have tried on multiple devices, still doesn’t work. There’s nothing I can do to log in, so the app is basically useless. According to some forums, this has been an issue for some folks for at least a month now, with no resolve. I waited a couple weeks in hopes for an update to the app that fixes the issue, but no luck. Hopefully this negative review catches someone’s attention & progress is made..Version: 2.0.3

So bad.. too much bug and support is slowWhen we finish weekly tournament on 1st place every time we need to contact support on mail and give squad player information, or we dont get rewards.. last 2 times my squad dont get rewards for 1st place.. support team dont answer on my mail and we dong get rewards. When weekly tournament is battle royal kills calculator dont do your jobs. When i finish game with 9kills i dont get point on app scoreboard, and next time when i finish with 3kill then is correct, but next 3-4 match when i finish we got 0 points.. soo much bugs.. report is dont work, we cant report anything, last time player have 4000kills in batle royal in 3days??? And we cant report him becose report button is dont working.. and too much other bugs.. fix it if you want to someone give you maybe 2 or 3 star...Version: 2.13.0

Doesnt WorkCant login. App just crashes after inputting credentials..Version: 1.0.3

Only good for viewing friends stats in multiplayer. Nothing else.Zombies section doesn’t work. App is slow. Store only has MW items no CW. Guides are Warzone related only. Seems like they released bits and pieces of an app and shoved them together in a mess. This is in no way complete..Version: 2.17.0

Cool but could be better :)You could add messaging on here. for those who don’t want to give out their personal information or social media to fellow gaming friends. it would be nice to able to let them know through this app when they will be on :)) have a good one !.Version: 2.8.2

Could be awesome... but...This app has the potential to be fantastic!! But is lacking in so many ways at the moment :/ I’ve noticed that the ‘recent matches’ function isn’t actually capturing all of my most recent matches. In fact, it’s quite vexing that it seems to be missing out all of my best games! I get a high kill game in Warzone and then log in to check my stats and low-and-behold... it’s not there. Also, the friends comparison section only compares minimal multiplayer statistics... and no Warzone stats at all. Also... the ‘barracks’ section with all of the individual weapon statistics which should be an amazing feature just doesn’t work... yes, it tells us stats from each weapon but I don’t trust anything it’s telling me because I know for a fact that some of the stats for certain weapons are incorrect... then there is the fact that some weapons aren’t even on the list (for e.g. the crossbow) at the time of this review... even though the SKS was released we’ll after the crossbow and that is somehow on the list?????? The only feature I like and find helpful tbh is that it tells me who is currently online when I log into it. Overall... this app has the potential to be an amazing side part to the actual game however at the moment is just lacking in so many ways... I’ll continue to use it but take every statistic it tells me with a pinch of salt..Version: 2.6.1

Great app... if you only play BO4This app is amazing for the people that only play Black Ops 4. You can check your stats, all this kinda cool stuff that you can do in game, but not have to be on the game. I played Black Ops 4 a lot and it is a great app to have if you play the game. The downside is that it is only Black Ops 4, that’s it. No BO3, BO2, MWR, Infinite Warfare, WW2. I have been playing Modern Warfare remastered a lot lately and I wanted to check my stats and stuff but when I got this app, it was only BO4. This would be an all around amazing app if it had all those games and more. I think that it should have all next gen COD games and backward compatible COD games. I hope that one day this app can be that and I hope to get someone’s attention that can add this in the near future..Version: 1.1

App Currently BrokenAs of today, it has officially been four days where my cod app is completely broken. It no longer updates with my most recent games and only occasionally updates with game I generally backed out of. One of my favorite features of the app was checking how I actually did each game. (As COD CW goes by EKD rather than just KD). The app was the only way for me to see how many actual kills I got per game excluding assists. I enjoyed this feature as I really do not care about my EKD but just my KD. But now, the app is bugged and will not update with my most recent games. My daily tracking is completely messed up and it also is affecting my weekly stats as well. Please fix this issue so the app can properly track my daily progress..Version: 2.14.0

BugsHalf of my scripts are in spanish even if my phone is in french. Problems loading the store, i get black screens on 80% of the packs. And now I see random people in friends list even if I clearly never added them. I see them only on the app not in the game. Kinda sad. Not completely disappointed, but even on a phone application you guys just can’t do it right. So many bugs..Version: 2.18.0

Ok, but inaccurateThe app is useful and it has plenty of statistics. The friend comparison feature (combat record, barracks, etc.) is good. The downside is that it either doesn’t completely update daily match stats, or if it does, it doesn’t do it accurately; i.e. if you win a game in blackout, it may not show it in your “recent games” screen; your total kill count for a specific game, or highest kill streak is not accurate. And there’s more, which leads one to think that if these simple things can’t be tracked correctly, why would other more complicated stats (headshots, shots fired vs. landed, specific weapon stats in barracks, etc.) be reliable?. It seems like a nice attempt, but needs to be more precise to be called a “companion” app for a Call of Duty game..Version: 1.3.2

Maybe?Think it’s possible to add CoD:Mobile for those of us that also play there as well as the others?.Version: 2.16.0

GiftingSince this is the only way to gift bundles, it would be nice if the bundles on the app were in line with what’s on the store... or if they had any bundles from the past 4 months on the app.Version: 2.16.1

Could be good but it isn’t...quite...yetTo be fair most of the app is pretty good however with out of date info in the recent matches section, it’s annoying that it’s 2 days out of date and currently has no sign of catching up. Tried restarting the app etc so will see if this is fixed in future versions. The variety of information is good with guides and a lot of info about friends who are online and when they go online which is nice. Sort the out of date recent matches tab, which would then hopefully correct the other sections data then the app would be a winner. Will review again when the apps sorted.Version: 2.8.2

Horrible don’t downloadJust add combat record, lobby leaderboards and player count into the game, it’s takes forever to find anything and when trying to search up players that are present in my lobby the game will be over before I type their name in, we all don’t understand why not add it into the game it’s been in black ops 1 that’s FREAKING 10 years old and the best detailed combat record ever created!!!! Bo2 & bo3 has combat record too so it’s really disgusting that you are trying to make a profit for having an app,.Version: 1.1

Could be betterRoom for improvement. You guys should know where by now..Version: 2.18.0

SBMM Was betterNow can’t even track game stats in this app. Bring back SBMM.Version: 2.17.0

Won’t unlinkWhy have an unlink button if we can't even unlink?.Version: 2.15.1

Only showing TDMI was using the app for a while no problem, then a week ago it started tracking my TDM stats only. The only mode I can see in my match history is TDM. My daily graphs are only tracking TDM games. This is a problem, as I play hard point/domination 95% of the time. Please fix!.Version: 2.14.0

I wish this tracked challenges and gun skinsThere's a big part missing from this app and that is to be able to use it while you're playing to keep an eye on all the challenges you're trying to achieve/see what you have to do next. With out that. Its not much of a "companion"..Version: 2.8.2

Where’s zombies Data ????App is intuitive I’ll give you that .. but where is zombie data seriously there’s an option on the player -combat record for multiplayer but nothing for zombies.Version: 2.15.1

Could be betterIt’s hard to take this app seriously as there is no room for consumers to contact the game makers to raise issues, offer suggestions and critique developments. All it does is show your progress, give fluff pieces and allow you to purchase credits (apparently). While it’s handy to be able to compare stats with others outside your console that about all it does. You’d think they could at least give news or alerts to up coming game updates....Version: 2.8.2

Glitchy but still coolFor the most part I like this app. There are just a few things that keep happening that tend to get annoying. Like not tallying scores correctly for the weekly tournaments. My squad lost several of these because the app just wouldn’t tally up our points anymore. As if we reached a score cap. Meanwhile our adversaries scores were still rising. Another thing is sometimes it will completely freeze up. I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app on several occasions in order to get it back on track. One thing I would like to do is be able to modify my load outs like before in the previous edition of COD. I just wanted to point out some of the issues my friends and I have had. I’m sure you guy and gals will figures it out though. Anyway, stay Kewl!.Version: 2.9.1

Just doesn’t work!It has loads of potential but sadly because of multiple problems (such as errors on weekly competitions and not being able to even load the home screen) it’s just usable. The occasional time you can actually check up on your process there will also be certain matches or tallied points that haven’t been accounted for in the up. The application has been around for a while now and yet these issues haven’t been fixed which begs the question, what’s the point?.Version: 2.8

Good but...The app is good, however after having used it for the past week me and my friends in my clan have noticed some things. For some reason, it seems to take HOURS for the stats to update while competing in a weekly tournament. We feel like we could get screwed over near the end of the event if we’re still trying to grind out games during the last few hours. Also the app is difficult to navigate/know what I’m looking at. I feel this could be solved if the color scheme of the entire app wasn’t black and grey. Everything being so monochromatic makes everything kind of blend together. The main issue for us is the weekly tournament stats not updating. Oh and also whenever we log out, even if you select the “remember sign-in ID” option it never remembers it. Overall it is still a good app, but could use some serious improvements. **EDIT: This weeks objective was to get kills, after adding up my clan’s scores in the app it totals to 11,919 kills. But on the weekly tournament page it says we only have 7577.... What the hell?! How is it missing roughly 4.4k of kills?! We would have won if it had just counted our kills correctly. What is the point in having this weekly tournament crap if it doesn’t even work!.Version: 2.0.3

Missing important infoSeems like a good app so far. But the pure reason I wanted to use it, is so I can track my challenges while playing. But I can’t seem to find my challenges in there which is quite a big thing to miss out. I can see my friends feed and their achievements but can’t see my own challenges? Hopefully this gets added.Version: 2.6.1

Lots of room for improvementNotifications don’t take you to the article it was mentioning, just takes you to the home page. And the in app web browser, when clicking on an article doesn’t have a back button so you have to hit the X and go back into it if you wanted to browse further. No sharing / open in safari functionality on this browser either. Tried to also use the support function to explain this and provide feedback, but the keyboard wouldn’t dismiss and covered the submit button. Loads of little things but it made my user experience today more annoying than actually useful..Version: 2.14.0

DisappointingWas a good app while it was functional, last few weeks nothing loads, can’t search for any players, can’t view my own stats or anything. Would love this to be fixed.Version: 1.3.2

Please fix thisWhy can’t I gift the battle pass.Version: 2.18.0

Good but needs some workI enjoy this app. It’s fun to compare your stats to friends. Joining a squad and trying to complete objectives is also fun. However, it does not always sync your stats properly. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t register one of your high kill games..Version: 1.3.2

Sad to see that the latest update dropped stat tracking for WW2 and BO4PLEASE BRING BACK BLACK OPS 4 AND WW2 STAT TRACKING!!!So with the latest companion app update, stats from ww2 and bo4 are no longer tracked. I was dissapointed to see this as it gave me sort of a sense of accomplishment and made me feel like a COD vet being able to go back and see my stats from previous titles. I hope that with the new integrated progression system between Modern warfare and cold war that Modern Warfare wont eventually get dropped. It would also be nice to be able to see the officer progression from modern warfare through the app aswell. By the way, the companion app support page on the Activision website never mentioned anything about dropping stat tracking for older titles as new ones come out! I feel that long time fans of the franchise are atleast owed an explanation..Version: 2.12.0

Being back SBMMYour app is bad. There is no info about the lobby ranking system or the players. Bring back SBMM..Version: 2.17.0

It’s cool but kinda cheesyCool idea helpful at times but I haven’t received my weekly tournament prize for some reason, kinda stupid but that’s just me. The heat maps of all the maps are neat to see where your hot routes are and where you get kills, die, etc but again I don’t give a f*#< about that in the long run. I’d give this 5 stars if the actual game got map pack releases like cod used to do on a regular basis. Whoever’s working at cod on this used their brain power for the wrong thing this time. We want play time and maps over everything else. And another thing, why do we have to pay for gore on multiplayer and only have it on designated guns? If anyone at Activision reads this please stop being a bunch of silly gooses and also, please bring back prop hunt.. please, please, please.Version: 2.5.0

Broken, just like warzoneThey killed the SBMM website, and now this doesn’t even open anymore. Great job guys!.Version: 2.17.0

I love Cold War, it’s my new favourite game but...1. It keeps throwing me back levels... I’ve lost 26-30 levels!!! 2. Some settings are not working properly or they reset constantly !!! 3. Maps should be deselect-able like modes are!!! 4. Nuke town 24/7 should be there all the time as it was!!! 5. More maps please!!! 6. What is with your store.... it’s empty!!! 7. Noobie map modes for strictly certain levels and under!!! 8. I struggle to get my scoresteaks, trying to play with players who have played for years! **** Cold War is my first Call of duty**** #I'm a Noobie!!! Tired of being thrown in games with the highest level players and spawn killed over n over n over... it’s frustrating!!! Maybe some modes for certain levels n under would be good!!! *yes I’ve played bots but you can’t earn xp from it, and they still don’t act like actual players*.Version: 2.13.0

Can’t link psnI recently downloaded the app because I recently purchased black ops 4. I tried to link my psn account and when I put in my correct account details , something like this would come up. PLEASE HELP A connection to the server could not be established. (18.6ffd6dcb.1586903057.aee9b0e).Version: 2.6.1

COD MobileGood app to have if you have Call of Duty games on consoles but pity that it doesn’t support COD mobile. I believe this game is like the rest. They should of added this one too. 🤔.Version: 2.16.0

Good until nowThe app has been pretty good, a little complicated in adding friends with Activision accounts to my friends list for cross play, but once I figured it out it was fine. A little inaccurate, but only one rank off from in game rank. However, despite it being good in the past, now I have found that my squad is deleted and I can’t make another one. I logged in and I was told I needed a squad to participate in the weekly challenges. I was in a squad just yesterday competing for the weekly challenge and now that it’s a new week my squads gone. I tried searching for it and it says it doesn’t exist and when I try to create it again with the same name I get an error message and am told to try again. Everything else in the app seems to be working, but without having the ability to have my squad back or create a new one defeats the purpose of having the app as all the information is on my game..Version: 2.1.0

Nice try but no cigar.At first, like all things, it was quite exciting. This app gives you a chance to look at your stats and earn in game rewards. It shows your friends list and tells you who’s online but then you quickly realize that this is all it’s good for and then a little later you realize it’s not even the best at what it’s supposed to do. The rewards are not worth the effort. A 15min double xp token is just not enough for my app clan to care about each week. It is also really difficult to get all of your friends into the same app clan. As the leader of my own app clan I had to get all of my friends on the phone and individually coach them on how to join. There is no function just to send an invite. Your stats are updated very slowly when u compare this app to a stat tracking site and sometimes it doesn’t even show if you won or what place you finished in battle royale. The load out editor has never worked for modern warfare. I love the game though. That’s probably why I’m even leaving this review..Version: 2.6.1

Friends list not workingCould see all my stats vs friends but now it’s disappeared. Tried logging in and out multiple times, still the same..Version: 1.0.7

Nice app for viewing stats but editor doesn’t workAs the title mentions this app is cool for looking at how well you’re performing and hands out some calling cards that are pretty nice. However the load out editor doesn’t load or work. If this worked i’d be using the app far more as the facility to customise classes and modify them when you’re at work etc would be really useful..Version: 2.0.3

Won’t let me link accountApp is broken. Won’t let me link my battle.net account..Version: 2.8.1

Not badNot a bad app wish i could choose my contracts and keep track of them for both multiplayer and zombies and I wish I could make a class and and use armoury to check levels and unlocks for zombies also the app doesn’t update until the end of the game.Version: 1.3.2

Slow updateThe app updates 2-3 days late. Maybe because I’m a pc player but most of the features just say retry..Version: 2.0

Doesn’t loadAlways a problem with server. Doesn’t load any pages since update..Version: 2.13.0

LoadoutsI can’t edit loadouts anymore what happened.Version: 2.8.2

Cant gift some bundlesWhen I try to gift a certain bundle, for ex: the Kawaii Mara bundle It says already “owned” when they don’t even have it..Version: 2.18.0

Will make it 5 star if they could use data to make wins count in game WarzoneLong story short. I had an issue occur more than once in regards of winning a game didn’t count in game, but then shows up as my recent game. Already went through support and had video proof of the wins and was still not able to get it changed in game. It kind of defeats the purpose of having stats sent to the site when I should have two more wins than what I have now. Like why can they not go on the apps first place and give me the win for the in game leaderboard. Would make it 5 stars, but the app is pointless to have stats sent to it. When it won’t count to the actually leaderboard..Version: 2.9.1

Store items don’t loadThe newest update still didn’t fix the most frustrating thing about this app. It’s great being able to gift items, it would however be good to actually be able to see them first. Whenever I go into the store non of the items pictures will actually load so you can’t view anything. Also the ability to build your load outs through the app would be a great addition..Version: 2.11.0

Battle pass gifting not availableBattle pass gifting not available, need it before season ends.Version: 2.15.0

Handy app but lacks...As with most reviews on here, app has great potential but lacks a few key features. Stat tracking doesn't always capture latest plays. A key feature that needs to be added is the option to customise load outs for MW/WZ. At the moment, it only allows you to see your BO4 load outs which I don't see the point with this...Version: 2.6.1

Error Loading PageIt seems I can’t even get past logging on... This seems to have only happened recently as I've used this app before. Every time I try to log in, the app either crashes, doesn't respond or tells me it can't connect to the server. Please fix..Version: 2.5.0

Buggy. Wasted potential.Since some of the features don’t work, the one thing you’d hope you could get is reliable stats. But it even gets your wins and losses the wrong way round! I thought I was doing great on W/L and started grinding K/D maps and modes. Until I figured out that I’d driven my W/L into the ground because the app is fundamentally wrong. I’d report it to Activision support but I’ve contacted them about other things on FOUR separate occasions and never had a single reply..Version: 2.6.1

Absolutely Unusable THEY NEVER UPDATEThey never update this app. For the last week it will only show stats for my fist couple of matches. Today I played for 3hrs and it only shows one match...for the whole week it has done that since the beginning of February 2021. It doesn’t update the stats over time either. And since they decided to screw all the websites from the info of everyone’s stats I can’t even see mine without turning the game on. Fix it please!!!!!.Version: 2.14.0

Where’s the bug fix?Won’t let me use the loadout menu funnily enough it’s continuously loading 😂 also a issue with the social tab saying there is no game play data associated with the account ..Version: 2.0.3

Not recommendHorrible horrible app, none of my bundles EVER show pictures or load, and every single time I click a bundle the entire app freezes!! This is on a iPhone 11.Version: 2.16.1

Login bugWhenever I try logging in it says I need to fill in all fields when I have already put my password and email? Therefore I can’t access the app..Version: 2.6.1

Squad deletedMy Cod companion app BigFloppyDoodles was deleted for no reason just happened over night and if it was the name that is the problem they could have at least reached out to me and I would have changed it. I’m quite disappointed in this I really do hope they fix it soo (p.s I’m not sure if I even got the exclusive tournament reward).Version: 2.1.0

Can’t login or sign up??Attempted 3 times to download and reinstall and still cannot login to my account..Version: 2.2.0

Great Concepts, Poor Follow ThroughI was really excited about this app when I read all the new features the developers were adding in. However, the follow through is lacking to say the least. Ops don’t track right. Only the Modern Warfare store is accessible and even that won’t load right 50% of the time. The “News” section is updated less than the games themselves, which is a HUGE disappointment considering all the things constantly going on with COD. It would be great to just check for new info in the app rather than having to check all the review sites to find out what’s going on. Also, I enjoy watching league play on a regular basis when the season is going, but the last thing I give a crap about is what league gamers want for Christmas or what they did to celebrate their win. Hard to understand why they waste time having someone write that useless and uninteresting garbage when there are updates and in game trends that people actually WANT to read about. Seems like they could make this app a lot more useful if they would quit using it to push unwanted product..Version: 2.14.0

Worst ever companion app everThis has to be one of the worst companion apps I have ever used must register every time I try to open the app I set up my games it auto removes them the full app crash the forces you to register again despite already having an account I expected more from activision to be honest way more.Version: 2.18.0

Potential but it fails.This app has had bugs and more complaints levelled off at it than the Steven Segal action ponytail which came free with the Segal decorative action plate sold in the 80’s. it simply doesn’t live up to its function. You can forget about keeping a close eye on your squads progress in the weekly tournament as it doesn’t update in real time if at all. T seems to do well with your own progress out with the tournament which is great but why it can’t update the tournament stats is anyone’s guess except the developers. I mean how hard can it be for it to update..Version: 2.1.0

Great Stat App (but has issues)This is a great app, well laid out and very user friendly. Gives me most of what I need stat wise (maybe could do with a few additional statistics). Only issue and it’s quite a big one.... it can’t stay up to date been 3days and no new stat updates for Warzone. I appreciate it maybe the new COD update but it needs to keep up with those and ensure it works otherwise it becomes redundant!.Version: 2.8.2

Good to have needs to be more impactfulGood to see stats from games should be improved and more features should be added to help us as much as possible and to provide more ways to use the app get rewards and play with other players.Version: 2.2.0

Where’s the loadout editor for modern warfare?When gunsmith and class creation for modern warfare is added I’ll change this to 5 stars, but without that I don’t really see the point of this app. The heat maps are kinda cool I guess but y’all should probably work on coming up with other features as well. Like add the barracks for example, let people switch operators, calling cards, emblems, etc from the app. Or add a section to find gameplay clips, tips and tricks, weapon builds, etc. Or a section to get detailed descriptions on the in game weapons, vehicles, operators, etc. Those are just some suggestions, but bottom line this app is severely lacking in features. Consider taking a look at companion apps for other games for inspiration, there’s really a lot more you could be doing. Oh and the store seems to be bugged, none of the content loads despite everything else loading without a problem. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love y’all and appreciate all the hard work you do, I just love the game and want to see the companion app be the best it can be..Version: 2.9.2

Just a stat tracker.You really can’t do much with this app. It’s just a stat tracker. Would love to be able to customize loadouts for warzone..Version: 2.16.2

Doesn’t even workApp is as broken as their servers..Version: 1.0.3

ErrorError on squad, error on weekly tournaments.. worked for a week or two now it’s been over a month Edit: was excited to see an update, but still didn’t fix the error messages.Version: 2.8.1

Alright but needs a lot of work stillThe list is huge but first just seeing zombie stats would be nice..Version: 2.18.0

CrashingKeeps crashing when trying to log in.Version: 1.0.4

Potential but extremely bugged outThe app doesn’t differentiate Warzone vs regular MW multiplayer very well. I’m never sure what stats I am looking at and it’s basically only useful for seeing if my friends are online ahead of time. Much improvement needed for a fluent/ successful app here. I can’t even drop the text box in the app to submit the review you guys requested from me because it is so bugged out. So instead, I am leaving a review in the App Store in hopes you see it. Lots of potential, but lots of bugs to fix, and wish a billion dollar company in Blizzard would fix more of these issues in game and app before releasing even more content. Seems at some point they started caring more about revenue and cash flow than the actual quality and playability of their games and apps. We have yet to have an update where there was less bugs than the previous....Version: 2.10.1

Latest Update.The app UI was decent before! I like the new features, but the friend feed is too clunky and you all should bring back the line graph and fix the clunkiness of the achievements (where it shows your wins and placements of previous games), too! It just doesn’t look good. In addition to that, put the time stamps back, please!.Version: 2.0

Crashing problemEvery time I have to verify my login with a text code it crashes. My friend has the app and it looks really good I haven’t been able to use it yet though.Version: 1.0.3

This app needs to be fixedAlthough I find this app to be very intuitive, I have found 2 bugs that have been very aggravating to me as of late: 1. I cannot view my stats of my own profile. This is, in my opinion, a very big problem. I know many people that use the app to try and track their stats, myself included. This app has a great function that allows people to check their recent stats and see their progress which I like. But how am I supposed to view my own progress if this app won’t let me? I have tried to login to the Activision website to allows my stats to be viewed by everyone, but it is a very temporary solution. This only works for around a few hours before I have to log back in to the website, and change my viewing again. I have to do this over and over just to view my stats? This is such an inconvenience that I don’t even want to use this app anymore until this problem is fixed. 2. I can’t even change my notifications and privacy settings. It’s bad enough that I have to change my privacy settings just to view my stats, but why do I have to do that on the Activision website? Sure, the app will allow me to change my privacy settings every now and then, but for the most part, nothing pops up when I click it. And when I do have access to it, it still does not fix the first problem I addressed. Please fix this app so I can actually use it properly..Version: 2.14.0

Crashing problemIt’s still crashing whenever I log in fix pls.Version: 1.0.3

Why should I report an issue with Call of Duty Companion App?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Call of Duty Companion App to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Call of Duty Companion App customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Call of Duty Companion App.

Is Call of Duty Companion App not working?

Call of Duty Companion App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Call of Duty Companion App.

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