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Stardew Valley App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Stardew Valley app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stardew Valley? Can you share your negative thoughts about stardew valley?

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Stardew Valley for Negative User Reviews

Does NOT work if you have iPhone X or 11I just bought this game for 10$ and can’t even play. The inventory controls on the side are covered by the black bar that the iPhone X and 11s have. How do I get a refund?.Version:

HELP PLEASEI’ve been playing this game non stop the past 2 days and I’m absolutely loving it. The problem is I want to be able to NOT stop playing because I’m enjoying it not because of the constant crashes occurring each time there is a change in scene eg leaving my farm to town, waking up, selling things etc. This has happened a few times where my game will be playing and then crash and go back to my iPhone lock screen but since today’s update (23-March) there has been 5 crashes in the past 10 minutes please fix this bc I don’t know how I’m going to get through quarantine without this game as I’ve already grown so attached to it!!!.Version:

ProblemWon’t open anymore and keeps crashing ive done everything to try and fix it please help!!!!!.Version:

Great game but.Stardew valley I’ve played on pc and now on mobile which I have enjoyed but the joystick buttons sometimes don’t work and has led me to die many times in the mine so overall it’s a great game.Version: 1.07

UghAfter the newest update I can’t plant seeds, interact with people and I also can’t go fishing if I try I’ll get booted out of the game, Please fix this..Version: 1.13

Put it out on Mac App Store plzI love this game, but why can’t the developers put it on the Mac App Store so people like me who payed 10 dollars for an awesome game but want to play it on Mac. This is a brilliant game but make it more accessible please please please I want to play it more rather than pay more ..Version:

Changes need to be made.Stardew Valley has been amazing gameplay wise. I love the characters, story line, custom GUI’s and the general feeling the game provides the user experience; however, primary playing as a PC player, the IOS addition changes the Default GUI scales, rotation and much more including inventory sorting. The game GUI wise has been revamped understandable so for smaller iPhone players. I truly believe that the developers of Stardew Valley should create the game exactly the same as the switch for iPad players. I also experienced a ton of bugs using a PS4 DualShock controller. From not being able to click certain buttons in different inventories, stack items or individual take one from a certain item stack. I truly believe that the IOS version of Stardew Valley has the potential to provide users with the best possible experience without ruining the game with its adjusted additions. Please bring back the OG SDV. Many thanks!.Version:

Too much bugsThe game is quite nice but it is not working well. It ran pretty good from the beginning but after a couple days we couldn’t even open it..Version: 1.37

Masterpiece game with one big problemI’ve played the heck out of the PC version of the game and was ecstatic that I can now play it on my phone whenever and wherever. However, the mobile version has one major flaw: the controls. The control system is a kind of “point-and-click” system where you tap a grid-square not only to move, but to do an action as well. This control system is OK when it comes to building and farming, but mining and the skull cavern are a different story. I wish I had a nicer way to put it, but the point-and-click controls completely ruin the game once you hit the mines. The mines are essential in progressing in the game, but with the controls as they are now, it is EXTREMELY difficult and frustrating to go spelunking. Killing mobs takes ages with both auto attack and manual attack. Auto attack constantly spams mobs out of range and manual attacking takes a long time to maneuver and attack without getting hit. Moving around is just way too difficult to do with current controls. It is clunky and annoying to use. In my opinion, the controls ruin the rest of the game. Adding a joystick or something of the sort will definitely improve the experience, but right now, all you can efficiently do is maintenance of save files you’ve moved over from your PC..Version: 1.02

I like the game howeverIt’s be crashing a lot lately(can’t make it through the day so it’s pointless to play), quite annoying, please fix if you can..Version:

Great game except for glitchesI downloaded Stardew Valley recently and I find it really fun, and worth the money. However, I recently encountered a bug - after exiting the app during the day (without having saved my file since it autosaved the previous night), I opened the file, and it’s at 6 am the day when I left off. This isn’t an issue, since it was my fault for not saving the game, but when I try to tap on the floor of my house to get up, it just selects the furniture where I tapped. When I tap a part of the floor with no furniture, nothing happens. I’m on Day 20 of Summer in my first year and I have an iPhone 7. Even when I made a new file, the same thing happened to me the first morning. Nothing I can do is fixing the glitch, and I can’t play the game at all! Without this glitch, Stardew Valley is one of the best games I’ve played, and I would have left five stars, but I can’t even play the game anymore because of this glitch!.Version:

Need a newer versionPlz update the game version and increase more content.Version:

Some glitches and improvementsReally great game! Highly recommend! Saying that though, the screen keeps blacking out, i can still see my item bar and menu, but the screen itself is black! The only way to fix it is to save and shut down the app... Also would love to see a smithing bench! So I can turn gems and gold or silver into jewellery so I can either make more money or gift it to someone! You get very little for Rubys and Diamonds on their own and there’s no point turning them into the 1 or 2 items and selling those.....Version:

Don’t be fooled by good reviewsThe game is dull. After the initial intro everything becomes pointless. You can mine resources and sell them, or you can grow food and sell it. But then what? The plot is pretty much absent. After the intro I had no idea what the game wanted from me next. Maybe it’s just a problem of the mobile version, but controls are unplayable unless all you want is cut trees and plant crops..Version: 1.07

BugsI’ve had this game for 2 days and it keeps kicking me off. I just finished mining and had tons of precious materials then the game kicked me off and I lost it all. Not the first time it’s happened. Super frustrating that I don’t want to keep playing.Version:

Sewer Key Cutscene not loadingUnfortunately the day after I finally gave Gunther 60 artefacts and minerals I did not get the sewer key cutscene. Instead Pierre came and told me he had new seeds for year 2. Year 3 with 2 artefacts left and Gunther still has not given me the key. Obviously this is kind of annoying since I can’t interact with Krobus(and therefore buy a star drop) catch the mutant carp( stopping me from getting another star drop for catching all fish) AND making the shrine of uncertainty unavailable. Pls PLEASE fix. I’m no game developer but perhaps making the game check if youve donated 60 artefacts every night instead of activating after 60 dono’s? Srsly pls help~ 3 Stars, It should be 5 but this one bug has caused me quite a bit of grief....Version: 1.37

No more updates?Game deserves 1 star now. Kinda Trash they never really took the game to the next level kinda disappointed Co-op never came to mobile and Updates stopped 9months ago safe to say dont buy the game its a waste of money..Version:

Please fix egg hunt bugNew player to Stardew Velley playing one IPhone X. Firstly, not sure how the UI is scaled but the automatic values leave an orientation pretty much only playable on one side view. It would be great if either the UI scaling was simpler instead of many settings or if it could auto configure better. Moving onto the bigger problem I am 13 days in and already encounter a bug that makes part of the game literally unplayable, being namely the egg hunt. The first time I loaded in my game just completely crashed. I annoyingly reloaded and reduced zoom and waited to go back into the egg hunt which didn’t crash the second time. However, what just makes this event so sad is that certain eggs just cannot be picked up at all. I have reloaded and attempted the event multiple times, changing zoom values close and far not touching them during the event clicking on the eggs from multiple directions but some just cannot be picked up at all making an already heavily time restricted event literally impossible when at least a third of the eggs just cannot be collected. Seeing the first event already being broken leaves a pretty sour taste and expectation for the other events that will happen later. Please fix this problem and possibly other events that are broken or poorly done by the mobile port, because this is otherwise a fun game..Version:

Saved data issue!I’ve been obsessed with this game since downloading it, but.... it recently started crashing when I tried to open the app. Naturally I reset my phone, checked for updates, etc, to fix the crash problem but nothing worked. I thought well my saved data will be attached to my apple account so maybe I should just delete and download the game again just like I’ve done for previous games/apps. The app opens finally once complete but.. I lost all my saved data! For a game you pay for, this is a clear flaw. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of hours on this game and to lose it instantly like this is rubbish..Version:

A few bugsI genuinely adore this game, as previously I used to play on PC. It’s even more fun because now I can play wherever, whenever, via the mobile app! The only downside is that there are still a few bugs, the main one for me being that it sometimes freezes as it’s saving when you put your character in bed to sleep - you’re forced to close the app and relaunch, and then you’ve lost an entire day - even if you manually click the save backup option from settings before you get in bed. If it wasn’t for this disappointing bug, I would give this game a 5*!.Version: 1.17

PersonI was wondering if there was going to be an update involving local multiplayer coming out for PS4 or mobile I feel that would be really fun then I could play with my sister.Version: 1.36

MultiplayerCan you put in multiplayer? Everybody has been waiting for it but it hasn’t ever come😒.Version: 1.37

It’s Stardew Valley!! But...This game needs two things to be perfect. The first should be easy, the second maybe not. First you need to support gamepads like the Nimbus. Touch controls are clunky and awkward especially for long periods. I mean the gamepad almost works, including the menus and most everything else, but I can’t use it to interact with anything. So please port your control scheme from the switch or wherever to iOS! The second would be harder but great would be native AppleTV support. That way I should be able to play the game on my Apple TV 4K. I don’t actually own any of the console versions so it would be nice to have this option. Thanks for a great game! It gets 5 stars on steam! But the execution needs work..Version: 1.03

Beautiful, but lacking in end-game.Stardew valley is a stunning game, from its graphics to the relationships you build with the villagers. I’ve been playing this game since it released in mobile and left my mobile farm for a long time now that I have the game on steam on my computer. It is MUCH easier to play and enjoy on a laptop/desktop computer rather than the small screen of my iPhone 8. Other than that, I lose interest in my farm quickly after year 3 spring rolls around. I’ve long finished the community center and have ten hearts with nearly all of the villagers. Skull cavern is useless now I have the iridium generator from Grandpa and everything seems pointless. If they added some more late game content I think it would help players stick with the game well after they’ve logged in more than a couple hundred hours. Other than that, the whole game is perfect. I’m not sure if this is just on my device because I downloaded SDV right as it came out, but on my oldest farm I’m married to Sebastian. Sometimes he gets stuck in walls or over cliffs, on his Friday schedule especially. It can be a little unnerving seeing him stuck in the cliff next to my on-farm cave staring into the rock face as 2:00 am rolls around....Version: 1.35

Love it and hate itI’ve been playing Stardew valley on pc for the last few months and love it! I was super excited when it came out on mobile, and still am. I wish it were easier to transfer my old data onto my phone. The process should be easier..Version: 1.02

I want to rate this 5 starsThe game is amazing, immersive and family friendly. I love it. Unfortunate I do not love the way the fishing is set up on IOS. Asides from the first fish you catch, I’ve been unable to catch any fish at all. I’ve spent so many games days to no avail. I really hope this is something that the developers can work on..Version:

Addictive.This is a fantastic game. I love that it’s a game that you only need to purchase once and that’s it. Making money in the game is a little difficult but I guess that just takes time. Fishing, however, is nearly impossible and incredibly frustrating hence why I didn’t give this game a 5 star rating. I wouldn’t bother fishing but because there’s an achievement requirement for it, I’m trying my best but the fishing aspect of the game needs to be changed. The fact that if you lightly tap once or release your finger from the screen half a second too long then you lose the fish. Very annoying but fun game, regardless..Version:

Awesome, but FlawedDon’t get me wrong, I love this game! I have hundreds of hours on the Steam version and I was so hyped for a mobile version coming out. I like how they didn’t produce a washed down version of Stardew Valley and kept it fundamentally the same. But, the controls need to be updated. It’s tapping and holding down to move and use your items. This creates a weird combination of the two especially when you’re fighting in the mines. Your hand is blocking your view of your energy and health bar when you want to mine something, fight, or move somewhere. The slimes are attacking you and it’s hard to fight back given the current controls. The auto fighting option doesn’t help whatsoever. It seems to make it even worse, in my opinion. I suggest adding joystick or buttons of some kind like in RPGs for moving and using items. If the developers don’t like the idea of having that as the automatic controls, there should at least be an option for it. Maybe it’s an iPad thing, but the fishing mini game is so small. It takes up less than half of my screen and is hard to manage. Even the tutorial for the fishing was difficult because of that. I’m sure after a new update comes, all will be fixed and I can’t wait for that. I’ll also change my review to reflect what it is currently. I hope this helps somewhat and if anyone is actually reading this, thank you for your time..Version: 1.01

BugsI love this game, but the app constantly glitches to not being able to close things like inventory. I then have to close the game and lose all my progress of the day. For a game I paid $9 for I expect more 😕.Version:

JoystickIt’s a cool game but I think it needs a joystick.Version: 1.02

Frustrating......I like the game and it totally deserves 5 stars but the controls need a good seeing to. You can instantly destroy crops, hoe land you don’t want to hoe. I crafted a scarecrow but it never said to put it in your inventory bar. If you want to have your things to hand you have to stick them in your inventory bar. A mini map would be handy cos it’s annoying having to consult the big map to figure out where to go. FISHING IS OUTRAGEOUSLY ABSTRUSE. You have to keep the fish in the green bar, not behind it. Seriously, with a few control tweaks, a mini map and a different control method to fishing I would give it 5 stars..Version: 1.02

Saved game vanished on iPad versionWe bought Stardew Valley for the iPad last week. My 10 year old is devastated her saved game has just vanished! She saved it and when she loaded it a few minutes later to show me something there was no saved game. We looked in ‘files’ and there wasn’t even a folder/file for Stardew Valley. We have the game on family sharing so followed instructions last night to copy a version from my husbands iPad but it’s his farm and not hers so she’s lost everything. Is there any chance this could just be hidden somewhere? Or any way of recovering her farm please? I’ve message support twice and had no response so far! Such a shame because the game itself is fantastic!.Version:

Good, but starting to get…I spent a lot of time playing this game, and away from other real-life things that are more important. This game was enjoyable for a while. The story ended for me when I bought a house FOR an NPC replacing her trailer. And I didn’t even go into the Skull Cavern yet to get all those iridium ores, but I had had half a million G’s at this point. And I also got the green house filled with ancient fruits—which was more than enough. Had farm with animals. Had everything I needed to make money. I felt it was getting redundant by then. That I had no other objectives that’s meaningful. I might get back into it again and continue but my mind is shut off from the game at this point. I have no problems with old-shool graphics. But Had the graphics been a little better, I would have continue playing, I think. I just don’t understand how so many people continue playing this game for a long time getting millions of G’s—to do what? Building your house when no NPC cares about? No more NPCs to help make their homes better. Basically your a God or King among them. No, it got boring for me. In the end I felt like there’s No end game. Still I gave this game a 3-star rating..Version:

FishingThis game would be perfect if you could actually fish. Sure you get a pole and you can catch the first tutorial fish. After that though it is impossible! You can only catch junk and plants, ONLY because it’s an automatic catch. The controls for fishing really need to be fixed or changed all together! Please fix this!.Version: 1.37

No multiplayer on mobileI could recommend this but not on mobile because the other versions are multiplayer supported.Version:

Rewards VanishI’m writing this here because after searching, there is no direct way to contact support. You must participate in a forum and, based on support posts I’ve read, no one official responds there. There are certain quests in this game where you win rewards - two of these rewards have vanished now. I’d either have to forfeit the 120+ hours I’ve played by starting over or just give up. The bundles can be completed once only; it’s the overarching goal of the game - complete the bundles and restore the community centre. This is bad and it’s worse that you can contact someone about it. I don’t think it’s possible that I just dropped the rewards, it seems you would have to actively delete them. This game hasn’t been adapted very well for iOS and needs greater attention. Other than that, it’s a really enjoyable game. That’s why it’s so frustrating that these rewards have vanished..Version: 1.17

:(It kicks me out whenever I go in the game.Version:

Dev plsStarted at 5 stars, then went to 4 due to combat issues, going to 3 now because it’s crashed on me 3 times in the skull cavern mines. Even with the bat combat I adapted to try to make it through these mines. But now my third time with a haul of iridium that it’s just crashed the game on me. With a 2018 iPad that shouldn’t happen. Hope it’s being worked on..Version: 1.03

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