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Happy Color™ – Coloring Games app received 37 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about happy color™ – coloring games?

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Possible ImprovementsCreate a way to find unfinished pictures. I keep getting a notification saying that I have unfinished pictures but I can’t find it.Version: 1.3.0

Alright at firstGame was really good at first however now it doesn’t save the pictures you’ve coloured and end up re doing them without realising. Was looking forward to having the whole page coloured. Also daily puzzles causes the app to crash and can never open them up..Version: 1.0.4

Used to be Better!!!I would have given this game 5 stars before the most recent update made it too easy and boring. I want the old app back. So I posted this review recently and the developers have asked me to be more specific. I’m not sure why since many others have already given the same feedback that I’m going to give. You change a perfectly good app, where you had to fill in the gray areas with color depending on the number and you change it to a pattern which now makes it so easy to find the areas that I am bored within 2 minutes. I read many reviews and a lot of the 5 star reviews were all before the new update so I’m not sure what possessed the developers to change. When I ran across the new update I was actually going on to pay to remove the ads but that changed right away. I’ve seen comments from the developers that saw when the next update comes you will have a choice between pattern and solid. Amazingly they don’t realize the many of us will have deleted the app by that time. So developers I hope you’re happy now that I have told you exactly why I don’t like your app anymore and the only reason I have not deleted until this point is that I keep hoping you are going to realize you are not as smart as the consumer and change back to the original app. If I were you I would listen to the will of the people because actually some of these names on the reviews makes me wonder if you just added them to look good..Version: 1.3.1

What I think of happy colour,should you get this app?Overall I love this app and how easy it is to just tap to colour but however I wish I could choose the colour I’m going to colour the artwork in because every time I pick out a piece of art to colour,I’m not happy with the default colours they give you to colour it in with, it’s like you have no choice in what colours you pick and I would rather choose then have them give me pre-set colours to colour in with,for example they give blue and I want to colour a certain part in blue,I don’t have a choice in that,they instead choose what colour and where it is to be coloured.I think that if they let us choose what colour we want and where to colour it,I would in enjoy this app a lot more,so I give this app a 3 star rating because of that..Version: 1.4.4

Pretty good but could use some improvementsIt’s a fun app but the way that new pictures are added means that older pictures can be missed if you’re not willing to scroll a whole lot. I think this could be fixed with a use of an improved tagging/search system. Instead of spending hours scrolling through the fantasy category looking for pictures of fairies and tiny rooms that look like they’d be occupied by fairies, it would be much more convenient to just search “fairies” and come up with a bunch of fairy images. An option to shuffle the order of a current category and switch between that and the default order would also be a very useful improvement..Version: 1.6.13

Was brilliant but now driving me mad!I’ve had this app for ages and am totally addicted, I can no longer just watch tv, I have to be on the app all evening! I would have given it 5 stars as I loved it so much but since my last iOS update it is the most frustrating app in the world! I have contacted the developer and have had a few emails back and forth saying they are trying to fix the problem but as yet nothing has changed. So I open it up, and immediately it kicks me out, I open it up again, choose my picture, just start with number 1 colour and within seconds it kicks me out again, in 5 mins of colouring I get kicked out on average 10 or more times. Then, if that isn’t bad enough, I go back in after the picture is half done and being kicked out 20 times, only to find it’s blank!! At that point I give up. If I touch on the lightbulb to get hints and it plays 1 second up to the whole advert and then kicks me out without giving me the 2 promised hints. I have really have had enough now! UPDATE!! I deleted the app and reinstalled it - problem gone!! God knows why the developers didn’t advise this route, I had to figure it out myself! Now it’s back to 5 Stars. It’s been such a frustrating 6 weeks or so but now it’s perfect again..Version: 1.3.5

Happy colorYour app is wonderful IF it works properly. It still continually freezes &/closes continually when I am downloading pics to color. So for a while your app worked better but now it works absolutely nuts again. Why in the world can’t you keep your app working properly all the time?.Version: 1.7.1

App is brokenEvery time an ad comes up for jigsaw HD there is no way of exiting to get back to doing the colouring in on the app without having to delete the app first and re-install it. Tried to contact the makers of the app to inform them of what was happening that came up as not being able to connect. fix something please I am using the Apple iPad 12.9 inch with OS 14.2 All is up to date. But it’s only recently the add for jigsaw HD comes up and it asks you to interact and finish a jigsaw, once finished the screen turns to a picture of grass with jigsaw HD written in the middle with a continue button to press. No white cross turns up in a corner to cancel the add and go back to colouring. Every time I tap on the screen or button it just takes me to either safari or the App Store to download the jigsaw game. I then have to delete this colouring app and then reload it to be able to access it again, which means everything I’ve done and the progress I’ve made is gone and I have to start all over again. Which I guess doesn’t matter too much other then I lose all the hints I gather over time. Last time I had to delete I had 20 hints stored up. And I lost them all. Love the app otherwise, just need to fix this glitch..Version: 1.6.12

Colouring inI enjoy doing things like this or other things as long as it doesn’t cost money. Why you people like charging money and other people like me money is to make money from us people..Version: 1.0.4

Great app with a few bugsI have never felt strongly enough to write a review on something until coming across this app. I love this app, it’s a great coloring app and a great distraction and the designs are beautiful and the colors amazing. I feel it’s a great trade off, the ads for the free coloring and what you received with it. You can receive hints if you watch ads which is completely fair as well and you can stock up on them (I.e just watch a bunch of ads and stockpile hints until you need them). With that being said, they could seriously improve upon some performance issues with this program. It works great but after using it for a while your phone will start to become very hot to the touch and the app will start to lag or freeze up more frequently. I also notice that it drains battery like there’s no tomorrow, like my phone will start at 100% and drop to 50% within a shorter period of time than would be normal for my phone. I feel like due to this, it may have affected the performance of my battery outside of the application as well. I love this app, but unfortunately I may have to stop using it if these issues aren’t addressed (phone overheating, battery draining, etc)..Version: 1.0.5

Love app, app hates my phone!I love to color in this app. I enjoy the choice of pictures to choose from. The subjects and level of simplicity or difficulty are great BUT if I choose to leave the app to view one of the products from the app’s sponsor’s, I can’t get back into the app. When I tap the little x in the upper corner the app is just locked up. The only way to unlock is to delete and reinstall. Every time I have to do this I loose my hint points. I no longer leave the app, by my own choice. If I am coloring and tap on a color at the bottom of the screen, because the the color choices are so close to the adds that are running at very bottom of the screen sometimes the adds detect my hand being near and they take me out of the app, again, to the sponsors products and I am locked out of the app, again. Yesterday I lost 410 hint points because I had to delete app, again. I did not reinstall this time even though I really want to. I have not found a color by number app that I like as well and I have added a lot of them only to delete them in disappointment because they are nowhere near as addictive and enjoyable as this one. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? Very frustrating 🙁.Version: 1.6.12

Buyers Beware it’s a Big Rip off!😡😡I paid $10.99 to remove ads! Guess what? Ad Not Removed BUT they DID pocket my $10.99!!😡😡 Their customer service is utterly useless and they are incapable of answering Direct questions that are sent to them! I guess they get paid for just warming their chairs! Buyers Beware!.Version: 1.7.2

Is it just me?I’ve fallen into a trap with this app. Addicted. Challenging myself to complete topics and loving every second of it. Don’t get me wrong the app is a good app. Passes the time. Lovely photos. But I can’t give it the full 5/5 for two reasons. Firstly, it gives you the options for hints and then when you click on the bulb it doesn’t actually give you a hint, which really makes it a pointless add on. It doesn’t happen every time, almost always when I actually need it mind. And lastly, my screen just appears to freeze and won’t allow me to do anything. I do the classic close and reopen trick, but nothing seems to work. If these issues get fixed. I would happily rate this as a 5*. Originally got this app for my niece and god son. But it’s such a lovely time passer and relaxer that I’ve been roped in and I’m not even ashamed !.Version: 1.3.3

Disappointed with staffI am disappointed to the fact I had this app since it started and I helped people on Facebook bonus and instragram as happy colour were not updating. I had post list of pic on Facebook they accept it. When they updated the list I also update the list but it wasn’t approved and I question them and they said because some people want secret and I said what about those people who wants to know the image. Cut the story short they refused to accept my post but the worst they did is delete my old post. All my hard work they throw in the bin and they said to me that I can show them my hard work and send them a message. How cruel was this. Therefore I deleted the app and not going to use them anymore. I could not believe they threw my effort in bin. I didn’t sleep nights and within minutes they threw my work in the bin how cruel was this.Version: 1.6.2

Relaxing, but. . .I have been using this app for about a year now, I enjoy it and find it relaxing after work. I would wake up every morning to look at the new pictures and see which ones I wanted to color, and usually it was most of them. Lately, I have trouble finding any one that I want to spend my time on to color. Not into anime, or robots, or weird disjointed buildings (though the ones featuring “places”, buildings, and design were my favorite ones, I rarely see them anymore), and the landscapes have just become redundant, same thing over and over. I’ve been doing mostly flowers, mandelas, some of the Halloween ones, and occasionally something different that pops up. Just a little disappointed, I still enjoy coloring the few pictures I find interesting. I also concur with some of the more recent reviews about the ads. I get it, I don’t mind it too much, until you have to close them 3-4 times to stop them, or when no x pops up to shut them off, or they take you to the App Store anyway. A few times they just freeze, and I have to close the app and start over. Just a minor annoyance. Please just a better variety of pictures to color?.Version: 1.4.2

Good app but needs a few tweeksI love this app and it has a good variety of pictures! I did wish it updated more often though as the more “adult” sections (interiors, mandalas) could use more content. I really dislike that almost all the new ones are the rare and blend type. Just give me normal colours! Lol.Version: 1.7.2

Hoping the Developers give us a choice in the next update...Based on the mixed recent reviews, I know some people are finding the checkered areas easier to see, though some feel it takes away from the fun “challenge” of finding the areas to be colored. I personally enjoy a good challenge & found the previous gray spaces enough to keep me challenged without becoming frustrated, yet I agree with those who have found the checkered areas LESS helpful & more frustrating. The checkered pattern makes it impossible to see the very tiny spaces to color (especially in more detailed pictures) because the space isn’t big enough to show any of the shaded pattern! So, I hope the developers might be able to give us an update that allows the users to choose either a checkered pattern highlight OR the former solid gray highlight most of us had come to love! This has made this app more stressful for me & not as fun or relaxing because I’m constantly having to search for tiny areas by zooming WAY in to the picture that I used to be able to find alot easier when areas were simply shaded a solid gray, or use a hint to find rogue spaces (which I feel defeats the challenge & diminishes the enjoyment I got from using the app). DEVELOPERS: Please give us a choice of highlight in the settings on the next update! Otherwise, I’m probably going to have to go back to my other color by number apps instead & regret having paid for this app. 😤.Version: 1.3.1

Intrusive Ads!!!!I love this app!! I sit for hours and colour in the evenings or while I’m waiting for appointments. But over the past week I have been inundated with intrusive ads that take over the whole screen. These ads are appearing every few minutes and last about 15 seconds. I can “X” out of it but if I do it appears again within seconds. It seriously comes up about 20 times in five minutes!!! It’s so bad I’ve exited the app and gone back in, I’ve stayed away from the app for a day or so thinking the ad will have run it’s course but none of it works. I just went in and before I EVEN started colouring the ad popped up taking up the whole screen!!! I don’t mind ads. I understand that if I’m getting a “free” game then ads are part of the deal. But this is just not right. They shouldn’t be this often or this intrusive not allowing you to even enjoy the experience. If you don’t do something about this I’m deleting the app regardless of how much I love colouring. It’s just not relaxing or fun anymore. I’m giving it one star until the ads are fixed!.Version: 1.6.14

Fun but restrictingVery enjoyable, but when will there be an option to free colour? I would prefer to make my own version of the drawings instead of the pre-determined ones..Version: 1.2.0

It’s okI’ve had this app for a few days now and have really enjoyed it. I can tell a lot of effort has been put into it, which I do appreciate. All of the coloring pages are free and the countless amount means there is something for everyone. I’m a huge fan of cars, planes, trains and everything in between. So when I saw an entire section dedicated to just that, I was amazed and finished half of it already. Buttt...it does need some improvements. Developers, get a piece of notebook paper and a writing utensil and write this down. First of all, the ads are a constant pain in the rear. You are forced to watch one before and after coloring. Every. Single. Time. The ads for the hints, I am okay with that. But please decrease the amount of ads you force us to watch. They’re annoying and pointless and a waste of time. Also, please please please make the pages easier to color. I often find myself looking for that one tiny spot that’s left and out of frustration have to watch an ad for a hint or two. That’s all I have, really. But if you are considering downloading this app then do so. You won’t be disappointed with what it has in store for you. I personally love using it when I’m bored or have a lot of time on my hands..Version: 1.6.12

Drains batteryLove this game so much!! But drained my battery and my phone comes really warm so sad would this bug be fix soon??.Version: 1.2.0

Canada DaySad to see that today is Canada Day July 1st and there is no picture dedicated..Version: 1.6.8

Kinda racistI’ve noticed that there aren’t any Black Lives Matter ones in February aka Black history month. And the only one with a black person in it was the guy from the movie “Soul”. Fix this..Version: 1.7.2

Colour game AND an ovenEvery time I play this game (and ONLY when I play this game, never any other time), my phone heats up to the point where I could quite easily cook an egg on the back of it. I haven’t tried, but it’s burning my hands so I’m tempted. My screen dims to its lowest brightness even which it’s set to full and it takes a few minutes for my phone to cool down after closing the app. This is the only app that has ever done this. Otherwise, I enjoy it thoroughly. Could use less haptics when you tap on the wrong cell yet add in a haptic feedback once a colour has been completed otherwise I spend 15 minutes searching for another cell before I realise I’ve finished a the colour..Version: 1.2.0

Good ap but ads are intrusiveI do like this ap. yes all the pages are free which is great. the colours are better and make more sense than some of the other color by number aps out there. BUT the ads are intrusive and annoying and CONSTANT. you are forced to watch an ad before you colour a page, after you colour a page, and down at the bottom there are banner ads while you colour. the banner ads often move which is distracting and because they are right by the color swatches are easy to accidentally tap. and 4.99 is way too much for no ads. a lot of other aps i use only charge .99 or 2.99 to remove ads. i don’t use the hint feature because i can usually find it if i just look but you also have to watch ads to get hints. and if you pause for any length of time there is a light bulb that pops up in the left corner and bounces around distractingly offering two hints for watching an ad. slow down i’m just taking a sip of my tea i’m not stuck. i wish i i had an option to where i could turn the hints off. i also wish that the highlight colour was a touch darker or not solid but dotted or something. it makes it hard to distinguish when there are grey or almost grey colours on the picture. overall good ap but the ads need to be toned down and some of the features need tweaked..Version: 1.1.0

Let down by volume issuesI love this app. It’s a great way to kill time laying awake in bed. Except for even when the phone is on silent mode. The first second of the ads sometimes plays at a very loud volume before silencing. This wakes everyone up and so I’ll have to look for another app for those times :(.Version: 1.6.5

Offline play would put it over the topWhen away from internet service, yes it's possible when you live in the boondocks, I miss coloring on Happy Color. It really helps with my anxiety. Believe me there's a ton going on it my life that causes a need for chilling out. I don't know if it's possible for anything other than the coloring of previously colored pictures. If not, at least there's that. I don't understand the complaining about a totally free app. I guess some people aren't happy unless they're griping. Life is too short and precious to look for bad in thing. It finds you when you don't expect it. I now am thankful for whatever good things we get-like totally free apps with great pics to color and lots to choose from❤️ Little update... I’m one unhappy Gramma. My peace and tranquillity have been shattered... First my iPad kicks off. Not too tragic, I was expecting it and had purchased a replacement. The kick in the proverbial gonads was, expecting no problems like four times before, every bit of my time and effort spent “coloring” with RA, I have ZILCH to show for it. Sad. Something screwy must’ve happened in one of the last updates, because I know I’m not the only one this happened to. I hope you see I didn’t rate when I was blowing steam and hopping around like the Tasmanian Devil. 😉 Now, I’m just disappointed in my favorite app..Version: 1.4.0

Beware when getting a new phone..I love this app, easily a 5 star app, but after starting a new phone, the app didn’t save my hard earned hints. I was signed in and it did save my completed pictures and redownloaded them automatically which was awesome. However, it does not save your half colored pictures so you will lose all those. Not a huge deal, but the thing that really bothers me is I watched a TON of ads to save up my hints. I earned those fairly in exchanged for my time watching an ad. I believe I was up to 72 hints- that’s A LOT of time and ads to earn those. But I want to support the developers and I wanted to have a nice stock pile of hints for those times I run into a harder picture or two. Well, now they are all gone making it just a big waste of time. I use this app almost everyday so I’m really upset over this. If I find a way to recover the hints I’ll edit this review and include how to do so, otherwise it’ll stay as is. Overall I do highly recommend this app but if you use a lot of hints it’s not worth the download if you also change phones often as you’ll lose all your hints and hard work earning them each time you upgrade your phone..Version: 1.6.14

Don’t download this app, it’ll hurt your phone’s overall performance!I’ve had this app for a little over 2 months now, and frankly I’m amazed I’ve lasted this long without deleting it. No matter where I am, the quality of my network or WiFi connection I currently have, whether I have other apps open or not, etc., this app continues to fail in the same way every single time. I can’t color even one picture (which takes anywhere from 5-20+ minutes depending on the complexity of it) without the app severely slowing down and eventually repeatedly freezing up, overheating my phone to the point where it’s painful to the touch (I’ve had multiple times where I am seriously afraid of my phone exploding from how hot it has become), and sometimes even crashing altogether. Also, since I have downloaded this app, I have noticed that my phone performance has been gradually slowing down and other apps that have never crashed before are suddenly starting to crash, especially if they are open while this app is open as well (such as music apps). After at least 2 updates have been released for this app, I was hoping that this issue would be fixed by now, but it has yet to be addressed. I am officially deleting this app as I have reached a point where I am no longer willing to deal with any of the problems this app CONSTANTLY has. If you want to keep your phone performance from slowly degrading, DO NOT download this app..Version: 1.0.4

Number order changedHi there, The order of the numbers and colours seems to have changed. It used to be that you’d start at the bottom left and work your way up. I loved that! But now it seems random and it’s very annoying to have to look around the entire picture to figure out where the next colour is. I used to love this game but now I’m not sure :/.Version: 1.3.5

Lack of gradient colourLoved this app in the start when colouring the Disney pictures, but than every picture after lacked depth of shading, gradient colours and realism. All the pictures seemed bland and boring colour. Could really do with pictures with more gradient colours and depth in shading to create a realism effect/wow effect..Version: 1.6.11

Love the game but super buggyHave coloured in over 700 pictures on this app but it lags super bad and either freezes so I have to force close it and reboot it or it closes itself and I have to start again. Good game but incredibly annoying.Version: 1.1.0

Was good, now buggy☹️I have had the app for a few months and absolutely love it. Recently it has become very difficult to use. At least half the time I open a picture to colour and the screen goes wonky and the view is restricted. This results in not being able to see the first colour available so it can’t be used. So, I colour what I can then have to close the program and reopen it and hope that it hasn’t happened again. I got so sick of doing this that I reinstalled the app. All that this resulted in was the loss of all my previously coloured pictures and a continuation of the frustration. This would have been a much better review if there was an obvious way to contact support😏.Version: 1.6.12

Lack of diversity/ white washingI love this app and use it a lot. My main issue is that there are lots of images of people in traditionally Indian clothes and others with afros and traditionally black facial features, but when you colour these images they have completely white skin. I find this kind of whitewashing extremely uncomfortable and upsetting as this isn’t just a lack of representation, you’re taking these cultures and making them white. I acknowledge I’ve seen one or two images where the design does include skin that isn’t white but the main one I’ve seen with actually black skin was more of a ‘friendship’ gimmick which doesn’t feel all that much better. You need to change this and give images of people with black hair styles/traditional or cultural clothing the correct skin colour..Version: 1.6.8

Gr8 but has it’s faultsGr8 app and fun to use. The only downside for me is, if you happen to delete the app by mistake or change to a new phone ALL your drawings will be lost. This happened to me when I updated to a new phone. Very disappointing and have chosen to move on to another colouring app because of this. The developer says that the app has been synced to allow people to get the app back with your completed drawings - but this didn’t happen for me and I’m not able to get the completed drawings back. Shame, but there you go..Version: 1.4.4

Great, but...I actually love this app. Beautiful pictures and just a lot of fun coloring them all in and seeing the great colors. There is a major flaw though which does not allow me to give it the five stars that it would definitely get from me. On my iPhone 5s (I don’t know if it’s just my phone or what) after about 20 minutes my phone starts getting really hot. Those first twenty minutes the app works flawlessly and it’s awesome. But about 20 minutes in my phones get super super hot and as it heats up more and more things go wrong with the app. First thing to go is the ability to zoom in and out. It just gets stuck on the amount of magnification that I’m on. Then it starts to lose responsiveness. I have to tap a space multiple times before it will register my touch. Then I lose the ability to slide the colors to choose another color. Then, last of all, the whole app just freezes entirely. And sometimes it even makes my phone freeze for just a second. I have to close out the app and get my phone time to cool off. Like I say, I love the app and would totally give it five stars. But this major problem cannot be overlooked. Please find a fix for this so I can color at my leisure. Thank you for your hard work..Version: 1.0.3

Sad ColourI have enjoyed using this app and find the colouring extremely therapeutic but unfortunately, although I would love to give this colouring app five stars, I can’t! I have had to delete and reinstate’Happy Colour’ at least three or four times because it keeps freezing. It’s so frustrating because I’ll be happily colouring and then all of a sudden it will freeze which to say the least is very frustrating! I’ve tried turning off my iPad and restarting it again and the app will start to work again but then it freezes again. I don’t know why this keeps happening. Any advice as to why this keeps happening? Out of all the colouring apps I have downloaded, Happy Colour is my favourite but alas at the moment I have renamed Happy Colour Sad Colour!!.Version: 1.6.14

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Happy Color™ – Coloring Games customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Happy Color™ – Coloring Games.

Is Happy Color™ – Coloring Games not working?

Happy Color™ – Coloring Games works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Happy Color™ – Coloring Games.

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