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Shell US & Canada App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Shell US & Canada app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Shell US & Canada? Can you share your negative thoughts about shell us & canada?

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Shell US & Canada for Negative User Reviews

A big failI tried to set this up before & guess I have an account. There is no option to go back enter your email and click forgot password. Again Shell Go app goes into bit bucket - Petro Can figured this out..Version: 5.2.0

Cannot add G.C. For payment.Gift cards cannot be added for payment. Take out for rewards I need to pump at least 5 gallons of gas. Unfortunately you cannot get 5 gallons of gas with a $25 gift card. So you’re just out of luck. Even if you go insideShell locations with multiple gift cards adding up to over $100 (which still won’t fill up my truck), if they’re in $25 gift cards it doesn’t count for anything. Almost every other retailer that has a functioning app allows you to add gift cards, and combine them into one balance so you don’t have to do multiple transactions. If you have Kroger/Ralph’s points, the good up to 30 gallons. But you can’t pump 30 gallons in one transaction because the pumps won’t let you pump $200 in fuel!So you can’t even completely use the rewards that you have! I know you’re a petroleum company, but every other retailer has seemed to figure it out!.Version: 5.1.0

Just try to add a cardDownloaded and tried to add a card. For three days. All I get is “you are unable to add anymore cards at this time.” Anymore? I cannot get one to add. Uninstalled. Waste of time and effort. Managed to add a card and while the application works it can be brutally slow. At times it takes three attempts to find the shell station you are at. Then the pumps favorite screen words are wait a minute. It has taken me at times in excess of two minutes to start pumping gas. Wow. It is not like I am using an old phone (Xs max), as well as living in Dallas you think the cellular network is ok. This apps issues have all the marks of an app that was rushed to meet a certain release date. May stop using until some of these issues are addressed..Version: 1.1.0

Card IssueI actually genuinely enjoyed the app at first. Quick payments, quick to work, linked to fuel rewards, and impressed many friends when I initially used it. However, they took off the payment options for credit cards and debit cards and has been a couple of weeks since they took it off with the only option being a shell branded card (typical) and limited paying options like Apple Pay (which doesn’t work) or chase pay specifically (being the only bank option I’ve seen on the app so far). Then, I read the reviews and I’ve noticed that the shell branded cards aren’t even connecting to the app. There is also a promise of there being more Payment options in the future with the words “coming soon”, but there is virtually no communication on the updates, a date, or why they took off the payment options. Not even the website on the app has been updated. Very disappointing and left with a useless app with the only hope of any updated or progression being “coming soon”..Version: 2.4

Now impossible to useMy last two attempts to use this app were extremely frustrating. On 26 November, I was forced to re-enter my AirMiles information. Fortunately I did that BEFORE getting to the pump, otherwise this would have really annoyed anyone waiting behind me. Today, both my husband and I were forced to try and log back in. Neither of our login credentials were recognized. He fuelled up the old fashioned way while I requested an email to update my password. After multiple attempts to get an email to reset my password, and waiting 20 hours, I called Shell Canada. They could find NO account attached to my email address, despite the fact I have used the EasyPay app since 2020, and received emails at this address from early 2020 to Nov 2022. Sigh…….Version: 5.2.0

Okay App Until You Need Customer SupportI used to love this app. Used it exclusively to pay for fuel because it was so convenient. Then one time the app returned the extra preauthorized amount and took it again. I assumed it was just a glitch and would reverse in a day or two. It didn’t and I went looking for my receipt and discovered I hadn’t been issued one. Figured this confirmed there had been a glitch and that once I contacted the company they would reverse it no problem. After exchanging multiple emails, phone calls to shell and my bank, and providing all of the evidence including a screenshot from my bank account to support my statement, my money was not returned, and the company essentially said my transaction never occurred and called it a day. I liked the app before this but now I won’t be using it and I warn other people against it because they do not stand by their own errors so the risk isn’t worth it..Version: 5.1.1

Stopped workingThe app worked for a while but now does not work at any station I try to use it at. After several emails I did not receive much help or a solution. I deleted this app. Very discouraging..Version: 5.2.0

Worst app ever.Never works, takes too long for the attendees to authorize the pump and even when they do the app doesn’t work and I’m often left worried my cad is now going to be charged for gas I didn’t even receive..Version: 3.2.0

Worst Customer ServiceI have been trying to install this app for the past 3 weeks. Each time I try to enter a PIN number after the login to Fuel Rewards step, I get an error message telling me to call customer service. I have already tried deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times. Multiple calls to customer service, including a conversation with a “supervisor,” were met with multiple apologies and promises to email and re-email tech support. Apparently, neither the representatives nor the supervisor can call tech support directly. I still have not heard from tech support and have now given up on this useless app. So disappointing given all of the positive reviews..Version: 2.4

Why the f* do you need my cell phone number?Just to pay for gas? Get the f* out of here. Edit: responding to the response. There’s literally no other app I’ve ever used (including for other gas stations) that requires this. It’s nonsensical..Version: 5.1.1

Very unsatisfiedAt first I was very satisfied because my rewards were coming up like they were supposed to and because I doMakes such a big commute to get to work the $.10 a gallon being a gold member every now and then helped a lot. However after two times getting the $.10 a gallon it has stopped and even on the app I cannot view my activity and see where I’m getting closer or not and how much I’ve put toward getting the $.10 so I’m really disappointed and I’ll be honest I don’t see it any different than just going ahead and going to Walmart. I really hope that you guys fix this because I’m a single mom and I drive 45 minutes just to get to my job. I was actually bragging and referring Shell to my family and friends. Now I’m not so sure and if it doesn’t change I will be letting them know..Version: 3.4.0

UselessAs others have mentioned there is no option to link payments to a credit or debit card. This alone makes it useless for me as I do not have, nor do I want, a Shell credit. I also do not routinely use ApplePay or PayPal. Security is also an issue. It does not allow you to cut and paste passwords and limits the password you can you to 8 characters. This makes it impossible to use password managers that generate long complex passwords that are impossible to remember. The ability to link accounts in the cloud and use complex password to aid in keeping those accounts safe from hackers is not an option. Interestingly, if you can find the website associated with the account it sets up when you activate the app (they have many websites that you can login to - use fuel rewards) the website will allow you to link other cards. I have not tried this as I am not sure I trust the app or website developers. It clearly has bugs and the overall strategy is not well thought out. I was really only looking to delete the account set up by the app..Version: 4.1

App not workingI got error message on the Shell app “couldn’t load your account info”, app wasn’t showing my name and Air miles on top either. I signed out and tried to sign back in. It did not work. Tried resetting password, no reset password email came thru, tired multiple times(yes, I checked the spam folder too). I went to Shell website, it said, to delete the app and reinstall it, followed the steps, still nothing. I called customer service, they are so slow and time consuming that I wasted 1hr, just to get a response sorry they cannot find my flex car wash pass info and i have to buy a new one. Totally garbage app, deleting it..Version: 5.3.0

No longer working to pay at pumpI’ve relied on this app for paying at the pump and it worked very well UNTIL the last month or so. After clicking on last step for payment, an error message appears so I have been using my physical payment card at the pump the last several fill ups. Same for others in the family with their Shell app. UPDATE OCT 3, 2022. Pay at pump while using this app is now working again.Version: 5.2.0

Terrible customer serviceI enjoyed the app and savings to begin with. However, when I had an issue and needed to contact customer support, I was treated poorly. I had an issue where I had more than one payment linked and my preferred payment was not the default even though I selected it to be. My payment was rejected and I was not notified via email, app, etc. On the app, nothing appeared out of the ordinary after making the transaction as usual. I didn’t see the issue until I went to fill up again. When I called customer service to get it taken care of and to report the system error I experienced, I was talked to SO disrespectfully. The agent literally raised her voice talked over me. I called again after trying to understand what happened (because at the time it wasn’t clear and she was not trying to help me understand) and when I asked for a manager, she said no. I called back with my bank because there were fees associated (and I was refused a manager). It was the same rude person. I had to ask HER if she would calm down to simply ask my questions. My bank refunded me the fees as a courtesy and I paid the remainder of my part. I deleted the app and haven’t used the app since then. Shell should be ashamed choosing such unprofessional people to offer customer support. It was a joke and in total a 2 week ordeal. I’m happily with Exxon now..Version: 5.0.0

Too hard to useThe first time I used this app to pay for gas, it triggered a fraud alert with my bank and they temporarily froze my card for security reasons. I ended up spending much more time on the phone with the bank to verify the transaction & unfreeze my card, than it would’ve taken me to walk into the gas station and pay the cashier. The other 2 times I tried to use this app, it couldn’t locate the Shell gas station I was at. (Even though one of the stations was right next to a major freeway exit ramp). So the app was basically useless. Overall, this app was too user-unfriendly and difficult to use..Version: 2.2.3

Shell took my $$$, but no gasI had use this app for about a month, and it worked fairly well. However recently I was at a station and prepaid for gas with Apple Pay. The money was deducted from my account but the transaction was cancelled at the pump, no explanation provided. No refund was issued for the failed transaction. I contacted Shell and provided them with the transaction details from my bank, but they refused to provide a refund, telling me I had to contact my bank. I will be deleting the app and giving my business to a different company. Not worth the trouble or the risk..Version: 5.1.1

TerribleSo I got the show out a couple of years ago and it never set up right in the first place and I finally got it set up about three months ago and it's hard using it I literally saved nothing on gas not one penny I called them this I hey how come when I use the credit card and the pump I say three cents a gallon but when I use your app I saved nothing? so the guy told me you have to sign in at the pump but she'll never gave me anything to scan at the pub and sign it all I have is a credit card and the app on the phone so I'm completely dissatisfied with this app.Version: 5.1.1

GlitchyUsed it once successfully the first time. Ever since then I get wallet errors so payments can’t be made. Tried removing my credit card and adding again but then the app tells me I can’t add anymore cards. Tried deleting and reinstalling, more of the same. Useless app Update: Shell’s response to my review asks me to call support because they take my concern seriously. I’ve been trying for weeks now to get this sorted out with them. Each “solution” offered has varied from telling me to delete the app and reinstall, to telling me to call my credit card company to ensure the card is activated. Cmon. Avoid this app any chance you get..Version: 5.1.1

Don’t Use S-Pay at AllYou’re better off using Apple Pay or PayPal. If you happen to move money from your account they will immediately send you to collections, and I mean literally immediately, then you get charged $52 for the reversal. It sucked, I moved money from one checking to another with the same bank and thought the transaction processed already, and I had more than enough money but they don’t hesitate at all to take all they can from your account. I had 1,020 at the bank I had total and I moved around half and the transaction got reversed that day, so now the $53 worth of gas that I was gonna pay for originally is now 105..Version: 4.1

Better than most, but still flawedWhile the app works well, the receipts section needs to have the ability to print and export into pdf otherwise it is completely useless for anyone who needs those receipts to write off for business expenses or to submit them to their employer for reimbursement. This is issue compounded by the fact that the pump doesn’t print a receipt (at least at the station I frequent) when paying through the app, forcing you to go into the store to get a reprint, at which point the app is pointless..Version: 5.2.0

Inconvenient in NJIn NJ (and other states where you can’t pump your own gas). You’ve got to get the app pulled up (which you hopefully didn’t do while driving into the station) and enter your pump number by the time the attendant gets to your car. Otherwise, you’re sitting there fumbling with your phone while the attendant stares at you. That just creates stress for me. Not to mention that there have been a couple of instances where the app has logged me out and refused to let me log back in. At least half the time I just hand over my CC and Fuel Rewards card instead. If they added a 3D Touch shortcut, or a Siri Shortcut that took you straight to Pay at the pump, I think that might help..Version: 1.1.0

Works well, dark pattern with Air Miles CashThe app has been working well for a while and it makes everything easy at the pump having Air Miles and the payment method already linked. However, there is a dark pattern with Air Miles Cash on the payment screen that really bothers me. When you have enough Air Miles Cash, it makes using Air Miles Cash the default without asking. The slider that controls the amount of Air Miles Cash to use is confusing at best and it’s so easy to get tricked into using Air Miles Cash when you have no intention to. Using Air Miles Cash should be opted in, not opted out. There should also be a pop up to confirm the use of Air Miles Cash..Version: 5.3.0

App compatibility and pay limits keeping it from 5 starsThis can be a 5 star app. It’s a solid app and works well. As a company shell needs to expand app compatibility. Still too many stations don’t support paying from the app. Additionally I don’t know anybody that enjoys stopping for gas and I am no exception. When I pull up I am usually near empty and the app always limits me to $50. Audi A6 only takes premium and has a big tank. Comes close to full but not quite. 2021 Yukon has a 28 gal tank and takes premium. Does not top off since $50 gets you about 14 gallons. Very frustrating. I plan my fuel trips based on what vehicle I’m driving and how much fuel I need. If I am low on fuel then I swing by BP. If I’m not too low and I think $50 will cut it I know come to shell..Version: 3.3.0

Very frustratingThis app worked great for a couple months. I liked it so much that I bragged to everyone about it. I then decided to get the Shell FuelRewards card. I linked the Shell card as the primary pay method and the first few times it worked great! And then all of the sudden while on a road trip it stopped working. Now I get a rejection stating, “Payment Method Exceeded”!!! I have very little balance on the card and don’t have a payment due until next month. I like others called Shell card service and was given the run around for almost 45 minutes and then was transferred without notification to the app customer service which was even worse. I couldn’t barely understand the rep due to poor English and he blamed the card and wanted to transfer me back to where I started. I deleted the app and reloaded it and still have the same issue! This app is junk!.Version: 3.3.0

Not workingSince February, l have had 4 sets of cards that don’t work correctly. I have not been able to use any of my dining rewards earned for money off the pump price.l tried to close the account to get rid of any corrupt info that’s been past on with old account numbers. Now with these new card as of 9 / 23 the only rewards lm getting is 30 cents off for the new program. I made 4 dinner purchases that do not show up on my rewards in progress. No one seems to know why. My latest problem is the info l received after l use the cards for fuel or dining… does not match any info on my web pages….Version: 5.2.0

Constant app updates mean that I can’t use the app...This app is fine... when it works. However, it has now happened to me three or four times, that I open it at a gas station, and it won’t work because there’s a new update, which I can’t download if there is no WiFi. So probably once a month, I have to still use a credit card and my shell card instead. The only way to alive this is to check for app updates before I leave home. What a pain! We should still be allowed to use the previous version of an app, when we are stuck at a gas station and need to use it..Version: 3.3.1

Very problematic AppAfter many attempts, I still have not been able to get any rewards in my fuel rewards from this app. There is some type of disconnect. When I put in the pump number, put in my pen, never gives me the full rewards even though it is linked. The app takes the money directly from my bank, not a credit card and it does not give me the fuel rewards. Not only that, it charges me a credit card price even though it’s taking cash from my bank account I’ve been calling the number and back of the fuel rewards card I spoke to them many times. I was told to reboot the app to install and reinstall the app. Last time I did it I put in the wrong pin number and it froze the app. So I’m reinstall it and I’m going to give it one more chance I hope it works thanks please help.Version: 5.0.1

Fix it!This was always my go-to for gas. I always saved money and it was easier and safer than scanning my physical cards. But during this last update, everything seems to have come crashing. First off, it took me close to a minute to even get the app past the circle loading screen when I had full service. Second, it took several presses to get to the payment screen. When it got to the payment screen, it kept glitching and then told me it couldn’t work. I tried again, same thing, tried again, same thing. THEN I tried my fuels reward card. The gas pump wouldn’t even recognize it. So then I used my debit card and didn’t save 5 cents per gallon after I got fed up. What happened to this app? It used to work perfectly and now it’s unusable.Version: 2.3.0

Payment Method issuesThis app was great until I had to load a new payment method. My synchrony card works at the pump and my previous card was easily entered into the app along with 2 other cards for payment methods. Now I can’t enter any thing that doesn’t say shell on it as a payment method. What was done to the app so you can no longer enter your personal payment methods? This app was great before, especially with COVID-19 and social distancing, but now it’s a waste. Please reset the app so any payment method can be entered and used through the app. All my cards work at the pump so they should be able to be entered into the app and used that way..Version: 3.2.0

UnreliableI don’t drive much so I waited like all month for my tank to get low because I had a bunch of rewards stacked up and I wanted to use them all at the same time when I pay. I had a 60 c/gal reward. I went to the Shell station, opened my Shell app, clicked pay (I use Apple Pay), and clicked pay at the pump. Then I typed in my pump # and filled up. But guess what? IT DID NOT USE MY REWARDS. I’ve only done this one other time and everything worked perfectly. So why didn’t it use any of my rewards this time?? I demand some compensation. Either a refund, or another 60 c/gal reward. I’m furious because I waited this long and saved so many rewards, but they didn’t actually get used..Version: 5.3.0

Could be betterI want to first say that I really do love this app. It makes paying for fuel so efficient… when it wants to work properly. The last three times I’ve gone to fuel up, the app can’t retrieve any of my account information. There’s never any updates to fix this and now I’m just going without my Airmiles for the Go+ status. When this app works though it is awesome but ya it needs some improvements..Version: 5.3.0

Horrible AppThis is by far the worst app I have ever tried using. I have been trying for days and days to add a payment method. It keeps saying call customer service when trying to add a bank account. When you call the number they are not available, ever. I have tried putting in a credit card it keeps saying maximum number of cards already, which is funny because there are no cards saved. This is a joke. I should have read the recent reviews before I downloaded it. It says a lot when the canned response to all of these reviews is the same thank you for your concern please call customer service… well why would I do that when you never answer? I will be deleting it and going back to the other gas stations..Version: 5.0.1

What happened to the Debit Card option??!!A few weeks ago I went to use the app conveniently in my car and noticed that I couldn’t use it because my card expired. When I went to update it, it wouldn’t let me. Luckily, I had my card with me so I had to go in the store to purchase my gas. I called customer service and they said they disabled that option because they were currently working on an update. An update just showed on my phone today, so I updated it. Just to find out that I still can’t update the exp date &/or can’t add another personal cc. I called cust. svc. and they said they disabled that option completely and the option to add a personal debit card. Such a bummer!!! I was able to leave my debit card/CC at home and use the app with no issues. Now I have to carry my debit when I go just to get gas then stand in line and wait for a receipt. I don’t use Apple Pay nor any of the other option cards they have listed on the app. Why did they removed a perfectly working option that people constantly use?!! Pls bring back the debit card/cc added feature..Version: 3.0

Cannot update this app on an iPhone 6 (iOS 12)Useless now since it requires an update running only on iOS 13 or higher. I cannot download a compatible version for my iPhone 6.Version: 4.1.1

Could use only onceI set it up and used once and it seemed fine until i opened it for the second time. It erased all my info, did not accept my password, refused to create another account because said I already have one. Tried resetting my password, did it through chrome and next time it did not accept my password. Reset my password again through the app, then it finally accepted. Then had to pay using apple pay, which was super glitch as I had to try 3-5 times for it to work. Cannot trust this app again ever. I would just delete it and move on to next gas station only if I did not have to use this station there. Please develop apps using developers, not free interns. I tried to revisit the app after some months and oh boy… nothing has changed and somehow it got even worse. So now I decided that I should never visit shell again, and set gas buddy to not recommend shell..Version: 5.0.1

Don’t Do It, Too Many BugsI can’t believe She’ll is even allowing this app to be downloaded. If I were the Shell CIO I’d be embarrassed! I downloaded the app and tried to put my Shell card in as a payment option. When the Shell app tried to validate the Shell card, the process didn’t complete. I called Shell customer support. The first attempt, I was transferred to the Shell credit department to look into my Shell app. I called back and explained I don’t need to look into a credit app, I need help with the phone app. And they transferred me to Exxon (yes, they really did that). I called again and spoke to a supervisor, who also sent me to the credit app department. Called again and I think I got to their app support folks (finally) who said this was a KNOWN ISSUE WITH THEIR PHONE APP!!!! Are you kidding me? They know their app doesn’t work but they still allow people to download it? If I did this at my job, I would be fired (Yes, I lead IT). If I were their CIO, I would be so embarrassed that I would have no choice but to quit! I’m now a Valero Gas customer going forward. How can you trust a company that knowingly frustrates their customers?.Version: 2.3.0

Convenient for contactless fill ups, howeverThe app does not store receipts for longer than 6 months. This is very inconvenient for individuals that are self-employed/commissioned and require copies of all the receipts at the end of the year. It would be ideal if it provided access to the most recent 18-24 months of receipts..Version: 4.1

Great when the app works- zero support when it does notThe Shell app is great when it works, absolutely zero support from Shell when it does not work. Keep getting $60 max reached if my wife fills her vehicle one day and I try to fill up the next day. Spent 45 minutes talking with that Shell card issuer Citibank only to be told the problem was on the app side not on the credit card side. Finally got a number to call Shell. After 30 minutes on hold I started to explain the problem to the customer service rep named “Sergio” only for Sergio to hang up on me. Shell needs to resolve the problem because I cannot fill my tank on my truck for $60 at todays prices. Will switch to using the Phillips 66 pay by app which does not have such an asinine limitation. The Shell account is always paid in full well before the due date…. I supposedly have a $3,000 monthly limit but I cannot use the app to active a pump more than once every 2 days and when I do the pump stops at $60? Citibank which issues the card has no problem with my timely payment full or mycredit score of 830+ Shell. - Please have someone explain the stupidity to me… some who does not hang up on customers.Version: 5.0.1

Doesn’t recognize any station I go to.I would love to use this app to avoid skimmers and also speed up my time at the station however it never recognizes a station that I visit. I do get the option to report the station as missing however until today it wouldn’t even provide the coordinates of my location. Made sure I have the updated version of the app and have been sending to Shell. Customer support first kept telling me the station wasn’t Mobile ready but would give me the exact same address that I was at stating that station was ready for app use. Tonight I was told that I needed to have version 1.1.1 and that’s not even avail from the App Store. I’ll rerate once I’m able to use the app and Shell gets better customer service to handle these issues..Version: 1.1.0

Pay at pump with AirMilesThere used to be a slider when using the app to pay at the pump that allowed you to choose if you wanted to use AirMiles to pay for gas as a method of payment. That option seems to be gone now..Version: 5.2.0

Generally useless appI have fairly regularly problems with “Pay & Save” where it tells me I have exceeded my purchase limit without even having made a purchase. It is also hit or miss if the gas station accepts payments thru the app. Further I have tried adding a credit card other than using Apple Pay and it asks for my cell phone number which then tells me is not a valid cell phone number. Many of these issues have been going on for a long time. For such a big company you would think the app would work better..Version: 5.0.1

Shell Stations LimitationsI have a Shell gas station right down the street from me. I was able to upload Apple Pay and then proceeded to fill up my tank. I chose this method due to Covid. What a surprise I had when I pulled up to the pump. I put the pump number in the app and it said station wasn’t recognized. I would think a company such as Shell would have informed all of their gas stations that The app is usable. Unfortunately that was not the case. You just lost a customer. I went to Exxon instead and it was so much simpler. I was in and out within a few minutes. Fix your app and/or fix your gas stations and tell your employees that there has to be a way that the app works for everyone at every single Shell station. Extremely disappointed!.Version: 3.2.0

Watch out! No Zero Liability Fraud Protection !!This app worked fine with non-Shell branded cards, that had Zero Liability Fraud Protection. Then Shell forced everyone to use Shell branded cards. Shell branded card are actually just Citibank Master Cards. Citibank/Citi-mortgage is a horrible business entity to do business with. I have decades of experience avoiding any business with Citi. I only used the Shell branded Citicard MasterCard with the Shell app and this Mastercard never left my house. Here is what I received from Shell December 17, 2019: “Based on our review, we have determined that you are responsible for the charges in question.” Shell Security Operations. Wow! No zero fraud liability protection ! Shell could have applied any rogue purchases to my Shell branded Citibank card. Thank God I closed this Shell branded Citibank Master Card account with a zero balance. I had also received blocks on this Shell branded Citibank card 9 out of 10 times that I tried to use this Shell app. You end up wasting your lifetime on multiple calls talking with Citibank trying to explain that it is you trying to use the Shell app..Version: 2.4

Payment NightmareRecently gassed up at Shell using Easypay. Pre-authorized my debit card via Apple Pay for $125 then things fell apart. My bank account was charged $125 Actual fuel price was less than $90 Shell claims they have no access to the $125 and that the <$90 didn’t go through. I pre-paid $125, the only thing that should have been charged is the $30+ refund between the pre-paid amount and the actual fuel amount. My bank shows that the $125 went through but there is no record of the <$90 being rejected by my bank. I’ll repeat, it makes more sense for Shell to charge my account the full pre-paid amount and then refund me any difference. I’m almost certain that’s what happens if I go inside to prepay. It’s almost like Shell tried to double bill me. $125 which my bank posted and then <$90 which was not in my account because it was tied up in the $125 prepayment. $125 prepayment went through. <$90 in fuel my bank has no record of that transaction or transaction attempt. Filled my car up with no problem. Learned a week later that the payment did not go through for the fuel but the pre-payment did. Told that Shell has no access to the pre-payment… maybe they should. Pre- pay. Fuel Up. Get refunded the difference. vs Pre-pay. Fuel Up. Get charged for fuel on top of pre-paying..Version: 5.3.0

UsabilityLike many other people this app just does not work. We need major updates to the app. I go to the gas station to fill up and app doesn’t allow me to pay through the app. The app doesn’t update the total saving amount immediately. It’ll do it after a couple of days. If i try to pay to at the the pump the app won’t activate the pump. It’ll re-route me to add a payment screen. I would to see the app working. It is very convenient for consumers who want to touch as few things as possible. As well as get the added bonus of saving some money..Version: 5.2.0

A note to the developer…Hey there, just a suggestion but instead of asking everyone for more details why don’t you just go to the gas station and try the app for yourself?! I’m not sure what more detail people could provide?!Most of the time when I’m seeing that response it is crystal clear what they’re saying is the problem. It refuses to accept the card as a payment method when I try and enter it into the app and it will not do anything besides freeze up when I attempt to pay at the station. That should be pretty clear and not require any more details. I’ve also deleted the app and reinstalled so that suggestion will not be helpful..Version: 3.3.1

No customer serviceThe app only works 30% of the time. Every time there is a mandatory update, it gets worse. There error is always “there was an issue with your payment”. You call the bank and they say, it’s not an issues on our side. Tried adding Apple Pay and still no success. You only get two attempts a day and then you are locked out. When you email tech support, it is several days before you get a response, and it’s usually response of blaming the bank. After 6 incidents to support, I gave up and deleted the app. The clerks at the various stations have no idea how the app works. I was mad enough to stop buying fuel from Shell and drive father to another fuel dispenser..Version: 3.0

Unauthorized withdrawal of funds from debit account.I had an issue where I tried to use the app to purchase gas. The app locked up, however the phone proceeded with the $150 withdrawal. This was refunded when the transaction was cancelled. Shortly after the refund was corrected, once again withdrawing $150 from my account. Shell support has had these funds for 15 days. If you do choose to use the app, I would recommend a credit card instead of debit as you can dispute this with a cc company..Version: 4.1.1

Doesn’t always workThe app doesn’t always recognize the pumps.Version: 5.2.0

HorribleI applied for and received a Shell Fuel Rewards MasterCard. I activated and registered it. When I tried to add it to the app I got an error message directing me to contact support. The number is for the Fraud Department. Since the representatives have limited English skills it took 5 calls to explain what my problem was. When that still didn’t work I send an email to the email address given on both the app and credit card site. I was told to delete and reinstall the app. I did that. When I opened the app my previously listed Shell Drive for 5 card was missing from the Pay tab. I can’t add it because first I got a message that the number of digits is incorrect and then I got the same message I got when I tried to add the MasterCard. When I tried to add the MasterCard using the Credit or Debit card option I get a message that the card number is invalid. Now I have no way to use my Shell Rewards account with the app..Version: 5.2.0

Poor app designI could not complete the registration. It will fail if you do not check email on your phone. I do not use my iPhone for email and have no intention of setting it up just because She’ll can’t design a better app. Total FAIL. I would give it less than 1 star if that were possible. It is badly designed..Version: 5.2.0

App issuesWhen I first downloaded this app it worked perfectly 2 times. I was able to pay at the pump with Apple Pay. The last 5 times It has failed to work at all. The app said pump not available. Try again or try another pump. It then told me I was over my limit. I had to physically use my credit card to pump gas which totally defeats the purpose of the app in the first place. I have contacted technical support twice and so far have not received any feedback or any resolution to the problem. This app is now completely useless to me. I’m very dissatisfied and disappointed..Version: 4.1

Easier to do it yourselfBy the time you get logged in to the app, fiddle around entering information, trying to find the pump number which is conveniently located near the roof of the pump island so you have to get out of your car to see it, then hunt all over the app to find a log out button, you may as well just shove the required cards into the pump and get on with it. Something anyone could easily do in half the time it takes to use the app. So what is the point of it?.Version: 5.3.0

Never Works!I downloaded this app a couple weeks ago. I’m on a road trip with an expired debit card, so have to either pay in cash or Apple Pay. This app was very alluring since I can pay via AP! First fill up worked like a charm. I then try two other Shell stations, one is closed for remodeling. The other ran out of gas. Both stations were cheaper than the competitors, so I humorously go to the most expense Shell. Surely they’ll be reliable. Nope! Half the pumps were not working and the working pumps had to be paid for inside with the cashier, who didn’t know how to apply the Fuel Rewards. That was the last straw. 3 strikes you’re out. I filled up just enough to get to the next city, where I then filled up at Circle K with no issue. I’ll be avoiding Shell in the future..Version: 4.1

Worst App Experience EverPicks up stations across the highway instead of the one you are currently at. Finally made it to the other station to be told now through the app that I have exceeded my spend limit because the three authorizations that which were cancelled while I was at the other Shell station across the highway. Y’all need to get this figured out. I used the app for over a year with no problems ever, then in the past month I have had an issue every single time. Have even removed and reinstalled and still have problems. Plus it pre authorizes your credit card for $150 every time. I don’t understand why? I use premium and the most is typically $85 for fill up..Version: 5.2.0

Frustrating Payment DeclineI like concept of the app and the security of not having to expose my card at the pump terminal because of all the credit card theft that goes on at these terminals. However, every time I try and use the app my purchase is declined because my bank thinks paying from the app is fraud. So then I call to approve the transaction and try again and I’m declined again. So I approve the transaction again but the app says I’ve exceeded the amount of purchase attempts. I wasted a total of 20 min fiddling with this app when I could have just paid at the pump or inside. You guys need to fix your payment authorization flow or increase the number of attempts to try and pay through the app..Version: 2.1.1

Doesn’t workApp won’t connect to any Shell pump I’ve ever tried. I even go the fuel rewards credit card and 5 representatives and nearly an hour later, my account is still not connected to the fuel rewards account. They told me my account was set up wrong. They can’t give me an answer when it will be fixed. 5 representatives just passed the buck because the whole program is a scam to get you to sign up. I was declined at the pump and on the phone with customer service sitting in my car. Ridiculous. Fix the station compatibility. Fix your account connection to fuel rewards. Honor the offer I signed up for. I fully expect none of this will ever happen despite whatever customer service agent that responds to this review wants you to think. They don’t even have an app to pay the credit card. You have to use a web browser. That’s terrible in 2021. So I went to set up autopay. That failed too and wanted me to call customer service! What a disaster….Version: 4.1

Bug When Using Apple PayGreat app all-around. I have been using with Chase Pay up until now with no complaints, but with Chase Pay ring discontinued, I decided to change the payment method to Apple Pay. Trouble is there seems to be a bug. Whenever I go into payment methods and pick Apple Pay, it brings me to my Wallet, but then keeps asking for me to add a new card, even when I’ve already added one. It never gets to the point of letting me choose the card I want to use and setting it as my payment method..Version: 3.4.1

My debt card info was stolen on this appI have to say first off when I write a review in the app. The shell support employees are awesome! But the app still doesn’t work and a few weeks I entered my debit card information into the app. Somehow someone was able to obtain it and try and use it. The way I found out was my wife and kids went out to breakfast and when I went to pay my card was declined. So I looked on my bank app and sure enough there was a lock put on my card. I called my bank ASAP and they said there was four charges from shell so the put a hold on it. I explained that I just added my debt info into the shell app. They said delete it immediately and don’t put it back in there. These days who knows how it happens or when..Version: 1.1.0

Redundant designThis app allows you to log in with another ID but then requires you to create a new Shell ID to login. This is renders the alternative single sign on pointless. What could have been a better security option becomes a redundant design that collects more private information unnecessarily. Same with Fuel rewards, you need to make a fuel rewards account to get the rebate. This app is advertised as the app to ge tthe rebate but you have to make another account with Fuel Rewards which is not Shell at all. The only utility this app provides is to pay for gas remotely with your phone. That’s it. Forget about the $.05 rebate that’s just bait but you need a different account for that..Version: 3.3.1

Risky when it doesn’t workFirst time use - tried to use pay at the pump -amount authorized and I filled the tank. Got back into the car. The app did not say anything. I drove my car and since my hands were too cold I stopped by the side to find my gloves. Check the app and it said transaction was cancelled by the store associate. I rushed into the store and the guy was like I thought you were driving off without paying. What if I hadn’t checked my phone again?? Not recommended..Version: 4.2.0

Glitchy appThe app cancels transactions often when using shell pay. Does not update shell pay and save savings count of 5 fill ups correctly. Had multiple issues using app to pay for gas in app when using big discount amounts. Suspicious that when savings is +.20 app crashes or transactions canceled by gas station. Updated version and even have to sign out and in to correct account savings. Needs big improvement. If worked correctly would be good app to use. Customer service is horrible..Version: 5.0.1

Car wash doesn’t workApp only good for paying gas. Doesn’t work for car wash. You would get stuck in car wash and app refuses to generate a code (we are busy please wait for your turn)..Version: 5.3.0

UselessWould give it zero stars if possible. Has all my information, get to the gas station, press pay, put in pump number and nothing happens. Tried twice at two different shell stations. Deleting as soon as I send this review..Version: 5.2.0

Air mile Dream MilesHello I have been waiting for someone to Contact by text or email!! Sincerely Tom (Thomas ) Martin 8402 322 350.Version: 5.2.0

Cannot Link Shell CardYou would think that a Shell app would allow you to link a Shell Fuel Rewards Credit Card to it. You would be wrong. Purposely got a gas card from Shell to link to the app but every time I tried it errors that it cannot link the card. Hours upon hours of being on the phone with them has netted no progress in linking their own credit card to their own app. Epic failure. Not to mention that very few stations accept pay and save. Found only one that it seemed to work at another it said it would but it failed miserably at that one and pump never showed pin entry. I realize it’s new, but total epic failure not being able to link a Shell fuel card to a shell pay app..Version: 1.1.0

SHELL GIFT CARD PAYMENT OPTIONI like the idea of paying at the pump via the app; however, it would be nice if the Shell Gift Card could be added as a payment option. One of the reasons why I am asking for this is that I travel a lot from Texas to the Midwest and I like to buy Gift Cards for traveling. I end up having a small balance on the gift card that can’t be used at the pump and I rarely buy snacks at a gas a station. Just a thought. If Chick - Fil - A is able to have on their app to add funds to their app so purchases can be deducted, it would be nice if Shell can do that as well..Version: 5.1.1

Horrible appI have been a Shell loyal user for decades. The gas is great, but the app is horrible. I spent 3 months getting an issue taken care of. I was needing a new Credit Card which took 3 months to receive and possibly 10 phone calls to finally get that issue solved because the app wouldn’t work. Newest issue and so far, i have been on phone for just under 2 hours over 2 days and transferred at least 8 times. There is no direct number for technical support for the App. How does an international company not have better support???? Now my issue has been escalated to technical support and they must contact me! If I didn’t want to stay with Shell, I would trash the app and trash Shell. Infuriating to be wasting precious time getting the runaround. I should get a gift card for being forced to waste so much time on solving the issues. What a nightmare! I wonder how long it will take technical support to contact me. Sigh.Version: 5.1.1

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