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Rise Of Empires: Fire And War Negative Reviews

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Rise of Empires: Fire and War App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Rise of Empires: Fire and War app received 168 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about rise of empires: fire and war?

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Love the game hate the double standardThis game is great to play and you can meet people all over the world. But when you have proof of purchases and you don’t get your stuff they ignore you. I bought 3 packages that I never received anything yet my Apple Pay showed the purchases. Then after hours of Of waiting and complaining they gave me one of the packages and told me of the unsuccessful payments of two. Yet my Apple Pay was billed and showed pending in my bank account. Nobody responded or apologized for the errors. I no longer will purchase anything from this game and will contest my previous purchases because of their illegal activity. You robbed me and deserve this stinking review. Drive2fast world 218 If you want to know who you robbed. I’m just getting started too. Thieves.Version: 1.250.183

Need to improveI like this game but something need to improve especially the login. So many times I accidentally clicked “start a new game” when I was switching between my account and once you clicked it you have to waste 10 mins to went thought the whole tutorial again before you can switch you account again. Also my bf and I share an iPad, we both have accounts in the same device... if I forget to log off my game before I left... my bf would need my password to switch to his account, vice versa... can’t you just have a menu screen that you can select which account you want to login when you start the app?.Version: 1.250.193

What a hellI got -160,000 diamonds in my account during one night time, Crazy game. I wait online 3 days, I leave the issue to game support, and then nothing happened, they only care your money, but If have problem with transactions, they are disappointed. I spend at least $300 dollars on this game, now I can not get any customer service to help. Worst service or no customer service at all. Do not play this game,if you want to play then do not waste your money at here..Version: 1.250.188


Nothing like the originalSold as “like the original AOE” I was highly disappointed with this modernised version. The story mode-style and forceful tutorial completely takes away what was the best part of the game... it’s freedom. AOE was one of the first open world games and this was just cringe and painful. Disappointing. Why not just grab the original coding for the game and add it to mobile? I’ll pay for that and so would many others!.Version: 1.250.186

Not enough infoI played the game and 50% was guessing trial and error trying to figure out what to do And now I’m stuck I just rescued some princess and she wants to help redesign my layout but the button doesn’t work and I can’t go back change what I’m trying to do and when I restart the game I end up rescuing the princess again with same stalled result.Version: 1.250.169

Full on pay to winI have been playing this game for a month now and since the moment my towns shield came down I have been repeatedly attacked by much higher lvl players witch would leave my town with little to no resources. Games are supposed to be fun but logging in each day to see your resources down to 0 because 15 people keep attacking you in the space of a few hours is not my idea of fun, especially because the only way to prevent it is to spend money either on expensive shields or resource packs. This is the type of game that give mobile gaming its bad reputation. It’s not designed to be a good playing experience but a method of fleecing money from those who have more of it than sense ..Version: 1.250.175

DisappointedMy friend sent me an ad for this game and in the add the main character glides across the ocean on his stomach and when he washes up one land he immediately vomits. My friend and I thought it was hilarious so I told her that I would get the game and if he didn’t do EXACTLY what he did in the ad I would delete the game. And guess what. HE DIDN’T DO IT. I was so disappointed that I was going to write this review and give this game a 1 star review but I thought to myself, “I’m so disappointed in this game that I doesn’t even DESERVE 1 star!” And if you are one of those people who saw that same exact ad then let me tell you, this game is NOTHING like the ad. I’m so mad that I spent 5 minutes of my life to search up the game, download it, and play 10 seconds of the game just to delete 5 seconds later. I would not recommend this game to anyone. P.S The only reason I’m giving this game a star is because it’s making me and I HAVE to let everyone know that this game isn’t worth it..Version: 1.250.181

Dont downloadGame is boring, after 5 days theres is nothing to do really the packs are way overpriced, and hidden information that they are on-rolling packs so don't be surprised if you see some unnoticed amount coming out of your account. Then when you try to contact the customer service a absolutely no reply from them no support nothing..Version: 1.250.168

Please don’t waste your time or moneyI have only played for a short time, spent money and feel very cheated. The game encourages you to spend money at every turn and you start to make progress it becomes a breeding ground for plain bullying. As a new starter you get obliterated by more established player, no safeguards that stop big player just wiping our new starters. You should only be able to attack other players in similar bands. If apple have any integrity they will insist this is implemented or pull the game from the App Store..Version: 1.250.179

Threatening behaviourIt’s interesting how now the game changes how long people can keep things earned in game so that they steal these resources, and at the same time send threatening messages to players about asking for refunds..Version: 1.250.175

Nothing like age of empiresDeceit. I hope Microsoft catch wind of this and you get buried in law suits..Version: 1.250.185

Just startedI have just started to play this game and too be honest haven’t got a clue what you are supposed to do. I have played clash of clans for years but this i am at a loss. Yes easy to understand upgrades but how to defend your camp and upgrading recruited specialist recruits what does that mean. The hep area explains nothing. Would be grateful to be pointed in right direction..Version: 1.250.171

Dishonesty at its finestI played this game before and have to say this: You’re game is garbage. Your advertising is dishonest and garbage. You’re entire company seems to be garbage. You steal gameplay footage from other games (Age of Empires) and claim it as your own. There is a thing called false advertising, plagiarism and copyright infringement. I bet you $100 Microsoft did not give you permission to use their game footage in this way (copyright infringement). Claiming it as your own (plagiarism). I can go on. I’ve played this game and bought a few packs I never received. But I let that go because this game isn’t worth the data it took to create. Only people who have tons of money invested continue to play. Hence your dishonest tactics to try and encourage more people to join..Version: 1.250.188

BugsMarching troops when out in the world keep dropping off the bottom of the screen and you have to close the game and open again to be able to return troops. Also an issue with alliance chat not showing messages after certain points and makes you miss content (Love this game).Version: 1.250.184

Rip offCould be a very good game but only if you have money . Shields cost gems which can be gathered but would take a month the get them or you have to buy the . It’s pay as you go and packs are too dear with very limited items in them after all it shouldn’t be that expensive. Also in your city there is a lot going on too many buildings , eg you have to build a lumber factory then lumber storage then charcoal factory then charcoal storage then you have to physically cart lumber to town to keep the town going ,didn’t realise they had electricity then. RIP OFF game but could be good . I’ll bet no one sees this.Version: 1.250.188

No fun when used as a farm by bigger castlesYou can’t get ahead in this game, you are constantly being used as a farm by the bigger players which give the enticement to spend money so you can get ahead and catch up to defeat the bigger players!! If you want to throw money away this game is for you!!!.Version: 1.250.146

They will take your money and delete your accounts..I started playing in a state with several of my friends. I have spent more money than I care to admit and I and ready to call the credit company and demand a refund. Chinese markets pay a small fraction of the price for the same packages in their store, they have a huge advantage. The game has already taken over 2 dozen accounts from good friends of mine for “suspicion of using a bot” they are all real people I assure you, people that have now lost accounts. Some of which were paid for. I will not spend another dollar in this game. I will be looking into a refund. They promise a fair and balanced playin environment. It’s anything but that. If I can’t play on the map with my friends what is the point of my investment?? And I can’t move my account now? The developers need start with fixing the prices to make them equal for every country. They can also add the odds of getting certain items to their paid packages. They do not show odds and 9/10 you will not get the hero’s you paid for if you buy super recruit tickets. I would greatly appreciate a few hundred tickets and a couple hundred thousand gems. With the amount I have paid into this they could at least do that. They have already driven my friends out of the game. They are about to lose everyone in state 204z.Version: 1.250.182

Pay to play or lose outI've played this game for a week and half now. All has been fine, enjoyed it in fact. I have now however reached the point of becoming a lucrative target for other players who have paid vast amounts of money to improve their in game strength. I can not get anywhere, attacked every other hour and having to start again. Game deleted. If you're willing to pay, you'll love the game. If not then you'll get nowhere,.Version: 1.250.192

Frustrating and unfairYou will spend hours, days, and weeks building your empire. Once you get to a certain strength level, you’ll be attacked constantly so you can no longer advance or build your game. Once I got to level 13, I’m bro g attacked every few hours, often by the same people. Unless you pay money to buy things that protect your empire, there’s no way to continue getting stronger and improve. It started out as a fun game until it became clear that there’s no safeguards to protect you from game bullies. They aren’t even getting any of my resources because I don’t have any. I’m attacked so often that I can’t build any up..Version: 1.250.179

NOT age of empiresDownloaded this game because in the photos it looks like a remastered mobile version of age of empires. Turns out it’s a totally different game and they just stole the photos so people will download it. Shame on you guys...Version: 1.250.188

GlitchyThe game seems like it could be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t appear to be developed well. Just started playing and I can’t get past the instructional parts of the game... it’s telling me to click “here” but won’t recognize my clicking. I’m essentially trapped and can’t move on..Version: 1.250.185

Stolen assets and ads are gameplay of Age of empires 2Honestly this game is a rip off! The ads for this game are made up of stolen gameplay of other old games which i’m guessing the devs are hoping no one realises that that’s what they are doing, some examples being: Age of empires 2 and banished. If you like the look of the ads, don’t play this game, it is nothing like that but instead try either one of the games i mentioned, the classic age of empires 2 can be run on a toaster but it is still a classic and an enjoyable game that i still play to this day! I’d recommend trying that instead of this because rise of empires is not what it is advertised as..Version: 1.250.190

In app purchases are faulty supportI purchased an in app product where the purchase resulted in some sort of technical error and purchased product was not provided. No response from technical support and I was “ineligible” for a refund through Apple. Buyer beware! This app developer is breaching consumers laws. received a decline for refund from Apple and have submitted 3 claims with the developer from the app and the purchase of $159 produce no out come. Outrageous!.Version: 1.250.177

Eden updateCan you fix the bug in this game if you move to Eden to play the game after a while starts to freeze. To a point where your trapped in no mans land cant exit game cant open or close stuff. Which means you cant defend or fight and no shield on..Version: 1.250.185

Got lots of time and money?This game requires lots of time and a fair amount of money if you want to stay competitive. Sure you can play for free but you will quickly fall behind. You will always be chasing and chasing and chasing. If you refuse to spend money, the alternative is to spend time. Lots of time. For those in quarantine, I guess that’s doable. Although the game started off fun, it later became almost an obsession. I and many others quit at c20, others well before. The game is inherently flawed as a game goes. It was intended to be a money making machine after all, not really an enjoyable long term experience. Some strategy is required but not a lot of skill. You can make up for both with time and money. I have spent too much of both. Never again on this type of “game”. Goodbye and good riddance....Version: 1.250.168

Good game SHOCKING customer serviceI’ve been playing this for a while now, it’s good game, you can progress quite far without in game purchases. There is a couple of times now where game bugs have happened and I’ve lost stuff. I’ve contacted customer support on all times and they really fight tooth and nail not to give you back what you’ve lost. The most recent for me was 7 teleports brought with diamonds. Once they said you spent them, when I know I didn’t, this review was the only way to try and help others. So I say again ..... SHOCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE.Version: 1.250.171

What a load of crapGave it one star because zero wasn’t an option. Nothing like advertised. Can’t tell if I’m playing the game or it’s playing me..Version: 1.250.186

This game lieIt is not like age of empire.Version: 1.250.185

Rise of empires ice and fireCan’t believe this game can only be played in portrait mode!! Seriously I spend all this money on the latest tech with big screens and you guys produce a game like this that doesn’t work in landscape... deleted.Version: 1.250.138

Too many issuesFor some reason I thought this game would be far from having issues since it’s a carbon copy of Last Shelter. Unfortunately I’ve had more issues in this game. From getting error messages when adding someone to an alliance, to the chat room glitching out in many different ways, to finally not even being able to leave feedback or request assistance from the developers in game because it’s in a language that I can’t even read. There is currently a Halloween event going on and I can’t use a joker card because I keep getting an error but I can’t leave any feedback in game because of the issue I stated. So now I’m not really sure I’ll enjoy the event. This game is one disappointment after another..Version: 1.250.185

Scam gameDo not play this game. The developers will not respond to you except in a standard reply for all problems in game. They never fix any problems that happens because of their updates or game glitches. If you ask Apple or Google for refunds due to the gaming company errors and faults, the developers take away items you paid for. They do not reconcile any issues unless you are of Chinese descent. They support players that bully and harass actual paying players. The events are never fair, recent events have had whole states locked from the events which everyone plays for to earn rewards, while the developer backed states continue to destroy any progress you may have made in said events. This has happened to me one the last 3 ROC events. The state I was in was not able to play and due to state 6, have lost huge rewards for playing events and never compensated by the developers when it is their fault. 200 players from different parts of the world can’t have the same network issue unless it is controlled by the servers for the developers..Version: 1.250.169

No support service.I was a paying customer and had a problem with one of my product (Royal Prestige Package) I decided to send them an inquiry through their inquiry form, Didn’t receive any answers for days while I paid £23,99. So I decided to claim a refund just for the package with what I had a problem. They decided to ruin my account by giving me a 200,000 gemmes debt (which is priced over £400) and convert all items I have if I’m not able to get those gemmes. They never replied to any of my inquiries. The worst customer service and even for paying customer. Find another game or don’t put a penny cause if there is a problem, you’ll be disappointed..Version: 1.250.186

Customer support problemsEnjoying playing the game now I can’t log in it’s asking me to log into another game which I do not play, I keep trying to contact there support team but heard nothing back other than to make a new account, I’m spent a lot of time and even some money on this just to be told to make a new account, what a joke on the game I am a leader of a alliance and they have kicked me out the game at the worst time they could of and now what ????? Tech support what are you telling me can you help log me back into my account or are you going to tell me is to make a new account ? Also on the crafting of equipment it’s a rip of I have been making the same one peace of item for weeks and I have more of everything else other than the one thing iv been making consistently so that is definitely a rip of within the game.Version: 1.250.189

Game doesn’t enforce rulesGame sets out war to happen and rules and then doesn’t enforce any of them. It is a free for all for bullies and high money players and they charge USA and Canada more so we are at huge disadvantage. Don’t bother.Version: 1.250.188

Problem ResolutionIt’s sad the developers can’t or won’t solve problems. The developers have a terrible reputation and are in fact accused of cheating or scamming people to gain more money from the players. Many are leaving because of this. My recommendation is to start solving problems. Second is to change your policy on the notion of “random” in recruiting and the unfairness in the “luck.” We have taken notes and shared information. No way 93 out of 100 cases, the “luck” issues a gold X level hero in the 900+ range. 1 out Of 1000 cases a hero is issued under 100 luck. This is 100% programmed. So the notion is a lie. We share your responses in line app and discord. Personally, I have had 0 problems solved in 2 years from the developers. Excuses and more diversions and lies is what you provide. I have many open cases and have provided information you’ve requested and in many cases, provided the information 3-5 times. ZERO results. Again, recommendations from Mr is for you to start getting results and no excuses. Your slow responses are another matter. We don’t want your excuses about delays in responses..Version: 1.250.184

What a bait and switchHow dare you use this video for another terrible game just make AOE you slimy people.Version: 1.250.159

Rotating screen gameI developed a theory that all games that force me to play my device portrait mode my theory goes that they are all boring they all forced you to place your city building where the game wants and they are all click wait click now click here and wait wait games and I’d hate them all because they don’t allow freedom of choice or individual and creative planning or playing. Then I heard about this game Boom theory confirmed.Version: 1.250.195

Not pay to win BUTWhilst it is not pay to win, it most definitely is pay to be competitive, have played fully for 4 weeks and still only have one orange hero, no chance to be competitive when you run into folks who have 3 in each legion. And the idea of matching our province against a province that has been around months longer, talk about carpet bombed, last straw, no chance whatsoever, pro league versus kids, no fun to get everyone smashed with no one even getting a look in..Version: 1.250.152

Cool concept - no space to learn or grow without $Look no further than this review to illustrate how a game with a grand idea can utilize its strengths to try and get to your wallet. In the short, this Game is a clicky, sad version of the DND games that we may have used to play when we were younger. As soon as you start building any strength, your alliance has everything to do with your survival, and your plot coordinates are posted online while stronger members of this community feast on all of your resources. If you have a piece shield on, you better have more ready and continuously apply them to yourself or you will be annihilated as soon as the shield expires. Not cool. I’ll spend my time elsewhere. Would love a refund..Version: 1.250.179

The adverts lieI chose this game because I like the style of game where you builds civilisation, and the adverts I saw said “this game says no to pay to win”. It’s exactly the same as the others I’ve tried in this respect. I’m very disappointed. Also, I can’t find any Alliances to join. Presumably other players are leaving and there isn’t the level of participation needed to have enough Alliances to go round..Version: 1.250.178

ScamThere is no way this game should be allowed for anyone under 18. You need to tie the account to a charge card and the chinese game company has designed its game to get you to spend money. Furthermore, NO adult should let there child play this game unless they want to go into debt. Apple should be ashamed of itself allowing this game to be promoted and not fulling looking into the unscrupulous practices. Not recommended: unless you think this is a great way to send $ to chinese communists..Version: 1.250.193

Good potentialGame has a good setup and is really fun but the game doesn’t keep you engaged when your waiting for building to finish upgrading, like in other games on down time you can go attack people or go on a resource tile or attack martians but in this game it takes so long to get your attack chances back it just makes me want to delete the game.Version: 1.250.186

Fake and Scam, Don’t play it!First of all this is not Age of Empires, it’s a ripoff and they should be sued for false advertisement. The ad makes you think that you are about to play the PC version of Age of Empires (there is a voice in the ad that says so!) but the game is completely different. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! Also, it’s a pay to win game. Sure, they start by giving you free buildings and free upgrades, later everything you want to do in the game costs real money. Do you want to build something? Money please! Do you want to upgrade something? Money please! Do you want troops? Money please! And read the reviews, a lot of people have bought in-game purchases and have been scammed and admins won’t reply to their tickets. Finally, people say that they are low level and are constantly being attacked by higher level players, which steal their resources, thus forcing you to pay money to get more resources in order to “get back on your feet”, but then guess what, you get attacked again and again and all that money you spent in recourses is technically gone and you repeat the cycle again. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!.Version: 1.250.185

By requestI’ve played for 5-mins and it is already asking me for a review...haven’t even gotten past the tutorial stage yet! so far it seems difficult to play without spending a lot of loot.... This seems a bit ridiculous...but to get free resources I need this..Version: 1.250.162

Pay to win game sadlyAs many people have already said it’s a pay to win type of game. Also in the kingdom I was in 406, the top 15 alliances had a no attack policy to stop people zeroing other peoples castles. I followed this rule as my alliance leader threatened by saying he would kick me out if I attacked anyone again so I stopped. Then when I wake up and log in the very alliance I was told not to attack has absolutely destroyed my castle and taken all my resources. I messaged my alliance leader no response ! This is completely breaking the rules and basically I was a farm or resource plot for other alliances. I spent money in game around £50 which I have struggled to get refunded because customer service on this game is non existent. Customer service I want my money refunded and then I will uninstall your rubbish money grabbing cheating game. Anyone who reads this do not download this game completely geared towards pay to win and even when you do pay you still lose 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.250.193

Don’t bother with this gameIn honesty, the game has the potential to be good but there are far to many issues with it to spend your time on it. It definitely pay to win and the higher level you get, the more you have to pay. The game is designed to make you pay because playing for free definite won’t get you anywhere! There are also far to many glitches/bugs in the game that never seem to get fixed. Oh, and if you do have an issue with the game that requires you to contact their support, don’t bother! I’ve been waiting almost 2 months for my issue to be resolved because they still “looking into it”. For game that is designed to get your wallet out, at least have some form of decent service..Version: 1.250.155

SlowBeen playing for some months. Have not purchased anything and my progress has been slow. Unless you purchase packs you will not progress to the level where you can join in major attacks. You receive plenty rewards if you are in an alliance but most of that goes on protection..Version: 1.250.202

TerribleFirst purchases are needed and are everywhere yet they do not work, next expect to spend 30 minutes each time the game messes up and needs to be redownloaded to get through the stupid starting phase that does not let you sign in to your already build account. Forces you to click certain stuff and not able to resign in until way later on.Version: 1.250.186

Purchase scamThe game is fun but when you start moving towards a higher level and having to purchase items to help upgrade, the company just scams you. I purchased potions, did not receive them except for the gems. I contacted customer service through the game and asked for a refund and they took 3 days to reply with a sentance asking for the order number. I have already provided so many screens shots and bank statements of them not delivering the items I have purchased with still no response. What the game has done instead is put a negative 47k in diamonds against my account as I asked for a $1.49 refund on what I wasn’t delivered. It is ridiculous!.Version: 1.250.186

Good game but they will cheat youI play rise of the empire and your game is fun to play but y’all ripping ppl off because I paid $20 dollars to get to level 25 easily but nope didn’t get nothing. I tried to reach customer service but it was in this language I don’t understand it was nothing but symbols. So I send the message anyways and I waited two weeks with no reply at all to it. So I ask apple to refund me my money cause I paid for the level 25 and never got it. So apple agreed to return me my money. Then a few days later they took away all my diamonds and minus me 120,000 diamonds and mind you I have a subscription that I paid for to get diamonds everyday. Plus they minus me a whole bunch of other stuff which lead me not to be able to protect myself in the game from attacks. Plus you know they took away the complaint thing where u can go and talk to customer service and I couldn’t even reply to their messages. So this game u have is a complete scam. Cordially yours, Leonard Cadet.Version: 1.250.186

Fake pic from another gameThis is not the real game! I am playing this game and the real game they took the pic from and it looks nothing the same! This game is so boring compared to the real AOE. I will uninstall this right now.Version: 1.250.185

Content becomes unplayableI had a lot of fun the first nine months made a lot of friends. Built my castle and my heroes. But the developers spend more effort changing hero avatars appearance than they do on content. Eden first season was disappointing but playable. Prize system only favors top 15 or so guilds no rewards for the rest. Prizes are pretty underwhelming even at top. Small alliances had little opportunity. I was excited when they announced changes and matching system. But a structure of points was created that will leave fewer with prizes and matching was a lie. They matched top alliances but put small alliances on maps with giants to fight. You can’t play unless you find guild to fit you all or split up and because you had the bad luck to land on hardest map no one wants your smaller players. It a bad system. Also, to move guilds away from your original area is nearly impossible do joining up has very limited option. Disappointing and people I really enjoy playing with are quitting. But never fear they will again spend time and effort updating avatar appearances and fix nothing.Version: 1.250.178

Age of empires by Microsoft is not what this game isThe only reason I got onto this game is because of the advertisements they used to apply coming from an age old game called age of empires owned by Microsoft or at least it came out for their system. so once I began playing I could see that it was just a ruse to attract players who were actual age of empires players.If the makers of the game makers of this game is a need to resort to trickery then clearly have been dishonest and have monetised the game to make a profit. This is the not the game they had advertised.Version: 1.250.185

Scam/ Poor customer serviceFirst of this isn’t age of empires nor is it even close. However it is kinda catchy. it’s a pay to play game otherwise fall behind and lose which I was fine with. Till I paid for something and got something completely different. Contacted customer service and their response is slower than dial up. In a game where time matters (which is why they sell speed ups) you can’t just sit back and wait days. When I complained to apple and they refund one of the many packages I bought. I went back into the game to use the refund for the right package they were suppose to give me. Just to find out my account was locked because I got a refund. They were fast to do that but couldn’t respond to me for almost a week. Issue still unresolved no one answers. Not sure if it’s a scam or poor customer service. Save your time and money unless you want to have the issues I’ve had..Version: 1.250.186

Never ending tutorialThe “game” is just one long unskippable tutorial. Played for 10 minutes without actually getting to any gameplay..Version: 1.250.185

If you don’t spend money... SCAMIf you don’t spend tons of money on this game you will just be a farm for people who spend loads of money to attack. This way the people who spend money are happy, screw everyone else you are just food for the rich. SCAM GAME 💯 Edit: Since the developers are confused. I’ve played may war games and know how to be in a strong alliance and protect myself (duh, that’s a war game). The “World” I played in called for “Peace” so NOBODY could do ANYTHING (expect farm) unless you pay thousands upon thousands to be stronger than virtually everyone else on the map. Game for people ready to drop thousands. The rest of the players are simply there to support their paid users, period. Scam..Version: 1.250.186

No such thing as a level playing field.Great graphics. Interesting story. Good challenges. But as soon as you start to get a stock of resources, somebody many levels higher comes along and rapes it. Thought it was gunna be a fun game. Over it already..Version: 1.250.159

Nice game but foul language by RussiansIt would be quite a interesting game, but some people like (RUS) Hyila using foul language because someone retaliates to an incoming attack. U fortunately that is not a good omen for the game. Phsycopaths should not be tolerated, as children play this game! I have not found another way to mention this from inside the game..Version: 1.250.181

Nothing like OG age of empiresClaims to be the new age of empires but only has a couple minor features that are the same. Other then claiming to be the new AOE it is a fun game in its own ways.Version: 1.250.186

Not real adsStop faking the ads saying this is age of empires when it’s not even close to it seen on YouTube and Facebook. Pretty bad when you have to pretend to be another game just for people to download it #garbagecompany’s.Version: 1.250.185

Can not cancel subscriptionNice game so far I just started but it looks cool so far. But can not cancel auto subscription please help me.Version: 1.250.183

Money Hungry DevelopersI started playing this game and loved it.. you could earn points spend a bit - I’ve spend over $500 AUD so far in 3 months. But it was my choice. Then comes this new update. Getting rid of the trading house is just greedy. And they give you building you will never unlock unless you spend $160 AUD. It’s becoming wayyy to much. Take it easy you want to be billionaires overnight??? That’s just greed. I used to spend monthly 150 and over. I’m cancelling my subscriptions and will stop spending money until you improve this. I hope everyone else does the same..Version: 1.250.175

Fix bug pleaseVery frustrating when you can’t use marching troops tab that disappears when you toggle world and base. Only started happening since latest update. Please fix this issue.Version: 1.250.184

Game froze and now won’t let me do anythingThis game froze on me and won’t let me access it which I have tried to reset it and my phone and still nothing. There is no way to contact them to get it unfrozen and if I delete the game I lose my accounts which I have spent good money and time on. The game is fun but I’m out $100+ now and can’t access anything. All I get is the same frozen screen and won’t let me do anything so this gets 1 star for me.Version: 1.250.184

Pay to play, money pit in disguiseThis game seems really nice with good graphics and cool gameplay mechanics... so sad it’s only smokes and mirrors. There is absolutely NO peaceful time for development of your city. Unless tous spend big it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do any upgrades because as soon as you are offline you will be zeroed out, making this game a perpetual groundhog day. Train troops, gather ressources try to upgrade something... go to bed come back... try to gather ressources to heal all your troops then gather ressources to train more troops for missions finally have enough to upgrade one thing then go to bed...only to start all over again the next day because you were raided during offline. Alliance or not the only thing that make you safe are the peace shields $$$ and paying for everything that you need to upgrade..Version: 1.250.191

Very wrong set upI started playing this game not even 2 weeks in you try to build your empire but people just attack your castle over and over then you’re unable to do anything unless you want to spend $$$$$ worst game ever as far as I’m concerned.Version: 1.250.177

GlitchesGameplay isn’t bad, the concept is good. But they have issues with different bindings, especially Facebook. Seems it always happens before the open killing event. Just recently, they had an issue with accounts tied to Facebook. My account was wiped off the map and I was given crumbs for their mistake. Then their response was that my account was also bound a different way so I could have logged in. As soon as I saw that I double checked, and it appears that was their excuse because it wasn’t true, and they closed the thread between myself and them. Now my account needs built back up because of their mistake. Don’t spend a dime with them, it’s not worth it. They will just end up having a glitch and you will lose half of it anyways. Play free and it won’t be as big of a deal. 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 1.250.190

AlertAfter playing this for a few weeks, I started receiving alerts from apple that someone or some group in China was attempting to hack into my account. Is Empires just a front for hackers to go shopping? I deleted the Empires account and changed my passwords... problem solved..Version: 1.250.182

Developer Rethink EventsI have played the for about a month now. I was willing to get through the long tutorial and even stayed once the game opened the throne event up. Even stayed once our “king” was crowned and we ended up with a tyrant/dictator (note, you may get lucky and get a ruler that wants to help the province and not just themselves). I even stayed once we had to start state vs state events. But the event that destroys the game and the game play is the Reign of Chaos event. Reign of Chaos has caused more people to quit the game then any other event. I get it developers much games to make money and I’ve spent a fair bit more on this game trying to compete but all that money, time and effort gets thrown out the window during reign of chaos. The game play completely changes and you have spend yet more money to even survive this event let alone thrive. Maybe next time when you develop a game don’t change everything on a player a month or two in. That way you can make more money by keeping players longer..Version: 1.250.186

Spending money, never stop.Without spend money hard to level up and some items will get only pay money.Version: 1.250.183

Only way to compete is spend spend spendThis game is solely based on how deep your pockets are. It is a true pay to win game is all this is. Lots of glitches and freezing when Attacking. Poor explanations of updates and unfair costs to North America.Version: 1.250.173

Pay to WinThe game itself is good to play, however everything is ridiculously over priced and the pack content is next to nothing. The Devs aren’t useless and neither are the customer service team. If you have deep pockets, go and download but if you don’t, I’d consider something that you won’t need a second mortgage for..Version: 1.250.191

To all Age Of Empires fans...The game that you download is not the game that is advertised. I was looking forward to the feeling of sweet nostalgia from being able to play “something like” the Age Of Empires game I played for hours and hours as a kid but the game you download is different from what’s advertised from overall building and character design to gameplay. The YouTube and intsa ads that I was personally lead here by, that seemed to copy and past age of empires gameplay lead you to believe that you could be walking around with Age of Empires in your pocket. But that’s just not what your getting. All of this is made very clear through the game cheesehead voice acted intro/tutorial that takes you around 10 minutes to compete. The game itself could be compared to a poorly executed, more “realistic” approach to clash of clans if you’ve played. Anyhow... Sorry guys. Hopefully we can get something like what was advertised here sometime in the future..Version: 1.250.186

Red Flag Don’t waste your time!! I was charged $9.99 for something I never purchasedRed Flag!! Strongly recommend NOT to download or playgame. I don’t want you to be charged by app developer for something you physically don’t purchase or give approval of. Although this game might seem fun at first, it’s a waste of your time and they will bill you unexpectedly and without your approval!! I tried to address and fix false charge with app developer only to receive generic emails that they can’t do anything over email and to write issue on “bulletin board” inside the game. I did so and never heard back from them. I finally disputed charge with my cc and Apple App Store only to receive an immediate generic message from game that they received a dispute over charge and they would be taking away items and resources from package I purchased. I first off never received this package upgrade and secondly they altered my account to be negative -71,800+ in gems and resources. How is that possible?.Version: 1.250.191

Ios bug again!!!Second time I’ve been locked out of my account.... and this time just before Svs KE 😓😓 not only have I not been able too help my fellow state players I was also unable too shield.... I’m very disappointed in this bug that has happened before... please devs fix this ASAP as my fellow state players need me 😭😭 great game but things like this can’t be compensated.... it has affected the end result of the event.....Version: 1.250.189

Heavy pay to win.It’s possible to grow without paying money however if you don’t have hours every day to spend on the game, you grow at 1/10 of the rate of pay to win players. Another problem is heroes, you can get legendary heroes rarely without spending money however to make a hero really really good you need another hero medal for that hero meaning you need to recruit it again. I started playing the game 4 months ago and I haven’t gotten a single legendary hero medal for any of my 5 legendary heroes. There are some good things about this game though, one of which is that the graphics are phenomenal. There are also a lot of unique concepts that you won’t see in other games like this. So great job to the developers, if they would just make some changes to the pay to win aspects of the game, it would be absolutely amazing..Version: 1.250.186

False advertisement and boringThat game is the same as so many games of this type but what attracted me to this game is the advertisement showed it was the same as “age of empire” from the computer but better, I played age of empire when it came out all those years ago it’s nothing like it if any thing age if empire is better and that came out in the 90s early 2000s but you actually control everything with age of empire like formations of your troops, how to attack etc and you can’t do anything like that with this game !!! All you do is click on somewhere the troops take ages getting these 5-10 seconds later they walk back it’s boring not worth wasting your time over.Version: 1.250.188

Update has made game worseThe trade house is now locked and can not be opened until timer has reset. Recall horns are now useless. Making this game hard for resources. I’m thinking about deleting the game now. Improve the game by showing more statistics before a march begins. Show a server clock, show time of attack and show march time all before you send an attack. This is meant to be a war game. It is a not very good. Limited troop types, and limited to 1 city. The game lacks strategy..Version: 1.250.175

YeahIt’s good so far.Version: 1.250.159

Tutorials way too longPrepare to spend over 30 minutes on tutorials smh.Version: 1.250.188

Zero Stars!I have been on this game for over a year. The only reason I continue to play is for the certain amount of friends I have made on the game. However, it is clear the game is a major scam to get players to spend money to catch up with the already maxed out accounts that have been confirmed to be receiving free gifts from developers. That do not need to pay for packages in store, who are able to go way above the limit the game allows other fair players to have access too. I would definitely recommend that people find another game, this one is no longer worth paying to play..Version: 1.250.169

Some serious bugs.I’ve played this game for some hours now and I have had so many bugs. I have times where the screen freezes and wouldn’t respond to anything. I’d reopen the game and it would work for a while longer before repeating. UNTIL i got an even worse one to where it would auto lock everything even after reopening. After that I deleted and reinstalled it, the same freezes would pop up but now it is trying to run through the start of the game for an unknown reason. It thinks my base is a starter base and won’t let me skip. The director that leads you to a quest you need to finish will not actually lead you to it. The game will say there is a button you need to push in a certain spot but there won’t be a button there and it will soft lock the game and make you open the app again. I’m using the new IPhone 12 pro max with this and don’t know if anyone else is having bad issues like I am. Besides these bugs not a bad game..Version: 1.250.187

Misleading advertisementsIf your game is as good as you claim at least use gameplay from it rather than using an actual good game like age of empires. Not impressed! 1/5 for extreme deception. Using deception by using good games to try get people to play and hopefully spend money on this..Version: 1.250.162

RubbishNothing like Age of Empires. You should be sued for false advertising..Version: 1.250.185

Bug report can’t go to level 3 gem refining due to bugI have to research effect mining level 3 which I’ve completed After I completed that bug was noticed I stayed on level 2 and unable to research it again. Also unable to research gem refining level 3 since it needs this thing that’s broken Please fix this bug.Version: 1.250.185

Fun until someone decides to wreck it for you.It was interesting to play until someone with over double the power decided to attack relentlessly.. then you try and go on and someone else does the same thing... good times..Version: 1.250.182

Nice butThe game itself is nicely done, I ve been playing for the last month and it’s one of the best game like this I played on the iPad, I like this kind of game usually it takes more time to raise the level it’s good in the beginning it goes fast and the dragon helps a lot. But it’s true I paid in the beginning £5 so you ll need to invest. But tbh now I reach the level 14 i can see all the structures will take more time to be updated everything costs more and indeed I guess you need to pay again to be able to continue properly (some structures as well you can’t build them unless you buy the social convention or something like this which cost £10). I ve lost my motivation to play because of this and as well for the game itself it’s nice but the game is a bit boring because you never fight for real you just send your troupes but you manage. Everything is just numbers and coordinates in a map and tbh I found it a bit boring, compare to other similar games I used to play this one is good cause it’s not too long to updated stuff in the beginning but yes it’s getting boring, it’s just management in the end. In conclusion, good game well done with nice concept but will need to be more intertaining..Version: 1.250.186

ApaulingThis game is unbelievably poor. I’m astonished it even has 4*. it’s 100% pay to win, Tou can’t recalling do very well after the first few days of game play unless you pay. not to mention how incredibly boring this is. I love strategy games but if mobile games want to compete in the games market then developers need to do better then sad cash cow excuses like this. Save your money and buy a proper strategy game where game developers are actually developers like Rome total war or something..Version: 1.250.188

Reporting systemThe game has a reporting system for chat and convo. If your speaking in your province or state chat, a player can report your message and without review your banned from chat for min 24hrs. The translator is close but not perfect. Doesn’t allow curse words but still has a reporting system for convo. 2 stars for the brain cells that slammed together to program the chat.Version: 1.250.186

Another Pay to win gameMust admit it’s a very well thought out game, it is fun, until you get attacked but players much higher than you, the game is definitely designed to encourage you buy diamonds, which are used to buy all sorts of things in-game, very much a micro transaction based game..Version: 1.250.150

Seemed good, lots of griefI was quite enjoying this game. Had not spent a cent, but had put in a lot of time over 3 days. Thought I was advancing well, then over night got raided about 15 times and lost all my resources (one person raided me 4 times), all troops wounded, can’t heal them all or upgrade the tower because I’m out of coins. Is there even any point getting resources and waiting to upgrade defences if I can lose everything while I’m asleep. No idea what needs to be improved to be better defended..Version: 1.250.191

Game glitches***this is a review on so called ‘Dev Team’ **** Numerous people within our alliance pick certain tasks for CoP warm up week and constantly wake up to the wrong task being selected. It takes that long for a response that the players miss out on a days worth of CoP boxes and aren’t even offered compensation. Any simple investigation would see they clearly see the player is one that constantly hits their boxes. For a game that takes extreme amounts of money you need to focus on the people that pay to play the game..Version: 1.250.193

Place for money and bulliesYou need to spend a lot to get anywhere. Your are attacked by far larger more powerful people all the time. Goal not to raid as much as kill your troops cost of healing causes you to be broke and weak. The top 20 alliances have a non agression pack So if you join smaller one expect to be hit again and again This in itself means gameplay is flawed..Version: 1.250.196

Rise of empiresSince loading this latest version when I am in alliance chat the keyboard keeps going black - I have restart my iPhone 7 with latest software updates to get the keyboard back but then it goes black again after I have typed one or two messages. Is this something that has been reported to you and are you doing something about it. P.S. this is the only way I found to communicate the problem.Version: 1.250.197

Starts good and goes downhill fast.It starts good but there is no protection from the high players to just bully the newer players. In fact they incite it by having king of the land battles. So basically while you are trying to build up you are constantly attacked by far higher level players. Just really ruins what seemed like a good game. There should be a level prohibition to stop people that have been playing for a while to attack lower level players. It’s a game of bullying. Once you get past the protection level then basically you are harassed constantly by level 25 players until the game is not fun anymore. Unless you plan on spending lots of real money to level up quickly don’t bother with this game. The publishers don’t care..Version: 1.250.192

Thought it would have been better😕I got this game not too long ago and at first there was a lot of things to do and it was a ton of fun, but as I leveled up it got a little boring. It kept doing the same things over and over and over again. Plus in the advertisement, half of the things that the video showed to you, you can’t do! After only a day of playing it I deleted it, there wasn’t a lot to it. Another thing, it’s really hard to win battles. The only things that you can really do is build and upgrade, common things in a game. I also thought you’d be able to see the battles but the only thing that you can do is watch the March and it takes a long time to get to the point where they actually battle. In general this game is really good but I wish there was more to it..Version: 1.250.188

Garbage game, don’t play itThe whole game is about how to make money from players, running by a small Chinese firm, don’t even has a land line or any service number. You can never win if you don’t charge, many players had been mislead to charge thousands of dollars, ring apple about the frauds and get your money back if you had been deceived and never play it again..Version: 1.250.186

No Landscape mode.If you develop a game withiut landscape mode your are, to be frank. Dumb..Version: 1.250.185

Need more improvementsIt has so much lag, so it stops everytime i want to click when the “finger” says to click to. you need to fix bugs.Version: 1.250.194

Misleading and waste of timeI played this game for about a month, and it was fairly enjoyable in the beginning. I wish now I had read the reviews earlier, I could have saved a month of my life. DO NOT waste your time. This is a true pay-to-win game. If you do not pay, you will be at a HUGE disadvantage, and will waste HOURS of your time trying to proceed at the higher levels. I can see how you buy something small at lower levels, and then get sucked in at higher levels as everything is that much more difficult so you end up spending even more money. So happy I stuck to my rule and quit before spending a dollar..Version: 1.250.186

Update ruined the gameI can’t find a damn thing in my castle, everything is a complete disaster. They took a good game and pretty much destroyed it in the effort to upgrade, bravo..Version: 1.250.172

BoringWell this is pretty boring. You can’t do anything for yourself. There’s this annoying wagging finger pointing at things that you have to click on. You’re not allowed to think for yourself or choose what you want to do. I understand games need some tutorial, but this has been going on for ages now. Don’t see the point in playing if this is all there is to it..Version: 1.250.185

DONT PLAY IT !!!I’ve been playing this game for about 6 months now. I enjoyed it in the beginning. However now, it’s no fun at all. I got to level 7, but can’t get my level any higher because I’m attacked 2 or 3 times a day by people as high as level 18 and even 20. How am I supposed to compete and grow my city when someone a level 20 with millions of troops killing all of my troops and taking all of my supplies? It’s ridiculous and shouldn’t be allowed. The rules should be changed where you can only battle people close to your level. I play several other games where you can’t attack people till they reach level 10 so they have a chance to grow and compete. So... I will be deleting this game and I WILL NOT recommend this game. Go play something else !!!.Version: 1.250.185

Still need workThe game is very good but it still needs work like we need more alliance events then just a undead giant also it’s quite difficult when you gotta buy pretty a lot a stuff like they cheap and all but still why must you pay to just change a photo never will understand that an also some times the game bugs when you try an make a purchase and says can’t connect to apple store that’s another minor issue and resources are some what hard to come by as you level higher.Version: 1.250.117

TeleportsIt’s absolute bullish+t how big players can teleport to the location of my small alliance who are just trying to start up, they ruin us and teleport away again before we can even see them or try and do anything about it- major flaw to the game and all of us are probably stopping to play this because of this overpowered bullish+t. Good game mostly but this has completely ruined it for all of us and I’m sure it’s the same for many others who are just trying to get started.Version: 1.250.186

Pay to winDon’t be fooled by the adverts for this game saying it is against pay to win. As with most games of this type a continual supply of money is a requirement to be at all competitive, not unusual in this regard but highly deceptive adverts. In addition the graphics shown on the advert and on the App Store don’t seem to be anywhere in the game and seem to be from age of empires 2 on the PC..Version: 1.250.185

Pay to playThey are gonna say its a "free to play" but its really not..Version: 1.250.184

Devolepmental issues and expensiveGame is designed so you must play every day , even you job allows vacation time but not this game. Game is also planned if you want to excel and grow in any reasonable amount of time you must spend money. Another issue developers do a system upgrade and lock you out of your bound account, I’ve currently been locked out for 8hrs. I’ve spent real money preparing for today’s activities and now I can’t do them. They give you a method to enter your info to get your account restored but who knows how long that would take? I would quit today if they would offer me just what I spent this week!!.Version: 1.250.186

ZERO customer supportI’ve put in in-game tickets requesting assistance with an in game purchase I made ($100), it’s been 3 days with no response. I reached out to them via FB messenger and commenting on their photos - no response. They purposefully make misleading advertisements based on your castle level. My castle level was 16, 1 upgrade away from 17, they advertised a castle package as “Lv. 19 castle package”, I purchased the package ($100), and proceeded to upgrade everything that needed to be upgraded in order to reach level 19. The castle pack barley gave me enough resources for lvl 18, and I’m weeks away from getting to 19. I reached out to support - no response. BEWARE: They DO NOT support their player base or care about their players. This game is purely pay to win, and they will end up scamming you out of your money..Version: 1.250.159

Fine so far but the avatar thing? Come on....Similar to other games I’ve played which is fine. Made it easy to get the hang of, but I have two qualms. 1. I can’t recall reinforcements (didn’t realize that alliance member was an hour away and they were getting attacked in 10 minutes. The icons on that page made no sense) and 2. I CANT CHANGE THE AVATAR?! I mean come on. I get paying for a custom one but how can I not pick a new in-game one? It’s so infuriating because I’d like to not be a half bald man.. but I don’t want to upload a custom picture. Cheapest money grab thing I’ve ever seen in a game..Version: 1.250.185

Careful for the scamTerrible organisation. They promise a great reward and then after a week of working on it change to a bad one on the last day. You organise yourself for migration, then they change the migration rules so you’re stuck without an alliance for a week. Spoke to support, they basically said it was their error but bad luck.Version: 1.250.179

Needs improvementGame preview images got nothing to do with the game and apparently they are inspired from age of empires. Game functionality needs improvement like applying shields are not cumulative as if you apply 5 24h the net effect is only for a day and not for 5 days. Claim all rewards button works only for one tab..Version: 1.250.190

Poor Dev SupportI have played this game for over 6 months and have been one of the biggest spenders there. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game, however, the last yo seasons of the Reign Of Chaos Event have had so many technical glitches and game lag that it’s become a joke. The developers have done nothing to redress these issues. DO NOT SPEND TO PLAY ON THIS GAME as none of your money is being re-invested to sort out tech issues to improve your experience..Version: 1.250.170

Definitely a SCAMEven spenders can’t compete when devs or some cheaters playing this game. I am giving one rating because I can’t give below this. But it doesn’t deserve even 1 rating because it has wasted a lot of mine time and money when competing this cheaters or may be devs..Version: 1.250.181

Rise of empirBogg bugg bugg.Version: 1.250.185

InterestingWill need to see how it develops. Somewhat different to all the same same ‘strategy game’ rubbish out there.Version: 1.250.136

An endless grind that doesn’t ever end...A more accurate description of this game would be “Play for a few days of relative entertainment and then, either become a servant to the higher level players, or pay a lot of money”. Sure, you don’t have to pay to play, but you will literally be fodder. As you progress, things become increasingly more difficult and more frequent are the little notices that for $5, $10, $25, up to $100 you can get some of the things you need to progress to the next level for your hero, or your building, or whatever you’re trying to develop. But it will only be enough for that one level and the next level will be even more difficult. This is a never ending money pit of a game..Version: 1.250.182

Dull and pointlessGame starts of ok but gets boring very quickly when you have to wait 12 weeks to upgrade anything unless you wanna spend lots of money! Also it’s so much fun to be pillaged continuously by the same person that’s obviously been playing since the release and has a ridiculous power advantage that you can do sod all about. Happily deleted!!!.Version: 1.250.191

Good game, one annoying bugDoesn’t add supplies you get given, when you pass one of the achievements etc. when I go to claim my prize, it tells me that I’m receiving X amount of whatever but I don’t see any change in my supplies when I exit to the town. Otherwise a good game..Version: 1.250.190

BugsGame glitched out an hour into it, got stuck on building screen kept saying tap to build a road but would not let build.Version: 1.250.185

Money scamDevs play in the states with maxed season hero’s, making it impossible to compete. Constantly asking for money, jacking the prices to unattainable figures. Algorithms are trash and don’t play in your favour, ever, forcing you to spend money on scrolls for hero’s to be able to play and compete. The events are a joke and just another money grab. Their customer service is ignorant and arrogant. Automated responses showing little care for your concerns after waiting for what feels like an eternity for an answer..Version: 1.250.169

Game purchase buggedThe game was okay until one purchase it double charges me in one transaction within one minute, got charged for items never ordered or received. The in game support is virtually nonexistent. They seem to only care about taking your money and not to resolve problems people have with their in game purchase. Bad customer service and will warn others to be extremely careful with this game developer. The developer handle the game payment dispute, simply indebt your castle by putting it into negative 50,000 gems, literally killing your castle as you have no gems to shield yourself. Either you buy gem packages which will cost you over few hundred dollars in order to clear this gem debt they put on your castle or quit the game..Version: 1.250.188

No landscape view supportWould be better if it supported landscape view. Annoying playing on an iPad in portrait view.Version: 1.250.186

Late enemy attack notifications....So after been playing so hard for so long and fighting against players out my league, if that is not enough! Now I have take down my throat that if a enemy is going to attack me and I’m not in the game because I do have a real life to live, the game notifies me not a few second, but almost five minutes later that a enemy is on my way to attack, I get online in just a second all the hard work getting resources was for nothing... or in this case for someone else... Shield was down for a few minutes and bam... magically out of a huge map, with hundreds of players and someone appears and gets everything... The first time I thought, well maybe a glitch in the game, second time, oh my internet was slow, but hello!!! This has happened more than 5 times, then is the game made like that and on purpose... Not fair... I’m out....Version: 1.250.190

Misleading marketing and disappointingMarketed as being the updated awesome PC game “Age Of Empires”. I was very hopeful that something would be as great as that classic game. Unfortunately this game is nothing like the original. Just another version of what’s already out there, boring gameplay, rock the boxes, spend some money to actually get anywhere but with a dragon... still waiting for someone to rerelease that amazing classic game. This is not it..Version: 1.250.185

Pay to win much?I understand a free game having some micro transactions... but this game goes well and beyond. You need heroes? Buy them, you need resources, buy them, you need speed ups, buy them, you need crafting equipment that takes months and months to acquire? Buy them, your stamina is gone on your troops? Buy some more. Your troops died? Buy a money only item that increases your weekly revive from 30% to 100%. You need courage medals for research? Buy them. Oh here is an event for rewards for how more money you spend. Did I mention you get gems with all purchases? Oh here’s more speed ups and resources. Oh base rewards? Well don’t plan on getting those because the people who are spending money will completely make you useless. What’s that you want a 50% building time buff.... buy that. Oh vip shop unlocks at castle 20.... but you need to have spend 100 just to unlock it, and 25 monthly to keep using it..... but you can build it though. Not only is this a copy of lss which is entirely just different names and pictures. But some countries have a different money currency. So what will cost you 1000s to do, will cost them hundreds instead. Don’t even bother. You want to be a boss and spend $10,000 on this game it’s for you. You want to spend $100 don’t even bother. You and all the free to play people will just be fed on and used to increase the money spenders..Version: 1.250.185

BUYER BEWARE - READI downloaded this game and LOVE it. Very very fun. Great chats, great battles, etc. I recently attempted to buy some packs, which I’ve done multiple times in the past. I was charged and informed that payment was successful, but did not receive the packs! There is NOWHERE to get support for iPhone in game. I am stuck. I emailed im30 and received a canned response for war z. Responded that I need help with rose of empires, not war z, and received the identical message in response. When I finally got apple support they denied refund on purchases where I NEVER RECEIVED WHAT I PURCHASED. MULTIPLE TIMES. BUYER BEWARE. fun to play, but you will not get reimbursed for packs you buy when they screw up. Very unethical. I would have spent a lot more, but hey, you rip off enough people, you don’t need honest buyers..Version: 1.250.183

Same pay-to-win garbageNothing new, and this is one of the worse ones out there.Version: 1.250.181

False advertisingFalse advertising. Stealing scenes from other games in ads to make it look totally different than what it actually is. Don’t know how this is legal, they should be punished..Version: 1.250.185

Layout changes while you playingHonestly I am playing this game since 2 weeks and they changed the graphics second time And messed up the layout of my castle. There is no support chat or something just happened and no one cares. If i would pay for goodies and they change your gaming experience I would immediately delete the subscription..Version: 1.250.173

An ok base building game, but...Although I have enjoy the game for the short time I had it. I do have some issues with the advertising for the game. I have seen advertisements claiming that “this game says no to pay to win” this is being used for those who want a relaxed gaming experience where everyone has a fair chance. But like most games in this genre you need to pay to get ahead of those your competing against. Not to mention the only preview image that’s accurate with the game play, in the App Store is the final image. The rest of the preview phots are trying make you believe your about to play Age of Empires. These issues are a major red flags for me. While I understand the need to make a profit from a free to download game like this, claiming to be above that while hiding the fact there are micro transactions concerns me. A minor issue I have with the game lack of freedom to do what you want when a chapter is completed, and have unlocked a new building it’s more annoying than anything because not many people want to be interrupted during game growth moments because the game wants you to do something..Version: 1.250.182

Buggy & Don’t get what you pay for...I will change review once my support issue has been resolved but at moment game has bugs and it just cost me $6.99 for absolutely nothing... email to support sent but am a hair away from deleting! Why can’t I teleport to another province if I accept the Gem cost, and why would it take gems, then tell me I can’t and not refund those gems. *sigh*.Version: 1.250.168

Fun.It’s fun. But it has some dumb little things i wish they would change. Like 1 of your rallying a giant and all the slots fill up then it just automatically marches and does not wait for the rest of the timer. Also as the leader of an alliance i should have the power to move people’s buildings. With the fact they mix us all up from all over the world people are on at all times. So when i need something moved it makes for a nightmare during Roc. Plus if a alliance leader is dead does not play for a amount of time the R4 should be able to assume the lead position. If there is no R4 active for awhile then the R3 should be able to assume the leader position..Version: 1.250.159

Support please help.Hi I am getting a bug in game, legion March indicator tab disappears on me. Tried cache clear, restart app & restart phone. Please help as I have spent a lot of $ on this game.Version: 1.250.184

Graphics are nice but!I was happy with the game up until I expanded some lands and changed the layout of my town, and there, on a corner there are some walls that are not together and they have gaps in between. You can’t even move them! Also there are a lot of issues with zooming in and out of the world map. If there are as many as 125k players in one day don’t you think you (developers) think you should fix these issues. I am done playing this game. Don’t have the time or patience to wait and see it fixed. But I say this, don’t spend your money on this game; it’s not worth it..Version: 1.250.169

Nothing like Age of EmpiresArguable this biggest gaming letdown for my iPad. I saw their add on Instagram and it was all about Age of Empires. It said play it just like you use to, but nothing is the same. There’s not even a MMO side and a campaign side. I’m currently up to level 9 and in one day, while at work I have lost over 1/2 of my army. In only 2 hours I lost over 15k troops. I’ve been zeroed out 3 times in the past 2 days. My medical tents are full because I don’t have any resources to heal with. I can’t fight back because all of my troops are injured or dead. There is no protection, and I’m sorry but if I can leave an app alone for 8 hours while I’m working (making money that you guys want me to use on your app) the least you can do is offer some type of protection after being attacked 10 times in 1 hour..Version: 1.250.186

Just like the restI was hoping this game was different but it’s not. It ok if you want to join an Alliance, but if you just want to be by yourself, kill monsters and raise your castle you can’t. There are no rules about being attacked over and over just to kill your troops. I was attacked over 50 times over 30 days by the same person, also attacked by others but that was a once and done. One player would attack me 4 to 6 times over 30 minutes with only parts of his army because he was a lot higher then me, most time not getting any loot but just killing all my people. I spent money to move away from him and he would track me to keep attacking. I had trouble building because I used resources to heal/make my army and he would just kill them all. So if you want to join an alliance it good, but not for a solo person.Version: 1.250.173

Royal prestige issueSince getting royal prestige the royal charcoal building does not work full time. Stops and starts production randomly. Always not producing when game is closed. Have renewed subscription last month to this month has same issue. Multiple accounts of mine, and fellow alliance members same issue..Version: 1.250.196

PatheticIn their despair for ripping off players have taken all the fun out of this game. There are so many things to improve such as a freaking Search bar for monsters. Do you know how annoying is to scroll the map by finger in the search for a monster level 4?!.Version: 1.250.159

Terrible TutorialAfter getting to Chapter 2 and still being told which button to press and only being able to push that button I gave up. I can understand a tutorial useful but either make it the player’s choice or the first ten moves. Not thirty or so moves in the first chapter, and then carrying it on into the next.......Version: 1.250.196

Not at all like Age of EmpiresVery disappointed with this game. The screenshots are fake, advertisement is false, and most users are fake. The UI is not at all like the ads or screenshots here in the App Store. The game architecture is also a problem as most successful players have to maintain their castle and up to a dozen fake account “farms”. The game strategy is more like Sims or FarmVille instead of the strategy genre like the original AoE or Red Alert..Version: 1.250.181

Very Expensive and game gets worse as time goes onHard to compete unless you can spend a lot of money. After the first couple months it moves on to a phase called reign of chaos which is just stupid. A lot of people quit at that time because it becomes a game where you’re taking tiles instead of attacking other castles and at a certain level it’s extremely hard to grow unless you can devout your whole life to the game as you need to create a bunch of other farm accounts, and/or you can spend over a hundred or more dollars a week. Oh and the customer service/support is absolutely horrible.Version: 1.250.193

Ruined by a few players developers won’t stopAs per title. A great game ruined by a few very strong players who just destroy everyone else for no reason even when peace is agreed. They are there (probably controlled by developers) to force you to spend money on defences/shields to protect yourself. Absolutely ruined an otherwise brilliant game. Such a shame. Many players have left as a result..Version: 1.250.199

Poor gameGame is full of bugs and doesn’t work as advertised lvl 7 is supposed to be protected from attack from larger players but thats a outright lie. I would not spend on this game There is also 0 support you cannot contact game creators.Version: 1.250.183

MisrepresentationFor those wondering about the advertisements for this app - IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE OF EMPIRES. They use the pictures from AOE, and make out as if this is the modern day version. It’s not. What a misrepresentation. This game is nothing more than a “pay to proceed” game where you have to collect gems and wait for days for things to “build”. Garbage new world games. Honestly, I’m surprised this is even allowed..Version: 1.250.173

Developers give friends free hero recruitment ticketsI have been playing this game for 10 months, and liked the gameplay. Unfortunately, it has become clear that certain players do not spend money on packs, yet have the most powerful, maxed accounts across several states. These players all happen to be Chinese and brag that they have friends at the company who give them free hero recruitment tickets. One such player migrated to our state, formed an alliance for Chinese players, and vows to “kill all foreigners.” This has been reported to the developers, yet they do nothing to stop this behavior. When you spend a lot of time and money to play a game, this is an extremely disappointing outcome. My advice to new players, don’t waste your time and money. Pick a different app..Version: 1.250.153

FALSE ADVERTISING!!There is a special level of hell for developers who claim to have ported an epic classic game to mobile only to have stolen screenshots from the game to push their pay to play garbage..Version: 1.250.185

Map view bugAfter latest update every time I go the map view the panel at the left side goes down and if I’ll do it few times it completely disappeared from the screen..Version: 1.250.184

DisappointedLoaded and deleted the app 2nd time round. Nothing like the original AOE or it’s update game. Played AOE for many years and this game has greedy players as well as forcing you to purchase stuff..Version: 1.250.190

It’s a ok game with some issuesYou stuck with a ugly avatar picture that you have to pay with real money to change. I understand that they want to make money but they make it way to easy for the pay to play players to bully the free players. The combats and attacking monsters works well and building and upgrades time isn’t to bad so far. If they fix some of the issues I’ll raise rating on this game. The daily challenges are suppose to last all day but are geared towards pay to play players who can rush and complete them for rewards. The maker of the game should rename it as hourly challenges, on that note some daily challenges do require you to purchase items to complete it as well..Version: 1.250.125

Farm accounts banI have contacted support team to verify the reason why 7 of my farms castles were suspected from the server. I have yet to get any feed back on that.Version: 1.250.181

A frustrating messy game to playDate of review January 2021. A very time consuming game to play. You have to build up everything precisely because all buildings in the castle are sequentially linked to each other at each castle level to develop and/or maintain progress. You choose where to place most of the buildings, for me that’s the messy part, in your castle. Marble quarries buildings need to be around the quarry. Different resources each have their own depots. You have houses that build a population, you have Mint buildings to make gold to aide various upgrades and research at each castle level. You upgrade the Tavern to accommodate the housing population that you must continually supply with food and ale or the population will fall and everything will grind to a halt. This is a war game so expect to get attacked or use gems to buy shields. Join an alliance and donate to alliance science to earn points to get 8 hour shields instead of spending 500 gems for one..Version: 1.250.191

Introductory TutorialThis is one of the longest and most pointless introductory tutorials I’ve ever seen. You can’t fast forward or skip. Every task takes super long to get through because of the animation. And you can do barely anything other than the task it’s trying to force you to do. I want to delete the game already and I haven’t even gotten to the point where I’ve started playing..Version: 1.250.177

BuggyFor the second time in a week I cannot login. There is no way to actually talk to developers. I have put money in to this game but will not again..Version: 1.250.186

Complete scan if you request a refundThe game itself is amazing, and quite enjoyable. Eventually the developer are shady as can be and very rude. I have made tons of purchases on the game, once I requested a refund for one of purchases which was very glamorously represented with very poor content. They issued the refund for the one purchase and took away all my credits, gems down to over 1000% the value of the purchase I just requested refund for. Not only that they basically send me a message saying that this is a punishment for requesting a refund. The service responses when you contact them is only AI which take you no where. So my recommendation is if you will play the game is purchase nothing or don’t ever ask for a refund or they will be punishment. Completely unfair trade and scam.Version: 1.250.186

They like to take your moneyHorrible issues with getting ahold of anyone to get issues resolved! They charged me twice for ONE pack that I did buy. I got a refund from Apple for the double charge and then they took every diamond I had and made my account negative in the diamonds I had. Absolutely NOT how you do business. Charge me twice and then take everything I have on my account ? Don’t pay for anything on this game at all. I won’t adjust this until my issue is resolved. Horrible communication with the devs. I don’t recommend this game at all..Version: 1.250.190

Developers blackmail youI love the game and the people I have met, however the company is only interested in money and has no integrity at all. They get you to buy packages on the promise of receiving resources in return. I did not get what was promised so I got a refund. What happened then is the reach into your game and take a LOT more than what you purchased. Then to get that back you have to buy the pack again. It’s extortion and it’s under handed. Support is terrible and takes days to get a response and then they don’t answer you. Players have even been locked out of the game for daring to question the billing. Don’t start the game unless you are willing to pay a fortune and risk being ripped off..Version: 1.250.199

Hard to follow, consistently crashesPlayed this game for a little over a week. Found the tutorial to be pretty basic and doesn’t explain everything in the game. All based around very expensive micro transactions. Also found once I hit level 10 the game consistently crashed. I’d barely load the game and it would crash. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still crashed..Version: 1.250.193

Decent game but needs some issues fixedIt’s a good game. I’ve spent a fair amount of hours over the last few weeks playing it. I enjoy it fairly well for someone who loved Age of Empires as a kid and now adult. The cons: you get dropped in a “state” in the game with a bunch of people who don’t speak the same language as you so all the alliance messages are in another language and you have no idea what’s going on. You can move to another state if you’re under a level 6 but most of the time you don’t find out about that option until you’re already past that level. It would be super helpful to remove that level 6 rule. Let us move to whatever state or province we want, but maybe only allow it once or have to pay gems or $1.99 to do it, something! I play this game with my husband but we are in different states in the game and can’t rally or anything together. It would also be helpful to be able to have friends in this game, you could send gifts or supplies to..Version: 1.250.159

RefundWhy do you make it so hard to file a refund? Please I want a refund..Version: 1.250.186

Misleading AdvertismentsI saw an ad on YouTube for this game that was entirely different from what the game actually is..Version: 1.250.171

MisrepresentationJust like Evony in many ways. The paywall is enormous and the grind is ridiculous. Best not to download as it just encourages the devs to make more of these ridiculously priced time sinks..Version: 1.250.188

MisleadingThis is nothing like age of empire..Version: 1.250.189

LinThe customer services never reply about my problem, how can the king can put the begger title to me , because only I don’t surrender to them, I have right to play my game , no need to follow them, And I think this is insult, why the customer support never reply to me. They playing fake game, one person only can use 1 account, but their players uses 2 account to play, that’s why they can become strong , this is cheat , and no one reply to my complaint,.Version: 1.250.179

Waste of timeGave up halfway through the walkthrough after it took to long building each individual building one by one and claiming each reward like it wasn’t blantanly obvious after the first five minutes.Version: 1.250.181

First impressionI started the game was locked into nothing but tutorial with no skip it started to give me control so I sent out troops to gather rss then the game decided tutorial back on you can do nothing until attack this guy ... not even recall troops so now I’m stuck waiting for them to gather rss and come back any amount of play testing would prevent this kind of thing or just common sense either allow the tutorial to be skipped or lock all features until after the tutorial is done explaining it I’m writing this review because you gave me a half hour to think about my thoughts on the game get your stuff in order.Version: 1.250.179

Other playersCould have been a decent game however, such greedy players hitting littles for bugga all just to farm. I have played war games since old GOW days, never seen such greedy behavior. Deleted app at level 9 suggest that others don’t wait that long.Version: 1.250.176

Why should I report an issue with Rise of Empires: Fire and War?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Rise of Empires: Fire and War to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Rise of Empires: Fire and War customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Rise of Empires: Fire and War.

Is Rise of Empires: Fire and War not working?

Rise of Empires: Fire and War works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Rise of Empires: Fire and War.

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