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Rise of Empires: Fire and War app received 66 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about rise of empires: fire and war?

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Looks goodJust started playing looks good so far.Version: 1.250.173

Great StoryInteresting game so far with a cool story.Version: 1.250.163

Great game!I love the game, it’s a lot of fun! But it needs a contact the developer setting in game. I have not been able to fill my food and charcoal storage. It’s a bug that I think might effect other people too. I have tried to fill my charcoal by putting wood into it. But no matter how often I put wood into it, my charcoal balance is still zero. This is a new problem, and just now came up. My food won’t fill either, not sure why but I won’t be able to play the game if it keeps doing this. Great game though! Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.250.183

OkGood so far.Version: 1.250.162

Shout out to the DevelopersJust wanted to start by saying that the developers did an amazing job when creating this game in terms of consideration and detailing. Most games are stingy and require you to buy in order to grow. This game actually does not require you to do that. You can have multiple builders for free, you can produce/receive rss without having to login and collect rss, and even the time limits on building, researching, and training are reasonable. I have been playing this game for about a week now and I have yet to have a single complaint about it. I have played well over 10 games of the same type as this one yet none have been developed with as much fairness and consideration towards the players. This game is not only great as is, but it offers future potential as well. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.250.173

Boo yahBoom.Version: 1.250.159

Quality gameReally interesting, easy to understand. How you advance through the first couple of chapters easy enticed me in and gradually got harder. 5 star.Version: 1.250.163

Great strategy gameCan be played without paying out for upgrades although some patience required..Version: 1.250.159

BrilliantBeen playing for months. You can play for minimum cash if you want. You build up great relationships with the other players..Version: 1.250.152

BugsGreat game, really enjoyed the last few months since starting this game. Just over the last week though, the chat feature keeps going back to chat from a few days prior, and this makes it difficult and frustrating when at war or general communication with alliance. Also, tabs on left hand side for troops keeps moving down screen then eventually goes when switching between castle and state/world map, and you can’t recall troops unless you log out . Please fix. Otherwise great game. Cheers.Version: 1.250.184

So far so good, but App Store comments are boughtI only played 10 minutes, but it is quite enjoyable to play. Please be aware that players are rewarded for entering comments here. Not to rate 5 stars though, so that’s fair..Version: 1.250.159

Misleading and underperformsWhile all games are revenue based in some form,this underperforming spinoff is built around a solely monetized model,a rehashed platform and weak in its development for playability. Game grind is anemic,leaving the gamer feeling empty for time and money spent. I gave it a five star rating in that it is a perfect example of the lack of respect for consumers that the Apple Store and Google Play have in as long as a game has that window of generating cash who cares if it has no substance. This game sits squarely in the spinoff basement,tho I have never watched paint dry,after playing this ,it made me reconsider. Signed, Ned The Gamer..Version: 1.250.185

BrilliantThis game is awesome so far and it’s really addictive but it does need a little work...... like the ability to rotate simple things like that but absolutely awesome I can’t put it down.....Version: 1.250.148

Still learningGetting there.Version: 1.250.159

Good game, but translations...Game is fun and I love that it has a translation service that works so well... most of the time. I can’t translate Indonesian for some reason, and if I try to click on the translation feedback tab in settings, it is just a blank white screen..Version: 1.250.193

Issue with recruiting hero’s.I’ve been playing for sometime now and I love the game much better then some of the others I play! The only issue I’m having is not being able to recruit orange level hero’s. No matter how many time I get an advance ticket I still never get an orange level and I’ve asked around and most of my alliance says it’s just bad luck. But that seems unlikely for the fact that our new players who just started are getting orange hero’s left and right. Please let me know if there is something that can be done. I tried to contact through the app support but there doesn’t seem to be a link for rise of empire. ROG alliance jonny2thumbs player name. Thank you again for this amazing game. Hope there is a fix for this one issue. Other then that, this game is perfect..Version: 1.250.107

Addicting, fun and worth the timeI’ve had the game for about a month now and play all the time, it’s overall a really awesome game if your into strategy and building alliances with other players, you don’t have to spend any money but sometimes it is fun to spend a little.. hopefully the devs see this and give me rogue on my next super recruitment lol my tag is bizzyanton, thanks to the developers for making such a fun game !.Version: 1.250.186

Seems funOk.Version: 1.250.146

💪🏻So far so good.Version: 1.250.159

NiceAlmost perfect. Only fixes are the grammar. Cheers!.Version: 1.250.139

Bug reportThe Tabs on the left hand side for troops marching and gathering(return and speed up) migrates downward every time you go to castle and back to world map. In general if you do anything and go back to those tabs they move downwards and eventually disappears. Good game but this bug needs to be fix as I have to continuously have to log out and in again to return my troops..Version: 1.250.184

:)Just lovely but let’s be real I’m only writing a comment for the rewards.Version: 1.250.171

Fun waste of timeI’ve spent $5 on this game since COVID broke out. First 2 weeks-1 month it requires a bit of attention to progress, after that checking in once or twice a day goes a long way. Some guys on here are total nerds and talk like their 1500’s knights or something, but it’s mostly chill, except ROC which I don’t understand and refuse to partake in much to the dismay of my teammates. You’ll never be able to touch the guys that spend real money on this game, some of these dorks invest an entire paycheck into this thing. I basically play to have an hour of enjoyment on Friday and Saturday by attacking unsuspecting geeks with their shields down. It makes me feel like a big man. When it happens to me, for some unexplained reason I get SOOOOO angry, so I try to dish that feeling out to as many others as I can. Cheers dorks..Version: 1.250.184

Excellent GameGreat graphics, fast pace and interesting to follow, better than a lot of other games out there.. 5 star rating..Version: 1.250.125

Story line helps it alongMany of these games have a the same format of gather and upgrade, this game has a story line in addition that helps it. However, there was no choice of leader, would have preferred to choose :)..Version: 1.250.159

Better but .....Previous wall issue has been fixed during last update - thank you. But now the trading house doesn’t appear to work - can’t trade resources for items; can’t sell resources for gold & new refresh doesn’t work - renders the building useless. I’m using iOS 13.5.1.Version: 1.250.175

No rotation of game screen is a drawback on iPadThis game looks good so far but has a major flaw in that it will only orientate one way on the screen. This makes playing it with the charger plugged in impossible. A serious drawback that needs to be fixed asap in my view..Version: 1.250.146

Rise of EmpireEasy and Good to play.Version: 1.250.162

DecentBeen playing this game for months, it’s very addictive once you really get into it. You make acquaintances all across the world. The game gets more challenging as time goes on, which is good. However, I admit you do need to spend money to get to the level you want to be and be competitive with it..Version: 1.250.202

Great Strategy GameAwesome game, runs really well. Has a lot of things to do. It’s great how you can connect with people around the globe. Highly recommend this game..Version: 1.250.125

Great GameLove the game and all the people you meet around the world. Few thing I want to bring up though. Wish you could research more then one technology upgrades at one time. Also I wish that all your resource farms pushed out more resources per day, I know you got to make money but once you keep upgrading it’s impossible to keep you resources stalked when upgrades cost a lot. Also maybe think about giving out free stuff for player appreciation every so often?.Version: 1.250.169

Too Soon for a ReviewSo far so good but waiting to see how far I get before I need to do in house purchases.Version: 1.250.124

CommentsI’d rate this game at 4.8 myself,the game flows really well. With a little or a lot of money you can still develop well. GREAT GAME.Version: 1.250.159

Seems good so far...🙌🙌.Version: 1.250.152

Try it nowLooks good so far......Version: 1.250.122

AwesomeGreat game, takes lots of strategy to be the best!.Version: 1.250.175

Good gameEverything seems to work so far with a few upgrades to do etc.Version: 1.250.159

AmazingAwesome addictive and people say pay to win I had this game two months without paying and it is going really well so thanks for making such a fun game.Version: 1.250.197

Addictive GameI was recommended this and with the support when you first start playing makes it easy for you to carry on by yourself as to not having a clue.Version: 1.250.140

Best gameThis is the Sec best game I've played this is just like the game I play which is last shelter: survival you should download both these game it the best in the world!!.Version: 1.250.146

Ok so farTutorial ok so far, see if it becomes a pay to win.Version: 1.250.125

Great gameReally enjoying this game however the roc timers do not suit Europeans who work this has caused a great strain on our alliance. Reset is 2am Why can there not be a reset +16 truce timer to allow us to duel in the after noon.Version: 1.250.193

Unique graphics but goodI actually like this difference it gives it unique look it’s stands out from rest these kind games only thing is it does lag a bit plays ok on iPads it has a story theme to it could do with a button to skip videos totally it’s ok at first but i think it would do my head in further on in game certainly it’s not a rush building because video delay speed growing.Version: 1.250.113

Très bon jeux on devient accroTrès bon jeux 5 étoile au top.Version: 1.250.186

Worth a goGreat game and some great people playing it. Gets very tough the further you get into it though. Requires a lot of time on weekends and is hard to progress without spending real money.Version: 1.250.152

😻😻.Version: 1.250.159

Great gameGreat game.Version: 1.250.159

So far so goodJust the same as all other games like this..Version: 1.250.162

AddictiveLove it. Found a totally awesome alliance that isn’t above kindness and consideration. Still lots of slaughter, but done well. Loving the game..Version: 1.250.196

24/7 gameYeah you need to spend a bit and some of the game players are geeks who feel like they can rule something but it’s 24/7 addictive game type..Version: 1.250.145

It is ok, bit slowIt is ok but a bit slow.Version: 1.250.122

PotentialCould be good from the looks of the beginning.Version: 1.250.173

Great So Far!I enjoy that there is actually a story and lore attached to this empire builder. It breaks the monotony of the click, rinse, and repeat format of most of these types of games. It is still too early to tell if it is going to be worth the investment. I am encouraged to continue though. I would certainly recommend a download and a day or two of play to those reading. It really is kind of a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Judge for yourselves..Version: 1.250.124

Awesome so farHaven’t been playing for very long, but really enjoying it..Version: 1.250.162

Be careful to not spend too muchA great game, but those who spend get ahead quicker.Version: 1.250.140

Cool gamePlayed for a while now and all seems like a cool game.Version: 1.250.162

Great gameI’ve been playing a a couple of months and it has got more and more challenging as time goes on. I have felt I’ve had to spend a bit of money on the game to get where I want to be, you can play for free but the process is unbelievably slow. Other than that I’ve found it very enjoyable and even though I didn’t think I would I’ve really stuck to the game playing several times a day..Version: 1.250.151

Entertaining Game, Even For a NoviceI just started playing this game. It seems very entertaining. I’ll see of it stays entertaining. The graphics are really good and the storyline seems like it will continue to develop. At least I don’t get killed immediately due to my novice Status. The tips and game guides are very helpful. I do not know enough to give a detailed review. These games sure have come a long way from even just a few years ago..Version: 1.250.153

Great GameAs with most games you have to spend money to help get you where you want to be,but this is worth it and I’ve found it a very enjoyable game Soulhammer1.Version: 1.250.159

Game reviewGreat game!.Version: 1.250.162

Early DayI really don’t like doing reviews on a game so soon after instal. It normally indicates that the hammer is going to drop with respect to dollars. It is also very wordy to get started..Version: 1.250.122

GameGood game.Version: 1.250.162

Very entertainingIt’s a very well presented game and keeps coming up stuff... it guides you through the initial steps telling you exactly what to do, I hope that it stops holding hands a bit as it feels like one is just a bystander pressing buttons when asked to... will keep going for a bit unless it gets too boring being told what to do....Version: 1.250.163

AdamGood for slow times, game is a bit dark, just started exploring I will update more later.Version: 1.250.157

Same game different skin.The game is good. But most of the members in the states are dumber then rocks. They want nap 15. So if the state has 3k members to start with (it’s usually more,I’m in 3 states now) they kill off everything till their is just 15 strong groups... then guess what? Nap 10... these clowns aren’t thinking about the future of their state. Usually their is only a hand full of spenders.. they are even dumber. Cause they don’t police the state. Plenty of resources and kills to be had by making sure the state stays healthy for SVS. All in all it’s a good game.. I just wish the Apple store would give IQ test before letting these clowns download this app..Version: 1.250.158

RoeGreat game until the latest update. What the hell have you guys done to the trading house? It was fine the way it was. Now way too confusing and can’t get as much gold. Ridiculous..Version: 1.250.176

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