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Caesars Sportsbook App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Caesars Sportsbook app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Caesars Sportsbook? Can you share your negative thoughts about caesars sportsbook?

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Caesars Sportsbook for Negative User Reviews

Likely FraudLooking at my issue and it’s seems that a lot of other reviewers are experiencing the same as me - likely fraud. They’ve taken our money and locked us out so we can’t access it or place bets that qualify us for the ‘free money’ promos. There is no way to reset passwords and there is no customer service to help. I’m currently locked out of the app as it claims my log in info isn’t correct - but it is, as I have it saved on my phone through the facial recognition. Tried to reset the password (not that I should need to), but I’m not getting any password reset emails that I should be. Their Live Chat that is available ‘7 days a week’ is not available and there is no number to call. I can’t access my bets or my money and there is nowhere to turn for help. I’m am beyond angry and am losing money. F-you Caesars..Version: 3.7.1

Worst app I’ve ever hadIf I could give this app zero stars, even that is too high. I’ve had this for a few months, and every time it’s crunch time on a football Sunday, you can almost never sign in. I guess the app can’t handle the heavy traffic. Whatever the reason, it’s a disgrace. This past weekend was the last straw. The app was down Saturday late afternoon and I missed the 4:30 NFL game, and then come Sunday, the app was down ALL DAY. it didn’t come back till some time before the night game. Then you go to Monmouth Park, and they can’t even give you your money to bet with cause the ‘app is down.’ I’ve never been associated with such a Mickey Mouse operation such as this, and I’ve been dealing with sports books for 30 years. You call the customer service agents to complain and find out when the app is gonna be back up, and all they say is ‘they didn’t tell us how long.’ Well one thing I can guarantee is that’s the last time I get shut out by William Hill. And what a shame being that It finally became legal in Jersey. Bye bye William. Not nice knowing ya..Version: 1.1

The worst sportsbook in historyJust plain out awful! 20x play through on bonus funds? Get out of here! Deposit funds and supposed to receive a bonus with it and didn’t get it? Good luck getting ahold of support! That is because there is no support to help you at all! I’ve called 10 different numbers all to get told nothing useful what so ever! Called their corporate number that was given to me after many failed attempts at any help. Guess what? No help at all, only more bad news. There is no customer support in wv so why even have a live chat option? It is said your support is available 7 days a week? Lies!! Emails were sent and none were answered or replied too. I tried picking another state on the live support to see if I could get any help that way and screenshotted the convo which basically was 3 responses and the customer service rep leaving the chat and not answering any of my questions. I waited 6 hours on live chat just to talk to this support only to get shut down instantly! You don’t accept my PayPal, or the 6 credit/debit cards I’ve tried. You are the worst sportsbook I have ever had to deal with. I will not return to your poor excuse for a sportsbook/casino!.Version: 3.7.2

DeceivingI opened in an account in a state I was visiting and used a risk free first bet promotion. The bet lost and I figured I could use my account credit from the promotion in another state Caesar’s sportbook operates in. However, Caesar’s requires you to make a whole new account for each state you’re in, which was very unclear. Even though the account are linked under the same rewards number they refuse to transfer my promotional bonus/account credit to the other state. The customer service is also horrible as I wasted hours trying to get into contact and chat with their agents. Since I won’t be traveling back to the state I originally deposited in I will be losing more money as it expires in a very short time period. Other sports books are much better, do not use Caesar’s..Version: 3.7.1

AwfulI signed up for this, made a few bets and lost, which is fine. Went back on in a day or two and was locked out of my account. Sent multiple emails and didn’t receive a response for days. About a week later I was mysteriously somehow able to sign back in to my account, nothing had changed. My lockout period corresponded with my free wager period, coincidence? When I didn’t get a response for days, I thought that I was getting scammed, there must be better apps than this one. Many new gambling companies elsewhere, I will find one that spends a few less $$ on stupid commercials and more on customer service. They didn’t even have the decency to respond to my last email, really unbelievable. I strongly suggest gambling with someone else..Version: 3.9.0

Poor AppLayout of the app is a mess, I don't need so many casino game buttons in a sports app. Followed the bet $20, get $200 promo, $200 showed up in my account and then disappeared 30 seconds later. Scam/poorly operated and there are plenty of better betting apps out there..Version: 3.11.4

Nice app, but app needs major work.Caesars is a great Sportsbook for starters. They offer excellent promotions (new & existing customers) and never had any issues with them so far. As for the actual app, that is where the issues lie. For one it needs live updating to the odds and to show the scores for all the games without having to click into each game. Odds won’t update unless you go into another page and then return to the game. Needs major fixed to location checks, etc. I’m always getting location errors and getting logged out constantly. The live in game trackers need major work. FD/DK has an excellent in game tracker. Interface for the app if very clean, but needs way more features and way less errors. Please fix/update Caesars..Version: 3.6.0

Worst betting app everThis is literally the worst betting app ever!!!! Do yourself a favor, and download the other betting apps. I signed on with a new promotion of a free $500 bet with the requirements of an initial deposit of $250 as a new customer. I won from the free bet and should have received $650. However, there are MANY HIDDEN conditions to this “free $500” (should have known right?) My free bet was void and I had to speak to two different representatives to figure out why. One asked me to take a selfie with my ID.... (yeah that doesn’t sound fishy, borderline illegal, and just plain stupid!) The other listed off the many terms of the free $500 bet and I had supposedly violated one of them. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. Like I said, there are way better (non-hidden agenda) betting apps out there.Version: 2.12.1

Can’t scrollApp opens up and looks fine but you can’t scroll down to see all of the bets. Buggy at best..Version: 3.11.4

Not greatOut of all the sports books I’ve tried (BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuels, and Caesars) I rate Caesars the lowest. It’s not terrible, I just would recommend other sports books over this one for sure. Caesars was the only Sportsbook that didn’t give me any signup promotion. Casino promo for crediting $5 on Saturday and Sunday mysteriously didn’t work. Support was not helpful and never heard back though I was told I would. Not straightforward with promo details, (other sports books are at least a little better at this) so the “catch” is in the fine print. Yes I know you have to read the fine print, it was no skin off my back, but I’ve played on a lot of sports books and in my opinion, Caesars was the least clear about promo details. Again, support was bare minimum. Don’t feel valued here. Support was way better at other sports books..Version: 3.4.2

Bad Customer Service - Trust the ReviewsCaesar’s has pretty good promos and odds. Unfortunately, their customer service is the worst. Rude and non-helpful chat operators that end the chat before it’s over, literally no management available to reach when there is an issue, basically use this at your own risk. I had $40 of bonus cash disappear 1 hour after I redeemed my points. Emailed customer service, no response and it has been over a week. If you want to chat with an agent, you’ll wait 1.5-2 hours and will not receive a resolution. Instead, you’ll get a person working from home and doesn’t care and has no accountability for the way they interact with customers. Don’t take my word for it. Read the reviews and see that all the negative reviews are saying basically the same..Version: 3.4.2

Poor customer supportI’m currently working through a technical error with William Hills withdrawal/deposit system. On my first withdrawal there was a technical error on their side which caused the withdrawal to decline. Not a big deal. However, William Hills stance is that they put the fund’s back into my account. They didn’t, the funds were never put back into my account. My transactions list shows every deposit, bet, and my first attempted withdrawal; but no deposits from William Hill. I’ve been working with customer service for 3 weeks and have had no luck. They will not give me my money back. The most recent rep Danny Edwards is completely ignoring me at this point. All I’ve asked for is a screen shot or some sort of proof that the funds were put back into my account. They will not provide proof because they didn’t deposit the funds. All this for $100 dollars, it’s ridiculous. If you choose William Hill then good luck to you because their customer support is atrocious. There are plenty of other options such as Draft Kings or FanDuel Sportsbook. They have more betting options as well..Version: 2.13.0

Poor experienceTried to join in with another Sportsbook for the Super Bowl, and hasn’t gone very well with Caesar’s. The app is buggy, every time I log in, the app spins and freezes on me. Usually have to restart and then able to get in. The. Even if you leave the app for 2 seconds, have to log in again ( yes I clicked remember me). Good luck to then anyone who needs to get their to Support line. Live Chat is available, but no one is there. Spent 3 sessions waiting over an hour for someone, but nothing. So I did the alternative, send an email. 3 Days later, no response. Currently on 2.5 hours of waiting for another chat, and debating if it’s even worth it now. Too bad that this book has a lot better props and bet options, but the other major book will get support responses via email within 4 minutes. Casears won’t have my time if they don’t have time to support me..Version: 3.8.1

Location issues NEVER resolved with POOR customer serviceFor the last two months I cannot bet because the app “cannot verify your location”. My location services is on for this app. I was told it was because they received logins from other states on my account which is impossible because I only log in in NJ and I get emails every time I do. I have never received an email outside of when I logged in. I’ve contacted “Customer Service” about four times. Each time it took over an hour for someone to respond to a chat request. A couple times my issue was passed up the chain of command and after two weeks I finally got an email saying my situation was fixed; but when I reinstalled the app and logged in I STILL had the same exact issue. I have never seen such a bad app and equally poor service from a sports betting company..Version: 3.11.0

Change the Rules, Good Luck WithdrawingI liked this sportsbook and casino, but you might encounter a problem on withdrawing more than once. I was told I reached my withdrawal limit, an entire $61! So when I tried to withdraw $80 later in the morning, I was told a reached my withdrawal limit and therefore was not allowed to request a withdrawal, but I was allowed to continue to deposit. Guess what? I’m out, and I recommend you find another sportsbook to gamble with. It looks like they have some serious cash flow issues because I couldn’t withdraw an entire $150 in a day. Embarrassing, pathetic and shameless management running a licensed casino in the State of NJ. Don’t expect much help from customer service either ... you’ll usually be waiting quite awhile for a live person. I will be reporting William Hill to the NJ Gaming Commission..Version: 2.9.2

Chat Customer ServiceI placed a wager that should have settled as a win but ended up showing as a loss. I opened a chat to get this corrected. It probably took 30 minutes for a 5 minute fix. The representative seemed inconvenienced by me. I understand people probably beat them up all day for no reason but I was respectful with my request. They ended up correcting the bet that I shouldn’t have even had to reach out to them for. The chat representative didn’t apologize for the mistake and instead just asked what else I needed. A $10 free bet for the inconvenience would have been nice along with a statement such as we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. I’m going to have to be more vigilant with my bet grading going forward so I don’t end up getting shafted..Version: 2.20.1

Rip off artists buyer bewareFirst I deposited a certain amount of money asking if their promotion for a first wager was legitimate. They said yes you could bet up to $2021 at no cost on your first bet and they would replenish your account. I wagered $100 and lost but then they informed me after the fact that the hundred dollars would only be good as bets when they never ever said that in the beginning and the money still hasnt been credited to my account after days!!!! Then today I mistakenly somehow made the same bet twice… Don’t know how that happened considering I know how to bet a d feel the app just did it themselves. It took almost 30 minutes to reach customer service and by that time they said the game had already started and they were unable to reverse my duplicate bet even though it was only $30! 😂 I bet on fan duel and draft kings often and their customer service is A+. I would rank William Hills customer service as a D-They care nothing about their customers. I would beware betting with them..Version: 2.15.4

Scam likelyYou know how when your getting calls and it comes up as scam likely? I wish this App Store did something like that! I made a bet through the app and won! Then while I’m excited about winning I go to Twitter and see an add from them so I clicked on it then see ppl are complaining they won’t let the withdrawal the money! So I go to try and withdrawal mine! I’ve now waited 72 hours ( by the way it says it might take UP TO 72 hours BUT LIKELY BE QUICKER). I’ve been trying to chat with a live agent 3 days now and I’ll sit in the room for 7+ hours then be disconnected! I’ve tried to reach out thru Twitter seeing some ppl having some luck with that! Well I’m not one of those ppl. Not sure what kind of operation they got running here but don’t see them being able to operate in NY much longer with the amount of scam claims coming from its users!.Version: 3.7.1

No customer service what so ever.I don't really understand why you offer half-broken product? You come to NYC, you have all these stupid commercial with these celebrites, menawhile you have one of the worst customer secrvise on the planet. Try emailing no one responded back, try live chat waited for 45 minutes before I got disconnected. You offer a free $300 bonus and ask your customer to verify that you are a resident of NY, I submitted my documents on your app and nothing happened, 2 weeks later and still no response from you and you won't let me place a bet. Don't waste your time with these losers, they spend more money on their advertisement then on the actual product itself. Go with Fandule or BetMGM, both are amazing apps and if you have any issues you can resolve it with their customer service within 15 minutes..Version: 3.7.2

The good and badThe Good I’m loving the new promotions and bonuses being given out since you guys merged with Caesars. A lot of options and you don’t have to officially opt in usually to be eligible for the promos. The free bets that you guys hand out are probably the best incentive out there in my opinion. The Bad You guys limit the parlay options way too much especially since you now offer same game parlays. It seems as though maybe 5-10% of parlay options are eligible. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to parlay a TD scorer and the first quarter line. Just my opinion but it drives me nuts. The only other thing I really am hoping you guys will eventually include is the 10 point teasers like some of other sites offer. This is not just me a lot of people really enjoy them as well and is a huge pit off from using your site. And would love to see a little quicker payout nowadays when I withdrawal my funds. Otherwise than those I really enjoy how you guys keep on improving your site..Version: 3.6.0

App ruined by poor customer service.Sports betting has been in AZ for about 2 months. I’ve tried 6 different apps and all have had their pros and cons but Caesar’s is the only app where I’ve actually had to reach out to their customer service which has been atrocious (because they are horrible with promotions- and even change the terms after bets are placed). Not only is there a long wait to reach them by chat or phone, their chat reps some of the rudest I have ever dealt with, the will abruptly end chats when they decide yet don’t want help you, which also deletes the chat log so you have start all over with a different rep. I’m not sure if this is a William Hill issue or Caesar’s but, as a Caesar’s Rewards member for decades, this is definitely not the experience I would expect. There are plenty of options for Sportsbooks so skip this one and use others that actually do things right and care about their customers..Version: 3.4.1

Worst SportsbookFriend convinced me to join. Not bad at first, had some cool promos. Then my account was suspended randomly from promotions. Contacted support and they were very unhelpful. All they could tell me was that I couldn’t be reinstated for 90 days…. And they couldn’t even tell me why this happened. I read through pretty much every rule and regulation they had out there, still couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Said there’s nothing that can be done about it for the next 90 days. Only thing I can think of is they have random suspensions for users, not really sure. Anyway, would recommend draftkings or Barstool, fanduel is good from what I’ve heard too. Caesars also forces you to make a brand new account if you go to another state. Other sportsbooks just allow you to use the same account. A lot going wrong here, I’d stay away with all the other options out there..Version: 3.1.2

Beware of Unauthorized WithdrawsWas loving the app until Caesars performed an unauthorized withdraw from my bank account. I tried working with them before disputing the transaction with my bank. Their solution to the issue was to give me a free bet token equal in value to what was taken from my account. Their solutions to problems are beyond unacceptable. Now I am left disputing the transaction with my bank because Caesar has no history of ever withdrawing from my bank account the amount that they took. What was supposed to be fun and entertaining is now turning into a major headache. I am sure there are better online sportsbooks with less concerning problems than unauthorized transactions that cannot be traced from either Caesars or their payment partner. Save yourself the hassle of disputing charges people and find somebody else!.Version: 3.4.2

Terrible service, places duplicate bets, customer support doesn’t careI got this app because a rep approached me at a casino bar. I placed 2 bets and later tried to view them and it was either showing “no open bets” or the same bet was showing twice. Clearly I (or any sane person) would not have placed the SAME bet for the SAME amount minutes apart from each other. When I tried to live chat with support, two different people basically said “great, thanks for telling us. No refunds. anything else we can help with?” They also suggested I use a Chrome browser. I have no interest in using a browser when I’m sitting at a bar and there’s an app available. That should tell you right there that they know the app has issues. I am a developer. In my opinion, they put too much effort into the eye candy features and not enough into the actual betting part. Ask yourself if you’d rather have pretty live score updates or reliable betting when you’re spending your money. Top it off with live chat support that’s worse than an AI chat bot and you’ve got an experience that actually inspired me to write my very first app review. Don’t waste your time with this company..Version: 1.3

Worst app there is no support at allNo customer service or support at all. App is decent but promos work sometimes and end randomly even though they say good until this date. Tried contacting support. Number is out of service. Emailed them, never gotten a response. The chat option has 20 people in line, took an hour and 40 minutes to chat with a guy. The site lags when typing painfully slow so had to exit the site just to type my message and copy and paste them back in the site. Worst customer service ever. Guy was short said promotions can be edited whenever. Asked if management could review or make an exception. He said no they can’t do anything and then sorry I don’t have a better answer. Ignored me asking to have management or someone reach out and just ended the chat. No help at all after an hour and 40 minutes. Once I use my free bets I’m deleting the app. Fanduel and DraftKings service are better have same odds just don’t have the random boost Caesars does but they limit the bet to max of $25 smh. I recommend betting elsewhere.Version: 3.3.0

So-so…..Some bets not defined clearly enough and the layout of the app is to keep you in the blind as far as any type of information on the game/match. I have to constantly switch between windows to get ANY type of info on the game. I see other sites that have live scores on each game on the page with all the games on it rather than having to click on each individual game. Still very very frustrated with how they word a bet in SGP with how they determine QB touchdowns and not. I bet that a qb would score a touchdown in a game which is exactly how it’s worded in the bet, “A player to score a touchdown,” and I lost my bet because he threw for it and didn’t rush for it and in the same game they made a Boost bet for the same qb to have a ‘rushing’ touchdown. Which that tells me if it’s rushing then they say rushing. I mean you mean to tell me that Tom Brady doesn’t have any of those touchdowns because he threw for them and didn’t run them in….. horse pucky! I got told to just deal with it and that’s it. No follow up and no reach out to see if a problem was resolved. Not looking for free handouts but some better explanation of bets would be nice..Version: 3.6.0

Worse appThis is one of the worse apps along with Bet Fox Sportsbook app. First, the app either freezes or unexpectedly closes. The app times out too Quickly. I wish there was a setting that would allow a bettor to set a time before it ends the session due to inactivity. When the app does time out, you lose all of your picks that one has been working on. BET MGM, save all unplayed picks are saved in the app until you decided to delete them. Caesar needs to match the features and the setup of BET MGM app as that is hands down the best sports app. I like shopping around for the best odds so I’m not married to one Sportsbook . With that, when I’m working on a monster of a parlay, I don’t need an easy, smooth experience. I can’t be constantly logging back into an app and have to redo my pick’s. This is the reason why I don’t use the Caesar app very often. The only time I put up with this disappointing app is when the odds are better than BET MGM. Caesar I know you can do better. You got all spring before the the next NFL and College football season. Make some significant improvements and I’ll be the first one to come back and give a great review and keep my loyalty with your Sportsbook..Version: 3.7.1

Easily the worst SportsbookWorst customer service!!! They have tons of promos and freebies but don’t be fooled! I signed up a week ago to give a friend a bonus credit. I also used a risk free bet which unfortunately lost. A week later and my friend hasn’t gotten his bonus credit and I still haven’t been refunded my bet. Don’t waste your time with the empty promises of Caesar’s and William Hill! Take your money to PointsBet, FanDuel, or DraftKings!!! They actually follow through on refunds and credits within 24hrs. These books also chat/ respond to emails within a day. I waited to chat Caesar for over an hour and when I finally reached the front of the line the chat failed. Then I emailed…it’s been a week and no response. Why waist time with horrible customer service when there are so many other options with great customer service? I’ll never use Caesar’s again!!!.Version: 3.2.1

Glitches and Poor Customer ServiceThe app keeps giving connection errors and logging out much faster than other sportsbook apps Ive used. Took over 2 weeks to get replies to customer service email and then got a cut and paste reply referring me to documentation that I already said did not answer. And it was time sensitive as I was a new customer. Lost out in bonuses as a result. Live chats had over a thousand in the que and after hours of waiting never reached them before getting knocked off. They were totally unprepared for the NY launch yet kept on with the advertising. Other books have been far better. And they appear to have higher juice/takeout on some of their options than other books. So be careful with that and compare..Version: 3.8.1

Good App if you Like Bad AppsApp is manure in so many ways. First of all, the geo-tracking constantly boots you mid-session. And if you leave the app for a second to do something else, this often prompts a re-login. Very annoying. Second of all, it’s probably the worst live-betting app on the market. Do they even test their own platform? You would think the live section shows the scores along with the odds - no, this retarded app doesn’t - so you have to click on a given market to load a separate window that then shows the score. If you hit the back button thereafter, so as to browse the other markets in that given sport, it doesn’t bring you back where you were, but at the MAIN SCREEN where you have to choose LIVE again and then the sport. Forget about live betting tennis or table tennis for this reason. This app is totally for amateurs..Version: 3.6.0

Disgraceful app, look somewhere elseDO NOT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOU ENJOY CONSTANT CRASHES AND HAVING BETS GETTING CANCELED. TERRIBLE CUSTOME SERVICE THAT NEVER ACCOMMODATES YOU FOR THEIR ERRORS. Today I bet a first half under on a basketball game that won. I log back on to see the bet never registered. Then I go to place a bet for an nfl playoff game and the whole app is frozen. I call customer service to ask if they can at least trace the bet I placed earlier and they said it's lost money, there's nothing they can do. So now I'm short money I should've won and cant bet at all. Oh by the way this is 5th time this has happened in the last several months, and it's always right before major games like nfl Sunday or college playoffs. For the amount of money this sportsbook makes its absolutely disgraceful how crappy their app is and how it always freezes and crashes. I will be looking to switch and I want to make it clear to everyone. DO NOT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOU ENJOY CONSTANT CRASHES AND HAVING BETS GETTING CANCELED. TERRIBLE CUSTOME SERVICE THAT NEVER ACCOMMODATES YOU FOR THEIR ERRORS..Version: 1.1

Great promotions - Slow withdrawalsAt the moment the promotions with Caesar’s are second to none. They have creative fun and profitable promotions of you use your head. That’s the best thing I can say about the book and truthfully it’s enough that I won’t close my account. That’s the good, the bad is the app and the withdrawals. The app is buggy, one minute you are looking at odds the next your location verification won’t work and you need to close the app and start over. I’ve also never quite understood the ability to sell your ticket early. I have a futures bet that I’m not going to sell but 1 night I can sell it, the next no option. I’d just like to know when I can and can not cash out early if I think I need to do so. Lastly the cash puts compared to the competitors are glacially slow. They’ve held every cash out I’ve attempted for over 72 hours in pending status where I can cancel. Once moving past That stage they take several more to actually send the money. I don’t necessarily mind the wait but when their competitors process the withdrawals 3-5x faster it seems inadequate. The bottom line is hammer the free money, pull out and do your major betting with Fan Duel.Version: 3.7.1

Promotions and Customer ServiceOverall the app is decent. It offers a wide variety of bets and updates quickly. The withdrawing and depositing occurs quickly. However, the promotions offered are terrible and even when you complete them you will not be given the free bet that is offered unless you contact customer service. I have done 4 promotions and after all of them I had to contact customer service to receive them. When contacting customer service you can choose live chat which will usually take 30 minutes but these people can’t even fix it. They will send an email to marketing that will then give you your promotion a week later. Or you can email customer service directly and this usually takes about 6 emails back and forth with them taking at least 24 hours to respond after each email. So overall this app is fine but there are better options out there if you are looking for simple promotions and good customer service..Version: 2.15.1

Terrible Customer Service!What can an individual do while on hold with Caesars Sports Book? Well let’s see… I was able to decorate my house for Halloween, take samples from my dry wall (basement was flooded during Ida), go #2 a few different times, take a shower, shave, put my kids to bed and more. You can say I was very accomplished while on hold. But 2.5 hours plus later I finally had to throw in the towel and hang up the phone. Why didn’t you try live chat? Well how about waiting an hour and a half and on 3 separate occasions I was virtually cut in line. It was almost comical. My position in line was 9 at one point and then moved to 10. Please explain this to me??? Well why don’t you just eat it and try emailing them. Email sent 4 days ago and …… crickets. I am at a loss on what to do. As a new signup, I have a few very important questions to ask them but they seem to be completely missing in action. The bottom line for Caesars Sportsbook folks is that the bonuses/ promotions are good but if you have any questions or need help, God help you. Because this is one of the worst I have ever experienced, and I am signed up to 5 other sports books in NJ..Version: 3.3.0

Stolen MoneyCaesar’s Sportsbook is laughably bad. The promotions are very bad. They don’t credit free plays for referrals for months. I would rather sit in a room with a venomous snake than spend another minute talking to their customer support team. The lines are the worst in the industry as well, multiple times 1-2 points off spreads. Finally, they have no issued 5 charges to my checking account without my authorization. Over $200 to be exact and when I ask for help with my dispute they tell me “payment team will review”. I’m a college student and you have stolen $200 from my checking account as work a minimum wage job to help pay for school. This company is criminal and desperately needs to be audited because I’m the only one this have happened to. DO NOT SHARE YOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION WITH THEM! Go to Fanduel or draftkings. A company they actually helps customers..Version: 3.10.1

Promotions are LIESDon’t fall for the Caesar’s promotions. They’re wildly deceiving and they will pull a clause from the US Constitution to avoid paying out the promotional reward. I recently established an account for the “Bet $20 to win $300” promotion. They advertise that all you have to do is place your first bet for $20 and they’ll give you $300 in free play. I deposited $70 and made my first bet a $20 ML wager. After a few days of no bonus rewards, I contacted customer support. They told me I voided the promotion because I deposited $70 and not $20. If you read the fine print, nowhere does it say that you have to deposit EXACTLY $20, it only says you have to make your first wager $20. I’m never using this app ever again. Roll FanDuel. They’re a far superior interface and their promotions are fair..Version: 3.10.0

Good content and bets Quirky appI like the options you have for parlay and the boost bets. Live action is also very fun. However the application itself is very quirky. Whether on Wi-Fi or cellular, the app constantly checks for Location and will kick me off and log me out. I am in the middle of the state, so it’s not like I am on the border of another non-qualifying state. This makes Live gameplay not as fun. I like to catch a bet before the odds change or before the bet is locked out. In several times I’ve been logged out right before the action changes. Hopefully this app can be updated to allow me to be logged in until tmy phone goes into sleep mode or only checks location at the time of login..Version: 3.11.1

Trap BonusesThe app kept applying $5 bonus cash to my account which, according to their terms and conditions, could only be applied when other cash was depleted. Additionally, this bonus cash was locked until $100 was wagered on slots. As I am attempting to complete this requirement, I was randomly given another $5 useless bonus cash with a separate $100 wager, with them taking that bonus cash out of my total balance. Thus, I lost $10 of my own money. I could remove these bonus but when I did so in the past it eliminated all other bonus including ones I had completed, including one I had been working for over a month whereby I make $100 worth of NBA bets in a specific time period in order to earn a $150 NBA Store Gift card. This is not their only trash bonus as most require high wagers in order actually receive bonus cash. FanDuel is a far superior app, and I even enjoyed MGM more by the end. This app’s existence on my phone met the same fate as its namesake Roman dictator..Version: 3.9.1

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Caesars Sportsbook works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Caesars Sportsbook.

⛔   Caesars Sportsbook Problems
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