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Redecor - Home Design Makeover app received 107 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about redecor - home design makeover?

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It’s okThe game use to be really good though I don’t like the new upgrade. It takes to long to unlock items. Furthermore I don’t like the fact you don’t receive cash for 1,2 and 3 place anymore. I also don’t like how even if u placed lower u still got cash now u just get experience and silver coins. Furthermore the challenge ranking is unfair as you may have a good design but those who spend more money will get a higher ranking. Even if you get 5 stars which I did once I got second and first had a lower ranking but because they spent more money they got first which is unfair. The silver coins take forever to save for a few decorations. It’s still a good game but I preferred the old version.Version: 1.0.3

Love it, but....I love the game, but it is a bit frustrating that you have to spend real money to have access to more variety. Sometimes I can’t even do a challenge because I haven’t got the required materials. Winning a design challenge is also a bit more difficult if you only have basic stuff available. And why do I have to buy 5 of the same stuff when I only need one? Should have the option for one or multiple buys. Oh well.... I will just delete when I run out of money 😔.Version: 1.4.0

Great Game that Still Needs WorkThis game is a wonderful outlet for Home Decorators, with a few minor issues. You decorate the area that is given to you and upon completion your design is put into a group of nine other people (10 total in the group). You can see where the app randomly places you in your group. The person who has spent the most money on the design seems to have an advantage over the others in the group. Every vote the person gets raises their design value, as it also raises your value for every vote that you get. It seems the person who started with a lesser design dollar amount invested in the design needs to get more votes than the higher dollar room just to catch up with them. In case of a tie, the win goes to the highest design dollar amount. This is completely unfair in a free to play app. Dollar amount spent on the design should have absolutely no place in determining a winner. Every design should be shown to the exact same number of random voters. 6 months later..... there is definitely something hinky with the voting system. A lot of manipulation seems to be going on in the voting by the game developers. Also bonus awards over level 40 are not equal for every player. Bonus awards are being compared on Facebook and people who spend money are getting better bonus awards. There has got to be something illegal about this..Version: 1.5.8

Amazing!I LOVE this game. It’s very easy to use, and I love that new items open up fairly regularly. My only critiques are •there are so few challenges a day, I would like to see more •I would like more redesign options if there aren’t more challenges added •only 4 star tokens per entry is fairly low for the amount of items to be collected •there’s hardly a chance to unlock new design options when you’re only making 4 tokens a game •no rewards unless you become first place, which makes it hard to progress All in all this is my favourite game and I just want more challenges, and more ways to progress through the game. The game should be way more interactive than it currently is to get the best user experience. You would have more participants if the game were busier and you got more reward for playing..Version: 1.3.8

Don’t get sucked inThis game ~technically~ provides an avenue for players to earn in-game currency without spending any real life money, and the developers are quick to point this out, but as many other reviews have highlighted, the rate at which you can earn free in-game currency doesn’t even come close to allowing you to play competitively. You need to sink a bunch of money into this game to have any fun, and that’s just the bottom line. Even when I caved and bought some tokens (with real money) to unlock new items, I thought I would be unlocking a whole new set, but it turns out that I could only unlock 3 items within the set, and I didn’t get to choose which ones. And that was only to unlock them. I still had to buy them with in-game currency to actually put them to use. I admit that this game is very aesthetically pleasing and starts out as a relaxing way to pass the time, but it will quickly force you to either spend money, or quit out of frustration. Furthermore, I don’t expect the developers to do anything about this, because I know that this game’s fatal flaw is by design. It’s a trap to get people to spend money and they will never adjust the absurdly slow rate at which you earn in-game currency for free. I would far prefer a game that costs anywhere between 5-10 dollars in the App Store, and then required no in-app purchases to actually have fun after the initial cost..Version: 1.0.9

It’s okThe game play itself is very fun however I fail to see the point of the voting system if ranking is based off how much money is spent on a design; it’s quite frustrating to come 6th with a star rating higher than those coming 3rd and 2nd purely because they spent more on a room. It’s also annoying to not be able to submit a design because access to a certain feature is blocked behind a subscription which you have to pay actual money for..Version: 1.0.3

So disappointingI used to play this app daily. Since the recent update, I haven’t played it in weeks. It has the most ridiculous, awkward and clunky new layout. It’s become stupidly expensive, too. Before developers respond and say “The choice is yours to spend money! :-)”, the free options aren’t worth playing for- so it doesn’t feel like an option at all. You can barely navigate the app without being cornered into paying upwards of $5 for a tiny bit of access. The game itself isn’t worth playing unless you pay for it. It’s become boring, limited and just plain terrible. Such an honest shame..Version: 1.0.3

Winning is definitely based on what you spendDespite what the app developers say the truth is that the results are based MORE ON WHAT YOU SPEND and less on the actual design. This is true and for that reason this game is no good..Version: 1.6.6

Bug takes away prizesI’ve contacted support about this once already and been completely unsatisfied with the response. The bug is still there. I’ve had other designs disappear when it comes time to receive my rewards, and it’s becoming way more than annoying. Today, I’m actually getting close to being infuriated. Today, one of my “original” (not a redesign) designs disappeared. When I opened the app, it told me that the voting for “Lakeside Treasure” was complete, and I was excited, because my first design was ahead in the voting when I checked an hour or so ago. My heart sank when I saw that - AGAIN - only one of my designs was showing in the “completed” tab, and it was my redesign, which performed poorly. I clicked over to look at my profile, as you suggested, and it shows the design - which did in fact, come in first. However, since I didn’t get to actually OPEN the winning design, I did not receive the XP, the gold, the star tokens, or the “big box of decor items.” THIS IS NOT OK. That XP, in-game currency and the decor item unlocks are what keep the game going. I’m a fairly new player, but I have (unusually for me) already spent $15 in real money on playing this game. I had intended on spending more, asking my husband for money to spend on Redecor as part of my Christmas gift. If you all do not fix this bug and give me the in-game rewards I have earned, I will not be spending any more money with your company, as it would just be throwing good money after bad..Version: 1.5.6

Glitchy new updateThe new update from two days ago is super glitchy. I’ve purchased multiple items that I have been charged for, but then they don’t show up in my inventory. When I got to purchase a 1,400 item (again) and it says I have 5,300 in my account, then tells me I need 3,945 to purchase that item. I’ve also tried to redeem daily gifts but the screen glitches, tells me to reload view, and then the reward is gone but my bank hasn’t been updated. I have spent money before but won’t now because I’m nervous I will be charged but the amount won’t be reflected. This is basically unworkable now, very disappointing..Version: 1.1.7

Not impressed.I’m not impressed with the fact that the winner is solely based on how much money is spent. Not on the ratings. When you vote for photos it doesn’t actually count in the final ratings. Once again we are told that how much money we spend determines how successful we will be. 🙄.Version: 1.0.2

Been pretty fun, but voting has changed negativelyI’ve really loved this game. I feel it’s the best interior design game app on any platform. I do feel patterns could be expanded, but you do have a wide variety to choose from. I also pay the $5 a month for the VIP subscription and feel it gives me enough gold and patterns/items to play pretty freely. My biggest complaint right now: they changed voting to relying 100% on player votes and since then it has seemed to go downhill on who wins and loses. I relatively held 1-3rd places before, and now it seems I come in 7th to last to designs that don’t seem to follow any color scheme or be cohesive in any way, shape or form. A few I have lost to are amazing—I 100% understand losing to them. But it seems that a lot of truly hideous designs are winning for no reason which is frustrating. It feels as if you put time and effort into a design, fulfilling the “client’s” wishes and keeping a cohesive, appealing design only to lose to a design with no pattern, color scheme, or theme at all. It’s making me want to quit playing. Every time you lose, your score goes down. I’ve gone from 4.45 stars to progressively lowering to 4.42 each design. I’ve honestly stopped opening the app as much out of disappointment..Version: 1.2.7

Great premise, poor execution!Whilst the premise of this game is great, in reality it’s let down by seemingly poor execution. Despite an emphasise that a brief should be followed, it’s evident from the voting system this is not a pre requisite. This renders the “brief” requirement pointless. From other reviews, I am clearly not the only one baffled and left questioning that winning designs, are very poor and not a reflection of the task set. It’s also ridiculous, that you need to spend an arm and a leg on materials you cannot keep. If you “test” a material you have purchased during design phase, it deducts that from your total number of uses. As a result of this, on countless occasions I paid for materials I did not actually get to use during a design, as trialling them during the design phase, left me with nothing. Love the concept but will see what competitors are saying..Version: 1.8.1

Disadvantaged by not spending real moneyThis game used to be fun when I began playing. I used to do pretty well and get good scores. However, it seems that there is an algorithm where after a certain amount of wins you start always placing 7th or below. There is also an algorithm where when you look at the cost of unlocking materials with coins, the more coins you earn the more expensive the cost of unlocking those materials become. The next time you come back to unlock the materials once you’ve earned the right amount of coins the amount of coins has increased so you cant unlock them anyway. So it is basically impossible to unlock materials without paying real money and you are stuck with the same limited materials every time you play. The people that have unlocked lots of materials are the people who win, so you will also continue placing last if you don’t pay to unlock more materials. The app developers comment on all these reviews stating that there has always been a free to play option with this app but I’m here to tell you that the free to play option isn’t so “pleasant” after a while. You will win and enjoy it a few times and then after a while the free to play game is no longer worth the time. The game only improves after spending real money otherwise you are stagnant and cannot compete with the people who have unlocked more materials..Version: 1.6.7

Voters and ChallengesThe problem I have with strangers voting on my designs is that no one knows if these users are qualified to make an educated decision on whose designs are best. Some of the designs I have observed at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements would never be acceptable for a paying client. Not in Canada at least. Having said that, it’s possible that interior design tastes are unique according to where in the world users live. Therefore, for instance , a voter from Hawaii would be judging designs based on what’s popular and relevant to their location and would be drastically different from just as equally great designs from northern Canada. Both designs could be equally amazing but are sometimes hindered by who exactly is voting. It’s a great app and an enjoyable journey but there’s still some redevelopment required so that everyone is on a same playing field. As well, players who submit a new completed design challenge who choose to play for free with limited decor items for each challenge are randomly thrown into a voting list with players who have unlocked more beautiful decor items. This fact creates an unfair advantage for the players who have been designing on the app longer and have accumulated more decor, or for those who have spent actual money on decor items. Players who have limited decor materials who are just starting out or choose not to pay for decor should have a separate voting line-up. This would create a level and fair playing field. I have opened brand new design challenges and looked at the decor items I have to work with and immediately realize there’s no way my design will be good enough when I can see all the locked decor I can’t use but know that others will be using and designing with them. Something’s gotta give here..Version: 1.6.3

Spend Money or be disappointedActually really love this app for its competitiveness but so disappointed that there is very little gaming experience to be had without spending money on in-app purchases. It would be so much better if there were other things that could be done to help generate cash within the game itself. Basically without winning a lot of challenges there will come a point where you can no longer join in, if you choose to not spend your own money. Poor. Also due to my broken screen (obviously my fault) there have been designs that I have been unable to complete because the tap item was too close to the crack in the screen. So it would be good to have a checklist at the end so if you can’t tap it automatically highlights items not finished to complete the job..Version: 1.1.0

Used to be greatI used to love this game. I was absolutely obsessed with it if I’m honest. When the new update came out I persevered with it, and I can see how someone who hadn’t played it before wouldn’t have an issue with it; it’s still a great game! It’s just not the great game that I loved before the update. Many people have already pointed out that the voting is unfair- you ask us to follow a brief and vote on which designs are the best, but ultimately you win if you spent the most money which is a joke. In a lot of your responses to people here you’ve said that the update was necessary to improve gameplay for everyone. That’s just not true- what it was, in my opinion, was an attempt to force all your existing players to spend their own money just to regain what they had previously had. Well, I refuse to do that. In my experience, making a game impossible to play without spending money just makes people stop playing. Nobody likes to be conned. I realise that all games have to be tweaked and changed in the early stages, but unfortunately I think this app’s best days are already behind it thanks to greedy developers..Version: 1.0.2

Not sure I love this anymoreWell you guys have royally screwed this once great app up. It’s become more restrictive and I’m spending less money as I can’t just buy what I want to use. This is the only game I play where you can’t watch videos to earn diamonds. Why not? It’s getting very expensive now. I wish you would look at Covets scoring system and use that idea- beat a score and earn prizes. It is mostly the voting that annoys people. I hardly vote at all because I’m sick of being beaten by people who don’t even follow the brief! If you make it about achieving a certain score then we are not competitive with each other. I love voting on covet..Version: 1.1.4

Make your own design challengesI don’t know if this is an actual thing and I’m just missing it but if not could you please please add a thing where you can make your own design challenges and design your own room for people to design I think it would make the game more fun and enjoyable otherwise I think it’s a great game and I love it..Version: 1.3.3

Not fairI used to love the game at first, but i stopped playing because of how the winner gets chosen. The whole voting thing is not fair at all, people tend to vote randomly, and i see people winning based on the amount of money they spent, and not necessarily following the client’s requests..Version: 1.6.3

Good but not great!I Downloaded this game after recommendation from a friend, however I’ve realised I have a completely different experience as to what she does. She’s played the game for a while, before any recent update. I’ve only played the game since the update. When I complete a design I get the bonus of £1600, however when she does she gets £3000! I find myself having to constantly vote to enable me to continue completing challenges as I’m low on cash. My friend has over £50,000, I’m lucky if I ever have more then a few thousand. I only continue to play as we both like to complete challenges and compare our designs, if I didn’t know anyone who payed the game I would have uninstalled it! Would be much better if everyone was able to play the game and have the same experience, the higher amount of cash for completion of a challenge, this would them allow more to be spent on challenges and give a fairer voting system as it would be a more level playing field. This would then solve the problem that everyone else is complaining about..Version: 1.0.3

Fix bugs!Hi I’ve been playing for ages now, and the bugs nowadays are so bad. I just decorated two different designs and now they’re coming up as a loyally different design with different colours used. I cannot look at a design I did ages ago without it taking me back up to my most recent designs. And anytime I buy a new surface or fabric ect it disappears and I have to close the app to be able to see it again, I enjoy this game a lot. And it would be much appreciated if you could fix these bugs for me..Version: 1.4.3

Rankings not FairThe game is great, but with one HUGE flaw. The winner is based on whoever spends the most money and not on how well the did in the voting. If they changed that I would truly love this game. That’s a big downfall to me though..Version: 1.0.3

Oh dear.. its getting worse by the daySo, they tell you what the client brief is, so you try and follow that because isn’t that the point of having a client brief! They might stress a calming neutral colour for a room... so that’s what you do! Then your design is judged along side nine others, including people who might decide that calm neutral colours are black scarlet and purple, and those horrid designs, which have obviously been done for a laugh, well they come first and your ‘not too bad and following said brief’ design comes last! Time and time again. Either do away with the brief all together, or put designs which are similar to each other in the same groups! The game could be overly expensive if you let it. There’s obviously bad feeling on Facebook if you join the group, because people are either following the brief or doing whatever they want, (well it is just a game), but friction is settling in. The palette is so limited, the prize system is mean and puny, the designs are too far apart time wise, it is just not fun, but it could be if the game designers actually took note of what people are saying about the game! I really think that hopefully some other game designers are going to look at Redecor and introduce a much better game, with more fun, more designs, more materials to work with etc! Trust me when I say that some of the design palette is absolutely dreadful. I want so much to enjoy this game but it’s becoming a boring dirge!.Version: 1.1.9

Very fun but too $$$This is exactly the type and style of game I would love to spend time playing. The graphics are mint and the styles are realistic..however it is not sustainable to keep repurchasing all the items you have bought over and over again with only a few times to use them, especially while there are soooo many options that are locked and unusable and your mostly forced to pay lots of money to be able to use any decent designs. Please allow us to keep each of the items we purchase indefinitely and keep using so we can keep levelling up more..Version: 1.5.8

Charged TwiceI bought star tokens and was charged twice. I purchased 250 for $5.59. I got the 250 tokens but was charged twice for them. Not impressed..Version: 1.6.6

Took my money, glitched and didn’t get the items I paid forAs the title says, the game keeps glitching really badly to the point I spent $8.00 for some gold and as I retrieved the gold and began to spend some on items (2000 gold when I bought 7500 so not even all of it), it glitched and when I went back in to it, all the gold I bought had disappeared and the items I had bought had disappeared too like the transaction never happened yet the money has been taken out of my account!!! The only reason I am leaving a review is because this keeps happening and you do not provide an actual way of contacting your support unless it’s through the “mail” app which I don’t use...? So I’d really appreciate a response through here thanks. May not be much money that I lost but certainly not the point..Version: 1.1.7

ConfusedNothing is working on this app, keeps telling me “error with content”, and to “reload view”. Super frustrating:(.Version: 1.6.5

App Developers got greedyI’ve been playing the game since Feb 2020. It was great, until the app developers got greedy during lockdown and started locking away our inventory and telling us what materials to use and where. This forces us to buy inventory that we may never use again and we can’t use inventory we have already paid for. There is no incentive to play or even win now. Why pay money to unlock inventory, if we can’t use it? Why save up silver coins to complete a design collection, if we can’t use those designs in challenges when we want to use them? Why buy a Season Pass if we can’t use the unlocked material when we feel it’s compatible with the design requirement ? Why try hard to win a challenge if they lock away the materials you’ve just won? Why sit through voting for designs that all look the same, because all players are told exactly which material to use? Where’s the creativity? They are patronising us by directing us to follow a specific template entirely, with materials that clash completely, unless you ‘unlock’ yet another material you don’t need to make it look less of a ‘dump room’ The game is boring now. and it galls me to pay money because the developers have got greedy. I’m out.Version: 1.4.9

RedecoLots of fun to express your design skills but super frustrating having to wait days/hours for voting, people not following the brief and designing whatever they desire and also collecting money or gold tokens take forever unless you buy them!!!!.Version: 1.0.9

A lot of issuesFirst and foremost, you should at least allow us to get the season pass with gold for a limited time only. Launch a once in a season deal, one day in which we can get it with gold because the real money option is too expensive. Secondly, a lot of renders are repeated, you are only changing the brief. I have been playing Redecor for a bit over a year now and it amazing the amount of recycling you do. It gets boring. Lastly, every time there is an update it makes it impossible to access the game. It keeps glitching. I had to wait a full day to be able to access the app after the last (season 12) update..Version: 1.2.3

Too few opportunities for gold and starsIt’s easy to build up cash but without actually spending real money to buy imaginary decor items it is VERY difficult to gain stars and gold. Without stars and gold, most items can not be used and thereby you get stuck in challenges using old/common items and losing or not completing challenges because you can’t really design what you want..Version: 1.6.7

Why would you change a perfectly good gameI LOVEDDDDD this game, it was amazing. However, when the initial update came where you then had to ‘unlock’ materials I was incredibly displeased, especially given all items I had previously purchased were gone, nevertheless I tried to stick with it. But, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the developer decided to ‘update’ the game yet again, and as far as I can tell, changed virtually NOTHING, and I have yet again lost every material I had bought. This game was absolutely amazing initially, however now it is just a money grabbing unsatisfying and terribly designed app. The developers should go back to the initial system which was actually fun and satisfying..Version: 1.0.3

Fun concept, average executionI really enjoy this game and it’s brought out a competitive side in my relationship that we both really have fun with. You can really go nuts and make a room ‘your own’ at each challenge and, at the start, it really is a challenge until you open up some options as you progress. The thing that lets it down, quite badly for me, is the voting. Frequently the design brief for each room is usually ignored completely by the other users and so you end up with lots of neutral, blue-and-grey or cream-and-beige combinations for a room that’s supposed to be lit up and full of colour, or an exciting creative space for two arty types. If this was an app for prospective buyers, that wouldn’t be a problem - most liked wins, take it or leave it. Several briefs however set out a clear requirement, so it can be a little dis-spiriting when it comes to the results and you find the number 1,2,3 and 4 spots are all taken by variations on a magnolia/eggshell wall paper and grey or brown floor coverings. So I would encourage people to go wild and get as much of yourself into each room you design - at least that way you’ll like the result, and you stand as much chance of winning as anybody else!.Version: 1.1.7

Could this be the new big game of 2020?I recently downloaded this app and have had a lot of fun on it! You do however have to spend a lot of money on in-app purchases to fill the rooms and with COVID19 I don’t have much money to spend these days, however I do have a lot of time on my hands. I have read many other reviews - the developer seems to comment that you need to ‘vote’, ‘win challenges’ or ‘buy less expensive items’. Most items cost upwards of 1000 coins, each time you vote you earn just 75 coins. To win rooms you often need to buy the more expensive materials, even then you do not win a lot of money. As I understand developers say that they are still building this app, I would suggest being able to earn more money. This would certainly make me want to use this app more often. I would still happily pay for in app purchases if I felt as though I was actually getting my monies worth. I genuinely think this app could be the new ‘Sims’ of 2020 (design and decor version of course) if playing was not so expensive. Looking forward to seeing some improvements, when this happens I will certainly recommend this app to all my friends, family and social media followers..Version: 1.0.6

Greedy developersA good game completely and utterly let down by the greed of the developers. If you aren’t willing to spend a hell of a lot of your own money then you are very limited. Using the same basic materials again and again just make this game dull... If you’re one of those who are willing to spend some money to unlock some fresher materials you will only receive access to an additional 3 per group and they always seem to be the worst options. You can’t even choose what you’re paying for! Outrageous! There is no incentive to keep going due to this SHEER GREED. I understand they need to make money but they are taking the absolute mickey with the way this is done. Why don’t you start by giving a bit of incentive to people by unlocking some new ones now and then and letting people actually choose what they pay for?! Oh and don’t let me start on how often this game crashes... ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC..Version: 1.1.4

Free to play, but pay to win.90% seems to be locked unless you are willing to pay real money. And it seems like how much you spend decorating counts to your score and what rank you get, so people who are willing to spend real money always will have an advantage. Also don’t like that you get a statement with what the client is looking for but people will win even if they ignore it. (I.e- “I want a colourful screensaver” but all top 5 might have a black and white photo that is just worth more.) think the cash material is fairly well priced, but gold and the star coins are hard to earn. Overall, I do enjoy aspects of it. I also wish it was clearer how the ratings work. You get a rating from 1-5 star, but your aren’t voting for others that way. You are choosing between two. So how is the star rating being calculated? Are the two paired together always paired together? In which case one that is okay paired against one that is bad, might win over a good one paired with an equally good one. I also wish there were more challenges. Alternatively, just adding a section where you can use everything and nothing is locked as like a gallery option/portfolio. It’s not a competition and there are no prizes, but other people can view and like things on the page. And it’s something to do while waiting for a new competition to start and you can really see what is available..Version: 1.3.3

Used to be greatI loved this game when it first came out and I felt I was really doing well in the challenges. After the first big update I persevered but ended up deleting it. I came back recently and it’s even worse. They’re recycling challenges from when I started, scenes, names and all so the variety is lacking. The limiting of materials shows potential to challenge people but in reality it means it’s impossible to use decent looking materials unless you save up for months or blow money on them. The two currency system is good but flawed as you have to save up ridiculous amounts to buy anything with gold, as there is little ever rewarded, so you end up with a choice of 3 materials you can afford for every challenge. It just gets repetitive and boring, they’ve taken the variety out of it..Version: 1.1.7

GlitchyI love this game but there are a lot of glitches with it. It, at times, freezes, it needs to reload. And I’ve spent too much money on this game so if you can’t consider a better way to earn more coins to get more designs I’ll eventually have to stop using the game, especially since it has so many glitches. I also wish the developers would add some basic game play info such as what the difference between earning stars and placement. How are each things totaled etc. I also wish ALL that of my design elements that I’ve purchased are available for all things all the time. I don’t like when you have just a few limited items to chose from on some pieces when I’ve already purchased a lot and the brief doesn’t necessarily specify just what’s available, It stifles creativity. I always try to stay with the brief. But you make that difficult at times. Not fair. I would also like to know if you ever update your leaderboards? I now have 26 1st place wins under my belt but I see myself no where on the wins leaderboard. I realize most of what you do is to get more money. But don’t be too greedy because your players will eventually drop off if you can’t find some easier ways to earn more for more varied materials..Version: 1.2.3

Addicted to DesignI like the idea of this game and have enjoyed playing it (when I can actually play it). There has been so many glitches and muck ups. Not receiving rewards, things not loading, spending too much on design decor because it didn’t work the first time. Hopefully with time this game will get better but unfortunately these errors are really letting it down..Version: 1.1.7

It’s brokenI can’t download at ALL, I had to delete one of my most FAVOURITE GAMES! 😭😭😭.Version: 1.6.7

Voting System Recently ChangedI’ve been playing this game for almost a year now and I loved it (past tense). Recently the developers have made changes to the voting system and now you have people purposefully doing the worst designs they possibly can and getting first place just to show others that the system is broken. This has been going on for a few weeks and nothing has been done to fix it. I’m truly disappointed. This game has gone downhill fast. They’ve recently made another change where you now get less rewards if you don’t pay. Wow, just wow. Way to get players to leave!.Version: 1.6.1

They’ve gotten greedy...From a few years ago up until very recently, I used this app and played this game religiously. It sparked a pure passion in interior design. I had all materials and options available to me, providing I had enough coins / cash. I would frequently invest my own “real life” money into the game, and I didn’t mind at all because the game brought me so much enjoyment. Unfortunately due to personal life stuff I hadn’t been on the game a for a few months, only to check back in today and find that nearly 80% of the options for materials are now unavailable to you unless you invest a HUGE amount of money. It really seems like a super greedy move, and has taken away nearly all of the enjoyment from the options you had available to you. It’s still a lovely game, but I see it going even further down hill from here unless they make some changes....Version: 1.5.0

Meh.While I do enjoy this game for the most part, I find it discouraging sometimes which makes me not want to play it. I love all the different rooms there are to design but the voting system is not good at all. There’s no reward for even following what the client requests are. And players even admit to just clicking randomly through voting without even looking at them because you get rewarded for voting..Version: 1.1.9

Love love loveI love this game although the reason for 3 stars is, it NEVER loads. I’m connected to internet but I still can’t load the room. It’s frustrating because if I was going to pay for the season pass there would be no point because I can’t play lol..Version: 1.6.5

Good game but the client brief is pointless!I have just started playing this and its enjoyable and relaxing. However, I am becoming cheesed off with the fact that the client brief appears to be completely irrelevant. I design with it in mind to be consistently beaten in challenges by people who have paid no attention to it all. The brief says create a room full of colour and a neutral toned room wins or create a cosy lounge and a pure black room wins.... I would prefer it if everything was available and you were rewarded to keeping to client brief and a budget. The developers have responded to the client brief issue to say they’re working on it but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, yes it is, but the brief is the brief and voting should reflect that. The full brief should be displayed and maybe rather than just vote on a picture, answer questions - has the designer followed the brief and weigh the overall scoring so a yes gets rated highly, therefore those who haven’t can’t come first. It you didn’t rely on placement to be able to unlock items it wouldn’t be that important but those doing it correctly are being penalised and can’t move up. Ultimately it will just become boring quite quickly and people will stop playing..Version: 1.5.1

Nice gameI really enjoy using this app, as it has lots of different designs daily and its very realistic too. The only complaint I have is that especially recently I feel like a lot of the designs have super limited options on what you can use, pushing you to spend real money. Most of the time you only have 1 item you can purchase with the cash and the rest is gold or have to pay to unlock. Especially getting only about 4 gold when completing a design, it takes so so long to be able to unlock only 3 new designs out of soo many more categories. I understand they need to make money of course but I’ve skipped most designs cause you can’t even attempt to make them look nice with what’s available to purchase with cash only and it’s not making me want to use the app as much anymore!.Version: 1.5.8

FAILThis app used to be good but they have changed it so many times that my interest is just about lost. What used to be a good game has now turned into a fail. There’s higher rewards for some players, meaning those with a lesser reward have no way to properly maintain their cash flow despite it previously overflowing. Can’t see how they can claim to be a “fair” game when some players receive almost double the rewards of others. This needs to be addressed ASAP and you need to up the rewards again. This is becoming a joke! *edit to add response to developer* That is a blatant lie. When I wrote this review (almost three months ago) some players were chosen BY YOU to receive twice the daily gold and it was acknowledged BY YOU that you were testing it out. You then changed it to a different selection of players that were getting more cash per design, again acknowledged BY YOU that it was due to you testing things out. Don’t try to patronise me by telling me it was another app. I would post on your Facebook group to get confirmation from other players that my statement is in fact correct, but we all know you won’t approve the post..Version: 1.2.7

Thought was. A 3 d game b’But it’s. Not. Damn .... I deleted the game wish you guys. Got more progress and yeah.Version: 1.6.5

Such a shameI used to play this daily and loved it, it was a nice relaxing app but it’s been recently updated which has completely ruined it. You now have to wait to be rewarded items and textures that used to be readily available, and they’ve recently introduced so many different types of currency when it was just dollars and gold when I downloaded it! This means completing challenges is harder because you can barely follow the brief unless you’ve unlocked the things they’re asking for, and are willing to spend real money on a design. To make things worse the rewards are less and less than they used to be so I can sometimes go 3/4 days unable to do any designs because even after winning a challenge the rewards are pretty much useless. I’ve tried to like the update but it’s awful. It’s turned an app that I always thought of as relaxing and casual fun into more of a competitive game that you can’t get any enjoyment out of unless you spend real money..Version: 1.1.1

Tricky game could become quite costlyDon’t get me wrong, it’s a nice game but it’s costly. The season passes to get specialty items cost about $5.00 To get access to the items you have to use a token called a star token. To purchase them is close to $4.00 for only 250 tokens. That’s kind of steep. For that price more tokens should be offered. The other way to get tokens is to submit your designs and compete. Depending on how your designs score you get between 3 to 4 tokens. It takes forever to accumulate the tokens. To get access to the materials it can cost from 125 tokens to 220 tokens and only three items are released at a time when you use the tokens. To use the items in the designs you have to use either the money or gold to purchase the pieces. More than half of the items must be purchase in gold. A person goes through the tokens and gold fairly quickly. Now here’s the tricky part. It won’t let you choose the items you want. It will give other items instead and some of them don’t seem to go with anything in the design. To get the results of your designs takes time. The results could come in 2 hours or in 2 days. Some ot the designs that don’t make any sense win while the ones that look nice rarely win. It’s very frustrating..Version: 1.6.9

Disappointing prize for winsPlease please please give at least one new item when you win a game....again I’ve won quite a few over the last few days and I’ve only had 1 new item out of 4/5 boxes. Update.....I love this app, best one out there, however it’s so frustrating, the last 5 wins I have had I have only received one new item....surely you should be guaranteed at least one new item. Can you also not be given an option to chose what you win from a selection. Anyway it’s still great thank you for designing it. Love love love this game, however one big downside the customers brief is totally irrelevant, this is the reason for 4 stars. An example children’s room and there are creations with kids wall paper, bright colours, but the entry that wins either has some picture with an old tree in it with dreary colours or a room more suitable to adults. I appreciate it’s hard to get everyone to follow the brief, but it’s slowly putting a dampener on the game..Version: 1.7.0

Fun,but voting is riggedI enjoy designing but don’t expect to win much. I noticed as soon as i complete a design it is immediately ranked and stays there. Before voting is over. Whats the point of that? Not sure what they base it on but voting doesn’t seem to affect it..Version: 1.6.6

Very disappointed There is no originality on this game 👎I like the game but no matter if you buy things to redecorate according to the story or what the person wants people still winning not following the requirements. For example if it’s a 1972 hotel people still be 1st by decorating modern style if the story saids add natural woods on wall or use chosen materials still others win not using neither of them and putting a bath tub from wood. My opinion terrible. Not spending more money on this game that’s it. Either you fix it and change it to winning by 🏆 or something people votes are terrible even when the design has no colour and it’s all same colours even when it saids Hollywood fancy style people wins using cheap material and not glamorous as ask. What with that I am spending money to decorate as ask on the story to loose and the one that puts nothing wins. Like I said this program has to change soon tired of voting for nothing and see people getting 5 🌟 from nothing. 👎.Version: 1.6.7

Need Real JudgesDoing well in the game relies on ‘peer’ judgment which is fine if you are a 12 year old girl that only designs in shades of pink, grey and teal. How well you fulfill the brief is irrelevant. You can win a challenge to design a home office for a 45 year old adult man by decorating it in various shades of pink with pictures of pretty flowers and lavender lace throw cushions, because that’s what seems to be popular design amongst the people who play this game and vote on best design. If you aren’t competitive and don’t care if you win, just want to enjoy designing, you will spend a lot of your actual cash money to buy the different tokens that you need to acquire decorating items for your designs. A LOT of money! Because the only way to get tokens free in any kind of quantity is to win challenges, and the only way to win challenges is to think like a pre-pubescent girl. This game needs real moderators that only allow designs that meet the brief to go through to the voting stage. Either that or have age categories so that 75% of bathroom designs don’t end up teal on teal..Version: 1.6.3

So this is a good game but.....This is a great game. I love the fact it puts your creativity to the test. It is super fun. But I have a couple of bones to pick with the app. 1st off, when you have completed all the open challenges, there isn’t any open for ages. I completed all the challenges that were open yesterday, which was the day I downloaded. And right now there is still no more open challenges witch is really annoying because I want to be playing on it right now. 2nd off all, when you are buying new things to use on the challenges, you can’t choose the quantity of the items that you buy. Your only choice is to buy 5. And it’s super annoying because you know something would look perfect and then you can’t buy it because you don’t have enough coins to buy FIVE of them when you could manage 2. I do like this game but I am not keeping it on my phone because I like to have apps that can keep you entertained whenever you feel like it where as in this app you have to wait a couple of days for more challenges to open up. But this is a great app but I just don’t think it’s great how long it takes for the challenges to open when you want to be playing it. Thank you for reading my review. Peace out ✌🏻.Version: 1.7.0

SlowI love this app but I am having issues with the loading. I am not decorating more because the app is very slow, i have updated the app but it frustrates me and I just don’t want to play anymore.Version: 1.6.3

If only more people would follow the briefingI have been playing for some weeks now and am on level 29, but now is where I think I’ll stop playing. You see, about 60% of players do not follow the brief and it’s so frustrating. Oh, a bold oriental look you say? Some users think this is the perfect opportunity to do white everything. Often I think my look is honestly the best out of the lot once I am able to review all the looks and then come 8th,9th or 10th, very frustrating. Don’t get me started about how limited the options are unless you’re a paying user, and even then if you buy some furniture you only get 5 uses of that item before you need to buy more. And waiting almost 2 days to get the results back for some of the designs, what is that all about?.Version: 1.3.1

Needs workAs much as I really enjoy this game, I feel like the recent update has kind of made it more of a struggle. A lot of the other reviews have pointed out flaws in the old voting system and ranking and all, but I feel like that worked quite well in comparison to how it is now. You don't get rewards unless you place first, which is a lot harder to do now. But there seems to be less way to actually get cash. Voting is great but it's frustrating that your rewards are 375 until you've voted ten times, and then way down to 75. Theres overall way less way to make cash and I feel like it's making the game a lot less relaxing than before. Also, it's gotten REALLY slow. Like virtually unplayable. It takes ages to be able to purchase an item and often glitches and buys twice the amount I need, if it purchases at all. Submitting might take over an hour ( my internet is fine and there is plenty of storage on my phone). It's really frustrating that a game which used to be so cool has gotten way less enjoyable..Version: 1.1.2

Game overThe designers of this app game keep updating because their reviews have been so bad! Players are not getting consistent rewards. Some get 3000, others only 1600. Not equal or fair for rewards. Emails for issues go unresponded. The designs are now boring & the materials are ugly. The main Facebook page is nasty & the developers do nothing to stop it. But if you dare ask a question about the game that they don’t like, you are blocked from the group. Greedy developers of what once was a brilliant game! Loved this game. When I started playing, the rewards constituted the buying of ‘goods’ to redecorate your rooms. Unfortunately, this has been altered considerably of late. Unless you are willing to spend a bit of money, don’t bother. A lot of committed players very unhappy & put off by changes. I was a happy buyer previously, but now it seems to be used as a ‘tactic’. Such a shame as have had many happy hours playing this fab game. Since my last review, the developers have ruined the game even further. It was the best game available. Now, unless you want to spend a HUGE amount of money, you cannot design as you want to. Greed won over I guess. Sad thing is Redecor team, I was very happy to spend good money in the beginning, before the first update, but I still spent a fair amount. Now I’m spending nothing at all. Common sense says happy players will spend..Version: 1.3.8

BlahNew desing and results kept taking more and more time to be available. I was at a point were I had to wait up to 36 hours.🙄 so it was crazy long to upgrade my level. Plus the voting as nothing to do with the theme provided, you are almost garantied to win if you use blue or gray 🤪 It was not bad but I quickly got tired of it..Version: 1.6.7

My opinion about this appOkay, this app is good, you can decorate rooms and go against people. I like the game in general, yet there are a few things I would hope to get changed. For example, when you design a room, you submit your design and then it goes to voting. Yet when you go to voting, before the results are ready you can see people’s designs, which makes it easy to copy somebody’s design. I was making a room, and there were 2 more hours until voting had finished, when the results came I saw that somebody had copied my design and just changed the pillow colours, and won 1st place. Another thing is that rooms that are really colourful and sparkly, usually win yet when I make a room I make it more of a normal room, yet I don’t get 1st place..Version: 1.5.4

Like the game, but ........Would love more opportunities to decorate during the day, so add more please. I have also started to get the same design come up to redesign - boring and lazy on the behalf of the designers.Version: 1.8.1

Season passI bought the season pass for 6,99$ and it was ending in 44 days. now i’m back at level 0 for i don’t know the reason while I was at Level 21. I have to start all over again and i don’t have the season pass anymore. i cannot get back my purchases, i need to buy it back. what the hell?.Version: 1.4.4

TerribleThis app rarely works. They’ll update it and all of a sudden everything you’ve designed or your “money” is gone. I don’t know who allowed these people to make a game, they clearly don’t know what they’re doing..Version: 1.2.0

Money stealing programAt first I loved the app because of the idea of redecorating, but, I have had this app restart my progress twice which has been frustrating especially that I spent money to get items that I don’t get back or the credit that I originally had all wiped. I’ve gone through the app providers they don’t respond back in fact they just apologise for the in convenience - People don’t get trapped in this money stealing app the updates are a con just to erase your progress and get you to purchase items that they will eventually erase again.Version: 1.1.7

Glitches and bulliesThe game is constantly glitching. The developers don’t listen to their fans who give feedback and honest advice. Fans have been bullied on the Redecor-owned Facebook group, and then Redecor has given the bully their own challenge in the game - rewarding poor behaviour and punishing long-term players instead..Version: 1.1.9

Money trapThe game itself is really fun, with good functionality and a nice mix of design tasks. The waiting time for voting results is a little long (48 hours) and the waiting time for new challenges can be frustrating. The most annoying thing about the game though is that it’s impossible to regain and make coins and cash to spend unless you are constantly coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The challenges reward you with about 1600 cash when you design them, but it’s impossible to design without spending 3-4 times that (unless you want to repeat the same colour palette for every single room.) This means you lose money quickly and gain money very slowly. The only way to get more is to buy with real out of game money. It’s a shame but the app is just a money trap - it’s completely unsustainable. I spent today voting on as many things as I could, I completed my daily challenge and I even got a season level bonus, all of which gave me a grand total of less than 8000 cash... enough to complete 2 challenges to a less-than-ideal level due to limited supplies. How am I supposed to get 1st, 2nd or 3rd to get the cash if I can’t buy items to fit the room? The split currency between gold and cash makes it patently clear that this app is about making money for the developers, not for fun game play. I’d rather pay a one off or yearly amount to install the app than be tricked into playing a “free” game that ceases its functionality if you don’t put your hand in your pocket every week..Version: 1.0.8

Why changeI would like to know does the company that created this design game actually use the ideas from the game for their own purpose? I do not like the recent update it’s prevent you completing all of the designs because of lack of materials that are difficult to get hold of, much better before, why mend what wasn’t broken ? The whole format has changed except everything is white and cream to win , and the designs that don’t take notice of what ‘ the client would like ) ie ..would like blue and yellow colour scheme, why on earth a room that is grey and black is the winner? Some of the designs that win are now all of a sudden ridiculous colours there seems to be no design normality , now one extreme to another. There are also far to many tiny object ie ashtray or whatever that you have to spend large amounts of money on to use on one tiny object, the most attractive materials are generally the ones you have to pay for with gold, really annoying, so hence people are not able to finish their designs through lack of being to afford the different materials, but of course you could spend a lot of your own money to purchase everything you need ! That’s s different storey ! Shame it used to be a great game , now it seems to have lost its way.Version: 1.1.4

Ok but priceyThis game is fun but it is impossible to get the good decor items unless you pay a ton of money. It takes forever to earn stars to unlock new items and so many gold bars to pay for a lot of unlocked items. I can maybe get one new item a day for free which can really limit your options when you have only a few things the client approved and you can maybe afford one or two. You should be able to buy gold with money because that is easier to earn. They should also give you more stars and gold for playing. My other issue is just the taste level of my fellow voters. Most of the time the rankings are reasonable, but once in a while I think people are honestly voting for the ugliest designs as a joke. Or I guess some people just really love giant sunflowers and the color brown. You can’t take it too seriously because what is considered good design by magazine / architecture standards does not matter here. I agree with other reviews also that no one bothers with the brief. I stopped following it also because there is no point. So - I think it is fun but I almost wish there was a non-voting aspect where you could just do designs. Other people could see them and comment but no votes. And it would be way better if you could unlock more items each day..Version: 1.6.0

Used to be my fave gameThis used to be my absolute fave game but now for some reason I cant get into the games, its just constantly on the loading page and does nothing further, so annoying. Please fix :(.Version: 1.7.5

Just like every other gameIt was fun when the money, gold, stars lasted, but once they run out it gets harder to design nice rooms unless you pay for it. We’re in the middle of a covid crisis so maybe like other businesses these apps need to adapt and come up with other ways to earn money and also keep customers happy like more incentives and maybe let us pick the styles, fabrics, colours based on our prize budget? Season passes should unlock everything but on limited uses then I’d spend money for sure!.Version: 1.5.0

Game is slowly getting worseI first started playing this game a year ago. Absolutely amazing game back then! There were many more materials and varieties of them. No need to unlock them with tokens either. You would get money no matter what place you got and the season pass cost virtual currency. Now, I’m not too sure what has happened either then the fact that money got to their heads. Most of the materials and varieties were removed from the game, the season pass cost real life money now and you were barely rewarded if you got any place under 2nd. I dislike how you have to unlock most materials with tokens now, Not to mention that there isn’t as many as before. When the update came out, all your materials that you brought were gone from your inventory, even the ones that were still in the game. Don’t get me wrong the game is still addictive but it was much better before this huge update. Very disappointing. Just today, my battle pass levels weren’t going up even though it said I had leveled up. I’ve been stuck on 13 even though when I claim my challenge prize it says I’m on 15. Please make the game good again..Version: 1.3.7

Greed has got to their headsThis used to be an enjoyable app to play, however it has grown repetitive in challenges. To try to combat it they created duels where you go head to head with another person. Good in concept but it’s a repeat of an old challenge. Unlocks are to expensive your realistically earn 4 stars a challenge and need a min of 160 to buy an unlock. Client picks in challenges mean you are restricted to what you can use so the design is guided rather than created by you. Their newest update now effectively forces you to buy a season pass at £5 a month. You used to get a reward on both the paid and free version on every level but that has been stopped so you only will get 1/3 of bonuses. They say that it awards are in proportion to the previous free version but it isn’t. Redecor has obviously got more popular in lockdown and the developers have become greedy. For that reason, after nearly a year, Redecor has been removed from my phone..Version: 1.6.1

Voting system is terrible don’t waste your time or money!So, Like other people during the pandemic I was looking for a way to kill some time. Let me start first by saying I am an actual designer. Licensed, accredited, and leading my field. This game is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Absolutely horrendous, unimaginative, non creative designs (a whole room that is literally nothing but white) getting five stars and a first place vote??? You’ve got to be kidding me! Then, you have other people who beat you simply because their design budget is literally three times more than yours. The pairings are obscure and make no sense whatsoever. The only way to make this concept fair is to have individual voting (the app doesn’t do this) and not make people go head to head choosing “one or the other” and which is best of 2 with someone who has a totally different design budget than yours. I ended up deleting the app out of sheer frustration and the fact that it’s not realistic or fair whatsoever from a voting perspective. Not to mention, people can “win“ and not even follow the challenge guidelines, which are outlined before you design whatsoever. Half of the designs that “win“ through the voting system, a real life client would never ever pay for because they don’t even follow basic design 101 skills that design professionals follow.Version: 1.2.7

App no longer worksI liked this game but for some reason I get an error message every time I try to use it. Do not like the new season pass setup..Version: 1.6.3

Fun app but not purely based merit?!Its a fun app to play and pick up some practical tips on designs. Don’t be surprised if some seemingly random looking design win over you. Ultimately, the app developers may want to maximize profit and may prioritize payout over merit. Shrug and play!.Version: 1.6.4

Voting is RiggedThe worst designs ALWAYS win. This game got frustrating very quick. Fix the voting system!!!.Version: 1.6.3

Loved; but now it glitchesI really love design and color concept. This game allows me to embrace the passion without needing to break my bank. I’ve been enjoying it for weeks and voting on other designers work. Even earned a 5 star rate 3 times! Love it! But now my game is glitching. I had over 14,000 dollars and game glitches and I went down to under 3,000. Or it will say unable to review results (voting) or error for submitting my design. Also if I’m purchasing it should ask if I confirm the purchase. Accidentally tapping the wrong thing happens with large thumbs- just FYI. Also when voting - which I do in order to earn my bonus and see other design ideas- I don’t believe the vote system is always fair. Sometimes I have noticed I’m voting on the concept multiple times. And if a design request such has nature theme or use of Spanish traditional color scheme, then that should be account d for in voting. Recently did a design for a bathroom that had to have something red. Most submitted works did- but there were about 4/5 with zero red in their design and it isn’t fair to others who have purchased their design props. Well, anyway thank you for listening to my suggestions and please fix the glitch bug..Version: 1.1.7

Loved until...K so I loved this game. I’ve been playing for a month. Then I go on today and It tells me to log in using my Facebook. I decided since I love it so much sure. Expect everything I had gotten or had, and the progress I made is now gone... so disappointed..Version: 1.3.5

What happened?!I’ve been playing this game for sometime and have absolutely loved it! Playing it both in “season pass” mode and in the free version I’ve found it equally enjoyable because you had the ability to gain side-by-side prizes as you went up a level of prizes, even though it was obvious that the free ones weren’t as ‘high end’ or premium, but that’s fine, that’s the point of paying for the Pass. HOWEVER, now with the newer updates IF you don’t buy the “season pass“ (which is by the way $499 EVERY month) you only have the ability to win a prize Every 3 to 4 levels! This is a severe disadvantage To anyone who wishes to play the game free. They don’t have nearly as many of the season’s specialty items and therefore will not have as high of a chance of winning game challenges in general, and if you don’t get first place you don’t win boxes of materials, therefore putting you in position of having to buy more items - bottom line, more real money. I feel that at a time most people are going through financial difficulty, the developers of this game have put themselves in a position of demanding more money than Ever out of their players. How sad! As this game is being touted as a stress reliever! I would want to give this game five stars as the design is beautiful and gameplay is fun, but it seems to be going in the wrong direction... :(.Version: 1.6.3

Greed ruins itI spent $35 ($25 on coins then $10 on a season pass) on this game today and unlocked 3 or 4 things. I tried to design under the season pass and guess what? Less than 5 minutes after spending $25 on coins, I need to buy more coins if I want to decorate a room under the season pass category! After spending $10 to design under the season pass I cannot decorate ANYTHING unless I spend more money! Plus, when you PAY to unlock an item you might have to pay multiple times to get the specific item you want! You get three items in that category, but not the one you clicked on most of the time! That is just greedy and abusive. The game is great, the greed behind it is horrible! I’m willing to pay some. I’d be willing to pay quite a bit to just let me play without asking for more money every 10 minutes. Even when you “buy” items you still have to pay for them when you design. Of course, if I’m doing something wrong, how would I know? There are NO instructions, no tutorial, no way to figure stuff out if you just do not know. It isn’t difficult to just play, but it is frustrating to not have anywhere within the game to find answers to questions. All and all I’m more frustrated than having fun..Version: 1.1.1

MediocreLoved this app when I first downloaded it, its a great idea and great for anxiety but as of recent the app seems to crash ALL the time, also since its update, achievements are harder to come by no matter how much experience you put into your designs, once you do gain rewards they’re nothing but mediocre as you are left with LOADS of fabrics & materials still locked & can’t use unless you earn silver coins which takes ages and you get max four items but can only use them once until you earn gold coins or you’re designs win 1st place which earns you money but becomes hard as the ‘better materials’ are locked or you run out of money for even the basics, leaving you frustrated. All in all I really liked this app at first, as for now standards are slipping i’d say..Version: 1.1.7

Love the game BUT...I love the game but there is a but coming... What i like I like the layout and the objective of the game. I enjoy decorating and the items you can get I enjoy seeing other ideas from other players and voting and competing What i dont like Its annoying to buy items/decor. I get that if you need to do more then two or more of the same thing u pay, but iv seen stuff iv collected or payed for in item shop but not in stuff i own and i have to pay to get it again and its frustrating trying to design. Iv gone on a few designs and i cant complete because no items/decor show up in my items or in shop and i cant even design anymore Voting i like it but because of buying repeating items for other designs i cant cant afford to get items for another design and its hard to win on a cheap and lack of design because of repeating of purchases of stuff i should already own I love this game id like to give a 5 star but as much as i do like, i keep finding reasons to stop playing and i dont want to put real money into a game i possibly wont continue playing because of these issues so 2 star for now.Version: 1.2.0

Lady lolagI used to really enjoy Redecor, but since they have updated and changed, your very restricted to the choice of materials, unless your prepared to buy extra with actual cash. You used to be able to but the seasons with gold coins, now you have a very limited time to use gold coins, and have to use real money. Which puts you at a disadvantage. Very disappointed..Version: 1.0.5

So expensive to get and use more itemsThis game is enjoyable but you will have to pay plenty to get any decent items. You have very limited options unless you pay real money to make more items available to you and you can’t even choose which items you’ll get. Half the items are then too expensive to use on a regular basis. Game less greedy and then you’ll get more repeat business. You won’t be getting any more of my money..Version: 1.2.7

An unreasonable playing fieldAt first you get lured in. Then you think you’ve created a great design with what Devore you have available to you and based on what the spec has asked for. You come in ninth place, you look at what came first and second and can’t really understand why they had more of an edge over you, especially when they haven’t followed the client’s guidelines. You play again - 10th! You buy better decor - this still doesn’t do it. You start to follow the play it safe plain colour palette - maybe a 5th. You look at what is making it in the voting system and still can’t get a decimetre score. So what you do is enter the same design palette twice - one comes in 5th the other 8th and they are identical - don’t waste your money. Now I discover you can challenge an entry, although they clearly have this as an option. One of the latest briefs is about some who can make up their mind as to which rug to choose and yet the winner of this category had chosen the same rug for the choice of which rug to use - ridiculous! It’s the same with the painting from different styles and the winner has used 2 styles to comple 5 paintings - the briefs are not being fulfilled..Version: 1.2.4

Used to be greatAt one point I was practically addicted to this game. It was amazing. I had racked up an impressive collection of fabrics and woods and metals. Until one day they updated it. Now my “Owned” category still shows the ones I had purchased but with a lock on them. Now I have to pay REAL money to get them unlocked. I’m so so mad it’s beyond words. Now they’ve left me 5-6 plain and boring ones and expect me to pay for the ones I already had in my inventory. I can’t possibly win without unlocking them. I just tried playing it 5 minutes ago. The challenge was “Colourful woods” and they gave me brown ones only. All others were locked. How the hell am I supposed to win that one without, umm and I emphasise on this, COLOURFUL WOODS? Trash update. The update just meant to make us pay to be able to win. Gotta have money to make virtual money. Uninstalled today. Went from my favourite game to the most frustrating game in my phone..Version: 1.5.1

Great game but slowReally great game concept although it requires spending a lot. Rewards are not that great. The game is also crashing and timing out a lot recently which is pretty frustrating....Version: 1.1.1

Charging for extra without recourseBack when I was playing this game, I fell in love with it. I made a lot of purchases without keeping track and suspected extra items were being tacked on, but since I wasn’t keeping track, I could not prove it. I decided to not use the app for a full 24hrs and then purchase two items and as I suspected, they tacked on a third. I contacted them and they said they couldn’t refund me and I had to contact Apple. I did and they refunded me. I loved this app so much I decided to keep using thinking that if this happened again, I could just get a refund. Nope. I suppose the first one is merely a courtesy refund and they assume all subsequent requests are fraudulent so they refused to refund me when it happened again. I deleted the app when I realized I would not get another fraudulent charge back and ANOTHER fraudulent charge came through 24hrs after I deleted my app. Apple even refused to refund that. So, I deleted all payment info from Apple (this game’s items are the only media I have ever purchased) and will never purchase another app or its items from Apple again. I decided not to have my Apple ID locked for challenging a couple of dollars with my bank. I will also never use this app again which is a shame because I did love it. Please pay attention to what you purchase and look at your receipts and ensure they match. They are making off like bandits with people’s money and then refusing to refund them..Version: 1.6.2

My musingsThis game is way too expensive. Seriously. Once the initial addiction wears off you will loose ppl, shame it’s fun but not sustainable unless you win every time. Voting - seems wonky, most winners don’t follow brief and the use of colour rarely produces a favourable result. Frustrating. But beautiful game, and great to play. Congratulations. I’ve played many of these and your designs are fabulous (could have more available) Thanks.Version: 1.0.8

Going downhill season by seasonI used to really love this game. You could have even called me obsessed. I had 3 accounts, each of which I bought a season pass for as well as occasional token/gold packs. But over time the game just gets worse and worse. Challenges locked down so all the designs just look the same and the creativity has gone. Poorly rendered and repetitive challenges. Then a shorter season. That I can handle - an easy way to increase revenue for the developers. But one of the great things about this game was that you could always have a perfectly reasonable playing experience as a free player. Now with the release of the latest season they have significantly decreased the prizes free players can get, and while I was going to purchase a season pass for my remaining one account (dropped the other two last season due to the issues mentioned above), I will not support such a terrible move by the developers. This is terrible optics. Also, they have an official Facebook page where the moderators ban you for pointing out that “ask the developers” is unprofessional. Bye Redecor, it’s been fun and I really did think you were the best in market but this game just keeps going downhill and I will not be spending another cent. Edit: I just noticed they’ve replied to my review which they clearly haven’t read. I uninstalled at the start of season 17 and don’t plan to change that..Version: 1.6.4

I feel uncomfortableBefore I used to touch my design and I could see straight away where I was positioned and then the rest. Now it goes straight to the first second third. I like to know my position first and then the rest just like you had it a few days ago. Also when we win gold and you give us a box of items, you give us the same items and not the nice items. You may give one nice item but the rest are not the ones I would chose. Also too many items require gold. I would suggest that if we come first you give us the choice to chose 5 new items of our choice from the complete range of all your products. Also the third and second places should get ok 100 gold and 300 gold respectively but unlocking 1 item of their choice as well. I know my friends are angry and frustrated with the locked items and the fact that your boxes don’t have nice things inside. Thank you.Version: 1.0.5

Ok game.I like the game. The game is good. But there isn’t much option for you when you start and the only way to unlock new items is to win every event you enter and that’s impossible.. you don’t earn enough from the events either. You definitely could do with having more tasks to earn cash and to earn items as it’s just such a long slow process which takes the fun out of the game. Also items to buy for actual cash aren’t worth what your going to pay you don’t get enough for your money to progress... items during designs are also over priced too I would rather you give us access to all the items and then price them all differently but not at unrealistic prices... when advertising the game you do not show some items available to use and then the others locked.. why is this? That’s giving me a false view of the game I downloaded it thinking I could run wild and create loads of designs with an array of materials but no. The only difference with this game to the other design games is that you don’t have 5 lives all the rest is the same. Over priced. Too Long to level up and unlock items. Item shop over priced no value for money at all. Start with rubbish items and so so so long to unlock more. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 1.6.0

Underwhelming and DisappointingI ended up deleting the app. It’s impossible to play this and have fun without spending money. My main two complaints with this game are: 1) the limited options available are usually bad/tacky. ie) The “client“ says they want geometric pillows and the rest of the Decor in the room revolves around this request. The three patterns you will have to choose from are often terrible. Any other aspects of the room such as wallpaper that could possibly look halfway decent with these pillows which are atrocities are “locked“. Guess what, you basically have to spend money to unlock all the things that look nice. 2) The people who are voting on your room compared to other peoples rooms either have horrible taste or no clue about what specific decorative styles are supposed to be like. ie) I participated in a challenge which was supposed to be decorating a shabby chic bedroom. Rooms are ranked from 1st to 10th Place. The first top five rooms all had a bunch of black decorative items in the room. Nowhere in shabby chic Decor does the color black fit in. Another challenge was to decorate a reading nook in a vintage style. One of the top three winners had a giant mural wall covered in text that said “rules are made to be broken”....😒😒😒 NOT. Vintage. Sooo basically the game is ridiculous ands waste of time with dentist office/Home Goods art along with a large amount of other terrible decorative choices.Version: 1.6.0

Has gone DOWNHILLApps should improve over time. This one has done the opposite. The “seasons” used to be longer, offering more special prizes. There also used to be an “everybody” prize for each level as well as a “season pass” prize. Now it is only one or the other. A seasons pass purchaser used to get 80 good prizes for the cost of that season pass (if they completed the levels), plus some cash bonus prizes past level 40. Now you can get 30, plus the cash bonus prizes after level 30. Why would I pay the same amount of money I was paying for 62.5% FEWER prizes?!?! SMH!.Version: 1.6.3

Ok app if you don’t care about the competitionsI’ve given up on trying to win competitions and duels on this app, as there is absolutely no way to make sense of the results. I just design rooms that I like, and try to stick to the brief, and pay no attention to what my results are. This works perfectly for me. I refuse to pay my own real money, and am still pretty disappointed you can no longer save up the gold coins to pay for the season pass. I find I use pretty much the same/similar materials and products each time, so my aesthetic is consistent. The results widely vary. Some days I’m sitting in the top 3, and others I’m coming in last. It’s so weird. I also find the duels odd. Obviously the designs aren’t competing against each other. I submitted one today and got the results back immediately. No way anyone could have judged in that time. Not sure it’s clear how that’s working..Version: 1.6.7

Great game, but...This is a really good game, and the voting comes out fast, but the voting system is screwed, like i think there should be owners voting at the end, because I got 6th in one of the competitions, but the first place person had the exact same design as me, and I was one of the first people to complete the challenge, I find this very annoying, please fix this!.Version: 1.6.8

Looking for Your Money at Every TurnThis game gets worse by the update. I tolerated the change where your materials are used across multiple sections, so you have to keep buying and buying because they run out so quickly - not to mention losing access to most of the materials you loved, then the layout change that meant you had to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to the materials you want, and then the change that meant you now either have to earn new items at a snail’s pace by winning first place, save up for weeks to buy like 10 items using silver coins, or fork out loads of actual money to buy packs, but NOW you cannot spend gold on your Season Pass - you have to pay $7+ each time?! You’re kidding me. Was genuinely the only reason I came back, looking forward to the new materials. I’m done. Thanks.....Version: 1.1.5

CrashesI would give it more than 1 star but it crashes every time I go to play..Version: 1.6.3

Fun GameThis app is good as long as you don’t take it too seriously eg: Don’t give it your all thinking you’ll win. Keeps you busy. It’s great that Redecor gives a lot of freebies and daily rewards. Inventory items can be pricey. The game itself is addictive and fun. I’d recommend downloading the app without joining their Facebook page as there’s a lot of bullying and it’s amazing what nasty posts are “approved” including tagging of players without their consent for the purpose of bullying etc. Just nasty. Redecor encourages players to join their social media platforms which go unchecked and unless members report or tag admin, anything goes. Join their social media platforms at your own risk. Be prepared to be bullied and mocked for having an opinion. If it wasn’t for the cost of items and the cost of tokens, I’d have given this a 5 star (which is often hard to get when you play the game!).Version: 1.5.2

App not workingIt’s been a few days app won’t work properly It won’t load pictures so I can vote As well as not letting me enter to design a room.Version: 1.6.3

Great, but...I love this app; great quality imagery + inventory to choose from! However, I'm not impressed with their method of revenue raising in the form of not allowing users to select specific items in the inventory. Rather, it is a lucky dip method where most times, you end up with decor inventory that is hideous and won’t be used. The area where this is not ethical is that most users have to purchase these items using their own money or laboriously earned stars which accumulate VERY slowly. All in all, a great app but definitely with some room for improvement..Version: 1.5.1

Used to be a great game, now a rip offI’ve played this about six months. It used to be fun and largely free to play, though like most I spent a fair bit to enhance my play with better materials. Recent changes have made hundreds of players I know angry. Most of the inventory we have paid for is removed from many challenges. Different players receive substantially different kinds of rewards so some get daily twice as much gold as others. And despite being experienced players, hundreds of us have watched our win rates plummet and have found ourselves losing to designs with purple taps and fuchsiapink woodwork. We think the voting system is rigged, but more particularly the devs are having to tweak the game to screw more money out of players - and that’s easy with new players. The game is still glitchy, items disappear and reappear and most days there are logon issues. Poor value, and it’s the changes that make it so. Avoid..Version: 1.4.9

Very poor value in-app purchases $$$$$This game has incredible potential but unfortunately they have taken the lust for money to a new level. I’m the type of player who will spend easily over $100 per month on a game like this if I really love it. But money barely buys any game play. It’s ridiculous. You need at least 130, 150, 200, or as high as 250 star coins to UNLOCK only 3 items. You don’t even get to use them, you pay for the ability to buy them. You don’t get to choose which 3 items. You only earn 3-5 star coins for challenges & they don’t award any for daily gift or anything. It’s crazy. This means you basically HAVE to pay $4 to UNLOCK 3-5 items that you will then be able to BUY... for only 5 uses. The larger pack coin purchases aren’t a much better deal at all. It’s unfortunate. If the in-game purchases actually contributed to better quality & longer gameplay then I would spend a lot more money & very regularly. But it just isn’t worth it. On top of the extreme greed, the app has a lot of growing to do. There should be an option to undo an item selection so it defaults to the previous choice. There are no options for sorting things by color etc. There’s no way to tap your way up to the top of the selections portion, you have to scroll back up. It’s tedious & mediocre. The graphic quality is solid. So much potential here... oh well..Version: 1.1.0

Love this but getting frustratedI love this game however either I’m getting worse or the game forces you to spend money. I try to meet the criteria set for each design and I fully understand that the high ranking designs are supposedly decided through other players voting, but recently all I land is 9th or 10th place and the winning designs are awful and don’t even meet the criteria. At the beginning I was doing much better it’s as though your reeled in and then in order to get in higher positions you have to spend money. I understand I’ll probably get a reply from the app developer saying the voting isn’t decided by them but after reading other reviews by people with the same views as me I’m starting to think that the developers have just gotten greedy. I have actually spent some money on this game but I refuse to spend anymore it’s just meant to be for fun. Suggest that the developers start to take note of these comments as they will start losing customers. Real shame as the game is lots of fun..Version: 1.7.6

Absent DevelopersIf you like glitches, errors and constant problems, then this game is for you! If you like money being taken from your credit card without your authorization, then download this now. There is no developer support - they are making their millions and simply do not care about all the errors and problems. Don’t spend any real life $$ on this app and ask Apple to refund any money if you have already done so..Version: 1.2.2

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