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Redecor - Home Design Game app received 121 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about redecor - home design game?

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Redecor - Home Design Game for Positive User Reviews

PeleI love the app very addicting to spend money on for the things needed to use as per client request 😅 Can someone tell me does it only make you spend on it and you don’t get anything back when winning? Like do you get money back or money only on the app for you to use for your designs?? This game is a mind blowing thou I really love it just the part where I get to purchase hahaha but good app if you have a lot of money 🤣🤣.Version: 2.17.53

Love this app!! But...I don’t remember how I came across this app.. but I’m glad I did! I am by no means an “interior designer”, actually far from- but it’s still fun!! It’s actually quite addicting from my experience. I play everyday because it’s exciting. I’m so invested in seeing what people rate my designs after I submit them. I do wish they had more challenges. I know you can get more with the season pass but I’m certainly not spending money on a game... just a personal thing. If I had any constructive criticism is for them it would be to add more challenges for the people who are addicted- lol. Also, I’m on level 60 (I think) and I still don’t have most decor items unlocked which is annoying. I understand it keeps people playing so that they can unlock it but it takes so long!! I’ve been playing steady for a couple months and still haven’t unlocked them- I’d just like more options! Also, I wish there were other ways to earn coins so I can unlock packages rather than buying them. It takes such a long time to get enough to get a package. I do redesigns on each challenge & it still takes forever. But I suppose people who are pros and win first place can gain access to anything on the game haha. Although, I’ve seen a lot of really good designs get last place & some really poor designs get first. I guess that’s a downside of having a wide selection of people voting on a design!.Version: 1.5.2

Pretty good gameOne of the best things about the game is that it has no ads yup you heard me NO ADS. This game is pretty fun but I get bored of it pretty quickly. If there was one bad thing is the voting. I have made and seen some amazing colour combinations but almost every time I use bright colours I come last. You can really only win voting by using bland colours like white, grey and black. Overall I would download the game but it has its pro’s and con’s..Version: 2.76.0

Money Pit!! AvoidI have played for some years and recently the company was bought out ( the good reviews are all written prior to this period, please see most critical review for a true picture ). The new owners have changed the game beyond recognition. Unless you spend your real money you will not be able to play. My hard earned items that I would use to decorate were removed, I now have to buy them back with real money (I refuse to spend anything!)and also buy purchasing coins with real money to have any chance of progressing. After a month, if you haven’t reached the appropriate level, you tumble back to where you started and everything that you purchased is removed. How can this be any incentive to play? Previously you could play quite well for free. It was a really great game with good challenges and good visuals. The above, coupled with endless glitches and dodgy voting algorithms make this a game to avoid. Unless you are happy to enter a place where your money is needed to get anywhere in a game, this is not for you. Have given the stars above in the hope that this review is visible. Facebook communities are aware that censorship is in operation..Version: 2.53.2

Harsh voting system but fun gameI like to think my style isn’t too shabby and am shocked when designs beat mine that don’t even cover the challenge requirements. A bit frustrating when I use what is selected from the client but someone that wins uses a purchased item :( I’m sure in the real world the client wouldn’t be happy with their requirement not fulfilled? Anywho, I enjoy the game and the beautiful textures, colors and decor provided. Best interior design game out..Version: 2.56.0

Creative freedomI love this game. I play it every single day. It’s a lot of fun designed seeing other people’s take on a room. I have no issue with the amount of time it takes for the votes to come in. I also don’t mine spending money to get certain items because it’s only one of a few things I decide to spend money on, but that’s just me. I only gave it 4 stars because of the voting. I’m not sure how it can be fixed, though. I’ve read other comments on here and seen the developers response of “creative freedom” and that’s why they give prompts for certain materials to be used. (I actually like that feature!) It’s just that even though the game might ask you to use a certain type of wall color or type of bedspread, it doesn’t mean the player is going to make anything match! I’ve seen some of the ugliest rooms win, or rooms that are almost just completely white! How is this possible? I’m talking rooms with purple, neon orange and red win over something that actually matches, or a room that’s white on white on beige win over beautifully done rooms that someone took time on. I’m so sick of seeing an all white room win. I always try to follow the prompt, but it doesn’t matter. People are just going to do whatever they want and vote however they want. That’s why I said, I’m not sure this voting issue can even be fixed. So, the game really is a lot of fun. I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I’m only playing for myself and not to actually compete..Version: 2.0.11

Fun GameThis app is good as long as you don’t take it too seriously eg: Don’t give it your all thinking you’ll win. Keeps you busy. It’s great that Redecor gives a lot of freebies and daily rewards. Inventory items can be pricey. The game itself is addictive and fun. I’d recommend downloading the app without joining their Facebook page as there’s a lot of bullying and it’s amazing what nasty posts are “approved” including tagging of players without their consent for the purpose of bullying etc. Just nasty. Redecor encourages players to join their social media platforms which go unchecked and unless members report or tag admin, anything goes. Join their social media platforms at your own risk. Be prepared to be bullied and mocked for having an opinion. If it wasn’t for the cost of items and the cost of tokens, I’d have given this a 5 star (which is often hard to get when you play the game!).Version: 1.5.2

Four star review.I downloaded this game at the beginning to keep myself entertained during COVID isolation. I really enjoy the game as a whole, I thoroughly enjoy the continuous rooms that become available across a day which allows you to login regularly to design without doing them all at once. I find the 1st place winnings generous, the seasons materials and variety of decor colours & patterns fun & engaging. If I could suggest anything I would suggest shortening seasons to a monthly time frame as I always find myself completing it early & having to wait weeks for the next season. I love there are no ads or lag. Sometimes unlocking materials can be time consuming if you are saving coins through application & not wanting to spend money on the application but otherwise happy overall..Version: 1.3.0

Woweee!! Best game :))Must say, this game is so satisfying- is that weird to say? But anyways I had this game a while ago and loved it sooooo much I was like addicted to this so I actually don’t think that’s good lol nah best game- but one time I was deleting an app but accidentally deleted this game- idk why and how that happened but I was so furious with my self, I had lots of money and decorations as well and had this game for a very long time, so I tried to get it back the next day, and it said my storage is too darn full... I was like... 😐🤭😦🤯😞🥺 So, yeah mixed emotions... Until I updated my device and tried it again after a few months- a few months of being so bored without this game lol, I sound like I don’t do much with my life- but that’s not the point! The point is that I am so so excited and happy!!! Thank you soooo much beautiful people who created this wonderful peaceful game, thank you again producers :) And may you have an admirable day.Version: 2.31.1

UnstableUpdate ….. the issue has been resolved …. Back to enjoying the game. I was really enjoying this game. Playing it most of the day. But now it boots me out in the middle of a challenge. Sometimes 3 or 4 times. Doesn’t boot me out when I’m voting or looking at designs. Only when I’m trying to create a room. And it does it on my phone and iPad. So it is not the device. Tried to ask about it on the Facebook page to see if anyone else was experiencing it. But my post got blocked by the administrator. Tried to send a message to support - but support only had FAQ’s. it’s a shame - I like the app, it’s fun. But I can’t be bothered going back into it all the time after I get booted out..Version: 1.8.8

Double purchasingHello Developer, I think there is a bug issue that needs to be solved. Sometimes I’ll press buy on a textile and it will still show as a tag and won’t accept the purchase. Then, I am forced to buy it again, resulting in a double purchase. I end up buying 10 count instead of 5 and spend extra money. Could you please look into it? Otherwise I really enjoy this game!.Version: 1.1.4

Ignore it’s adverts, it’s greatI came to this via an advert on another game mainly because I thought ‘it can’t be as bad as that advert, can it?’ And I was very very pleasantly surprised. Normally pulling a bait & switch like that angers me no end but this one was different. It’s actually a really relaxing almost paint by numbers type of game with added decorations. It’s very well done and simple to play, if a bit frustrating with just how much irl you’d need to spend to get things unlocked. That said I’ve been having loads of fun in the free game and am going to buy bits for this as the developers deserve something back for making something so nice that doesn’t bombard you with adverts every few seconds. My only minor gripe is that in voting you can’t see the actual task related to the challenge so when it comes to voting, you don’t know who matched the brief best (unless you’ve done that brief yourself before & can remember it), just which design you prefer. So it’s a bit easy to ‘game’ the voting by picking things you know others will like rather than what the brief was. Some of the more interesting & different designs lose out cos they matched the brief well but just didn’t meet the popular criteria. That said, it’s a minor blip in what’s otherwise a lovely game..Version: 1.9.6

Accessibility thoughThis app is pretty delightful. While the cost of decor items can be a real annoyance, & the currency system is a mess, the designing is good fun. The challenges are robust & diverse. The app doesn’t have accessibility options, apart from being able to change your name at any time (thanks for that, it’s awesome) Once you have completed the design phase, you can only see tiny thumbnails of your work. For voting, you have to compare two similarly tiny images at a time. The font is teeny tiny & neither adaptive, nor changeable. There is no way to sort decor items by, say, colour (which would be super helpful for anyone colourblind), or any other way which might make organising everything a little easier, considering people conceptualise that many items in different ways. I do appreciate that the Season Passes don’t auto-renew. It’s lovely to have the chance to look through the items on offer each season & decide whether or not to join in this time. In saying that, having more notice of when a season ends would be great. Currently, that information is written in white, on a white background, in the teeny tiny font. It’s hard to find, hard to see, & frustrating to keep track of. The game is delightful, despite the room for improvement..Version: 1.3.3

Fun but has some deficienciesThe app is an entertaining way to explore your inner designer without spending any or a lot of $. My biggest complaint is that the challenges give design criteria and client pics but there is no consideration of meeting the criteria in the judging model. Either they need to dump the whole client pic criteria or improve the judging component to ensure only designs that follow the criteria are judged. As a user either way is fine with me, but what’s the point of it’s not consistent through out. Still some kinks to work out as a user when purchasing the materials wanted, because there seems to be something either glitching or I’m missing but definitely don’t get the items I wish to add when I’ve tried. Despite these annoyances it’s still entertaining.Version: 1.6.9

Love this game but dying for more!!I really like this game, it’s addictive, creative and well designed. Some people seem to be unhappy about the voting system but that doesn’t bother me as my main enjoyment is the designing itself! Haven’t had money issues yet either (which some people mentioned?) but I think I just try to use things I buy across a few designs to combat that. It does seem pricey if I had to purchase gold with my actual money.... I’d be more inclined to pay something like £1.99 for a design pack than £9.99 for just some gold?! I think the designs, interiors, materials and everything are spot on!! Super well done! The one thing I’d say is missing is more frequent challenges, say one every hour or maybe a set amount of 10-15 per day. Waiting like 5 hours for another 5 minute challenge is a little annoying when it’s such an addictive and good game!! Please add more challenges more often! 😅.Version: 1.0.5

Finally good again!I wrote a review a while back stating how terrible and practically unplayable this game had become. The developers promised everyone that changes were coming and they were listening to what we were saying, so I waited to see if it would actually improve. With the latest update that finally sees designs getting rewarded based off of votes and not the money spent on the design, I can safely say I’m in love with it again! On top of that, having challenges returned and a $3000 reward for completing designs has meant that its actually possible to play the game again without needing to vote constantly to have any sort of money. I actually have money in my bank regularly and feel like I can have choice when making designs and I don’t always have to pick the cheapest option. Yay! This game is my favourite again. I am so glad it’s come good. Still wish we had access to every type of material etc because I’m not a fan of having to unlock all the materials but we can’t have it all! Thanks developers for listening to us and making the game so much better again..Version: 1.0.4

Love this gameThis game is great but I have a problem with the actual app. I downloaded it into my phone a while ago but then removed it due to space issues. A few weeks ago I downloaded it back into my phone or so I thought! It must be there somewhere as I can play the game but only by going into the App Store and opening it that way. There is no game icon showing on my phone. I am getting all notifications when voting takes place etc so the game is there - somewhere!!! Any ideas how I can get the icon to reappear on my phone. It’s very annoying to have to keep going into the App Store and find the game every time. I restarted my phone; checked internet settings etc; and I can’t find a way to remove it to start again. It’s the only app I own that does this. Sadly it will stop me from playing soon..Version: 1.9.3

Fun to playJust wish we would have designs that fits with the choice of fabrics / walls/ floors materials that matches with what we can use from our inventory.Version: 2.0.11

This game is definitely worth gettingI love this game so much it’s one of my favourites. One of the good things about it is you earn lots of money quickly so you never end up having to spend real money for more of the game’s money. I was looking for an app like this but there were always reviews saying it’s too expensive and I finally found this app with none of them! (After the update) If your like me this app is definitely worth getting. One thing I will say though is it says you get to design all this stuff but your really just changing the colours. Still worth getting though. I hope people read this review and get the app because it’s really good.Version: 1.2.5

Best interior design game, even better after the updateI’ve already written a review for this game before and I’ve been spending a lot less time with everything going on, but with the new update it’s made the game so much easier. It took forever to accumulate gold and most of the better materials required a lot of it. But with there being only one currency it has definitely made things easier and less stressful. Here is one thing that still needs help: voting. I read a review saying that a player should be able to review all 10 designs in a set and rank them from best to worst because a lot of the time the voting system isn’t very fair, especially when you thought you would have ranked much higher than what your design ranked. It will also reduce the amount of people that spam vote just for the cash. There should be a set of 5 of these to reap a much bigger currency reward. It would make the spammer realize that it isn’t worth it to spam anymore because of how much longer it would take. If you were to rearrange 5 design sets, this would be 50 designs in total and should fetch 10,000 coins imo. One other thing that needs to be fixed is the Star tokens. It takes WAY too long to accumulate star tokens and then when you’re ready to FINALLY unlock stuff, it’s ONLY 3 items! It should be lowered to 50 star tokens to 100 star tokens for the most elite materials..Version: 2.51.0

Lovely game with 2 major flaws.I’d like to start off by saying this is a wonderful game. I adore it and suggest you download it. Sadly though, it has its downsides. First of all, money. When you start out, you get a bunch of money. If you’re like me you’ll probably see the money and go like “Woah, I’ll never run out!” Well you’d be wrong. It drains your money so slowly you barely notice. And when you do, you vote for a while to earn more money. I’m not one to spend real money on games. Just not worth it. This game isn’t as exception, but it becomes clear that spending real money is a bit of a must if you wanna keep using your favorite colors or most expensive items. I think if you spend your money right, you can last quite a while. The second issue is the worst. Voting. Oh. My. God. The voting is so messed up. I’ve seen absolutely hideous designs take the top 5 places, leaving the people who actually worked on theirs behind. It’s really horrible to see a bright yellow room with an equally eye-burning pink chair take first place on a “Classic Study” competition. (This is an example, never actually happened exactly, but it’s extremely accurate to how unfair the voting system is). Also why does voting take so long? It’s annoying having to wait for the money you get from the competition. Other than these issues, this game is the absolute best designing game out there..Version: 1.6.5

Great game!Absolutely love this game! Monetary rewards in game are good so you don’t actually need to spend real cash on this game unless you really want to. I buy the season pass every time as it’s only £4.99 which is extremely reasonable compared to the costs incurred with similar games. Would be nice to see the voting be one more realistic as I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t follow the ‘client’ brief at all and still win first place. I’m aware it’s ‘just a game’ but when you take time to design something to a specific ideal only to find that some random mix of colours that bare no resemblance to the original brief wins it does get frustrating. Regardless, I still love seeing others ideas and getting inspired by them. On a HUGE downside….rewards for the duel decor have drastically reduced recently. Reward used to be gold and cash, then became 200 gold and I’ve just noticed today it’s now 100 gold and cash. AND the daily bonus has now gone down from 500 gold to 200!! Come on Redecor…restore the daily bonus back to 500 gold and address the duel challenge reward please.Version: 1.8.5

Needs better criteria for judging designs!I really enjoy this app and the design options are beautiful and realistic. I feel like the in app purchases are a problem, but that’s on me. My biggest issue is with the judging. I don’t exactly know how the system works. I have voted for many challenges. It seems like people are voting based on what they find aesthetically pleasing, not what the challenge is based on. For example there’s a messy looking bedroom for an older couple that wants it to be “Art Deco “ I tried my best and even purchased Art Deco fabric and absolutely failed. The designs that had higher scores did not follow the challenge at all. What’s the point!? I found this particular challenge most upsetting because it was so hard to design a classic, chic and Art Deco bedroom when it was just a messy, lumpy bed. And then to try my best and lose to someone who barely did anything. This brings me to my next point. So many of my designs are tasteful and appropriate for the particular challenges. Why are people doing so well with tacky designs that seem like they didn’t even read the rooms design wishes!? I’m sorry for going on and on but I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money because I really like this app but I’m afraid I’ll have to delete it soon. I just wish there were better criteria for judging designs!.Version: 2.20.1

IssuesThe app was going great for me until i bought a season pass, now i cant decorate anything without the app crashing and bringing me back to my home screen outside of the app. I can check my completed challenges i can start new ones, but once i start a new one and i tap a hotspot to design it, the app crashes..Version: 1.2.5

Enjoyable game, but there’s one issue I have.I’ve been playing this game for a few days now, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a great game to relax with, and I love that the voting results come in pretty quick. (As opposed to waiting almost 2 days like with other games). Now here’s my problem. When you use coins/tokens to purchase design items, you only get five uses and then you have to repurchase it. I HATE when games do this. Once I purchase something, it should be mine to keep indefinitely. I get that the game needs to make money, but there are other ways they can do so. There is another game I play where you get unlimited uses for items you buy, and I’ve been playing that game daily and spending money on it for four years now. Meanwhile, games where I only get limited usage of items I will often grow tired of and will not spend money on the game. This is the only reason I’m giving this game four stars instead of five. One other thing I want to mention, which isn’t a huge deal, but I still want to bring it up… I don’t like how the cash reward for voting is reduced after a minimal amount of time voting. I get why they do this, but voting is a big part of the game that I really enjoy and spend a lot of time doing it solely for that reason. Therefore, I should be fairly rewarded for that. Like I said, I understand why they put a cap on it (to prevent people spam voting just for cash), but I think they should extend the amount of voting before they reduce the reward..Version: 2.17.60

Im in love! but suggestions for the future!I am absolutely in loveee with this game! I actually like the aspect of having to unlock more items. I think the rate you earn gold and cash is pretty good i havent run out of that yet. there are definitely still as few things they need to fix and make better. I think the top 3 spots should get a box of prizes not just first place. Like first place would get the most amount of prizes, i would make it 12-15 items, then second could get 8-10, and then third would get like 4-6. I think the daily claim should include 500 cash and then like 500 gold as well. Although I think that the star token aspect is good I definitely think you should be able to earn more and quicker. I would make it so you earn like 5 star tokens for entering designs and then as rewards for whatever place you get like if you got 10th you should get 4, 9th 5, 8th 6, 7th 7, 6th 8, 5th 9, 4th 10, 5th 11, 4th 12, 3, 13 plus the prize package as described above, and same for 1st and 2nd place. I truly do loveee this game and im reallllly excited to see it keep growing and improving. I have had this game for like 2-3 weeks now I think and Im on level 23 have entered 103 designs and I have 15 wins. I have played alot of different home design games like Design Home. I think this one, with some more updates and improvements will become better than Design Home!.Version: 1.1.1

Rly goodA good game, allowing you to practice interior design without pesky energy bars in other games. You can also easily gain in-game money so you don’t run out . This will most likely be good for you if you are competitive and want to have fun.Version: 1.0.4

Fun and addictiveI love this Redecor it’s absolutely mind blowing every time I enter a challenge and I end up becoming the 1st place and it’s soooo fun I enjoy it so much and hopefully some of the items will open for free and yes doesn’t have to unlock just in case to make the game more fond of playing.Version: 2.60.0

Good quality design game, but WAY too expensive!I found this game immediately addictive, interesting, creative… and incredibly expensive. The premise is good, great even, it’s just what I’ve been looking for in a creative, constructive game. (Meaning, not about shooting and killing things…) But they lead you in and make the first several rooms easy to design, with plenty of materials to choose from, but then you start having to pay to unlock materials… and after you pay to unlock materials you have to pay again to use them! It’s this part of the game I find particularly difficult. If I’m designing for a real client on the ground I get to go to stores and choose whatever I want to use. There’s gonna be a price to those materials but I only pay once. In this game it feels like I’m paying two or three times over for the best materials. Beyond that, though the quality of the templates and the materials is exceptional, the design standards are high, most of the time, and I’ve been able to continue continue to be interested and engaged in the game even after more than a year of playing it… also, they simplified the purchasing tokens, since I first started playing the game, and they made it a little bit more affordable, which is a welcome change - on both accounts!.Version: 2.56.0

AMAZING GAMEI love the game, it’s so fun and I love seeing what other designers do because sometimes they do things that I would never have thought to do, and then it ties in very well with the room. The only thing is that there are in-app purchases and I don’t think that you should have to spend “gold” and “money” on stuff. I think you should be able to access anything you want. But overall great game 😊😊.Version: 2.0.12

Might not be what you’re looking forThe game allows you to choose the colour and materials of different things but it doesn’t allow you to design the physical parts of the rooms like windows or sofas for example, they’ve already been given to you and you have to choose the colour and material. So if you’re looking for a game where you can design the layout and physical shape and appearance of a room or an object, this isn’t it. But if you’re just looking to design the aesthetics then this it. It’s easy to use and navigate, things are pretty expensive (in-game currency) but you can earn a pretty decent revenue by voting for different designs or simply designing. The only thing about it is I’d like for there to be more options. I think you only get 4 or 5 rooms to design at any given time, maybe more but it’s still not that much. Either way, it’s a pretty fun game. I never knew I liked designing this much..Version: 1.8.6

Best design game by far!!I love this game. I love the realistic look of the rooms and items. Every other design game out there is so cartoony looking. They feel like childrens games. Redecor feels much more elevated and I LOVE THAT! I see so many users complaining about having to spend actual money to do anything in the game… I don’t find that to be true. Have I spent actual money in the year I have been playing? Yes. But only to treat myself lol otherwise you CAN play this game strategically and not spend your own cash. There are so many ways to earn money in the app! Voting everyday, daily bonus, entering a design challenge in the first 24hrs, duals, placing top 3, and more. People must be way over spending in order to completely run out of funds in game and have to spend their own money. Besides the fact that it’s an app! Of course you have to spend to play. Whether that is real or in game money. That’s how these apps and games keep going! Sheesh. I love it and I think its great. I think it would be cool if the voting was more like a ranking… there are 10 designs in a group, but we vote between 2 at a time. It might be more accurate if it we could see all ten and rank them from best to worst. But I have no idea how that would work. I also hate the current league challenge lol it’s nearly impossible to get to diamond league and I really wish I could opt out of this challenge. It stresses me out lol Otherwise… GREAT DESIGN APP! Love it!.Version: 2.0.10

AddictiveI do enjoy this app but there are some frustrations. For instance, your material selection can be limited when choosing materials for say a sink, v a floor v a ceiling, which is understandable, however, you can use carpet on a ceiling, but you can’t choose to paint walls a dark green - really annoying. I hope that makes sense for those who haven’t played. But the most frustrating thing is the scoring. Without sounding like a sore looser, some of the winners haven’t met the brief and they’re the ones winning the cash! And the glory 😉. And then there’s the cost of materials. Many of the good ones are expensive and sometimes you can’t fill a brief until you’ve bought more items which implants your chance of winning. All that’s said I can’t stop playin it (or paying for access to mew materials)..Version: 1.4.0

Great gameI love this game! The only thing I think could be better is the ‘in-app purchases’. They are too expensive and you don’t get very much. Packages with bulk items to make it worth the purchase, otherwise it’s just not worth it. I would be much more likely to purchase items if say you spend $5 and get 1000 star tokens, or $5 for $100,000 coins for example. It would be more value for money, and I would spend the money more regularly if those sorts of deals were an option..Version: 2.61.0

So much undeserved hate! Best decor game!As a newbie I have never experienced the old version that apparently was much better and the new version is getting slated. However, this is by far the best decor game I’ve played! As some reviews say, you do sometimes have limited options but it’s only on some challenges, and as a free and also ad free game of course the developers will try to encourage gamers to buy coins. But it certainly isn’t in your face like majority of other games and the game stays classy. The variety of items is excellent, the rewards are paced well, you have to wait a few hours for challenges, which is a great way to not be glued to your phone but rather draw out game play over a period of time. The types of interiors created for decoration are super varied and realistic. So far I’ve decorated 45 rooms and spent £2. (Which I didn’t NEED to spend at all!) Excellent game!.Version: 1.2.0

A DECORATORS DELIGHTBut the 4 star is for the voting. While I play for the fun and can hope I earn votes for my designs, I am finding it harder and harder to vote because so few have creative design and always at the top are the boring black, gray, whites...I.E.-A play center for kindergarten kids and the winner was black and gray. UGH. What child opens a door to that color room and feels stimulated??? And a traditional kitchen for Grandma-top winner-purple, black and gray. Um, that’s traditional for Grandma??? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ And a recent challenge-Decorate a cool and unique room for a man from Spain, covered in Tattoos-The lead design-Black, white, Second lead-Pink, Teal and Cotton Candy walls...🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 UPDATE to 5 stars because this app is the BEST for fun and creativity! And the voting will just be what it is, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Have fun, imagine and then design!!! Love the daily challenges and the duels!! Interesting to see what others create and so much can be learned for real life design!! It would be fun to have a free play where there are a few different scenarios each week to practice and play around with without submitting for voting, that would help pass the time between challenges and give ample opportunity to hone the skill of design. Otherwise, bring on more daily challenges and duels, I can handle them!!! 😊🥰😊.Version: 1.6.4

A fun way to relax & unwind a brain that always over thinks or won’t slow down & chill out!A great way to just stop for a while, zone out from all the stresses & worries that every day life can bring, all too often, on a daily basis! While keeping you entertained & focused…without having to concentrate too much! But also encouraging you to use your imagination to the degree that you wish to use it! It also gives you a fantastic insight at just how massively & variably different a room (& it’s accessories) can look…depending on how you choose to decorate it…which a real eye opener when it comes using their many different choices of patterns, textiles, colours & items! Helping you see how it will look when using certain items & patters or colours…that you might not have usually opted for before …but then seeing just how many inspiring ideas & interior decoration tips you can takeaway from it too…just by playing a game! I’m honestly hooked!.Version: 2.29.1

Fun and challenging….but….I’ve been playing Redecor for several months now. It’s a great outlet for artistic expression. I’m not spending money, so am limited a lot in the materials I use, but have still managed to win quite a few competitions. Voting is fun, you earn money and get to see cool designs that others have created. I think my only complaint is not the fault of the designers. It’s the result of the voting. This doesn’t only apply to me….others must notice. It seems like most often the winners are the least imaginative designs possible. Think of a white room with a beige chair and a beige door. Winner! I look at the other designs that are beautiful and wonder why this happens so often. I vote all the time and never see white rooms getting the most votes….but there they are! I remember one time designing a kids’ playhouse. I put together something with primary colors and it was cheerful and pretty cute. The winner didn’t even look like they had added any color other than white or grey. I know I wouldn’t make my kid’s playhouse so boring. That’s one example. I just looked through several of today’s competitions. Yup….more white rooms winning. This shows no imagination or attempt at creativity and kind of ruins the game for people who actually try to make something beautiful..Version: 1.9.9

Excellent App!Update! The issue below is resolved! I think the voting may always be curious but I’m ok with it. We should all be ok with it. This app is worth a tiny frustration once in a while. Thanks to the team at Redecor for replying to my review. You guys are great! Original review: The new auto switching around of design materials is literally making me dizzy. That’s my only complaint. Well, that and if you’re very sensitive to people winning without following design instructions, it might not be great for you. I hear they’re working on that. Overall though, this is the best design app out there. It’s impressive and realistic, has a zillion choices, fun rooms to design, great incentives, and once you get the hang of it, you won’t need to make purchases. That being said, the monthly design seasons are only $5- and you get a lot for it. It’s worth it. I’m convinced there is an algorithm but also combined with user voting. It bothered me a bit at first (the voting/winning) but it’s an APP! NOT REAL. So I got a grip and keep that in mind. It’s super fun and it’s how I relax. Or was….like I said- the new switchy thing makes me dizzy. I should probably just put my phone down and go ride a bike or something. Probably fall off of it. Decisions, decisions….Version: 2.17.60

Dear RedecorI do like your game but please be fair. For each challenge we are awarded points. But we might get 4.6 or 3.8 whatever the percentage is we only get 3,4,5 and loose the rest. Why don’t you let us accumulate the .6 and the .8 parts for each season award us the these. Also when we use tokens to gain more decorating options usually three new things we can purchase with our resources please don’t make all three less attainable where you have to use precious gold to be able to actually benefit from these resources. Kind regards.Version: 1.9.5

Best home game ever!This game is gold, it fun and amazing I can play this all day but you just need to wait for the up coming.I love it so so much I enjoy it ever if I am waiting. It came up with lots of things to entertain you I recommend you download this game now. Sincerely, a loyal player..Version: 2.38.0

🤩Finally An Incredible Interior Design App! 🥳I only downloaded this a week ago, and I’m already hooked. This isn’t some sort of trashy design game where you have to pay real money for the good stuff, or watch a trillion ads (on that, there actually are no ads whatsoever).You also don’t have to do any candy crush style games before hand You can be super creative and it keeps you busy for hours! This has made me super interested in interior design - thank you so much Developers, you have unleashed a new passion of mine! If you want a good quality, creative, super fun and overall amazing interior design app, Redecor is the one to download!.Version: 1.5.9

Great app but has its Ups and downsI think this is a really interesting app and good for learning skills but I don’t get the running out of coins and gold part yes obviously they want to make money but at the same time it’s very easy to lose interest in an app when there is nothing you can do because you have used up all your coins other than sit for an hour voting to get more challenges are very limited they need atleast 10-20 a day or more once you do one another should pop up that you can do immediately not have to wait 3h 45mins until you can enter another challenge that’s the disappointing part also the fact if you enter into a challenge and realise you haven’t enough coins to do anything when it offers you only 3 certain designs and only one is worth coins the other 2 is worth gold which you run out of very quickly, I’m a newbie been playing this app for 4 days straight lol lockdown life at its best 🤣, if I had of been told at the start that once all your gold is gone you can’t buy any new designs I think I would have spent them on more designs instead of buying each pattern singly they need to change this definitely.Version: 1.5.9

The best App I useI’ve thought a lot about why exactly I enjoy this so much and here are my top 5 reasons. 1. It’s creative, appeals to my love of colour and form, feeding my artistic side. 2. It’s competitive. I like a challenge! 3. There are NO ADs. I can’t stress enough how much of a relief this is. 4. I’m in control. If I want to buy a season pass I can, no signing up, no annual charge. I played for a long time without spending ANYTHING (sorry developers) but when I did, I didn’t feel pressured or manipulated plus the cost is reasonable. 5. It changes from day to day, hour by hour different challenges to try. Ok, it might be not perfect but I do love it. Thank you. ***Update I have read quite a few negative comments regarding cost of playing this game. I’ve been playing a while now. Here are some points to consider… 1. There are ZERO ads. 2. You can play without spending any money if you want to and if you play smart. 3. You can purchase a season pass each month if you want to - no sign-up monthly commitment 4. Like any game it’s worth finding your way around and learning the ropes before spending your hard earned cash. 5. There are ZERO ads. 6. This is the only game I play that has ZERO ads and that is worth a LOT..Version: 2.25.1

In loveI am officially in love with this game and I don’t say that often. I downloaded it around 2-3 weeks ago now and I am hooked. I have always been interested in interior design so this game is perfect for me. I absolutely love creating the rooms and I seem to do very well and most often getting in the top 4 the group of 10. My only negative is that there’s too big of a gap between designs. I usually do about 4 designs when I get up in the morning and then I’m waiting most of the day for more designs! Maybe I’m just impatient! And also the fact that a lot of the ‘nicer’ materials are purchased with the gold coins rather than the green money. I never run out of the green money conveniently but the gold is only given in large quantities if you win a challenge but that being said, you only get 1000. To be honest I’ve not spent a lot of my own money so far and have had 30 wins so the game still works, you just have to be creative with what you’ve been given..Version: 1.3.0

Really good game just a few ideas for improvementDon’t even get me started on how amazing this game is, like it’s really fun and I love how you can show your creativity and all the unlimited options to make your designs with. I also love how you can never be stuck with money because all you need to do is vote! As much as I love this game at times it can get a little bit boring so if you could add anything for people who have been playing a while just to make it even more fun. Also I don’t know if this was just a bug or what but I was making this really cute kid’s room and I bought this really nice material with some gold but it was taking forever to load and after a while it took my gold but didn’t give my material I know this was probably just a bug but it was a still a little bit annoying. Apart from this I think this game is great and if you want to improve your creativity or interior design skills or even just looking for a fun game I would totally recommend this game Thank you for reading :).Version: 1.8.0

Loving This GameI have been loving this game since I started a couple of weeks ago. The only problem that I have and find annoying is that if people don’t follow the brief, in terms of colours a client wants or particular wallpaper it doesn’t matter because it is us the players who have to vote and no one seems to care about this. It’s just about what looks good at the time. For example Boho/Chic. I had to spend a lot of coins on getting the right wallpaper and others didn’t follow this rule. Makes it hard when you are trying to do the right thing, and others don’t and they still get the votes anyway. When I vote on other players I try to remember the brief and see if they have followed it. There should be something to say no you didn’t follow the brief. Otherwise just love it..Version: 1.9.5

READI started Redecor because it was my passion to design rooms and be creative. But as I got deeper into the game, each design looked just like the last. And I think that if the developers made everything free people will actually enjoy this game. If you think about it, with everyone given a fair chance at showing people what they’re capable of, it makes redecor more than just a game. I enjoyed redecor in the first few weeks but unfortunately I’ve lost interest in all matters of this game. Also, I’ve read other reviews and were given the EXACT same response. If you can’t be bothered to make proper changes in the game why don’t you at least read what other people think about your game? This game really went downhill from here and I think it’s about time you see it too..Version: 1.8.2

Read the Room DescriptionPeople need to actually read and research what the description of the room is before voting. People vote what they like not according to room description wanted. Overall a fun and creative game - love the competition side too!.Version: 1.2.1

Relaxing & FunI really enjoy playing this game. The developers have created a wonderful game and I enjoy the dual challenges. I have not yet spent a cent of real money and have always had plenty of money to design great rooms. I regularly get 1st place which is encouraging. Thanks for this game. It's really kept me going during lockdowns..Version: 1.8.7

Best Interior Design Game On The Market, but Could Use Some AdjustmentsDon’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this game. The design portion is very realistic, there are so many options to choose from, and you don’t have to go through a bunch of mini games or a ton of ads to play the game. That’s why I gave it 5 stars. It is seriously the best interior design gaming app on the market. However, I would like to suggest some adjustments to the game. One being that it would be nice to be able to do multiple redesigns, maybe 3-5 instead of just one. Maybe even with a choice not to have them judged by the other players? Like just redesigns for fun. And secondly, I get that there has to be some time restraints on the challenges, however I have missed several by just an hour. It’d be nice to be able to access all challenges that were given within 24 hours. I understand they take time to create, and having a background in 3D design myself I know that applying all the different possible textiles and shadings and fixing any bugs is very time consuming, however I feel like the room designs would feel more worth their making if they were available to design for a longer period of time. Overall, this app is great and I don’t see myself quitting or deleting the app any time soon. It’s really amazing..Version: 1.4.5

Money trapThe game itself is really fun, with good functionality and a nice mix of design tasks. The waiting time for voting results is a little long (48 hours) and the waiting time for new challenges can be frustrating. The most annoying thing about the game though is that it’s impossible to regain and make coins and cash to spend unless you are constantly coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The challenges reward you with about 1600 cash when you design them, but it’s impossible to design without spending 3-4 times that (unless you want to repeat the same colour palette for every single room.) This means you lose money quickly and gain money very slowly. The only way to get more is to buy with real out of game money. It’s a shame but the app is just a money trap - it’s completely unsustainable. I spent today voting on as many things as I could, I completed my daily challenge and I even got a season level bonus, all of which gave me a grand total of less than 8000 cash... enough to complete 2 challenges to a less-than-ideal level due to limited supplies. How am I supposed to get 1st, 2nd or 3rd to get the cash if I can’t buy items to fit the room? The split currency between gold and cash makes it patently clear that this app is about making money for the developers, not for fun game play. I’d rather pay a one off or yearly amount to install the app than be tricked into playing a “free” game that ceases its functionality if you don’t put your hand in your pocket every week..Version: 1.0.8

Rigged. You’re not allowed to win too much..I started to notice weird patterns in this game after multiple wins in a row, for example, one of my more recent designs: in the list of players it consisted of what seemed to be random generated player names (or bots). After looking at their profiles, they all had the same first design, with all of them being a win. The designs were literally the exact same. It also seemed to be counting the “person” in “1st place” had already won despite days being left in the voting process, because according to their records, they only had X amount of wins not counting the contest they’re currently in first in. For example, their profile says they have 5 wins, despite only counting 4. However, the current contest would give them the 5th win if they stay in first for the remainder of the voting process. I’m currently level 17 in this season, while all of these “players” are level 0. And, the designs seem extremely random and quite frankly, ugly lol. It seems as though Redecor doesn’t like when you win, especially multiple times in succession, so they will throw you up against bots and purposely keep you in last place. I took screenshots of everything because to me, that doesn’t seem fair (or legal), that they are rigging things. Especially when people are paying for items..Version: 2.19

Love It!!I downloaded Redecor because I love designing and I must say, it really proved itself. At first, I had read other reviews and was unsure (don’t listen to those) about the version before the new update! But it is Great!! Not many ads and you can see other designers designs!! I find it a really relaxing game and it has very modern designs. It’s not like games where you have to do riddles or match things to earn money, as that really annoys because I always get stuck on a level. I always have money in the bank and I can buy anything I want!! This game is one of the best I have downloaded!! I love the fact there are competitions but you don’t really compare yourselves to others. The only thing I would change, is an easier way to unlock other materials without having to spend coins! Perhaps when you get to a certain level?? Just a bit of advice! Redecor is a great way to find your inner design, and to see other design Ideas as well. I would recommend to anyone with style and loves to design areas!! 😁😁.Version: 1.2.2

BEST APPOne day I was looking through all my games I came across this one. I love designing as soon as I did one activity it was so excited. This morning I got my results back it’s so fun I can’t stop playing it I’ve got a 7th place 2nd place and I just got 1st place I got so many prizes Thanks for making this app its so fun.Version: 1.9.1

Very very good, just 1 problem...I love this game!! It is a great game for creativity. I just really wish that you could delete a design that you really don’t like and you could search up people because I have a couple of friends that also have this game. I would really appreciate if you could put that in the new update (also maybe could you make a sign in thing so you can make a couple of accounts so you can delete your old account and start new?)! Other than that this is a great game and I love how you don’t need to play mini games to earn money and this game let’s you use your creativity and imagination! Keep up the great work! :).Version: 1.2.5

Best game everLove this game so much just wished you didn’t have to pay for most things to unlock the materials but other than that I enjoy it very much and now my family are obsessed with it. Highly recommended game especially for a perfectionist..Version: 2.25.1

IssuesHello! I am so close to completing the season and whenever I complete a challenge and press done it says “ too many redesigns” even if I have not done it before... :( I have rebooted and reinstalled app etc to no avail. Any tips?.Version: 1.4.3

99.7%Such a fun game personally and I enjoy exploring my creative side. It’s also a welcome relief to not be bombarded with ads while I’m trying to create a masterpiece, however… a few notes 1. No option to rotate direction of items. Some materials would look so much better (like wooden boards, chinoiserie rugs etc) if you could change the direction they run in. 2. Maybe some points / items could be awarded by mods or similar to designers that used items matching the “client’s” description. I have a very strong feeling that voters don’t necessarily always read the bio at the start, so just vote for designs that may be more aesthetically pleasing, but in no way resemble anything that was asked for (boring IMO but each to their own. I guess you DO get points for playing it safe) example: I recently scored 8th position on a design that asked for a room for their dinosaur mad daughter, only 2 designers used the kid’s dino mural feature and we both scored low. White and plain won..Version: 1.8.6

I like this gameSince I joined the Redecor team, I've been learning how to create new and amazing designs every day. Sometimes the ones I find the hardest to follow, are the ones that are judged in the first four places. When I put my designs in for judging, I'm usually happy with them. It's a bittersweet thing for me. You win some and you lose some. Another reason I like this app is because, I'm in severe pain every day and sometimes my pain relief doesn't work as well as it should. On these days, I like to use the app because it helps to keep my mind focused on something else, other than the pain that I have from the terminal illness that I have. I should say it's been a Godsend to me. Thank you Redecor..Version: 2.62.1

Loooove the new look n updates*Update* Thank You Thank You Thank You! You guys really listened to our frustration and now it feels so great to see that you care. The update is so awesome, now u can choose a purchase you wanted to decorate with, and this is the reason why its now so satisfying to decorate with your own choices. We appreciate the way we can now also preview items. Seriously big hug for this Im so happy! Its so disappointing when you purchase star tokens (with Real money) for home decor and are not allowed to choose which wallpaper, flooring, art or whatever else you really wanted. Why cant we decide or even see a preview pic of what we may be purchasing for decor? Not only do you not get to decide on the decor youre buying, whats even worse is purchasing decor, receiving just 3 options and ALL THREE items can only be bought with GOLD COINS! It feels like being taken advantage of. Purchasing items then not being able to use them until you either spend more money or you just have to wait until you earn enough coins to see what items you paid for. This app is so satisfying until this happens, and seems to happen every single time you spend your money on this app smh.Version: 2.52.1

Great!This is one of the best design games I’ve played yet! I love all of the different colours and portraits and all of the different places we can design! It’s different from the other design games I’ve played where it’s just candy crush and a few things to put in place. This game allows you to complete different designs with different people and to see who’s is better through voting. It’s also great how we can vote for other people’s designs! However, voting does take a long time so there’s not much to do whilst you wait especially after you’ve finished most challenges, and I’d also appreciate if duels could be done at any time and not just once a day. I recommend that you turn your notifications on so you get notified when voting is over. Once again, this game is spectacular so I thank the developers a lot for creating this game!.Version: 1.9.9

A sad rip offThis game looks great and is initially fun to play. I spent $46 to get 2000 star points, which I used to open 3 more options on around 10 decorating sets (so got me about 30 more design options to use in the game). Guess what, I couldn’t access most of the options I spent good money on - they could only be actually used if you bought the option using ‘gold’, which can be earned very slowly through the game, or - guess what - bought with more real money. This has ruined the game for me as it feels like you are focussing more on ripping people off than giving them a great product and value for money. Surely there is a better model than this. I would actually be happier to pay a reasonable monthly subscription and earn points in the game which opened the options..Version: 1.3.8

Very fun if a little limited1) loving the game play, I just want to design all day. It’s a bit like a colouring book but with texture. 2) I didn’t grasp the value of coins vs money and blew a lot at the start. 3) I’ve done all the designs in 3 days and there’s nothing left to do now— which is good as it limits my time on the app. Everyday there’s new free things to do. 4) For many more things to do, it seems I can buy a pass for £4.49 each month. I’m not saying it’s not worth it but this is the most expensive app I will have. After paying for a £25 a year for a fitness app, I’m put off paying for this — if I pay more for this then I might use this as a justification to not work out. Would be nice to support the developers in smaller ways for the what is currently daily free stuff. The app limits on what I can do in a day makes it easy to jump on and do half an hour to an hour, and not get too sucked in..Version: 1.8.9

Love this game but..Im really enjoying playing this game when i have a spare few minutes or when baby is napping! I find it quite therapeutic and find it makes me calm. However, i find it quite hard to unlock new pretty designs so i feel im quite limited. If the prices of items were lowered i feel it would be much more obtainable! Also maybe if there was like a subscription type thing or a one time purchase where you are able to use the materials you have unlocked and brought unlimitedly I would so buy that! Especially for the plants ): the plants are so expensive and literally for one time use which is disappointing as they add so much! I dont mind that there is lots to unlock as i think it makes it more challenging and exciting when you do unlock them. But it is quite expensive to unlock just 3 at a time and the points you use to buy it seem quite hard to get in large quantities!.Version: 1.9.3

Redecorate is greatI have been with redecor for over a year now. In this time I have found when I'm designing. I can barely notice the pain that I experience daily, which is why I enjoy doing my designs so much. It doesn't matter to me how I go in the placements, it's especially nice if I get 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Although, 10th place isn't very nice. I have a very rare terminal disease, which makes me bed ridden every day, except when I go outside to sit in my big chair. I can do my designs outside on my mobile phone, which is very convenient for me. However, I recently lost my account and up until now, it hasn't been recovered. This is meant in regards to me being able to continue with redecor, I have had to rebuy items that I already owned, including a new Seasons Pass, which I wasn't happy about. I hope my account is found soon. Otherwise, I'll have to stop designing, perhaps for ever. This is something I don't want to do. I hope that this doesn't happen to anymore members of Redecor. Pamela Woolford.Version: 2.35.0

Not sure I love this anymoreWell you guys have royally screwed this once great app up. It’s become more restrictive and I’m spending less money as I can’t just buy what I want to use. This is the only game I play where you can’t watch videos to earn diamonds. Why not? It’s getting very expensive now. I wish you would look at Covets scoring system and use that idea- beat a score and earn prizes. It is mostly the voting that annoys people. I hardly vote at all because I’m sick of being beaten by people who don’t even follow the brief! If you make it about achieving a certain score then we are not competitive with each other. I love voting on covet..Version: 1.1.4

Almost perfectI think the game would benefit from a new gamemode or at least a new way to male money.I would also like to see more challenges ans less delay before revealing your score!.Version: 1.0.9

THE BEST GAMEI LOVE this game. It’s so enjoyable. There are no adverts to sit through which I really appreciate. I often spend money on this game because I get so much enjoyment out of it and it is worth it to me. While there have been minor issues in the past, the team are constantly updating the app and changing things to suit the players, but of course you can’t please everyone. I think they do well to keep the majority of us happy, and it’s a great app to pass the time..Version: 1.4.5

Great gameGreat game, very addictive. I’ve spent hours playing. I love that their are no ads and the monthly season pass isn’t part of a subscription. You purchase if you want to and when you want to each month. You now get four chances to re-decorate your designs (with the season pass), if you are strategic you don’t need to spend any other money. Just remember to sign in through games centre or your apple ID (or facebook), because if you break your device/buy a new one, you’ll loose your account and have to start again (like I did)..Version: 2.28.2

Voting makes no senseI love this game is really fun and I’ve played everyday since I downloaded it. I don’t mind paying for things in a game so I’ve bought some stars and gold. If you want some of the nicer items you will end up buying stars, and some of the challenges have a group of items that are all locked. But I have gotten a 1st with only the free unlocks. The game really is worth paying for, it is so well designed and way better than the other decor games, and they seem to add new items pretty regularly. The seasons are fun so you can win special items. Voting is fun to see all the other designers. I’m giving it 4 stars though because of the voting it is really unclear. The ranks on the challenges must have some other factors and I don’t think the voting is against the group you are in which is confusing. If it has something to do with the colors on the items it would be great to explain what the colors even mean, it isn’t one faq. They don’t go in the order of the unlocks, so maybe it just puts you in another level of voting. The designs in my groups have gotten better over time which is fun. But some of the wins have garish designs, I guess the voters just make weird choices, how can you vote up a design for an outside deck with carpet? I think the voters just rush through the voting for the reward without considering all the factors. I really just want to know what the item colors mean it should be in the faq..Version: 1.4.5

Fresh Start what a joke!!!I have been a player for a few years and it has taken me so long to gain a lot of gold and money in the bank. Also, I have opened many fabrics, woods, metals, wall papers etc. I have spent money as in REAL money to gain better items etc. I have been a massive fan of the game play it on a daily basis. That is until one day ago it’s is now 3rd November 2022. They have introduced a Fresh Start and it is absolutely awful. They have removed items previously paid for as I said previously some purchased with real money. They have combined the gold coins and money so now the amount just dwindles away so quickly as the cost on the items is ridiculous. You can’t vote as many times as you like anymore to earn money. The layout is now messy and confusing. Unless now you win every design you are screwed financially. The most disgusting thing about the game is that they have removed items earned and paid for previously how are they allowed to do that it’s robbery in my opinion. What was once an enjoyable and amazing game that helped with my anxiety is now a waste of time and has not helped my anxiety one bit. Redecor have received many many complaints from us loyal players so let’s see if they listen and do something about it. In the meantime I would advise strongly to give this game a wide birth!!! Livid!!!.Version: 2.48.2

Favourite gameOk so this is my ultimate favourite game I play without fail before bed every night! It’s the only game I’ve ever spent actual real ££ on which is saying a lot because I’m usually dead against it. The only reason I’m not giving 5* review is because of this…. I’ve been playing for over a year now and I feel like the price of items is slightly high like the gold items then on top you dropped your daily gold down from 500 to 200 which I think was a bit greedy, then when you work so hard or buy the star coins which are expensive in real money when you pay to unlock items it will sometimes unlock an item you’ve already unlocked in a winning game which I think is super annoying and wrong. Also when you win a game which isn’t the easiest on 1st place I think it should only unlock new items you haven’t already unlocked and definitely not two of the same item in that one win that’s highly annoying! I hope the Redecor team take this review seriously because I feel it’s very fair and many others are saying the same thing. If you want to even further expand your audience I think these small fixes would greatly improve user experience and keep players playing and spending more in long run their is no need to try and get greedy. Keep the game fun.Version: 2.32.0

Great appIt is a really good app, its so different than those other decoration apps that are more for kids and have limited variety. This app has lots of colours, textures and different material to choose from when decorating. Its is also great as it has a little challenge set to each like using certain items the clients have chosen and you have to work around it. The only down part for me is the voting system. Because of this task that is given to us before decorating, i think the criteria and task of each challenge should come up on the screen when you’re voting so the people voting know what to evaluate in the design and not just vote in what they find prettier..Version: 1.8.7

Best home interior design game ever!!!!!!!I absolutely adore this game it’s absolutely amazing and I really recommend it to anyone who wants to play or just design rooms and see everyone’s unique style! This game is so much better than other games cause you don’t need to play nonsense games like with lily’s garden, property brothers or home design all you need to do is vote 🗳 to see other people’s designs to see which is best and then you just get a a whole bunch of money! Also people will vote for your designs like just really recently i got first place in a competition and I won loads of gold and money and materials! Also a really good thing about this game is that you get loads and loads of design options so I’m the other games that I’ve mentioned above you only get three choices but in this games you can buy and unlock loads of million different materials like floors cushions fabrics wallpaper etc and so much more you can also get more money and gold by completing challenges and you can also update and change your profile tell everyone what’s new with you. You can also play with tour friends on Facebook!.Version: 1.2.1

Great but...Enjoyable and quite relaxing BUT sometimes it glitches out of the app and idk if that is a problem for other people. Hope this can be fixed ASAP. Thanks! EDIT: LOVE THE FRESH START! It is nice except there is one minor thing I would like to be changed back. So you know how you have to scroll down to see the duels? It is a bit annoying since I always forget about the duels even though I understand if majority of the users like the new set-up. Personally, if it could be changed back to how it used to be before the Fresh Start season, that would be great!! Oh and the voting is. Just. Simply. Rigged. Hope that can be fixed as well!!!.Version: 2.56.0

Concept is fun, actual game is frustratingI originally rated this game really poorly as it rewarded people who spent more on the game, and I had to pay a bit to get the ball going. Now that they’ve changed the voting system, it seems a little bit more democratic, but boy, does that rely on bad taste. I’ve seen amazing designs and colour schemes get low marks and hideous combos get top. Sometimes I can get several first places in a row, and next I am getting low marks even though my design a least has harmonising colours... Plus, there are limitations with style and decor items- meaning that sometimes you’re forced to use ugly products or items that don’t match your vision for the design. This, plus the in house costs of the game and the voting system that appears random, makes this game very frustrating, when it could be so much fun. My recommendations? If it wasn’t a competition, but instead was just a game you can play individually. I love the designing aspect, but I don’t care much for people rating my design skills as low when I’m a design teacher.....Version: 1.0.9

App updatingAm enjoying this app, but my only issue is how many times does this app having to update? because the app is not working now and I’m not happy with this, yes I have an Iphone so can it be fixed asap... otherwise I will delete this app. get it fixed and stop updating as it’s frustrating to use at present.Version: 2.51.1

Lots of funI really enjoy this game! The prompts are always interesting and while I agree that more challenges a day would be great, I also understand it probably takes a lot of time to put those together. Also, all that between time allows me to do more voting and get more “money” so that I can actually “buy” items when I do decorate. The only reason I’m not giving this five stars is the rating system. At the beginning of each challenge there’s a mini prompt where you’re told what the “buyer” wants....but I’ve found people can win first place even if they’ve completely disregarded the prompts. I get it might be more of a guideline, but all games grow boring eventually if there aren’t rules that are followed. Trying to create the best room off those prompts is the real challenge, yet it ends up not mattering. I think an easy fix to this would just be a quick reminder of what the prompt was to people before they vote. Like just a quick pop up that refreshes “they wanted a gothic room with wood flooring etc etc”. Everyone’s tastes are different so the voting will still be fair and up in the air, BUT there’s a clear perimeter voters are being asked to take into account. It gets frustrating seeing rooms that didn’t follow the prompt even a little bit beating out ones that clearly did, even when it’s not mine..Version: 1.3.4

Amazing game!I really enjoy playing this game because it’s so fun and is a great way to calm down and unwind. It helps me to de-stress from a long day of hard work, and makes me feel relaxed. In fact, I’m a journalist and in journalism, it’s hard to remain focused all day long, what with all the running around chasing big news stories, but this app allows me to regain my concentration and refresh my brain cells for a while! I also really like this because the ads aren’t clickbait, meaning they advertise false products or game concepts, and the actual thing is exactly as shown in the ads. I have to admit, I love it mostly because all of the other “home design” apps have puzzles and this one doesn’t, and to be completely honest, I’m not the best at finishing those off. I’ve never even been good at games like Candy Crush by King or things like that, so I really appreciate not having to go through that struggle every single time I want to play this game. A huge thanks to the creators of Redecor, for giving me a way to clean my head and wash away any bad vibes..Version: 1.4.1

Relaxing game for spare timeI enjoy this app and glad to see you listen to feedback, much more enjoyable now to be able to win more gold to keep playing! Thank you.Version: 2.64.3

Cushions won’t loadUnable to finish challenges because the cushion options won’t load. Also would be good if you buy an item that it stays in your inventory instead of having limited uses. Overall love the game 👌🏽.Version: 1.1.8

It would be 5 stars.... but PLANTS!I love this game, have been playing for a while, it’s different to the other decorating games because you don’t have to play puzzles to do the thing you want to do. I play practically every single day, it’s simple and easy and a distraction from our crazy world. However, plants. Come on now, can you at least give us 5 uses for them? One single plant costing more than 5 uses of flooring?? I know it’s not meant to be realistic, I get that you need to make money out of the app, I understand it’s a business, I feel you. But please consider either the pricing of a plant or how many uses we get and how many you put in each design. The leagues are great, but plants mean you can’t always complete the designs every day, so you won’t get very far in the league. It’s becoming less enjoyable, but I love it and want to keep playing! Don’t do this to me! (But otherwise it’s really great and fab and thank you for providing a stress relieving game)..Version: 1.9.3

Well designed & funThis game is such a stress reliever for me and fun! It is well designed and easy to play. The decorating challenges are interesting, and the options to use for decorating are plentiful! Some are locked, but I think that they offer a lot more than other decorating games. I get so excited when locked items get unlocked! It’s like Christmas. I like that some rooms are super simple to decorate, only requiring a small number of items to complete, while others are more detailed. This game offers a lot of variety. The duels are fun because the results are quick. I pay $5 a month to engage in the special season prizes and earn even more money. That opens up a lot of extra stuff and more designs. It’s well worth the small amount I pay. Is it necessary to spend any money in this app? No. I just like the benefits the $5/month offers. I’m happy to pay a little to support those who are making this game possible. There are plenty of opportunities to earn money through voting in this game. I noticed that once a day, after 8:00 pm EST, for a set number of votes, the “money” earned is higher than during the day. So vote strategically. There is another popular decorating game, which I’ll not name, that ended up requiring more and more money to decorate rooms. I no longer play that one. I exclusively play Redecor. Thanks for such an awesome app!.Version: 2.0.11

Good game but in game purchases are too expensiveThis game is addicting, and I’ll even admit that I’ve spent money on this game. The most money I’ve ever spent on any pay to play game. But I personally don’t understand the point of having to rebuy a subscription every season and it seems pointless to purchase unlike a single time purchase that gives you a lifetime sub. I spent about 25 dollars on this game and will admit it wasn’t very worth it, the prices for the coins is understandable assuming it would give you an insane leg up on other people if you could purchase large amounts for a low price. But the subscription to the season should at least be the one thing worth spending money on and doesn’t give you too much of an advantage against other players without having the skill to utilize your materials. And the recent update pushes the narrative even further for people who haven’t purchased the season subscription by not giving them rewards for every level up. Overall it’s a very good game and those are my only qualms with it, it’s very playable without spending money, but if you were to be interested enough to make an in-game purchase it’s something to consider. Unlike many other design games, Redecor is also easily navigable and very polished looking. One of my top 5 apps on my phone..Version: 1.6.3

Best interior decorating appThis is one of the few apps I’ve willingly paid for in app purchases because I enjoy it so much I wanted to give back to the developers! It’s superior to other design apps of its kind because you’re collecting materials and colors for your designs rather than furniture and other elements. Other games I’ve played could be frustrating because I wouldn’t have enough furniture in the right style to complete the challenge. Redecor is different because you’re presented with a predesigned interior that you then decorate with different materials and art to reflect your interior design philosophy and the requirements of the challenge. I love seeing the creativity of the other players and getting to vote on their designs. I feel the game is generous with rewards and tokens/cash to buy materials to decorate with, so I can play for hours if I wanted to. It’s because of that generosity that I feel compelled to purchase the season pass, because it’s fun to try new materials and art, and I appreciate the user focused development of the app. The designers are doing a great job of making a fun and satisfying game in a genre rife with greedy brand deals and pay to play philosophies, and I so appreciate that! Thanks for making such a fun and relaxing game!.Version: 1.9.3

The system needs improvement, but otherwise goodI’ve been playing Redecor for couple of years now, but not daily or even monthly really, because it’s only entertaining in the short run. I do kinda like the currency change a bit, but I don’t like this new system where you have to go up a level to obtain items, it feels unfair because most of the times in the lower ranks, Top Notch/Styled challenges or sometimes even Duels require materials that need to be unlocked by Star Tokens, which takes a lot of grind to get, or real money, so I am only playing Creative challenges, which I don’t really like because it limits the amount of challenges I can play, as well as the rewards I could potentially get quicker. I also wish the seasons are a bit longer and not just 1 month each, maybe 4 months like an actual season or something? This season pass system feels a little cluttered. But that one’s just my opinion. Overall, great game, but shame about this new system..Version: 2.60.1

Really good game!This is a free app that allows you to get creative, relax, and just have fun. In this game there are so many different fabric patterns and more. There are different rooms to decorate you can compete against other people and get coins to buy new fabrics and other stuff after every room you design you get coins so you don’t really need to worry about buying stuff and if you buy something it allows you to use it for awhile after and then you don’t have to pay much for the thing you bought. When I installed this app I thought it would ask me for money because it seemed to good to be true. This is a stress relieving game Which allows you to get creative. During COVID-19 lockdown I have been playing it nonstop it was a good way to unwind from all the bad stuff happening in the world. If I were you I would definitely go and install this great, awesome, amazing game because it is the best game you can get..Version: 1.8.5

Great app terrible judgingOkay, so first of all, I love this app. It’s such good fun and really addictive. Yes, it’s annoying when not all of the materials are unlocked, but generally, you can still win using the cheapest and most basic of products. Now, here comes my biggest gripe - voting. You get a brief (eg “design this room using dark woods and rich colours”). You go off and do the best you can with the materials available to you. Voting concludes and you’re 10th. 1st is a white room with pale woods. Every single time. What is the point of having a brief is people don’t get marked down for not following it? Imagine if that was real life? You paid someone $6000 to design a dark coloured room and they took your money and gave you a neutral room. It’s ridiculous and spoils the app. Either do away with the brief, or impose point deductions for those who don’t follow it. I can’t buy good materials because I can’t seem to win, even though I’m following the brief. It’s so frustrating and ruins what should be a 5 star app..Version: 1.3.0

AWESOME APP!😍🤩I honestly think that this app is amazing! I only got it a week ago and I am already obsessed and addicted! It is great for when being in Quarantine and at home. It’s a great app for imagination and creativity. One of the great things about this app, is that you start off with a heap of money to design rooms. But one of the downsides are that you cannot create your own furniture or put your own furniture into the designs. You can only select the colour of the furniture, which is fine but would be better if you are able to select your own furniture. Also with Redecor, you are able to vote on other peoples designs and people are able to vote on your own designs! This app is one of the best apps I have downloaded during the COVID-19 stay at home break..Version: 1.2.1

I love this game, but…First of all, I love this game! It’s so fun to play. Me and my mom play it, and we have so much fun playing it together. This game is one of the few decor games that are actually fun. But I have a few suggestions and complaints. First, my mom thinks that this game cheats. She’s bought stuff and bought stuff and she says that she always has to buy more, like when she buys it, it disappears and becomes more expensive. And when it comes to voting, every design that wins is usually either white or gray. Think about it, would you want your kitchen or living room pure white. I know everybody has different taste, but it’s like they just throw it together, pick everything that’s white and don’t spend any time on it and win. The people that actually spend time and money on it don’t win. I made a design that I was very proud of and it’s in 8th place. What’s in front is all brilliant colors that don’t match at all. It’s very unimaginative. And I think that it takes to long for the designs to come out and to get the voting results. One of them I turned in and it took three days to get the results, but then my design suddenly vanished. Anyway, I think it’s a really fun game, and I would definitely recommend it. Just be prepared because it can get quite expensive..Version: 1.8.6

Bug takes away prizesI’ve contacted support about this once already and been completely unsatisfied with the response. The bug is still there. I’ve had other designs disappear when it comes time to receive my rewards, and it’s becoming way more than annoying. Today, I’m actually getting close to being infuriated. Today, one of my “original” (not a redesign) designs disappeared. When I opened the app, it told me that the voting for “Lakeside Treasure” was complete, and I was excited, because my first design was ahead in the voting when I checked an hour or so ago. My heart sank when I saw that - AGAIN - only one of my designs was showing in the “completed” tab, and it was my redesign, which performed poorly. I clicked over to look at my profile, as you suggested, and it shows the design - which did in fact, come in first. However, since I didn’t get to actually OPEN the winning design, I did not receive the XP, the gold, the star tokens, or the “big box of decor items.” THIS IS NOT OK. That XP, in-game currency and the decor item unlocks are what keep the game going. I’m a fairly new player, but I have (unusually for me) already spent $15 in real money on playing this game. I had intended on spending more, asking my husband for money to spend on Redecor as part of my Christmas gift. If you all do not fix this bug and give me the in-game rewards I have earned, I will not be spending any more money with your company, as it would just be throwing good money after bad..Version: 1.5.6

Great but some problems 😝🤪🍱🎨This app is so fun I love to design. But this game needs to let you not have to buy every single thing. But this game is so great literally it has no ads. But what I don’t like is that it doesn’t give you enough star coins so you can’t get stuff what I want is just maybe like the money could actually like pay for designs but not real money. Because I have a lot of that from the game but there’s no way that you can like earn the coins it’s hard like if you don’t have stuff in the game then you can’t play at all because it won’t let you submit it without doing all of the dots. What I wish is if you could just make the game with more coins and an easier way to earn coins without doing it if you can’t because you can’t do any of the stars or squares because now I can’t play and if there is a way to earn coins that’s not playing a level then can the developer tell me what it is I just got this game on Monday so maybe there is a way and I just don’t know. So I’d recommend downloading this game if you use your coins wisely don’t just buy a bunch of random stuff and not use them all but I would also like is if they made this game like she bought this she doesn’t want it we can let her unbuy it and give her more coins. So overall this game is good I recommend getting it if you use your coins wisely. If you like designing this is a good game. Even though I never win the voting stuff. Overall this game is good..Version: 2.43.0

Great gameGreat game and though it’s takes a longgggg time to unlock a lot of items without spending money some room designs are awesome. The occasional spelling mistake in design descriptions but nothing major. The app did recently update however and it is saying “Something went wrong - The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format” every time I try to open it. I tried deleting and downloading again and the same error persists. Not sure If this is a app wide issue or just me but I hope it gets fixed soon - otherwise no more game ),:.Version: 1.3.2

Almost PerfectAwesome game! So fun and interactive. My one problem is that during voting, people randomly choose. So, when people randomly choose, the voting isn’t fair as it should be. A good way to fix this problem is instead of voting, there could be more goals. Or you could give a specific amount of time you could spend on each voting screen like five minutes. If you set a time, they will actually look a the different designs and choose the better one instead of just randomly picking. If you fix this little problem, this game is perfect because it checks all other boxes:Fun , Design, Easy to play , no glitches. So please fix this minor problem!.Version: 2.0.5

Amazing! ✨🍑🌿Hi there! If you are clicked this game and want to know more about it, you’re reading on the right place! Redecor is an awesome game and I can’t argue that it’s not. It’s so much fun voting and coming up with new designs. This game lets me be very creative, and can even cheer me up on a gloomy day. First off, lots of people come up with unique, colorful ideas. They express themselves so that they can one, teach other people how they like to style things + how they pair colors, and two, get better at designing and stop being afraid to show what they really like. To me, this is like a REALLY GOOD type of social media, without the social part! (That’s what I like! 🌱✨) Next, redecor has many different color options, textures, etc. I think that this is wonderful because you can actually see what some textures and colors look like. This allows you to come up with new ideas and let your imagination run wild 🌸! I showed this to my sister and she said that she wants the game too because of this! Both of us are really into this game! Lastly, this game can let people think about what they want in their ACTUAL HOUSE + what they want in SOMEONE ELSES house if they’re home designing. It’s really a great app for these people because it helps them make money 💴! Anyway, thank you for reading my review. I hope it convinces you to get this game! After all, it is free :). Bye!!.Version: 1.8.6

Descriptions????This app is a lot of fun, I have one major complaint. If the app does not honour the description request then why bother putting it in there at all, I continually see winners that are no where even close to what the description said to be used. People that do stick close to the description seem to be penalized and at the bottom of the winners list. Maybe voting should include the description to remind the voters what they are voting for..Version: 1.2.0

Great gameI think this is a great app. There seem to be a lot of complaints about the new change, as now not all materials are accessible immediately. It does make the game a bit more difficult but I think it is also more exciting and challenging this way, plus you are not spoilt by choice. I also saw people arguing that this change was made because developers are greedy and want people purchasing more but I have unlocked many many materials without ever purchasing anything with my actual money. You get rewards as you do more designs and you continuously unlock more and more. I don’t see what’s wrong with that, I enjoy it. I am not a fan of the new voting system though. It is true that we are given briefs but the voting system is not at all dependent on whether you match the criteria set out by the brief. Even as a voter it would be difficult to vote accordingly as the briefs are not available when placing votes (other than the short title for the room). However, overall I love this app and I think it’s a great game. I also see that there are constant updates and reviews are taken into account, which is much appreciated. So thank you :).Version: 1.1.4

Great gameplayThis game is great. I’ve only deducted 1 star because it’s not the game I’d spend money on - and in order to have good swatches you have to pay. I understand that’s how the game runners put food on the table, but it makes the game difficult to enjoy when you only have 1 swatch option that you can use, and no swatches that match. Other wise this game is very calming for mindfully playing with colour, or entertaining while you listen to an audiobook. I’d recommend it to a friend who like these sorts of things, simmers and hygge enthusiasts..Version: 2.0.12

Redecor reviewSuch a fun game. Getting loads of ideas for when we move house. Only issue is it’s always trying to get you to use your real $$ to buy tokens and coins to use in the game. I’d rather watch ads to earn tokens and coins than actually pay..Version: 2.73.0

So creative and wonderfully addictive!I love so much about this game, it allows your creative juices to run wild, I love design programs and always wanted to give it a go now I can. I love the Voting process too it great to see some other peoples designs. There are really some very talented people out there. It would be nice in the voting process to leave a comment as sometimes I think something is wrong but just can’t put my finger on it, so that interaction with other players would be really nice. Plus an option to add people as friends as I think this would be a great platform for making friends who share the same interests. Then maybe you can team up create a team and design bigger spaces together. It would also be nice to earn coins faster and easier as when you have to stop halfway through can be a little frustrating. But over all 5* and thank you for making such a wonderful game I love it..Version: 1.8.7

Decor DelightI definitely enjoy this app immensely. I am not in anyway inclined to be a great decorator but there was some thing about it that attracted me to want to try. My first entry I won first place. Hooked! I am now on there every day whether it is to vote for other peoples designs or to create some of my own. I love the game and I love decorating which I didn’t know I did until I started playing. So far I’ve entered I think nine and placed in the top 10 every single time. The only thing I don’t like is that much of the decoration is in a purchased only. I’m not looking to spend money. They give you so much cash that you basically are pretty good for quite a while plus you earn money for decorating, winning, and just for signing up for the game. What upsets me I guess is that I can’t use 75% of the items that I would like to use becauseI have to unlock it with these star coins they give you. If I can only earn three stars per day or even per entry, how am I supposed to have enough to buy a set of pillows or a set of pretty carpets? Because these things take 2000*coins and I got about 27. I still think it’s worth playing but I’m not gonna spend a dime on the game. I just refuse. If I earn some thing from within the game that allows me to in app purchase, I will absolutely purchase but I’m not spending my money out of my bank account or on a credit card for a game. Not doing it. The game is great though so I would suggest trying’s a lot of fun..Version: 1.2.8

MeThis is pretty good. I am finding that some of the time my choices re fabric, colours and especially pictures are far too limited at the ‘preselected’ materials stage. I am just opting out of those designs now. Pretty much no chance of a placing from the word go. Forced to leave the stage..Version: 1.8.7

Love this game but....I really do enjoy this game and this is my second season. I purchase the pass but this game gets quite expensive when you have to constantly buy tokens and gold to get materials that you want. The money that you get for voting and daily tasks becomes practically worthless after so much is accumulated. There needs to be more ways to earn gold and tokens. Also I am at level 41 and the only bonus given after 30 is money. What a bummer. It should be gold, tokens, or materials. Also when one purchases the season pass it should include unlocks and materials. If a client picks materials they all should be unlocked. Sometimes there is nothing to work with that matches. I don’t mind spending for a season pass and some materials, but when I becomes too expensive it is no longer fun. Also when people do their designs and vote I wish they would consider what the client asks for. I doubt any man would want a bright pink bathroom. When it is for a young person that requests bright and trendy I see designs that my grandmother would like. I have seen a kitchen with bright green cabinets, blue refrigerator and orange dishes get a high vote. Today I had a design that wasn’t ranking that well and decided to redesign. I repeated the same design that the first place was winning with. Her’s got a 1st place with 4.84 and mine got an 8th place at 4.26. It was exactly the same design..Version: 1.6.7

Amazing game!I absolutely love this game! As a interior design student it gives me the possibility to practice, give space to my creativity and learn about interesting materials/patterns/styles etc. The rewards are good and I usually find myself with a big enough budget to buy what I need. As much as I love the game there are definitely some improvements that I hope the developers will consider implementing: 1) judging more strictly which players have actually followed the client brief and not just put a random design together. Very frustrating when you spend time and coins on the perfect design only for another players design to win that has absolutely nothing to do with the brief. (I know that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but...) I also know developers are already working on this issue so hopefully for us players who actually take the game seriously (probably too much ;)) there’s hope lol 2) it would be great if there was an option of “restarting” or “undo” your design as sometimes I get to a point where I just don’t like what I’ve put together and would like to start again from the beginning with the blank canvas as it would be easier that way. But all in all kudos to the developers for this amazing game and I really hope you’ll take this feedback into consideration, this game is definitely almost perfect! Well done :).Version: 1.5.9

Love this app, just wish there was more to doGave this a try and can’t believe how much I love it. It is so fun and relaxing. There are many things to choose from, even for those of us who can’t afford to pay, and gradually over time you get more. At first I didn’t do so well because I had less game money and less to work with, but it got better over time and I’ve won my share of challenges, even without having access to the “best” materials, such as a paying user would get. My only negative comment is that there are only about 5 rooms a day to do, so there is a lot of waiting. In addition to waiting, the next room available might not be as fun depending on the requirements. For example, it might take 3-5 hours for the next room to become available, only for it to be have some country-style farmhouse-ish type requirements, which I personally find unappealing. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a wide variety of different styles to mess with, but it’s kind of disappointing when one or more of the little amount of rooms you get each day is something you don’t like. Just wish there was more choices of rooms per day, or more duels, or at least more than 2 attempts to redesign a room. Aside from that, this app is near perfect..Version: 1.7.0

People are confused...So it’s not true that winning is based on how much is spent. At least not exactly. Your design is grouped with 9 random people, and a bonus is calculated based on the ratings you get , which come from votes x what you spent. This makes a “multiplier bonus”, which is multiplied bY # of stars (votes) to give you a ranking. So more expensive might help a bit, but is no guarantee of wining at all. There is a dollar value on the rankings list but that is how much a client would think your design is “worth”. it does not equal money spent on design items. I do admit that the game could make that clearer. Also I’ve had no trouble designing without spending money so not sure why people are having problems. My only problem is that I actually dislike voting at all. People often choose things randomly that don’t even match the criteria sometimes. I’d prefer goal based rewards rather than voting..Version: 1.0.3

Things To ConsiderRedecor should consider not maintaining multiple items under same color option for design —- it takes away from the artistry. There should also be more and extremely difficult designs showcasing other scenery for a fuller perspective. Another thing to consider is removing the ‘up close and personal’ designs as they are boring and lack-luster. More difficult, daring and fuller perspective designs with more OUTDOOR designs covering a broader area (without forced color/item scheme) would be a bonus. It also should be stated, just because a designer follows the instructions does not mean that the design is cohesive. A response as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not satisfactory when the “artistry” isn’t being judged by materials, complication and cohesion. The votes should also consider the complication of the design and its cohesiveness, the materials and their “expense value”. A basic followed design should not win over a design that is cohesive with luxurious materials that might have lacked in one area of the design, such as by using not-requested color choice. In the real world of design, complication, quality and cohesion is usually more appealing to the investor than the just basic design. In some cases, a luxurious and cohesive design is easier for an investor to become accustomed to over a basic design that the investor might have originally requested, depending on the purpose..Version: 1.6.7

Enjoying . . . ButReally enjoying this game, but really don’t like the way you don’t have access to all of the materials, I get buying them, as in real life if you don’t have enough money, you have to wait to save up, before purchasing, it to not even be able to use them? Unless you have either paid to get a “lucky dip” amount given to you or you buy the game pass? Also after playing the game for a while, it would be nice if the rewards for 2nd and 3rd place could be rewarded better, as they are pretty dismal. Also some of the designs submitted, would be nice if you got a better reward/more experience points, if you are able to follow the clients brief, plus, when you rate others designs, would be nice if you could gain experience points there too. Other than that, I’m really enjoying the game as I’ve downloaded it on a different device. 😊⭐️👍.Version: 1.9.2

Joyful PamMagical fantastic awesome game learning so much so that I can put it into practise in own home Big thank you for the boosts of confidence One thought Finding getting things tough but it’s a challenge and guess that’s also a good thing but frustrating. Thank you..Version: 1.6.0

Not happy in the leastI have been playing this game religiously for several months now. Occasionally I have purchased gold from this game. Today, I have gone through my apple purchases and discovered they have charged my visa many times for purchases I did not make, nor get. Today for instance I was charged $31.62 for two separate purchases that I didn’t authorize nor receive. I hadn’t even opened the game today. This game is a fraud. If I could give it a 0 I would..Version: 1.8.9

My designs have been deleted in latest updateI love this app and have used it for ages. Today I updated the app and now I’m a new user and have lost my entire progress. I’ve tried to troubleshoot and look on your website but no contact or any info (not exactly surprising) Can you please help?.Version: 2.49.0

Choice if materials.I find it hard to design in competition with others who have been going for some time, they have a larger choice of all materials to work with. Some people are not always financial enough to buy the bits they need to be competitive , especially the stars. On the hole i am loving the game..Version: 1.5.6

Great Game...Results Take Too Long Though.I’m obsessed with this game! It’s a stress reliever. I do agree with someone who said results take too long. A full day is too long to wait. As far as the voting, you win some and you lose some. And that is okay. Beauty is subjective. You can’t help that. No one should feel entitled to a top ranking. With color, you have to be careful. Pops of color are nice but don’t make it look like a rainbow exploded on your design. Think about your home. Do you really have red walls and orange countertops? You should follow the prompt and try to stand out, of course, but within reason. Two main colors with an accent color always works. If you want to go crazy, try going crazy with texture but not colors that don’t complement each other. I am by no means an interior designer expert but I have seen some tacky designs that had no sense of direction. Anyway...maybe to make people feel better about the voting...there should be more one-on-one duels. Or maybe it all should just change to one-on-one duels because they only take 2 hours to calculate. This solves both the “results take too long” issue and people questioning how votes are tallied in. Nonetheless, I do think that we should only be competing with and voting for people within one exclusive group. Other than that, people like what they like. *shrugs* Also...yes apps cost money. How do you think these people pay their bills? 🤔😂😂😂.Version: 1.5.4

More Clarity on profile changingI’ve been playing this game for a while now, hopping on every now and then to design a lil, It would be appreciated if you could put a warning on the profile changes telling us that we have to change everything about our profile in one go. I forgot to change my profile picture after exiting and had to pay an extra un-needed 50 star coins.. a little disappointing but other than that, I love the designing things, a couple limitations at that but it is fun, really fun..Version: 2.0.12

Rating System Is AwfulThe designing process was fun but I found the rating system was rather weird and funky. So I found out today from their responses to other comments that the ratings are based on votes from other users AS WELL AS WHO SPENT THE MOST MONEY ON THE DESIGN. That would explain why there are sometimes weaker designs got higher places. They never told you money is part of the equation and I thought it was common sense for a designer to be budget conscious. I disagree with more money spent = better design but if that’s the rule at least make users aware of it so they can factor it when they design and when they try to make sense of their rankings. The voting part is also a bit concerning. They often pair two very different styles of design and ask you to pick the best, and most of times it would just come down to personal taste. Why bother having all the instructions on bold design or modern style when voters don’t even read the instructions and just choose whatever is the most pleasing to their eyes and personal taste. The fun part of playing a game is to learn the rules and strategize to win. But when the whole rating system has nothing to do with the rules they told you (ie to create a good design that suits the client) it just takes out much of the fun..Version: 1.5.8

Great game even though the voting is terribleI waited months before writing a review to give it a decent analysis and I really think this game is incredible since it is free and there are so many different challenges everyday. You are not forced to spend real money but can do so at your own desire, which I did buy a couple season passes (only on the ones that caught my eye) just to say thanks to the developers for all their good work. My only frustration is with the voting - I think some people don’t even look at what they are tapping on, they just mindlessly bop away at the pics in order to get more coin. People are lazy and that ends up with some really tragic designs scoring 1st place. BUT that is not really the developers fault so I still give Redecor a 5 star rating. Well done guys!! Keep up the good work.Version: 1.5.8

Amazing Game!Love this game; it requires a bit of planning to save your decorating dollars and gold, but it can be done! I bought a season pass and one round of tokens - it just has to be spent wisely! I only unlock new items in the Surface/Metal/Stone categories normally because those have the most impact visually. If a challenge requires say, checkered fabric only, and there’s only 3 options, I choose one and make sure my complementary finishes are unique enough to stand out from all the others who undoubtedly chose my fabric, also. It requires patience to save the money, just like real life! Some of the users on here complaining about length of time to earn money/gold and want everything to be quick and easy are not true players. One should also definitely take advantage of the voting; you can earn around $10-12k in design cash per 24 hours. It adds up! Every item has 5 uses when you buy it, so that checkered fabric you bought for a living area could also be used on a patio or kitchen chairs! Just be big picture about what you buy. That random red velvet is much harder to use across a range of challenges and will tie up money, potentially! One improvement could be more decor boxes for 2nd and 3rd place, and maybe slightly increase the gold winnings, maybe $1.5k, then $1.0k, then $500. It’s really a fantastic game and visuals are superb!.Version: 1.1.1

Great!! But suggestionI downloaded this app yesterday and I’ve been OBSESSED with it. I haven’t been able to put it down!! But there’s only so many challenges you can do before you have to start redesigning old spaces instead of practicing newer ideas. I think a great feature would be to set aside space for people waiting on the challenges to end where they can freely decorate with the items they currently have. Like you can choose from a variety of different room layouts and then design them however you’d like. Not to be submitted to a challenge, but just so you can kill time and continue designing while you wait for the challenges! I’d love to see this idea in action. especially so I can genuinely spend all day playing the app instead of just 30-40 minutes to finish all the challenges and then play a boring waiting game. It’s also be great to be able to practice certain styles (like bauhaus) to get the hang of it before I submit one for judging! Sometimes I walk into challenges and feel unprepared because all I have to go on is 2 sentence descriptions before I’m thrown into designing. I know I can Google them separately, but I think being able to freely practice it would help me comprehend them a lot more!.Version: 2.0.6

Much better :)Really good update. They fixed all the problems that players mentioned. No more sticky controls, they brought back the smoothness to the game. They fixed the lagging issues. It’s really good. I gave it 4 stars only because I’m hoping they brought back the feature of using gold in conjunction with cash. That’s actually what enticed me to buy. When they removed that feature, I didn’t want to spend anymore. So if it’s not in this new update, I hope it’ll be featured back in the next update (fingers crossed). Other games use that feature, I think that’s why players like it. Also the game interface doesn’t use the entire screen. The time, battery percentage and wifi symbols are still visible, which is a pain especially when I just want to relax for awhile, not be reminded of the time. It’s a tiny thing I know but I thought I’d mention it just in case. It’s no big deal :) Great work though overall. Thank you so much for listening. Makes the game experience more pleasant. The best game of its kind. Fun, relaxing. Highly recommend it..Version: 2.0.14

Great gameGreat way to relax at the end of a day, no annoying ads, easy to play even if you choose not to spend real money as you earn game money and help other game players at the same time. Just a suggestion, could we please have the option to arrange our completed redecorations the way we like to see them as there’s no order to them, and also it would be really helpful if we could still redecorate in a low signal area and then our completed projects would just load up when we came into internet range again, as not everyone lives where there is good internet signal. Otherwise, many thanks for such a fabulous game, and I’ve already personally recommended it to people I know..Version: 1.5.8

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