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FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino app received 25 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino? Can you share your negative thoughts about fanduel sportsbook & casino?

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FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino for Negative User Reviews

No reason to have the appI live just across the border from Indiana in Kentucky, and the app is pointless to have because it always redirects me to the website if I want to see my bets. DraftKings allows me to see my bets from the app, regardless of which state I’m in. It’s annoying to have to log in to the app, only for it to redirect me to the website. Who cares if I’m not currently in the state that I placed the bet in? This is a huge disadvantage versus DraftKings, and I would recommend anyone on the fence to download DK instead as it is much more convenient. Until FanDuel is able to allow people to look at bets they have placed, regardless of which state they may currently be in at the time, I will recommend going with another option. Not to mention, it’s also a pain to sign up because even if you are in Indiana when you sign up, you have to log into the browser version so you can select Indiana the first time. Not sure why they have to be so particular and complicated about this issue, but I would assume this would be the same for anyone bordering any of the other states that their app is available in..Version: 1.7.0

They Didn’t Honor The 55:1 Odds Super Bowl PromoI downloaded and funded the Sportsbook App to play the 55:1 Promo. On game day the app was obviously having problems because a temporary banner on the homepage was instructing first time users how to play the promo if they couldn’t access it – stating that if they couldn’t access the 55:1 Promo they could still pick the winner on the Money Line bet and their account would be credited. Well I picked the Bucs and even picked the correct scoring bracket (under 56 pts) and of course it’s been a couple weeks since the Super Bowl and still no promo winnings and no response from customer support after I sent an email with screenshots. Besides this my impression of the app seems like it was rushed to production – every time I log on to check my account I have to go through a sign in process and the experience is somewhat broken. Overall my impression is this app needs some work, but I’d really like Fan Duel to honor their promo and answer my support email. I feel like I got scammed..Version: 1.20.0

Shady operatorsAfter running multiple problems with trying to withdraw funds, I was complaining to some friends about how overwhelmingly shady this whole setup appeared to be. Funny enough, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I mentioned this to who had download and later tried to withdraw funds had run into a series of similar issues. Their support team mentioned that I could “stay tuned” for help…. but nothing since… Overwhelming disappointed that your team would create an intuitive, easy to use system for depositing money into the app, but not invest into similar tech for the withdrawals? Really feeling scammed. Update: I received a response from their team that closely parallels the experience I with their customer support team, which is to say that they did absolutely zero to help resolve the issue… their team’s formula seems to be ‘apologize, completely ignore the mentioned issues in the response, and somehow hope the customer forgets about the problem’… See what those big brains of theirs were able to come up with below: We’re sorry to hear about this experience. I would be keen to get a full resolution to your query, could you contact our Customer Support Team via chat or email. ".Version: 1.29.0

Suspends account for no reasonI don’t sports bet regularly, just here and there. I had a few bets I placed the day before for an upcoming football game and when I tried logging in when the game was starting the following day, I got a message saying my account was suspended. So, I went to my email to see if I had gotten any notifications from FanDuel and I did. In the email, it said “your account has been suspended due to some inconsistent activity. “ I tried contacting support and they said that they are unable to see why my account was suspended and will need to escalate this issue to another team. I haven’t done anything wrong on this app. I place regular bets and use the app how it was intended to be used so this account suspension is extremely unnecessary! Now, FanDuel is holding my money without giving me any access to it. I am not regularly/constantly depositing and withdrawing funds so I don’t see how that could affect this situation in any way. And fyi, sometimes when you refer people, they don’t always give you your referral bonus. You sometimes have to go out of your way and contact support to ask for the money they were advertising you would get from referring a friend..Version: 1.56.1

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IF AN ISSUE ARISESMy account was suspended, as I appreciate the caution and protection of fanduel with this particular issue...I DONT appreciate the amount of time it’s it taking to resolve it. It’s beyond frustrating. It’s difficult to speak to anyone, they promise an email in 3-5 business days it’s been over 1 month and no one has gotten back to me. Customer service is NON EXISTENT! There is money in my account that I am unable to access, so basically they have complete control of it with no resolution in sight. If by chance u get locked out of your account (which can be easy to do just by putting your password in incorrectly 3x) you can be sure to be waiting a long time to regain access to your money.. Like I said I am still waiting. I have notified family/friends who use this app and they will be taking their money out before they lose control of it too. Again i do appreciate the protection but it means nothing if You are unable to resolve the issue. If u care about your Money DO NOT USE THIS APP!!.Version: 1.17.1

Terrible app experience, even with chat help still can’t access account2 months ago open an acct and funded it. Didn’t have time to bet since.. tried logging in last week on my iPhone 7 and later my ipad mini to find acct was locked/suspended. Chat help said prob was fixed but still couldn’t get in. I changed my password, still couldn’t. Asked for help via email, they said all was ok but I’m still unable to get logged in- says my info isn’t correct. Cleared cookies and started over, still can’t. I just got cut off while on live chat- they said my acct was active, that doesn’t mean I can access it. Total scam, forget it. Give me my money back, sick of this going round and round. Very unprofessional. I chose FanDuel because they seemed more professional than that *other company* but clearly haven’t smoothed their App bugs out. And it’s not only that I can’t access Fanduel app- if I can’t get in there I can’t access Betfair Casino either. That’s a double loss for you guys. I’ve been very patient repeatedly trying to access to my account and money but this going in endless circles is garbage. Waste of time and money, regret downloading the app. I never leave bad reviews unless deserved and will update it if problem is solved soon. Reading reviews see others experienced this too..Version: 1.4.1

Garbage appDon’t bother playing the slot machines. They’re soo obviously rigged it’s almost comical. You can play for hours upon hours and not get a single bonus game or free spin. You could be up $1,000 on minute, then the “algorithm” decides… “nope, no more winning allowed.” And 5 minutes later all your money is gone while winning absolutely nothing in return. Went into a room with $300, betting 40-60 cents, left the room 10 minutes later with $3.00 having not won a single bonus rd or free spin. They tell you that it’s fair by giving you the RTP of the machine but then make it clear that the RTP does not apply to individuals playing sessions. Customer support is garbage, good luck trying to speak with an agent. You could start at being 50th in line, wait an hour till your next up, then get kicked out and have to start all over. They give you like $10 in promotions every so often that will allow you to play for about 30 seconds before they take that right back. You will not win anything playing the slots! I guarantee it. Do not waste your time or your money. They will steal it all. If I could give it negative stars I would. If I could take a crap on this app, I would. It’s state sanctioned theft!!!.Version: 1.48.0

Casino gamesHuge ripoff. I’m actually curious who is regulating the programming associated with these games. I played roulette for about an hour and the same number hit within the same 3-5 spins about 6 times. The same number hit back to back also. The odds of that are 1 in 1444. It was strange too. Anytime I put all of my money (above 1 dollar) on one color I’d never hit. But if i threw like 10 cents on a color I’d hit about 40-50% as you’d kinda expect. The game is clearly rigged. I was up about 2 dollars in 45 mins of playing but spent most of the time down. Very much felt like there was no probability at play, although there is a bit of statistical probability in real roulette. At one point while spreading about 10 dollars worth of chips across the table it hit 00 the 0. At that point I realized that I was just spending money to be frustrated. Deleted the app. Losing 150 bucks and learning a lesson is better than losing 1000 bucks over the course of a week or month or year. Get a better hobby guys. This is destructive and addictive. Bad stuff..Version: 1.10.1

Beware of casinoI gamble tens of thousands a month with the casino app and after this morning I am done, it’s glitchy the roulette dealers constantly have bad spins, followed with a glitch where the table takes your bet off the table and doesn’t refund it, it will cancel your winning bet after the ball lands and log you out etc etc, oh and customer service support good freaking luck. This place is designed to steal your legal winnings and they don’t even try to make up for it they just deny any discrepancies, if you want to fight it you better screenshot/save every roll and every turn of cards, or they’ll tell you tough luck- even if you do they will deny it even happened even when you screenshot the chat log showing the dear players please give us patience since your dealer dropped the ball. When you lose it’s whatever don’t gamble with money you can’t lose- but when they straight up steal your money that’s just obscene.Version: 1.52.0

Beware! Scam.Read carefully through peoples experiences and lawsuits trying to withdraw money. They essentially just keep forcing you to continuing betting with the pretext that you can only withdraw “winnings” but in actuality they just keep denying request to withdraw because of vague and arbitrary rules for what money can actually be withdrawn. It’s a huge scam. Google it for yourself and read about the nightmare stories. Edit: Just received the response to this review from FanDuel. Stating that I should be sure to contact the support team. I did contact the support team prior to writing the original review. They could not even provide a breakdown of how they were calculating how much I could withdraw vs. how much I still had to wager. All they could continue saying was those are the amounts listed on my account. Even tho I continually showed them I gambled much more than was deposited on my last deposit (after it was deposited) and was trying to withdraw much less than winnings that occurred after that deposit. They stated they would have some contact me via email and that had yet to happen. My wife also has an issue with her account where they are refusing to honor the “no sweat first bet” after depositing and losing $1000 on her first bet. Again we’re told we would be contacted via email and still nothing..Version: 1.62.0

Support is abysmal (over 4+ hours holding & no support)This app is fine as long as you don’t run into any issues, I guess. Unfortunately, the account verification step in which you put in your address only has one line for address (so if you live in an apartment you cannot verify normally). They tell you to contact customer service if you have this issue which I did and… well it turns out that system is broken too. They do not have a phone # for you to call, only online chat. The online chat requires you to be present and clicking periodically or else it will time out. Even then, when you wait in the line the service times out when you get to the front so you are not able to chat with an agent about your issue. I have waited in a line longer than 2 hours twice now only for the chat to “crash” when it’s my turn. Is anybody even working the customer service chat or do they just expect you to give up before it is your turn? Don’t waste your time with these guys. There are other sports books with much better customer service..Version: 1.60.0

Horrible Authentication ProcessI normally never write reviews but when I do it’s usually because it’s horrible. In this case, my first go to for sports betting was Fanduel because of their great promo offers and risk free bets. I turned 21 in October 30th and created an account with all the details verifying that I am 21 years of age legally in NJ. When I finally set everything up it came to the final step… Authentication that I am, indeed, me. Well, it didn’t go very well. First try and I get an error not even able to get to the QUESTIONS. So I went to customer chat support (with awfully long waiting queues depending on the day and random resets that have to make me re-queue, which is very frustrating) and everything went well, the guy reset my attempts and said I should be able to go. NOPE, same thing happened… “unexpected error” and I couldn’t even reach the question section yet AGAIN. So now I did same process a second time… SAME THING, UNEXPECTED ERROR. PLEASE fix your third party authentication system or switch to a new one. This third party lexis nexis is awful and THEIR customer support is EVEN WORSE!! I contacted them WEEKS AGO and I haven’t heard back from them. Utterly disappointed and Draftkings is way better their system is as amazingly quick. It makes fanduel look inferior..Version: 1.36.0

The worst Sportsbook app on market.They will give you issues making deposits after a few withdrawls. They have no telephone customer support. They don't offer a callback. Their customer support is made up of incompetent bottom dwellers, skid row type people. The customer support is unqualified and dosen't have any idea about any issues you may experience. They copy and paste from a script for a response. Beware, you will regret using this app. It may take a few month's- or so. If you are a frequent player you will find out in due time. This is the most crooked app on the market. It has customer support the likes of a 3rd grade education level. I closed my account and joined BETMGM. I have had no issues and they treat me wonderful. Their customer support also provided me with a callback and resolved my issue within 3 minutes. Don't waste your time with FanDuel. They are a dump type of Sportsbook. Hopefully, in the near future they will be knocked out of business..Version: 1.58.0

Mixed reviewI think that the Sportsbook is quick and easy to navigate. Definitely top notch. Nowas for the casino, it’s best you stay away. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the dealer draw out 5 and 6 card 21’s to beat my 20. Or the hundreds of times you are dealt 12 and the face cards get you every time. That being said, I know they will just tell you they are regulated by the gaming commission and all that but with the regularity that it happens I do not believe that somewhere in there are a fix or two tilting the game in favor of the house. I also have a problem with how there are no benefits to wagering on fanduel. I have over $725,000 in wagers in my time with fanduel and have nothing extra to show for it. For example, BetMGM has tier credits that increase by level and help you gain free bets and credits as well as comps with casinos. Fanduel doesn’t have that, no kind of benefit to using them unless you are VIP. The VIP’s are the only ones who reap any type of real rewards here. Total shenanigans. Choose wisely people..Version: 1.48.0

If you appreciate your money and time read the bad reviews!Truth be told I never leave bad reviews this I believe is my first review for an app. I had the same issue as other people with getting “verified,” even though I have had no problems with other sportsbook apps & even if I did experience one customer service actually helped and did not give some lame run around. First I was told it was b/c some had he same name as me then a few calls and chats later it was b/c they used a third party to get verification and there’s no way to get their information or help from them. Then eventually was told I have to keep trying which upon reading other reviews it seems the app still has it’s flaws even though it has a well known adversary company which we all know who I’m talking about I use different sports books apps b/c they vary in UI and what not but never got the runaround or lack of service. I’m pretty sure the developer response will say contact customer support but what’s the point if you guys can not/ will not do anything about it! Once again read the bad reviews and do not waste your time!!!.Version: 1.4.1

No customer supportI’ve been using FanDuel for about 6 months, I’ve been wagering for the past 15 years. I deposit money into my account with the intentions of put some money on the Michigan vs Washington NCAAF. To my surprise in Virginia they did not offer that bet, when I switch states in the app the game would show up (just not in VA). I tried to reach out to customer service but they do not have a help line, the email for customer support says that it cannot deliver the email to the customer support email fandual provides. They do offer a garbage live chat with automotive service that will give you answers to everything else’s except what you need. On top of that when I tried to withdraw my money they will not allow it, and I cannot reach customer support. I suggest using DraftKings over FanDual. I wish I could post a picture of the email I received back saying it could not deliver the email, (pronto because the mail box is full) 🗑 CUSTOMER SERVICE, it not even garbage because it doesn’t exist, there are jankie Sportsbook on the web that have customer service..Version: 1.32.3

Just one problemHistorically this has been my favorite betting app, but recently I discovered a problem that users may want to consider before using. I went to check scores and odds for basketball games, and it was showing a 6 point game with 12 mins to go. Based on that information, plus the odds, I decided to take the underdog. Well about 5-6 mins later I checked the score and it was still the same- but the odds had changed. I pulled up ESPN app and the game was over. So I contacted customer service to let them know that the scores/times are off, but the odds are live- so when people are betting and looking at the odds and the scores, they may feel that they are being misinformed. Customer service rep said their scores and times are tracked by a third party and they couldn’t guarantee the accuracy. They encourage you to check ESPN before placing any bets… I’m not sure how I feel about jumping from app to app while trying to compare scores and odds. Also, I am not sure wether the other apps have this problem or not, but it would certainly be preferable to have accurate information to process when you are considering placing a wager with your money. Generally I really do like the app, but this issue is definitely something that will hinder the overall experience for me in the future and something for potential betters to consider..Version: 1.43.0

Withdrawal and customer serviceThis had to be the longest I had to wait for my withdrawal to be released. I definitely wasn’t done in this casino. I’m a big gambler and I spend a lot of time playing the casino, I won a pretty good chunk of change and that made me very happy! But the sad thing was. I had to wait 2 days for it and that’s not cool. So now I will continue my play at the casinos that release as soon as I request it. You really should change that. Plus I tried calling the casino and got a busy signal every time I called. This casino has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. How dare you treat people the way you do when they are spending money in your casino, not a good way to run a business. Good thing I won! Because most people will give a bad review when they loose, but because I won and still giving a bad review should tell you something. Good luck getting new customers I will be sure to tell all my gambling buddies not to play here..Version: 1.55.1

One & doneSo I watched the Super Bowl like many others, before hand I had seen a commercial for this app. For new customers they were running a promotion. Basically pick a team and win a bunch of money (if you win of course) I Chose the winning team, for a max bet of $5 and I won $275. Easiest money I have ever made, hands down. I thought it was a scam all the way until I had the money in my account. I will tell you, Betting was some what of a pain. I logged in at 6 and had to have my bet in by 630 and I couldn’t log in. Essentially the system was over loaded during this time. Finally I got logged in and went to bet and it kicked me out. (Which seems to be a huge issue with this app) long story short, I literally got my bet in at 6:29. Seconds to spare, I was distraught over the stress I endured for 30 mins to try and get this bet placed. Totally worth it in the end. Would I do it again, yes. However, after reading all the reviews and looking around on the app, and being on the MD/PA line (which is an entire other issue) I’ve decided to delete the app and move one. Definitely has its perks and downfalls. But that was my experience with FanDuel..Version: 1.19.0

DO NOT PLAY ON HERE!!!I can assure you that you DO NOT want to waste your money on this TERRIBLE SITE!! I made my way to this supposed VIP Status!! My VIP ACCOUNT MANAGER ( ERIC GASTON) was one of the most rude ignorant people that you could ever deal with!! Any time I ever asked this man for anything he denied the request. The free play money is absolutely terrible when you dump thousands upon thousands of dollars Into the site!! Then I proceed to messege my supposed VIP account manager and I ask him how I go about taking a breather because the site was taking more money then I’m comfortable with and that I wanted to take a look into taking a little break!! I ask if he was able to apply my free play money for the week that I was getting for depositing so much and what does he do??? He reports my account and they block me from the site and burn me on the money that was supposed to be rightfully given to me!! Not to mention when you first start playing on here you magically win left and right on the slots and as soon as they hook you in the wins suddenly disappear and you just become a donor week after week after week after week!!!! My recommendation would be try somewhere else before you waste your time or money on this horrible site!! I have no idea how the sports betting side is maybe that’s better but as far as the slots and that whole side of it STAY AWAY!! You will lose piles of money and you will be treated like a pile of trash TRUST ME!!!.Version: 1.37.0

Deceit and Dishonor. So disappointingThey made it very easy to sign up and deposit, but everything else was difficult and/or deceitful. The problems started when I tried to use a new player promotion. I followed the directions, did everything I was supposed to do, and their customer support agent CONFIRMED that I was eligible and did everything correctly, but that it can take 72 hours for it to be credited. After 72 hours I contacted support again to ask why it hadn’t been credited. Two separate agents terminated the chat box without answering. I called but you cannot reach a live agent, just leave a voicemail. I left 3 but none were returned. Finally a third chat agent told me that the promotion had expired the day before - after I qualified for it but before I was able to use it because they hadn’t credited it to me! I have transcripts of the chats in which they told me I just had to wait without telling me there was a deadline or processing the promotion. Then it got worse - I tried to withdraw my funds and after 3 days was denied without explanation. I tried again and they told me I couldn’t withdraw deposited funds. I had to endure another hour long chat session to finally be told that I can’t withdraw my money, but I could request that it be “refunded”. Semantics? Really? I have filed a complaint with the Maryland gaming commission. Stay away! They are dishonest and deceitful..Version: 1.61.0

Notifications don’t work for everyone and cost me a lot of moneyI’ve been using FanDuel for years and this has to be the worst year every. There notification system doesn’t work. They recommend using FanDuel Scout which is a joke because the alerts do not work there either. They way the NBA is right now with players sitting last minute or missing time and not being notified and other players are... Its definitely unfair and puts people at a disadvantage. I got pictures from people showing there notifications, etc. Also with league play if you don’t get to put a roster in by the start time you still should be able to enter a roster with the remaining players as long as there’s 2 or more games like they do for there late slate contest. You you miss that start time, whatever games start at that time then those players aren’t available is the contestants problem. They still should be able to enter a roster with remaining players. There are a lot of issues with FD right now and I recommend going to draft kings or find another platform to play on. FD seems rigged because they know they have an issue and they fail to fix it. I’ve resent my phone, app, etc and nothing changed. Hope this helps people out..Version: 1.19.0

Horrible ethics / serviceI referred my friend on 9/8/22 through the “refer a friend program”. I sent them the link, they signed up via the link, and placed a $10 bet. After 72 hours, and not being credited I reached out to support and they told me somebody else would email me within a couple days, shocker nobody ever reached out besides additional FanDuel promotions which was very annoying considering my issue had yet to be resolved. I reached out to another FanDuel representative and explained this to them. They said they can’t give out “courtesy” bets more than once as stated in their policy. What’s ironic is I needed that first “courtesy” bet because of this very reason. All I got was “I apologize, anything else I can help you with”, “somebody will reach back out”, etc. it’s a bummer considering I’ve used FanDuel for years and really do enjoy their interface and quick payouts. Support also stated that my friend can have it manually imputed as he did not receive his free bet, which is odd because at that point, he will be in my situation and never be able to receive credit from referring a friend if he chooses..Version: 1.55.1

Decent app, but FD is stingyI bet a lot in IL. And FD is probably my least favorite app to gamble on. What I don’t like about it is that they consistently have the worst lines compared to other Sportsbooks, and they also are stingy with their promotions compared to books like DK and Pointsbet. It’s hard to find value betting on this app because the vig is so heavy, so you have to be very picky with your spots on this app. For a professional better you will find your spots to beat them overtime, but for a novice better, these lines will steal your money if you don’t know what you are doing. I recommend DK or pointsbets to more beginner gamblers, much easier lines to beat and better promotions to help build up a small bankroll to play with. Only thing I will say is the interface on FD is very nice, and is top of the line in betting apps. However, that is not enough I’d recommend MGM, Ceasers, DK, and pointsbets as my top picks for IL Sportsbook’s..Version: 1.62.0

FanDuel is a scam, will lock your accountOn October 29th or thereabouts I filed a security concern with Fanduel. It appeared to me that someone other than myself was trying to login to my account, as I was required to change my password twice in one day even though I hadn't attempted to login. On October 29th I heard via email from Fanduel that my issue had been escalated to the accounts team and that they would be getting back to me on the matter. Since then I haven't heard anything from them other than a few feeble responses to my follow up emails asking them to look into the matter. I have emailed them and gone through chat support and each time I am told that the "accounts team is looking into the matter." Just today the chat team told me that the accounts team is looking into the matter again but that I can't communicate with the accounts team directly. I am at my whits end with this corporation, and I believe that they are engaged in conduct that is a violation of their gaming license. My account is small but to be locked out of my money for a month and a half is outrageous, dishonest, and unbelievable. AVOID FANDUEL AT ALL COSTS.Version: 1.61.0

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