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IMPC Pro 2 for iPhone App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

IMPC Pro 2 for iPhone app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IMPC Pro 2 for iPhone? Can you share your negative thoughts about impc pro 2 for iphone?

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IMPC Pro 2 for iPhone for Negative User Reviews

They don’t want you using you using your own samplesThis app is awesome except, like other users have noted, it doesn’t have the *standard* ability to connect to your Dropbox or AudioShare libraries. You have to do everything through their “AudioCopy” app which is basically their store for samples. There are a few steps and you can import your own samples, but you have to open a *different app*, then import your sample into that app, then go back to iMPC and import your sample from their secondary app.... basically cutting you off from your own library, because you aren’t going to want to repeat this process every time you want to grab one of your samples. Just let us connect to our own libraries as expected. Let your great software speak for itself and make sales, don’t put up this in-app-purchase roadblock where we have to re purchase sounds to have any ease of use. It’s a great software, but if you like using your own sounds, look elsewhere for now..Version: 2.0.1

Man!!Why do I gotta buy the same sound packs twice on my audio copy..I have iPhone and iPad with both versions of impc2 on them and when I buy sounds it don’t unlock on both..I just paid for 5 sound packs cause the deal and it’s unlocked on my iPad but not iPhone.Version: 2.0.1

ChuckHey i like the app but it would be so cool if we could link the impc pro 2 on ipad n iphone together n mpc live i show be able to send the beat on my phone to my ipad or mpc life is like the iphone have i cloud Account so I use that account for my iPhone and iPad so so anytime I make it beatson my iPhone Automatically is on my iPad.Version: 2.1.4

Keeps crashingCute but it keeps crashing. Sad that I had to pay for this but still can only use Garage Band..Version: 2.1.2

No sharing of drum packs between iPhone and iPad??Aside from the fact this app has to be bought TWICE if you want it on iPad and iPhone, but Retronyms has somehow thought it was a good idea to prevent me from using the sound packs I have paid for and used on my iPhone, on my iPad. The software is the same, audiobus is the same, but somehow, the drum kits are saved per device?? Absolutely ridiculous. You really expect people to pay twice for everything?.Version: 2.0.1

Avoid this appIt has enough bugs and flaws to render it pretty useless. If the developer sorted it out they would have a great app they could probably charge more for. What a shame. Still no usable sampler available for the iPhone.....Version: 2.0.1

Long overdue!An update to the original iMPC was desperately needed. Don’t expect to much more than a slimmed down version of the IPad rendition. It does in fact work and if you are familiar with the workflow, you’ll see that pretty much nothing has changed except the screen real estate. Perfect for grinding out some beats when you have spare time away from the lab. In my opinion much more than an impulse buy or something to just add to your collection of apps you never really use. This is essential for beatsmiths with Iphones Update: Nah B, Retronyms is playing us. Either Akai/Inmusic ain’t contracted improvements or they gave up. At this point it’s not nearly usable or desirable to use despite the high chart position.Version: 2.1.7

Great funI love the way this makes the mpc a bit more quick to move around on and more visual. Great teaching tool. Though no ability to paste a sound to a pad is pretty bogus..Version: 2.1.7

WhackYou better hope the sample you want is within the seemingly random 30 seconds of song this app will pull from Spotify *Response to Dev’ If that is the case maybe put it in the description - I wasted money on this app to sample Jazz from Spotify on the go but am completely unable to do so... it’s such a pointless feature without being able to select the part of the track, yet it was the only feature I was interested in. Disappointing..Version: 2.0.2

Continuously closesThis app continues to force close after loading samples from my iTunes library. Extremely disappointed. Buyer beware..Version: 2.1

Fix upI downloaded the app a couple weeks ago and it’s been a challenge. The good; the app looks great, handy tutorials and for someone who is just getting started it’s visually appealing and user friendly. The bad; I can not sample from iTunes (on iphone) AND when I get samples from Spotify I’m forced to use some random 30 secs from the song. I’m able to make it work, but’s annoying..Version: 2.1.8

Just not for meI really wanted to like this, and wanted it to be better than the old iMPC. I’ve worked with Korg Gadget, and just wanted an extension to this with more intuitive sampling looping and beat making. I don’t want to use any of the included packs just sample my own stuff. I was continually deleting slice points etc and just generally lost in the interface, just couldn’t get my head around what to do how to build up kits etc. The real time effects seem good, but I just can’t be bothered getting my material in to the program to use them. Unfortunately deleted on day one..Version: 1.0

FrustratingI wanted something that I could play my own samples on and the process you have to do to import your own sounds into impc is ridiculous. I opted instead for another app that (unfortunately) has a monthly subscription fee. But the ease with which you could import your own samples was what I really needed..Version: 2.1.7

Must haveAs part of my musical noodling, with the iPadOS version, the MACOS v, and an MPC ONE to round them out. Unfortunately it’s buggy. Right now there’s an issue on iPhone where adding a track makes the orientation flip so that there’s no way to choose from a drum program, audio unit, or live recording. It defaults to program. Usually pretty good at fixing such bugs..Version: 2.1.8

Forced to use 2nd app to import music, but app fails to work when connecting.Was super excited to use this app but you are forced to use a different app to load samples and files. No big deal other than the fact that the app is never able to connect to the AudioCopy app. It just says failed to connect. Sooo the app is completely useless at least in my opinion. MPC is made for sampling audio, but not when you can’t add any samples. Of course you have to buy the app first to realize it doesn’t actually work..Version: 2.1.7

Impc pro itunes turntable not workingOverall solid program, but itunes wont respond with the turntable sampler. Still waiting for them to update for months. Hopefully it gets fixed soon..Version: 2.1

No supportYet another of those appstore apps that has no people behind it that care. Bought the prerelease and installed audiocopy to get the included 4 sample packs that were in the content store the morning of the release. However they were not enabled to access and wanted to redirect to "buy" impc pro 2 again - wrote support, no answer... about an hour later Audiocopy gets an update with the note "added support for the impc pro 2 for iphone" and a bit later the first update to impc pro 2 for iphone also claiming added support for audiocopy - go back to the content store and what do you know all 4 packs that were there are now removed... wrote support again and again no answer. Not a great way to start an app launch and hoping not to regret this purchase. Fix this and I can rate it higher but for now it's a bit pathetic to mess this prerelease offer up right from the get go..Version: 2.0.1

Cool app..Pretty functional little app this. Could improve the inter app connection for outside fix apps.....Version: 2.0.1

BrokenSo far this app is broken, crashes regularly, and gets itself into states where previous edit pages are no longer accessible Keep working on it.Version: 2.0.1

Retronyms is a jokeThis app along with a string of others made by Retronyms is a fly-by-night money making scheme…If you look at all of their apps, they have huge hype and then they never develop them… They make the initial money and then go on looking for greener pastures Don’t waste your money on it. I guess bad developers kind of define the good developers…Role model this company if you’re trying to be a loser..Version: 2.1.2

Crappy app. Avoid it for iPad.Can’t copy files. It’s a crappy app. Avoid it. Waste of money. Cannot download from AudioCopy and ask to pay for downloading content Don’t look at the positive ratings. I believed these rating and got ripped off..Version: 2.1.4

Fun but laggy/buggyApp is too slow on iPhone. Sampler seems like a lot of fun but the lag makes it difficult to tell if my samples are too sloppy or not. Like I said, a lot of fun, just not very intuitive for someone trying a sampler for the first time..Version: 2.0.1

App crashes constantlyHow do I get a refund? Running on iPhone 8 Plus ..Version: 2.0.2

IPad 4 miniIs the only pad I got but when I try record in from source I get front mic input also. Means any recording direct by cable suffers all background noise. Why.?.Version: 2.1

Great app - Terrible file support - Not universalYou are have to go thru their ‘store’ and load via a very awkward interface. You should be able to access your libraries automatically within the program and wherever you decide to keep them, like iMaschine or any number of other audio apps. This isn’t rocket science, it’s lazy programming. You also, in effect, have to buy this TWICE if you want to use it full featured on iPad..Version: 2.0.1

What happened to the Spotify support???The reason I bought this was for its ability to chop samples from Spotify.. Not only is this ability extremely limited (it selects a random 30 seconds form a song you pick, and for some reason you can only access a few of your randomly selected playlists) but now when I go into my Spotify to select songs none of them actually show up or work!! Please fix this as this is why I bought the app! Also when I was able to chop samples out there is no way to auto fade the ends of the samples. So they either clip extremely, or I have to manually go and fade out each tiny little sample I assign to all 64 pads... This is really not what I expected from this app. Very disappointed.. Please rectify all this and I will change my rating...Version: 2.0.2

Heres some improvements ideas1. allow to drag time in timeline 2.fixed monitor recording only hearing sound from the left earpiece 3.make the wave form screen more wider when recording a sample 4. maybe 60 sec recording? overall this app is 10x way better than the original impc app but i hope some good updates come along PEACE✌️.Version: 2.0.1

AlmostI have a dream that one day when impc pro 3 is designed, it matches the os of the entire mpc line or mpc software. So that one day we can viciously throw down on the iPad , export to iCloud, and load the project to the sd card to open it up on a stand alone mpc. Even if ARP, solina, hype, bassline etc are seperate apps, It would be great additions to the auv3 world. I hope y’all didn’t abandon the impc model..Version: 2.1.4

Key groupGreat app however it doesn’t have a key group without either having to create an entire program for 1 instrument to utilize it through pads or you can only use audio units... Will give a 5 star and would even consider advertising this app....Version: 2.1

Update Bug ? Maybe ?Not sure with the New iOS the App is faulty, but I noticed when using the turntable to sample from iTunes, the app shuts off making you lose all of your current progress. 5 star app prior to this, but the app is now useless if you’re trying to sample from iTunes. I’m almost certain it has to do with the apple update because the app was fine prior to that. I do know a few years ago the IMPC app became buggy when there was an iOS update. It took months before they fixed it. Hope that’s not the case again. Highly disappointed with this bug..Version: 2.1

Pleaseeee Fix the sampler!!!!When I’m trying to chop my samples in the grid it seems like the slightest movement up or down resets all my samples back to how they were before I started dragging them. I’ve been trying to sample this clip for like 30 minutes but every time I get a few cuts I want, they all reset. Please just make the audio wave bigger wider or something so this can’t happen! Or fix the bug itself!.Version: 2.1

Crashes when trying to edit sounds from Audiopaste :-(I went through sooo much work to figure out how to get my everyday recordings into iMPC as I’m not going to whip out the entire app just to record a sound, it’s inconvenient and drains your battery. So I finally get all my sounds into audiopaste, a horrible decision on inter-app partnership, but what do I know maybe that’s the only company doing that sort of thing. I can get the sounds loaded onto the pads but when I click “Edit sound” the app instantly crashes every time. This app is so close to being great I just hope it doesn’t end up abandoned like the last version..Version: 2.1.2

Worthless. Just purchased and can’t connectCan’t connect to audiocopy (their proprietary service where I, in theory, own dozens of packs that are apparently useless until they fix their app). And since they have this app completely locked down so you can’t upload your own sounds, this app is completely useless. What a sham - in the name of greed and incompetence.Version: 2.1.7

LatencyNot useable hit a pad and it reacts 2 seconds later.Version: 2.1

Absolute crapCan’t import from audio share or any files at all just wants me to play their own silly samples.Version: 2.1.2

Rip offffHow can i get a refund?.Version: 2.1

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