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Amazon A to Z App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Amazon A to Z app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amazon A to Z? Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon a to z?

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Amazon A to Z for Negative User Reviews

Flex associate VTO issueI am a flex associate and get VTO offers through the app but every time I claim VTO it only covers the first shift so I have to either create a case or go to Hr and sometimes I have to do both because they will remove the points I got or sometimes they would add the VTO to the other shifts but if they just removed the point, after a day or two it would come right back. It such a headache having to create cases for every time I accept VTO. In this year they updated the Flex policy to include VTO as approved time off. So by the app not covering all of my shifts with the VTO, I wouldn’t meet my weekly requirements and would get a point..Version: 4.0.6300

Okay but some stuff concerningI couldn’t log in at all until I reset my password, then it isn’t showing me when my shifts are.Version: 3.0.469

Update app to old existing employees!!!Wanted to do an overtime but could not due to the app being a old version and not the new one displayed on the app store even when deleted and reinstalled keeps refreshing the vet section and not letting me select and overtime fix asap!.Version: 3.0.414

Weird bugI opened up the app to check up on some things and noticed that I cannot view schedule or time balances, it’s completely removed! All that I can see in the app is find VET, find VTO, view notifications, view news, and the links at top(Home, pay, etc) and the support links at the bottom. Also, sometimes whenever you launch the app a popup will appear and sometimes it want let you click on anything..Version: 4.0.1589

RefreshThere is some problem with refreshing the app!.Version: 4.0.2

Worst version of A to Z yetI don’t like anything about this new look. Why would you take things (like pay, time, transfer opportunities, etc) from one page load, to two? We had a drop down menu before to go straight to that page. Now we have to go from the home screen, to the schedule page, and then to the next page. Why would would anyone make navigation WORSE? And NO ONE likes these video ads! This is an employee app. We use it to clock in and out for work, amongst other things. Why are we being advertised to like we are on social media or a shopping app? I’m already fully vaccinated, I don’t need to be hounded to death about it, thanks. I gave it some time before I decided to write a review, hoping it would grow on me. Nope. It has only frustrated me more. I’d give it zero stars if I could..Version: 4.0.4819

Can’t get VETI get text messages and notifications of VETs available, but nothing shows up for that day when I try to claim one. That needs to be fixed ASAP. Also I’m constantly getting wierd ‘expired points’ that don’t remove themselves so I have to talk to HR to remove it ..Version: 4.0.5156

SmellyThey stink.Version: 4.0.3145

VET does not work for iPhone usersOk if you have any make of phone but iPhone (at least in the UK). If you have an iPhone when selecting the VET/VTO option you will be kicked straight back to the Home Screen. If you like overtime you will not be able to use the app to book and therefore someone else who can use this option will claim it before you get chance. NOT GOOD!.Version: 3.0.414

App *was* greatLove clocking in and out from my phone. what I don't love is the forced advertisements within the app. this is a company app, are you really profiting off of the people that work for you? and now, they won't even load. I don't like them. compile them in a place where people can look at them, but don't force it onto me. It used to be a 5 second wait, you used to be able to get around it, now it is a 15 second wait and they have worked out the easily skippable trick. If you find this information so pertinent, it can easily be sent in an email without making the app itself frustrating..Version: 4.0.4819

Poor up dateThis app need constant updates..Version: 3.0.414

UpdatedAfter your last update it will not send your the code.Version: 4.0.2499

IntermittentI cannot count on this app, it only works for me half of the time! It’s been doing this for months and months, tried deleting and reinstalling. It worked well for couple weeks, then back to intermittent functionality Most of the time it malfunctions when I want it the most— clocking in and out. Once even waited in line at HR to correct something, they fixed but told me to go see IT to tell you about the problems I’ve had. None of my friends have this problem with their atoz whether they have an iPhone or droid..Version: 4.0.268

Very bad appWorst what I ever seen..Version: 3.0.469

Doesn’t allow us to view important details and emails sent to a to z profile.I am not able to view important details from hr sent to my contact through the a to z app... i dont know if it was sent to my email or what. This app only shows 5 minimalistic options to choose from with not that much detail in each. I understand its simple, but maybe too simple. We could use more ways to get in touch with our hr branch. And better notified about things happening within our workplace itself. Not a direct message to my phone..Version: 3.0.192

DisappointedUnable to access VET page..Version: 3.0.414

PLEASE FIXAlways have to submit vacation and PTO requests 3X the first two times it always says error and to try again. Please fix this. iPhone 12PM. It was like this even on iPhone 7+. It’s not device specific. Using browser the error still occurs but it’s hit and miss. But on the app it always takes 3 tries to submit each date..Version: 4.0.32

Heavy to open iconsIt’s taking too long to get to the home button as well the punch in and punch out button , the time icon is not working as well you to click on home and then again click time option , there are a lot of to improve, so please fix the issue.Version: 4.0.268

IOS UPDATE hard to navigateWorking on TOM this was the best thing since sliced bread. Being able to be at an outdoor break room and clock in/out for lunch was the best and supporting at a different location without having to wait to talk to HR because your badge won’t recognize you work there not a problem clock in with your phone. Not anymore this geo fencing is set to the smallest location I can’t even be on the other side of the building and use it, let alone out outside TOM break areas, plus all these different screens makes it so hard to navigate to what I want to do. The main point of this was so AAs can have easy access to view their schedules but now i can barely even find it behind all these pages. The tab that is labeled “schedule” brings me to my time off options and trying to find the Hr support or even the ERC number is so confusing. This new update turned a simple app it to something so complicated.Version: 4.0.5156

Notifications News Items Don’t WorkThere’s 4 news items right now that I want to read, but no matter which one I click - either the title link or the read more link, it keeps showing me the same one. As a web developer myself I don’t even understand how Amazon can fail so badly..Version: 3.0.255

Time Clock IssuesI was never trained on how to use the time clock issues or how to contact anyone if I needed to call in for a sick day or an emergency and was later advised by a co-worker (not a manager) that if I didn’t manually put down for unpaid that it would show up as a ‘no show’ … when there is virtually no number to call in to say my boyfriend is dying the hospital and I had to say my goodbyes - which is a true story … so then I had to back track to that date and I haven’t a clue if I will get a legit non no-show for correcting it after the date. Plus if I have 8 mins less than 8 hours which my manager said to go ahead and leave … shows up in red and makes my attendance record look very bad … I haven’t a clue how to fix or correct that error which reflects bad on me WHEN I WAS AUTHORIZED?? The time clock issues and not being able to contact anyone via phone in an urgent matter or to miss a day for absolutely legit reasons is frustrating beyond belief! Fix your system please and please don’t red flag my days when I’ve taken legit PTO time which later says I have in RED UNPAID TIME OFF and subject to no shows and disciplinary action. Thank you!.Version: 4.0.5156

FlakyGuessing a lot of new associates are logging in for the first time and the wifi may be at max but first login was a 10 minute hack argon, could be a lot more slick, hoping ads is standing up ok, lol.Version: 4.0.2

Horrible updateI downloaded the new “update” and it keeps crashing.Version: 3.0.192

Does not open wellThis app is always problem. My issue that kick me out often then do not accept to in again. İt’s say login does not right!.Version: 4.0.268

This app needs a rebuild [UPDATED]I just can’t seem to get this app or the A to Z website on mobile to work the way it was intended. I can only view my schedule and punches (I have to refresh page and make a selection in the millisecond the page loads, otherwise I can’t select anything). And I can only view VTO and VET, but I can’t select any and I can’t clock in or out. Whenever I try to make a selection, nothing happens. It’s like the buttons don’t link to anywhere. I have the latest app update and latest iOS version on my phone. I don’t get it. EDIT: If you’re having the same problem like I described, you need to disable any adblocker you are using. Seems to have fixed the issue for me..Version: 4.0.967

AtozWe need to refresh it every time, which makes it difficult to use..Version: 4.0.5156

Hard to sign inWhat is the use of the app if we have to sign in again and again, everytime we want to ise it..Version: 3.0.149

Very bad And Stupid AppI would give 0 stars if I could Rubbish....Version: 4.0.967

50/50That’s how often it works. Nice layout, but glitchy. I often have to submit a missed punch because I am unable to submit a clock punch on time due to the app taking forever to reopen from my recent apps. Frustratingly annoying. Should be able to open, tap clock in and submit; not open, wait, clock in, wait, submit, error submitting please try again, close out of the app, disconnect/reconnect service, open app, show schedule, click missing a punch, input date and time, then finally submit my punch..Version: 4.0.2

Try something elseI like the app. I can just walk past the line but what I don’t like it the first come first serve idea for available shifts. I check the notifications as soon as I get it and it’s been takin. I’m trying to get as much shift as possible and I can’t even get 1 extra. In fact I’ve never got a shift. It’s hard to get shift when you get a notification and the shift is gone. We gatta try a new method or something because this ain’t it.Version: 4.0.3486

Cannot punch in/out since updateUsed to be very convenient with the clock in/out function. But ever since the update it always pops up as “error” whenever I try to clock in/out and have to use the time machine.Version: 4.0.3486

Communication is Horrible only downfallSame, my situation was similar due to my spouse and our new born baby now 2(months) being affected by covid 19. When I got emails about my absence I replied to a message that said please respond then got a another email the next day saying replies aren’t available but there is literally no one to talk to, like ever. Even with the 1800 number the associates either hang up or just don’t know how to help... I’ll give the job, flexibility and benefits 100% but trying to implement these tools is it basically being non existent. Which basically makes it a regular job in America..Version: 4.0.268

Picking shift locationsI loved this app until you just updated it where I have to keep changing the location on the filter because your putting all the stores and every time you exit out of it it puts all the stores again. Not the location I want. Fix it so I can give y’all a better score. It’s very frustrating because you end up missing the location or picking the wrong location because you guys decide to change it to all n now I have to keep putting what location I need to see. Even when you refresh it it’s giving you all the locations. So now you gotta do the filter 50 million times and I had it set for just one location and it stayed like that. Fix it I don’t want to see all locations especially when I already have my filter set..Version: 4.0.4819

Layout and Time BarCan it to go back to the previous layout, the new one isn’t user friendly and makes it difficult to find what I’m looking for. Also can you put the bar back that shows how many hours you’re scheduled or worked and how many more hours you can work? It would make being a new Flex Associate easier, so we can see all that and not be confused on how many hours we’ve scheduled ourselves. You could also put in an option to turn it on or off, so those who don’t want to see it can turn it off..Version: 4.0.5435

An Absolute Catastrophe And Waste Of TimeThe newest update doubles down on the infrequent pop up ads in previous versions, downgrading them from simply being a nuisance to being a catastrophic waste of time. The 15 second unskippable ads prevent employees from accessing vital and potentially time-sensitive recourses, making it easier to simply avoid using the app altogether. In the future if I'm looking for employee recourses or VET opportunities I will be asking an on-site manager or HR for assistance, NOT sitting through a useless, irrelevant, and entirely unnecessary video presentation to access the things that I need..Version: 4.0.4819

Terrible Update this app has become...Most functions are missing at Home page such as Request Time Off, PTO and more. It won’t show me any of my schedules when I press the big blue button. HR Chat redirects me to use the A to Z app in order to request time off!! What? Management and engineers needs to know about this before lots of innocent associates begin getting reported for “not showing to work” or “not requesting time off”, only because this app will not let them to do so in any proper fashion!! Fix this app/and internal data systems!.Version: 3.0.149

Forced to watch corporate propaganda when trying to view pay informationNot at all loving how when I’m trying to access my pay information or punch in, the app randomly displays an internal advertisement that can’t be skipped or closed in any way for a solid fifteen seconds, and then has the temerity to ask me if it was relevant to me before ever so graciously permitting me to access the functionality I needed to use. No, it absolutely wasn’t relevant, and it never will be! Just another example of how much disrespect this soulless corporation has for the irreplaceable time of the people who work for it and provide the actual value that fuels the C-suite’s outrageous wealth. Remove this “feature” and maybe I’ll edit this review..Version: 4.0.5156

Problem with a link to vto/vot pageIt takes me back to home page every time I want to use is.Version: 3.0.414

No VTO notificationsThis app used to work just fine for me, but I don’t know if it was after the update or something, but about a month ago, I have not been getting any VTO/VET notifications at all. I asked some people around, and I know a few that has the same problems as well. They don’t receive the notifications but when they log in to the app, they see that there are offers that have been offered which were already full. Now it has gotten even worse for me, and I don’t receive VTO offers anymore, I asked people with the same shift as me, and they apparently were offered VTO for the same shift..Version: 4.0.838

Time off and figuring out who is the deciding factorFollowing a work related injury and being locked out of my punch in, which rarely actually works for me on site and the schedule never has worked for me since the second day. .. now I am faced with HR on the phone or DLS and there appears to be a huge gap in communication between departments and managers. Currently off for work related issue but received accommodations which I agreed with but found unusually uncomfortable..Version: 4.0.4753

GPS problemGPS showing correct place but I still can’t swipe out..Version: 4.0.2

Issue with the app cannot access to vetCannot see the vet it doesn’t load.Version: 3.0.414

Punching in and outThis is to be fixed as every time it shows an error making us to refresh it or go back not being able to do it through the app..Version: 4.0.2

Good and BadIn principle the app is good, the minus side is despite allowing notifications, I’ve never had one. Agency will change days and times at short notice but unless continually checking the app, I wouldn’t know. On the plus side it is good for clocking n and out as it saves the need to queue which with social distance is a good thing..Version: 4.0.2

Doesn’t show my rosters and clock in and out recordsDoesn’t show my rosters and.Version: 4.0.5435

Totally uselessA seven year old could have written a more functional app.Embarrassingly horrible. I certainly wouldn’t be putting my company name on it..Version: 4.0.2860

Problem with registration page.Problem with registration page.Version: 4.0.2

OutragedHow the heck am I supposed to clock into work or take the VTO offered (which btw! Love getting offered VTO when it’s not even available when I click on the notification in literal seconds) if I have to wait for an unskippable ad before I can access anything? The ads don’t even have anything to do with employees half the time! This company is ran by one of the richest people on this planet, tap into some of that money instead of exploiting your employees. The fact that this app regresses in quality with every update is sad at this point. Cant wait for the eventual “pay to use this app using the paycheck we give you” feature! Since you’re making extra money off ads I’m forced to look at I’d LOVE to get a raise! <3 Kindly remove the last update no one asked for this lousy change and the layout is trash..Version: 4.0.4985

New app interfaceApp.Version: 4.0.3486

AccessAccess should be given to the other links once converted.Version: 3.0.469

UpdationMy app is not getting updated as per requirements due to which m not able to pick the VETs..Version: 4.0.4819

Needs improvementWorks 50% of the time..Version: 4.0.399

Not workingThe app never lets me punch in saying there is a problem when the location is correct, but seems to work for other people.Version: 4.0.2

New interfaceThe new look of the app is very distressing, we received message to add new shift but there is nothing to show in the app..Version: 4.0.4753

No more vet /vtoI don't know what happened but for iPhone users is impossible to open vto/vet.Version: 3.0.414

Horrible updateThe app was perfectly fine before this new update. It was much easier to pick up shifts and clock in on your phone. Now with this new update / change to the app. I cannot pick up any shifts when I click on schedule it takes me to transfer opportunity option and I don’t want that. Claim VTO/VET tab doesn’t work at all it always say “sorry there aren’t any available right now”. I get email and text when new shifts are posted daily but on the app I see nothing. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and still no change whats so ever. I prefer the app before this new change. Now it’s horrible and messing with my money. I don’t like it all..Version: 4.0.5156

Launching AppEverytime when iam opening this app, it asks me to download lastest version and taking me back to app store where the icon instead of to update its to open app..Version: 3.0.255

On line Application as well as communicating with HRFor someone hasn’t been in the work field for a few years it was very difficult to get in the Az app I was told it was your system that was your managers at the Talbort address in Wichita Kansas said that they want to help us to do the A-to-Z as well as the KNet but when it came time they refuse their help letting us know that they were not HR nor were they IT and we just had to figure it out I ended up going to the unemployment office getting help from there to help with these online apps as well as the K net training apps. I feel all the online connection and only way to talk to HR or anyone like that would eliminate a lot of seniors that are in this technology world now trying to go to work.Version: 4.0.5435

Please stopLook it’s a good app for easy clock in and notifications, but you don’t have to tell me every time there’s a case of covid . I can’t even tell what’s an actual announcement or just another person infected with corona because they’re all labeled “ important operations update “. I might as well turn notifications off because it’s the same thing every time . ( yes I wear a mask AND got vaccinated , this doesn’t help me ).Version: 4.0.5435

NopeIt’s so bad. When trying to log in, from time to time the loading screen get’s stuck. And, there’s is no “retry” button or reload or actualise the page, nothing. So every couple of weeks I have to go and manually uninstall and redownload the app from the Apple Store in order to make it work again..Version: 3.0.414

KToo slow to connect and takes too long to refresh.Version: 3.0.300

Options not availableThere are some important options not available by this app such as change schedule due religions issues. Also at the warehouse I can’t fill the form because how is a particular issue, nobody could help me..Version: 3.0.414

Clock punchesSometimes, we punch in and out from application, it will not record that at that time. So we have to do missed punch many times.Version: 4.0.5736

New hireTerrible support in work areas; of the four different areas transferred to work-in on first day, ALL AREAS not stocked with required supplies to do the job. IE: Insufficient Boxes 3 of 4 locations, Packing Tape machines empty 3 of 4 locations , Water for Packing Tape 1 of 4 locations, Batteries for two scanning guns 2 of 4 locations, Charging stations on wall for back up batteries empty, Boxes Size Labels Missing at 4 of the locations. Total lack of support for the New Employees as far as working in an environment that fosters, positive achievement, learning new areas or skills. Nobody can actually achieve your quota goals given a poorly stocked work environment and also missing trainers due to off doing other jobs..Version: 4.0.6300

Cannot access VET and VTO optionWhen selecting the VTO/VET the page opens up but immediately closes. I have re-installed the app but it hasnt helped..Version: 3.0.414

App Opening problemSometimes its get freez and take time to open the app,.Version: 3.0.469

Was working fine until recentlyThe App was working fine until like a couple days ago. Not sure what the issue is but show schedule button as well as clock punch button seem to stop working. Everything else works fine though. I even deleted and re-downloaded the app the issue still persists. This is very inconvenient for me because it is how I mainly clock in and check my schedule. If not for this it would be an easy 5 star..Version: 4.0.2499

TemperamentalConcept is good however there have been more than a few time where the app doesn’t open and just continues to load and this has continued for days! I’ve even had to reinstall it. Other than that it’s pretty good..Version: 4.0.268

Clumsy but worksClumsy user interface but i can grab shifts no problem so im happy. Another one of those "apps" thats just a wrapper for webpages, so expect most tabs to have load times and wonky behavior from the back button. I dont like that you cant see previous shifts more than a few weeks back even tho you can see that part of the calendar, had to talk to HR to make sure my shifts were being counted. Im also bothered by this new trend of red notification dots that cant be disabled. With page loading and long animations, although it doesnt take forever to clear them it takes longer than it should, which is "no time at all". But im glad this app exists and that signing up for shifts is so easy. Makes the job worth..Version: 4.0.268

VetWhen I try to get VET doesn’t work at all the screen gets stuck and I tried to download again and still happening...,.Version: 3.0.414

Lag Atoz app sometime freezHi plz give new update atoz app because this verison have bugs sometime froze sometime lag so fix this probelm.Version: 4.0.6300

What’s the Point?It’s identical to the web browser on your phone.Version: 2.0.7

WorstSince they updated it ,dont work anymore app keep refreshing itself like every 3seconds and u cant use it. I dont know what these devellopers are doing.Version: 3.0.414

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