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Fox Nation App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Fox Nation app received 11 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fox Nation? Can you share your negative thoughts about fox nation?

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Fox Nation for Negative User Reviews

Very disappointedI paid for my subscription on or above 21 December 2018 and logged on but after I logged on it gave me error message. I thought maybe it was my signal. So I tried again later when I had WiFi and still the same error message. I contacted Fox Nation support and have didn’t know what the problem was but a few others said i never paid for my subscription. I sent them a picture of my paid subscription on my Apple ID and a copy of my debit card transaction on my bank statement that showed my payment. They still stuck by there payment was never processed. This conversations happen on 09 January 2019 so I deleted the app. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for. I asked for a complete transcripts of our conversation. I have not received that. I wish someone would make this right . Fox News should know about this. The people at support are not very kind and helpful I’m sad because I’m a huge Fox News Fan.Version: 3.11.1

Something strangeYou always hear about weird things happening with apps involving privacy and the fine print when you download them, but I’ve never even thought about until now. I downloaded to watch some of the Tucker Carlson episodes. I decided it wasn’t something I needed right now, canceled the trial and deleted the app (I made sure to delete it). A couple days later it’s back on my Home Screen? I’m 25 and pretty tech savvy so this was extra odd given I’ve never had this happen before. It makes me think of House of Cards when they sign up for that casual voting app and it turns out that wasn’t what it was for at all. The app had good content and was designed to be well navigated through but none of that matters if somethings wrong with privacy. Definitely curious enough to go back read through their terms and conditions, I advise everyone do the same with not only this app but all apps!.Version: 3.39

Content is Good, Not this AppI like the content on Fox Nation. After app crashing more than a few times on Part 3 of Marilyn Monroe series, I chatted with their “technical dept”. They are not really technical. They claimed they referred the issue to the real technical people. No call back, no email from them. I now removed the app and watch through Fox Nation website. Hmm.... technical department could not have made that suggestion? I find it quite annoying to pay for a streaming service that doesn’t work properly. I also have a smart tv and my tv shows a Fox Nation app available, but I can’t even login. Technical dept just says “oh it doesn’t work with smart tv”, in spite of material stating if the app appears on your tv, you can watch it that way. Fox Nation should have worked out the kinks of the app and tv app before asking customers to pay for this service. Improve your technical issues, or lower the monthly cost is what they should do. Oh, and maybe follow up with a new user who has reported a problem. I think I will cancel after I watch the programs I am interested in (on their website of course, since the app cannot be relied on, nor their technical department). I attempted to email the CEO, but can’t find her email anywhere. She should be made aware of these problems and the dissatisfaction people have with this service..Version: 3.19

Outdated AppThis review isn’t about the content, but about the app itself, which sometimes seems barely functional. Most of my issues are related to the download feature, simply because that’s the main way I watch the content on my iPhone SE 1) Shows only seem to download when I’m in the app, which makes the process of downloading a show tedious 2) There’s only 1 video quality available, so I can’t choose to watch a lower quality video for faster download times 3) TCT is typically around 500mb per episode, but even with 9 gb of available space, I get a message that says there’s not enough space for the download 4) If I want to turn off my phone and just hear the audio, it works at first, but if I pause the video and try to play it again, it won’t play until I open the app once more I’d love to see these issues addressed because I do enjoy the content. The most important for me is making the download process quicker and easier, since I like to do it in the morning and listen at work when I have no WiFi, but often it just takes too long to download.Version: 3.52

Glitches and no Fox NewsThe streaming on this app is terrible! I am canceling. All the other apps on my tv stream without a problem, Fox nation either won’t come on at all, or stops and goes to an oops something went wrong screen. Multiple times while attempting to watch a single show. My second issue is that you do not have access to Fox News tv unless you have an account with a cable company or other multichannel subscription. We recently cut the cord and went with a digital antenna, Prime and Netflix. I thought I was able to watch certain Fox News shows, but it turns out that was limited to just a few minutes of a show ... unless you log in with you cable (etc) profile & password. Basically Fox is screwing itself, I’m sure there are many people out there like me, who would pay the subscription fee to be able to access Fox News channel..Version: 3.30

No Longer a FanI just canceled my subscription to Fox Nation. Lately, Fox has become less and less conservative. Just look at their coverage on election night. I know they claim to be “fair and balanced,” but listening to the likes of Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, and Donna Brazile (yes, the same Donna Brazile who fed questions to Hilary Clinton prior a debate with Donald Trump). She got caught. Why is she on Fox? Why is she on any network? When Chris Wallace moderated the debate between Trump and Biden I felt like the President was debate Biden AND Wallace. I don’t even watch the Five anymore. There appears to be no reasoning with Juan Williams. He is constantly espousing ridiculous liberal talking point without listening arguments from other hosts on the show. I’ll admit that he gets called out a lot, but to no avail. There are several other truly conservative news sources out there to go to. I won’t mention them, but just Google them. I give 2 stars, 1 for Sean Hannity and 1 for Laura Ingraham who are the true holdouts, hopefully they will remain..Version: 3.33

Playback errors ruining this appAs an over-the-road truck driver who is away from home 2 to 3 months at a time, I depend on streaming services to provide me with entertainment and news. With Fox Nation, I can watch Tucker Carlson Today and Originals as well as other videos and shows not found on the Fox News app. Unfortunately, about 50% of the time that I try to use the Fox Nation app it gives a playback error message of “The app has encountered an error.” It doesn’t matter how good my signal is or if I turn Airplane Mode on and off or my phone on and off or anything else I try, when the app decides not to work, that’s it. When I want to catch up on the latest prime time shows it’s just easier for me to use the Fox News app as I almost never have issues with it. Need to fix this issue, please..Version: 3.52.5

Love the content, hate the appThere is so much good content on Fox Nation but dealing with the app itself can be quite frustrating. I listen in my car a lot and I deal with far too many issues….like if my phone flips from vertical to horizontal the video will stop playing and I have to restart it, it quite frequently will stop playing and you will get the “spinning circle” while you wait (assuming it is buffering but often is never restarts so I have to quit and restart the app), it seems like your favorites watch list or the items you want to continue watching would be right at the top when you enter the app but instead I have to root around to find them every time I open the app (very inconvenient, especially while driving), sometimes the video will minimize (like a Picture in Picture view) so I can switch to another app and sometimes it won’t, it often times will not pick up in a show from the point I left off, and now the latest…I click on the show I want to watch but none of the episodes are listed so I cannot even click on the episode I want to watch. This is a lot of frustration for any streaming app but especially one that is paid for. Get it together Fox…I know you can do better..Version: 3.52.5

Slow. Buggy. Want to like it. Can’t.I had little crash issues here and there as well as the inability to watch certain shows despite them all suppose to be included. But this latest update is really something. It takes 32 seconds for the splash screen to vanish on my mini 2. I thought maybe the iPad was a dinosaur so I loaded it on my full sized iPad I bought just last year. That takes about 5 seconds less. Same thing on my phone. How does something this blatant and obvious get pushed to a general release? The live view player also begins to do odd frame drops and jitters after some time. Fox has the money to get this right. But they are likely outsourcing to a vendor that just takes their money and pushes out garbage. I can’t bring myself to think it’s happening any other way. Now I’ll just sit here and wait for a canned developer response. Sad..Version: 3.25

Ads and no background play!I have a monthly subscription to Fox Nation and it used to work decently. Now like others have said I can no longer listen to this in the background. This is unacceptable. It’s 2020 and you don’t know how to do background play for an audio only program? You expect me to have my phone open the entire hour watching a blank screen because you don’t provide video for Tucker Carlson? To be honest I only pay to listen to Tucker, and I could care less for anyone else on here. Now the other day I was listening to Tucker and for the first time since I’ve had this app (4-5 months now) there were ads in the middle of his program. Not just 1 or 2 adds but like 10 minutes worth! It was well over 8 commercials. Why am I listening to ads when I pay a monthly subscription. Sure I could skip the ads but your audio player is TERRIBLE, and every time I tried it was cause it to freeze or just refused to move forward at all. I feel like I was given the bait and switch tactic. It used to be an ad free experience and now it is not. I could see having ads if it was free but I pay monthly. For these two reasons I will be canceling my subscription. It’s too bad because I will never get cable but I enjoy Tucker. You need to fix your app. —also do post a link asking me to talk to your team. Either no background play is a bug or it’s intentional and you should just say so....Version: 3.33

Decent content but iPad app gets stubbornI was a religious Fox News viewer from Bill O’Reilly’s earliest season/the Roger Ales era up until, ahh, about 11pm on election night 2020. Now, I am here for and only for the Tucker Carlson content. The app is problematic at times on iPad, not so on Windows browser. But, even Tucker Carlson’s reluctance to admit the obvious until a few months ago (there were “a few irregularities in the counting of the votes” in 2020) is starting to be a bit much, and I can’t race to turn off the network once Carlson says g’nite because it’s all corporate Rino lip service afterward. But, Tucker’s interviews are good. The network should just put a huge link to his content as soon as you open the app. Why ignore the obvious? But, doing so would result in a rather pricey contract renegotiation next time around, so I hunt about thru the Hannity and other stuff, watch the Carlson Today stuff and that’s about it. Once Tucker gets smart enough to leave FauxNews, it’ll be [cancel] button and sayonara off to nonRino news..Version: 3.51.5

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