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Wordscapes Search App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Wordscapes Search app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wordscapes Search? Can you share your negative thoughts about wordscapes search?

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Wordscapes Search for Negative User Reviews

I love it, but…I really do enjoy this game, but it seems to drain my battery real quick on my phone, is there any way you could fix this? I mean, i’ve tried everything on my end anf it still seems to drain it, so it has to do with something on the app itself, maybe within its data, i don’t know, but until it’s fixed i can’t even play it anymore, so please fix it 🦋.Version: 1.19.3

Once was fun, now it just crashesIt’s hard to fathom how something that was a great source of fun, albeit with its flaws regarding acceptable and unacceptable words, can slide so quickly into the abyss of mediocre. These days, and more often than not, the app will not load up and when it does it crashes almost immediately after starting the word search. In the lead up to this latest development the game would freeze, and it would not select words (often taking several attempts to do so). My iPad is current and up to date, all other apps and services run without issue so I’m left to conclude that the faults are in the app itself, something that is reinforced by many other reviews addressing the same or similar issues..Version: 1.11.0

Was working until last update now will not start. Stuck on level 600Unless you purchase ad free the ads go on for over a minute.Version: 1.7.4

Sort of goodWould’ve given 5 stars but wow the ads are torrential.. I could put up with the ads if the sound would stay off for them and they didn’t often lock up and many you can't skip through them or exit them. Just starting to look around for some other app as I’m really fed up with the lack of control over the apps. The apps wouldn’t be so bad if the sound stayed turned off for them.Version: 1.14.0

Predatory ads!There is no close button on the ads. You have to go to the store then back to the gam before you can close the ad. Is this even legal? Not cool!.Version: 1.9.7

Freezes several times a gameCurrent review: No hope for this. It would be fun if it wasn't a frozen screen every few minutes. Only solution is to delete it now. Why would I want to purchase an upgrade/whatever it is, for a game that does not function? I'm not talking about ads. My complaint is that several times per game the screen freezes and there is no touch to select the words. If it's this nonfunctional as a "free" version when they are trying to get users to pay something - there's nothing that shows me it's going to work properly if I make a payment. Earlier review a few days ago: And these games are short. Very short. There's no way to refresh it in order to get page unfrozen. It's more of a "marketing app" to sell other games. Or maybe it's a popular app so there are lots of users on the app at once which causes it to remain frozen?.Version: 1.19.5

Not goodIf I could, I would rate it 0 star because it tracks your other tablets when you said no, already please, fix this game, I want to come back to it one day…...Version: 1.18.0

App has issuesGreat game but the app has so many issues now. Obviously not generating enough revenue to fix. It takes forever to load now and frequently won’t. It often freezes, if you’re lucky enough to get into a game. It’s not my technology or OS and I have the current version of the App. Please fix the issues! Clearly mine isn’t the only negative review due to these issues..Version: 1.17.1

OverheatingUsed to play it all the time, but now it just overheats my phone constantly to the point the game doesn't even function. i tried getting my battery replaced, didnt change a thing..Version: 1.23.0

Wordscapes searchI love this game but had trouble with it since it was downloaded. I was pass 57,000 and it started closing on me so i delete it and Downloading again but it will not open. Please help..Version: 1.23.0

Irritating ads!! And now Echoes of Atlantis just disappears before the time is up.I really like this guys game but love the echoes of Atlantis and looked forward to the next one. But now i play one, there’s an ad then the game just disappears. The icon is still there, it just won’t load. I’ve tried force closing the app but that doesn’t work either. Please fix this!!! This would be a great game and I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for all the ads. It’s bad enough that they’re so frequent. But they make you play the stupid games before the ad will go away. Sometimes multiple times! If I wanted to buy these games, I would. It’s the same ones over and over again. Adding insult to injury they want $8 to get rid of the ads. Most games I’ve seen only want $1 or $2. Needless to say I’ll be looking for another word game..Version: 1.19.4

Annoyingly glitchy.When I first downloaded it the app worked great. I’ll be honest, it is one of those apps that play ads constantly, but they were played in between levels and weren’t suffocating so I didn’t mind it until the ads began glitching out. Eventually I wouldn’t be able to exit out of the ad pop up even when the ad was done playing. No matter how many times I pressed the “X” button nothing happened and every time the only option to fix it was to swipe out of the app, close it completely and reopen. Saying that, it was annoying but I really didn’t mind exiting the app every ad pop up in order to continue to play. (Because I really did enjoy it!) The glitches advanced though, and now after every time I find a word the app freezes up. An ad wouldn’t even come up, it was genuinely the app just freezing after every word being found. At that point the glitches became excessive, and my annoyance levels exceeded my enjoyment..Version: 1.13.2

It’s a free word search gameIf you like word searches you’ll like this game I like them when I unwind. Sure there’s adds every now and then but I mean it’s a free game what do you expect? You just want someone to make something and not try and profit off it? it hasn’t really bombarded me with adds or nothing like that like one every 2-3 levels or so. It kinda helps me calm down. And it can be pretty difficult I’m only on level 20 at the moment so idk how much more difficult it can get but all and all I’d give it 3 stars purely because of the fact that it legit isn’t anything special other than a word search I see people getting mad over adds or it being to hard but again it’s a FREE WORD SEARCH game can’t really get mad at it for being to hard or for having adds and if you do get mad at this stuff just DONT download it. Also I see the devs give responses and are trying to make the app better so at least theres that..Version: 1.21.0

The Developers Cheat OR The Scoring is JACKED!!!!!!I often take screenshots of the score throughout the weekend to ensure I’m on top of where I am. I know the scoring updates are wacky. I know you have to keep plying to see the accurate score. So, I always keep playing and always take screenshots I took a scene shot of the score and it said the person behind me hold 16,000 points. I check the score exactly 12 minutes later (screenshots are timestamped) and ALL OF A SUDDEN the person behind me has 17,600 points. Which is BULL! I hate cheaters. Cheaters never wins developers. Remember that!!I used to play all the time. Where are the games that offer real prizes like, fans, light bulbs, or coins?.. so now you play ALL week and all you get is duplicate ugly dinosaur stickers, or ugly cat statues? Why would any game developer keep “updating” a game to actually be worse than previous version is beyond me. Still not divers, still populating words that are Not in dictionary. Developer seriously needs to talk to users and fix issues! At this point you pretty much get nothing for playing up during the week. Zippo. So, I now I play from time to time. Representation matters. Diversity matters. Aesthetics matter. Logic matters. This game lacks all of it… They could do so much better..Version: 1.19.5

GlitchyHi I play this game with my friend and whenever one of us reach a higher level the other friend (me) makes my other friend go to the level I’m at. Sometimes it also glitches me out of the game. I just updated this im gonna try it right now just please fix it..Version: 1.23.0

RmdwI am going to have to delete this game because the ad that has popped up won’t go away..Version: 1.12.3

Freezes a lot and the challenges are unattainableI really like this game. It’s a great time waster, has some fun challenges or extra puzzle plays and is enjoyable! BUT it freezes a lot! There are a lot of ads, and the challenge goals are unattainable or duplicates, so you get nowhere. The extra fun puzzles don’t last very long and unless you have time to sit and play all day, like 24 hrs… there is no way to reach the goals. It would be nice if the challenges gave you more points per puzzle to win a goal once in awhile. Not everyone can sit on there devices all day long. I would give more stars but honestly I only play a few puzzles because of the freezing and long ads. The timed puzzles in the beginning of the game were awesome. Wish there was more of those..Version: 1.21.0

5-star reviews CANNOT be real!Long read but I literally stopped mid-game to write this 🫠 I’m annoyed 🙃 CONS: There are ads after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE and don’t put your phone down for more than 2 minutes because you’ll have to watch ANOTHER ad in the middle of your current word search. Yes, you remove ads by spending 6 bucks but you get none of the extras that are offered in their other bundle buys for the same amount! And who wants to spend $6 when other games offer to remove ads for much less. Trust me, I don’t mind spending money on games that I like. Searching for bonus words don’t include 2-letter words or some simple words that are clearly in the dictionary. Ok, the challenges that get you coins and move up the leaderboard… 1st place is 1K coins but 2nd-4th is all the same amount, 750…no matter the difference in scores. I scored 2K over 3rd place and that’s crazy. Lastly, I’ve found words during a mini game to collect pics to use as your in-game profile pic but the game will definitely say you missed it when you haven’t. It’s not a big deal but it will get you slightly irritated. PROS: It’s addictive and passes the time when you’re bored or have downtime. I’m a linguist so I enjoy word games…if you’re one in the same you’ll like it. The different colors once you’ve found words is cool visually. There’s no time clock so take all the time you need, no feeling of being rushed while relaxing..Version: 1.18.0

Advertising and freezingThe adds on this game are constantly freezing. I have restarted it several times and it becomes extremely annoying. It’s on more than one add. The adds appear to run longer than usual on other games, sometimes taking up to 8 attempts to close them. I’m sure this can be rectified, it has been happening for the 3weeks I’ve been playing. Can you attend to the problems please?.Version: 1.13.1

When it wants to workI love this app when it actually works, 1 in 5 times it will. The rest of the time it freezes, lags, ads sit on a blank screen and you’re forced to exit the app. Most of the time it’s not worth it for these problems but the app is fantastic when it does work. Too many bugs so please fix this so everyone can enjoy!.Version: 1.17.0

It was good until....So I got up to level 134 and I worked very hard on getting to that level... and now it says “children having fun 3:00” and it’s a blank screen... I have no idea if the game glitched out or if it’s a bug.. this happened to my boyfriend earlier today he downloaded the same game to try and beat my score but this happened at level 40 for him and he redownloaded the game. It ended up happening again so he had to delete it... such a shame we really loved this game 😤.Version: 1.7.4

It was 5 stars untilThis game was five stars in the beginning because it was so relaxing and took your mind off the daily stresses of life! Before I knew it I was on level 300! Then this app became 4 stars because after reaching level 625 I’m still having to find words such as hot, oil, fish, wood. It became less and less challenging. Furthermore there’s a support form with tons of requests submitted on the very topic of no more repeating of the same puzzles (or levels). After a certain level, the same puzzles start repeating over and over. And you close the app and when you go back to play again it’s gone back to three levels from before basically starting over three or four levels ago. Makes no sense and it’s becoming really frustrating that it doesn’t even serve its purpose anymore sad face. 3 stars for now 😞.Version: 1.3.2

3 adverts after each completed word searchThis is a good word search game however the fact that after every word search completed which takes 30 seconds you have to endure 3 adverts for other games! And they don’t even time out quickly to gain the little x or the forward arrows! It takes longer to get rid of adverts than it does to complete the word searches !.Version: 1.17.1

Dislike latest updateI use to love this game cause the daily puzzles were a nice easy break. However, with this latest update they have removed the daily puzzles. Very disappointed..Version: 1.17.0

Word searchGood game. Please look at the one you call Antarctica. This is actually about the Arctic. Not a good look for those of us in the southern hemisphere..Version: 1.22.0

Way too glitchyI enjoyed this game for a few days, then it got so glitchy it got to the point it would close without even opening fully. So frustrating! Have now uninstalled it..Version: 1.13.3

This game WAS fun, but now…There’s this dumb glitch where it showed me an ad and then just, like, froze. I tried updating it, but it still didn’t work. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, it still doesn’t work! It’s so stupid and I’m finding this happen with a lot of new games I’m downloading lately. Please do something about this, because I actually thought this game was fun. How stupid I was to think that. I am definitely going to delete this game if it doesn’t fix itself in a couple of days, and that’s a promise. I’m also going to tell EVERYONE not to download this app if you don’t fix this NOW. So there..Version: 1.23.1

Freezes, stutters and cooks phone and batteryWhat I was able to play seemed like a relaxing and fun word search game, but like a lot of games by this developer it soon became unplayable. It freezes and stutters a lot, after just a few minutes. But not just the app, it slows your whole phone to a crawl - I was listening to music while playing and the music became completely distorted. Had to waitfor a brief window where the game started working to close it, after which my phone went back to normal. As well as that, it drains my battery and causes my phone to overheat. Bizarre and makes the app useless..Version: 1.22.0

FairThe app is very relaxing and fun! However needs a bug fix as my screen freezes whilst I’m completing a word found. Happens twice or thrice on one level. But reloads to saved game..Version: 1.22.1

Fun but repetitiveReally enjoy playing this; however it does become a bit repetitive having to search for the same words every other level, just under a different category. Would be great to switch it up a bit and not have to look for the same words. Apart from that, I really like this app..Version: 1.16.0

Not for those looking for a challengeWhen I was younger, I would travel a lot and word searches were my go to when I wanted to pass time. Here are some observations I’ve made after 200+ puzzles: - I paid for no ads to make the game playable. It would be the same price for a book of word search puzzles so its not a bug deal. - The puzzles are easy: all follow a pattern, usually never uses a letter from another word, only one odd letter is generated (X,Q,Z) when a word appears with it. - Offers coins to use for hints (real $). If you are a veteran word search player or just someone who picks up patterns easily, you will never have to spend money. The game is about patience so I have no idea why its even a thing and would love to use my earned coins for something else. - Brilliance points would be great if we could use them on something like icons? Or anything. I wasn’t too impressed with the Valentine’s day event. If felt awfully shallow and only had one guy to “choose” from who was extremely self absorbed. Anyway, I’m sticking with this app since I am mentally exhausted at the end of the day due to work and this is a no brainer game that passes the time. If you’re in for the long run, buy the no ad upgrade; it’ll be your only purchase..Version: 1.18.0

Kids gameDude why tf does it have “wet” “beg” and moan in the word search and as one of the words is balls? im too dirty minded for this💀💀 i just want to play a word search😭.Version: 1.14.0

It’s okThis game is ok if you’re looking for a mindless game with no real reward to it other than icons and trophies. Not a make money game. The ads are annoying. Normally I would just pay to get rid of them, but $10 plus the tax the App Store will add on isn’t really worth it since the game does get boring at times. The puzzles are not difficult hence the “mindless” title I referred to. They are predictable and all the bonus words are just repeated in each level. The words you’re searching for are usually all either vertical or horizontal with a few being in a different direction. None of the words cross each other. Most of the games I’ve played not even looking at the actual list of words to find. I’ll play it for a little while longer, but like most games, I’ll end up getting too bored and deleting it moving on to something else..Version: 1.19.5

Not bad but some issuesIt's a fun enough word game but you do have to wonder about the education level of the creators. Tonight's topic is Antarctica. Some of the words to search for are elk, evergreen, moose and walrus. Well, I've been to Antarctica 4 times and if I was looking for those 4 things I'd still be down there searching. Please. Some basic Encyclopaedia research when making word games would save you a lot of embarrassment. It's also way too Americanised with objects & spellings. Broaden to bring in an international audience. I do like that I can play an endless game. One enormous pet hate tho. Noisy ads. I accept that I get ads. But if I select the game to be mute - maybe because I'm playing late at night and don't want to over stimulate my senses, maybe because I'm laying next to someone I don't want to wake - then please respect my choice and also mute the ads..Version: 1.11.1

Very enjoyableVery enjoyable.Version: 1.24.0

AwfulTHIS GAME IS AWFUL ITS SO GLITCHY IT GLITCHES 24/7 I SWEAR TO GOD IT WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME EONT GET THIS GAME but if it wasn’t glitchy it would be fun.Version: 1.23.0

Great game but…I love this game. I play it at night to unwind and it’s also good for killing time. There are a LOT of ads…after every single game and if you need to put your phone down for minute when you come back you’ll have to watch another ad before you can continue your game. Recently they’ve had some ads for adult content games so beware if you have children downloading this to play. One thing I don’t understand is the point of winning challenges and earning coins. You can even buy extra coins but yet there’s nothing to do with all the coins you collect. They should make it where you can purchase new in game icons or something. I’d be prone to buy coins if I could buy holiday or themed icons. Right now it feels like a slap in the face to win a challenge and get 1500 coins that you can’t do anything with..Version: 1.20.2

Good gameGood game, but freezes up sometimes and drains my battery too much.Version: 1.10.0

FreezesI love the game but it always freezes so I can’t play anymore.Version: 1.13.1

To easyTry putting different difficulty levels because it too easy.Version: 1.0.2

Game needs A LOT of improvements!!!!The word search game is good in general and it really does sharpen my mind but the word search game is starting to become pretty boring👎🏻 Why is that the case? Answer: the word search categories are ALWAYS the same things like: a walk in the park or synonyms for pretty and so on. They don’t bother to change it up by adding NEW categories that haven’t ever been added or thought of before say like: types of cats or medical procedures (or types of medical procedures) or maybe perhaps car models; to name a few ideas. And unless the company considers adding whole new categories, the word search game will continue to be boring or less interesting. **Update: The highlighters events are nice and show different highlighters that are very beautiful and appealing but the fact is that you have to earn 900 ink bottles total just to win a beautiful highlighter?! 900 ink bottles total is NOT worth it and you only get 2 ink bottles for each word search game you play!!👎🏻👎🏻😠😡 That’s way too slow for my taste and not everyone has the time of day to keep playing the games. There needs to be an adjustment to the number of ink bottles. I see 200 or even 270 ink bottles total as reasonable and make each game DURING the highlighters events where players collect MORE ink bottles. Say like 5 or 6 ink bottles for each word search game played/earned.**.Version: 1.24.0

WordsHas a bad word and not appropriate for kids around 10-8..Version: 1.7.0

UnhappyWhen I downloaded this game at first I thought it was going to be great really relaxing , as I love doing word searches, unfortunately from level 10 on it seemed like the game was going to crash and then it took its time to go to the next level after that so unfortunately I had to delete the game as it was really annoying me , it’s a shame but cause I was enjoying it at the start , sorry to give this kind of feedback, I wish it could have been more positive.Version: 1.18.0

Was enjoying, but has crashedWas enjoying the game, but it has crashed. I get developer screen then a pretty background with nothing. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but no go. I did follow links on website to email but no response. I like that the game does not need internet (device is not always online). Please fix..Version: 1.19.5

Too many ads!It was good but WAY to many ads!! There were 2 ads between each game. It was not worth it so I deleted the app..Version: 1.1.0

Way TOO many ADSDownloaded because I saw the ads from another app by this developer. But now deleting both apps for the same reason. Really enjoyed the game in the first few hours. But it got ruined after that because of the Ad right after each play. It’s really annoying to wait after each level. Don’t mind seeing ad as you need to keep the app running. However, ad after each play puts me off..Version: 1.14.1

I’ve begun to wonder…How fair this game is when the weekend contest is going on. I will complete 3-4 puzzles and no points go towards my contest points. All of my puzzles are “very hard”. I can be 800 points ahead of someone and they quickly catch-up to me because of this and I complete my puzzles fairly quickly despite the difficulty of the level. It truly makes me wonder if everyone has the same level of difficulty and if they are getting points on each puzzle because I’m not. I’m also going through ads after each puzzle which I don’t get during the week when there isn’t a competition. It’s just odd how others seem to gain points a lot faster and move up when I solve pretty quickly yet I don’t get points each time, sometimes very little, all puzzles are level “very hard” and I get ads after each puzzle having to wait to X out of them. It’s frustrating and I’m about done. Also, during the weekly collection games. Once you have collected all the items in a collection, why is it still open? Why would you not give me the ones I still need to get? Instead I spend 3 days of doing puzzles that aren’t getting me anything more than if I were playing regularly. There are major improvements that need to be done..Version: 1.20.2

Don’t know whyDon’t know why people are saying not that many ads, you get one pretty much after completing a level so pretty much every 1-2mins if it was after the whole section fine but it’s not... and then you have to pay to remove the ads if you want, if it wasn’t for that then this would be a pretty good game... but the contrast ads are annoying and not relaxing as other people have said... Which is to bad cause I honestly don’t want to constantly waste my time on the ads, that would be now 5 times I’ve mentioned ads, so now you see how annoying they are!!.Version: 1.2.0

Nope, doesn’t do it for meIt’s a half-decent wee game but you quickly figure out that all the words you’ve to find are separate from each other. Some may cross others but there are no common letters - crossings happen in the gaps. Makes it incredibly simple to complete the levels knowing that the first letter of any word isn’t already used in another word..Version: 1.15.1

Boring after awhile and always freezesWhen I first downloaded this game it was a lot of fun but then I discovered that I could find all of the words in no time at all. That’s because all of the words become obvious after just finding a few of them. It would be great if they crossed each other in ways that didn’t stare you in the face. The biggest complaint I have is that it freezes up on you with some ads you aren’t able to just X out and when you are finally able to get back to the game it’s an entirely different game all together. It also freezes up when you are in the middle of a puzzle and you practically have to slam your finger on the screen several times to get it going again and then if that fails remove it and start all over and sometimes not the puzzle you were working on. Maybe it’s different on a computer but on a smart phone it’s really not worth downloading. I’ll still play it but that’s because I want to see what happens when I complete all the levels. In one week I have almost completed all of them so we’ll see what happens then!.Version: 1.12.1

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