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Happy Glass App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Happy Glass app received 116 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Happy Glass? Can you share your negative thoughts about happy glass?

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Happy Glass for Negative User Reviews

I’m being generousI have put 3 stars because two of them have been to say I have enjoyed it. I’m glad it’s a good game good quality and is enjoyable for the player but there have been some cons I have realised about this game. Just now I had played this game and I was stuck on a level so I played an add that could give me the free £100 but after the add it had said sorry we can not play this add. I was berry disappointed and I came straight away to come here. So if it was not this app that had done that 5 stars it would have been but because I’m only eleven and I don’t know how it works I’m going to just say what has happened..Version: 1.0.9

Needs more info!!!I don’t write reviews, but I’m doing so now because I really really enjoy this game, and maybe the developers will see this and try to do a fix! There is no information on how to play this game. It’s basically a learn as you go game- as most are- BUT, there are NO instructions or a FAQ section!! And I have a lot of questions on how to play or how to utilize some of the items in this game! I realize it’s pretty self explanatory- keep water in bucket- but there are just some things that I cannot figure out. Otherwise, it’s an awesome, fun and ‘think out of the box’ kind of game! It gets the brain thinking, I mean REALLY thinking, on how to get water into bucket and keep it there! Love it!! But to the developer...please stick in a FAQ section and maybe insert some basic instructions about the different areas of this game, i.e.- scoring, why is it necessary to have the 3, 2, 1 countdown, info on getting 3 stars on a level ( you succeed in getting the water in, the bucket’s happy but you only get 1 star?!) Great game, but more info is needed!!!!.Version: 1.0.29

It’s okI think it has way too many adds 1. Adds on the bottom of your screen 2. Adds every single level 3. Adds to get hints 4. It is $99 to get no adds for a year when most games are $4 5. It is always the same add over and over again 6. Once I was so unlucky because I had 7 adds in a row The one thing that I like is that all the levels are fun.Version: 1.0.47

Way too many adsAs much fun as the game is, the ads take away the enjoyment of Happy Glass. You get 20 seconds of play time and 30 seconds of ads. The worst of it is that the advertisements are extremely repetitive and long. The only solution is to turn off wifi, but then nothing else (other apps) work.Version: 1.0.59

Some fun puzzles but…This game offers a variety of elements that can affect the water flow (falling pieces, hinged pieces, steam panels, conveyors, ice panels). This leads to a number of fun and challenging puzzles. While the game does a good job introducing these new elements, there are times when the puzzles feel repetitive. The repetition is not inherently bad, but when you have to watch an ad between repetitive puzzles, it can drag on. The 3-star rating for this game boils down to two issues. First, the push for in-game purchases. While no ads may be worth a few bucks, the game tries to sell its VIP package for $99 bucks a year (auto-renewable, of course). That’s more than your normal Triple-A purchase, so I feel that the game overpriced its in-app purchases way more than it should for its size. Second, the game undercuts itself on its difficulty. While you earn 1-3 stars per level depending on how much ink you use to solve the puzzle, the challenge and reward of earning 3-stars is reduced when you can watch an ad to bump a lackluster 2-star attempt to a 3. These two issues take what would be a fun 5-star little puzzler and take it down to a 3-star cash grab..Version: 1.0.19

Stuck in a LoopThe game won’t let me move on to the next level (171-180). Keeps saying I have insufficient stars but even though I keep winning the previous level (170) stars still are not applying. I’ve even tried the challenges, etc. thinking they’d help me collect points, but no. Will change rating if I can figure it out. Too bad. I was enjoying the game..Version: 1.0.59

Fantastic game but...This game is such a great game but I have reached level 900 and I deleted it because there was nothing else to do. I did the challenges but it was just boring. Also this game has wayyyyyyy to many adds and I HATE games that have too many adds. I can definitely see a future in this game and this game being really popular. Sooo thanks for reading my review! I’m not completely mad at this game I’m just saying my point of view.=).Version: 1.0.9

Ads crash the gameIt was fun to play up to a certain level but now the ads keep causing it to crash. Not a good enough game to pay so much money for. Very over priced and glitchy..Version: 1.0.58

Spend more time waiting for ads to finishIt’s fun and challenging but way too many ads!!! One after each go😖.Version: 1.0.43

To many ads and more things1.Hi! Just saying about after 1 level an ad pops and and it is very annoying! If you don’t remove these ads, people will get annoyed of them. I would be happy if an ad popped up every 2 or 4 levels. Please listen to this idea. 2. Levels are easy plus I do wish there was no of the green dotted lines so everyone can have a chance to do there own idea and the green dotted line should maybe. Be in hints or at the start of the game. Please listen to the ideas and hope you put these in future updates!.Version: 1.0.48

Fun little game spoiledI would have given this game five stars. It’s fun, it requires a kind of spatial reasoning and mechanical reasoning that I don’t see in many games, and which would be good to expose students to in K 12. The amount of Advertising seems a little extreme — you have to watch an ad between each level and you have to watch additional ads to get all three stars on some levels. Then you get to level 100. At that point you discover that you can only get level 101 if you’ve accumulated 240 stars. I realize these games are supported by the ads, but because of this, they not only annoyed the hell out of this game player — who intends to delete the game immediately after this review — they prevented this game player from seeing their incessant advertisements on all the further levels. I hope the developers will limp to their drawing boards on the foot in which they just shot themselves and reconsider..Version: 1.0.6

Too many ads so badI hate it it has too many ads literally every level and every time I press the retry button..Version: 1.0.51

Good game but way too many adsRemove the ads already! It has one EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. The game is fun though..Version: 1.0.58

Ads Galore!I have already been playing this game before and really enjoyed it. Downloaded it again as its an enjoyable app but was surprised to see long ads running in almost every level now. You complete a level for roughly 10 seconds, after which you are required to watch a 30 second Ad to progress. This easily shows that 75% of your time using this app is spent on Ads..Version: 1.0.48

PatheticThis game seemed like a very fun game upon download. Get the water into the glass. Seems like fun. However, as soon as I downloaded it, I realised this fun was ruined my in game purchases and ads. As I have reached the harder levels, I use the restart button more and more. But, every time I press this, I am forced to watch an ad. And, when I beat a level, it will give me the option to watch an ad to perfect my score. Since I don’t really care about getting 3 stars, I skip. BUT THEN I WATCH AN AD ANYWAYS! This needs to stop.Version: 1.0.58

TOO MANY ADS!I love this game but it has too many ads. After every level you have to watch an ad to get to the next level . It’s sooo annoying!.Version: 1.0.48

Hate the adsI love the app but the amount of ads that pop up is ridiculous. The app I’d give a 5 star but with how many ads pop up it’s honestly a 3. I may sound like a young person but ads do not actually work if you only show the same three ads. I have seen the ad for tictoc so much I want to review it just to say that I hate its ads. If you honestly want to have people play this and enjoy it more. Either limit the amount of ads shown in the game or at-least give some variety. I have rage quit this game not because of the game it’s self but because I’m tired and frustrated with seeing the same 30 second ad over and over again. I get you are trying to make money but it does you no good if people stop playing because you can’t give a variety of ads so we aren’t wanting to through our phone because of the fact the ad you show is the same one..Version: 1.0.16

Ad City 🤮Not a bad game. Quite challenging at times. But it’s so hard to sit and play it due to the constant, relentless bombardment of adverts. One 15 second ad after every single completed level, another ad to close when that one finishes and a 30 second ad which you can’t stop if you need a hint. Not interested in paying 2.99 for an OK game so I’ll be putting this one down thanks. I would’ve kept going and eventually watched more adverts in total if they had been incorporated reasonably. Design it so its playable and fun and not just one massive advert with little bits of game in between..Version: 1.0.28

Too many ads and easyToo many ads. Bought the ad removal. Finished the game in a few hours with 3 stars on all. Waiting for updates. Bit too easy. Wouldn’t have bought the ad free game if known it wasn’t harder. My 8 year old girl did 40 levels straight. Perhaps integrate “ice” blocks slowly melting on hot surface sliding from another tap. Include fans to blow the water? Good concept though but room for improvement..Version: 1.0.6

Good but annoyingThe game is well made and pretty fun! But something is getting in the way of that fun. It’s, the adds and something else. There are SO MANY ADDS. Like allot is what I’m trying to say. And the other thing is, IT KEEPS KICKING ME OUT! When I watch an add to get a reward, KICKED. When I start a new level, KICKED. Just, seriously? If you fix these problems I may play once again. But, for now, not..Version: 1.0.46

Ads ads adsFun little game to waste time on but way too many ads. One or two after every level is just a bit much for me. Nice try..Version: 1.0.15

The ad choice ads are in the way.This is a super fun game, but the “ad choice” ads are in the way of the game. I gotta draw and I don’t know if I can draw under something in the game ‘cause the ad choice ads are covering up the bottom of the picture/stuff in the game. Which makes it harder to play ‘cause I spend a lot of time trying to draw in other places that I can see the bottom of and then when I beat the level, the ad choice disappears and I can see the whole picture and I then find out that there was a super easy way to beat it, but I couldn’t see it ‘cause the ad choice ad was in the way of me seeing it. Get rid of those “ad choice” ads covering up the picture/game. If those weren’t in the way, then I’d give this game a 4 (only a 4 ‘cause they show a little too many ads and they’re mostly for poor quality games and for stuff/items that the seller photoshopped something onto a photo of an item that several different Chinese sellers have used which means the product and the photo isn’t their’s and they’re making a low or bad quality replica). Get a variety and better ads. Stop showing me the same low quality games and the lady in the hooded sweater (that’s not the originator of the sweater or any of the colors ‘cause I’ve seen that pic for at least 5 years now and the seller added in writing onto the photo and not very well)..Version: 1.0.16

Was fun at first, but...This a a unique little game that’s great to play to pass the time (if you’re not stuck on an annoying level) but my biggest issue with this game is the ads. It’s not the fact that there are a lot of ads, it’s the fact that it’s the SAME ads over and OVER again, AND some of them are disturbing! I understand the need for advertising, but this is supposed to be a casual game that *anyone* should be allowed to play, and if a game like that has game demo ads for horror stories, is it really good for everyone to play? I’m also getting tired of some ads that have popped up 100+ times already! Give me some variety, at least! 😒 I had fun with it at first, but I’m considering uninstalling it because most people who just want to play a decent puzzle game shouldn’t have to deal with some of those ads..Version: 1.0.13

Too much ADs! even after purchaseThere are just too many annoying advertisement even I paid for the starter pack. I am lost patience in waiting for the ads to disappear! Just want my money back and delete this game..Version: 1.0.61

Great game so why did I only rate it 2*Well ads, ads there ads are far ads too ads many ads ads ads in this ads game. In fact, just like you might have struggled to even get past the first sentence of my review, you may like me, struggle to get past just the first few levels of this game before giving up all hope. I believe the company have gone too far and made the volume of ads counter productive. I’m more than happy with the level of ads in something like Brain It On, and they’ve led me to some other good games. Been playing that one for weeks. But I’m deleting this game in less than 2 hours! What a shame :(.Version: 1.0.29

I’m happyI saw my sister playing something that looked like a lot of fun on my Mum’s phone. I downloaded it for myself. Then I saw the challenges button which made the game really fun and unique. I would like it if you could change skins whenever you want and be the ones you previously purchased. And any time I go to buy a skin because if got so many coins, it will only let me use it for 24hours. So I would like to be able to keep it forever. Basically a really good game.Version: 1.0.23

So much fun but there is Adds!!I really enjoy the game but all I don’t like is they have to many adds I still enjoy the game but please remove the adds because they are very annoying so please..Version: 1.0.59

I just can’t see!This game is an excellent mind work out and passes time very nicely. I would however like to see an improvement as I just can’t see! It is necessary to hold the pencil at the base and therefore creates a difficulty is seeing where the line is being drawn. This in turn uses up valuable lead, and, as a result sometimes looses a star. I know you can start again but frustrating nevertheless. Also would it be possible - after achieving three stars on a level - to see where the line should have been for the best result? By this I mean I’ve developed some very creative ways in filling the glass, I just want the ‘doh’ factor when I see the trick! Otherwise very good..Version: 1.0.27

AVOID AVOID AVOIDThis game is a really good game, and if it was worth 99p or £1.99 I would happily pay and play. However, there are adverts for every single button you press, I was playing a level (advert at the start), presses the restart button (advert), then returned to the main menu to see if I could pay to remove adverts (advert), went back onto the level (advert), then finished the level (advert). Too many adverts!!! Avoid!! They just need to have a £1.99 or 99p charge to remove adverts instead they want to charge £90 for a year or nearly £8 for a week! For one game!! Avoid!!!.Version: 1.0.51

Soooo many adsThis is a great game but there are so many ads that you spend more time watching ads than you do actually playing the game 😩☹️😒😢😤.Version: 1.0.9

Great game, too many adsPrice is too high for the no ads version and there are so many ads it’s makes you only want to play one level at a time. Really great game aside from that. Used to not have as many ads until the devs got greedy. EDIT: I’m sure it’s a coincidence that after I posted a negative review the app stopped working. Black screen every time I load it..Version: 1.0.62

GarbageGarbage game. Spams annoying long ads constantly. Don’t download this game unless you hate yourself and want to see how long you can play this terrible game without deleting it.Version: 1.0.58

Too many addsOk I get it. This is free game paid for by ads but the frequency is ridiculous. You can spend more time watching the ads than playing..Version: 1.0.43

Used to be a good game - way too many ads now!!Used to really enjoy this app (probably 4 or 5 stars) and was useful to spend time on if I had nothing to do. Since the ads have increased in frequency so much that the game is far to frustrating for me to play. The ads are loud, long and also very repetitive. The ads play before any new level and often after attempts at each level. I have never played a game with so many ads. Imagine if that was a tv station and ads were more than 50% of the screen time. Ok my rant and more wasted time is over and off to something useful.Version: 1.0.48

The issue. Starring me C:Once upon a time I was playing a game called Paper i.o when an ad popped up! It turned out to be advertising Happy Glass. Me: OoOoo looks good better purchase *clicks teh buy button epicly* I went on to the app that day, very excited about this new game. I started playing and a common issue occurred. Me: Oh, there is quiet a lot of ads here *clicks ‘x’ several times epicly* I started play and it was really fun! I checked my power (like you do) and it said 90%. Me: hmm, that’s odd. It was on 100% literally 5 minutes ago.. Why was it so power-hungry? I couldn’t help but be confused. Then the next day, I went on another game and I realised my iPad was glitching and lagging a lot. I did not know wether this was due to the game or any of my other apps. Me: maybe I should delete this? Very tough decision. Eventually I decided I would very sadly delete it. I gave it a good funeral, don’t worry. R.I.P Happy Glass. From Emily C:.Version: 1.0.47

No thanksI’m sorry I don’t like it. Too many ads and not hard at all. I know your trying to make it easy for the kids but still this is really bad. The levels are fun and all but the ads ruin it. I don’t recommend playing this game and it’s a waste of time..Version: 1.0.58

Great game way to many AdsGame is addicting! Gave 3 stars because I only get to play a few games a day cause there’s an ad between EVERY SINGLE LEVEL!! Same ads over and over... Also, when you want to change ink/ water color or face on glass make sure you don’t accidentally click the wrong one because it doesn’t ask confirmation before taking your coins, I’m now stuck with a rainbow glass I didn’t want that took my 2,000 coins which took me watching an additional 100 ads (on top of the ads between each level) to get the coins for. So be very careful when scrolling through this section cause of you click something and you have the coins, you bought it weather you want it or not. Game would be much more enjoyable if they spread ads between 2-3 levels min..Version: 1.0.38

Umm WHAT!!!!I think this game is confusing because sometimes lvls repeat and when u get close 2 the hundreds they get so hard I almost had 2 hint every lvl. I was playing 2day when I got 2 star and without meaning 2, hit next. Then I went 2 lvls and saw that it wasn’t there. I checked all the sections it all said 30/30 except for the current one I was playing. And even though I’ve been using the bunny cup the lvls before the one I hadn’t played where the default cup. I was like, what the heck?!? I hurried to App Store and wrote this review so plz fix this guys ty(thank u). Ok now I’m on lvl 286 and I got a hint but it didn’t work and after trying 15 more times I gave up and added this 2 this review and it steams me 2 see u guys lied and I would like 2 delete the app if it saved ur data. So show me the REAL way 2 pass or else. And I no what’s supposed 2 happen on that stage but it’s NOT so yeah..Version: 1.0.40

GlitchToo gitchy and too many ads man fix it.Version: 1.0.51

After level 14, 3 stars only if you give feedback... what???!FORCED TO GIVE FEEDBACK... SO YOU GET 1 STAR... READ ON So after playing the first 13 levels, it’s not bad and a pretty fun game, not at all original but at least fun... That is until level 14 when in you complete the level, no problem, and presented with a message stating you can only obtain 3 stars by leaving positive feedback on the AppStore... Needless to say, I kept the game so can post this review and it will then be very quickly DELETED from my iPad. The fact you cannot progress in the game without having to leave feedback is discussing. Imagine every game working this way... no one would play games anymore. For that reason alone, you get a 1 star from me and deleted from my iPad. Adverts and reviews are more important to some developers nowadays they’ll incorporate it into the game so far, it quite literally takes the mick (I’d rather the correct term, but this review won’t get posted otherwise). Conclusion: Crap game, unoriginal, forced feedback reviews, waste of time and space on iPad. DELETED.Version: 1.0.15

New level new adToo many ads... 30 seconds each.....Version: 1.0.52

Really bad gameThe game is just ad after ad I asked to play happy glass not ad simulator the game is just a big fat stupid ad I rate 1 star it’s a good game but the ads are not kid friendly and it has a endless river of ads coming every single second you play and I thought the game was good and the people that say it barely has any ads are just on different devices I play on iPad but there is just many ads! There’s nothing wrong with the people who say barely any ads it’s not my fault I play on a device where the game is just a big ad.Version: 1.0.58

AdThis is a fun game but there are too many ads after every level and after every retry, but great when you don’t connect to the internet lol.Version: 1.0.59

A scam and a rip-offThe worst kind of abuse of the in-app purchase and advertising mechanisms. They charge real game money for something that you can get for free on a hundred flash game websites. I purchased the ‘no ads’ option so my daughter could play without being bombarded with ads, and every single game still ends with a big link to ‘bonuses’ that you have to watch an ad to get. There’s a subscription option for Pete’s sake. The whole thing is a hot mess of scammy garbage designed to make you spend money on something that’s completely unremarkable and would be barely worth it if it were free. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.0.17

DiversityThe game is lacking speed and needs improvement where the clue gives you an exact passage to solve the puzzle I would recommend this for people trying to stop drinking this game is not a perfect solution to quit drinking but shows you basic skills to learn how to fill a glass with liquid by giving you gravity to your advantage mixology to the liquid being thick and not able to go through 1/4 spaces gets frustrating then the clue gives you the correct course to solve This game I rate at 3 stars because it is primitive and different by you drawing to fill the glass half full won’t do the glass must be full by taking away certain physics the game should end at some point however anticipating the next puzzle is funner than the puzzle itself.Version: 1.0.27

12+ ? Only for the adsThe game would be fine for younger kids and teach math angles, but the ads are poor, adultery and decapitation ? No. I was going to buy the ad free, but the listing vs the price when selecting if only there was an app report function....Version: 1.0.31

Screw this. Way too many ads10 seconds of play and 60 seconds of ads. No thanks, vultures..Version: 1.0.58

Too many advertsLike many games these days, any enjoyment is tempered by the slow pace of having to sit through adverts every single level. With many of the adverts you have to wait until a tiny cross appears to cancel it, or it will keep running, then another secondary advert comes up asking you to try the game being advertised. Again you have to wait until the tiny cross appears before you can cancel and continue with the game you want to play. If you are not pixel perfect when tapping the cross the advert takes you to the app store. Many of the early levels only require an obvious straight line to complete, less than a second to draw followed by a minute of advert watching and cross tapping before you get to draw your next line. Sorry game devs this is not fun to play. Please include an option to pay a small donation to remove all the adverts, including those constantly running at the bottom of the screen, and I will consider reinstalling..Version: 1.0.48

Soooooo many ads!Great game but has an ad after every level and they’re long ads. Recently it’s been an ad if you hit the restart button after failing to try again quicker. Also some of the ads are very inappropriate as my child like to play this game. Put them every 5 levels or something. Makes me not want to play at all. Shameless money grab to get premium purchases..Version: 1.0.58

Too many adsGood game but don’t know how long I will keep playing as the ads are over the top..Version: 1.0.48

Needs alot of improvements!Idealy id like to give it a 1.5. I kind of liked the idea of the game but i feel it wasnt executed well. 1. FAR TOO MANY ADs! After every game there was an long boring LOUD advert before i could retry. Very frustrating! 2. When i would press the x icon (or even anywhere on the screen) to leave each ad, it would bring me to the app store. 3. The 3 2 1 count down after every game is tedious. It should be for the first game and all games afterward you would just press next or it could just smoothly goon to the next level. 4.i didnt get how i made coins to get hints. I was going on to new levels but not getting coins. 5.the concept as a sort of brain teaser is a good one. But i felt like the game didnt push me to think outside the box and come up with new ideas so i use the same thing and STILL get 3 stars.- a stick. 6.i put the game on mute (cant stand the music and sounds - annoying). But why are the adverts sound still on. It startles me every time. Alot to fix and it could be a good game. Pass-able.Version: 1.0.7

Toooooo much adsToo much ads! uninstalled..Version: 1.0.48

Waste of GBsI have tryed the game before but then when I tryed to get it I deleted 2 apps and STILL wouldn’t download.Version: 1.0.58

To many adds and too easy.Like many games, this is enjoyable but there is way to many adds! (I’m talking one after every single level!) It is also very easy! I feel like they could make it a bit harder and actually chalange us. on the brightside this game is still super fun, I just feel like they could improve on the following ^.Version: 1.0.48

Tooooooo many ads!!Wow, waaaaaay too many ads in this game, it gets me so frustrated! After every single level there is a video you have to watch before you can progress. I’m not against ads as I know a free game has to make money somehow, however this is just taking it too far. Have deleted the app out of frustration, despite it being quite an enjoyable and challenging game..Version: 1.0.15

Ad generatorThe game initially seems fun, and honestly I don’t mind the ads after all the game is free. However after around 15 minutes of play time you notice the games difficulty just doesn’t increase anymore. And any levels that could be difficult with a little more work simply have an easy solution thrown in. I initially thought this was just a slow difficulty curve as it is a mobile game. However, I soon realised the purpose of it was so that you would complete the levels faster and complete more of the, thus, see more of the after-level adverts and generate more ad revenue for the game. This is a shame as this game could’ve been very fun and has an appealing art style and catchy sound track..Version: 1.0.9

1 starThe game only lets you get the water in the glass they way they want you to witch is usually just drawing 1 line. When I try to get the water in my own way making it more interesting and not the same thing over and over it gives me 1 star and I need a lot of the stars to be able to unlock new levels please change this..Version: 1.0.59

Triggering AddsHappy Glass is an enjoyable game, a little boring, but that’s in my opinion. I came across an add which was showing animated people in tanks with water filling up in the tank. The aim of the game was to choose the correct key to free the people so they don’t drown. There was an animated finger playing the game and it wasn’t fast enough to free the people so they drowned. This triggered me. I knew it was fake yet it still triggered me and was not appropriate for a children’s game. I suggest you to not download the app if your triggered easily..Version: 1.0.60

LameEvery time you pass a level it’s another ad. 3seconds to finish level, then 20seconds of ads. Don’t download it’s a waste of time..Version: 1.0.58

Great game kneecapped by priceIt’s a great fun game , it’s a well designed game but is it worth $99 to play all year no ads , no way . Even an outright payment of $10 or 12$ would be on the higher side for games but swallowable . This is in the same price as console games with 1000 times the developement cost and actual player satisfaction return. This is a game you kill time on a journey , on a break or just Cos you remember it’s on your phone . But it’s not something you’d subscribe to for $100 almost for 12 months ?!! What glue are they sniffing at the studio.Version: 1.0.37

Favorite game app ever!Update: Still no new levels. I completed every level several months ago and still no new ones. This was one of my all time favorite apps. What happened? Let me start by saying that this is the first app review that I have ever completed. I absolutely love Happy Glass. It is addictive and fun, yet a little challenging at times too. I completed every level with 3 stars about a month ago. The only negative for me would be waiting for new updates that include new levels. I updated the app tonight and screamed joyfully to my husband that Happy Glass had an update with new levels, only to open and see that NO new levels were added. I was very disappointed! Please continue adding new levels on a frequent basis. I need to work on pacing myself and not completing all of the new levels added on the same day as the update. This is a must have game!.Version: 1.0.54

Love it but.....I love this game but the thing is, too many adds, just to play a game ‘ad’ to restart ‘ad’ and ti buy other stuff CONTAINING Coins ‘ad’ I get it. But there is such thing called impationt people, which i am one of them. Pls remove most ads cuz, everyone hates ads, y’know?.Version: 1.0.59

Too many adsWAY too many ads. At least 3-5 between levels. Ridiculous.Version: 1.0.48

Additive, but not challenging.Fun little game, a little additive but game play is very repetitive and most levels can be completed on the first go. There are a few challenges which require a bit of thinking but there are many ‘filler’ levels where the solution is very easy and it appears the level has just been added to boost over number of levels. The challenges are also very basic and easy to complete. Worth downloading the free version but don’t pay for it..Version: 1.0.7

Why does the game interrupt the ads?The game play is interesting but gets stale quickly, but this game takes in-game advertising to a whole new annoying level. To the point where after 15 minutes of game play I had enough. I understand that on free games there will be a certain level of advertising but this is ridiculous. And ad finishes, you tap the X and then you get a continuation of the ad! Sorry but that’s an uninstall for me..Version: 1.0.16

TO MUCH ADSThere shouldn’t have that many ads in one game there should be a button to see the ads because some people just want to play the game not watch ads.Version: 1.0.17

NOTHING BUT ADSThis game is more like watching ads with a little mini game in between. Played this game maybe a year ago and there was a normal amount of ads. I redownloaded this game to try out again and I was considering purchasing. Within 2 minutes I permanently deleted it and came to leave a 1 star review. Absolutely pathetic..Version: 1.0.59

Not RecommendedEven after paying some CAD$30 couldn’t get rid of advertisement and that is hell annoying..Version: 1.0.58

To many advertisementsThe game is OK but way to many ads..Version: 1.0.48

Horrible add spamOften states free rewards on completing a level. Only if you sit through 45 seconds of adds. Can’t finish a level without a 5 second add. Even has adds on the front page and bars on the bottom. Basic concept done better in other games. Uninstall after 15 levels. A perfect example of cancerous mobile games and why they aren’t seen as actual games..Version: 1.0.31

Used to be goodSeriously, a 30-45 second ad to download a different game after every level? I never had an issue with the ads before as the frequency was acceptable; however, this has changed. Time to uninstall..Version: 1.0.59

Y'all thought you were so cleverWhat do you get out of not coding water physics. Is it really that hard? Crappy flash games online can do it. Hell, I'LL learn how to do it just for u guys. Is it expensive? Gimme $5 and half a snickers bar. Christ, this is why I rarely venture into mobile gaming. Enjoy those shekels my comrades, and know you are a disappointment to the culture of gaming as a whole..Version: 1.0.5

Too many adsEven for a free game, there are WAY too many ads. Almost constantly..Version: 1.0.45

Extremely AngryLove the game and I installed for my 4 year old daughter as when I ran for first time it was fully bombarded with ads. I paid over $4.00 as my daughter can work around all the continuous ads. So I have the full version and still full of ads, although in a cruel way, when my 4 year daughter get all 3 stars after completing the challenge it only shows 2 stars and asks for you to watch an ad to get the 3rd star. Massive lie and please avoid giving this company money..Version: 1.0.17

Too much longer time ads.Lots of longer ads. Repeatedly You can’t enjoy game So frustrating After watching 2 minutes 2 games ads Next level again display ads.? Why ?.Version: 1.0.59

Too many ads!!!Great game, but far too many advertisements. When you have to watch an ad every time you complete each turn and the ad takes longer to watch than the time it takes to play that turn, it’s way too much. My time is valuable & I understand ads are required to make the game free, however when you’re spending more time watching ads, than playing the game, there’s a problem. 1 ad every 10 turns/levels is more acceptable. Sorry, deleted..Version: 1.0.7

ADDS ADDS ADDSA tun of addsI cant say more.Version: 1.0.48

It’s too easyAnother ad viewing platform disguised as a game. If you can avoid accidentally hitting a button to watch an ad, you have to watch one every 10 levels anyway and you’d need to be stupid to pay so much to remove them (because the bonus prizes will still require you to watch ads) At some stage Apple will need to make “opt out” of ads an option, the same way that you can opt out of IAP, surely they can’t be making that much money from their cut of the developers ad revenue....Version: 1.0.31

I’m not very happy.I’ve had this game for maybe 3 days. I got to level 321 and 3 stars on every level. I found the game very enjoyable. However before I started playing it asked me permission to allow third parties to access my phones data and basically track me so that I can receive correct advertisement etc and improve my app experience. I clicked no to this as it was a option. So I go onto the app today and all my progress is gone. Everything. Is this out of spite for not giving access to track me? I’m not happy. So 2 stars..Version: 1.0.31

Too much adds. :/It’s a fun app, I love playing this game. But, whenever I want to get to the next level.. I get an add in my way. It’s so annoying to deal with..Version: 1.0.59

What happened?I played this game a long long long time ago. It was fun and it was fair. You got through some levels, you get an ad every 10-20 minutes or so. It was a vibe. I uninstalled it tho cuz I needed storage space. Now? Now what the heck happened??? Every single action you do results in an ad. An ad after every single level. An ad to restart the level. You get an ad for going back to the Home Screen. It’s stupid. I understand people need to make money off of a game, but when you’re shoving an ad down our throats after every single action, especially in a simple drawing-based puzzle game like this, we get more ads than actual game time. There’s little content to enjoy cuz you have to sit through an ad. You skip it and put up with it but you realize how annoying and repetitive it is and finally uninstall. It’s dumb. I was gonna leave 2 starts but typing this all out really put me into perspective about how much this app changed for the worse for some ad rev and how dumb this is.Version: 1.0.59

Good game... ButI can handle the full screen ads every 5 seconds, But!, the ads at the bottom that disable you from playing the game are just not necessary, if you want to earn money advertising other games while seeing if a customer is willing to pay for the game, fine! but don’t limit the playability so bad, that the customer can’t make up Their mind because you want advertising banners at the bottom of a game that you are trying to sell, limiting anyone to see how much they’d like the game. I personally have been put off purchasing it, because of the over abundance of ads on a ‘trial’ version! I may have purchased it, But as I say, with the over abundance of ads, and that data collecting of this app, how many ads would disappear & how much of my data would they still be gathering, still telling me I am limiting the advancement of their game! While still! Charging me for it! 😑.Version: 1.0.17

Possible Fixes To ProblemsTo get rid of ads u can turn off your wifi because u need wifi for ads so that is an easy fix. Also for not seeing water maybe u r on the wrong kind of device eg: Samsung, tablet, iPhone... . Also I haven’t even tried it yet I’ve been reading the comments while it downloads so these might not work sorry if they don’t..Version: 1.0.9

Disappointing purchaseThis is a fun game but .... I paid to go ad free and now can’t move up to the next levels, even though I passed all the previous levels, without getting a certain amount of stars which it seems the only way to get is to watch ads!!! What’s the point? It seems crazy that when I do pass each level I only get awarded 1 or two stars when actually you do have to get all 3 stars in order to keep moving up and quite often the only way to 3 stars is to watch..... more ads!!!!!!!!! I feel like I should get a refund..Version: 1.0.15

Why???I used to play the game whenever I was bored. It was hard to find FUN in the game. Although it was, okay. The adds were all over the place. Since New Years Eve I haven’t been able to play the game. I press start, it glitches out and I have tried doing it around ten times and it still glitches out. I have got an Apple IPad Air but I don’t think it has anything to do with my device. Thank you. 🙃.Version: 1.0.46

Far too many adsYou will play this game for 10 minutes, and 7 of those will be annoying ads. Between every 2 or 3 levels, you have to watch at least TWO video ads without being able to click out of them. Also, when you’re actually having a turn, there’s a banner ad that actually covers up part of the game. To get rid of the ads costs $4.49. So expensive for a simple game like this. Do not recommend at all..Version: 1.0.13

Stop with the horrible ads!!Like the game and enjoy playing but some disgusting ads pop up when my son was playing that was really inappropriate..Version: 1.0.14

Too many adsUsed to love this, I got up to level 421. But it’s changed, and now there is a ad that has to be played between every level. Too long. Have deleted.Version: 1.0.48

ADDS!!This game is quite fun however there are way to many adds! As soon as you complete a level you get a 30 second add. When ever I press a button to go somewhere on the app all I get are adds which is really annoying..Version: 1.0.48

IssuesThe biggest problem that I have with the game is a glitch where the screen will just go black after you finish a level. This happens to me 99% of the time when I finish a level, and I'll have to reopen the app to continue. It's incredibly frustrating. Another issue I have is with the coins. I believe you start with 200, and it costs 100 per hint. You can watch ads to get 100 more. I have the same issue with the ads and the screen going black after you finish them, causing you to have to close and reopen the app. It doesn't give you your coins because of this. The last issue I have is just opinion, but this game gets incredibly dull and boring after a while. I've played multiple games like this before, following the same format. It isn't anything that hasn't been done before. I hope to see these glitches fixed, and more unique things added in the future..Version: 1.0.9

Too many adsGood game, and I enjoy the gameplay, but way too many ads. I get ads every minute or so that are 15+ seconds long, whether I’m in the middle of drawing or have just finished a round..Version: 1.0.58

WAY too many addsFun game, but there are adds between everything, which equates to more time watching adds than actually playing the game..Version: 1.0.59

Great! But...This game should get five stars, it’s easy to use, you can change your pencil, and your glass, and there are tons of levels and challenges, and it’s not too hard, not to easy, and it gives hints too! But the reason I gave this game three stars is because of the ads, I feel like there are way to many of them! You have to watch an ad every time you finish a level, and it makes me want to play something else. We already have to watch an ad for a hint, so I think it’s unnecessary to watch an add every time you complete a level... I haven’t seen many reviews about this, so it might just be me, but please reduce the ads to maybe after three or four levels. I know you have to make money, but it just makes me not want to play... please consider my suggestion! I think it’ll make the game so much better :).Version: 1.0.59

Airplane mode fun for 20 minutesA fun game. If you’re in airplane mode. Turn off internet so you don’t get pummelled with ads after nearly every little action. Typical new age mobile game in that it’s repetitive and puddle deep, but it is fun for a while. To unlock any cosmetics involves an ad, even if you supposedly earned it through winning levels; seems like another thing new mobile games are doing to get even more ad money but it annoys me particularly. Mobile game developers are extremely excessive in putting adverts in their games at nearly any moment to take in more money, hence why I suggest playing in airplane mode; it will be annoying otherwise..Version: 1.0.59

Too Too Tooooo many adsAt it’s basic concept it is an enjoyable game HOWEVER, every time you finish one drawing you encounter a game ad. I found myself skipping the Free points because of that. And, a free spin equals very little points AND the points have no impact or consequence on anything because you cannot use points for bypassing ads, and the points you accumulate when you spin are NOT the same points showing on the top right corner of the screen when you are playing. What the heck?? Bottom line: a cute game to pass the time to use your imagination and cognitive skills to fill the glass HOWEVER way too much emphasis on the ads which is how I believe the developer is getting their money so this most likely won’t change. I will probably delete the app and play a game more satisfying with more game and less— wait for it: ads for other games!.Version: 1.0.37

Spoilt by ads!The concept of the game is actually good and it’s one game I don’t mind my 7 year old daughter playing too, as she has to think about the solutions. However the sheer amount of ads completely spoils playing it. There’s an ad after every click you do! I totally get that ads pay for the game but come on guys.. this is too much!! It’s the most I’ve ever come across that’s for sure and they are seriously repetitive! It is such a shame as it would of been a game I’d recommend at school for the children but after playing myself, I’m not going to put the kids through having to watch so many ads. I’ve given it 2 stars just because the concept is good..Version: 1.0.54

Ok but........I purchased this app t is pretty good but..... there are TOO MANY ADS! And another thing is that you barely get any coins and if you do you get the less amount that it tells you that you are getting like if you pass a level it says you just earned 100 coins and you either get none of the coins or get less than it tells you that you are getting so if you care about coins and getting things like the super cool pens, the different animal glasses, and the color of ink you want that comes out of your pen you use to write with and those things cost 1000 coins a piece and it doesn’t even let you have that much so that is a waste and because it doesn’t even let you have 1000 coins I purchased the bundle and it doesn’t even give you the coins it says it will and then I purchased the bundle that lets you get free coins every day it doesn’t work!!! It’s just a waste of money!!! And plus this is not for like 12 + it should be all ages because my brother is 3 and he passed almost all the levels! Too easy! I don’t recommend this app!.Version: 1.55

The game doesn’t exist, it’s just an ad viewerAds.Version: 1.0.59

Too many adsThe ads ruined the game after 10 min.Version: 1.0.23

Good but a bit annoyingThere was a lot of ads because they want you to pay. I want to find a game that is like happy glass but without the ads. If Happy Glass got a bit less adds there might be some more stars. I don’t want to pay. However, I think Happy Glass is a great game without the ads because it is a very addicted game. I have had it for a few days and I am enjoying it but not yet addicted all I know from my friends have said it is very addicted. Thank you.Version: 1.0.45

Way too many addsI’ll draw a line and then get an ad. It’s not a a happy game. Makes me madddddsnakkaow.Version: 1.0.59

ADSSSSS!Theres way too many. A ad after a retry,a ad after a complete level please just make a option for people to add no ads for free like Crossy road or just add ads that are five second long or ten seconds not thirty seconds..Version: 1.55

A Fun Game with an Appalling Amount of AdsBanner ads constantly and ads every other level you beat. For a game like this, I wouldn’t even want to pay 4$ for no ads if I don’t have to; honestly I would want to pay upfront for the game, but of course that is rare. It is a simple game with many cash-grab tactics; not many people will even complain as it’s a family game. I must admit it is fun and a cool concept, but as a free game it is relentless with alternate money-making strategies. Also strongly encourages you to watch an ad for a bonus after completing a level* and when you don’t get 3 stars, yes, if you haven’t even earned three stars, you can watch an ad to get it (...). If you don’t mind ads this game is simple and entertaining as a puzzle game and is for all ages if you don’t mind it being simple. *After completing a level, it shows a big button to watch an ad for a bonus and it shows up before even being able to continue to the next level..Version: 1.0.5

BugThe background is blue so I can't see the water. Plz fix.Version: 1.0.5

The good, the bad, the uglyGoing into this game i was pleased and excited for what was waiting for me. I was met with a thrilling game dynamic that instantly challenged my thinking. However one i had completed a certain amount of levels i noticed that ads had started to clutter the screen, no big deal. That was until i was met with three different buttons asking me to watch an ad for some free item, then even if i pressed “no” i would still be forced to watch an ad. So there i was, in a burst of rage and frustration i bought the “no ads” package displayed at the home screen, and without realising it i had payed $5 to a company that didn’t care about my enjoyment or my experience of the game, it was clear that the game although appears to be centred around water from the common outsider is actually in fact centred around money. I do like this game and what it had to offer, but i do not like how it bombards people with ads and then even after they spend a whopping $5 for “no ads” they are still constantly bombarded with the option to watch an ad for a free item. This game has potential and it has a very cool dynamic, however it is clear the game is simply a money grab and there is very little passion that has been put into the development of this let down of a mobile game..Version: 1.0.15

Too many ads, too many bugs, too many crashesWhile the game itself is fun, it is extremely repetitive and there are many issues with it. Yes, it is a free game, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you must watch a new ad after every 1-2 levels you play. About 50% of the time I spend on the app is watching 30 second ads. Furthermore, the game has a lot of bugs. Sometimes when I try to press the restart button in the upper left hand corner, the game starts to draw a shape in the lower left corner. It’s not a calibration issue with the phone, since this is the only app in which this issue occurs. Finally, the game crashes heavily. I watched a 30 second ad to get a hint on a difficult level, only for the game to crash and not give me the hint. After a good 5-10 minutes of playing, the app will crash unexpectedly or lag heavily. This phone is relatively new, and no other app or program lags or crashes, so I can only assume the app is at fault. Two stars for the game idea and gameplay, but three stars off for the issues listed..Version: 1.0.19

Too much adsThe game is fun but it’s flooded with ads left right and centrr, even when you are careful to avoid the ad buttons they force then on you, I understand the need for ads but this is over the top, The game is not worth the constant bombardment of ads. Will be uninstalling soon. Shame cause the game is good.Version: 1.0.41

Ad filled battery muncherGood game, requires some thought and I like that in a game. Beware that 1/2 an hour on this will do half a day of battery, I’m not sure whether it needs to for calculations sake or whether it due to the relentless streaming of ads... either way, it makes it hard to enjoy the app itself for a reasonable amount of time, like a commute to work etc. Be sure to have your charger handy!.Version: 1.0.16

MehThe game itself is alright and a good way to pass the time, BUT THERE ARE SO MANY ADS BRUH. ITS SO ANNOYING. this is why I don’t play the game:).Version: 1.0.48

Too many adverts 😡 and developers PLEASE READ THISHi , I’m 8 this app is amazing totally great BUT there are tooooooooo many adverts like when I press the home button advert when I press next level ADVERTS and literately when I press a button an AD like every time I press a button AD you BETTER FIX this I saw people saying AMAZING but no it is boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring so boring so please please please please take those ads out i do NOT recommend this app BAD 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡❌❌❌❌❌ I will DELETE this app right away till you fix this boring thing 😥😥😓😓😰😰😨😨🥶🥶so I have to give you a 1 star rating and always read reviews before you get the app VERY bad From Ayzah I will delete this app.Version: 1.0.54

Which is the Right wayI find myself completing the levels in my own way but then I only get one star or two stars I then look at the hint and find it’s not far off from mine. It irritates me because I only like completing a level with three stars I then have to do the way the hint is showing me. I’m Currently up to level 130 and above I did this in one night i thought it would be harder I guessed wrong. Another problem a lot of ads came popping up in all directions and I decided to not play on it for a few days it could have been worse if I let the app send me notifications so I rate this game 3 stars minus two for the problem of different ways to complete a level and all the ads.Version: 1.0.19

Adverts as far as the eye can seeI’ve had this game for a few years and completed all of the levels. Great game and I recently revisited to start over but WOW adverts constantly to the point it’s a case of just closing the app from frustration. I would be happy to pay the £2.99 if it removed the adverts and you added new levels frequently but you have to be a VIP monthly subscription player to remove adverts and I haven’t seen new levels for over a year! No thanks, I will just not play anymore..Version: 1.0.58

Good gameFun, logical and interesting. This game will have you addicted form the start. It is very satisfying to see the glass fill up and the little emoji smile! Personally don’t like it how if one uses too much ink and only gets two stars they can watch an advert and then get three. To me that is a bit cheety! I also thinks hints are way to expensive. One is given 200 coins but a hint is 100 and O can’t find any way of getting coins other than buying them. Despite that, it’s a really good game. Are you ready for the challenge?.Version: 1.0.5

An ok gameA family friendly game that provides a few days of entertainment but eventually it gets to one of those games that you completely ignore in your game folder and replaced by a better one if you know what I mean, the adverts and ridiculously annoying and come every 2 minutes which I find really annoying and the game is a little bit useless and you achieve nothing from it. I give it a 2.5 out of ten (You can’t do 2.5 on the rating so I just put 2).Version: 1.0.48

Great game but THE ADSHappy glass is a really fun game ngl. But every level after you complete it you have to watch an ad. I get how free games need ads to keep the game going, but maybe not so many. Also some of the ads are inappropriate which I don’t thing children should be seeing. But altogether great game..Version: 1.0.45

Good game but...It’s a great game but every time you click the retry button an add shows up so please fix that.Version: 1.0.58

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