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Star Trek Fleet Command app received 206 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about star trek fleet command?

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I play because friends are here..if they weren’t....In the tips portion of the ad they didn’t mention the terrible rate of refinement to get said Rare materials or even just the Uncommon. Whales always have and advantage but it’s an overwhelming one in this game, Like grossly. If you don’t spend you won’t really have much of a chance. Scopely also has different rates of these packages resources in the bundles based on age of the server, so choose wisely. The older the server the better your deals will be. Lastly, instead of fixing old issues and improving actual game play they just role out new officers and 1 trick pony ships to lure more whale spending. Just fix some simple things please. Like wording on crew that doesn’t reflect (Djaoki for example)what it actually does...the character skins.. my fed officer in the faction store is from the Blue man group! Klingon crews with no faces...If they actually cared and or catered to the majority of players and gave the majority a chance to take on whales and their alliances, it would drive those who do spend more to continue to do so at a higher rate just to hold the leading edge. This game has potential.. but needs devs that care. It will make money even if you are more generous with your rewards and how people can improve their ships to make it a more fun experience, I promise..Version: M25.1.1

Close to quittingBeen playing this since December. In the beginning I absolutely loved it and got hooked. I made friends through galaxy chat and in my alliance. Gameplay was interesting with missions, base building, and ship building. Progression was steady and satisfying. I spent small amounts here and there to enhance play. I'm not a miner killer or base raider but accepted it as part of the game. Our server had rules that only accepted attack for gain so mining up to protected cargo limit was the way to go. BUT one alliance full of wallet warriors has ruined our server. They attack entire systems with their five hundred k strength ships several times a day and night making mining impossible for everyone. Without the resources you can't do anything. Many have abandoned the game leaving smaller alliances struggling to keep up with the bigger ones. Perpetuating the power gap. This is the ruination of the game. The ability of much stronger players to take out mid level players leaving us no option but to keep our ships in our bases and our shields up. I won't spend any more until this is resolved..Version: 7.6.1

Expensive trapI loved this game up until level 18. After that it became almost impossible to play due to the high cost of so-called “uncommon” minerals which are required to advance the game. You can mine the products, but the rewards are minor, sporadic, and take days to collect. Even the very expensive in-app purchases are broad and don’t provide you with enough resources to progress very far. You have to spend a fortune to play this game beyond a couple of weeks..Version: 8.3.0

NonsenseSeriously, anyone who is giving this game anything over a 1 star rating is either misguided or employed by the company that develops the game. We, the players, are continually given rubbish updates, that make the game all but useless. In the most recent “update” the range our starships can travel has been halved, so that it is nearly impossible to achieve anything guessed it...buying expensive packs to upgrade things. Nothing but a greedy money grab, pay to play at its worst. Honest reviews people, please! Oh yeah, if you’re looking at playing this game, one word of advice - don’t!.Version: 1.7.2

Shameful use of Star Trek nameGene Roddenberry would be so saddened by this game which only supports bullying and stealing to advance. The pay to play is off the rails. Insanely shameful to star trek principles. Do not download and do NOT pay to play!!!!.Version: 2.1

How to teach bullyingThe premise of the game is good, however after more than several months of play I am becoming more and more disappointed. The very major problem is the game encourages bullying, something we try to teach our children from an early age not to do. As you progress through the game you will find that higher and higher level players can (and will) attack you with absolutely no possibility of defence or ability to hit back. I'm now up against players who are 10x + stronger than I am. You can purchase upgrades through the store but they will give very limited benefits and are eye wateringly expensive, and will still not allow even play. The other issue is that you have to mine for resources, OK however once again, the spots are limited and if you are lucky enough to find one you are highly unlikely to keep it for any reasonable amount of time before you are bullied off. I've contacted the developer's and received the usual bot reply of thank you for contacting us we will look into your problems and get back to you, needless to say no meaningful response to date. You can F2P but only on a very limited basis, to be honest don't spend any real money..Version: 7.10.0

Game has become basically unplayableGame constantly crashes every couple of minutes, it’s not stable at all. Utter hopeless. Devs have no idea how to fix issues. Don’t touch.Version: 7.2

Glitchy Service and a MONEY PITThis app, sucks you in by offering a great begging experience, it later. Forces you to spend $$$$ thousands in order to build - take heed of my warning. Then when technical issues arise, they do not fix them. During the Most recent technical issue, you are unable to get to your base, and those in a different time zone can raid you base loosing everything you were building. Causing the user to have to start again, favouring once again to purchase. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP, it crashes constantly and it will only COST you more and more. $ thousands of actual dollars..Version: 9.7.3

Refund meThey took the server down 4 days ago and I still can’t get in. I tried contacting them and they refuse to help. As I paid money for this game I want a fix or a refund ASAP!.Version: 1.6

3 starsI gave three stars to star fleet command . One there is no alliances war being conducted with other alliances besides targeting miners with alliances or floating ships with alliance . Secondly the resources take to progress a ship is to long and only event ships are the best power houses. Thirdly the amount of officer exp needed to level them up and promote is to high for the quest rewards because at certain point in leveling the operation building . The fourth thing recruiting new officers or getting them promoted is to hard because can only get one character token . It is uncertain how many each of them need to maxed out . The missions do not recycled to get more officer exp or ship exp . Otherwise this free game for those who like destroying ships with some grind .Do not expect to get officers quicker or level them up quickly, or have any indication if there are more severs that are open to ios . This game can benefit by giving alliances more reward systems or give alliances sectors with mines only for that alliance. Other then speed upgrades and the eventual upgrade to do armadas. Low level alliance members can not participate in armadas which means they can not get rewards from it besides reducing the waiting period on upgrades. The last thing mention the roster of characters do not have the crew tag easily identified without having to click on the avatar to find out if they belong in that crew group..Version: 9.0.1

An insult to Gene RoddenberryThis garbage game encourages violence toward your fellow man and gang-bully-mentality and discourages cooperation and peace—the premise and core principles of Star Trek!! This game is an affront to Gene Roddenberry and an insult to his beliefs! To call it Star Trek is a disgrace! We’re sorry corporate greed and gratuitous violence — both of which are a dark reminder of our primitive past in the real Star Trek Universe — has twisted your vision of the future into NRA’s. P.S. Those of you who pay for Latium are binaries morons (see psychology def’s)..Version: 7.9.3

Money hunger gameLet us be frank. This game is designed for one purpose only: money. I can’t see how anyone can progress further without spending a dime on this game. And even if you spend $100, you won’t go far. The only way to progress is to spend $1000 or more. Daily rewards stack up more time and money spending. To get an ultra rare officer with the monthly rewards, you will spend 1 year of your time in frustration and at least $100. To get any rare ships, you will spend >couple of $100s. And let’s just forget about the Enterprise, there is no chance you will get it without spending money. Of course, it is unfair for the developer if everything is free, but the greed just disgusts me out. So I am out..Version: M28.0.0

Rife with bullying and the most unfair levelling system ever conceivedBeen playing for a few months and joined a good alliance however there are some serious flaws and drawbacks. If you are concerned about any children playing this then hide any sharp knives and lock the medicine cabinet as the amount of bullying is unbelievable. Most of this is down to the grossly unfair levelling system whereby your little base can get stripped to the bone by someone massively more powerful than you, that your’ll never in a million years to able to compete against. Obviously this is Star Trek so all the hardcore Trekkies have got a foothold early on and have drawn up an intricate rule book that you have to follow, .....apparently. You’ll get a bit fed up with it after awhile unless you can put up with people messaging you telling you off for ‘playing the game’? Still playing it but, seriously the people who designed it are are very clever, but, to be honest they're just a bunch of wankers..Version: 9.9.2

A detriment to star trek principlesThe game’s internal politics between players is a vast majority of drama, bullying, and unwarranted stress. Most alliances bully others, threaten ultimatums, and actively antagonize one another. This is entirely antithetical to all that star trek resembles and reveres: diplomacy, discovery, unity, progressiveness, humanitarianism. In addition to that, the game is incredibly glitchy. What is playable is boringly slow, often taking a full day’s worth of waiting for base/ship building to finish so you can actually play the game. The game also is extremely top-heavy in terms of pay-to-play. All high spending players have massively overpowered ships which in a pvp environment ultimately suppress any hopeful upstart beginner to the game. Literally the only upsides are the music, graphics, and maybe bits and pieces of the story. All else is ruined by greed, power imbalance, glitches, and the worse side of gamers’ personalities. I did make some friends who I cherished, but sadly they weren’t enough to redeem the game itself. Play at your own risk..Version: 1.7.2

BS gameWas enjoying this game until it became a free-for-all. Can’t mine or do missions - everyone just wipes you out - ships are useless and you’ll spend all your time waiting for repairs. If you do spend any money (and I strongly discourage that!) then typical Scopely make sure you get nothing for your buck - I made 3 purchases and didn’t get enough to recruit 1 officer! And then I made 1 big purchase, and once again got nothing!!! I tried signing up on various offers for “free” latinum, and didn’t get any rewards as promised either - major rip off & scam - avoid this game..Version: 1.7.3

Expensive and BuggyVery buggy, even after supposed fixes and lag is terrible, and it is NOT from my end. You want to have very deep pockets cause Scopely very greedy in that respect. Expansion packs are way too expensive and requirements to level up when you hit around Level 25 mark starts getting very unrealistic because they want you to spend, spend, spend. Not enough nodes for Dilithium, Gas or Ore mining to go around considering how many playing. I get we supposed to fight for them etc. but deliberate shortage to again encourage more spending. Game total rip off..Version: 7.5.4

Loved it....then....It al turned sour. Great game, but suddenly you hit the level when it becomes pvp. The game turned into a festival of online bullying as overpowered players would farm weaker ones. In chat abuse as well. Deleted it!.Version: 7.2.1

Don’t bother with this gameThis hame is severely disappointing. In order to get anywhere you have to spend tons of money as they only have overpriced packages available in their store once you buy the smaller $6.99 ones they disappear and go from $14 to $27 to $70. Progress is painfully slow as research times are long, each batch of materials takes 9 hours to refine with no option to speed that up like everything else and because there’s either not enough resources to go around or people it’s just easier, people just go around destroying your mining ships before you get any significant amount of anything you need so to have any chance you’ve got to use your fighting or exploring ships to mine which takes even longer and sooner or later someone comes along and destroys those too! Plus when you do have enough ore, gas or crystal to make a batch you can go three or four batches (once again 9 hours each) without getting the “uncommon” type you need to upgrade your ships and even then it’s most often such a piddly amount that it takes forever just to upgrade one part which you have to do over and over again each time you upgrade all the parts on your ship and “tier up”. I haven’t upgraded to the level where stations can be attacked as I can only imagine the level of frustration that would add. This game is a joke. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it a couple of times and gave it another chance but now, I’m done!.Version: 1.7.4

DisgracefulI’ve been playing this game most of this year the beta game was glitchy but at least you could progress with spending a lot of money, since Scopley has taken over it is impossible to progress without spending huge amounts of money. Scopley are aware of huge problems with this game but seem reluctant to fix them. Hard core players are leaving, and if things don’t improve soon I’ll be leaving too..Version: 1.7.2

Great game but....This is a great game with lots of potential but after playing for months it is still glitchy. I have now deleted this game is sheer frustration, after having my mining ships mercilessly attacked by much higher players I got to level up my base only to then be attacked several times again by much higher players, the last attack was by the same person 3 times in 5 minutes the first to destroy defences and fleet then the second and third to strip all my hard mined and saved resources, I have played a lot of games like this and most of those give you the ability to repair and collect resources whilst under a 24hr shield post first attack, they also have tier systems where only players of the same rank may attack you, it might seem like a moan but I have read so many other players messages in chat and found that they have the same frustrations. Please fix this and I’ll gladly return. So disappointed in this game and the developers lack of listening to the players..Version: 1.7.4

Still in the Alpha stage of developmentI love Star Trek and so I have been excited to jump in and play. I am probably about 30 hours into game play and while I really have enjoyed the concept but definitely missing the mark. There are consistent issues with glitches and bugs. Menus or buttons will break and you won’t be able to exit or interact with anything. Notifications will get stuck and you won’t be able to get rid of a badge even though you’ve already acknowledged it. After about level 10 you are able to attack and be attacked by other players. Which would seem exciting except for there are no natural barriers that separates players. So it doesn’t matter that you’ve advanced to a certain level, someone that is 3x your power can easily attack your ship and destroy it. You can also do the same to others. The challenge is if you’re trying to complete missions or mine resources it is inevitable that within a few minutes you will be attacked and destroyed. As your ships become more and more powerful it takes longer and longer for them to repair. So get ready to wait 30 minutes to an hour for your ships to rebuild every time you login. I could go on about the things that aren’t quite there but this game has wasted enough of my time. Overall, great concept and if you have a week to blow on this game then do it. After that you’ll prolly get bored of it like so many other players and delete the app..Version: 1.7.2

Not a Star Trek gameThis is a boring “mining” game in which you get punished for trying to obtain resources. You see, the developers give you access to unlimited resources and then choke you out by giving you minimal storage. So minimal in fact that there is no real way to progress without paying. It’s an awfully buggy, unfinished product on top of it all. So it makes me wish it would exit in horrible dishonourable Klingon dumpster fire. This game will not live long and prosper in its current paywall state. Do not spend a dime on this Scam..Version: 1.7.3

Very funOverall, the game is surprisingly really fun to play. That being said, only to a certain extent. While oneself plays the game, they will notice as they level up build times will be come really long. I myself noticed this myself. Once a player has reached the levels of 17 and above, building times become more than a day or a few. This is ridiculous if you only have one building operation. That means you would have to wait a day or a few just to build something else!!! I wish the creators of the game would present an alternative solution to this matter. In addition, due to the game being really fun, I have spend real currency on this game. But here is the downfall, I recently purchased the station pack and ship pack for $5 usd each. I was expecting that this was an offer for the whole time but it was not. Every time the consumer purchase a pack, it presents another offer. Once I purchased the station pack and ship pack, the game presented the advanced ship pack and advanced station pack. The one problem with these packs was that they were not $5 usd anymore but instead $20 usd each this time. This ridiculous!!! Why couldn’t the creators just keep the $5 packs ? $20 is such a huge jump in a price!! That’s same price someone could spend on a actual console game. I hope the creators notice this problem..Version: 1.7.3

It’s averageWhile the game is what it is, the support from scoply is pathetic to say the least, when submitting a complaint about abusive players, scoply have a policy of not telling the complainant the outcome of the issue, after many many emails to try and have an extremely abusive player delt with, I have no idea what has happened from the investigation or if I should re submit the complaint again untill I receive confirmation of the outcome. The game is also very unbalanced in gameplay, pretty disappointing to say the least..Version: 10.0.0

Broken game mechanic enables harassmentI’d like to address that after playing with someone who became real life abusive to myself and several others, harassing in the game and on other connected platforms, I’ve tried blocking the perpetrator, changing game name and group name. However, the perpetrator used the blocked player feature (the same one intended to limit contact) to track me and people I play with to continue harassment. The ability to mark and track players wherever in the game benefits someone who can harass versus the victim trying to limit/avoid interaction. Scopely’s Terms of Use agreement clearly states cheating in game and harassment will be dealt with. I have sent over 40 screenshots regarding abusive dialogue to myself and others. I’m in my third time of filing a harassment complaint against the same perpetrator with Scopely. I get told “if there’s harassment, cheating, racism, etc...” after submitting a claim. There is little support, most times taking 4 hours for a reply from support. If they didn’t already shut down, the next bit of dialogue will be from someone else, and then claim is closed. Don’t play this game. Bugs, lack of support, claims of harassment not taken seriously, game mechanics that enable continued harassment... could go on. Don’t waste money on this game..Version: 9.7.1

Regular glitchesTried vanquishing enemies at Risa? I bet you have. This is the most annoying of glitches but many throughout game..Version: 0.543.7189

Good game, wrong timelineNot bad .... but it’s kelvin timeline .... where is my enterprise D & E?.Version: 1.6

Fun for a while.I’ve played this game for quite some time and in the beginning, it's fun and challenging. It's fairly fast-paced moving through the levels and acquiring new ships and advancing the crews of those ships. Then you hit what I call the pay to play levels. This seems to be around levels 23 to 24. You have to have large amounts of resources to do anything and if you haven't spent cash the people that have will take almost everything from you. It takes days to upgrade your station and ships so unless you can afford to buy peace shields to stay in a constant bubble the people with large bank accounts will take everything from you. I have push notifications turned on but don't get alerted that my station is under attack until well after everything has been taken. The developers constantly promise this will be never has been. I have a theory that people that spend big bucks get freebee attacks on players that don't spend much. This is just a theory but seems odd that after I paid for an upgraded ship I received alerts immediately upon being attacked. Since I haven't bought anything recently I don't get notified until I'm cleaned out. Enjoy the game, it's fun for a while..Version: 7.8.0

BoringThis game is boring, I wouldn’t have played it if it wasn’t Star Trek related. I couldn’t even do some of the quests because they weren’t explained and they didn’t have any solutions. It’s slow as hell and I only played it once every few days for about a week. 😐.Version: 1.7.3

Glitches and ShipsI rated this app at a two of five stars because for being a fully released app it still has a ton of glitches and they don’t seem to be disappearing or even trying to fix them with some having gone on for weeks or multiple events with the reoccurring complete mission and showing the rewards over and over again without actually giving you the reward again, if that was the case I wouldn’t mind... but seeing it every time I re-enter the game is just annoying. Then whenever I send a moving ship into warp I can’t even see the ship once I clip warp with the countdown timing off for the engines warming up. This would be helpful for the quick escapes to be able to see if I am going to or not... then there is the stupid jellyfish ship that at first seems like of I’ll have this in a week or month and wait, I can’t seem to find them anymore... of you are telling me there was a buying event where people had to pay $50 for the ship or they would never get it? That’s crazy! Also missions are far from a continuous thing... I can’t even seem to find a mission to complete anymore that’s within a reasonable level range. Without me paying $50 to jump a level or two and try then....Version: 1.7.4

Not FairThis game is really good...until a more powerful player attacks your home base and takes from you in a few minutes what has taken you weeks of grind to accumulate. And you cannot even get revenge on them. Yeah not very fair....Version: 7.9.3

Same price, different reward.Fun game but beware which server you land on. The company charges the same price for resource packs, ship packs, monthly packs etc, however what you get for that price can be two thirds less than what you would get on an older server. In addition to this, there is a loot box element where you don’t know what you will get and number of that you will get. All up this variable return for same cost outlay is disgraceful and I would recommend you consider paying for anything in the game until it is fixed..Version: 9.8.1

Star Trek: bully commandGameplay is massively imbalanced and on all servers results in the top 10% players in power bullying all players to either play their way or quit. Very much might makes right regardless how you wanted to play the game. A complete insult to the Star Trek franchise. Only saving grace is Roddenberry did not live to see this abomination come to be. Bugs and glitches even erode the quality of the game further with Scopely paying only occasional lip service to players that do not spend huge salaries in game. Look elsewhere for entertainment.Version: 10.1.0

The game is fun but has many glitchesI played the game for about three months, enjoying most aspects of the game despite the many glitches. A few mining nodes don’t work even after updates that supposedly fixed them and several times I completed missions but didn’t receive the rewards. The game is very unbalanced, I was getting hit by players 11+ levels above me. A fully upgraded lv22 station has no chance of defense against a lv30+ ship. I learned to just keep a shield up when I wasn’t playing. I personally spend money on games cause it allows me to not spend time doing the stuff that is not enjoyable. I also realize that if people don’t spend money then developers will no longer make games. Which brings me to my biggest complaint, customer service. I bought a pack which came with resources and started a few upgrades. I put up a shield. While the shield was active, I got attacked and lost most of the resources I bought. The game failed me in three ways, (1) I was attacked while under a shield, (2) I never received a shield notification, (3) I never received a station attack notification. I reached out to support and they were unwilling to correct the issue. Supports response was “In as much as I want to help you out, I can only do so much.” They did nothing to correct the problem..Version: 7.3.1

DisappointingThere was a server change and a (so-called) massive up date to fix heaps of bugs! We were promised heaps of things like resources, officers and to have our bases buildings all upgraded to our station level.....what we received instead was: ships lost, officers lost, materials lost, missions already completed lost, equipment to upgrade ships lost, the galaxy had to be discovered again... and the list goes on and on. What we did get is a bit of latinum to help buy speed ups and resources....HOWEVER as everything costs so much more on this new server what little latinum we got has to be used to recover a little of what we had lost! An extremely disappointing effort by the developers! I wouldn’t waster your time on this game UNTIL the devs actually get their act together....but on previous experience don’t hold your breath! This game at the moment doesn’t even rate 1 star!.Version: 1.6

Boring!This game has more bugs than a summer camping trip! If you don’t have a small fortune forget it, too many other players do paytoplay(p2p) and will destroy you, which goes against the essence of what Star Trek really was about... The developers greed got in the way of them making a decent game. I am just glad these same developers aren’t involved with the programming of the self driving cars, cause there would be a heck of a lot of crashes! Play at your own risk of boredom!.Version: 2.1

Shield error bug can wipe out in game purchasesAfter purchasing packs in the game and starting a base shield at bed time, I checked the shield and it’s working fine but woke up next morning to find my base raided and empty. Impossible to get the resources back and support refuses even though the shield bug in the game is their fault. Scopely seem incapable of refunding their own errors. I have played the game for a long time and it’s quite good fun except support WILL REFUSE to refund even when the game has a bug that’s their fault they won’t return lost resources OR do anything other than send pre-written excuses and ignore your claim. It’s not the first time, over the last year it’s now many times support has done this. The game is great it’s just full of bugs and your money will be gone with no chance of return. I’m sad to leave the game and join the many inactive bases that the game now has from players distraught at loosing everything after so much hard work and pack purchases..Version: 9.0.1

More stars than it deservesSo I gave this game one star just for the fact it’s Star Trek So this game is great as long as you’re a millionaire the game it totally pay to win all scopely care about is how much money they can get out of you by putting at least 80% of the content behind a pay wall take the server I’m on it’s always the same players with the biggest ships who place in the top 5 and get all the good rewards which they don’t really need and most likely will never use and don’t get me started on the balancing of the levelling system in this game I’m level 24 and anything below level 20 4 levels lower are protected from me yet players who are level 34 can attack me and clear my station in minutes which I can do nothing at all about because they are so much stronger and why would scopely do thing to change that when all the big level players are cash cows and scopely will do everything in their power to keep the cash flowing.Version: 8.3.0

DisappointedThere appears to be a lack of cohesion in the different franchises of start trek. I am a Trekkie and none of this is canon Trek and messes with the whole trek universe. I am not a fan of these sort of games that make money out of people getting them to buy extras and unlock extras. Means that those who play for fun, have unfair disadvantage from from the start. I want a game where I can progress without gimmicks like spend 4.99 to unlock ‘x’ and 9.99 to unlock ‘y’. It adds inequality to those that cannot afford. I would be willing to pay a one off fee to buy the game instead of nags to buy extras. Disappointed that this game starts with attacking other species, I am sure that’s not what Star Trek is about. What is worse thing in this game, being harassed and attacked by bullies when your mining. I don’t want PVP, I prefer PVE and having choice whether to participate in PVP would be preferable (as modelled by most decent MMO games eg World of Warcraft)..Version: M29.0.0

Put serious time into the grind, one person takes allWas enjoying until station attacked for the first time. Same player attacked 46 times and took almost all the resources I’d accumulated since beginning the game. Kinda just wanted yo unlock the Discovery but that looks like it’s either gonna take 5 years or an average person’s annual salary. Now thinking should’ve put more time into Duo Lingo or looking up in general still a great TV show. Here’s to the heroes that spent $$$ on this game to prey on casual freeloaders that get sucked in thinking the hours of Station defence research actually protects you..Version: M25

Not “fun” because other players hamper progressNew players beware. Although the game will allow you to play in a PVE (player vs environment) capacity... after level 20, higher level vultures (players) will constantly stalk you, destroy your mining ships (mining takes time) and ransack your station within 20 mins of a shield expiring. Each raid will set you back weeks...especially as you can only mine small amounts before your ships come under attack again. In order to play this way and avoid constantly being attacked, the game requires exhaustive micro management. Overall, good interface/graphics but I do not recommend playing if you have a life..Version: 9.0.1

Highly Addictive but very dissapointing.Every update they add more stuff to the game but forget that they just shut the server down for 4/5 hours. For some of us that’s the time in which we get the daily missions completed. Secondary pvp in this game is trash and they keep pushing it. Players in this game will kill you just to add to the “power destroyed” leaderboard. They gain nothing from this other than growing an e p*nis. Scopely continue to cater for the players that have the biggest wallets and leave the people who are not so fortunate behind. It’s ridiculous that a level 30+ player can kill a level 21-29 player and hardly take any damage. They need level matching in this game, basically the more you play it and pay it the better you will be. The slow burner will be always left behind. Eventually you will get up there because research takes 14-20 days sometimes. I’ve been playing this over a year now and log in everyday and I’m only level 29. Do the math. Don’t play this game and go do something else with your time. Edit: 1 year later. Still playing the game but the Whales in this game dominate the rest. You can’t even win competitions anymore in the game without getting a whale beat you for the sake of it. Devs don’t really care about the game they just want to find the next way to get money out of you. They don’t cater for the casual player this is hardcore, 5/6 hours a day grind. Do NOT play this game..Version: M33.3

Allows other players to steal your moneyThis is a well designed game, in that it encourages you to spend big bucks on In game purchases - but then enables other players to attack your stations and steal your purchased resources - In effect letting them steal your money. Makes money for the developer and license holder but rapidly becomes tedious when the more powerful players become even more powerful by stealing your hard earned resources. I’ve been playing for months and dropped a couple of hundred bucks and spent hundreds of hours trying to mine resources only to see them stolen - DONT BOTHER.Version: 7.3.1

Save your money and stay away.This game has no correlation with the Star Trek franchise values. This is a game of bullying others just because you can. The chat line is full of obscene language and common bullying, not mention the conversations on politics which infuriates me. This game is a total time waster of building structures, power and strength. If you pay you build faster but the end game is destroy everyone everywhere or be destroyed. Gene Roddenberry would be SO unhappy,.Version: 1.7.4

Star Trek Fleet Command: pay to play or die tryingAt the start this is a great game... But it soon becomes impossible to progress without paying LARGE sums of money. And if you do decide to pay money your base WILL be attacked and you WILL lose half of what you paid for. If you enjoy being cyber bullied and ganged up on then this is the game for you! If you accidentally bump into someone’s mining ship they will more than likely send you a private message threatening you and then have their alliance find your base and take everything you have... And then they WILL message you to gloat about it. In conclusion, enjoy for one week, then delete..Version: 2.1

Fun game but f2p ruined itI played this game when it first came out. It was fun and the price model seemed ok. Everything was $5. After I bought one pack it disappeared and was replaced with a $10 pack, for some of my friends, they made $100 purchases and realized that they were stuck with $100 packs. The game was well balanced until the Jellyfish pack came out. That’s when the game went downhill. For the players that bought it, they quickly became the top players and completely stopped the progress of those who didn’t. I continued to play for a couple of months hoping that the bugs would get fixed and the game would be more balanced. By the time the bugs got fixed, all of the players who dropped money on the jellyfish pack now had the higher tier ships. I stopped playing for 2 months and came back to it and it was completely unplayable. I could only mine for a few minutes before getting attacked. Ended up spending more in repairs on my best ships than what I made in resources. You are only limited on who you can hit rather than by ship strength, so yes the developers are right when they say the game gets more difficult but they fail to mention that the difficulty is exponential..Version: 7.4

Need a bank cardGreat game until you get to level 19 then it’s money money money. Lots of login issues as in you can’t login for hours and if your ships are out collecting res then once you finally login you have 3 dead ships. Login and you find your base has been attacked and your mails tell you that you were attacked by yourself... report it to the developers and get told “oh yeah this is a known issue” we are working on it and no compensation offered..Version: 2.1

Starts good but doesn’t lastStarts out fun exploring, missions, and resource gathering. But the closer you get to level 20 the less point there is to playing anymore. If you do the missions you eventually hit a point where your expected to kill ships that are over twice the power of your current ships, and to tier up your ships take forever unless you pay $$$. The resources needed for tier up and upgrades have to be gather, but mining vessels get destroyed before you can gather. And the fights become pointless, example: ship A power level 17k, ship B 120k power level. Ship b attacks every ship in the area,player with ship A wiped out, obviously. Ship c power level 11k, ship A cannot attack ship C because the level difference is too high... and yet having a ship with over 100k pl difference attack is perfectly fine. Don’t waste your time unless you want to spend hundreds of $$$s. Even someone of the same level can buy designs giving them 10s of thousands of power difference. While you think you can get the same for free and it will just take longer, that is not the case, I’m level 19 can’t do any of the missions I have because anything I have to fight is 2x the power level of my ships. Or they want donations of resources that max capacity doesn’t cover. Can’t mine anything without getting destroyed by ships that shouldn’t even need the resources I’m mining..Version: 7.5

BuggyThis game is really buggy, you start to play then the game freezes and you can not do anything. Buttons freeze in the game so you can not do anything, certain controls freeze as well. Nothing seems to work. Other than that it seemed like a good game..Version: 1.7.2

Pay to winThis is a blatant pay to win game, has a very toxic community where people get great satisfaction for making the game as difficult as possible to move forward, very time consuming where you can expect to spend months on the game and barely get anywhere, level of players in pvp are way mismatched, for instance, a level 22 can’t attack a level 19, but a level 28 can attack a level 22 making the game very frustrating... Take my sound advice and DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!.Version: M26.0.1

Very expensive and buggyEnjoyed the Star Trek storylines and references, but found this to be one of the most expensive multiplayer games I’ve experienced. If you do decide to spend the minimum of $7.99 or $30 for a store pack, you quickly lose any bought resources if you forget to shield your base. My game crashes every half hour, and still has bugs never addressed such as your ship getting stuck in attack mode. Players have to agree to server rules to try to balance the game so that mining becomes somewhat possible. Higher ranked players are able to attack very high range of lower players making it too top heavy for P2P. If you want to play for fun, don’t go higher than lvl 14, and don’t buy packs..Version: 9.2.1

Huge time sink.This is NOT for the casual player. Higher ranked players prey on the smaller players and forces you to constantly check up on the game so that you don’t loose your progress. Progress is painfully slow unless you buy the outrageously priced in-game-purchases. Stay away unless you have no life anyway... and a deep pocket..Version: M29.0.0

Very UnbalancedAll reviews that tell you that this game is amazing, fun, addicting and enjoyable are probably from people who sit in their house all day spending money, since playing games is probably all they do each day every day. So if you truly want to know what the game is like don’t rely on reviews. Play the game for a little bit and decide for yourself. The game is, for lack of any other word, neat and a time killer. Any game to claiming that they are very well “balanced” is feeding you propaganda. The only balanced games I come across are from companies that have been in business for more than a few years. Honestly if there is any balance in any PvP/PvE game you would have a separation of lower and higher levels, figurative not literal. To give a simple idea of one small unbalanced portion of this game, the developers allow higher levels players to attack and harass lower level players but it tells you when you are a lower level that you cannot attack the player since their level is too high. Well if a player is not allowed to attack a higher level then the higher level should not be allowed to attack you. This premise is PvP 101 stuff people get with it or find new programmers. Balanced? I think not! It’s a far cry of being called balanced, they’re in the business to make money. So don’t take my word for it, decide for yourself..Version: 8.0.3

Pay to win is a realityThis game is fun, it’s a lot of fun. Cool missions, easy game play. I got to level 22, and now I realize it’s a complete pay to win system. Most games you can put in more time and actually compete. I’ve spent 45 dollars on this game and I’m still WAY behind the big guns. I thought I could grind it out, but it’s impossible. They offer massive upgrades that you can buy. They call these prime upgrades. And at the higher levels they are basically impossible to obtain. And it’s not just a small bonus. The bonus is like, double all ship damage for 20-50 dollars. And technically it’s possible to grind your way there, but i calculated that at a 20% drop rate for a rare mineral, and a 12 hour clock it would take a year to get one of these upgrades. And it doesn’t stop there by a long shot. You can pay to upgrade your officers and there is no limit. So people do it. I’ve heard of people dropping well over 1O,000 dollars for these crazy ships and crews. It’s just not fair. I’m all for paying for something’s, the game has to make money, but this game allows the ultra rich to absolutely dominate. I can’t blame them it’s a business, but they do not cap it. So I’m done. The game is actually a business and it’s not worth your time because people will just destroy your base, take your resources and there is nothing you can do about it. Well there is something you can do and it’s she’ll put some serious money..Version: 9.5.0

Constant ‘ganking’It’s a good concept for a game and can be engaging but there are a few issues and lots of game bugs. Ganking is a major problem and there seems to be no attempt to moderate this behaviour. That is there are hordes of players who just go around destroying other players ships for kicks. Now I realise this is part of the game but it’s really over the top and there is no limit. My ships can get destroyed 20 times a day when mining. Given it can take up to 30 minutes to repair a ship and mining is really important to be able to progress this means progress in the game just stops. Also there seems to be no moderation of the chat channels. There are some seriously horrendous things being said in non English chats. I presume if there are any moderators they don’t understand non English as they can’t possibly be allowing this stuff intentionally..Version: 7.3.1

I deleted app but still hate it.It all started when I started the game. It’s a fun game but do not, I repeat, do not let anyone take leadership unless you are fully certain because their help desk will not help you. I had created my own alliance when I first started, it was going well and great, even chatting, making friends. Then this goon, who was about a million power, I gave leadership to as we switched it every week. This goon did not talk once, nor did he ever discover his own Alliance chat, as we were trying to tell him for weeks to switch leadership back. I told the developers and what did they do, told Me to “call him, message him, email him, and do whatever it takes to get ahold of him and tell Him to switch the alliance leadership back over to someone else.” That’s it, they said they cannot do a thing and blah blah blah. Such bull crap, I stopped playing game months ago. Only was a week or so into it as this happened. War and Peace is keeping me busy and way more fun. The fact that they couldn’t help or refused to help the founder of an alliance get back his own alliance, that’s just stupid. So you lost me forever and definitely “will proudly stop going where barely any men have gone before”. Good luck with this crap. And the devs still won’t answer me.......Version:

Don’t waste your timeThis game started great. A game with an “open world” feel where you can fly around, do missions, recruit officers from the Star Trek universe, upgrade your ships, relocate your base to new systems, etc, and everything happens in real time - like seeing other players flying around you and playing alongside you. It had SO much potential for a phone game. However, you guessed it. Pay to win is ruining this game. People pay big money to upgrade their ships and advance quickly, and the only way to compete with them is to also spend money. The higher level you are, the larger the range of levels that can attack you. So you’re always outmatched and being attacked by someone higher level than you, and you can’t do anything to defend yourself - Unless you want to spend money to advance as fast as they do. So what’s the point? There are NO NON-PVP ACTIVITIES IN THIS GAME. ZERO. Anywhere you fly, to mine or do missions, you are open to being attacked. There are no safe zones or safe activities. So again, when you can’t escape the wallet players, what’s the point? There is no way to enjoy this game casually without spending money. Unless you want to stay hidden away in your base and do nothing. Unless you enjoy spending hundreds on phone games, move on. Don’t waste your time like I did..Version: 2.0

A Time-Consuming Bully Fest. Stay away!This is the worst game for new players I’ve ever come across. In theory there is a code of behaviour but no one sticks to it. You get attacked constantly and making progress is almost impossible because that progress is gated behind mechanics (mining) that are subject to constant bullying by higher level players. You need to pay A LOT to advance. It’s incredibly frustrating, the highs are meh and the lows are very very low. To improve the game and reduce the constant bullying by higher level players, devs need to institute a penalty for pirating - that is - for violating rules of engagement. If you violate RoE you should build up a Pirate, Wanted or Notoriety meter whereby other players can get paid to kill you on sight. As it stands now this was a game I could see myself playing long term and even buying things, but instead I’ve deleted it. STAY AWAY from this time and positivity killer!.Version: M28.0.0

Wish I could give it 5*The concept behind the game is fantastic...but there is a very long way to go before it is 5* worthy. The PvP scale is WAY off. That needs to be addressed. Why is there no kind of alliance battle log? There are battle reports per individual, but leadership cannot see what is happening with our members. Why is there no way to check member activity? We have strict standards of activity, but the only way of knowing, is physically seeing a ship in motion, or seeing them in chat. Dead mining nodes are a huge problem. Lack of nodes for the amount of players are another. The uncommon material drops are preposterous for the amount that is required for upgrades and research. Who ever came up with that algorithm should be fired, and someone with half a brain put in their place. I’m at a complete standstill in building and ship upgrades because of this stupid wait time between refining materials, and the insane drop rate of uncommon. Now moving on to the ‘store’. May as well call it the black market. $100, just to be able to get ahead...Seriously ? This game is geared toward those that can afford to drop serious money to make any headway. And is in NO way friendly to those of us that have to work for what we get. Needless to say, there are numerous issues to address before your fan base drops, and business is lost..Version: 2.1

Safe- for nowSo far it’s a good game with minimum pay to win and lots of things to do, but only because it’s been out for a day and everyone is the same rank and stuff and there’s nothing TOO pay to win (at the moment at least, considering this is a Scopely game.) And i’ve lost faith in Scopely as they are extremely unresponsive and have been censoring me on their forums and ignoring my emails. I’m serious i have proof. BUT this game seems pretty good for a start but i guarantee they’re going to be rolling out $50 loot crates anytime now. Character rarity is 3 star max and so are ships but you can guarantee when you max them out next week they’ll release 4 stars that completely shadow your characters. Did i mention when you roll a loot box you don’t get the character, you get fragments, and to get say, spock or kirk, you need 100, and with about 3 fragments per pull, well, have fun buddy. did i also mention the chances of getting the fragments are 5%? Yup you read that right. But, i digress, it is pretty good right now but again that’s only because they don’t have much of a pay to win aspect, YET. I’m just glad they can’t censor my review on apple store! *UPDATE* Not even a month since the games been released and they’re already selling a virtual ship for $50 that’s rarer and more powerful than any ship until you hit 3* ships! Don’t bother!.Version: 1.7.2

Good butIt’s a good game but like all pay to win it has some serious problems. Firstly once you hit level 15 you can be attacked. Now you’d think you could only be attacked by players of a similar level, but no. My ship which has 16,000 power is frequently attacked by ships 3-4 times more powerful. So my 16,000 power ship is getting hit by ships with 40-60,000 power levels. Then there is the missions, the only way to complete most is to have a powerful ship, which you can’t earn with a slow grind which those of us without deep pockets tend to do. So essentially you can’t do them unless you spend. Then there’s mining, you need resources to progress so you have to mine. While your mining, which can take a few hours you risk getting attacked by more powerful ships. So the money people will progress while you just get attacked a lot. It fills the gameplay, takes all the fun out. If you’ve got money go for it, your going to need it. For me I’m done..Version: 7.4.1

This is not Star TrekThe developers have never seen Star Trek they are using the name to get people to download this trash. This a game about piracy and payed players and higher level players stealing from other lower level players. I’ve played the game for about 3 months and you need to pay money to play this game because mining is pointless when it’s faster to steal from other players unless you are on the game all the time to keep putting shields up your bace it will get attacked repeatedly until almost all you’re resources are gone. It only takes minutes to steal a month worth of mining. Just one look at the cost of thing thing this game you should know that it just a money grab and a shameful use of a franchise.Version: 2.1

Prepare to get bulliedI started playing this game over a year ago. I was on server 18. I quickly noticed some of the alliances with big spenders dominating every event in the game. Even going as far as taking out your ships during the event to insure their victory. Then cam the alliance rivalries. Top alliances would prevent other players from the simplest things such as mining materials to complete your daily events. I was a level 30 player and spent over $400 dollars in an attempt to become somewhat competitive but it didn’t help at all. I was left with a choice, spend hundreds of not thousands of dollars just to make basic upgrades or leave the game behind. Scoeplay came up with the perfect game to boost their profits. They made over &200 Million on this game over a year ago. Who knows what that figure is today. I have so many other things that are more tangible to me that I can spend my money on so I decided to leave this game behind. I did have some fun playing this game, ok graphics, lots of things to do, never a boring moment. My advice, if you’re single with lots of money and time to waist, this game is for you. I can’t speak for the other servers but if you do decide to play, stay away from server 18.Version: 9.12.0

Great game . Expensive thoughI had this game and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it was too slow as a free to play but decided to start spending some money on it. This was great and was advancing quickly..then the problem came ...I found then when people attack your stations they loot all your stuff. So for example I spend £48 on a pack and within 25 hrs I had been attacked and essentially lost all the money. Now you do get free shield rewards every so often and can buy shields too..but buying shields would be a small fortune each week to get the 1 day shields. Anyway because you always get the 8 hr shields for free this is great but unless you can be awake every 8 hrs to put them on ..they don’t really work shields were down for about 10 mins and lost everything in that time. Game uninstalled as didn’t want to be tempted to spend more and lose it again..Version: 2.1

Still using the Y2K bug!The programming behind this hot mess is so lazy they can’t even get basic movement right! Kinda pointless when you can’t move your pieces! How hard is it to track 3 coordinate numbers? X Y coords in S for System. Nope, you drive out to XY in the wrong system... even when pressing a pop-up travel button for a fixed System target! That’s effectively the last living example of the Y2K bug Instead of fixing things they just pile on more new junk (which is more broken garbage on top of old broken garbage) relying on cash-store whales to carry them. It’s clearly someone else’s game they’ve just skinned with some trek art. Nothing in the storyline or gameplay has more than a tangential relationship to anything Star Trek. Imagine the worst fan fiction or script possible where everything is just contrary to canon (even the jj universe canon), just plain wrong for any story, and then flip it to Battlestar Galactica. Then you’ll start to get how bad the campaign is. Add all-or-nothing PvP coupled with pay-to-win, and you have a bully environment. Only the threat of counter-bullying keeps a server from complete anarchy, but the whales responsible for enforcing the peace are rarely on, let alone could be bothered to chase down a rogue. They find the game boring as they have nothing to do since they bought everything..Version: M29.0.0

Ripped offI have put in so much time, effort and money in building my resources only to have it all taken from me. I now get attacked by ships more than 10 times the strength of me and have to wait 48 mins for my ship to be repaired. There is no more enjoyment in this game yes the old version had bugs but this is nothing more than an attempt to get more cash out of us.. well no way will you be getting another cent out of me .because you will just steal it all away from me we have to explore the entire system again.. so upset.Version: 1.6

Very disappointing, buggy and unbalanced playI’ve been playing Star Fleet for about 6 weeks now and have spent a couple thousand so far. The graphics are great, that’s the only reason I’m giving it 2 stars. The application crashes repeatedly throughout the day at different times. The biggest thing that disappoints me is the unbalanced power play, I’m level 26 but I can’t attack anything below level 21, however level 39 players (Big Fish) can attack me at level 26, totally unfair. Scopely customer support tells me they’ll have check why the protection doesn’t work the other way around. Clearly they need to keep the Big Fish happy and give them something easy to blow up. Only problem is they should realize players who don’t mind paying to play are gonna walk away once they realize this. I might suggest Scopely create an item that growing mid-size fish can buy or win that if they load it on their ships will destroy the Big Fish ship also, it would create more balance and make Big Fish think twice is it worth an useless attack cause they might become a victim themselves, I’d get a lot of pleasure killing off brainless Big Fish and spend more. No more spending until Scopely makes things fair for everyone..Version: 9.13.0

Don’t waste your time....I would give this less than a 1 Star if I could. On the surface, the game seems good. The concept of Star Trek is what got me to play. However, the game should have never gotten out of Beta. Most of the crew abilities don’t work, ship abilities don’t work, ships randomly blow up in space dock, ships jump out of warp with the “timer” off meaning you can’t do anything and you get blown up by hostiles resulting in wasting resources... need more resources, no problem you can BUY them. When Scopely bothers to push updates, they roll back the power of your ships and base. What does this mean, BUY more stuff to get back the power you already paid for. Silver lining, APPLE has refunded many, many people some even 100%. However, even though you get a refund for what you paid for that Scopely rolled back, Scopely will then kick you from the game, or reset your game back to day one and put you on a different sever with no way of changing servers. Mind you, they kick you even if you didn’t get 100% refunded, meaning they took your money. Their reason, you broke the terms of service... despite they negated your purchases in the first place precipitating the refund! Buyer be ware, Scopely has a horrible BBB rating and extensive complaints about this game and others. You would be better served buying a dead cat off the street to play with, it works better than this game..Version: 2.0

Money grabIt’s sad that this is being passed off as a Star Trek game when there’s very little Star Trek to it. Mine, blow other ships up, attack bases, etc. might all sound fun but it’s not. Mining can take HOURS, during which you’ll get attacked and destroyed by some jerk who bought a super unbeatable ship during the first days of release for $50. And when you’re destroyed, you lose part of what you mine. So it’s one step forward, two steps back. Upgrading takes 8+ hours to days on end. Alliances are helpful but only up to a point. It’s literally kill or be killed and currently the top alliances are solely focused on blitz attacks on lower level players because they can. The response is “hey it’s just a game, relax.” But therein lies the problem. You’ve taken away anything that can be fun about it and made it incredibly frustrating. To stick around, you either have to play for 18 hours a day or make purchases for resources and faster upgrades. I caved and bought a few, thinking it would take the target off my back and maybe allow me to enjoy the game without constant barrages. It didn’t. I played since day 2. Spent maybe $60 and I’ve had enough. Uninstalled and frankly I’d like my money back but I know that’s not happening. Don’t bother downloading unless you like your eyes glued to your iPad 24/7 and you don’t mind constant ambushes. Does anyone remember when Star Trek used to be about exploring?.Version: 1.7.3

Great but clearly aimed at your bank accountBeen playing for a while and although the concept is great, you quickly realise that after the lower easy levels you don’t get anywhere without paying - problem is not to pay, problem is how ridiculous amounts you have to pay to get ressources which will enable you to make just 1 upgrade. So every time you want a decent upgrade you need to pay 99£ - yes 99£. This is close to robbery and is a clear deterrent to many players. I do not think this is ethical to push people in spending that type of money when considering that buying a P4 game will cost you half of that (unless you fall for a similar trap on fifa). Long gone are the days where players were considered. Go to clash of clan instead at least if you want to pay its affordable and if you don’t pay you can still progress smoothly through the game. Sad to see that a great idea is spoilt with greed!.Version: 7.6.1

STFCAbsolute garbage, the ships don’t even have sound effects, Set up to spend all your money to play the higher levels. Forces you to log in 3 times a day to put up a shield so no one raids all your resources. Cruel community of players that hunt the newer players not allowing them to progress... Not worth the time or effort..Version: M29.0.0

Gave it a real tryI love everything Star Trek. I really tried this one. Got some coin out of me. Once this game gets into fleets it’s just not fun. Politics and blackmail. Bullying, homophobia, racism and lack of care from the company makes it a very horrible place to game. The over powered pay to win players make it impossible to move forward. The game is very glitchy and slow. Often you don’t get your rewards. I work frontline in a Covid isolation unit for the homeless,vicarious housed, refugees and substance users. I deal with the worst of humanity on a daily basis, games like this really help me to unwind. Yet this one, the players I have met are meaner and more disgusting in social interactions than any I have met before. I am going to look up this companies other games and ensure I don’t ever download anything if there’s again. If I could get a refund I would..Version: 9.5.0

Solid foundation that comes up Waaaay ShortThis game could be great, the could be is the problem. I have played many video games over my life and this isn’t even a beta’s worse. There are far too many glitches, errors, coding problems to go over in just one review. The main problem I have is that the developer doesn’t care about the issues because people are forking over millions every month to play an incomplete mobile game. They are stealing from players (the developer) as well. Try and instant repair one of your ships, that will cost you 19 additional in game currency than what is communicated to players, basically pocketing that currency each time short changing the player. The developer is only out to sell packs and get people to pay to win. You can grind in this game quite successfully but when the game breaks and you can’t get around having to pay it makes it not fun any more. I also wish the PvP parts actually worked, you don’t get notified when your base is under attack and you hardly ever have the opportunity to defend yourself. Lots of potential here but no follow through from developer. Do not download this game if you don’t have time to grind, grind, and grind some more every day..Version: 7.5.4

Do not waste your time!Two things against this game. 1st- regardless of what others say, this game costs a lot of money to progress. 2nd - scopely support racism and verbal abuse. On our server one player has bought the game to its knees. Constantly threatening and berating players and getting away with it. Scopely refuse to do anything to stop it. This person also goes on daily rampages and destroy’s everyone’s ships so you can’t mine for resources, which means you can’t repair because you have no resources. Do not waste your time here..Version: M31.0.0

Gambling for childrenNothing more then gambling for children. Slowly get you into the game by quickly speeding thing up...until you become impatient by the slowness of it, everything needs to have time paid for, until your then eaten up by bigger players. If you have huge amount of cash and patient then this is a game for you that will take forever to’s the new form of gambling as there’s no control set....Version: 7.4.1

Good game but full of bulliesReached lvl 20 but got hammered by a higher player level with my station attached 26 times even though I had my shields up. Wrote to the developers about this anomaly, no reply. guess the opponents are in game paying players with me being a small time player. Quitting now, no use continuing if continuously gonna be hammered with no recourse. Resources collection is a time consuming process and your ships get hit all the time. IN short this game is for peeps with deep pockets only.Version: 9.0.1

Players bewareThis is another game that is actually worse than the pay to win games you hear about. Developer greed has hit an all new low. This game is PAY TO PLAY. You literally cannot advance in the game unless you spend money. There are pay walls everywhere in the game. Yes, a talented player can bypass some of them, but as you level up there are just more and more of them. And those players willing to drop thousands of dollars for a single level upgrade will just destroy you. The entire game is designed to take your money. You will think initially it is not so bad and what you bought seems useful. It is not unless you continue to spend and spend in ever increasing amounts. If you are naive like me and contact support they will tell you they didn’t intend for it to be like this, but let’s face it, the game wouldn’t be here if they didn’t want it like this. So very sad as I was looking forward to a good space game..Version: 1.7.2

Rip offThe game concept is great, BUT if you play on a IPad expect it to crash every 25-30 min, you report it they tell you to reboot your game. In game purchases are a blatant rip off top dollar for no value. New servers get 50-70% less in these packs than old servers. They tell you it’s how a server economy works lol. Criminally wrong. Free to play players will struggle to become a top end player as the rewards for completing things is pathetic! Yes they are a company that need to make money, still does not mean blatantly rip people off, way to ruin a fun game scopely..Version: 9.8.2

Do not play unless you’re willing to pay to win!Been playing this game for a few weeks now, and can honestly say that I’m already thinking of quitting. Reasons: - If you don’t have deep pockets to pay to win, then don’t bother to start this game. You will be bullied by older players or player willing to pay to win. Bullied how? Have your ships killed for no reason. Your bases raided by players 8 levels higher than you. Unable to mine resources because players 10 levels higher than you are just camping on the mines and there’s nothing you can do about it. Etc... GAME IS JUST NOT FRIENDLY FOR NEW PLAYERS. - Game is really unbalanced. You get assigned missions waaaaay above your capability to complete. Having to kill 100k powered bosses when your best ship is only ~10k? Oh wait, if you’re will to pay to win then it gets much easier. However, you’d probably have to spend a few hundred dollars to get close to that because the purchase values are pretty bad. - Upgrading your ships is a nightmare because the required uncommon resources are nearly impossible to come by. Refining rates and success are a joke. Again, pay to bypass this again... - So many glitches and apparently no attempts to fix. Lots of hacking going on too (just google it). This is quite a shame since the game has massive potential, but unfortunate the greed of the developers are glaring. This game does not embrace the spirit of Star Trek, which is diplomacy and discovery. Instead it enables wallet warriors to bully others for whatever sick satisfaction they get out of it. Devs, if you read this, then you have to rebalance and rethink where this game is going because you’re not going to get many new player stick around..Version: 2.1

Don’t botherTypical pay to even try to play game. This game was fun at first but rapidly gets old. There’s a lot of emphasis on mining and its tedious. There’s no way to find out where the materials you need are without having to look through each system you’ve explored. A search option would have been nice. Once you find what you need you’ll likely get killed right away by some bully players that have deep pockets of real money. Then you wait for repairs and repeat. Mining takes forever and if you look away for 5 minutes you’ll likely get killed. Other missions get old too. Go to one place or kill one ship, then do it again and again. They had some interesting storylines, but in the end its the same thing over and over again while you waste tons of time just waiting for your ship to get where it needs to go, or stare at your screen while you mine and hope to get what you need before some player rolls up with a warship to easily kill your mining ship. I was hoping you could pick a faction to play for but you’re stuck being an independent and once you get high enough you can go near one of the empires, but thats probably after you get to level 15 or better. I played for a week and got to 14 hoping for more before the game got too annoying to put up with. I cannot wait for these types of games to go extinct..Version: 1.7.3

Crashes !Once I reached level16, the app started to crash constantly..Version: M29.0.0

Takes time and moneyThe play of the game, building and increasing levels can take a long time without additional purchases of add-on packs. Speaking of which, the purchase packs the game offers are incredible overpriced compared to other similar games. They definitely need to bring down these overpriced packs you can get in the game. Rarely are they worth it. Can be a good game, but for the above reasons, it brings the experience down to at most 3 stars.Version: M28.1.0

0 ads but.....It’s a damn slow game, not in terms of loading screens but in progression. Because they don’t run ads, this is very much a Pay-to-Play. You can pretty much progress at a very rapid rate up until you reach level 9. You start encountering pay walls that you’d have to grind to overcome for a very long time. This also includes resources that you don’t have any actual options to contain outside of a daily challenges style loot system..Version: 1.7.2

ExpensiveThe game is actually very good, but the development team have got greedy, Upgrading past the 2nd levels of ships will cost you hundreds of dollars, they are banking on the Star Trek name. The drop rate for critical items for upgrading will see most people quitting after a few months once they reach the higher levels you will not be able to really progress unless you pay.. FACT Unfortunately like all these games this is the business model we all know yet still play until the time they price most people out, Shame really.Version: 1.7.4

No mercyBe aware all the hard work you do to accumulate resources can be wiped out by higher level players who enjoy stealing resources instead of getting it themselves. Attacks are relentless on players by higher levels. The game always for continued attacks on your base until you are emptied out. This could be such a great game but unfortunately......Version: 9.7.1

Ok, but...I play a small, select number of games. I tend to persevere with some; this is one. The graphics are great and the usual game play is ok. You do need a hefty bank balance to advance it seems as many of the resources are scarce and time consuming to obtain. After level 7 , I think, you are pushed into pvp. Other players can and do attack you, the bully boys or girls of the galaxy who are several levels over you and steal you stuff, 10s of ‘000s of resources and it costs more sources to fix your destroyed base and ships. You do have peace shields but they cost real money. I am now level 25 and got demolished last night by a level 32 bully I had no real defence against. It has set me back hours if not days of resource production. I am giving up. Too many toxic players who go around destroying other players bases because they are way higher level, there is no defence. You can win if you prey on the little guys or pay lots of dollars for random rewards. Se ya..Version: 8.2.0

Generally good but....Good game, very addictive but few issues... game is solely geared to people who spend ALOT of money on upgrades (which are insanely expensive) which means lower players have to have base shields up all of the time, thus meaning you can’t progress the pvp phase cos your shield is up protecting against high level players. As an example level 41 player can attack a level 29 player where there power of a ship is more than my entire base.... scopelys response... it makes the game more interesting for high level players... what a joke. If you’re prepared for this the game is a laugh and if you get in a good alliance can be enjoyable. Second and more importantly, there is a major issues with the game and scopely do not care. A piece shield is activated on a night to protect base, it confirms as being active .... but when you close the game to catch some zzzzzz the shield resets and your base is now free to be attacked. Turns out the shield hasn’t actually registered. This has personally happened to be 3 time’s and scopely customer services said no shield active.... but it was. They do not even try to answer the actual problem and even acknowledge it. This has happened to other people in my alliance and developers are informed but couldn’t care less. You get the same response from them and they close the case, not even allowing you to respond..Version: 9.9.3

Sometimes potential just isn’t enoughSuch a shame that I have to leave a negative review for this game. But as the title says ‘Sometimes potential isn’t enough’. The actual game is quite good and if this was a newly developed game I’d say stick with it as could be awesome. But it’s not new and it’s not getting any better, every time a new update is released it has major bugs, adding to the existing bugs. It’s like scopely can’t fix something so add a new feature which then doesn’t work because it has bugs and it’s just an endless cycle of which bug is going to affect you today. I’m now at point that have to delete and reinstall the game at least 5 times a day to play! As a result your base ends up being wiped out because of multiple bugs merging to basically make it impossible to work around and although Scopely recognise that it’s as a result of their errors they won’t reimburse you for any loses! They ask for feedback, plus I’ve done several additional surveys, but what’s the use in feeding back the bugs when the response is yes we’re aware but can’t help at this time but please reach out with any further comments...further comments? What’s the use of further comments if there’s never any resolving of them? Anyway, great game, spoiled by major game altering bugs with nothing being resolved..Version: 9.0.1

Great idea poor executionWhile the game idea is great and more fair than other games of its kind, it is very glitchy. Often having to restart. This I can live with. What is unacceptable is the news that the purchases made in game on the newer servers are not equal to the purchases on the older servers. Scope my seem to be milking as much as they can from players that just want a good deal and to have fun. There is a special place in Gre’Thor for them..Version: 9.8.1

Waste of money - no sense of achievementI can not describe how overpriced every single item is in the store... and how little you get in return. To make it worse, if you don’t pay for a peace shield then the opposition can literally take everything while you sleep. Once you’re over 24th lvl - anyone of any level can wipe you out... the game seems to be built around large sums of money thrown into an ever growing hole in the phone... 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version:

Stop do not play this gameIf you don’t have $10k to $100k to drop on a game don't waste your time. The in game purchases you need to make to stay competitive at the mid to higher levels is insane. When it costs over $1k to get the blueprints to build a ship base level 1. That is just plain insanity. The disparity between the haves and the have nots is quite clear on this game. You can progress by spending nothing to just a few hundred dollars but once you get to lvl 33 and you can be attacked by a player at lvl 50 who has ships 10 to 30 times more powerful then your ships it is discouraging and quit frankly a complete lack of caring from the developers and company. This game is nothing more then cyber bullying by those who have the money to spend and build up their fleets to hunt and destroy those who don’t. When you have no hope of defending yourself from those whales, what else can you do but quit playing the game. The only enjoyment i got from this game was the people i got to meet and play with in my alliance. They are the only reason i played as long as i did. I play games to have an escape from the stresses of daily life, but this game and its bullies did nothing but add more stress with the amount of time this game requires i found that i was missing out on life..Version: M29.0.0

Star Trek fleet commandProbably the worst game I’ve ever played. The developers are totally incompetent..Version: M28.1.0

Has potential but.....In all fairness, the game has great potential. To start off on a good note, the missions and storyline are good and keep you busy. However...the bad parts! As always it's a pay to win! You can play this game as a free play and progress but understand one thing....if you pay, your items are at risk!!!!!!! You will be attacked by much higher level players than you for those resources YOU PAID FOR and at present, most players don't even receive notification of attacks to defend their items. But that seems to be ok with the game management even though they are aware of the non notification issue. They won't refund your PAID FOR items that are lost due to the issue and simple expect you to shield....but guess what....shields cost you too!!! Funny that! Overall I will continue to play for now but in general it's just another cash cow and run in a way that the support don't give two hoots (put polity).Version: 7.3.1

Awful experienceThe developers are running before they can walk. Avoid this game for several months after release, and they may have come up with a decent product..Version: 1.6

We need Miner defence!Ok I am now lvl 14 now and will not bother to go pay for anything you ask ridiculous amount for as so many rich people spent hundreds of not thousands of dollars on this that takes the balance right off the scales! Yes I noticed you do have a level hit cap but that does not help at all! No matter how hard you grind to level up your miners so they can survive an attack, some coiner will come by and blow you up and take what you waited 8 hours to fill up. We have had enough and as I read all these comments they are all the same! All I see is a pay to play game & people just blowing up your miners that you waited so long for just to have it stolen from you! Do you developers even know what you are doing? I don’t think you do? I don’t think you even understand the meaning of how to design a game that can & will gain far more attention simply by one simple add-on to the game. That add on is when we go out and send our miners to gather ore, they need protection! Because many coiners or idiots go out and just blow you up even if you are not past the protected cargo limit! They just blow you up for the experience or just to give you a headache. That literally defeats the point to having NPC enemies for people to hit to level ups with and get drops? You are lossing so many players and I would fire your developers if I owned this game nor would I ever allow this to be developed as whoever made the final decision on the game dynamics needs to hit the road as it is literally the worst way you could ever make a game that has a mining system! You need to start listening to us! It makes no sense why you are not responding to most or all of these comments and when you do, it’s the same automated response that says thanks for your concern. Please respond too.... blah blah blah etc etc The same crap that shows you do not respond which shows your developers are not so bright and did not think ahead & have a team dedicated to deal with in game issues because a Computer A.I. Response is not logical & your game is most definitely going to die off & by how you handle the comments here it shows that is not one of your goals! You just built a game, made some premade events then let it go idle for a couple years, while you cash in & then once no one plays or the servers slow down, you just shut it down and commence a new one you just developed that will leave the dedicated players to the wind after all the money they have spent. Soon your players are going to boycott this game or you will be the very end to the game you developed by ignoring the players! What a massive shame you placed on the Startrek name!.Version: 10.2.0

Awful game, no support from AppleGame doesnt work on Apple devices. Crashes all the time. Game lags. Developers happy to take your money yet wont refund when you demand money back as game does not run or work as described or intended. They tell you to speak to Apple support for refunds as they process all payments and refunds. Apple will point blank refuse to refund anything and refuse to take any action against the app developers or remove the game from the app store, leaving anyone Apple customer that downloads this game at risk. Shocking customer service from both Scopley and Apple. Only download if you want bad customer service and empty pockets. Great game if you like bugs, glitches and constant reboots. Credit Card is a must for this game. After trying to get money back from both Scopley and Apple, it seems all they do is pass the buck from one to the other until Apple Support just closes the case and refuses to return emails on the issue. Check out social media on Scopley and read reviews before downloading any of their games. No protection at all from Apple over purchasing in game add ons as they will just say its not their issue as per their terms and conditions. Both Scopley and Apple need to rethink how they treat customers and how they monitor app purchases and protection, if a product does not work as described or intended give the people their money back.Version: 9.6.1

Great game but poor supportBe warned if you play this game and don’t spend real money a lot to get by in this game you will never be able to enjoy it. The open level PVP system in this game is designed to work for anyone why pays to win. It allows players with such high strength in there ships to attack lower level players once you hit level 20 your open targets to any player up to level 32 that’s right 12 levels higher to just keep killing you while you try and do your daily missions and quests. Don’t expect much from the company running this game for CBS they don’t seem to care really unless your account spends hundreds of dollars just to play this game. As a big Star Trek fan I love the game but the culture they allow to fester in the game of super high and strong players able to attack lower and weaker players with no chance to be able to defend yourself. Be warned it will really start to turn you off fast..Version: 9.3.1

Good but the bugs and the expensive packs let’s it downAbsolutely love the stfc player community, they’re the whole reason I keep playing, but if you’re new don’t just join any alliance, make sure you keep an eye on the top alliances on leaderboards so you can apply to one that’s got active players or this game will not be as much fun. Lots of players have ghosted because of the price of packs and the grind it can be sometimes if like me you don’t want to pay to play. Buggy as all get out though, scopely customer support is average, and each new update seems to add another bug despite the ones they’ve fixed. You need to have a decent amount of patience to play this game..Version: M27.1.0

Starts strong finishes weak, poor serviceDo yourself a favor. Read the reviews, the star levels are pumped up, do the math. I have deleted this app. When I first started the game There were only a few bugs and had more than enough resources to help build. As with any strategy game when you progress resources become more scarce. Today there are more bugs that cause the game to glitch or just quit and when it does you lose all your hard earned Dilithium for no reason. I notified their customer service twice with no response. Once you pass level 9 it is next impossible to mine Dilithium And Other raw elements to help you build your ships upgrade your supplies and materials and station. I am at level 14 and won’t go beyond because once you go to level 15 then your station can be regularly attacked by others. The problem with is that just about everybody is subject to trolls. You can’t mine for minerals longer than five minutes before somebody is fighting with you and killing you. To keep up with everyone you need to buy upgrades. It starts out cheap at $5 but after you buy one or two you can only buy$25 items, then later only $50 items are available. If you ever watch the advertisement on TV the play of the game is nothing like that, you don’t see any video clips or epic battles. The commercial has nothing to do with the game. I started out enjoying the game now it just not worth playing. Don’t waste your time unless you got money to burn..Version: 1.7.4

What’s good and what’s badBeen playing for a while and I’m ftp all the way (i don’t buy stuff). Game play works well at early levels until you get to around lvl 20, at which point the game play gets ropey: many missions impossible, system of rewards don’t stack up (e.g. the stations which have the resources you need are too strong to hit, those which you can hit have no resources), and the events are always stacked in favour of more powerful and resource rich players. This is designed to encourage you to spend money on upgrades of course, especially to get the powerful ships you need to succeed. For ftp players like me it just turns me off due to boredom. Before I get to the good bits, my main gripe is that on iPhone the game crashes all the time: I lose connection and then it feezes and I have to reload the app: pain in the proverbial. Good bits: join an alliance and you get a real sense of team play, people look out for you and vice versa. There’s strong ethics by players which is interesting, especially when a player beaks the rules! The gamification is smart, you can literally spend hours on the game: I hear higher lvl players spend upwards of 5 - 6 hours a day or more. It keeps you on your toes there’s always something to do. Overall, I’ve been close to deleting for good at times due to the bugs and freezes, but if they fix those I could be playing this on my deathbed..Version: 7.5.4

Bugs bugs and more bugsLonger I play this game the more bugs it has and now loading gets to 91% and fails . Play another game guys till they get their game sorted even as a beta test the bugs are shockingly bad ..Version: 1.7.1

Unplayable for meConstantly crashes when trying to engage in pvp, or do anything at all from the “system” viewpoint. Contacted tech support several times. They say they know about the issues and are working on a fix, although month after month of patches and it’s still not a stable game. Only play this game if you’re willing to drop money in every month. It is an impossible (and very boring / repetitive) grind otherwise. I don’t mind spending money on something I’m going to spend hundreds of hours playing. But it has to not crash every 5 minutes. I wish I could get a refund at this stage but it’s probably pointless..Version: 9.0.1

The lack of community control spoils the gameThe game itself is a reasonably successful, albeit predictable, reskin of generic base builder guild battle games. The appeal is the franchise, but all of this is wasted because the game is actually unplayable due to the extremely toxic community which the devs do nothing about. All the worst elements of trolling and griefing exist here to spoil your experience, including exploiting bugs like hiding behind other clickable objects to harass miners. Despite it clearly not being intended implementation, the devs do nothing, or are unable, to fix it. Stay away, it will annoy you to play it - the team of devs is unable to keep up..Version: 2.01

A mixed bag.Up until level 10 the game is amazing and I would recommend it. Great mission selection, base building and resource gathering. After level 10 and the paid ‘jellyfish’ event, the game has become imbalanced and the length of time for any build makes me put the game down for long stretches of time waiting around because I simply don’t have the resources available or strong enough ship to complete most of the missions I have now. A very mixed bag and such a shame about the severe monetisation that has made it extremely difficult to stay interested because at its core this is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. On a personal level I am not the biggest fan of the style of the kelvin timeline but the gameplay makes up for my least favourite time era within the Star Trek universe..Version: 1.7.3

Worst Dev’s Ever!The Game is not fun to play. It is full of game breaking glitches and bugs. It is a money grab. Total P2W garbage. An insult to the Star Trek franchise. At least with Star Trek Timelines the devs give compensation to players as appreciation for patiently waiting for bugs to be fixed. Customer support is insulting and demonstrate a lack of appreciation for the patience of their player base while waiting on bugs to be fixed. Many instances of lost progress with no compensation offered even for those who have spent real money. This is not a game, it is a rigged barely playable carnival level ripoff machine. Do not support garbage like this..Version: 1.7.3

Log on buggedOpened and ran fine for the first 24hours or so, now I can’t log on. Glad I didn’t spend any money on this game. 2 days still can’t log in. Day 3 and 4 still can’t log in. Over a week, still can’t log in. Time to delete.Version: 7.3.1

Fun til you hit the wallSo I will start out by saying that this game can become very addicting at first, but soon you can’t help but notice how unbalanced the game is. My biggest gripe has to be with the uncommon ore drops. I have mined consistently for 5 days, a task that is incredibly difficult as players consistently attack you for both your node or in most cases, just for fun. I spent 15K in G2 raw gas and got 5 uncommon. Like seriously? It would take me several months at this rate before I could fully tier up the ship. As far as it being a pay-to-play scenario, I get it. I actually have dropped some cash into this game, but at the stage I’m at there really isn’t a pack that works for my needs. I need uncommon refined ore, but the reasonably priced one ($20) will only give 100 (the ship needs 200+ for just one compliment upgrade). The missions were also fun at the beginning, but right after level 15-16 there’s such a significant jump in power of the opposing ships it’s impossible for you to win. You’d have to upgrade your ship, but as I mentioned above, this could take months. I think I’ll continue to casually play until I burn through all the resources I’ve bought, but I certainly won’t be spending any more money on the game..Version: 8.1.0

Worst Example of a few thugs ruining a beautiful game.I can tell you why the stock price of this game plummeted. A small handfull of thuggish players have claimed all of the universe as theirs and won't allow for any player to play a peaceful game doing the developers' in-game missions. The developers are not making correction (putting the thugs on a different server so they can play their game while others play theirs) When you start, if your're able, you want to spend money to have the beautiful ships and abilities to fly them to defeat the computer hostiles, make trekkie friends and happily geek out. However, you Can't get the ships or to the destinations of the missions if the resources you have paid for are continually stolen by real people. I wound up an admiral of a fleet of peacefuls whose psyches have actually been harmed by these idiots. Star Trek fun geekiness is totally absent on this, one of several servers, my people have been assigned to. In particular, FireGryphon, claims he started all the fleets and all the thugs are loyal to him. He calls for other players to hit peaceful players and wipes out their resources which he gets to keep. It might as well be a 3rd party shooter game where you are virtually his target. If you want to pay money to be threatened and abused this is the game for you. OMG. THIS IS NOT A FAMILY FRIENDLY GAME..Version: 7.3.1

Do you have cash to burn?Have you got boat loads of cash lying around? If so this could be the game for you. Possibly one of the worst pay to wins you will come across. Sure progress is easy on the early levels (getting you drawn into the game). Then later on you find out the resources and raw materials you need to progress become harder to find and a lot more of it is required. Want a cool star ship like the enterprise? Forget about it. Do you like Star Trek? Nobody cares if you do or you don’t, just give me your money. Want to buy resources for real money that someone with bigger pockets than you will steal? No problem this can be arranged. Want a game you can play a couple of hours a day and chill out and have a good time. Forget about it, you’ll need to spend every waking minute doing challenges to get peace shields to defend your base so no one can take your stuff. Surely only a matter of time before games like this have to clean their act up. Someone somewhere is making money though eh....Version: 9.0.1

Avoid, buggy game and expensiveNot sure how this is 4.5 rating on here, just internet search for the game and you will see the truth. In the 20+ years of gaming I have done I have never seen a game with so many expensive packages to upgrade and gives you so little. Over a dozen 99 pound upgrade packages available in the store all of which only upgrade a minor amount and you will need alot more than one if u want to keep up. The game is solely base around buying packages and upgrades. Right from the start your base production and storage of resources isn’t big enough to cover the cost of the base upgrades. The game itself is very glitchy and doesn’t load correctly a lot of the time and doesn’t refresh right if you click out the game and come back in. Basic idea is sound, but needs huge improvements, bug fixes and reduce the massively overpriced shop. Until big changes are done I would avoid and don’t bother downloading..Version: 8.3.0

You get what you pay for..This game has potential but due to the political issues in this game where we have half the players following rules (located on another WEBSITE) and others that don’t, causing a world of stress unfairness and the developers just leave it at that. As you play, the game requires more resources, however there is not enough. You will either have to attack someone for the resources (which is sometimes against rules) or get attacked by someone as soon as you find a spot to mine. I understand games should come with a level of challenge but is comes with a level of stress..Version: M28.1.0

Not bad...Not a bad game, although I would expect a version in this day and age that allowed for player control of craft or different views from battles like from the bridge. After a while I see myself deleting this as there is little development or anything to maintain interest over the long time....Version: 7.10.1

Not worth itBeen a Trek fan my whole life, but this game isn’t what Start Trek is all about. The company Scopley only wants your money and panders to the bid spenders. Internal politics and bullying makes this game hard to enjoy.Version: 9.0.1

Horrible customer serviceWow, just wow... I’ve played clash of clans and all of its spin offs, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and various other f2p with p2p capability, but never have I deal with such rude and horrible customer service. The game is full of bugs, yet they will put several bugged officers in a special pack and sell it to you without informing you that they don’t work. You will play in real time events that track “live” how many points each player has, and you will use credits that you’ve paid for to come in first, actually get 1st place, then go to collect your rewards and be told you actually got second place because of server lag and there’s nothing they will do about it to rectify the situation. I’m the admiral of the 3rd strongest alliance on our server, we have the highest spending player on the server, people have spent well over a combined $100k in our alliance alone, but they still haven’t fixed a bug since March that is preventing us from filling our alliance to capacity, a capacity that we have expanded with resources that were purchased with real $$$$$. They don’t care. They take your money, then they don’t stand behind the product. The game has so much potential and can be a lot of fun, but at this rate Scopely will end up with a class action lawsuit..Version: 7.5.4

Waste of moneyYou cannot progress past level 19 without major cash purchase. In the end, this game is about grinding ‘shoot em up’ mission who are basically click this ship, go there, click that baddy, let them fight. If your ship has higher stats, you win. If not, oh well, blown up and loose some point. So you never take any chance. There is NO stratégie to this game. None, zilch, nada, aucun. Other than a Star Trek skin there is nothing star Trekkie about this game..Version: 10.2.0

Total disappointmentI started playing the game before the company that made it sold the game to Scopefy. They joined two servers and well after that thing went downhill. The graphics may be nice but don’t let that fool you in to thinking it a great game. What seems to be now the new BETA release of the game has more bugs than any other game I have ever played. So far the game has kicked me out of the alliance I was in 5 times and all text for missions is unreadable as well as can complete building an item and as a result I can not use any resources to build, only gold press to buy building. If you want support think again as you will just be given the run around and told the same think over and over with no outcome. If any person want to play wait till after the 29th of November and see if the next version is any better. It is sad that CBS has attached their name to this disaster of a game. Thanks from a very unhappy player.Version: 1.7

UnbalancedBeside a lot of bugs that I assume will be sorted out, the game is quite unbalanced with a lot of missions requiring you to stay at a mine for many hours where you are just prey for bored or vindictive high level players to destroy you for fun. At lvl 7 I was told I could not attack other players (pvp starts at 10), which is fine, but lvl 11 players were just killing everyone for fun. Even as you level up, higher level players would go to the beginner zones just to kill Lowe level players. Verdict, don’t waste your time..Version: 1.7.2

Horrible Player EnvironmentIt’s very unfortunate that a game like this with the property it holds allows for a free for all pvp system that severely punishes your causal player or player trying to lvl up but are constantly harassed by more experienced players purposely staying at a lower level to destroy ships without provocation under the guise of “aggressive gameplay”. It’s ridiculous that there is 0 moderation for this game, and it fosters (and rewards) online bullies to continuously harass up and coming players for their sheer enjoyment. It’s incredibly disheartening that these players are allowed to run amok and do as they please with absolutely no consequence. The more I play, the more frustrated I become and it’s getting to the point where this app is going to get deleted because it is no longer fun to play. The entire Star Trek franchise is about inclusion and these players are doing everything they can to ruin a Star Trek experience, and that they’re allowed to do it with impunity. It’s very disappointing. Further, the iPad version of the game constantly crashes. If it’s not the players ruining the experience, it’s the bugs in the game. I would advise against picking up this game and waiting for another development to truly respect the franchise instead of simply slapping a Star Trek skin on a corrupt pay-to-win free for all pvp “strategy” game. I expected better..Version: 9.8.2

Non stop beat upNot a horrible game as far as advancement but the constant stealing and attacking by other players will leave you deflated. Days of trying to accumulate items and only to have it all stolen in moments. Sorry but you lost me as a player on this one..Version: 7.3

All about pay to playIt’s got to a point where no matter what level you are if you don’t spend money you can’t get ahead. It was fun, now it’s unachievable. Thanks scopley for turning us off the game.Version: 7.2.1

Work is needed.. way too bugged and problemsThis is an awesome game concept but with poor development and average support. Might be best for Scopely to loose rights and pass onto Supercell to continue development. Don’t know much about these gaming development houses but COC works better than this...Seems they might fix the game better, with hundreds of bugs and errors. Officer abilities not working, PvP gameplay not working, scoring and notification errors, research problems and miscalculations, refining issues, broken missions, rewards are poorly aligned to levels, expensive purchases, misleading information, no accountability for returns or purchase errors, scopely blaming iPhone and network for their bugs and problems, the list goes on and on... if the game could work properly.. would be probably the best game of the decade..Version: M25.1.1

Fun until you reach the mid 20 levels.As with many mobile games, you won’t be surprised to learn that this game is built around a business model that encourages in app purchases. Scopely ease you in slowly with a few reasonable offers in their in-game store and you will be tempted. Once you level up to say 25 then requirements start getting silly as you need rare resources to progress both your base (Space Station) and ship. This ultimately is designed to slow you down, specially if you’re not regularly buying and willing to spend £40+ a month. Where this becomes a real issue and possibly unethical of the devs is that the game mechanics allow for other much higher level players to raid your base and steal your resources. Whilst shields are available in game to prevent PvP and raiding, you will at some point forget to activate them or they will bug out or real life will get in the way as it does. Why is this a problem? Let’s say you’ve spent £20, £30, £50 or whatever on an in-game purchase, those resources you just bought can and will be stolen from you by a player 10x your power level. The moment that happened was the moment I realised I’d messed up by being sucked in to the in-app purchase merry-go-round for very little progression and to feed other much higher level players. Don’t make the same mistake I did..Version:

BadSo many bugs and when ever I contact support no one seems to help solve the problem and really upset cause this is a good game you just loose ships and materials. After every update. Also still am waiting to hear back from support. Will not be recommending this to any treky fans 😥🖖.Version: 1.7.4

Toxic player baseI enjoyed the game right up to the pvp component. The player base instantly became toxic and abusive towards others including myself which made the game far to difficult to enjoy. Reporting went nowhere..Version: 9.5.0

Bullying in Star Trek?Not a fan of the bullying that takes place in the game. Definitely not what Star Trek is supposed to be about..Version: 7.3

Impossible to playGraphically attractive, however...after a certain point (very early on surprisingly), the game cannot progress as it is virtually impossible to farm much needed materials without being attacked by another player who is vastly superior to you or needed to attack another player who is vastly superior to you. The mission structure is haphazard and there is no clear roadmap in terms of how a new player can progress in the game to feel confident or comfortable with the higher levels (lvl 50 is the current max; you get ship to ship combat at lvl 10 and station combat at lvl 15). You are encouraged to start to farm materials from lvl 4 but are immediately exposed to lvl 20 players raiding your farming spot wasting your time, resources and effort. As stated above, the graphics are pretty, but this is likely to be a very short lived game unless the developers quickly address the lethal fallacy in they farming and gathering mechanic. Lets hope they address this soon..Version: 2.0

Unstable and inefficient programmingI’ve played this for a few days and it’s constantly crashing. And when it’s not crashing it’s loading a screen merely from selecting different buildings. Come on, you could just get a random Chinese engine and re-skin it. This is by far the worst type of this game I’ve played and I’ve played about 20 of these. Luckily I’m only doing it for in-game credits for other games. I’d hate to play this more than a week.Version: 7.2

Good Concept but buggy as hellGreat design to the game, engaging storylines and well crafted environment but really buggy, constantly restarting the game and heavily driven by upgrades which take ages in a relentless attempt to get you to invest in the various in-app purchases. Now deleted the game as it was getting tiresome..Version: 8.0.1

NerfedThe change of provider has made the game a lot less buggy, although the ones that remain are still irritating, and it seems like few of the gameplay issues from the first attempt have been resolved. The real issue now is that mining has been rebalanced so that it’s impossible to mine enough resources to cover combat losses. This is going to kill the game unless it’s urgently fixed, which is a shame because the art and production values are great. Play it for a bit, but don’t spend any money on it until it’s fixed..Version: 1.6

Game has some merits but isn’t real life friendlyIt’s fun for a while, building up your base and fleet of ships. There’s a lot to explore in the galaxy and many missions. Then as you level up it becomes a raiding game. If you forget to renew the shield you’ll likely lose nearly all of your resources very quickly. It becomes part of your life to manage the peace shields. You have to go into the game three times a day at the exact times to renew your shield. Fall asleep and forget to shield? Start over with saving up resources. When you’re out doing missions or killing NPC ships to complete events, aggressive players with bigger ships can shut you down with no consequences. Want to mine resources? Again, aggressive players can destroy you easily even if they’re lower level as miners are less powerful than other ships. They just hit and run and you can’t do anything about it. The in-game purchases are also insanely priced. Many items are over $100!.Version: M29.0.0

Abhorrent Customer SupportI contacted apple about the developers micro transaction policy. My son whom is the actual player of this game, had accidentally purchased multiple packs because, as I found though research, when you tap on an item to “build” in game or whatever it says “speed up” with no confirmation dialogue or anything it simply uses in game purchase able currency. What’s worse, you can tap on one item out of a list of 4 and the menu randomly jumps between items after a tap. So you could accidentally purchase multiple different things when intention was to get one. My son ended up getting 3 of the packs this way. I contacted the developer because APPLE DOES NOT CONTROL in app microtransactions. The developers do. After literally 25 separate emails of the developer saying “We can’t it has to be refunded though apple” and me replying to them with apples app policy and apples emails saying it’s developer controlled I am now here. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME. The company is now on my list of fKd up developers. Shady practice jumping menu items around to get players to waste money. Especially since they clearly know that this is the case which is why they feign understand and try to redirect you to apple support. If I worked at Apple I would delist this application and all others from this developer. It makes a terrible reflection on Apple as a company for allowing this crap to go on..Version: 7.3.1

Very very expensive.You quickly find out this game will cost a few hundred pounds a month to progress. If you’re thinking you will earn progress by playing time, You’re very wrong. The more you play and spend, the more money you have to spend just for basic upgrades. Unless you plan on living a few million years. One of my smaller ships require £600 to upgrade one item, to tier one level that would be 7*£600. There is no other way to complete missions and play fairly with other players. Ships have different tier levels one ship of mine has another 5 tier levels at least. The game how it relates to Star Trek are just pictures of ships and officers you could easily imagine Star Wars branding in its place. If you want to understand about the cost just download it join an alliance and write to a few big players. Most will say they wish they hadn’t of invested time and money. There are so many money spinning events you need ships and officers to take part..Version: 7.6.0

Avoid this game if you are a Star Trek fanIf you are willing to spend way to much money to stay ahead of the bullies then you might get by. This game is everything against what the Star Trek culture is. If you are not a bully then you are food. To much hassle to even give them my money, The internal pvp is so broken. Avoid this game as it tarnishes all that true Star Trek fans love. If I could give negative stars I would.Version: M28.1.0

Bugged - no supportI initially loved this game. Great concept. Then at level 8, a main mission required me to go somewhere I could not go. So I decided to work on getting there. As I continued, I realised something wasn’t right. Contacted support and they told me “no, you must complete the mission”. That was 4 weeks ago; I’m now level 19 and a few dollars down. I finally get there and I’m then sent back to missions from level 8? Terrible support, and disappointing given how much I was enjoying the game. I’ve wasted weeks and weeks..Version: 9.1.1

Pretty obviously pay to playIf you can find an alliance that is fun to play with the game can stay enjoyable for a bit but progressing in the game it is extremely slow if you don’t put up cash. I’m willing to spend a little bit on a game $5-$10 dollars a month but with this game after you buy the $5 pack it’s gone and you can only spent $25-$99 after that which is why I won’t spend anymore on this game. If I felt like the money went to improving the game server I’d consider spending more but I just feel as tho they want to drain as much cash as they can from players willing to pay before the server is dead. During an event they had a pack containing parts for a jellyfish ship.. you could buy 25 parts or 75 parts. You need 75 to complete the ship, you can supposedly get the ship without paying but from what I can tell is you end up needing 26 parts to complete the jellyfish effectively meaning no matter what you need to buy the larger pack or risk ending up 1 part short for the remainder of the game. Between the time required to put in to be a F2P player and the fact any low cost buyable upgrades disappear after one purchase leads me to believe this game was designed as part of a ferengi plot to steal wealth..Version: 7.2.1

Constant attacksWhile mining, especially things like dilithium which is hard to find an empty mining spot so you sometimes have to attack a miner, you find players who have probably paid to upgrade will kill you just for the sake of it within seconds of you starting to mine. It’s not like they are doing it to access the mining spot or they wait until you have mined enough for them to benefit from stealing your cargo when you die. That and glitches like ships stuttering when coming to the end of a move so they repeat the last bit of the journey a number of times. Almost like a repeated rewind and replay. Sometimes you get stuck in this strange loop until you stop the game and restart it. The latest problem I have is my level 20 phindra won’t let me upgrade the weapons because it insists I only have 30 out of the required 31 2 star crystals when I have a lot more and can upgrade the other systems. So I’m stuck at level 20 with my phindra. Maybe warning you that you are being scanned might give you a chance to warp away when someone is about to attack you while mining. Unless of course the other player is so powerful they don’t have to scan you before attacking because they have paid to upgrade so much. That or limit the number of attacks on miners per day or per system and day. Now the latest couple of updates have caused the game to crash every few button presses so it’s almost impossible to play with the constant crashes to desktop..Version: 7.5.4

Beware- big conBeware- you buy packs and they don’t work, the game is full of bugs and you will have sooo many people attacking and raiding you taking the resources you have paid for. You will only succeed if you pay thousands of dollars. This is a money grab and you will not feel satisfied unless you are incredibly rich..Version: 2.01

Nice visuals but OMG what a grind fest, time sink and dog-eat-dog world!To upgrade a single module on a single ship you will need (among other materials) to collect (for example) 250 units of 2* common gas or crystal or ore... To get that you need to collect raw materials, which you can then process... A single batch of 3000 units (that you mine - slowly - from asteroids) of raw materials gives you about 25 common materials. So to get sufficient common mats to upgrade a single module you'll need to do this at least 10 times... While your mining you'll be attacked persistently so you'll need to watch your ship to jump away when a more powerful ship attacks you. Same rule applies to everything else in the game. It's a dog-eat-dog universe and nothing like Star Trek. The missions are just go here, collect that, destroy that ship. Witless, unimaginative, directives that don't ask you to think at all. The game is deeply buggy too and crashed fairly regularly on my iPad Pro. The only nice thing about the game are the pleasant visuals..Version: 7.2

Bullying not addressedGood graphics and concept, but Scopely just allows PoS bullies to run rampant and ruin the concept of the game for others who want to mine and do missions like the game is set up to do. There should be blocks where you can play your game invisibly to online bullies and stalkers who like to hunt people they have chosen NOT to like. 95% want to play the missions and game set up but the 5% doing the PvP bullying turn the game into a school yard bully session. Too bad Scopey is paying more attention to the 5% (online bullies) and not the 95% who actually want to enjoy the game. Recommend finding a different game to play unless you like being bullied..Version: M25.1.1

Hope you’ve deep pockets and lots of patience!An interesting idea badly executed. This game is seriously glitchy with constant freezing and crashing which often happens at crucial moments. Starts off ok but quickly gets to the point where you need to spend considerable amounts of money to make any significant progress. To mine the necessary resources is slow, laborious grind and that’s if you don’t get constantly attacked by those with more powerful ships who have obviously invested significant amounts of money. Shields have been implemented to help prevent your base being robbed of all those precious resources but there are a variety of different durations from an hour up to days but the better ones are hard to get unless, you’ve guessed it, spend more money. I thought in if the devs were a bit less greedy and spent more time ironing out the bugs it would be an interesting, challenging game but at the moment it’s a bug ridden cash in..Version: 7.3.1

Pay or you can’t playThis isn’t even Pay to Win it’s Pay or you can’t level up. Bases require more resources than you can store to level up ...$$$$ Mine all day and still not receive enough recourse once refined to level up ..unless $$$$ Get hit by Paid players with NO chance of competing no mater how much time and effort you put in ... unless you $$$$ A few players that have spent about $1000 dollars can dominate an entire server. This game is the digital equivalent of raping Gene Roddenberrys corpse for money $$$.Version: 1.7.3

Great Concept but don’t let your kids play itThe concept of game itself is great, similar to many build and upgrade your “base” games, if you enjoy them you will enjoy this. Sadly the delivery is terrible there are soooooo many bugs. Players not being able to load their stations. Players hiding their ships under mining spots and planets. Other players ships not appearing on mining spots so you end up attacking them. Shields not stopping attacks even though you’ve activated it. The other issue with the game is that it is not something you want your kids to be playing the Galaxy Chat is horrendously vulgar/ often homophobic and racist. You can report players but that seems to do nothing. Once you get to a certain level you will need to grind to progress (not an issue it’s to be expected) the issue is the pvp aspect that inhibits this, the toxic element within the game will just destroy your ships and stop this. Expect to pay hundreds of pounds if you want to progress beyond level 22..Version: 7.2

Bugs, crashes and cash grabbing.I have played this game for over a year now, and I can honestly say it’s really fun to play, some great players and fun game play. New content is brought out often and there is lots to do. But... and its a big but... On an ipad the game crashes constantly, has done ever since I started playing. A friend complained to Scopely and the reply was, we know and they closed the ticket. That’s how much the developers care. The game is has many bugs and problems which hardly ever gets fixed. There is no moderation in chat, so anything goes, this is not a child friendly game. Sexism, racism and indeed any other ism is rampant, and the only way to try and stem it is if enough players put in a complaint, Scopely might do something. Its like the developers don’t really care as long as... and this is the biggest problem... players keep paying... The amount they charge for anything is scandalous, do not bother if you are not prepared to pay to play. To be fair some players do say they never paid anything and they are doing well, but a majority of the high level players do, and your carefully hoarded resources can be taken away from you so quickly that it’s like magic. I write this in the hope that Scopely reads and does something about their game. It is at the core a great game, let down by greed, and apathetic developers that really don’t care..Version: 9.7.3

UnderwhelmingAs games go, this one is fairly obvious as a cash grabber. Yes, you “can” play it without spending money; however, you won’t get far. Furthermore, they charge an absurd amount for their in-game purchases. The purchases don’t tend to go far and leave you feeling cheated. The culture within the game is also quite involved. There are alliances that you have to contend with. Your relationship with the big alliances can dictate whether the game is even playable. If you’re not in a big, high performing alliance then it’s not likely that you will ever win in the alliance challenges. The winners of those awards win big while everyone else, usually even second prize down, get next to nothing. Overall, the game is a HUGE time commitment and will likely have you spending far more than you want to. I played this game for almost a year, got to lvl 28 and just realized that i was wasting far too much time and money without gaining any sense of reward or accomplishment. My recommendation: if you are looking for a game that requires a lot of time to play and actually progress in, then I recommend you try out a MMORPG like WoW. You’ll enjoy it more, pay less, and have a better time. If you want to play a casual, fun game that requires minimal time and attention then Star Trek Fleet Command is NOT for you..Version: 9.1.1

It’s all about your bank balanceI was looking forward this game and started day one. Everything was fun for a while until you begin to realise how monotonous it really is. Most of these RPG type games work on the premise of collecting 3 different types of resources to build yourself up. Not this game, it’s 6. But wait, it’s not even that simple, you have to refine. And it gets worse, you can only refine a certain amount every 9 hours and what you put in, you’ll get a very small amount back. Once you progress to later levels, the more you’ll need and the longer it will take. It could be days refining because of the limitations. Of course, this is where the title of this review comes in...your bank balance. If you have loads of money to throw at the game, like some already have, then you’ll do great. To be fair, it’s the only way you’ll progress in this game past about lvl20. Not just that, but to get a better crew, which makes the major difference to your ships power, you’ll need to spend money. I’ll guarantee, unless you’re throwing loads of cash at it, you’ll hate it in a couple of months. This is by far, the worst RPG to be made, with very little thought given to player but more about how much the company can make.Version: 2.01

Only Fun If You Got Thousands to SpendI’ve played this game on and off for two years starting at the launch. Was fun but very buggy at the start, but some decent pvp action. Over the years some bugs were slowly fixed, but emphasis became on mining all the time for very little progress. Pvp action is almost non existent due to endless focus on keeping the peace and mining. Now players are leaving in droves and new ones coming have no chance against those who spend literally thousands a month. Took me 6 months just to get the next ship and you have to play lots and spend a little just to achieve that. Now they are throwing all sorts of new events at it with little follow up after. The classic sign of a game dying based on a model that needs the remaining big spenders to keep feeding the beast. I left for good now. No point starting this game now. It’s on its final gradual decline. Sad as it could have been something great, but greed killed the fun..Version: 9.13.0

Don’t botherIf you are new to this game, then the developers (scopely) will love you. All is great until something goes wrong. I have invested in this game and suddenly I can not log in. The Scopely support answer is that the developers have been advised and that I need to wait until they fix the problem. So basically, to put in simple terms, we have your money so why should we care. This has been on going now since a recent update and the line is the same. Pity really as the game has potential. The team play and the friendship are very enticing. Just let down by those who run the game. Play it by all means, but stick your hard earned cash somewhere else. Good luck..Version: 7.10.0

Good game but addictive and costlyThe game is essentially gathering resources and spending them on advancing technologies or building ships. As you progress the resources required increase. Every technology advancement then takes time to build. It is a addictive cycle (not in a good way). There are a few elements to the game. Single player, alliance, player vs player etc. The single player was interesting at first but after a few missions you stop reading the story. The developers keep expanding the game. I found the expanding scale of the game diluted my achievements. There are daily challenges rewarding you with resources. And here is the issue. Gathering resources takes time even with daily rewards. There is the option for in-game purchases. £20 a month to increase your daily rewards. £49 to unlock a fast resource farming ship. Maybe a points rewards bundle for £20 every other month. A recent upgrade offered to improve my player vs player strength by 150%. Another, improving my resource farming by 100%. Each was available to me if I paid £50 or more. Perhaps after significant time I may have “earned” them. Many in my alliance did make the purchase. I was unwilling to invest either the time or money. Bottom line, be prepared for the required large investment in this game. If you wish to progress then you will also realistically need to invest £30 or more a month. The game was fun few issues. Good work team..Version: 10.1.0

Terrible gameThe packs to advance are 100$ a piece, and there is not enough in ur resource generators to even do the simplest of actions like fight. And you HAVE to fight, because the range of hittable ships is outrageous.. lvl 39 can hit as low as lvl 25 ships and bases. And if your shield fails (which it often will do) scopley will admit there is a problem then not refund your lost resources after you have been raided. Mining nodes are often broken. And even if you screenshot some part of youri game that is broken and try to send in a ticket, the auto response will tell you to send a screenshot, try deleting the app and reload it (which is super fun when you are in the middle of a battle and your game crashes.. sarcasm) they keep working on the graphics but dont fix whats broken and customer support is not helpful in ANY way. But hey, if you have about 40,000 $ to blow then this is the game for you.. not being sarcastic. There are legit people that have paid that much to play so they can crush you any time they want to mine where u are. And the cursing in the galaxy chat is atrocious. We actually had a very nice lady that was harrassed and asked about how much she could spread her legs, and much much worse. Scopleys reply was “we will look into it”, and the person wasnt banned as per their terms of service. This is an adult game, DO NOT let your kids play it..Version: 7.8.1

Bugs galoreI have played this for 2 years, so I speak from experience.. this is a good game- not great but ok. Battles and mining and all manner of things create a varied experience but it does get tedious on occasion. Favourite characters, favourite enemies and ships are all positives amd make it compulsive playing.. But It’s badly let down by bugs, errors, things not working and, well, greed... developers create more bugs when they fix the game and if you buy in game items, the prices increase and you get less for it. Complaining to the devs usually results in a standard ‘we’ll get back to you’ or ‘we are sorry you are experiencing this, we will look into it’ message with little result thereafter. Do I sound bitter? Yeah- I love Star Trek, I love the ability to play the characters and ships in here- but I don’t love bugs, errors, unplayability and the greed element in this game..Version: M27.0.1

What a joke!!!Unless you have tons of money to invest do not bother to play this game. It is too bad as this game has a lot of potential..Version: 10.2.0

Stay AwayThis game has the potential to be one of the best StarTrek games on iOS if the game wasn’t full of bugs and wasn’t so imbalanced in favour of those who pay to play. As a huge Star Trek fan I really wanted to love this game but alas the developers show little support and blame all their poor programming on the users or a need to restart the program. Each day brings a new bug that sucks the fun out of the game and that is ignoring the constant pvp from wallet warriors who would rather take you out for resources than work for it themselves. Top that off with all the higher level resources being selfishly guarded by all the strong alliances and it doesn’t leave any avenue for growth except for those willing to spend a lot of money. This game is not worth it... if you want a Star Trek game play Trexels 2. That one is at least fun and can be played to the fullest for free!.Version: 1.7.2

Greedy overrated garbageTitle pretty much says it. Been playing for a long time...then I realized how the developers only want your money. They have no interest in making a fun balanced game. It’s rigged to favor only players that spend large amounts of money. Any ship worth getting will cost real money and will be insane to level up and tier up the ships. Absolutely no direction with missions. I spend half my time looking up how to get to places missions send me...only to find out that the only way to proceed with some missions requires you to finish other event missions that aren’t even available. Forced PVP is what really kills the fun of this game. Hostile environment toxic bully players. Made up rules per server that if u don’t follow players will go out of their way to make u miserable. Once u hit level 25...everything is too expensive and far to much a boring grind. And for what? So u can get new ships that are only good for certain events...this game is a’s greedy unbalanced garbage. If u value your sanity I recommend you find something else. This freemium game stuff needs to stop. Make a free game stay free of cost. The developers should be ashamed of themselves. And seeing how u never know what u may end up getting when u buy something...I don’t see how this isn’t considered gambling..Version: M28.0.0

Pathetic company stay awayGame had possibility After merge They shafted us , took away what we purchased and unlocked , refused to refund or credit what they stole , said they ran events to compensate , those events did not compensate even half of what I lost , they refuse to refund credit , they even refuse there own terms of service where it states you can request arbitration or escalation , they refuse because they know there in the wrong They have stolen money and lied for the last 6 months we have been Playing a beta under the pretence of a full version then 2 weeks ago they say oh no it’s a beta you shouldn’t have spent anything 1000’s of players are requesting refunds as am I As they do not care for there players only there $$$ and when they stuff up they refuse to credit back As such as are others I’m now engaging in legal action.Version: 1.7

Online bullying is encouraged by scopelyThis game can be fun and a welcome diversion at first. However the game designers have encouraged an environment that promotes bullies. The bullies in the top alliances continuously raid bases and destroy the miners of players and alliances that have no chance of fighting back. When you are bullied the game designers want you to become enraged and buy packages for ship and base upgrades so you can ‘defend’ yourself. What you don’t realize is that these packages cost $100 and will only give you enough to sometimes level something up. You still can’t defend yourself against rich people who dump thousands of dollars into their account to stay more powerful than honest players. Oh and there is also the fact that if you buy upgrade packages, the abusive players can steal that from you too. I was a hardcore player for several months and I spent nearly $1000 on packages and upgrades. I was planning my sleep schedule and social schedule around the game and when it would be safe for my account for me to step away for a few hours. I reached level 23 and I was fairly strong for my level. However, I still couldn’t compete with players that spend thousands of dollars on the game, and I was just cannon fodder or a cash cow for the in game bullies to steal from. I walked away from the game and deleted it from my devices; I’m much happier now. TLDR: Don’t bother downloading this game..Version: 7.4

Good Game but Really Poor Support & Expensive if you want be competitiveI have played this game for the last 3+ years, was enjoying and yes I knew about the bad programming and bugs in the game, especially the reports about shields dropping in the middle of the night, but had not been effected by it....until now! As this was a known issue, I would do a screenshot each night just in case it happened so I could prove that it was the games coding that was at fault...after it happened I sent the screenshot to the in-house support team....surprise surprise (cilla here), the support team were as much use as a chocolate tea pot!! Didn’t want to know and have completely disregarded the screenshot, which by the way proves it. You will see many others saying something similar in the if you want to throw money at a game to compete, and then have it all taken away for no fault of your own, then go ahead, but you would probably be better off chucking the cash onto a fire to keep warm!!.Version: M30.1.0

Waste of time and money.260 day wait for a quality of life update, and all they did was add a few zeros to things, hasn’t addressed any of the issues raised numerous times by the community at large. Once you hit lvl 20 need to spend $100usd per month, lvl 30 goes up to weekly, just to keep moving forward. Game is designed purely to bleed credit cards and bank accounts. You want a ship that’ll be $450usd you want to upgrade it that’ll be $2500usd. Can play for free sure, that same ship will take 18 months of daily events to “almost” get enough parts to build. I have one ship that requires 3.2 million parts to upgrade one part of the ship out of 6 parts for a single tier up of the 9 tiers available. the daily grind take home is 35,000 parts so yeah. Or you can upgrade that one part for $100usd. Customer support is a joke, anything reported as a bug is either “working as intended” or “will pass a message along” will also respond anywhere from a few hours to a week later..Version: 8.2.0

Very poor by new developersNew update and new server to change from original version we were playing. Promised all of station upgraded to current player level, extra resources to reward long time players etc. Result, lots of buildings on station gone rather than upgraded so have to be upgraded back to the level they should have been on. When you complain they feed you some line about having plenty of resources to compensate. I had a fraction of the resources that I had before the upgrade. So far migration time took a day longer than promised, and it has now gone down for maintenance for the second time within 24 hours. Estimated down times are a joke and there is never any updates as to how much longer it is going to take. As for the promised bug fixes I have seen more bugs than usual including all the ones we used to get and new ones as well in the short time we got to play the game today. Developers are not interested in fixing the issues and if no improvement shortly I will be deleting it as well due to them resetting most of my progress with no compensation..Version: 1.6

Great game ruined by horrible peopleFor a mobile game, the mechanics, design, scope and wealth of content is vast much like the Star Trek universe, but anyone’s experience can be ruined by salty basement dwelling little boys who whine in discord groups and then bully and gatekeep players they dislike from playing. If you want to play this game casually, don’t, you need to be lonely and dedicate roughly half your day grinding back materials stolen by malicious players and there are thousands and thousands of them per server, most of which fork out the dough to skip the grind of gathering resources to build star ships 100 times more powerful as yours, as well as talking to the other hundreds of alliances on these servers through discord groups constantly told to shut up and deal with it because one group holds themselves as high and mighty as the developers. It’s tragic really as there is so much potential and so much fun to be had here if these silly boys didn’t take it all so seriously and went outside for once..Version: M33.1

Not happy!!New update has meant that I have to retrain all my officers upgrade my station and ships then manually collect everything again. I know also have to re do all the missions. I have also lost all my peace shields.Version: 1.6

Terrible GameThis game is not a good one. The focus of the developers is to bleed as much cash as they can. We are not talking about a dollar here and maybe two dollars there. How about 30 dollars here and 60 dollars there. The game is fun when you first start playing. It does not cost anything during level 1 to 15. But after that your home base will be attacked by other players. The result of constant attacks by much higher level players attacking results in the compete loss of mined resources which took you days or weeks to accumulate. The developer has a solution for this. You can buy these resources for big $. But beware, these other higher players will attack and steal those too. This game is completely unbalanced for game enjoyment. But rather balanced for the developer to take your money, and lots of it. As a result, this game has nothing to do with the true spirit of Star Trek. I did get to level 22, but it is no longer enjoyable. I deleted it. It is one of the least satisfying games I have ever played..Version: 9.0.1

A mining game in a Star Trek drag outfit.The game itself starts quite engaging. Missions to get you used to the controls and layout. Upgrades that give you that sense of achievement. But all that quickly deteriorates. In order to progress to the higher levels you must use resources that you gather. You do this through one of three ways. -events and missions. The most time consuming and laborious way. -mining. The true aim of the game. -spend cash. What Scopely prefer. There is a fourth way, but the developers made raiding other players prohibitively expensive and you can’t steal the full range of resources available. Make no mistake, this is a mining game. You compete with other players for the limited number of mines available. And other players always have a bigger ship. The latest event, something about the borg in Kirks time (Star Trek fans will understand the blasphemy) is another attempt by the developers to grasp at straws and your cash. Don’t waste your time thinking this is Star Trek, it isn’t! The game is glitchy beyond reason. You will spend months mining for the next upgrade. You will ask yourself over and over “why?” You will be pressured into spending cash. And above all, Scopely (the developers) are so worried about the number of people leaving the game after more than a year running that they’re having to merge servers. This should tell you all you need to know. Pure and simple, Pay to Win... except you will never win..Version: 9.6.1

Illogical.Illogical. A game that could be good, ruined by poor consideration of mechanisms encouraging PK behaviour by bored or trolling players. Limited options for ship customisation and no ability to use ships jointly as a “fleet” calls into question the honesty of the game’s marketing and name..Version: 1.7.3

Save yourself some frustrationThe game at its core isn't a bad one. The issue comes when you talk about balance and level progression. Currently I have at least four missions I've been given that, at my level, I can't possibly do. This isn't about being a bad gamer, I literally can't do the mission as I have to be able to warp X amount of jumps when the best of my ships can do about 10 less than that. So I physically can't get to where I need to be too start, continue or finish the missions. Very frustrating, save yourself some grief and don't get this game..Version: 9.6.1

Cash grab.You will literally only progress to a level 15 before you are forced to pay. Mining resources naturally will takes weeks and then you’ll have to be refined for common and uncommon ore, gas, and crystal. It’s odds of getting uncommon(s) is what gets you. After one batch which will take you at least 5 days from mining to refinement you might get 4 and your will require 10x that to upgrade one of several systems on a ship. This game sounds good on the cover, but the developer will only let you progress if you spend major money. It’s a complete joke and I’m hooked.... You will put months of play into this game and then you’ll hit a wall that will require $30.00 to get over. And that’s for just 1 of the 50 levels in the game. If you have $1000.00 bucks kicking around to complete the game then go for it. If not take a pass..Version: 1.7.3

Some of the players aren’t awfulI have played games that have players that make the game awful but this is the worst I’ve seen so far. Strange, arbitrary, esoteric “rules” for the enlightened. A world chat dominated by morons. I don’t know why anybody would keep playing but hey, maybe it will be your thing. Probably not though..Version: 10.1.1

DisappointingI was hoping for a good strategy game like the older Star Trek games. This is NOT it. Good start right up to having (no choice here) to join a team. Same old online model. Yawn!.Version: 9.9.3

AVOID - Don’t be an idiot, play something elseI am an idiot. Currently I am the most powerful player on my server with over 2.1 million power. The game sucked me in with its potential but that is all that it has as it’s run by cash blind morons. I ignored the hundreds of bugs and assumed they cared about their paying customers or indeed anyone. They don’t. They care about money and when you need their help or come across a bug that renders your efforts, progress and ££ redundant you get the proverbial middle finger. They are too busy working on the next money making event to focus on any basics like customer service. Just check out the fan group Facebook page and you’ll find it littered with players that have been cast aside. There is currently something like a 50% chance with each update they make the game worse, currently it hangs and crashes after they ‘optimised it’. Like I said, don’t be an idiot..Version: 7.2.1

Do not advise even trying this gameConstant persistent bugs. The only engineering support fixes issues that might affect revenue. Predatory pricing, Machiavellian manipulation to encourage spending. Poor value for money spent. The company keeps moving the goal posts to extract even more money from players while providing less and less value. Give this one a miss guys, it’s a trap.Version: M29.0.0

Bugs bugs and bugsSeriously can’t even load past 70 percent since update very frustrating. Support is poor with well over 24 hours delay with token “hold” responses. Had a lot of promise but has not delivered . Very frustrating BRIANTAIS.Version: 1.6

Gave upDid really enjoy this game, built a strong alliance up to top 20 alliances in the world...but... The game is inequitable - as level 25, I can be hit by lvl 30, approx 3-10 times stronger than me, with zero chance of defence. Mining is pointless as all mines armed just taken by people who are lower level but stronger than you? It just doesn’t make any sense - if you want to spend money then go ahead, but without spending stupid amounts you wont achieve much. Any upgrades become so ridiculous taking over a week for some, then you need 60k of this resource but only produce and store 50k, so you either buy it or mine it - you cannot mine as you just get raided constantly. If you can spend literally hundreds of thousands or live with a perpetual shield up, then great, go for it/. When events are on some systems become stupid, and you cannot participate. I gave up trying as its all about big guys hitting the smaller players and whining little players who complain about neon existent rules and agreements that make no sense (supposedly no hitting undercapacity mining ships but how do you tell because you cant know as there is no clear way of knowing!) If you want to spend hundreds of pounds and spend every day dealing with messages from other players whining about people playing the game, then feel free - helps if you speak Russian or Chinese too as the majority of powerful players are from these countries.Version: 7.8.1

Don’t botherInitially a good fun game. But play for more than a few days and the ongoing game crashes and overpriced in app purchases with wildly varying value dependent on which server you’re unfortunate to be assigned to. But the kicker with this game is the ongoing crashing. It happens with great regularity and support are at best indifferent to the issue. The incompetence of the game developers to fix the issue are only matched by the greed for in app purchases. At this stage I’d rather spend my time bashing my groin with a stone as I’d feel about as good afterwards and not have spent any money for a app that works about as well as throwing fuel on a fire to put it out..Version: 9.8.2

Don’t waste your moneyUpdate was a disaster. People ( myself included) who have spent money have lost buildings and ship lvls, resources have also disappeared into nothing. Officers that have been promoted and lvl up have also been wiped out..Version: 1.6

GlitchyI have played this game for a year and a half. This by far the glitchiest game I have ever played. You have to constantly refresh app to get it to work right. Sometimes just shuts down on its own. I am not going to describe the other hundred glitches( no exaggeration). It is a pay to win game. They try to deny it but it is. A free player will have hard time competing with a $50 month player and almost no chance with a $100 month or higher player of same lvl. Not to mention the pvp lvl range is way to large. The packs to buy are very expensive for what little you get. Not to mention they are selective about what they offer you. I bought a $50 pack and then they took away the option (forever) to buy the $20. And you have to spend a certain amount to even get the option of the good ones. Now to gameplay. Be prepared to set alarms. Whether it be for flash events, to make sure your miner does not go zero or opl. Your miners will get hit so keep your notifications on. You will have to spend considerable amount of time in game just to keep up. Less so if you spend more money. They add new stuff every 3 months and always that includes new bugs. The newest one is pvp based so if you don’t spend money it will be hard to advance..Version: 10.1.0

Not happyThis game is made for unemployed people who have all day to mine resources, but can’t afford to pay for upgrades lol. I keep opening the game to see if it gets better because if no one played the game you wouldn’t have a viable one. Fingers crossed for an improvement, wouldn’t dare hold my breath, for the time would come when there isn’t any time left! Speed it up Scopely! Please I’ll even get down on my hands and knees... and like so many others I would have a minus * for you Too bad it’s not like eBay I may say, 5* for concept, 5* just for being Star Trek, 1* for value, and minus 10* for time wasted!!.Version: 1.7

Fun but a buggy messWhile the gameplay is fun and addicting, it’s still a hot mess too far in. The bugs come hot and fast and the devs seem unable to permanently fix them when they don’t just write them off. I have contacted them several times and they only resolved one issue completely. On another known issue, false battle reports, they refused to even acknowledge the problem despite evidence I submitted. It’s getting to the point that submitting tickets to customer service is pointless. And this also doesn’t address the fact that there is significant pay to win. The pay packages are pretty outrageously overpriced and escalate with each purchase. They give significant advantage considering the fact that the game is unbalanced. Small differentials of power can result in colossal defeat, so even minor fluctuations from packages can severely tilt results. The power differential is also significant because it means that powerful players can’t even be zerged to balance out their op stats and they can act with impunity. It’s almost impossible to catch players ahead of you without paying, so they can indefinitely ream you. TLDR: great concept but extremely buggy and imbalanced to the point you have to pay to win to survive if you started late..Version: 1.7.4

Little players get shafted...big guys get all the breaksI have been playing the old build for many months. The head-start they gave us when migrating meant I was the same level as before.....biggest players have gone up many levels since and been gifted end-game ships. It takes days to upgrade some buildings and you can’t do anything in the meantime and can be target by the big players and have all of your resources stripped. Have contacted support many times and get the standard we have done it fairly response when it clearly is not! Save yourself some time and AVOID unless significant changes are made..Version: 1.6

An embarrassment to the Star Trek nameI have played for a while, but I’m sorry this is just a poorly designed game that brings shame on the Star Trek franchise. Trek is about a positive hopeful future, boldly exploring, meeting new races and civilizations, team missions on strange worlds, the examples set by Kirk, Picard, Archer, and all the rest. Not mining. Soooo much mining, unless you pay to play. Unlock a new ship? Great, now you have to mine something new. Which brings us to the most broken part, PvP. Ship power scales way too quickly and becomes overpowering even a couple levels up. As in they suffer less than 5% damage when taking out all my ships, or space station. Yeah that’s right one ship can destroy a whole space station and 3 ships while taking less than 10% damage. Imagine Picard just flying from station to station blowing them up then taking out 10 mining vessels and that’s the whole game. Just grind away and pick on people less powerful than you, sounds nothing like Star Trek. Building your station is kinda cool, even if you have no frame of reference for any values. And the tech progression is ok, but tedious. If they had just built around that they could have made a decent game. If you want a Star Trek fix, try Timelines, much better play balance and a lot more characters you remember from every series and movie. Live long and Prosper, but not with this game!.Version: 1.7.4

Tests your patience and your wallet, if so inclinedI haven’t spent any money on this game but from what I’ve read in the reviews, it requires considerable spending to by-pass the LONG waiting time to upgrade, and even then you’re evidently not guaranteed to get what you need to make the next step up. Visually, the game looks good and it has the sound effects and musical score to please any true Trekkie. But if you’re short on patience and funds, this game will not keep you enthralled for long once you reach Level 14 or so... Levelling up your Operations Centre from 14 to 15 takes 23?...24?... hours (without any speed-ups applied). The highest level in the game is 50, I believe, so upgrading from 15 to 50 will probably take a year, in total. In other words, if you want to sprint in this game, you’d better have pretty deep pockets. I love the look and sounds of this but seriously, it’s either a money pit or a slow walk to utter monotony..Version: 9.6.1

Ok for a while but not a long term gameAs the title says the game is quite good at first as the requirements for progression are relatively small and can be achieved quickly. There are many glitches in the game though and at the higher levels it takes so much grinding resources that you inevitably lose the resources to a glitch before getting what you're saving for. I was hoping this would be a keeper but disappointingly it isn't..Version: 7.3.1

This game is beyond trashIf you want to feel inferior to those with money, feel free to download this game. If you want to be attacked by people of 5+ levels above you without recourse, download this game. But if you don’t want stress over extreme drama, and a failure of a game in your life; then DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! If you like being attacked by folks 5+ levels higher than you; if you don’t like fairness in what seems to be a simple base builder and strategy game. Basically if you want to avoid paying to win. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! The only improvement they’ve made is on graphics, regardless of the NUMEROUS people requesting level attack updates and other changes. Basically, if you want to hate your life becAuse devs fail to act... download this game. If you like being killed over and over and over and over and over agin by higher level people. Download this game. If you like trying to attack people 4 levels below you that you ultimately cant, even though you got attacked yesterday by someone 4 levels higher than you, then this cash grab is the monetary waste for you. If you’ve read through this and still downloaded, you are a waste of life. Words can not sway you, and not can facts. You must support trump’s failure of a presidency. If that’s the case PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. For all others. Please avoid this, for your own sake..Version: 8.1.0

Pay to win, bugs, boring gameplayWorst game I’ve ever played for developer greed and incompetence. While it’s technically free to play, don’t expect to ever win anything unless you spend money. The developers are so greedy, some purchases aren’t available until after your first purchase (forcing you to spend more), some ships cost £600, and some players spend tens of thousands of pounds in order to win. I’ve never seen a game with so many bugs, there are more bugs in this game than any national park; purchased items don’t turn up, nearly every update brings bugs to the latest missions usually meaning a hot patch to fix them, loads of crew mechanics don’t work at all. Once you get past all that, there’s very little to do; daily missions are tedious: mine for hours, kill the same hostiles. Other missions are as tedious, kill some hostiles, mine some stuff, donate a load of resources for little reward. There’s so much more that could be brought to the game but Scopely just want your money, so don’t really care - not even enough to bug test their own game. I’d steer clear and leave the pathetic pay-to-win’ers to play amongst themselves..Version:

Update good?Great to see a much needed update. But it’s put me back considerably on progress. How can this be addressed? Totally unimpressed with lack of action about fixing the issues from the update. Still nothing has improved for me and now I’m back to level 1. Forget this app - great idea but poorly executed and supported. Fleet Command - don’t bother responding- again..Version: 1.6

Beware Scopley OverlordsSo if you get banned it’s up to you to prove that you didn’t do anything wrong even though you have no access to the game. If you are brave enough to disagree with the developers and try and push back you will see your ban increased to twice as long for daring to stand up for your rights!.Version: M28.1.0

Not Good Not Enjoying It!!!Being attacked by stronger players whilst mining via weak ships is annoying. I want to mine without being attacked in the neutral star systems. Being attacked by other players whilst mining. Should only happen if you're in a different faction zone. Not while you're in the neutral zone. If that can't be properly balanced then I will not recommend this game to anyone. Plus perhaps you should allow other players to mine. But if you're being attacked. You're not going to be destroyed. Instead there'll be a plunder limit of how many times you can be attacked but you won't be destroyed but losing whatever resources you've got from the current mining. Whilst your ship still continues to mine the remaining ore. And after mining your ship that has finished mining would be able to return back to your base automatically if you have enabled that setting..Version: 1.7.2

More like anti-Star TrekAfter investing almost 6 months into this game: don’t do it. The bugs are only balanced by the lopsided gameplay. If you are hoping for a fun F2P Star Trek experience you won’t find it here. The servers are stacked with many who have spent +10K who have vastly overpowered ships and will attack you and take your collected resources. Since players almost 10 levels above you can attack lower level players you have no recourse. Add to that the near constant racism, homophobia, and open bullying you find in the global chat are horrifying and go unchecked by the developers. CBS Interactive: you should be ashamed you labeled this Star Trek..Version: 7.3

Needs bug sprayCan’t believe that a game like this and for such a big fan base would be riddled with so many bugs and faults. Even playing for a while and have yet to see a update or a fix for at least one problem yet. Other then that it can be fun to play at first but after you level up everything becomes more difficult quiet fast and the upgrade times go on for days. And don’t get me started on the fact they make it this way just so you are forced to pay to get ahead once your further along in the game..Version: 1.7.3

Seriously unbalancedThis game started out extremely fun. Who wouldn’t want to fly around in a starship, blow up hostiles, complete missions and engage is some friendly PvP. There are numerous pay walls as you progress and with a maximum level of 50, hitting a major pay wall at 19 is ridiculous. I spent just over $2k on the game and made it halfway through level 27. Upgrading structures and buildings takes 3-4x more resources than your station can possibly generate on its own. The change in resources needed as you level is exponential and not linear at all. At lvl 27 I can generate and hold ~3 million par steel. Building upgrades cost upwards of 10 million. It is absurd that on order to level up the station you must spend $99 per pack and probably need 3-4 packs to gain a level. Also, pack purchases scale with your station level. At lvl 1, packs give substantially less than at lvl 10 and even less at lvl 20. Packs shouldn’t be tiered to give more at higher levels. Packs should not scale whatsoever and simply give less benefit as you gain levels. Either that or make all packs scaled to what they would give at maximum level. The individual servers are run by those who spend tons of $$$ Because they have the most powerful stations and make the rules. I am quitting the game mostly for this reason alone. My recommendation is that unless you have a massive disposable income or are keen on massive credit card debt I would steer clear of this game entirely..Version: 7.3.1

Dont believe the 5 stars lies by the developersThis game is broken Everything in the game is designed to make you spend and spend BIG the developers broke this game on purpose to trick you to spend money they changed the game on purpose made it worse now They made it now so that very high level players can farm you they can now farm all of your resources with in 15 to 30 minutes and to stop this you need shields which you must buy $$$ If you want to upgrade you must buy $$$ the materials and those materials are ONLY available to buy on the $160 package $$$ not the cheaper packages everything is done to trick you to spend and spend BIG The other reviews saying 5 stars are from the developers trying to trick you into thinking this is a good game THIS IS A VERY BAD GAME DO NOT INSTALL.Version: 1.7.4

Don’t waste your timeGame promotes bullying and picking on the weak. For example I’m level 22 and get hit by level 29 players. Not strategy involved there!! What does a level 29 player have to gain by hitting someone 7 levels below them??.Version: 9.1.1

Could be good game, but....I was looking for a game to take over from Galaxy On Fire Alliances, that I’d played for years, but which now is pretty much dead. This game looked good. Started out and seemed OK, although it seemed a bit “pay to win”. After a few weeks now, I’ve quit and deleted it. Not going to pour money into this. It could be a really good game-if they dialled back the money aspect a bit and fixed some issues. Sadly having spoken with their support, that seems unlikely. There are frequent “events”-which at first I found encouraged me to play. Until I realised that even playing very frequently to meet the goals, I still came up halfway. So I wouldn’t get the awesome ship-I’d have to pay to get the other half of the blueprints. Great! Then my base got attacked. Fine-that’s part of a game like this. Except that it had already happened-so I’d built up my base to mitigate such attacks. Sadly the game dynamics were screwy-a player with ships ¼ of my base’s strength easily defeated me and raided the resources I’d built up over a week or two. I don’t blame the player-they were just exploiting screwy dynamics. It really annoyed me, so I contacted game support. Zero help-just repeated fob-offs. So here we are-another game that could’ve made some money off me & that I could’ve enjoyed playing, deleted..Version: 1.7.4

Do not botherThis is another typical pay to win game. That wouldn’t be so bad other than the fact is that the game play itself is so poor and so bogged down with the latest repair times that unless you want pay real money all you end up doing is waiting. The developer is only interested in generating funds and is not even remotely interested in constructive feedback from the people who are trying to play the game. Support is laughable as it is a simple bot that in the end does nothing, so no real support. Do not bother as there are far more engaging games available! If I could give this game a zero rating I would.Version: 7.4

BoohooI perservered as long as i could reached levl 20 without spending cash but couldnt go any further ......waste of time game i stay loyal to wwz dont have to spend cash to advance sorry i was enjoying it but got fed up the end all i could do was donate regularly.Version: 1.7.3

Fun to a pointPlayed this game for an embarrassingly long time considering I have a job and a life to live. Which is the problem. Many on here either don’t or choose to spend so much time on the game that it impacts how others play. But the game develops seem to understand this and it makes it very difficult for you to be a casual player without paying out large (far too large!) sums for packs. Once paid, for any protection you’d hope for drains away because your base is usually only protected for about 8 hours (better peace shields are available, usually at cost!). Those 8 hours are frustrating for the casual sleeper who won’t schedule their sleeping around that.. in short any resources bought for us then just taken by other players. I refuse to pay such high amounts. Which is maybe by when the game glitches (very frequently) support will simply not answer you. They will answer if you’ve paid for a pack but as others have seen, very rarely do they actually help. Not bad to fill time if you have it I suppose, DON’T buy any packs-they simply aren’t necessary to play casually..Version: 9.1.0

AvoidIf you’re looking at starting this game, avoid it unless you have loads of money to spend on it. The concept of the game is to mine resources to progress your station and build/upgrade your ships, however when your station passes lv15 you are open to attack from big pay to play accounts who have spent a fortune to get the biggest baddest ships that are available and then rob you of about 90% of your resources, they don’t need to mine, they just take yours. In other games you might get some sort of shield that stops you getting repeatedly attack but not here. In this game you get a 5 minute shield where if you are active you can activate one of your own, if not then it’s tough luck as you are now open to attacks for the next 8 hours (that info is from the devs). Also the game is loaded with glitches. You have missions to complete such as attacking hostiles (shown as red ships in game play) but many of these have become static on the screen and as such can’t be attacked. You can also send and receive help to build things from your alliance members but in order to see the help requests you need to force close the app and reopen. These glitches have been reported but I don’t think the devs care as there as still some people who are willing to throw big money at this glitchy game, so as long as the lolly flows the glitches won’t get fixed..Version: 2.0

Hope you’re richThe concept of this game is actually really good. It’s just executed really badly. The bugs are one thing but the blatant need to pay real money to progress is quite another. If you are willing to sink thousands of dollars to have fun then this is the game for you. The most disappointing thing is that Star Trek lent its name to such a money making game..Version: 1.7

Ruined game.There is a core game here of steady advancement and achievement. This is absolutely ruined by forced PVP that does nothing but invalidate any achievement and ruin any enjoyment or feeling of accomplishment. The game openly rewards bullies. I pity anyone who spends money on this. Star Trek in name only..Version:

Mediocre pay to playGame has the same latency/lag/crash issues as it did a year ago. Pay to play and developers do what they can to handicap free to play players and people who may not pay as much. Most recent issue is “burning” ability getting nerfed/handicapped. Also I always buy a battlepass which is a cheaper way to participate in events. Some how with all the other glitches that occur in game it swapped it for a points pack for the current event. I was asking for it to be corrected and after 3 days of back and forth with customer service I got told I got the wrong pack.... when I purchased it, it was a battlepass pack, not a points pack. Just ignored my issue to force me to purchase more and not fix the issue. Same day I made the purchase there were so many problems that delayed the update for iOS which I wonder contributed to the incorrect product showing as my purchase. Peace shields randomly drop before the time is up which protects your station from losing resources and encourages you to purchase more from the developer. Game is purposely flawed to favor “errors” in game play to make you pay to play. After over a year of playing these issues remain and new issues have been added to game play. Friendships made in game are the only thing keeping me playing..Version: M26.0.1

Good gameThe gameplay is well enough as well as the player vs player dynamics’s as long as you remember it’s just a game everything’s all good but the service and help from their employees is less than worthless and makes the game very unpleasant if you need to deal with them for an issue or re-imbursement for an issue that is caused on their end all you get is an automatic response stating you are the one at fault or they will work on the issue and not re-imburse any wasted in-game items that are difficult to get very frustrating and anger inducing experience’s with their “lack of support” staff.Version:

Do not recommend this gameI do not recommend this game unless you’re a millionaire this game is based on the fact you have to spend a lot of money or be a moderator and get free stuff from Scopely, and if you have a problem in the game don’t expect them to help you it would take years for them to help you. And you need to be over 18 because the language in this game is not acceptable for anyone under the age of 18 they allow the people to use bad language if they’re a moderator if you’re not a moderator you’re not allowed to use bad language if you’re a moderate are you allowed to use bad language. Moderator allowed to abuse bully other players in the game even if they’re 11 years old..Version: 9.9.3

4.5 has to be fakeGame written to frustrate you into paying real money to just survive. $50 gets you a ship that is unbeatable by levels 5 higher than you. Then after that has been out enough to annoy everyone, another ship for $50 that makes you stronger than that last $50 everyone spent. You can’t level without spending money. Missions require beating ships 100k+ higher than you and to upgrade you have to mine ore that you have refine for what you need. This part take 9 hours and is you’re lucky you might get 5 of the 500 you need. I’ve been trying to upgrade for 3 months and only have 43 out of the 500 needed. This doesn’t count your miners getting killed by the people who paid $50 or more and just harass everyone. Then to top that, guess what you need to make repairs, that’s right just what you been trying to gather for the upgrade. Everything cost far more than can be collected without spending real money. As a Star Trek fan I feel this is damaging the franchise. This should be called GRIEFWARE and there should be a warning that you need to spend cash to play. As a person with a bad heart requiring a machine to live, I don’t have time to waste with this garbage and limited as to what I can do for entertainment. Taking advantage of people is pathetic..Version: 7.2

It’s okay for a while, then nevermoreThe game itself can be okay, but the communities are just toxic and incredibly egotistical. If you want to enjoy the game, or at least if you want to be able to play the game, you better have a pretty deep wallet. The pay to players get incredibly biased boosts and favouritism from the devs because they’re just after the money, way more than you’d expect it’s just blatant favouritism - the events that appear are also heavily worked so the paid players get the biggest rewards (since there’s no way those high-tier rewards can be obtained without first spending *a lot* to reach that level). The game is buggier with each update and support are arrogant and dismissive, as well as often just ignorant. The packs you can purchase in game are incredibly unbalanced too. For the same price you can buy say .. 100 of X and 50 of Y, but if you click on the pack next to it for the same price you’ll get 250 of X, 175 of Y and a whole host of other things. They don’t care, so long as you pay them..Version: 7.2.1

Fun but ridiculously buggy and arcaneLove the look of this game and I have enjoyed the honeymoon period of the first ten levels (where upgrades are flying!). But there are a few downpoints... - variation is limited. All the missions are either travel back and forth or ‘kill that dude over there’ - no real nuance to the ship-to-ship battles. Just press the attack button and highest rating usually wins. - buggy as hell (but early days, I suppose) - quickly turning in to a morass of this-before-that missions where your entire gameplay halts for hours because you’re short 15 diithium to research the thing to build the other thing and meet the guy... - why oh why are there transport delays? Why should it take 2 minutes to travel to another system? Much of my game time is spent sitting watching the clock tick down. Basically it’s got potential but right now it’s just ‘game of war; fire age’ in space..Version: 1.7

Don’t believe the 4.5 stars. The game is impossible to advance.I had high hopes for this game, but after you get to level 10 or 11 it gets really hard to advance without spending money. I spent some money. I quickly started to make some progress but when I got to level 15 things just got impossible. I purchased a large pack which gave me a ton of resources and started leveling up again. Within 8 hours of my purchase, one player that was 5 lvls higher and in a ship there was no way in hell I could defend against, cleaned me out of all my stored resources in just an hour. I had only used 20% of the resources I had purchased and given the time requirements for building and leveling it would have taken me a week to use all the resources I had. The other player was rude, and completely happy and proud to have stolen my stuff. This community has no etiquette, no respect for other players and is full of bullies and cowards who must have absolutely no life in the outside world. There is no way to report these players and there is no way to defend your self, because you only get so many shields. If someone destroys your base, you get a 5 min shield. Just 5 min. That is how the guy could sit there and attack me 7 times in a row while I was offline living my normal life. Don’t spend any money cause all it is right now is a ripoff..Version: 2.01

Waste of time!Don’t spend a wooden nickel until you understand what goes on in this game. Peacefully mining for a few hours with a cargo full of precious gas or dilithium etc? That’s great. But guess what, a player a little higher than you or even a big gun, will come along and destroy your ship and take your cargo! Unless you physically sit there staring at the screen to make sure nobody’s attacking it is totally pointless to even attempt to mine. Sent out your ship to a planet 5,6,7 minutes away to complete a mission and you decide to get something to eat or drink etc, totally normal right? Bad move! Again, the higher ranked players will just destroy your ship and send you back to base with a 30 minute repair time. What is the point of this game if you don’t even get a chance to progress?!! It would seem it’s aimed at money spending whales who just mindlessly destroy not only noobs but anybody lower than them in rank. I’m so glad I didn’t spend a cent on this game. Total and utter waste of time..Version: M28.0.0

Corrupt gameI was at level 18, and bought a $80 pack with lots of resources. Within minutes, I was attacked by far superior forces that stole all the resources I bought. Too dodgy. I was in a system with with only 5 other stations in the system, none on the planet I was on. Even when I moved to another isolated system and to another planet, I was attacked, by a gamer far superior. How could they find me so quickly? I have left the game. Don’t play. Definitely don’t pay..Version: 2.01

Why should I report an issue with Star Trek Fleet Command?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Star Trek Fleet Command to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Star Trek Fleet Command customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Star Trek Fleet Command.

Is Star Trek Fleet Command not working?

Star Trek Fleet Command works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Star Trek Fleet Command.

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