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My initial opinion is this is a very well constructed gameObviously to gain the best enjoyment I will need to pay, many games are so focused on taking your hard earned money, the developers need to consider those that will play for years and do a subscription that keeps your account fully updated with gifts, then if they are smart they allow the payers to feed the non payers so they keep up, it’s called a win win..Version: M30.1.0

Please help meIt’s overall good but after I travelled to another galaxy, it blacked out and then logged out and when I tried to log back in it would stop at 82% and say Failed to login, giving me 2 options: help and retry. When I pressed retry it would continuously show the WiFi icon with an orange ! mark in front of it. PLS HELP.Version: 7.3.1

Good game but with bugsKeep returning to the AppStore in around 5mins frequently. The rest the game is very well built and with the Star Trek characters and some crossed stories. It’s a little confusing at the start and is too much based on upgrades all over the place, which is the end is completely unnecessary on a strategy game (the old PC game Master of Orion an example to follow). So much potential, but with too much stories that makes it confusing. If this game was simplified and based more in research credits and different paths (players to allocate limited resources between research, production and military), this would be a lot better game, with the players fighting for the best planets. If the bug of returning to the AppStore every 5mins doesn’t go away I’ll delete it..Version: 7.10.1

Star Trek Fleet CommandKia ora. Well I love gaming but my kids have more time so this Xmas I decided to hide away and play. So glad I did. Takes a while to figure things out and sure you might have to buy a few things but once you’re set it’s about fun in space, warping to explore, fighting to win, repairing, waiting for upgrades, joining new alliances and immersing back into a story I love. Only been here for 3 days but I can see where my time will be for the foreseeable future lol.Version: 1.7.3

Very funIt’s fun that is all.Version: M29.0.0

What you expectIt is a game that is what you expect, fast levelling up at the start, slow levelling up the further you go. Do not let it stop you. Unlike most similar games I have played, this is the only one that actually has a small story driven objective, and it is your choice to do them or do away with them, but the stories do project your alliance with either Starfleet, Romulan’s or Klingons. I think the concept was brilliantly thought out, and I hope for future updates to keep improving. The only problem I find are the ‘ghosts’ of the past. Inactive players horde around planets between lvl 6 - 12 and overtake all the mining deposited as they haven’t been active to recall their ships. It’s okay once you are able to attack them and take it for yourself, but you have to be operation lvl 10 to do so..Version: 2.01

Much better than the reviews suggestI’ve been this game almost 3 years and it been great! It’s about playing all the events you can, it’s about joining an alliance that works for you and you work for them. It’s about levelling up, and it’s about choosing your style of play. Constant updates to the game to keep you entertained and loads of side games that help the main play. Expect to meet good guys/girls and some pretty terrible people too (just like real life except online they turn into evil trolls that wouldn’t be ok offline). If you can handle it, it builds resilience and you will be playing and enjoying. You can spend as little or as much as you want, I’ve spend £20 in store and I’m a pretty high ranked player just because I play well. The top players spend huge sums and few even play well too..Version: M34.1

Great gameplayEnjoying the in-depth game play. Refreshing.Version: 1.7.3

Great, but needs major improvementI’ve played this game for around 5 months now and these are some of my comments. Great game, but there are major issues with this game that must be addressed. Issues to work on to make improvement: - Make the refinery better, at higher levels you get a poo amount of resources back from this. You spend hours and hours mining to then get very little. This really needs sorting out, especially since the materials from the refinery are key to making improvements to your ships and base. - If you want to buy packs you barely get any resources from them compared to other games, this needs rectifying. - Glitches - the game is littered with things that don’t not seem to get fixed promptly. Mine nodes etc that can’t be mined.. **Customer Service** Great response times, but I find that some have a lack of understanding when issues crop up. They don’t see things from the players perspective at times and this is critical for the game to survive going forward. All this said, it is a great game. It could be much better..Version: 7.3.1

Great game😊Yes very good , addictive and fun. Once you work out what’s going on it’s easy to play at your leisure.Version: 2.0

Good Game Over AllThere are a lot of very negative reviews out there about the game. I have been playing now for several months and have enjoyed the game. Yes there are some issues but the developers are always working to improve the game play for everyone. Yes you can spend a lot of money on this game but you don’t have to there are a lot of free to play players out there. The main issue is just like with any game it’s slow going if you as they say grinding it out it will take awhile but it’s possible. The developers just added additional content and are continually striving to fix in game issues and make the game interesting and fun to play. This is the only game I have found where the developers are sending out surveys to players to help them find areas players don’t like, areas to improve or new content to add. It’s free to play so why not try it. Most of us on here are just Trekies who love Star Trek and look to play a Star Trek game. I think the game graphics are really amazing and the developers have spent some time making everything look as good as it does..Version: 7.4

GreatNot long been playing but seems like a great game with lots of upgrades and advancements. Hopefully it doesn’t hit a wall like lots of other games and have to wait weeks on end for upgrades to finish.Version: 1.7.4

Waste of moneyGreat game, quite a few bugs but they get ironed out slowly on a weekly(ish) basis so it’s bearable. What isn’t, is the in-game mechanics specifically around protection of resources. If your base gets attacked it’ll activate a 5 min shield and then the shield will sit on cooldown for 8 hours leaving you at the mercy of anyone ‘flying’ past that has pumped enough money into the game to attack. This game is fun until the point where you have to spend $$ on it to compete and even when you do that, the in-game mechanics don’t protect you from higher levels for any more than 5 minutes which is ridiculous. The worst part is that the game doesn’t log the attacks half the time and you end up logging back in later with a destroyed base and no idea who or why it got that way. Contacted customer service to see if the mechanics were bugged - they told me it was only the reporting of the battles that was bugged, not the mechanics and everything was ‘working as intended’. Said they’d take my feedback on board around the longer shields etc and closed my ticket. I feel they could’ve done more with the balance of the game so broken, but no.. ‘Take it up with the App Store for a refund’ - so I did. Waiting to hear back from someone at the time of writing..Version: 7.2.1

Amazing gameDifferent from everything I ever played. Still a bit of things to improve, for exemple whe do you want to find your spaceship and you are on a different galaxy, even if press there’s no shortcut to find it, you will need to go first to your home galaxy and then try to find your spaceship... another thing is about the freedom to build your suppliers materials, it’s a bit tough yet it takes a bit too long to start unlock the things... but out of that, it’s a impressive game... I love it....Version: 1.7.3

Buggy but goodYou can ignore those moaning about the onslaught from higher players while you mine. Yes this happens but you have protected cargo so if you are smart you lose very little - leave the miners whilst you are offline and complete your dailies whilst online. The game itself is intuitive and fairly addictive with enough content and events to keep you interested. The annoying thing is a lot of minor glitches nothing in itself to drive you nuts but it the reloading to help alliance members or reset mines shouldn’t still be in play now it’s been launched for a fair amount of time. If you like this type of game then you should try it and invest some time to see if you feel the same way as me!.Version: 1.7.4

Play smart or Pay SillyThe game has pros and cons. This is a strategy game where you Play Smart, pay silly money or get frustrated. Pro’s. Great graphics, reasonable controls, story line that evolves and gets extra side chapters developed and released, plenty of building and upgrading, alliance benefits and limitation of the player level you can attack in an effort to address bullying. Although your base can be damaged and robbed. They can’t steal everything. Only basic materials are taken and there are ways to cope with this. Con’s. Money talks and gives a massive edge. Only 1 on 1 combat allowed so stronger players you can’t even scratch their paintwork can dominate you. Alliances operate a ‘fair play’ policy that just limits your fun and turns the game into FarmVille, then people exploit this and rob you anyhow. Some missions are way beyond your capability for months so be patient and expect a list of over 10 missions you can’t do. All in all, you can find your way to play free as I have and still give players in your range of permitted attack range reasons to respect you, even if they don’t like your play. If you want to be safe, then the illusion of this can be found in an alliance. If you want to be an independent, don’t let yourself get civilised; be brutal in your retaliation. Choose your style, Pay, Cry or Play.Version: 7.6.2

A mining game you cam actually enjoy with spending £1mUPDATE: Still enjoying but oh boy there a few annoying bugs here - devs need to get on this *much* quicker - been waiting for many days to farm systems that are full of “zombie” hostiles that can’t be targeted .. come on guys. This has a great balance (so far) of leading you through missions, prompting you where to go so you don’t get entirely lost in a big universe and allowing you to build skills and resources before the competition start nuking you ... I would like to see an easier list of places I have already been without having to note the system number - really like the speed up gifts along the way and ability to trade (sensible amounts of) latinum for resources you don’t have to move things along and SURPRISE you can actually get gifts of latinum and help from other players along the way unlike some games which make you spend cash for that kind of thing. Can’t say too much about the multi-player and multi-faction as I am not that far so it could all get much harder and more expensive but so far I think this is great job of a type of game that can very quickly get very boring, very expensive or both Great Job ....Version: 1.7.4

Great game but needs more contentI’ve been playing this game for a while now and I’m quite enjoying it so far it has been one of the best free to play games I’ve ever come across and it does a lot of different things that most other free games don’t, I love the content in the game and the missions and even though getting raided or destroyed by another higher level player is annoying it’s what you would expect for a free for all game. However there is a lack of content when it comes to the other Star Trek timelines, there’s no involvement with Star Trek Voyager or Star Trek Enterprise at all and the map it’s self is huge but it doesn’t use a lot of the space that it shows there is a good corner of empty space in the bottom left hand corner of the map and the top right hand corner (whether the developers have plans for those areas I’m not sure). At the end of it all this game is worth the while in my books for a free to play game and I look forward to see what the developers have in store for it in the future.Version: M29.0.0

Not too bad except for a few issuesThose issues being lack of purchase options for anything under $80, most of the purchase options are 4 x $160 and 4 x $90, but only 1 $31 pack. It’s obvious they just want you to spend up big but not get much for your money. They smaller packs are worth it but obviously not available for purchase once you purchase them. Fix that problem and the problem with spammers in galaxy chat and you’d get a 5 star from me..Version: 1.7.3

A fun gameThe game has been engrossing and fun so far and I look forward to progressing deeper.Version: 1.6

Great game 👍🏻Hi I am level 13, I love your game but story/side quest bosses are way too hard. My best ship is the turas, the talla is a little too hard to get, continue the great work. Can you increase the amount to two blueprints instead of one because for the price you get nothing Ps it’s kinda hard to level up please make it easier also make event ships eg the USS Franklin accessible even after the event is finished, my idea is for the Franklin is add it to the swarm biometrics and have the drop rates at 2-10 blueprints every time and maybe add them to their respective stores? Please please add the ability to make your own ship e.g. The USS Striker using the base of the USS Franklin and making it a battleship class or the USS Thames using the base of the USS Saladin and making it a Explorer class also can we make groups of enemies like the swarm or Borg? Thanks Federation forever. From ospar5.Version: 9.6.2

Could be 5 starsThis game is a slow burner, and that means patience unless you’ve got cash to burn. It’s biggest issues are the bugs. A patch comes along removes some then new ones appear! It drives you mad, some are really annoying some make the game almost unplayable, but if your a Trekkie you’ll just grind your teeth and constantly reboot and wait for the same bug to catch up. I mean where else do you get to fly the enterprise and take on klingons and romulans borg? Scopely you have an awsome game but the bugs need to be sorted!.Version: 9.12.5

PromisingI have only played a few days so cannot comment on pvp. It seems like a lot of other building resource games but it works well at giving a good feel of a Star Trek universe. The quests in particular are very good and many give choices on how you complete them. Graphics are great, but the quests immerse you into a universe very much like what the Star Trek tv shows present. I am hoping it will keep me hooked..Version: 8.0.1

Great game - be prepared to be on a lot!I started this game in Nov 19 and have played it everyday since I started! The game is really interesting and has lots of smart ways of keeping players involved. Yes it can be free to play but most players will benefit by pay to play/play to win. Playing for free results in players needing to accept that things take longer. I don’t usually pay to play but I have spent a few pounds on the odd pack now and again. It is very satisfying when you finally get enough stuff for a new ship or upgraded building. Growing in the game takes time but with lots of missions, buildings, research and officers to improve and upgrade it is fun. I worked hard to have good rep with 2 out of the 3 main factions. This allows me to get better ships and officers. Recently they improved station defence which is nice but if I am not playing I have a peace shield on, which is a must! Being active and in an alliance really helps and makes the game much better and fun. Working to keep mining nodes and complete events is much easier and of course gets you better rewards. There are some minor faults or errors but the in game support, responds and helps quickly. Overall, fantastic, wish I could play it on my PS4..Version: 9.0.1

To boldly goThis game has not turned out to be what I expected. To get anywhere it seems you need to cash in. Sad really, it is a good game. So many complaints relating to bullying by players when the game. In the face of that, we have an alliance that is the polar opposite. We as a group, challenge all of our members to be the very best version of themselves. Rise above the ridiculous lack of respect or control so many in this game seem to be whiteout. This game is vast and complex. There is much to do. Those that want to rise to the top of the leader boards without putting in the work, don’t play this game. It requires time, diplomacy, negotiation, frustration, with a very slow advance matrix. Oh well. The struggle is part of the appeal. Yes, there are cash players. So? This is true in any online game these days. If you are interested in a longer term commitment, this is for you. Bridging gaps, forging alliance, camaraderie of like minded individuals focused on a set goal with set values and standards...come on is easy for people to be bad, especially online. So many want to be pirates or don’t have to be. You, have a choice. Choose to be an officer in Starfleet. You think that this should be easy? Go play an arcade game. Choose to be good, yes, online games make this the harder choice. Thing is, the hard choice, being good, be Starfleet, that is what makes this game great..Version: 9.2.0

NiceI only play a couple,of,games, but this is my fav. I enjoy the fact that I am in control, the only downside is the fact that if you want to progress quickly you need deep pockets.Version: 9.6.1

Great game with good graphicsThis is the first game that I have REALY played at length. There is a good community spirit, especially when you join an alliance. Whilst the battles are automated, there is satisfaction when your ship wins, not so much when you lose. There are plenty of missions to do, although they massively jump in intensity mean you have to mine resources, or result in using ‘real money’ to help. It is not a quick game, as it requires persistence and regular activity. Now, the downside- the updates can cause the app to slow down, but crashes are becoming more and more, which they need to look at. But, overall thoroughly good entertainment, but be prepared to get angry when someone destroys your miner or attacks your star base..Version: 7.2

The new updateI can have it as you this year is that the best.Version: 1.7

Great game and I love playing itOverall a great game and probably my favourite game to play. It is pretty focused on the pay to win aspect but is still achievable for free to play people. Has some bugs that need to be worked out but so does any other game. Keep up the great work with updates Scopely!.Version: 9.9.3

Can't find or see enemy ships on galaxy mapI am lost since new update I can not see any other ships too battle I get a "ops info not available" message in the map help ?.Version: 1.6

This game asked me to rate it only after asking if I was enjoying it.NT.Version: 7.8.1

Star Trek Fleet CommanderNice game but has been having maintainance for 2 days now. How much longer?.Version: 0.543.7656

Great game, but....When collecting chests, rewards, changing systems etc the game is a bit slow with the loading of screens. Otherwise I really enjoy it..Version: M29.0.0

Truly Enjoy the game, but...As my title indicates, this is a fun game. There are a lot of dimensions to the game that make it entertaining, such as the missions, various research paths, strengthening your station and ships. I also enjoy the real time chat with Alliance members and other players. However, there are some glitches such as mines that seem to be unavailable (spinning circle), ships on mines but they really aren’t there, and it might just be me but... it’s very easy to inadvertently send your ship somewhere and then it’s difficult to find where it went. A frustrating aspect of the game (no fault of the developers) is there are Alliances that simply enjoy destroying other players’ ships while mining (mining is an integral aspect of the game). Very often my ships will only be mining for a minute or two, and a player from specific Alliances will destroy me and others just because they can. Probably players who spent loads of money to get to the high level and strength. So there is a level of frustration in that sense. Maybe the developers can develop activities where collaborations, etc... vs pvp balance out the easier method of destroying other players ships and stations..Version: 1.7.4

SurprisingOk got caught in this game.... cant stop now.Version: M29.0.0

Moving in the right directionAfter a messy world wide release and a move over from the beta stage the dev’s are starting to get things right. There are still some issues but the improvements and fixes brought to the game over the last few months have made me thankful I hung on to playing the game. Now they have started reaching out to the player base means that looking ahead can see the game getting better and better..Version: 7.3.1

Excellent gameThe only thing that I could recommend that the ad is that they put a logo of ship a or B on which mission you’re playing on the mission menu. And we need more borg missions.Version: M28.0.0

Slow Game Play But Very FunThe game is extremely fun to play and addictive in the beginning it’s easy to upgrade and you can pretty much gain all the resources necessary endgame to upgrade but it is a grind my recommendation would be to join a very good alliance from the beginning that supports you teaches you about the inns and outs of the game and even help you gain resources and protect you against bullies in the game because let me tell you this game has lots of bullies in it that constantly attack weaker players one of the things I would add in this gameWould be Easter egg like prizes that would be random of course but would encourage players to stay in and play to try to get these where the prices would be extraordinary allowing them to advance things like 100 hours of speed ups or combination of speed ups big swaths of resources instead of little tiny ones that feed you with a bird dropper people want to advance that is in our nature and if it takes them five weeks just to try to get it shipped to compete less people are going to stay in the game and play but all in all I give it five stars because it is a lot of fun and the possibilities are pretty much endless.Version: 7.6.1

Getting better but still needs more polish.This game is getting better. Still bugs here and there... but gameplay and monthly mission ARCs are getting very good. Customer support is starting to become more helpful, but still has a long way to go to get a 5 star rating. Offical Star Trek licensing and great alliance focused events and Armadas makes you come back for more every day. Packs are still on the expensive side. Squish a few more bugs and give customer support more freedom to look after players and you will get 5 stars from me..Version: 9.9.2

Great Game, Great formatI am really enjoying this game. It is very interactive and extremely entertaining. The alliance cooperation is great and the stories are very interesting. It does offer great temptation to spend money but you can level up and advance just fine while free to play if you are patient. Collecting characters, building and improving the station, and building ships offer constant ways to improve and work towards goals. Caution: will eat through mobile battery if playing on your phone. Would love to see a way to save crews for different objectives. For instance, a mining crew with all my surveying crew at the push of a button or a hostile hunting crew rather than having to select them one at a time. Also gathering uncommon materials is extremely slow going at times and would be nice if 3* mat refining came a level or two sooner. Or even having the ability to purchase what you want verses a large eclectic group of mats when I only need one kind. Overall I am very happy with the game and will continue to play it for the foreseeable future.Version: M27.0.1

Great but....I feel this game is trying to be like 2 different games at once I feel like it’s trying to be a Star Trek rpg and than trying to be a clash of clans styled base builder which isn’t a bad thing I jus feel it tends to not blend in well but my major issue is where are all the characters can we at least get some TNG ones in here I don’t mind new age TOS characters but come one there is so much In the Star Trek universe like what about discovery characters you know I feel it doesn’t have enough content but at the same time has enough to keep you going point is if you live Star Trek your going to like this game so far everyone has there own pet peeve about this game mine is mainly not enough content and sometimes to many things happening on screen cuz it’s trying to be sorry not 2 but 3 types of games clash of clans, world war rising and Star Trek all at once idk maybe I was expecting a more chill vibe but got a more action vibe which is fine I know it seems like I have been ranting but it’s a really great game DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!!!! The developers are excellent at responding to there reviews!!!!.Version: 7.3.1

So Many BugsThis game was great and before the big update there were only minor bugs here and there, but with this new update, I can’t view other systems and enemy bases or collect chests. A lot of names are now replaced with Live Ops Content Missing and now I keep receiving the same communication error. It was a great game and will be again once these bugs/glitches are ironed out but for now all I can do is wait. Edit: most of the bugs can be solved by deleting then re-installing the game. The remaining bugs are usually avoidable.Version: 1.6

FunGood progressive gameplay. Good depth of story. Money helps but is not necessary to progress and enjoy. Hours of fun..Version: M28.1.0

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