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SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off app received 131 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about spongebob: krusty cook-off?

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Freezes so can’t continueI got quite far into this game (spending real money) sometimes the story mode will glitch and not let you carry on any further. I managed to get past one of these glitches but did not get any prizes for completing the story. Now it’s glitched again and is stuck on one of the story screens not letting me play the game at all. I’ve deleted and downloaded the game more than 10 times and it still loads up stuck on the story screen. Lost my real money and can’t play the game.Version: 1.0.38

Great game but....I think this is a great game first of all. But, like everybody else I have a problem with the fact that you have to have money AND gems for a lot of the upgrades, which doesn’t make any sense at all. I think the problem is is that the game doesn’t start off with you having a decent amount of gems so you’re not left with that much freedom with what you want to do with your upgrades, so you’re pretty much stuck with having to do the pancake levels a bunch of times to get achievements and even then, you only get ONE GEM for doing that. Coupled with that, by the time you get to unlock the Krusty Krab you’re pretty much dirt poor with gems bc you’ve already spent it all on upgrading your pancake stand and that the game doesn’t give you that many gems to begin with, and don’t get me even started with that it doesn’t give you that much options to be able to go get gems. And that’s only my first major problem. The second one is the game mechanic “Triple-tap feature” where if you tap your plate three times, it’ll put your plate of food in the garbage. IMO, that’s a horrible mechanic. I have accidentally pressed on the plates with food three times by accident multiple times and it makes me reset the level bc you’re not allowed to dump your food sometimes.Version: 1.0.15

Love the concept, hate the “pay to win” aspectLet me make this clear, this is a really fun and challenging game! I just wish you could pay for it outright. Unfortunately progression keeps getting blocked by moments where you have to use ‘Gems’ to add more customers to meet your target, the game doesn’t leave you much of a choice over than paying real money for more of them. I understand that the game has to earn money, but it should give you some kind of choice, especially with the incessant ads after every round. Rather than pay-to-play, this game takes the pay-to-win model, which isn’t great judging that the game is aimed at a younger audience..Version: 1.0.19

App Support Major IssuesLove the game and I’m a huge spongebob fan but when the app glitched and I was double charged for an in app purchase and I tried to go to “contact us” to sort out the issue and be refunded the whole app crashed...and continued to crash every time I attempted to do the repeated actions. Then I come to the App Store and attempt support via that way and it is linked to an entirely different game. Now I couldn’t be more disappointed and a large sum of money has been taken from my bank account. NOT HAPPY!.Version: 1.0.7

It’s good but too many annoying adsFirst of all there’s too many ads, and it randomly occurs out of nowhere. Also most of the time the x button isn’t even there so you are basically forced to watch the video. The game also glitches after every ad and kicks me off the game. When I watch a video to decrease 20 mins of the ad, ofcorse my game glitches, I get kicked off the app, and the 20 mins doesn’t even count. I would’ve given 2 stars but I’ve been generous and given 3. I know that this game has a lot of potential, but the game developers deffo need to fix these bugs, glitches, and moreover improve the game to make it more fun. Like it’s takes gold and diamonds to upgrade every item. Which is so bad, you should really do an option of where to pay more gold or just diamonds. This would deffo make the game much more playable and fun. I hope the game developers read this, acknowledge it and make the game better. But I must say in terms of gameplay of cooking and all that, the game is made really well..Version: 1.0.18

Brilliant game but it keep crashingOnce you’ve completed all the levels in a restaurant you can then play infinitely, however the game crashes and leaves you on the cooking screen with no customers and the food carry’s on cooking leaving you to refresh the app. Very frustrating. Hopefully an update comes soon with a resolution as it is a good game..Version: 1.0.17

Good game but...I’m addicted to the game... except I didn’t realise that to finish a level using “extra 3 customers” or “extra 30 seconds” etc. cost 15 with gems!!!! Now I’ve spent all my gems and I can’t upgrade the restaurant plate numbers, stove numbers etc. Is there a way I can reset the entire game? I’ve only just started at the krusty crab restaurant and can’t pass any levels with minimal gems.Version: 1.0.8

Great game but...Seems like a lot of people are on the same page as me. Gems are extremely valuable but very hard to collect. Everything cost so much and then moving to goo lagoon and changing the dollar is insane!! It took me forever to collect money again. Then once I buy things to upgrade my kitchen it takes 6 hours to collect?!? That’s nuts. I lose my lives in no time is very difficult levels of ham a lot. Finally beat the story and the juice bar never opened up to play! But it gave me 30 min of unlimited lives... I’ve already beaten and played every story to almost level 100! I want a new location. Or will it take 3-6 hours to get?? Ridiculous. Also I see other people have difficult telling apart items and making the levels harder to pass. I have to look longer at an item which makes the customer wait and me lose. I’m 27- and have great vision but this was just really hard to tell what their ordering at some places. Super fun game, very addicting when you can play it and pass levels. But it Needs updates and changes to the games and wait times that’s for sure. 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.0.15

Level 18I can’t get past level 18. It tells you to click pancakes for a customer and then click a coffee. But it won’t let me give them the coffee. I’ve uninstalled the app and installed again to try but nothing I’ve even opened and closed the app. And it always gets stuck on the same part..Version: 1.0.10

Basically soft lockedIf you don’t follow exactly how the game wants you to play and upgrade, you can get caught in a loop of cant pass the level because you can’t make enough money, but you need to pass levels to get gems to upgrade stuff. Other than that, an overall fun game..Version: 1.0.18

Great Game Annoying P2W MechanicsThis game is very fun, fast paced, and addicting. For the most part, you never really need to buy gems as you’ll get them from upgrading decor in your restaurants and getting enough smiles to rank up. You will notice giant walls of difficulty forcing you to upgrade your shop and once you do it’s made incredibly easy to make it past the level. What annoys me is the extremely long wait times to upgrade with a outrageous gem cost to speed it up either forcing you to spend real money, or just stop playing the game for the rest of the day. Yes you can watch ads to get the timer down to 30 minutes which is great but that only lasts for a while and the disappear. I’ve always hated that mechanic in games and which devs would move away from it. Another thing that is impossible without spending real money is the daily mini games. The first 3-4 levels are way too easy and then the rest is impossible. There was one I did yesterday that required thumbs up for the pancake event and got every customer and still failed which required me to either pay gems to keep going or quit the event. I chose the ladder. I wish this game was just a one time payment with no pay to win mechanics because it’s an excellent game with well designed levels. It just suffers from greedy developers that try to get you to pull out your wallet for every aspect in the game..Version: 1.0.25

LevelsWhen is the juice bar going to open?????.Version: 1.0.17

Forced to spend gemsThe game is very fun i cannot deny that however it there are some challenging levels and you need boosts or certain characters to complete that level which requires gems or tickets. To get these you have to pay meaning you do have to make in app purchases otherwise the game is impossible i am currently stuck on a level and i cannot go past because i have no boosts and cannot unlock the right character..Version: 1.0.27

Great game, currency not so much!The game is a great game, it’s fun and engaging. The main problem of the game is the currency. You only get one diamond if you watch ads or if you complete achievements. That’s a problem considering there isn’t another way to earn them besides daily log ins(you usually don’t get them till day 7), and completing events (and winning diamonds isn’t guaranteed). There should be a better way to win diamonds. Like maybe every level you complete you get two? I also have an issue with the ads. I’ve payed to have an ad free experience, and the game isn’t even completely ad free... there should be an option to get free diamonds, and free spins without having to watch an add (like how the cookies are) because paying for an add free experience is useless if there are still ads for everything in the game! You also need a better way to trash food because sometimes in the game you’re moving so fast that you accidentally trash the food which in turn makes you lose the level. That gets annoying! The game is fun though!.Version: 1.0.20

I need my gemsI’ve been waiting for my gems after a competition for a week now when it should’ve been 24hrs. How do you expect me to continue to support this game if you can’t even help me win? I think the few players you have left supporting you would appreciate it if you actually showed you cared..Version: 1.0.37

OkSo this game is good in a sense of getting your character builds up in all of the equipment you’ll need to be able to survive your customers. Once you get deeper into the game and unlock other restaurants even though you are hitting on your marks and serving I our so this game is good in a sense of getting your character build up in all of the equipment you’ll need to be able to survive your customers. Once you get deeper into the game and unlock other restaurants even though you are hitting all your marks and serving of your customers it is still saying you’re losing and having you request 30 extra seconds which cost 15 gems. In most games you only get about 2 to 5 gems per win so when you’re losing 15 gems just for an extra 30 seconds or you can purchase them. Once you get deeper into the game it almost seems like it’s making you lose purposely to purchase the gems. It was a really good game to start out with I’ve already unlock three restaurants and went pretty far but now that I am all of a sudden losing I don’t plan on playing this game anymore!.Version: 1.0.20

A few serious problemsI love this game. It’s more addictive than a Krabby Patty and I like the customization it has. There are a few major problems though. It doesn’t count all the orders you served near the end of a match. Let me explain. Here’s an example. You are near the end of a Timed Challenge. A few seconds on the clock. Let’s say 1-3 seconds left. You have a couple of orders ready to serve. You tap on them and it looks like they have been served because they’re going through the animation. In the end, your dreams are crushed because the serving animation takes up too much time and you earn nothing. This has failed me multiple times. This really prevents players like me from completing the timed challenges. The developers should fix this ASAP by making the serving animation quicker or immediately count the point as soon as you tap on the food for the customer. It’s also really hard to get gems without paying for them. A word of advice. Don’t spend gems in the claw machine. Only wait for the daily claw reward or use Krab dollars earned from events. Second, don’t waste them on power ups. Save them for the restaurants..Version: 1.0.18

Too fast for me. Deleted straight away.I was getting on alright with this game until I started losing customers and therefore I believe this is too fast for me! I am also a SpongeBob fanatic, so this may sound surprising! I won't ever be getting this back. It is a rip-off of Cooking Fever and that game is stupid too like this one. However, I did manage with Animal Jam's Fast Foodies and completed every level. Btw if you're considering playing this game I would recommend getting Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream instead as the pace is much slower. I have also completed every level on that one too so I would recommend Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream to anyone. I would NOT recommend SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off to anyone. I hate it..Version: 1.0.15

This game is too expensivePlease lower the price.Version: 1.0.20

Great start but...Loved this game, the pancake phase was really fun and I was able to move through it in a timely manner, wasn’t the easiest but I was able to get what I needed to move on but once I unlocked the krabby patty phase it got really bad. Not only is it harder to advance because not only do I need coins to upgrade, I need gems as well and the game suddenly stops rewarding you with them. Also, making the burgers doesn’t make sense. Some burgers require multiple foods that stacked onto each other but would mess everything up. For example, burgers that needed lettuce and tomatoes or just one or the other would stack up so I would be tapping on these items to be on separate burgers but because they are stackable they ended up on the same burger messing the entire order up and causing me to waste time and space. I hope the developers come up with a solution for this soon because it makes some of the levels very annoying to work through as I have to do all of these separately and that messes up the combos which in turn messes up the amount of coins I need to pass certain levels..Version: 1.0.15

Feels like Pay to playIve been playing this game for hours and it was a really great game. But after completing the pancake story line, the Krusty crab story line required me to use thousand of my coins to do a simple upgrade which I didn’t have since I’ve just upgraded my pancake stand. So I had to go back to the pancake story line to get more coins, so after playing a few more games after the story line, I got stuck because it wouldn’t let me pass the level without squidwards perk of cooking a plate. And so far I’ve only unlocked spongebob and Patrick, because that’s what the game gave me. And it wants me to use tickets to try to unlock more characters. So then I used the tickets that were freely given to me by the game, which was only enough for one shot of trying to get squidward. But turns out all it gave me was a crowbar. So once I realized I couldn’t win that game on the pancake story line. I just moved on to the Krusty crab one. But then I get stuck on a level that needs swidward also. So then I tried moving to the limited time events, and those events are a scam, because once you get deeper into the even, it pushes you to use a booster or else you will lose and start from the beginning. So then I used all my boosters and I still lost. So now I can’t move forward and I can’t use boosters. So much for a free to play game..Version: 1.0.38

Great game but...First off, I love Spongebob and I’m a huge fan of time management games. This is probably one of the best time management games I’ve ever played hands down. It’s had me addicted for days and that definitely takes a lot to keep my interest. The only reason why I’m giving it 3 stars is because a lot of things seem impossible to do without spending real money. There’s advertisements you can watch for a gem or two but they’re limited per day and the cost to upgrade items essential to the level you’re playing on is quite pricey. And you don’t keep those upgrades when you progress to the next stage because the story changes a bit. I have found some levels near impossible to beat if I didn’t use my boosters that I saved and cherished so much. If this game wasn’t such a money grab from people who don’t really need to have it be a money grab, I would’ve given it 5 stars hands down. I’ve already spent over $20 on this game and it hasn’t even been installed on my phone for a month. Otherwise gameplay is fun!.Version: 1.0.20

Impossible levelsLater in the game there are infinity levels that can’t be completed without the use of a minimum 3 power ups. Please play test your game. I love playing but it should be fair to those who don’t want to spend money on the game..Version: 1.0.8

Ruined by overusage of in app purchasesThe game has great gameplay, characters and it’s really enjoyable. But then comes the ads, having to use both gems and coins to upgrade stuff, and gems have to be bought unless unlocked scarcely. Then comes the ads, the power ups you have to buy and what you’re left with is a cash cow. It’s a shame as if the game was a standalone price of £5 without all the ads, cash cowing and gems, then it would be fantastic and probably appeal to many more players..Version: 1.0.15

Well made but money hungryAs you progress through the games everything from basic upgrades to decor require a lot more gems and coins while the levels don’t balance out the demand leaving you stuck. This appears to be a strategy for spending real money to progress. You also get a lot of trick pop ups that consume a lot of gems for a one use power up. I accidentally clicked okay trying to replay which cost me hard earned gems. The game really needs to make progress achievable. If a later level requires a lot more gems and coins for each upgrade then the levels need to pay out more and treasure boxes give more gems. I don’t like the 4 pop ups you get every time when logging in or the redirect to the store to buy stuff. The annoying thing is if you click the pop up at startup you don’t get the upgrades that are ready to collect until you exit to the restaurant screen. This seems like a bug to me. The upgrade should exist without collection animation..Version: 1.0.36

RiggedRigged so you'll lose until you buy something no matter how well you play..Version: 1.0.17

Fun but developers are money hungryI am currently on level 42 and do not see a way to get through it without spending money. I saw the developers had responded on someone’s review and said to use boosters. This would be a great strategy if they made it easier to get boosters. It feels like once they are gone you have to buy more. I am ashamed to say I have spent money on gems and noticed how stupid that was. I refuse to purchase anything else with my hard earned money. You need to make it easier to collect gems and not rigging the levels would be a good start. It’s really messed up that you force people to have to update the appliances on about every 5 levels. Also I get tired of trying to pass the same level by playing the level 10 plus times. Every time I play the level something is different like patience levels drop quicker and food doesn’t get done quick enough. Also if you set a goal for the level make sure that goal is attainable. Also the app freezes and sometimes in the middle of a level. I will likely be deleting this app if this doesn’t change. It was a fun game until developer greed and rigging of games. Fix it!!!.Version: 1.0.34

Well Rounded Fun... exceptThis game has proved to be a great time waster! As in a very fun way to pass time or just play it when you’re bored. I myself played for quite a few hours when I first downloaded the game and had very little issue with the whole game. I was receiving a steady flow of Gems and Coin to upgrade my equipment and food, the amount of Unlimited Lives I was getting was keeping me playing and I loved it, and it was based on Spongebob... who wouldn’t love that?! But the I unlocked the Krusty Krab and that’s where the problems start. The upgrades understandably cost much more coin in the Krusty Krab, but more Gems as well? Without the steady stream of Gems still pouring in from the Tutorial Phase and the fact that I just spent all my Gems maximizing the potential of my pancake stand, I’m making no progress in terms of upgrades. I’ve been able to afford the Gem price of two upgrades and I’ve been tryin to earn them for hours. So I’m begging the Dev’s here, please remove Gem upgrade costs, that makes your game EXTREMELY pay to win and none of us want that. By the time we all the upgrades we’d have put a lot of real money in, and that’s just the slightest bit ridiculous. But all in all, other than that fact, the game is great! Would recommend!.Version: 1.0.15

AwesomeThis game is great, addictive and a lot of fun. But the food truck levels are just too hard. You can’t win them because of something out of your control like having to wait for customers. Even using boosters won’t help you. Fix this and this game would be one of the best. Also it keeps crashing when you try to switch food stalls and sometimes just randomly. Very annoying..Version: 1.0.23

Quite fun for a bitThis game is quite good until the customers start ordering loads of coffees and they run out of patience so much quicker than the coffee machine makes coffee... I think they’re trying to force you to spend money on it, the game is good but not worth spending money on and this attempt at making you spend money unfortunately makes it not worth spending your time on either.Version: 1.0.20

You have to use real money to pass levels.You have to use gems and coins to upgrade equipment, then you have to wait over an hour to get the upgrade. Gems are hard to get too. Some levels you cannot pass unless you use real money to buy gems or boosters to upgrade the equipment. Special events you cannot pass AT ALL unless you buy boosters. It is a good game but it really needs updating as some of the levels are fixed so they make you buy gems, coins and boosters..Version: 1.0.17

Good GameI love the game. However when i got “Ham-a-lot” I came by some problems, such as the app not letting me give the OJ with the very first person. I updated the app and it still hasn’t changed anything. Other than that I have no major complaints..Version: 1.0.9

Finding custom is not workingLike i said.Version: 1.0.28

Impossible to progressI was really enjoying this game until I got to the burger level. At a point, it’s impossible to progress as you won’t have enough gems to upgrade your items. I went back to the pancake levels to earn some more coins and got to a level where it is literally impossible to pass unless you pay to add another 30 seconds on the clock. I am extremely fast at these levels and don’t miss a single order and I could still only get 45 orders out of 50 to pass the level in time..Version: 1.0.15

Glitches too much!!!Stuck on the storyline clip after level 25 of Sandy’s BBQ. Dialogue doesn’t come up and I can’t even skip it. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app several times now. I’m always taken back to that clip with no way of getting past it. It’s a shame because I was really enjoying this game. 😞.Version: 1.0.38

Not enough gem rewards.Good game from what I’ve played so far, but very disappointing as progressing from the burger level is really hard. I was really enjoying this game, I love the cooking ideas, pancakes, burgers, BBQs, that’s how far I got, but being able to upgrade the restaurants you need gems and you upgrade the restaurant to get gems, so it doesn’t really work. It’s now impossible to pass levels as you need to upgrade equipment which also costs gems. It’s all about the gems and you don’t get many at all, at first yes, but the more into it the more pointless it becomes..Version: 1.0.17

You need to purchase power upsIt’s a really fun game, but I feel as if some levels are too difficult to pass without using power ups. Not everyone can or wants to buy them, so maybe make it so you can earn them a little easier or make the levels not as difficult..Version: 1.0.7

Love the game but...This is a very fun game and has a good story line and keeps you entertained for hours. But like so many other reviews I have come across once you unlock the Krusty Krab things go south. It is ridiculous and just silly to make you pay for upgrades with coins AND gems. Gems that you can’t win. So the only way to even upgrade is to constantly spend more and more money. Also IMO each level should be winnable WITHOUT boosters. You come across some of the levels that you literally can not beat without using some kind of extra help. And of course once you have used all your boosters you can get more by paying for them with your GEMS. The same gems you need for upgrades and everything else in the game. So once you lose at the level so many times and lose all of your lives and can’t play for another 30 minutes. It will lose my attention very quickly unless this is fixed. So overall they should take the option of paying for everything with gems out of the game or have it as an option like every other game out there and let the user decide if they want to spend the extra money they can. It shouldn’t be mandatory to pay to win..Version: 1.0.15

ReviewGame keeps playing up it’s annoying. Just when you thought your lives are about to renew it doesn’t and wait time changes from 30mins to an hour. Also the updating times when the items are in the process of upgrading keeps getting longer, the time always changes when it’s almost due to be ready. Compete rubbish..Version: 1.0.23

Money grabI enjoy playing the game however, I think it’s ridiculous that I have to purchase a boost in order to make enough coins to pass an event level. DO NOT recommend this game if you wish to progress without spending real money. Players should be able to earn more gems daily or the amount of gems required to progress needs to be lowered. This is a child friendly game it should not rely on real money to progress, absolute greed. Reading other reviews about this issue and the fact that none of them get a response about this issue, I can see that will never change. I will be deleting this game if I can not progress without spending real money. MONEY GRAB! This is a child friendly game shame for the greed in this game. If I could give negative stars, I would!.Version: 1.0.18

AnnoyedI really like this game and in pretty far in, but recently it started lagging so much and force closes so often. I can’t watch videos for diamonds anymore and I don’t receive free play in order to level up my characters anymore. Please fix this, I don’t want to stop playing :(.Version: 1.0.29

Good but 2 annoying issuesThe game is highly addictive and enjoyable but the following issues are quite annoying: 1) Ads you can watch to get free gems or speed up upgrades don’t give you the reward when you’ve finished watching them. 2)It is way to easy to bin items with a double tap. Should be a triple tap or drag to bin items.Version: 1.0.18

Close button won’t workIn the past few days, the close button function doesn’t seem to be working, as no matter how many times you press it, it won’t work, as you are stuck on the upgrade page.Version: 1.0.36

Ads at the beginning of the levelWastes 30seconds, makes it impossible to win.Version: 1.0.34

Fun but many problemsThis game is easy to enjoy in the beginning stages but that will soon be lost once the realization that you need to actually buy things with your own money actually settles in. The cost of an additional 30 seconds costing 12 gems is ridiculous. Whenever I play the food truck events to get more gems they make it impossible to beat. I either have to use boosters or gems when I lose lives which defeats the purpose of playing for gems! I’ve already spent close to $30 just playing this and it’s really not fair at this point. The triple tap function for throwing away food is unfair because you will find your self tapping fast to serve the customers, resulting in you accidentally throwing away your food, potentially losing a game. This has happened to me several times when I was on my last life and my only option is to buy more lives with gems that are too expensive. Lives and additional time should not be so expensive, especially when they are seldomly earned. Either make gems more accessible ofr cheapen the cost of things. This is only an app, not a gaming console and I shouldn’t have to spend so much money just to enjoy. I’m at the verge of deleting because it’s so annoying.Version: 1.0.28

Fun for a bit, then gets frustratingThe first three restaurants are fantastically balanced in my opinion, but once you get to Goo Lagoon, the levels start getting too difficult. Some levels are far too difficult, such that when you cook and pass out food as fast as you can with fully upgraded items, you still may fail the level. In some levels that don’t have the auto-fail for losing a customer, if you lose a single customer, there’s no way to recover. Also, it feels impossible to get more gems after the Krusty Krab, so upgrading machines is so difficult in Goo Lagoon that you can’t even upgrade stuff to make the levels easier. I enjoyed the earlier levels because I could progress through them fairly quickly, with a few repeated levels. Now, in Ham-a-lot, I’ve been stuck for a few days because I can’t get enough gems to upgrade my equipment to actually be able to pass some levels. This makes me dread the next two restaurants because I can’t imagine how expensive and impossible the levels will become. On the User Interface, everything is super cute and things make sense, but I don’t like all the things that pop up all the time. The Bargain Mart coming up every time you exit anything leads to miss-taps and wasted time. Overall, I love the game and I want to keep playing it, but some of these minor frustrations are making it difficult to keep my interest since I can’t progress..Version: 1.0.17

Pay to winAt first I was thrilled to have infinite levels and challenges. And then the father along I progressed I realized this game forces you to get gems in whatever way possible. They have levels that literally force you to upgrade certain equipment. You physically cannot progress farther without upgrades. Additionally, when you go to restart or quit a level it throws up a screen that if you click it it spends your hard earned gems. I mean literally right after you try to quit a level it throws up 2-3 screens that want you to confirm the quit or spend gems to get boosters, or extra time, customers etc. I love cooking games and I do well with them, this game really triggered me at how unfair it was. You have to either pay money or watch ads (which are limited) it really creates a game that is stacked against you. I liked this game a lot until I progressed to around Hamalot. It’s forcing these upgrades earlier and earlier the farther you get. I get it it’s Nickelodeon but come on really? If a kid was playing this game there’s no doubt whatsoever they’d click the spend gems button by accident, like I have as an adult, it ruins it. Not to mention the numerous pop ups begging to buy deals etc. not worth it when they throw other pop ups meant to make you accidentally spend gems. This is really disappointing Nickelodeon. I did expect more from you guys. So money hungry smh..Version: 1.0.27

Great game, frustrating crashingThis is actually a really fun game if it works well. The issue I’m having is that, occasionally, when I try to start a level, it crashes! This is incredibly frustrating, particularly when I try to use boosters or am working on a streak: the booster is instantaneously consumed and I’ve completely wasted it, or my streak is broken and I have to start over from the beginning! I really hope the developers fix this so that people don’t keep pointlessly wasting their money on this game; pay-to-wins are bad enough as they are, but paying for resources without being able to use them are infinitely worse. Similarly, as I’ve seen in other reviews, the mechanic of trashing items is not really intuitive: for certain levels where different items are really close together (like the pretzels and cheese in Weenie Hut Jrs), it is VERY easy to click the same thing more than once when you intend to click another item. This isn’t too bad on most levels, but for levels in which you aren’t allowed to trash items, it becomes a really big problem. I really want to enjoy this game, but sometimes I simply have to stop playing after encountering these issues..Version: 1.0.26

Don’t botherThe game has so many glitches and have been waiting for the Juice Bar to open for weeks now as I’ve finished the levels. The new update focused on costumes for your character. Who cares about them when you can’t even progress further in the game..Version: 1.0.10

I love this game but...I love these type of games and the fact that it is Spongebob makes it that much better, however they are all the same... you get to a certain point and it seems impossible to proceed and win a particular level without leveling up an item or a boost. At least some of the other similar games allow you to get further into the game. In my case, it is the weenie hut in Goo Lagoon, I’m stuck relatively early on and it’s frustrating. I cannot make any more coins for this area as it’s the first level in the area and I cannot win the level because I need a new shake machine. I feel like it would help if you earned boosters throughout the previous area as you continue to bring it to 100% or have an additional task to do to obtain extra boosters or coins. Even some games just give you a few boosters just for fun. To make it so difficult that you cannot win without a booster that you have to buy is ridiculous. I get that they are trying to make money but there are so many ads, do they not get a kickback from that? Or keep people long enough to maybe want to pay for it? I don’t know. Please do something because I’d love to continue this game..Version: 1.0.25

UninstallingGreat game, but suddenly it kept crashing whenever I tried to change restaurants. As soon as the loading screen appears right as the map loads, the game just quits itself. Therefore I can’t progress because I’m in the wrong restaurant. Vowed to keep trying and hoped an update would fix the situation, after contacting support and receiving a useless response. Just installed the latest update and no difference, it still crashes. So unfortunately I’m going to free up some memory space and uninstall..Version: 1.0.24

Are you serious?I’ve played a toooon of these games and the upgrades are already tough enough with ads and the upgrades. I dealt with the ads on this game for a while, then the annoying cool downs for buying new items, and then I finally got pretty far in the game and you say that I ran out of gems-____- so I guess I was paying with coins and gems at the same time for the entire game... for what reason? I feel like any of these games that make you wait for an upgrade, are kind of stupid because it’s almost like you’re telling your users that we should wait 30 minutes before continuing to play... you’re literally teaching us how to go on with our lives without the app. Just make everything coins only and cosmetics buyable with gems. There no need to use two currencies for one item. We’re already watching ads, you’re getting paid for that already. Why push people away, I would’ve definitely played this a few more weeks and you would’ve at least had the ad revenue. I immediately deleted the app when I realized I needed to pay to continue. So stupid. Make your app cost something to play and then take away some of the gem traps. It’s not necessary... absolutely not necessary..Version: 1.0.20

Absolutely Ridiculous 😡.... Can’t upgrade effectively to have a fighting chance ‼️Unfortunately, a game that could have great potential ruined. When it first starts off the game runs pretty smoothly, until you get around level 20 at the pancake stand. AI orders are extremely difficult to fill when they are ordering all the same orders, for example 3 coffees for 3 customers. The machine itself does not have many upgrades to keep up. Secondly, purchasing upgrades with gems and coins 🤦🏽‍♂️, it should be one or the other not both. Coins are easy to acquire, but not so much gems. Lastly, when you finally get to the Krusty Krab the upgrades are overly expensive, forcing you to have to continue playing at the pancake stand until you have enough coins and gems to purchase the grill for 6000 coins plus gems 🤦🏽‍♂️. If prices for upgrades are lowered and AI speeds are slowed down then the game would be considered more fun. Hopefully, in the next upgrade gamers suggestions are taken seriously. Thank you 😊.Version: 1.0.15

Designed to failGameplay on the IPhone is very difficult, selections are set too close together and leaves no room for human error, an accidental click results in failure. And then when trying to purchase gems for a second chance to keep a winning streak the game conveniently gets stuck on the loading screen. Unless you’re prepared to spend money, IN ADVANCE, you will just find yourself disappointed and frustrated After a week long conversation with tech support because there is no longer an option to connect to Facebook, no resolution has been given and this game is definitely making money for the developers at the players expense..Version: 1.0.11

Good game, greedy developersKrusty cook-off is fun and addicting, however, it’s impossible to win without spending a lot of actual money. The further in the levels you go, the more gems it costs to upgrade and successfully complete the levels, which requires you to purchase. The “rewards” the game offers are not enough so you have no choice. I’ve already spent $40 on the game, like I said it’s addicting, but I’ve had to delete the app because I realized there’s no way for me to move forward without spending more, which i feel I’ve already spent a ridiculous amount of for a little boredom buster phone game. A better concept would be to take away the gems and allow people to purchase the game at a set price where we can actually complete the game with coins earned. Maybe even have more sponsored ads to watch and earn more than just one gem a video or even food truck events where you strictly earn gems since it later costs over 200 gems a level. Most levels are also impossible without gem paid boosters, which I’m sure they did that on purpose as well for more money. Love the game but I’m frustrated the developers were so greedy with the concept and I really wish I was able to keep playing..Version: 1.0.18

Games is fun but to expensiveI love this game it’s such a shame in order to progress you have to buy gems with real money. As levels progress the equipment price and gems cost gets higher and higher the free gems in game just don’t cover it. I have been stupid enough to buy gems but each time they are soon gone just doing normal level ups. Would cost hundreds to complete which is ridiculous. Should be a paid game with no in app purchasing rubbish..Version: 1.0.20

Not a good gameNot a good game.Version: 1.0.28

Great game but some bugsUpdated to say the food truck event can’t be completed because of trash glitch! I love this game, it’s the same as every other cooking game but has Spongebob, making it way better. I agree with other feedback that it is hard to upgrade without using real money since you need gems for everything, but there are ways to earn gems without paying. I also find that levels where you can’t use the bin (which I never use anyway), I always lose because it’s so touchy. This needs fixing because I get so close to completing a level but need to use a Second Chance otherwise I start over. Please fix this! Otherwise it’s a really cute game, easy to play and all your favourite characters!.Version: 1.0.7

Great game but...I love this great. I love the different options so it’s not always cooking the same thing and how you can work for gems etc by playing over and over and don’t have to buy them all the time. But recently the game has started glitching, every time I win a level it freezes and I can’t click any buttons or get out. So I have to close the whole app and then get back into it..Version: 1.0.9

Enjoyed until bugWas enjoying the game until it froze and wouldn’t let me get passed talking to sandy.. would like to keep playing but unable to get passed it.Version: 1.0.38

Fun But Buggy and Money-HungryI enjoy playing this game, except it does have a few issues. First, the game is very buggy. Half of the time the game crashes. Yesterday, I pretty much couldn’t play the game at all because every time I opened it up it crashed after about 30 seconds. Also, there’s a bug that keeps popping up where you look at an ad to get the free gem, and the screen just goes black, leading you to have to force quit the game and not get the gem. Another issue I have with the app is that it is very blatantly pay-to-win. You have to get coins AND gems to pay for any upgrades in the game. Coins are very easy to come by, but getting gems is very difficult, especially since in the later levels we need up to 15 gems per upgrade at points. The only way to get enough gems to actually progress in this game is by buying them, and it isn’t a one-time purchase either. I bought the $4.99 pack of 100 gems, and after getting through the Krusty Krab and a third of the way through Sandy’s BBQ, I’m already almost out of gems. This needs to be fixed so players who can’t spend money can enjoy the game as well..Version: 1.0.17

Stuck in sandy talking to meTHERES A BUGGGG. Please fix it! I pass the level and it's just frozen where sandy is talking to Spoungebob. Please fix it.Version: 1.0.38

Fun game but too expensiveWhen I first started playing, I thought it was a brilliant game. I’m a big spongebob fan so I expected great things and at first I wasn’t disappointed. Boy, did that change quickly! The graphics are great, the characters are amusing and the game play starts out somewhat okay. However, after the initial few levels flipping pancakes and serving krabby patties, the game becomes virtually impossible for someone who doesn’t have the finger speed of a thrash metal guitarist or the money to match! You CANNOT progress in the game without gems. Gems are either won, sparingly, or bought at stupid prices (starting at £5.99) This game was never intended to be for “fun” but rather for the makers and producers to profit from people who can’t keep up with its fast pace..Version: 1.0.18

Bug won’t let me proceedI’m stuck at a clip of sandy talking to me, it won’t even let the clip play it crashes and stays stuck, I can’t even skip the story clip it won’t let me play anymore... I was loving this game man.Version: 1.0.38

You need moneyUnless you want to pay to upgrade or have the abilities, you can’t win. I’m a fast and quick person and even I’m struggling to meet the expectation of the rounds. I can only pass when I have things like no burn (which were given free at the start). Such a scam this game is made to be hard so you spend money. I’m done..Version: 1.0.7

Now what?Very addictive! It can get stressful and gets the adrenaline pumping but it's enjoyable with amazing graphics and spongebob references. However, I've completed the bikini bottom levels and 2 of the goo lagoon levels and now it's telling me the rest of the goo lagoon levels are coming soon? I've only been playing a week maybe 2 tops so there's no way I could've completed it already surely? I'm also having the same problem as others where I'm watching ads and not getting a reward and, when I finish a level sometimes the screen will freeze but I'm still able to cook I just can't touch anything else in the game, only way to fix it is to back out of the game. I'm on an iPhone XR.Version: 1.0.17

Fun but full of micro transactions...The game itself is super fun and has you coming back for more. What I really don’t enjoy is having the entire game revolve around constant micro transactions. It’s almost impossible to play without purchasing in game gems. If you don’t purchase, you’re stuck on levels that nearly require boosters in order to win. Even the game related purchases require gems instead of just the coins you earn each level, why? I also really hate the fact you can only request lives through Facebook. Not everyone has Facebook friends that will send lives. You can watch a video ad here and there for one single life. The timer for new lives to regenerate is too long. There’s a lot I hope to see fixed in the future. Another feature I really don’t like is the fact that after each level it takes you back to the shop and “recommends” the same item over and over. If I don’t have the coins to buy that item, I don’t want to keep getting automatically taken back to the shop. Let players open the shop on their own when they’re ready to buy. So far it’s fun, just needs a lot of work..Version: 1.0.15

Great game - few issuesEvery time I move to a different area of the game, or complete a round, the app closes down. I’ve lost money and gems from this. The ads are annoying however they do help me generate much needed gems :-) Overall, It is fair to say I am very much addicted to this game. As a grown 30-something woman, I still love Spongebob and these styles of game. Just a few glitches need tweaking then it’ll be a 5!.Version: 1.0.23

A kids game with a Pay to win barrierMy occupation is “quality assurance functionality tester”, a game tester to simplify it. I thoroughly enjoy this game as Spongebob has been a great tv show when I was younger + the cooking aspect is simple and fun. HOWEVER! After a certain level it no longer becomes playable for the kids as the game will suddenly become fast pace. It’s actually too fast for me and I’m pretty fast myself as I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. To progress higher in the game, you have to upgrade your Character and Kitchen. To upgrade your Kitchen you can use Gold (which you can get by playing the game) AND Gems! To get Gems, you have to use real money to buy a bundle of Gems or watch 1 video every 30 minutes to get 1 Gem. Each equipment may cost 10 Gems, so if you calculate it, you have to watch 1 video every 30 minutes for 5 hours to upgrade 1 equipment (there’s over 9 equipment that you have to upgrade 3 times!). Upgrading your Character is a different story. You have this toy crane and you use Tickets to randomly get a “loot” which may upgrade your Character, and to get Tickets you must use real money. In gaming terms this is called “Loot Boxes” which is illegal in some countries because it’s considered as gambling. In conclusion, 1. It’s a stupidly difficult kids game 2. You forcing gamers to buy Gems and Tickets to progress in the game, and 3. You’re promoting gambling to kids with Loot Boxes. Absolutely disgusting..Version: 1.0.38

Crashes non stopThis game is great to play that’s if the level don’t crash. After every level iv done it will just close automatically. Iv lost diamonds. Contacted tech support (Benjamin) absolutely hopeless and still have not fixed anything this was over a month ago. Told me I didn’t lose any diamonds and that they will get the game fixed. Not worth the download. It’s designed to make money from you. Will freeze non stop. Game play on iPhone is some times impossible as the items in game play are set very close together so you will fail by touching a item by mistake..Version: 1.0.18

DisappointedI finished all the levels waaaay back, occasionally checking in to see if the juice bar was up or not. Ever since I started playing again I have been frustrated and disappointed with this garbage. So much has changed for the worst. The amount of diamonds to order your items right away? The ads don’t work to speed up the delivery after one use, it’s glitchy, and all the money pushing bull we have to put up with now? Read the room, developers. We waited for your new level and you come back with garbage updates. You’re trying to money grab in a game directed towards CHILDREN in the middle of a PANDEMIC. I’m so disgusted and SO displeased. Do better, repulsive. Sincerely, Someone with a sense of morals.Version: 1.0.18

Crashes a lotI really enjoy this game, but it crashes a lot mid level which means I lose a life and any boosts I used. Very frustrating. There are also a tonne of pop ups each time the app restarts which is irritating. If not for the crashing I would give it 5 stars..Version: 1.0.36

I adore this game but a lot puts me offI love this game. It’s challenging so you have a build a sweat up to complete levels other than other games. The story line is good and it’s like the actual sponge Bob episodes with all the characters! I put down one star because of the pop ups. Not adverts, but actual pop ups in the game. You finish a level so it takes you back to the restaurant and it’s constantly throwing side quests in front of you or trying to make you upgrade your restaurant or your progress on the side quests. Got to click a few times just to start another level. I put dis another star because like a lot of games, it’s hard to get gems. And no gems means no upgrades so can’t complete a level unless you throw in them things that help you. Help us out with the above and it would be a 10 star game! X.Version: 1.0.22

Fun, but it forces you to spend money.It's a great fun game in the beginning, but once you get deeper into the game. You have to pay to win. I’ve noticed that in a lot of the levels some of the items are purposely slowed to have to buy upgrades. Otherwise some of the levels are impossible to win without an upgrade or a booster. Also, the time limit is thought out as well and you have to buy boosters and of course Gems, gems gems. This game does whatever it takes to get you to spend money on these micro-transactions to proceed with the game. It’s fine, but you do have to spend quite a good amount to continue. I guess it depends on your budget. You also have to be incredibly aware of the pop-ups that come up when you have gems that cost an incredibly stupid high amount to either get more customers or lives. Read every pop-up carefully otherwise you’ll accidentally spend 20 gems for some dumb crap. If a kid is playing this game then that’s when it’ll be all bad. Then they will accidentally click on these gem-sucking pop-ups. Anyway, fun game, but you do have to spend cash..Version: 1.0.38

Crashes constantlyHas to load content constantly, can’t continue gameplay without in app purchases, crashes during special events.Version: 1.0.38

It’s good but...This is a really good game, however the fact that you need to use coins AND gems to upgrade kitchen items and then also have to wait for it to be delivered is ridiculous!! Developers should look into the game ‘cooking craze’ (which I highly recommend to play) to see how you upgrade items in that game, it’s so much easier and makes more sense in that game.Version: 1.0.15

MediocreI started playing in summer 2020. Was great at first and really enjoyed it.. I’ve completed all levels available, however I’ve had to purchase gems to do so (£30 spent in total). In the beginning more gems was given freely too (in the likes of the 2 daily food trucks giving out 15 per a completion, the 48hr rewards which use to give out 8 now only give out 2 or even the weekly streak which use to give you gems but now gives you tickets..) and these gems helped as each town the prices get increasingly larger each upgrade.. recently there has been changes with this though, all rewards jiggled and changed in the hope of the game being even more so of a “buy to win” type. When Glove world is released and I’m able to more forward I will.. however i will not purchase any more gems, when there gone there gone. Only suggestion on how to improve would be to increased gems for rewards, for example, the 3 star achievements should be 3 gems, 2 star achievements 2 gems etc as they can be big work due to it resetting after every completion and not carrying on (for example it will reset to 0 after completing 100 infinity levelsamd giving me a goal of 200 more... meaning by the time I’ve completed those achievements all together I’ve actually completed around 350 infinity levels..).Version: 1.0.28

Really frustrating!!!Alright listen. this game is so much fun. i’ll give them that. but good god. it gets to a point where you literally cannot play the game if you don’t buy gems. it’s really cruel tbh. it takes longer and longer to win gems because they purposefully make it more difficult but on top of that they make it more expensive to buy upgrades so you’re just spending all this time struggling to win gems so that you can get upgrades in order to pass the levels. i’ve noticed something really messed up that they do. say if you’ve fully upgraded all of your equipment except for one. they will make the customers MILK that one piece of equipment until you lose that level every single time UNLESS you upgrade. for example i fully upgraded my stove and my fryer but not my drink machine. so now i’m at a level where EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER asks for THREE DRINKS. it’s horrible. not only that, but they never ask to confirm gem purchases. if you accidentally click on a pop up that asks you to spend gems, that’s it your gems are gone. there’s no “are you sure?” pop up, nothing. all your hard work is gone. it’s really poorly made and forces you to pay in order to win which is really messed up. please fix this..Version: 1.0.29

Money hungryThe game is fun, although since moving to the krusty krab level, i noticed you have to use gems to get certain items, without those items/upgrades it’s impossible to keep passing levels. Ive not used gems to speed up things and im already out of gems. I think using gems as well as coins to upgrade items should be removed, coins make sense. Theres pretty much no way to earn gems besides a random chest here and there and 1 gem per achievement. This is a deal breaker for me, because i refuse to spend copious amounts of real money on a game just to be able to play it. Especially when theres free to play ones you guys knocked off..Version: 1.0.9

Too expensiveI was so happy to see my favorite cartoon in a game and it’s very good and addictive. BUT you need gems to buy upgrades to speed up things to buy decoration basically for everything.. some levels are impossible to pass without power ups no matter how hard you try.. in my opinion upgrades should cost only coins and it should be up to the player if he wants to speed it up using gems or buy power ups, not forcing the player to spend and buy as much gems as possible... not sure how more longer I am gonna play the game although it has great potencial....Version: 1.0.19

It’s okIt’s a good game but there are quite a few problems. Such as when watching reward ads they don’t give the gems after or don’t reduce the time, also it is very difficult to win the challenges which is very frustrating. Finally I think there should be more ways to win gems because it is very hard to complete levels without being able to buy the cooking equipment..Version: 1.0.18

Good game but a lot of glitchesGood fun game, but glitches a lot and often. Sometimes when you watch an ad to speed up an equipment of ingredient upgrade the time won’t be taken off. Sometimes once the round ends instead of taking you back to the restaurant screen it will go back into that round but you can’t click anything but everything is still cooking. Ruins the flow of the game and makes you fed up of progress doesn’t count.Version: 1.0.17

Fun game but very buggy.I love this game. It’s hard to give it only 2 stars. It’s fun, challenging, engaging. The kitchens are colorful and visually entertaining. The restaurant upgrades are fun. You can watch ads to get more gems for upgrades, more lives, and reduce upgrade wait times. My kids love playing with me. But it’s definitely got some issues. Very buggy. I often watch ads only to find I do not have my wait times reduced. Rebooting the app helps about 50% of the time. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but wait a few hours and reboot. Also the game is very fast paced, which I like, but if you lose- watch out. A couple windows pop up asking you if you want to spend 20 gems to keep playing. If you accidentally tap it. That’s it. Gems are GONE. There’s no “Are you sure you want to spend 20 gems?”. Nope. All that ad watching time wasted!!!! Because the game is so fast paced and there’s a lot of quick decisions that need to be made it’s very easy to accidentally spend your gems. Even when you spend gems and use boosters you may still lose. Very frustrating..Version: 1.0.18

Crashes way too oftenFun and addicting. However the “fry cook games” causes the app to crash constantly. Frustrating to restart every minute and lose nearly half of any free game play earned..Version: 1.0.34

The amount of gems needed is impossible without having to spend real moneyI enjoy this game but I’m stuck cause the upgrades I need to pass the next level at the Krusty krab (story 2 level 43) I need a whole lot of those stupid gems (ex. 18 gems for the fourth burner to cook patty’s & a bunch more for the other upgrades) to help me pass this level 😡 & I only have earned 2 gems in the last 2 weeks From the achievements, mind you I play everyday, So it’s impossible to upgrade unless I use real money & that’s a hell no. Please lower the amount of gems needed to upgrade because 18 is ridiculous & it makes the game impossible to play & enjoy because the only way to get gems is to use real money. Just plain greedy..Version: 1.0.17

OVERUSED GEM MONEY HUNGRY SCAM GAMEPLAYThe tripple to trash is so annoying and unnecessary. A feature to instead drag to the trash can would be much better because it seems like a trick to make you lose the tasks that are to not throw any food away. very hard to get gems which makes it impossible to move on seems to push needing to purchase them too much. after unlocking sandys bbq it’s impossible to move on past 1 star items bc the gem price spiked from 10 gems to 89!!! that’s ridiculous and impossible without buying them because by then you’ve already played all the gems out of the pancake stand and the krusty kranks. Go lower on gems and higher on coins, i don’t even get why it’s pushing so hard for gems when there’s also adds not even cooking fever is like that 🙄 Lower the needed gems for upgrades and use more coins or make it easier to get gems. also all the “challenges” are impossible it really pushes to buy boosters all it wants is money. The food truck is an absolute scam bc it gives you 60 seconds but half of that is how long the customers take to get up there and order. EACH LEVEL SHOULD BE PASSABLE WITHOUT HAVING TO USE A BOOSTER, yet another money grubbing feature y’all aren’t Eugene Krabs why did you make it like this..Version: 1.0.15

Good, until...This game is great! Levels are a bit of a challenge after about 7 levels, and i really like the charming outfits you can get. Then, the crashes came. Oh dear. I would open the game, play 3-5 levels then it would crash. Plain and simple - play, crash, repeat. Please fix this! If it continues to crash, i will not play anymore..Version: 1.0.25

Ads don’t give rewards and time deductions as promisedWould be nice if you actually got the gems and time deductions off when you spend 30 watching an ad. Only for it not to work. Then I’ll give 5 stars....Version: 1.0.18

It’s not a game at all,Total scam.Version: 1.0.36

Fun game lame supportThe game is fun and I enjoy playing in my free time but it has several flaws for normal use. The game relies heavily on gems which is usually not a terrible thing to come by in the game as long as your game works correctly. Otherwise you must buy gems and waste your money. There are several issues with watching Ads to earn gems and earning gems from championships. For some reason you just wont get them and you’ll waste your time instead. I’ve reached out to player support several times and they are very friendly but seem to not be helpful at all. For the Pancake stand, the championship is rewardable up to 1000. I was rank 769 and never received anything and they told me I had to be in the 100s an then never reached out again even when I provided proof showed them in game it does not show that. When I told them that my game does not give me rewards for watching ads, I sent in screen recordings and screen shots and they said they would look into it but it was never fixed..Version: 1.0.19

Fun but costlyCompared to other cooking games, it’s too hard to do the upgrades having to pay using coins AND gems, in addition to having to wait for delivery. Much better experience if it was easier to earn gems from achievements, and if delivery times or gem costs were cut from upgrades.Version: 1.0.8

Speed up ads don’t workGood game but I have watched numerous ads to speed up the delivery time of items and it doesn’t work. I though this was a one off but it’s happened way to many times to count. Very frustrating. Update: Often when you complete a level it will award you your winning and move you up the leaderboard but when you continue to try and move to the next level. It brings you back into the same completed level and doesn’t exit. You then have to exit the game completely and come back in. Again very frustrating..Version: 1.0.17

Can’t play a levelThis game is super fun, but have unable to move forward as this one level just freezes for me and I can’t do anything. Contacted the support team and they never got back to me. Disappointed cause I love playing this.Version: 1.0.8

Great but there's a butI love the game and anything spongebob related really. The music, the characters they all bring back nostalgic memories and the mechanics are quite alright! However, Sadly I must give it a 2 star. You already make me watch ads in the game, and then I need pearls bought with money to upgrade my utilities. I do not mind receiving some ads however, to receive ads and restrict me from playing the game by requiring me to spend cash to upgrade is in my opinion terrible. I had a blast playing the game, but don't hit me with ads and ask for money on top of it. Howbout adding an option to pay to remove ads and remove the need of buying pearls to upgrade and instead add an option to pay with either coins OR pearl for upgrades? I'll check back on the game mid June for changes otherwise best of luck!.Version: 1.0.15

Update glitchesNew update Glitches can’t play challenge levels.Version: 1.0.9

Keeps says i have no lives!Not cool.Version: 1.0.17

Many features very similar to an existing cooking game - coincidence?I know games of the same genre will inevitably have similarities, but I can’t help but notice how similar this game is to another cooking game. Despite that it is less user-friendly, and harder to advance unless you spend real money on gems since they aren’t as easily earned in the game. So I’d rather stick to that other game..Version: 1.0.34

1 star for greedy developersSo much potential, but it’s clear developers of this game don’t care about kids they only care about $$$ once you reach level 27 it’s impossible to pass that level without spending real money they force u to waste gems and gold on decor and kitchen equipment, boosters and extra customers. I like to spend money in game, but I don’t like to be forced this was supposed to be fun spongebob game not money and greed pit. Not to mention it’s too difficult for kids and double tapping by accident happens constantly also there is an ad bug where ads pop out at random times and you can’t even skip them! You people ruined spongebob for many kids and adults App Store should delete this garbage game and ban you.Version: 1.0.19

Gems daily checkSo disappointed!!!!! Is an understatement! to come on today ready to check in for day 7 to get my 20 gems so I could get a couple upgrades, which has now been switched out for the heat thing. Don’t know if I’m as motivated to play now as it’s not as easy and upgrades cost more and more gems every restaurant level 😡😖.Version: 1.0.23

UGH so annoying!!The graphics are perfect and the game is never slow or glitching but when you get to higher levels it is basically impossible!! I am much older then some 7 year old playing this game and YET it is impossible to get past a level and not loose a heart/life. I will get the orders out and ready so fast and get through everyone!! And still!!! won’t meet the needed amount of money to earn to pass the level. I have been stuck on a level for 3 DAYS. It is genuinely not possible to get through the level even if i bought more utilities to use. Not happy..Version: 1.0.22

This games greatI dislike the fact that you have to buy upgrades with coins and diamonds furthermore wait for the item to arrive. Otherwise the game is quite neat. Thank you..Version: 1.0.23

Needs an updateI can’t get onto the map to go to a different restaurant, it crashes every time.Version: 1.0.24

I do not recommend. Unbalanced cash grab.Have you even played through the entire game? The game started out very fun. I didn’t mind watching ads or slowly collecting coins and diamonds over a few days. My issue is that some of the food truck levels are unrealistically difficult and luck based, specifically the pancake food truck: stage 4. It is the first restaurant you play and probably continue to play way after you’ve progressed out of bikini bottom. However, no matter how fast you go, you cannot serve enough customers. It is rigged. Even when using the regular boosts. The only boost that will consistently work is after losing, using 12 diamonds to add some more customers and time. The 12 diamonds you spend days collecting. This is frustrating and not fun. I thought it was just me and looked into and so many people have this issue. 1 star. Your game is unbalanced and predatory. I don’t mind paying for an app but not this one. Additionally, the (X) for closing windows glitches and you have to restart the game..Version: 1.0.38

Last UpdateSince I’ve been waiting for the juice bar for a while I’ve been playing all the previous restaurants and completed them to 100% now after updating my progress has been lost. Eg, the I had 240 pearls at the krusty krab prior to the update and I only have 3 grills to make burgers and all my ingredients need updating (which I had maximised the ingredients already) Your support conversation function doesn’t work as no one responds. That has happened?!.Version: 1.0.11

Made it too difficult to succeedI really loved the game and found myself playing for hours a day in the beginning when I don’t play any games to begin with but PVZ 2 but I found that everything needed a stupid amount of jewels to level up and after felt like I kept playing even though I wasn’t really levelling up. The time waiting to earn jewels, play levels and earn lots of money was really frustrating compared to what I can buy to succeed in the game! I’ll keep the app a little longer but will have to delete it soon :(.Version: 1.0.15

I paid money but the game is frozen can’t play itI made an in app purchase but then my game got stuck at the part where Sandy is talking to me. CANNOT PROCEED OR PLAY THE GAME. I’m sad I paid money in the game but can’t even play it. I restarted my phone & redownloaded the app. Still the same problem. Other reviewers are having the same problem at the Sandy story!.Version: 1.0.38

You require gems for everythingI’ve been playing this game a lot and I run out of gems constantly with just upgrades. There is no proper way to get them either.Version: 1.0.15

Used to be really goodI was a great fan of this game, playing daily and having lots of fun - the concept is actually very good Unfortunately the latest update has killed the fun level and followed suit of most mobile games - greed! Used to get a weekly log in bonus of diamonds to use on upgrades - this has now gone I’ve also noticed that the challenges are fixed - get to level 4 or so and it’s impossible to beat without using power ups! again - I’m currently level 63 on the juice bar and there is no way to beat it unless you use power ups of which cost money if you haven’t got them Cost of upgrades etc increased dramatically Very sad to see this game go down the same road as all the others.Version: 1.0.24

Not enough coins.Good game, but the game does not give you enough coins to level up equipment making it near impossible to complete levels! You can’t even watch videos to get extra coins..Version: 1.0.38

Gems!I think the game is fun but I must agree with everyone else on the whole gem issue. I’ve had this game for a few days now, and I only made progress on the pancake stand. The amount of money y’all expect players to pay for the quantity of gems they’ll receive is absurd. The boosters are all 20 gems a piece, and then if you fail on one of the levels it costs 15 gems just to continue on without having to start over. So how exactly do y’all expect people to be able to build up their restaurants? Almost every upgrade in the kitchen in the Krusty Krab costs 8+ gems! Also it practically takes forever to complete some of the achievements which only gives 1 gem, and then you have to wait every 29 minutes just to watch an ad to get another free gem (and that’s if there’s an ad available to watch). So.. to sum it all up the game went from being cool to just aight! I gave it three stars because it’s fun to play, but some changes are most definitely needed before players like myself stop playing this game all together!.Version: 1.0.15

An absolute mess.In the timed games, especially the Food Truck Challenge, you’re sitting there wasting half of the time waiting for the customers to come up to the truck instead of serving them. I had to serve 16 customers in 60 seconds, but customers aren’t there until you hit the 50 second mark and then you spend most of the game waiting..Version: 1.0.37

Fun to playWhile I haven’t been playing this game long, I enjoy the challenge of trying to complete the orders in the set times but it has been freezing up on me in the last week & I’m having to restart my iPad to be able to continue playing but I lose where I’m up to. Please fix this or I will have to delete the game otherwise. Very disappointing.Version: 1.0.34

New updateSince the new update, my game crash in the middle of a game... sucks really.Version: 1.0.9

Game frozen at Sandy’s BBQGreat game but frozen after Sandy’s BBQ after the 2nd Treasure Chest point. Very disappointing as it’s such a good game! Would love to see this fixed asap..Version: 1.0.38

Really enjoyed this game.. BUT...After getting slightly addicted to playing this I got past the pancake stand levels and onto the burger level. Unfortunately the game no longer works for me, it just crashes every time I start a new level. Such a shame because I was really enjoying playing! Hopefully this gets fixed soon....Version: 1.0.23

Interesting but poorly executedThe game kind of feels like a money grab since almost everything requires diamonds, even basic upgrades that are required to pass early levels. What’s weird is there’s no tutorial at the beginning of the game, you’re left to explore on your own and figure out the controls (although it’s not that difficult). There’s also way too much going on, the home page is basically lined with buttons. Maybe that’s why the app sometimes doesn’t load the images properly and you have to exit and re-enter the game..Version: 1.0.38

GAME IS BEAUTIFUL BUT....First off, this game alone earns a good amount of brownie points. I love spongebob, and I absolutely love fast paced cooking games like this. I’ve been addicted to this game. However, there is a couple major issues. Glitches. Sometimes the game doesn’t leave the level you are in, and you’re left there, and you need to reset the app. That’s not the biggest problem, but the app also has a major issue with currency. Gems are such an important part of upgrading your items and obtaining items for your restaurant, but they seem to be VERY hard to get. An achievement gives you 1, a video gives you 1, and your challenges and events don’t even give you any! I’ve played the pancake stand over 100 levels and nothing. I can’t upgrade anything, I can’t get any gems from anything as I’ve already completed basically all the achievements that I could, or all the leagues. I can’t progress further. Either the gem cost to upgrade things is much lower or even possibly gone, or the gems need to be MUCH easier to earn. Maybe add 1 or 2 per level. That’ll keep us satisfied and much happier..Version: 1.0.17

It IS a fun game, just some things need tweakedThe game is super fun, I love these diner quick serve type of games, I personally have no problem with the waiting times for upgrades. I usually play the game as much as I can until I have enough money saved up and get stuck, and then just buy all the upgrades I want before bed so when I wake up I have tons of new things. My issue is idk if it’s a bug or what but I’ve completed Ham a Lot and was waiting to open the next restaurant, the juice bar, but it’s still locked? I have almost completely upgraded Ham a Lot, all interiors almost all kitchen upgrades, but I have that little icon on the left where it says 0/1 like I haven’t competed a level or something? Doesn’t make any sense because I’m in the infinite levels of the restaurant, like I’m on level 106 of Ham a Lot, so idk what else to do. I’ve also experienced that glitch where you’ll beat a level and then it takes you back to the game screen and you can’t do anything, no more customers are coming and food is burning but you can’t close anything out, I just have to restart the game. Very weird. I’m more so worried about getting the juice bar, like it’s been days since I’ve finished this restaurant. It’s almost like the progress meter is for the juice bar but I’m in Ham-a-Lot. Will the new restaurant ever open???.Version: 1.0.17

Fixed one error, created anotherThe trash when not trashing is fixed, but now your comp is impossible. I don’t have any burns or walk outs yet I don’t have enough customers, forcing you to use gems to buy time or customers. Very rude..Version: 1.0.8

Lots of pop up windowsToo many pop ups.. don’t get me wrong. Most aren’t after money. But when you finish a level or move between places in game or load up because you haven’t been on in a while, you get greeted by 3-4 screens that you have to clear, then wait for the next one, then clear that off too, etc etc.. Sometimes it’s an offer they have on to buy stuff but most of the time it’s the game just guessing what you want to do next. It just gets it wrong 90% of the time. Play the next level “no”, try our weekly challenge “no”, offer for gems now 50% off “no”, purchase new equipment for your kitchen “no”. They you complete a level or switch locations and have it all pop up again. The game itself is highly addictive and satisfying to complete levels, unlock new areas and see all the different parts they’ve put into the game..Version: 1.0.20

UninstalledHad to uninstall this app. First off, from what it looks like, it’s a gacha game. You have to use gems in order to get different outfits and unlock new characters. Okay, fine it’s optional and you get 1 free every day. But to make it 40 gems to roll??? There is not enough grinding as a free to play player to earn you that kind of currency since you have to save your gems in order to progress the game and level up your kitchen items. Okay, yeah you can watch ads and decorate your work space to earn gems but you only get 1 gem each time. And do you seriously have to make so that every two games there’s an ad??? Like many others have said before this is a money grabbing scheme and geared towards kids no less. This game isn’t fun and is very frustrating. You’ll like it at first and then realize how crappy and infuriating they designed the game to be. Learn from Netmarble and maybe you will have a chance..Version: 1.0.20

Stupid challengesI really enjoy this game but the food truck challenges are unreasonable. the 4th level on every single one has to be re done at least once, for example, just then i had a pancake challenge and i had to get 16 thumbs up in 60 seconds and i literally had 13 people in the 60 seconds. i retried twice and got all of the pancakes out super fast yet the most customers i got was 15. earlier i did another good truck challenge which asked for a similar thing, i wasted a instant cook booster and still couldn’t complete the challenge with a booster let alone without one..Version: 1.0.22

The game is 100% dead.I used to play this game a few years ago. I really loved it even though i was 28 years old when i played it 😂. Unfortunately the game is totally dead,don’t even bother to download it. Developers probably gave up on the game. I have iphone 11 pro max,and an iphone 7 plus for work,game is not even starting in both devices. It’s sad cause it was really fun and the seasonal events were beautiful. Rest In Peace poor game😕.Version: 1.0.22

WhyThis games feels like it’s made to be not accomplish without using any diamonds. And when you’re stuck at a level they encourage you to buy diamonds, just because the time or fish isn’t enough. This is not cool, I’ve been waiting days to accomplish 2 levels because of this stupid diamond thing..Version: 1.0.17

Wont stop crashing.Ever since the original Halloween update the app crashes frequently. It crashes after every level win/attempt, crashes when I switch between levels, and sometimes will just crash randomly during a level. I had no issues prior to the Halloween update. The most recent update didn’t fix the issue at all..Version: 1.0.24

Problem with currency, too many ads.I like this game a lot. It’s genuinely fun to play and is a good way to not be bored. But a big problem is how hard it is to earn gems and how much you need to do anything. You’d expect something minor like an outfit to be available after about 15 minutes of play, but it takes forever to rack up the 30 gems to get just a decent outfit. And it also requires gems in order to upgrade things? Why not just make it the coins? It’s overall really stupid. Another huge problem is the sheer amount of ads. I completely understand. It’s a free mobile game and needs to make money somehow. And the ‘watch an ad to speed this up!’ and ‘watch this ad to add 30% of your coins to the total!’ things are fine. Watch an ad for a boost or something. Who cares? But there are also ads after just about every game. Every few games would be fine, but you complete a game and before you can even start the dialogue you’re getting an ad for some scammy app. Sometimes I’ve even gotten an ad while I’m just sitting on the menu for too long. Please fix the currency and use less ads..Version: 1.0.15

Forces power ups on youI love the game, when I saw my boy spongebob in a new game I of course downloaded it, played it and it was fun for an hour or so. In the missions where you have to gain a certain amount of money with a certain amount of people, it is quite literally impossible to win without the “extra people” power up when you fail. You can serve every customer within the first half of their time limit and still fail. The same way when you have to get a certain objective within an overall time limit. It’s impossible, the customers don’t show up fast enough. This is the biggest problem, of which there are three. The other two are the fact that you aren’t even cooking krabby patties to start off with, and the fact that everything you buy to actually upgrade costs gems, the second currency that has no steady income. So after the first super fun hour, you run out of gems and they start making the levels impossible... you’ve desecrated the holy spongebob and slandered his name with this game. Shame on you.Version: 1.0.17

You have bugsWhy does the game take me to the shop after EVERY level completion??? I know where the shop is I just want to keep playing! Make a next level and an exit option please! Major issues where I finish a level, get my rewards and then the game takes me back to the completed level, I have to force shutdown the game and go back in. I’ve also gotten random ads in the middle of a level, then the app crashes and I loose a life? It took me 5 times to get Goo Lagoon to download and I can’t even play because all it does is crash ☹️.Version: 1.0.15

You can’t play for freeI thought this was great to begin with. I got to level 30. Upgraded everything in my pancake stand. I got lots of gems to begin with which made upgrades easy. Then you lost all those upgrades and went on to the main restaurant making burgers so had to start from scratch. They didn’t give you any gems at all. Played to level 35 and was unable to progress because you needed to upgrade so you could at least have 2 drinks, 2 frying pans and 2 plates to keep up. I thought the app “cooking home” was a million times better. I only switched because it was sponge bob..Version: 1.0.19

More a free demo than a free gameI’ve had fun playing this for a couple of days, however have very quickly reached the stage where I can’t go any further without spending money on gems. The grind option just isn’t there as you need gems to upgrade everything, and the ‘watching an ad for a gem’ system is so broken it’s become impossible to progress. Poor unfortunately, with a bit of balancing of what items in the game cost this could be great fun, instead it’ll be deleted unless the next update fixes how you earn gems/what they’re spent on..Version: 1.0.18

Juice barI’ve been waiting for more than a month for Juice bar restaurant to open, but it seems like that never gonna happen. When will new restaurants be available?.Version: 1.0.8

Why should I report an issue with SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off?

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off.

Is SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off not working?

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