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Google Fit: Activity Tracker Negative Reviews

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Google Fit: Activity Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google Fit: Activity Tracker app received 115 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Fit: Activity Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about google fit: activity tracker?

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Google Fit: Activity Tracker for Negative User Reviews

UvUMy stupid school is making me track my fitness 😒🙄.Version: 1.24

Has something changed?I love using Google Fit to track my workouts and check my health stats. I have been very happy with it syncing with my Watch Ultra but within the last several weeks I have noticed I am losing Heart Points after my workout. Today for instance when I left the gym and synced my data to the GF app I had 25 heart points. A bit later it now is reduced to 18 heart points?? I had been checking to see if the app needed an update and while it didn’t show as needing one when I searched for the app to leave this review it showed as needing to be updated. Hopefully this was the issue?.Version: 1.81

I just want the data to sync how I like it to.Doesn’t sync to the apple health app. Biggest let down from this app..Version: 1.80

Can’t connect Google Fit and FitbitThought Google Fit would sync with Fitbit but there’s no easy path; only a half baked one from Apple Health. Can’t see a reason to use this app if I have to manually add things other apps do automatically. Doesn’t seem to be any added value from data or interface either..Version: 1.70

It’s doesn’t track minutesThis week my google fit has only tracked steps and the activities I do don’t involve stepping. How would I be able to track minutes?.Version: 1.22.02004

Impressed on Positive Heart Health, Not Impressed with FunctionalityI was hoping this would bridge the gap between my WearOS powered fossil smartwatch and Apple Health so I could get more use out of the health data and the Google Fit functionality of the watch. Unfortunately no such features. The app has read only permissions with Apple Health so it only organizes data from that app into Google’s. It does not link with WearOS so data from the smartwatch does not go directly to Google Fit’s app so that is still a problem for me. I like that it puts the focus on heart health in a “weight watchers” kinda way— points instead of steps or calories to get a bigger picture view of how to improve overall health. But I’m not getting my progress counted from my smartwatch anyways. Overall, Google Fit just organizes information that already exists in a new way. I’m intrigued but probably won’t keep it..Version: 1.10

Take away this featureSeriously I would use this if developers take away the move minutes. I shouldn’t have to add 15-20 minutes to my exercise just to get the right calorie count. When I put in I have been doing XYZ exercise for 45-60 minutes, I have been moving those entire minutes. It’s entirely discouraging to have my workout dialed back from what I know it was and makes the app unreliable to use..Version: 1.71

Eventually it stops responding, especially on my watchWorks for a while flawlessly, then the heart monitor will start to not respond , after getting that to work , later on the workout feature starts to give a similar message… cannot start xxxxx and my only option is to reset… eventually it gets redundant… so it’s a useless app for me , as I’ve installed it after updates thinking those issues will resolve … oh well… when it works , it works nicely ….Version: 1.73

StepsEver since I reinstalled the app and signed back in it hasn’t been detecting my steps..Version: 1.61

InconsistentSame route with dogs everyday gives wildly different results ranging from 0 to 35 points. When it occasionally works however it is useful for tracking & motivation. Overall it's myself I question the most - why am I still using it 🤔.Version: 1.70

Move Points > Steps.I really liked the app before this new update where the move points were switched with steps. I don’t have the luxury to walk around a lot . At most, I get about 2,000 steps a day. I found it more motivating to log my move points, because it counted for any work out I did. I think steps and move points to be an option and let the user pick which one works best for their fitness lifestyle..Version: 1.22.02004

What about people taking beta blockers?I’m taking a beta blocker to treat afib and my resting pulse is about 20 bpm lower than it was before I started. Exercise for me doesn’t hit a level high enough to trigger “exercise” on the Apple Watch or heart points here. Please consider asking users during setup if they are taking beta blockers and adjusting the threshold down a bit for earning heart points for us who are. Thanks..Version: 1.0

IssuesIt’s a good app, but it doesn’t agree with Apple Health and Apple’s Fitness apps. As this is where it’s pulling its data from, I really don’t understand why. Step counts are wrong, walking distances for workouts are wrong. They’re in the right ballpark, but they should be spot on matching..Version: 1.72

It is a crappy APP.Google = Microsoft 20 ago - Fat big dying dinosaur. This app is so crappy and it doesn’t provide the correct step count for my daily power walk. Today, I did more than 5100 steps already but only record 2800 steps. The same issue has been happening for the past 2 months. I do consider Google product inferior product which is not really for prime time. If Google has no interest to make a good product in Apple App Store, please just leave and don’t bloat the Apple eco system for this crappy software. pS. It ignores power walking , jogging, hiking and running step counts so you can only use it for walking but not other exercises..Version: 1.79

Terrible substitute for Fit BitAbsolutely useless. Replaced my old FitBit with a new smart watch that uses WearOS and Google Fit to track activity. I love the watch, but I HATE HATE HATE this app. FitBit offers SO many more things than this one does, nutrition tracking and period tracking among them. And often my watch won’t track my steps or other activity despite the fact that I have it synced with my phone. So I’m reduced to using my watch as a really high-end timepiece instead of the stuff it’s actually intended for, and using my FitBit for actual health tracking..Version: 1.24.2

Moche kors smart watch and appAbsolutely rubbish for the Michael kors smart watch..Version: 1.73

Looses data!Just randomly decides to loose data! Occasionally it will sync back but it’s lost the whole months of Feb and March for any heart rate data! Was a great app up until a few months ago. I liked some of the features better than Apple health but will stop using it as I need consistent data and records that are kept!!.Version: 1.65

Bluetooth/GPS connection needs fixing!Since the most recent update my GPS between my watch and phone only connects when im holding them next to each other. As soon as I zip my phone away in my pocket the GPS connection drops even though the bluetooth is still connected and the app open. This never used to happen..Version: 1.13

Inaccurate step trackerI have both apple health and this, and google fit gives lower step count everytime it’s not even funny. Very inaccurate, apple’s app is clearly more superior. If I could rate zero star I would, google apps are so buggy.Version: 1.68

Keeps crashingThis app is completely unusable. It keeps crashing on my iPhone 7, and this prevents me from using the app..Version: 1.0

RubbishWas working fine now won’t show heart rate or even the same step I done as the watch !.Version: 1.38

Can’t Connect A Google Product to a Google AppWanted to see what the Google fit app was like as someone on the Fitbit forum stated Google appeared to have bought Fitbit and took all the good features and put them in the Google app. For background, the fitbit app received an update that took away many great tracking features and enraged 1000s of customers. Apparently you can’t connect the Fitbit app or a Fitbit device to the Google fit app. Really absurd in my opinion, and settles my decision to get a Garmin tracker or watch that is 1/2 the price of whatever garbage watches Google is putting out these days. Looks like Google bought out yet another company, did nothing good with the tech they acquired or weren’t intelligent enough to do anything with it, and then trashed the app in an attempt to increase their market share..Version: 1.81

Pointless.Can't share with friends or compete so its pretty useless for Apple users who already benefit from Health and Activity apps. Also no Apple Watch support..Version: 1.20

Bring back move minutesLoved the move minutes tracker...disappointed to see it replaced with steps. Steps may be important to some, but do not represent activity levels well for others. Please consider making it an option to personalize what goals we prioritize!.Version: 1.26

IPhoneThis app makes me feel like an idiot. No option to track activity, just manually add a prior activity. Obviously not a good app for iPhone users Delete Goodbye Google Fit.Version: 1.73

Not badApp is not bad, would oike some minor upgrades, though, like the ability to edit workout times. Currently can only delete and lose all tracking data for the activity..Version: 1.45

Where is LACROSSE as an activity ?Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in North America and it’s not an option as an activity. That’s sad..Version: 1.51

Could use more attentionThis app could get more attention put into like the rest. It has the heart points, but doesn’t detect the heart points from my health app on iPhone or watch. I have monitored my heart beats walking and running and it still gives a zero. I give it three because I love google products and I won’t give up on it :).Version: 1.20

Good, but not greatGlad you brought back the steps goal, but it’s stopped showing the map of my walks.Version: 1.22.02004

Walking distance horribly inaccurateWent for a walk and after taking 5000 steps it still said that I had only walked 0.03km.Version: 1.45

Data older than 3 years not syncingI upgraded my iPhone and when I signed into the app on the new iPhone anything older than 3 years wouldn’t show up. I have about 6 years worth of data and I expect all of them to show up in the app on the new iPhone. I tested this by signing out and signing into app on a different time frames (sometimes weeks apart) and every time the data would go only as far as 3 years. What’s going on?.Version: 1.83

Disappointing resultsI about died mowing the lawn in the Texas summer. It took me about an hour in the 95* heat that feels like 107*. I wore my Fossil smart watch that’s supposed to pair with this app. My phone told me I took about 500 steps while my watch told me I only took about 1000 steps. Another app usually tells me I walk about 3500 steps. My heart rate went up to 145bpm and I scored no heart points. Yup. Disappointing.Version: 1.29

Not usefulIt does not work with other apps as an option to connect It’s no use I have this app as it does not even sync to my fitness pall or health app and am not interested to pay 100 subscriptions for it to just sync.Version: 1.27

Started to glitchI have used this for quite a while now and always been pleased with it until yesterday when it decided to stop showing my work outs/ walks and has not been accurately recording my steps, my watch recorded just under 13,000 steps but the app said around 10,500! It also only recorded half my health points and today has not recorded my walk of nearly 3 hours nor any heart points despite my fossil watch recording 53 points. Deleted app and reinstalled but still not worked. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.Version: 1.70

Not good for Sets, Reps and WeightsIf you want to use this app for running, with distance and time, you are in the right place. If you want to use this app to monitor Individual exercises like push-ups, squats or weights, look somewhere else. Strength training is only measured in minutes and you can only select whole minutes, no seconds. No way to monitor improvement in reps, sets or weight. Also, each exercise has to be typed out in full each time, and the default text has to be deleted too..Version: 1.58

RubbishIt was wrong it really confused me it says I do under as many steps as I did it did my wrong health. I checked the apple health do not get this app use the apple health it's always right I measured and did my weight and it was wrong it gives me my wrong health it stopped syncing with apple health. Can you be more like health and check the apple health❤️ and copy them be more like health not just put the wrong health. Look at the apple health❤️ change it like apple health and put darkmode on Google Fit. And make it right not wrong..Version: 1.12

Some of us live in tiny condos with just a bedSo stop including all the time we sit in bed as time we didn’t sleep well. looking at the heart rate graph per day is hard to read; tiny graphics on the huge iphone 13 pro max. fitbit graphs more useful..Version: 1.75

Works pretty well but has problemsI use this app to track my steps throughout the day. It seems to do a good job keeping track of my steps. I don’t have a watch or fitness tracker so I keep my phone in my hand while I’m walking. This seems to work well but my main problem is as I walk and keep a check on my number of steps, I notice at some point every day I loose heart points. I was up to seven heart points as I was walking to 2000 steps and as I looked to see what I had, my heart points dropped back from 7 to 3. This happens at some point every day. I would like to know why this happens. I don’t slow dawn my pace or change my stride or the way my arms swing as I walk so I don’t know why this happens. I would like an explanation as to why this happens every day during my walk..Version: 1.45

RubbishThis app is totally inconsistent. Walked six miles fast pace got 120 points one week and 70 the next. 15 points today for a very fast three mile walk. So really quite a waste of time. Totally disheartening 😡.Version: 1.45

Not goodThis app will not work for iPads because you can’t have the Apple Health App to sync it to and you can’t carry an IPad around with you all day..Version: 1.79

Data SynchronizationData DOES not even match in the app, this is deteriorating when you compare your data on the watch (Suunto 7).Version: 1.45

To many bugs in appApp cannot count right amount of steps taking. It loses 3,000 step’s every time you sync the app..Version: 1.79

Room for improvementWorks as a basic list. Needs ability to edit workouts after posting, option to remove step count tracking completely (I track workouts like HIIT, elliptical and strength training but I don’t worry about my steps), diversify and add ability to change metrics based on exercise type (eg resistance and incline for elliptical), add recovery activities (stretching, etc). Not all yoga is the same - yin is primarily recovery and other forms are much more intense - this should be reflected in exercise list or offer a metric within yoga to specify the type. Heart rate log is not useful as it is only one snapshot. Better to add ability to sync with heart rate apps when logging specific exercises and perhaps show how much exercise time is spent in different HR zones..Version: 1.72

Missing optionsMissing track activity option,.Version: 1.24.2

App sucks hardI find it hard to believe that people recommend this app as much as they do as a replacement for the Fitbit app… this app has got to be one of the worst I’ve ever tried to use. It straight up doesn’t load correctly, doesn’t sync correctly, and even upon redownload just shows me a blank app. Don’t give google your info, they don’t even make things that work..Version: 1.82

Does not work with healthThis is an IOS app yet it doesn’t even push data to apple health. It only reads data. Essentially taking statistics without giving anything in return. Google should support the clients. It seems like there has been a whole lot of selfish interest from google lately..Version: 1.54

Bad app.Constantly having to reconnect to Google for on my watch when it’s already connected on my phone. Data doesn’t sync off iPhone correctly or at all. Also Privacy issues with google a little sus..Version: 1.59

App not working properlyDoes not calculate my steps and heart points properly. Also does not sync with Apple Health..Version: 1.67

Does not sync sleep data from Apple Health appThis app is doing a fine job of tracking/syncing everything in the Apple Health app on my iPhone except sleep data. My steps, distance, workouts, etc. all all fine, but none of my sleep tracking is recognized. I have all of the settings on correctly, I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, refreshing the app…everything. Please fix and/or provide guidance..Version: 1.61

Step counter on iPhone 12 is inaccurateThe total steps recorded is about 10% less than actual when compared to the health app. It’s even less accurate in some scenarios, e.g. If i walk around my house it records maybe 10 steps instead of 40. Frustratingly it will record steps accurately after a big run or walk and then minutes later it will deduct a chunk of them..Version: 1.80

Heart points issue.Has been brilliant and would recommend but for the last month or so opening the app randomly wipes my heart points for the week down to almost nothing each day. I work in sales and I do a lot of dashing around. A previous days points can go from 30 to 5. I’ve literally gone from being in 120 by Friday to 25 for the week by opening the app..Version: 1.65

Does not syncThis app does not sync with my Huawei GT2 smart watch, yet apple health does!.Version: 1.24.2

Extremely poorCalorie counter does not link to hr, but only to activities, so is wildly inaccurate and does not track daily burn. The information is very limited and hard to interpret. Useless as a fitness app, and no other purpose to it. AVOID.Version: 1.0

BugsIt doesn’t connect properly with my Apple Watch, specifically the steps counting. Most of the time it’s wrong! This app can’t count it correctly. Please fix the bugs.Version: 1.80

Keeps deleting my stepsWipes my achieved steps by up to 2000 at a time. Does render it kind of useless which is a shame as I prefer it to the IOS system when it works properly..Version: 1.76

Definitely not right for meI wanted an app that would simply do things like record my steps for the whole day and maybe tell me how many calories I burned. So I set it to record my steps for the next 12 hours. I went to work and when I got home I saw that I had done 90,000 steps for the day. Then I realized that it must have recorded the three hours of driving I did at work and counted the distance as steps. That’s not going to work for me. Deleted!.Version: 1.63

Step sync is out of syncFor weeks my step counter is not lining up with the counter in my phone. Can’t figure it out and it’s an odd one..Version: 1.70

Heart points accumulated disappeared from appAll my heart points previously accumulated between Dec 2020 and Feb 2021 in the app all disappeared at the end of Feb 2021 Is there a bug? I can see all the activities during that period listed in the app but they are all showing 0 hearts points..Version: 1.50

Clunky and impossible to personalizeI want to track my blood pressure, but you have to click through several screens and search for the tracker every time. Also, there isn’t an option to change my gender in settings, so when I hit the “+” it prompts me to track my period; I’m a male. My google profile says male, but I guess it doesn’t pull data from our google profile, which seems dumb. The “+” on the main screen needs to have a settings editor to what I want to track or do. Basic stuff..Version: 1.69

Stopped recordingWorked fine. Past few weeks it has stopped recording any activities.Version: 1.65

Poor app developersFIX THE DARK MODE WIDGET BEFORE UPDATING!.Version: 1.22.02004

Doesn’t hold dataThis used to be a great app with a weekly summary of your activities. About a month or two ago, something changed and now every day I reach my steps and heart points, I get the notifications and then the next day they are gone. It’ll show that I had maybe a 1000 steps in the day and zero heart points. Resyncing doesn’t seem to work. It’s a big disappointment after it worked so well before..Version: 1.60

ErgonomyIn the overview, the step/calories/distance section is too sensitive to touch, it’s difficult to scroll without inadvertently taping it. Please fix that thanks!.Version: 1.20

On the iPhone there is no track workout option that does the live tracking..... so disappointingOption that does the live tracking..... so disappointing.Version: 1.19

App on iPhoneI cannot figure out how to use this app on an iPhone. It was so easy on an android…I was able to activate the app before a run, walk or bike ride and it would record the km, time and calories burned. On the iPhone I hit the plus symbol on the bottom right and it looks so different. I don’t know if it’s the app or the phone..Version: 1.58

Didn’t likeI prefer the fitbit app.Version: 1.82

LolNo Apple Watch widgets? Seriously????.Version: 1.54

What happened to maps of my workouts?One of my favorite features of this app was seeing maps of my walks/runs. I can't find them anymore and I'm very disappointed..Version: 1.40

Doesn’t work for IOSThis app would work really well and I would use it every day if it worked. The journal relies on you always being connected to the watch but if you aren’t then it will go out of sync and place the activities on the incorrect day. This is despite my Google watch applying the correct date so it is an issue with the app. Please fix..Version: 1.70

Deleted appWildly inaccurate on iPhone 11..Version: 1.16.1

I had to uninstall it! How come step reduces over timeSince I started using iPhone 13. This app is getting worst day by day. The step count goes down as I walk. The heard point reduced as I walk. Many times even if I walk for 20 mins it does not count the steps. Many times the step count is over 1000 and mins walk is 1-2 mins . I wake up with Calorie count. It’s garbage. Fun part is my kid’s and wife’s heart points are atleast 50% more than me when we travelled same distance. Many time heart points r not even registered. Very disappointed..Version: 1.68

It’s ok BUT ….The app is quite good easy to use BUT it doesn’t have aqua circuits or H2O or aqua jogging only swimming but paragliding is on it. Can’t understand why they missed off so many aquatic spots but put in synchronised swimming. So if your using water as your main form of exercise this isn’t the app to use..Version: 1.82

App not workingApp seems to no longer have the ability to track a workout, only has the ability to add a workout after it’s done. I loved the track feature since I could keep an eye on my distance as I was running. Additionally, it seems like it no longer keeps track of my steps automatically. I have the most updated version, but nothing is being tracked. It always says 0 steps and 0 heart points even after a run..Version: 1.54

Desyncs and becomes useless.Fit worked great for nearly 3 weeks, and then it completely desyced from Health, losing roughly 2000 steps every walk. Threads about this get locked by Google claiming it’s Health’s fault, however their troubleshooting doesn’t work. It’s a pull issue with Fit and it gets confused. Refresh doesn’t work. Needs a manual sync option. Daily goals are meaningless if this doesn’t properly keep track of things. There are enough complaints about this to be a priority issue, but Google refuses to acknowledge it’s an issue with their app. Update: it still just inexplicably breaks. You need to uninstall and reinstall to get it to sync. It’s crazy how they will deflect this problem as an apple health problem when clearly it has something to do with fit just ignoring the data after a while..Version: 1.75

Google Fit AppI find a lot of times when I do a workout that it seems to take a lot of time to update on the app.Version: 1.80

No distance recordedDoes not record distance even when linked to health on IOS iPhone 8. Tried removing and re loading google for app. Still does not show distance! Very frustrating..Version: 1.26

Missing functionsLast year this app was my life line and helped me lose weight. I redownloaded it only to find the “track workout” button missing. It no longer creates maps of your runs or bike rides. If this was fixed I’d be over joyed but at the moment I’m very disappointed. If it’s user error on my part I’d love some help..Version: 1.56

It doesn’t workI can climb a mountain (slowly, but hundreds of “floors”) and get my heart beating well, and I don’t get any heart points. The algorithm must account for height climbed!.Version: 1.74

Doesn’t Sync to Apple HealthI use a Wear OS smartwatch (like it more than the Apple Watch) but Google Fit doesn’t have a way to sync data between itself and Apple Health. That means my watch is tracking steps, my phone is tracking steps, and if I forget one of them for an hour or two I don’t have a way to reconcile them together. Google can read from Apple Health but not write to it. To summarize: if you’re firmly in the Google ecosystem, Google Fit is great. If you’re split across the two (like me) or dipping a toe into Google, this app doesn’t do anything for you..Version: 1.69

Not tracking accuratelyWorked great first couple of years and then I stopped using for awhile. Now it suddenly stops counting. After todays walk I returned with 3200 steps five minutes later I had 2100? I loaded the upgrade hopefully that fixes it.Version: 1.72

Deducting steps and heart pointsI am frustrated that Google Fit will alert me that I have reached my steps goal and my heart points and then the tracking ring would suddenly move backwards and deduct heart points and about 1,300-2,000 steps. I walk the same distance, same pace, and the same time duration but there are days that wouldn’t show that I’ve reached my goals. Sometimes, I would see that I have reached my steps and heart points goals for the week but would see some days with incomplete rings the following day..Version: 1.77

No “Check your heart rate” No “Track your respiratory rate” on iPhone 8 Plus !Google Fit does not have those two options on iPhone 8 Plus, but they appear on IPhone 8. I am not sure if I missed something during the setup. Please help..Version: 1.61

Fix the bugsIt’s an alright tracker but constantly reduces step count after you’ve achieved your goal. Sometimes the difference with iPhone's health app is 2000 steps. Recently after completing the day's goal it kept lowering my step count every time I opened the app or refreshed simply taking away the steps with each “update”..Version: 1.73

DisappointedThe idea of measuring exercise that gets the heart moving faster is great. This app initially measures it and then deletes most of it. A 20 minute workout on a rowing machine prompted a comment congratulations you have earned your heart points for today, only to be quickly reduced to 1 minute. If this glitch can be fixed, this would be a great app..Version: 1.78

Looks promisingIntegrate with Facebook friends & allow Apple Watch app/complications :).Version: 1.1

Information wrongThe information in this app is wrong. Comparing it to my StepsApp the total steps match each other but it says I’ve walked a lot less KM than the StepsApp. On doing a Google search (ironically) it appears the KM in the StepsApp match the steps I’ve done. Calories burnt are also wrong..Version: 1.8

Could be betterThis app is good but it’s also annoying your steps deduct and go down.Version: 1.68

Cannot write to Apple HealthIt’s inconvenient for iOS users to have to use both Google fit and Apple health. Users should be able to consolidate into a single source. Allow option to write sleep data to Apple health please. Not only read data from Apple health into Google fit… especially with your upcoming subscription fee for sleep..Version: 1.79

Deleted it at set upPoorly done app. Opened it up one my iPad and it was small with poor graphics. Looks like maybe the first app ever designed. Gives two choices at start up, to track steps or track heart points. I am doing neither, I am trying to track actual workouts, and calories burns. Did not give it much of a chance beyond this since there are so many activity trackers out there that are better designed. Had better hopes for this having the Google name.Version: 1.58

Not syncing with apple healthNope nothing coming through from apple health. Other apps have no issue. Have deleted and reinstalled and turned all permissions in apple health off and on again. Too bar because I really like the interface.Version: 1.61

Good tracking, but needs to be compatible with FitbitGoogle owns Fitbit, so I’m not sure why they can’t just take data from the Fitbit app to track activity. But I like how it tracks heart rate, it is pretty accurate..Version: 1.72

Need apple watch appNeed apple watch app and complications.Version: 1.0

Ok I guessOnly successfully measures my heart rate about half the time, if I’m being generous. I also don’t like that I can’t edit workouts after entering them, and that I can’t choose to not have a steps goal since steps aren’t what I’m into fitness-wise. Overall it’s ok for tracking workouts and I like when the heart rate monitor works, but I’d like more options and consistency..Version: 1.67

The Liz Truss of fitness appsDone three five mile walks this week, the latest the hardest involving 765ft of climb in Peak District. But get only 9 heart points compared with easier walk yesterday of 35 points.Fitbit shows peak heart rate of 140 and resting 54. I am 80 years old, lifelong walker and very fit. Nothing in this app fits my profile. Useless..Version: 1.68

Only use is Pokémon goTheir,y reason why this is useful is because you can use THSI for auto walk on Pokémon go.Version: 1.37

Does not calculate steps properlyWill update exercise steps then if I open a few hours later will update wiping out exercise steps and only count walking steps.Version: 1.73

Doesn’t work very wellI have walked the same park for the first two days. Each day it gives me different readings. I walked to the post office yesterday and it didn’t register any steps for the first three blocks. I’m doing this for work. I’m not an avid walker. After the work program ends I won’t continue using this app. I won’t recommend it either..Version: 1.24

Wish it was better!I loved this app when I first started using it! It would track directly from my Apple Watch series 6 so I never forgot to enter a workout and I loved the weekly reports. Then, data started to just disappear from my workouts every day! I would earn 26 heart points with my Tai chi workout then thirty minutes later it would drop to 7! Or my Tuesday 26 points would be completely gone when I looked on Thursday!! Not just frustrating, it literally makes this app useless for any serious tracking. Very disappointing..Version: 1.65

Ok.. not so great to capture I-device activitiesIt has been a regular sync issue with I-devices in terms of capturing activities. And always it misses to track, not something overcasting the data. I would expect dev team will look into it. Otherwise, my kind of users may lose interest in using it..Version: 1.54

Great app with bad bugsThis app hasn’t been updated in two months Google. What’s going on? I’m running into syncing issues with my WearOS watch now that I never had before. I love this app and use it every day, but the lack of continuity between watch and phone has become increasingly frustrated. My phone is still two workouts behind my watch and I did those workouts earlier this week. Please fix this issue, it is incredibly frustrating as a user..Version: 1.45

Can’t count caloriesThis app doesn’t count how much calories u burn correctly it counts over I use my step counter and it tells me 191 steps for 3,000 or something and google fit tells me 1,976 and so it doesn’t really work and when I switch my google accounts to sync the app lifesum from my ipad it doesn’t sync so this app needs fixing.Version: 1.16.1

Offers nothing iHealth doesn’t already doWas hoping it would give gps maps without requiring an Apple or other smart watch. It doesn’t..Version: 1.22.02004

Not sync data back to apple healthThe app seems only read data from apple health but not update back. I don’t understand the logic behind this..Version: 1.79

Buggy heart pointThe App don’t give me any heart point for non stop 50 minute outside brisk walk but give me heart point at 5:30 am in night when I am in bed and my heart rate is under 70 bpm. Non reliable point system..Version: 1.22.02004

Metric InstabilityI enjoy the app most of the time, but my historical metrics ( i.e. the ‘Heart Points’ ) oddly change after the fact and sometimes days later. For example, I earned 31 Heart Points during this morning‘s workout but then when I checked again hours later, the 31 points dropped six points to 25..Version: 1.66

FrustratingApp on phone doesn’t always connect to my watch. Even when l try and sync manually most days it doesn’t do it. Google please sort it out!!!!!.Version: 1.51

Hearts not accurate.13,000 steps and I got 18 hearts. Today I did 3,000 steps and got 12 hearts so far..Version: 1.45

SlowSlow to upload data from my smart watch, constantly having to refresh the app to get my step count update and to upload my gps run data..Version: 1.70

Not as good as androids versionWhere’s the “Track workout” option? “Add activity” just isn’t accurate or detailed enough, it’s basically just an estimate unless you have some type of other device tracking the calories for you. And I just noticed that it’s not even accurate in tracking my miles. Every morning I walk my dog and then go on a 3 mile walk, google fit only read 1.69 of those miles today. My calorie counter is all off now..Version: 1.11

Won’t sync properly will Apple HealthI really like the layout of the app but it won’t sync with Apple health. I’ve done all the troubleshooting to get the app to sync with Apple health. It works right for a couple days and then it starts lagging behind. The only way I can get it to come up with the right numbers is to delete the app and add it again and I don’t have time for that. Otherwise it doesn’t want to keep up..Version: 1.83

Good but IssuesBeen looking forward to this coming to IOS. Good app but some issues need fixed. The calendar button to view previous days information is greyed out. Would be good see some sleep analysis looking at quality etc. Also can’t see any information on food and nutrition recorded through my fitness pal..Version: 1.0

Great app, needs to track calorie intakeI use this app everyday to track my outgoing calories and adjust my workouts vs what I eat , however it would be great if we would be able to track what we eat with our micro and macro nutrients. Also it would be nice if the sleep tracking gave us information on our sleep and how we can improve on it..Version: 1.24

Fossil Gen6 userFor me it is the same. I wish that they would make it so I could edit my journal entries in the app. I don’t have my problem so far in regards to tracking time, HR, or with the activity itself. But I want to edit it so I can put in the distance I rowed on an ergo meter or the distance I biked in a spin class. That’s really the only thing..Version: 1.61

App won’t sync with Google Fit on WatchThe whole point of having an app on the phone is that you can track what you’ve been using on your personal fitness device (smart watch, heart rate monitor). For over a week now the app on the phone will not record my workouts that I’ve started from the watch and thusly isn’t syncing the data from watch to phone. Idk what the problem is but it needs to be fixed. First time anything like this has happened on a google device for me.Version: 1.22.02004

Does not workThe step meter and heart rate just keeps spinning backwards it doesn’t have the same readings as Apple health app. I just don’t understand what is wrong. So frustrating. Please try and fix it it could be a useful app if it worked..Version: 1.70

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Is Google Fit: Activity Tracker not working?

Google Fit: Activity Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Fit: Activity Tracker.

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