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Ultimate RV Checklist App User Positive Comments 2022

Ultimate RV Checklist app received 21 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ultimate rv checklist?

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A Must on Travel DaysI hate trying to remember what needs to be done when leaving/arriving a location. There are always distractions. This gives you a list, specific to you and your rig, to ensure you haven’t forgotten a crucial step in the process. I’m glad to have it in my traveling toolbox..Version: 1.13

Great appThe app comes with great suggestions on set up and breakdown RV travel. You can then edit, add or remove steps in your process. Customization is key as we all have different gear and strategies. I highly recommend this app for both full time travelers as well as weekend warriors..Version: 3.0

Now THIS is a checklist!!Great app! I downloaded this for its intended purpose, which is for RV checklists. It’s very good for that with its prebuilt lists and easy editing. Later, I started looking for a good general checklist app for other purposes. In my case, I needed pre-flight checklists for flying my drones. I think I’ve tried every checklist app in the App Store, and none of them was nearly as suitable as this one is. It’s a real checklist. It doesn’t try to be a GTD (getting things done) app. Seems that none of the other checklist apps really know what a checklist is. Specifically, I want to create multiple checklists that can be accessed through a directory page. I do not want to see all checklists on one screen. I don’t want the individual checklists cluttered with quantities or categories (as in a grocery checklist). I do not want them cluttered with due dates and priorities (like the GTD wannabes). I want to create a checklist that I then reuse over and over (not once like the grocery and GTD apps assume). I for sure don’t want the checklist to be editable on the fly (many alternative checklist apps make it easy to accidentally delete or change an item). I do not want nested items — real checklists just don’t work that way. This app is truly perfect in all respects as a straightforward checklist. I love the interface, the simple way to clear and reuse the list, the impossibility of me (or someone I delegate the check task to) to accidentally modify the list. I’m mystified why there doesn’t seem to be another pure checklist app in the store. The developer should be offering this as a generic checklist, not just for RVers. This is my first app review even though I’ve been using an iPhone every day since the very first release (2008?). This app is that good..Version: 20.9.1

Must have before every trip!This guy knows what he’s doing - totally comprehensive app. Simple to use. What more can I ask for?.Version: 2.0

A list made just for me !No more excuses when I forget to lock a cabinet or close a vent fan. I can customize my checklist, check it off and then I am ready to Travel !!! This is a must have app if you have and RV..Version: 2.0

Get this RV app now!As full-time RVers, we thought we knew our setup and breakdown routine perfectly. That is, until one of us had to travel away for business, leaving the other to continue driving our route solo...”how do you hook up that tow car again?” We customized the Ultimate RV Checklist to our specific routine, and now we have detailed reminders on ALL our pack-down tasks. When you’re tired, hungry, or distracted, it’s easy to forget a step that could cost hundreds of dollars to fix. This app has saved us numerous times from rolling down the highway with an unlocked bay door, a raised batwing antenna, or the parking brake engaged on the tow car..Version: 2.0

MUST HAVE APP FOR ALL RVERS!!!My wife and I are new to the full time rv lifestyle, and we would always forget something on our pack up day. We downloaded this app and customized the list to meet our very specific needs and WOW, what a game changer. No more leaving the vent fan open, or the cabinet doors not locked, or my favorite is that little fan in the bathroom we can never remember to close... with this app, it’s a simple to follow list of things we check off one at a time before we pull out... YOU CAN TELL THEY PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO THIS APP TO MAKE IT SO SIMPLE TO USE! AWESOME JOB!!!!!!.Version: 2.0

They thought of everything!Wow! This really is the Ultimate RV Checklist! I'm a full time RV'er and I LOVE that the checklists dynamically change based on what type of RV I have! It also takes into account if you are towing a vehicle or not! I love the thought that went into this and all of the attention to detail! I would have forgot a few very important safety items if it wasn't for the Ultimate RV Checklist! I feel like Santa when I'm using this list & checking it twice! 🎅 So incredibly helpful! ✔️📝.Version: 2.0

You Need This! Trust me!I’ve been on the road full-time for four years now. This is the perfect app for making sure I don’t forget anything when I set up or pack up from a camp site. I especially love that it is customizable so that it fits the needs of me and my rig!.Version: 2.0

Best checklist app I’ve foundEasy to use, and relatively easy to customize, this gives you a great place to start on your own personalized checklists for setup, breakdown, and maintenance. Easy to print out the lists too, if you like a paper list like I do. It’s the only one I use now..Version: 20.9.1

Absolute must for new RVersI love that you can customize the lists or use pre built ones. I wish I had had this months ago!.Version: 2.0

Must Have!This app has helped save us from forgetting items many times! We’re full time on the road and still need reminding as there are so many steps in the process. I love how easy it it to adapt the list for your own personal items. Get this and save yourself from yourself! 😊👍🏽.Version: 2.0

Excellent resourceAs full time RV and one who has changed rigs several times, this app is the best for making checklist Of what needs to get accomplished for set up and tear down. Excellent app!.Version: 2.0

Really Nice App!As a full-time RVer, I really like this app. It is more than a great beginning — it offers a nice, clear, and logically laid out interface with pre-built lists to get you started — and it allows you to customize those lists, as well. In my opinion, the next logical step would be real-time sharing of list status between two (or more) team members via a shared iCloud file. One thing I would like to see sooner, though, is resetting a list by a long tap and hold on the Completed Tasks heading. It was not intuitive to me that I would have to exit the list and access the list settings on main screen in order to reset the list. Once I figured it out, I can certainly live with it, but it just seems more intuitive (to me) to have the reset function accessible inside the list..Version: 20.9.1

Quick & Easy to follow on Travel Days!On travel days it’s easy to forget something, like securing a cabinet or closing a fan, and end up with a mess down the road. Not any more! Being able to customize these lists is a great feature, and it’s so easy to check items off so the app doesn’t slow you down. Must have for RVers!.Version: 2.0

A must have for RVersIt’s very easy to forget things when you’re traveling in an RV and this checklist makes sure that doesn’t happen! Having a checklist is a necessity to make sure you don’t make mistakes like leaving your awning out when driving away. Get this app and never forget again!.Version: 2.0

The Last Rv Checklist you will need!The is my favorite packing list app for Off-road, RV, and trailering! The built-in list gave me some good ideas and they didn’t limit me to their list by editing. As a side note, I had an issue with my phone and they were responsive and helpful to get me back on track again. Recommended if you tow a Jeep or side by side. If you forgot it...you didn’t put it on the RV Checklist!.Version: 3.0

Love it!This little app has saved me from myself more times than I can count. Fully customizable for your needs as they change. Started with 2 lists after editing the standard ones that come with it and I've built now up to 8 of my own for storage pickup or drop off, truck arrival and departure, fifth wheel arrival departure, pre trip home to-do, packing list, etc. LOVE THIS!.Version: 2.0

Simple, easy, and customizableThis is a must have app if you travel with an RV. It’s so easy to forget something in the hustle of breaking down camp, that going without a checklist can be costly. Put the app on two phones and customize for helping split the task up if applicable..Version: 2.0

Don’t RV Without This AppAs a full-time RVer, I love how comprehensive this app is. No matter what type of rig you have, there are multiple, in-depth checklists to make sure you don’t miss a step, forget anything, or cause any damage. It’s such a small investment for such a huge payout, this app is a must-have for RVers..Version: 2.0

Checklists are important!Even once you are an RVing veteran, it really helps to revue your checklists every so often - particularly the first trip of a season!.Version: 1.13

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