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Spark City App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Spark City app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Spark City? Can you share your negative thoughts about spark city?

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L&G DM Price Changes ImpossibleI love this game, and can speed right through the Grocery DM part. However, no matter how on process I am in L&G, it’s impossible to get the price changes done without neglecting everything else. I usually get every other task on my daily routine to 100% including random ASM assignments. However no matter how hard I try, I just cannot get the price changes done and caught up. I can usually get to the price changes and start, but never get more than a few done and the day is over. This must be a glitch, as I have tried so many different things to get them done. I always got the price changes done in Grocery, but can’t in L&G..Version: 1.3.24

Updating?Is there a time frame of when to expect more areas of the store to start? Also on the Black Friday part of the game, the game itself will not load going into week 2 day 2. Thank you..Version: 1.6.0

Fun butIt’s a very entertaining game but it gets frustrating when I can’t do anything like now I can’t even go into the back stock room to do the stuff that needs done back there and it freezes too much I’ve had to totally reset the whole game and start back at the beginning of the game. Needs improvement really bad..Version: 1.6.0

Fun game with challenges but too limitedThe game as it was designed is fun and challenging. It isn’t too overly comber some though. Initially you have to fail a lot before you learn the ropes. Probably true to real life? I think to get 5* they need to expand and make this a full game and not just two departments. Give us the experience of starting out as a cart pusher and making it to CEO like Doug! :) Ok that probably won’t happen, but at least develops it in the next update to the point of becoming store manager. I think WalMart is on to something here. Give people an opportunity to learn about retailing. Teach everyone what Associates go through so that customers understand the amount they have to focus on during the day. :).Version: 1.3.24

Flips outOn what I would guess is second level, lawn and garden, after a few days in, the whole app flips out. People start following you, some associates disappear, controls disappear, some associates become 4, instead of walking people start gliding. As a retired Walmart associate, I enjoy the game. Lots of realism. In reading some of the other reviews it seems I must have made it further in. At the Walmarts I’ve worked in we did have a mandatory hour lunch. Walmart, please fix this app. I have this review because the “contact developer” takes me to the website which has nothing to do with this app. I would love to give it 5 stars. Thank you.Version: 1.3.24

Lawn and Garden SparksIt should be called training in Grocery and Lawn and Garden for the rest of the career. The only progression you see from there is once you reach the goal and from then on it’s just progress of weeks and days. You don’t feel like you’re working towards anything at this point. I really like this game - but whew I would love to do other areas of the store!.Version: 1.3.24

Only two dm options so far...Was wondering why I had no promotions when I was rocking lawn &’s because there are no more after! Update soon please..Version: 1.3.24

GlitchyGlitches on week 1 Thursday of electronics. Wants you to assign keys and audit high dollar bin yet doesn’t give you icons to do this. Only gives you icons to scan your back room bins then keeps alerting you that you need to assign keys while picks are trying to load and won’t do anything then. Game is interactive and has potential just needs the bugs worked out..Version: 1.5.5

Boyfriend works at WalmartOk so I decided to try this game to see some of what my boyfriend has to deal with on a daily basis. I showed him all the tasks I still had to do and he said ‘yeah that’s about right’. After having played this game for a few days I gotta say it’s hard but also very interesting and quite realistic. I’m giving this 3 stars because while it’s fun, it’s also really hard. You get docked if you don’t help a customer near you. A forced 1 hour lunch break and not much time to get your work done for the ‘shift’..Version: 1.3.24

Completely in accessible to the visually impairedOpened the app, all it does is play music. Completely in accessible with voiceover, none of the controls are labeled. Some referred to this as training? Hard to write a review when absolutely nothing on the screen interacts with voiceover. Very excited about the possibility of this app, as the developer makes updates similar to those found in other sym games, I think this has real potential..Version: 1.0

This is so funnyThis is literally so hilarious. It is exactly like working life at Walmart minus the harassment and abuse from customers and management..Version: 1.6.0

Kind of challengingThis game can be very challenging I wish they would give them more than to work than just till 4 o clock because there’s a lot of stuff you have to do and they don’t give you much time at all and then it carries onto the next day and it just keeps adding more things that you have to do if they would give you more time to work In the store everything would get done instead of working just till 4pm it makes the game even more harder it needs some updating because I been getting glitches as well it happens when you try to walk near the customer service desk and the game freezes up and then I have to restart it I wish they wouldn’t give you so much stuff to do in a certain amount of time it just makes it difficult to keep up with everything.Version: 1.6.0

FreezesGame is pretty true to life. Couple things though, I’ve now twice gotten to DM in GC at week 4 and I end up with four associates named Jane and no one else, and the game freezes midway and won’t let me assign tasks to anyone, not even myself. I’ve gotten pretty high on both CFF & OSCA but does not offer opportunity in another department? I can’t assign a task if I’m in middle of a task & when assigning the culling job in the garden patio, typically one person gets assigned to it all, period, just like watering tasks, or the register; instead, I keep having to reassign each task 100 times, not really how it would go? It would be nice to have someone else guard a spill from time to time? (HAHA!). Overall, it’s a pretty decent basic game. Fix the bugs though please..Version: 1.3.24

🛒 Pretty hardI like this game (But don't love it), and I'm going to try another game. Like how u don't have to work for Asda/Walmart to play this game though!.Version: 1.6.0

Stuck in entertainmentLove this game but I keep having to quit! Each time I complete my goals in Entertainment I return to the back room for the new week with the same message about beginning the entertainment section. There’s essentially an ongoing loop of starting and completing entertainment. Isn’t there clothing or another department I should be able to access next?.Version: 1.5.5

Amazing game...but....So as a gamer I was completely looking forward to the many positions I could have possibly been in but it narrowed it down to 3...lil disappointed seeing how within a few days I master Electronics and wanted to promote to maybe Salary...maybe we should advance the levels up to a larger scale so that is gamers can enjoy and experience the life of upper management 🥰 overall game was very fun and a great learning tool.Version: 1.5.5

Too Slow for ProductivityYour character moves SOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOWWWWWW. And you have a decent amount of tasks to do, too! So it's literally impossible to finish them all before the day ends. And there's some kind of glitch were once you finally approach a task, the character just stands there and maybe walks in place fir a second. And they will continue standing there until you spam the task button. It's a fun concept and the gameplay at its core is alright, but this execution earns it a fine 👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 1.6.0

Needs to updatedI love taking control and experiencing what’s it’s like to work at Walmart. I also love the manger roles and the big retail seasons that you guys have added. However, I wish you guys did add some more content to make it more engaging and playable. One thing I wish you guys did add is the front end area and customer service..Version: 1.6.0

True to life, but needs moreI have played through four weeks of in game time so far, and while this game can be soothing if you need something mindless to play, it definitely needs some work. Pros: this game is fairly true to life with a normal retail job (except for having an hour lunch break, which I don’t know any retail job that gives that). Monotony of the job, getting yelled at when you don’t do the right thing and constant interruptions as you try to balance completing work and helping customers, all the way down to trying to fill out the day if you finish your work early and just have to putter around until the end of shift (the dragged out time at the end of each day was an evil touch). Cons: as a game, there isn’t much here. They may include more later, but right now it has only one area unlocked. Once I figured out the game mechanics, I was able to max out the stats by the end of the first two weeks. Everything after that was just maintaining that level, which didn’t take a lot of work. I kept hoping for something more, and (unless I’m missing something) I don’t think there is more. Decent for a quick, free mobile game, but the devs need to add more to the gameplay to make it worth our time..Version: 1.0

Stuck at the storage roomI can’t get out from the storage room because it keeps telling me to assign the keys but it doesn’t gives me the option and it keeps saying I have to check some kind of list and I can’t do it because the option doesn’t pop up either! Can you please fix this. I like the game so far but this is getting me frustrated. Thanks.Version: 1.6.0

Please finish adding to the gameMy husband and I just found this game not too long ago and really enjoy it. We didn’t realize that it hasn’t been updated in 2 years nor is the game completed..Version: 1.6.0

Bug fixI played all night to get to success in completing the lawn and garden level for it to keep making me do it over and over again to the point where my character is now all one character that one character does all task and then lunch comes and when assigning it ask who and when selecting any character it will not allow you to assign more pause have restarted phone restarted app and it still does it..... CAN YOU FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!! I do want to continue playing the game.Version: 1.3.24

It’s just ok.I like it. But I’m on Week 6 and I’m still the L&G DM. That’s silly. I don’t know why I would go from grocery DM to L&G DM? I like it so far, but there needs to be a little bit more to it. Also, when scanning overstock in the backroom, it’s not entirely accurate on when you need to investigate overstock. I’m an assistant manager at Walmart and if an item has a total on hand of 20, there is 5 already binned in, shelf cap is set to 5 and case quantity is 10. That would mean there is a case of 10 right in front of me and an assumed amount of 5 on the shelf, which is the max the shelf will hold. Why would I need to investigate the overstock? It always counts me off as lost sales because I chose to bin it. Also, we have topstock now. So essentially, it should go out on topstock instead of binning it. And if I’m doing section work and filling outs on each aisle without a cart of freight present, that would mean that this store in the game DOES in fact, have topstock. But what do I know?.Version: 1.3.24

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