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FILCA - SLR Film Camera Negative Reviews

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FILCA - SLR Film Camera App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

FILCA - SLR Film Camera app received 137 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using FILCA - SLR Film Camera? Can you share your negative thoughts about filca - slr film camera?

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FILCA - SLR Film Camera for Negative User Reviews

Nice app but misleadingly priceyWhilst the filters and effects the app offers are great, you cannot use them I'm without paying. For an app that cost money to download I expect more free functionality. I’ve had similar results with free apps that offer you much more before charging more! Great app if you’re willing to fork out..Version: 1.69

Cant save photos without subscriptionThe filters and frames are nice. I bought the app. Then I bought some extra filters. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't save my photos eithout a £5.99pm month subscription. Don't bother unless you are prepared to shell out endlessly. The app itself is good..Version: 1.59

Rip off!!!!!!I want my money back! I’ve purchased the App thinking that I would be given full access to all the features but I was wrong! Please refund me I want my money back!!!!!!.Version: 1.47

Annoying UpgradesGood App generally but totally ruined by all the expensive upgrades … one simple upgrade for a all features for a reasonable price would be better. Getting messages you need to upgrade to Pro to use this feature is just annoying !!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.44

Great App, howeverGreat app if you like taking pictures. But when it says “in app purchases” it certainly means just that. You originally have to pay a small fee for the app, but then you all of a sudden have to pay extra to change the white balance etc. Not a big fan of when apps do this..Version: 1.28

Already Having issuesI can’t download the Upgrade Pro mode or any film series, The button simply gives me nothing And this should be fixed ASAP!.Version: 1.28

Too Few FeaturesNot worth the bother. Some interesting features seem to be there but so many just direct you to further payments for the Pro Option. Really infuriating and I wish I hadn’t wasted the money to begin with.Version: 1.59

App purchases now popping up for simple changesI really liked this app and I haven’t used it in ages, now if I manual white balance is prompts me to upgrade to the pro version when I’ve already paid for the app. Shameful..Version: 1.28

Beautiful photos, record function does not workIt's a shame this issue seems to be left unresolved. I read reviews that people were unable to record after being prompted to upgrade to PRO version in order to do so. I hoped the issue would have been resolved as these reviews were months ago but appears to still be the case. Remove the functionality if you are not going to make it work! The app is stunning for still photos and would love to be able to film with it..Version: 1.28

UnhappyPoor photo app, they lure you in with just £3.49 but to get RAW, film simulation etc you have to pay £35+. White balance and exposure rather off the marks, pictures taken with the basic Apple Camera app are way better. Controls are fiddly and the app is stuck in landscape mode, no turning to portrait mode. Regret subscribing..Version: 1.55

Just a baitYou purchase the app, then you purchase some filters. You take a picture, use your new filters and then go to save it, and guess what? Now they inform you that you need to pay for the Pro in order to save it! $80 bucks, on top of it you’ve already spent, just to save the picture. Honestly it makes the app completely useless, unless you just like playing with your photos on your phone to waste time. Don’t be a sucker like me, save your time, money and space on your phone. Total App fail!!!.Version: 1.69

InutileApplication complètement inutile. On te demande 3.99$ tu achete, mais ensuite oups pour les fonctions cool on te demande de passer à pro! Les pires 4$ dépenser de la vie!.Version: 1.28

Not worth the moneyIts just a random application not even the full ratio of the cell phone, got tricked into buying. It said its the best camera application for iPhone13, i reckon even snapchat is better than this..Version: 1.47

A cheap conTo actually save any images you have to upgrade to a monthly package or a whole of life charge of 20 times the initial costs. The technical stuff is quite good in truth but the developers have a “Gangster Enterprise” model..Version: 1.68

Can’t even save a photo without paying extra!This app breaks the basic principle of app culture. You have to pay to download it only then to discover that it is virtually unusable without add on purchases. I understand and accept that nothing of value is free and was happy to buy this app thinking that it would function at least minimally as advertised. Alas, no - it is virtually useless without paying more after download. This app should be a free download so you can at least evaluate the basic functionality and then charge away for all the actual features. You can’t even save a picture that you take. You do not find out until after you pay $3.99 that none of the features are actually active until you pay more. Not cool….Version: 1.68

Look elsewhere. SCAMI purchased this for $3.99 ( verified with my bank) , after the install and i was playing with the options, within a minute I already found two faults! One the WB option when I click it, it shuts down the app instantly. Problem number 2- as I’ve said earlier, I purchased this app but not all features are available and it’s still asking you to UPGRADE!! Ducks sake you already paint the asking price only to find out that what you paid for is the bare bones!! I WANT A REFUND!!!.Version: 1.70

Not all includedNot all is included in the cost. I assumed you would get the film series included or at least ad free after paying. Hopefully doesnt do ongoing payments as others have said..Version: 1.28

Expensive with less options 😩I got this app because I saw an ad of it. Then I decided to try it out. I downloaded it and before you know it I have almost spent $20 dollars and still have not got full satisfaction of what t want it for. U buy every filter and options even after you subscribe for a month or year. Question is why do you have to pay extra for filters and other options after you pay for subscription. Makes no sense. I would have been more satisfied if I spent that $20 dollars on Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s. 😩😩😩.Version: 1.53

Pay to download and then pay again?I’ve opened it up and it seems to have a lot of functionality… but. If you want to do any picture editing once you have taken the photo, you need to pay again; monthly or yearly. I wouldn’t have paid for the download had I known. You could at least have had some basic editing features and then add-on packs to pay extra for. Not very happy to be honest..Version: 1.54

Charged me twice and didn’t give me the additional contentFirst, the app is good, I do enjoy using it, however I opted to pay for an additional film series, the transaction went through twice and it didn’t give me access to the additional content.Version: 1.28

Out of focusNot crisp on iPhone 12 pro max, it’s out of focus and looks like a 3D pix.Version: 1.34

Crap!It’s a ripoff! I try press the record button but it’s not working!.Version: 1.28

Not impressedPaid £3.49 for the app, only to discover that if I want actually use any of the decent functions on it that I’d need to sign up to an expensive subscription. Fair enough if the app was free to download but advertising all the features and failing to mention the subscription requirements before you pay money for the app is just sneaky at best, intentionally misleading at worst IMHO.Version: 1.69

Keeps closing downNot sure why, the idea is great but the app keeps closing down. I click the wb and it literally closes. No freeZing just closed down. Please look into.Version: 1.69

Very deceptiveYou do not get what the information implies you’d get and you should not have to pay more to upgrade a paid app anyway - otherwise it should be free to start with..Version: 1.53

Pro-Mode not workingI have been using the basic features of this app, which I have to say are brilliant. The filters and range of customisation are excellent. However, I recently purchased both the retro film series and pro mode so I could make videos and this is not working in my app as it prompts me to purchase every time i hit the record button! Please help.Version: 1.28

Can’t use the app even tho you purchase itI bought this app because I seen good reviews on it and liked the idea of the features it had. After buying it and trying to use it I couldn’t even save the pictures I’ve take… like really I already bought this app for that reason and if you do want to save the photos you took, they’d want you to either do a monthly subscription to “use this pro feature” or buy the life time pro for about 80 bucks! Like really I would of just bought a real camera at this point. Don’t buy and save your money or better yet just use the HUJI app it’s 1000 times better cause you know.. you can save your photos for free. What a waste of potential and very miss leading.Version: 1.61

They charge u a subscription fee just to saveThought this was a neat app since I do photography and love the retro/film look so I paid for the app. Just to see that you have to pay a subscription fee just to save the photos after you edit. Also some things are locked out. So basically if you just buy the app bc you wanna use it for edits or photography save your money bc it’s 6 bucks a month just to save smh.Version: 1.74

Take care!!I bought this and opened it. I could only the get out of the app by a hard reset of the phone. There, is, no doubt, a way to ‘swipe’ out of the app and across to others as you can with any app. But this was not intuitive for me..Version: 1.28

Not worth the money don’t buyPaid £3.49 just to do pictures with some basic filters. Iphone main camera app does better job than this app. Very overrated app for money! Would not suggest this app to anyone..Version: 1.52

Don’t buy this, rip off!You pay £3.49, for an app that takes soft photos. And I realised anything you can do in this app you can do it in the native camera app that comes with the phone. And to really annoy you that £3.49 gets you the basics but if you want everything then you have to pay for a subscription or pay a lump sum for a lifetime version. None of thee pro options are cheap by the way. I don’t normally leave reviews and when I do it’s because an app is great but this is the complete opposite of great. It’s junk and I’ll be getting my £3.49 back..Version: 1.59

JokeBuy it and then pay for the features you want to use??.Version: 1.42

Won’t recordIt won’t let me record (the whole reason I bought it) even after buying all the in app add ons which I think is cheeky to charge for the app then charge so much when you get the actual app. And now it keeps going back to the add ons even tho I’ve purchased all of them..Version: 1.21

Great Effects, Pay Twice for FunctionalityHonestly, the effects, controls, and interface are all amazing. But after paying for the app, I still was unable to export any images, and the app asks for a much pricier upgrade to actually export the images. Without the ability to export, I’m not really sure what I paid for. If you want to pay $35-$85 for an app though, this one does look great!.Version: 1.68

Blooming heck!!You pay good money then they want an extra 200% for using record! This is a really frustrating app. In edit mode it comes out the wrong way up!? The effects are immovable and it’s just poor the whole way round. The shots are quite good though..Version: 1.45

Un-Authorized ChargeI downloaded this app for free. Then it charged me internally without my authorization. Contacted iTunes and they said it was due to an “internal purchase” for “using different lenses” which I have no idea how that would have triggered a payment. Be aware when using. Big thumbs down.Version: 1.22

Not bad at all!I love what this camera has to offer. No need to buy the extra stuff, the app by itself is great. Now the biggest thing it's lacking is that YOU NEED to be able to process images through it. Right now you can't use a photo from your camera role through the different film colours, you can only use it as a camera. That's really disappointing as I know I would use this more often if it had that feature. Maybe the extra in-app purchases might even be worth it with it..Version: 1.26

Have to pay to save your image??Once you have already paid to use the app you are unable to save your image unless you upgrade to the pro version. Rendering the first purchase of the app useless..Version: 1.76

Basic app. Poor user interfaceBasic filters. Not much better than standard instagram filters. Hard to use. Then have to pay extra for video..Version: 1.77

Total Rip OffPurchased this app only to discover I can’t even save the images without upgrading (at a very hefty price tag) Limited films to use from without upgrading again. Basically just a filter pack packaged as an analog camera. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.60

No working -refund please. Refund pleaseCamera function is clunky and freezes. You have to upgrade PAY to save photo. Photos do not save. I notice that even though you buy the app there is more to pay. Basically doesn’t work … and I note still no refund given..Version: 1.61

Do not purchase this!I can’t save images I take, nor edit anything and save them. I spent like $8 to download it wtfffff.Version: 1.69

The need to pay doesn’t stop at initial downloadAbsolutely ridiculous. First, you pay for the app, which is understandable. Then, there are in-app filters you can purchase. A bit annoying since it is not a free-to-use app, but fine, I’ll throw a couple more bucks in. I then take some photos I really enjoy, and go to save them onto my phone. Oh, sorry, SAVING photos is behind yet ANOTHER PAYWALL! A monthly subscription, currently at $7/month. It’s a scammy app that is basically unusable, I’m sure in the fine print somewhere it says I’ve also signed them ownership of my firstborn at this point..Version: 1.61

Not worth itHave many apps like this. This one isn’t worth the money, could get one like this for free..Version: 1.28

Does not workPurchased it but does not work on my iPhone 11 Pro. It just does not start. Money wasted..Version: 1.28

Rip offYou’re only given the chance to take maybe ten photos before you can no longer save photos and are instead given a link to buy the pro version for yet another 5.99. This is wrong.Version: 1.28

Purchases on top of purchases!First of all, you have to pay for the app to even download it. Then you have to pay to add film packs. You ALSO have to pay to unlock pro mode which contains very necessary features like being able to edit your photos after you take them. For pro mode you can either pay a subscription or unlock everything for a one time fee of $80!! Typically with apps you either download them for free and then have to pay a subscription, OR you pay a one time fee to download the app and then you get all the features without needing to pay a subscription, but usually not both! Also, the app is glitchy (sometimes photos just don’t save) and the layout is difficult to use. It’s a shame because the photos it takes are pretty nice and the concept is appealing, but this app was a waste of money for me..Version: 1.75

This app has additional costsIt is unclear when downloading this app that many of the filters and effects within the app require an expensive subscription - this is in addition to the initial cost of the app! In terms of value for money, there are far greater photography apps out there..Version: 1.75

RidiculousBuy the app but can’t save picture unless subscribed monthly or yearly. What was the 5.99$ for???.Version: 1.77

Quite disappointingI have been using the app for a while and its been great and I bought all the filters and upgrades! However with the introduction of the subscription I lost all of those filters, which is annoying considering I did pay for it. And a few months ago zoom stopped working, I tried re-installing it but it still does not work 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.75

Deceitful thieveryDo not buy this app. Do not buy it. You pay $5 for it then you cannot save any images without ‘upgrading’ for a further $15. Scam! Download Afterlight instead! You have more control over the settings, way way more effects and you don’t have to pay extra to save your images! I can’t believe Apple allow this deceitful practice in their store..Version: 1.44

Ads after purchaseI bought it but still have an ads in the first shot whenever I reopen. Disappointed..Version: 1.44

Mr BorgesPoor and a big Rip off.Version: 1.28

Needs more information before purchasingWish I knew before purchasing that I can’t even record video without upgrading to premium. I assumed that paying (roughly) $7 for the app would include all features, should be known to customers that you have to keep ongoing payment to access all features. Definitely wouldn’t have purchased had I known that it doesn’t even include all features listed..Version: 1.22

Waste of moneyMoney grabbing. Useless without all the extras you have to pay for. I paid for extra film series so I could record using the filters and it doesn’t even work, huge waste. Keeps taking money for nothing, I don’t get how this is even allowed.Version: 1.28

Overpriced for what you getI regret getting this app. I’ve gotten cheaper apps that allow you to edit any photos in your album that you didn’t take with the app. Even with the photos you take with the app you have to take the photo then go into your album and select it to edit. Where’s the refund button..Version: 1.69

Looks to be great, BUTSeems to be a great app, but everything I went to do, required spending more money.Version: 1.55

Not worth your moneyPhotos aren’t any better than the iPhone app, it doesn’t offer any better controls or settings, and the filters are really average. It’s basically a point and shoot app with a tacky look and a couple of unoriginal filters. The app is really overpriced for how simple it is and yet, they still want to charge more money to buy additional filter sets. You could buy an actual second hand film camera for the price of this app and its add-ons..Version: 1.28

Record doesn’t work, too many ads for a paid appIt’s okay, many of these filters can be achieved on Adobe LR which is free. For a paid app it’s annoying that every 30seconds an add pops up to buy more in app purchases. The biggest annoyance is that the record feature doesn’t work and just resets you back to a ‘in app purchase ad’. Many people are saying the record feature doesn’t work. Wish I hadn’t bothered downloading..Version: 1.21

MisleadingWhy should I have to pay to download the app…only to not even be able to use it without forking over *more* money? What a waste. Refunded though Apple because it’s misleading..Version: 1.70

No record functionFor photos, the free options are quite lovely but you can not record video.. why have a record button if you can’t record??? Very misleading. I ended up paying quite a bit to open a myriad of filters in the hope that if I bought them I would be able to record.. but not ..still could not record!! From this aspect it’s not worth the money.. sorry. It needs more clarity as to what you actually get for your money. It’s a shame because it has the potential to be a one stop shop app but it fails, miserably..Version: 1.34

Don’t get itI don’t think it’s really worth the money... I get what they were trying to do but it’s not really clear on how to use it or how it’s different from simply editing an exiting photo. So yeah, a bit disappointed..Version: 1.28

Takes photos by itself constantly.I’m pretty upset I just spent money on this for all the pro features. It has some great controls but it’s impossible to use without upgrading because of ad that pops up literally every 15 seconds. If you do upgrade like I stupidly did, then it takes photos on its own. Constantly. There’s nothing to explain this. I’ve troubleshooted over and over. It’s impossible to use as is. Read other reviews and you’ll see many people experiencing the same thing. This is with an iPhone 11 fully updated. Fix the app. Criminal to charge for something this buggy. Especially with the overzealous after to force you to buy. Noting this company and making sure never to buy again. Apple should remove this app unless it gets some serious fixes..Version: 1.28

Paid app that won’t save basic effects unless you upgradeI really enjoy the look and UI of this app, but I find it ridiculous that you can’t use the basic filters on the app without upgrading the app more. You paid $3.99 to buy the app, but the only thing that $3.99 lets you do is take a picture. The point of this app is to use it as and SLR camera, but you have to upgrade it to even get the time stamp option. Please slow for basic effects and frames to be free so that it actually makes sense to buy the app, otherwise we’re just paying to use our own cameras..Version: 1.59

Pay for NothingTo have an app that you pay for but then have some of the most wanted features at an additional expense is stupid. Make it free and then I’d be happy to pay to save after applying filters., etc.Version: 1.68

ConfusingI’ve had this app for a while now and I really like it. However I’ve tried upgrading or trying to buy the film series and it just doesn’t work. It’ll take my money and nothing on the app changes. When I press record it just asks me if I want to buy. It’s happened more than once and even though I’ve gotten my refund I would actually like to try the pro version or even the film..Version: 1.28

RubbishToo much money for very limited accessibility. If I had known I wouldn’t have paid £79 for limited features and I still can’t record videos. 😡😡😡 If I could rate it zero using the stars I would. So here in writing I am rating it zero..Version: 1.68

Won’t record after purchase and app won’t close! Beware!The photography possibilities on this app are second to none, that’s a given - and the only saving grace for the app. The issues start to rear their ugly heads (yes heads, plural) once you decide to purchase filming capabilities. I bought the 3.99 pro upgrade followed by Kodak series and Fuji series. And guess what? None of them work! I hit the red record button and it sends me right back to the purchase screen, really frustrating. They didn’t waste time taking my money, but can’t update their apps functionality issues? Not cool! Then there’s the exiting of the app. It’s a nightmare! Like most functional apps you swipe and it disappears. Not this one! I have to constantly sign in and out of my home screen to finally exit the app. Also, to make matters even worse, I deleted and redownloaded the app. In hopes the app was glitching, and could be corrected with a “fresh start” I got just that! I had none of my purchases and all the same issues I mentioned above! Terrible! I’ll be going through Apple to get my refund. This app was/is a real let down. Proceed with caution, fellow consumers!.Version: 1.28

ScamOnce you pay for the app you can’t even edit existing photos or record videos with the filters. You will need to upgrade for an extra $7.99. So scummy. Anyways there are better apps with the exact same filters. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.40

Please update for wide-angle lens cameraAt the moment the app only supports 1x and 2x cameras and not the wide-angle lens.. please update! Otherwise loving the functions and filters. Agh update. It keeps saving photos randomly every few seconds without me pressing it..Version: 1.28

What’s with the cash grab?You see when I saw the app, at first I was excited. Clearly how they got me out of my 4 dollars. I’m just obsessed with film and just the way it looks, but to my surprise when I purchased the app and got into it and when to do my first edit I was hit with a paywall! Now, I know we have to get our money in this day and age but why would you offer this product with the price of 4 dollars to get in just to pay an additional; 4 a month to unlock all the “Pro” features. I didn’t like that one bit and being a content creator/artist it’s a bit of a gamble when it comes to purchasing new equipment. If you were to fix the issue and maybe unlock some or I don’t know ALL the features after giving you 4 dollars. It would be a 5 star. Just can’t get busy with that subscription bull. Great concept though..Version: 1.69

Drains battery and phone diesThis app drains battery on a serious level and phone dies suddenly. What's worse is poor communication line. The only possible way is email which is possible to acquire only through instagram, but they never answer your email. I've written them 3 times for the past 2 weeks, they didn't even have an automated answer. They are eager to release new film preset to buy but seriously careless on the bug fix. What kind of camera app crashes and phone dies? I am a iphone user since iphone 3Gs and have used wide range of camera apps but this is by far the worst..Version: 1.21

If it only had zoom.This app is pretty cool, but lacks a zoom which honestly really kills the experience and I end up using my iPhone camera. Which begs the question....why did I even buy this app. I was hoping for something better, but yet here we are. If the zoom is fixed then I think it would be a better app and use would go up. There have also been intermittent crashes. Not all the time, but at least 1 out of every time used..Version: 1.25

As a film photographer the app is stupidAnalog photography is with an analog camera, not on a bad app on your phone, second of all they have ripped of the name Leica for the name, and it is just basically a normal camera on your phone with a filter.Version: 1.55

Can’t edit photosShame I can’t edit photos I’ve already taken on my phone. A lack of convenience, but good features.Version: 1.21

Not worth the moneyThe app itself is nice and easy to use with the functions more accessible than the standard camera app. So the initial purchase feels like it’s worth the money. However when you start to get into it, the functions and effects that you want to use (the actual reason you purchased the app such as saving to RAW, processing the photo and the GOOD film effects) are only available either by subscription or a ‘lifetime’ payment. The fees for these are exorbitant. The initial price is ok if you want an app that’s easier to use than the stock iPhone camera app. If you want it for effects and processing then you’re better off using the standard camera app and processing them in the free PS Express app..Version: 1.68

VidReally like this app but it can record a video that will be even better!.Version: 1.24

Please DONT!I paid sadly and was expecting I can use all the features, but NO! They ask you for an upgrade, meaning you have to pay again. A SCAM! If they return my money, I will gladly delete this comment and never download any apps from this company or wtv. *its only a couple of coins* But make it make it sense!.Version: 1.44

No Aperture Change No RAWWASTE OF MONEY! No Aperture, which make the SLR descriptor a BS. If you’ve got an iPhone you can just shoot in portrait to change the aperture and then download a great free app like VSCO to get Rip-off Leica’s features but waaaaay better and without having to pay anything. Also there is no option to shoot in RAW. If this App was free and they described it for what it is then it may be worthy of a 3 star product..Version: 1.28

PoorNothing special. Expensive for what it is, especially with in app purchase. Really needs a window to photo album so you can check what you’ve shot. Native camera or Snapseed work better for no extra cost Pro Camera or VSCO are better by far if you want a paid for app. Otherwise, save your money..Version: 1.28

A total stitch upI just paid over £3 for this app and you cannot even save images without upgrading to pro. I never have written a bad review before I simply just don’t give any feedback but this is bad!!!.Version: 1.69

Save your money.I thought £3.59 isn’t bad for a photo app seems cool and then you literally have to pay for ever single thing. I’m not paying £6 a month to make my photos look analogue. No joke I could just take analogue photos on my camera and develop them myself cheaper..Version: 1.68

Decent app but ultimately a cash grabThey charge you $5.49 to use the app (which I am fine with) but then when you try and save a picture that was shot outside the app they want another $5.49 which is not worth it..Version: 1.39

양아치 아니노?앱을 공짜로 풀고 또 필터를 구입하게 하던지 앱 왜 돈내고 받아야 하는지 이유를 모르겟네 UI UX도 이쁘기만 하고 쓰기 개불편.Version: 1.75

Not worth the moneyI bought both of these apps for photo and video, they allow you to take shots, and in the app you are able to manipulate them- but you cannot save how you manipulated them unless you purchase a pro upgrade for a ridiculous amount of money. Also, you aren’t able to use the app properly because it’s on AUTO. The photo app you can manipulate some things but if you’re wanting to add effects like different film stocks for a cool photo film look, you must upgrade and pay to save the photo film looks you chose. I’m definitely disappointed and was going to have my students purchase this for assignments- but definitely will not..Version: 1.60

MisleadingYou have to pay upfront for the app and then have to pay over and over again for filters and different effects. Very dissatisfied with this..Version: 1.69

Please report this app, its dodgyYou can’t use any the features of the app without paying for the subscription. There is nothing in the description of the app that states this or even alludes to it. Don’t waste your money!.Version: 1.76

It's misleadingMost camera apps are way better than this FILCA app. It does not have the ability to save the photos unless you pay more to just save a photo. Not worth it. It is misleading with the name as referenced to LEICA 35mm film camera in the ad making you believe that it's good. I should have checked the reviews before buying this app. It should be called FILTHCA. So I paid for $3.99, cheap right?, but what's the point if you cannot save or edit it. It's a waste of money. If the rating has a zero star, it would be in the zero star where it should be. DO NOT BUY THIS APP even for free as it will not work..Version: 1.69

I would like a refundThe app doesn't allow you to take video, you have to purchase another app and to unlock all features you gotta subscribe.Version: 1.55

Buy at own riskI was curious about this app since I had seen a couple adds about it and thought it was a cool concept. Ended up giving in, and paying the $3.99 only to find out that even after you purchase the app you still have to pay even more just to save the picture you created with their filters to your own camera roll. Don’t waste your money on this, I’ve tried getting a refund, but for some reason it won’t let me..Version: 1.61

TheivesI purchased the full version. Money went out of my account and it’s still telling me I need to purchase the pro version to use any of the pro features....Version: 1.28

DO NOT PURCHASEAbsolute rip off and will be requesting a refund. Cannot use any of the features in the app without purchasing another mode of the app..Version: 1.28

Too much moneyThis app charged 4 dollars to buy, which may seem okay since there are a lot of features, but after purchasing the app, you would have to pay even more money to get a new feature. So basically you pay 4 dollars just to get a camera app and then you have to pay even more money to get a filter. For example, you’d have to pay more money just to put the date on your photo which is absolutely ridiculous, a toddler could do that for free. Don’t buy this app they are clearly just fishing for some extra money..Version: 1.69

Asks for more money as if u didnt already payConfusing as well.Version: 1.73

I want my money back….This app is a scam. I’m not even sure why you have to pay the $3.99 if you can’t even use the basic features like save your photo, or edit the pictures. You have to pay from $4.99-$5.99 for more filters, which each of those packs only comes with about 4 different filters. Now, if you want to save the pictures, and edit them, you have to pay about $75. It’s too expensive to pay for all the other features on this app. Don’t waste your money. So disappointed..Version: 1.70

In app purchases as well as pay to download?A bit annoying that you pay to simply download the app and then have to pay again for a lot of the features and to save any edits.Version: 1.59

Bit misleading but takes a decent photo with nice effectTakes great photos, of you use manual mode. I haven’t had much luck in auto mode as it creates strange distortion. The pro upgrade is bizarre. You pay a little extra but it doesn’t seem to give you anything more. Especially the video function..Version: 1.21

Waste of moneyIt’s basically an app with some really inaccurate and cheap filters, a bunch of confusing scales and numbers meant to make it look fancy but you don’t ever ending up using them. Such an overpriced app for basically nothing, you still need to pay even more for a couple filters which are their main selling point in ads. They make it seem you’ll get them from buying the app which u don’t. This app right here is what it wrong with the world. Die..Version: 1.68

Stupid appStupid, stupid app, massive waste of my money. Saw it, thought it looked cool, spent $5 on it, cause the stuff advertised looked useful and awesome, and it was, except I can’t fricken download the photos I take with affects and frames, and can’t even record video without paying a monthly fee! On top of the money I already wasted to get the app, absolutely useless, and that’s my honest opinion, I want a REFUND.Version: 1.44

Nice effects but needs workCrashes when i change cameras and the flash doesnt usually stay on and goes off before the photo is taken Nice effects though, just annoying to use.Version: 1.52

Paid for app, then treats me like a free downloadWasted $5 on this app, when it won’t let me save any images using the inbuilt effects/films, or asks for more money for extra download packages. Literally the same functionality as my iPhone 12 Pro camera. Such a rip..Version: 1.44

Complete rip offBought the app thinking £3.99 would get you what the app says it does. No. You then need to spend £3.99 on pro mode and £1.99 for each set of filters. Go for the free ones they are just as good. No option to import photos either so you can only snap new photos not add the effects to existing. Waste of money..Version: 1.28

AVOID AT ALL COSTSSeen this on instergram as there marketing hooked me in . The app is a load of rubbish . The normal iPhone app walks all over it . And the when you buy it you then have to pay more with in the app to get the pro version . AVIOD IT AND SAVE YOUR MONEY . This should be taken off the App Store.Version: 1.22

For a paid app, there sure are a lot of pay walls.I am an avid film photographer. And I figured I’d pay the 4 bucks to check this app out. And I have to say I’ve gotten some downright gorgeous photos out of it. But I find it extremely limiting due to the features in the subscription based pro version. Most of all white balance. I could do with half of the film emulation settings if they allowed me set my white balance..Version: 1.74

Rip offTotal rip, bought app for £3:49 but it does nothing more than the standard camera , tried to edit using one of the films and its telling me I need to spend £12:99 to be able to save an image using a “film”! It’s not a film it’s a cheap filter, total rip off. Ui is also very clunky and too small too be able to use in a normal situation. Please refund ..Version: 1.47

Love the control,butThe ads are really annoying..Version: 1.28

Money-Hungry AppThis app is a paid app, and once you buy it virtually nothing is available to you without purchasing more functionality. The timestamps are only available in a monthly subscription price, that just doesn't make sense. This app is just looking to take your money. Though none of these upgrades are terribly expensive, you get hidden costs everywhere. Would have been better to make this a $10 app, and give you the functionalities, or a free app that then gives you options to pay for more, but when you buy the app itself you are actually buying nothing, just a ticket to buy more things. Stupid business model, that decieves users..Version: 1.21

DONT CLICK BUY! Trust me! It’s a scamThis is the newest trend. Flood the app rating to positive. This app is a joke. First you have to pay to really use it and see what it’s about which is unethical to start with. So you read the reviews which paint the app like it’s amazing it’s not ! You can do basically the same things as other apps. It’s absolutely disgusting that even the minor feature like ability to save from the app after applying a desired effect you have to pay for..Version: 1.44

ScamAs mentioned several times in this thread, you pay for the app and then you have to pay again to use only if it’s features..Version: 1.68

Never worksPaid for the pro-version and it never works. The app keeps shutting down when I go to take a picture. Such a waste of money and you miss some shots that could be perfect if the app worked..Version: 1.75

In-app purchases no longer there after I redownloadedI deleted the app because my phone didn’t have enough memory to house the app so I deleted it. Downloaded it back in hopes of being able to use some of the in app features I previously purchased, I was completely disappointed after finding out that they were no longer there and I’d have to pay again to get them back..Version: 1.28

Very sneakyThey make you pay for the app and pay for add on filters, and then after all of that, you cannot add filters onto any of your pre-existing images and save them, unless you pay for the subscription service. Wasted $20 and still can’t save images I’ve added filters to. So sneaky..Version: 1.69

Not worth itDon’t download.Version: 1.28

Don’t Buy!!!!!Honestly so annoyed - I didn’t realise that you had to pay and keep paying huge $&$$ before you can even save your photos - seriously they say is $5.99 but you pay and then have to pay huge more $$$ before even being able to save your piccys - honestly I wish I had read the reviews more closely DONT BuY!!.Version: 1.75

3 stars because..The filters are nice, doesn’t always give that ‘polaroid’ look BUT it definitely needs an option to edit photos already in a camera roll since you have to pay for it! Other than that, it’s a nice app.Version: 1.21

Good App but could do with tweaksI’ve only had it for a day but it seems okay. A tad clunky when setting up. Would be great to have the ability to view the image you have taken without having to go to your photos folder. This should be done within the App and then the ability to edit pics there would be good. Let’s see what the developer comes up with.Version: 1.21

Does this thing actually film?I’ve tried everything to try and use this for a simple film... All it does is ask for more money each time and there’s no where to see what filters I have purchased and how to just use what I have... so far has wasted my time and money.Version: 1.28

UnhappyBasically, you pay $3.99 to download the app. All of the features are available to edit your photo until you try to save it, then it states you must purchase the “Pro” version to save changes. So, you can take regular pictures with this app….just like your phone takes for free unless you pay more $$$. Do not waste your money. The features on the app aren’t worth the $3.99, I def would not pay more to save them. Very disappointed in the app and the cost..Version: 1.49

Lost all filters after changed phoneBought all the series film on my last phone, they are all gone after I changed to a new phone. That’s not good, they ain’t cheap, almost $10 each series film..Version: 1.75

Initial download should be freeThey make you pay to use the baseline features of the app, results are lacking substance. If you want date and time stamping you have you pay the same amount as the initial download— doubling your investment. Then you need to pay for each different brand name film filter package, which isn’t clear in the app description. If you want the real Fuji or Kodak looks you need to pay more. There are knockoff versions in the baseline app, but they don’t look that great..Version: 1.28

No Video?I paid for all the extras only to find out there is no video option? Or am I missing something?.Version: 1.28

Complete scam.All the interesting effects are only available if you upgrade. It does almost nothing without an expensive upgrade..Version: 1.70

Scam! Apple should investigateI bought this app because it advertised some great film and date print features. However it’s only after purchasing and opening the app that you learn that despite paying 4 bucks for the app, you then also need to buy a subscription to use the features they advertise. Nowhere in the app description or promo photos about features like date print does it imply a subscription is also required. Frankly this feels like a total scam and I’m sad I wasted 4 bucks on this piece of crap. I hope Apple looks into this!!.Version: 1.71

Not bad but a little misleading.Takes a great picture however after the initial payout for the app you then have to either pay a monthly subscription fee or a larger 1 off sum to access pro features..Version: 1.50

Not accurateI have my own film camera, but I bought this so I wouldn’t have to wait for the process of shooting a full roll/developing. The photos are not at all like film. If you zoom in, there is no grain, everything is blended together and blurred. The settings for each roll of film is essentially just a filter that you can get for free on PicsArt. The filters aren’t accurate either, and don’t share the traits that the labeled rolls of film have. Lame. Not worth $3, especially considering you have to pay another $10 for features..Version: 1.44

Missed the mark.Was expecting a really interesting shooting experience, and that’s not what I felt I got. The interface is okay, but the overall experience is confusing and odd. The editing options are trash and even tho the app is $4 to get, they make you have to pay for literally everything else. Which off rip, the app doesn’t deliver on meeting my expectations so I wasn’t very inclined on spending more on it..Version: 1.70

Really disappointedExpected to pay for the app. Didn’t expect to pay for filters etc.. would rather of paid double the app and everything else free. So short sighted but won’t be using the app..Version: 1.74

Don’t botherDon’t waste your money. Effects require a subscription and extra films cost more👎.Version: 1.53

Description not actuate- monthly pay for filtersYou need to pay again to save a photo with a filter. So dumb..Version: 1.53

Paid for upgrade and no differenceHi there, I paid for the upgrade so I could have pictures with the dates on them- I still can’t access the option to put the dates on after paying for the upgrade?.Version: 1.28

Really disappointThought I spent the money on the right thing. First of all, yeah the app “basic” feature was good, but when it comes to other series or tell me to upgrade to get more premium thing.... I’m pretty disappointed....Version: 1.28

DeceptiveThe app itself works great, but it is really deceptive. I paid for the app, started editing some pictures and really liked it, so I decided to pay for the extra Kodak effects, then after I was happy with what I edited and tried to save it to my gallery turns out I have to pay a subscription, which means the app purchase and the extra effects I PAID FOR are essentially useless unless I want to pay for the subscription. Having to pay for a download that feels like a free trial and then having to pay for a subscription is already a low move, in addition to the app offering you the option to buy extras without letting you know you need the pro mode to actually use what you paid for. Quite disappointing..Version: 1.69

Amazing images, clunky UI, frequent crashes.The images look amazing, though I find myself rarely using the app to take photos. The camera constantly freezes, lags, and crashes on iPhone 13 mini, but was the same on iPhone 11 Pro. Instead, I use really any other camera, and import the images into FILCA for processing. I only wish the realistic camera graphical interface were eliminated to allow for a smoother overall experience. Wide angle support would be nice for the price as well. Ultimately, it feels like a lot of heart and effort went into something that ended up being a poorly optimized cash grab..Version: 1.75

Waste of moneyI download the app 2 days before I thought ut would include all the features but it's just 5,6 effects and that's all. And it cost roughly $7. I wouldn't recommend to buy this. And can't I get a refund ???.Version: 1.28

Don’t waste your moneyWhat you get for the price is an extremely limited app that is basically worthless. You can’t even save your images. What they offer is a subscription that is too expensive (unless you want to pay a one time “lifetime’ for $79! If your going to do that then offer a 7 day free trial. If someone can tell me how to report these people and get a refund I would appreciate it. As it stands I’m out $4 so not the end of the world. Just hope I can save someone else the frustration..Version: 1.68

Extra subscription needed to save photos!After paying for this app you need a subscription to save the photos. What a joke don’t buy unless you want to pay a further 6,99.Version: 1.72

Have to keep purchasing individual filtersHonestly, after paying 2.99 for the app itself you would think it would have more options in the interface to use without needing to upgrade and purchase film packs individually. You’re constantly spending more and more money. I don’t even know what the first 2.99 even gets you. Might as well just use Snapseed. I’m pretty disappointed. I don’t usually buy apps like this, so I chanced this one. Wish I hadn’t :/ now I have multiple charges on my account and I don’t even know what the second charge is for. Don’t trust this app.Version: 1.50

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