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Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto Positive Reviews

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Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto App User Positive Comments 2023

Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto app received 92 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about binance: buy bitcoin & crypto?

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Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto for Positive User Reviews

The apps is so rubbishThe Binance apps before was good but then suddenly it forced me to update the lite version and it’s so rubbish. There’s no way to see real time transactions and the value that shows in my account of the cryto is far from the amount I traded. I can’t even select the price i like to trade for?!? They make me think that the purposes of changing the design is to scam people..Version: 2.41.1

Super app pour le daily trade.Assez complexe au début mais on apprend vite :-).Version: 2.25.2

Great platform, horrible customer supportBinance is still the best platform for trading crypto, it has the lowest fees, great UI//UX and now great opportunities to earn by stacking in the savings account. The only drawback I found after years was of using it is its awful customer service. They are unresponsive and if you are lucky contacting them after weeks of waiting for an answer, their answers are automated, unhelpful and un effective, making the whole experience super frustrating. I don’t get why don’t they improve in that regard. If they did, they would immediately put away all attempts of competition with great customer service getting Binance users as its happening now..Version: 2.37.5

Amazing customer service!I’ve recently got into cryptocurrency trading over the last few months and binance by far is the best free platform to use. Yesterday morning before my early shift at work I went to set a buy limit on a currency incase it went down during my shift but with me being very tired I accidentally set the buy limit at 1.65 instead of 1.165; Instantly I lost 300 pounds on my investment due to my own carelessness and I was deeply upset. To my delight when I opened the app today I still held my crypto which was worth 300 pounds less than I initially had due to my error but I always held 300 pounds worth of USDT which Binance generously gifted back to me after clearing seeing the mistake I made. This isn’t the first time they’ve taken care of me and their security features and compatibility with crypto wallets makes Binance the clear cut choice out of the apps available to begin trading with cryptocurrency in my opinion..Version: 2.27.2

App needs last seen updatesI’m a merchant trader on this app !Most traders here constitute some level of indiscipline by leaving their ads on and going to bed when trading is a business of staying online to transact , so the last seen update will tell buyers or sellers who is actually online to do business or who is away some mins ago this will reduce the level of crypto being held on escrow and Prevent loss for active traders , see to this review and work on it ..Version: 2.32.2

Wanted to try but….They have listed Ontario as a restricted area and do not service us!!! To avoid Fords tax or something!!! If you live in Ontario your outta luck ;).Version: 2.37.5

Love BinanceEasy and user friendly !.Version: 2.27.2

Worse app in the worldThis is the worse app in the galaxy of apps ever. The useless thing is so hard to use. Go complex over the lite view and it doesn’t become complex, it becomes impossible... use bybit or FTX and it’s simple as hell to do a leverage or future trade... this app, you might as well fill your toilet with bleach and dunk your head in it because you will get further in life doing that then using this app... in fact I hope that apple reviews this app for being a scam for how terrible this app was created and they fine the creators of binance for being such terrible app creators and take them off the App Store and ban them forever with no room for improvement because this is criminal how bad this app and how hard it is to use. You go to make a future trade and your money literally disappears with no trace to be found, same with leverage trade.... any other app, you can just use the crypt currency you already have to make a trade, but nooooo this app you have to transfer to some fake account that loses its integrity or acknowledgement in the wallet feature of the app and you are left wondering where the hell your money went to because it’s literally disappeared. The app creators or developers of binance should be ashamed of themselves. You guys are literally disgusting and I hope you guys get shut down by some form of international police for your criminal app you disgusting animals..Version: 2.27.1

Easy tradingAwesome app to trade easy.Version: 2.37.1

Great appPerfect mobile trading app..Version: 2.19.2

Good trade app !First of all, if you haven’t used Binance yet make sure to enter the reward coupon X5HCF7VV on the sign up screen to get a commission kickback rate. Wonderful... The best trading app ever. Very fast and reliable. God! Your app rock. I mean no change for trading and you can trade so many coin at the same time. Wow! With every update from past 4-5 months, the app has just got sleeker and sleeker. Both buy and sell interface are now on same page to make things more eaiser i recommend this app. The fees are reasonable if you use BNB to cover your fees for trading, Binance cuts fees down 50% if you use BNB, the fees go down more depending on what "tier" or level user you are. Pricing is real time, sending and receiving crypto is quick. Their security is incredible, the level of security used to protect the user account is one of the best. They now offer a virtual wallet, and the support team is quick to help if you need them. One recommendations - In trades (center) tab when we click on the open trades icon, the history is out at the top right which isn't quite an ideal position. Do what you've done for futures open orders and order history, just slide right to get the order history. That would be really neat... All bug with new upload are fixed!! Great!!.Version: 2.38.0

Excellent Crypto Trading & Investment PlatformFantastic cryptocurrency trading and investment platform. Easy to use and customer service is efficient. Love the staking/savings options. Thank you, Binance!.Version: 2.34.3

Cannot Verify My Bank AccountI followed every step that given to me from the FAQ and have my account verified. But when it comes to withdraw and I try to verify my bank account, I did not receive any amount to my bank account. It’s been more than 5 business days. There are no way to reset details of my bank account too if there are a mistake that I did if I put a wrong account there. Do you have any idea how can I verify my bank account for withdraw? Because I can only deposit money in it, I will deposit more when my bank account for withdraw is verified. Please help me out..Version: 2.28.1

Great app from binanceVery user friendly and powerful that can fulfill your needs of trading..Version: 2.6.1

The Switch to BinanceSince switching to Binance, you finally understand the meaning of “Worlds best exchange”. It’s versatile abilities to trade, buy, sell and exchange on an open market is second to none. I will always bring people to Binance! Worlds most Complete Exchange.Version: 2.28.1

Great app.This app is really good, I think only things it needs are a native iPad app and a region specific toggle to remove unavailable features, it’s annoying having futures and leveraged coins shown on the app and being unable to trade them, same with things like XMR..Version: 2.40.0

Aussie rating BinanceSo safe and secure. I’m an Aussie and I’ve been using this app for well over a year. I’m fully verified. I deposit cash no hassle and instant using pay Id. I trade easily. And I have withdrawn a lot of crypto without any issues at all ever. Just make sure you do the verification process then this is app is the best there is. 5 stars!.Version: 2.40.1

Binance RocksAwesome! Everything at your fingertips instantly..Version: 2.1.1

Binance appThis app is a little bit complicated to use and a little fidgety. It does take some time to get to use and remember where everything goes. But the customer service reliability and trustworthiness is second to none with this company. Each time I had an issue with the app I would contact customer service and within a minute I had a reply and I was very diligent in helping you rectifyAny issues I had. First I was nervous to send money through this app being my first time. But Binance made it so much safer and easier to use just by customer service alone. I can’t recommend this app enough. It only has five stars but I would you have 10 out of 10..Version: 2.53.3

Chat in p2p doesn’t connect…FIXEDUPDATE: Sorry, I believe the issue stems from my isp thus not your fault. Working now. The chat option in p2p buying doesn’t work…unable to send messages. Tried once from iphone x, three times from galaxy a5, & once from samsung f23. This is a huge issue as some sellers don’t release usdt until they get response in chat from buyer even though the payment has been made. Fix this please..Version: 2.61.1

Simply the best crypto exchange.Major League in every aspect..Version: 2.31.2

The bestPrice is so competitive for Cryptocurrency in comparison to any other platform. User friendly and can borrow cryptocoin for investment using your existing one as collateral. Can use payID for deposit and withdrawal in Australian. Binance Pay also is the best since sliced bread..Version: 2.37.2

You can do betterI think Binance should consider a redesign of the app. It’s so difficult to know how ones P/L vs the average costs/investment per position. Yeah, one can know the P/L per day but it would be nice to see an average cost per position as well as the portfolio P/L. For instance, if I keep buying ETH, I would like to see how much I paid on average for each ETH and how much is the P/L vs that average cost. THe current market view shows repetitive and unnecessary information. I trust Binance can do more..Version: 2.63.4

Great appFirst of all, if you haven’t used Binance yet make sure to enter the reward coupon GJSK48HP on the sign up screen to get 40% commission kickback rate. Wonderful... The best trading app ever. Very fast and reliable. God! Your app rock. I mean no change for trading and you can trade so many coin at the same time. Wow! With every update from past 4-5 months, the app has just got sleeker and sleeker. Both buy and sell interface are now on same page to make things more eaiser i recommend this app. The fees are reasonable if you use BNB to cover your fees for trading, Binance cuts fees down 50% if you use BNB, the fees go down more depending on what "tier" or level user you are. Pricing is real time, sending and receiving crypto is quick. Their security is incredible, the level of security used to protect the user account is one of the best. They now offer a virtual wallet, and the support team is quick to help if you need them. One recommendations - In trades (center) tab when we click on the open trades icon, the history is out at the top right which isn't quite an ideal position. Do what you've done for futures open orders and order history, just slide right to get the order history. That would be really neat... All bug with new upload are fixed!! Great!!.Version: 2.41.1

Util de principio a finEs lo que siempre pensé que un banco debe hacer. Permitir usar tu dinero en cualquier forma posible..Version: 2.63.5

New Zealand InvestorBeen using binance since Feb 2021 and any issues ive had have been resolved via the helpful staff, as long as you learn as you go the binance academy link shows you how to work it and what cryptocurrency knowledge is, Ive now gained a huge following on social platforms teaching and have allot of assets thanks to this app and will continue using it..Version: 2.54.0

Best platformThese people giving one star have no idea what there talking about binance is the best app/ platform to trade crypto hands down , people say that there losing money and money is missing they just don’t understand that there is fees involved in trading if your new to crypto it might take you a few days to figure everything out on the app but iv been using this platform for years and it’s the easiest and simplest way to trade crypto.Version: 2.36.1

Not allowing loginsNew update broke logging in for IPhone 7. Pls fix Edit: works now, not a fan of the new UI but it works..Version: 2.39.3

Best Crypto recovery service ✅"People should be more careful and do a lot of research before investing in cryptocurrency, I have seen that many people have lost thousands of money while trying to invest in cryptocurrency. I was a victim too some months back and I lost $476,000 worth of Bitcoins to a cryptocurrency investment scam. I’m grateful to BITCOINSOLUTIONCENTRE for assisting me to recover my stolen funds, I recovered all the money that I lost in a cryptocurrency investment scam, and with the information I provided, they were able to trace my bitcoins and initiate a reversal. I’m recommending BITCOINSOLUTIONCENTRE for your fund's recovery, crypto can be traced and recovered with the right information. You can reach them via the GMAIL: BITCOINSOLUTIONCENTRE@GMAILCOM life-saving service I'm really happy... Tell him I recommend.Version: 2.61.3

WithdrawWhy we can't withdraw our money in nz? If we can invest from nz!!!! help me if anyone know how can i withdraw..Version: 2.33.3

Mostly betterThis version is much better than the "side-loaded" version. There are just a few items that I think need to be fixed. 1) There's a typo on the Open Orders screen. The button for cancelling an order is labeled "confirm." This should say "cancel." 2) Also, I really dislike the loading animation that runs when switching from a different app, back to binance. I wish it took me straight to the last screen I had open. Instead is pauses to play a time wasting animation. The old version didn't have this annoying quirk..Version: 1.0.0

Great app!Easy to use interface, and the choice to toggle lite or pro version. Does the job well. Verifying my identity was the most painful part through the website but through the app it was a piece of cake! I use this app every day..Version: 2.37.4

Great app but…I don’t know why all exchange cryto apps cant make a great app for Ipad… its must be fix so you can have it on a big screen the way you want it!.Version: 2.32.1

Performance/ServiceBinance est le plafonne le plus performant et procure un bon service.Version: 2.32.2

Binance CardI bought a gas cooker with Binance card. Unfortunately I used a dodgy website and got scammed for £500. Contacted Visa with no results, they gave me number that was completely automated and I got nowhere. Next was the bank I send my money to and results were similar. At that point I just counted it as loss but as last resort I contacted Binance. Had to wait for reply around 2 weeks but I got FULLY REFUNDED without being asked any questions! I AM VERY IMPRESSED with the way they acted and from now on will be using only Binance card. Screw the banks future of finances is here. Thank Binance you guys rock! Highly recommended. 🙌Stop using banks start using Binance. Additionally you will get 2% cash back for any purchase if you stake just 1 Binance coin. Few tips: If you have a problem with them don’t open 100 tickets just wait patiently they will reply. I used Binance for over a year and never had a problem. Another thing is if you can’t make credit card purchase it’s not Binance that’s stopping you, it’s your Bank believe it or not. If your payment is processing and doesn’t land in Binance it’s still your own Bank again. I suggest considering to contact your bank and ask why they withholding payments. Been there, done that. Hope that helps. Have a lovely day people..Version: 2.29.0

Bitcoin investmentsThough I’m only relatively new to investing into crypto currencies, I have found this app to very informative in navigating me through the stock markets and trading platforms. It has been thus far, easy to deposit cash and transfer back into my bank account. There has been good tutorials regarding trading with the many currencies and with easy to understand guidance to help sort themselves through the app. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to invest into the crypto currency stock market..Version: 2.36.1

Best Exchange I’ve Found So Far!Binance is definitely the best exchange I’ve used so far. There’s a wide range of products and services available. They’ve got a huge selection of coins to choose from. You’ll need to get use to using the pro version as the lite version is very limited. The pro version can be quite daunting but stick with and you’ll find its extremely good one you find your feet. Verification process is fairly simple, depositing is easy and withdrawing money back to my bank account wasn’t an issue and the fees were very cheap. I always read app reviews before downloading something and it’s seems withdrawing from crypto apps back to your bank is always troublesome but it’s easy with Binance..Version: 2.27.2

Removing Phone number from P2P chatsYou made it difficult to get connected with the Buyers and Sellers on P2P, it ain’t easy again, sometimes it took like 20mins before order get canceled but it would have been easier to call the buyer/seller on phone call anytime there is delay but you may have your reason to removed phone number from P2P, I suggest you should make it 10 mins highest to cancel order when there is delay in payment....Version: 2.47.2

Very nice appEasy to surf on this app.Version: 2.25.2

SwitcherooI was originally dissatisfied with the lite version update, not really realising that there was a way to change back to the original UI for months. I personally really like all the complicated settings, keep it like that it’s something most apps don’t have. Maybe just explain the transition for people rather than having to stumble across the setting themselves..Version: 2.44.2

NZD currencyWould be good if you could also add NZD as one of the fiat currencies..Version: 2.28.1

Medical insurance requireWant a place where you can spend all your money and get nothing in return? The make your way to the futures section in this app and start leverage trading today. The market only seems to be rigged but I assure you it’s not. Not by the app anyway. It’s great fun! Lots of heart racing moments to get your blood flowing and lots of agonising moments that put you into a stress related coma. On a serious note tho, perfect app for everything crypto’s not the apps fault I’m bad at trading if anything it’s helped.Version: 2.29.1

Intermittent Bug : Stuck on 2FA screen.Was working well for the first login but have same issue as other reviewers upon trying to login for the second time. The app gets stuck loading the Google 2FA page (no keyboard appears). Binance has a great track record and most things they touch turn to gold, please fix this bug or tell me how to fix it. Then all of a sudden it works again. Rinse and repeat. If it stays good a week I’ll upgrade review to 5 star..Version: 2.11.0

So far so goodHey, I’m fairly new to trading and dealing with crypto currency and bitcoin but if given the option to pay with such, I’m able to easily since having downloaded the app binance it’s been affordable easy and refreshing to be able to make the choice of payment using bitcoin,. Thank you binance thank you to all,,.Version: 2.34.3

No NZ withdrawal option a big let down.Great app needs better withdrawal options options for New Zealand bar sendingto a 3rd party. Hence the 4 star not a 5 star..Version: 2.37.2

Great App but…Great app with some useful tools, staking, broad range of tokens, etc… why not 5 ⭐️? Well I’m honestly sick of the verification issues this app in isolation has. All other apps on my phone do work smoothly with Face ID but this app seems designed to make authentication as difficult as possible with repeated Face ID failure and additional sms / email verification which leads to yet more verification which leads to failed log Ins for almost no apparent reason. These always seem to be during market volatility so I assume failed verification is more truthfully oversubscribed servers but I’d prefer honesty if that’s the case. Additionally there’s more and more kyc requirements but tbh that’s more regulation than the apps fault so annoying when this prevents you trading but can forgive..Version: 2.62.1

Cluttered GUIThe exchanges GUI is cluttered. I end up touching something I didn’t mean to touch because all the buttons are close to each other. I understand they want this to be user friendly by placing everything in the open so nothing is hidden but it just makes everything messy. Add menus and you can free up space on the GUI. It’s hard increasing and decreasing price of coins we are selling in the exchange without hitting something else and causing the screen to swipe. Same goes for the amount buttons to increase and decrease the amount of coins we are selling and buying in the exchange screen. Also id like to be able to see market/price history on the buy/sell screen so I can see how much a coin was being sold for last month as I’m pricing it for selling without having to change screens and go to the other market tab to engage prices. Oh and most importantly there should be a note when selling coins that there’s a bare minimum of .1 before we go to sell our coins. I wasted time setting up a coin to sell just to find out afterwards I didn’t have enough coins to sell which wasted minutes of my time. So minimums and other rules should be made visible at all times. Other than that it’s a good app. 4 stars..Version: 2.13.0

SAll good.Version: 2.30.2

Great App!All works with high security.Version: 2.63.5

Hurry up!(NZD is Suspended) for how long? come on Binance pick up your game!.Version: 2.28.2

Finally an exchange I can get money out of..Days of messing around with Bitfinex getting nowhere then they slapped a $10k minimum withdrawal fee on my funds. Decided to buy back in, transfer everything to Binance, sell for GBP on Binance and withdraw there instead. Verification was easy and I had my money in my bank in about half an hour. I’m no daytrader and so won’t be touching this again going forward, but finally an exchange that actually pays out instead of doing everything in their power to stop you making a withdrawal..Version: 2.25.1

Not for small amounts of moneyWhen you go to cash out or swap crypto to other app the amount they take as a transaction fee makes anything less than 300 dollars not worth investing on this app. /:.Version: 2.25.2

Oh my god this is one of the best trading platforms everBro the fees on binance are so god dam low you can scalp trade its amazing I have been using binance for like a month now to learn how to scalp trade and its just been a amazing experience. The only problem I have is sometimes the charts will get glitched if your using it on their website and it wont load but its an easy fix by just clearing your cache in google settings..Version: 2.47.2

Difficultylt In VerificationI find it so hard to verify my identity while I once did it with same id and was verified, once I start investing it asked me to verify my account again which I'm trying to verify but nothing happens, just error. Where is the error coming from? Why did it wait for me to invest at first before showing that? I'm having lots money there I won't be happy losing it. Thanks.Version: 2.53.3

Maintaining and upgradedAlways have problem when the coins is going up, can’t deposit to buy. When the coins need to withdrawn, now 3 days still not allowed to withdraw... it’s really bad market. Extremely bad..Version: 2.26.0

DifficultGreat platform to use, but I imagine difficult if you’re not too computer savvy. Converting to cash and banking could be made a lot easier. Some would struggle using this platform due to its lack of ease. A simpler conversion to currency would expand the platform’s demographic..Version: 2.38.2

Fantastic app just one problem with cash outThe app is great if you’re into Crypto. All transactions happen fast. There’s only one problem I found. It’s not that easy to cash out some money with sale. It has a learning curve to it..Version: 2.25.2

Great starting placeRecommend by friends and agree it’s a great place to start your crypto investment. Has a fiat on-ramp. Easy to use. Advanced features. So many options. Lots of coins available..Version: 2.45.1

Complicated, but powerful and reliableIt did take me some time to figure out how to withdraw my funds having made a profit in the crypto market, but now I know, it’s actually fairly straightforward. They claim that funds will be available within 30 minutes in your UK bank you out. I found that they were instantly available which was impressive. They have a wider range of crypto options than many of the much simpler interfaces, and I am now in the process of transferring all of my crypto assets into my finance account having tested a number of different providers. Very happy..Version: 2.28.0

Great exchangeI have been using Binance for 2 years now and really like their platform. All the features that I need are there. The interface is very well-designed and easy to use. It is quick and easy to deposit or withdraw. You will get a 25% discount on trading fees by using BNB to pay for fees. Binance is famous for its very high level of security. And also, very importantly, the support center is very responsive and helpful to users. I highly recommend! Don't forget to enter DXJ5254L when registering to receive bonuses up to $100 and a discount on trading fees. Good luck to you!.Version: 2.66.0

Recent performance slowdownI love binance for buying/selling crypto. However, a couple updates back i noticed a sudden change in performance when you enter trade charts, open the buy/sell menu, and leave trading charts in particular where the app consistently stalls for a one or two second period before the action is carried out. This used to not happen and makes it difficult to quickly switch between trades and buy or sell on mobile. These used to happen almost instantly. It would be really helpful if this delay could be sorted out. I’ve had to resort to the website for these actions because this delay makes quick trading decisions impossible during busy market movements..Version: 2.33.4

Brilliant!Binance has an easy to navigate page and lite version is just as good for whenever you are on the hop! $0 AUD Deposits and ok charges for withdrawals which take seconds to minutes only to be paid to your account or others with bitcoin wallet id etc. Thanks very much All I love this app! BTH 👌👍🤝🇦🇺.Version: 2.30.3

Binance!Awesome app, helpful, easy to use, makes me want to invest more and more..Version: 2.40.1

Amount of verification frustratingTo just add a withdrawal address you must; first verify with a text message, then verify an email they send you, which requires you to log in on a browser, which requires you to complete another text verification, then prove you’re not a robot. The cherry on top is after all that to send any crypto you have to complete another text verification. This is the opposite of user friendly..Version: 2.8.1

Depositing to New Zealand?Just wondering when that’ll be available other then that a great app 💪💯🙌🏾.Version: 2.36.2

NSFrom the beginning, I struggled with the verification but eventually, it worked. I recommend this app to buy or sell. However, I did a bank transfer (UK) to my Binance account, and it has been two days since the money didn't show up in my wallet (I tried a £10) as a test, till today I didn't get my money and the Chat icon is driving me crazy. This should be AI to recognise the ⚠️issues and transfer them to customer service. Also, the chat platform needs to be more improved and provide an online chat with a human-like. I liked the several identifications to verify, but I wouldn't say I wanted why the money transfer should be precisely the exact name you registered at the platform. some people their names at their bank account is not the exact name as in their travel passport. I wish who did this app to consider my comments..Version: 2.27.1

Missing iPad appApp is easy to navigate through and gives a good interface. I would have given it 5 stars if it had the iPad app too! Now you have to enlarge it on an iPad and that isn’t so good..Version: 2.34.3

Customer Service Is AmazingI was trying to sell crypto via P2P platform and I had issues with my phone number because I had lost it and filed for retrieval . I was so broke and had to sell crypto. They were kind enough to assist after filing for an appeal to confirm that I received the payment. It was a very fast response and I wished I could tell whoever was behind the system UI Thank You. Binance Made My Day.Version: 2.53.3

Super easy to use.Get it you won't regret it. Oh well you can delete the app if isn't working for you simple as that 😁.Version: 2.26.2

Binance SupportDon’t be fooled by the highly rated app. Binance tries to make things fancy with features that literally are a waste of space. Binance takes money instantly but don’t transfer crypto funds to the account instantly. Been waiting 3 days and still having received. Message support another 2 days still no reply. Tried verifying my address, says it’s wrong for gods sake even with given documents WITH THE ADDRESS. SEND ME I NEED MY FUNDS. God staff up a real support team for Binance..Version: 2.29.1

Previous versionPrevious version had a lot of functions but because of your changes I have to use my laptop to log into website!!.Version: 2.27.0

充值不方便找了半天不知道咋充值….Version: 2.31.1

Withdrawal ProcessAlthough I love this app because it’s helping me build a independent future for myself the withdrawal process is to much why do I have to send my crypto to a hole different wallet just for me to sell it for $ the P2P doesn’t count either it has a messy layout and is irritating to use.Version: 2.34.3

Reliable, Safe and Really User FriendlyOne of the Greatest so far. Really good for the beginners like me. One of the safest and lots of security options..Version: 2.36.2

This app is greatThis app is great and has lots of easy to use functions for beginners! Some of the functions are beyond my level so I can’t rate based on those but I enjoy the staking and savings functions and trading is relatively easy! If you are new to crypto and you don’t have a friend to show you how to use the app I would suggest watching some of their how to videos..Version: 2.31.2

Great app to make $$$$Great app to make $$$$.Version: 2.34.3

Great app to learn on!Im new to crypto and have been using to get started. Love it.Version: 2.31.2

0% to 64%Ii was made redundant during COVID-19 I was always nervous to invest in crypto currency , I decided the time was now to act i carried out research on forums and asking some friends that are already trading crypto Binance kept coming up with good feed back and here we are I started with £100 to minimise my risk and attracting +5% daily and enjoying my experience , as I gain more experience I hope to replace my salary through trading . My first currency i bought was XRP it was affordable within a week I had gained +64% profit . If you are reading this doing what I did research research and start with what you can afford to risk (loose).Version: 2.25.2

Great app to get into the world of cryptoI’ve been using this app for a couple of months to buy and HODL a small amount of crypto, and have progressed to using Futures. So far it’s been fine for me, verification to depositing and withdrawing fiat. Minor issue with linking mobile tel/no before wanting to withdraw cash, but I resolved that. There is a lot on this app, it’s like the Mothership of crypto apps in terms of what you can do on Pro, like trade/save/stake/competitions. I agree with other posts in that (on Pro) it’s not the easiest or most ergonomic layout but you eventually get used to it. It has a good number of chart tools and others tools like trade calculator, P&L analysis 🧐 . I’m learning new things all time. So far I very much like using Binance.👍.Version: 2.29.1

Best crypto app in AusPacked with every trading tool you can expect in a mobile app (the desktop version is amazing!). Great 24/7 service that always solves issues. Don’t listen to haters, they just have no idea what they’re doing. As always with crypto: DYOR and find out for yourself! It’s not a scam and complies with Australian regulations..Version: 2.44.3

Huge list of tradable cryptoI’ve used several other platforms like CoinJar, coinbase and few others but they offering very limited functionality, experience and very small amount of tradable crypto. Binance way harder to operate, but as long as users invest time and complete few online user modules - gets easier..Version: 2.29.1

10/10 💯💯THE BEST APP 💯💯 10/10Great platform - from staking to launchpad and polkadot slot auctions - NFT market place and liquid farming - all made simple with step by step instructions with less jargon for the beginner to understand - with 24 hour live chat - holdings fully insured - it’s has it all it’s been my bible I’ve been into crypto now for 3 years - and I use binance for 90% of my purchases and stake the coins / tokens I’m not spending - it really is useful and cost efficient.Version: 2.56.0

New ZealandCan you withdrawal your crypto into an NZ bank account? -please respond.Version: 2.41.1

Annoying authentication frequencyThe Binance app has everything you need to trade in mobile but now it requires authentication every.. single.. time you flick back to the app even when swapping to and fro between it and another app. It really needs a timeout of say a minute or something before it asks again for Face ID or passcode. Very frustrating to use..Version: 2.37.1

Not your usual exchangeBinance, its creators and everyone who works for the platform. We appreciate you! To me, this is just a source of information as I haven't found myself in a position to properly invest and start bringing in profit, however, I'm certain that it has changed the lives of many people just by offering the vast array of services that are available on here. Crypto is a hell of a thing and in my opinion, the only way forward, surely many others share it. Also, it helps us better ourselves every day. Words of wisdom from the founders: understand crypto and you'll understand money. Each day that goes by I agree with this statement more and more. To Binance: You're doing a terrific job! Please keep at it!.Version: 2.45.1

Very goodI have full trust on is app.Version: 2.45.1

Amazing trading platform!I used Coinbase at first as i felt more secured with Coinbase but after using Coinbase for 1 year my account was disabled I tried to talk to their customer support but there was no human! Then I started using Binance as I was skeptical about Binance because I saw some bad feedbacks but I didn’t a lot and give it a try and I was surprised their app is awesome and I could trade anything smoothly and the deposit and withdraw was fast too. I started loving Binance now it’s been more than one and a half years that I have been using Binance. I never had any issue and even if I faced any problem I could always talk to their customer service and they’re really so helpful! I would love to be a customer of Binance until I die! Thanks Binance for the outstanding service. All the best for the future❤️🖤.Version: 2.34.1

Easy to UseEasy to use app. Alerts are quite cumbersome to create though. Theres a much easier way which I’ve already sent you in customer feedback. Sadly no response or implementation though..Version: 2.48.0

Horrible bug in stop-limit sectionHi there, Please fix this ASAP, there’s this strange bug with stop limit orders where the stop and the limit prices does not reflect in equivalent section and messes up the order and the equivalent btc section, the equivalent section in stop-limit keeps reflecting the market price no matter what! The limit and market orders are working properly but the stop-limit section is having big issues! Check it out ASAP..Version: 2.0.2

Best exchangeI think Binance is a very efficient and easy to understand trader's place, because there are pro and non-pro modes. In addition, there are many features that other exchanges don't have such as futures contracts, margin, staking, NFT, p2p and many others. On the security side, Binance has also done well by adding Face ID and 2FA to secure your account. Moreover, there are many interesting events that Binance often conducts such as competition trading. This makes binance suitable for people all over the world..Version: 2.47.3

A Perfect Place To InvestAs in Afghanistan people are new to cryptos and they are trying different apps and sites for crypto trades and exchanges, I am one of them tried more than 7 apps and lost many of my assets because of insecurity and liability. Eventually I found this wonderful app to invest in and months passed I didn’t face any crucial problems and I feel safe here. Thanks for your services. 🙏.Version: 2.31.1

A+Great and easy to use app!.Version: 2.28.1

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